References in a sentence | Use of the word references examples

Sex and the City references the section repeatedly, and many publications have taken to scrutinizing couples’ credentials over the years.

Truth be told, Stranger Things 2 blends in many of its movie references with more finesse than the series did in season one.

In them, Ono’s familiar references to skies and water, and her earlier experience as a maker of experimental films, are evident.

I can see it already: “How to Make Your Own Person at Home in Seven Easy Steps.” And forget the references to the doctor.

In the box sculptures especially, viewers interested in art history and theory will find no shortage of suggestive references to networks.

The libretto references some of his techniques, such as painting animals from life (including at the Bronx Zoo).

Many, especially women, responded with rage and references to violence.

“The references, large and small,” Kelly writes darkly, “are everywhere.” Well, yes, in fact we can doubt that reading.

Abercrombie more obviously references esoteric tradition with her Oujia board painting.

The single gold leaf in the center of the painting references the material employed for religious objects and interiors the world over.

The references to Dolphin in Kavanaugh’s yearbook have parallels in the allegations made by Deborah Ramirez.

Kavanaugh was not alone in making references to “Renate” on his page.

She also references Trump’s perceived threat to Hillary Clinton when he talked about gun activists knowing how to deal with her.

The book references hundreds of works, ranging from literature to movies, to comics, to TV shows, to video games, to conceptual art projects.

The pages of the Hamiltome are laced with Harry Potter references.

The painting is replete with references to cabalistic symbols, Haitian Voudon, Santeria, and neighborhood spiritualists.

These references to a “call” rather than an in-person meeting or grand jury appearance don’t really make her sound particularly central to the investigation.

No matter how you find potential realtors, it’s important to ask for references.

The exhibit list also references medical records relating to a prior alleged act of domestic violence.

On Wednesday, Waters responded to Trump’s references to her as “low IQ” on multiple occasions and brushed off the matter.

(Those references were split down the middle as to whether Trump was an overall positive or negative.)

As a trans sex worker, bad client lists and references are essential to my safety.

Sex workers use the internet and particular websites to share information, rate clients and to check references.

I cannot ask for references from other sex workers about clients.

Exchanging of information and asking about references has saved me from violence and perhaps death many times.

The graphics combine traditional cultural references, including the Itsukushima Shrine and Nagoya Castle, with technological ones, such as Tokyo Tower, robotics, and an exo-suit.

Its videos have been as good as its songs, Dark Souls references and all.

Those who are familiar with Tyler, the Creator will recall previous references to such a utopia in his work.

Looking deeply into Tyler, the Creator’s back catalog provides a litany of similar references.

In the ’80s and early ’90s, especially New York rap, you heard a lot of references to Trump.

“It depends on the painting; some are not references,” Hanawalt says.

I do enjoy the baseball references though.

What’s with the fire references?All the titles are related to desolate urban places in America.

The fire references are coincidental; I guess fires just make good stories!

‘s fart references, and you telegraphed, basically, that there was another good fart joke coming, and I was, like, “No, Alan, you can’t.”

If someone references illegal substances, I show them the door.

The actress Helen Mirren references this attraction in her foreword to Botanical Shakespeare.

I’m not quick to call out 1984 Orwellian dystopian references, but owning the language of baseball?

They run the whole gamut, folks—from obscure pop-cultural references to extremely accessible pop-cultural references.

He makes winking references to behind-the-scenes preparations, to give people at home the feeling that he’s being realer than anyone else onscreen.

The artist references academic journals, archival photos and old newspaper articles to learn more about the history of each icon.

First Reformed seems presciently poised for 2018’s frightening times, though there are no overt references to the era of Trump.

In the absence of the body, the empty cast references both the deformation of the original wound and the hope and longing for healing.

I wanted to create something that we understand, but which heavily references diasporic deities, fabrics, sculptures, dances, and indigenous experiences.

That references the Igbo people of Nigeria who use clay to make objects.

Another character references the diety Mammy Water, which is quite prevalent in Caribbean cultures and in some areas in Central Africa that practice voodoo.

Why was it important to put all these references and objects in dialogue with each other?

The video references Nigerian masquerades, which in my experience, are events where the custodians are from another world.

According to Internet monitoring service Weiboscope, references to both “KFC” and “South China Sea” are being heavily censored on Chinese social media platforms.

But if you exposed somebody to them now, they’re gonna have no idea, they may not get those references.

Dom Sylvester Houédard, friends with the beatniks, littered his texts with references to god and prayer, and had a peculiar sense of humor.

They had in common a set of non-verbal references to nature.

The trio first gained attention with their song “Barrios,” which references different neighborhoods in El Paso.

Ducey, who is up for reelection in November, made vague references to growing state revenues and “strategic efficiencies” that would cover the cost.

Some of the lyrics and track titles from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out are references from Chuck Palahniuk novels.

They say that seemingly anodyne references to the Constitution and its interpretation can also be signals to the right of opposition to abortion.

While one of Monahan’s texts references the alleged altercation and the video captured, Ellison did not respond to the text, according to MPR.

Please note: this post contains references to suicide.

Olsson listens to a lot of hip-hop in the studio, and you’ll find hidden references to favorite lyrics buried subliminally in her art.

His references live somewhere in between the Louvre and Marcy Projects.

The song is tastefully chaotic, filled with sharp lyrics and references to the ballroom scene.

We don’t know what this is about, but references in the hearing transcript suggest it relates to the Trump campaign or administration somehow.

You didn’t get nearly enough Huey Long references during the Trump campaign.

The highlights of the alternative biennial all shared references to the current geopolitical situation.

Yet there is one place specifically depicted — MoMA, in the work “Acquitted” (2017), which contains two references to racialized violence inside the painting.

The references are very effective here, but aren’t they too direct?

Carvalho allegedly had relationships with Eastern European women and posted references on social media about his travels in Russia, according to the Corriere.

Yes, some of it involves silly puns or pop culture references.

Your references to Sanders and Warren, who you advise, are really interesting.

While Juche has its roots in the Soviet ideology, references to Marxism-Leninism and communism have been slowly phased out.

It is frequently smile-inducing—with references that feel like a secret handshake among black girls (How many different oils we know?

Michael Stone, a forensic psychiatrist who studies mass shootings, references significant massacres in 1857 and 1900.

And of course, references can’t help but be made with Trump’s own infamous misogynistic outburst.

The one-minute videos discuss concepts such as inner peace through references to animated film Kung Fu Panda and the 2000 action comedy Miss Congeniality.

And the title, which references a Dalai Lama quote about never getting what you want, suggests he never will.

For example, “Window” (2001) references the work of earlier artists, particularly Sol LeWitt, who also made rule-based works.

He has several movies lined up, including the huge nostalgia-fest Ready Player One (about a futuristic video game peppered with ’80s pop culture references).

“And people were like, wow, you’re making these references, you’re making these jokes I understand.

“Of course you are skeptical, because what references do you have for something like this?” says Gutierrez when I tell her this.

After all, Wiley makes references to often highly fictionalized and heroic depictions from the past; so does the Lewis.

In Shakespeare’s day, plays were often freighted with Elizabethan politics and contemporary references.

Excised references seen by Reuters did not appear to show that Abe or his wife intervened directly in the deal.

I’ve seen interpretive readings that read the book as a series of references to other works above all else.

Stimage’s monumental white heads centered on a black ground arouse specific references, including 18th-century silhouettes and their sinister photographic offspring mugshots.

Even on long-running, critically acclaimed series, just about every episode had to stand entirely alone, with few references, if any, to previous events.

The Chinese government ramped up censorship of the Panama Papers, blocking most online and broadcast references to the document dump.

The key takeaway: The Panama Papers have created an uncomfortable tension in China, which immediately covered up and censored internet references to the leak.

They have classic routines, breaks, and references in so many songs that the average listener will just accept as De La.

You don’t need cultural references.

Cline’s cultural references are all aimed at boys.

A strength of the work is that it is not necessary to get all of the references to still find pleasure in the poems.

And you have to do all that with no background, no skills, no degree, and no references.

Keep reading for a look at all the best movie references on “Stranger Things 2.”

Lie: I lied about past experience, taking computer program courses, graduating high school, and my references.

Just as on the first season, “Stranger Things 2” made plenty of references to Steven Spielberg’s 1982 movie “E.T.”

In an early project, Hershman Leeson invented art critic pseudonyms and published reviews under their names that included positive references to her own work.

I used my friends as professional references.

You’d be surprised how infrequently people check up on references.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads LOS ANGELES — Artist Brandon Bird has been mashing up pop cultural references for years.

By then, the game was skating by on novelty, absurdity, and how much South Park references made you laugh.

Some point to Sanders’s frequent references to older moments in US foreign policy history as a sign of expertise.

I know that on Among the Ghosts there’s references to writers I’ve been reading my entire adult life.

It’s called “Mansard Roof.” You’ll notice in the lyrics sheet there are references to the Falklands War.The lyrics are really interesting.

The title references the bus that connects the Upper West Side and Upper East Side.Did they graduate Columbia?

Also by being old and maybe not keeping up with stuff for 15-20 years, I probably missed a lot of the references.

Wandering through the exhibit, Peter Hujar: Speed of Life, in the Morgan’s first-floor gallery, Tillman spots the photographer’s range of references.

There are references to pop culture or sports figures.

Visual references to police brutality in Luke Cage were wiped away with staunchy, anti-nigga-word lectures in respectability politics.

Alex: Sex and the City suffers because it wrapped itself in of-the-moment references and a wildly unrealistic portrayal of financial stability.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In contemporary abstract painting, references to architecture are commonplace — but to housing, not so much.

Just be ready for lots of references to her time starring on “The O.C.”

Buren’s temporary installation art practice supposedly privileges framework over the gaze, stressing references to institutional language and context.

The fourth plinth lamassu references another dimension of Iraqi culture and humanity through its date can cladding.

However, the upcoming movie references a specific 2012 comic book arc centered on the revamp of Carol Danvers.

There is much discussion of deep Virginia rap references and a message of positivity from DRAM at the end.

His subjects include recognizable and abstracted figurative subjects, particularly musicians, sometimes based off of photographic references and newspaper images.

It wouldn’t cover, for example, references to campaign activities before the president took office, or the president discussing topics beyond his duties and authority.

Guava Island’s more generalized story doesn’t spell this connection out explicitly in the film, but it weaves subtle references to Santeria throughout.

The speech was peppered with not-so-veiled references to the Republican presidential frontrunner, none complimentary.

The group’s name references Mexican painter Mathias Goeritz’s 1960 manifesto, Los Hartos (“the fed up”).

There aren’t any references to Uncle Ben.

Just little references to our past and really tried to poke fun at them being on a date in a non-aggressive way.

I take these two references because this special way should be consistent with the preservation of the single market and our collective interests.

The Taming of the Shrew, one of Shakespeare’s earliest comedies, even references the same Latin grammar book that the Stratford Free School used.

What about the video?The video plays more into the Candomblé faith and with references to the Yoruba gods.

The Trump administration has cut down the most references to climate change on the EPA’s website.

But it’s lightly peppered with derisive references to them.

The Trump administration has cut down the most references to climate change on the EPA’s website.

Twin Fantasy’s sound references The Killers and The Strokes and other great 2000s bands, and its lyrics reference Frank Ocean and David Lynch.

For references in the piece, hygge is a noun, hyggeligt is a singular adjective, and hyggelige is a plural adjective.

Even arty Narcissus references.

It’s the first explicit mention of an actual bipolar diagnosis, though Kanye has made vague references to mental illness in the past.

It conspicuously omits references to verification and irreversibility.

In this database of thousands of stories, they found exactly 17 references to female candidates’ appearance.

By contrast, there were 32 references to male appearances (there were also more male candidates).

Many of the references have nothing to do with attractiveness or fashion.

Known for her meticulous, obsessive rendering of interiors, Suss’s style references American vernacular art, with its focus on patterned detail.

That seemed pretty cool, it was more conceptual references than anything else.

“We have also noticed that Epic Games references PUBG in the promotion of Fortnite to their community and in communications with the press.

Here are some of the Mueller report’s references to Hicks: 1.

More recently the work of Anonymous, Enric Duran, Christoph Schlingensief, Aaron Swartz, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and Wochenklausur to name a few are my references.

Our relationship started to take off, ’cause we had all the same cultural references and we started to percolate with ideas.

They went for a more song-based format on this which seemed to move away from the free jazz references a little.

His Twitter tantrums have made reference to “Border Legislation” and “catch and release,” which could be references to the laws his DHS wants changed.

In an apparent, and weirdly deeply misguided, effort to appear worldly, moreover, Baby features not one but four references to genocide.

MH: Do you see references to the past in the bare canvases, too?

During the election, when candidate Trump made baffling references to Hillary Clinton and the Second Amendment, campaign surrogates downplayed his behavior as simply gauche.

In Mayflowers, Martinez references the role of the artisan and the process of making beautiful objects.

But all of these references ultimately ask the audience to step outside the movie at hand, just a little bit.

The question their references ask isn’t, “Hey, do you remember watching this?”

But by hanging certain homages and references off of that very basic framework, the show can play around with emotions it doesn’t strictly earn.

In them, I notice numerous references to the studio space, as well as to art-related texts.

Rather, they served him as visual references that opened his mind to new possibilities in seeing and creating.

references to shadows, ghosts, and other “gothic” images in Nadia de Vries’s debut poetry collection can be read as representing relationships experienced online.

What were the references that stood out to you?

Todd, did you see any other references in the film?

references Segal, J.

There were some explicit references to God — what’s natural is what God meant for us to eat.

“Panini” is a song about his newfound success and the expectations of his burgeoning fanbase that references the kids’ show Chowder. The New York Post went with not one, but two references to Kardashian’s rear end on its Thursday cover.

Curated by architectural designer Stephen Fan, the traveling exhibition combines photographs, infographics, interviews, speculative housing designs, and modern and contemporary art references.

Framing and the juxtaposition of photo documentation and art historical references seem to be key devices in the curatorial process.

Eighteen of these dreams contained unambiguous references to the subject experiencing pain.

Enter Stranger Things, which has inspired full glossaries of its references and occasionally lifts shots and sequences wholesale from other movies and TV shows.

Wizkid references Ricky Martin and – possibly, subtly – responds to the Weeknd’s use of his nickname.

From 1992 to 2016, Grey Poupon references popped up in hip-hop songs nearly every year.

The ad campaign ended around 1997, but through my research I discovered that Grey Poupon references in hip-hop spiked in 2007.

We’ve gathered all the references we can find in the nine episodes aired so far, which you can peruse below.

Spearheaded by the chef-turned-rapper-turned-food show host Action Bronson, the idea of MCs dropping a smorgasbord of chow references into rhyme has caught on massively.

When incorporating food references into rhyme, it’s vital to make sure the ingredients and dishes would be pleasing on the palette.

Befitting his chef roots, this ideal of taste-testing food references is something Action Bronson excels at.

Their pins all end up somehow putting me in a good mood—no small feat—from nostalgic Blink-182 references, to sugary snacks, to the animal kingdom.

The 19th century, as we’ve seen, was full of references to the number 13 being unlucky.

The references to Botticelli’s Venus have grown stronger too.

There are also roadside attractions, references to torture, beautiful landscapes, and melancholic figures.

Peppered throughout Trump’s speech were references to some of his pettier battles and Twitter fights.

It even references the importance of international organizations like the UN, even though Trump believes they require reforms.

Several songs take their titles from amusement park references.

Cosby wants NOTHING to do with the film … telling TMZ there better be no references to him … or else.

And the film itself was densely packed with visual references and allusions, the work of other artists and Beyoncé herself.

His use of a spotlight references Western photography’s intrusive and often invasive quality seen in Western reports of other cultures.

“I usually take photos with my camera or save references that makes me tick.

The document also references threats from China and North Korea, which requires more nuclear weapons.

As always, the episode makes some comic and pop culture references.

Going back to the 1950s, Butler’s references to process are revealing.

He’s also folding in cultural references.

The murals are compendia of the state’s culture and counterculture: almost all Michigan natives should recognize at least some of the references.

A series of paintings and sculptures merge his interest in mythology with references to his childhood in Midland, home of the Dow Chemical Company.

We do not intend to remove references to this historic philanthropy.

In a Mashable piece, Andrew Freeman references Mann.

Daniel Aldana Cohen references Mann.

Echoing the sentiment, Li said protectionism is rising, but did not make references to specific economies.

By the 1860s, references to Easter were half that of Christmas, a trend that only continued.

Nothing feels as scary to me as Revelations or Biblical references because they were the horror stories I was told as a child.

Now he’s mixing in another language entirely: references the far right is interpreting as a coded appeal.

These references to “culture construction” build on Raad’s earlier commitment to exploring the reconstructed landscape of Beirut.

2, and this is probably just as important, is references.

Toronto Newspapers were dropping Public Enemy references, with a headline reading “1-9-1 is a joke.”

According to a description of the piece, the title references Walter Benjamin’s term for violence of pure means for knowable ends — prescribed violence.

Questions remain about how Trump confused Blumenthal’s words for Eichenwald’s when the email references and cites Newsweek throughout.

She changed out the word “men” for “people” or “beings” and crossed out all references to King George III.

“The work he did in the 1960s in particular is very powerful, both dark and celebratory, with layers of autobiographical and cultural references.

Some critiques of Balestrini focus on the conceptual process of what almost appears to be algorithmic manipulation of repeated lines and references.

But the district document references much earlier testing.

Some people responded with references to issues that he’d experienced on the show.

I had heard of the book, seen references to it in other strange tomes, but had never seen a copy.

Making 16 references to “neo-liberal” policies in his speech, he vowed to abolish the “regime” he said it had created.

But the movie also stuffs in a lot of other Biblical references along with philosophical questions.

An affection for Japanese culture shows through in references to the films of Akira Kurosawa, the artworks of Hokusai, and even Mechagodzilla.

Then he’d write back paragraph after paragraph of biblical references, which were very deep.

As a wise man who makes “Damn Daniel” references two months late once said, “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old album.”

There are references to Hitler in The New Order, but it’s nothing more than that: references.

The reverence such objects were once given which Goldsmith references has been extroverted with the clicking of the “Share” button, a new signification.

They have shaggy gray hair, wear ill-fitting clothes, and make esoteric references just for the hell of basking in everyone’s confusion.

There’s that rule, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others, and this full moon definitely references this situation.

Another references Justin Bieber lyrics: “What do you mean?

Because images of the West were created after 1848, we have few visual references to the region during its Mexican era.

In the past, Smith’s work has covered faces with mask-like patterns, references to African scarification and ritual magic.

It’s true that sports metaphors include references to violence: “crushed,” “killed,” and “destroyed” aren’t unusual words to hear when describing wins.

Some of our first references are in the diaries of the novelists and social chronicles the Goncourt brothers.

In August 2016, we have full-on hardcore references that last through about February 2017.

Its menacing hunger references the Opium Wars, in which Great Britain forcibly pushed the drug onto south China.

(The Bible itself is largely mum on the specific details of hell, save for some references to an unquenchable lake of fire.)

The body text of the article references “the Creator” two more times.

I was excited about the assignment because finding hidden drug references in music can be really fun.

Does a reduced stigma about drug addiction mean commercial stations still edit out the meth references?

All of that adds up to four Trump references in seven years.

While the narrative portion of the movie references this only obliquely, the interview portion is much more explicit.

He later wrote a letter from jail that was filled with QAnon references.

Beth Smith, the Zyrgion simulation, and intergalactic memory implanting parasites are all references to Rick and Morty.

It’s true that sports metaphors include references to violence: “crushed,” “killed,” and “destroyed” aren’t unusual words to hear when describing wins.

A group of contemporary artists re-imagine the African Diaspora through references to the landscape, masks, clothes, and adornments.

But the panel decried China’s “broad definition of terrorism and vague references to extremism and unclear definition of separatism in Chinese legislation”.

But really, if you read it, it’s the definitive paper that Turing references.

The references continue.

We always ask candidates for their list of references, and respect them.

It was all shot specifically for promotional purposes — hence all those weirdly timely references.

There’s a mixture of textures, colors, prints, cultural references, and degrees of wear.

Cruz is a big fan of responding to Trump’s attacks with pop-culture references.

In February, facts about carbon pollution and references to Obama-era climate policies were struck from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website.

In between class, homework, debate, rehearsal, and eating with my parents, I checked prospective clients’ references.

I didn’t have to get in touch with both references, only one.

There are references to it in certain textbooks.

With Verizon buying Yahoo, there have been a lot of references to Go90, a little-known mobile video service that the carrier debuted last year.

Artist Ardian Syaf was fired by Marvel for including religious references in a recent X-Men comic.

They are either bland mantras—”Date nice boys,” “Live in love”—or self-interested references to Swift’s numerous public relationship dramas—”Tay,” “Hyannis Port.”

Singapore’s foreign ministry said the city-state had no sympathy for the Khmer Rouge and that Lee’s references reflect its longstanding viewpoint.

The requirements are simple: gore, dated references, and hilarious portrayals of metalheads.

Not enough pelican references in modern pop.

He’s taken heat in the sexual harassment movement and by all accounts there will be pointed references to the scandal throughout the evening.

And his casual pop culture references (e.g., watching Shrek 12 times in “Wake Me Up”) are both clever and contemporary.

Records show police officers were overheard making racist references to black men and women.

The statement references Julie Swetnick, whose accusation was made public by her lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

Tabaimo is not interested in dumbing down her references to Japanese culture, or in turning her art into entertainment for a Western audience.

Free Joseon, meanwhile, references the last Korean dynasty, and a name that North Korea still often uses to refer to itself.

Wattenberg then introduced a series of art historical references that somewhat differs from those I offered above.

She references reports that Usher paid $1.1 million to a previous sex partner but she offers no proof.

If you look at the Tomcat logs, there are references to Apache Struts.

Vo’s use of pop cultural references is equally promiscuous.

This layering of pop art and pop cultural references undermines the notion of personal style as a tool for trademarking work.

This man is just exploding with ideas and exploding with creativity and weird thoughts and random off the wall references.

If a song title references superheroes in the title, it’s also hard.

The next most important thing is your referrals and references.

50% of hiring managers say that having top-notch references is either the most important or second-most important thing in landing a job.

The young people both in small and big cities have more “Western” references and views.

There are no direct descriptive references to the images, although here and there the connection is made tangible.

But her highbrow collaborations are balanced with teen-friendly pop culture references.

She brings these horrifying and pop references to life in her video for “When The Party’s Over,” her most-streamed song on Spotify.

The lawsuit references the meme as it attempts to blame Black Lives Matter for Long’s actions.

H: It seems that work by younger artists frequently contains references that relate to your practice.

Allen, who had been accused of murder, was very combative — making sexual references while demanding that he get a new public defender.

The name of the show references both the body (a pink palace itself) and a story that highlights human fragility.

The characters are also ongoing references to Linzy’s own life.

Miley Cyrus and Woody Allen team up for laughs, ’60s references, and jokes about bar mitzvahs.

Square’s piece directly references manumission papers, documents issued to newly freed slaves.

Finally, the 1993 Wall Street Journal piece that Frum references in the guardrail metaphor betrays his theory of preservation and change.

China demanded 36 foreign airlines to remove references to Taiwan as countries on their website and marketing materials last year.

JC: Paint can do what it wants to do, and the references can be multiple and diffuse.

The references to Williamson’s story are cleverly disguised and wrapped up in well-written songs that speak to a larger cultural experience.

“Carlton Touts” references neo-liberalism.

Will there be any references to Tresor, Watergate, Panorama Bar, or Berghain (maybe even a scene of them trying out the club queue simulator)?

references to African Americans as apes and monkeys have long been invoked to dehumanize them and justify their treatment as second-class citizens.

Board members asked director Suman Ghosh, he told journalists, to censor the word “cow,” as well as references to Hindutva (right-wing Hindu) ideology.

But references still lightly filter into his language.

Rebecca, The Tomb of Ligella, The Phantom of the Opera—the creators of Bluebeard’s Bride had numerous recent references from which to draw.

They’re deconstructed and rebuilt, with alien landscapes and references to some unknown history, with maybe a kind of an obfuscated narrative.

I heard from Paul that we needed to eliminate any negative references to Native Americans.

The busy granular arrangements in Fredericks’ series are riddled with nostalgic references to the video games that raised him.

Their later references to Ford’s testimony were all qualified statements.

(That said, I was keen to look up some of the more traditional, mythological references as I played).

The references to Barb (the description’s hilarious and dead-on) and Winona make it clear this was “Stranger Things.”

The one-minute videos discuss concepts such as inner peace through references to animated film Kung Fu Panda and the 2000 action comedy Miss Congeniality.

As a reporter who covers tropical diseases, my search history is littered with Zika references, which could explain the algorithm’s conclusion jump.

Still others are winking and nodding at it, retweeting #QAnon references while pretending to be none the wiser.

“We always sincerely regret this and wish the (US) electoral process was conducted without such references to our country.”

“We always sincerely regret this and wish the (US) electoral process was conducted without such references to our country.”

Her photographs often include this deadpan humor, while also containing serious art historical and literary references.

Bach references weave throughout the whole album.

Pop culture references fade — and if you depend on them too much, you risk losing your message, too.

Dozens of references were made to it by numerous members of the assembly.

There are two French references, and I will give them.

The suit references an allegation by Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, who says that her father molested her when she was 7 years old.

The Kansas Historical Society references an April 26, 1884, photograph by a Kansan “farmer and amateur photographer” named A.

In 2013, Conyers III released a rap single, “Rich Glorious,” in which he references the incident.

In Off the Hook, a panoply of pop culture references including Popeye’s tattooed arm, interact seamlessly in a collage-like composition.

Even finding any substantial online references to the term dev-fused is difficult.

Do they represent or suggest specific references or emotional states for you?

He explained further: There is no mention of Trump or even Cruz anywhere on his website, and only a few references to Hillary Clinton.

Exodus 27:18 references a hundred cubits, and several verses including Numbers 3:18 discuss the sons of Gershon.

The first historical references we have to an Easter Bunny date to the 16th-century German tale.

But she’s not above making veiled references.

Charli and I had all these references of what we thought was cool—like, The Craft and Heathers and Spice World and stuff like that.

And Lightspeed gave excellent references to Justin, and then put Katrina under a non-disparagement.

If references to the baleful influence of Jews on Israel policy become too flip, too easy, things can go really wrong.

His art is multilayered, synthesizing diverse cultural references to tell a untold story about the Middle East.

Aesthetically, the cultural references in the film are clear.

Laïdi-Hanieh believes the idealized portrait’s references to the Orient were unintended.

Roberts is a single mom who sells “mamamerch,” items like T-shirts, totes, and coffee mugs adorned with cheeky mom references.

Gold sort of references that value.

And all the visual references I’m making to the Romantic period of landscape painting are tied to that same conversation.

One of the winning designs actually references all three of the aforementioned philosopher-writers.

Even the press release from Adult Swim is simply dripping with references to show, particularly fan favorite episode Interdimensional Cable.

But there’s also a lot of medieval symbolism and references to alchemy amid the tales of gentrifying neighborhoods.

Even if it’s an elaborate joke—which it likely is—it is dazzlingly, fascinatingly strange in its parade of pop culture references.

and has Deadpool wondering aloud if his own show wasn’t picked up because it was too black (“the references were all black too.

NASDAQ has never provided information of any substance except a few vague references to an “interface problem.”

The eclectic references and intriguing details in these works offer enough material to spend hours scrutinizing them.

“So I don’t see anything wrong with that because they gave it a really British set of references.”

And even when the characters on 30 Rock were thin, the jokes were really good, as opposed to Family Guy’s parade of references.

(references Crimea and Ukraine.)

Stopa is a smart and ambitious painter whose ideas and references have tended to fall just this side of the literal.

That bill actually failed days before McCain cast his famous thumbs-down vote on July 28 that Lewis references.

Occupying the gallery’s entire back wall, “Crafta Weave” (2015) references a different kind of border crossing — that of goods and capital.

These mini-masterpieces serve as both literal references to her influences and demonstrations of her skill in imitating the work of other artists.

references to Glucksberg could plausibly fit that role.

When she wants to gossip, she says she has “the tea.” She references the Kardashians with some regularity.

Jones believes this Black Panther references were planted by the CIA to stir civil unrest.

(A notebook recovered by investigators contained handwritten references to both Boston Marathon bombers and the American-born al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki.)

First is a series of leftie cultural references that carry, in an American context, all kinds of connotations.

We’re told, just like the first video, there are multiple references to the girl being 14 years old.

Across this stack of two nooks, McKean references the evolution of naturalism in art to challenge artificial hierarchies between antiquity and novelty. … TV references … Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci will forever be remembered as the “Tori from Saved By The Bell” of the Trump administration.

Palin’s endorsement included repeated references to those grievances.

Sam Durant’s outdoor installation “Scaffold” references the US Army’s mass execution of 38 Dakota men in Minnesota in 1862.

They also felt baffled by the references to the device as an “artificial pancreas.”

Unfortunately, that excluded references to Asians, Latinos, or other racial or ethnic groups.

Its common names better reference its appearance—like “witch’s butter,” “yellow brain,” and “golden jelly fungus”—but are sadly lacking in noodle references.

And Twitter, of course, had fun with this exchange: Blow job references, urination jokes, perspiration accusations, spray tan intonations.

These references ground Memory in art as well as poetry.

For that level of access, investigators might talk to a former employer or two, or a couple of references that he provided, said Moss.

It references not only New’s indigeneity, but also the modernity of a post-war society in which streamlined aesthetics were highly prevalent.

She has a certain flair for transforming culturally specific references to suit Anglophone contexts while still adhering to the animating spirit of the original.

The English version of “Excluded Term” omits references to the military junta and loses some of the historical darkness of the Spanish version.

By contrast, today’s most popular music is split between contemporary hip-hop and dance music that relies on synthesizers, electronics, and myriad cross-genre references.

Even in the absence of nature in the hyper-populated spaces where he paints, the artist makes references to his high regard for nature.

András Böröcz is conscious of the issues regarding individual and collective memory: his art is rich in historical references.

How many of us can appreciate Western canonical literature and art without googling the Biblical references?

Shoes become symbols of cultural-historical references of both personal as well as collective memory in the works of Böröcz,.

Schumer’s Medicaid and Medicare references point to plans that House Speaker Paul Ryan has outlined but that aren’t up for an immediate vote.

But this issue dominated the speakers’ discussions of terrorism, dramatically outstripping any references to actual policies for weakening jihadi groups.

In the postmodern cauldron of cultural references Poe draws from, J-Sette emerges as the most overtly political choice.

Then, when he writes about it, it reads like poetry — full of descriptions that draw on a cross-pollinated blend of mediums and references.

The problem is that these posts were modified in 2013 or later to add key references to Bitcoin.

Its title references the pejorative term, used to describe Haitian refugees and other asylum-seekers around the world.

Justice Kagan, writing the majority opinion, lays it out (references omitted): The practices at issue directly affect wholesale rates.

Just look at some of the jokes in Ratchet & Clank for example, such as the references to “herbal remedies.”

I also think the left and the right has used tokenizing references to people of color for a long time.

Winners’ speeches seemed largely rote and perfunctory, and when the inevitable references to politics arrived, they, too, frequently felt world-weary rather than revolutionary.

And yes, it’s harder to critique the work of a director who readily admits his cultural references.

It’s got it all—visual punnery, 90’s pop cultural references, and patented top-secret mood ring technology stolen from Area 51.

Before his inauguration, Trump made passing references to 3 million votes getting cast illegally in the presidential election.

Here are some of the Mueller report’s references to Hicks: 1.

Criticism of the elite and references to “the people,” for example, are common.

If some of those references sound like your kind of thing, then Wildling is certainly your kind of thing.

Some rules remain current, others feature references so dated even otaku might have difficulty remembering them (‘Needs more cowbell’, anyone?

We support them in doing that through by providing references, looking over CVs etc,” Babarinde explained.

Literary snippets, memories, personal mythologies, and art historical references inform the imagery; fused together, these influences explore relationships, domesticity and self-perception.

Seeded with ocean references from texts by T.S.

Echoing the sentiment, Li said protectionism is rising, but did not make references to specific economies.

The racist ‘mammie’ figure, placed on top of a scale references the weight of racism in society and on the human psyche.

The one-minute videos discuss concepts such as inner peace through references to animated film Kung Fu Panda and the 2000 action comedy Miss Congeniality.

Artist Ardian Syaf included religious references and an allusion to recent Indonesian political demonstrations in an X-Men comic.

When it was determined that the references were anti-Semitic and Syaf openly supported Muslim right wing political organizers in Indonesia, Marvel promptly fired him.

The references themselves are so subtle that editors and audiences in the US failed to notice them.

The correlation between nature and womanhood as sources of life is idiomatic and pervasive, with plentiful references to butterflies, flowers, and vulvas.

If you chase Ghostbusters outrage around the internet for long enough, you’ll inevitably find references to the 2014 Sony email hacks.

“I searched for many references in Expressionism, the artistic movement that tried to relate to many expressions, such as theater, dance.

The sweatshirt references Forbes’ list of the 10 highest-earning models from June 2016 to June 2017.

Goyette turns these references into allegories.

There are long, long stretches — especially toward the beginning — where the humor alternates between ’90s references and the characters making meta jokes about themselves.

A statement released by the ministry earlier this month references statistics and polls conducted by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.

Drake later references the invoice.

Using those shots as references, they then animated the sequence digitally.

It references the stylized motifs, including pomegranates and other fruits, flowers, jewelry, and abstract geometric shapes, that were often used in traditional Uzbek ikats.

And they were 50 percent more likely to remove items from their résumé to avoid LGBTQ references.

Often that’s discussed, in the press, by references to the colors associated with each party.

He does this musically, especially through the use of trap beats (“Not Alike”) and musical references to other artists.

And, yes, there are definitely overt references to Harley and Ivy being more than just friends.

The title references the tower where he lived in the town of Tübingen, until his death in 1843.

And no matter the mode of writing, each text is rife with puns, laced with references, and encrusted with metaphors.

When he references his life recipe—working together, achieving goals, changing things—he’s talking about his life at VCU.

I really like the work of Studio Ghibli, and I think there are some references to them in Boy and the World.

Every photograph is annotated with references to Talbot’s notebooks, letters, and other resources.

“Sleep” also references depictions of slaves being transported on ships.

Murrell says many of these women’s identities have been shrouded by “unnecessary racial references” such as negress or mulatresse.

But the experimental short film specifically references “the recent exodus of Haitians from Brazil to the US,” the artist told Hyperallergic.

Or how about the classy tweet with some weird Canadian references I don’t know/care about?

There are references to film all over the album: Blade Runner, In The Mood For Love, the cult German mini-series World On A Wire.

“They’re very specific about their references.

However, references to those storylines abound, providing plenty of comic relief.

(It would work references to the Christ child in as often as it possibly could.)

They’re making references to cars that are almost hip-hop in nature but are like poorer, white, working class references.

Rob Kardashian’s text messages that triggered a criminal threat investigation are strewn with disparaging references to gays, Mexicans and African-Americans.

Newspaper obituaries in 1985, the year he died of congestive heart failure, made only winking references to his sexuality.

Mostly, though, Replica’s passwords to specific apps or folders are found through references elsewhere in the phone.

I just … literally, it’s one of those cultural references where I’m like, “Oh, my god.

The references to Trump and his family also seem significant, and raise questions about what they knew.

Gannis’s references run the gamut, from surrealist painting (Dalí and Magritte) to science fiction and cartoons.

Amanda: My biggest insecurity around otherness is a fear that I don’t share the same references as my peers.

I’ve learned that you have to wear your references on your sleeves.

Like Hillary Clinton earlier in the day, Kasich made several oblique references to Trump in his AIPAC speech and also highlighted his positive campaign.

But maybe you’ve never seen it, and have been faking your way through Invasion of the Body Snatchers references for years.

The last paragraph of the memo is all about the FISA application’s references to George Papadopoulos.

In some cases, I couldn’t even find references for the posters other than the movie.

“More images would have been snapped on the set between takes as quick references for the wardrobe and hair departments,” she wrote.

The report also references video of Halladay’s plane taken before the crash which shows the aircraft flying around 10 feet above the water.

Here, the two are wrapped up in references of moonshine and bourbon, and “Moonlight” certainly feels like a drunken voyage through familiar territory.

Palin’s convention acceptance speech was filled with references to special needs children, hockey moms, and the challenges of parenting.

But seeing this thought experiment manifested as a mini-exhibition reinforced a need for more research into Haring’s Egyptian references.

There’s all these historical kinds of references, which for me is important, as an artist and a painter,” Rolón says.

These jokes are as stale as Elon Musk’s Harambe references.

There are references to a “Runaway N—er Creek” in late-1800s editions of the Savannah Morning News.

A year ago he released “Campaign Speech,” another freestyle rap with references to Trump.

That’s just one of its many references; others include Sunset Boulevard and Citizen Kane.

The redactions apparently hide references to Roger Stone, so as not to prejudice his upcoming trial.

And the unredacted bits there have several references to Trump, Cohen, Rick Gates, and Paul Manafort discussing WikiLeaks, apparently with or about Stone.

The first references her ability to render opponents unconscious through a variety of chokeholds.

I got a job at Supercheap Auto in which I made up fake emails for my references, which was great.

The work is rife with references to Islamist architecture, decorative motifs and geometric patterning.

There are a lot of explicit references to addiction.

The trailer leans heavily on his childhood experiences in The Shining, dropping in references and clips from the 1980 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece.

It represents a way of thinking about structure and color and place that Walker seems to share and references according his own unique vision.

Also, add one for Ray to the Ray Charles vs. Stevie Wonder blindness references counter.

Lawyers representing Pell argued for a lenient sentence, presenting Judge Peter Kidd with 10 character references, including one from former prime minister John Howard.

Leaving aside that you’ll probably miss a bunch of references and stuff, the basic “plot” of Twin Peaks is this…

All their artistic, cultural, historical, and literary references are barely introduced.

Its domestic and maternal references to the room’s actual history is an exception to the show’s expanded thematic scope.

There are so many references in the film, as well as allegories about class, Americans’ ugly history, and ideas about nature, nurture, and humanity.

As for Kendall … she’s removed all references to the commercial on social media.

In response Robinhood altered the product’s name on its website to “cash management” and removed references to SIPC insurance.

Most importantly for our purposes, it turns a simple pair of scissors into a looming threat — an image that Peele references liberally throughout Us.

Kass combines references to postwar painting, language, and music to explore the relationships among art history, popular culture, politics, and the self.

The Trump campaign quickly launched into a defense of Melania, throwing out everything from attacks on Hillary Clinton to references to My Little Pony.

I really liked that they didn’t go the semi-traditional route of sketch with a lot of pop culture references.

— Ben Horne not only declines to initiate an affair, he also references monastery bells.

In my images I isolate the building from the background with a veil.” He references the W.E.B.

The eight papers feature boldly outlined and brightly colored patterns with symbols of or references to a gift exchange or object.

“Quipu” (2017), a screenprint made from printed adhesive vinyl and enamel on paper, references the ancient Andean mnemonic record-keeping devices made from knotted strings.

American Presidency Project references to the incumbent president — sometimes by name, sometimes as “the president” — are also common.

“Grande is a big fan of 90s references.

Last night, artist and activist Robin Bell lit up the façade of Trump International Hotel with references to the emoluments clause.

Visual references nod to life outside the home.

There are few references to Toyota’s prefab houses in the English-speaking media.

But there are no overt Shakespeare references to be found in the film.

“Autobiography: Air (CS560)” (1988), one of her first works to incorporate text, references universal struggles for civil and human rights.

The May Beige Book included 22 references to tariffs.

Taking references from the Bible but making it suit our lifestyle.”

Online, the team references initiatives by Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project and by as precedents.

I find the often clunky, contrived food references to be one of the series’ most endearing qualities.

It’s a field guide to 30 years’ worth of sight gags, pun titles, and pop culture references.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated, in some references, Brett Kavanaugh’s wife’s first name.

America’s internet users woke up Friday morning to see lots of elliptical Twitter references to a #CruzSexScandal, typically sniffy disapproving references.

Law enforcement sources confirm the report was filed in Manhattan Beach, CA on Tuesday and references multiple alleged incidents.

The references to it are brilliant.

His references, from historian Hilaire Belloc to Catholic convert and Oxford theologian John Henry Newman, seem calculated to keep him within that cultural space.

There were several references to the tabloid magazines sold near the checkout register in the grocery store.

He makes winking references to behind-the-scenes preparations, to give people at home the feeling that he’s being realer than anyone else onscreen.

It is part of those references of our history, of what we have in common, of what we share,” said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

Observation: Rapper Action Bronson regularly uses references to sports in his lyrics.

We don’t know what this is about, but references in the hearing transcript suggest it relates to the Trump campaign or administration somehow.

Wonderful (2015), Bronsoliño managed to rattle off 123 references to sports figures.

He weaves in references to all-stars like Aaron Rodgers beside journeymen like Serge Ibaka, never repeating an athlete more than three times.

Bronson references him  once.

Based on more than 6,000 scientific references across 40 countries, the report outlines the impacts of global warming.

“The Way of the White Clouds (White Structure with Blue)” references the materials that Cherubini uses.

(This story corrects references to Bunge losses in paragraphs 14 and 15 in Feb 28 story.

Their many references to Chile and the nostalgia the country clearly still evokes in the band members prompt many questions.

Each is subtitled, with references to cities and places: Chicago, Paris, Brooklyn, waterfall, and Nile.

Their filing doesn’t mention the president by name, but references to “highly publicized” remarks by an “unnamed government official” make their intention clear.

Their filing doesn’t mention the president by name, but references to “highly publicized” remarks by an “unnamed government official” make their intention clear.

But other references require obscure insider knowledge that can’t be gleaned from the works themselves or their para-texts.

Apparently desperate to fill up 45 minutes of airtime, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino rammed the show full of references that weren’t actually that obscure.

You like Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Big Star, and references to cult Canadian sketch shows.

If the fun most people derive from Ready Player One comes from recognizing the references, then I’m excluded by default.

In 2004, Mayo Clinic researchers analyzed hospital records of Somali immigrants to Minnesota, noticing references to “Sick Somali Syndrome.”

They start cracking Halliday’s code together, partly through recognizing various pop culture references and partly through good old-fashioned detective work.

It was a friendly, generic name with vague references to a glorious past but without any of that pesky Soviet baggage.

Pop-culture references aren’t helping the situation.

The manifesto published online by the alleged New Zealand mosque shooter contained numerous references to Åkerlund.

She references “steampunk” style equipment, logo design, and social media tone.

We hope references in a sentence examples were helpful.