Redesign in a sentence | Use of the word redesign examples

The news follows the unveiling of Uber’s widely criticized redesign.

This isn’t the first time Belle has faced a redesign.

“We will meet the security feature redesign (goal) in 2020.

In the redesign announced in 2016, he would have remained on the back of the $20 bill.

According to CBS News, Chuck E. Cheese’s is getting a major corporate redesign.

Pino also pushed for more productivity but did so by asking workers how they would redesign their own cumbersome jobs.

The company blamed the revenue on “seasonality and our redesign” — here’s why the redesign didn’t work.

Over the next 5-10 years, we’re pretty much going to need to redesign most service interactions around these new embedded technology interactions.

You end up basically having to redesign the rocket.

He doesn’t like the redesign.

But this new redesign is problematic, because you didn’t like … LS: Nobody likes it.

Snap blamed its recent app redesign, which wasn’t very popular.

(Snap also blamed the redesign for crummy first-quarter earnings back in May.)

“On paper, it looks good,” Leeham Co analyst Bjorn Fehrm said of the redesign.

A more drastic redesign is expected in 2017, a decade after the iPhone first launched.

She just wants a redesign.

We said, let’s redesign a bracket that holds a jet engine in place.

A short ebook, a lesson for a course, the redesign of a website.

Snap decided to redesign the app after concluding that it was difficult for people to use, preventing adoption by a wider audience.

Most potently, Snap added fewer users and made less in ad revenue than expected, citing the redesign as a culprit.

Now Snap is redesigning its redesign to feel a little more like it was before.

Last Snap earnings, CEO Evan Spiegel discussed the company’s big app redesign, which wasn’t very popular with users.

The company ultimately rolled back parts of the redesign and blamed some of its lower-than-expected revenue and user growth on the changes.

Surely the Nobel Prize organization spent a similarly exorbitant amount of money on their redesign.

Sometimes it doesn’t, like Snapchat’s recent redesign.

In 2017, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the US Treasury was no longer “focused” on the redesign.

WeWork has also moved into consulting, offering office-design advice, and recently won a deal to redesign a UBS office in New York.

I know they did a redesign and people were upset about it.

And we redesign the tax code so our companies can compete and win anywhere in the world, especially here at home.

He didn’t have great answers to how they’re going to repair this disastrous redesign that they had.

Now, the largely uncontroversial redesign could be on hold until at least 2026.

Now, the largely uncontroversial redesign could be on hold until at least 2026.

“My decision is focused on security features.” Mnunchin’s announcement isn’t the first time the administration has waffled on the redesign.

This will not depend upon another layout redesign or logo refresh.

The video channel for the men’s fashion magazine is part of a broader mobile-centric redesign, reports Digiday.

He said free two-day shipping boosted growth, and the site redesign helped late in the quarter.

A redesign of the Snapchat app and a shift to programmatic ads threw it off course.

Update — May 10, 2018: It’s official: Snap is rolling out this redesigned redesign to most iOS users.

Clearly its redesign wasn’t perfect, and now it’s trying to find the right layout and balance of user content and professional content.

What do you think of the Snapchat redesign?

There are many ways to redesign registration systems.

“Or even more extreme: if we can print organs and body parts, why not completely redefine and redesign the human body?

For much of last year, however, the experience, often nicknamed the “hum,” was inaccessible due to the ongoing Times Square redesign.

The redesign started rolling out to users in late November and was fully deployed by mid-January.

Jenner had previously complained about the redesign on Twitter, alongside thousands of her followers and other Snapchat users.

But that’s partly because investors were reacting with optimism to the redesign — which users turned out to despise.

Chevrolet’s 2016 Malibu sedan makes the list for the additional levels of safety, comfort and efficiency afforded the model by its 2016 redesign.

A redesign in 2007 made the tower stand twice as high as originally planned.

The redesign also includes a raised, circular planting bed, fourteen feet in diameter, to be installed near the southwest corner of the plaza.

As it stands, my family is divided on whether the box redesign is the right thing.

You know, the redesign didn’t work.

A huge redesign, save for a lack of headphone port, didn’t happen with the iPhone 7.

And we have to fundamentally redesign it to eventually deal with hacking.

As you would imagine, Spiegel is optimistic that the company’s Android redesign will eventually turn things around.

Kylie Jenner isn’t happy with Snapchat’s redesign.

But Jenner’s response to the redesign might not be a side effect at all.

In fact, based on comments from Snap CEO Evan Spiegel last week, it sounds like the redesign is working exactly as planned.

Maybelline, another beauty brand on Snapchat, posted on Thursday that its Snapchat views had “dropped dramatically” since the redesign.

That was Snapchat’s entire argument for why it rolled out a massive redesign late last year.

Today, Airbnb unveiled an app redesign that highlights all the other stuff Airbnb customers will get, beyond the home they are renting.

The company announced the major redesign late last month, though it still hasn’t yet rolled out broadly to users.

A redesign in 2007 made the tower stand twice as high as originally planned.

Sometimes awards do need a redesign.

The article has since been removed online, but Gerber also spoke about the redesign in an interview with The Austin Chronicle in 2002.

They didn’t want a full redesign, but they needed an update.

It’s a scary thing to be responsible for the redesign of a magazine, especially one that’s more than 20 years old.

Tom Conrad’s departure comes as Snap is readying a big redesign of its Snapchat app.

“The redesign by Vivian allowed us to focus the project and disseminate it further,” said Teruya.

To fit the Max’s larger, more fuel-efficient engines, Boeing had to redesign the way it mounts engines on the 737.

“My only objective in the organization redesign is to help these people who are – who have chosen this as a career,” Tillerson said.

The LPC’s decision comes less than a month after Snøhetta unveiled a redesign for the building’s facade.

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission approved a redesign for the Domino Sugar Refinery site.

We constantly need to redesign the synaptic connections in the brain to deal with the complex realities we encounter every day.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel wants to redesign Snapchat.

Companies redesign and restructure their products all the time to try and increase engagement or use.

Now, though, he’s admitting that Snap may need a redesign in order to appeal to a broader audience.

“We’ll look forward to surprising you with the redesign,” he said.

“As part of the redesign, I do think there will be new monetization opportunities.

We basically started a complete redesign of the campaign about a year and a half in, a very silly Herculean effort.

He was mad about the redesign, like furious.

Well, first, please thank him for using the service despite the redesign.

So what do you need to do about this redesign?

It seems to me that a lot of the wind has been taken out of Stories with the redesign and with Instagram.

We learned more about what Facebook is working on, including a new privacy focus and redesign for its many sites and apps.

If you look at the application before the redesign, the stories pages just had a list of your friends.

What we wanted to do with the redesign was really put your friends first.

For us, with the redesign we have an infinite scroll now of really, really great content that’s personalized for you.

10:23 AM: Zuckerberg announces this will be the fifth major redesign of Facebook, called “FB5.”

11:00 AM: We’re getting more details about Facebook’s redesign, including its emphasis on groups.

Years later, researchers found that the redesign had worked, sort of: Fewer people were abusing OxyContin — because they’d turned to heroin.

How do we redesign these in that way to create … because a lot of it again is gamification, that you swipe through people.

The culprit for the bad quarter: Snap’s recent redesign, which was rolled out in January and made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Khan blamed negative sentiment around the redesign, a lot of which was covered in the media.

The premise of the redesign was to separate all personal content — like stories and private messages — from professional content, like Shows and publisher Stories.

You’ll find that sort of simplification throughout our redesign, now on Vox Media’s Chorus publishing system.

While the Medicaid redesign Team had hoped this program would be matched by federal Medicaid dollars, so far, it has not. Save for a minor “Old & Improved” redesign in 2015, the label hasn’t changed in decades.

It’s too early to say whether Apple would specifically have to redesign the iPhone to comply with this law.

Reworking or evolving a system, rather than doing a total redesign, is also more frugal; it generally costs a lot less.

The first time I used it, I almost drowned, and had to completely redesign it, but I finally got something to work.

We must fundamentally redesign our education and career systems, as they are built around a legacy of the previous industrial model and its needs.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In January, a proposed redesign of a prominent Manhattan plaza caused an uproar among aficionados and community members.

Now, the firms behind the redesign have released a revised plan.

The idea that you could redesign something the size of the French economy, in one bill, going through the American political system, is inconceivable.

This is the first redesign in a decade of the uniforms worn by Delta’s flight attendants and customer-service agents, Dimbiloglu said.

While none of the commissioned artists attempt to redesign the game from scratch, their visual intrusions aim to revitalize how players see the sport.

Over time, the paper will redesign comments, and Bassey said writers will also start incorporating comments more into reporting.

The money is not solely for the redesign, though.

Users haven’t been very happy with Snapchat’s redesign.

In 1990 Windows got none other than Susan Kare to redesign their icons for Windows 3.

Some U.S. users were still getting the redesign this week, so these traffic patterns are far from solidified.

The Houston redesign was in part the work of transit planning consultant Jarrett Walker, who has a saying that “frequency is freedom.”

His plans were never fully realized for lack of funding but stand as early examples of city redesign on a massive scale.

The redesign and focus on episodic shows has been a long time coming.

The redesign of Sonoma for this year’s Cup race transformed last year’s 12-turn, 1.99-mile layout into a 15-turn, 2.52-mile course.

Meanwhile, Wall Street analysts are noticing a downtrend in user engagement following increasingly negative reviews of the app’s recent redesign.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has broadly rolled a major redesign of the app in the first quarter of 2018, and many users really dislike it.

Architecture firm Gensler used HoloLens to redesign its Los Angeles headquarters, as Microsoft detailed in a recent blog post.

The redesign speeds up app launching dramatically, even on current watch hardware; eliminates tedious extra steps; and revamps almost the entire user experience.

The redesign of the Ford F-series trucks, launched in 2014, set a new standard for fuel economy and lightweight vehicle construction.

The artwork finally underwent restoration as the Gallery’s current owner, the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT), wanted to redesign the mall.

It’s not just about the redesign.

It’s one segment of Báez’s proposal commissioned by MTA Arts & Design for the station’s redesign.

After a full redesign of the site on December 12, 2016, that menu was nowhere to be found.

“President Moon’s very ambitious plan to redesign the security situation on the Korean peninsula will undoubtedly face a setback,” he said.

For more Recode news, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher talk about the redesign and the upcoming Code conference, on the latest Recode Decode podcast.

Let’s start with the redesign, which includes a number of changes (and non-changes).

But it’s not clear that the redesign actually addresses the “hard to use” problem that Spiegel alluded to earlier this month.

In an awesome move, they’re using Lemmy’s favorite bar stool as a focal point of the redesign.

I am impatient for Apple to do a top-to-bottom redesign of the iPhone, and the iPhone 7 isn’t it.

Apple concedes this and strongly suggests a dramatic redesign won’t appear until next year, the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Let me stress: I am not for a redesign just for the hell of it.

Adding that might require a redesign.

You could get the iPhone 7 and then the big redesign next year, as long as you keep paying the monthly fee.

iOS 7

iOS 7 launched alongside the iPhone 5s in 2013 and was the second big redesign of the operating system after iOS 4.

That compelled Poseidon to redesign the plant’s seawater intake and discharge technologies.

As you know, this is a total redesign of Zenefits that takes the “All-in-One” promise of Zenefits to a new level.

And the redesign?

A just-announced redesign of the iconic Nintendo 64 controller has just been successfully Kickstarted, which raises the question: Why?

And these spaces that become popular after being geotagged often require extensive redesign to protect visitors and the environment.

YouTube’s getting a redesign.

UPDATE 4, 4/20/16: According to the newly released redesign details, Jackson won’t be expelled entirely from the $20 bill.

A Twitter search for “LACMA redesign” will similarly yield almost nothing but derision.

Tesla in April introduced the first major redesign for its popular Model S sedan.

(The redesign is still rolling out to all users, but should be available to everyone by the end of the quarter.)

Architect David Adjaye, who oversees the redesign of the shipyard, has said he wants to leave the ironwork exposed behind glass.

So what we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about is how do we redesign the operating environment to also be scalable?

And paired with the full-on redesign we’re expecting, I think it could be a pretty interesting flagship look for the next-generation phone.

GM officials declined to say how much the automaker had invested in the new models, the logo redesign and new stores.

Apple officials insist this redesign delay is neither caprice nor complacency.

Facebook is rolling out a slight redesign to the News Feed today, which overhauls the main interface of the site for a cleaner look.

That meant there would be a reapportionment process during which state leaders would redesign legislative districts for the next decade.

If you want more details on the process behind all these changes, you can check out our deep dive into the redesign.

Artist Hiroshi Sugimoto was commissioned to redesign the lobby of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

That’s why the redesign of the HR dashboard software is critical to the restart, pointing the company in a new direction.

In the time since, the app on Android and iOS has received a simple but attractive redesign.

In June, Google News got a redesign that reduced clutter and added the Local tab.

In response to criticism, MoMA and architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro have eliminated the flashiest elements of the redesign plans.

Construction on the expansion will begin in February, two years after the initial announcement of the redesign.

Instead of going for a museum-of-the-future/modern art theme park aesthetic, the redesign will focus on making the space work better for visitors and curators.

Surgical.” To make for a less congested lobby, the redesign will move the currently street-level MoMA Store below ground.

I think they could put them in places and redesign these screens in a way that isn’t quite so appealing.

The Hero 6 Black isn’t expected to be as much of a redesign as the Hero 5 Black was compared to its predecessors.

Now, a controversial redesign of Johnson’s building under the ownership of the Olayan Group has renewed public concern over the murals.

Snøhetta did not respond to multiple inquiries about whether the redesign would incorporate the murals.

Rockburne herself has not heard from the Olayan Group since it shared news of the redesign.

Dropbox announced a redesign today that introduces a whole lot more color into its former white-and-blue aesthetic.

Snapchat’s redesign is having an impact — just not the kind of impact Snap would have liked.

The user growth miss comes in the same quarter that Snap rolled out a highly anticipated redesign in January.

In 1934, Sears, Roebuck & Co. hired the industrial designer Raymond Loewy to redesign its inelegant Coldspot refrigerator.

Microsoft is working on a big redesign for its Outlook for Mac and Windows apps.

Snap blamed the user decline on its recent redesign, which wasn’t very popular with users.

The redesign aimed to separate users’ personal messages from the stuff they might see from brands and celebrities.

Snap also blamed the redesign for its crummy first-quarter results back in May.

A radical redesign of Skype on mobile launched back in June, and the reception to the changes hasn’t been positive.

That’s a very specific instance of the community guiding the redesign, and it’s certainly not an isolated one.

The company is also revealing a full app redesign today to mark the launch.

In 2017, Off-White partnered with Nike to redesign 10 of the company’s best-selling and classic styles.

The redesign contributed to falling sales, U.S. dealers and former Hyundai executives said.

“On paper, it looks good,” Leeham Co analyst Bjorn Fehrm said of the redesign.

A big redesign is also in the works.

But the woman who designed our site led the redesign of

At first glance, the familiar lines belie its extreme redesign.

A controversial redesign also alienated some of Snapchat’s advertisers and users.

The company avoided a third consecutive quarterly decline in users following its redesign, but some questioned the company’s ability to grow.

But with such a costly design flaw in the previous generation, you’d hope to see a more significant redesign toward repairability and sustainability.

Millennials really hated Snapchat’s redesign.

It’s redeemed itself with a 2017 redesign to be more handsome in form.

A security flaw in Intel processors has led to a redesign of Linux and Windows kernels.

It went through a big redesign.

Before the redesign of its operations, Ford had up to 14 organizational layers, but that will be cut to nine by year-end, Hackett said.

This move is part of the museum’s website redesign.

Snap has positioned the redesign as a more evolved form of social media.

The new model aims for a target price of $980 and features a sleeker redesign, though it’s still just as huge.

The $20 bill redesign was part of a larger project to reimagine US currency by adding women and civil rights leaders to paper bills.

Mnuchin decided to delay the redesign until Trump was out of office, sources told the paper.

The decision to block Harriet Tubman from the redesign of the $20 bill is callous and yet another attack on Black women.

The waterproof Xtreme 2 has gotten a redesign and better audio specs than its predecessor.

Apple has so far refused to redesign the MacBook Air to compete against the Surface Laptop, Dell’s XPS 13, and other rivals.

If NASA refuses to accept this possibility, then Boeing will likely need to redesign its parachutes, according to the GAO.

But when you’re trying to redesign how computers think from the ground up you have to put in a lot of work.

The sturdy, three-pound MacBook Air hasn’t seen a really fundamental redesign since 2010, though it has kept up with the latest Intel processors.

[Kurt Wagner / Recode] Remember all the fuss over Snapchat’s app redesign last November?

The addition of the calendar comes along with a light redesign of the app, which I think makes it a lot easier to navigate.

When Snapchat rolled out a highly anticipated redesign back in January, users freaked out.

Is the redesign working?

He also writes at length about the Snapchat redesign.

“Additionally, we believe that the redesign has also made our application simpler and easier to use, especially for older users,” Spiegel writes.

Depending on how widely emoji are used in an app, a change in enforcement could require an extensive — and expensive — redesign.

The U.S., which initially led a working group to redesign the Arak reactor with China, did not attend the Vienna talks.

Planners would need to redesign cities to allow cleaner transportation.

Those phones are supposed to come with a meaningful redesign this year, so we should find out soon what that looks like.

But the division had trouble, too, including a redesign of the Withings smartphone app which users panned as buggy and prone to crashing.

Snap has officially responded to a hugely popular petition calling for the company to walk back the recent redesign of Snapchat.

That cheapening in turn meant a complicated redesign of survey operations, including a shift to online questionnaires and cheaper ways of estimating populations.

So, when I cosplay, I redesign characters like Vegeta and Bulma from Dragon Ball Z to look like me.

Over the years, several companies have attempted to redesign the female condom.

Following the redesign, but not explicitly because of it, Snap posted its first ever better-than-expected quarterly earnings.

The headphone jack is, however, one of the reported victims of Sony’s latest redesign.

Intel will be able to use those old elements with its newest computing circuits without having to redesign them, Gold said.

Could that be because LG had to scramble to redesign its phone so as to more closely resemble the iPhone X?

“The added benefit of making care more affordable through the use of these alternative management strategies further promotes such care redesign,” Conley said.

Beyond that, companies may also need redesign products to fit the strict new FDA requirements.

The redesign, including the new font, took over a year to develop.

Snap recently released a redesign of Snapchat — to mixed response — as a first step toward increasing engagement and fending off Instagram.

The first time I used it, I almost drowned, and had to completely redesign it, but I finally got something to work.

The Skype app itself underwent a radical redesign last summer that many users protested.

“Executives would often ask teams to rewrite, redesign, recast, and reanimate up until the very last minute without properly adjusting the schedule.

But working the generic logo into a bottle redesign is no easy task.

But the latest redesign includes an unexpected and welcome treat: ProPilot Assist, the Japanese automaker’s semi-autonomous driver assist system.

The Nissan Altima’s latest redesign includes an unexpected and welcome treat: ProPilot Assist, the automaker’s semi-autonomous driver assist system.

Google’s Gmail redesign will be available in the coming weeks as an early access program for G Suite customers and personal Gmail accounts.

None of the three new views and UI changes are as radical as the Inbox redesign that Google unveiled back in 2014.

“The main initiative has been to redesign and simplify our housing range,” Chief Executive Officer David Thomas told Reuters on a call.

The new feature is part of an ongoing effort by automakers to redesign the driving experience to include more smartphone-style features.

Every other new feature introduced in today’s Gmail redesign leans in that same direction too.

A Queens-wide bus route redesign, as part of the city’s larger bus system overhaul, will be completed by 2021 deadline.

Maybe that kind of thinking, combined with the newest research, will help us redesign institutions to better suit our need to rest.

As part of the redesign, Google Newsstand is expected to close and Google News will get a new app.

This was previously introduced in Gmail’s new redesign last month and has been available for some users since then.

( * Instagram redesign apes Snapchat’s style.

There’s no change in the way you use Drive; the redesign just involves color changes and where icons and buttons are placed.

“I probably was pissed off because I knew we were going to have to scramble and redesign the game,” Girouard said.

Google says the new redesign is available to all G Suite editions, and it will roll out to everyone over the next few days.

Snapchat says it is currently rolling out yet another redesign to its app to iOS users.

That led to 1.2 million people signing a petition in hopes that Snapchat would revert the redesign to its original form.

Like the previous redesign, your friends’ Stories will still remain separate from branded content.

The company said the long-term solution will be to redesign the helium canisters, which are made of an aluminum liner and a carbon overwrap.

Coca-Cola company is pushing hard on the millennial message of its redesign: A tweet calls the new flavors a “literal thirst trap.”

A 26-year-old led the redesign team.

Essentially, you get to redesign your hairline.

The previous redesign — built in only six weeks — separated people you knew from celebrities and brands.

This redesign of the redesign may still save Snapchat and bring it back to robust growth and relevance.

It has also made investments to redesign its tools and systems to comply with the new rules.

CBSN also has apps on Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, and Xbox platforms, but didn’t say when its redesign would hit all platforms.

Though BlackBerry reportedly played a key role in their redesign.

It was green-lit only after a more ambitious redesign was cancelled by the company.

And these will be given more prominence in the app’s redesign.

iBooks is getting a new update in iOS 12, with an updated redesign and a new name: Apple Books.

The Apple Watch got a big redesign.

Mac App Store redesign The Mac App Store is getting a long-overdue redesign.

It’ll likely take more than the redesign alone.

The Mac App store is getting a redesign that features new sections that better highlight video previews, ratings, and editor’s choice picks.

If Facebook Messenger’s redesign succeeds, you won’t really notice it even happened.

In 2016, Lyft’s much larger rival went minimal with its app redesign.

Also part of the redesign: a tweak to the algorithm to encourage riders to request pickups on side streets rather than main roads.

Chudnovsky even acknowledged that Facebook had already milked the redesign for a press hit back in May.

Mass transit is also a big part of the redesign.

Microsoft is reportedly planning a big redesign to the Surface Pro next year.

The heart of the redesign is a new screen, which comes with a few interesting features.

Looking forward, I’m excited about Messenger’s upcoming redesign I’ve shared an early look at this year’s F8.

In recent months, Google has been updating Gmail with a redesign and new features like the ability to snooze emails.

We could really use that sleek, simplified redesign of Messenger right about now, anyway.

But this isn’t a radical redesign.

But the condom redesign is only part of Sedic’s company plan to bring better health products to market.

By tearing it all down, do you mean totally redesign the show?

There was a lot of last-minute redesign on the monster on this film.

​Dear Noisey Readers —​ As you may have noticed, Noisey has undergone a redesign.

Lyft also recently unveiled its first app redesign in three years, emphasizing shared rides and public transportation.

“Our redesign created some headwinds in our revenue this quarter by disrupting user behavior and creating some apprehension among our advertising partners” Spiegel admitted.

Even if users eventually acclimate to the redesign, by then Instagram and WhatsApp will have soaked up much of Snap’s international growth opportunity.

Those features include a home screen redesign, CarPlay improvements, Mail and Photos updates.

Thankfully, there’s a way to force YouTube back to the old redesign and avoid the slow loading issues on non-Chrome browsers.

Starting a redesign from scratch with a product as large as Uber is no easy task.

While the desktop version includes a more rounded and whiter appearance, the mobile version of Chrome has a far more drastic redesign on iOS.

Amazon is planning a redesign of its mobile Prime Video interface.

And the company recently unveiled its first app redesign in three years, with a spotlight on shared rides and public transportation.

The company says it’s still working on the redesign of its Dearborn campus that started in 2016.

The first thing the company did was to redesign the admin console to make it simpler to use.

The redesign includes updated typography and fonts, focused on making long reads more comfortable, as well.

The redesign, which will be different for each category of page, is starting with pages for restaurants, local services, and TV shows.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel hoped that a Snapchat redesign would invigorate the platform’s advertisers and better cater ads to users.

Android Authority says it received leaked images of the device that show off the wearable’s new touchscreen display and physical redesign.

Details are still few, and for all we know SpaceX could redesign the craft again based on how tests go.

The company unveiled the iPhone X, a big redesign of its iPhone lineup with a very hefty price tag.

Ford is hoping to turn things around, however, announcing the first redesign of the Ford Expedition in nearly 15 years.

Google Fit gets a redesign, adds Heart Points and coaching

These are a massive redesign from the first two 1000Xs, which were already super comfy to wear for long periods of time.

Chrome hasn’t seen a major redesign in years, but a Material Design Refresh is heading to the browser this month.

You can read more about the redesign here, but one of the big new features is an improved password manager.

Expect the iPhone XS to be more of an enhancement of the X, not a dramatic redesign.

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a big redesign for the Surface Pro, but that design isn’t likely to be ready until next year.

Apple has also improved the speaker on the Apple Watch Series 4 so it’s now louder thanks to a redesign.

While this is clearly a major redesign of the Apple Watch, Apple has not changed the battery life of the device.

The company was eager to be the first major manufacturer to market with the category’s most radical redesign in a decade.

Most Google Chrome users should already have this redesign on the iOS, Android, and desktop versions of Chrome.

Tesla’s done a top-to-bottom redesign of cars, and of the factory workflow.

While there’s an internal redesign, the outside looks very familiar.

Google Assistant is getting a redesign that better integrates touch into the user experience built around voice.

A Switch redesign is almost inevitable at some point; Nintendo has released several iterations of each of its main portable consoles.

You’re not supposed to get three cracks at a team, let alone with the requisite faith to completely redesign yourself between attempts.

Using Apple Music on a desktop requires you to use iTunes, an app that’s slow, cumbersome, confusing, and long overdue for a redesign.

Radical redesign of networks and of trending indicators so that flooding attacks are less effective may be a second.

The Alexa app, which acts as a piece of setup and companion software for Amazon’s Echo devices, just got a major visual redesign.

Most notably, they worked on Google Identity and a redesign of the Google App for iOS.

In June, NBC News launched “Left Field,” a new digital video journalism unit following a site-wide redesign.

The redesign represents the first major visual change to Pocket since 2012 when the company first rebranded from its original name Read It Later.

Not everyone loved Hulu’s big redesign and new look, but it has gotten much better and more useful over the last year.

AT&T’s DirecTV Now is in something of a holding pattern before its major redesign that is expected sometime next spring.

But Nom allows users to mix media very freely, with its latest redesign available today.

But look closer and you’ll see that Fitbit has done some serious redesign work on the Charge 3.

Microsoft is working on a redesign of its Cortana app for iOS and Android, reports WindowsCentral.

And usage could fall further as Discover is less prominent in the redesign that’s yet to roll out to most users.

Upcoming already exists in the current Cortana app, but the new version gives it a clean redesign that reduces the space between its cards.

In a redesign that started from the principle of simplicity, the redundancy around stories feels hard to justify.

Once an engineering team has that data, it can use the feedback to redesign the system to be more resilient.

Now, a new icon spotted by 9to5Mac seems to further confirm the redesign.

The MacBook Air hasn’t seen a redesign in eight years.

The move came after the ride-hailing company agreed to further redesign the device so that it doesn’t resemble the patent.

In line with the Google Fit redesign, Wear OS now also provides you with the same kind of health coaching as the Android app.

iOS 12 began the rollout of Apple Maps’ long-awaited redesign, which will deliver maps with far more detail using data collected by Apple directly.

“This project will utilize blockchain technology to redesign the relationship between the interests and power of entrepreneur, labors, consumers, investors, and organizers.

Now, this feed is getting a redesign, removing the tiled images in favor of a simpler single column of posts, Instagram-style.

The redesign is set to launch across mobile apps worldwide tomorrow.

Tovala announced the second version of its eponymous oven today, featuring a complete redesign and a new version of its meal’s packaging.

In other big changes, Apple is supposedly working on a big Apple Music redesign.

Shares in Snap are down almost 14% today after it announced an app redesign amid slower user growth.

The redesign comes with an increased price of $349 over the prior model’s $299, even though it doesn’t include new functionality.

Cortana’s version 3.0 redesign, which we first saw released in beta last month, is now available to all iOS users.

Those business profiles are also going through a slight redesign so all of their shoppable posts will be organized under a new “shop” button.

See details on the redesign in the Axios stream by clicking here.

According to a Snap spokesperson, the entire redesign was done in-house.

Human curation and moderation of content is something the company is emphasizing heavily with this redesign.

Correction: This post has been updated in the last paragraph to clarify that the EpiPen redesign was in 2009.

And then, there’s the big iOS 10 redesign.

Follower counts are just one piece of information that has been de-emphasized by way of this redesign.

“The second category requires us to redesign systems in a way that change incentives.

Earlier this month, a report tied to supply chain sources suggested a potential redesign of the hardware.

Microsoft has filed a patent for a Surface Pro Type Cover redesign that would potentially make it thinner.

Alas, Lew said the $20 wasn’t due for a redesign, but he hinted at a woman replacing Hamilton on the $10 bill instead.

iFixit’s excellent-as-always teardown finds a wealth of strange new components inside the biggest redesign of the device in years.

A thinner design for the keyboard would fit with rumors that Microsoft will heavily redesign its next Surface Pro.

The news comes on the heels of a redesign of Snap’s app to entice more users to the platform.

The solutions are to perhaps redesign the way in which content moderators are engaging with content on the platforms.

Google today is launching a major visual redesign of its Assistant experience on phones.

So with this redesign, Google acknowledges that and brings more and larger visuals to the Assistant experience.

Today, the company is launching its biggest redesign in five years, and Duo is at the forefront.

He ordered franchises to redesign the kitchen so customers could see inside.

With the redesign, Duo is being turned into the app’s answer to gaming mascots like Mario.

It’s a strategy that’s paid off so far, and one that the team is betting on again for its redesign.

As part of the redesign of Bloomberg Businessweek, we introduced a metered paywall.

So, for example, this whole redesign is a test,” says von Ahn.

The redesign made the game look a lot more exciting and attractive than the functional one Todd had made.

Users hated the redesign, initial reviews were mostly negative and Snapchat’s growth fell to its lowest rate ever.

This, their pitch goes, means we won’t have to redesign the world to accommodate robots—they’ll exist comfortably in human spaces.

And it’s only gotten better since, with a big redesign arriving just last month that delivers some much-requested features.

The Apple Music app on iOS is getting a complete redesign for iOS 10 — that didn’t take long.

It’s unclear whether the Apple Music app on Android will receive a similar redesign when iOS 10 launches this fall.

Messenger’s big camera redesign from December seems tailor-made to boost Day usage.

Both models take on the case redesign of the more powerful model, as well as liquid cooling for both the GPU and CPU.

Executives told investors that they hoped a redesign would drive user growth, which it did, per last quarter’s earnings announcement.

Wall Street will look to see how the redesign affects how much users engage with Discover moving forward.

Facebook Messenger’s redesign, which was first announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference last May, is finally here.

What do you think of the upcoming Snapchat app redesign: What about Instagram Stories?

The aim of the redesign is to make the chat client simpler and to put your messages front and center once again.

Notable features of the redesign include consolidating its nine tabs into just three and introducing a lot of clean-looking whitespace to the interface.

Additionally, the vehicle’s Raptor engines have gone through a supposedly radical redesign.

She wanted to redesign how these products were made and manufactured so the product would biodegrade.

Beginning today, Google is rolling out a redesign of the Gmail app for Android and iOS.

In the redesign, Google is once again using its custom Google Sans font.

The redesign has just a few new features, including options for different spacing of the emails in your inbox: default, comfortable, and compact.

The rulebook also got a redesign, including art and a more concrete ruleset.

To that end, ONE will immediately undertake a redesign of elements in the app, website and marketing material that are similar to Lemonade.

Google says that the redesign is a “gradual rollout” that will start today on Android and “continue on to iOS throughout the coming weeks.”

Apple added fall detection to the Apple Watch this year, along with a redesign that made the device look better than earlier models.

But I think it didn’t go quite far enough — a deeper redesign was needed.

And Apple Books (the new name of iBooks) is getting a visual redesign similar to the App Store redesign from last year.

The company plans to redesign “many thousands” of Apple Music playlists, and it’s only into the hundreds right now.

Ever since the 2017 redesign of the App Store, Apple has put a large focus on editorial curation.

The update comes as part of a broader redesign announced by Google back in January.

Cuoco’s redesign didn’t stop with kitchen — if the recently single star is looking for a roommate, saddle us up.

Snapchat’s redesign was a disaster.

Essentially, Snapchat has taken its redesign philosophy too far.

Spiegel says he expects users metrics to stabilize as people get used to the redesign.

In its announcement, Google said it will redesign the Google Wallet app and add new features “in the coming months.”

Background: Heath says employees, likely engineering employees, sprinted to get Snapchat’s recent redesign finished, as a rushed directive from CEO Evan Spiegel.

The app underwent a redesign last month that received some pushback from users.

The redesign prioritizes users’ most-watched shows and favorites, and allows you to watch your current stream while browsing for other things to watch.

Uber spent more than a year on the app since first deciding to redesign it in late 2016.

The interface closely mirrors Facebook Messenger’s white redesign, which was made widely available at the beginning of this year.

Last year’s iPad Pro redesign brought USB-C to Apple’s tablet line, and with it came a faster 18W charger.

New research from Melbourne-based scientists may provide a way to redesign the Great Barrier Reef around stress-tolerant corals to withstand warm ocean waters.

Both selective breeding and assisted migration of genetically blessed stress-tolerant corals could help scientists completely redesign reefs to cope with dramatic weather events.

“So we’re calling this FB 5.” The mobile redesign is launching today alongside an interactive logo that ditches the blue color scheme.

The desktop redesign is coming later.

It’s also working on a desktop redesign that will arrive in the coming months.

Last year, the company introduced a redesign intended to streamline the app.

The redesign is also supposed to help people expand their social circles.

Analysts warned that the difficult redesign process could affect user growth.

I am worried.” Even Ohsima knows that the intense reaction to Sonic’s redesign comes from a place of adoration for the character.

Facebook threw a party for employees to celebrate the big redesign.

There haven’t been any other hints that Google has big plans to shake up or redesign Android TV this year.

The redesign is a step away from the blue-and-orange color scheme of the current design and into more minimalist territory.

The redesign needs to happen as soon as possible.

“It would be very difficult for us to redesign anything.

I might have preferred a more ambitious redesign, sure, but what’s here is hard to criticize.

Community reaction to the redesign appears to be split.

Snapchat combines the best of social networks, magazines, and television in a redesign of its omni-entertainment app.

This is just part of what’s set to be a radical redesign of the next iPhone.

A Timehop redesign bombed and Wegener left in January 2017 to go to Snapchat.

In 10 years’ time it predicts drone deliveries will be so prevalent that fast food restaurants will redesign their kitchens around them.

The agency’s plan was to redesign the microphone to fit inside the lander’s camera head.

The only change now is that the redesign will run through the November elections.

It is even becoming possible to redesign human cells and other organisms.

“Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot,” West, 38, wrote.

She did slip back into a similar version of the dress, posing in BAZAAR‘s April issue wearing a more “demure” redesign.

That could be responding to a traffic accident, or providing the data to redesign parts of the city to reduce vehicle congestion.

But eagle-eyed fans noticed that one of Davidson’s Grande-inspired tattoos just got a major redesign.

Apple’s stocks app is getting a redesign, with after-hours stock pricing and Apple News integrated.

From a disastrous redesign to neglect of international teens, Snapchat has made plenty of unforced errors.

The company is using this opportunity to redesign its branding assets and refresh the design of the website for new users.

Lyft hopes that half its rides are shared by 2020 following a recent app redesign that highlights shared rides.

The redesign promises “sweeping green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain,” potentially providing a new backdrop for that perfect Instagram shot.

Snap has had a shaky time since going public — it’s struggled with growth, an app redesign, and a declining stock price.

The redesign caused its stock to plummet, and the company has struggled to grow significantly since.

The NYPD shield has been given a rainbow redesign and two heart-shaped rainbows flank it on the hood.

This year, Apple Music may get a redesign that makes it feel more Spotify-like.

The notification will appear as a card within Uber’s new “feed”, which was a major part of the recent redesign.

“It was very dark, lots of dark wood,” she said of the space before the redesign.

Snap attributed the drop to the rollout of its controversial iOS app redesign, which wasn’t received all that well by users.

Why it matters: The company blames its very controversial redesign earlier this year for the drop.

“This was a fundamental concept of the redesign as a whole, which focused on reducing visual and physical clutter and confusion,” he said.

In the redesign, decisions on the placement of bollards were based on recommendations from the New York Police Department, Burney said.

How Uber formed an inclusive process to redesign their apps from the ground up.

“We have a long way to go … to execute on our redesign,” Stone said.

“We have a long way to go … to execute on our redesign,” Stone said.

However, the most recent Page redesign seems to have done away with this informational text for the time being.

Trulia surveyed 2,105 U.S. adults about desires to redesign their homes, and 1,567 of them said they planned to remodel or renovate.

Why it matters: The social media company has had a rough year, including a poorly received app redesign and struggles to add more users.

Each episode centered on a big event, often with a room redesign thrown in.

While night mode won’t likely be too controversial, some Redditors already seem resistant to the redesign change.

As Snapchat users have been piling on complaints over the platform’s redesign, the 20-year-old makeup entrepreneur added her own grievance to the mix.

Snap’s Q1 2018 earnings, for example, showed lackluster user growth numbers amid a rocky redesign and increased competition from Facebook.

Still, Spiegel said the redesign was the right way to go, as was going public.

That follows a Feb. 9 missive on Twitter in which Jenner said “I don’t know how i feel about” the redesign.

Discontent over Snap’s redesign has been simmering for a while.

They worked with Belgian architect Axel Vervoordt to completely renovate and redesign it, and they eventually moved in in December 2017.

More obvious will be the redesign and new feature set.

AI-powered photo management app Zyl is going back to the drawing board with a streamlined, more efficient redesign.

Angela Medina

Angela Medina is a product designer who led the redesign of TechCrunch’s mobile apps.

One solution to the problem of leaking current is to redesign the channel and the gate.

Patrick Ruch, who works in IBM’s Advanced Thermal Packaging group, sees this liquid as the key to a fundamental redesign of data centres.

The partnership completed its hundredth app last month, and Apple highlighted the partnership in its recent business website redesign.

Earlier this week, he unveiled four new mockups for the redesign during an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

Paul Mason’s question of why, if we can redesign cars, we can’t redesign the economic system, is less helpful.

Tableau released a new version this year, with more connectors, data clustering capabilities, better mobile usage, cross database joins and a redesign.

It may yet need a radical redesign.

Instead of a systematic redesign, Mr Fox’s victory brought fragmentation and institutional decay.

The new wireless model features a bit of a sleek, minimalistic redesign, coupled with a 1440 sensor, for higher-resolution shots.

The programme is more of a gag show than one on thoughtful redesign.

Mr Temer’s other big job is to embark on a redesign of the nutty electoral system.

To evoke the author’s Connecticut house, the redesign of the library will have a modernist twist.

Yes, these are some off-the-cuff thoughts about the redesign, and arguably those that won’t make sense for everyone’s workflow.

It is central to the £83m redesign too.

The project found that furniture and tree placement impact where pedestrians congregate, which could inform planning or redesign decisions.

It should redesign corporate taxes to discourage the hoarding of profits.

The bigger task is to redesign power markets to reflect the new need for flexible supply and demand.

Verma is the owner of SVC, a healthcare consulting firm, and has helped redesign Medicaid programs in several states, including Indiana.

The company in May previewed this news with select press while the redesign was in testing.

Some policies needing redesign post-Brexit, such as fisheries, are matters for devolved governments.

This was also given a redesign today with more of a focus on controlling the smart home.

The spoofing was frequent enough that C4ADS reports the Russian internet firm Yandex had to redesign its ride sharing app.

Later that year, Apple introduced LG-branded 4K and 5K UltraFine Displays to go along with its new USB-C-only MacBook Pro redesign.

What’s next: The Senate package would redesign Medicare’s drug benefit and allow new payment models in Medicaid, among other changes.

According to Sensor Tower’s findings, more apps are being discovered by way of browsing the App Store following the redesign launched in September.

The new report’s findings are good news for Apple which had a sizable challenge to tackle with its App Store redesign.

The upcoming Holosphere is a complete redesign that does away with projected holographic effects.

The company seeks to make a comeback from stumbles like a mobile app redesign that failed to impress.

— before landing on a more substantial redesign.

The redesign has been open to testers for the past few months, but it will be available to everyone over the next few days.

The idea behind the redesign is to give these sorts of posts a better way to stand out from other posts, the company explains.

Depending on what the commission decides, some companies may need to redesign elements of their constellations to fit the new rules.

Maybe Apple will redesign the keyboard or maybe Intel will finally deliver a better processor or maybe, well, there are a lot of maybes.

What happened: Snap recently released its long-awaited redesign of its Android app, which executives said should rejuvenate its growth and user engagement.

The hardware that carries the astronauts isn’t the only thing getting a redesign.

He will be free to redesign and run the FBI probe, and will have ample resources to do so.

There was a Fluent Design update back in 2017 and a big redesign in 2015 that preceded a new focus on speed.

Of the redesign, Carrier says, “Soul retrieval was the real transformation here.

World Wrestling Entertainment last week rolled out a complete redesign of its WWE Network subscription video service.

“That’s why the redesign took a lot longer, because we took our time to make sure everything was right.

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