Recreate in a sentence | Use of the word recreate examples

There’s too much about the original film that’s lightning in a bottle, impossible to recreate.

Each time they try, with a thump of the mannequin plastic hitting the car interior, they fail to recreate the splatter pattern.

When the two won the 2005 MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss they decided to recreate said kiss… and it was amazing.

Linoleum can’t look like marble, plywood can’t recreate the grain of mahogany, and we cannot hide who and what we already are.

I wanted to recreate a good conversation we had at a mediocre Irish bar recently.

How do you recreate the archive of that intentionally erased history?

Little Mix may still be riding high, but their powerhouse hooks and big-name features are near impossible for emerging groups to recreate.

But little did he know he would inspire many to recreate “the flip.”

As far as how they were measured, I didn’t really recreate the wheel here.

And then the computer tried to recreate their thoughts in a photo.

And you just go and recreate those, and go and manipulate the whole environment.

Now the left is trying to figure out how to recreate the same outpouring of energy (and headlines) over taxes.

The other thing [is] I think I have the belief that I’m going to recreate what I had.

Gujral settled in Delhi, where he sought to recreate Moti Mahal.

“Astrid is very much inspired by one person,” Kwan says; he tried to recreate her style for the book.

Khaen can recreate the drama of a pipe organ but the sound can be better controlled and manipulated as the player breathes into it.

So I took it upon myself to try to recreate it at home and master a lot of the dishes.

I started with an idea: to recreate the contest, and my 15-year-old self.

I went back home and tried to recreate that dish over and over and over again.

My technique was to humble the cooks at each party by trying to recreate their dishes at home.

Very seldom do I use a model or actual object as I draw or paint, relying instead on memory to evoke or recreate.

“On the other hand, we must recreate the cathedral’s silhouette and rebuild the spire.

“But I also try to recreate a cultural memory of important icons that have faded away over time thanks to current cultural industries.

Marvel’s continuous narrative depends on artists to continually rewrite, redraw, and recreate history.

But Six Feet Under, for all its tremendous qualities, is slightly easier to recreate.

Everywhere you’re looking is where I was trying to recreate that in the painting.

Few objects were left behind, so Shiota incorporated old or tattered objects from mostly outside sources to recreate more of the house’s narratives.

I would recreate my mother’s magazine covers with me as the model.

Why attempt to recreate all that pathos, which was genuinely affecting when it was Styles and Cena last year?

We continue to recreate the residential segregation.

Here are two of the covers I wanted to recreate: Mom’s participation was key.

But the thing is, you can’t recreate the feeling of a live gig.

He longs to slavishly recreate it, then disappear into it as its protagonist.

In my mind, the challenge now is to reinvigorate civic and common life, to recreate it.

“I am considering some other games; I got a few suggestions to recreate Doom and other first person shooters perhaps.

Instead we’re sharing the work of six GIF artists who lavishly recreate calorie-free loops of the tantalizing brown goo.

It’s fun at first, but he eventually realizes he’s trying to recreate a time that has long since passed him by.

The beds are tilted by six degrees to recreate the displacement of bodily fluids that happens to astronauts in space.

So are you trying to recreate it as close to what it was or are you smoothing some of the edges?

How are you going to recreate this stuff live as a four-piece?

The point of advertising is obviously not to faithfully recreate adversity or the human complexity of our cultural icons.

We can’t recreate an old system on a political foundation that is now totally different.

The idea is an attempt to recreate the success of Silicon Valley or the Toronto-Waterloo corridor.

The piece includes instructions on how to recreate it.

That’s why watching the band recreate its music on a stage forges such a chasm in people’s lives.

Some received a slight electric shock at random intervals, meant to recreate the effect of anxiety.

I wanted to recreate that atmosphere in the U.S.” Shaun went on to become the biggest rave promoter in Arizona.

The hope is to recreate the modest success of indie horror films like It Follows, but on a larger scale.

The destruction of Beirut did not begin with a grand plan to recreate downtown.

To make this video, the teams programmed two rigs to run through a series of poses and recreate, beat for beat, the Pixar original.

Swiss photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger recreate history’s most iconic photos with absurdly intricate dioramas.

You can’t recreate that moment.

And we can do things like get re-enactors to recreate scenes.

The experience is intended to recreate the feeling of being at the book fair itself: hectic and over-stimulating.

We can take a game engine and recreate these well documented areas.

Can you recreate that world without the things that kept money out of it and kept the rent so low?

The group meets semi-regularly to recreate historical events and “portray and interpret the Africans who fought in the American Revolutionary War.”

They would look up nude images online and recreate them in crude sketches in Paint.

Could they recreate the intimate and deadly bi-plane dogfights?

A moveable sofa and a couple of cushions recreate the environment where the tetrarch holds court with his guests.

So you’ve signed up all these banks, and what you’re trying to do is essentially recreate it?

Status Updates: This is the hardest part of Facebook to recreate elsewhere, and so I haven’t tried.

The artist also took great care to recreate an NHS waiting room, where she arranged chairs sourced from UK hospitals facing closure.

That’s a memory we revisit and recreate when on placebo.

Using these drawings as blueprints, you could recreate Garth’s whole architectural world.

Check out this Twitter thread to see the work people are doing to try to preserve and recreate the clearinghouse.

But it must be flawless, so I pick a Brand face and try to recreate the precise angles.

Why wouldn’t the advent of flying cars just recreate congestion in three dimensions?

There was a habit, and we wanted to recreate that habit in digital.

The most enchanting pieces on view are those that recreate the play of light that characterized Daguerre’s dioramas.

The stonework and stained glass of the edifice recreate images and lessons from the Bible.

I can also imagine using several of these speakers independently to recreate a sort of Sonos whole-home audio system.

To recreate the Titanic, Lynskey and his team are working with historians and the descendants of survivors to ensure accuracy.

Do we strive to recreate them exactly as they were, hoping to recapture their original spark?

At the fair, Ogden, an artist and collector himself, will recreate a portion of Bolden’s actual yard, in which his scarecrows once stood.

“It was simple in its endeavor to recreate the past of the DC Superhero universe in the golden age and retell that story.

Bugaslovski had seen a recording lathe cut individual records in a music shop, and he figured out how to recreate the machine.

You can’t take away someone’s personal choice to recreate someone, but you can encourage people to use their best judgement.

“These guys are looking to recreate those early sexual experiences.”

The aim, he added, was to recreate what a real artist goes through.

“I look, handle, inspect and recreate in an effort to understand.

Curators Nichols and Pascale should be applauded for their efforts to recreate the look of the original Hairy Who exhibitions.

“So, we can recreate our happy and excited feeling over and over by talking about it over and over.”

Whole Foods wants to recreate that magic.

Then finally there’s a sadness that you can’t recreate it.

But if you’re looking to recreate the mesmerizing effect, first make sure you’ve got all the right tools.

They’re an echo of an intense experience, digital remnants that gesture towards, but never fully recreate, a moment of intimate exchange.

It’s been important for me to take those moments and then go back and recreate them.

Then pick up your nail kit, because you’re going to want to recreate these geode looks.

It has been a slow and steady build to recreate the magic of the original Queen Street location.

They recreate both the sorrows and the joys, which coexist with each other.

Rich people also hire the company to recreate their favorite memories from the past, so they can relive them.

Some have tried to recreate her now-famous (and internet-breaking) pregnancy announcement portrait.

Again, California can pull out of the ISO if this happens, but it can’t go back and recreate the same CAISO it left behind.

He saw that some colonial-era photographers had even tried to recreate tā moko in pen or crayon over the photograph after it was taken.

When Matty came to visit, we asked him to recreate the dish using ingredients from the MUNCHIES rooftop garden, and he happily obliged.

But it doesn’t just recreate its predecessor.

You can’t recreate it.

Whether you’re willing to take the time to recreate it for the premiere this weekend is up to you.

To ensure that the clockmaker would never again recreate such a treasure for anyone else, his commissioners had him blinded.

“I knew that it would be a tough style to recreate while still managing to keep it elegant enough for a wedding.”

“When you recreate that, you make an incision in the cheek and stitch the deeper skin to deeper layers.

If, for example, you lose an AI character to a lava pit, you can just recreate a new one.

The magazine’s owners, he said, had “missed a unique opportunity to recreate a participatory newspaper, driven by team spirit and open to all.”

It was, of course, about the mixture of real, physical tools and a computing experience that could recreate the real thing.

Case in point: This two-tone bold eye look that’s chic, artsy, and very easy to recreate.

The look takes less than 5 minutes to recreate.

This data was then used by the robot to recreate a specific target-user’s swiping biometrics, with, as expected, even better results.

You’ve seen countless images of folks being all #couplegoals and trying to recreate that special Chrissy Teigen-John Legend magic.

Houston itself, meanwhile, through parking requirements, largely manages to recreate many of the pathologies of single-family zoning.

While royalty yearned to recreate an impossible past, the makers of cramped Place Dauphine worked to build a possible future.

Unlike most nail art, the weed nail trend is actually pretty easy to recreate.

Guess we’ll just have to recreate those ourselves.

What it won’t do, though, is suddenly recreate the nightlife we’ve lost.

In memory of the beloved Fox series, Michele and Criss joined forces to recreate their iconic song at a Facebook Live event.

And I think what I was trying to recreate is that sense.

“I wanted to recreate the fan experience,” Greenman says.

In another, they watch as actors recreate scenes from Choe’s life.

“[So] i’m starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday,” she captioned the photo.

See our favorite waves ahead — and learn how to recreate your own, too!

And that’s because, really, there’s nothing to recreate.

But by being selective and tenacious, anyone can recreate The Duchess’ closet without breaking the bank!”

Send this artist a photo of the cake you want to remember forever, and she’ll recreate it with an impressive level of detail.

Scientists found radiation at Departure sites and reasoned if they could recreate that energy, they could send people to wherever the 2% went.

I obviously wanted to recreate Styles’ favorite way to eat his trend forecast.

If you’ve always wanted recreate the fighting scenes in Big Hero 6 with your own little fighting robots, now is your chance.

Then, they recreate the same action nude, and she captures the exact same scene — minus the clothing.

He wondered why they wouldn’t try to recreate Mars, where NASA wants to land astronauts sometime in the 2030s.

The second challenge for Rodriguez was being able to accurately recreate the simple joys of the grilled meat of his hometown in downtown LA.

For $215, you can recreate Ward’s two-piece, ring-embellished look and achieve peak ’90s nostalgia.

But good news, they did — and now its easier than ever to recreate the glam without going over your monthly budget.

“I hope JetBlue will retrain their staff and recreate the culture I once loved.”

Ahead we’ve got three heavy menu hitters (plus one saucy secret) so you can recreate your typical fast food order at home.

House Beautiful explains that many times, the Scott brothers (Jonathan and Drew) have to recreate scenes that had already happened.

But when I’m actually making a beat, I don’t really ever try to recreate anything I already heard.

I never try to recreate anything I already made.

We’ve found three eye looks you can easily recreate in under five minutes.

All these elements combine to recreate the experience of staring at one of those Magic Eye picture books for hours.

And, after the warm reception of this project, there are plans to recreate it with the Shutterbugs and their fathers, too.

The singer’s “push party” last weekend included a prop set-up allowing guests to recreate her pregnancy shoot.

Those drop-off points are based on information that’s decades-old; we’d rather recreate that based on the actual demand.

As a management sim, Project Hospital also wants to recreate the triage pipeline you’d find in a real hospital.

The low cost to build and standard designs of CubeSats make it (relatively) easy to recreate these sensor networks in the sky.

“Really, they’re trying to recreate what cities like Philadelphia have always had,” she says.

It also featured a hollow case with a timekeeping module suspended in gel to recreate the bouncing-ball effect.

Unless you want to recreate Thanksgiving dinner every day in the lunchroom at work, you’re going to have to get creative.

Called “Chained: A Victorian Nightmare,” the new production combines live actors and an immersive setting with virtual reality to recreate Victorian-era London.

Immersit is trying to recreate that at home, and it’s not as easy as it seems.

How practical would it be to recreate an entire month of meals and activities in the event my monthly weigh-in yielded positive results.

“Our biggest mission is to recreate and bring back the concept of ‘American Sportswear.’

The gravitational waves tell physicists how large and how far away the objects are, and allow scientists to recreate the moments before they collided.

Miguel Vasquez decided to recreate what he envisioned SpongeBob SquarePants characters would look like if they were actual people.

Allison says that to help with her mental illness, they should recreate the living conditions she’s used to in the prison.

Berlin-based colormass has developed a platform that lets you recreate an IKEA-style experience for your own merchandise.

“The masterpiece that Viollet-le-Duc left us is exceptional, but we must not dogmatically insist that we recreate an identical cathedral,” he told BFM TV.

But anyone looking to recreate the nostalgia that comes with reminiscing about Double Dare!

To start, the team tested the AI by asking it to recreate certain games.

Truffle Shuffle chose to recreate a pretty pretty princess scene for the bag, upping the fantasy ante just a little more.

Suffice to say, we’re enamored on a regular basis — and often left searching for a way to recreate the look.

Or, what’s worse, that it was a clever blend of tons of shades, for which we’d never be able to recreate.

They were installed according to findings from the historical research to more accurately recreate the simultaneity, intensity, and density of Miro’s workspace.

Though the new series will never recreate the wonder of the original, the return of Robot Wars can only be a good thing.

As an homage to history’s most insane journalist, I decided to recreate his breakfast.

…To which Petsch responded with: “We shall recreate when ur here.”

to try to recreate his look.

But here’s the thing: This year’s trends were surprisingly wearable, and far cheaper to recreate than a custom beaded gown.

“I’m struck by the images that Eleanor choses to recreate in Play-Doh,” Paul Kopeikin tells The Creators Project.

So, it would be really hard to recreate that.”

Having fought on the side of the Nazis as a young man, the artist sought to recreate his very self.

But I think we can’t just try to recreate that.

Beauty can be super empowering, but sometimes the look you’re trying to recreate can come with a serious price tag.

Next year, Disney is hoping to recreate the magic with a live-action remake.

Through them, I learned the goal of Twelve Tribes communities is to recreate the church as it’s described in the Book of Acts.

People are no longer interested in covering them up — they want to recreate them.

It is important not only that we recreate the statue, but also that the sculpture is even better than before.

Facebook could potentially even try to recreate your VR face from the photos tagged of you on its social network.

I was obsessed with this idea of trying to recreate real objects in these programs, and have them look real.

And so, for example, I spent a week trying to recreate my dad’s Walkman in 3-D. KS: Wow.

The teams’ first products are 28 simple templates for users to recreate their favorite services and to learn Bubble along the way.

I think it is very important to create or recreate social tissue, connection, between people in and through the exhibition.

Feeling inspired by iOS automation wizard Federico Viticci, I tried to recreate my OS X script on iOS.

recreate the famous Rocky stair run.

Or maybe you were really a scientist, building a machine to recreate memories in a simulation.

She challenged her onscreen kids to recreate the “banana-nut muffin Twinkie cupcake situation.”

The West is this place where you either escape or you go to recreate yourself.

Nearly as impressive is watching Bates, Chavis and Hancsicsak try to recreate this dessert in just a minute.

Researchers at Dartmouth have created a system that uses 3D modeling, fabrication, and other techniques to recreate popular outdoor rock climbing routes.

So are you going to tell us how us we Ford-driving squares can recreate this michelada fantasy at home?

Like other recent text-replace memes, this one is both durable and easy to recreate.

“[Avicii and Omar S] both use these really simple melodies, almost banal—try to recreate that, and you can’t,” Kovács continues.

With Halloween about to rear its costumed head, a trip to Ikea may be in order for anyone looking to recreate a Winterfell-worthy getup.

“What are you looking to recreate?

With the acquisition of Chillr, the company shows that it wants to recreate a sort of WeChat for India.

“When Kristina approached me with the idea to come and recreate her parents’ wedding photo, I was pretty ecstatic,” said her husband Michael.

Using a parametric file for SCAD, you can easily recreate a Kwikset key with a few keystrokes.

“Especially when you see some pictures or video from the early ’40s and you have to recreate what you saw.

So in an effort to make a new Powerpuff, the girls recreate the infamous recipe.

Oftentimes, clients need to make decisions about which world, exactly, they’re looking to recreate.

The potential for machines to accurately and easily “read” and recreate video footage opens up exciting possibilities both for artificial intelligence and video creation.

She could recreate your favorite hearty stew without meat.

And now I’m challenging you to recreate the looks for Halloween.

It means we’re likely to see both more scientific debate, but also more experiments trying to recreate these results.

For now, we can recreate the buns she nestled those patties between.

Artists at the Corning are attempting to recreate its still-mysterious 16th- to 17th-century glass techniques.

Even the biggest beauty novice can recreate it.

What happens when virtual reality can recreate the artwork in our home?

Don’t worry; the movie leans on CGI to recreate that very intimate body part.

Her music had a spirituality that was matchless, timeless, and impossible to recreate.

Nicole’s determination to get Kim to recreate this pic in a live show did not stop there.

In a way, contemporary police killings in America recreate the same sort of spectacle.

For anyone who can’t get to Irvine, maybe there’s a way to recreate the Forbidden Bowl via makeup?

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which ended October 15, we decided to recreate the biggest looks that defined an era.

At the click of a button, you can hide or unhide any page without having to delete and recreate them from scratch.

“I had originally intended to just recreate a traditional Swedish home.

Click through to see our favourite looks from the shows, and how to recreate them.

The actor wore a wig to recreate that ’80s mullet.

It’s programmable using UFactory’s Scratch-like programming language and you can even move the arm manually and it will recreate your motions.

Would you say you were trying to recreate his style in your own film in a way?

I wasn’t trying to recreate his style, but we totally drew from his work.

“We recreate these key elements by providing babies with their mothers smell, heartbeat, and feeling of being hugged,” says van den Tillaart.

To recreate it at home, stock up on some neon eye shadow, bright lipstick, and black liquid liner.

Says its attempt to recreate (and likely hack the shit out of) a connected mockup of the election process isn’t realistic.

To recreate this look yourself, brush any brightly-colored eye shadow across your lids and lightly down your nose.

To recreate her Wonder Woman-inspired beauty look, draw lines cross your face with a liquid eyeliner pen.

recreate one of Ariana Grande’s most famous looks with this makeup.

Choosing which wardrobes I want to recreate makes them discrete sculptures, as opposed to one big indexical installation or set.

feeling provoked within me, so I try to recreate that moment here, and try to make dishes for that special moment.”

The two devices are essentially little boards designed to recreate a radio studio on a small scale at home for podcasting purposes.

A short-lived one: The team can’t recreate this breakthrough at CES, with informational tables or in Richard-led symposia.

It means they have yet another badass costume to recreate.

“The taste is divine and I want to figure out how to recreate it here.”

You can recreate something of the past, she seems to be saying.

It’s a fairytale for the digital age, and one we might just be able to recreate in our own lives.

That’s not to say Zuckerberg and Facebook’s board couldn’t just recreate it.

The first gallery attempts to recreate the first show PAG did together, at the Bombay Arts Society in 1949.

[Once we started gaining a following] we started getting a lot of comments and requests to recreate celebrity looks.

On that one, I was trying to recreate the brand I started many years ago–the Indian outlaw brand.

Without the education infrastructure or technical supply chain required, that model is near impossible to recreate in the developing world.

Ahead, how to recreate the twosome’s purple eyeshadow look on any budget.

He is taken over entirely by his one new goal: to recreate Blonde on the piano.

You don’t want to have to recreate your report or newsletter layout every time you start a new one, after all.

We want to be able to understand how learning takes place and recreate that in the robotic system.”

A remnant of the original wallpaper surfaced beneath a large painting, allowing the architects to recreate the same colors.

Recipe creator Dorcas Reilly aimed to create a dish that was easy and economical for home cooks to recreate, reported NPR.

“These are individuals that are incredibly talented at being able to recreate reality…

Chinese exporters are diversifying overseas sales, helped in part by Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative to recreate the old Silk Road.

One of the galleries will recreate the Cataract House, the largest hotel in Niagara Falls with a wait staff of exclusively African American men.

The artist would then recreate those pictures in MS Paint.

A one-room exhibit at the Philips Collection in Washington, DC features 13 photographs that recreate one route of escape from Louisiana to Ontario, Canada.

Motion capture sensors recreate his unique way of moving for a CGI version of himself.

Sorry, Chris Kirkpatrick, but I don’t think anyone will ever want to recreate your braided skunk-inspired ponytail.

Still Nick approaches Cheryl to creepily recreate history and insult his victim.

Inspired by a trip to Disneyland, where she had got her face painted, Trotter sought to recreate that joyful feeling on the track.

What’s a simple updo you can hastily recreate in the office bathroom?

So how can we recreate the look at home?

“Even with our best instruments today we cannot recreate those observations,” Ryan Milligan, a solar physicist who works with NASA, says.

We had to figure out how to recreate that.

How can we recreate it?’” She compared the effect to the way New Yorkers felt an extra frisson of recognition during the Seinfeld era.

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In the demo, the Qualcomm team had someone playing a piano and was able to recreate the subtly of pressing down on the keys.

Fifteen surrounding bodies immediately repeat my actions, myself standing still as I watch them recreate my improvised movements.

How could they recreate their group of 300, digitally?

For the project, Bancroft and Nesbett recruited four artists to recreate Noland’s work, two of whom chose to remain anonymous.

Words With Friends manages to successfully recreate this experience onscreen.

Even if you stand in the exact same spot, under the exact same weather conditions, it will be impossible to recreate.

(Don’t miss her recent attempt to recreate her 20-something niece’s beach photoshoot on Instagram.)

Your one and only source for, uh, how to recreate the iconic looks of the hit television series 10 years since it first aired.

I could make a cioppino, for example, and recreate Julia Child’s famous boeuf Bourguignon.

She’s a passionate soul who wants to recreate a world order that existed way back,” Rapace said of Leilah.

Surprisingly, the tunnel mud recipe was quite exact, and when they tried to recreate it a little differently, it just wasn’t the same.

Everybody has their own thing that helps them to recreate this state of mind.”

He also asked other artists on Twitter to recreate his son’s drawings.

You can point an iPad at a Lego set to add virtual buildings and objects, and recreate a tiny little city.

Another memorable piece is Various Generations to recreate the Perfect Memory.

“Because we are creating things virtually, we can recreate full cities — even the cities where autonomous driving is not allowed yet,” Atsmon said.

Until then, we’ll just put on the original’s kickass soundtrack and wonder if Cruise plans to recreate that epic volleyball scene.

If you too want to recreate that hair and makeup magic yourself, you might as well do it right.

You know the ones — when a Disney Channel star would wave a wand at the screen in order to recreate the Disney logo?

Click ahead to find out how to recreate the SAG Awards hair magic — without breaking the bank.

You are trying to recreate the idea of a nightly news show.

You’ve heard of how an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters would eventually recreate the complete works of Shakespeare?

The more you talk about past sexual experiences, the more you and your partner will want to recreate them.

The endangered pollinators have had their urban ecosystems torn apart and Webster is attempting to recreate them.

Several pieces doubled as instructional guides on how to recreate “Hawaiian”-themed experiences at home.

In honor of the star’s beauty evolution, we decided to recreate three of our favorite Grande looks.

The crude simplicity of punk rock logos or those early skate graphics were easy to recreate on any surface.

Case in point: the legging tuxedo, a ballet-inspired outfit even non-dancers can pull off, and a head-to-toe weekend look you can recreate right now.

And now, you can also find details and examples to integrate Batch with Firebase to recreate an alternative to Parse.

This allows it to recreate almost any object with far better accuracy than in previous versions of the software.

So they did, taking one shiny black synthetic and hand-painting stripes on it to recreate Bowie’s iconic Kansai Yamamoto jumpsuit.

Similarly, Seene doesn’t need a cloud backend to process 3D scans and recreate 3D objects — everything happens on the phone.

You can’t fake or try to recreate that chemistry.

Click through to find the looks we’re loving and the products recommended to recreate them.

In honor of Kaling’s iconic role as Mrs. Who in A Wrinkle In Time, we decided to recreate three looks from her career.

Contestants who possess nearly no baking skills compete to recreate various over-the-top and exquisite treats.

Now, he’s taking those same elements and helping us recreate them for the rest of festival season.

They were super stylish and cute, and I try to recreate things they did.

When he discharged, Francis wanted to recreate a paintball centre that was inspired by his tours of combat.

Let’s try and recreate the numbers for Australia and a few other nations.

(You know that summer when you bought your first bottle of Sun-In to recreate Ginger Spice’s chunky highlights?

But every once in a while, there’s a killer look that we can’t wait to recreate ourselves.

Many without a pussy-bow blouse are using scarves to recreate the look to post on Twitter.

I break into my ex’s house and try to recreate our lost love while he is passed out.

Sure, it might sound redundant, but it’s actually a combo that’s quite versatile and easy to recreate.

And despite the best efforts of alchemists, we can’t recreate its unique chemistry in a lab.

Ahead, three nail trends we loved back in February, and how to recreate them at home…

And luckily for all of us, it’s actually surprisingly easy to recreate.

Since there, there’s been almost daily attempts to recreate that same phenomenon.

I thought, I need to recreate that.”

And then I would have to recreate the landscape or setting for it, because it will usually be in a contemporary environment.

I’m wondering, though, why recreate these moments?

The next breakthrough, I suspect, will happen when we’re able to send a human orchestra up there to recreate it with real instruments.

The idea with Rain World is to recreate the experience of being that rat.

It’s not trying to recreate the wheel, to deconstruct old formulas or blow up our expectations.

Is she trying to recreate Arnold using the new Delos technology for human control units?

Simply follow the steps ahead to recreate these carefree curls, even when you’re landlocked.

It’s what Cam chose to recreate not just with her own song, but in how she treats other women in the industry.

So I can recreate anything.

And Apple doesn’t want to recreate another ‘Error 53’ iPhone bricking incident.

We all felt nudged to grow, recreate and reform old parts of ourselves, and discover ways to live more dynamically.

In 2011, the lab showed it was possible to recreate movie clips just from observing the brain activity of people watching movies.

2016: Tatum and Dewan recreate the Step Up lift.

Rakowitz had been commissioned to recreate artifacts and locations destroyed in the Iraq war.

For many directors, coming-of-age films stem from a desire to recreate their own pleasures (and pains) of growing up.

This feeling of following her dreams against all odds is something she knew she wanted to recreate on film.

It could be that the new experiment didn’t precisely recreate the conditions of the first.

Those scenarios are extremely sensitive to changes in culture and context, and are difficult to recreate.

The former seeks to recreate the first tests that led to the discovery of this condition.

Under the direction of curator Guillermo Santamarina, the artworks play with double entendre and ambiguity to recreate an adolescent moment full of contradiction.

He loved the custardy oatmeal with baked spiced apples, so he makes a valiant effort to recreate it.

Choreophobia positions Nejatpour as a male body through two female dancers who recreate actions typically performed by men.

And so she wondered: What is the relationship between these people’s need to recreate reality and their emotions?

If we can recreate that feeling in a sports bra, that would just be gold.”

However, 59-year-old actor Daniel Stern did tearfully recreate his Cubs celebration from “Rookie of the Year” — in his underwear.

That’s why the race is on to recreate the sweet, soft, puffy starchiness of gluten.

The Moroccan-style bowl I get is amazing, and I wonder if I can recreate it in the future with some cheaper grocery store ingredients.

You can recreate olives with felt, balls, or small round pillows.

To recreate her “Never Getting Back Together” outfit, all you need to do is roll out of bed.

recreate one of Damian’s funniest scenes in “Mean Girls.”

The styles we did were something that an everyday person could recreate.

Here’s how to recreate the best Red Sparrow looks to live your best spy life this Halloween.

Jackie’s Fontaine had to recreate the look and style of one of the most iconic fashion figures of all time.

Sprouse decided to share that image in honor of her birthday… and, apparently, his Riverdale co-stars couldn’t help but recreate it.

And thanks to recent innovations in box-dye technology, the vibe isn’t all that hard to recreate at home.

She found inspiration in the “imagery” of Chinese and Japanese to recreate her Arabic, to step closer to modern Arabic poetry.

Loyalty programs have become a major trend in retail as more stores look to recreate one of the industry’s leading memberships: Amazon Prime.

It makes me want to recreate it in my home with other friends.

Cohen isn’t the only veteran left confused, or completely devastated, in trying to recreate his military records.

Without them, he’s hoping the NPRC can find another way to recreate his full service record.

Stockbridge Main Street goes all out every year in December to recreate the idyllic New England setting with parades, caroling, and holiday concerts.

and team up to recreate one of Game of Thrones’ many endearing (and occasionally destructive and problematic) duos.

Even better, you can probably recreate her looks with makeup and hair accessories you already own (save for that orange wig).

recreate her Praying music video look, and remind everyone that you’re a woman and no one can stand in your way.

Keep reading to find out which new series will be your perfect costume inspiration, and exactly how to recreate your must-have small-screen looks.

But with these, we can recreate that feeling just about anywhere.

Instead, it existed solely to have temporary intimacy with someone in order to recreate closeness for fans who’ll likely never have it.

But no need to wait for next year to recreate these looks.

I just… couldn’t believe how someone could take this information I had given, and recreate it so well in such a compelling fashion.

They’re super easy to recreate and you can adapt them to your heart’s desire.

The scene is meant to recreate gruesome moments from the Bolshevik Revolution.

They serve to recreate, in a contemporary guise, folkloric imagining from Na’s childhood.

How did you recreate ’90s skater hair?

So it was very easy for me to understand Pac in terms of the pantheon of that and how to recreate that.

I can recreate it because I lived it every single day.

No, really: “My favorite thing in life is to recreate Cher looks.

Michael asks them to recreate Ms. Meade, and they do.

She wanted to recreate the music video with Sue because she thought she “botched” the original one.

In some cases, you could almost recreate my screenshots above with apps from just one of these companies.

That’s not a sensation that’s easy to recreate.

At its heart, the opera is about the power of words and images to create and recreate reality in the minds of the audience.

And to be honest, we’re pinning these red-carpet moments to recreate well into the new year.

They are still rare success stories, and many of the “Uber for X” clones have struggled to recreate it.

“My favorite thing in life is to recreate Cher looks,” the makeup and fragrance queen said last month on KUWTK.

It’s not impossible to recreate blurred portions of images.

“In simulation, we can recreate any encounter we have on the road and make situations even more challenging through ‘fuzzing,’ ” Krafcik wrote.

You can recreate that with your grill.

The engineers had to recreate some of Otzi’s parts from scratch, a feat possible thanks to 3D modeling techniques.

But Ferry Corsten, Tiësto and more DJs have tried to remix it or recreate it.

But why recreate the arch and set it up in Western capitals?

“All you need to recreate the look at home is tape, polish, and a striping brush.

They give us nice small books with all the recipes; hopefully we can recreate them at home.

It is an opportunity for these young artists to recreate the digital and print skate culture they have been hungrily feeding their dreams with.

How about that scene in Parent Trap where Lindsay Lohan and Natasha Richardson recreate the Abbey Road album cover?

Should they publish detailed guidelines on how to recreate the deadly virus?

What you’re seeing now is that cities have long wanted to support urban mobility lanes, and recreate the urban infrastructure.

No word if he was trying to recreate that one.

She then had her model wear the same dress and asked hair and makeup artists to recreate Ivanka’s look.

I like discovering things on trips I would have never thought of before and trying to recreate them at home in a simple fashion.

We’re waiting for the two to recreate this photo now, stat — gold chain, mandatory.

“She was groundbreaking with that, so much so that no one else has dared to try and recreate the vibe,” Renea tells Refinery29.

If any event will recreate A Star Is Born’s beloved “Shallow” scene, it’s the movie-loving Oscars.

What are some of the challenges that come with trying to recreate reality rather than starting from scratch?

What I really love is that it’s easy to recreate at home, because every dot doesn’t have to be perfect.”

It would have taken days or even weeks to recreate the same thing a few decades ago.

It adds an extra challenge, to recreate something people love—they’re really sticklers about it.

I am not creative, so I look up pictures on my favorites album that I can recreate.

Birk used graffiti and found posters to recreate the modernist’s rectangular compositions, although the similarities mostly end there.

Isn’t it difficult to recreate that sound in your new music after more than 20 years?

Like to recreate many of these services for their own community.

I wanted to recreate that feeling, and also the feeling of listening to more forward-thinking shows at home and hearing satisfying blends.

Most clients bring in fabric or a photo of real embroidered patchwork for Arrow to recreate on their backs, arms, or even their ankles.

Essentially, they’ll gather the six infinity stones and recreate Thanos’ snap.

A teenage T-Pain heard the song and became obsessed with figuring out how to recreate the effect.

In a bid to figure out what is happening, Sasha heads to the LeFevre home to recreate what she’s seen in the video.

Sasha and Elliot recreate the scene and realize Elliot never attacked his sister, despite Becky’s allegations.

And he had a sound-effects man and he was able to recreate a game just from his memory.

A decade earlier, she was Elvira Hancock in Scarface — a role so iconic that people recreate it every Halloween.

The conundrum of “Trump became president tonight” is whether researchers could recreate this phenomenon with a president who isn’t Trump.

All we need now is for Urban Decay to recreate Arya Stark’s catspaw dagger, and we’ll be set for life.

To try and recreate Rembrandt’s expert handling of oil paint with colored pencils?

An excuse to poorly recreate late 1960s decor?

With Deluxx Fluxx, FAILE sought to recreate the anti-establishment atmosphere of their humble beginnings, while also providing visitors with an interactive experience.

Is there any value in a book when VR and AR and other interfaces can recreate what amounts to the implicit value of writing?

Time and time again, chefs, home cooks, companies have all tried and failed to recreate Twinkies’s signature flavor profile.

Sources connected to production tell us 8 outboard motors were used to churn the water and recreate a rushing river.

We’re told producers are now scrambling to recreate the moment.

In the finale, Judy attempts to recreate Ted’s death by deliberately walking in the road, but a car swerves and misses her.

Have Sex In A Pool Try to recreate that iconic Showgirls pool sex scene — or try to improve on it.

I got the chance to sit in Martin’s makeup chair and learn firsthand how to recreate Markle’s effortless and classic makeup.

Face self-tanners, which you can add to your daily moisturizer or serum to recreate the sun-kissed effect.

He says the frosted image — attempting to recreate Obama’s “Hope” posters — is laced with racist overtones.

Perhaps National Geographic is trying to recreate the critically acclaimed environment of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

I wanted to try to recreate some of the feel of that portrait.

If you’re not already heating up your paella pan to recreate this beauty as you read this… Big mistake.

Woo to recreate a portrait of her great-grandmother, who she called “Mimaw,” on her forearm.

When are we not trying to recreate?

He gingerly attempted to recreate the pose — which is to say, it’s possible, but not particularly convenient.

Don’t recreate the wheel.

If I can kind of try to recreate that with a live performance somehow, somewhere then I’d be very happy.

The setup is designed to recreate the neuromuscular junction, the bit of chemical synapse where neurons and muscle fibers meet.

By merging Picasso and Kubrick’s different artistic realities, maybe Joshi wanted to recreate that feeling of venturing into the unknown.

Few athletes manage to recreate the circumstances of their greatest success as fully as Jeremy Lin appears to be doing in Brooklyn.

“In no way am I trying to recreate anything, make sure things are set up the way they were,” Lin said.

We’d simply create billions of mini-robots that inhibit everything and help recreate and protect natural beauty.

Let’s see if these fintech startups can recreate the same success in the U.S. as in Europe.

If you always wanted to recreate the feeling of being in a club from the safety of your home, here’s your chance.

Number26 aims to recreate retail banking on smartphones, offering consumer services without bank branches or cashpoint machines.

Moreover, the researchers hope that as their design becomes more sophisticated, it can be used to recreate images on more complicated, curved surfaces.

When you recreate a flag not in celebration, but in mourning, where do you draw the line?

“I admit that sometimes I traumatize toys, using them to make molds so I can recreate them in plaster or resin,” she says.

And we’re going to recreate what happened to him.

That’s not just because the action sequences, which recreate an astonishing 1952 Coast Guard rescue, were designed for the biggest screen possible.

Another user, called ‘deepfakeapp,’ created FakeApp, a user-friendly application that allows anyone to recreate these videos with their own datasets.

She knew she wanted to recreate a Cosmopolitan based on a martini using Ransom sweet vermouth, but that innovation wasn’t enough.

The idea is to recreate the forces they might experience during a game.

YouTuber-slash-mad-scientist Colin Furze wanted to see if he could recreate Sekiro’s folded umbrella for himself.

“I make sure [our clients] don’t have to recreate the wheel and are utilizing established best practices,” Holmquist explained.

And thus begins the obsession to recreate the era.

The app pulled together the different users people followed to recreate their feeds on the app.

But actually we don’t need machines that recreate nature’s wonders,” she notes.

Any time a notification pops up on your phone, Pushbullet will recreate it on your desktop.

It is an opportunity for these young artists to recreate the digital and print skate culture they have been hungrily feeding their dreams with.

Virtually Live uses a combination of physical trackers and image recognition software to recreate the races on a computer-generated version of the racing circuits.

Then I recreate them in my mind.

Attempting to recreate an intense sexual experience by way of kink is not unusual, says Dr. Donaghue.

They also sometimes try to recreate the test from memory in shared documents.

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But as is often the case with Hollywood reboots, internet sensations who try to recreate their original virality tend to fall flat.

But on the other hand, Take Two is claiming it’s really important that they recreate the tattoo in exact detail.

This is a case where a video game company is recreating him, and they have the option to recreate him however they want.

The study, of course, is limited, since it’s hard to faithfully recreate a Martian environment on a terrestrial lab.

“From then on I would try and recreate old R&B tracks like Bobby Valentino’s ‘Slow Down’”, he says, laughing.

The settings for each frame are in the bottom right corner of the screen, so you can go home and recreate the effect yourself.

Here’s a closer view of the painting, displaying the underlying numbers used to recreate it.

In other words, don’t combine attractants for deer and hiding cover for mountain lions near places where humans live and recreate!”

She ordered them to end the conspiracy and not recreate it.

I thought, How can I recreate the fun and social experience in a burger?

And though I am a practiced and passionate baker, I must confess that I rarely recreate Chef John’s recipes in my own kitchen.

Can Apple recreate the success of ‘Lip Sync Battle’?

The ability to recreate and display more colors than modern televisions is also baked into the standards.

“We got invitations all around the world to recreate the event,” Stuart said.

“What we’re going to do is recreate how we serve food in our homes.

TheTouch’s HB ring is a ring that’ll recreate your heart rate on a loved one’s HB ring.

The end result is pretty trippy, and according to the YouTube channel brusspup, it’s also easy to recreate in a simple household experiment.

The short sequence used the aerodynamics software Cart3D to recreate the atmospheric entry and rapid deterioration using a delightfully psychedelic color scheme.

We were unable to recreate the issue, for example.

The tl;dr version is that it took a lot of custom hardware, and I’m guessing you can’t recreate it at home.

“I don’t want to recreate Terrorizer World Downfall.

This cake is a true stunner, and one that you—yes, even you—can recreate at home.

Many chefs turn to drink and drugs to artificially recreate adrenaline experienced during service.

Like many other VSCO filters, Film X is an attempt to recreate film photography by offering users more granular control.

It’s hard to recreate that by other means.

And under the bright lights asked the anesthesiologist for a Valsalva—essentially, he manipulated TJ’s ventilator to recreate a sneeze.

Each kit includes an easy-as-hell recipe card and all the ingredients you need to recreate Matty’s recipes at home.

She uses audio recordings from the scene of real social conflict to recreate the moment as a virtual reality scene.

In the meanwhile, why not try recreate this at home, analog style?

I have it in my mind and I’m looking for the pieces that can best recreate my vision.

It was primitive, but The Getaway attempted to painstakingly recreate the real world and a real location in a game.

Kauffman: There’s no way to recreate that immersive atmosphere that was one part creepy, three parts fantastical, one part camp.

His goal was to try and recreate a low-light, long-exposure shot with a professional DSLR using the mobile sensors inside Google’s phones.

The new enclosure is designed to recreate a habitat similar to their natural environment.

It’s a ritual that you can’t recreate [online].

“He’s trying to recreate the glory days.

Music inspired by LSD tends to recreate this experience of a psychedelic trip.

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Allison had a researcher in his lab recreate the mad cow zebrafish, calling the year and half it took “wasted time”.

They added this new sequence to population models to recreate the genetic relationships between Neanderthals, their close cousins the Denisovans, and ancient humans.

It’s also been used to digitally dissect mummies, recreate the HoloChess scene from Star Wars, and more.

In it, Taube and a few friends recreate the film’s climactic suicide scene—dress-humping and all—in the middle of a crowded ice rink.

I mean, we had to rent them from prop places, and we had to recreate the homepage with a graphic designer.

We hope recreate in a sentence examples were helpful.