Recordings in a sentence | Use of the word recordings examples

Field recordings of Swan River water creatures and marshes meld with surprising harmonies and minimalist soul rhythms.

Rocket recordings is gearing up to release Gnod’s new album, and it’s a doozy.

In any case, there is always an unacknowledged uncanny aspect to sound recordings, which don’t distinguish between dead and living voices.

(It’s hard to say how many unique pictures and recordings there are, however.

Pictures and audio recordings are still being uploaded to it nearly every day.

I think mine was this one called “Sounds of Steam”; it’s just recordings of steam locomotives from the 50s.

The combined effect of the Peña’s drawing and Eureka’s recordings is powerfully evocative, transporting the visitor to the river’s edge.

The recordings were made by Ari Harow, the very same chief of staff who cut the deal last week.

We’re told the value of the recordings is huge.

Headphones at the end of sheet music stacks play recordings of music in those aisles, which you can mix together by flipping switches.

Trump declined to answer questions from reporters about whether recordings existed.

Saudi authorities deny those charges, and Prince Mohammed has said they have recordings showing the activists were working with foreign intelligence agencies.

The popular DJ and producer has begun making music again and will release a four-part EP series with Belgian label Different recordings.

Video recordings played in court showed them meeting two of the fugitives at the airport before the attack.

An internet-connected teddy bear has exposed more than 2 million voice recordings of parents and children.

(Wellesley had made audio recordings of parts of that speech available.)

Even audio recordings have emerged of never-before-released interviews Keppler had conducted with each faculty member.

Then, in an interview with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, Trump doubled down, saying he “can’t talk about” the possibility of tape recordings.

In his recordings, you can hear our wordless, telepathic communications between four of us.

You can also use the site to listen to You & I, the recently-released collection of Buckley’s first studio recordings from 1993.

Diva Karr’s latest release, Mule, is a collection of the trio’s first recordings that’s currently streaming on Bandcamp.

Radio Silence brings together recordings of Abdulwahed with other Philadelphia-based Iraqi refugees and Iraq War veterans, through a partnership with local nonprofit Warrior Writers.

There, he authored the exhibit on Watergate and facilitated the release of over 1 million previously undisclosed documents and thousands of White House recordings.

You’ve combed through all those White House documents and recordings — what did you learn?

AstraZeneca, the drugmaker, pulled its advertisements from Carlson’s slot, and is the only advertiser to publicly do so after the recordings were released.

Considering the soundscapes of yesteryear, one man is offering us his mixtapes from the history of audio recordings.

I’d personally argue that slotting in some recordings of protests would present a more well-rounded playlist.

Nothing is off the table, from Greek folk songs to early microtonal recordings to French political speeches.

The Mundaneum was also cataloging glass photographic plates, films, audio recordings, pornography, and more.

The opening performance at the Rotunda presented two newly recompiled scores sourced from snippets of sheet music, historic recordings, and individual testimony.

Those recordings encouraged listeners to observe the environment of the museum, including its human inhabitants.

It was Waters who suggested that Berry contact Leonard Chess of Chess recordings, who he suggested would be keen on Berry’s blues style.

You can hear the grit and locale in their recordings; the artists are keeping their creative direction in their own hands.

In Sacred Spaces: Himalayan Wind at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan, visitors are immersed in a sound environment orchestrated from these recordings.

“Voice recognition personal assistants, for instance, already upload audio recordings to be interpreted by the manufacturer or third parties.

Cohen’s lawyer Stephen Ryan denied leaking the audio file and said any recordings are “under lock and key” at his firm’s office.

We did three sessions of five days for Lay Low, and I did additional recordings in London and Paris.

Wax molds of the artist’s face, flattened and distorted, are paired with motion-activated recordings of her voice.

So a lot of our recordings have been rough around the edges.

We had recorded everything up until then, aside from four-track recordings, with Rob McGregor at Goldentone in Gainesville.

She also works with Xtra Mile recordings as part of its fan engagement and street teams, which has signed acts including Against Me!

Each album featured distinctly measured compositions and more ambitious recordings, effectively removing the band’s boilerplate anthems.

The archive includes recordings of just under 1,000 panel discussions and screenings held in New York City.

Well Worn is out on August 5 via Ghostly/Different recordings.

And we discovered, through some recordings we had access to, that Flynn …

I like how you say that, “Some recordings we had access to.” I would like to have recordings I have access to.

But then there’s this: XL recordings signing Kurupt FM.

The recordings could have been preprogrammed, although they’re played with a perky, lived-in musicality that suggests a live musician’s instincts and touch.

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She and a local historian visited it at night to make some recordings.

Her report relies on recordings and forensic work conducted by Turkish investigators and information from the trials of the suspects in Saudi Arabia.

recordings of his sermons remain widely circulated online, and have reportedly become even more popular among extremists since his assassination.

How did Jack become such a mentor?I met him in Philadelphia when he was coming out with solo recordings.

and relies heavily on xenochrony for the record, overdubbing most of his guitar solos from earlier live recordings.

Funston: We finally have recordings that we’re proud of and we want to share with the most people.

It’s kind of cool to respect the recordings you do one at a time.

You looked at the private writings and heard the personal recordings of many of these presidents.

At a young age, Mary and her elder brother Dion began singing and making tape recordings in their parents’ garage.

Moran’s linking up with Warp Records was as fateful and fluid as her recordings.

Bagri claims Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, destroyed recordings of witness interviews and improperly intercepted conversations.

He says Cohen may be conveniently leaving out recordings of himself speaking with Trump.

“While I was focusing on recording the crystallization process under the microscope, Takami used the feed to directly edit the recordings to the music.

There were no film recordings of the mathematician for actor Benedict Cumberbatch to base his performance on.

Following further allegations of sexual misconduct, Def Jam recordings co-founder and producer Russell Simmons has stepped down from his business roles.

“And the reason I don’t know is these tape recordings were made in a way that violated the federal wire tap act.

“It’s actually recordings from the desert that have been modulated,” he says.

I get a strong LLN vibe from a lot of UVSS’s recordings, and this one is no different.

Wire has archival recordings of disco innovator Patrick Cowley and Candida Royalle’s Candida Cosmica.

Furthermore, Celtic Frost —against their wishes— were booked on a quick run of support dates for Anthrax smack-dab in the middle of album recordings.

“Our intelligence shared information with them on Oct 24, including the voice recordings,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

The dispute between Ankara and Paris may hinge on Erdogan’s account that Turkey “gave” recordings to the other countries.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday Canadian intelligence officers have also listened to recordings of what happened to Khashoggi.

Stream Dream Girl ahead of its release on March 2 via POW recordings.

In the informal classroom, the young athletes reviewed their last week’s performance on video recordings and talked about the best strategies when competing.

Listen to recordings made on The Exchange by Antenes.

Secret recordings reveal former top executives at Flying Pilot J using “vile, despicable, inflammatory racial epithets.”

recordings revealed in court reveal racist remarks from former top executives of the $20 billion truck stop chain.

According to Knox News, recordings also feature executives using racial epithets and insulting the populations of Oakland, California and Cleveland, Ohio.

U.S. District Judge Curtis Collier announced in December that jurors would be allowed to hear the racist recordings.

According to the suit, Boxill also agreed he “would not use any recordings or property in any way whatsoever.”

The estate says it demanded Boxill return the recordings back in March, but he flat-out refused.

The estate wants the recordings returned, and to block the release of the new music.

Alan Watts, a philosopher who died in 1973, talks to the player at various points in the game via old recordings.

Old tape recordings are used to dub reenactments of the scenes they captured.

The movie can feel haunting, with Annette’s presence felt deeply; the reenactments of the audio recordings become visitations.

Retroactive is out now on Yoshitoshi recordings.

Some of the most disturbing evidence comes from audio recordings from inside the consulate, including conversations before Khashoggi’s murder and during his assassination.

In video recordings on YouTube, Manneh spoke about issues facing the Gambia.

Their site-specific, improvised “live cinema” performances are a mix of field recordings, music, and film, often remixing documentation of these journeys.

incriminating recordings of the president, and VICELAND has a whole show about his efforts.

The label released the first recordings on 33 1/3 discs, invented the 45 RPM “single,” and released the first records in stereo.

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Impressively, Kong Nay’s hands, fingers, head, and mouth all sang along to music recordings, emitting from speakers inside.

As much as he documented his surroundings, Morrisroe also recast these recordings as stylized visions evocative of his cultural moment.

The EP is out today on Exit Stencil recordings, but you can stream it below before buying, which you can do here.

In the back room, recordings of compositions by Morton Feldman and John Cage play on loop, including Morty’s “For Franz Kline” (1962).

We listen only to recordings of the music.

Compiled with the aid of 95 sound artists and the London Sound Survey, it features recordings from 55 stations and the corresponding, reimagined songs.

“Everything I have, in terms of recordings, I will give to Oleg — and only to Oleg,” Vashukevich told VICE News.

What makes the November recordings weird are their long, monochromatic signal.

Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Safak published on Wednesday what it said were details from audio recordings purportedly documenting Khashoggi’s torture and interrogation.

It is unquestionably one of the nastiest recordings of 2018.

York-based producer SHALT today shares a vigorously germinating new track in “Resistant,” off his forthcoming Inertia EP on Los Angeles’ Astral Plane recordings.

The judge said Fiddy does not own the copyright or master recordings for the song.

But, as Lundahl & Seitl’s project manager Emma Leach tells The Creators Project, almost all content and recordings are developed anew for each space.

The complaint claims that Amazon keeps voice recordings of children indefinitely, which is considered “personally identifiable information” that should be deleted under COPPA.

And again, what we wanted to do was immerse you in the audience, so we surrounded you with [recordings of] the audience.

This is believed to be the first time that a White House journalist has defied the Trump administration’s rules against live recordings.

This is believed to be the first time that a White House journalist has defied the Trump administration’s rules against live recordings.

Defense lawyers requested the visit after video recordings of the women on airport closed-circuit television were screened in court.

They weave ‘whispered warnings’ into their recordings, and bury cryptic motifs in their artwork.

recordings on Feb. 13 show Huong approaching Kim and grasping his face from behind near the airport’s check-in counters before quickly leaving.

For one, the recordings could be used to fight off false charges that could lead to costly lawsuits or court settlements.

Mullins, for one, said he’s worried that recordings from body cameras could harm an officer’s day-to-day work.

These recordings, housed in New York University’s Fales Collection, follow him from 1981 to 1989.

Wojnarowicz starts off his recordings looking out the window, describing what he sees.

Amazon workers get to hear some of what users tell Alexa, and they have a chat room to talk about “amusing” recordings.

Amazon told Bloomberg that it only tasks humans with reviewing “an extremely small sample of Alexa voice recordings.”

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The installations included audio recordings of detained migrant children crying.

Police sources said security officials had asked Essam for telephone recordings but added they could not elaborate either.

“Concern over the recordings appears to have become an obsession.

Video recordings show police beating journalists and non-violent protesters holding their hands up.

In addition, it houses extensive collections of photographs, sound recordings, manuscripts and film, which are accessible by appointment.

He’s also suing two separate groups of people (mostly lawyers and radio personalities) for conspiring to leak the recordings as well.

New trial rules released by the CCDI in January made mandatory video and sound recordings for the entire interrogation process.

He played me some of his earlier recordings, mostly folky stuff which didn’t do a lot for me.

The penalty is stiff, but after listening to hours of recordings and desperate voicemails from victims, Gasper has no sympathy.

Did you really think that Nines was going to let Crop Circle, his second release on XL recordings, come out without fanfare?

Elsewhere, they string together harrowing interludes like “Drug Dog” and crushing recordings like “Sundowner” in varied, but unforgiving depictions of relatable human gloom.

So talk about what it morphed into, more … it was recordings

We replaced the bombs with recordings of cannons.

For the past 11 years, he has sought to open up the archive of Bayaka recordings to the public by digitizing and curating it.

Amazon trained Alexa’s new voice by using text-to-speech technology on audio recordings of real newsreaders to pick up on their inflections and nuances.

Visitors can also listen to digitized recordings of the bone music, which, like homemade mixtapes, are far from crystal clear.

By contrast, only five recordings from Minneapolis appear on the box set, the five that appeared on the official album.

As a student, Lobley had encountered Sarno’s name in a few overproduced commercial recordings of Bayaka music.

With modern day equipment, recordings of spirits and ghosts can be captured in sound and image.

At the time, Lobley was still digitizing Sarno’s sound collection as well as receiving new recordings from him.

Breakbot, “Star Tripper” Star Wars Headspace is out February 19 digitally and March 18 physically on Hollywood Records/American recordings.

It differs from pretty much all other Mercury Program recordings in that we had no pre-written material going into the session.

But I reached out to him and I had a few recordings already that he asked to hear about.

full-length, The Year the Stars Fell, on March 24 via the band’s own Ravenwood recordings.

These naturalistic-sounding recordings were in fact very contrived.

He moved them around so that the sounds he liked best would be most dominant in the recordings.

We are digging through some recordings that are older than some of these new fans.

recordings of the second and third movements are still in the works.

Reporters weren’t allowed to take any photos, videos, or audio recordings.

That’s six awards in two years for a producer making recordings that sound beamed in from another dimension. On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Police Department released recordings of the 911 call.

It was also rare for users to go through their activity logs, where they can review and delete recordings.

At one point, he says, the master recordings and CD copies were taken from the office and authorities claimed they’d disappeared.

DJ Spider – Post Human (Plan B recordings)2.

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa – Compactor (Plan B recordings)3.

Dakini9 – Potentiation (Plan B recordings)7.

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa – Demonic Blaze (Plan B recordings)10.

DJ Spider – Mind Field (Public System recordings)11.

DJ Spider – Hive Mind (Plan B recordings)13.

Your show is a large white room covered in your own nudes, with recordings of you reading WhatsApp chats aloud.

The UK’s famed Ministry of Sound recordings l has been acquired by Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd.

In 2009, the labels were officially housed and consolidated under the name Ministry of Sound recordings.

Turns out it’s a Frankenstein combination of samples and recordings, which might be why it was so difficult to pin down.

“As far as I can tell, it’s modified recordings and a kind of painting of a scene without much musical intervention.

“I like the idea that this music I’m making is environmental recordings of an imaginary place,” Coates says.

Clear Shot is out on October 28 via Heavenly recordings.

(11) Né Gabriel Jackson, Harlem-based rapper whose “Spoonin’ Rap” (1979) was one of the very earliest hip-hop recordings

WikiLeaks has published what it says are audio recordings of Democratic National Committee (DNC) voicemails.

The BBC interviewed classic electronic musician and composer Suzanne Ciani about her early 60s recordings and how she first came to make electronic music.

[Clarification: There is no evidence that the recordings are part of a new leak.

Other calls are more random, such as several recordings that contain questions or complaints about the party platform.

“You can only get so far with playing recordings you’ve made out [of] a laptop and speakers,” he told THUMP.

Media outlets have published the contents of some recordings obtained from inside the consulate, but the rapporteur’s report disclosed chilling new details.

was bombarded Tuesday with questions about Omarosa’s many secret recordings … during the campaign and after Trump was in Office.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Joe Lombardo told reporters that the videos, 911-call recordings, and documents could have a negative effect on victims.

Sadly, recordings of some of these epic tears ups are missing presumed scrubbed.

That ethos has never been more present than on Mirrors, his latest full length on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood recordings.

We are sitting in the basement of Brownswood recordings.

What’s a good example of an early jungle record that was important to you?Embee releasing on Splash recordings.

Online visitors can now access and navigate decades of folk recordings from around the world more easily.

I heard that Meredith Graves sang on some of your recordings while she was playing shows with the band.

Mirrors is out now on Brownswood recordings.

MICA confirmed to Hyperallergic that this is the first time these recordings have been made available to the public.

But they said they’re working on other recordings and expanding that over time.

Chaffetz requested in his letter that by May 24 he receive all memoranda, notes, summaries, and recordings documenting interactions between Trump and Comey.

That audio comes from over 11,000 hours of uncatalogued recordings from the National Archives.

His voice is an infectious whine, not unlike the early recordings of Baton Rouge legend, Boosie Bad Azz.

Members will be able to hear the recordings just as the Artist intended the tracks to sound.”

This Resident Advisor feature looks at the ways in which field recordings have the ability to “shape the world around us.”

Check it out exclusively here on THUMP below: Ilya Beshevli’s new album Wanderer is released by Village Green recordings on the 27th May.

According to the Guardian, Bacon asked Joule to withhold the recordings until at least 12 years after his death.

But I still got creative opportunities—I sang in the background of many Alice Cooper tracks and played piano or keyboards on some recordings.

We received instruction from video recordings of him each night.

People take part in recordings and bring friends.

It’s LULU by Metallica and Lou Reed, an album people generally agree is one of the worst recordings ever made.

The question feels more pressing by the day, as new recordings and comments made by Omarosa Manigault-Newman come to light.

Formerly part of the duo Victoria Kim, the Sydney musician is back today with a single on the Belgian underground stalwart Silverback recordings.

Eyewitness recordings have done a lot to shift our national conversations on police brutality.

Like the recordings he made with the duo, the A-side’s a chattery mesh of styles and sounds.

The recordings that resulted captured statements of Sporyshev, Podobnyy, and other Russian intelligence personnel from January to May 2013, prosecutors said.

Reuters could not verify any of the recordings.

(Other recordings in the archive come from the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac, and Nirvana.)

The instrument, though not the centerpiece of Chrysler’s recordings, only adds to her music’s darkly hypnotic atmosphere.

As Miller says, one of the trio’s recordings is electronic pop, while the other is more abstract.

When asked about the secret to his career longevity, the Turbo recordings founder said, “Confidence is extremely important.”

Recently, his works have involved a grainy layer of fog, which transforms his animation work into playbacks of outdated recordings.

I know any band I enjoy I really love hearing the demo recordings.

And tonight, in Cattivo’s basement-level bar, headlining Blackseed recordings’ inaugural Descendants of Crom doom metal festival, those qualities radiate.

And does it matter that the artist may well have never intended the recordings to be heard by anyone but themselves?

And yet, nestled among all the unreleased recordings that should have never seen the light of day, lies the music of Arthur Russell.

It’s possible that in his mind, these recordings were intended as rough outlines to be filled in at a later date.

With the availability of home recordings setups, many folks are comfortable using DAWs [digital audio workstations[.

The recordings were subsequently found on his phone, it said.

Taberski admits that the band was never able to fully match the speed of the recordings when performing the songs live.

Noticeably though, this, and the records other great best moments wiped some of the scum from the recordings.

Nixon withheld tape recordings and other material subpoenaed by Jaworski, citing executive privilege.

We’ve gotten recordings like that now from two different locations here in Ohio.

He is accused of embezzling $200 million dollars of public money after audio recordings emerged of him bragging of his luxurious lifestyle.

But for President Donald Trump, recordings and tapes have shaped his presidency from the very beginning.

This morning, UK producer Paul Woolford uploaded two cassette recordings of early 90s material from beloved electronic experimentalist Aphex Twin to SoundCloud.

Despite not having the proper licensing, the defendants are accused of having reproduced and distributed said recordings through TIDAL Music Service anyway.

Unsongs is out September 16 via Propeller recordings.

Rocko, owner of A1 recordings, just sued Future … citing a 2011 contract he believes Future breached.

Mike Watt’s “Ring Spiel” Tour ’95 is now available on CD, vinyl, and digitally via Legacy recordings / Sony Music Entertainment.

“When you hear people say that [in these recordings] they want to murder you, that’s what lynching is.

So, previously unheard recordings from that era of the band’s discography are surely of interest to its rabid fan base, among others.

A few weeks ago, XL recordings‘ Imran Ahmed went live on NTS Radio.

The album is comprised in part of field recordings and interviews with young people in Huddersfield.

“Hardwired” is the first single off of Hardwired… to Self Destruct, a double album due out November 18 on their Blackened recordings.

So we took the seismic recordings and then made them into a soundtrack that then generates and controls the images.

Pete transferred those VHS recordings to DVDs on the libraries equipment, and we mailed them out and put them up on MySpace.

Watson’s most recent full-length, last fall’s Past Cloaks, is the first release on POW recordings.

The key document from this era is The Choir Inside (Wham City, 2009), which consists mostly of lo-fi a cappella field recordings.

But man, there are some great songs on those recordings.

Earlier this week, I called up to Master about that penchant for shorter recordings, as well as his faith, his hubris, and Mount Rushmore.

And that’s all we’ve got to do—do good shows, make good recordings and enjoy ourselves.

Turkey says it has recordings related to the killing which it shared with Western allies.

Cavusoglu said he had listened to the recordings and that Khashoggi was killed within seven minutes.

“​ It’s to promote his recent compilation Jack White Acoustic recordings 1998-2016​ so just like the original, it’s a solo acoustic performance.

We spoke with the accuser who claims she has photos and audio recordings to back up her allegations.

Heart activity was tracked via electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings made on a smartphone-based device, and a handheld breathalyzer was used to test blood-alcohol concentrations.

I had a some notes written out, a few simple graphic scores prepared, and we listened to certain recordings for inspiration.

But the recordings of concerts were less impressive.

The sound of those recordings is very special.

Innumerable recordings of ocean waves popped up, some as long as 12 or 14 hours.

Thousands of recordings of nature sounds coexist on YouTube.

Scores of individual recordings have amassed views in the tens of millions.

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, is out 2/26/16 via Grand Jury Music (US)/Wichita recordings (UK).

I’ve got a lot of live recordings of them too thanks to our bass player Adam.

Some of it will be listening to recordings.

‘PINK’ is out on Friday 12 October via Heavenly recordings, and CHAI are supporting Superorganism on tour in the UK this month, too.

The track is taken from his new album, Mirrors, which will be released on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood recordings on June 24.

Mirrors is released on Brownswood recordings on 24th June.

Berlin-based producer and Man recordings label head, Daniel Haaksman, found inspiration for his new album in a lost chapter of German history.

“With appropriate [brain] recordings you could learn extremely fine details of a person.

Listen to Black Somnia in full below, and come December 15, you snag it from the band directly (via Scry recordings) right here.

On March 21, Sacramento police released two audio and three video recordings of the incident, including two videos from the responding officers’ body cameras.

Apparent gunshots can be heard in recordings from the tournament on the bar’s Twitch account, which was livestreaming the competition.

It states neither will make public statements about each other or “provide photos, videos, recordings or other documents” to media outlets and blogs.

The single comes out from Astral Plane recordings and contains both the original and a remix by Leeds-based Gobstopper signee Iglew.

XL recordings owner Richard Russell is releasing an album of his own this year titled Everything Is Recorded.

Those early recordings developed into Backwoodz Studioz, a label that woods operates to this day.

First, Swift will own all of her own master recordings from now on.

footage or audio recordings of the president saying or doing fucked-up shit.

A lot of the samples you’ve heard throughout the new album—I got a lot of field recordings from the phone.

There were no transcripts because in those days, they made no tape recordings of cases.

The field recordings are so crisp and clean sounding, how did you get that?

Homesick, he dreamt up Denim, a proto-Britpop-cum-glam-rock-revialist outfit that signed to acid house DJ Terry Farley’s label, Boy’s Own recordings.

Among the wax cylinders in UC Berkeley’s Hearst Museum of Anthropology are songs and spoken-word recordings in 78 indigenous languages of California.

DAMA will be published on 10/28 via ATP recordings.

Throughout her five-year degree, Nigussie said she would spend weeks transcribing audio recordings of her thick legal textbooks into Braille.

She’s applied to put the kitty names on musical recordings, jewelry, handbags, cushions and pillows, clothing … it goes on … and on.

Then I’d maybe give the recordings to my friends or someone I fancy, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Was there a gap between the recordings?

recordings were approximately a year from each other.

On Friday, Nite-Funk dropped their first EP, a self-titled, four-track collection of modern funk on Glydezone recordings, DāM-FunK’s new record label.

We took all the recordings and bounced it to half-inch tape before we cut them to vinyl.

“When we first listened to these recordings we thought they were wonderful, and we wanted to share them with the public,” Ryan said.

Gilles Peterson’s independent label Brownswood recordings have long been a reliable source when it comes to the two things.

Previous recordings of black holes only lasted a few seconds.)

When dieters fail, how do companies use that as an opportunity to upsell people?I used to listen to Weight Watchers recordings.

These recordings are networked with a computer in a wall behind the exhibition space.

Passwords are often accidentally included in recordings, despite that the scripts are designed to exclude them.

For example, many of these companies have dashboards where clients can playback the recordings they collect.

“HTTP is used intentionally, as session recordings load websites using iframe.

As a musician, as someone who works in music, my main things that I contribute to are other people’s recordings.

My own recordings, mostly as an arranger—a musician and an arranger, sometimes a producer.

In the beginning, I was making LPC recordings 24/7.

It was a very big undertaking for me to do the recordings.

I don’t know anyone else who would have a $3,000 vocal rig to make prank phone call recordings.

I’ve gotten more southern-sounding in these more recent recordings.

It’s small potatoes compared to what John gets — master recordings and musical compositions made before, during, and after their marriage.

I have so many voice memo recordings.

“Law enforcement officers dedicated their lives to the protection of our citizens, and recordings such as the one from N.W.A.

Before that, Richard Nixon was subpoenaed in 1974 to force him to hand over tape recordings and other materials related to the Watergate scandal.

Actually I like using recordings of Anton’s drumming, he’s a big inspiration.

Prisoner is out on February 17 via PaxAmericana recordings Eve Barlow is a Scottish writer living life large in LA.

Swift — whose master recordings of her past six albums are all owned by Big Machine — was outraged.

Swift’s accusations are twofold: Braun, she says, is a bully, and now he owns her master recordings.

It takes a long time.” Sometimes the process can take just 30 minutes, but that can stretch into hours for the more difficult recordings.

They soon started the recordings that make up their new LP, Sunergy, which is due out September 16 on the label.

She has dropped four to date, including recordings of her “Beyoncé Experience” and her “I Am…” tours.

Since then, he has dropped 52 albums including recordings of “The Formation World Tour,” and her 2016 Video Music Awards performance and more.

Carla dal Forno has been making gunmetal grey, steel-wool scoured recordings over the past few years as part of F ingers and Tarcar.

It was like going into a cave to find these old recordings and then get them transferred.

With Constant Hitmaker [in 2008], I had so many home recordings and I could put all the best ones on there.

“We basically stream a volumetric imagery into VR, and combine it together with dance recordings and photogrammetric environment in the real–time.

Kaytranada’s 99.9% is out May 6 via XL recordings, while River Tiber’s Indigo is scheduled for a spring release.

Members of the general public can follow the course syllabus, including readings and recordings of lectures, at the course’s website.

Photos and recordings are always going to be a thin slice of what you experienced.

At one point, every kids meal from Burger King came with one of several flexi recordings by Alf.

“But when I listen to it now it feels more like recordings of me trying to make a record for a Norwegian disco label.

The only real label of note was [Detroit-focused label] D1 recordings.

It is instead the opposite—an introduction and access point to a band whose recordings, often intentionally, can veer into abstraction.

Big Black Coat is out Feb. 5 on City Slang and Geej recordings.

They simply released the EP themselves under the Official recordings handle.

The trial featured airport video recordings of two women allegedly assaulting Kim Jong Nam while he prepared to check in for a flight.

Official recordings was them.”

He collected 50 video recordings of children being beaten.

There are over 16,000 tracks included in the searchable archive—everything from immersive field recordings to stock studio audio.

Initial recordings of deBoer’s vocals were layered and powerful, but Cooper ultimately decided to strip her voice down to its barest.

Listen to “Don’t Let Go”: Pre-order Mind Full via HopeStreet recordings.

“James Cowie (The Portrait Group)” is a buoyant, digitized folk instrumental set against recordings of light rain.

It’s full of feedback and noise and twisted field recordings, which only add to the disorienting effect of the punishment.

Most recordings we listen to today are in stereo, panning between the left and right ear.

His early recordings continued with those Christian lyrical themes, though, with lyrics from and about the Bible.

Some of the actors and performers see my recordings and ask for the footage if they like it.

Watching recordings back now, his show is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In secret recordings, Sly says he “coached” Howard and Zimmerman in use of Delta 2.

In these recordings, you can hear Marley becoming more confident in his lead voice.

Such systems are so broken, everything from public domain music recordings to even static have been pulled offline due to errant copyright claims.

After the formation of the Islamic Republic, many believed his pre-revolutionary recordings were lost, as the new government deemed his psychedelic tunes “too Western.”

But I really knew I had to end it when he started subjecting me to recordings of his “band” doing awful reggae covers.

(While some companies use motion-capture suits for this, Tudor says Base will use simple video recordings.)

Elsewhere, Double Lives contains recordings where artists clearly appropriate their own aesthetic for the benefit of their live performances.

The simple songs she used to make, she explains, were a far cry from the solemn recordings she makes under her own name.

“As with the other tracks on the EP, ‘Canthem’ was constructed by reprocessing past recordings and experiments.

Geez, Miranda Lambert dumps ONE salad on a woman, and Nashville cops get flooded with frantic 911 calls … and the recordings are damn entertaining.

Animoji recordings can now capture up to 30 seconds.

‘Vatos Locos Forever’ is out digitally on February 15 via VL recordings.

Turkish authorities claim they have audio recordings of the killing, and several media outlets published reports Wednesday purporting to reveal the tapes’ content.

The base recordings for Performance Capture happened in 2015 during the Manchester International Festival.

“It was only able to be seen live or on crummy video tape recordings that made their way online.

Jigga reached deep down into the core of his soul and pulled out the recordings of his life.

Music Memos also has a naming, star rating, and tagging system to organize and keep track of your various recordings on the app.

It sounds similar to other recordings of the era.

or even activate audio recordings (as in Trace).

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey said Thursday, adding that he would like the recordings to be made public to corroborate his account.

Those recordings capture conversations between Netanyahu and Arnon Mozes, the publisher of the Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth and the popular Ynet News website.

“To sit down and hear these recordings was a transformative experience,” says Dutcher.

He transcribed the recordings and started to build arrangements around them.

And the omni-present recordings are there!

These were just basic recordings of her songs and her voice.

While making field recordings, the band discovers hard truths about how industrialization is fueling habitat loss for both tribal communities and animals.

Galen’s team then collected and listened to all the recordings, which captured only one lone bee buzzing during the moments of totality.

2, his second compilation of rare, forgotten, and unreleased house tracks, released on the vinyl-only imprint Favorite recordings this week.

But I do anticipate recordings that never were released, scrapped ideas, Phife’s EP and album (!)

recordings of Coltrane during this period are scarce.

His recordings with Dizzy are mostly with the trumpet player’s big band.

Update: Here’s an email chain that shows a discussion about deleting recordings from the meeting.

Another group of participants listened to audio recordings of these attempts and rated how masculine or feminine the voices sounded.

Hear the track below, and get it when it’s out on Different recordings on March 25.

“Vroom Vroom” is the title track from Charli’s Vroom Vroom EP, released in February 2016 on her own Vroom Vroom recordings.

One source familiar with the recordings said that officials who heard them had been horrified by their contents.

The next week, I spoke to somebody at reception, and explained that there were these Voyager recordings that I was aware of.

“When somebody says that — you know, those those recordings came out regarding sexual assaults.

The songs are contextualized among field recordings and background ambiences such as mobile-phone GSM interruptions.

The recordings were leaked by newspapers in recent weeks and caused Jucá’s dismissal as Planning Minister.

You should watch and listen to recordings of them, and enjoy the often delightful, often moving, always unique ways he said them.

“Don’t Join recordings” replaced Def Jam, “Phony” stood for Sony, and “Villain Records” substituted Virgin Records, amongst others.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu said Friday that Turkey had not given the audio recordings to Pompeo or any other American official.

There’s sound recordings, but no one’s ever really going to listen to them.

So we decided to include those recordings as a bonus download only with the box.

There are a number of cool Andrew recordings on the Outtakes record that he made on his own in Toronto around 1995.

At Day For Night, his set mirrored how he’s approached his recordings, sounding like Aphex without recalling any specific point in his career.

Turkey says it has recordings related to the killing which it shared with Western allies.

Don rarely performed live and he didn’t issue a lot of recordings.

The audio on these records is gathered from police reports, court transcripts, and bystander recordings.

Musicians keep writing, performing, making music, and I just go, “We don’t hardly make any money from our recordings these days.

It’s largely eerie and ghostly, which is all the more striking knowing the everyday sources from which these recordings were wrung.

That’s how come they survived.” NASA admitted in 2006 that no one could find the original video recordings of the historic moon landing.

Instead of Spotify, there’s The Overflow, with vetted Christian worship music, or Primephonic, with high-definition classical recordings.

“It will never be 100% the same as the recordings, but that’s part of what’s appealing to us.”

Frank’s suing Om’Mas Keith, whom Frank says he hired in 2014 to produce master recordings for his “Blonde” album.

Frank says he hired and paid Om’Mas a flat fee to work on the master recordings … and that’s it.

In court, prosecutors boasted the recordings could send Tekashi to prison for life.

He also found himself a new family in Rush Hour recordings, the eclectic Dutch label that released the comp.

Or watch the demo: Of course, musical recordings are fundamentally different than images.

I accumulated hours and hours of recordings on my Dictaphone.

The pair intially teamed up two years ago during respective moments of musical transition after Aviero heard Kirkpatrick’s solo recordings.

Has graced countless classic recordings.

And the way that it’s most obvious is the extensive set of recordings he has amassed.

These days I am using it all the time on recordings, or just for fun.

Curated by Shannon Ebner, this LP combines recordings of poems as well as archival material from 1991 through 2018.

Pioneer 11’s full length debut, Gravitorium, will be out this fall on POW recordings.

It might be the transcript of a speech or a phone call, or the rambling spoken recordings of a doctor examining a patient.

Saliger sold recordings to inspire prosperity, inspiration, normal weight, even life extension.

Watch “Reverie” in full below: Reverie is off Arca’s forthcoming, self-titled third album, set to release April 7th on XL recordings.

Chris: My favorite part of listening to the Spazz recordings now is how “real” they sound.

The pieces are minimal, with lots of repetition, but the layered-ness of the recordings almost feels impossible.

The KPK had collected evidence including CCTV recordings and data on laptops, he added.

I am perfectly OK with and used to shelving recordings and never releasing them.” But fortunately, he’s decided to do so again.

The other recordings are of conversations in which Cohen mentions the president to someone else, Giuliani said.

What are the key, foundational Chicago house recordings?

What are the key, foundational Detroit techno recordings?

After Minsky passed away, Sheppard was given access to his archives and recordings.

This series of live podcast recordings is so big, and so awesome, that we can’t contain it in a single post.

In 1995, the band broke into Herbert’s office, stole the master recordings of their songs, and did a runner in Horner’s car.

Turkey says it has recordings related to the killing which it shared with Western allies.

More recently, a government source said Qahtani featured prominently throughout the recordings.

Erdogan has said Turkey also played the recordings to Saudi officials, something Shalaan declined to confirm or deny.

“When we were about to finish the recordings of Love Chamber,” the band wrote in an email to Noisey, this song came naturally.

Video recordings of such violence often begin rolling even without the viewer clicking play.

Today, recordings of violence against people of color emerge for more complicated reasons.

His (as yet untitled) debut album will be released on Oskar recordings, a French label, later this year.

It also provides audio recordings on the record, including several “Greetings to the Universe” in languages from all over the world.

My paintings are recordings of a time traveler’s diary.

I documented this time through notes and recordings and photos that I find difficult to look at.

Huib Schippers was named director and curator of Smithsonian Folkways recordings.

The XL recordings co-founder is now releasing his own music through a project called Everything is Recorded.

They did, however, find photo and video transmissions, which were screen recordings.

His LP/CD Brain Pulse Music includes two BPM machine recordings.

Having bought Big Machine, Braun is now the owner of the master recordings of six of her albums, including 1989, Reputation, and Speak Now.

In the recordings, at least, there are almost always some auxiliary people playing on it.

The audio, which is part of Chacon’s Field Recording series, is comprised of recordings taken on those sites.

Technicolour recordings artist UMFANG, L.I.E.S.

The recordings that litter the world that profess very grand ideas.

Though NASA’s raw recordings tell you what you might already expect—the void of space sounds terrifying.

—ANGUS HARRISON SÉLÉBÉYONESteve LehmanPi recordings Acclaimed alto saxophonist Steve Lehman makes technical, sinewy music influenced by avant-garde jazz and contemporary classical composers.

Sonically, the recordings are actually really dry-sounding too, like hot, dry particles with hardly any reverb.

His hateful and bigoted language, such as the recent recordings where he discussed sexually assaulting women, is appalling.

“Reverie” is the third track from Arca’s forthcoming self-titled album, out April 7 on XL recordings.

I was able to take those recordings and arrange them.

Eight years in the making, the film mixes stark animated passages with more traditional talking heads and archival stills and motion-picture recordings.

Those recordings eventually became a book—Touching the Rock—which remains one of the most articulate accounts of blindness ever written.

Utilizing a modular setup in conjunction with field recordings and some spoken word samples, Eilbacher constructs four pieces that prize transformation above all else.

Electroencephalographic recordings of the brain of hibernators give a surprising answer: They wake up to sleep.

Since the 80s, he’s made eardrum-rupturing recordings and given absurdist performances under the name Emil Beaulieau.

The performance above comes courtesy of XL recordings and Molten Jets production.

Her report relies on recordings and forensic work conducted by Turkish investigators and information from the trials of the suspects in Saudi Arabia.

First, regarding the bees: The researchers were able to get recordings of their interactions, which are normally imperceptible to the human ear.

Even John Lennon reportedly hated his voice, which is why he would effect it during certain recordings.

After, she listened back to the recordings to find the words.

But, as the recordings rambled on with a list of nouns, they began to ignore the human voices until they heard their own name.

The live recordings are the biggest part of being a Jeff Buckley fan.

The music in the concert sparkled in it’s own way too, crackling piano keys, sunny field recordings, washing pads and triumphant melodies.

One man who fell in love with the place was Phil South, of Golf Channel recordings fame.

Photo by Peter Bagshawe It’s easy to get lost when listening through short-lived Tanzanian quartet Sunburst’s complete recordings.

It was constructed from layers of guitar, piano, synthesizer, voice, and field recordings manipulated to near unrecognizable states.

News website said police have interviewed close to 300 witnesses and analyzed 40 CCTV recordings.

Watch “GLOWED UP” below and preorder the excellent 99.9%, out May 6 on XL recordings, right here.

Several recordings played in court ended abruptly when Chapo or the other caller lost signal.

With modern day equipment, recordings of spirits and ghosts can be captured in sound and image.

Audio engineers don’t want noise on their recordings, right?

As well as the 101 official albums, there’s probably another 100 EPs, bootleg live recordings, fan made compilations—it starts to get ridiculous.

In 1999, when he finally cobbled his weirdo-pop recordings into a debut album, he called it Panda Bear for that reason.

It’s a collection of recordings I’d made from the ages of, I’d wager, 15 until 17 or 18.

It’s basically just movie-length recordings of Norwegians doing mundane things like knitting, chopping wood, or riding the train.

The video is disturbingly reminiscent of other recordings showing police-related violence in schools in recent years.

Watch the recordings on the news, study the sufferers, and do as they do.

Pauli Cakes had a revolutionary idea, and then Sermon 3 recordings came on board to collaborate with them.

After 24 orbits around the sun, the probe will be in position to make the closest-ever recordings of the sun’s corona.

News website said police have interviewed close to 300 witnesses and analyzed 40 CCTV recordings.

According to a press release, DeBois also utilized a number of real-world recordings, though they have been mangled far beyond any possibility of recognition.

These recordings are separate from the ones feds say are possessed by the confidential informant … which have yet to be disclosed.

The work was composed of 25 vinyl records featuring audio recordings related to the deaths of African Americans killed by police.

Hutson and Snipes, meanwhile, crafted beats from unconventional field recordings like a blaring alarm clock and cinder blocks and ball bearings​.

I had money to pay for recordings and submission fees for workshops and contests.

The two projects shared one more big similarity: Neither held many expectations going into their recordings.

Her father, Steve Andrews, testified in a Nashville courtroom about how the recordings devastated his daughter.

This cover also includes the song’s last verses, which are usually left out of modern recordings.

The Goon Sax’s sophomore record We’re Not Talking is out September 14 via Chapter Music and Wichita recordings.

I think that recording specifically, and lots of recordings I made like that, I’m a big listener.

We did some additional recordings at Black Lounge, Joel’s studio.

First, there were slow drones, lightly manipulated field recordings of nature sounds, delicate, geometric synth sequences.

Then Barker layered synthesizer and field recordings into a manipulated track that blared its own kind of deterioration.

I got a certificate last week that said I’m on 1,558 recordings.

Turkish authorities have leaked details of what they said were audio recordings of Khashoggi’s murder inside the consulate.

Some U.S. officials, including CIA Director Gina Haspel, have been given access to the recordings, the sources said.

The record follows 2014’s Xen, 2015’s Mutant, and will be the Venezuelan-born producer’s first album on XL recordings.

Sable Elyse Smith’s film stitches together recordings her father sent from prison with scraps of found footage.

“We were a family,” he told his employees, according to recordings they made that were obtained by the Journal.

“There are really exciting details in the recordings,” he says.

“We were a family,” he told his employees, according to recordings they made that were obtained by the Journal.

I send a series of voice recordings to my film’s art director.

Forty participants were then recruited to listen to two sets of the recordings, each set including two growls from each situation.

I mean, there are recordings of X-TG that we will release at some point.

And earlier this year, law enforcement asked Amazon to hand over recordings from an Echo device as part of a murder investigation.

Prosecutors believed the Echo might have stored audio recordings in the lead-up to the murder.

Amazon fought the warrant, but handed over the recordings in the end when the defendant agreed for them to be released.

With his own troubles behind him, he offered Omarosa some advice regarding her White House recordings.

The Wytches new album All Your Happy Life is out Friday, September 30, on Heavenly recordings.

Acheson has been collecting his recordings both in the UK and abroad since 2009.

These have been combined with field recordings from “anywhere and everywhere,” Acheson tells Creators.

Pre-order the album Dawn Chorus here, which is out on Tru Thoughts recordings.

A research team at the University of Surrey played recordings of gay and heterosexual men and women to 40 heterosexual men.

2Pac also isn’t the same when he’s by their side—the songs are less worked through, the recordings are more raw.

—MATTHEW JAMES-WILSON Raskit Dizzee RascalDirtee Stank recordings Fourteen years have passed since Dylan Mills released his seminal debut album, Boy in da Corner.

We take a look into the ways in which the utilization of field recordings changes our understanding and enjoyment of electronic music.

Isis Graham (Esette): Calgary DJ and producer, co-owner of label Substation recordings, and one of the founders of Studio Social.

Out of all the tapes and all the shows and all the recordings of the Dead, how did Cornell ’77 take the top spot?

We hope recordings in a sentence examples were helpful.