Rebirths in a sentence | Use of the word rebirths examples

She’s constantly instigating her own deaths, and rebirths, anyway: She dropped out of high school and signed to XL Recordings when she was 17.

Complicated issues on your mind, Virgo, thanks to the Moon entering Aries today and lighting up the sector of your chart that rules sex and intimacy, debt and taxes, and endings and rebirths.

Prince, on the other hand, was going through one of his many spiritual rebirths.

Presented as a collection of mini-games, discovered among the code of an old Dreamcast disc, Sonic Dreams Collection takes the innocent, eponymous blue hedgehog, and all his adorable friends, and tortures, stretches, inflates, digests and rebirths them, literally.

American Apparel’s series of rebirths began in 2014, when Charney was removed from his role as CEO after an investigation found that he had mismanaged funds and knowingly allowed an employee to post nude photos of a female staffer on the internet.

Ange sees nature’s endless metamorphoses and rebirths as being synchronized with female biology and psychology.

Today’s solar eclipse in Virgo is activating a very complicated and sensitive sector of your chart, one that rules things like intimacy and sex, debts and taxes, and deaths and rebirths.

The dynamic that allows these rebirths is the same engine that has further strengthened the ability of the world’s athletes, artists, government officials and “real” celebrities to express their candid voices or heavily manicured public images to the broader Internet.

Libra is the sign of balance and partnership, and it occupies a very psychic, intimate sector of your chart, one that rules endings, deaths, and rebirths.

It’s the planet of death and rebirth—and the deaths and rebirths today will be major, thanks to bloated, gluttonous Jupiter’s influence!

I believe in astrology not so much for its ability to tell fortunes, but for its narrative structure — the way it asks me to look at the events of my life as part of a larger pattern of cycles and deaths and rebirths.

It has a long and complex history of serial abandonments and rebirths.

The demise of the websites was seen as a glaring omen of the death of local news — their respective rebirths, then, feel like a glimmer of hope.

But that describes rebirths in general.

Such rebirths have been heralded in the past, only to come to nothing.

Her final sacrifice rebirths the cycle, creating a new women (or Angel) in the House, until she too will eventually be used up, deteriorating into nothing more than a crystal of reflective glass — her love acting as a mirror for His ego.

In her essay accompanying the exhibition, curator Paola Antonelli recalls Philip Johnson, the first director of MoMA’s department of architecture, arguing that fashion, “bound as it was to seasonal rhythms and compulsory stylistic rebirths, was considered ephemeral and thus antithetical to the ideals of modernism—timelessness above all.” Antonelli runs through a series of possible further reasons why fashion has been so overlooked.

Groundhog Day treated Phil Connors’s infinite rebirths as quirky comedic fodder; Russian Doll immediately undercuts this premise.

But while Boston and New York had started to rebound in the 1990s, Philadelphia and especially Cleveland have had slower rebirths.

They both triumphed in male-dominated professions and faced their own career humiliations and rebirths.

Naples and Pompeii are themselves experiencing rebirths, adding an extra dimension to a show about the irrepressibility of Pompeian life.

Bloom rebirths Shakespeare’s concept of to live for versus to die for.

The artists Phyllida Barlow and Anna Maria Maiolino grew up continents apart, but they share a language of mud and cement, life cycles and rebirths.

In his lifetime, the 51-year-old Californian, born Xavier Dphrepaulezz, has undergone a number of rebirths: He also fronted a punk group called Blood Sugar X and performed under the moniker Chocolate Butterfly.

Instead of living and dying a little over the span of eight years, my little deaths and rebirths occurred in about five weeks.

Instead of living and dying a little over the span of eight years, my little deaths and rebirths occurred in about five weeks.

These versions of Batwoman and Batgirl were not super long-lived, but in comics, there are always rebirths and recreations and multiple timelines, so the characters both went through changes.

In recent years, we’ve seen the deaths (and to varying degrees, the troubled rebirths) of the likes of Newsweek, The Denver Post, LA Weekly, Playboy and just last month, the granddaddy of all sports media, Sports Illustrated.

“Taking a bigger risk to make it a bigger movie, and the ending showing Dom coming back, that’s what caught the audience’s interest,” Morgan said.It would lead to one of the most unlikely franchise rebirths in movie history, as the franchise has made over $5 billion for Universal.

Of course, in conversations about these things, there’s always that dragon-shaped elephant in the room, but generally speaking, the spike in adaptations of genre literature has given showrunners the opportunity to take smart stories and give them compelling, contemporary rebirths.

Megastars have a tendency to frame their stylistic changes as spiritual rebirths, especially if, like Gomez, the star has been on hiatus.

If you need a conduit for a lot of big emotions, The Untamed has plenty of tear-jerking moments, including lots of character deaths and a few rebirths.

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