Raises in a sentence | Use of the word raises examples

Selling off property raises cash but also makes it more financially burdensome for the company to rent the space for the stores it operates.

The new video raises two big questions about what happened hours before Brown was shot and killed.

It’s also the issue on which Trump consistently beats Clinton in polling: But it also raises a real policy question.

It also raises questions about what sort of repayment the Middle East countries in question might have received for their help.

More than 1.2 million people watched this documentary when it was released, which raises a disturbing question: How did the British police miss this?

Which raises the question: Rhetorics aside, what’s so wrong about a company that focuses on making money?

(Meanwhile, state lawmakers themselves have gotten huge raises.)

But a statement the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) released Thursday night about her death raises more questions than it answers.

The event raises millions for cancer research, and this year organizers planned the DNCE surprise.

Holding the Senate seat raises the prospect that Democrats could seize a majority there, pending the outcome of some legal wrangling.

pic.twitter.com/h1IpebFi7T This raises one of the central unanswered questions about Donald Trump.

The mere mention of “population” raises all sorts of ugly historical associations.

It raises questions of whether he could have benefited financially from helping establish more harmonious ties between the US and Russia.

But his position also raises the question of how long Democrats are planning to hammer the Trump/Russia investigation.

This again raises the specter of a no-deal Brexit, which would be bad for the EU but potentially catastrophic for the UK.

This series, embedded within the larger retrospective, raises new critiques.

The unconscious bias that prevents women from getting promotions and raises along the way.

As with many discoveries in physics, this one raises more questions than it answers.

That raises the possibility that a foreign government is trying to manipulate the US election.

Rubio raises a finger to the moderator.

It raises the dead.’ Americans!” — CG 46.

Which raises the question: How does a privately held company increase its value on paper by 75 percent in only half a year?

The recent exchange of fire raises the specter of yet another all-out war between Hamas and the Israelis.

Wayne, as always, raises important questions.

But West Virginia didn’t pass any new revenue measures to pay for the raises.

For me, the interplay between the human subject and the abstract composition raises all kinds of questions.

Teachers in Oklahoma demanded $3.3 billion over the next three years for school funding, benefits, and pay raises for all public employees.

They got $479 million in extra school funding from state lawmakers, including raises, a fraction of what they wanted.

He fired almost 500 workers, half of whom the Arizona Republic reported had previously received merit raises for outstanding performance.

Swift’s appearance also raises the specter of those not included on the Time cover who were arguably more central to the #MeToo moment.

Researchers reported this year that as climate change raises average temperatures, sea turtles are experiencing a dramatic change in their sex ratios.

And it raises, once again, the fundamental question about Trump.

The work raises the question of whether a memory can be appropriated, whether another’s experience can stand in for the artist’s own.

Under Rubio and Lee’s urging, the Senate plan raises it to $2,000.

A carbon tax raises the cost of heating your home in the winter and cooling your home in the summer.

It raises the cost of filling your car.

Then when you complain that he hasn’t paid here, he raises some objections.

North Korea raises mainly chicken, ducks and rabbits.

Berlin urban farm-in-a-box raises $25 million for European expansion

The next logical step on the threat escalation ladder is aliens, which naturally raises the question: Can cars also kick ass in space?

“This raises serious questions about the ability of the fact-finding mission to do its job.”

“This raises serious questions about the ability of the fact-finding mission to do its job.”

(Armed service members receive similar raises in a related but separate process.)

(Meanwhile, state lawmakers themselves have gotten huge raises.)

And if Manafort and Kushner were part of this plan, as it now seems, that raises the serious specter of conspiracy.

Markets are currently pricing in a little-to-no chance that the FOMC raises interest rates at its meeting in April.

For art crime specialist Erin Thompson, Open Heritage raises the question of what these digital models leave out.

But there are lots of other questions.” The FDA warning letter also raises many questions.

This raises two other main areas of concern.

And yet that’s when we had to talk about promotions and raises.

Pruitt did an end-run around the president’s personnel office to give two of his favorite staffers big raises.

That’s because they haven’t gotten a raise in years or the raises have not been enough to keep up with cost of living.

All of this raises the question of who is best positioned to build such a smart home assistant?

Mesnard suggested an idea Thursday to pay for teacher raises by redirecting other education funding.

He pauses and raises both hands in a stick-up gesture.

“He must live.” But Windu raises his saber, and signs the death warrant of the Jedi order in doing so.

But with such a tight labor market and rising productivity, workers should expect much bigger pay raises than they’re getting.

And as a result of the new laws, low-wage workers in 19 states got pay raises on January 1.

For popular art, this raises some questions — including some that were important parts of how we talked, thought, and argued about movies in 2017.

The decision to leave Tesla as a publicly listed company raises new questions about its future.

There is a wild card … whether Shapiro raises a First Amendment issue about restricting Rob’s use of social media.

Because of tax reform, they are handing out raises, hiring an additional 14 people, and expanding into the building next door.

And as a result of the recent minimum wage laws, low-wage workers in 19 states got pay raises on January 1.

But looking to the rest of the world raises another question: What took America so damn long?

The store pickup option raises that margin to at least 33 percent, he said.

Fight for 15 claims that it has won raises for 22 million people.

Which, all else equal, raises the price of labor.

In a statement to Business Insider, JetBlue wrote: “The proposed joint venture raises significant competition concerns at congested Mexico City International Airport.

She raises astounding sums.

The film also raises questions regarding the ownership of Christo’s art.

Comcast’s top government guy says Trump won’t stop many mergers Exec David Cohen also raises some potential concerns with the Sinclair-Tribune deal.

It raises the question: Does anybody out there have a better idea?

After @SteveKingIA raises inscrutable concerns about iPhones, Google CEO Sunday Pichai patiently informs him, “Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”

The centerpiece of the show, “Maypole: Take No Prisoners II” (2008) raises — literally — Spero’s antiwar aesthetic to a new level.

The meeting raises fresh questions about Cohen’s role as Trump’s longtime attorney and “fixer,” and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

The meeting raises fresh questions about Cohen’s role as Trump’s longtime attorney and “fixer,” and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

The Fed’s decision to later fulfill a handful of resubmitted requests raises questions about whether it missed red flags.

The plan raises difficult questions about how Nissan, which is 43.4% owned by the French automaker, would fit into a radically changed alliance.

This perception raises a problem: We demand services from our governments but we are reluctant to pay for them.

pic.twitter.com/f6JidKNKoI Johnson destroyed his opponent — but he’s clearly devastated about the hair cut … even when the ref raises his hand in victory.

And that’s the thing about Inside: It doesn’t give us any answers to the questions it raises.

That raises the stakes on the income-versus-lump-sum debate.

The court decided marijuana “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior.”

All this raises real questions about whether the party’s leaders are truly ready for the transformation they are about to face.

And of course it raises our visibility as well.

The Affordable Care Act raises hundreds of billions of dollars from a new tax on the investment income of high-income households.

The move raises wider, more difficult questions about the relationship of religion — particularly minority religion — to politics and national identity across Western Europe.

It also raises the question of what comes next, if Trump — already skeptical of Mattis’s worldview — no longer has his counsel at all.

And it raises questions about more than just what happened in 1692.

We experience long hours, weekends, and no raises.

This situation raises some common newsroom quandaries: How much should reporters push back on government narratives that don’t seem to make much sense?

But that explanation raises more questions than it answers.

The performativity of his speech raises question for the reader.

Roughly half of the newsroom in-shot raises a hand.

Clinton’s capital gains tax increase raises even less: about $8 billion a year on average for its first decade.

Clinton’s version raises less than $12 billion a year in its first decade, TPC finds.

The lawsuit draws out the line between homage and plagiarism, and raises questions of when one becomes the other.

Don’t tolerate being undervalued by a company, no matter how many promises they make about future raises and promotions.

And one of the most tantalizing hints Comey dropped during his Thursday testimony certainly raises some questions about Sessions’s involvement.

But this model also raises knotty questions about spending priorities in developing countries.

Offering services through mobile phone apps, including Google’s existing Chinese apps, raises additional concerns because apps enable access to extraordinarily sensitive data.

It raises premiums.

Project Dragonfly raises significant, unanswered questions about whether Google is meeting these commitments.

The decline raises deeper questions alongside surveys showing large percentages of our population lack a sense of hope for the future.

“They have no idea who signed their complaint.” Burch said the referral phenomenon in mass torts raises both practical and moral issues.

And it raises more questions about how he may have tried to interfere with Mueller’s probe in the past.

While cities have long used pneumatic tube systems to deliver small parcels, transporting people raises major engineering and cost challenges.

“Having two simultaneous deals significantly raises the risk,” said David Balto, an antitrust lawyer with expertise in the health industry.

The questions it raises are important and complex.

It certainly raises the stakes.

But the application of stock market logic to one’s own life raises interesting questions about power and money in a capitalist society.

But the application of stock market logic to one’s own life raises interesting questions about power and money in a capitalist society.

Trump’s transgender military ban gets a boost from the Supreme Court; a deadly explosion in Mexico raises troubling questions.

That raises real concerns,” said Naureen Shah, director of Amnesty USA’s Security with Human Rights Program.

As part of collective bargaining, workers help negotiate contracts with employers to determine wages, raises and benefits.

[Patrick raises his hand again] Horseradish is not an instrument, either.

This episode raises multiple lingering questions, starting with what the hell is up with Lorca’s interest in Burnham.

Abusive men stayed where they were — or even got raises and promotions.

This raises the question: Who should be tasked with enforcing these norms?

The proposal also raises questions of how ICE would be replaced if it were, in fact, eliminated.

Widespread use of non-archived devices raises investigator suspicions.

In moments like this, Mozart in the Jungle raises so high above itself that it feels as if it might soar into the clouds.

But it also raises a question: Which ex-presidents would make the dream corruption-fighting team, if they could get along?

But it also raises the stakes.

Reuters has not verified the reports, and cannot vouch for their accuracy: RBC raises the stock to sector perform from under-perform.

But Comey’s dismissal also raises serious concerns about Trump’s willingness to respect the FBI’s independence and integrity.

It raises the obvious question: Is there something to this new style of running a presidential campaign?

Both he and Trump also want to give states greater control over Medicaid spending, an approach that raises concern among some public health experts.

This raises a debate about whether Channel 4 can do what it wants.

Both he and Trump also want to give states greater control over Medicaid spending, an approach that raises concern among some public health experts.

raises very real concerns that he is not thinking things through.

Indeed, some CEOs recently told a forum organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas that they would never offer broad-based pay raises again.

Ozark’s stubborn blandness raises the question of just why the antihero trope continues to be so appealing to creators and networks.

He says his tax plan raises taxes on the wealthy when it actually cuts them sharply.

All this clearly raises serious questions about just what Flynn knew about this or any other attempted outreach to Russian hackers.

“She stated they were having marital problems and that he raises his voice to her, yells at her and scares her,” the report says.

Which raises a really interesting question: What have the peasants of those regions been doing?

The jet’s brief trip to New Jersey raises fresh questions about the relationship between the three men during the 2016 presidential campaign.

But it raises a broader and more important question.

The jet’s brief trip to New Jersey raises fresh questions about the relationship between the three men during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The presentation of Cotte’s research raises the question of the status of exhibitions in the Museum of Science.

This raises more questions.

While the case of Sutherland Springs is politically different than the shooting in Charleston, Pastor Meredith’s exhortation still raises some important questions.

And that raises another point.

Their unique undertaking inevitably raises questions about the sustainability of the physical publication in the digital era, its experiential quality, utility, and circulation.

What about all the money the system raises?

It raises the morale,” he said while the Trumps served lunch.

All of this raises a basic question: Who is this reconstruction for, and for what purpose?

Which raises the larger question: Do they even care at all?

“The fact that we’re getting it at the eleventh hour raises real issues with me,” he added.

Jacksonville, Florida’s enforcement of pedestrian violations raises concerns about another example of racial profiling.

Yet that theory raises other questions too.

By the same token, there is a fairly firm consensus that immigration raises incomes on average for native-born workers.

Selling off property raises cash but also makes it more financially burdensome for the company to rent the space for the stores it operates.

This is encouraging, but it also raises a new question: Are humans ready to share oceans teeming with predators again?

That raises a more fundamental question: If the bond market is almost giving money away to the US, why not take it?

The typo raises all kinds of entertaining possibilities.

Not to mention a petition to get someone named Kyle Brooks to grow a moustache, if he raises 500 signatures.

The work raises questions about authenticity, cultural appropriation, and ownership.

But this raises a further question: Can we be in a constitutional crisis even if no one has broken the law?

Why do you think Kara raises funds every two years now?

Why do you think Chamath raises money every two years?

But it’s not only women and it’s not only this video that raises questions about his fitness to be our president.

“Collecting so much data about children raises important questions about their freedom and independence,” the report says.

Instead, it raises more questions about more forms of culpability.

Ioannidis’s paper, which raises questions about the trustworthiness of p-values, doesn’t come in isolation.

Trump has tried many things to keep civilian government employees from getting annual raises since he took office.

He said employees should only get raises based on performance and merit, disregarding increases in cost of living or other factors.

Trump officially canceled the pay raises in December — just days after he shut down the government and withheld paychecks for nearly 800,000 employees.

Business groups have long opposed raising the minimum wage because it raises labor costs.

Lent’s broadening popularity raises a wider question.

Growth raises $56.1 billion in 2025, but only $38.8 billion the next year.

It raises an important factor: Who seems credible will be crucial if Ford and Kavanaugh both testify before the Senate committee.

And it raises serious questions of how Donald Trump himself could have kept professing to disbelieve claims that Russia was helping him.

“Collecting so much data about children raises important questions about their freedom and independence,” she wrote.

The referee raises his hand.

All of which raises the question: What the heck is going on?

“It raises the question: Are there real inconsistencies in what they’ve said and that’s why the government is holding back?” Schneider said.

Which raises the question, are men routinely being lobotomized as part of their initiations into these sports teams?

J.B. Hunt is handing out raises to attract and retain truck drivers.

Nobody believes he can’t see the flaws with his stated approach, which raises the question of what exactly he’s really up to.

(1) However, public release of classified information by unilateral action of the Legislative Branch is extremely rare and raises significant separation of powers concerns.

Which is why I just raised a million and a half dollars for 10 state parties because nobody raises money for state parties.

Trump’s move raises major questions for not just the environment but the world of business as well.

Trump’s move raises major questions for not just the environment but the world of business as well.

Which raises the question: Globally, more than 57 million people use Tinder — the biggest dating app — but do they know what they’re doing?

“This kind of rhetoric raises the probability [of electoral violence].

The incident raises troubling questions about the pervasiveness of security breaches of everyday individuals’ personal information.

So this raises costs for everyone — including healthy people.

2014: The government raises the sales tax to 8% from 5%.

Still, this poll also raises the interesting possibility of a political detente around the Affordable Care Act.

On top of all of that, when the US is running a trade deficit the new tax on imports raises a lot of money.

The Dagestani grappler raises few eyebrows with his technique on the feet, but once the clinch is secured Nurmagomedov is something remarkable.

Border Crossing raises questions of how we define relics, what we choose to save or care about, and why.

The report raises an old theory about Kim’s robbery — that it was an inside job.

The Obama-era rule that raises the standards for retirement investment advice may be headed for the Supreme Court after a ruling on Thursday.

“It raises more concern in its gaps and in its redactions.

This, in turn, raises more questions: Why has productivity growth been so slow?

Yet the existence of the film itself raises questions about its own authenticity—and the authenticity of their relationship from the start.

It’s a development that raises the question: Does it even matter if someone is deemed your perfect match?

Automation raises the bar for entry-level work in factories.

Because of tax reform, they are handing out raises, hiring an additional 14 people, and expanding into the building next door.

Now, China certainly raises the question that now that they’re middle-income level, will their political model progress or not?

That raises the question of what represents a compromise on immigration to Mitch McConnell.

While this may alleviate readability issues and even inject some fun into otherwise monotonous documents, for Becher and Benoliel, it raises other concerns.

Aside from being extremely satisfying, Robertson’s video raises more questions than answers.

For Haught, that’s the kind of argument that raises red flags.

“In short, the Order invades no one’s privacy and raises no Fourth Amendment concerns,” Decker writes.

That raises questions about what Rubio does want to do next.

She and Eastman talked amiably about the state of the economy, and the importance of raises for all workers.

But this raises questions about [Roman] Polanski and [Bill] Cosby and Lord knows who else.

THR’s sources say they want big raises and to share in the profit from the show’s $1.6 million ticket sales each week.

Still, the post raises countless questions.

But women still make men who have the same job title, and often lack the same opportunities men do to get promotions and raises.

And what that raises is this basic question of what’s fair.

This raises the question of whether or not they feel there’s adequate infrastructure supporting so-called “outsider” artists in Canada today.

Did Pruitt know about the pay raises for his staff at the center of at least two ethics investigations?

“Not the amount, were you aware of the raises?” Tonko interjected.

He did not deny having knowledge of the raises themselves.

Micah: Doing bug searches doesn’t make you sure there aren’t bugs, it just raises your confidence that there aren’t.

The sale of Marshall’s “Still Life With Wedding Portrait” (2015) nonetheless raises its own sticky questions.

That raises real questions about whether the inmates’ demands can or will be heard.

In some entrepreneurial circles, the amount of venture capital a startup raises had become a badge of honor.

It also raises the far-flung possibility of helping people revive brains damaged due to stroke or other injury.

People can choose to submit their complaints anonymously, which raises the question of how companies will be able to authenticate claims.

That raises questions about what will happen the next time an NFL player assaults his romantic partner.

Last year it ordered law firms to “support Party activities,” which activists say raises the risks of taking on sensitive cases for lawyers.

“It raises the issue of whether there has been anything improper.

That also raises questions related to the take care clause: Can we hold this president accountable now for the sabotage he is inflicting?

But Goodman not only offers a deft performance, he also raises the film he’s in by at least a couple of notches.

That raises the question: What happens when a black artist ventures into a field dominated by white musicians?

As Joseph Ross, a Yale researcher who has been studying the FDA, said, “This raises all sorts of red flags to me.

In another way, though, Clinton’s critique raises uncomfortable questions that deserve greater attention.

The questions it raises, and many more, embody the contradictions of being alive in New York at this epochal moment.

They give themselves tax cuts and raises, while refusing a living wage for workers.

The bold expansion plan raises some thorny ethical questions.

Software is already pervasive in our society, but artificial intelligence software raises unique concerns even among the technological elite.

The economic impact of this immigration is that it raises economic growth and the productivity of US firms.

The case raises questions about Second Amendment rights, particularly when it’s women — specifically women of color — who are exercising them.

She raises the volume of her voice again and says proudly: “So now I’m back to eating all breads again!”

“This raises very real questions about the ability to remain anonymous in public spaces,” Garvie said.

But on the other hand, it raises the question of what happens when the public’s mood changes?

This, of course, raises a couple of questions.

But Kavanaugh’s willingness to overturn Morrison still raises questions about his views on presidential investigations and his deference toward precedent.

And so over the years Gigaom raises more money, gets bigger … Yeah, we had a team, people were raising money, people were growing it.

And therefore it raises what’s at stake on the question of abortion rights after the election.

This raises big, difficult questions, ones that many people (even those who purport to abide by “intersectionalist” values) are unprepared, or unwilling, to answer.

The use of the DMCA to hide an embarrassing video, however, raises all sorts of other questions.

The work continually raises the specter of contingent doubt about man and machine efficiency.

This show, in other words, raises some seriously interesting questions.

All of which raises a question: Would al-Qaeda want to risk all of this success by attacking the United States again?

Still, by challenging moral relativism more broadly, Douthat nonetheless raises an important point.

This raises another point: Battle scenes force us to watch lots of people endure agonizing pain.

It raises questions about just how honest he’s been with the public in his accounting of his past behavior.

All of this raises some questions about art’s ability to retain its meaning in the face of changing circumstances.

In particular, social democracy’s decline raises some key questions.

The recent allegations of sexual harassment and assault by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein raises a question: Are there any policies that can prevent this?

Although Trump says he intends to keep this provision, how he would do so raises serious concerns.

It also raises serious questions about whether the Pentagon could take steps that start new wars or deepen US involvement in new ones.

But it’s not only women, and it’s not only this video that raises questions about his fitness to be our president.

Price is not the only Cabinet nominee who raises concerns for me.

The US said its de-escalation had nothing to do with its tensions with North Korea, but the timing raises suspicions.

In Williams’s case, she’s also likely working out, which raises her body temperature and reinforces the physical conditioning.

In Vermont, this was massive: The state only raises $2.7 billion in taxes a year — the single-payer plan would mean doubling tax collections.

And he’s had two pay raises, he’s been promoted.

On top of the already contentious debate about guns and “stand your ground” laws, Drejka’s shooting of McGlockton also raises questions about race.

The work raises additional questions — both literally and figuratively — about the retention of these painful memories and historic sites.

), and the eyebrow raises (That white savior mess Green Book did not need so many noms).

The story is, without a doubt, troubling and raises many questions about research integrity at NIH.

The violence raises questions about the structure of the state: a federal republic where regional boundaries were redrawn on ethnic lines in 1994.

Teachers and their supporters are demanding increased school funding and pay raises for school workers.

Which raises the question: How do we really feel about them?

It raises the question: Why would an alcoholic drink want to taste like a wholly different alcoholic drink?

According to @TaxPolicyCenter the 12/25/35 rates cost $1.2 trillion & eliminating SALT raises is $1.3 trillion.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire said the briefing also “raises a lot of questions about future operations,” according to the Hill.

“Do a Kickstarter, see what happens.” And he raises a ton of money and I don’t think he’s allowed to keep the money.

It raises the question: Is Anonymous and the ethos it represents finally over?

And as a result of the minimum wage laws, low-wage workers in 19 states got pay raises on January 1.

It raises the question: Is Anonymous and the ethos it represents finally over?

The cuts include: The plan raises no money through tax increases.

Although, most legal experts agree that a sitting president can’t be indicted, which raises questions about how this investigation will end.

The CPI-W does not factor in substitution, therefore moving to the Chained CPI would result in lower annual raises.

The “no” campaign has said the last-minute decision raises questions about the validity of the vote.

The beta could change that, and also raises some interesting questions.

But it also spikes the immediate production of stress hormones and raises blood pressure, precipitating or exacerbating short-term stress.

President Donald Trump canceled annual pay raises for federal employees last year — and now members of Congress are trying to restore them.

“More than anything,” Hammond said, “[this] raises questions about the industry’s commitment to harm reduction.

In a letter to Congress, Trump said the raises were “inappropriate” in light of the government’s fiscal crisis.

He said employees should only get raises based on performance and merit, disregarding increases in cost of living or other factors.

It raises a really larger interesting question.

Their unlikely courtship raises many questions — how does a royal ask someone on a date?

Their unlikely courtship raises many questions — how does a royal ask someone on a date?

raises the minimum legal age to purchase a rifle or shotgun to 21 from 18.

That sort of gender stereotyping raises concerns about how voters are assessing Hillary Clinton, the highest-profile woman in the 2016 field.

“He makes that very clear in the Bible where he tells us that he raises up kings and destroys kingdoms.

The annual auction raises money to fight the spread of HIV, which was co-founded by the Goss-Michael Foundation and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Republicans have pushed an old report saying AND1 had “sweatshop” working conditions and raised questions about big raises for Houlahan at the nonprofit.

The Capital One subpoena seeks records related to the Trump Organization’s hotel business, which some Democrats have argued raises potential conflicts of interest.

Autism also raises risk for severe mental illness.

Black person raises hand & then it’s “Hold on… Let’s be realistic.”

The DCCC raises money for Democrats running for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

2 official raises the stakes for Barr, who if confirmed would take over responsibility for the Mueller probe from Rosenstein.

HERE’S THE RUNDOWNRihanna Makes a Joke That raises EyebrowsJustin Bieber Got Very Lucky in His Cleveland BrawlPres.

The Weinstein scandal raises these questions in a particularly stark way, although such provisions have long been controversial.

Since I think our electoral system is the foundation of our democracy, anything that interferes with that raises real concerns.

“It raises the morale,” Kevin Jason Hipolito, who identified himself as a Democrat, told reporters at the convention center.

But it also raises questions about his administration’s tendency to wink at extremists and its somewhat inexplicable habit of flirting with anti-Semitism.

If Democrats align behind the term, it raises the question of what they plan to do about it.

It also raises worries over ease of access to unskilled labor, tariff protection, and London’s status as a clearing center for euro transactions.

Rights groups say the lack of oversight raises concern about abuse by interrogators.

Of course, this also raises the question of who owns the data for consumer IoT applications.

This history, inextricably tied with American expansionism, raises complicated questions about the agencies of all involved parties.

The idea of expanding humanity’s moral circle raises knotty questions.

The timeline of Flynn’s resignation raises all kinds of red flags for the White House.

Which raises the question: what is real and what isn’t?

It’s a strange decision that raises some troubling questions about how a President Donald Trump would govern.

Contending with misogynist imagery in ancient art raises a multitude of questions that demand addressing today.

The criminal document also raises intriguing questions about who, particularly within Trump’s family, Mueller may target next in his probe, former prosecutors said.

But it also raises some thorny ethical questions.

Weirdly enough, this seriously raises the stakes of tonight’s debate for Sanders.

But it also raises questions about privacy invasion, consent, and at what point good storytelling crosses a line into exploitative journalism.

Sending such pictures unsolicited is a form of harassment; when teenagers send them, it raises additional questions of safety and legality.

Facebook’s decision to comply with Baltimore police raises questions how and when Facebook and other social media companies become involved in police actions.

Rosenstein’s imminent departure raises questions about the current status of Mueller’s investigation — and whether it may soon be drawing toward a close.

Still, the article raises questions that can be asked in a confirmation hearing without devolving into anti-Catholicism.

It also raises questions about how big of a U.S. counter-terrorism force might be able to remain in the country.

Martin raises the topic of DeMarco’s relationship with his estranged father, and specifically his father’s illness.

And so Yang’s record at VFA raises questions about whether he is similarly over-prioritizing marketing and setting unrealistic expectations in his presidential campaign.

Ending these payments raises premiums for anyone who uses Obamacare: older people, younger people, sicker people, and healthy people.

She raises boatloads of money, and she does so while maintaining a largely progressive ideological profile.

Merkley explains all this and asks whether Tillerson agrees that climate change raises the odds of extreme weather events.

The administrator gave significant pay raises to two longtime aides after the White House rejected the proposal, according to The Atlantic.

Pruitt appeared to change his story about the raises during congressional testimony.

If it raises prices, that’s perhaps worst of all; price increases are regressive because poor households spend more of their income.

But all this raises a question: Why does a growing, successful brand that purports to care about “community” have such massive customer service issues?

Trump spoke down the road from where Pat Merkes raises 80 dairy cows.

You can normally identify a correlation between how excited you are about a fight and how many questions it raises.

Which raises the question: How long, and under what circumstances, can someone live on a property, rent-free, without penalty of the law?

That raises the possibility of a 4-4 ruling that would leave in place the decision favoring Grimm by the Richmond-based 4th U.S.

These efforts to personalize the shopping experience — or simply collecting information — raises concerns about privacy.

And that, in turn, raises questions about the gender dynamics at play.

At the same time, the relentlessness of Breuer’s approach raises another question: How much can an object endure before it is completely destroyed?

raises a lot of questions.

Sportswear all starts with the sneakers, and it grows into apparel as the brand raises its profile and cachet in the US.

Which really raises the question: Why are we still here?

Potential criminal punishments aside, the scheme raises the question: was the premium parents paid worth the anticipated long-term economic gain for their children?

All this raises the question about why women should bet on crypto at all.

“Broadcom strongly disagrees that its proposed acquisition of Qualcomm raises any national security concerns,” it said in a statement in response to the decision.

And the demand for a special prosecutor raises as many questions as it answers.

Rasheed raises a very personal set of complexities but refuses anyone a means of escape.

This raises an important question.

“I helped at least a dozen women request raises so that they would be paid on par with their male peers,” she said.

Trumpcare raises federal spending $270 billion under dynamic scoring (a model that estimates faster economic growth due to Obamacare repeal).

And they’re bringing $38 million in pay raises with them.

The superintendent acknowledged Sunday the financial solution is not ideal but will help cover pay raises until the district finds new sources of funding.

But this time around, teachers were not fighting for pay raises.

Rights groups say that the lack of oversight raises concern about abuse by interrogators.

Even though much of the objection has centered on raises for members of Congress, the deal also would have increased their staff’s salaries.

But it raises an important question: What makes California Republicans so different from New York Republicans or New Jersey ones?

But the speed at which the Whitefish contract unraveled raises the additional question of whether Puerto Rico can handle the unprecedented rebuilding effort.

But it also raises the prospect that Republicans will simply be beaten in the midterms and the balance of oversight will flip.

It raises the stakes and triggers a deep anxiety and sense of foreboding about potential military aggression between the US and Iran.

That raises the question of what, exactly, Democrats would do if they manage to pull off a sweeping victory in November.

And it raises serious questions about whether Trump’s lawyer knew that Cohen planned to lie, and what exactly his involvement was.

It raises the question of what kind of female behavior, exactly, President Trump approves of.

This raises an uncomfortable question: how many seats will Russia get?” The European Union is increasing its efforts to tackle the problem.

It raises some interesting questions that, as you so well stated, we need to have a conversation about.

And that raises the prospect of the politicization of justice.

This essay by Roy Scranton raises some serious questions for those of us who love the sci-fi series: “Star Wars” managed a remarkable trick.

Nonetheless, Yesterday raises bigger questions about how artistic quality affects artistic careers, ones that may last with us after the credits roll.

But there’s another question all this raises: Why are Republicans spending so much time lying about their health care policy?

The thinness of the support raises the stakes on how much can be done to the surface before it falls apart.

And although both bills include teacher raises, unions say the raises are a distraction from the broader attacks on public educators.

“There is a scenario that is dollar positive in that maybe the current account deficit is reduced or the Fed raises rates.

And although both bills include teacher raises, unions say the raises are a distraction from the broader attacks on public educators.

Which raises an obvious question: How does Donald Trump lose?

The bill itself raises serious civil liberties concerns.

Except this also raises some difficult urban-planning questions.

The trouble with this kind of cryptic Fed transparency is that it often raises more questions than answers.

And that ire raises an important question about the responsibility of art to its consumers.

But if the Fed raises rates when the market does not expect it, chaos may ensue, if only briefly.

This time, the vocaloid superstar not only offers a mesmerizing holographic audiovisual performance—she also raises contemporary social questions.

On the Mixtape, the line raises questions about whether immigrants have a solid and secure place in America in 2016.

That raises questions about the likelihood of more subtle attacks on dissent.

Yeah, gets 49 percent in Texas, raises money on a national level.

This raises questions.

But it still raises the question: Should a doctor be paid to promote essential oils?

This latest incident raises new questions about Facebook’s handling of false and misleading content targeting minority communities.

Trumpcare raises federal spending $330 billion under dynamic scoring (a model that estimates faster economic growth due to Obamacare repeal).

Ordinarily, it is true that the candidate who raises more money usually ends up winning.

The data raises important questions about why a disproportionate number of black people are ending up in the dock for dealing drugs.

But we also see that it’s cramped and impoverished and the light is always gray — and in a way, that raises the stakes.

As he was in charge of the department, ignorance of such a major failing raises questions over his leadership.

But this merely raises the question: Why has this alternative to antibiotics been shunned by most of the medical establishment for nearly a century?

But beyond the immediate fight against ISIS, Baghdad’s political chaos raises concerns about the future political stability of the country.

He says his tax plan raises taxes on the wealthy when it actually cuts them sharply.

It is not difficult to write a plan that raises taxes on the wealthy.

But if you believe that corporate tax cuts lead to raises, then corporate taxes should help workers.

This raises its own set of tough questions.

That raises the question, of course: What if you’re somewhere without Wi-Fi?

North Korea raises mainly chicken, ducks and rabbits.

If [Trump] raises a bunch of money for himself and doesn’t give them any, they’re going to be beside themselves.”

And that raises the question: Why would South Korea start fooling around with things that could drag them into a such a war?

This battle between lawmakers and HHS raises more questions about the administration’s handling of children and families separated at the border.

But it raises questions: was there ever a time when there were assumed to be no girls on the internet?

In both statements from Cruz and his campaign, he raises the specter of Muslim neighborhoods in Europe that are “isolated” from the outside world.

“That raises a whole host of questions that the American public needs an answer to and the Congress needs an answer to,” Warner said.

But it also raises the risk of not making it that far.

That raises uncertainty over the next executive commission, which must be approved by European lawmakers.

An “emolument” refers to compensation for a service or labor, which raises the question of whether foreign payments to Trump-owned businesses constitute forbidden emoluments.

2013 – Deutsche Bank raises 3 billion euros in fresh capital.

And the calligraphy raises more difficult interpretative problems.

[It also raises] questions to do with violence — what’s the aftermath of a great war?

This naturally raises questions of why he did so, and whether he feared he himself might have something to hide in the Russia probe.

Tech details aside, the research raises some questions about art-making and artificial intelligence.

Yet the group’s presence, even as a minority force, raises questions about the Syrian ceasefire’s prospects, in Aleppo city and elsewhere.

Pruitt had originally recommended the raises but was denied by the White House.

Pruitt told Fox News this month that he had no knowledge of the raises.

For now, the data raises more questions than answers.

Konnichiwa was essentially grime’s version of when Bender raises his fist at the end of The Breakfast Club.

This leads to women generally having a harder time negotiating salary, asking for raises, speaking up, and leading.

It raises questions like, if the world is doomed, why should we care about the niceties of Trump’s health care policy?

Banks sounds over the top, but she also raises important issues about the modeling world.

Each of the works in Due South raises compelling questions about who defines history.

On the other, innovation without thoughtful oversight raises the specter of security, privacy and ethical breaches.

This raises serious concerns over whether the royal family will be able to continue its public duties into the next century.

And anything that raises the price of steel actually hurts other American industries.

If it raises $5,000 in 100 days through crowdfunding, he’ll hire a lobbyist for one month to take the issue to Capitol Hill.

This raises a number of questions: How is the Umbrella Corporation so successful at ventures its own employees don’t know about?

These are complicated issues — but if a film raises them, it seems like it should try to find an answer.

Which raises a final question: Why not shoot for the moon?

After he retired in 1965, Lindsay went on to start the Ted Lindsay Foundation — which raises money to autism-related causes.

Which raises the question: What exactly is Smurfs: The Lost Village good for?

And every two years, a program of protests raises awareness of how damaging this event is.

But this all raises a more fundamental question.

But the tilt towards another referendum raises problems for Labour, many of whose traditional voters backed Brexit.

Oct. 28 – Serbia raises reward for information leading to the arrest of Mladic to 10 million euros.

This raises the risk that the Conservative peace deal is temporary.

As its financial reach expands, the recent revelation at the Whitney raises questions about its capacity to manage the partners and projects it endorses.

The things that one person might have had a spark of genius that raises it to the top.

That’s true even for non-union workers, who tend to benefit when a highly unionized workforce raises standards for everyone.

Since it’s not in the water, Antarctic ice raises global sea levels when it melts.

Initiative 185: An “affirmative” vote expands Medicaid eligibility and raises taxes on tobacco products.

In fact, that’s not the case: Employer market power, sometimes called “monopsony,” harms economic growth and raises prices.

Monopsony harms growth and raises prices because it works much like monopoly: by reducing production.

To increase its profits, the monopolist raises prices and thus lowers production (because fewer consumers are willing to pay these inflated prices).

Congress also chose not to authorize raises in 2012 and 2013.

It is frustrated by the resistance and naturally feels that it raises the question of what Clinton has to hide.

Trump isn’t ruling out all pay raises — performance-based hikes are still allowed.

Still, the Sessions story raises a familiar question: What is up with the Trump administration and Russia?

The movement is now spreading beyond factories in the border region, with cashiers at US-owned supermarkets and fast-food chains demanding raises too.

The question raises all sorts of concerns, starting with one’s ability to distinguish different shades and hues.

A tax raises the prices of polluting products to reflect their true costs.

Science Care’s marketing in Florida and Pennsylvania should help, rather than hurt, schools there, he said, because it raises awareness about body donation.

“That trend raises concerns about impacts on our economy and workforce, and has implications for our national security.

This raises many troubling issues about America’s air war against ISIS.

“That trend raises concerns about impacts on our economy and workforce, and has implications for our national security.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it raises our collective susceptibility.

His absence, however, still raises new questions about how Trump’s FBI might soon approach a host of critical digital privacy debates, including encryption.

Everyone knows this, which raises the question of why everyone is pretending to believe that Trump may make a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea.

“That raises some concerns about whether they really tried to match it or not,” McGinn said.

Deepfakes underscores the dual use nature of machine learning tools and also raises the question of who should have access to these tools.

This commercial raises all sorts of questions about the time-space continuum — questions it’s almost certainly not prepared to answer.

All of which raises the question: Why would Russia risk inciting US anger over Venezuela?

She raises her eyebrows at our approach, but stops to talk to us, on the condition that we stay under the bridge.

But it also raises a bunch of questions, about both the plan’s ideological goals and its policy mechanics.

If the collective raises the funds, the pyramid will be about 35 feet tall, with a 50-by-50 footprint.

The principle he raises would seem to apply to Paris.

In fact, in a letter to employees in October, Schultz announced wage raises ranging from 5% to 15% for all US employees.

Meanwhile, white baristas who Njee trained and had less experience received raises and promotions.

Hype around Johnson raises another point: Election year after election year, we find ourselves reconsidering the third-party question.

But that raises an important question: Why doesn’t Uber allow tips, especially when drivers clearly want the option?

Merkley explains all this and asks whether Tillerson agrees that climate change raises the odds of extreme weather events.

“The Measure of A Man” is a tense courtroom drama that raises questions about the very nature of humanity.

He raises various robust wines much like he would his own children.

But the way in which they treat their “cogenitors” — a third gender crucial to their reproduction — raises questions about intervening in other cultures.

It’s slightly more likely that some of the money he raises will eventually trickle back to his own businesses.

It also raises new questions about the role race plays in a growing debate over whether dress codes unfairly police girls’ bodies.

That raises the possibility of violence on Election Day.

2014: The government raises the sales tax to 8% from 5%.

An “emolument” refers to compensation for a service or labor, which raises the question of whether foreign payments to Trump-owned businesses constitute forbidden emoluments.

Which raises the question: What, exactly, has kept Underworld alive for 14 years and five movies?

And the second is that it raises our expectations.

It raises our standards for what we think it is to be normal.

And the question it raises for me is, why do we actually bother, fuss so much about voting rights?

In its report, MAP raises several critiques of the laws.

If restaurants, cafes, or people working in shops don’t know the answer to those questions, that raises important issues.”

4) One serving of processed meats per day raises the risk of diabetes by 51 percent.

Adding even more legs only improves the robot’s stability and raises its tolerance for leg malfunction.

The measure also raises the legal age for all gun purchases to 21.

Which raises questions all of its own.

The new CMS rule raises that threshold to 15 percent.

Newman’s suit raises questions about whether his campaign actually treated women fairly.

Even if the company raises the necessary capital to pursue the project, it is up against steep odds, technically speaking.

“There’s no law saying that you can’t give merit-based raises.

Pimenoff’s study also raises questions about what happened to the Neanderthals.

He confirms his identity and raises a hatchet to kill the man (about whom more in a bit).

This raises the question of, simply, what is the point of this song and this release?

In fact, when Avendaño reported the incidents, she was denied promotions and raises.

In fact, when Avendaño reported the incidents, she was denied promotions and raises.

We hope raises in a sentence examples were helpful.