Quo in a sentence | Use of the word quo examples

That’s the status quo, and it’s pretty bad.

But it gets worse, because the status quo isn’t really static.

But that’s not really nostalgia; it’s protest of a major shift in your status quo.

By passing a short-term bill — a continuing resolution — Congress would be keeping spending levels at the status quo.

“The status quo will only make changes that benefit the people in power,” Bob Moore of East Kingston, New Hampshire, told me.

It wasn’t that Thrush was offering young women a quid pro quo deal, such as sex in exchange for mentorship.

Unlike decades past, where conforming to the status quo was important, young people are understanding the value of being unique, he says.

Many of the systems that preserved the status quo of silence are “still thriving,” he said.

Perhaps he didn’t know what would happen, but knew that the absurdity of the status quo had to be challenged.

Clinton, as a quasi-incumbent, is eventually going to have to defend some important aspects of the status quo.

Carlock said that he views the resolution as a challenge to the status quo.

After leaving Joe Allen, he went to work with London institutions like quo Vadis and St. John to name but a few.

Never embrace the status quo.

This show is if an anarchist determined the status quo.”

One person with knowledge of the Browns’ hiring process felt the organization wanted to change the status quo.

The result wouldn’t be a health care utopia, but it would be an improvement over the status quo, which is what people want.

At the moment, Republicans here are united only in their distaste for the status quo and Obamacare.

That was a quid pro quo.

That resistance to change, that status quo bias?

Climate hawks will never find adequate solutions if they simply take the grim status quo as a given.

Patriarchal cultures tend to be self-reinforcing, have a tendency to try and reinstate the status quo when it’s disrupted,” Manne tells me.

Prewar Britain was a classic status quo power, trying to maintain its own empire and keep Hitler from gobbling up everyone else.

For the past several decades, the United States has largely behaved like a status quo power.

Trump doesn’t want to preserve the global status quo; he wants to revise it.

And so, what you’re doing is you’re reinforcing, sort of, backward-looking status quo.

“The fight to move beyond the status quo of Obamacare was certainly never going to be easy,” he told the Senate on Thursday.

“The inertia of status quo should somehow be broken and open space for a new political reconfiguration.

There’s of course no way to demonstrate a quid pro quo there, but the basic dynamics are clear.

Having identified a hotspot, Safecity works with NGOs to stage “interventions”—initiatives aspiring to break the status quo.

The status quo is simply unacceptable.

Slandering black activists and human rights advocates as menacing threats allows those who wish to defend the status quo to play the victim.

Unbowed and unapologetic, Waters threatens the racial and gendered status quo precisely because she highlights this administration’s extreme and heartless brutality.

In fact, it frequently traipsed then-health minister Doug Currie in front of cameras to defend the “status quo” of the province’s abortion policy.

Stopping change can only maintain the status quo and the status quo — poverty, environmental catastrophe — is unacceptable.

You aren’t worried about messing up a status quo because you haven’t settled into one yet.

I’m not proposing a communist takeover, but we don’t have to accept the status quo either.

Everybody had an incentive to perpetuate the status quo just a little longer, deluding themselves that it could go on and on.

As a result, some liberals resent Buttigieg for representing a status quo that frustrates them.

Far-right Euroskeptics are trying to appeal to those dissatisfied with the status quo.

Tsai says she is committed to peace and maintaining the status quo across the Taiwan Strait, but will defend Taiwan’s security.

I think there’s an underlying bias for the status quo.

That might be part of a quid pro quo case.

Tsai says she wants only the status quo with China, but will defend Taiwan’s security.

“The system we have, the status quo, is not acceptable,” she said.

The costs of the status quo keep rising; the costs of sustainable alternatives keep declining.

We were no longer just being gaslit by boyfriends, husbands, bosses  —  the status quo  —  but politicians, our country, our culture.

Most other states will just revert to the pre-ACA status quo.

Todd VanDerWerff: “The Ballad of Donkey Doug,” so far as I can tell, represents The Good Place’s new status quo.

He’s a quid pro quo kind of guy.

Departures from the norm are subversions of the status quo.

But Pope Francis called for the status quo in the city to be respected, and several other Christian denominations were opposed.

And the status quo is preserved.

I tell myself a similar thing after demolishing a pizza: I need ice cream to restore the status quo.

In this sense he differs from the Surrealists, who wanted to topple the status quo, and Pop artists, who too often belittle their subjects.

“Challenging the status quo might be an excellent and concrete opportunity to test moderate muscle.”

Make a show like this well enough, and the reassertion of the status quo can feel beautiful somehow.

But disruption is precisely the point of protesting; it’s about making the status quo uncomfortable and unsustainable.

They just sold to WME a few years ago, and that was a break off of players from the status quo.

The status quo is simply unacceptable.

And over the years, changes to the status quo in Jerusalem has triggered violence.

Now a group of 72 prominent statisticians, psychologists, economists, sociologists, political scientists, biomedical researchers, and others want to disrupt the status quo.

Under the status quo, in order to get publications, you need statistically significant results.

Watch for yourself: The Obamacare status quo is unsustainable.

I think the big government status quo mindset of politicians, including Republicans, are holding him back.

There are cumulative and complex ways in which art institutions and contemporary artworkers are complicit in holding up the oppressive status quo.

Even with unified control, America’s fragmented political institutions do not make it easy to change the status quo.

And why would a conservative want to overthrow the status quo?

The institution has thrived because the introduction of novel forms of art is challenging to the status quo.

Its plotting was straight out of the American sitcom playbook, reverting to the status quo most episodes and punctuating emotional outbursts with easy jokes.

In effect, the DOT is contending that the status quo is not acceptable, especially in Mexico City.

This is what the map looks like under the status quo of twice-yearly clock shifts.

He didn’t stay silent, didn’t simply accept the status quo, on a medium obsessed with propping up that status quo.

Despite Twitter’s flaws, the social media platform has become an invaluable tool for challenging the status quo.

My favorite bias is one that almost killed me — the status quo fallacy.

My favorite bias is one that almost killed me, the status quo fallacy.

Of course, the status quo is going to hold most of the time.

Celina Caesar-Chavannes, a parliamentarian who is not seeking re-election, tweeted that “when you add women, please do not expect the status quo.

There’s no quid pro quo here, and by conventional standards there’s no scandal.

So, in that sense, things will be status quo on the continent.

But no one expects that status quo to last.

“A rational juror could not find that Menendez and Melgen were aware of the terms of the alleged quid quo,” he said.

We’re not going to go back to the status quo ante.

They help people adjust to the status quo rather than helping to transform it.

State, provincial, and national governments are often captured by rural or corporate interests, creating substantial status quo bias.

Because the GND is, at its core, an argument for radical change, it is certain to inspire reaction — a defense of the status quo.

Commenting on the election, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said: “Israelis have voted to preserve the status quo.

But as The Good Place gears up for yet another change to its status quo (Janet’s void, here we come!

Americans hate this status quo.

“The American people will no longer accept the status quo of big money corruption and voter suppression,” announced the website for Democracy Spring.

It’s a status quo of dysfunction the telecom industry works tirelessly to keep intact.

The battle between Americans eager for better broadband and monopolies like Comcast focused on defending the broken status quo has raged for decades.

The status quo, renting thousands of hotel beds, “is absolutely unsustainable,” she said.

“Others will vote for me as a protest against the status quo.”

“Others will vote for me as a protest against the status quo.”

When AI is brought to predict things in the real world, it can often just reinforce the status quo, perpetuate bias.

There’s just a lot of momentum built into the status quo.

We’re not going to go back to the status quo ante.

It’s a system that rewards the status quo, instead of taking risks and breaking new ground.

Our latest issue is “The Status quo Issue.”

His shoot was about Ciaran’s concept of “the status quo” and how he interprets the world.

“The citizens supporting single-payer in Colorado were vastly outspent by status quo health care powers,” Dyar, the ballot measure’s field director, says.

Liberals are more open to new experiences, novelty and disruption; conservatives prefer stability and the status quo.

When the political left dominates the political order, those prone to defending the status quo will tend to be leftists.

We look to highlight the representations of strong women in their fields and look at ways to change the status quo.

It became status quo to consider abortion so controversial that, at the very least, there should be “no taxpayer funding” for it.

In other words, this is more about defending the party’s institutional and ideological status quo than it is about unity.

I think the tough question critics have been asking is where is the quid pro quo in that?

The Magnitsky Act, ostensibly the purpose of the meeting, isn’t going anywhere, so people are concluding that there wasn’t a quid pro quo here.

When they face physical threats or threats to the status quo, authoritarians support policies that seem to offer protection against those fears.

And America is at a point when the status quo social order is changing rapidly; when several social changes are converging.

Tsai says she wants to maintain the status quo with China but will defend Taiwan’s security and democracy.

It turns out, though, that Trump seems pretty content with the status quo.

The events of “Not Tomorrow Yet” are big enough that they should reset the status quo entirely.

Today, what we’re experiencing here in North Carolina is a last-gasp, reactionary attempt to maintain a status quo that rotted away decades ago.

Amidst all the blunt symbolism, perhaps the most subtle work on display is “Veridis quo” (2016), by French artist Lola Gonzàlez.

But it’s equally true that the status quo can and should be improved,” they wrote.

The status quo?

The track record of the last few decades makes a strong case for abandoning the status quo.

Business as usual isn’t working, which is prompting new ideas and a healthy questioning of the status quo.

“But that’s essentially the quid pro quo of matching dollars.

(Aides for both have denied the allegations of a quid pro quo.)

Big picture, don’t expect the status quo to change.

China wants to preserve stability and the status quo on the Korean Peninsula, with a divided Korea and a reliably anti-Western North Korea.

It’s unclear if there actually was a quid pro quo arrangement, but the charges could constitute bribery regardless.

Headline whiplash is the status quo when it comes to health news.

The result is each spending millions to maintain a policy status quo that leaves neither fully satisfied.

The Clintonites assert there’s simply no evidence of a quid pro quo, no evidence of favors being given by Clinton to foundation donors.

But beyond his positions on issues, Green said he embraces Sanders’s willingness to disrupt the Washington status quo and his directness.

Those agreements are considered the status quo.

But it could signal growing dissatisfaction with the status quo among European voters.

Yeah, take that, status quo!

They’re like, “No, status quo was awesome.

As pro wrestling shows go, that’s not a terrible status quo to maintain going into the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

The Freedom Caucus is simply anti-status quo.

They automate the status quo.

What exactly is the problem with the status quo?

(Perhaps the presence of Donald Trump has convinced some people that the status quo isn’t all that bad.)

If women have in fact achieved the same status as men in the arts, then the status quo is fine as it is.

Just because the blood pressure status quo hasn’t been improving lately doesn’t mean it won’t — and the Canadian example is instructive here.

“Peer review works on a quid pro quo basis, so one could say that doing fewer reviews than papers is too little,” Trinquart said.

But Uber’s board apparently believes the greater risk to Uber is the status quo.

I was tired of the status quo.

“The initial attraction with Obama and even some of the attraction to Trump was that it’s not the status quo

More of the status quo, more of the backroom deals, the corruption, the lying.”

It catches the status quo in all its pomp and silliness.

I think it’ll say that he was a one-term president, who was elected on this wave of revulsion against the status quo.

On Sunday, pundit Mark Halperin tweeted, “What would happen if Trump…started talking only abt need to change DC, middle class, Hillary=status quo?”

Sending Michael back to the drawing board yet again both establishes a new status quo and upends it completely.

Their investment within the city is the one side of the quid pro quo.”

While Mexico’s new president has floated some radical new ideas to reduce drug violence, the status quo remains the same.

Or they can think small, protect their own, and accept the status quo.

Our status quo is deeply flawed.

“The status quo is unacceptable,” said Democratic Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle.

He had time for people and he’s not afraid of challenging the status quo.”

She is a product of privilege as well as someone who used what it afforded her to resist the status quo.

Meanwhile, the daily actions and inactions that keep inequality going are status quo and, to many, boring.

None of this will happen overnight, and yes, there are plenty of entrenched interests who want to protect the status quo.

“Boogaloo was so good that the status quo was terrified of it,” says one of the interviewees in the trailer.

Our status quo approach to immigration is to allow both low- and high-skilled immigrants into the country.

We need to rethink the status quo.”

CEO David Duffy told investors the bank’s Virgin Money deal would help it “disrupt the status quo”.

Even on the comparatively wealthier streets of north London, there was disdain at a political class arguing for the status quo.

AfD will use this opportunity to attack the status quo and the prevailing narrative of multiculturalism-at-all-cost.

“As Guaidó has learned, overturning the status quo is much more difficult.”

But a quarter-century and millions of dead strewn across Europe later, the Bourbon dynasty returned and status quo ante prevailed.

It’s fair to say that Obama’s policies created a new status quo without much controversy.

“Historically, the museums programming has reflected the status quo,” he wrote via email.

The judge wasn’t having it, so the status quo remains.

But let’s be truthful: the list is long and still protected by the status quo.

We’ve learned that the status quo perpetuates unfair, victimizing behavior to protect and perpetuate itself.

The American immigration policy status quo is therefore an existential threat to the nation, as the ethnonationalists imagine it.

But pushback from developers and politicians representing policyholders who don’t want to see a comfortable status quo change have made reform difficult.

“Inertia is a powerful force, and people who benefit from the status quo don’t want to change the status quo.

These people have good reasons to be angry about the status quo.

None of these rules were ever actually implemented, so to some extent Trump’s simply carrying water for the status quo.

First, there is the status quo (do nothing, leave the ACA in place).

The pope said Jerusalem’s “status quo” as a city sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims should be respected.

The first is called quid pro quo harassment.

I just feel that this is my responsibility to speak out and challenge the status quo.”

Data plans are a poster child for the low-inflation status quo in the economy as a whole.

No surprise, then, that people are unhappy with the status quo.

Data plans are a poster child for the low-inflation status quo in the economy as a whole.

But no one, including officials at the Fed, seems to believe the current status quo can last — and that includes your low phone bill.

The policy that most resembles the status quo and advocated by pharmaceutical manufacturers:

The NPV will be the legal status quo in the states.

I think it is plausible to expect state legislators to leave that status quo alone.

Because they’re not so entrenched in the status quo, and they’re really smart and have a lot of information at their fingertips.

The status quo is especially likely to hold given the records of Kavanaugh and of Roberts, the new median justice.

Most people didn’t, I think, watch it, but just the questioning of the status quo created something.

Pence did not defend Trump’s terrorism policies as much as he attacked the status quo.

I think we should have seen better just how diabolical the strategy was to try to hold on to the status quo.

Get involved.” There is a stranglehold of investment in the status quo.

And that’s the only way to change the status quo.

But because the Bitcoin network works by consensus, advocates of maintaining the status quo won by default.

In fact, the hot academic debate is between people who are angry America isn’t withdrawing and defenders of the status quo.

This quid pro quo was impressively resilient.

“The odds favor Trump’s solution being even more onerous for large financial firms than the status quo,” Seiberg said.

The preservation of the status quo?

These women change the status quo by existing as they are.

Throughout the West, rising dissatisfaction with the economic and political status quo has fed the rise of populism and destabilized party systems.

“We promised to change the status quo and we intend to deliver on that promise,” the group wrote.

What’s clear is that the status quo isn’t working.

To see if the status quo is changing elsewhere, Vox asked Republican governors and state legislative leaders in the 18 holdout states for comment.

But Instagram has destroyed many illusions of privacy, and bathroom selfies are pretty much status quo.

Whenever Jane is threatening to the status quo, Bertha is more threatening.

And ultimately, the only one that will suffer from Victoria’s Secret’s insistence on the status quo is Victoria’s Secret.

But voters have grown frustrated with the status quo due to a slew of political and economic crises.

Over the decades, they said, Rohingya had bribed or negotiated with local military and police, thereby maintaining an edgy status quo.

The Bannonites want to drastically shake up the US status quo on trade, immigration, and international involvement, and the establishment, well … doesn’t.

“For an industry about innovation and changing the status quo, as an industry it does not change very much,” he said.

Both have approached the Middle East as reformists, seeing the status quo as untenable.

“In the ’60s,” he said, “the psychedelic counterculture was a direct challenge to the status quo … it was about dropping out of the culture.

It’s time for a “Netflix model” of banking to disrupt the status quo.

Throughout his six-day visit to Mexico, the Pope has delivered messages designed to shake up the status quo.

Those are, as long as the status quo remains, our two options: perpetual war or an entirely new war.

He has railed against the status quo in Washington and tried to align himself closely with President Donald Trump.

He has railed against the status quo in Washington and tried to align himself closely with President Donald Trump.

No quid pro quo need exist for a foreign emolument to the American president to violate the Constitution.

“Unbossed and unbothered,” Chisholm ran a valiant revolutionary campaign against the status quo.

For both DACA and TPS, continued protection is the status quo.

We will keep the status quo that favors foreign products over made-in-America products.

So we know the status quo can’t sustain itself.

We’re not going to go back to the status quo ante.

But the filibuster means being chained to the past, because it’s a protection of the status quo.

The best way to keep the status quo is by making sure debates about it never get off the ground.

This is what the map looks like under the status quo of twice-yearly clock shifts.

This is crucial for folks whose lives may be filled with received images and stories of the status quo, of how we “should” be.

Whether or not Rajoy succeeds, the results suggest that the Spanish people are not looking for a dramatic change in the status quo.

In the world of South Park, nothing is worse than the disruption of their status quo.

Besides rarely adhering to the roughly 80-150-minute length required for theatrical distribution, they are also unabashed challenges to the status quo.

The final moments of season two of The Handmaid’s Tale don’t seem to radically shift the series’ status quo.

Indeed, they seem to underline just how hard it will be for the series to run indefinitely with that status quo in place.

Sooner, rather than later, and maybe even right now, that status quo will become untenable.

The decision means the status quo remains, with the unions able to collect fees from non-union workers.

And we know, as the SAFE report lays out in painful detail, the incredible costs of persisting with the status quo.

But we cannot accept this as the status quo.

From one perspective, the US is merely keeping pace with Russia’s improving missile defense systems, preserving the status quo equilibrium.

You clearly prefer the status quo.

Rather, it means it succeeded enough in chipping away at the standard quo for these stories to follow.

But this holds for the boring and not-that-uplifting reason that the system embeds massive bias toward the status quo.

But in the very different context of 2016, it advantages whoever happens to benefit from the status quo.

But how exactly do you challenge the status quo in an industry that can seem dominated by men sporting tweed jackets and red noses?

It would be worse than the status quo, but people wouldn’t lose health insurance.

But even a top-up benefit paid at tax time would be an improvement on the status quo.

On the surface, Templeton might appear like the status quo that his subjects rebel against.

The thought is that, if enough states pass similar legislation, it will become burdensome for manufacturers to continue along with the status quo.

While it had traditionally been a highly theoretical discipline, without much checking theories against evidence, that status quo was shifting.

It’s a resistance to the status quo, even just on the level of what records he chooses to gracefully braid together.

In this case, there is quid pro quo except that Pyongyang is getting a summit with the president, which they’ve always wanted.

“If I vote yes, it’s certainly saying it’s better than the status quo, which is awful.

None contemplates how to build the power to force change, as opposed to persuading status quo powers to accept it.

As I’ve said over and over again: The status quo leads to disaster.

Unless you have a plan for changing the status quo, you are implicitly accepting that disaster.

Enacting sweeping reform, in the face of a US political system heavily weighted in favor of the status quo, requires a groundswell.

Now it could be the status quo for a decade.

The most frustrating thing about this status quo is that noise-induced hearing loss is both irreparable and entirely preventable.

The status quo is increasingly untenable because everybody seems to realize the current system is unfair.

The judge ordered the military to “revert to the status quo” and accept trans service members in 2018.

“Most healthcare professionals are opposed to change, because the status quo is really lucrative,” he said.

The judge ordered the military to “revert to the status quo” and accept trans service members in 2018.

“None of this will happen overnight, and yes, there are plenty of entrenched interests who want to protect the status quo,” Obama said.

“The system we have, the status quo is not acceptable,” Porter told me when I covered her primary race in May.

Yet each used the power to shock in service of fighting against war, bigotry, and the status quo.

Under the status quo, ironically, unions’ organizing campaigns have significantly greater reporting requirements than the company.

Add all that up and the status quo that nearly everyone in the West takes for granted suddenly looks very, very shaky.

The FBI supports strong encryption and information security broadly, Wray said, but described the current status quo as untenable.

Reformers see this as a clear improvement on the status quo, which gave the minority party little recourse.

There’s a deep tendency in our society to view mainstream status quo literature as having no politics, which is completely untrue.

Before, a lot of the status quo politics were not contested, and now they’re being contested.

A recent poll shows just how disaffected Palestinians have become with the status quo.

It was a show about teenagers, for one thing, and it featured characters who openly questioned the status quo.

“The status quo cannot continue,” Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Special Envoy for the Mediterranean, said in a statement.

Everything on Netflix is political, and a lot of it is advocating for the status quo.

Through an interruption of the status quo, Hsieh has attempted to rebel against the existing socio-political hegemony and strip bare the mechanisms of subjugation.

Which is why, over time, GOP replacement plans kept evolving to look more and more like the status quo.

As a result, Wizards of the Coast has mostly resigned itself to the status quo.

Vaguely moderate Republican governors plus entrenched Democratic legislative majorities just means status quo governance.

Lakuti: Of course, we live in the greatest age for misinformation, and this is deliberate from the top- to maintain the status quo.

As we’ve noted previously, community owned and operated broadband networks are a fantastic alternative to the broken status quo.

She’s status quo,” he said.

Reformers see this as a clear improvement on the status quo, which gave the minority party little recourse.

Scientists are often typecast as liberals, but scientific institutions can be very conservative when it comes to preserving their own status quo.

And the status quo has been to stay out of the political fray.

In one form or another, the status quo is preserved not only by men, but also by women for various reasons.

Undoubtedly, there was this quid pro quo going on.

Both shows stormed onscreen at a time when furious liberals craved a space to be unapologetically pissed off at the conservative status quo.

The disarray has not discouraged some Kurds who are tired of the status quo.

This status quo — with its particular ambiguities and gray areas — isn’t going to work for men either.

It comes with risks — but so does the status quo.

The far-right firebrand promised to “break the system” and depart from the status quo after a tumultuous few years.

Money talks in Washington, but status quo bias talks much more loudly, as my colleague Matt Yglesias put it.

The result essentially preserves the status quo for oil and gas drilling in the state.

And, when it comes to American policy toward the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is practically synonymous with status quo.

Any aberration from this alliance is thus a significant break with the status quo, and that’s necessarily going to be controversial.

The money, in this view, merely enables Washington’s well-known habits for status quo bias and confirmation bias.

“People earnestly believe that the American interest is best served by maintaining the status quo, supporting Israel, containing Iran.”

Because the old order was so aligned with Saudi interests, Washington’s status quo bias is expressed as a pro-Saudi bias.

If that doesn’t work, building and running your own local ISP is becoming an attractive alternative to the status quo.

You’re itching to break free from the status quo, and a fresh start is taking place in your life!

But it criminalizes the illicit quid pro quo agreement, not the presidential act.

This need to somehow maintain a hopeful status quo is a weak spot of the American sitcom.

“Our goal is to change the status quo and impose meaningful sanctions and measures against Putin’s Russia,” Graham said in a statement.

Of course it’s very possible there was no explicit quid pro quo at all.

France’s government has also weighed in, saying on Wednesday that the status quo was weakening the alliance and could not continue.

So there was already a tradition, and there was also this growing unwillingness to accept the status quo.

Let me also emphasize – this is not about offering limited economic measures that perpetuate the status quo.

But the popular film brouhaha has obscured an arguably even more damaging change to the Oscars’ status quo.

As an alternative to that dreary status quo, I proposed a new liberal fusionism — a liberalism with libertarian characteristics.

In legal battles, it depends on what the status quo is, right?

The result wouldn’t be a health care utopia, but it would be an improvement over the status quo, which is what people want.

This will likely be the status quo for the foreseeable future.

Other political parties also failed to offer convincing alternatives to the status quo.

“That had been the status quo for many decades.”

In the best-case scenario, it becomes a real challenger to the status quo.

But he rejected the idea that there is anything unlawful about the status quo.

The other candidates, however, are not candidates of the status quo.

Tsai has said she wants to maintain the status quo, but will protect Taiwan’s security and not be bullied by Beijing.

But Brexit has rattled the status quo.

I think a lot of people have stayed with the status quo.

“The filibuster means being chained to the past, because it’s a protection of the status quo,” he said.

It’s about having the courage to reject the status quo.

All 24-hour news networks are reticent to rattle the cages of the status quo too much.

In a world that keeps resetting itself to a sunny but secretly sinister status quo, there’s no way to ever learn or grow.

Many such tools start each project with default parameters that tend to reinforce the status quo.

Being able to let yourself rest requires a little bit of patience for the status quo.

It’s much easier for the US to maintain that there’s no need to change the status quo.

But before we dive into the status quo, let’s look into the past.

The compromise bill, AB 398, was seen by many environmental justice and climate groups as worse for the environment than the status quo.

Trendiness need not be a symptom of the status quo, though.

She explained that efforts like the Science March have to explicitly have language about inclusion, because often the status quo is exclusion.

The real question is not whether we should maintain the status quo.

But he also doesn’t have to amplify the status quo in how he runs his campaign.

Vegans also represent a threat to the status quo, and cultural changes make people anxious.

In short, this is an area of law where the massive bias toward the status quo built into US politics helps progressives.

Right There’s no quid pro quo.

“Anarchists” – @Jacobnbc describes protesters These are the sorts of people who turn up whenever they see an opportunity to disrupt the status quo.

Proponents of a stepped-up approach to competition policy are really raising two separate issues about the status quo.

But none of us can be satisfied with the status quo.

It picks up on status quo trends.

But outside the celebrity and industry scandal, things were almost status quo in 2016.

If Republicans manage to mostly hold on, though, the current status quo will remain.

So if there was no quid pro quo, does that mean Clinton’s conduct was aboveboard?

It sounds sophisticated and high-minded, and in practice, it lines up pretty well with defending the status quo.

Rather, it’s a “thought leadership platform” about people “challenging the status quo,” according to the company.

Rather, it’s a “thought leadership platform” about people “challenging the status quo,” according to the company.

So long as the movies could always come back to this central trio, Marvel had a kind of home base or a status quo.

Bolsonaro appealed to Brazilians by promising to “break the system” and depart from the status quo after a tumultuous few years.

Planning assumptions based on an extension of the status quo are disastrously off-base.

Some critics complained about the series’ seeming unwillingness to leave behind its status quo, and I could see where those concerns came from.

CEO David Duffy told investors the bank’s Virgin Money deal would help it “disrupt the status quo”.

As incoming governor, Shumlin — much like Sanders — didn’t want to build on the status quo.

“The status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation,” Kerry warned.

Minor is looking to shake up the status quo.

Tyga not paying people is nothing new, but Chyna ain’t settling for the status quo … obviously.

The status quo is not an option.

Yes, the status quo has got to go.

Then, when I was working on the magazine G-Men, I made an effort to change the status quo of gay magazines.

The Trump administration is just preserving a status quo that the Obama administration had established.

Promoters and bookers will have more trouble finding artists and the boycott will make them reflect on the status quo.

And there’s a hunger for radicalism in the face of what people see as a corrupt and unsustainable status quo.

But even if the status quo somehow moved, Guimaraes faces an enormous problem.

People are just too unhappy with the status quo, in my opinion.

On June 11, a referendum took place where Puerto Ricans voted between statehood, free association/independence, and the status quo.

While Tsai is unlikely to do this, Beijing worries that she could still upset the status quo between their countries.

TV, on the other hand, requires a reversion to the status quo.

And while there is room for debate about the shape of the remedy, the status quo is clearly not working.

By reclaiming Lilith’s story, women can push against this unrelenting and oppressive status quo.

Or, just as easily, they could maintain the status quo.

And one subtle thing that final scene does is contrast Stan and Paige’s reactions to the new status quo.

“There is no room for status quo.

Or, just as easily, they could maintain the status quo.

Speech (as long as it challenges the status quo) is irrelevant.

Experts say it will take several days for Delta to resume a normal schedule and return to the status quo.

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said that “Israelis have voted to preserve the status quo.

This does not mean that Brazil should be content with its accomplishments or with the status quo.

This, in essence, has been the status quo for North Korea nuclear policy ever since.

The status quo is okay for Putin to accept and to use as a basis of negotiations.

“What’s important to me is try to disrupt the status quo,” he said.

We have a bias towards the status quo and we tend to weigh loss more heavily than gain.

If I gave everything to fitness could I finally push past the status quo?

The ruling doesn’t change the status quo.

“While the rich do slightly better when explicitly taking into account the status quo, the rich still do not dominate the middle,” they note.

The non-nudging status quo would require the employees to actively decide to sign up for a retirement plan.

And that status quo has led to cancer drugs that cost more than homes.

Lake Mead is unlikely to survive the status quo.

But I do know that the status quo enabled Weinstein to abuse women for decades.

But at the very least, there is at least one drone pilot fighting to maintain the status quo.

“You’re up against the status quo, which tends to have unlimited resources,” added Eskamani.

At best, it continues the status quo, and at worse it makes the markets less competitive.

“We knew it was going to be noisy because of the politics of the status quo.

To do so is to perpetuate the status quo in which you have to file your own taxes in the first place.

They disrupted the status quo to stay one step ahead of a regime desperate to maintain it through force—and they won.

The goal is only to deflect, confuse, and mislead, in defense of the status quo.

But defense of the status quo is the point, not the arguments.

Scientists are often typecast as liberals, but scientific institutions can be very conservative when it comes to preserving their own status quo.

But none of us can be satisfied with the status quo.

And the status quo has been to stay out of the political fray.

It’s not perfect, but you always have to compare it with the status quo.

Marielle fought to dismantle the establishment, fought for human rights, and had endless determination to confront the status quo.

But on some hot-button areas, like China and Iran, he acknowledged there was little they could do to change the status quo.

Without such an increase, the status quo is actually preferable to bringing back the CSR payments.

His approach is exactly the opposite of the status quo.

Basically speaking, schmuck bait is anytime a series teases a situation that would vastly change the series’ status quo.

But Democrats’ free college plans are still progressive relative to the status quo.

They represent the status quo order to the world that they feel evaporating beneath their feet.

To change the status quo, Democrats should go big.

As the News of the Week women inch their way toward upending the status quo, so does the show.

Writers of keen sensibility may once again be dissatisfied with the status quo and again be ready to speak out.

Tsai has been ambiguous on her China policy, merely pledging, in public anyway, to maintain the status quo.

Both have criticized the Obamacare status quo, and offered to work with Republicans to shore up the healthcare marketplaces.

But analysts told VICE News that they don’t see the newly stated position as a significant move away from the status quo.

This principle applies to professional politicians as well, conferring advantages to those who aren’t as clearly tied to the status quo.

The first is called quid pro quo harassment.

Buhl shared the letter with the activists who contacted her, part of a quid pro quo they’d agreed on from the outset.

Maybe it will come off as too far from the status quo and fall flat electorally, or distract from more popular issues.

The real threat will be if Trump seeks to alter the status quo on China’s “red line” issues once in office, he said.

There are increasing exceptions, but in the majority of cases, the resources within a museum are marshaled toward preserving the status quo.

If you find yourself getting brainwashed with what everyone else believes, be careful; the status quo never leads to greatness.

In the end, everything mostly reverts to the status quo.

Now the status quo is slowly shifting.

As long as those incentives exist, and scientists continue to accept that status quo, open access journals won’t be able to compete.

Lee wrote: The Republican bill simply preserves the status quo, which allows ISPs to sell customer data to advertisers.

But the new people that I’ve brought in didn’t come from this industry, and so they’re challenging the status quo.

Snyder, clearly, is not one to acquiesce the status quo.

A party is a big, complicated institution containing a lot of actors who have different degrees of investment in the status quo.

“Maybe the status quo isn’t working.”

In practice, the bulk of corporate America seems broadly satisfied with gridlock because it protects a status quo that benefits the wealthy and powerful.

They’re all fighting the status quo, hard.

That is just the status quo here.

The first is called quid pro quo harassment.

RR: I have always sought in my way to challenge the status quo as it existed in many forms during my lifetime.

“The status quo was no longer sustainable,” he said.

Tsai says she wants to maintain the status quo but will not be bullied by China and will defend Taiwan and its democracy.

Populism, whatever else it is, is about disruption, about shattering the status quo.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that the US political status quo leads to morally unforgivable inaction.

Conservatives defend the status quo and the interests of incumbents.

In all of politics, but especially in US politics, preserving the status quo is easier than changing it.

Conservatives have a lower bar for success and the reliable backing of those who benefit most from the status quo.

Without it, a lot of voters see their only choices as continuing the status quo or exiting the eurozone altogether.

These movies operated under pitch-perfect horror tropes—an invading enemy disrupting the status society’s status quo.

In a 2012 referendum, a large minority of the population said Puerto Rico should continue with the status quo.

Rather, he suggests that religion may, at times, enforce and legitimize the status quo for rich and poor alike.

This is what the map looks like under the status quo of twice-yearly clock shifts.

So how can we participate in this war against the status quo, the rejection of the either/or?

And why does the male-dominated status quo seem to persist?

Misogyny rewards women who reinforce the status quo and punishes those who don’t.

There are huge numbers of potential political and economic risks to the status quo.

Until we force the government to make public the information necessary for democratic oversight, secrecy will remain the status quo.

These days, “quid pro quo” corruption is pretty rare, Fischer emphasized.

Ride-sharing disrupted that status quo, introducing extreme competition that’s left many cabbies in financial ruin.

It is a movie about why you might start a rebellion against a fascistic order, rather than simply going along with the status quo.

But it can’t repeal Obamacare after it exists, because that would mean replacing the status quo with complete chaos.

If the status quo cannot deny our existence, the foundation of gender as society understands it becomes vulnerable.

Pope Francis called for Jerusalem’s status quo to be respected.

But Josh Shapiro, a 29-year old 3D modeling producer, has a plan to help upset the status quo.

But again: The status quo leads to disaster.

Ultimately, Trump wants to disrupt world affairs while Mattis wants to maintain the status quo.

You have said that there is no quid pro quo involved.

Do you think there is a reason the culinary industry has resigned itself to accepting that status quo?

But if independent districting commissions are an improvement over the status quo, they are no panacea.

Widespread support for independent redistricting is a victory for political reform and a clear rebuke of the status quo way of drawing districts.

But keeping the status quo is also an affirmative choice, which also has its own set of unintended consequences.

Bringing that status quo crumbling to the ground will mean that some previously vaunted figures will go down with it, as C.K.

The status quo right now is bordering on dangerous.

Murray just wants a quid pro quo for his support of Trump.

Simply by proposing them, the Communists are challenging the status quo and positioning themselves as the anti-corruption party.

Now the festival increasingly channels anger about the status quo.

Only later would he step in to cut deals that preserved the status quo after the House’s hardline tactics had clearly failed.

First, the young were less satisfied with the status quo.

But on balance, they thought the rule a vast improvement over the status quo.

The status quo political institution is ashamed of us: We women of color, gays, lesbians, transgender people, and everything different.”

Absent such changes, the same kinds of barriers that reaffirm the status quo will persist — even with the influx of women in Congress.

That they have not yet is a sign that they are fine with the status quo, no matter how despicable it may be.

They prioritize stability and the status quo.

What has changed is the definition of the status quo.

“One thing we would all agree on, the status quo is not acceptable.

Of course, change is never easy, and those with the most to lose usually hold on tightest to the status quo.

But with Blair and Bush, Obama and Brown, and Obama and Cameron, the status quo has prevailed.

They’re pissed off and frustrated with the status quo, but they don’t see a path to a different world or a different system.

Still, that’s a big hit to today’s status quo.

Hard sparring, overtraining, and injuries became the status quo.

The judge maintained the status quo — joint custody.

Others, like Mattis and Vice President Mike Pence, are traditionalists who support maintaining the status quo and a more aggressive approach to Russia.

Many opponents of HB2, though, see the compromise as too similar to the status quo — or even a step backward.

Those populations do need some help under the status quo.

But Trump’s declaration is challenging this status quo.

Note that rejected gene drives and sticking with the status quo isn’t always the “safest” option.

Barring any unexpected political changes, expect the current bloody status quo — not quite war but certainly not peace — to continue for the foreseeable future.

We have to assume that something more like the status quo approach will continue.”

States must refuse to accept a status quo that permits the firearm industry to escape any responsibility for the epidemic it facilitates.

It thus recreates the status quo that the amendment was meant to repudiate.

This may not seem like much, but it’s a big improvement over the status quo, which tends to keep victims in the dark.

If this turns out to be a successful test, hydrogen or otherwise, it won’t fundamentally change the status quo in the Korean peninsula.

And if they’re not, we tend to support those who promise to blow up the status quo.

Uranus seeks to break up the status quo, something that makes many people uncomfortable.

This rising rootedness and attachment to the status quo show up in public opinion data as well.

It’s the kind of complexity that serves to obscure the constant low-level injustice of the status quo.

This has been 50-plus years of the status quo … but there are changes that are in place for the positive,” Kerry said.

If the latter, he would have to adjust to the status quo and chip away at it, galvanizing opposition in the process.

“In a constantly changing world, what is possible is a moving target — challenge the status quo.”

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