Quit in a sentence | Use of the word quit examples

Making exercise more accessible, and helping people quit their smoking habit, could reduce the dementia burden.

I got a phone call from someone who said, “We’re watching you,” and that I should quit my “online activities.”

But most quit and started growing bananas.

This incident was so embarrassing for the young Chandrasekhar that he almost quit the field, the New York Times explains.

They would be wiser to quit, resign, and maybe cooperate if they participated in any criminal conspiracy.

People try to argue with me about this, saying that the world would stop if people quit procreating.

And society would fall apart if people quit collecting garbage or working at sewage plants.

He publicly apologized for his act and quit the band.

He quit the post in protest at her handling of Brexit.

Omarosa’s breaking up with Donald Trump — she’s quit her post … according to the White House.

That decision led to the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis, who quit within hours of Trump’s statement.

Fields quit Breitbart in disgust, as did several members of the site’s staff.

Hannah Gadsby is in the bizarre position of having become a famous comedian for a show she wrote so that she could quit comedy.

Gadsby announces early on in her standup special Nanette — now streaming on Netflix — that she’s going to quit comedy.

“If I quit, I’m an idiot now,” she said.

The freelancer originally attached to write it quit after being pressured by Kurson to paint Schneiderman negatively.

Americans never quit.

He quit the post in protest at her handling of Brexit.

His heavy Twitter use bears more resemblance to Musk than Son, who effectively quit tweeting three years ago.

After 20 years in power, Bouteflika quit on April 2 under pressure from protesters and the army, but protests have continued.

But in 2014, Brown quit “lean” and gave several interviews highlighting the effects of codeine abuse.

“People quit smoking and find a whole new community,” he said.

Police there have urged people to leave him alone—and quit trying to take selfies with him.

Police there have urged people to leave him alone—and quit trying to take selfies with him.

But following their excellent 2018 debut Negative Houses, Van Herik quit and drummer-turned-bassist Alianna Kalaba replaced him.

A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quit rather than do it.

A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quit rather than do it.

He quit the post in protest at her handling of Brexit.

Nielsen is a close ally of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and her firing might prompt Kelly to quit, the Journal reported.

The comment section of my blog became a support group for people who needed to quit drinking, really.

And then the FAQ, it says, “The origin of this site was this guy who quit drinking and wrote about it.

Well, chances are you quit trying, and since weight is a chronic condition, when treatment stops, weight returns.

But since Boehner quit the House this fall, there’s become increasingly little doubt about who he really faults for its demise.

And yet Tesla can’t seem to quit Elon.

Well, I famously quit my job on Kara Swisher’s podcast.

Can I quit bullshitting?

“This can undermine efforts to quit cocaine use among those trying to do so,” he says.

I don’t know the exact date I quit everything, just that it was in June, somewhere in the middle.

When I quit drinking and drugs, I quit socializing.

In September 2010, I up and quit my soul-crushing desk job to launch my New York–based bakery, Ovenly.

Levandowski quit his job at Google (now Waymo) in early 2016 and immediately started a new company called Otto.

The former became this point of outrage where one of your writers quit in disgust.

There’s just one problem … some of the working girls at the place have thrown a penalty flag, threatening to quit if O.J.

Five years later, I quit.

After getting married, they quit their Wall Street jobs and moved to Seattle, where Jeff started an online bookstore — the dawn of Amazon.

“People can quit social media,” Foroux, who also runs industrial software automation company Vartex, said.

He had left his native country to join the ranks of ISIS in Syria, which he then quit for unknown reasons.

Many migrant workers also quit their jobs to go home before the holidays, Li said.

Trump still wanted to do the interview, but Dowd saw the questions as a setup, and decided to quit, according to the report.

Instead, managers are the number one reason why people quit jobs.

As the old saying goes, people join companies but quit their bosses.

“You can quit.

He even asked Trump to quit the race in October 2016 in a video posted on Lee’s Facebook page and aimed at Trump.

He quit and went full-time into filmmaking [afterward].

LS: And that I wasn’t gonna quit.

I lost the wife in a few months, quit the job, and started a new career.

“I don’t quit because of negative criticism,” he told the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Kiernan.

“I don’t quit because of negative attacks.

How I learned to stop worrying about money and quit my job The numbers part of retirement is easy.

Here is how I learned to stop worrying and quit my job: No.

In recent months, some large health insurance plans have quit Obamacare, including, most notably, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare.

But I was pigheaded and wouldn’t quit, so perhaps I worked longer than I should have.

That’s when I quit my contract.

Lindsey Graham ran for president, got ZERO, and quit!

Trump wanted McGahn to deny a report that he had threatened to quit after Trump told him to fire Mueller.

A lot of people have quit Twitter.

There are moments when we simply must quit a job, without a plan, for our own mental health, perhaps because of an abusive boss.

Junior Northern Ireland minister Shailesh Vara quit May’s government earlier on Thursday.

But fundamentally, thanks to network effects, it is hard to quit Facebook.

I wouldn’t have quit my job and started learning theatrical makeup if I hadn’t done improv.

Wilson-Raybould, who was unexpectedly demoted to the veterans affairs ministry in January, quit on Feb. 12.

The group toured with Prince on his 1999 tour, but she quit right after that.

She eventually ditched Hollywood, quit drugs and became a born-again Christian in the mid ’90s.

Mark Zuckerberg has defended the project, but several employees have quit after expressing misgivings.

Without the framework/pressure of the article, I would have quit pretty quickly.

When his employer refused to give him time off, Jerry quit his job and came anyway.

Over the past year, more than 700 EPA employees have quit their jobs or taken retirement buyouts.

Over the past year, more than 700 EPA employees have quit their jobs or taken retirement buyouts.

In fact, bad bosses and (not surprisingly) bad communication are often cited as the top reasons employees quit their jobs.

Members of a separate business council also reportedly started threatening to quit unless Trump disbanded it.

“You just need to quit your horrible job,” one family member advised.

Farm minister George Eustice wants to quit, pledging subsidies would carry on after Brexit.

You have to hear about my babysitter who just quit.

“We had one girl quit and go get a job in nursing.

Many of the people Facebook’s contractor hired to do the work last year have already quit or been pushed out.

She and her boyfriend both quit their jobs at the end of the year in preparation for the move.

Eventually, I quit architecture to dedicate myself to that world.

quit being such a Snorlax and make some really, really awesome food.

That muscle memory doesn’t quit Now let’s pass #RaiseTheWage and get $15 an hour minimum for every worker in America.

Compounded by his anxiety and depression, he reached a breaking point and had to quit.

I quit the league in 2008 and it folded a few years later.

The deputy attorney general threatened to quit because Trump has made him the scapegoat for the firing.

He had realized his behavior on alcohol often hurt the people around him and decided to quit drinking.

And when the bank refused to fix the AC, Sandwell quit paying rent.

Plus, directions for how to drastically reduce notifications and Facebook’s access to your data, in case you’re not ready to quit altogether.

One trial compared e-cigarettes with nicotine patches for helping people quit.

We know from this Cochrane systematic review that if you want to help people quit smoking, you need to give them nicotine.

And under apparent pressure from Breitbart staff who demanded Yiannopoulos’s resignation, he quit on Tuesday.

Then quit wasting my time!

May 24, 2019 – May announces she will quit, her voice breaking with emotion during a Downing Street address to the nation.

If you’re internship is too demanding and/or miserable, you can and should quit.

“I should really quit smoking,” I said insincerely.

Damn, I’d just quit baseball.

The manufacturing council has been disbanded, or everybody has quit, depending on whose version you want to believe.

“Actually, we wanted to quit the band,” jokes Emily.

Here’s a health rumor that just won’t quit: Taking antibiotics makes hormonal birth control less effective—or even ineffective.

In the end, I quit the job and moved back to Italy to focus on personal projects.

That is: Why haven’t we looked into the abyss and decided to just quit?

He quit Buhari’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) last year amid a wave of defections to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

At the same time, 5 million jobs were destroyed — either because workers were laid off or the worker quit.

His parents had other ideas for their son’s future: by the time Rittidet reached ninth grade, his father suggested he quit school.

When his arm healed, he found a job as a pad-man at another Phuket gym and quit fighting.

It is true that some health insurers have quit the marketplaces, leaving 47 counties at risk of having no plans signed up in 2018.

I quit because more than 25 percent of the calls I fielded during my first shift were considered “obscene calls.”

“The Man” video is aligned with Xan’s efforts to quit his xanax, since the death of his friend Lil Peep.

At least 69 people have now quit Trump’s White House advisory groups.

He didn’t quit, though.

A couple of guys have even quit their job after bad experiences with people at work.

Steve Lamos: We decided before the album was even recorded that we were going to quit.

But it has said it would “shred” the deal if Washington quit.

Maybe more baby boomers retired in May than in April, or maybe more teenagers quit their part-time jobs.

“I cannot quit,” Rubio said.

Some Western companies have already quit Iran or said they may have to leave because of the new U.S. sanctions.

He said he decided to quit after the new allegation of sexual harassment emerged on Friday.

He won’t quit, he said, even if his salary isn’t anything to brag about.

Monaco-based Galaxy Energy has quit the crude trading business, while mid-ranking ECTP exited oil and most metals trading.

I told her and she quit wanting to see me.

“Nobody’s going to quit,” said Aki Peritz, who served as a CIA counterterrorism analyst in the 2000s.

Shortly thereafter, the minister of the “Department for Exiting the EU,” Steve Baker, quit as well.

Usually when filmmakers leave a project citing “creative differences,” people assume they mean they couldn’t quit fighting long enough to actually make the film.

She had begged him to quit his job, worried that the long hours were wearing him down.

On August 17, 2012, after several years of growing uneasiness about SeaWorld’s killer whale program, I quit.

And the new changes to how replies work have made me want to quit entirely.

Let’s be clear: I’m not expecting myself to quit Twitter forever.

They denied her benefits on the grounds that she quit for personal reasons.

I quit my job and started a handbag company [with bags] that had phone-charging capabilities.

You can advise a person to quit heroin cold turkey, but what do you tell them if they’re addicted to food?

Adding to the unlikeliness—Smith quit hockey two years earlier to work for a hospital supply company.

By the 1970s, designers quit pushing speed limits, and focused on how to camouflage aircraft instead.

“Russia will quit when they pay a heavy price and clearly we have not done enough yet for them to quit,” Graham said.

Gilmore announced his decision to quit the race in a Facebook post.

When she quit smoking cigarettes in the early ’80s, she says, she would smoke in her dreams for some time afterwards.

He quit the UK for New York in 1975.

The United States, which quit the Council last year accusing it of an anti-Israel bias, does not participate.

Union officials said some TSA officers had already quit.

Kobsak said he quit on July 10, but his departure has not previously been made public.

After he quit Richardson accused Suu Kyi, a former friend, of lacking “moral leadership”.

It destroyed the band—half the band quit during it—but I’m not sure if it could have happened any other way.

I don’t have any plans to quit playing music, but I’m sure my career will have similar peaks and valleys.

This means they can’t work in the same industry if they quit or are fired.

Halsey has a message for Magic Johnson — quit messin’ around and figure out a way to sign Anthony Davis already!!!

Workers who must leave their human capital behind are not truly free to quit.

He quit the post in protest at her handling of Brexit.

A top exec at energy giant EDF has quit over concerns about an £18 billion British nuclear deal

Simpson actually laughed off Stone comparing himself to Osama bin Laden — and told him to quit crying.

Adding to the confusion, May’s offer to quit now has MPs vying to position themselves as her successor.

But Toshiba recently quit the consumer laptop game, and now that laptop looks to be gone for good.

If it quit working, I don’t know what I would do.”

Then suddenly, at the age of 22, he up and quit the Royal Ballet.

The dance world was in a frenzy—undisputed and at the top of his field, for Polunin to quit was madness.

Russia, which has a long-term military garrison in Syria, has said it wants foreign forces to quit the country eventually.

The agency said in its Friday release that it intends to extend the deadline for “newly regulated tobacco products” that can help smokers quit.

I had to quit after a year because I was in a serious car accident, and wasn’t able to dance for a while.

The agency said in its Friday release that it intends to extend the deadline for “newly regulated tobacco products” that can help smokers quit.

He was, rightly, suspended from office for this but then quit in order to pursue his Senate race.

He also thanked her for serving in his Cabinet – something he notably did not do when Wilson-Raybould quit.

I quit podcasting.

I have another why don’t you quit question.

A nearby General Motors plant said the water was damaging its car parts and quit using it.

Earlier police accounts said a wounded Campos helped direct police to the room occupied by Paddock, who had quit firing on concertgoers by then.

You quit a job without exploring your options

It’s rarely a good idea to quit on the spot.

She’s telling you to throw your phone into oncoming traffic, sneak in a bottle of tequila, and quit your job.

Aside from the internet, the only other things I’ve successfully quit are dating assholes and drinking alcohol.

When I quit drinking, I did it cold turkey because I feared I would imminently die if I didn’t change my behavior.

“I might quit fighting in two more years, maybe three,” he says.

I told him to quit while he’s ahead,” Lerdsila quips.

Rating Eventually she decides to quit her job and spend a summer devoting herself fully to losing her virginity.

Evans said he might quit playing the role when his contract is up after the fourth Avengers film that’s currently scheduled for 2019.

Any move to quit NAFTA is likely to draw a court challenge.

It’s not surprising that after four years on the ramparts, he exhausted his inspiration and quit while he was ahead.

Republicans have found it really hard to quit the Obamacare repeal fight after promising action for nearly a decade.

And next year may be even harder to quit.

Under that provision, an EU state has to provide formal notice to the union of its intent to quit.

Luckily for Carl Froch, he was able to make the decision for himself to quit combat sports before being forced to through injury.

Trump just can’t quit his company Trump just can’t quit his company Donald Trump is still in the game it seems.

If they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end – they surrendered, they quit!

Philip Morris says the IQOS – an acronym for “I quit ordinary smoking” – contains up to 95 percent fewer toxic compounds than cigarettes.

The state announced Monday that it will bar insurers who quit the marketplace from bidding for future contracts with New York health programs.

And that’s usually only after a patient has tried to quit heroin several times to no avail.

And that’s usually only after a patient has tried to quit heroin several times to no avail.

The controversy has reportedly prompted at least five Google employees to quit in protest.

It can also help people with insomnia fall asleep faster, make it easier to quit smoking, and aid weight loss.

The quit Smoking plugin is far from a complete smoking cessation program, and more like a “number of days since last incident” sign.

He’s got thoughts on the heated race for Governor in his state too … but it’s clear, he can’t quit Bernie.

Singer Adele and actress Lena Dunham both publicly quit Twitter in the past (although they are both back tweeting).

Tuin used to run the non-profit NDSM-werf—the historical remnant of Amsterdam’s biggest shipbuilding yard—but has recently quit.

So the building was beautiful, but no one worked there because they all quit.

It didn’t quit, and every Iowa county has at least one option.

Jayasundara refused to quit and was later asked to go on compulsory leave, with his deputy standing in for him.

Maybe either my husband or I should have quit and stayed at home with the kids.

His detractors say he should quit in order for Albania to join Europe.

– A Times reporter quoted a source saying May’s office expected Gove to quit the cabinet on Thursday.

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing widespread pressure to quit but can her lawmakers actually force her from office?

They’re not about to quit now.

Many locals want Carrie Lam to quit the rare political role that carries the corporate-style title for her ill-judged extradition proposal.

Rumors are swirling that Trump might fire Sessions if he doesn’t quit.

He quit the post in protest at her handling of Brexit.

That would be my message to any young folks: Don’t quit too soon.

Pence himself could also threaten to quit, in advance of the election, unless Trump takes the deal.

It wasn’t long before Allan quit his job to go into business with Suzi.

Philip Morris says iQOS is for smokers who would otherwise not quit.

Alarmed by what was happening, multiple employees quit after it became clear upper management wasn’t interested in their concerns, the employee said.

Magic Johnson quit.

Opposition parties have increased calls for the resignation of Finance Minister Taro Aso, a close ally of Abe, after Fukuda quit.

“If they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end – they surrendered, they quit!

Abe, 63, quit abruptly in 2007 after a year in office dogged by cabinet scandals, a hung parliament, and ill-health.

quit your job.

The auditor soon quit, the stock has tumbled and Nasdaq has warned it could delist the company after Hewitt stacked the board with allies.

Laura Bush had quit her job as a librarian long before George W. Bush made it to Washington.

Their votes for 73 lawmakers who may have to quit within weeks has upset some calculations after a delay to Brexit agreed in April.

He has said he would not quit even if charged, but it could again dent ANO’s popularity.

You all quit playing!

The one big difference is that all those other things, it’s possible to quit those things cold turkey.

That resonance likely comes from the fact that making quit The Curse was a transitional time for Burch herself.

quit The Curse is out February 2 via Polyvinyl.

He quit the post in protest at her handling of Brexit.

In addition to keeping women from visiting an obstetrician, this fear might even keep them from trying to quit drinking.

They just can’t manage to quit him.

Then I quit smoking and I started taking on that trappy-go-lucky type vibe.

Here are some senior figures who have been fired, quit or otherwise changed roles in the administration.

Scott Pruitt – The Environmental Protection Agency chief quit on July 5 under fire over a series of ethics controversies.

Tom Price – The Health and Human Services secretary quit under pressure from Trump on Sept. 29 over travel practices.

“He’s been at it for so many years and he hasn’t quit.

So you should quit magnifying your own faults, quit berating yourself for not “being perfect,” and just chill out.

GIFT’s chief executive, Ajay Pandey, quit last month without citing any reasons.

The agency says that e-cigarettes could provide a public health benefit if they lead smokers to quit.

As someone who quit cigarettes thanks to vaping, he said that restricting the industry would harm public health.

He said in a statement that the U.S. would quit in six months unless Russia returned to compliance.

He supplied Barack Obama with Nicorette gum even as he urged him to quit the nicotine substitute.

And, I was telling him, ‘Why don’t we quit this and let’s just concentrate on the other two?'”

Miguel lost his employer-sponsored coverage after a heart attack two years ago forced him to quit work.

When I quit Facebook, I assumed it would be for good, but I was wrong.

Researchers have long known menthol cigarettes are more attractive to youth and harder to quit than regular cigarettes.

You’re saying, “Hey, quit yelling in my shared space.

Credit rating agency Fitch warned more lenders would likely follow Tesco Bank’s lead and quit the market, or increase their risk exposure.

And the grueling work leads many inexperienced new hires to quit, forcing the boats to turn around.

I will not quit this place because I love it so much.

People have wanted me to quit for years now, but I just couldn’t do it.”

“You’d see all of them quit,” Thompson said.

Until she quit drinking, she didn’t realize how much they played a role in her own actions when she was drunk.

Colonial power, patriarchal power, capitalist power must always and everywhere be battled, because they never, ever quit.

Leaving the EU isn’t simply a matter of declaring “I quit!”

But Le Maire repeated the government position that bosses of state-controlled companies should quit if convicted of a crime.

Other research shows they can help people quit, and those benefits might outweigh the potential risks in vulnerable kids and teens.

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the US, and vaping companies have long claimed their e-cigarettes can help smokers quit.

One showed e-cigarettes “were modestly effective” at helping smokers quit and that they worked about as well as nicotine patches.

(Yes, the national health system there has free services to help people quit.)

Public Health England endorses these devices as a safer alternative to cigarettes and vehicles that can help smokers quit.

I quit in disgust.

Sen. John Ensign, a Nevada Republican, quit under similar circumstances in 2011.

And we should all quit looking.

Eliot Spitzer quit while under ethical fire, although ultimately they were not prosecuted.

Staff and Cabinet members can threaten to quit.

Eventually, I quit one of my two bar jobs.

But that was part of my income, so when I quit I told my teacher that I couldn’t afford to come to yoga anymore.

I suck, I want to quit, and it’s like no no no, you learn, and he’s like shut up.

This is what happened to Adonis Khan from Huddersfield when he quit his job in November to volunteer for charity Refugee Aid 786.

But she does not quit.

He hates losing — why wouldn’t he just quit?

If everyone in America started ignoring Donald Trump entirely, maybe he would quit.

There has been speculation in the industry that Bogdanov might soon quit.

She never quit, even when things seemed dire.

Sturla Atlas was one of five bands to threaten to quit this year’s edition over these silencing tactics.

Customers of banks or other industries do not necessarily quit after losing faith, she said.

It had warned it might force a snap poll if Fitzgerald refused to quit.

I just quit.

Rumors are swirling that his national security adviser might soon be pushed out too, and that his top economic adviser could quit.

Not long after the finale, Kaasjager quit his career as a professional gamer.

We know from this Cochrane systematic review that if you want to help people quit smoking, you need to give them nicotine.

One trial compared e-cigarettes with nicotine patches for helping people quit.

But as they do, he’ll never think to quit, because what’s at stake means too much.

A social media protest under the #DeleteUber hashtag quickly went viral, prompting many customers to quit the ride-hailing app.

“I quit because everything he said was toxic,” Gilroy told Florida Today.

“I quit because everything he said was toxic,” Gilroy told Florida Today.

To now quit that agreement would, Houser says, “be the second time Lucy has pulled the football.”

Without first getting their employer’s approval, workers can’t change jobs, quit jobs, or leave the country.

This experience drives him to quit journalism and become a pastor of one of the first megachurches, Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois.

Farrah Abraham’s gonna hit it and quit it with her Hollywood Hills home.

Look, I had really young kids, I didn’t want to disappear and quit.

I didn’t want to quit, I was young, had a young family, I wanted to try to do something else.

To save the world, I should probably quit smoking.

If that happens, he could be forced to drop out of college and quit his job as a certified collision specialist.

I’ve just quit but maybe I’ll pick up smoking again and watch the fire eat up London.

I wanted to quit modeling.” Publicly reported January 29, 2018 Multiple women have accused him of harassment and inappropriate touching.

His lawyer, publicist, and assistant have quit, and Spotify has stopped promoting his music.

He quit after it was revealed that he had a consensual sexual encounter with a man in his office.

Jayasundara refused to quit and was later put on leave.

Shortly thereafter, the minister of the “Department for Exiting the EU,” Steve Baker, quit as well.

When doctors quit, it costs an estimated $800,000 to $1.3 million in recruitment, training and productivity costs, depending on the specialty.

Wellmark (Iowa’s largest health plan) and Aetna announced in April that they would quit the marketplace.

Dubinsky fought back against the plan – giving an ultimatum that she would quit – and instead of getting fired, she got promoted.

As it is, nearly three in four current smokers say they would like to quit.

We’ve been assured Pauley quit “NCIS” on her own accord in 2018.

An experienced CFO, Stephen Kaplan, who had only been there about six months, quit around the same time in protest.

Furthermore, its political predecessors, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, actively opposed the “quit India” liberation struggle.

“They forced me to quit football as a player.

Several of his campaign staffers quit in protest.

Why quit when so little has been decided?

One election commissioner quit and fled the country.

Our sources say her lawyer, Laura Wasser, is going to quit and made that known to her, because it’s gotten too venomous.

Part of Turner’s frustration is that some of her coworkers assume she’s going to quit her day job.

“In most families, we don’t face the kind of jobs that require someone to completely quit when the other one is working,” Coontz noted.

I called and quit on my train ride home.

In unrelated news, the White House director of communications quit on Tuesday.

He’s fighting for you and won’t ever quit.

Republican lawmakers in Washington, including Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, have distanced themselves from Moore and urged him to quit the race.

Another, Ashley Watson, says he made unwanted advances when she was his assistant, causing her to quit her job.

Chatelois has since quit amid allegations of racism, sexism, and sexual harassment.

I remember Pierre Omidyar when he quit, and he said to me, he’s like, “I can’t do this.” And he knew it.

Downing Street understand that ministers could quit their positions over the details of the deal.

Lowry was quit on more times than perhaps any eventual All-NBA star.

When I quit last October, I did so because I knew if I kept drinking I would die.

and wanted to get back into food, so I quit my job and just over two years ago, started renting a unit to bake.”

If you didn’t love it, you would quit.”

The Argentinian Prime Minister, Mauricio Macri, has called on his country’s most famous active player not to quit the national side.

Chants echoed through city streets on Sunday calling on her to quit.

A sunset clause would allow one of the three NAFTA members to quit the pact after five years.

At least one of those CEOs, Elon Musk, said he would quit Trump’s advisory council as a result.

Americans never quit.

And then I just quit school.

A source close to Wanda tells us Roseanne’s tweet is “100 percent why [Wanda] quit.”

He famously quit the team in August to pursue other passions in his life including movie making.

Not to be a prig or a scold, but insofar as the details are autobiographical, maybe somebody should quit drinking.

You just quit while you’re ahead.

It’s not enough for me to quit all of my other stuff and only do [this project].

Gotta body that don’t quit?!?

They want Rama to quit to pave the way for a snap general election.

GOP officials are reportedly thinking about (read: fantasizing about) what would happen if Trump quit the campaign entirely before November.

Crowds chanted “Rama quit”, and “There will be no elections without the Democratic Party”.

But Weeden says any such drug wouldn’t help people who still smoke; they’d have to quit.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the the rate at which Americans voluntarily quit their job via the appropriately named “quit rate.”

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the the rate at which Americans voluntarily quit their job via the appropriately named “quit rate.”

He quit in the 11th grade.

Maybe Trump should just quit?

You can quit giving Brazil and China the side-eye—they aren’t nearly alone in their celebration of the derriere.

(I subsequently quit drinking, and found a reinvigorated passion for life.)

I would have to quit,” she told Broadly in an email.

“He quit sending them, and we’re dying.

It’s not like I quit or anybody quit.

These stricter laws limit the potential of vape products to help smokers quit and may even encourage people to keep, or return, to smoking.

They said all nine Republican panel members had signed a letter asking him to quit.

It says he is a free man and quit because Hezbollah was calling the shots in his government.

“The existing research…does not indicate that e-cigarettes help people quit combustible cigarettes.”

Customers of banks or other industries do not necessarily quit after losing faith, she said.

Protests in Baku in 2011, by crowds demanding Aliyev and his government quit, ended after a security crackdown and mass arrests.

Imagine a company where, in the past year, 60 percent of its top management quit and applicants to work there dropped by half.

Trump was quoted as saying that former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, one of the ministers who quit, would make a great prime minister.

He added, “We need to quit pretending we know what’s best for women and their health care needs.”

Federal and state authorities also urged the armed militiamen to quit their protest, saying they were free to leave the refuge.

But they got in this massive fight, they beat each other up, and the singer quit the band.

I was there, I guess two years when I tried to quit.

She quit flying and volunteered for an infantry unit called the Aidar Battalion.

But 236,000 people left the labor force in April, adding to the 158,000 who quit in March.

“If he loses his sight,” he said after, “I’m going to quit this game.”

Leslie quit her job as a PR consultant in order to nurse her son.

Lei has quit the organization after his confession.

The professor told CNN that he has no plans to quit.

Some have even quit.

I would have had to quit that very day.”

“I quit because I didn’t want to perpetuate misleading facts,” Schwab told the Chronicle.

“I quit because I didn’t want to perpetuate misleading facts,” Schwab told the Chronicle.

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That prompted Njee to quit on August 3rd of last year.

Every day, hesitation, uncertainty, and failure cause people to quit.

She started at the shop in early 2017, quit in July 2018, and received a raise and promotion during that time.

She and Becker were both willing to quit their jobs and take the leap.

Over the past two weeks, key health insurance plans have quit or scaled back participation in Obamacare marketplaces.

Darling quit the collective of their own volition shortly after the start of the bones discourse.

Turk from the Hot Boys is begging Rick Ross to quit dragging him into the longstanding feud between Rozay and Birdman.

J.R. Smith recently quit the team after accusing them of tanking the season for a higher draft pick.

Even though he’d quit smoking, Masao would sometimes bum a cigarette from an officer during an interview to strike up a rapport.

I’d proven to myself that I wasn’t an alcoholic because I quit for 45 days.

Maximo Ibarra, the chief executive officer of Dutch telecoms company KPN has quit the day after a large-scale network blackout.

Many plans lost money during their first years and quit.

But it had barely begun to enjoy any benefits when Trump quit the pact last year, calling it too weak.

In short, it’s a thrillingly sad movie about why you should quit your job.

I keep meaning to quit, but then I smoke a cigarette about it and decide to put it off until next year.

So I quit.

Many members want to quit government and rebuild in opposition.

When a founder is ‘opportunity driven’ it’s too easy to quit at the first bump in the road.

Delynn “Doc” Hansen, another believer, quit his chiropractic business several years ago to help found the American Relief Mint in Santaquin, Utah.

“Now it’s time for [Canelo] to take the risks and quit hiding behind little stuff, okay?

It would be much easier for my family if I just quit this job.

(It’s worth noting that this may actually be true for those who are already hooked on smoking and looking to quit.

The day we met, he’d just quit over a late overtime request.

Trump said in June that he would quit the Paris Agreement and instead focus on creating jobs in the coal and oil industries.

Much of it was borne out of Hause’s decision to quit drinking.

Junior Defence Minister Guto Bebb resigned his position after deciding to vote against the government, the 10th Conservative to quit over May’s plan.

I quit drinking half-way through recording this and that has had a huge impact in my life.

Jayasundara refused to quit and was later asked to go on compulsory leave, with his deputy standing in for him.

Esther McVey, the Work and Pensions Secretary, followed suit an hour later, while two junior ministers, Suella Braverman and Shailesh Vara, also quit.

Esther McVey, the Work and Pensions Secretary, followed suit an hour later, while two junior ministers, Suella Braverman and Shailesh Vara, also quit.

We need to bring mental services back this way [into Grassy Narrows] and quit sending our youth away.

It took me one year from the first published book to be able to quit my part-time nursing job and write from home full-time.

What I can’t do is continue lying, so I quit.

When I quit, I felt superior to Lee, who rationalized the deception.

But Tiborcz’s interest in Keszthely did not end when he quit the Yacht Club.

My wife did not want me to quit teaching.

Major insurance plans like UnitedHealth and Aetna quit selling coverage there because the population that signed up was sicker than expected.

Two other insurance plans, Wellmark and Aetna, also quit the Iowa marketplace this year citing the law’s uncertain future.

“Do you want to quit?”

CNN later confirmed Rosenstein’s plan to quit.

CNN later confirmed Rosenstein’s plan to quit.

When James quit the band, I said “Lydia, can I play sax in your band?”

I was ready to quit swimming.

But before they could actually do so, Nixon quit.

Since Trump took office, 37 high-level advisers have been fired or quit.

The band managed to make it through their five or six songs, but after leaving the stage, they immediately quit the Stones’ tour.

I kept saying I wanted to quit my job; it was time to listen to myself.

He’s 33 years old, he quit Google, because … Was it Google?

How to quit Facebook (if the time suck, Russian ads or political noise has become too much).

Yeah, if you weren’t really gonna lie, you’d quit or you got fired for not lying.

Then, in September, she suddenly quit her job and left for Standing Rock.

“I almost quit after that,” he told Wright.

Probably I would have quit at an early age.”

On Monday, Treasury Board president Jane Philpott quit, saying she’d lost confidence in the government in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

They quit their jobs and went all-in on Sand Cloud in 2014.

Russell ominously explained the persistence this way: “Imagine during Watergate if people quit investigating and said, you know, he won by a landslide.”

Specifically, Marco Rubio now seems increasingly likely to be the last candidate standing against Trump — especially now that Jeb Bush has quit the race.

In November 2012, Clelia Mattana quit her corporate job to travel “indefinitely.”

Bensalah said on Thursday he would stay in power until a new president had been elected, despite calls from protesters for him to quit.

He publicly apologized for his act and quit the band.

He would only quit the race if he thinks it’s the best option for Donald J. Trump.

She ultimately quit.

The whips themselves must support the party line or quit.

But most quit and started growing bananas.

Hours later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would quit too, calling the U.S. decision “brave and moral”.

quit yelling like a little kid.”

I moved to Sydney and quit university to focus full-time on stand-up.

The moon in Libra clashes with Mars and Saturn, inspiring you to quit a bad habit.

– She quit smoking at 117 and claims to have eaten two pounds of chocolate a week.

Indeed, many in the oil and gas industry wish the media would quit using the shorthand.

It has now decided to quit those rules, and simply do whatever it wants.

Catt Sadler quit E!

But the more Trump does stuff like quit the Paris agreement, the weaker America is likely to get in the long run.

Did she ever want you to quit?

Tristan quit the music biz 8 years ago, and is now a psychotherapist.

One CUP lawmaker present at the meeting, Eulalia Reguant, quit the day after, citing his reversal.

It wasn’t for any moral reasons that I finally quit engaging in casual sex, sexting, and the cultivation of crushes and romantic obsessions.

David Davis, the minister in charge of Brexit negotiations, and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, both strongly pro-Brexit, quit within hours of each other.

But the pain of disappointment and chemical withdrawal eventually became so fierce that I had to quit the game.

It took off on Twitter, and soon they had to quit playing Pokémon Go to maintain the site.

One of the most critical questions about e-cigarettes is whether they can help smokers quit traditional cigarettes.

On the question of whether vaping helps people quit traditional smoking, the reviewers had only three randomized controlled trials to work with.

So they found there was “insufficient evidence” that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking.

So again, while e-cigarettes might have the benefit of helping adults quit smoking, they may also promote smoking among youth and young adults.

Regardless of my work—its great merit or strength—some force can prevail so powerfully that I might be compelled to quit.

He will quit pig farming for good, he added, seeking manual work after the holiday.

Why did you quit stripping?I finished school and moved into a professional field.

Most of us take it for granted that we have a right to quit our current job and find a new one.

Former Treasury Board chief Jane Philpott also quit in protest.

He wanted congressional Republicans to quit negotiating, which they did late Thursday night.

The controversy has reportedly prompted at least five Google employees to quit in protest.

People start meditating and if everything in their lives isn’t immediately rainbows and unicorns, then they quit.

Soon after, Rollins quit the campaign, and Perot famously suspended his effort before eventually hopping back in.

“I have friends who have quit companies in San Francisco because, literally, they didn’t have the nap pod close to their desk,” he said.

Iger last year quit a Trump advisory council because of the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

The politicians need to quit playing into stereotypes.

Renzi has promised to quit if he loses the vote, Bloomberg notes.

quit listening to Rush Limbaugh and try to think as clearly as you can about what’s going on.

Its CEO, Tony Fadell, quit last week after struggling to expand to other “smart home” products.

But if they quit smoking, those risks decreased dramatically—dropping to 6.1 percent and 5.2 percent.

There’s no need to feel ashamed or guilty about smoking—just quit and do it for yourself.

Sure enough, they found a correlation: After the media coverage, the number of existing statin users who quit their therapy temporarily increased.

This uptick appeared to be temporary, and quit rates returned back to expected levels six months later.

But Conley and Castanha ignored that edict, instructing Desi to calm down, listen up, quit crying, pay attention.

Derek quit, and pretty soon everything goes to hell and, you know, the baked goods stopped and the whole team failed.

Another four councils around Sydney previously quit using Roundup over possible links to cancer.

Ultimately, he quit, but it was the most astonishing moment.

I was lucky, at that point, because I had other options, and so I threw my helmet at the window and quit.

Savona had advocated a “plan B” to allow Italy to quit the euro if necessary, spooking financial markets.

She promptly quit her job at a nursing home out of fear she’d infect her elderly patients.

And the maid quit unexpectedly.

The incident caused Watson to quit her job as Tyson’s assistant, she said.

To save face, UEFA bigwigs threatened the team with expulsion, prompting Arkan to officially quit his role at the club on 25 July 1998.

Three-quarters of the members of the National Park System Advisory Board, a group that advises the National Park Service, quit on Monday evening.

Years ago he said he quit drinking lean because of the seizures, but last night in Milwaukee he was double-cupping in plain sight.

If you smoke, quit.

A former acting director of the CIA just quit his job as an expert at Harvard University because of Chelsea Manning.

Williamson quit halfway through the season.

In one episode, the Academy Award–nominated June Squibb comes in to quit smoking.

I actually quit school for it.

The company wants “Scrub ‘N EZ” to change its name, and quit using Scrub Daddy in advertising.

How to quit your job, make more money somewhere else, and still leave a good impression.

How to quit your job, make more money somewhere else, and still leave a good impression.

to quit your job in order to get raise somewhere else?

And instead of helping smokers quit, Juul captured the nonsmoking teen market.

Jayasundara refused to quit and was later asked to go on compulsory leave, with his deputy standing in for him.

Hezbollah hit back, accusing Saudi Arabia of forcing al-Hariri to quit.

Ryan: One of our songs, “Don’t quit Your Day Job,” started as a writing “micro practice” with myself, Brock and Josh.

We hope quit in a sentence examples were helpful.