Quirky in a sentence | Use of the word quirky examples

Bartlett also gently calls attention to the distinctive character of her songs, which sometimes feature quirky chord changes or phrases.

Jennicam would now be construed as some kind of quirky performance art, a sideways comment on the hi-def version of modern life.

These women are quirky and strong, proto-feminists who recognize that their positions in the world are untenable.

The poems can be grisly, gothic, and obsessed, not to mention quirky and disturbing.

In other photographs, she focuses our attention on something quirky and inexplicable.

Some of the quirky decor on the Thirsty Perch still clings to the building’s exterior.

What’s not to like about this quirky tale based on the hit young adult novels of the same name?

Rebecca discovered in Havana — and indeed throughout the island of Cuba — quirky collections of animals, in menageries both public and private.

When I was an undergraduate psychology major, I was captivated by the quirky findings from psychology experiments that appeared in my textbooks.

It is a quirky old building that initially greats you with a green staircase and red walls.

With a suitably quirky response (embarrassing emoji included), they ask how they can help me.

She took Kate’s look and ran with it, injecting her own quirky, girly spirit into the Kate Spade prototype.

It eschews back-to-back jokes for natural dialogue and quirky plot points.

Through quirky vantage points, creativity, and a well exercised instinct, Higbee captures delightful shots of everyday city life.

her lyrics are quirky and melodies infectious!

Opening Ceremony: Once simply a quirky boutique, now a fashion force to be reckoned with.

“The game moved too fast, there were too many quirky rules and strange penalties.”

JN: The new album, Musique Isotype, is sonically rich and deliciously quirky.

On one level, it’s a show about how the rich are just as quirky and weird as the rest of us.

Have you noticed an evolution in the way the “cool kids” dress versus the quirky main characters?

In the eighth transfer, from the program mtPaint to bmp2tiff, CCC just couldn’t do the job thanks to some particularly quirky data structures.

This section also includes tenderly quirky sculptures, which Drexler began creating in the mid-1950s by assembling various items from her own household.

He pointed to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as holding up the treaties, adding Paul was “a little quirky” on the issues.

We know Tove Lo for her hooks about highs and habits, her quirky charm, and her refusal to apologize for her feminism and sexuality.

There are also more playful and quirky pieces, like Brendan Sullivan’s painting “Parallel” (2018), which takes a more surrealist approach.

For quirky, off-kilter London two piece Jockstrap, that meant getting a 21-piece orchestra on their debut release.

We can take ribbing over our quirky process.

Compared to the cold alien obelisks of Overgrown, the songs are warm and watery, more approachable and freewheeling, sometimes even quirky rather than grave.

And will she — and her charmingly quirky customers — manage to find love from within the welcoming doors of Nightingale Books?

Something a bit quirky, but their own personal style.

quirky Romance (36103)

Sample: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004).

Also, it has Lauren Graham, whose quirky comic timing, when combined with Billy Bob Thornton’s gravelly Scrooge-meets-Grinch-meets-Satan act, can be kind of magical.

But after I really started getting into houseplants, I realized they’re often more than a pop of color or quirky social media post.

They make a lot of quirky stuff, but this is one of their most mind-bogglingly detailed projects.

We didn’t know what we were doing, but clicking around felt like solving a quirky puzzle.”

Then we added our quirky style and Papermeal was born.” The team uses a mixture of handcrafted pieces and laser-cut elements.

Imagining the end times spent with the quirky tech investor — who does, in fact, have one of those Kiwi escape pods — is certainly surreal.

With its signature, slightly quirky point of view, The Webster is a must-visit stop in South Beach.

It’s a quirky play you might see at a Fringe Festival.

Workers at the Shell station remember him as happy, if quirky, and “definitely not a troublemaker.”

The difference between an incredibly sad life and a “quirky” one may be the presence of an audience.

They’re both kind of quirky conceptually, very difficult to master, and put a lot people off after a first impression.

A quirky tidbit about the creation of the song and album immediately made the rounds.

https://t.co/73We8AwlXS pic.twitter.com/FukWL726oH Further into the store, there are sections like bar essentials, quirky kitchen gifts, and small cooking appliances.

Their works can be funny, disquieting, quirky, sweet, meticulous, improvisational, and hallucinatory.

Nothing says spooky quite like Friday the 13th — that quirky day when all our superstitions and phobias come out to play.

Broad City, in some ways a quirky, millennial successor to Sex and the City, even has its very own line of sex toys.

In its understated, winningly modest way, Carlson’s project participates in this quirky practice of pushing past painting’s inherent limitations.

– Sara, New York City I knew one of my exes was wrong for me when he described me as “quirky like Juno.”

And some of them are quirky little half-hour dramas imported from Australia.

And large areas of same-ish colors attain quirky patchiness and depths via variably shaped or delineated chromatic same-ishness.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

The quirky HBO drama — about a polygamist family living in suburban Salt Lake City — boasted a surprising thematic richness.

Jordan Casteel paints the street life of Harlem and its black residents, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer the quirky, and often decrepit, trappings of whiteness.

Among other things, it shows what a quirky guy he was.

It’s not a surprise to me that Wood had this quirky Arts and Crafts background that precedes his Impressionist phase.

This year’s finalists are particularly quirky, not to mention representative of a highly international group, arriving from nine countries.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

We liked the 4C, but it was quirky.

In the early ’90s, Toyota introduced the innovative but quirky Previa.

Those colorful little pieces of plastic, which are made by companies like Perler, Hama, and Artkal, can be arranged into quirky designs on pegboards.

Well no, they’re kind of, they’re … All gay people are quirky and fun and successful and … That’s all right.

But success aside, this quirky model inspires with its endearing humanity, and its focus on artists’ needs for artistic and emotional support.

Echo launched as a quirky internet-connected speaker, and is a useful audio entertainment device.

In terms of how exciting they were, how interesting, how quirky, how strange, aren’t they refreshing?

“The age issue is a puzzle because memory usually gets more quirky as we age, rather than the other way around.

It sounds like a quirky weird French library record from 30 years ago.

More importantly, something unexpected, delightful, funny, or quirky can unfold.

Tooting Market has been running since 1939, but some modern cafes, bars, and quirky shops have recently moved in.

IoT is most well-known as a quirky way of automating your home, like some fancy clapper or talking fridge.

That might explain why the quirky final boss seems to come out of nowhere.

Called “Canada’s quirky tax innovation” by The Financial Post, the incentive allows Canadians to invest in companies looking to find new natural resources.

“The video quickly went viral because of her passionate, and quirky, demeanor while delivering the message.

I used to hum along to the quirky theme song.

His style is a direct reflection of his quirky personality.

The DJ showed off his quirky sense of style at the FENTY PUMA by Rihanna show during NYFW in September.

Jaden Smith has a quirky, avant-garde sense of style.

She definitely pulled some things from our quirky characteristics and put them into our characters.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

If you say something quirky, it can lead to conversation.

These are the kind of questions that you face in “Reigns,” a quirky indie strategy smartphone game.

Sequoia Capital-backed B9 Beverages’ “Bira 91” brand and a start-up brand “Simba” have lured drinkers with quirky branding and lighter brews.

It required a quirky kind of genius to change the terms so unexpectedly and make a presumed asset into a liability.

His quirky friend Ford (Bey) turns out to be an alien and saves him from the plight of his homeworld.

Wkndla: If you’re into big, quirky, sculptural jewelry, look no further than the Los Angeles-based Wkndla.

We’re quirky neighbors in the sitcom of life, walking cautionary tales barely old enough to drink.

So I think they got used to me having these quirky things.

The Subtly quirky Tee Got something to say?

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads This year, our favorite shows in the US were especially quirky.

Just a year-and-a-half after her season (19) aired, and a year after she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, quirky hairstylist Ashley Salter is married.

With Bud, Groom creates quirky and colorful 3D lithographs that resemble both outsider art and the experimental comics of the 70s.

The family’s home, which according to Variety, Zappa purchased in the mid-70s for $75,000, has a quirky, yet beautiful design.

He matches his quirky palette with equally zany pictorial inventions that tread the tricky ground between abstraction and representation.

Some of them use quirky and game-changing abilities.

What a quirky pairing!

It is for white liberals because the Muslim who “overcomes” is different but only in quirky ways like Ramadan and Halal Guys.

The quirky tastes of Gen Z are bringing old — and nearly obsolete — clothing brands back.

“This dress is kind of the quirky, modern take on the LBD.

It’s perhaps the clearest indicator that we’re onto something other than a quirky, dark, funny, and ultimately human portrait of a town.

Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Eleanor’s supposed soulmate, is the patient, conflicted straight man to Bell’s quirky character.

But what we love even more is when our favorite cover stars are put to the test with quirky challenges that expose hidden talents.

Nextbit, the upstart maker of the quirky Robin smartphone, has stopped selling the device and sold its assets to PC maker Razer.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

It’s also a quirky industry—I’ve never met anyone that knows or who writes cards.

We’ve started talking to our machines — not with commands, menus and quirky key combinations — but using our own human language.

The quirky Huckletree has three London locations: Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, and White City.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

It developed a quirky, dedicated following that has at times been compared to a cult.

The swing was quirky, but not in a bad way.

The Artisan Market: Get lost for hours in the best and most affordable haven for quirky Mexican souvenirs.

Will it be the quirky “Nosedive”?

Gutpunch plays with a lot of different styles, from quirky coming-of-age to a hapless sleuth story.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

Munch’s Oddysee was too quirky to be a tent-pole title.

Where’s the quirky Black girl like me that grew up in white environments?’

Some of your videos are pretty straightforward, while others, such as the toothpaste one, are more weird and quirky.

The bullying mounted after Kordei called fellow group member Camila Cabello “quirky” in an interview for Facebook Live.

The twins, Li Li and Mei Mei, are certainly quirky.

Every girl has her own character: funny, quirky, cool, or whatever.

JS: In the late 1970s you made quirky still life paintings.

Dinoplatz is quirky and childish and has the kind of artwork you don’t typically find on blotting papers or mascara.

“untitled 03” gets a quirky coffeehouse intro for a live performance during the final week of The Colbert Report.

Join Team Spiralizer: Zoodles Forget lettuce completely and look to the spiralizer to provide a quirky salad base.

But let’s step back for a minute, and ask: Why do the quirky Iowa caucuses have this tremendous impact on the race, anyway?

If you like quirky, the Prius Prime exudes quirky.

What’s most striking about these films is that few fit the stereotypical idea of a “quirky” indie movie.

Caterspot includes some quirky options, like a popup bar which might be suitable for events or a company do.

It’s a great place to find custom gifts, leather and wooden goods, and quirky products you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Basically, there’s a quirky, festive knit for everyone on your list.This story was originally published on October 13, 2016.

You can watch the full interview here: So just why is this quirky movie, with a 32 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, so popular?

It was a dark, quirky rom-com starring “Franny,” a confident, bubbly sweetheart.

XSEED will release Akiba’s Beat, a quirky JRPG from Acquire, next month.

He finds multiple narratives and brings them together around a theme, and they’re … some of them are very quirky.

KS: It was quirky and interesting.

Mary’s quirky best friend and sidekick, Rhoda.

KS: You had to be … it was quirky.

Adams has had a quirky career.

“She is just my kind of human—confident, while quirky, brilliant, while introspective, creative, while studious.

Phish, a decidedly quirky, under-the-radar band has generated such a community, and their concerts go way beyond entertainment and art consumption.

A quirky and charming metal lattice wardrobe, it looks like something from Anthropologie’s furniture collection.

Fairy Bread’s simplicity has saved it from the gentrification many favourite childhood foods undergo at the hands of consciously “quirky” chefs.

As a result, the quirky and mysterious plot lines of The X-Files are no longer representative of niche tin foil hat wearers.

Also, she’s quirky.

In addition to making the quirky so damn cool with his musical stylings, the “Life On Mars?”

Robot anymore—save for the quirky, Seinfeld-obsessed tangents of Elliot’s new friend Leon, played very capably by NYC rapper Joey Bada$$.

How 17 famous companies got their quirky names.

It seems quite plausible that Pirahã is not as quirky a human language as Everett proposed.

Click ahead for the quirky mugs, thoughtful books, and versatile fashion finds that our editors’ family and friends can expect this year.

Accessories include these deliciously cozy faux-fur slippers, these elegantly embroidered ankle boots, and countless quirky pieces of jewelry that complete the look.

While there is a whimsical side to many of works, it is offset by Saul’s quirky subject matter.

Austin, Texas is an eclectic mix of live music, modern culture, BBQ, artisanal everything, and a big dose of quirky charm.

Janicza Bravo, who directed the quirky indie comedy Lemon last year, is a fresh new voice worthy of note.

In Practice: Material Deviance, the group exhibition currently occupying the quirky basement space at SculptureCenter, can’t quite live up to its curatorial statement.

Wade is participating in a video game contest created by OASIS founder James Halliday (Mark Rylance), a quirky, recently deceased tech billionaire.

The HFPA has always been a bit, shall we say, quirky when it comes to nominations.

being a single mom, Stephanie as a musician, and Kimmy in a faux-interracial relationship — isn’t fascinating, or even quirky, in 2016.

There are always these weird, quirky little facts buried in your work that I never would have thought of in a million years.

Do you have a favorite weird quirky little fact that you’ve uncovered?

It’s the movie that introduced the world to the now mega-popular Chris Pratt as an unlikely, quirky action hero.

Fun, “quirky,” marriage proposal gone wrong?

I wasn’t quirky, individualistic, or flighty.

A really great Meg Cabot book is moving and quirky as it is likable.

She’s quirky and funny and artsy.

January’s new moon falls in quirky, geeky and completely magical Aquarius.

Michael, in his quirky, eccentric bloodlust, can just keep going and going.

Binary Domain, a quirky action game about humanity’s relationship with artificial intelligence, fits the bill.

The solution at Mumok is quirky, to say the least.

I love you @liamhemsworth”The caption appeared under a quirky photo of the two with Miley being Miley — tongue out and all.

Just as he injects his own quirky personality into the clubhouse, Maddon encourages players to do the same.

He previously founded and ran an invention startup called quirky, which has struggled, and also started the successful smartphone accessory company Mophie.

It’s funny, quirky, and not something you see every day.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Michelle Segre makes sculptures that are both materially quirky and formally rigorous.

So let’s set aside the context of Roberts endlessly quirky conditions, and look, again, at the work.

Her quirky, sassy comedic style makes her a perfect choice for the job.

Spas these days offer an array of quirky beauty treatments that range from green tea face masks to chocolate massages to caviar facials.

Now, I know that “quirky” videos are Katy Perry’s reserve.

Re/Dress: Stocking both vintage and indie labels, Re/Dress is the multi-brand boutique for the quirky customer — like if Etsy met ModCloth.

A fun silk tie

Skip the boring tie this year and opt for a quirky, eye-catching one instead.

He was really quirky, and I loved him.

It was raining and Steve walked across the playground wearing a red, white, and yellow umbrella hat—indicative of his love for quirky innovations.

Or the quirky Olive Penderghast from Easy A?

Something quirky and New Age-y.

Some wanted no changes at all and wanted the company to preserve its quirky exclusivity.

Acting like it’s something fun, quirky, and cute minimizes the experiences of the people who face these challenges every day.

Not exactly mainstay qualities of the quaint and quirky daily lives of Gilmores.

“I would describe most people I met as quirky, smart individuals with a quirky, naughty fetish — my favorite kind of people.” h/t Slate

“Yeah, I think so often when you’re a little bit quirky, you fall into the quirky best friend category.

But I’ve been noticing more shows where the quirky best friend is more the main character.

), and maxi dresses in those quirky Missoni prints we’ve come to know and love.

The resulting images show women feeling comfortable in their own bodies and clearly having fun in their quirky room of choice.

I’d describe the exhibition as “quirky,” but then we all have our quirks, don’t we?

The seed fund invested a small amount of capital in Lyft when it was still a quirky idea for ridesharing called Zimride .

The only one unafraid of him is Dinki, a quirky white mouse who wants to leave the island and pursue a better life.

We’ve seen classic foods in wild colors and shapes, and we’ve tried our favorite staples smashed together into a single quirky dish.

Maybe Bennett winds up succeeding like Moss, or maybe he joins Chad Ochocinco on the quirky personality blooper reel.

All the quirky comedies, out the window.

The show brought to life the Banks family and their quirky Philadelphia cousin, The Fresh Prince, a.k.a.

This Northeast type of mentality of being quirky and authentic, of being unabashedly who they are, that’s their definition of themselves.

It’s quirky and fun, but also necessary, according to Ben Goldberg, one of Goby’s co-founders.

While sneakers and a dress were once a quirky fashion faux-pas, now it’s become cool.

The 20 winning images are deemed to the year’s most creative when it comes to depicting science in both slick and quirky ways.

He was a little extra quirky,” said Davis, who graduated from the school last year.

We end with Gus and his friends enjoying their quirky party game: making up theme songs for movies.

I definitely have a few songs that are on the happy, quirky, sweet side but those are not the songs that get me emotionally.

What do you get when you combine two strong women, a surprise engagement, a mysterious stranger, and a quirky yet endearing female friendship?

“Aquarians are surprisingly fun, very quirky, and eclectic.

But a quirky result of the project was the production of images that look like a serious acid trip.

Ben always had a quirky sense of humor, and he was good at communicating that to people that weren’t as quirky as we were.

The stories oscillate between suggesting deepfakes could trigger war and covering Hollywood’s latest quirky use of face-swapping technology.

From quirky comedies to bizarre horror anthologies, there’s a lot to explore, both via streaming platform and traditional TV.

Tierra Whack’s nearly 600,000 Instagram followers may have been gotten used to seeing her quirky freestyles popping up on their timelines.

But what makes investors so confident that Snapchat — a company known for disappearing messages and quirky face filters — will someday become a big business?

It features Mad Men interiors, quirky dance moves, and an amazing twist ending that we refuse to spoil.

The exhibition’s mouthful of a title, with its quirky punctuation, translates into English as “brain feeling.!

Classic quirky move.)

And she returns to the quirky mother-son duo, hinting at just how much she needs some adult guidance and supervision in her life.

“What I loved was how quirky it was,” Green wrote in an email to Vox, recalling her 2014 review of Kondo’s book.

It’s a refreshing, quirky antidote to the anonymous-feeling fast fashion buys and endless designer collabs that tend to populate our closets.

“They are attracted to quirky, not-so-easy-to-like names that are more difficult to embrace.”

In this climate, the quirky, family-run Dr. Bronner’s has achieved mainstream relevance.

They set a somewhat quirky tone for the meal that begins with chat juk, or pine nut porridge.

Emma Stone is a quirky, funny, beautiful, strong, and successful actress.

The trailer’s quirky music and tone tried to sell the show as adorable, but it just felt creepy.

Inside is a maze of quirky rooms home to the ornate wares of Denmark’s first family.

Check out the first video, below, and stay tuned for the next five delightfully quirky shorts in the series.

The satisfaction of finally completing a song with a group of people, each adding our own quirky bits, was thrilling.

The startup shows lots of amusing, quirky illustrations behind and around the central (and frankly dry) file transferring tool/interface that it offers to users.

She’s not phony or princess-y or forcibly quirky.

In the month of June, tech companies celebrated Pride in the best way they know how: small, quirky product updates.

This means that scientists must deal with all the quirky properties of quantum mechanics in order to program quantum computers correctly.

Otherwise, A Bug’s Life is but a quirky footnote in Pixar’s catalog.

Like, laugh out loud, slapstick funny — he was as quirky and weird as he was fit and traditionally attractive.

It’s a quirky, sorta-glitchy look back at 80s gaming and how we viewed our nation’s history 31 years ago.

The music was quirky but not strange.

“I would say that my style is very quirky and creative but not in an over-the-top way.

To the average cultural consumer, Devo remains that quirky band with funny red hats—a New Wave novelty relegated to 80s Night karaoke.

Up until now, the island has remained largely untouched, thanks to quirky rules about land ownership that date back to the end of slavery.

It’s a cute set-up, the idea of modernizing your typical quirky, family-focused indie fare (à la Little Miss Sunshine) to reflect the times.

It sounds relatively shallow—but a wealth of political intrigue, quirky science, and some actual history is included, which lends the experience unexpected detail.

This IKEA shopping bag has emerged as an unlikely, quirky inspiration for fashion designers.

His domineering, quirky personality has earned him the reputation of an art world rock star.

quirky and relatable, Juno’s uniqueness is a persistent reminder that pregnant teens are humans first.

Lovably quirky Dutch electronic musician, Legowelt, took to Twitter this morning to announce a drawing competition affiliated with his own Nightwind Records imprint.

I can love myself and I can love my body and my person and my sense of humour and my weird quirky personality traits.

Maybe the movie won’t have a quirky best friend, an impossibly adorable meet-cute and an adorable dog?

But to come upon such nature-themed artworks in, well, nature, is to appreciate their compelling oddness — and quirky charm — in new ways.

“They really bonded over their mutual love of quirky fashion and food – and things turned romantic quickly.

Our studio specializes in doing work that’s a bit quirky and unusual, so we decided to push that further.

The quirky landmarks — the most well-known being Prada Marfa — are very much worthy of the 3.5 hour drive from the nearest airport.

“We don’t think of it as quirky.

quirky billionaire and long-time Bitcoin bull Tim Draper is here for you with what is apparently called a rap song.

Altogether, Kat Von D now has 47 lip colors, including a number of other quirky shades like “neon turquoise,” “bright grape,” and “pitch black.”

It’s not just the abundance of soup that makes season 2 worlds away from the freshman season of the quirky comedy.

Her brain is nuanced, quirky and stubbornly abstract.

With a heavy dose of unabashed opulence, designer Alessandro Michele proves that his quirky, maximalism is here to stay.

Whether you’re into quirky hostels or five-star suites with an unbeatable vantage of the city, Chi-Town has something just right for you.

“You can work with a quirky, untrained, market-oriented president,” Himes said.

You can work with a quirky, untrained, market-oriented president.

HTC’s efforts to become a software player failed to gain traction, while HTC’s quirky action camera, called Re, also fell flat.

It’s in the quaint, quirky artworks that TEFAF becomes much more than a bazaar for the decorative.

Bseiso insists the quirky genre has room to expand if only fans could find a hero from home.

There’s the daughter desperate to shield her significant other from her quirky family, like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

It makes a tinny sound at best, it has simplistic (if quirky) controls, and it clearly was based on old technology even then.

quirky women in comedies often fall into the “hapless” stereotype — she’s always losing her keys!

A love for weaponry is sometimes seen as quirky but it isn’t exactly a social taboo.

The dialogue is always, always quirky for no good reason.

Scales of success in book publishing are very, very quirky.

I’d say that mission is totally accomplished with these playful, quirky gems.

Between 2004 and 2008, people like Bryanboy and Tavi Gevinson were starting to build brands with quirky clothing pairings and colloquial writing voices.

More recently, it feels like the world has moved on to other platforms to share their quirky ideas, creative musings and more practical thoughts.

If that doesn’t sound like the basis for a quirky comedy, well, you’d be surprised.

The game is described in the site’s FAQs and “trendy, quirky, and only [taking] minutes for us ladies to understand.

Over the past year or so, Mango has become our go-to for essentials and quirky styling tips.

I falsely correlated him trying to stay awake and occasionally doing quirky things, with him suffering from autism.”

When Matt Smith began his tenure as the quirky, bow tie-wearing 11th Doctor, he acquainted himself with his new body: “I’m a girl.

Hater found some pretty quirky pet peeves, too.

(pronounced “Ann”), a quirky computer that doesn’t quite fit in with all the other computers, which like to be “fed” information.

From dinosaur-shaped trees to quirky menorahs, here are six of our favorite holiday decorations at New York City museums.

Under the agreement, the quirky vehicles will be assembled at a new factory in China.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

The site, which tracks “special moments and quirky occasions on the cultural calendar,” offered up some very unusual survey results surrounding the holiday.

And not supposed to be quirky and not supposed to have good comebacks.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

The cosmetic brand is already Gen-Z’s answer to fast beauty, with products that are quirky and whimsical, yet effective.

While some celebrities have adopted a quirky personality to feel relatable to their fans, Stanfield uses his authenticity to create distance.

Swon crafts a series of quirky and extremely unique oddity artworks, which she sells on her Etsy.

Amidst camo bomber jackets and graphic tees bearing Nas’ visage, the latest drop features quirky products that stretch the definition of “accessory.”

The office is full of quirky old objects.

No matter how quirky your interests are, there are no doubt others like you.

The George Nakashima tables in the Mount Kisco building were covered with John Newman’s quirky small sculptures.

Some of these are the results of quirky interests — like a collection of peculiar objects — while others are the byproduct of an accident.

“Roseanne is still Roseanne, and Jackie is a joke and beyond quirky.

You can laugh her off because she’s quirky.”

HOTELS Hotel Raphael – Remember Hotel Chevalier, the irresistible Wes Anderson short with a lithe, toothpick-toting Natalie Portman and quirky Jason Schwartman?

“It’s a way to push content that is more campus-community friendly — that’s quirky, and banter-esque,” Vagun says.

I am not sure why this affinity seems to have been overlooked, but it should remind us how quirky Murray was.

Höller translates Kingelez’s exuberance into a quirky video game aesthetic, which essentially functions as a point-and-click adventure.

The quirky, bossy character has taught us so much about ourselves, our work, and womanhood.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

She conveys a quirky eroticism through a diverse range of media, from painting, to ceramics, to textile design.

It’s quirky and kooky-looking, and meanwhile it’s grabbing up everything.

Melissa Joan Hart played Sabrina, the spunky, quirky witch who lived with her aunts and her talking cat Salem.

Foreign CinemaIf you want to treat a lady (or a lad) to a fine, quirky night out, book a table at this Mission fixture.

Rich TableIt’s not easy to find quirky modern food with a down-to-earth vibe and reasonable prices in San Francisco.

There were a lot of reasons to like Life Is Strange, Dontnod’s quirky supernatural adventure game from 2015.

The lavishly detailed, quirky confection came out in advance of her solo show at LA’s Gallery Nucleus this December.

quirky is an example of what happens when a startup loses investor enthusiasm.

Because among the 27,421,931 or so tonnes of wine made every year, there are plenty which are quirky, hard to find, “sustainable,” and well-branded.

If anything, Staver’s practice is an interesting combination of quirky, conservative, and radical.

One difference is that orderly grids do not govern Mikus’s reliefs: they are uneven and quirky.

But there are also quirky scenes of macaques stealing marketplace food in Jaipur—these animals are surviving and thriving in a man-made ecosystem.

They were quirky and fun.

Unsurprisingly, Chrissy Teigen managed to bring some of her trademark quirky charm to the Cravings 2 photoshoot.

Foreign CinemaIf you want to treat a lady (or a lad) to a fine, quirky night out, book a table at this Mission fixture.

Rich TableIt’s not easy to find quirky modern food with a down-to-earth vibe and reasonable prices in San Francisco.

The space is quirky, fun and not taking itself too seriously.

Rather than laughing off his quirky opener, Haley took time to seriously think about his question — she even did math.

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That said, the very quirky nonconformity of Tumblr’s users may, in fact, push them to leave.

Sometimes, these quirky openers are eye-rollingly awful, but every once in a while, their extreme cheesiness actually pays off.

But how will the quirky and fun-loving protagonist pull off body jewelry that’s so blatantly out of character?

One guy makes the mistake of saying Emily has “the whole quirky girl vibe going.”

Emily seethes, and explains why “quirky” is no compliment.

Refinery29: Let’s talk about Emily’s soon-to-be-iconic rant on the word “quirky.” What’s your beef with quirky?

You’re quirky,’ it’s just not fun.

CNBC reports that people are willing to pay for quirky items with seemingly random branding and big labels are cashing in on the trend.

Jeunet uses the same quirky details, flashbacks, and clever visual storytelling that worked so well in Amélie.

A few years ago, Pixie Market was a destination only quirky fashion girls knew.

Lately, quirky tinkerer Neil Mendoza’s curious contraptions have had both biological and technological features.

From quirky and innovative startups to our Hardware Battlefield competition, we’ll have plenty of exciting features for you to enjoy.

quirky, frequently off in its own headspace (and happy to allow you your own), Aquarius tilts your perspective simply by being,” Biehl comments.

Some people don’t know that I’m silly with kind of a fun quirky sense of humor.

We’ve had a lot of quirky winners.

They were quirky people, and traveling was an inborn thing, something she never let go of completely.

They may seem quirky, but we swear — there’s a bow-wrapped soulmate for everyone on your list.

There’s nothing quirky and unique about them.

“Gradually, her enormous fame gave dreadlocks a certain odd, quirky normalcy that allowed for — or, at least, coincided with — the flourishing of the hairstyle.

There’s much more to Long than this quirky koincidence.

I think that people relate to how quirky and different we all are, and how unapologetic we are for those differences and quirks.”

But it was often the small, quirky, brilliant, little digital miracles that made life interesting.

I’m a Wes Anderson fan and I love quirky films.

It’s a super fun, quirky factory.

Avrich creates a fun, exciting film that highlights the quirky characters and questionable antics that govern a very, very niche community.

If you haven’t tried it yourself yet, you’ve likely seen the quirky results in your Instagram feed.

This year’s Oscar nominations reached a quirky bookend of a milestone.

The goods ahead are thoughtful, quirky, and unique — just like the one you love.

From there, you can choose a quirky animation to add even more flair.

Jennifer Lawrence, in true quirky girl fashion, was not able to keep her cool at her close friend Amy Schumer’s wedding.

I updated my online dating profile, adding pictures and quirky details about myself in hopes of sparking new interests.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

I watch it and see this cool, quirky, dark, odd grand adventure of a girl searching the universe, but in the end, finding herself.

Mendes and Manley caught on film the quirky sights and strangely enticing atmospheres the poet described in his notebooks.

A quirky comedy about two L.A. weirdos stumbling their way towards adulthood?

The comedian was chosen because “she’s so quirky and fun, she can do this better than anybody,” Mueller said.

With its pastel colors and funky patterns, the collaboration is meant to feel quirky and fun.

Further inside the gallery is Megan Cavanaugh’s quirky miniature three-room installation used to film her video, “Potential New Boyfriend” (2017–2018).

Given that Flex had picked up Wink from quirky for $15 million, the company has grown its valuation by $23.7 million.

Instead of making trophies, Clippinger focuses on making art, which is often quirky and irrepressible.

It’s all gorgeous rainforests, stunning beaches lit by clear skies, quirky country towns, and wide-open spaces.

Now GE Appliances, which once celebrated its quirky connection, is taking the same model and pitching it to other corporations.

The quirky cute boy does not save her.

They’re cumbersome, they’re quirky, and they’re going strong for spring.

She was the kind of quirky bespectacled professor who gave directives like, “Smell your armpit!

No, it is not “adorable”; no, it is not “quirky.”

Come for the “as quirky as he is adorable” Marty Baron, stay for Obi-Wan Kenobi’s “thick, pleasure-ready fingers.”

A designer named Stuart Sandler created it in 1998 as an homage to the quirky, hand-lettered fonts of the 1950s.

There were a few producers starting to make more quirky music.

Of all iconic horror franchises, none is quite as quirky and erratic as this one.

From pendant necklaces to tassel earrings, designers are finding creative and quirky ways to incorporate the tiny seaside souvenirs into their pieces.

Crops are covered, but not vines, and policies often impose quirky limits, such as when grapes spoil due to electrical failures instead of fires.

Click on for quirky accessories, grown-up friendship bracelets (hey, why not buy one for yourself too?

On Ryan: “He’s a quirky dude.”

The dress code will include fancy Converse kicks, because what else would quirky journalists wear to their own nuptials?

The quirky exercise class on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is quintessential ’50s.

“I wanted the makeup to be fun, quirky and colorful,” he says.

Things that made Hannah’s life really difficult were the same things that make Elle seem…quirky and desirable?

A more quirky tactic that 15% of people admitted to employing is storing items in the trunks of their car.

But Amazon hasn’t yet cracked three things: creativity, human customer service, products that are unique and quirky and nowhere else.

Waititi’s first feature was Eagle vs Shark, a quirky story of a pair of misfits in pursuit of love and revenge.

Will it be “I like quirky girls” Garrett?

Sometimes you can find quirky, but surprisingly solid, health advice on Reddit, and sometimes the tips that people share are seriously misguided.

U.S. media reports described those rules as quirky and funny and not very serious.

They host a quirky YouTube channel about their peers’ dating rituals, and they show up to school dances in elaborate and coordinated costumes.

U.S. media reports described those rules as quirky and funny and not very serious.

My style is also colorful and kind of quirky, because of my glasses.

A prison show, but make it quirky!

I started out trying to make things kind of quirky at first: the wildest eyebrows the sliders would allow, the weirdest hair placements, etc.

From politically charged courtroom dramas to quirky comedies about father-daughter relationships, each of these movies are all great entry points into Bollywood.

Highlights: every kind of streetwear, food trucks, and quirky knick-knacks.

Are Bird Box memes just a quirky but ultimately meaningless internet distraction?

But it’s a pleasure watching these four legendary women interact.Moore’s quirky neuroticism and amazing all-black wardrobe are a treat to watch.

Before this quirky gal was a well known artist making money moves, she was just another dressed up cutie growing up in The Bronx.

“I’m a quirky person … and it’s kinda dangerous to be black and quirky unless you’re famous.

The festival started as a DIY event for quirky black kids, but over the last 12 years has grown into an international social movement.

Starting today, you can access all the quirky, animated wonders of Giphy on Instagram with new GIF Stickers.

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Blending the Opening Ceremony DNA of edgy silhouettes and quirky graphics, Leon and Lim captured their own fantastical take on a beloved childhood character.

It’s been an ongoing nickname and I thought “Ginger’s Grill” was quite quirky.

In the meantime, lull your skepticism with the quirky episodic story (with sheep and ghosts!)

Anything can happen on any tile, and it’s all framed around quirky, subtle humor.

and meet his quirky, charming family.

There most certainly isn’t a shortage of bright musical sequences and quirky small business owners who think they’re too busy for love.

On Thursday afternoon, a man in a quirky animal suit approached a local TV station in Baltimore.

The six strategies identified were: individuals, causal, quirky, quantifiable elements, ramifications, and data visualisations.

Red Velvet’s releases fall on opposite sides of the spectrum: “red,” their bright, quirky side, and then “velvet,” their softer, sensuous side.

Making buddies with the quirky animals who also live there.

The fans have spoken; may next year bring more badass female superheroes and more quirky Netflix rom-coms.

I was into this really quirky, off-to-the-left kind of music.

Netflix has found an audience for all kinds of quirky original animated programs, and its competitors are following suit.

“We are seeing a lot of ’80s influence in fashion, and blue mascara is such a fun, quirky ’80s element.”

To their knowledge, I was just a quirky cisgender girl from rural Iceland.

Does that count as awkward?Well, it’s probably quirky.

Malkovich and Collette are great, quirky additions, but we don’t see enough of them.

Janet Lieberman, Dame’s CTO and other cofounder, is a veteran of innovative companies like MakerBot, MindsInSync, and quirky.

Nicole calls Colton “papi” while Colton tells Cassie that she’s “quirky and awkward.”

Antarctic research stations have a reputation for hosting quirky, jubilant characters and fostering a vibrant social experience.

This quirky table lamp is crafted from thermoplastic resin in a calming-blue, stick-figure design.

We’ve all forgotten about Gary now; instead, we now have quirky little variations on the real names of food.

Generally, Up Lit books track quirky, offbeat protagonists on their journeys to creating a fulfilling web of relationships.

Life Is Strange was a specific brand of quirky.

It’s so pretty, so quirky, so adorably outré, I love it.

That’s the kind of thing that turns a subpar thriller into quirky camp classic.

As always, the buy-side finance crowd is a good mix of nerdy, douchey, quirky, and pretty dry-humored.

Stylistically, it was incorrect, but it was quirky, something I wouldn’t have thought of myself,” he said.

After a string of bad relationships, Ruby Weaver (Marisa Tomei) meets Sam Deed (Vincent D’Onofrio) — charming, quirky, and just right.

We changed them a little to make them more fun and quirky.

Awkwafina is quirky and awkward, also without being annoying.

In an earlier episode, he told her she was “quirky.”

“I like to merge mismatched ideas together to create a quirky juxtaposition,” Farrell tells Creators.

Was it just something quirky about us, or did we share elements with other successful interabled couples?

“It’s playful, it’s quirky, and is filled with bars and ping pong sounds, JUST HOW I LIKE IT!

Among other gags, one of Waggle’s quirky e-mail newsletters is written humorously from the point of view of animals.

Your taste in men is quirky, and sometimes abysmal.

Flat eartherism appeared to be a quirky, benign outgrowth of conspiracy theories in the internet era.

Years later, their beachside conversation still encapsulates the spirit of Chrismukkah—it’s quirky, survivalist, and powerfully poignant.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

Many of the same people who love quirky enamel pins, in fact, absolutely love Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, and Mulholland Drive.

The love for the quirky grocer and its cult-favorite products runs deep.

His tours, like his lectures, are easy to follow, quirky, and informative.

So more were made, primarily a collection of quirky celebs like Chris Farley, Conan O’Brien, Larry King, Chuck Norris, Richard Simmons, and Emilio Estevez.”

The presence of these institutional investors in a quirky fund like Bullpen may be a harbinger of things to come in venture capital.

So far, we’ve seen multicolored polish on Harry Styles, quirky decals on Elle Fanning, and lots of rhinestones.

The director periodically highlights certain Ghostface lyrics and Wax Tailor’s quirky audio samples by inserting clever text engravings into his visuals.

It was the most densely packed Santa experience—wall-to-wall Santas, from creepy ones to quirky 60s ones to old school Saint Nicholas to international Santas.

The questions are quirky, like, “You just got to Moscow.

Tokyo has no shortage of quirky themed bars and restaurants.

“It’s quirky and character-driven, a satirical take on the end of the world.

In between the stone-cold seriousness of the main crime drama, however, are plenty of quirky sidequests involving the people of Kamurocho and Sotenbori.

She wanted to be taken seriously, but in her own quirky, weird Peg way.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

TOBi is a Brampton singer/rapper with a quirky, instantly identifiable voice and sophisticated production behind him.

You’re giving these guys an image of this cool quirky girl who’s actually gonna pay attention to them.”

These were high-profile, high-publicity moments that greatly elevated the quirky fan project.

For a quirky modern epic, read:
Bowlaway, Elizabeth McCracken
Bowlaway is a singular and unforgettable read, bursting with memorable characters (and their offspring).

quirky as all hell, it felt like our rap royalty re-staking claim in something that should have never slipped out of his grasp.

It was like that quirky guy who never had gas money and was funny.

They’re quirky and cute, and perfect for some air plants or succulents in my new room.

duh) to the off-the-beaten-path (a quirky cookbook shop).

There are costumes, funny intros, and quirky group dates, so the next Bachelor needs to be a guy who can have fun.

The area feels a little quirky, but in that safe, harmless way that facilitates the purchasing of quirky stuff.

Sure, these are quirky facts to throw out once you’ve gotten to said lit house party, but what does it all mean?

Even with this increased focus on its characters’ struggles, though, Superstore hasn’t lost sight of its quirky workplace sitcom roots.

Suits, shirts and dresses with quirky details help the company stand out from rivals.

Keerthi, a bubbly 13-year-old Indian girl with a big smile, was quirky and upbeat.

Why it’s exciting: Vernon’s quirky, slyly off-color children’s fantasy novels come from a place of deep kindness and good humor.

And yet, it still has all the quirky, arcane miscellanies of a private collection.

She was equal parts intellectual and quirky, beautiful and awkward, social and bookish.

Gus and Mickey aren’t just quirky, they’re both catastrophic, in different ways that enable different kinds of humor.

He’s just always up to quirky antics!

The natural element of Loher’s otherworldly works’ are a constant theme in her quirky, transparent installations.

In the mid ’90s famed SimCity developer Maxis released SimTower, a quirky sim that let players craft massive towers and fend off terrorist attacks.

On top of all that, the chef had decided to add a “quirky” twist by serving the gravy in teapots.

This quirky Japanese animated short film is like the movie version of playing with LEGO while high.

“We knew that Wink needed a parent other than quirky to achieve its full potential,” Smith tells The Verge.

In under a year, Smith had gone from founding Wink inside of quirky to looking for a way to escape it.

quirky was very much a launchpad for us.”

quirky, the ambitious tech incubator, was a wildly mismanaged sinking ship.

So months before quirky declared bankruptcy, Wink started searching for a suitor.

Now Smith contends that, free from quirky‘s baggage, Wink is better-positioned than ever to take on the smart home market.

quirky was very much a launchpad for us.”

As Smith notes, quirky’s financial situation “encumbered Wink to a certain extent.”

That means Wink doesn’t inherit powerful retail relationships like it did under quirky.

And it doesn’t have quirky’s black cloud hanging over its head.

Musk, a quirky billionaire whose transportation ambitions include colonizing the planet Mars, has long delighted in defying conventional wisdom.

The result is at once quirky, poetic, and haunting.

It’s all gorgeous rainforests, stunning beaches lit by clear skies, quirky country towns, and wide-open spaces.

But it was often the small, quirky, and brilliant digital miracle that made life interesting.

The film’s real positive statement makes the quirky uplift of Dean and Adult Life Skills feel shallow by comparison.

She had her own quirky gorgeousness, which isn’t taken up by the masses.

A unique flavor of nostalgia In the case of web videos, that essence — the most explicitly commercial feature — is a quirky flavor of nostalgia.

Over the years, the contest has become known for its elaborate set designs, campy pop ballads, and quirky personalities.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

How quirky, this bear is a freak.

Google is updating its set of emoji for Android N, giving its quirky blobs a more uniform appearance.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

At first blush, this is a quirky finding that connects us to a species most people don’t normally think about.

Regensburg says the inspiration for his quirky yet soulful electronic sound stems from Chris Clarke and bands like The Blood Brother and M83.

“There were certain idiosyncrasies in the typeface that we thought were a little bit quirky, but they were good.

Over the last few decades, emulating the Apple II has matured to the point of replicating the original machine’s quirky CPU cycles.

Cool Japan is a column about the quirky and serious happenings in the Japanese scientific, technological and cultural realms.

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