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“By withholding details, [Republicans] limit the range of reportorial inquiry to questions about the process itself,” Beutler writes.

The pressing questions now are: Where are these protests headed and will they create broader action outside left-leaning Jewish circles?

Yet questions about safety and implementation linger.

The policy questions here are profound, but a lesson of past health care reform efforts is that the policy is shaped by the politics.

Three political questions, in particular, will shape both the design and the viability of whatever Democrats come up with.

Those three questions are: This doesn’t get mentioned much, but it’s perhaps the most important question Democrats will face.

Indeed, they may be the most important health policy questions.

At Arquetopia, artists are pushed to ask tough ethical questions about the nature of hybridity, exoticism, and their own ways of seeing.

But these are some of the hardest questions we face as a culture, right?

After asking her a few staggeringly intense questions straight out of Game of Thrones itself—”What is your quest?

Part introspective canvassing, part marketing campaign, 40 individual questions galvanized Elmgreen & Dragset’s theme for the 2017 edition: What makes a good neighbor?

They would come over and I’d just ask them a million questions about the beverage world and what they were drinking.

On Thursday night, it wasn’t just the debate moderators who had questions for Buttigieg’s handling of racial tensions in his hometown.

Mueller reportedly reached out to AT&T, Novartis, Ford, and other companies to ask questions last year about their relationship with Cohen.

The new video raises two big questions about what happened hours before Brown was shot and killed.

Welcome to 2018, where President Donald still has questions about Hillary Clinton’s email.

Teachers use four questions to guide their work: 1) What do we want students to learn?

It still has big, conceptual questions that remain unresolved or unconsidered.

As the editors suggest, it means that game history still has some big, unresolved questions: “What types of histories are being written?

Huge questions remain.

Most of them are mysteriously operated, with no discernable press representation or even employees made available to answer questions.

It also raises questions about what sort of repayment the Middle East countries in question might have received for their help.

Aaron Reuben is a science writer, recovering policy wonk, and neuropsychologist in training who’s exploring just these questions.

There are obviously inherent justice questions at stake here given the inequities of air pollution exposure.

We will not shy away from asking them challenging questions: What is circularity and can it really improve their operations and carbon output?

The survey of more than 2,000 registered voters posed several questions regarding mass incarceration.

But Trump has no idea what’s going on and doesn’t seem to be listening to Blitzer’s questions.

Lucky for your friends, they’ve got you to ask their deepest, darkest questions for them.

The flub raised questions about whether pollsters of the state were properly sampling rural white voters.

The questions raised by Eğrikavuk’s work can be thought as a starting point to discuss all those issues in the wider public.”

Bush voters were more likely than Kerry voters to refuse to answer a pollster’s questions after they left the voting booth.

But one of the lingering questions was, why did it take so long for Zuckerberg to surface at all?

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These lucrative deals raise difficult-to-parse questions about sponsored content and the need for Federal Trade Commission disclosures.

The poll, which has a confidence interval of 5 percentage points, posed two questions to two separate polls of voters.

In recent years, there have been some changes in how major foundations consider these questions.

The audience is asking him questions.

These are, admittedly, not easy issues to deal with, but they are questions we cannot afford to ignore.

One sells, they all sell and questions are asked later.

“When people saw me raising questions, they said ‘why you?

Kang refused to answer questions on March 25 as he emerged from court.

Of course, we’ll also track and explain day-to-day business stories that have a bearing on these larger questions.

As I answered questions about my parents’ marriage and my early childhood, my mind explored strategic options.

A nurse showed me across the open floor plan to the empty bed in the corner, ticking off boxes as I responded to questions.

Although Uber has stated multiple times that it is committed to safety, questions over whether they’re doing enough will likely continue to linger.

The following are some questions and answers about the virus and current outbreak: How do people become infected?

The CDC said now that the causal relationship has been established, several important questions must still be answered with studies that could take years.

But questions about what one should do about political disagreements on Facebook still lingered.

After speaking to her, I resolved not to avoid political talk and engage more with people, ask questions, and learn more about their beliefs.

Or if you live in a place where there’s real questions about the stability of the government.

Mr. Chairman, Senator Feinstein, and Members of the Committee, I look forward to the rest of the hearing and to your questions.

The boys, regarded as national treasures in Thailand, declined to be interviewed and referred questions to their soccer coach.

Instead, he asked roundabout questions.

“The Republicans ask three questions in five minutes.

The Democrats ask two hours of questions,” he said.

Trump’s transition team and his incoming press secretary Sean Spicer did not respond to questions about the upcoming briefings.

You can tweet any questions, comments and complaints to @Recode with the hashtag #TooEmbarrassed.

You can also email your questions to, in case Twitter isn’t your thing.

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People asking intimate and personal questions at any given moment?

Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde and it connects with action planet Mars today, finding you asking important questions.

In addition to glamor shots, fashion tips, and questions like, “Do you consider yourself a shopaholic?

But a statement the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) released Thursday night about her death raises more questions than it answers.

“I’m going to open it up to questions.

Now I divide it into two questions.

You run out of questions to pin him down.

Sherry Turkle, a sociologist and clinical psychologist at MIT, has explored these questions for more than two decades.

I don’t think there’s a yes or no answer to those questions.

We’re not really asking questions about what the good life looks like or what it means to be engaged citizens.

Quick policy questions, quick policy answers.

He ignored reporters who shouted questions about his remarks. This raises one of the central unanswered questions about Donald Trump.

Unlike past presidents in recent decades, Trump refuses to make public his tax returns, raising questions about what is in them.

The redacted Mueller report, released on April 18 by Attorney General William Barr, left some questions about the probe unanswered.

Democrats have raised questions about a possible Trump conflict of interest.

To get some answers, I reached out to nine legal experts and asked them those very questions.

Each week we ask a different famous and/or interesting person the same set of questions in a bid to peek deep into their psyche.

But the FBI had advised Strzok not to answer questions about that investigation, so Strzok said he wouldn’t answer.

Mueller’s team has also reportedly interviewed McCabe and asked him questions about how Trump fired Comey.

Those questions that they asked him were actually asked of me.

In the book, I explain a lot of the questions.

It raises questions of whether he could have benefited financially from helping establish more harmonious ties between the US and Russia.

But the questions it’s getting aren’t unusual.

People who have questions about accessing an abortion in their state should contact their local abortion fund, she said.

It wasn’t just the larger, abstract questions.

That’s already raised serious questions about whether the US is complicit in potential Saudi war crimes.

“Chris, I would note that that the last four questions have been, ‘Rand, please attack Ted.

It’s the idea that maybe governments should give a monthly stipend—no questions asked—to everyone who lives there.

So just one day before the vote, May pulled the deal — though there are still some questions on whether she can do this.

So after lingering questions about its performance, a big acquisition like GitHub helps cement its place as a top-tier firm.

But this is only the second time that Trump has agreed to take questions.

After a few more questions, she did some totaling.

I’m asking these questions, right?

A few weeks later, I was answering questions about whether I picked up and smelled toys as a child.

They’re questions that get to the very core of what it means to be conscious–questions scientists are still trying to answer.

The fact these questions were raised points to a wider dilemma in neuroscience research: discoveries are outpacing the ethical frameworks that guide them.

Lucky for your friends, they’ve got you to ask their deepest, darkest questions for them.

Other questions needing an answer include her mysterious campaign finances and the never-ending stream of corruption investigations against Fujimorista congressmen and candidates.

As with many discoveries in physics, this one raises more questions than it answers.

Their questions never stop.

“You solve a problem, and then it opens many more questions that are harder to solve.

The Trump administration is sure to face similar questions about its digital operation, which drew scrutiny from the House Intelligence Committee beginning this summer.

He’s hulking and bearded, and was big and hairy enough in high school that he could get into biker bars, no questions asked.

We can’t guarantee we’ll answer all of your questions, but rest assured, we’ll be taking a look at them.

But all pollsters are making decisions about these questions, and their topline results are highly dependent on those decisions.

Tune in for more questions and answers next Friday!

But questions of representation lead to another, bigger question: Why this story?

There are some questions, of course, starting first and foremost with how well equipped the government is to make medications.

Fantasy questions: Sen. Clinton, doesn’t it at least create the appearance of corruption to accept $675,000 from Goldman Sachs?

And when it comes to those questions, sites like Twitter, Instagram, and wherever else people offer up their various thoughts and feelings (Peach?)

No one at West Point asked any questions.

No one at West Point asked any questions.

Nicolas Carone questions our understanding of the image and gives us no definitive answers.

Here, as in other artworks, the artist entangles questions about the image with questions about our understanding of it, with no definitive answers.

The assault, which raised questions about government claims to have almost defeated the insurgents, took place in the town of Kareto on Wednesday.

“I was worried at the end that they’d start asking me questions, but they were chill,” Tunick told VICE.

We asked Kitty and Sam a few questions about the mix.

However, other smaller CBD dog treat companies often make and sell the products out of home kitchens, raising questions about ingredients, sourcing, and consistency.

There are political, ethical and social questions, too.

The inclusion of Godwin elicits questions about criteria and what it is that defines work within this category?

His stakes were in an inquiry driven by existential questions.

My friend and I set up a time to chat, so I could ask her questions and express my concerns.

When do you want to start?I had brought a notebook of questions regarding safety, condom use, and the prevalence of sexually transmitted disease.

With the terms of the debate established, we now move on to some more technical questions raised about the topic.

A volley of questions, shouted up the stairs, at the prime minister’s back, went unanswered.

You can send us your questions on Twitter with the hashtag #tooembarrassed.

Here are some questions for Tyson about climate policy in Rationalia.

Let’s add some questions from our readers and listeners.

I’d love to know, just a few more questions we have in this episode.

On Thursday, Obama will be hosting a live town-hall discussion where he will answer questions from the audience, broadcast live at 8pm ET.

Louie, do you have any lacrosse questions, because I’ve got a few more?

Twig agrees the results raise questions about the BMI system.

Meanwhile, the prime minister, though refusing to take questions, promised to cut some perks of government officials.

I started to ask Ehrlichman a series of earnest, wonky questions that he impatiently waved away.

The plan raises difficult questions about how Nissan, which is 43.4% owned by the French automaker, would fit into a radically changed alliance.

“Talk about the kinds of problems he had answering questions about his core issues,” Clinton said.

“Talk about the kinds of problems he had answering questions about his core issues,” Clinton said.

But on Friday evening, special counsel Robert Mueller’s office released a rare statement pushing back against the article — raising questions about its accuracy.

But Mueller’s team has been remarkably leak-proof so far — raising questions about just who those sources were.

Lack of context limits most exchanges to a set of simple questions and answers.

Being able to control my devices and ask questions from wherever I am in the home is key to building engagement and ultimately dependence.

Venezuela opposition officials have not discussed security operations with Prince, said Guaido spokesman Edward Rodriguez, who did not answer additional questions from Reuters.

The show also raised questions about some of the finer details of the Avery case.

All the questions posed by the case are made believable by the puncture in the old blood vial.

Still, some of the questions about the specific details of Avery’s case linger.

*** I called Sling’s take on ESPN a “crippled” version of ESPN last night, which prompted a few questions.

Papi has good vibes; he asks good questions and occasionally fanboys over rappers.

The Evidence Lab first leans on UBS’ army of sell-side analysts to discover investors’ most pertinent questions.

When a human creates an account with Betterment, they’re asked a series of questions about their investment goals and their views on risks.

We asked the experts and consulted the best science on all the questions you have about each of these wellness fads.

This lawsuit may answer those questions.

questions are now likely to be asked about Russia’s space program.

These reforms raise some practical and constitutional questions, to be sure.

There have long been many glaring questions about the money behind Trump’s inauguration and where, exactly, it went.

Beyond the many questions about money collected by the inaugural committee, there have long been many questions about money going out of it.

The Times published a list of 49 questions Mueller’s team supposedly told Trump’s team that they wanted to ask in the interview.

Instead, I’m left with more questions than answers.

And that’s the thing about Inside: It doesn’t give us any answers to the questions it raises.

These are the questions that Mija seems to orient herself around as both a DJ and as a musician.

Alongside the mix, Mija also answered a few questions about where she sits in her career right now.

But a number of huge questions remain.

Amazon declined to answer questions about how these restrictions across the country impact its plans.

It’s not dirty pool for reporters and political opponents to press them on such questions.

Takeda, who lives in Tokyo, declined to respond in specifics to questions Reuters posed in writing.

Uh… The alert has raised questions about emergency alert system processes and nuclear preparedness across the country.

Musk dismissed a question about gross margins from a senior analyst as “boring”; instead, Musk answered multiple questions from a Tesla enthusiast and YouTuber.

Got questions for Jason about startups or anything else?

I want him to ask me questions like, “What role did you play in this transformation?

So really all we have from her is “Absolutely,” “yes,” and “yes” to questions framed by Tur.

President Donald Trump spoke to and took questions from the media for about 30 minutes on Friday morning across a range of topics.

The president took questions from a range of reporters, but he afforded them no opportunities to ask follow-ups.

One of the last questions Trump took was about Iran, but he misheard it and starting talking about his border wall.

Of course, the usual questions apply: How will he fare on a cold night in Stoke?

That remained roughly true even given a number of different “lead-in questions” raising doubts about the pipeline.

Ashanti not only faced her stalker in court Wednesday … he went after her with a barrage of provocative questions.

But the case is already helping scientists answer important questions about stem cell transplants for HIV.

Wayne, as always, raises important questions.

Well, we want to answer your questions.

Vox reporters on the Hill heard at least 10 senators respond to questions about the Russia revelations.

All this raises real questions about whether the party’s leaders are truly ready for the transformation they are about to face.

We’re approaching questions from a broader range of perspectives than we used to.

The story also had critics raising other questions about BuzzFeed.

The biggest questions now hanging over the Brexit process are two.

A few questions here: All in all, it’s just an absolutely stunning series of things to say.

This exchange left me with more questions than answers.

The guests are as varied as the answers to these questions — theologians, poets, scientists, writers, academics, artists.

In this interview, I talk to Tippett about the show and how she thinks about the questions she puts to her guests.

Do you think these are the questions our culture has forgotten?

I think they are questions our culture doesn’t prioritize.

But I tend to think they are looking at the same aspects of life but asking different questions about those things.

Really fundamental questions.

I have no words for this photo of a Hawaiian monk seal with an eel stuck up its nose—only questions.

The White House referred questions to the DOJ.

It makes sense that Ocasio-Cortez chose to answer questions about her skincare routine in such a universal way.

Most of it is pretty vague, though, and we’re left with a lot of questions.

Amazon employees confronted execs about the technology with questions at an all-staff meeting in the fall.

Anyway, let me just jump into questions.

We’re going to get to that in a second from some questions.

Cendrars was, beyond all questions, the pioneer of poetic modernism.

Cendrars was, beyond all questions, the pioneer of poetic modernism.

We’re trying to answer these questions in this much more challenging environment of home IOT.

Qahtani did not respond to questions from Reuters.

It’s composed of questions like this: And it took me a couple minutes, tops, to finish.

Uber should standardize the interview process, including both the questions asked, evaluation of the candidate following the interviews, and the method of providing feedback.

This vision does not come with the difficult “how do you pay for it” questions that plague any Medicare-for-all proposal.

LG: No more questions for me.

I don’t know exactly what that is, but I think we have to start asking the questions.

Publishing his questions for the campaign and the charities he had contacted kept Trump’s team — and Fahrenthold’s reporting — accountable.

In many cases, the answer to both questions is yes, but the Trump White House NDA potentially violates employees’ First Amendment rights.

It asks questions on whether it would benefit competitive markets and consumers, or cause harm by raising complexity and others risks, he added.

Congress’s vote on Thursday, however, could definitely speak to questions about its constitutionality — if a judge ends up weighing this argument.

Foote brushed off questions about whether the board was slow in warning that Harrison has health problems.

The million-dollar questions: Did Sessions break the law?

She tries her damnedest to empty herself of her personality to embrace being Offred, the polite breeding sow who never questions her station.

Renaudo answered listener questions about drone safety and the future uses of his company’s technology.

KS: Last question, then we’ll get to listeners’ questions.

And it raises questions about more than just what happened in 1692.

In a minute, we’re going to take some questions from our readers and listeners.

Every week, we take tech questions from our readers and listeners and we try to answer everything we can.

This week, we’re answering your questions about how drones can be used to do good in the world.

Alex, thanks for your questions.

If the mobile carrier ever looked at our usage, they’d probably ask some questions because it’s pretty weird family usage.

The others stuck to their guns, irritating May’s chief of staff by bombarding him with “pointed” questions.

The problem with scientists is they often don’t look at the broader political-economic questions.

But that explanation raises more questions than it answers.

It’s part of the media’s job to ask those questions.

This week, Lisa Randall — professor of theoretical physics at Harvard University and the author of Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs — answers our questions.

Their interviews were always informally raw and relaxed, often done drunkenly and without prepared interview questions.

You can read last week’s edition of 9 questions with Tyler Cowen here.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan questioned the purpose of the ranking system and referred questions about corruption to the Interior Ministry’s counter-trafficking agency.

These pressing questions reinforce how symbols must be considered according to context and experience.

VTB and Sberbank did not respond to Reuters questions about how much forex liquidity they hold.

The White House declined comment in response to Reuters questions about possible Cuba sanctions.

There are questions about how effective measures targeting Cuban officials would be.

The idiocy of those two questions,” Biggs said.

Harris said that until the press starts asking more questions about policy, Trump should stop holding press conferences altogether.

History suggests that the answers to these questions evolve over time.

I’m going to let the applause go for a second and then I want to open up to questions for you guys.

Though Vuohensilta was curt with my questions, his videos suggest a dry sense of humor.

questions about the Hunter College Thesis Exhibition and MFA Program can be directed to Carrie Moyer at [email protected]

Have basic questions ready: ‘Have you ever treated someone with this issue?

The chaos engulfing May’s cabinet has raised questions about whether she could face a vote of no confidence from her own party.

There are two crucial questions right now surrounding the prospect of this order.

Instead of pelting voters with facts, “we ask open-ended questions and then we listen,” Fleischer told me.

“And then we continue to ask open-ended questions based on what they just told us.

I direct message Rochko to ask a few questions for the article—he answers as best he can while working to scale up the servers.

These questions may seem a little alarmist, but we may be forced to answer them in the not-do-distant future of booze bots.

“I’ll be at a cocktail party and someone will say, ‘Oh, I wish I could ask you questions about your cases.’

And because we’re dealing with a world that we only very, very partially understand, it’s very difficult to answer these questions.

And so there’s two questions really, it seems to me.

Shaun also seems to have bounced back after getting slammed with questions surrounding a 2016 sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

There are also serious questions to be answered over how the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will operate post-Brexit.

Constand, who is gay, will also probably face probing questions about her sexual history.

And what research does exist on the subject is often sketchy, raising more questions than it answers.

An ICE spokesperson declined to answer questions about a search warrant or Aguilar’s whereabouts.

I put these and other questions to Smith in a recent interview.

Caution, pragmatism, case-by-case consideration of questions of justice, all seem advisable to me.

I went around to some of my old friend’s neighborhood and asked them questions about how was back then.

I frequently find myself posing these questions in my process,” writes the show’s curator, Jo Rosenthal.

“The Catalan president’s answer to this questions will inform what happens over the next few days,” he warned.

“There are three big questions that need to be asked: One, who was responsible for the hacking (of the Democratic National Committee)?

As a disembodied brain, IT is a symbol of pure rationality, of the idea that all questions and problems can be solved with logic.

These facts ALONE raise valid questions as to judgment.”

They were getting complaints about my asking patients questions, she told me.

Gianforte, meanwhile, has mostly ducked questions about his support for Ryan’s health care bill.

“And by having all the attention shifted off of sugar related to heart disease, we have avoided asking those specific questions.”

Gianforte’s reaction to questions about the health care bill already suggests that he’s touchy about the subject.

But once you graduate past the big question to much smaller questions (especially ones introduced so casually), you’re on very shaky ground.

Ask us questions.

For over 30 years, MCASD has presented exhibitions and programs that boldly address questions related to the US/Mexico border.

We asked the experts and consulted the best science on all the questions you have about each of these wellness fads.

This is the third time Zuckerberg has refused to answer U.K. lawmakers’ questions.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has declined to appear before U.K. lawmakers in London to answer questions about the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

This is the third time Zuckerberg has refused to answer U.K. lawmakers’ questions.

Few cameras were in the room, and the EPA’s feed of the event broadcast no questions from reporters.

Now, questions abound about what the age limit on recreational weed should be.

You might have questions: How is this happening?

The answers to your questions give you more than just some interesting information you can tuck away until your next interaction.

[Vlad Savov / The Verge] Do you have questions about the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger?

But the sculpture takes on new twisted meanings next to “Alps.” It begs sardonic questions.

With those concerns come personal questions that need addressing.

For me, the interplay between the human subject and the abstract composition raises all kinds of questions.

Polish police did not respond to further questions about crime figures, and Law and Justice did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

These are but a few of the many difficult questions posed by Danner.

Moreover, there is a concern about false positives when using such advanced technology to investigate questions of provenance.

when our guy hit him up with a bunch of Cowboys questions.

The lawsuit draws out the line between homage and plagiarism, and raises questions of when one becomes the other.

I began emailing her summaries of what I felt about the books — and questions about what I should read next.

I began going to office hours of other professors to ask questions, which is how I found other mentors.

A mentor will answer the questions that you are afraid to ask others, instill confidence in you, and help you navigate college.

That means students like me have to answer questions using financial terms that my family had never heard of.

I eventually realized that the answer to questions about investments and pensions was “0,” and that FAFSA’s helpline is surprisingly easy to use.

You just have to be asking the right questions before you send your loved ones somewhere.

What are some of those questions?One of the big ones is what’s the ratio of therapists to the patient?

This morning, we get more of Jones’s stories and thoughts, with Vulture’s David Marchese asking the questions.

But, in the hopes of guiding you through the lunacy, we’ve ranked Jones’s responses to Marchese’s questions below.

FIFA, in responding to questions addressed to Infantino, did not comment on the exchange involving Soriano.

And that’s another thing that Dobrzensky ticks off my list of questions before I can get the words out—the ingredients.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions about artificial intelligence.

You can tweet your questions, comments and complaints about any tech topic to @Recode with the hashtag #TooEmbarrassed.

Project Dragonfly raises significant, unanswered questions about whether Google is meeting these commitments.

But in their testimony, Coats and Rogers refused to answer any questions about their conversations with Trump.

“You’d like to have questions answered before you proceed,” he said.

And yeah, while yet another posthumous release does raise questions about work being put out into the world after artists die (i.e.

From time to time, we’ll ask this group questions about their experiences — some of which might lead to stories.

And so, one of the other meta questions is so how effective are these ads in making you buy cornflakes.

I think that we need the historians, the social scientists, the anthropologists, the qualitative people involved in setting … asking the questions.

The reason you’re here is to live and ask questions and enjoy.

questions and answers have been edited for clarity and flow.

So the questions are: I think we should expect safety drivers to be around for a long time.

Assange sought asylum in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face questions about allegations of sex crimes, accusations that were later dropped.

Women and girls also recalled being told that they were disrespecting authority for asking questions in schools.

At BMW’s annual results news conference earlier this year, the company sidestepped questions about whether Krueger would receive a contract extension.

According to McClatchy, he has amended his disclosure form 39 times — and many of those were in response to questions from OGE.

One of the big outstanding questions centers on whether polls affect how voters behave, something that Clinton is especially concerned about.

The bill raised questions about the relationship between Trump, a political outsider who took office in January, and Republican Party regulars.

During oral arguments, Kavanaugh often asked questions toward the end of the one-hour sessions, after other justices weighed in.

“Instead, be sure to ask questions that get at how you could ultimately help the company reach their goals.

Record yourself answering mock interview questions to see how bad your filler words are.

“I don’t really have any questions about the company.”

Recruiters aren’t just being polite when they ask if you have any questions for them about the company or position.

If you care, you’ll have pertinent questions that will, hopefully, lead to a fruitful conversation,” Painter says.

And as this information concerns questions of life and death, we won’t keep this information secret,” Lavrov said.

Feilding remembers taking LSD on a daily basis together, playing endless games of Go, and pondering questions like: “How do you improve the world?

And feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Other questions we’ll try to answer: Again: Please register here and use my special friends-and-family code CEDDF-2016 for $400 off your ticket.

I will take no questions on this matter.

But these underlying questions, as demonstrated in this series, are just one part of the criminal justice system.

The study included a battery of questions measuring each of the six moral foundations, and also asked respondents which presidential candidate they liked best.

“People need to know what you’re going to do and you need to answer those questions,” Hunt said.

Johnson declined to answer questions about the incident at a hustings event in Birmingham on Saturday.

These two shootings certainly raise questions about the the efficacy of police body cameras: Are they not reliable?

Is there always reader questions, or just frequently?

They’re frequently reader questions.

It’s funny, we didn’t start off, we never solicited reader questions.

So those questions are really familiar to us, because they’re also things that we used to struggle with.

[laughs] We’ll call you with some, like, media questions.

Most of his comments come in the context of news reports, in answer to specific questions from reporters.

Matthew Whitaker will remain in charge of the Mueller probe, though there are still questions about how much oversight control he actually has.

Cohen has also faced questions about whether he was involved in Russian government interference with the 2016 election (he denies this).

None of the spokespeople replied to our questions about the letter.

Muslim American women answer basic questions about the head covering — like whether you wear one during sex.

So we have an hour to talk and then a bunch of questions from the audience.

You know the drill and then we’ll ask really rude questions of these men.

There’s questions of where opportunity comes from, where does prosperity come from?

The narrative cores of these novels are formed around admittedly horrifying but increasingly ludicrous “what-if” questions.

They are very complicated problems involving human beings and governments and moral questions.

Think about it, a responsible person has an obligation to ask questions when he’s a politician, no matter what level.

I want to finish up on the media itself and then we’ll get to some questions, we have a whole bunch of questions.

Instead of going in with my own set of questions, I decided to crowdsource them from Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s get to some questions.

We would revisit questions or themes and some things that they weren’t ready to open up with in year one.

But there are still these real questions about what the practical consequences of this policy would be.

Send your questions to Julia via the submission form or @juliaoftoronto on Twitter.

“These are very important questions and I care deeply about getting them right.” Reporting by Chris Prentice; Editing by Mary Milliken

And in short order, once-implausible questions about whether Zuckerberg would fire Sandberg or policy VP Joel Kaplan have become plausible.

I have a couple of questions, though, from a person who’s not a journalist but a commentator.

Justin’s been on edge lately to send a message about people asking “dumb questions” or just plain old talking to him.

Arthur Breitman told Reuters in Zurich on Thursday that he would not answer any questions.

In the times I’ve been around him over the years, he’s typically punctual (for a rapper); he politely answers questions thoughtfully.

The EU wants to get on with many, many other challenging political questions,” he said.

Welcome to Dear Julia, a column where readers submit everyday health questions.

For all medical questions, UpToDate is a great source.

Can I see your ID?” My first thought: Oh, great, I literally just arrived in Germany and a police officer is asking me questions.

It’s also more difficult for me to answer questions from authorities because I don’t speak German.

It’s just a few questions that make me feel invalidated.

If it were questions from ignorant everyday people, I don’t think I’d be as bothered.

So why was it that the police officers had a notebook and seemed to be writing down something when they asked me questions?

I’m not the only one asking questions.

At the end of each session, questions and further discussion are invited from the student body.

That leads me to a couple questions.

A spokesman for the transport and communications ministry declined to comment, referring questions to another spokesman who did not answer phone calls.

We have time for a couple of the questions, if we have them.

I know there are some questions.

They review the material and interrogate it, offering suggestions for improvements, asking questions, or calling out errors.

So here are the key questions about the race that they answer differently.

I feel like my answers to these questions so far haven’t been very good.

We can’t guarantee we’ll answer all of your questions, but rest assured, we’ll be taking a look at them.

As a reporter it’s my second nature to ask questions.

And there are mounting questions about whether Tesla can meet the Model 3’s 2017 deadline.

That’s true: In the Trump years, some of those questions are going to Trump’s 36-year-old son-in-law instead.

The New York Department of Health, which oversees the state’s medical marijuana program, did not provide responses to questions sent by VICE News.

Do not just throw away questions and statements.

It was a sort of a “Christmas morning” expression of thanks and gratitude, followed by stories, questions, and laughter.

She flubbed basic questions in interviews.

Sandra Brewster’s work gets at intriguing questions about memory and representation.

Then people started asking questions.

You can tweet any questions, comments and complaints to @Recode with the hashtag #TooEmbarrassed.

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In particular, of course, there is a now lengthy tradition of Duchampian works that raise questions about the very nature of art.

But in fact, reflection on these questions informs the way that everyone responds to a show like this.

Timberlake’s selection to perform at Super Bowl 52 has stirred controversy and renewed questions about how the incident was handled.

If you need advice or have questions, our information sessions begin Wednesday, May 8th.

After reading from his notes, DeLillo takes questions from the assembled academics.

Matthew Broderick’s longtime wife fielded questions from our photog about protecting yourself before you tie the knot.

Those are some of the questions I put to Preet Bharara in a recent interview.

Not to gloat or gawk — to ask him the questions that @TrueCrimeDiary wanted answered.” McNamara’s fans also flooded social media with remembrances.

There’s three fundamental questions you must answer.

Those are three different questions.

“Russia should answer UK questions instead.” Reporting by Niklas Pollard; Editing by Hugh Lawson

I ask a softer set of questions.

They punish the people that’s askin’ questions.”

So, questions from the audience for the mayor?

Okay, I have two very quick questions to finish up.

By contrast, people’s views on other political questions — like economics or trust in government — didn’t have nearly the same predictive value.

Surgutneftegaz, whose chief executive Vladimir Bogdanov is already on a U.S. blacklist in a personal capacity, declined to respond to Reuters questions.

A lot of my questions about Hield were answered with a story.

However, there are still so many questions left unanswered: Are the crimes related?

Trump declined to answer questions from reporters about whether recordings existed.

“I’ve done 57 media avails and 131 interviews, taking over 1,100 questions from press just since January.

Some questions I consider are: What do I do if I have a great month?

This would mean the president was suggesting antagonistic questions to be aimed at one of his own appointees.

Here are some sample questions: The experts emphasize that their list of questions is not exhaustive or final.

So many times questions that start with “Do you know …” are answered with “Google it!”

The apparent overlap has raised questions about why Durham’s review is needed at all.

But it is raising major questions about our current era of celebrity cancel culture: Who do we forgive, for what, and why?

Equinor declined to comment on operational issues, referring questions to Petrocedeno, its joint venture with PDVSA.

Worse, his worldview doesn’t seem to accommodate the questions.

But again, there are big questions here: What if states make this work by pushing more costs into the room and board column?

Jiook Cha, an assistant professor of neurobiology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, tells me researchers still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Cohen responded to all questions truthfully and has agreed at the request of chairman Schiff to provide additional information in the future, if needed.

He also offered to answer additional questions from Republican members.

The questions it raises are important and complex.

But many women face hard and confusing choices here, and there are many questions that still need to be resolved by science.

One of the first questions facing researchers was how to define perfectionism.

Still, in the studies we do have, some risks and questions have emerged.

Democrats can’t avoid those questions forever.

It also organized a talk with Executive Director Lisa Melandri that occurred this afternoon to address any questions from the public regarding Direct Drive.

Middlemen would visit their home every week and pay them for the recycled materials, with no questions asked.

These are important questions.

A slightly different exhibition emerges with the latter, raising questions rather than simply illuminating aesthetic and philosophical connections.

We must always ask ourselves the same three questions with dream images: 1.

A lot has happened since the show made its debut in 2015, and a lot of questions were left unanswered.

For the last four years, the MIT Media Lab has been inviting visitors to answer a series of questions like these.

To deploy self-driving cars, there are more profound — but also simpler — questions we need to answer.

The MIT Media Lab posed questions such as this one: The car is careening towards four pedestrians, crossing the street.

Other questions added complications: What if the pedestrians are doctors?

In fact, the entire “self-driving car” setup is mostly just a novel way to bring attention to an old set of questions.

Trump’s transgender military ban gets a boost from the Supreme Court; a deadly explosion in Mexico raises troubling questions.

For the DOJ to do so would raise serious ethics questions.

Almost every late-night host has to entertain entertainers, to ask their fair share of softball questions about celebrity family life and backstage shenanigans.

Here are seven questions that many people have about Rotten Tomatoes, and review aggregation more generally — and some facts to clear up the confusion.

The idea is for students to ask lots of questions about the firms, get to know some recruiters, and schedule some informational interviews.

I saw the ‘London’ episode and have a lot of questions.

“Make sure you’re asking questions — be inquisitive,” she said.

In an attempt to answer at least some of those questions, I called up Jason McDaniel, a political scientist at San Francisco State University.

Last year’s crackdown on businessmen and officials raised serious questions.

We put four or five questions together to measure this thing called racial resentment.

This is 25 years worth of research that went into testing these [questions.]

But I trust these questions and that they get at something real.

Rock peppered his questions with some trademark motormouth ribbing—he chided Abrams for stripping a black man, Jimmie “J.

They asked easy questions with known answers to test if the interface was working.

As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three.

— for visitors to reflect on the mental space and emotional energy that questions of reproduction take up in women’s lives.

And Kelly has denied Trump’s campaign had access to any debate questions.

It asks questions about how society treats powerful women and about the war women face on a daily basis.

And all the while, the three friends think about questions of authenticity.

Through the lens of this trio of privileged millennials, de Maupassant’s class preoccupations become questions of self-actualization.

But the protagonists’ falls into criminality raise serious questions, beyond the easy explanations reported in the media.

The questions and the answers didn’t ever matter much, or at least never mattered nearly as much as the character that Sager inhabited.

The game kicks off and he’s asking me questions.

But we still want Facebook to make some changes, and we will ask Zuckerberg some questions about what changes he’s making.

On Monday night, the New York Times published a report with the questions Mueller’s staff told Trump’s lawyers they want to ask.

But Mueller’s questions show that he at least wants a shot at getting Trump to address the intent question himself.

Naturally, engineers and chip experts around the world have a lot of questions about this new chip.

Trump’s former personal lawyer John Dowd insisted on getting questions in advance to decide whether an interview was a good idea.

Mueller’s team read Trump’s lawyers a list of questions in March, according to the New York Times.

Trump still wanted to do the interview, but Dowd saw the questions as a setup, and decided to quit, according to the report.

The questions the Times published are based on notes taken by Trump’s lawyers during their conversation with the Mueller team.

Trump called the disclosure of the questions to the paper “disgraceful” in a tweet Tuesday.

The questions focus primarily on the firing of Flynn and of Comey.

Several of Mueller’s questions involve what Trump knew about Flynn’s calls with Kislyak, and what he said to Comey about Flynn.

Most of the questions are broad and look at what Trump was thinking, as opposed to specific factual questions.

Although most of the questions focus on Comey and Flynn, some do delve into possible collusion between Trump aides and Russian operatives.

These hadn’t seemed like legitimate questions to think about intellectually when I was younger.

But more often, he said, the questions he faces are perhaps even tougher to answer than what caused the crash.

Such questions arose in last year’s battles over Obama’s immigration policies.

Clinton fielded tough questions from moderators and her rival on Wednesday, which focused largely on trust and allegations of flip-flopping.

Clinton fielded tough questions from moderators and her rival on Wednesday, which focused largely on trust and allegations of flip-flopping.

There are urgent ethical questions about the AI work Google is doing — and no real avenue by which the board could address them satisfactorily.

And one of the questions asked to the county recorder was whether or not they considered the impact on minority voters.

“I always answered loads of questions.

This immediately raised questions about the repercussions for Mexico.

But the questions about what we do about it are still not very public.

Dr. Sunil Goyal, MD, answered some questions for me via online chat.

There are obvious questions.

They have already forced out the prime minister of Iceland and raised uncomfortable questions for the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Gox’s bankruptcy, Nobuaki Kobayashi, did not respond to questions from Reuters about the payout process.

Gox, declined to answer any questions, including whether CoinLab is still in business.

But they also raised a lot of questions, from the complex to the simple: Who leaked the documents?

Brown and Portman had written to GM last month seeking answers to additional questions about the racism allegations at the plant.

Cardi was covering her head and didn’t want to stop to answer questions, take pics … nothin’.

You ask me questions about those people in Charlottesville as if I was an expert on the subject.

It seems we have an answer, but these shortsighted developments leave open questions of what comes next.

That is enough votes to force Bathaei to come to parliament to answer questions on his record in the next 10 days.

Other researchers pointed to related questions like: What percentage of gun owners even commit gun crimes?

These questions are a basic starting point.

Demian Maia is making fighters ask themselves a lot of uncomfortable questions about the idea of being a ‘well rounded’ martial artist.

Michael Siegel, a professor of public health at Boston University, pointed to these three (broad) topics as the most pressing unanswered questions: 1.

We hope questions in a sentence examples were helpful.