Questioned in a sentence | Use of the word questioned examples

Iwanchuk also questioned why the proposed bylaw includes private establishments.

One or two people have questioned our motive.

Buttigieg’s handling of outreach to his black constituents has been questioned in South Bend before.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s new press secretary, appeared caught off-guard when she was questioned about the Pentagon’s surprise at the announcement.

I have not questioned that she might have been sexually assaulted at some point in her life by someone someplace.

Trumka had also questioned Trump’s Saturday tweet that there was no need to keep Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

One person was being questioned.

Investigators have also questioned 15 people and arrested four people with links to Burning Sun on drug charges.

They also questioned whether the removal of the top U.S. law enforcement officer was an attempt to undermine or end the investigation.

On a couple occasions I’ve questioned whether some entries were valid, and inquired with the cartoonists themselves.

She noted she was bused to school as part of integration efforts in California, and she questioned Biden’s 1970s opposition to school busing.

Hansson, a founder of the web development firm Basecamp, also questioned Bezos’ role as a stakeholder in his company.

“I don’t react well when my honesty is questioned,” Weaver said.

As Jordan faces these accusations, some have pointed to the past legal troubles of the alleged victims and questioned their reliability.

Some have also questioned DiSabato’s motives, given he reportedly filed a lawsuit against Ohio State University over a separate issue in the past.

Lamb, who is a businessman, also questioned the wisdom of sending someone whose company went bankrupt to Congress.

Democrats initially questioned whether the administration was seeking more funding to expand the detention of migrants entering the United States illegally.

Building on these mistakes, the series questioned Avery’s second conviction.

Pyongyang has long sought their withdrawal and Trump has questioned their rationale and cost.

Critics therefore have questioned Israel’s claims.

In his decision, the judge questioned whether Embraer’s 20 percent participation in the proposed commercial aviation spinoff would actually be worth something.

Our sources say 5 officers came to the home and ordered Kelly into the other room while they questioned the women.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace questioned him aggressively a year ago about the EPA’s rollbacks of regulations around climate change.

Democrats called for recounts, researchers questioned voting systems, and activists lobbied electors to change their votes.

When questioned, locals were quick to gossip, admitting that their neighbors have mixed feelings about the presence of the arts center.

There are various discussions about what the war on terror should be, but for the most part the implicit assumptions are rarely questioned.

New York officials on Tuesday also filed state charges against Ullah, as investigators in his home country questioned his wife.

But experts have questioned whether this so-called “stable coin” actually has enough cash reserves on hand to account for its value.

Then a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kanter questioned the authorship printed on the wall text.

According to the indictment, FBI agents personally questioned van der Zwaan in November 2017 about his communications with Gates and an unidentified Person A.

Democrats in Congress have questioned whether Trump will turn a patriotic celebration into a taxpayer-funded campaign rally.

But over the years, others have questioned — and found reason to critique — the site’s relationship with drugmakers.

They too questioned whether they were wearing something inappropriate or walking on a street they weren’t supposed to.

Under government ethics regulation, federal employees are required to recuse themselves from matters where their impartiality could reasonably be questioned.

They were reportedly questioned and released shortly after midnight, though police have not confirmed this.

– One man who was identified as a “person of interest” by police was questioned and released after turning himself in.

Again and again, at a fast clip, defense attorney Marie Henein questioned the truth of her story.

In the past, the effectiveness of some of the EDA programs has been questioned.

Yet at multiple times in his career, Sessions has questioned whether these laws are necessary in the first place.

The cohost Charlamagne tha God, who is black, repeatedly questioned the 2020 presidential candidate over her longtime claim of Native American ancestry.

Analysts questioned FBI Director James Comey’s decision to announce the news in a short, somewhat vague letter to Congress.

Nevertheless, many people questioned whether the FBI director’s political persuasions were allowing him to act with bias.

We questioned about what responsibility we should have both for our lives as individuals and for our lives as members of a collective group.

Sessions, currently the junior US senator from Alabama, is being questioned on loads of hot topics, including civil rights, LGBT rights, immigration, and abortion.

There, he is likely to be further confronted by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has repeatedly questioned the agency’s current direction.

Four sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Democrat ranking member Dianne Feinstein of California, and questioned Kavanaugh themselves.

Anti-gay Republicans, meanwhile, tend to get their own sexuality questioned.

Paul’s office, however, has questioned the characterization of a yard dispute.

Rep. Mark Green, a Tennessee Republican, also questioned Cohen about a book or movie deal.

Economists have also questioned the quality of the official economic data, saying the on-the-ground situation is far bleaker.

Since Edhi died, many onlookers in Pakistan have questioned whether the organization can continue.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably never questioned whether or not you should charge your phone overnight.

Two of the suspects who will be questioned this week are the El Abdi brothers.

Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland questioned whether this approach was to skirt Senate approval.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s decision to deploy security forces has been questioned by activists and human rights organizations.

Former White House aides Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer were both questioned in October.

By “Beach Chair” he questioned if he would be given a daughter as his penance for all of the women he’d wronged (Ta-da!

Imam questioned Hossain’s role in the independence struggle and said it would be an “exaggeration” to call him a freedom fighter.

He stressed the “unusual” phone call, and questioned whether the kidnappers would release their captive without first collecting a ransom.

Attendees on a recent town hall teleconference questioned whether Schumer’s strategy was tough enough to have a real impact, per the Washington Post.

Some people interpreted his comment as a reference to people, not livestock, and questioned the bank’s sincerity.

Similarly, players should never be questioned for leaving or exploring options in free agency.

In the aftermath, food safety experts questioned why Ottawa wasn’t allowing food irradiation.

Jeff Sessions was questioned last week, while James Comey reportedly answered investigators’ questions in late 2017.

There are norms that can be questioned, or even rejected, while still participating in the process as a whole.

“The project at first was questioned as simply too good to be true,” the utility wrote in its 50th anniversary report released in 2011.

Ashley Kurth, a Republican teacher who protected more than 60 people in her classroom, questioned Rubio about Trump’s proposal to arm teachers.

Two other people are being questioned by police, Gov.

The leader of the main opposition Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has questioned the legality of the council.

After I put it out, I felt like it was a bit of a mistake, I questioned why I did it.

More recently, investigators have reportedly questioned CIA contractors over a WikiLeaks dump of classified CIA hacking materials.

Others questioned why Madonna was chosen to deliver Franklin’s tribute over artists who were more closely associated with her.

Various studies have also questioned the industry’s spin that America’s current high prices are justified by their spending on R&D.

And probably just as many companies questioned whether they should be copying it.

She noted she was bused to school as part of integration efforts in California, and she questioned Biden’s 1970s opposition to school busing.

It questioned the need for new position limits and suggested an alternative “accountability system,” where exchanges could grant exemptions to limits.

Nationally, I am questioned about it all the time.

Some analysts have questioned the strategy of mixing meat with vegetables to attract health-conscious consumers.

We’ve all heard that ice should be applied to a sports injury, but in recent years experts have questioned that bit of dogma.

Rose apologized for inappropriate behavior but questioned the accuracy of some of the accounts.

Thanks to the inbuilt stereotypes surrounding pregnancy, their gender identity was also questioned by others.

Last year ahead of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, President Trump questioned why Dr. Blasey-Ford didn’t come forward “immediately.”

Government spokesman Phay Siphan questioned the purpose of the ranking system and referred questions about corruption to the Interior Ministry’s counter-trafficking agency.

Ethics experts have questioned the propriety of such trips.

The private flights would represent a sizable scandal on their own, but this isn’t the first time Price’s ethical compliance has been questioned.

Some Democrats questioned the review and asked why Pai was not giving the public a chance to formally comment on the merger commitments.

Some supporters of Thune and Thiel have questioned whether old rules should apply to the internet.

Presidential candidates have questioned, in a different context, the extent to which First Amendment protections should extend online.

While Russia agreed to the creation of the inquiry two years ago, it has consistently questioned its work and conclusions.

On Tuesday Obama questioned why leading Republicans have not withdrawn their support for their presidential nominee.

But even as technology and healthcare stocks soared, several investors questioned whether the sectors could now be at risk of additional regulatory scrutiny.

Having her feminist credentials questioned in the Trump era?

She was also questioned about the $150k she admits investing in a marketing company called LOC.

And no one has ever cared where I got my bachelor’s degree or questioned the quality of my undergraduate education.

Many war opponents questioned whether Adolf Hitler was really a threat to the United States and whether the British were really allies worth helping.

She has since returned to Japan and on Thursday was questioned by prosecutors at the Tokyo District Court, the Kyodo news agency reported.

Most refueled and some questioned how long their supply would last.

The Times report questioned whether this was an attempt to “hinder” Mueller’s investigation by putting an important witness out of his reach.

Security personnel questioned them about the disappearance of a local Buddhist farmer named Maung Ni, according to a Rakhine elder.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that people have questioned the contents of processed foods and fast-food meats.

At least one juror publicly questioned Constand’s attire on the night of the alleged assault; others seemed to have doubted Constand’s veracity.

Some reporters questioned how Wolff could have written such a vivid scene, and the passage didn’t make his sourcing clear.

I feel like visual art that gets questioned for explanations is uncool.

He was humiliated by news anchors and comedy hosts who questioned his basic sanity on live television.

A white cop questioned the drunk actor, and added … “That doesn’t mean he’s going to hell.”

Lewandowski, the Trump campaign, and the GOP frontrunner himself have repeatedly denied that the incident occurred and questioned Fields’ reliability.

Lewandowski, the Trump campaign, and the GOP frontrunner himself have repeatedly denied that the incident occurred and questioned Fields’ reliability.

Greenberg questioned where the rationale for this type of investigation ends.

In December, he characterized Mexico’s Supreme Court justices as money-grubbing and dishonest after some judges questioned his plan to cut government salaries.

Throughout the day, I questioned if the many non-indigenous attendees truly understood the significance of the occasion.

Council members questioned Police Chief Peter Newsham over his department’s policy.

Authorities were made aware of the letter and police questioned Uematsu about it.

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for the president, said he did not know what Weisselberg had been questioned about.

He has questioned NATO’s value to Washington.

They will be questioned.

He questioned why it took police as long as it did to reach the room, if hotel security had called them immediately.

He pointed out that he was already an elected lawmaker with strong public backing, whose suitability for public office had never previously been questioned.

Officials with MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay, questioned the latest chronology from police.

About 150 shareholders gathered in the auditorium of the Chicago Field Museum for the meeting, but only a handful questioned Muilenburg over the MAX.

He also questioned why Amtrak had yet to install PTC nationwide.

My findings should be considered scientific and binding, and shall not be questioned.

Breitbart’s story was immediately questioned by skeptical journalists who accused the publication of trying to shore up its relationship with the Republican frontrunner.

President Donald Trump on Friday morning questioned Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, conservatives questioned other Democratic lawmakers for deleting tweets supporting Smollett: Hey @AdamSchiff,Why did you just delete this tweet?

Some critics have questioned whether Chicago has the authority to force students to apply to college (or find another alternative) at all.

James Damore, 28, questioned the company’s diversity policies and claimed that scientific data backed up his assertions.

Christina El Moussa was questioned by Child Services after her toddler fell in their pool.

Except I’ve never understood how I was adopted—I mean, the legality there is definitely to be questioned.

Girls I met questioned why they had been rescued,” she explains.

She noted she was bused to school as part of integration efforts in California, and she questioned Biden’s 1970s opposition to school busing.

She was reportedly questioned by officials in the United Arab Emirates, but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Last week, beloved former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was taken into custody and questioned about ill-gotten gains connected the scandal.

In his CNN interview, Corker assailed Trump for telling falsehoods that are easily disproven and questioned why he persisted in doing so.

Note: Not 100% of those questioned responded to every question.

But Zuckerberg questioned whether such apps and the data they sent back to Facebook were producing sufficient increases in usage and revenue.

On Nov. 14, 2016, Swedish prosecutors questioned Assange at the embassy in London about the alleged sex crimes for about four hours.

On Thursday, some experts questioned the authenticity of the photo, but Fincham says the force stands by it.

Still others have questioned the practice of doxxing under any circumstance, on the grounds that it contributes to mob mentality.

While the presiding judge, William Alsup, granted Alphabet more time to look into this new evidence he questioned whether the company would find anything.

“This is a family who lost their son, because he was shot in circumstances questioned by the DOJ.

Every activity people can do in their back yard has this problem: beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, even golf has been questioned.

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) questioned Pruitt aggressively about the agency’s decision not to ban methylene chloride, a toxic chemical found in paint strippers.

And the revelation that top advisers questioned the wisdom of using Flint River water in early 2014 put him on the defensive once again.

When questioned by journalists, she retreats completely into her shell — emitting only catchphrases and the odd forced smile.

But he questioned whether Uniper Chairman Bernhard Reutersberg, who took aim at Fortum in late May, would be the ideal person to mediate.

They’re scared to be stopped and questioned by police.” Loeza added that he doesn’t think many seek medical treatment.

The attorney general said on Monday detainees had been questioned and “a great deal of evidence” had been gathered.

New York Representative elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioned the planned investment by Amazon late Monday in a series of tweets.

“When people are being questioned in Congress, they aren’t always forced to speak definitively and clearly,” Whiting, the Harvard law professor, noted.

“There’s a reason we questioned his independence during his confirmation hearings,” Senator Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

The judge questioned why she was forced to change at all.

On a more amusing note, during a rally in Baton Rouge … he questioned the honor Time Magazine gave him this week.

No,” he reportedly said when questioned recently about his links to Mossack Fonseca.

Protesters at home questioned the mayor’s dedication to the city’s racial tensions.

Buttigieg was met with protests, as black residents questioned his dedication to their communities — particularly given his presidential ambitions.

one user questioned.

Some fans have even questioned the need for a reboot of Buffy at all, over another vampire fable written by a woman of color.

After many people questioned his claims of being Nakamoto in 2016, Wright said he would be providing no further public proof of his claim.

The statement did not specify the time frame within which the 140 people had been questioned and detained.

Chavez was also questioned on whether the bank was looking to improve disclosure and transparency for newer businesses.

They had “scattered like cockroaches,” he said, as he questioned why Knowles decided to remain and run for another term.

Related: Why Some Hasidic Jews Are Loving Donald Trump’s Campaign Lewandowski also questioned Fields’ account of being beaten at the Occupy protest.

The man has been questioned and is being held at “a safe location” for his own protection.

We’re told he was questioned but not arrested.

“His legitimacy will always be questioned by part of the population.”

Yet every time he went through an airport, he was searched, questioned, and detained.

By the time his testimony wraps, he’ll likely have spent at least 5 hours being questioned by prosecutors.

It’s not clear what Mueller’s team questioned Davis about, though it likely has something to do with her close ties to Stone.

I noticed it was questioned when high school was listed on my résumé.

Mueller has subpoenaed or questioned multiple people in Stone’s orbit, with Davis being one of the more notable names.

Her professional opinion is Manson wrote and signed the second page of the questioned will.

In recent months, Mueller has subpoenaed or questioned several Roger Stone associates, including Sam Nunberg, Michael Caputo, Jason Sullivan, and John Kakanis.

“No one would tell me why I was being questioned,” Omin told me by phone.

No,” he reportedly said when questioned recently by the Guardian about his links to Mossack Fonseca.

At his December news conference, Powell was repeatedly questioned about the dot plot.

He questioned authorship long before it was fashionable.

Callamard also questioned some of the international responses to Khashoggi’s death, including the efficacy of targeted sanctions.

Yet his American citizenship was still questioned.

I also believe my athletic ability was questioned because of the color of my skin.

As with the work of other outspoken live artists, curators have long questioned how best to exhibit Pavlensky’s work.

But he failed to answer one question: Has special counsel Robert Mueller’s team questioned him?

By 1992, 4,000 people had been questioned.

I never questioned that even though it was completely outside of the social norm.”

Our sources say Zac was in the room and questioned by police.

Others have questioned whether, even if the allegations are true, they are a sufficient reason to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Last Wednesday, Rosmah was questioned for nearly 13 hours.

For months, people questioned whether the games would actually take place.

Social conservatives had long questioned Trump’s candidacy — and with good reason.

In doing so, Tyrion demonstrated loyalty to his queen (though she rightly questioned why he talked to Varys about Jon’s heritage before her).

One of the mandatory segments emphasized problems about Clinton’s health and questioned her trustworthiness.

But absent the rumors, Durbin questioned whether Jackson was ready for the VA job.

Some have questioned whether ECT falls into this category as well.

It appears the two comedians are good now after Katt questioned Tiffany’s comedy chops this past Friday.

In 2006, the Supreme Court split on Rapanos v. United States, which questioned whether a Michigan wetland was protected under the Clean Water Act.

But the men and women involved also spoke of a broader feeling of dehumanization after having their presence in a place questioned.

So in college, whenever Rousseau questioned himself, he found himself thinking of Chi.

When questioned by the outlet, Brennan backed off on Summerhill’s bullet-studded claim to fame.

In an interview, he questioned whether the policy changes on felons voting cost him a 2014 bid to reclaim the governor’s mansion.

Trump might agree to that because he’s openly questioned why the US still maintain a troop presence on the peninsula.

Instead US officials stalled his application and questioned him.

When the Israeli border official questioned me about as to why I was in Ramallah, I was frank.

They argued that it was a huge burden to businesses and questioned how effective it would actually be in closing the pay gap.

The people that questioned whether he wanted to get back to basketball were wrong.

On Wednesday, Trump was being questioned about a bill that had just been pulled from the floor due to a lack of votes.

And some Democrats have questioned whether this compromise meant sacrificing the opportunity for greater and more meaningful anti-gerrymandering measures.

She’s since been questioned by the FBI, but hasn’t been heard from otherwise.

She got through, but he was taken to a small room for 2 hours and questioned.

She also stood firm when Bliss questioned her open support for Constand, including a posting on Facebook.

My physical affliction (or lack thereof) was quickly not the issue and never questioned.

The survey doesn’t link these views to the documented rise in homicides since 2015, and researchers have questioned whether there is a connection.

Eventually I questioned if I was even an alcoholic.

French prosecutors have questioned Takeda in Paris and placed him under formal investigation in December as part of their corruption inquiry.

Boeing has questioned whether all of the aircraft sold by its rival will be delivered.

Herrera’s letter also questioned Whitaker’s appointment because he had not been confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

The appeals court questioned a government argument that the president has wide authority to halt the entry of people to the United States.

It drew the scrutiny of Robert Mueller, who reportedly questioned people who worked on Trump’s digital operations.

But several analysts questioned whether the investment would pay off.

That maybe the story or stories everyone has been led to believe should be questioned.

He is being questioned every morning, afternoon and evening and is not allowed to turn the lights off at night.

People want change, even in Connecticut,” said Ray Ramaglia, 57, of Trumbull, Conn. Others questioned the use of the candidate’s resources.

Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat, questioned Trump’s comments and whether they were legal.

The French source said Ahmad was questioned over accusations of “active” and “passive” corruption, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization.

The committee has written a letter to Mark Zuckerberg asking him to prepare staff to be questioned on the issue.

Police Question Prince’s DoctorDetectives in Minnesota have questioned a local doctor who saw Prince twice in the weeks before he died.

But it’s now clear Cohen’s camp is very happy indeed with the new ABC story on Cohen being questioned by Mueller.

“It was an age when the morals of even the most respectable black women were questioned and sullied by racist stereotypes,” Bundles wrote.

Several of the responses to CDCR on Twitter criticized the practice and questioned the agency’s use of “youth offenders” to fight fires.

In that case, Gorsuch questioned a 1984 Supreme Court precedent giving federal agencies broad deference to interpret laws.

The benchmark index finished Monday’s session well off its highs, however, as investors questioned the lack of details in the agreement.

Their status is never questioned.

For at least two years, Trump has questioned the value of NATO.

Vito constantly questioned existing conditions.

But analysts have questioned whether top game publishers will be prepared to shift from the lucrative business of selling games on discs.

The statement did not specify the time frame within which the 140 people had been questioned and detained.

Bertrand Russell once questioned why getting money is good and spending money is bad.

Constantly concerned with work, I questioned if I’d done enough over the course of each day to get by.

Netanyahu has been questioned by police in two criminal probes into abuse of office.

(They ended up being questioned by the cops, for reasons far too complicated to get into here.)

The activists were later photographed being questioned by police, according to a tweet from Extinction Rebellion.

Some people interpreted his comment as a reference to people, not livestock, and questioned the bank’s sincerity.

The administration questioned whether birth control really works to reduce unintended pregnancy, despite clear evidence that it does.

Cosby was questioned, claiming the sexual acts were consensual.

Today, I questioned U.S. Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer in a Ways & Means hearing on the public health impacts of current NAFTA negotiations.

Chip experts have questioned Huawei’s ability to continue to operate without help from the United States.

The NAB bosses were also questioned about “fees for no service” during the Royal Commission.

His team questioned more than a dozen administration officials, attempting to establish whether Trump was corruptly trying to interfere with investigations into his associates.

It questioned our rampant destruction of Mother Earth, and ridiculed our self-proclaimed importance.”

The Senate is expected to consider his nomination in January, and he will certainly be questioned in detail about his opinions here.

She also questioned whether there was an element of sexism in the criticism.

In an article, Özoguz questioned what, exactly, was German culture, beyond the language itself.

After Jobs’ death, pundits questioned whether Apple could continue Jobs’ pace of new products.

And during my latest visit, Cambodian soldiers guarding the gambling site questioned my driver, asking him if I was a journalist.

Fighters surrendering from Baghouz are questioned and searched.

It was a show about teenagers, for one thing, and it featured characters who openly questioned the status quo.

Gorsuch, appointed by Trump last year, questioned the scope of the government’s power to detain people without hearings.

Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts questioned such a tight deadline.

Human rights group Karapatan questioned why martial law should be extended in Mindanao nearly two months after the military’s victory in Marawi City.

Earlier this month six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers near Clint, Texas.

In the years after the Arab Spring, the operatives were increasingly tasked with targeting human rights activists and journalists who questioned the government.

Perry will be questioned on Thursday.

She says when she questioned the script, producers told her the sooner she finished … the sooner she could leave.

Plus, there was that period when he repeatedly questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States.

Some have questioned whether Uber drivers are making minimum wage after accounting for gas, insurance, and depreciation of their car.

They have also questioned how much the event will cost the cash-strapped National Park Service.

The suspect is being questioned by anti-terror police about his involvement in the alleged plot.

The suspect is being questioned by anti-terror police about his involvement in the alleged plot.

But museum scholars and archeologists have questioned the handling of some of these items, particularly antiquities from the Middle East.

Daily also questioned the administrative costs, which can be considerable, especially considering the potential return.


He is due to be questioned by members of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on Wednesday at a confirmation hearing.

Trump said on NBC’s Today when questioned about the story.

Certainly, people questioned whether Bush had what it took to be “presidential.”

“Dr. Ford has nothing to gain by coming forward and she, like Anita Hill, was attacked—her motivations questioned, her life threatened.

It was critical for us to obtain full and accurate information from every person we questioned.

Hopkins has since been questioned by police on multiple occasions for investigations relating to hate crimes, she told Business Insider.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump once questioned the wisdom of taking vacations.

Some analysts have questioned the strategy of mixing meat with vegetables to attract health-conscious consumers.

But beyond the obvious salacious nature of the story itself, some have questioned whether the payout to Daniels ran afoul of campaign finance laws.

He also questioned whether Kumamoto’s liberal views are truly in tune with those of his constituents, who live in a historically conservative district.

But some opposition candidates questioned the credibility of the vote, sparking some small-scale protests in the capital Nouakchott.

He also questioned why safety features were not mandated by Boeing or the FAA.

That mission has long been questioned — in May 2016, Smithsonian magazine ran a long feature unpacking all the peculiarities surrounding Hess’s ill-fated journey.

The Mental Health at Work poll questioned over 4,600 British employees from a range of industries.

Roleke questioned why her own work should be targeted; according to her, he replied that the building had specifically banned her image.

The White House said in the summer that Trump had no intention of firing Mueller even though he questioned his impartiality.

But the Washington Post questioned the accuracy of the data, pointing to discrepancies in how the data was reported starting in 2001.

“Do you want to know the figure the police who questioned me calculated regarding the sum believed to have circulated during my 2007 campaign?

Women politicians still get regularly questioned and criticized over how they speak and what they wear.

You questioned his legitimacy.

Senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat from Virginia and Hillary Clinton’s running mate, also questioned Tillerson’s sincerity.

The two did not comment when questioned by KCTV about the custody situation or the allegations of abuse.

Yet, in the back of my mind, I questioned my composure.

When Semenya won the 800 meter race in 2009, competitors questioned her femininity.

Pruitt has also questioned and misrepresented the science of climate change.

Independent experts have frequently questioned China’s resolve to enforce sanctions against North Korea, whose economy is heavily dependent on China.

Even our comrades in arms must be questioned on other matters that impact society.

Some also questioned whether there was any value in Neeson sharing his story: Here’s the deal for me w/this Liam Neeson thing.

The man arrested on Thursday was questioned under counter-terrorism legislation.

She noted she was bused to school as part of integration efforts in California, and she questioned Biden’s 1970s opposition to school busing.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I questioned who lived behind his online avatar entirely.

“The testimony of a woman tends to be devalued or questioned.

The New York Times editorial board ahead of de Blasio’s campaign launch questioned the ethics of de Blasio’s campaign fundraising tactics.

Seen in light of Meillassoux, the viability of Vautier’s privileging of the truth of the ego as central to art must be questioned.

Trump has questioned Mueller’s impartiality and members of Congress from both parties have expressed concern that Trump might dismiss him.

Several times during a voice call interview that he initiated with Motherboard, he questioned the wisdom of talking now.

And the retired champ questioned why Cosby is getting more attention than famous white folk who got caught up in sex scandals.

The video of his hearing, specifically a short clip in which he’s questioned by Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, went viral.

Trump has made no secret his disdain for the “Russia hoax,” and he has reportedly questioned Rosenstein’s loyalty to him.

“I’ve had my abilities and commitment to my job questioned.

Caputo was questioned about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Manafort’s aide Rick Gates and longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone.

Terrell is a great father and that can and should never be questioned.”

Back in 2007, I questioned whether circuit parties were dying.

Ford doesn’t want to be questioned by outside counsel and might not want more than one camera in the room, sources told Politico.

One of the counselors questioned [your son] getting in as Water Polo player this week.

Ford doesn’t want to be questioned by outside counsel and might not want more than one camera in the room, sources told Politico.

Schneiderman and other state officials also questioned why Pruitt sent the letter since he has said he would recuse himself in his current role.

Critics have also questioned Japan’s 99.9 percent conviction rate.

Curiel questioned Friedman and said he would consider the objection.

InfoWars founder Jones has questioned what he calls the “official story” of Sandy Hook and suggested a political cover-up took place.

Finally, I questioned my own biases relating to Reddit: Is it such an overwhelmingly “male” place after all?

Prominent Democrats questioned whether the real-estate mogul could be trusted with such sensitive information, given his apparently unpredictable temper.

The performers were promptly arrested, questioned, investigated, and, luckily, released.

We reviewed every single question senators asked during last Thursday’s hearing, when the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned both Ford and Kavanaugh.

The man never questioned his age, and Singura spent the majority of his formative years fighting.

These decisions would have been questioned and scorned unto infinity had they backfired.

Some customers have questioned why the company feels the need to serve smaller women when those consumers already have multiple places to shop.

The two individuals are being questioned as “persons of interest.”

In making fun of Ford’s testimony, Trump questioned why she couldn’t remember certain details.

It is not clear if Vekselberg or his cousin, who was also questioned, are formally suspected of any wrongdoing.

It is not clear if Vekselberg or his cousin, who was also questioned, are formally suspected of any wrongdoing.

Inglesby was repeatedly questioned: Doesn’t he understand the community will suffer?

After Jobs’ death, pundits questioned whether Apple could continue Jobs’ pace of new products.

Another $1 million was set aside for guests who were questioned or interrogated by immigration authorities, with each guest receiving $1,000.

Forbes reported Schnatter questioned why he was being criticized, because “Colonel Sanders called blacks n***ers” and got away with it.

Stitt had aligned himself with Trump and questioned Cornett’s allegiance to the president.

(Citing controlled studies, the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs has questioned the safety and effectiveness of using marijuana to treat PTSD.

Even though it was popular there, it questioned the regime there.

At one point, Trump got into a yelling match with Cruz after the Texas senator questioned Trump’s conservative credentials.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli police officers on Sunday questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the sixth time in a corruption probe, a police spokeswoman said.

But Semi, a freelance writer, questioned whether rehab or counseling is an effective long-term solution.

And they’ve questioned Kavanaugh aggressively about whether he knew about sexual misconduct allegations against retired federal judge Alex Kozinski, whom he clerked for.

But DIUx has faced criticism from some Republican lawmakers who have questioned its value and organization.

Najib has denied any wrongdoing, but has been questioned by government investigators after the election.

Experts questioned the validity of the new endpoint and whether the drug would truly help patients.

Local officials have questioned whether the people who voted in the poll could be culpable in her death.

Local officials have questioned whether the people who voted in the poll could be culpable in her death.

At the briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta questioned senior White House advisor Stephen Miller whether the act was truly in alignment with American values.

Brady’s playoff prowess meant that his greatness was rarely questioned, even if his numbers frequently rated as “good, but not eye-popping.”

Pell’s lawyer, Robert Richter, initially questioned the defence request for Pell’s accusers to have a support dog with them while testifying.

Another questioned her popularity with “I don’t get Amy Schumer.”

Since then, it’s come out that police questioned Kavanaugh during his years at Yale over an alleged bar fight.

Ethics experts have questioned the propriety of such trips.

Nonetheless, multiple officers questioned the man and seized a kitchen knife that the man acknowledged carrying.

A second security source confirmed the information, adding that 925 people had been questioned.

A second security source confirmed the information, adding that 925 people had been questioned.

When a reporter questioned the panel on whether the research could have an impact on the incoming administration, Mathis didn’t take the bait.

Indeed, she had at one point questioned why a State Department staffer used his private email to conduct official business.

Republicans, including Trump, have in recent weeks ramped up their attacks on the FBI and questioned its integrity.

Trump has denied any collusion between Russia and his campaign and has questioned the veracity of the U.S. intelligence finding.

He was first questioned by U.S. intelligence officials and later by the FBI.

Fortune questioned that decision.

LKAB will compensate locals for their properties so they can buy new homes—though The Guardian has questioned whether homes will remain affordable.

I have never once questioned this decision, until now.

While testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, however, Barr questioned why Mueller hadn’t offered a clearer decision himself.

They had a reputation for “omerta,” staying silent, when questioned, according to the sources.

Politico quoted anonymous insiders in several key states who openly questioned the size of the Trump field operation.

Ron Kretsch more directly questioned Shulman’s Wizard of Oz by placing it side-by-side with a much earlier version by Campbell.

Prosecutors have questioned former campaign aide Richard Gates, who served as deputy chairman of inaugural committee, the Journal reported.

However, Trump has long questioned American troops’ presence in the country.

While Kushner’s evidence will be given in a closed-door session, Manafort and Trump Jr. will be questioned in public.

She immediately, when she heard this, I questioned and I questioned NATO, why aren’t the NATO questions paying, because they weren’t paying.

Clearly annoyed, Trump questioned McConnell’s competence.

Some experts questioned the significance of opening the Punggye-ri site for inspection.

Democrats in Congress have questioned whether Trump will turn a patriotic celebration into a taxpayer-funded campaign rally.

The Campaign for Accountability questioned Zinke’s travel.

Stone has repeatedly bashed Mueller’s investigation, and also questioned whether Russians actually hacked Democratic emails.

At his December news conference, Powell was repeatedly questioned about the dot plot.

But I never questioned their fitness to serve.

Members of Congress are supposed to be questioned by design.

Trump has also questioned the usefulness of US membership in NATO.

Bank stocks have been under pressure this year as investors and analysts have questioned their future growth strategies.

At some point everyone questioned, ‘Is this ever coming out?’

The panel questioned Kushner behind closed doors in July.

Mostly, though, Creel evoked government authority as the chief basis for accepting the validity of the documents when they were questioned.

“When they questioned his blackness, that left a sour taste in my mouth,” he says.

Using small and large format prints positioned at varying heights, I questioned how we view photography and decipher its content.

A Montana border patrol agent stopped and questioned two women at a local gas station because he heard them speaking Spanish.

A Montana border patrol agent stopped and questioned two women at a local gas station because he heard them speaking Spanish.

READ: Alex Jones has been banned from YouTube Some questioned why Twitter didn’t immediately ban Jones from the platform indefinitely for the violation.

No,” he reportedly said when questioned recently about his links to Mossack Fonseca.

Some experts have questioned the expansion.

You suspected someone, and you questioned someone?

Weirdly, the idea of feeding Skittles to cows isn’t the aspect that has been questioned.

His wife Rosmah Mansor and stepson Riza Aziz have also been questioned.

The ACLU’s pamphlet on your rights when questioned or under arrest is a good place to start.

They questioned the limited safety data and the unknown long-term effects on the body.

Russia and Syria questioned the sources of the U.N. information.

Alas, an unquestioned strength has morphed into a questioned weakness.

He questioned if either ally would be willing to do that.

Imagine seeing your stability questioned, your patriotism impugned, your intellect dismissed.

But I should have questioned the excesses I noticed even when I was there for that short period the first time.

Kennedy and Dan Sullivan are among other Republicans who’ve questioned the merits of the bill.

But I’d like to see it in the context of everything else.” Some tax experts questioned the need for expensing at all.

He was a powerful Texas oil executive who probably didn’t have his word questioned very often.

Investment firm Morgan Stanley questioned the impact of the immediate expensing proposal in a recent research note.

Tulsi Gabbard, a congresswoman from Hawaii and Iraq war veteran, questioned the value of the military involvement.

Trump questioned whether Curiel’s loyalties were really to the country he was born in or the country his parents came from.

If you don’t match the look of “a typical American” (read: nonwhite, religious minorities, or immigrants), your motives are immediately questioned.

Lawson and Wattenberg wanted my name attached to her work; however, they did not want any analysis that questioned their worldview.

He also questioned whether the company could keep up the faster production and its profit outlook.

He campaigned as an isolationist who routinely questioned the value of staying in Afghanistan, a flip-flop he fully acknowledged in his speech.

The employee escorted Makhzoomi off the plane, bringing him back into LAX to be searched and questioned by the FBI.

But I’m also smart enough to, when fraudulently returning these items, to act so entitled that my actions are rarely questioned.

This time, Maassen publicly questioned the authenticity of the video before his agency had finished its work on the incident.

Rightfully, many questioned the motives of Lundvall and her commission following this interview.

Law enforcement says Gasser is currently detained and being questioned about why he shot the 28-year-old football star.

Synovus Trust portfolio manager Dan Morgan described Spotify as “interesting,” but questioned how quickly it might become profitable.

The officials painted a multifaceted picture of the threat posed by China, as they were questioned repeatedly by senators about the No.

The White House questioned whether his comments ought to disqualify him from running entirely.

But he questioned whether Uniper Chairman Bernhard Reutersberg, who took aim at Fortum in late May, would be the ideal person to mediate.

Some economists also questioned the assumptions underpinning the plan he outlined on Thursday.

He also questioned whether Gray’s injuries could have been the result of a simple accident.

When I questioned whether most sensitive people were really empaths, she gave me the no-bullshit answer I was looking for.

On Wednesday, Republican senators questioned the credibility of the process.

Daily also questioned the administrative costs, which can be considerable, especially considering the potential return.

Since then, Mueller has questioned at least 10 people extensively about Stone.

He said many questioned the wisdom of spending big on APEC when then were more immediate priorities to address at home.

We’ve heard less about these in recent leaks from the people questioned about Stone lately, though.

Cops showed up to the apartment and questioned Cazier.

Legal experts have questioned Kasowitz’s contention that Trump’s private encounters with Comey should be considered privileged communications.

“Yes, sir,” the conductor answered quickly, as if he were being questioned by a cop.

Trump also reportedly questioned in another meeting why the US should accept immigrants from “shithole countries,” referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations.

“I have also closely questioned Department of Justice officials about assuring the independence of CNN,” he said.

Over two days, senior company officials were questioned about pricing, their computer hard-disks copied and mobile phones cloned to analyze communications over WhatsApp.

He will likely be questioned under oath by groups investigating Russian interference in our election process.

The survey found 36 percent of those questioned said they would vote yes in a referendum, while 25 percent would vote no.

Trump, the first sitting U.S. president to attend the forum since Bill Clinton in 2000, has questioned that world view.

Germany’s Angela Merkel, in an address to the forum, evoked the two World Wars and questioned whether the world had learned from them.

When questioned by a reporter about documents he reportedly viewed on White House grounds, Nunes said: “We will never reveal those sources and methods.”

In a rare public criticism of Israel, the president also questioned whether either side in the conflict really wanted to strike a peace deal.

In a rare public criticism of Israel, the president also questioned whether either side in the conflict really wanted to strike a peace deal.

However, his commitment to UNICEF was questioned as a result of the leaked emails.

They took me into a security office, made me give them all my personal details, and questioned me for what seemed like hours.

He has questioned whether former President Barack Obama was born in the US.

Kenya Defence Forces spokesman, Colonel David Obonyo, denied the number given by the Somali president and questioned the source of the information.

A user on the fact-checking site Snopes questioned the legitimacy of the alleged proverb.

The Daily Beast, for example, reported on September 8 that Hicks herself will almost certainly be questioned regarding the statement’s composition.

Other friends questioned if birth control would actually contain enough estrogen to give trans women the hormone levels they need.

In a combative, strange event, Miller berated journalists who questioned whether legal immigration is really harming American workers.

She also questioned whether there was an element of sexism in the criticism.

The lawmakers had questioned the DEA and other federal agencies about their efforts to advance medical marijuana research.

The lawmakers had questioned the DEA and other federal agencies about their efforts to advance medical marijuana research.

When questioned further, he said, “I really care about the white crowd,” and “the black crowd is the concern.”

But several Democratic lawmakers questioned whether he would tackle changes that cut into pharmaceutical profits.

In that instance, an outside prosecutor questioned Christine Blasey Ford, one of the women who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

He couldn’t explain why when we questioned him; he just said, “Oh, just go look it up.”

Ferguson’s research also questioned the validity of studies that do find a link between video games and violence.

Vice President Mike Pence was closely questioned about the order by Republican senators during their weekly caucus lunch.

They remind me that a woman’s experience will be endlessly questioned unless she fits within a very narrow stereotype.

And thankfully, I got a chance to listen to the ideas that a mind like Noé’s will throw at you when questioned.

Following the shootings of Crawford, Rice, and Scott, many people questioned whether cops treat black people openly carrying guns differently than their white counterparts.

I have never been questioned or much less cooperated in this.

I can’t help but wish Reed had questioned his mission more openly.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has questioned the contracts, arguing they are too costly.

His ex-wife was questioned by police Friday.

His ex-wife was questioned by police Friday.

Wolf did not specify where the money would come from when questioned during the news conference.

Other and other times he’s questioned whether the science behind it exists at all.

But in February, Chhabria questioned whether that was a sufficiently substantial amount of money to be awarded to the plaintiffs.

It was critical for us to obtain full and accurate information from every person we questioned.

Florida senator Bill Nelson questioned why no one called 911, describing it as a “scandal of gargantuan proportions.”

A motion to compel means that the court would force specific documents to be released and in this case, specific parties to be questioned.

Corsi was questioned by Mueller’s team on Thursday, his lawyer David Gray said.

In Hanoi, Suu Kyi questioned whether people were aware of the details of the case against the reporters.

Kennedy said there was evidence of “hostility to religion” and questioned whether that panel’s decision should be allowed to stand.

Netanyahu is not the first prime minister to be questioned in a criminal case.

Odegaard, however, questioned the timing of the Josimar/Morgenbladet interview, coming shortly before Norway open their World Cup campaign against Nigeria on Saturday. Some even questioned Jamil’s motives for making body positivity such an integral part of her platform.

Donaldson also questioned whether Jamil, as a conventionally attractive, straight-size woman, is necessarily the best representative of the body positivity community.

Many have questioned the Museum of the Bible’s presentation of ancient artifacts and accompanying scholarship, suggesting that it amounts to Christian propaganda.

Some conservative activists have questioned whether he would rule sufficiently aggressively as a justice.

At the Democratic debate on Thursday, April 14, moderator Wolf Blitzer questioned if this was really a fair attack.

On July 26, Pioneer Works, a nonprofit cultural center located in Red Hook, Brooklyn held a workshop that questioned traditional notions about data collection.

Eshoo, who posed the questioned to Zuckerberg, represents Silicon Valley.

A day later S&P Global cut the bank’s rating and questioned a turnaround plan by its new chief executive Christian Sewing.

Host Trevor Noah questioned the idea at first, arguing Trump “is just saying stuff.”

The accused will start being questioned on February 9 with Cristina last on the list to testify.

“When all the major economies, including the U.S. and China, are following protectionist policies, why are we being questioned,” the official said.

The lawyer said Sara was questioned under police caution, indicating that she could become a suspect.

Israeli media reported that they were both also being questioned on Friday.

During a pretrial deposition in April, Waymo lawyers questioned Levandowski for hours about allegations that he took Waymo’s trade secrets.

Critics have questioned an apparent conflicting dual mandate of both energy promoter and industry watchdog.

He has questioned whether President Barack Obama was born in the US.

While the levy has been welcomed by campaign groups such as Action on Sugar, others have questioned the idea.

The agent asked the AOIC if he could guess why he was being questioned.

Trump on Sunday evening also would not blame Prince Mohammed when questioned by reporters at the White House.

Kerviel was questioned on January 28, 2008 and detained for 48 days before being released pending the investigation.

I questioned what I’d been taught.

The report also questioned the police department’s ability to hold officers accountable, and described its relationship with the community as “significantly frayed.”

“Don’t worry about them,” Gerónimo remembered López Obrador telling him when he questioned the wisdom of communing with spies.

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