Questionable in a sentence | Use of the word questionable examples

Of course there were then groups who acted in a questionable way.

UltraFico might help people of average means with short credit histories, but it’s questionable if the score will change circumstances for the underprivileged.

Google’s previous foray into the hardware market was a questionable flop.

Still, positional versatility matters, and Booker did well for himself while surrounded by questionable talent on the worst team in the league last year.

If we can close above it at the end of the day that would be great but this definitely is questionable.

But the policy has barely been used in decades, since the WTO’s creation in 1995 rendered unilateral actions like 301 legally questionable.

Despite questionable circumstances, news of the forgery was not the subject of an exposé, but first announced by MOTB itself in a press release.

Nader seems to have used some potentially questionable tactics to lobby for Middle Eastern countries.

Nader seems to have used some potentially questionable tactics to lobby for Middle Eastern countries, according to the New York Times.

(There’s also the issue of whether Biden’s at-times questionable behavior with women will stand up to scrutiny in the #MeToo era.)

According to Michelle Tafoya, he has a chest injury and is questionable to return.

Once Dassey lawyered up, he withdrew his confession, and the prosecution didn’t use it in Avery’s trial due to its very questionable nature.

Some of the lyrical content, however, is… questionable.

It strikes me as a questionable theory and I want to challenge it but I also want to leave.

Trump is also damaging the WTO’s credibility pursuing a legally questionable protectionist agenda with the powers he already has.

It turns out that wasn’t the only questionable medical decision in her past.

Hamas itself faces a financial crisis, and its popular legitimacy is questionable as Gazans chafe at their miserable situation.

Their mix of in-depth factual investigations and questionable stories about dead presidents make the tabloid the perfect paper for conspiracies to thrive.

Singh serves a dish called “Unauthentic Butter Chicken,” a tongue-in-cheek play on the questionable designation of the dish as Indian food.

But for years, fashionable people maligned Christmas sweaters as the attire of provincials with questionable taste.

Trump’s children have also gone on some questionable trips, often related to the Trump Organization, on taxpayers’ dime.

It makes all of Rory’s character growth up to this point highly questionable.

Please stop doing this—even Rovell thinks it’s questionable.

With so few artworks analyzed, one of questionable authorship certainly casts shade on any definitive conclusions about Leonardo’s eyesight.

It is also trying to deal with other questionable content, such as death threats, hate speech and extremism.

Google’s European head apologized Monday to anyone whose ads have appeared next to questionable content on YouTube.

He refers to Avenatti as having “questionable tactics” and a “fast and loose style.”

As for the questionable tactics, he says Avenatti attributed certain “fraudulent” wire transfers to the wrong Michael Cohen.

“Fab offers people the opportunity to indulge in certain desires—however, it also highlights questionable personal values and cultural views,” he says.

The Trump administration claims the order is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks, but, as with the last travel ban, that assertion is questionable.

But extreme methods and questionable pills also drew me because they promised fast, quantifiable results.

And a lot of very questionable things were done between leaks of classified information and many other elements that should not have taken place.

Those include: The rest of the $38 million was spent on other questionable expenses.

Thursday afternoon, the trio were patched into Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones’s Highly questionable.

Here are some other people I encountered at Coachella who I asked to explain their questionable fashion choices.

But the FBI would have had to follow up on any derogatory or questionable information.

Where Hershman Leeson’s work falls on the spectrum between brilliant conceptual art and ethically questionable, because self-serving, is part of the charm.

Another series mocks reality with jarring, and also ethically questionable, results: “Fire Works” (1978–1980) is a moving-image tromp l’oeil of buildings aflame.

Whether or not dinner with the eldest Trump daughter can be considered a “date” is questionable.

But his hyperbolic defense — war, or work with Putin — is questionable.

Drake’s team, at the time, told us Sophie had a very “questionable background.”

Then Trump began tweeting his take on the evidence: that “nothing” questionable happened.

A 2008 Washington Post investigation identified 30 questionable deaths that occurred at ICE facilities between 2003 and 2008.

Trump’s grasp of policy details is often, to be generous, questionable.

And his take is … questionable.

Why open myself to criticism that will, inevitably, be used against me by people with questionable motives?

I can’t say I blame him: I’m a questionable artist, at best.

But lawsuits where the argument for standing was initially perceived as questionable at best have succeeded in the past.

Chan has made other questionable wardrobe choices.

She does a lot of reviews and she’s known for reviews and some of the questionable video things she’s done.

These are both questionable ideas at best — the former, in particular, is undoubtedly false.

In Africa specifically—where Perry was talking about—there is “huge untapped resources for renewable energy” Even the underlying assumption of Perry’s comments is questionable.

Now, Sansa does some questionable stuff elsewhere in this episode, which we’ll get to in a minute.

One omission in Clinton’s suit whispered a long, questionable history, and that is this: It has no pockets.

Accusations of a crime wave by dark-skinned migrants are, historically, deeply questionable.

Del Toral told the EPA as early as February 2015 that it was questionable whether the state or city were using required corrosion controls.

It, predictably, contains many questionable lines that no sane person would ever want to be caught rapping along to (i.e.

Similarly, the vacay mainstay of a “food shot” is twisted by close-ups of questionable meat with flies buzzing about.

She makes millions selling a brand on top of questionable products.

He, too, makes millions selling a brand on top of questionable products.

So much sexual assault, and such questionable treatment of women.

Nissan had previously established its own regional subsidiary made questionable payments of more than $30 million to the Oman distributor, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA).

But much of the political press views her as a secretive political opportunist with a questionable sense of ethics.

Instead of struggling to gather information, we are inundated with a ceaseless flow of news, social media and questionable facts.

Now the head of the New Genres program at SFAI, Lynnerup agrees with Rhoades that training curators while eliminating jobs is questionable.

Research from drone company DJI details how today’s drone policy involves some questionable assumptions.

In fact “quite good songs with a questionable moral compass” would have been a solid name for her album.

Earlier guesses for his firing focused on other questionable comments, of which there were plenty.

But the efficacy of such a request would be questionable at best.

Festivals are a den of filth, dirt, heat rash, questionable fluids, and drugs.

Some of the most sensible people in the world will find themselves making questionable sexual decisions.

A questionable “freestyle” that seemingly predates the track.

Statistically questionable online polls from Drudge Report, Time, CNBC, and Breitbart all declared Trump the overwhelming victor.

Statistically questionable online polls from Drudge Report, Time, CNBC, and Breitbart all declared Trump the overwhelming victor.

Is it not then at least somewhat questionable, and at worst insidious, for them to co-opt this concept?

It is even more reasonable when considering that Holmes has a history of questionable personal style.

Maybe we bring someone in a second time if they made questionable choices.

Trump also has a long, well-documented history of other questionable behavior with women.

But, again, I’m happy right now—collecting recipes from stables and concocting new dishes of my own questionable design.

We spoke with Joe Crack about the Knicks prez trying to trade star Kristaps Porzingis (among many other questionable decisions) … and he says P.J.

The author of that story, Charles C. Johnson, has frequently been accused of questionable reporting and fabulism.

Some Western advertisers, which were unaware their ads were appearing on Russian channels, told Reuters they were concerned about being associated with questionable content.

The dairy is gone, as are some questionable additions like a replica of Mount Vernon constructed in 1932 under Parks Commissioner Robert Moses.

Just, you know, questionable criminal rationale is all we’re saying.

The Trump Foundation, on the other hand, has done some very questionable things.

But that fuzziness seems like a purposeful response to the Tower of History’s own questionable film of historic reenactments.

Brick doesn’t have questionable labor policies or a cadre of reindeer ready to do his bidding—he just wants to chill.

There is only so much dating each person can do, and those with questionable objectives can already accomplish them without a hack.

But many questionable Wells Fargo practices long predated Sloan’s becoming chief executive, and Buffett and Munger have defended him.

And both, unlike Trump, were professional politicians with distinct, if questionable, sensibilities on policy.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, meanwhile, publicly made some questionable claims about Mueller’s timeline for the investigation.

The revelation of this meeting sheds new light on some other questionable meetings we’ve long known about.

As all this was unfolding, President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani did what he does best: make attention-getting but questionable claims to reporters.

The profile describes this period and includes maybe the best date story ever: He will admit to some questionable decision-making during this time.

I’m not alone in my questionable oversharing habits.

It’s questionable, but it’s one of the ideas of how to deal with this joblessness, eventual joblessness.

Much of this is questionable framing.

Even Golden State looked like they might suffer a handicap as Kevin Durant was questionable with an injury.

But its influence on British remains questionable.

And it used to some questionable math to make the meetings seem much more common than they were.

Yeah I of course know of these movies but it was questionable as to whether: 1.

Despite the questionable legality of the vigilantes’ actions they have been widely praised by Bulgarian authorities in the past.

Executives dodged the questions, refusing to say whether or not Facebook has come across any questionable behavior ahead of this November’s midterm elections.

In retrospect, we know Kanye was wrong and his recent “free thinking” antics make that moment even more questionable.

But this lavish existence is not without its questionable underbelly.

From most perspectives, this will seem like a questionable decision on her part.

Also uncomfortable: the hordes of white teenagers putting on questionable affectations while lip-syncing to black artists.

Although I think authorship is questionable, I am interested in inventing my own language.

However, some of these acquisitions are still ethically questionable.

“If the argument is this will be a foundation for coverage for everyone, I think that’s questionable,” he says.

Related: Charlie Hebdo ‘Set the Tone’: The Year in questionable Allies and Freedom of Speech

Before the auction, Christie’s refused journalists’ requests for comment on the questionable attribution of the AI-generated artwork.

Good science isn’t available yet to show that condoms are effective—although some questionable science says they are.

For years, they told the Air Force of questionable record keeping and slum-like living conditions.

It’s questionable if that’s “cheating,” but he doesn’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

But as Warren and analysts have pointed out, even that seems questionable.

Also, Jimmy Fallon is slightly questionable.

This is still fashionably terrifying in the West, but is proving an unwieldy approach of questionable effectiveness in Donbas.

With recently publicized cases of questionable uses of force by police officers, citizen oversight of police is being called for more widely.

There is the much-ballyhooed claim that art had to be objective, abstract, pure, and even universal — all of which are questionable standards.

We are the beneficiaries of the art, even if we find the system questionable.

And given how the medical profession works, it’s unlikely regulation will get in the way, despite the questionable ethics of diet books.

But Momoa’s Aquaman, despite being handcuffed by some questionable scenes and lines, was one of the better things about it.

Reams have been written about why she confessed to a crime many believe her to be innocent of—was she subject to questionable interrogation tactics?

After the HBO host apologized, VICELAND’s Desus and Mero decided to explore some other occasions when Maher made questionable judgment calls on TV.

For years, they told the Air Force of questionable record keeping and slum-like living conditions.

He’s someone who hung out in the nightclub business with questionable characters and maybe some mob associations in Boston.

And those are in a questionable state, because they are inseparable from the political and economic situation.

Another buyer notes that his Toro still runs well after three years of questionable maintenance.

In a country where the treatment of women is often questionable and criticized, Jayalalithaa’s political success is even more notable.

And what we already know McCabe did is questionable enough.

Embracing questionable political figures as a way of advancing legitimate foreign-policy critiques is a trade-off right-wing non-interventionists have made again and again.

And there are so many genes and factors involved in shaping intelligence, it’s questionable that a tweak in one might have an impact.

He added it was questionable whether such a strategy would work.

You can’t just say McCree is a just a good guy, as he’s very questionable.

Of course, whether Diamond and Silk were actually censored is questionable.

Seriously, questionable returns are a major pet peeve.

Less amusing is the trail of occasionally ethically dubious choices he’s made regarding campaign finance and questionable characters he’s been tied to.

Threatening someone’s children on Twitter may also be considered trolling, but the legality of doing so is much more questionable.

Critics of midazolam equate its use to cruel and unusual punishment because of its questionable effectiveness in putting someone to sleep.

Critics of midazolam equate its use to cruel and unusual punishment because of its questionable effectiveness in putting someone to sleep.

But even if Democrats get Trump’s tax returns, it’s legally questionable if they can make the information public.

Nissan had previously found that its own regional subsidiary made questionable payments of more than $30 million to SBA.

“I don’t know of any Canadians fighting with questionable groups,” said Bradbury.

Moreover, it’s questionable it even would serve its stated purpose .

If a violation were found, a task force of teams would rule whether the questionable tweet should be considered in the public interest.

With the World Series as a goal, the decision to hire a rookie was questionable.

Jackson has faced allegations of questionable drug prescriptions, drunkenness and creating a hostile work environment.

There will be only one set of rules — not a two-tiered system of justice,” especially questionable.

Although he might have veered into questionable territory, he kept going: “The responsibility to do that is not on women.

Though these are ethically questionable works, they are fascinating historical documents of Evans’ time.

(It’s questionable whether these details are in good taste.)

In 2008, three short years after YouTube was founded, people started putting it to its intended use: Videos documenting weird shit with questionable safety.

When a boss orders you to do something that is legally questionable, it’s hard to say no.

If he was wholly insignificant, then I think it would be ethically questionable why you should do a movie about him.

The FCC investigation into Colbert’s scandalous joke isn’t the only questionable story the liberal media has embraced to fit its narrative.

This hasn’t stopped unscrupulous clinics from touting some questionable stem cell applications, such as vaginal rejuvenation or hair loss, however.

“), and Jay Z’s pioneering role in rap, with the questionable claim that “y’all have Blueprint 1 but act like Tidal wack.”

Nissan previously found that its own regional subsidiary made questionable payments of more than $30 million to SBA.

Reed has been spectacular, but he suffered a separated shoulder on Thanksgiving and is at best questionable for Sunday’s tilt in Arizona.

It’s been a questionable approach, and the results on the ice have reflected that.

It acknowledged that managers’ techniques for determining levels of exposure were “subjective” and had “questionable validity.”

For a team with a history of signing veterans to questionable deals on July 1, a conservative approach sounds like the right idea.

For many of us, generating and managing the ceaseless flow of news, social media and questionable facts has become a full-time job.

And while many of Trump’s claims during the speech were (as usual) factually questionable, they did provide Stephen Colbert with a major insight.

On the other hand, Clue’s scratching and mixing are questionable, and he rarely does it.

He has done and said some questionable things over the years, but his players seem to adore him despite his perpetual abrasiveness.

In a slightly questionable move, my boyfriend then decides that what we really need to finish off this meal is a giant pretzel.

Gorka was always a questionable choice for such a high office.

“I keep seeing U.S.-built robots doing cool stuff with questionable utility, while Korea and Germany keep churning out products that immediately go to work.

Also the study only surveyed 26 people and the surveys were retrospective, so how accurately the participants remember their mood is questionable.

The more complex, telling answer is that the Astros had a miserable offseason that was guided by a questionable process.

The Trump campaign, to its questionable credit, didn’t make those claims in its lawsuit.

Many of them, however, were based on questionable data.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has demonstrated some rather questionable habits over the years.

That would help Facebook search for any questionable social media advertising and activity before an election takes place.

Modernist sculpture, low-resolution GIFs, and appropriated images blend together in a hyper-saturated stew of questionable taste.

The case involved allegations that questionable Russian money had been hidden away in New York real estate, including luxury Manhattan apartments.

Trump’s FEC filings illuminate some of the questionable ways that his campaign is spending the few dollars it has.

On Waypoint Radio 194, Danielle, Rob, and Patrick talk about games where a major character was enough to pull them through some questionable gameplay.

But some criminologists say these claims are highly questionable — both empirically and logically.

Claims of the Ferguson effect also originated from a questionable source: police.

But, if the reliability, speed, and range of your current unit are questionable at best, then you will not regret investing in an upgrade.

Take two states—Minnesota and North Carolina—that classify several questionable crimes as violent.

It seems pretty questionable whether obstructing federal judicial appointments is really comparable to Trump’s attacks against a judge’s heritage.

Moreover, thousands more migrant children who tried to enter the US unaccompanied will remain in shelters, many of which have questionable practices.

She said claims of helping veterans were questionable given that many of these groups don’t allow in women military personnel.

Her take on Thorne is one such questionable argument.

That preliminary report called out the cigarettes’ potentially greater addictive properties as well as questionable ways they’re marketed.

They are places where dozens of businesses are packed in together, their questionable labor practices on full display even through panes of deal-stickered glass.

These are questionable ideas, but they won’t turn America into Venezuela.

Both Manafort and Trump’s former National Security adviser Michael Flynn resigned after scrutiny over their questionable ties to the Kremlin.

It’s perpetually in the “operational prototype” stage, but even that is questionable, as it’s never achieved non-tethered flight.

“Chinese kimchi ingredients are questionable,” she says.

I don’t care for the questionable heart rate function on the Charge HR.

In this column: unlivable wages, poor working conditions, poor treatment of animals, and food of questionable nutritional value, to start.

You can overlook some flaws—his stale breath or her questionable style.

Paper records, written in questionable penmanship, get stuffed away in filing cabinets, out of the reach of researchers or other healthcare providers.

McCollum, various questionable long-term contracts, and some mid-to-late first-round picks.

For some lawmakers, backing off on Huawei shows the questionable compromises Trump’s willing to make to reach a trade agreement.

He is examined by a medic and his fate in the course is questionable.

But many diplomats have privately indicated that this would amount to an invasion of the country on questionable grounds.

The next 90-plus minutes were a blur of bad decisions and questionable music choices.

Some of the book’s contents have been, well, questionable — a few of its details are demonstrably wrong — and SNL plays that up.

Those cheetah fishnet stockings are super questionable though.

And there will be hiccups along the way, such as Hollywood filmmakers defending problematic casting on questionable ideological grounds.

If you see someone with an appendage that is all blacked out, that person has made some seriously questionable decisions in life.

These are highly questionable situations.

All this is questionable, to say the least.

I had the questionable test results from patients and doctors.

A group of Medicare-aged regulars who have a questionable understanding of history?

In the last few years, several commercial galleries have moved here, and I find the relationship of some to the community questionable.

Eubank seemed to have lost his finishing instinct, and was fighting opponents of questionable quality.

Thankfully, there are one or two other ingredients involved in the States’ most mystifying and politically questionable eating holiday.

Despite the federal government’s questionable response, American civil society has begun to mobilize to help Puerto Rico.

His ability to actually provide high-quality economic policy advice to the president seems more questionable.

“I think the first goal they got was questionable,” said Lehner.

And not just due to its questionable ethics or lack of concrete data — but because of deceit.

Hoax emails like this one spread widely in the latter part of 1999, giving a hugely popular game a questionable reputation it didn’t deserve.

Men of various ages, body sizes, and ethnicities crowd the free weight area, lifting with questionable form, making loud noises, unapologetically taking up space.

Yet whether Kim truly felt sorrow for the victims is questionable.

Bosworth wrote in the June 2016 memo that some “questionable” practices were all right if the result was connecting people.

All the questionable contact importing practices.

Buffalo C Zemgus Girgensons (abdomen) has missed the last two games and is questionable for Sunday.

But since the storm, the rebuilding of the grid has been further compromised by questionable decisions.

But even the commissary is questionable.

Sobriety and spending are questionable near Sunday as the sun squares off with sedating Neptune.

questionable traffic-driving activity spills out into titles that don’t just focus on celebrities.

Salty taste is still kind of questionable, but now we know something about the molecular mechanism for that.

Pure talent and questionable shot selection aside, it was their defensive issues—Milwaukee surrendered a ton of corner threes and layups—that weighed them down.

Your phone houses an ever-expanding record of your questionable decisions, from 2am “u up?”

“Some things are false, a lot of things are questionable,” Rudy Giuliani says about the Mueller report.

Nevertheless, the Magbanua affidavit suggest some questionable interactions on part of the Adelsons before and after the Markel assassination.

[BBC] + Then, this week’s explosive release of the Panama Papers shed harsh light on many questionable offshore art market affairs.

Personal vendettas rise and fall over middling beats and questionable guest verses; imagine a Storage Wars where all the lockers suck.

It will seat 12,000 people with questionable judgment.

As for his questionable rapping, he’s always been kind of a rap-sing guy.

Some suppliers, you know straight away that they’re questionable.

YouTube, meanwhile, is refining its policies so it can better and more consistently punish creators who upload questionable videos, like internet star Logan Paul.

Start strong (and prep for mass consumption and questionable decisions) by taking a leisurely stroll down one of the Atlanta BeltLine trails during sunset.

UKIP has long been castigated for its questionable electioneering tactics, particularly when it came to its billboards and posters.

What is bite-mark analysis and how does it compare to other kinds of questionable forensic science that have been used in criminal cases?

But also lots that are still really questionable that are still being used.

During the 2000s, there were attempts to clarify the questionable legal foundation of Article 242.

Acclaim definitely made lots of questionable decisions to get PR.”

It found Fowler wrote Aramark’s bid and “engaged in questionable conduct throughout the award process.”

A lot of people on the right making this point might have questionable motives, but that doesn’t make the argument wrong.

Dany’s sapphic storyline had a similarly strange power dynamic with questionable consent, as she had sex with her handmaiden Irri.

“To put him on the cover was questionable.

What faraway, questionable penpals did you used to message in your early days of the internet?

“Without British assets, it is questionable whether it is worth pursuing defence integration.”

Nor were you the first to make questionable fashion choices like popping polo collars or covering your limbs and neck with grody hemp jewelry.

The usually flawless Jennifer Lopez finally made a questionable wardrobe decision during a recent taping of “American Idol.”

Injury report: Blues center Paul Stastny missed time with a broken foot and is questionable for the opener.

It’s just that the distance between them and Earth’s surface is questionable.

Absentee ballots — and some highly questionable, possibly illegal tampering — brought us to this point.

One of those things I guess: great game, appalling timing, questionable publicity, and less-than-ideal visibility.

Shares in Samsonite plunged last week after a short seller accused it of questionable accounting practices and poor corporate governance.

A questionable decision to misspell the plural form of the word “leaf.”

I never told the women at the center why I was leaving or that I believed their methods were questionable.

To drive home this point, the paper published a photo selection ridiculing “Celebrities with questionable Beards,” which mercilessly mocked stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

They both had their fair share of questionable moments, but they both maintained a degree of relevance throughout.

He was even getting some prospect buzz: Non-basketball-wise, Gilstrap-Portley engaged in some other questionable activity, such as dating a 14-year-old girl.

We reached out to Drake’s people, who say, “This woman has a very questionable background.

The only way a doctor might be subject to discipline for handing out questionable medical exemptions would be through the Medical Board of California.

Saving the planet never seemed so questionable.

Nemtsov is just one of several prominent Putin critics to have been killed under questionable circumstances in recent years.

And there has been a lot of noise this quarter from the supply chain — always questionable — about Apple’s supposed iPhone X manufacturing plans.

Recording live streams and downloading them for later viewing is technically legal, but morally questionable.

He’s appeared on Highly questionable and SportsNation.

In desperation, I turn to ever-more questionable sources.

If he’s actually Ned’s sister’s son, then his claim goes from questionable to garbage.

That was a questionable call from referee Ian-John Lewis.

It’s the one that kept Victor Cruz out for all of 2015 and still has him questionable to begin the ’16 campaign.

The commenter community on the period tracking app Glow — a leader in the booming and questionable “femtech” space — corroborated her suspicions, however.

questionable staffing choices at the EPA was another concern.

If you want to live a healthy life, it requires navigating a flawed medical world and the questionable wellness world.

I slather a lot of questionable things on my face.

To what extent those changes have been working is questionable.

Whether any of these should be fodder for a channel like DramaAlert in the first place is questionable.

There has always been a lucrative market for Nazi memorabilia, though many in the collecting community deem the sale of these items morally questionable.

“This is false information that was made intentionally to make the election result look questionable and controversial,” a police report said.

I have similar memories of questionable Tray of Togetherness sweets.

A few more questionable tattoos and the likeness will be uncanny.

That technique might be questionable, but his photos are spot on.

Most worryingly, some posters on the site openly describe situations where consent is questionable.

Speed racer and two-time super-G medalist Andrew Weibrecht failed to finish a race in Pyeongchang and, at 32, is also questionable for Beijing.

We love that questionable line of intention and humor.

With that in mind, perhaps it’s not a surprise that AppleInsider’s Mike Wuerthele suggests the DigiTimes story is “questionable.”

Why do you think the music industry are hypocrites?Their whole view on piracy is questionable.

Because the major artist ignores her at dinner (questionable), she makes out with the minor poet.

About 10 to 15 percent of the applicants screened get flagged, often for multiple incidents, suggesting a questionable post is more than a mistake.

I mean, this is all subjective, and there were a few picks that were questionable, but I didn’t see anything that bad.

Not only did Kanye show up in questionable shoes, but his date, Kim Kardashian, wore a highlighter latex dress.

I took it upon myself to produce an Instagram account dedicated to the best, worst, and most questionable dishes throughout Springfield.

The methodology used in the making of the list has come under scrutiny, and its effectiveness is questionable.

Yes, someone gave the blood testing company known for handing out questionable test results money.

And how much questionable activity has he hidden from the world?

Swift, as well as mentioning his questionable tweet about giving preference to his ideas over schools in Africa.

When you don’t have the opportunity to wash your hands after touching questionable surfaces, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Some hospitals and orthopedic surgeons have stopped using Exparel because of its high cost and questionable value, as STAT has reported.

Ad campaign contracts can’t be sketchy: P&G will not work with companies that use questionable media contracts to establish digital partnerships.

questionable contracts could include hidden out-clauses, or non-transparent language around payment deadlines, for example.

The way they did it, as usual, was questionable.

Fast’s exhibition, August, which opened in mid-September, was controversial not for the video work it contained, but rather for its questionable framing.

I spend an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through the r/trashy subreddit, because it makes me feel better about my own questionable life decisions.

In a “Meet the Press” interview in January, Baker said he wouldn’t characterize Trump’s often contradictory or questionable statements as “lies.”

It raises a host of ethical concerns Blackwater contractors have a long record of questionable behavior.

A White House official said the request was made only after the FBI said the reports were questionable.

About 1,400 of Google’s tens of thousands of workers urged the company in August to improve oversight of ethically questionable ventures, including Dragonfly.

His backpedaling is especially questionable since Pence stringently defended Flynn in a series of televised interviews.

Facebook has a feature that allows users to flag questionable content, including what they believe might be fake news.

While Zeitz MOCAA’s opening exhibition is rife with inconsistencies, awkward installations, and questionable selections, the institution is young and still finding its footing.

— Jamie MySpace played host to a few of my finest (read: questionable) music projects.

(It’s questionable whether this would be allowed under the Senate budget “reconciliation” rules.)

Defense attorney Thomas Zehnle avoided asking about the questionable document when his turn came to cross-examine Washkuhn.

Democrats described an ethically questionable candidate who will wreak havoc on the health care system.

The type of interaction Flores mentions is, however, more questionable, in a workplace scenario or wherever.

Many called it “demonetization.” The YouTube move was a response to growing criticism over questionable and offensive content that appeared on its site.

The Interior Department has authorized parks to use money from entrance fees to cover cleaning expenses, a move that is legally questionable.

And that’s the problem: Demand for shrimp in industrialized nations has continued to support questionable practices in developing nations.

But that’s not the most questionable thing about Bush’s embrace of an FN Herstal product.

Jared Kushner has a questionable real estate business in Baltimore.

But if the case in favor of Melania is coming from questionable sources, the case against her is weaker still.

Before, a player could appear on the report with one of four designations: “out,” “doubtful,” “questionable,” and “probable.”

“Now you really have to dig in to see what [questionable] means.”

But the newly huge net of “questionable” has created a swirling vortex of confusion and shrugs.

He replaces Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was listed as questionable with a sprained left knee suffered last Sunday at Miami.

He’s seen questionable rollouts before, particularly in the surveillance realm, where he says people now use equipment to track whomever they please.

Jacobs’ lawyer wrote that Uber’s security apparatus was engaged in stealing trade secrets, spying on rival executives and wiretapping, among other questionable behavior.

It’s also questionable whether they’ll be allowed to under Senate rules.

War Paint attempts to offer a solution, but its methods are questionable at best.

It tries to moderate questionable content as quickly and as effectively as possible.

So, this is what the bottom of a swamp looks like: Nervous scientists and political appointees with questionable experience and dangerously unscientific views.

So you have more people playing the lottery, taking payday loans, making questionable choices to try to get ahead economically.

This is highly questionable.

Almost as important, the orders became public as part of stories about how they were spied on for questionable reasons.

These leaks reveal that Trump has used questionable claims of loss deductions to offset income and reduce his tax bill.

The former Pentagon chief made some questionable decisions despite the president, too.

(Or so she says; in flashbacks it looks less like a breakup and more like a murder under questionable circumstances.)

The company has, after all, cracked down on questionable content.

Here’s a brief history of John Schnatter’s no-good, very bad decisions and questionable business practices.

We were never pressured at any point to consider abortion, even after we expressed concerns about our questionable financial situation.

It’s also been hit for using questionable math and offering few details on what Trump’s tax plan will entail.

Minus a couple of extremely questionable lace fronts, the costumes were fine.

It’s a questionable strategy, at best.

It’s questionable if the Republicans will agree to that.

The increased scrutiny by the political establishment and the press needs to focus on more than the headlines and questionable actors.

Abdoul cleaned house, ridding the place of questionable characters and opening the doors to a younger generation of Moroccans, students, and even Moroccan women.

And that’s before you get to some of the more questionable ideas contained therein.

However, as things stand, it’s questionable whether this approach will be able to capture anything like the richness of our own bodily models.

In other words, the long-term fit is questionable, at best.

She smashed together her feelings towards the questionable future, so that Palmystery is at different times surreal, comic, and sinister.

And possibly on content of questionable quality.

My deep love of obscure reality TV shows and pumpkin-flavored foods is questionable.

I also wanted to press him on a few of the questionable claims he made in his New York Times essay.

Goh’s experience is far from the first time an airline has subjected its customers to questionable treatment.

Strategic value questionable: Motorola arguably had far greater assets, strong brand and patent portfolio, in addition to a larger hardware business.

Okay, okay, that isn’t really such a grand claim given the questionable quality of his previous music.

Still, the leader of the rebel mages who oppose the Chantry is morally questionable at best and a craven villain at worst.

And when plans for the Trump Tower in Moscow are fully picked apart, other questionable Russian characters may be drawn in.

That makes it likelier that questionable content, including hate speech, will remain on its platform.

Trump was scratchy with Price anyway because of his questionable advice and atrocious results on health-care repeal.

It’ll probably never get built, and even if it did, its effectiveness is highly questionable.

Or is THQ Nordic a flea market, full of cheap knockoffs and hand-me-downs in questionable condition?

But then there were some, let’s say questionable moments involving the Raptors center.

While this doesn’t appear to be illegal, using welfare funds in this way is questionable at best.

I still think it can, but it’s a lot more questionable than it was.

We did, however, find some questionable curatorial decisions.

I found some of the acts impressive, if not entertaining, although some were a touch questionable.

Though both later starred in hokey feature films of questionable quality, their contributions to the emergence of their respective genres is unquestionable.

Both were innovative technologically but expensive and their use cases questionable.

The drug itself received federal approval on questionable grounds, given its lack of clinical effectiveness and side effects.

The most incendiary of Trump’s tweets were his retweeting of anti-Muslim videos of questionable origin.

“The Abood Court’s analysis is questionable on several grounds,” Alito wrote.

It soon became apparent there were issues around following proper state health insurance licensing requirements and other questionable practices.

But the eventual reign of Prince Mohammed, whose father is 81 and in questionable health, is set to be a major departure.

Experience is valuable, opinion is questionable.

Experience is valuable, opinion is questionable.

Even Dr. Oz, a person known to endorse all sorts of questionable practices, says to skip it.

Whether NeuroQore can achieve this vision is questionable.

“The use of the word ‘aggression’ is a questionable choice.

In practice, it means insurance companies may simply stop covering the procedure altogether, the profitability of an “abortion-only” add-on being questionable at best.

This move is more than questionable,” Michelbach added.

Those proposals rest on questionable legal ground at best.

And I felt like not only these were morally questionable, but they were legally, very risky.

But if you leave a questionable friend request in limbo for too long, you’ll probably never confirm or delete it.

Enzo was playing up his heel character … but there have been real reports of the cruiserweight champ being shunned after inviting questionable guests backstage.

Ailes is known as a venal operator, specializing in deals with questionable reciprocity.

For large, fast-fashion brands, this overseas production is comprised of ethically questionable cheap and unregulated labor.

According to Nicole Ulrich, these are still quite common: “The methods of questioning are in fact rather questionable.

With percentages so small, it’s questionable just how useful the IAT really is for predicting biased behavior — even in the aggregate.

I enjoy hanging out with crazy, unstable, questionable assholes.

Last year, a Chipotle employee was explicitly let go because he tried to point out the company’s questionable labor practices.

These lawmakers see backing off on Huawei as a questionable compromise Trump is willing to make to reach a trade agreement.

The narrowness doesn’t end there: Not only is after-the-fact gun-control a panacea of questionable effectiveness, it ignores the political history of guns in America.

This wasn’t just a bad habit or questionable lifestyle choice for raggedy assed nak muay in the UK.

Despite the questionable label swap, both Johnnie and Jane Walker seem to have their hearts in the right place.

In other words, affiliation with questionable parties isn’t enough to warrant a FISA case.

“Sergio Moro created a new [questionable] form of investigation,” Wadih Damous, a congressman from the governing Workers’ Party, told foreign correspondents.

What I am saying is that he and others use art to clean up their morally questionable images.

Think of it as a buttress under the Bluetooth’s rainbow bridge of questionable reputation.

However, Arnett’s capitalist dealings, while questionable, are not as egregious as the false empathy that Safer uses to market his journalism.

— Oprah, I thinkHowever questionable the sources are, I’ve kept these lessons in my back pocket for years, because we all need them sometimes.

Celtics PF Daniel Theis suffered a broken nose in Friday’s loss and is questionable for the team’s two-game road trip.

At the same time, Thurman’s last couple of performances has been questionable whereas Garcia has shined.

Other hacking sites openly advertise services of questionable legality, offering illicit access to everything from Skype and Gmail to your college grades.

It’s a questionable juxtaposition.

This church is not only against same-sex marriage but has a long history of questionable practices and bias.

But, after Cersei’s recent threats against Jaime, it’s questionable whether or not this couple will make it.

For Bosman, however, the rule change was of questionable worth.

But, of course, how often that’s the case is questionable.

Bembry was shattered to miss it but he had to submerge his questionable goatee in a pool once he was done with Summer League.

“It’s questionable whether there are any adults in charge in Ontario.

‘It’s questionable whether there are any adults in charge in Ontario.

Wilson diverted family funds to source drugs from more questionable corners, and at the peak of her addiction was taking 30 pills a day.

Maybe he wanted a few more family man-type pictures to balance out all the questionable mannequin ones from his latest magazine photo shoot.

Nishioka added that such a concentration of authority in one person was “questionable”.

This was the first of four questionable police shootings of Latino and black men over the past two years in San Francisco.

Less than a week later, officials from New York State are picking up on one of them: Trump’s questionable insurance practices.

“I’ve raised capital before and I’ve worked with some of the more questionable VCs, as it turns out.

Less than a week later, officials from New York State are picking up on one of them: Trump’s questionable insurance practices.

Twelve-year-old Bpaet went home that night with a lesson in questionable rulings and the intimidating power of angry gamblers.

The board backed Fetter even when Glenview thought the company was making questionable actions.

This sounds like a stupid question, based in outdated rockist ideals of expression, integrity, momentousness, and other questionable notions.

And are there even ways to tell if your liver is beginning to show signs of strain from years of making questionable decisions?

Good science isn’t available yet to show that condoms are effective—although some questionable science says they are.

Some of these methods seem extremely questionable, instructing you to grab a blunt object and start scrubbing away at your screen.

And it says something when the gaming community’s most questionable actors are also sorta losing it over the game.

Horowitz: That guy also had like a very questionable hairdo.

It is questionable.

And watching this stealthy fighter with questionable morals reconnect with her former flame Daredevil, you can see why.

It’s very questionable whether Mitch McConnell would betray his base by advancing such a nominee through the GOP-controlled Senate.

McCabe’s counsel responded that Comey’s integrity was questionable and that McCabe was more trustworthy.

You’re going to buy new, questionable items of clothing that you’ll regret later.

Two years ago, she lost her job as Latta’s police chief after Mayor Earl Bullard fired her for leading a “questionable” lifestyle.

Two years ago, she lost her job as Latta’s police chief after Mayor Earl Bullard fired her for leading a “questionable” lifestyle.

Wearables is still a category with questionable value for both OEMs and platform operators, basically across the board.

To get involved you can submit ads with questionable or dangerous imagery via email or Instagram, so they can be called out.

“Lower your standards and suspend your disbelief as you enter the morally questionable world of cinema’s most prolifically understated director.”

“I definitely found [Sanchez’s] response questionable,” Addison told MUNCHIES over the phone late Tuesday night.

Staff disgruntlement and his questionable spending habits were both generally well-known within the agency, but perhaps not quite as detailed until this story.

As for Sophie Brussaux … Drake’s people initially scoffed at her claim, saying “This woman has a very questionable background.

The revelation comes as several members of President Trump’s Cabinet have faced mounting backlash for their questionable spending habits.

But it’s questionable how much more additional enforcement they could provide.

Even if its force of law is questionable, it was another positive signal from the White House to evangelicals.

The Scenario It’s an early Sunday afternoon following yet another night of questionable alcoholic decisions.

But websites of questionable nature aren’t the only targets that hackers exploit to deal their damage.

While the exhibit focuses on police surveillance of the past, questionable spying continues to this day.

The legality of this style of training is questionable.

Among them: marijuana, questionable fit in the locker room, and the great unknown of mental health.

It is questionable whether 50 percent carsharing utilization can be achieved because of rush hours and the suburban commute.

Why it matters: His administration is mulling bailouts for coal and nuclear power plants in a questionable attempt to strengthen the electricity grid.

The reports “documented even larger flows of questionable money into Cohen’s account,” — more than $3 million.

Yes, but: While ethically questionable, the report does not state that the relationship has broken any laws.

Obviously, a volunteer-taken “exit poll” is questionable.

It also has a long history of Medicare fraud and questionable billing.

It’s a fairly familiar refrain for the company, after years of reports about questionable working conditions.

A web comic called questionable Content — set in the hipsterville of Northampton, Massachusetts — captured the feeling unambiguously.

They were definitely able in court to make her look questionable.

In other words, they’re either really good, or, well, really questionable.

A lot of questionable pitches from brands get thrown your way when you’re a beauty editor.

The Panama records paint a picture of a thinly regulated industry where anonymity is regularly used to shield all kinds of questionable behavior.

Thanks to the spam and clone app crackdown, fewer apps of questionable quality are being approved these days.

The Panama records paint a picture of a thinly regulated industry where anonymity is regularly used to shield all kinds of questionable behavior.

He mouthed off in a questionable Scottish accent, had a parfait-loving Donkey sidekick, and a badass princess love interest.The year was 2001.

All it took was a weekend at Coachella for Bella Hadid to take the questionable trend on a test drive.

“It is no secret that Saudi Arabia’s record on strictly targeting combatants and legitimate military targets in Yemen has been questionable.”

They found that the cleanup was more questionable than previously thought.

It’s an update for the faithful—there are lines about moving to Berlin, not wasting time with love, and “questionable views.”

The earnestness of “Sing for the Moment” resulted in a questionable direction for the genre.

It’s just another sign that Trump’s plan to build his long-promised border wall is based on flimsy reasoning and questionable facts.

From this assumption arises his frequent call for “poll watchers” with no legal authority and questionable roles.

Since then, peanut butter hot dogs have appeared in questionable internet recipes and at specialty hot dog restaurants across the country.

Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti maneuvers around its subject’s more questionable actions by pretending they don’t exist.

The browser is also taking the extra step of blocking questionable Flash content, requiring users to click into it, in order to enable.

While some have been err, questionable, quality has come out of these meditations on his art.

But it comes at a high cost in many, often questionable, regards.

And some of the purchases you made were definitely questionable.

Get ready to defend Justin Bieber’s questionable choices promptly after revealing your nationality., a medical fraud watchdog site, lists the GHC in its “questionable Organizations” list.

And the organization’s impact is questionable (it certainly wasn’t responsible for slashing the number of IDPs to that degree). lists the IMVA under its list of questionable organizations.

I asked for directions to a late-night Paris eatery in questionable French.

became infamous for their questionable behavior on the reality show, as well as some controversial statements made afterward.

(There were plenty of questionable dress code calls in 2015, too.)

Rose has a history of dismantling sexism and combating slut-shaming as often as she spars with Kanye West and offers up questionable advice.

Last night’s Game of Thrones, in which Jon Snow came back to life, was a big night for those of questionable parentage.

Some praised Freeman, saying they never witnessed any questionable behavior or that he was a consummate professional on set and in the office.”

He’s filling the hole in his soul with these increasingly morally questionable nighttime excursions — fighting crime as well as by being this playboy.”

The Moon isn’t alone in this questionable space.

Gatti, the darling welterweight whose life ended amid questionable circumstances in 2009, typifies the ideal of a Montreal boxer.

“A few of his choices, OK, I’m sure they were questionable.

That also caused a lot of scrutiny on behalf of Komen, which has a history of questionable partnerships.

“In terms of legitimacy, we can be certain that it is questionable,” he said.

The popularity of the two issues creates liabilities for candidates who have a questionable history with pharmaceutical companies.

Keep your own jealousy in check, avoid manipulation tactics, and exit any relationships—romantic or professional—that are morally questionable or psychically vampiric.

Another questionable moment revolves around Roseanne’s gender-fluid grandson.

Certainly the Bible Lands Museum is no stranger to questionable displays.

To be fair, Hendricks has endured some questionable split decision losses in Las Vegas—namely in title fights against Robbie Lawler and Georges St-Pierre.

We hope questionable in a sentence examples were helpful.