Quest in a sentence | Use of the word quest examples

After asking her a few staggeringly intense questions straight out of Game of Thrones itself—”What is your quest?

But this is just the superficial quest.

Naturally, Rachel embarks on a quest to prove her racial wholeness through artificial attachment.

Instead, everything has to be spun into a teachable moment on your bold quest to self-actualize and unlock your full powers.

He was on a quest to visit 193 countries, a feat he accomplished just before his 35th birthday.

Dr. Troyer sees another standout theme in man’s quest for radical life-extension.

I have nothing bad to say about Team quest and we didn’t have any bad blood or anything like that.

UFC 196 had been so appealing based on McGregor’s quest to make history as the first man to hold two UFC titles simultaneously.

Disappointed by the options in his quest, he decided to take on the journey of creating what he would consider the perfect piece.

But Brat and his colleagues are desperate to shake off the stench of stopping the GOP’s seven-year quest to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Appropriately, this the is quest that the player goes on.

Nope, but then again, this is a series that’s featured games subtitled quest for Booty and Up Your Arsenal.

Your quest log is empty—except for that one stupid-and-probably-bugged quest from that NPC who you decided probably got what was coming to him.

I want the villagers to commend me for finishing the final quest and tell me how things have gone for them since then.

A scaleup’s quest is to continue on that upward climb.

Think of it this way: Startups invest money to learn, experiment and find validation, all on their quest to uncover a winning formula.

Even though returning was the Keeper’s first quest, other jobs and requests quickly pile up.

But their quest keeps me grinding away to get the Keeper closer to escaping their solipsistic purgatory.

Completing a game, or “100 percenting” a game, means getting all its achievements, finishing every side quest, and scooping up every collectible.

When I get into the game and I’m approached with a new quest I ask myself what the character would do.

I “finished” that character’s story in about 10 hours and never once touched the main quest line.

It was way more fun than spending 100 hours on one character that’s trying to see every cave and complete every quest.

Her thesis is simple: at some point, feminism lost its political moorings; it became vapid and toothless in its quest for universality.

In my mind, no one can touch A Tribe Called quest.

But the historical awareness that is lost in the professed quest for such “sustained focus” may cause more harm than good.

questlove will be signing copies of his new book Creative quest, immediately following the event.

Simpson’s quest to find the “real killer,” but it also brings to mind an earlier president.

We were on a quest.

People who report UFOs “quest to speak with someone who will believe what they have to say,” he said.

Al Shabaab is fighting the weak, U.N.-backed Somali government and its international allies in a quest to impose strict Islamic law.

Concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, are a culmination of farmers’ history-long quest to grow animals more efficiently.

In his quest to find these guiding philosophies, Chiang’s approach was slightly more mindful than my wonky coffee triangle.

It’s more or less a retrieval quest, giving us a pretty good sense of how things will go down from the outset.

It has been a vexing quest.

Plus, the series has a secret weapon in Scrat, the rodent-like creature whose quest for an acorn has now spanned all five films.

Now we must ensure that our own president’s quest to “make America great again” doesn’t come at a similar cost.

Today, it’s serious business, a comparatively buttoned-up, nu-corporate quest for respectability featuring branded black tights, big buyrates, and multimedia stars.

Brutally matter-of-fact, these deaths impart a palpable urgency to the boy’s quest: flee, survive, resist.

There’s a point where it seems the quest of collecting spheres for the creature is accomplished, only to have it devastatingly fall apart.

“The Infinity Engine” (2014–2017), an immersive installation highlighting the current state of bioengineering, outlines the scientific quest for immortality.

On my quest, I would have to gain these three powers back.

I started training midway through my sophomore year of college as a sort of quest for redemption after a series of ego-bruising events.

For museum curator Vincent Delieuvin, an Italian Renaissance specialist, this constant tinkering is evidence of Leonardo’s tireless quest for perfection.

Because his quest is over, his armor is useless.

Same goes for Barry Allen’s relentless quest to exonerate his father.

The leader there is Raisel Iglesias, who a year ago was running into injury problems in his quest to become a starter.

For a long time, many viewers might have had little interest in his long quest to travel north and become the Three-Eyed Raven.

This realization is what prompts him to embark on his long and difficult quest to become the Three-Eyed Raven.

He’s being joined by the perfect musical guest: A Tribe Called quest, the pioneering hip-hop group whose Phife Dawg died earlier this year.

His father was a professional jazz musician, playing anything from Fleetwood Mac to A Tribe Called quest around the house.

Claudia and Jamie become determined to prove that it is, and their quest for proof takes them, eventually, to the statue’s former owner.

The dinners demonstrated a commitment from Zuckerberg to solve the hard problems that Facebook has created for itself through its relentless quest for growth.

Thus, content companies and the platforms are aligned in a quest for quality and time.

Whether this, along with the constant moves and interest in keys, signifies a personal quest, the answer may be both yes and no.

I kept hoping the guy would take the hint, would get the message, would abandon his quest.

I appreciate people who make hip-hop…the way A Tribe Called quest and Lauryn Hill and KRS-One did it.

I found, in my quest to ditch oil for electricity, virtually no encouragement, help, or guidance from any agency or organization.

However, Russell faces much tougher odds in his quest to avenge his only professional loss.

Jersey burning has become a tasteless meme (and a quest for virality) that doesn’t accurately reflect the realities of sports business.

Spirituality has become a vastly complex quest in which each person seeks his or her own way.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because The quest For Fire was adapted for a 1981 film starring Ron Perlman.]

Shenmue III picks up where we left off on martial arts celibate Ryo Hazuki’s magical quest for vengeance against crime lord Lan Di.

I played and reviewed both Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and Dragon quest XI this year.

Dragon quest has enough history behind it to keep the steamroller going for years to come.

Instead, the book is a quest after what art is, what it’s for, and what artists are.

We can learn a lot from UASD’s mythic quest.

Instead, it’s simply about Taran’s quest to find out who he is.

When Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga of Brooklyn’s Ovenly dropped by our test kitchen they were on a quest for perfection.

Somebody with experience will tell you that true scientists are not motivated by money – they are motivated by the quest itself.

A Tribe Called quest‘s Malik Taylor, aka Phife Dawg, died on Wednesday at age 45 from complications of diabetes.

quest Nutrition co-founder Tom Bilyeu concurs.

“We’re going to raise the cost per calorie to starve our customers,” quest co-founder Ron Penna told Motherboard.

The measure follows through on House Democrats’ plans to go to court in their quest for an unredacted copy of Mueller’s report.

The world’s largest maker of networking gear slashed 5,500 jobs last August in its quest to transform into a software-focused company.

… We stand with the Venezuelan people in their noble quest for freedom… … As a candidate for President, I pledged a new approach.

Lifelong struggles with mental health and addiction is one, a quest for deeper spiritual connection is another.

But far more importantly, the deal also cuts short Phaneuf’s quest to play his entire career with Canadian teams.

OK, that probably wasn’t his quest, per se.

The game gave Daniel a quest to evacuate more than 900 civilians from Darnassus, but it’s impossible to complete.

This sparked the mid-March protests, the largest in the entire Petrobras saga, and breathed new life into Cunha’s impeachment quest.

Maybe the Man in Black’s quest is to find Robert.

That whole quest, which lasted for months and months, made me forget all about my notion of going to Afghanistan.

India just announced it would not take plastics, so the quest for markets is still ongoing.

Critique quest describes the sound design choices that make Hellblade’s malevolent forces feel physically invasive.

I’d say O triumphs in her own quest for meaning and self-definition—the others certainly satisfy her desires.

The U.S. Government fully supports the Venezuelan people in their quest for freedom and democracy.

A risk-taker by nature, he was prepared to face danger and hardship in his quest for riches.

But the attack hasn’t deterred Rwigara in her quest to bring positive change to the country.

But it’s also clear she’s going to push forward on her quest for self-definition.

This clue sent her on tireless quest to shed light on her background.

Only a similarly determined, broad, and long-term quest for electoral influence will enable pro-environmental politicians to push back.

But Bridget Jones’s Diary is a smart film that doesn’t hinge entirely on Bridget’s quest to pair up.

Follow Miriam Wells on Twitter: @missmbc Related: Exclusive: Inside Washington’s quest to Bring Down Edward Snowden

I have always had a quest and hunger for spirituality, even before I discovered I was a psychic.

I caught up last week with Eric Ries, the man behind the once-quixotic quest to create the only exchange west of the Mississippi River.

Resurrected from ancient Egypt, Apocalypse and his allies, the Four Horsemen, are on a quest to destroy and remake the world in his image.

It’s likely that she will be the first person Apocalypse recruits in his quest to take over the world.

Its quest for nuclear bombs must be stopped.

And fear not, there is no danger of being eaten by a grue or encountering lurking horrors on this online quest.

I have learned from this matter, and I look forward to being part of the Yankees’ quest for a 28th World Series title.”

Our quest is to master how we go through these moments of difficulty and discomfort.

It’s a movie that feels reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear—like Jonny quest, but far less problematic (remember Hadji?

Moana pursues an ancient quest and finds herself along the way.

It’s about a TV-famous dog who goes on a quest to find his owner.

It’s a personal quest to keep the pounds off.

I chose to wear the hijab when I was 20, it was a spiritual quest.

(EDF has been following FirstEnergy’s years-long quest for bailouts.)

(I admit to being on my own quest to see all the official NYC Great Trees.)

Games like Actual Sunlight, Depression quest and Deep are good go-to examples of how video games can facilitate conversations in and around mental health.

A Tribe Called quest provides the soundtrack.

The quest to get the contents of the tape revealed to the public then became its own drama.

The DOJ’s quest to broaden warrant jurisdiction has not drawn as much attention as other recent confrontations over government access to digital information.

And in the end, it wasn’t the cancer that killed her — it was her endless quest for birds.

Last year, birder Noah Strycker saw 6,042 species in a single year, a quest that took him to 41 countries.

“The Trump administration has ended its odd and ill-advised quest to ban grandmas from the country,” Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin said on Monday.

Beyoncé is on a quest to change how the world sees pregnancy.

In their frenzied quest for mates, cicadas make a ton of noise.

In my quest for tidiness, I have purchased many items meant to keep my space more organized and make my life more efficient.

However, there are some gems in the game, and one quest in particular struck me as painfully relevant when I played it recently.

Other times, it’s more complicated, and the “Corruption and Conscience” quest in the city of Cheydinhal is somewhere in the sweet spot.

The basic plot of the quest goes something like this: A new captain of the guard named Leland was appointed to the city.

21 Savage teamed up with his boy Offset … to help him in his quest to win back Cardi B.

Giella understands that finding a perfect match to a favorite product is more than a quest for convenience.

If this were the totality of the quest, that would be fine.

The critical difference between these two solutions, and the brilliance of the quest‘s design, is that there isn’t much of a difference.

This one quest, buried in the middle of a massive open world game, gives an interesting perspective on how these things are handled.

To date, though, that’s mostly involved cleaned up digital re-releases—de Blob, Titan quest, etc.—and not full-fledged sequels.

Cameron’s quest to strengthen his own right flank had turned into a world-historical disaster.

Games like de Blob, Titan quest, and Lock’s quest have been rescued from the void, and live on via Steam, etc.

Just join me in the quest to embarrass Jim Bankoff.

The Bay View Massacre, a strike turned bloody, left seven dead in the quest for an eight hour work day.

Therefore, the quest for bioenergy at a meaningful scale is both unrealistic and unsustainable.”

Mulder and Scully’s quest is a fundamentally lonely one, bound to fail.

And in that shared quest, a great TV relationship is born.

Now, though, you can quest almost to the level cap without ever having to interact with another person.

You’ve got a crap quest log, a sometimes infuriating inventory system, unintentionally hilarious voice acting, and an inexplicable soulmate-choosing system.

The movie revolves around a man’s quest to reclaim his Victorian family home in the now-gentrified Fillmore district of San Francisco.

And so with increasing intensity, she devotes herself to the question of how to get pregnant, unaware that her quest will have catastrophic consequences.

This is a quest that is ongoing to this day.

Ditto goes for the episode focused on A Tribe Called quest, wherein several classic rap songs pass by in their original, jam-oriented forms.

I was really humbled to go on the quest to find them.”

“The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey also drops in and agrees to help Paul in his quest to redeem his former Showcase blunder.

White came across many fellow travelers embarking on the bothy quest, seeking out the small lodgings in the remote British wilderness.

There are quest objectives, not goals I want to achieve.

(See: his quest for revenge in season one’s hunt for the Soviet sleeper who killed his partner.)

“In my quest for a better patch, this made sense to me.

Yes, there might be an element of vanity to the modern quest to get the perfect Instagram photo.

“You definitely were on a spiritual quest,” Heidi agrees.

She’s been fencing for nearly 20 years — follow her quest for gold on her Instagram.

(Witness this Wired story: “Monsanto Is Going Organic in the quest for the Perfect Veggie.”)

In terms of the novel, Kunzru explains that this is the now-familiar quest for authenticity, in that “Carter feels that blackness is realness.

There are stories within stories, hidden away, waiting to be found outside of the main quest, and even side missions.

The Expanse is the story of an epic quest.

The characters might be developed through that quest, but solving the mystery is what truly matters.

Narcos’s first two seasons centered on the DEA’s quest to nab Escobar and take down his Medellín cartel.

Blanco continues his quest for universal empathy in Boundaries with “Declaration of Interdependence,” a prose poem composed around phrases from the Declaration of Independence.

I think that’s an eternal quest.

My quest for answers had just left me with more questions.

But even if this Promethean quest to extend human life succeeds, several questions persist.

Headliners for this year’s three-day festival include Frank Ocean, Solange, Tame Impala, Nine Inch Nails, A Tribe Called quest, and more.

This doesn’t surprise us, as Orproject once created an architecture piece that mimicked a tree’s quest for light.

But one title has eluded him on his quest to become the best player ever: the World Cup trophy.

quest was shot over about 10 years, a cinéma vérité documentary portrait of the North Philadelphia–based Rainey family, who operate a recording studio.

quest is awaiting distribution.

The most animated of the bunch was Martin O’Malley, who seemed energized by his quest to successfully say something, anything, without being talked over.

So naturally, Reddit was one of Chan’s first stops in his quest for those NMDs.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot turns the story of the war in Afghanistan into one woman’s quest for personal betterment.

15/ But in their quest to woo conservatives into a popular front, liberals just need to recognize the scale of the “ask.”

Which songs were those?“Bliss quest” is pretty much unchanged from the jam version that we recorded, and “Empty Palms”.

His upcoming book is “Heavens on Earth: The quest for Immortality and Perfectibility.”

The piece feels reverential in its quiet quest to ward off evil.

This policy is part of Amazon’s ongoing, years-long quest to drive down the price of books.

The drinking aspect of Drinking quest was highly uneven.

The Unfinished quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics, told me.

It was not hubris to attempt to contain the whole globe in one room, it was a quest to be praised.

They comprise a whole range of types, from those who treat the quest with scientific seriousness to those who believe Bigfoot possesses magical powers.

Screw the quest, why would anyone ever leave that place?

Future quest blends some of their best action heroes, creating a world where Jonny quest, Space Ghost, and Birdman can all interact.

Jean Genet believed that money was inherently evil and the quest for power was a form of necrophilia.

He thought money was inherently evil and that the quest for power was a form of necrophilia.

Here’s a look inside the streaming service’s high-stakes quest to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

It costs time, because you’ll become possessed by every church thrift and used bookstore you happen to pass by in your quest.

“I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom,” Netanyahu said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

About a decade later that quest culminated in the iQOS, a device that heats tobacco but does not burn it.

It has been a quest of relentless government lobbying, made more complicated by frequent political upheavals.

Any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States.

The negotiations behind the 2016 deal began as a quest to recover Levinson, they said.

Tuesday marked “mission accomplished” for one New Jersey sixth-grader on a quest to find 1,000 books with characters that look like her.

A search for truth is a more complicated and more demanding quest than most people are prepared for.

She’s been on a multi-season quest to end slavery!

Anxious and fighting off the depression, Sandra embarks on a desperate quest to visit each of them at home and plead for their compassion.

Perhaps sensing the futility/pitiableness of our quest, Rachel left.

NYC-based Qween Beat affiliate quest?onmarc today shared a visceral self-released EP titled ?

There is an almost Wordsworthian earnestness in Goldsworthy’s quest to connect with nature, which is awe-inspiring almost to a fault.

But even as they continue to oppress Tibetan Buddhists, Chinese leaders are strategically leveraging Buddhism in their quest to dominate global trade.

The quest for ease of use of technology has made this pursuit its own worst enemy when it comes to making innovation commercially viable.

Carter started his quest last month when he tweeted Wendy’s asking how many retweets he needed to score the deal.

“Just be ready, and when it happens, you’ll be able to sit there smiling sweetly,” quest said.

Do not allow little things to fluster you,” quest added.

Nonetheless, I remained resolute in my quest for that elusive job.

The project stems from Bianchi’s broader quest to document the contradictions of religion in modern society.

In many ways, the game is fundamentally about the quest to collect more and better stuff.

And then there’s Dragon quest Builders, a mash-up quite unlike any preceding it, fusing Minecraft-like construction with role-play adventuring.

Basil Kincaid and Audrey Simes’s  R3clamation: Inward quest continues at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary (2713 Sutton Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri) through October 29.

It’s all part of his quest to live until at least age 180.

Our ruins.” They agree that melancholy consists of a relentless quest toward the past.

Mere minutes go by before the screen gets splattered with popups for everything from quest to loot drops and stat allocation panels.

A journey for a bigger paycheck, yes, but you could argue that’s a quest worth embarking on.

She’s set aside her quest to free slaves on one continent in favor of claiming her “birthright” on a different continent.

It seems as though the quest for a toned body adds just one more thing to strive for—another layer of pressure for women.

But the quest to create a cryptocurrency with a stable $1 value—a so-called “stable coin”—has startups acting like banks.

But Hawking understood that his life’s work — a “complete understanding of the universe” — was an intergenerational quest.

The conservative intelligentsia was happy, finally nearing the completion of their decades-long quest to make and keep the high court conservative.

He played with the early Disney quest virtual reality amusement park ride as a teenager in the mid-1990s and was blown away.

So Democrats have been wary about raising their voters’ expectations for a quest they fear will inevitably end in failure.

For the past decade, Canadian journalist Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall has been on a quest to find a cure for the common hangover.

Essentially, the summer of horniness built us up to some idiotic false hopes on our quest for love.

Yet in that quest for meaning, we can so often shunt aside the people who matter to us.

But one could only want such a thing out of a quest to affirm one’s own morality.

Four dudes, one quest. Ellen’s tongue-in-cheek embrace of Wilkerson’s quest took the game to a whole new level.

Elgar’s quest was to find missing moon rocks among the trove of 270 that were gifted around the globe by Richard Nixon.

There is no end to which POAS addicts will not go in the quest to see that elusive, life-changing second line.

It’d be weird to give up at this point, as quixotic as his quest is.

quest is a cinéma vérité documentary portrait of the Rainey family, who operate a recording studio.

There was a great moment in a side quest where we found a thief who’d been stabbed in the back.

I don’t know what I get for killing all the ravens, but the quest to eliminate them calls to me.

On my quest to find a fix for my depression, I was shuffled from practitioner to practitioner like a poorly behaved foster kid.

Bonus: Wanna know how Jeremy’s quest to bang Conor McGregor’s mom is going?

In its quest, Facebook has acquired 11 AR/VR companies, mostly through its subsidiary Oculus, according to research from data visualization and analytics startup Quid.

The U.S. Government fully supports the Venezuelan people in their quest for freedom and democracy.

The phenakistoscopes in “Special Re:quest” were produced through engraved wooden discs that Tetz fashioned to look like vinyl records on Daedelus’s turntables.

In addition to the video, the “Special Re:quest” project includes a PDF of phenakistoscopes that you can print out and play for yourself.

“Special Re:quest” is off Daedelus’ latest album, Labyrinths, which was recently released on his label Magical Properties.

With Fallout 4, the open world took a step back, the quest lines weren’t memorable, and combat was… well, adequate.

Among the other assets on the table for a possible sale is quest Software, which it acquired in 2012.

A Tribe Called quest, Anderson .Paak, and Busta Rhymes gave President Donald Trump a new nickname at the 2017 Grammys: President Agent Orange.

These aren’t empty threats made by a bloviating, unqualified white man in a seemingly implausible quest for political office: He won.

He has not moved an inch.” That’s partly because giving in to the Catalans’ quest for independence could unravel Spain entirely.

Or maybe the whole thing will just be about a young ore miner on a quest to build the longest road.

In their quest to make good impressions on their bosses, workers began putting their undying loyalty to the ultimate test.

And then I entered into this quest to learn about sex, seduction, and love, and along the way I lost my perspective on excess.

An amateur photographer, Bornier set out to travel across China on a personal quest to make images for a travel memoir.

Indeed, Huffington’s involvement in the company may help Uber in its quest to soften its image.

California presents tremendous opportunities for Democrats in their quest to retake the House of Representatives this fall.

Viking quest, are you going to have …

Growing up, my dad was on a quest to find “my sport” — the activity I’d finally master.

That prodigy is Alex Hunter, and he’s on a quest to sign that first fully professional contract with a Premier League team.

It’s a tension creating difficulty in the site’s quest to become a “real” business that’s able to consistently attract big-name advertisers.

It’s a tension creating difficulty in the site’s quest to become a “real” business that’s able to consistently attract big-name advertisers.

Her mods range from the simple—letting players wear Groucho Marx glasses—to more complex creations, like entirely new quest lines.

NOTHING will stop us in our quest to MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN!

This new setback is a stunning blow to Syed’s quest to clear his name.

Over the course of the book, Savage sets off on a quest to rescue his wife, Vivien, from the devil.

Back in the kitchen, the mood was light—with A Tribe Called quest as the soundtrack—and the plan was straightforward.

My quest for a Valentine’s Day cuff continues, one flyer at a time.

She went on a multi-season quest to end slavery, after all.

They have all expressed concerns about our Promethean quest to develop machine intelligence, and those concerns seem to be spreading every day.

In my view, the main theme is the loss and quest for a father.

Companies selling flavanol-rich products have been on a quest to find out what flavanols do — and how they can be hyped.

It’s a fun quest to try and stay stigma-free.

As part of the company’s quest to change, Gurley led the search for a COO to act as a steady second-in-command to Kalanick.

Mythic quest will release at some point for Apple TV Plus.

In a special issue on opioids and surgery, several high-profile surgeons made the case for giving up on the quest for zero pain.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative for me to continue the quest of that moment of humanity.

Thor’s quest for vengeance in “Infinity War” brought him back to Thanos.

“Pitch Perfect,” a 2012 film, is based off the nonfiction novel “Pitch Perfect: The quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory” by Mickey Rapkin.

Halsey’s quest to dominate pop music isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

In his quest to defy categorization, Well$ may very well end up creating one of his own.

But his true quest is to untangle the ineffable nature of connection itself.

And, indeed, Bush did justify the war as a quest for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which turned out not to exist.

Many years later I am fascinated by the claim that “violence is essentially the form of the quest for identity.”

With the passing of Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called quest, it’s been a pretty rough time.

But many of the Italian Masters are remembered today as the arbiters of scholarship in the quest for fighting prowess.

The painter’s quest for a more “primitive” life took him from France to Tahiti and back — and then back again.

“My quest is ontological,” Herman explains.

The weight of the quest for a second straight Stanley Cup for the Penguins will fall directly on one man’s shoulders: Evgeni Malkin.

This quest frequently requires Roland to travel between worlds himself; much of the series’ action takes place in modern-day New York City.

Part of the deluge seems to stem from audiences’ never-ending quest for “authenticity,” the desire for meticulous televisual world building.

It comes through in his description of adversaries as on a doomed and self-defeating quest to challenge American preeminence.

This repetition is also found in the quest structure (and often in the quest content, too).

Phife Dawg — a member of the iconic rap group A Tribe Called quest — died Tuesday.

But Sanders made it clear he was not planning to end his White House quest anytime soon.

In it, Bernard tells Maeve that her quest to escape Westworld was programmed into her.

quest to stay together in the face of discrimination—namely, some smelly, power-hungry dickhead telling them how they should live their lives.

But the idea to create a video game about her quest for fame wasn’t even hers; she just brilliantly licensed her name.

Eventually Begin embarked upon a quest to conquer his fears.

In MMA’s ongoing quest for legitimacy through mainstream attention, this represents a well-meaning but awkward step forward.

But the problem of preexisting conditions became very real for Republicans when they embarked on their quest to repeal Obamacare in 2017.

Ironically, this could help Erdogan’s quest for authoritarian control in Turkey.

A long quest line might lead you to a very realistic, very boring academic lecture about demons, recorded at Oxford and put on YouTube.

Catanese’s insatiable quest for knowledge is nothing if not impressive, and it is revealed in the intricacy of his paintings.

Eventually, Goddard and Erie’s quest brought them to the Chicago Crime Lab and Sergeant Louis Vitullo, a high-profile officer in the department.

In the end, my five-year quest for male genitalia would cost more than $100,000, not including travel.

At the Code Conference last month, Sheryl Sandberg said that Thiel’s quest to kill Gawker was not done with Facebook resources.

Is this an imaginary portrait of the Dane in his youth, beginning his quest to understand the world?

Because her quest for identity was performed for the camera, the rest of us are able to watch and learn, too.

It’s these variables that self-confessed control freak Reid refines and regulates in her quest to produce “the most consistently delicious croissant.”

Recently, a global team of scientists announced a major milestone in their decade-long quest to create a fully synthetic yeast genome.

And as Kratos and Atreus continue their quest, she is utterly alone, save the lifeless body of her son and her anguish.

Silicon Valley is on a quest to grow the perfect diamond.

Despite their dramatic appearance, these tactics can be seen as a natural progression in performance art’s quest to employ the body as material.

Pixar So she embarks on a quest that mirrors the first film — where Albert Brooks’s clown fish Marlin (irony!)

Republicans abandoned their quest to eliminate the estate tax on inherited assets, a move that would have benefited the richest Americans.

Despite these issues, hair analysis is the fastest-growing drug testing method in the U.S., according to a 2015 study from quest Diagnostics.

The key staffer shaping Sessions’s quest was Stephen Miller, a young aide.

Each of those states is key in the state-by-state quest for the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House.

So he goes on this quest, essentially, to Scotland, to retrieve the lost eagle from the ninth Roman legion.

So here I am, trying really hard to be different, and I’m writing quest novels.

In his quest to let big money thrive in political campaigns, McConnell has been aided by a conservative Court.

And in some sense, Thick as Thieves is a quest.

So for him, it’s a quest.

And for him, this is not a quest story.

Alas, Zume isn’t yet at the stage where it has completely forsaken fleshbags like us entirely in its quest for pizza technocracy.

(Apparently, being the best citizen isn’t part of Ronaldo’s quest.)

Me and my production partner, Brad Siefert were called The quest and made more hip-hop based remixes working with Maurice.

As Zélie and Amari head off on their quest, they’re pursued by Amari’s brother, Inan.

The quest to free chess from the flatness of checkerboard is nothing new.

Here she is on a quest for overripe bananas!

I was initially a little disappointed that Maeve’s quest for her daughter simply led her back to the cabin from her memories.

The quest for the best produce should involve shopping in farmers markets wherever possible.

My quest for better rest is both fed and fueled by the constant flow of sleep-related news.

Representation is also trap because the quest for recognition makes us police ourselves.

As sad and empty as Lacie’s quest is, she’s quite easy to sympathize with.

But to be about a Public Enemy, a Tribe Called quest, or a Wu-Tang Clan, you had to really be about that life.

Seeded 11th, she begins her quest for an eighth Wimbledon singles crown against Italian qualifier Giulia Gatto-Monticone.

The track is subdued, jaunty, and moody, sounding like video game background music designed to soundtrack the journey-before-the-battle portion of a medieval quest.

FURKA, Switzerland (Reuters) – A team of scientists has embarked on a four-year quest to discover what beyond water the world loses when glaciers melt.

In a quest to save money myself last month, I finally started to cook at home again.

What’s there for Dany to learn in her quest for the Iron Throne if everyone she faces folds so easily?

Nobody likes an extended dream quest.

The quest for the cheapest kilowatt has led miners to set up shop in remote regions of China and Mongolia.

Next up on my pet cafe quest was Blind Alley’s “raccoon cafe”.

The characters have a quest, and with that quest comes a feeling of urgency.

Past sanctions have not discouraged the regime in its quest to develop nuclear weapons.

These days, Glassman is on a quest to disrupt health care and solve the growing crisis of chronic disease related to diet and inactivity.

That cowboy rags-to-riches quest is highlighted in just about every song on both Mozzy and East’s albums.

But Democrats also have openings to pick up a few seats, in their quest for a House majority.

The quest to determine the microwave’s path proved almost as satisfying as using it.

As the titular shinobi, Sekiro, I was on a quest to rescue the young noble lord to whom I had sworn fealty.

We are asked to admire their discipline in the quest for physical perfection.

Because that quest is by definition impossible, it makes us anxious.

A failed vote is the only way to unambiguously bring an end to the Obamacare repeal quest if they conclude they can’t actually succeed.

But Democrats also have openings to pick off a few House districts, in their quest for a majority.

The reaction forced Nixon to appoint a new special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, who would eventually succeed in his quest for the tapes.

(While your local Laser quest may be pleasing in other ways, it’s of no medical benefit.)

But remember: don’t get naked at Laser quest.

What would a benevolent intelligence possibly make of our ruthlessness, our rapacious quest for understanding?

We had already sacrificed so many lives in our quest, and there was no reason to stop then.

Bannon is Trump’s third campaign chief since he began his quest for the White House in June 2015.

Newton will play a “sassy journalist who helps them on their quest,” according to the Reporter.

In my quest for infinite knowledge, I have taken to conducting important and worthwhile investigations on them.

“House of Cards” follows Frank and Claire Underwood’s quest for political domination, which means getting into the White House.

A Tribe Called quest – Solid Wall Of Sound Max Mohenu is on Twitter.

For decades, a group of researchers on a quest to find extraterrestrial life have been listening patiently to the cosmos.

He calls up his memories, renarrates them as a quest for his heart’s longing, and addresses the story to its goal, God.

“The whole movie is a great quest for freedom, and all of the people in the movie are doing something against or for freedom.”

Four years in, and Mayer’s quest to save Yahoo is still far from over.

He says quest outperformed the S&P last year by 9.8%.

We see these people as innocently genuine and often beautiful, typical of Halprin’s lifelong quest for non-stylized dance movement.

In their quest for perfection, the foodies tried to haggle with me.

When Frost describes the land in “The quest of the Purple-Fringed,” he notes “the chill of the meadow underfoot” despite the sun overhead.

Their quest for authenticity didn’t stop there.

I’ve put in kinds words across the Noisey desk, hoping someone here would be able to help me on my quest.

So, are we done with the quest for the perfect information appliance?

Our family trips every August became a quest, the perfect cannolo my Holy Grail.

The question I had was is this an ideological quest or is this just like … Google’s was.

His doodles are a quest, a starting-point.

Wawrinka’s quest starts Tuesday against 265th-ranked Dmitry Tursunov of Russia.

But his father-in-law’s opposition to higher interest rates may complicate that quest.

Sora, a hero chosen by the Heartless-slaying Keyblade, is on a perennial quest to stop the darkness from succeeding.

For this quest, however, Ga hunts through libraries and footnotes, feeling the ashes of crumbled empires through her ink-stained fingers.

“On Twitter, our rules are clear,” wrote Stone in The F***king Epic Twitter quest foreword.

This is simply one step in our quest to find the truth for this family.”

In my quest to be haunted, I went into a dead-end stairwell that’s out of bounds to both visitors and staff.

… and the fully wireless Oculus quest.

I went around the center, continuing my quest to meet a spirit.

Heinz recently compared Kirkpatrick’s quest to return to Washington to meth addiction.

11:34 AM: Facebook shows off a new Star Wars VR game, called “Vader Immortal,” which will be a launch title for Oculus quest.

All those rich details, hidden in snippets of dialogue, quest item descriptions and the oppressive environments wrapping themselves around each hollow’s journey.

Spotify is taking out ads for A Tribe Called quest right now.

House Democrats face two serious headwinds in their quest for a majority that they are essentially powerless to cure.

On Time: The quest for Precision continues at the Grolier Club (47 E 60th Street, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through November 19.

Heilman has hinted that his internal quest to make the Knight Foundation document public led to his firing.

Heinz recently compared Kirkpatrick’s quest to return to Washington to meth addiction.

But is the end of his quest really as unceremonious as we’re led to believe?

Court challenges are then Kabuki theater, not a quest for compliance with our best ideals.

As in the battle against climate change, the quest to clean up space shouldn’t be passed on to future generations, he said.

Brian Blickenstaff East German weightlifter Gerd Bonk took the highest documented quantity of anabolic steroids in his quest for a gold medal.

Basically, the game features landmarks called PokéStops, where you can collect various items that will help you in your Pokémon-catching quest.

One newspaper described the quest well: The song of summer — in 1910.

The event took off in earnest, hosted by Tribe associate quest Green, a charismatic presence perched squarely between a preacher and a b-boy.

I love thinking of a novel as “a quest for insolent solutions.”

In her quest to be the first black woman to visit every nation in the world, sometimes she’s had to go it alone.

Liz Gilbert’s famous quest in Eat, Pray, Love was prompted by her difficult divorce and failed rebound relationship.

“We have forged a handful of diabolical tunes to help in the quest of annihilating the right through sonic torment.

This is not a naïve quest to solve all our problems at once.

But due to strict import rules for sunscreen ingredients that aren’t FDA-approved, getting it is a true quest.

To bargain for her grandmother’s life, Pinmei and her odd friend Yishan go on a quest to find the stone themselves.

To an outsider, the quest for a beauty holy grail probably seems like it should be as easy as heading to your nearest Sephora.

Don’t be fooled—he’s still set on his quest to get even bigger, faster, and stronger.

“Dragon quest X” and “Dragon quest XI,” the two latest installments in the much-beloved Japanese role-playing game series, are coming to Switch as well.

“This is an educational Dresden.” Booker’s quest for school reform is a window into his strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

It wasn’t a sincere quest, I don’t think.

But this fading away of language and the gendered, racialized figure does not mean that the quest for meaning is abandoned.

It’s about the quest to achieve indefinite lifespans—and how one community within the much larger transhumanist movement is attempting that.

After school, my best friend Beth came over to help me on my quest for stoner bliss.

We listened to A Tribe Called quest and talked about seeing “Chip,” as we’d nicknamed the small thing inside me.

A Tribe Called quest isn’t the only band making protest music right now, nor is it the first.

His quest line will take you to entirely different realms to help him reckon with death, and perhaps even renegotiate it.

Finding Dory doesn’t just find a quest for Dory to embark upon, it also gives her real, deeply emotional reasons for doing so.

“I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom,” he said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

“The U.S. government fully supports the Venezuelan people in their quest for freedom and democracy.” The international response has been more varied.

Geoff Stirling has been dead since December 2013, but his spiritual quest lives on.

The puzzle-y Stacking and beloved Halloween RPG Costume quest are also going for under a dollar, as is city builder Spacebase DF-9.

The building sits on Linden Boulevard … the street that’s soon-to-be co-named A Tribe Called quest Blvd.

A Tribe called quest – “check the rhime” by societyofsoul

Shell plans to keep operating its quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project, which is also in Alberta.

The LHC was funded in part because of the quest to confirm the Higgs.

The quest for love and freedom, but then of course, the things we take from society and internalize—self-discrimination.

I’m now on a sacred quest to taste all frozen foods and to test the truthfulness in their marketing.

The movie was asking me to root for the heroes — but I wanted nothing more than for them to fail in their quest.

But of course everyone wants to control the OASIS, including Wade, its biggest fan, who’s devoted himself completely to the quest.

That’s important to restate: The quest has big implications for the future of the OASIS.

It’s a hero’s quest.

And what’s at the end of the quest hasn’t fixed anything at all.

Other assets, including some software operations like quest and SonicWall, are said to be still in play.

We may be overlooking a critical factor in our quest to find alien life

American history traditionally celebrates Washington and his fellow revolutionaries in their undaunted quest for freedom at all costs.

The quest to hold China to account has been uniting online activists in this collaborative global effort for a while now.

Lester follows Da Vinci’s quest to understand the enigma of the Vitruvian man.

In episode five, Dolores told Ford that Arnold had enlisted her—or at least encoded her—in his quest to destroy the park.

Heinz recently compared Kirkpatrick’s quest to return to Washington to meth addiction.

Perhaps because the hamster has absolutely no clue it is creating art in its perpetual quest to run the wheel to exhaustion.

This sort of international stigma is helpful for the opposition in its quest to destabilize Maduro.

Justin Bieber has been on a quest lately, one to maybe make our lives and his happier and holier.

This why one person’s quest to boycott 3 Doors Down in this country is so special.

Active from the 1930s until her death in 1983, Bute was on a continued quest to unite images and sound through her work.

The first quest you’re sent on is finding a mushroom for this giant eel blocking your path.

And don’t even look at what Facebook Messenger has turned into in its quest to become WeChat.

She warned that without additional resources, Trump’s quest to keep his campaign promises could overwhelm the system even further.

More than $100 billion is spent worldwide every year in the quest to cure cancer.

In that quest for survival is where we find common cause.

For him, the liberal quest for equality isn’t accidentally authoritarian: It is, and long has been, about repression.

A Baillie film is a quest for beauty in the natural world and in the everyday.

In boom times, it pumps up share prices elsewhere in its restless quest for a good return.

This is not a naïve quest to solve all our problems at once.

Roger Federer continues his quest for a ninth Wimbledon title when he meets Lucas Pouille in the third round.

The data breach is estimated to have affected about 11.9 million customers of quest Diagnostics and about 7.7 million of LabCorp.

Hjartarson’s quest to procure those human specimens was the subject of a 2012 documentary The Final Member.

And so, I set out on a quest to see if an actually good shower breakfast was even possible.

Iran was her last stop in her 5-year long quest.

They push their bodies’ physical limits and let the quest define them.

In my own quest for recovery, for normal, healthy eating, the hardest part has been learning that there’s no normal to recover to.

What immediately stands out about this particular installment in their quest for pop idolhood is a cold restraint that doubles as crafted perfection.

What didn’t get as much attention as his romantic quest was the fact that his study was small and badly designed.

Sometimes this quest for accuracy falters, resulting in an impression like Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama.

Republican senators face a pretty big hurdle in their quest to repeal and replace Obamacare: the American people.

In 2005, he created PacRim Coal to carry out his quest for coal in Alaska.

Meanwhile, Arthur is on the hunt for that trident — but his quest is a lot more complicated than it seems.

“The storytelling is like archaeology,” lead quest designer for Fallout 76 Emil Pagliarulo told me.

The RCP average for MI has Trump in the lead, but it is bad for his quest to get to 1,237.

You had plans for multiple volumes of Firestarter [Kardi’s second album, 2001’s quest For Fire: Firestarter, Vol.

It’s like Cinderella’s quest to be the belle of the ball before her coach turns back into a pumpkin at midnight.

(What a weird quest.)

What I did do was explore every single side quest I could find in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, my favorite part of the game.

Nor is it proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare or even a return to the Obama administration’s quest for a grand bargain.

He also said the case was politically-motivated and was spurred by Gascón’s quest for self-promotion.

“It is difficult to escape the perception that this quest for ‘diversity’ is the real reason the election outcome was overturned.

The search for the idea of a soul has been streamlined and Westernized into a simple quest for individual identity and memory.

“It is difficult to escape the perception that this quest for ‘diversity’ is the real reason the election outcome was overturned.

“Lethal Weapon” — Fox, three seasons

“In the quest to be No.

Here they focus their lens on aspiring Europeans who are dying in their quest to reach the promised land.

But through Landis’ lens, they are bumbling fools who, in their quest to make a quick buck, fall into some very gory situations.

It causes people to be forthright in their quest for dominance and perseverance.

But Trump and Sanders came out ahead, ending the night having picked up the most delegates in their quest for their parties’ nominations.

Dragon quest, as a series, has never felt more popular.

Dragon quest dates back to 1986, and there is an abundance of titles to choose from compatible with contemporary hardware.

With such hardware to hand, you, too, can begin playing the amazing, charming, and incredibly accessible Dragon quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

Above: Welcome to ‘Dragon quest VIII’ trailer I understand that these games are big investments, of both time and money.

Again, Dragon quest VIII is not like that.

“Six months later, I was still pulling my hair out in some kind of quest to make the perfect mix.”

Astro Teller, CEO of Google X, talked about some of the technological innovations he’s pursued in the quest for global equality.

Dragon quest VIII is as accessible as they come, without ever sacrificing too much depth.

It can be difficult to choose a starting point in any well-established series of games, but Dragon quest VIII is a very easy recommendation.

Her quest as an artist resides in the field of abstraction.

Dragon quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is out now for Nintendo 3DS.

The data breach is estimated to have affected about 11.9 million customers of quest Diagnostics and about 7.7 million of LabCorp.

It leads to a lot of frustration, too, as a quest can require you to travel somewhere that’s not yet accessible.

For now, my quest ends here.

Soul quest attracts more and more veterans, and they come from varying backgrounds.

During his first ceremony at Soul quest in August, he revisited forgotten scenes of streets lined with corpses in Iraq.

It’s hard to overstate the impact Soul quest‘s ayahuasca ceremonies had on the military veterans who participated in the retreat.

I met Caroline*, an easy-going and clear-eyed veteran, at Soul quest this summer.

Soul quest‘s sense of refuge is what brings together former soldiers and marines from Colorado, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Michigan.

These two are driven by something beyond a quest for glory, respect, wealth, or security.

Other assets likely to be shopped include quest Software, which Dell acquired in 2012 for $2.4 billion.

But the quest for more fossil fuels could heat up in places you might not expect: our national parks.

might experience in his quest to “move on with his life.” C.K.

Regardless, I decided that, in my quest to adult functionally, I needed some coping mechanisms.

We hope quest in a sentence examples were helpful.