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As such, it’s hard to envision Alabama needing its quarterback to matter, let alone matter at the level of a Watson.

Beleaguered quarterback Ryan Tannehill posted his highest-rated game of the season (97.4).

quarterback don’t crack.

When will the casual fan finally realize Eli Manning is not a great quarterback?

“Training a quarterback is the same as training a BMW employee on the factory floor,” Mulvey says.

Vin Ferrara, the starting quarterback that year, still speaks in some awe of how DePodesta ran routes.

“I actually wasn’t really nervous,” the former football quarterback turned baseball outfielder told PEOPLE.

With Goff now in the fold, protecting the quarterback will be at least as important as opening holes for Pro Bowl tailback Todd Gurley.

Disruption will be key in this game, specifically against quarterback Jake Coker.

When it’s time to find a quarterbacks coach, or offensive coordinator, who better to hire than a former quarterback?

Backup quarterback A.J.

Their defense has improved of late, and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has had better games down the stretch.

Cousins isn’t a quarterback who threatens you with a ton of deep balls, nor is he any kind of run threat.

This is a perfect place for the zone blitz, especially against a quarterback with a history of not reading underneath defenders.

Taliaferro was a superstar at IU back in the late 1940s … playing running back, quarterback and punter — and garnering All-American honors three times.

For years, Cleveland has been so starved for serviceable quarterback play that they have actually been jealous of the New York Jets quarterback situation.

If at first you don’t score a quarterback touchdown in the AFC Divisional Playoffs, try, try, try again.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, winner of five Super Bowls, is one of the greatest athletes of all time.

And the young quarterback couldn’t, or wasn’t given the chance: Denver’s play calling stayed run-focused and conservative for too long.

They trounced the visiting Charlotte 49ers 70-14, but the real story was quarterback Lamar Jackson’s first half.

But I did watch the Broncos’ Week 3 preseason tape, because of all their quarterback drama.

The ex-Redskins quarterback watched guys like Clay Matthews get flagged for simply tackling QBs all day Sunday … and he was LIVID.

His statistics were down last season, but he was also playing with Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick attempting to be a West Coast quarterback .

The Green Bay quarterback predicted the Packers could sweep the rest of their games after struggling to a 4-6 start.

He had career highs of six sacks and 10 quarterback hits last season while playing mostly on the interior for the Chiefs.

I’d say Aaron Rodgers is more beloved than Brett, although Brett was a wonderful quarterback.

The New York Jets have finally landed their quarterback on the eve of training camp.

What assurances, if any, the Panthers quarterback received we don’t know.

But wait, there’s more … we asked if the Raiders should consider moving on from quarterback Derek Carr.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady extended his get-well wishes on Twitter, writing: “Papi defines Boston Strong … get well soon, my friend!!

The quarterback turned sports analyst — Who recently celebrated his 70th birthday — speaking on a radio show earlier this year (right).

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 8/10 Offensive coordinator Todd Haley takes a lot of grief from snarky internet folks like me.

“He’s really been the quarterback,” said Paula White, pastor of a Florida megachurch and longtime spiritual adviser to Trump.

Yes, for at least the second time this season, FOX has superimposed Bradford’s head onto another quarterback‘s body.

Most salient, again, is that Matt Cassel is in no way Sam Bradford, the widely photographed quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, for example, has famously cut nightshades out of his life.

The whole “elite quarterback” conversation is bunk.

Should the Patriots win Super Bowl LI on Sunday, Tom Brady would become the only quarterback in history with five championship rings.

Its star quarterback, J.T.

Ex-USC quarterback Todd Marinovich — who also played for the L.A.

Tom Brady was the hardest quarterback to bring down last season, with a league-leading NFL sack rate of just 10.6 percent.

The Tigers led by three, with quarterback Deshaun Watson putting up Vince Young-like numbers from the classic Texas-USC Rose Bowl exactly a decade ago.

quarterback Aaron Rodgers also shared a post on Instagram that many are viewing as a show of support for players who knelt.

For most of his career, there’s always been ballyhoo about how Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard.

It’s like, all right you got your quarterback, you got your left tackle, you got your …

“He hangs out more with managers than he does teammates,” one scout told McGinn, about Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg.

Then an image of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick flashed on the screen.

It might just be August, and a middling quarterback‘s social consciousness briefly piercing the NFL’s bulletproof surface.

The New York Jets are going with Bryce Petty as their starting quarterback against the Los Angeles Rams.

The New York Jets are going with Bryce Petty as their starting quarterback against the Los Angeles Rams.

[Author’s note: Winston is a former Florida State quarterback who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in December 2012.]

For the second week in a row, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots faced a physical NFC West team with a mobile quarterback.

Two years later, the woman — who goes by “Kate P.” in legal docs — filed suit against the Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback.

Winston was the quarterback for the team who had been accused of, but never charged with, sexual assault.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first kneeled during the anthem last year to protest police shootings of unarmed black men.

For example, embattled NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick might appear kneeling over the real-life statue in front of you.

Kaepernick is a great quarterback.

If Brady is suspended, backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would take his place.

Likewise, his yards per attempt and interception rate would mark him as a top ten quarterback in earlier eras.

And while it may feel like most teams don’t have a franchise quarterback right now, the league-wide completion percentage is higher than ever.

I was a quarterback in an arena full of cheering fans.

And if a certain kind of zone can be identified, a quarterback usually has a throw in his arsenal that can beat it.

A video from 2015 of Ben Roethliserger made the rounds again recently, showing the then-33-year-old quarterback going through the motions of a basic drill.

While backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski nimbly dodged the flying pads, once Roethlisberger got hit, he threw in the towel.

For San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, this year’s NFL season isn’t going to be business as usual.

“It’s loud,” Bears captain and senior quarterback Derek Victory said.

“Odell can’t perform because the quarterback is not performing.

Because he lacks the physical gifts or pro-style system mastery of a classic NFL quarterback prospect, Johnson requires a little more projection.

So, they should basically replace the quarterback,” the Hall of Famer tells TMZ Sports.

“I mean, if it was anybody else, any other quarterback, he would have already been replaced.

Then former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton got onstage, and for whatever reason, told a story about Vince Lombardi.

Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, now has five Super Bowl rings, more than any other NFL quarterback.

Josh McCown now becomes the Browns’ starting quarterback.

With the Cleveland Browns in serious quarterback trouble, Johnny Manziel says one thing’s for sure — they’re definitely not calling him.

Doug Williams is the best Super Bowl quarterback ever.

Denver, led by their golden boy quarterback John Elway, was supposed to win.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 5/10 Eli Manning’s second season in Ben McAdoo’s offense was impressively stagnant.

“Eli, I always said a quarterback north of 35 can play, if he’s healthy, as long as his team’s good.

Nobody better is coming along for the Jets barring a franchise quarterback draft plunge.

They haven’t handed out rumored contract extensions to either corner Stephon Gilmore or quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

“This is what we all had envisioned,” Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler told media after his big win. “

The Colts will be a tough out in January if their quarterback can’t be tackled by regular humans.

Fanatics also has a memorabilia relationship with quarterback Jared Goff and will be selling helmets signed by the rookie throughout the day.

An NFL quarterback completing 43 percent of passes against the Saints would be like an NBA player shooting 2-of-19 against a high school team.

Sadly, Snyder is an inept billionaire with a barely functioning franchise and a quarterback taking his money one mediocre year at a time.

Their idiot quarterback is 100 years old but plays like he’s 28.

He has also called former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick a “clown” on social media.

New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur set the stage for a summertime quarterback competition between Eli Manning and rookie Daniel Jones on Tuesday.

Shurmur previously said Manning would be the starter and Jones would figure out where he fits in the quarterback pecking order.

The trick play called for backup quarterback Nick Foles to motion out from under center and, after a bit of trickery, catch a pass.

That tune changed dramatically when Shurmur said he is “constantly” evaluating which quarterback gives the team the best chance to win.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 3/10 The Rams have the saddest quarterback situation in the league.

Yes, a team was so desperate for good quarterback play in 2015 that they resorted to Houston Texans cast-offs.

In the sense that he can throw a few routes and not embarrass himself with a lead, he’s an ideal Jeff Fisher quarterback.

Foles is probably still the better quarterback, but neither of them is particularly appealing.

Nevertheless, the Rams have come up short on evaluations in three areas: quarterback, receiver, and offensive line.

quarterback Jalen Hurts will be a sophomore, breakout running back Bo Scarborough will be back.

when he revealed the outrageously healthy diet he prepares every day for the New England quarterback and his wife Gisele Bundchen.

(Or, for that matter, his fast quarterback who helps draw attention away on option plays.)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a known supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

On February 4, one day before playing in his first Super Bowl, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will likely win his first MVP award.

At the time, his wife was arrested, but the former quarterback said he was largely to blame for the incident.

Because let’s be honest, this is the first season where Matty Ice was a truly great quarterback.

When you’re a 41-year-old quarterback, nothing is guaranteed.

They didn’t want another black quarterback, they already had Tony.

“We always told him, ‘If you’re going to be a black quarterback we’ve got to prepare you.'”

Instead, quarterback Brandon Harris threw an interception that sealed the win for Wisconsin.

Kirk Cousins (this week’s price $5,900) looks to be the highest owned quarterback.

Derek Carr, the quarterback, got a lot of the attention.

When a team takes a wins leap—no matter how poor the quality of the competition—the quarterback gets the credit.

Why does the NFL care how fast Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson runs, you might ask?

Of course, he’ll have to do it with backup quarterback Matt Moore, but…

The quarterback often carries the passing game, not the other way around.

Misdirection plays helped rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett play a passable game.

The biggest unknown is at quarterback.

For protesting NFL players, like quarterback Colin Kaepernick, their demonstrations are about racism and police violence.

He earned a varsity letter in 1971 as the backup quarterback to Joe Ferguson, who started 171 games in a 17-year NFL career.

Kelly recalls a coach who was obsessed with detail: receiver routes, quarterback footwork, the job of every defender on every play.

As the pre-game national anthem began, Axson, a senior backup quarterback, and two of his teammates knelt in protest.

“[Ciara] would prefer to live in New York, and the Giants need a quarterback.

After losing quarterback Cody Kessler because of a concussion, the Cleveland Browns fell to 0-7 on Sunday.

Yeah, drafting a late-round quarterback is the way to go in most leagues!

The Cleveland Browns don’t have a long-term solution at quarterback, which could turn their sights toward the New England Patriots.

“I think Cleveland understands, Hue Jackson specifically understands he needs a quarterback,” Lombardi said.

But how many more years can he continue to play like a star quarterback?

This was just a great quarterback taking advantage of some awful defenders.

Garoppolo, though he started just two games for the Patriots this year before injuring his shoulder, looked like a legitimate starting quarterback.

Will quarterback Tom Brady win a sixth Super Bowl title?

“Talk him up a little bit, talk to Coach (Dan) Quinn, maybe get a shot at quarterback.”

Before Sam Hunt became a country music mega-star, he was thiiiis close to being an NFL quarterback.

Here’s a hint … it all has to do with signing a certain beloved quarterback.

Coliseum were calling for New York Mets prospect Tim Tebow, a one-time quarterback.

Flutie is 5’10” — which is a good height among normies but short by NFL quarterback standards.

—New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur set the stage for a summertime quarterback competition between Eli Manning and rookie Daniel Jones.

The winning quarterback getting all the attention is just a fundamental part of the culture of the sport, whether or not it makes sense.

Shurmur previously said Manning would be the starter and Jones would figure out where he fits in the quarterback pecking order.

That tune changed dramatically when Shurmur said he is “constantly” evaluating which quarterback gives the team the best chance to win.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 5/10 Matthew Stafford is clearly a capable NFL quarterback.

A capable NFL quarterback may just be what he is.

Which is fine, given that playing quarterback in the NFL is his job.

He’s the first quarterback of his kind—the guy who somehow makes throwing for 5,000 yards disappointing.

He placed fifth in the voting, the highest finish for a small school player since Grambling State quarterback Doug Williams placed fourth in 1977.

Lockbaum finished third in the Heisman race behind Notre Dame receiver Tim Brown and Syracuse quarterback Don McPherson.

I’m liking what the quarterback position is doing, the defense is balling out.”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady extended his get-well wishes on Twitter, writing: “Papi defines Boston Strong … get well soon, my friend!!

The quarterback announced the image makeover on the “Dan Patrick Show” on Monday … saying “I actually go by John these days.”

(When the New England Patriots visited the White House in May after winning the Super Bowl, quarterback Tom Brady skipped the event.)

Their offense, led by the young, already legendary quarterback Cam Newton, seemed as if it couldn’t be stopped.

And especially when compared with his contemporary Tom Brady, the four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the Patriots, Manning has come up short.

Then, in Year 2, they reversed course and tried to make him into a protoypical, drop-back NFL quarterback.

Add in an exciting and promising new quarterback of the future, and a competent quarterback of the present, and things are looking up!

Hue Jackson was able to make chicken soup out of a limited quarterback in Cincinnati with a great supporting cast.

If they realistically believe there is no franchise quarterback worth considering with their second overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, that’s okay.

But they can’t let Griffin’s signing hinder their pursuit of that quarterback.

There’s a slight chance Griffin devotes himself to the game and becomes a quarterback worthy of leading a franchise again.

Take note, other NBA teams — if an all-time great quarterback plays in your city, bring them to NBA free agency meetings.

Led by former captain and quarterback Kain Colter, Northwestern’s football players previously attempted to unionize.

The ex-NFL quarterback was leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse in Bev Hills Tuesday night … and told us how well he’s been doing.

“People would come up and they say, ‘Look, he’s the quarterback.

Tom Brady may be 39 years old, but he is still the best quarterback in the world.

His 11-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio is more than twice as much as any other quarterback.

In his new job, he will quarterback the coordination of changes at Social Capital and also focus it more on its new capital efforts.

There’s more … the future NFL quarterback met with Odell Beckham Jr. during the game and they seemed to get along pretty well.

The former NFL quarterback and current NY Mets farmhand was playing in his first game with the Single-A Columbia Fireflies.

The former NFL quarterback and current NY Mets farmhand was playing in his first game with the Single-A Columbia Fireflies.

“Every quarterback room he was in as a player, he made better.

*The Backup quarterback* Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is as unlikely a Super Bowl QB as Brady is an inevitable one.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 4/10 Brian Hoyer is not a game manager.

Hoyer is a decent backup quarterback.

But no current NFL quarterback puts the ball up for grabs on throws his arm can’t cash as much as Hoyer.

Key Offseason Decision: What quarterback (Hackenberg) will the Texans (Hackenberg) be able to acquire (Hackenberg) to push Hoyer (Hackenberg) out of the way?

Of course, getting out of quarterback purgatory is easier said than done with the No.

Connecting the dots will lead you to Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg.

Lechler as emergency quarterback was a great gimmick to distract from his down year punting.

There have been rumors that the Raiders could eye trading up in the draft to take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.

Such rumors call into question the future of current quarterback Derek Carr, who is just two years into a five-year, $125 million contract.

And then there’s this guy: On the prospect of anyone stopping Arizona quarterback Khalil Tate ever again.

Tate lost Arizona’s quarterback competition in training camp and it wasn’t an example of a head coach not knowing what he had.

“I know Aaron Rodgers and every quarterback in that league went, ‘Wow, what the heck just happened?!'”

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere rejoice … Tony Romo is healthy enough to play quarterback in the NFL again!!!!!!!!!

And in basketball, one player can affect the perception—and often, the success—of a team in a way not even an elite quarterback ever could.

Linebacker Deion Jones hit Newton in the head as the quarterback broke the plane of the goal line on a two-point attempt.

Nothing demoralizes a franchise quite like having a former starting quarterback return and steal a victory and that’s exactly what Drew Brees did.

The starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is capable of moments of brilliance, coming off a solid 2015 season.

How is Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder celebrating after drafting his new franchise quarterback?

And then, of course, when won the last Super Bowl with Jim Plunkett as the quarterback.

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick was a backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

You can’t be an armchair quarterback on this.

UCF quarterback McKenzie Milton won’t lose his leg after suffering a devastating knee injury last week … his family announced Tuesday.

Wall plays the role of quarterback, making the read with the ball in his hands for most of the possession.

Beal will occasionally take the reigns as quarterback of the offense.

Dirty Rel was guarding Josh [Johnson, now a Ravens backup quarterback].

One of the first rule changes, passed in 1880, was the idea of snapping the ball from the line of scrimmage to the quarterback.

So Winston hasn’t been handed the ideal work environment as a quarterback.

The Denver Broncos are in the hunt for a quarterback, as are the Buffalo Bills and the Arizona Cardinals.

Even the New England Patriots have been rumored to be looking at possibly moving up in line to snag a quarterback.

Having moved up from the sixth pick to the third, there is no doubt that New York will be selecting a quarterback.

…. And this is how I know Baker Mayfield, New York Jets quarterback, is doomed.

Martin wrote on his website … “Yes, they need a young quarterback to groom as Eli’s successor.

What makes Winston so fascinating is how many different boxes he can check as a quarterback.

If all you watch is highlight reels, he’s got one of the most impressive of any quarterback right now.

A former pro NFL quarterback, the man had a promising future until a gambling addiction turned him into a habitual white-collar criminal.

But for now, he’s a starting quarterback for the defending champions.

Irvin’s old teammates couldn’t have been happier to hear the news — his quarterback, Troy Aikman, wrote, “Great news Irv!!”

We are proud to announce that former #NFL and #NCAA executive and quarterback @OliverLuckXFL has been named the #XFL Commissioner & CEO.

In a recent documentary, retired star quarterback Brett Favre said he’d prefer that his grandsons play golf over football.

None of this is the result of some quarterback somewhere getting a cash handshake from a friendly booster.

In 2016, Rapinoe began kneeling during the national anthem in solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality.

Yeah, every franchise quarterback, every Hall of Famer I’ve ever met, had a huge ego.

And I of course chose a sports biography of an old New York Giants quarterback named Y.A.

were in D.C. when we asked why he thought the ex-49ers quarterback is still unemployed.

This time, her judgments are directed at San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests against police brutality.

On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick proved he’s a man of his word.

Now, for a young quarterback, there are certainly worse offensive coordinators to work with than Chan Gailey.

There is no clear cut top choice at quarterback.

“Moving forward, I am firmly … committing my life and time to becoming an NFL quarterback,” Murray said.

The quarterback of the football team in Marin County can decide, I want to be jihadist, given the requisite beliefs.

“I think you gotta be blind to think that Eli Manning is still the answer at quarterback.

You know, kind of like an offensive line protecting the quarterback.

“Josh, I think, without a doubt, is the number one quarterback in the draft.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 6/10 Jameis Winston’s rookie season was, like many rookie seasons, a roller coaster.

Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler said it’s “tough” to play without a bye: “It would be tough,” Cutler said.

That’s a tough schedule for a team already missing its starting quarterback.

The Bucs have a franchise quarterback and more than a few building blocks on defense.

Biggest remaining holes: quarterback, wide receiver, offensive line, inside linebacker, safety Where does Cleveland go with the No.

Do they take another swing at quarterback?

I believe in Jared Goff as a franchise quarterback, so he’d probably be my pick at the spot.

And there’s nothing that says “risky” like rolling the dice on a rookie quarterback.

Dejah Rondeau is a badass 13-year-old who just so happens to play quarterback for her New Hampshire school’s football team.

“Some people don’t want to accept a female quarterback.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 9/10 It’s hard to get much better in non-Belichick/Brady territory than Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson.

I remember the stories of this new quarterback with a rifle arm who was a big hit with the ladies.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Angels slugger Mike Trout might be transforming into the preeminent sports power couple of 2017.

Chad Pennington was our quarterback.

Originally from Brazil, the 36-year-old wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received a warm welcome from a crowd of around 60,000.

Listen to the man, Dez … he knows Romo … remember, that’s his quarterback.

Get well soon, Papi.” From New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: “Papi defines Boston Strong… get well soon my friend!!

Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Bears.

Eli Manning plays quarterback for the New York football Giants.

Yesterday, Geno Smith replaced Ryan Fitzpatrick as starting quarterback because Fitzy looked godawful through the first six weeks of the season.

On Sunday, he experienced one of the most anguishing playoff meltdowns by a quarterback ever.

If we’re talking about the best player, we should be picking a quarterback.

He’s gone on to win a Super Bowl and appear in four Pro Bowls as an NFL quarterback.

With that (very expensive) second pick, the Bears selected UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, a talented young quarterback who has an insanely good Twitter account.

A Heisman-winning quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Winston was accused in November of groping and harassing an Uber driver during a 2016 ride.

When Kaepernick came out on to the field, one fan yelled “your parents didn’t even like you” to the adopted quarterback.

Oh … and Darnold posted a 77.6 quarterback rating with a 17-15 TD-INT ratio.

“He’s the quarterback,” said Tim Cowden, president of the Kansas City Area Development Council.

And, you look at the Giants, man, Eli at the quarterback position not living up to the standard.”

They have Christian McCaffrey, a massive offensive line, and probably some goofy tall kid at quarterback.

Bet you don’t even know their starting quarterback.

And their quarterback sure did light up the bowl game last year.

The 3-time Pro Bowler admits he’s upset more players didn’t rush to defend their franchise quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers—A little over a month ago, the Green Bay quarterback said the 4-6 Packers could run the table.

Green, and the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback was outdueled by Tom Savage in a 12-10 loss.

Detroit quarterback Matt Stafford has been dealing with an injury to the middle finger on his throwing hand since Week 14.

Cam Newton, the Panthers star quarterback, who is now channeling Frank Luntz, talked about the incident Wednesday.

Looking back, it’s easy for strangers to armchair quarterback my path to financial ruin.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who has said he considers Trump a friend, said on Monday he disagreed with the president’s remarks.

That’s why they cleaned house with the front office and coaching staff, realigned the defense, and massively overhauled the quarterback position.

The Vikings won’t be able to keep pace with Newton if the quarterback they acquired last weekend, Sam Bradford, isn’t effective.

• The quarterback, Duh: “It sounds so simplistic to say it comes down to the quarterback,” Dunne said ruefully.

According to police records, the 35-year-old ex-NFL quarterback was busted in Fort Bend County.

Last year, a journeyman quarterback, an overlooked running back, and a rejuvenated receiver had the Jets nipping at the heels of the Patriots.

• A Three-Headed Monster: The Patriots drafted quarterback Jacoby Brissett in the third round this spring—a clear sign they don’t view the No.

Hope … it springs eternal … even when it doesn’t have a quarterback.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 6/10 I’m giving the Bills an extra point here for offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Roman did perhaps the best unsung job in the NFL by turning quarterback Tyrod Taylor into a consistent NFL starter.

Lamar Jackson, Louisville’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, finished the season accounting for 51 total touchdowns.

Taylor is not your traditional high-variance quarterback.

He’s not a risky quarterback.

In this context, you could be forgiven for forgetting about the third Heisman-finalist quarterback, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield.

He is, right now, the perfect college quarterback.

It’s impossible not to enjoy Bears head coach John Fox’s Monday morning rant about hot-dog-laden press boxes second-guessing quarterback play.

That’s life as the Cowboys quarterback.

And in large part, the play’s success depends upon your personnel: is your quarterback ridiculously athletic, or practically immobile?

In today’s NFL, however, the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson is undoubtedly the ideal play-action quarterback.

Without it, there’s a lot more pressure on the quarterback and a lot less time to make the deception work.

They’re not really angry about … pick your NFL quarterback controversy.

Pat O’Hara, on film as in real life, is a non-factor as second-string quarterback Tyler Cherubini.

He got paid, and then turned in one of the worst quarterback performances in the league this season.

Manziel and Future turned all the way up at STORY nightclub — where the ex-NFL quarterback got onstage and hung with Future’s entourage.

DEF: Indianapolis Colts, $2,600

The Colts are facing a quarterback that sat on the bench behind Blake Bortles.

— rockin’ shades, cried talking about Romo — dropping the infamous “that’s my quarterback” line after Dallas lost a playoff game.

“And I, of course, chose a sports biography by an old New York Giants quarterback named Y.

The 29-year-old former NFL quarterback arrived to the NY Mets minor league facility in Port St. Lucie — where his MLB journey will begin.

I think Osweiler has more promise than any quarterback Bill O’Brien has had to work with so far.

But I don’t think he’ll pan out as a star-level quarterback or anything close to that.

“Nick Foles” sounds less like a quarterback and more like a strategy created by evil hunters.

But more important: It’s hard to argue with a quarterback that can throw and catch the football at the same time.

Who is the last blond quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

On paper, we have a slightly above-average quarterback.

No quarterback ran as often as Cam Newton.

The stereotypical running quarterback tends to do only the latter.

Like Whaley, Lynn—again, the head coach—said had no idea about the decision to bench his starting quarterback.

They decided that the loser would have to name a baby animal after the winner’s quarterback.

Yet with quarterback Cam Newton at the helm, the Panthers pulled off a 17-1 season.

Newton stands out as a quarterback.

On Tuesday, one Twitter user called Newton a “thug” in comparison with Broncos quarterback Payton Manning.

But racially tinged biases signal it won’t come without scrutiny for the team’s leading quarterback.

quarterback Blake Bortles was supposed to take the next step, after flashing more and more often over the last two years.

In 2017, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and more than two dozen other Patriots players skipped their White House visit — which went on as scheduled.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 7/10 Flacco’s season was a bust.

Even if you don’t believe he’s “elite,” he’s not a bad quarterback, What can you say about John Harbaugh?

I play quarterback,'” Vollmer said.

Maybe it was the varsity quarterback or the prom queen or our best friend.

But Chip tells us, “anybody that wants a good quarterback” should sign him.

“If you would’ve put me with any other quarterback, let’s be real, you know what I’m saying?”

Despite having no FBS-level offers coming out of high school, Prukop was one of the country’s biggest quarterback recruits this past offseason.

Texas A&M had a no good, very bad night on Wednesday when five-star quarterback recruit Tate Martell decommitted from the Aggies.

Because that could be a problem for an already struggling quarterback.

But instead of using it, they’ve regressed their quarterback into a shell of his college self.

Last season, Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler didn’t have Brandon Marshall.

He hit it big on his first four draft picks — quarterback Andrew Luck, tight ends Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen and receiver T.Y.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first kneeled during the anthem last year to protest police shootings of unarmed black men.

Ex-USC quarterback Todd Marinovich is back in jail after getting arrested twice in 4 days in March.

“I think when you’re getting a rookie quarterback,” Toomer says … “you’re wishing on a star.”

How’s Arizona Cardinals quarterback Sam Bradford handling being demoted in place of rookie QB Josh Rosen?

“Since day 1, Sam has had my back and helped me become the best quarterback I could be.

quarterback Philip Rivers had been under a constant barrage of pressure, picked off three times and sacked four times.

For the quarterback of the other team, they needed more humanness for to see a mind.

10 overall pick, Gabbert landed in the Bay Area after flopping as Jacksonville’s quarterback of the future.

In today’s NFL, maybe more so than at any previous point in the league’s history, contending teams need a franchise-caliber quarterback.

The Los Angeles Rams know they need a franchise quarterback, and knew they didn’t have one on the roster.

So when quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and owner Bob Kraft get friendly with Trump, Bennett won’t be along for the ride.

1 pick, quarterback Sam Bradford, could not overcome.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has put his own dad in timeout.

The Rams have a new quarterback, a new stadium, and even some new coaching staff under Fisher.

How many Little League dads can one superstar quarterback take?

Even a legitimate franchise quarterback can’t turn a team around on his own.

All eyes were on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton throughout the biggest game in his young career.

But at least Denver’s quarterback, Peyton Manning, says Newton eschewed his big persona on the field as the game ended.

For 30 minutes, Clemson was doing exactly what it needed to against Alabama: keeping quarterback Jake Coker uncomfortable.

Manning, following what was rumored to have been his last game in the NFL, expressed some empathy for the opposing quarterback.

The quarterback has been mesmerizing, cutting up an elite Alabama defense unlike anyone has done this year.

Just watch this play: Against every other quarterback in the country, that’s a sack.

Cousins is a trendy sleeper for those who wait to draft their fantasy quarterback.

Manuel and Kyle Orton at quarterback a palatable offense.

Baltimore also had quarterback Tracy Ham and running back Mike Pringle.

There’s a reason they call Ryan Fitzpatrick “Fitzmagic:” He conjures offense out of terrible quarterback play.

The Chiefs were powered all season by second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ MVP-worthy performance.

Though the headlines will be about which quarterback plays better, the matchup might come down to which defense makes more plays.

Kaepernick was a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers for six years.

Usually, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is anything but underdressed.

But for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, this preseason, so far, has been anything but business as usual.

—Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford played through broken bones in his back last year, according to a team reporter.

It’s the day before Super Bowl 50, and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was literally waist-deep in footballs.

It showed [Seahawks quarterback] Russell Wilson throwing a pass and his fantasy points are popping up.

Five years later he became the first black quarterback to gain induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Some people are prone to speaking ill of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Even while he was quarterback, Elway owned a string of car dealerships that he sold to AutoNation in 1997 for $82.5 million.

And they’re almost never trusted with the quarterbacks—all 37 assistants with the word “quarterback” in their titles currently are white.

In 1985, Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor accidentally shattered Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann’s leg during a tackle, ending his career.

And Dalton, for all he’s done, is not the kind of quarterback who can be an offense all by himself.

The problem for Rex is that Belichick could actually beat the Bills with Edelman at quarterback if it comes down to that.

The very next night, she recalls Trump requesting that Pittsburgh Stealers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger escort her back to her room; Roethlisberger complied.

Here’s a hint — it ain’t Tom Brady … or Cam Newton … or any other quarterback.

(Although, Wyoming will play twice on Facebook, and Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen could be a top-five NFL draft pick next year.)

Earlier this week, Recode’s Mark Bergen became a football quarterback and The Verge’s Lauren Goode flew through a building.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 6/10 Matt Ryan had an interesting first year in Shanahan’s system.

The quarterback was accurate.

But like 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests, Ben & Jerry’s statement is just the latest reminder of America’s police brutality problem.

“We’re lucky to have the greatest quarterback in history,” Kraft said with a smirk on his face.

There’s one issue with film, so one of the home run apps we’ve seen here — Mark, you did the quarterback trainer?

So the first time we ever showed that quarterback trainer to a football coach, the football coach said two things.

To just be a starting quarterback in the NFL is rare.

Suspended New England Patriots wideout Josh Gordon and quarterback Tom Brady got together for a workout this week.

The Broncos turned over their entire quarterback position and passed better than the year before.

A quarterback, after all, still needs a team.

In his final tweets, he discussed 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against racial injustice.

Unlike some of his quarterback peers, Tom Brady didn’t take a stand on Colin Kaepernick remaining unsigned with the NFL season underway.

Looking at Davis’s resume, he clearly fits the “don’t want a starting-caliber backup quarterback” criteria in Seattle.

Brady was asked if he had a good relationship with Kaepernick, particularly as one of the leaders in the NFL quarterback fraternity.

That’s good news for another annual Browns tradition: The Third-String quarterback Starting Week 17 has come to pass again in Cleveland.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 5/10 Derek Carr’s rookie season was safe, with pretty mediocre results.

Extending Crabtree to an extension, but this is a quarterback who needs the extra time in the pocket to thrive.

A rising quarterback lifts the whole franchise.

They’ve lost backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, and they’ve lost backup backup Charlie Whitehurst.

Without their quarterback, they’re not noticeably better than the Titans, who are about to pick in the top two of the draft.

The Bengals might be starting a backup quarterback with a wrist injury, and Baltimore did bite Pittsburgh last week.

The Chiefs are on the road against a game quarterback, without their best pass rushers.

Whereas the Seahawks quarterback was running for his life on most plays, Ryan was left relatively unscathed by the vaunted Seattle defense.

Though Zimmer did not rule out the quarterback‘s return at some point later in the season, it doesn’t sound promising.

It’s a savvy veteran move by the quarterback, but also something Rodgers does regularly.

He’s the best quarterback of all time.

Wentz is listed as the third-best quarterback in the draft, and noted for having poor pre-snap reads and indecisive feet in the pocket.

He is the sort of quarterback who could definitely use a year to learn on the bench.

1 overall quarterback, but he’s definitely in the right tier.

Denver scored 36 points; their new quarterback, a rejuvenated Peyton Manning, threw for 301 yards.

Now, more than three years later, the Panthers are the ones with the dominant quarterback.

If a quarterback does anything that doesn’t involve throwing the ball it is generally treated as an amazing event.

“Who’s the quarterback here?”

A quarterback who makes an awkward attempt at blocking someone (read: gets in the way) usually draws high praise from the broadcast booth.

They lost because the Broncos defense made him look like a regular quarterback.

The Broncos saw Peyton Manning retire, let Brock Osweiler walk, and addressed the quarterback position with first-round pick Paxton Lynch.

Former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit, battling an infection as well as heart and kidney issues.

The Denver pass rush hit Tom Brady 20 times, more than any quarterback had been hit all season.

The quote is from Monday Morning quarterback‘s Robert Klemko and it is a beaut.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 5/10 Out of nowhere, Ryan Fitzpatrick had the best statistical season of his career.

Football’s Rasputin (see: beard, arrives at hemophiliac quarterback situations) has proved to be a decent bridge signal caller the past two seasons.

Brown left Pittsburgh, torch in hand, criticizing management, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and other team leaders.

—The Tennessee Titans will retire quarterback Steve McNair’s No.

Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley completed 16 of 27 passes for 152 yards and two touchdowns.

The one thing that can stop edge players like Dupree from getting a free ride to the quarterback?

Like Matt Flynn, he’s just another quarterback who exploited the demand for his particular position.

Pryor was with the Bengals briefly, as a quarterback, during the 2015 offseason.

“For a guy that’s been a slouch around the league at quarterback, played decent this year for his first year at wide receiver.

—The Pittsburgh Steelers reached agreement on a deal with quarterback Mason Rudolph, a 2018 third-round draft pick, according to multiple reports.

Most of that money, however, are dependent on quarterback Carson Wentz being sidelined either to start the season or during it.

He played in 14 games and posted 11 sacks and led the league with 91 quarterback pressures.

The Dallas Cowboys organization is still trying to overcome the shock of losing quarterback Tony Romo to a broken back.

He’s first in the AFC in touchdown passes, and sixth overall in quarterback rating.

A quarterback with Mariota’s speed and physical talent should be ducking rushers and putting pressure on the defense all the time.

The snap below is an example of awesome individual quarterback play.

The Titans quarterback has improved in his second NFL season, and so have other aspects of the offense.

• Chasing Relevance: Plenty of ink has been spilled on the Eagles’ quarterback situation.

Were it not for rookie Carson Wentz, Daniel would be getting buzz as the quarterback of the future.

Can Cousins build off one of the greatest statistical stretch runs any quarterback has ever had?

“People would come up and they say, ‘Look, he’s the quarterback.

Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco was 32 of 49 for 267 yards and an interception to finish with a single-season team record 4,317 yards.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald headline the 2018 NFL All-Pro team announced Friday.

Leadership even went so far as to formally denounce San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police misconduct.

Once the most feared dual-threat quarterback in the land, Kaep is coming off multiple surgeries and a fractured confidence level that belies non-physical limitations.

Also left out were former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback who Trump hinted would be attending.

But here’s a real curveball: apparently, it’s Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who makes the cameo.

Also left out were former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback who Trump hinted would be attending.

The ex-New England Patriots tight end was back on the field, catching passes from his former quarterback on the UCLA campus.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, winner of five Super Bowls, is one of the greatest athletes of all time.

In 2016, Rapinoe began kneeling during the national anthem in solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality.

Tried to make his PR turn into fun-loving, leader quarterback.

quarterback Jake Fromm threw for 240 yards and three scores as No.

It’s like, Colin Kaepernick, the vegan quarterback with the big afro, with the San Francisco uniform.

Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois had quite the opposite afternoon, throwing for 180 yards with no touchdowns and one interception.

quarterback Ian Book was an efficient 27-for-33 passing for 330 yards and two touchdowns for the 8-0 Irish, spreading his completions among nine receivers.

quarterback Drew Lock was 15 of 27 without a touchdown pass or interception.

The Badgers (5-3, 3-2) clearly missed junior quarterback Alex Hornibrook’s veteran leadership and poise in a hostile environment.

NC State quarterback Ryan Finley threw for three touchdowns and 473 yards.

It was everything a quarterback could hope for, only Romo was too battered down to realize the rewards himself.

I thought maybe we could animate a quarterback, a receiver, and a couple of defensive players,” says Hawkins.

Coach and quarterback Confidence Rating: 6/10 Philip Rivers is still an upper-tier quarterback in this league.

NFL analyst Cian Fahey referred to Tyrod Taylor as “probably the most underrated quarterback in the league right now.

Given ample time on most of his 26 attempts, quarterback Brandon Allen hit on 20 for 315 yards and a touchdown.

“I’m not a cookie-cutter quarterback.

His quarterback wasted no time tooting his teammate’s horn.

quarterback Sam Bradford is still around, mainly because nobody in free agency was better; his contract suggests he’s just a stopgap.

There are still questions to be answered at quarterback in the long term.

And yet, the Cardinals somehow found a way to finish 5-4 with a quarterback duo of Gaine Blabbert and Drew Stanton.

The Patriots have won a team-record 13 straight road games, 12 of them led by Brady, the second-longest quarterback streak in NFL history.

The Redskins released a statement Thursday morning asking for privacy for their superstar quarterback.

Jeremy Renner’s putting Tom Brady above every NFL quarterback … and his logic’s simple — look at the man’s handful of rings.

The Cardinals (4-6) dropped consecutive games despite third-string quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s three touchdown passes.

And, with Blake Bortles in trouble in Jacksonville, the #2 quarterback for the Jags is Cody Kessler.

While McCloughan was away from the team, Washington franchised quarterback Kirk Cousins, and extended head coach Jay Gruden.

Earlier this week, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton told us the situation was “unfortunate” — but he hadn’t spoken with Hearn at that point.

After the teams exchanged punts, junior defensive tackle Willington Previlon sacked senior quarterback Clayton Thorson for a safety and a 12-7 halftime lead.

Pacheco rushed 11 times for 76 yards to pace Rutgers while freshman quarterback Artur Sitkowski hit 15 of 31 passes for 81 yards.

Rams quarterback Jared Goff and company quickly drove within striking distance of Zuerlein’s big leg, and forced overtime.

After all, they have the best young quarterback in the NFL, right?

Can’t every good quarterback make up for the team around them?

He does invite a bit too much pressure at times in the current flow of the offense, but he’s still a great quarterback.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback threw a laser AT HIS OWN MOM during a crazy dodgeball game … and had zero regrets!!!

It started with a bang, of course—a four-touchdown game against Tampa that had everyone wondering if the Bucs had picked the wrong quarterback.

Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler continued his, uh, troubling trend of getting worse every game, and never really gave his team a chance.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he had the worst supporting cast of any quarterback this season.

1 overall pick and a franchise quarterback already in place.

While Michigan and Michigan State are starting new quarterbacks, the Buckeyes have the conference’s best and most experienced quarterback in J.T.

By signing a former Washington quarterback, DePodesta surmised, they could get a player who was no longer BAD on the cheap.

By the end of the game, there had been 16 different hits on quarterback Sam Bradford—an absurd number.

Kaepernick’s representatives and the 49ers are reportedly meeting in Indianapolis this week at the NFL Combine to discuss the quarterback‘s future.

Tulane senior quarterback Jonathan Banks hooked up twice with Terren Encalade for long touchdown plays.

Hartman drew the start after a three-game suspension was handed to likely starting quarterback Kendall Hinton in June for a violation of team rules.

Yet, at his best, Kaepernick has flashed elite skill as a quarterback.

But, like the Cincinnati Bengals with Andy Dalton, Washington was able to field a good pass offense around their quarterback.

There’s been talk this season about the NFL maybe not being a quarterback league anymore.

The team, they say, is just as important, if not more important, than the quarterback in 2018.

When I was playing, I was hyper-aware that Oregon put quarterback Joey Harrington on a billboard in Times Square.

Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has to be the definition of an everyday dude.

But I will remember [Former Northwestern quarterback and unionization leader] Kain Colter for what he did.

When it comes to “best,” pundits like me can (and will) quibble over whether Brady’s the best quarterback who ever played the game.

Hell, you make a pretty good case he wasn’t even the best quarterback on the field in Super Bowl LI.

But after tonight, it’s hard to see it any other way: Tom Brady’s the greatest quarterback ever to play.

After being left for dead in the public consciousness as a franchise quarterback, Sam Bradford is 5-0 with the Minnesota Vikings.

This year, according to Pro Football Focus, he’s been under pressure more often than any other quarterback in the NFL.

Per Sports Info Solutions, Tannehill also has broken more tackles than any quarterback in the league through Week 4.

No, and everyone can armchair quarterback.

Zaire is often considered Notre Dame’s most proven quarterback, but he wasn’t a starter until the bowl game of the 2014 season.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn’t mincing words about the underlying message behind the backlash to his protests against police brutality.

No franchise wants to turn to their backup quarterback in the postseason, but that scenario could work out perfectly for Dallas.

One player who didn’t get shipped out—and, instead, was briefly sent back into a game— was Houston quarterback Tom Savage.

Chief among them: who will be the starting quarterback in 2017?

Matt Ryan—The Atlanta quarterback‘s third four-touchdown game of the season may have locked up MVP honors.

Instead, The Buffalo Bills will start Nathan Peterman as quarterback this Sunday.

All told, one could make the case that there are between six and eight more enticing quarterback options in 2017 than Jay Cutler.

The Cowboys are set to release the 37-year-old quarterback today, effective June, 1 for salary cap purposes.

He’s a flawed but ultimately decent enough quarterback.

Outside of the quarterback, the Chiefs enter the 2016 season as arguably the deepest, most talented team in the NFL.

The Denver Broncos are in such dire circumstances at quarterback that the Buttfumble Prodigy is getting a real shot.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the protests in 2016.

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen had connected with C.J.

Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has put up astounding numbers.

We hope quarterback in a sentence examples were helpful.