Quantities in a sentence | Use of the word quantities examples

The bees were expected to recognize greater quantities in blue addition trials and smaller quantities in yellow subtraction trials.

That experiment trained bees to select placards with lower quantities printed on them.

Activism’s time requirements and group-based processes are often at odds with the quantities of alone time an artist needs to work.

He died despite the surgery, in large part because the drug wasn’t available in large quantities at the time.

All progressive music has now penetrated but in very small and distorted quantities.

This is also the case with dairy products, rich in lactose, which the body has trouble absorbing in large quantities.

But in some instances, the taxes continue to focus on soda, and overlook the huge quantities of sugar people are consuming in fruit juice.

The weapons, which have entered Syria in large quantities in recent days, include ammunition and GRAD rockets.

That means that small quantities of lithium wind up in the tap water you consume every day.

The scientists would have had to have bought vast quantities to get enough of the compound to work with.

Named Shaman, it evokes imagery of spiritual experiences and psychoactive properties that are often associated with excessive quantities of Chartreuse, Jägermeister, and absinthe.

“We were ordering in larger quantities, and I didn’t have any overhead because it was my house,” Boyd says.

He drank large quantities of apple cider vinegar as an appetite suppressant, thus popularizing the “vinegar diet”.

Below-average quantities of the male sex hormone can lead to erectile dysfunction, low fertility, fatigue, and depression.

Several days of heavy fighting ended in early June with 167 Islamic State fighters killed and large quantities of equipment captured.

The INCB was responsible for approving these annual estimates, and tried to ensure that countries imported no more than the approved quantities.

Natural winemakers either use no added sulfites or use it in small quantities, while conventional winemakers use up to 10 times as much.

The drop in the quantities purchased index was the biggest since January 2008.

So… Large quantities of ground troops back in Iraq to defend oil operations?

Part of Lee’s daily ritual is drinking large quantities of water, coffee, and a smoothie first thing.

Brett Flansburg, last week reportedly fell ill and collapsed in a parking lot after he was exposed to small quantities of a drug.

Asked about higher shipments to Canada, India’s Steel Secretary, Aruna Sharma, said India does not export large quantities of steel overseas.

They’re pragmatic, taking advantage of the deep well of impressions at SNL’s disposal and mining comedy from known quantities.

Heart researchers suggest people focus on eating high-quality food instead of particular fat quantities.

After six years in California and ingesting absurd quantities of triple-triples at In-N-Out, my interest in French gastronomy had become nonexistent.

The designer has also found a way to manufacture Tubman stamps in large quantities, which are now available for purchase on Etsy.

He has been on trial since November on charges of trafficking vast quantities of cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs into the country.

Reuters was unable to confirm the quantities on hand.

The quantities of meth confiscated by authorities over the past decade reflect its rise.

Busts have shown that individual villages are capable of producing enormous quantities of the drug.

Witnesses said repair crews were at the site, clearing large quantities of rubble and debris from the explosion.

The old-timey analytical take on relievers held them as fungible quantities due to their inherent fickleness in health and performance.

Salt and pepper aren’t always listed in quantities, often just a generic instruction to season.

Nobody could tell if the tangy aftertaste was down to the rosé or the tremendous quantities of dairy I had put in it.

In sufficient quantities, these tiny particles can make the air too dangerous to breathe.

Khan fries two chopped garlic cloves in olive oil, while I finely chop abundant quantities of spinach, parsley, dill, coriander, and chives.

Meth, PCP, and synthetic opiates like fentanyl “are the ones that people are actually manufacturing in large quantities,” Verbeck said.

The presence of excessive quantities of lead in urban soil, by contrast, is something we are essentially shrugging at as a society.

Sometimes packs of moms, cruising the landscape with massive quantities of equipment and tank-like multi-kid strollers.

Bolivia, the only other nation that produces significant quantities of the illicit crop, had 20,400 hectares (50,409 acres).

It’s mixed in, in small quantities, with the flour and water.

The Man Maw mine roiled the global tin market when huge quantities of high grade ore were discovered around 2013.

From gargantuan Northern Portuguese sandwiches to Tibetan blood sausage, it’s a city where diversity is not only celebrated but eaten in large quantities.

It feels like she’s making it for us still but in larger quantities.”

Maidilang, for instance, had started making scarves and silky bed sheets in large quantities.

In May, Rosneft picked up the slack, shipping large quantities of oil to Cuba for the first time in over a decade.

Water and nutrients can be applied in precise quantities.

Adidas plans to make the Futurecraft Biofabric available in limited quantities in 2017, for a yet-undetermined price.

Anything small enough to be crossed in small quantities or that can be easily broken down can be smuggled, ant-style.

They need 9 million liters of drinking water a day, as well as huge quantities of food.

The idea is to focus on something objective, like the NPC creeps in every game of League, instead of other, more subjective quantities.

The drop in the quantities purchased index was the biggest since January 2008.

By monitoring large quantities of information semiautonomously, Primer can potentially speed up the process by which research is gathered and presented.

(File photo) @fema pic.twitter.com/jadAVr6tgz But many have argued that help didn’t come fast enough, or in high enough quantities.

So we said, we’ll essentialize all this, we’ll order in high quantities, and we’ll make things ourselves.

But by the end of the 1990s, doctors were prescribing opioids in huge quantities.

Known quantities, for the most part.

Glasser says it’s less about replacing cement than reusing the large quantities of carbon dioxide it produces.

Large quantities of dissolved salts are typically used, but this method is cumbersome.

These contracts will allow more people than ever before to cheaply and to easily buy and in particular, sell large quantities of bitcoin.

How long kids will stay on the therapies before consuming small quantities of peanuts on their own?

It would involve the rapid development of a negative-emissions industry capable of handling quantities of CO2 vastly greater than total yearly emissions.

“It’s expensive to make these big digital paper displays in small quantities.

All drugs and all quantities fall under the same category.

The e-commerce site got its start as a flash-sale site, selling men’s streetwear at heavy discounts in limited quantities.

“Not in the quantities that we do now because I think they lost some popularity.”

Chef Belaid says that while all Tunisians love harissa, they should not add such large quantities to their dishes.

The brightest minds in American industry, backed by unprecedented quantities of capital, are pushing autonomous vehicles forward with a shockingly unified vision.

The tension of communal eating when breaking the fast—typically with large quantities of food—presents the biggest challenge of all.

Relatively low output, rising sales abroad and higher-than-average cooling demand earlier this summer have been limiting the quantities going into storage.

Pintrill, which makes covetable enamel pins, collaborates with relevant creators and only produces limited quantities, meaning they don’t last long.

quantities are usually limited and there’s a lot of competition to get there first.

To boot, the widened display of the S7 edge minimizes any headset light leakage from the curved display to imperceptible quantities.

Zemmler needs high-speed internet capable of carrying large quantities of data to make the switch.

The next-generation vehicles will begin to come into Uber ATG’s existing fleet in higher quantities in 2020.

Naturally, the format is hardly the sole purview of urbano’s known quantities.

All three actors playing Chiron— Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes—are hitherto unknown quantities who give electric, potentially star-making performances.

Baxi said that thanks to the ingredients’ distinctive properties, the sensors can even track how the quantities change during the cooking process.

Google, Apple, and Uber have a lot of experience collecting, analyzing, and distributing vast quantities of fast-changing geographic data.

The strongest demand growth is coming from India and the United States, where cheaper prices are encouraging motorists to consume record quantities of gasoline.

“Occasionally, sub-trace quantities of tremolite or actinolite are identifiable,” he wrote in an April 1973 report on the visit.

That kind of future would play to Google’s strength — managing massive quantities of data online.

And American farmers ramped up production of soybeans in part because the Chinese were buying in such massive quantities.

The impurity N-Nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) was detected in quantities above the acceptable limit in certain tablets containing valsartan, the FDA said.

Such large quantities of turmeric powder are used that all the devotees and the temple ground are covered in yellow color of the turmeric.”


At least here you see the quantities and the ingredients.

The movement of such huge quantities of construction materials via truck has had a destructive effect on local roads.

These are powerful devices, capable of hoovering up vast quantities of sensitive data from mobile phones.

Neodymium, for instance, which is used in the iPhone’s speakers, has only been recycled in small quantities in proof-of-concept research studies at universities.

However, small amounts of exposure in mass quantities could prove to be an issue.”

FodderWorks has created a fully automated robotic fodder-growing system that can produce daily quantities of fresh, non-genetically-modified food for livestock.

Naturally, large quantities of beer brewed from barley and mead made from fermented honey were consumed during feasts.

Most people are able to tolerate solanine in smaller quantities, such as that contained in a serving or two of green potatoes.

For now, Gillette’s 3D-printed razor handle program is just a pilot the shaving giant is offering up in limited quantities.

US dollars are, conveniently, something the US government can create instantly and in infinite quantities at any time.

But the particle accelerator was producing it incidentally, without any uranium, and in much higher quantities than ever before.

All my life I have consumed massive quantities of sugar and refined carbs.

Girald points to the high minimum-order quantities and slow production times that lingerie brands traditionally have to honor.

The unisex jacket will be sold in limited quantities in Levi’s stores and online starting in spring 2017.

Technically, you could boil the hemp in large quantities of alcohol to separate it and extract the THC.

“There were no precious metals detected in any major quantities, maybe a dollar or two,” Michaud says.

It lobbies companies that buy large quantities of meat and eggs to demand higher animal welfare standards from their suppliers.

Kapoor also told The Guardian there’s an issue with producing sufficient quantities to paint with anyway because it’s so dense.

Despite the swilling quantities of beer inside the Fischer Vroni hall, out here, beverages seem somewhat thin on the ground.

She also appreciated his personal diaries that inventoried such detailed everyday lists as the foods and quantities he ate.

Israel is proud of its leading role in advancing technologies that can economically produce large quantities of drinking water from the salty Mediterranean.

Reportedly Terra’s hypoglycaemia has him consuming enormous quantities of confectionary between training sessions and unable to follow a more traditional athletic diet.

We’re told there were huge quantities of party drugs on board the ship, including cocaine, Ecstasy and GHB.

I just mean that the quantities, numbers, and timespans involved in climate change are so gargantuan that they dwarf our workaday human experience.

“They also benefit from something historically unprecedented: the ability to get users to subsidize them with enormous quantities of free labor.

Even now, I haven’t had flour, sugar, or lots of quantities of food for almost seven years.

From the start, the clothing line was exclusively manufactured in Japan, which resulted in high-quality construction and limited quantities.

The quantities of drugs, guns, and money seized in this case are staggering.” Cover image: Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

Compared to large quantities of vodka, it’s probably a great alternative—at least as far as health concerns go.

When cops raided Katt’s home Tuesday morning … they found several firearms, and “large quantities” of marijuana.

Iron and steel mills consumed massive quantities of coal and produced iron and steel for the nation.

The big picture: While significant efforts to reduce cobalt quantities in EV batteries are underway, they are still very much a work in progress.

I like to experiment though—I like seeing what different kinds of drugs do to me in different circumstances or quantities.

That thin protective layer gets stripped away when the water is too acidic, enabling large quantities of lead to contaminate the flowing water.

Seizures in West Africa are on the rise this year, with several unusually large quantities intercepted.

That isn’t an efficient smuggling method, and you really can’t smuggle large quantities of drugs.

She says they go for higher quality in smaller quantities, whether it’s coffee or food.So, what makes the cut?

Trump also said Mexico had agreed to “immediately begin” buying “large quantities” of agricultural goods from U.S. farmers.

In fact, most of what the researchers found exist in or on our bodies already (and, in some cases, in greater quantities).

Without question, mass manufacturing is ideal for creating large quantities of products where standardization is beneficial.

Smuggling large quantities of drugs usually requires organizational skills and a reputation for being someone not to mess with.

He then got into transporting huge quantities of dope across the world, and was the UK’s first recognizable drug baron.

Ayala said Podolsky’s model has great potential to influence training but it “needs to be manufactured at higher quantities and much lower costs.”

Its hospital members can enter into a multi-year binding contract to buy large quantities of any given drug.

The quantities of ingredients added to my already nutrient-dense daily diet feels unnecessary.

Taking it in larger quantities isn’t going to have a benefit because, as previously mentioned, zinc cannot be stored for later use.

The drop in the quantities purchased index was the biggest since January 2008.

They also manufacture huge quantities of meth.

Russia is one of the few European countries still producing the dangerous substance in mass quantities.

He died despite the surgery, in large part because the drug wasn’t available in large quantities at the time.


While fentanyl exported from China is more pure than Mexican fentanyl, the U.S. seizes higher quantities of Mexican fentanyl.

Kennedy crafts all the pieces — strictly available in limited quantities — herself, which she’s been doing since day one.

That’s what makes these capsule collections special; they’re all limited in quantities and availability.”

His Cabinet will be full of known quantities familiar to the congressional leadership and eager to work with them.

Limited quantities of #NESClassic will be available.

“Occasionally, sub-trace quantities of tremolite or actinolite are identifiable,” he wrote in an April 1973 report on the visit.

On the one hand, it will require community groups gaining deeper expertise of the vast quantities of data being collected on them.

In sufficiently high quantities, exposure to sulfur dioxide can kill.

Thwaites acts as a gateway to vast quantities of inland ice that rest on bedrock well below sea level.

Unlike Ishmael’s human cargo, the cartels have to smuggle it in small quantities to make millions of dollars in profit.

There’d be quite high quantities of fluoride and chlorine in the water.

Cotton is also grown in large quantities and regularly sprayed with glyphosate.

Now we’re using more and more energy to extract smaller quantities of fossil fuels.

), and then compare the quantities on the shelf to upcoming sales demand.

It’s available now in the US through ZTE’s site, though apparently in “limited quantities.”

To continue to be able to produce sufficient quantities of quality crops requires sustainable use of pesticides.

Despite the limited quantities of some of its wine, Emirates isn’t stingy with its offerings.

I’ve never understood why herbs are sold in such large quantities.

One of the best reasons to love television is that its bounty comes in quantities both large and small.

On one hand, it’s good to know that Twitter is finding and removing these accounts in such vast quantities.

Kaman, in short, pretty much opened the door for other unknown quantities from the Netherlands to follow suit.

He inhaled progressively larger quantities of the gas, and with increasing frequency, to see what happened when he became more and more dissociated.

The quantities now seem surreal.

America is consuming and exporting ethane in record quantities.

Of the estimated one million drug seizures to happen each year, most are of small quantities from users.

The decision, which was announced in a Wednesday securities filing, sets lower prices for smaller quantities of liquefied petroleum gas sold in domestic markets.

After three hours of drinking large quantities of pilsner from half-pint glasses with him, I felt like the bubble was expanding to include me.

The startup also offers deliveries to restaurants and offices that want to buy in larger quantities.

And, you should only use dry shampoo in small quantities — and in a pinch.

After all, we’re talking vast quantities of strong spirits consumed twice daily, often in full glare of the baking sun.

And so, until 1971, rum remained part of the very fabric of sailing life, though not in such foolhardy quantities.

The country’s extraordinary quantities of cheap oil has helped power Western economic growth.

The state of Arkansas has obtained sufficient quantities of a lethal injection drug to execute eight men over a 10-day period next month.

After months of talk, HTC’s blockchain phone is finally arriving — albeit in limited quantities.

Now, you do have access to absurd quantities of cocaine, but don’t be a fool.

But fortunately, technology exists that allows house builders to pack large quantities of dwellings into limited land.

Competitive eaters are no doubt used to the bodily ramifications that come from eating massive quantities of foods like eggs or baked beans.

It is only recently that cloud architectures have become “routine” and “economical” at both retaining and accessing the quantities of data required for training.

Many of those being tabbed for senior positions are likewise unknown quantities for other governments.

It involved my partner and I importing huge quantities of cocaine.

Exciting, range-topping vehicles like the Raptor truck — while only to sell in limited quantities — will attract buyers to the rest of the Ford lineup.

They take, in other words, tiny quantities of the drug for up to a month with therapeutic, rather than hallucinogenic, results.

Seizures in West Africa are on the rise this year, with several unusually large quantities intercepted.

But this caused fish stocks to deplete rapidly, forcing fishermen to travel farther and farther to catch the same quantities.

“Even after oil demand has peaked, the world is likely to consume substantial quantities of oil for many years to come,” the paper argues.

California will likely continue to push out unrivaled quantities of both legal and illegal marijuana.

Hollywood, in the sense of an enormously popular and influential industry that performs and projects stirring stories for vast quantities of money, will thrive.

Steel required by Kinder Morgan’s project is available in sufficient quantities and quality from U.S. manufacturers, a Commerce Department review found.

But you’ll want to click on over fast, since there are limited quantities of Kylie-branded gear.

It also brought back some of its discontinued eyeshadow shades in limited quantities, and is now expanding its holiday offerings to include single-shadow pots.

I also apologize for your weakness for papier-mâché, poutine, and excessive quantities of maple syrup.

“In that case, you had vast quantities of highly classified information” that was “shared with someone without authority to have it,” Comey said.

All quantities were measured.

Cells would be grown in large quantities outside the body, then forced through the nozzle of a printer.

Noor was still gripping Tablet, displaying rows of numbers and quantities and amounts.

“The question now is how can we do these in large quantities.

One day I finally came across an herbal abortion book that gave quantities and how to combine herbs.”

“The few important economic changes made are not sufficient to create economic growth and attract foreign investment in the needed quantities,” he said.

Some of those oils were found to contain no or barely any CBD, and many contained illegal quantities of THC.

Rare Pepes are distributed in limited quantities.

quantities will vary per location.

Buy these in smaller quantities, since they’re more expensive and you’ll probably use them less frequently.

I drink turmeric tea and obscene quantities of water.

It connects high-capacity power plants, transmission wires, and substations that collectively generate and transport huge quantities of electricity over hundreds or thousands of miles.

Medical patients can buy unlimited quantities, but must present a doctor’s note and have purchased a medical ID card.

(The exact quantities of these foods has been the subject of debate).

Nickel, cobalt, aluminum, and most of all lithium are all going to be needed in vast quantities for Tesla to meet its ambitious plans.

“Therefore, beef heart can be used in unlimited quantities and declared as ‘beef’ on the label.”

Many complain the quantities are not enough, though officials point out that plots of land are big enough to sustain a household.

But, he cautioned, it’s still not certain that low-carbon biofuels will actually materialize in such large quantities.

His concern for vast quantities of now-destinationless pork.

There’s also the question of whether there will even be enough biomass available to supply vast quantities of jet biofuels.

Clear Creek makes very small quantities of an extraordinarily peated whiskey.

Water is a resource California can’t really spare, since it imports huge quantities of the life-giving liquid from out of state.

They could make greater quantities of each item, but part of the appeal of the brand is that every item is rare.

I can be toxic in large quantities, but I’m doing my part, which allows others to pick up the energy and participate.

Both of these candidates are known quantities with extraordinary fame, who have been in public life for decades.

Once that is in place, they get serious about how they can manufacture the product in mass quantities, and in the most cost-effective way.

Do the suppliers charge different amounts for components, or have different minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

Marijuana became legal to use and posses in limited quantities, but not yet to buy, in that state last week.

We’ve also increased our manufacturing capacity to allow us to deliver in higher quantities, faster.

Right now, however quantities are limited, and Sugarhigh has only about 60 units on-hand.

That said, larger quantities of coffee beans will eventually lose their flavor.

Here, again, Grimm explains this is another reason that buying in small quantities is helpful.

Anyone can write superhero adventures about mass quantities of people punching the living daylights out of each other.

You have, since the Stan Smith Primeknit has been available in limited quantities before.

It’s harmless in small quantities, but can cause stomach pain and burning or swelling in the throat if ingested in large quantities.

And, thankfully, a Miraval spokesperson told People that the olive oil should be available in limited quantities in the United States very soon.

Minimum component order quantities meant they had to make a larger second batch than just 500 units, hence needing to look for financing.

Well, that and the limited quantities available at launch.

The country produces more than half of the world’s aluminium and has been exporting massive quantities for many years.

And, the brand’s creator Patrick Cappiello say that only 1,200 cases were produced this season, so quantities are limited.

Usually, the answer is that these apps blur such lines: Work masquerades as leisure, and quality is measured through quantities.

“Spiders themselves make small quantities of it,” he said.

But you don’t have much time to think this one over: The sale is only on today and quantities are limited.

Ticket quantities are limited, so be sure to reserve yours today.” Tickets for both shows went on sale in June and quickly sold out.

In addition, alcohol is legally produced — in extremely limited quantities — and consumed inside the country by members of religious minorities.

The net effect of routine coffee consumption in common quantities is apparent health benefit, and absence of discernible harm.

Now, I wasn’t there, obviously, but I imagine that electroclash was powered by extremely large quantities of extremely good quality cocaine.

quantities are limited, so allons-y!

Also unsurprisingly, the shoes are going to be available in limited quantities — at launch, at least.

Still, that hasn’t stopped potent homebrew “poppy tea” recipes from being shared online, with sometimes lethal consequences given the variability of opiate quantities.

Some higher up guys are a little brash, especially when it comes to larger quantities and dollar amounts.

In mid-September, a suspect was recorded on security cameras placing quantities of poison in products for sale in some southern German supermarkets.

This announcement means that the cars will be able to roll off the line in quantities of hundreds of thousands per year.

The darkweb, however, has also been moving significant quantities.

“What ColdQuanta is focused on, now for 11 years, is technology that could be manufactured in large quantities, making reliable, small, and robust equipment.

“They buy mass quantities of whatever hyped clothing is, and they sell it on for more, which people don’t really like.

Sub in the same quantities of Dannon Light & Fit Blueberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt and chopped blueberries.

Large quantities of it are required to manufacture many of the synthetic chemicals used in them and deal with waste by-products.

Those systems are sold at a much lower margin and in much smaller quantities, and are often designed by offshore third parties.

In other words, Google bought renewable power in quantities that match its consumption, even though that renewable electricity isn’t necessarily powering its operations directly.

This insatiable hunger creates unsustainable demand, meaning big brands have to cut corners to deliver huge quantities at low prices.

The lab results said she was abusing alcohol on a regular basis and in enormous quantities.

The lab results said she was abusing alcohol on a regular basis and in enormous quantities.

Dioxins in high quantities can cause cancer, and they have been linked to reproductive issues, developmental problems, and immune system damage.

too close to the surface) or in too high of quantities is surprisingly common.

We are finding higher quantities of fractal content in the early and midlife works of artists who later developed neurological problems.

Also worth noting: Brandless gets sometimes shoppers great deals per ounce or unit in lower quantities.

Smugglers moving mass quantities of it through tunnels can reap huge profits.

It will be available in limited quantities starting July 24 and will disappear from the menu after July 30.

The three men involved here are known quantities to auctioneers, who typically vet their clientele.

Women cannot access the infrastructure necessary to transport large quantities of worms cross-country.

Limited quantities available, so claim your credit before they are gone!

The other most common offense was “dangerous drugs,” but ICE didn’t offer specifics about which drugs were involved and in what quantities.

Although at this point it’s being sold in minimum quantities of 90 for resellers (such as Microsoft) to then sell on to individuals.

The other most common offense was “dangerous drugs,” but ICE didn’t offer specifics about which drugs were involved and in what quantities.

The 600-page book is available today, but according to Beyoncé’s website, there are “limited quantities.”

Slow And Steady Besides being a toxin, in the right quantities, caffeine is also not particularly soluble in water.

Can I acquire large quantities of it?

Now you’re having to deal with bigger quantities, which means bigger risk, and that means more jail time.

When you’re selling in bigger quantities, you have to know who you’re selling to, and that’s always the risk.

“What are the quantities?

Cassette tapes, on the other hand, can be found in bountiful quantities at your neighborhood Goodwill.

They overestimate and sign deals to produce quantities they can’t fulfill, wiping out profits.

The result: condensates can be created faster, under more conditions, and in greater quantities.

Investigators also seized quantities of Xanax and the high-powered opioid fentanyl.

Large quantities of this compound can cause health problems like high blood pressure, swelling, muscle weakness, and even congestive heart failure.

While red meat and cheese in large quantities are pretty terrible for your health, beans are great in large quantities.

Based on the quantities of explosives and weapons, “I don’t think the target was just Karak castle, it’s more,” he added.

He is loved and despised throughout the town—though the exact quantities of each emotion remain unclear.

We found out that it was also impossible to order packaging in small quantities.

While preservatives are allowed in certain quantities, inks often exceed those levels, Laux tells me.

In contrast, Flower Co caters to long-time marijuana enthusiasts who want huge quantities at low prices.

It’s grueling, feverish fun — often fueled by frightening quantities of Red Bull, sugar, pizza and coffee.

These are known quantities that fit neatly into the history of art — nothing radical here.

Investors who buy large quantities of loans will be offered warrants that give them shares in LendingClub, some of the people said.

The department said it charged Xiaobing Yan, 40, and Jian Zhang, 38, with conspiring to distribute large quantities of fentanyl and chemically similar drugs.

Known quantities may not even be discussed, but they are deeply factored into interaction.

She did not give more details on which drugs had been approved, or what quantities would be brought in.

Back in World War I, when it was first used in large quantities, warring parties would spray it out from big water tanks.

I can eat unlimited quantities of free food.

We do not want to drop large quantities of it around the world.

I make the basics with dead stock fabrics in limited quantities, so you’re never getting something that’s mass produced.”

“It’s a matter of something being loved with such intensity that the quantities you were hoping would last, don’t.”

In the evening, I recommend a retinol (vitamin A in its purest form) night cream in liberal quantities.”

They nominated known quantities like former Sen. Russ Feingold in Wisconsin and New Hampshire Gov.

They nominated known quantities like former Sen. Russ Feingold in Wisconsin and New Hampshire Gov.

“Our southern border is a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs, including meth, heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl,” Trump said.

Generally, any problem with extreme quantities of data and a sizable number of variables requires specialized computing power.

At first the system will be limited to ingesting data in massive quantities to build a library of basic schemas.

Massive quantities of fertilizer, waste from farm and poultry operations, and stormwater in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania were leaching into the water.

The ore mined at the Terrafame plant contains varying quantities of uranium with the highest concentrations at around 15–20 milligrams per kg.

The past couple of iterations of iPhone have been fine products that sold in vast quantities, satisfied consumers, and earned billions in profits.

Federal Election Commission disclosures reveal that Trump’s campaign spent enormous quantities of its donors’ money on his businesses.

The key to producing legitimately useful quantities of water, however, is going to be a matter of a fairly massive scale.

Already, some retailers have sold out, due to limited quantities.

While the launch quantities are limited, more devices are expected in the weeks ahead of the holidays.

We don’t see infrared but in great enough quantities we can sense the heat it imparts.

But it’s these types of very small jokes that, taken in large quantities, start to look like an overarching problem.

The quantities of meth confiscated by authorities over the past decade reflect its rise.

Busts have shown that individual villages are capable of producing enormous quantities of the drug.

This alleviates the need to wait for cells to grow into quantities large enough for sensors to detect them.

The device came out a while back but has only been available in limited quantities in the U.S. via the TimeFlip website.

“Consuming large quantities of meat while visiting those particular countries may result in a positive test for clenbuterol in violation of the Policy.”

v. Again, a question of quantities: £25,000 [$33,000] worth of drugs is a pretty decent amount of drugs, by volume!

Sven Pohl, 37, is facing charges in Germany for “heavy drug trafficking” after being found with massive quantities of methamphetamine and marijuana.

Many heavy people wouldn’t be lean like Nicky even if they ate the same foods in the same quantities.

It has developed a revolutionary optical modulator which is a vital component to transfer high quantities of data through satellite links.

The pair announced a collaboration this Spring but the HTC/Valve Vive isn’t shipping in any quantities til April next year.

There’s no question that there is a misguided policy of rolling out opiates for relatively trivial pain issues in large quantities.

“These situations usually involve a street level dealer selling directly to a drug user, as opposed to people moving large quantities of drugs.”

This two-year investigation brought national attention to Griffith, where the Society was growing massive quantities of marijuana between orange trees or grape vines.

We estimate quantities realistically.

Private individuals could grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes, and greater quantities would be subject to state licensing and regulation.

“Investors are selling Keells because a high net worth investor sold large quantities.

But they all contain, albeit in differing quantities, an amino acid known as L-Theanine.

The presentation, from a 2014 WADA Therapeutic Use Exemption Symposium, covered which beta2-Agonists are banned and in what quantities.

The limited quantities won’t last, so this is one deal worth staying up past your bedtime for.

One EIDGE member told VICE that crews regularly hit up hospitals to steal large quantities of hand sanitizer, known on the street as “gel.”

According to a press release, for the first time ever, the Yeezy sneaker will be released in mass quantities.

People who probably wouldn’t need looking after were it not for the huge quantities of alcohol they’d drunk.

Some handle it better than others, but in large quantities, it’s usually painful.

I managed to fix this in about a minute just by finding various quantities of spaces and then replacing them with a comma.

While already sold out online, you can find the special edition watches in limited quantities at select Swatch stores around the world.

We already knew, for instance, that Teigen gets her favorite A1 steak sauce delivered to her from Ralphs, sometimes in comically large quantities.

Beginning Friday, limited quantities of iPhone 7 in silver, gold, rose gold, and black will be available for walk-in customers at Apple retail stores.

The bags will be produced in limited edition quantities.

In 1934, Henry Ruschmann devised a way to crush up plastic to produce large quantities of the shiny stuff.

Bread is eaten everywhere, and it is wasted in industrial quantities.”

The Danish PMI measures orderbooks, the weighted average of production, workforce, delivery time, inventories of finished goods, input costs and purchasing quantities.

Tobacco plants require large quantities of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fumigants to control pest or disease outbreaks.

Vast quantities of wood are burned to cure tobacco leaves, contributing to deforestation.

“I worked out the quantities and then scaled it up so it should taste right,” Radev says.

I can’t really compare, though, since the packs of diapers have different quantities.

Rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and ice are all dumped in vast quantities together into Sam’s artificial pineapple.

Hales subdued the assault, but was also expending large quantities of energy.

Large quantities of Chinese-produced honey are being dumped illegally on the US market.

“Some of the storage areas inside the port don’t have enough space to discharge the whole quantities,” he said.

“When they first became available, they were in very limited quantities,” Nick Moless, Whole Foods Market’s principal produce buyer confirmed to Refinery29.

In the future the greatest challenge for mankind will be to produce food in ever greater quantities, and insects can be an important source.

On their own, I’ve ingested only scant quantities of sour cream, Greek yogurt, gooey dips, mayonnaise, buttermilk, and even regular milk.

They take, in other words, tiny quantities of the drug for up to a month with therapeutic, rather than hallucinogenic, results.

That role: hoovering up the contents of someone’s stomach if they’ve ingested poison or lethal quantities of a drug.

It’s reasonable for that to lead to constipation and discomfort, especially if you’re eating large quantities of matzo each day, Zolotnitsky explains.

But in each case refined metal has been flowing in significant quantities to China, reducing availability in the rest of the world.

It’s relatively cheap and easy to make them in bulk quantities, but the material is also malleable and ultra-durable.

But there were also large-scale commercial breweries, widely owned by men, which were leveraging new technologies and making larger quantities of product.

The existing fur products will be sold until the quantities run out.

Durians from Thailand are imported to China in great quantities, with Malaysian durian imports on the rise.

3) Gearbox wanted G2A to implement a throttling service for “non-certified” (aka not official) sellers pushing mass quantities of keys on their service.

“It’s not in its purified form, so there’s different quantities of it in every single drink or supplement,” she explains.

But here’s the other thing about histamine: consuming large quantities of histamine can be toxic to everyone, regardless of their tolerance level.

The car can be bought, in limited quantities, provided you have considerable resources: It’s priced at a lofty 1 million euros.

Outside southern Africa, white maize is grown in significant quantities only in Mexico and the United States.

Nintendo’s also going to start selling the Switch dock as a standalone accessory in “limited quantities” beginning on May 19.

White labels were often pressed in limited quantities with label credits, if any, handwritten in Sharpie.

“[Direct solar] works okay in limited percentages and quantities,” Straubel said.

The largest U.S. wireless carrier warned that initial quantities could be limited.

Large quantities of Chinese-produced honey are being dumped illegally on the US market.

This usually yields much more surprising wines, but the downside is that the quantities are much smaller.

It’s a members-only maze of everyday essentials and products you don’t really need, sold in obscenely large quantities.

Tullow Oil discovered commercially viable quantities of crude in the far northern county of Turkana in 2012.

As quantities served by a robot are programmed, revelers no longer need to worry about being ripped off with a weak drink.

Robien explains that each individual food (and alleged “superfood,” for that matter), contains unique combinations and quantities of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The team also found storage sheds that contained large quantities of legumes, particularly lentils, whose seeds were remarkably preserved throughout the millennia.

What should worry zinc bulls now is that metal is showing up in significant quantities in both China and on the LME.

Because the quantities involved were so large, storage difficulties often led to moldiness.

Indeed, the simple “Fernet con Coca” is essentially the national drink, consumed in vast quantities everywhere.

The company said limited quantities of the vaccine continue to be available for the current season.

They only bought in some select counters and they did not have enough quantities.

Statistics describing these post-collision particle showers are collected over time and then analyzed for unknown quantities.

Constantly battling the Miami heat, he consumes large quantities of electrolytes before game day so he doesn’t melt.

We are producing it in large quantities in the Marcellus Shale.

Panasonic started selling a similar player in Japan in November in extremely low quantities, the first such player put on sale in the world.

Perhaps this study will spark interest in manufacturing spider milk in large quantities as well—there are, after all, stranger niche markets out there.

But the greatest thrills come from the unknown quantities, the heaps of first-time directors with nothing to lose and everything to prove.

Bass is the more enjoyable end of the sound spectrum, and it’s something we can consume in vast quantities without feeling unduly fatigued.

All the labs could produce kilogram quantities of cannabinoids active at doses below one milligram; some of them could have produced hundreds of kilograms.

This stuff is not easy to visualize and only sexy insofar as money in unimaginable quantities is always sexy.

At the heart of LoRaWAN is a tiny chip made by Semtech that only costs a buck when purchased in enthusiast quantities.

If you’re new to pimento cheese, this is the creamy, spicy party dip you didn’t know you needed in, like, excess quantities.

Of course, wildebeests are poached and consumed in great quantities — our field guide estimated that 20,000 a year become beestburgers, which are apparently delicious.

Eventually, I started to chew and spit huge quantities of food, for example a dozen or more doughnuts in a sitting.”

Fox, and even announced plans to sell them in extremely limited quantities, but that seemed to be the end of it all.

One bottle, he says, sells for about $150, although larger quantities would fetch a discount.

The bundle, Sony claims, is “exclusively for pre-sale and in limited quantities.”

He had ingested large quantities of Seroquel, an antipsychotic commonly handed out at detoxes like candy.

But whoever’s buying the stuff, it’s clearly entering China and in increasing quantities.

But: Escape in large quantities just becomes ignorance.

Inside, at least eight employees sat in handcuffs while cops went through the product inside, placing large quantities of bud into plastic bags.

“There is tourmaline, garnet and remarkably, trace quantities of a radioactive mineral called allanite.”

The component shortage impacted our quantities more than we expected, and we’ve updated the shipment window to reflect these changes.

We’ve also increased our manufacturing capacity to allow us to deliver in higher quantities, faster.

“We carry it all, in small quantities.”

The word could also describe Hanson’s alleged behavior when it comes to the large quantities of cash in his possession.

The database is fed by the NSA’s bulk collection efforts, which vast quantities of internet data collected overseas.

Its focus was to provide reporters with data to find out which doctors were prescribing painkillers and antipsychotic drugs in dangerous quantities.

All operating nuclear power plants are generating large quantities of nuclear waste that will need to be stored for thousands of years to come.

This is owing to the vast quantities of cheap ear buds sold by the likes of Sony, JVC, Philips, and Apple.

In fact, they’re a high-end snack, and we’re eating them in such quantities that some species may go extinct.

BACTrack says “limited quantities” of the wearable will be available for preorder this fall.

“Our objective is to demonstrate that natural gas will flow from the shale in commercially viable quantities,” CEO Francis Egan said in a statement.

However, only time will tell whether the finances are there in sufficient quantities to take the club forward.

The document adds that Benthall won’t be prosecuted for his personal use of small quantities of hash “gummies” either.

But rolling around the world, eating large quantities of fine foods, and generally living like a king is awfully time consuming.

China’s customs data also includes relatively small quantities of iron ore imported overland from countries such as Mongolia.

Around 2,300 of those tokens were transferred to 200 anonymous accounts in small quantities in early May, NEM records show.

The waste product is red mud, a mix of un-dissolved alumina, iron oxide, silicon oxide, titanium oxide and multiple other metals in smaller quantities.

Like the iris pilot, the result was a nominally experimental program that nonetheless ingested vast quantities of personally identifiable data from US citizens.

According to the letter, the customer’s 17 purchases varied from 1.5 and 7.4 gram quantities of cannabis, between January and October 2013.

One described him as providing “large quantities of fentanyl/heroin” to recovery house residents and others in the area.

The big box retailer has exclusive dibs on sales for this one, which will be made available in limited quantities on July 18th.

The suspect claimed to have bought fentanyl/heroin from Francis three days earlier, and allegedly testified to having seen him with large quantities of fentanyl.

Colin: While I appreciate the industrial quantities of pickled vegetables you have in the door, we can’t ignore that meat is murder.

Liquified grain-legume meal provides 1500-1900 calories with 2-3 liters water and simultaneously delivers pharmaceutical support, quantities variant with unit size.

The expense of these earphones goes toward producing high quantities of high-quality bass.

Obviously, trying to harvest mass quantities of this product isn’t really feasible.

Kava can cause dry, itchy, and scaly skin if it’s consumed in large quantities.

It’s technically a neurotoxin and can be dangerous in large quantities.

Snap Inc., as the company is now called, says it will be producing the glasses in small quantities.

The message there would be to make investment decisions based on measurable quantities and not gut feelings.

Amazon ships large quantities of products with the Dash button, as they’re designed to be bulk purchases to pass savings onto you.

In the process, Chakrabarty told me, they’re also pulling out higher quantities of less popular deep-sea monsters like anglerfish.

It’s selling both bundle options, but each store will have “limited quantities” of headsets.

When the monkeys smashed rounded stones against a cliff face, they produced large quantities of sharp-edged flakes.

Incredible quantities of the first two books were sold.

Preorders start today for $2,999, with “limited quantities” available for this holiday season.

It will be available “in limited quantities” this holiday for $2,999, $3,499, or $4,199, depending on hardware options.

The fine, he says, is for small quantities of illicit substances.

The shoes are only being made available in limited quantities, but Adidas says it plans to make many more.

C-14 was created in large quantities by nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Despite high interest in the vehicle, the Bolt will only be available in “limited quantities” throughout 2017.

“Of course, majors use a lot of our capacity, but smaller labels order big quantities as well.”

He was never a true dealer, because he never had the means to buy drugs in large quantities.

The $159 AirPods went on sale earlier this week, and they’re currently shipping in limited quantities.

Better skin, increased concentration levels, the ability to make civilised conversation without first ingesting large quantities of caffeine.

“On December 20th, Best Buy will have limited quantities of the console available at Best Buy locations.

Drugs were always around in large quantities.

Carbon dioxide, which is produced in high quantities by the burning of fossil fuels for energy, is rapidly warming up our planet.

I was relatively new to drinking large quantities of alcohol in public.

Even concentrated probiotic capsules contain only about five species and 50 billion bugs, and kombucha serves up even smaller quantities.

The M10, which will be available in limited quantities starting tomorrow, has a streamlined design and fewer overall features than its predecessor, the M240.

The HyperAdapts finally bring that technology to the rest of us – albeit in limited quantities, at least at first.

Cook & Becker describes the prints as “museum-grade,” and they’ll be available in limited quantities.

The question is whether these nutrients are in sufficient quantities to be useful to human skin.

Last week, police announced the arrest of Chukwuemeka Okparaeke for conspiracy to distribute large quantities of opiates.

First of all, the whole point of doing re-testing is that clenbuterol can now be detected in much lower quantities.

The overflowing quantities of feeling must flow somewhere.

The company announced the release date today, saying that the docks will be available in “limited quantities” next month.

To continue: “We selected individual yeast colonies and grew them up until we had pitchable quantities for trial batches.

Rather, they drew upon some of that fabled American ingenuity to bootleg and cook up illegal spirits in impressive quantities.

Limited quantities of #NESClassic will be available.

Unfortunately, the Beoplay H4s have high quantities of both, but not high quality.

It will be available there in limited quantities for $1,099, and will retail for $1,299.

We don’t know the date, we don’t know the price, we don’t know the quantities.

Sony’s E3 keynote wasn’t too big on major reveals, largely focusing on known quantities like God of War and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Koichi keeps prices low—almost shockingly low, considering he uses large quantities of hops and malt in his brewing process, neither of which are cheap.

“Before reaching today’s conclusion we have analyzed huge quantities of data.

Amazon is limiting purchase quantities to one unit per account, but it specifically says it will not ship to the US.

Another similarity: both the iPhone and the Model 3 started rolling out slowly and with very limited initial quantities.

But VERY LIMITED quantities!

These were known quantities.

In extremely limited quantities.

E-books — with their instant access and cheap prices — sell generally 6x more quantities than print books for us.

The way I look at it, this shit is getting legal pretty quickly, and I don’t deal in huge quantities.

This is a specialty material, one made to order by Breitling and produced in very small quantities.

Lenovo is only producing limited quantities of the retro ThinkPad, but hopefully there will be enough for all of the loyal ThinkPad fans.

And in Asia, drought and heat caused forest fires, which also pumped huge quantities of carbon into the air.

“They carry very small quantities of drugs.

Some time before the end of the year in limited quantities is the expectation.

who purposely share vast quantities of things.

So should we celebrate higher-quality entrepreneurship or lament lower quantities of it?

Because nandrolone can be detected in such low quantities, cross contamination from using the same equipment to manufacture other substances can happen.

Plus at $3 per item customers don’t have to buy large quantities.

Hagfish are jawless, eel-like creatures that are known to spray huge quantities of goo when attacked.

The limited quantities of AirPods combined with the delayed release meant that Apple missed Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa last year, too.

Why it matters: The corona produces large quantities of X-ray and ultra-violet radiation that are absorbed in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

The car-buying public, though, remained blissfully unaware of most of these trends, snatching up gas-guzzling SUVs, crossovers, and pickup trucks in large quantities.

In later decades, as computing power grew, researchers switched to using statistics to extract patterns from massive quantities of data.

In China, Apple relied on factories that can produce vast quantities of custom screws on short notice.

The girl drank such large quantities of vodka that her blood alcohol content rose above .34––over four times the legal limit for drivers.

And the challenge is getting it in large quantities.

Sellers can set minimum and maximum quantities and customize their listings.

These Levallois tools were much easier to produce in large quantities, and they could be attached to sticks to make spears.

In addition to copper, the country mines significant quantities of cobalt, gold, diamonds and tin.

Castro ate ridiculous quantities of frozen dairy.

It goes without saying that black market weed is still cheaper, especially if you buy weed in larger quantities.

“Trash appeared at random times in large quantities.

There’s something exhilarating about the physical quantities of cash Marks describes.

When she started created large scale works, she made trips to Home Depot to pick up large quantities of paint.

Pu-238 takes a long time to make and the material isn’t produced in super large quantities.

But his cult also forced members to donate large quantities of money, while creating an isolated community that kept tight control over its members.

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