Purple in a sentence | Use of the word purple examples

He drove a shiny purple Civic that was slammed to the floor and had a custom stainless steel exhaust.

What’s cooler than your copy of “purple Rain” on vinyl?

Trim away the deep purple blood line that runs through the tuna to remove as much of the iron-tasting blood as you can.

The purple One was born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a family of Seventh-day Adventists.

I’m wearing my purple velvet smoking jacket as I type.

Bars flavored like Okinawan sweet potatoes, the starchy, deep purple Japanese tubers, are available in Kyushu and Okinawa.

Now the boxcar children stay in luxury hotels to solve The Mystery of the purple Pool.

“If I could give you a purple Heart, I would.

He said he doesn’t care whether immigrants are “black, white, orange, or purple,” they shouldn’t be coming into the country without proper authorization.

I painted sparkly purple nail polish over old chipped nail polish and hoped for the best.

French users describing the purple drank high on a web forum said the potion makes you “uninhibited and unstressed.”

The popularity of purple drank had “significantly increased” since then, the agency warned.

One of ANSM’s earlier reports linked the consumption of purple drank to central nervous system depression, seizures, respiratory depression or apnea.

The technique, which involved slowing records down, was meant to mimic the way music sounded when high on purple drank.

DJ Screw was an influential artist, and a number of hip hop artists have carried on his legacy and his penchant for purple drank.

Zack Slime Fr & Lil Patt – purple Rain [Prod.

Political scientists are mostly still arguing about the values of the people in the blue, red, and purple states.

Tree trunks are rendered in red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, electric green; leaves are hinted at with quick brushstrokes, or cartoonishly outlined.

I was wearing a black track jacket, a pair of leggings, and my bright purple and orange running sneakers.

Now O’Rourke will face a tough road ahead in a state that’s getting more purple but may not be quite there yet.

Inside, the entire house was decorated in bright pink and purple hues.

Wisconsin is still a purple state.

The second common centrist argument is that Democrats performed badly at the statewide level, owing largely to progressive candidates in red and purple states.

“I prefer the purple mustard greens,” he said.

One of these said creations is his newest song “purple Spine,” off of his upcoming record Still Life of Citrus and Slime.

purple Spine” creates an upward rising composition of psychedelia and spaciness.

A purple scar curves across her stomach from the surgery to remove half her liver.

Also, if you haven’t guessed by now, Twitch loves purple.

Much of the new office features Twitch purple, even down to the exposed wiring!

Lit from within by blue and purple lights, with a ceiling of suspended gauzy clouds, the courtyard sits alongside an active train track.

In “Bigger,” the forms pushing from the left and right are white, while the shape between them is deep purple topped by dark green.

He had an epic guitar solo during “purple Rain.”

The olives were green, black, and purple, in heaping stacks of glorious abundance.

Yellow broom, purple thistles and fat red poppies spring from the desert floor and paint it a psychedelic swirl of color.

When someone is fatally shot, their dot turns purple.

When someone is fatally shot, their dot turns purple.

The room is dim and washed in purple, invoking Alice Walker’s landmark novel The Color purple (1982).

The shape contains multiple areas of lightly applied green, blue, red, purple, and orange.

(Side note: Keiko Agena should really consider giving that purple hair a try again; she rocked it.)

In “purple Sky” (1969) and “Metamorphosis #12” (1973) Golden renders male body parts like landscapes.

Cynthia Erivo’s performance in The Color purple on Broadway sneaks up on you gradually over the course of the show.

The only thing separating this guy from the real Ricardo is the fact that Ricardo would never wear purple jeans.

Here’s Denver Broncos superstar DeMarcus Ware performing Prince’s “purple Rain” with his old high school band … and it’s pretty damn good.

Apparently, once you bleed purple, you never stop.

In Texas, 10,000 titles are banned, including such head-scratchers as “The Color purple” and a compilation by the humor writer Dave Barry.

Tony Award winner Cynthia Erivo from “The Color purple” clocked in a 3:57:07.

As for the purple?

As an incentive for our young Elijah, she leaves a box encased in glossy purple paper waiting for him on an outside bench.

1 is out today on purple Trax.

purple Rain tells a story; Sign o’ the Times merely puts forward a bunch of terrific songs.

Pretty cool tribute from the Minnesota Twins … which just purple‘d up Target Field to honor Prince.

Another version wears a purple coat of implacable yet appealing texture, preening its glossy fur with every rotation.

But no purple.

He was also nominated for 2 Oscars for the ‘Color purple‘ soundtrack.

“Medicaid is popular in blue, red, and purple states,” Schatz says.

Now that’s purple swag.

In this art nouveau vision, a purple pterodactyl peers down at pre-Empire State Building cityscape.

As for “purple Rain” …

I want to continue his legacy [for] the purple Family, as we call all the Prince fans around the world.

Even when Catt Gallinger’s eye started leaking purple ink she didn’t think anything was wrong.

So one night she gave in, let her then boyfriend numb her eye and inject purple ink into it.

You have ecstasy, meth… and there’s this new thing called purple drink.”

And it’s a purple color, so they call it purple drink.

We’re sure no one noticed Lizzie undercover in her purple headscarf and jacket.

That’s to be expected: Ohio is the archetypal purple state, and was quite close in 2012 as well.

It’s often a rich yellow, with purple shadows.

purple Rain” by Prince

Despite Prince’s death, he remains one of the most iconic artists of all times.

Colorado was a purple state in the presidential race, and Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet was up for reelection.

So, in 2019 … with LeBron James wearing purple and Gold — the Mayor of Los Angeles says we’re living in a Clippers town.

Angus Harrison, VICE/Thump My favorite Prince song is “I Would Die 4 U,” the fourth single from purple Rain.

It wasn’t a crass collection of moments, it was a fog of pure delight, an opaque purple mist of perverse genius.

“Darling Nikki”—the sonic sore thumb of purple Rain, is a track so sexy it is literally the reason parental advisory stickers exist.

I bunked off school to watch purple Rain on a well-worn VHS at my friend Nicole’s house.

I cried a purple river.

James: We’ve got purple, lean-coloured vinyl for Three Six Mafia.

Each pigeon’s neck, for instance, has iridescent shades of purple, pink, and green.

“I never ever thought that this day would ever be possible,” Bryant told the purple and gold wearing crowd.

Beck served for 20 years and received a Bronze Star, a purple Heart, and 27 other medals.

With their bright colors in blue, yellow, green, and sometimes purple, the sculptures can appear somewhat gaudy alongside their Italian Renaissance contemporaries.

They will now form the first official posthumous Prince release since last year’s deluxe edition of purple Rain.

Piano & a Microphone 1983 will also feature stripped-down versions of “purple Rain” and “International Lover.”

In seventh grade, I chopped all my hair off the day before school started and dyed it with streaks of pink and purple.

These natural purple dyes also faded rapidly, the Yale chemistry department explains on its website.

Perkin invented other synthetic colors as well, like Perkin’s Green (a turquoise-like hue) and another shade of purple, Britannia Violet.

You can identify it by its signature heart shape, white flowers, and slightly purple underbelly.

Prince’s estate is sick of President Trump playing The purple One’s music at his rallies and is demanding he stop STAT.

“I would love to see Kevin Durant in the purple & Gold!”

Trump played “purple Rain” at his rally last week in South Haven, Mississippi.

The group walled off the main entrance into the checkpoint, forcing some inauguration-goers to traipse through showers of purple glitter to get inside.

Suggested Strains: LA Confidential and purple Urkle

And according to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), tomorrow their “Rain Room” will have purple rain in its storm.

Walking into the main gallery, you enter through a long, purple hall; the richness of the color has a transportive quality.

In many of those red-tinged or purple districts incoming lawmakers have already vowed to oppose Pelosi, and it will be difficult to change tack.

Slate black, deep purple, California cool.

KS: Wait, so purple is like a mix of blue and red, right?

KS: Can you explain purple — the situation?

RH: Sure, so purple basically started when I was in college as a blog when I was interning on the Hill.

KS: What got you started on the purple thing?

RH: That started really in November of 2015, so you know, fast forward like a few years from the blog purple Politics.

How many people are using purple now?

We saw a lot of natural user behavior emerge on purple that was really interesting and very different from what we expected.

purple was Pierce [Hargan]’s perfect choice.

So have the Republicans sufficiently stifled the Democratic effort to turn Texas purple?

The company’s office building is a big, imposing,glass structure that is rather nondescript save for the blazing purple company sign.

There’s this production, sweeter than dipping into a pot of honey—kind of like the Neptunes, but with murky, purple, almost swamp-like undertones.

Pointing to an assortment of purple and yellow belts that were hung on the along the wall.

And Solange did the purple yarn one herself the day after I left.

Eager to know more about my meal, I look around for the purple and white chicory.

Red and purple pigments come from anthocyanins.

They called themselves purple Pizzazz, and they were definitely purple and pizzazzy.

Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, David Ross, and other teammates got dressed up in suits two sizes too big and recreated the purple Pizzazz routine.

Key witness to the madness was Glenn Hughes, the Deep purple bassist, who had offered Bowie space in his Los Feliz home.

It was delivered to me wrapped in a silky purple ribbon.

The ads are all Melodrama purple eyeshadow, red lips, and visible armpit hair, cool gal pals with punchy makeup and an accessible aesthetic.

May he rest in purple.

Can’t blame him, though — the dude looked great in that purple tux.

I was wearing a long knit poncho that is a Neil Young for Girls model from the thrift, mostly purple and stripes.

That’s what a packed crowd in the purple light-tinted dome at MoMa PS1 experienced last Sunday, February 26th.

Kim paid homage to the late singer Selena with her famous purple suit while Paris went with an oldie-but-a-goodie bunny costume.

The end result, A Seat At The Table While Sipping purple Lemonade, is a doozy.

The bell has tolled the start of the strike.” The cathedral was lit up in purple to symbolize the movement.

And that purple, green, blue—color was super important to defining them.

A purple momentum is subsuming the Conservative Party, much as the hard left has been allowed to consume and terminally undermine the Labour Party.

Printed in purple and avocado green ink, it was illustrated with engravings and drawings by Marcel Duchamp, Robert Osborn, and Alexandre Istrati.

Of particular (personal) interest is Michael Kilbridge’s The Sand Hills cocktail, inspired by O’Keeffe’s “Small purple Hills” (1934).

The user tweeted, “Wow Pink looks so old that should be named purple instead.”

I shall call you little purple troll.”

Klobuchar was highlighting her success in purple districts, which she said would be crucial to winning in 2020.

“I am someone that runs in a purple state,” she said.

Allow your brain to soak in the foam stalactites dripping with pale purple light, and the room seems to grow.

There are a number of pieces titled for a color: blue, gray, red, green, pink, purple, orange, black, yellow, white, and brown.

“This isn’t about Democrats turning Texas blue or even purple,” said Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University in Houston.

This year, it’s Brood V’s turn (shown in purple).

Enter the gallery and turn right to observe closely a plump head of purple cabbage.

There are cultivated fields (in light colors), small towns (in blue and purple), and old forests (dark green).

Both before and after his massive, culture-changing landmark, 1984’s purple Rain, Prince was sex.

For 2 Chainz’s newest video for song “Good Drank,”  purple drank is given a classy makeover as it’s passed around in glass bottles.

Woman in pearl earrings and a purple tracksuit: Do you have a children’s picture book about the Holocaust?

Sometimes, his bellybutton is purple.

She can go from like total purple prose to like great stuff.

Everything is neon pink, or shimmery gold, or varying shades of green and purple.

The institute said the purple shade “takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.

“In a purple state, with 1.6 million voters that Rick Scott says are Democratic voters, that means we are no longer a purple state.

A sharply contested Senate race in a purple state is one thing.

And yet, thanks to equal parts grit and corruption, Emelianenko walked away with a majority decision victory and a purple, bloody face.

The set opened with the entire stage being shrouded in purple, Bruce approaching the mic and going for it.

I sank back to the bed, staring at my feet encased in nubby purple fluff with the nonslip soles.

“The Harvest” (1943) shows a reclining female nude with different parts of her body painted in blue, purple, red, and orange.

The ‘From Not to Hot’ star comes out of the house to the passenger door wearing a purple negligee.

Ashley Naftule is purple reigning on Twitter.

I do my show at the purple Onion.

Notably, these are not simply liberal islands — as the Utah County story shows, VAH exists, and is popular, in blue, red, and purple areas.

They wore matching black trousers, black Nike Decades, and covered their bodies with purple shrouds.

And yet, all that cold-looking purple and blue adds up to just over average for this time of year.

She paired the dress with some purple strappy sandals and clutch.

“Online’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us,” Lolita Wolf, manager of Chelsea fetish store purple Passion, told VICE.

The dress also had accents of purple at the bottom.

Interested in some Bron purple and gold swag?

New Hampshire has a long history as a purple state, and Sununu is the Granite State’s first Republican governor in 12 years.

As you can see, Democrats (in blue) were perceived as far more liberal than what voters said they wanted (in purple), especially in 2012.

A purple orchid was pinned to the brazenly dressed woman’s hair.

She paired the dress with casual sneakers with touches of pink and purple.

Mellow, dense, happy… these are all words to describe you, Taurus—and also purple Kush, the strain of weed your sign definitely represents.

Dreamy, munchy Granddaddy purple is your strain, BTW.

purple Kush’s earthy taste and euphoric vibe suits you, Virgo—not to mention its amazing medicinal uses.

For grandeur, I suppose the purple walls will have to do.

Update, August 23: Nearly a month after it was first discovered, the scientists still have no idea what the purple orb is!

We’re still working on an ID for our mysterious purple orb, but it may be a pleurobranch (sea slug relative).

They get scratchy hospital blankets instead of nice purple fleece ones because of unnecessarily strict sterility standards.

White, purple, and gold were the official colors of the National Women’s Party and the suffragist movement.

They’re moderates in purple (and diversifying) districts.

purple Reign, as it turns out, isn’t a huge leap forward in sound or a crossover move for his newfound fans.

What was it like working with Future?We actually did that song on the bus on tour, the purple Reign tour.

In a lot of ways purple Reign is a well arranged collection of B-sides.

purple Reign is one of the best displays of that.

Trey Smith waited this long to review purple Reign because you just need that much time with Future albums.

There isn’t a single dramatic moment when the red states shift to purple and then to blue or vice versa.

Your girl’s hot as s*** in the purple!”

Streaks of purple mingle with neon greens and blues, while rainbow wisps swirl amid a murky darkness, like galaxies floating in space.

My favorite color is purple, I love sloths, I have ADHD and Goldenhar Syndrome.

Last performance of purple Rain pic.twitter.com/6FjkJTksJO

purple 33, located on the Westside in Del Rey, was a makeshift live/work and entertainment space owned by Donald Cassel, LA Weekly reports.

Before opening purple 33, Cassel had founded another similar venue called Area 33.

“Excuse me sir,” a man in a blonde, early days Bieber wig and a purple Hawaiian shirt says, his accent somewhat undefinable.

Isaac has the impossible task of trying to emote behind layers of purple body paint, prosthetics, and plastic tubing.

Today, Future dropped a brand new mixtape titled “purple Reign” (love to drink lean forever) that you can listen to below, via livemixtapes.

Still, she’ll likely face a tough general election, since Michigan went purple in the 2016 presidential elections.

As the pages progress, the faces get bigger; orange and purple crowns bloom like flowers.

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.

In her book, one full-page photo captures a woman upside down, a purple shirt over her wetsuit.

Seems like purple & Gold.

I’d also like to mention her on-point purple nails.

The duo’s self-described “experimental sludge pop” glistens purple and green like an oil spill, the colors so vivid you can almost see them.

Likewise, it’s doubtful that she wore purple lipstick and black eyeliner.

The storm is closing in on us, purple and impenetrable.

Its color palette is iridescent: in her geometric fractals, yellow, orange, and pink subtly gave way to purple and turquoise.

This algae gives the coral its purple and gold colors.

I was just psyched to be there, bathing in the purple rain.

Charles Coplin, the NFL’s former Head of Programming, met with The purple One in November of 2006, months before the show.

If there are any purple inner leaves, cut them out, too.

One great, overlooked part of the show came seconds into “purple Rain,” when Prince asked, “Can I play this guitar?”

Alice Walker, the beloved activist and author of The Color purple, is under fire for promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Prince’s former bandmates threw the ultimate “purple Rain” party for their fallen leader … and brought along a bunch of his closest friends.

A little purple here, a little green there and tons of red.

The film’s characterization operates mostly along the lines of recognizing what the purple one does and what he’s good at.

Four healthy marijuana plants bask in a purple glow.

He scans the crystalline buds, his face illuminated, trancelike, in the purple light.

Wormers wear a lot of purple.

Tonight, to kick off Women’s Suffrage Centennial Month, select landmarks and buildings around New York will be illuminated in purple and gold.

But then out came the Florida A&M marching band, and out came “Baby I’m a Star,” a non-single from purple Rain.

When I got a small boombox for my 11th birthday, purple Rain was the cassette I bought at Music Plus.

The splashes of colors, orange and purple hues, blended nicely throughout the room, inviting visitors in with an assortment of bright, bold works.

You can already see their Instagrams: The sea, the sand, the coconut cocktails, the fireworks melting over purple sunsets. “

Ranking: I wanted the purple stuff.

Collins in particular may be concerned about her own reelection in a purple state in 2020.

During his chat, Elton called Prince a “purple Warrior” and mentioned how the singer was truly one of a kind.

Then there is another tier of potentially competitive races in purple states.

In a purple state like Florida, 1.5 million new voters could drastically change the electorate and threaten the edge Republicans currently hold.

So like, extra purple haze was now Pusha Purp.

— which was filmed in Syracuse, New York, in 1985, during Prince’s purple Rain Tour.

purple is the color of warmer months in southern California when the jacaranda blooms, falls, and carpets the pavement.

”Democrats and Republicans are just polarized, no matter whether their district is red, blue, or purple,” political scientist John Sides wrote.

Members in purple districts are pretty polarized, too.”

Combination purple, green, red!”

The debut performance of “purple Rain” at First Avenue, in Minneapolis.

She wears a black cardigan over a purple shirt and sips chamomile tea with a sprinkle of lemon.

The paint handling is comically expressionistic, with swipes of blue, green, and purple mottling the hand’s ochery flesh.

North Carolina is a purple state.

He’d look good in purple and Gold.

He wears purple.

There were many corpses strewn across the purple fields.

The striped background hues of purple and blood red amplify the air of violence.

A small porthole looked out at the dragon vines crawling across the purple fields toward the undulating ocean.

Winnie wore a full-body Fendi outfit, while Wiz was out there rockin’ purple and yellow (not ‘Black and Yellow’).

“On the purple After?” The priest fiddled with his engraved staff.

“The purple After is the paradise we were promised, made physical by the cosmos.

“Today, by the grace of indivisible God, we turn the purple planet red with the blood of the heretics!” he shouted.

Long ago, the Church of the purple After had found a planet that fit the descriptions of the cosmic heaven in their scriptures.

It sunk to the purple fields with a tortured honk.

For a decade, he did it across TV screens all over the nation as Barney the purple dinosaur.

You might get a few hints—references to purple or kush, say—but that was about it.

I mean, this purple alien Thanos threw a whole-ass moon at half of the Avengers.

He was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star and purple Heart.

He was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star and purple Heart.

I always wanted to get the purple Heart …

He was often spotted wearing cardigans, usually in his favorite color: purple.

After his rise to fame, the color purple quickly became synonymous with Bieber’s aesthetic.

A purple t-shirt and checkered baseball hat added a pop of color.

Bieber leaned heavily on monochromatic outfits with pops of purple during his “My World Tour” in 2010.

His all-white outfit with a purple hoodie and purple sneakers quickly became iconic.

He wore a shimmering purple jacket and sparkly shoes to perform on “Dancing With the Stars” in late 2011.

He wore a red suit on the “Believe” purple carpet in December 2013.

Welsh sport has enjoyed a belated purple patch of late.

The Targaryens’ white hair (and, in the books, purple eyes) mark them as Valyrian rather than Westerosi.

Centrist and more conservative Democrats from purple states will not go gentle into this good night.

From Nilsen: North Carolina is a purple state.

The presidential couples made their way over to a raised white platform to dance together, showered in green and purple light.

In a dream sequence that prefigures their Manhattan reunion, Manganiello and Pee-wee ride purple piñatas.

We quickly flank some purple enemies, the second highest tier, and make short work of them.

Rickey stepped into the glow of the purple stage lights and looked out into crowd.

For its participants, purple Project is a way to channel months of political frustrations since Trump took office.

purple Project is a political organization with a deeply personal origin.

From there, purple Project has grown, with members scattered across the country.

The National Weather Service on Wednesday activated the most extreme “purple” level fire threat.

It’s reportedly the first time the agency has ever issued a purple warning in California.

“So much of it really was about this character, the Tayla character: the pink tutu, the purple hair, the funky energy,” Morgan said.

I purchased it in purple to add some color.

If you live in a deep red state, you can donate to a candidate running in a purple one.

Saw me on the show and said to Steven Spielberg, she’s Sophia in The Color purple.

They’d release detailed plans for organizing in purple states and crafting a message designed to carry coattails.

— and delivered a rendition of “Jungle Love” (made famous by the movie purple Rain) full of killer onstage dance moves.

He dresses really well, in purple and wonderful tunics and stuff, and there he is figuring out how to dye his hair blond.

Part two of the tribute featured Bruno Mars — in a complete Prince getup of purple suit, flowy shirt, and white guitar.

And she does this all while bathed in pink, purple, and blue lighting—the colors of the bisexual flag.

Sadly, he eventually got trapped in his purple bubble of privilege and started railing against the gays.

Though it’s typically been considered a purple area, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump there by more than 160,000 votes in 2016.

Though it’s typically been considered a purple area, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump there by more than 160,000 votes in 2016.

He was posthumously given the Silver Star and purple Heart medals.

If you can’t remember the difference between flashing yellow and flashing purple, just remember blue is the coolest and red is the hottest.

For three decades, “LOVE” had been painted red, green, and blue, instead of red, green, and purple.

While “LOVE” has long been painted red, green, and blue, it will instead be red, green, and purple.

Indiana created numerous iterations of “LOVE,” but the Philadelphia sculpture is the only one that features purple.

Visitors have described it as a series of labyrinthine corridors filled with heart-shaped mirrors, purple velvet sofas, and doves in cages.

Never be sentimental, and avoid “purple prose.” Great emotion manifests only indirectly, we were told.

Then you saw the purple jacket, the gold rings, the white shirt straight from purple Rain.

Young Thug could pull off that purple jacket because Young Thug is glam rock.

The work is opulence par excellence drenched in shades of vermillion, yellow, and purple.

He still faces a very tough road ahead in a state that is trending purple but doesn’t look like it’s quite there yet.

And I’m only going to get older.” What started off in high school as, “Oh, I want a purple streak in my hair.

Its purple casing changes like gasoline.

Throughout the episode there’s this purple, naked fairy dude who’s wearing a witch hat hanging out in the background.

purple tendrils of electricity spark to life.

Red and purple pigments come from anthocyanins.

And on Thursday night, the Broadway cast of The Color purple did their best to honor him with a soul-awakening rendition of “purple Rain.”

Then Hudson just takes monstrous cuts at “purple Rain.”

Within minutes, the stock market plunged: The purple line shows the performance of the stock market on the day the news broke.

The Color purple cast weren’t the only Broadway performers to pay tribute to Prince.

In his walks through Green-Wood, Jensen was drawn to its 182 beech trees, with their pale, sinewy trunks and purple and green leaves.

Rainbow Vegetable Burgers by @wholesomepatisserie Recipe: Vegetable Patties 1 medium purple onion, peeled and roughly chopped Half of 1 large yellow capsicum.

purple and green cabbage tossed with a spicy fish sauce, cucumbers, and carrots will have your next crab gathering on point.

Last week, you may have noticed the two funny pink and purple creatures featured in Google’s interactive Valentine’s Day game.

Just kidding, purple people — your green smoothies are safe for now!)

One finds Future dramatically shaking his dreads amid a field of purple lightning.

He wore this fun purple tux to the Emmy Awards in January, and it was one of his best looks yet.

The beguiling and charming Upside Down T-Shaped purple Block was a down-and-out working girl trying to make ends meet.

Finally, there is the purple Wedding, named for the color Joffrey turned after being poisoned.

Carter’s father, seated behind her, stared straight out the window at a purple beech tree rocking in the wind.

Now the sky is veiled with clouds — grey, purple and white.

Jimmy scores the deep purple eggplants so thoroughly and intricately they end up looking like scaly snakes.

“Green and purple” is a booming trap tune featuring ad libs and a verse from rising Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti.

I didn’t know he had a purple Heart or a Bronze Star.

Her winning entry is a tenderly composed shot of a girl on her way to Sunday school, with a purple dress over her face.

She’s a longtime senator with a moderate reputation who represents a purple state.

His nails used to turn purple.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Perhaps no other color in history has been so celebrated and so reviled as the color purple.

From diamonds to coal to Tyrian purple, the workers who create luxury goods often do not enjoy the same status as their products.

In ancient Greek, purple had a number of names.

purple was one of these aesthetic markers, though there were many shades to choose from.

The most prized and expensive dye was called Tyrian purple, which came from small mollusks called murex snails.

A number of mollusks in fact contained hypo-branchial glands whose secretions could be used to turn fabrics various shades of purple.

purple dye production was a gritty and often conspicuous, seaside business for those doing the intense manual labor required to harvest it.

Smelling worse than even a double-dipped fleece of Tyrian purple was quite the slur against the woman.

One wonders if Romans could detect the use of imitation purple by Mediterranean dyers made based solely on the smell of the clothing.

The doctor handed me the prescription on a purple slip.

A green, blue, and purple rainbow arced overhead, indicating the mosquitoes were hard at work emptying their bladders on us, keeping us alive.

He had orange hair, a purple birthmark on his face in the shape of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, and an open mouth.

The language of smiley faces and purple eggplants is fundamentally changing the way we text, sext, and even the way we talk about food.

(If the camera’s zoomed out, look for Clinton’s purple outfit to find them.)

If you’re primarily upgrading red, but the weapon is purple, it’s not going to be very useful.

Every Wednesday, she’d descend from her purple bedroom to weigh herself on a scale in the corner of the kitchen.

In contrast, Marr wanted his writing to be like Joan Didion, “very good but unpretentious, not all purple prose and flowers.”

“Major law firms, those that participate in the financial and regulation space, are having an absolute purple patch,” he said.

Each structure stands over twelve feet tall and sports a finish of metallic marker in a different hue: copper, blue, or purple.

The new purple drank.

All the Tide executives will surely be opening a bottle of something that isn’t bright purple to celebrate their marketing win tonight.

He also has the misfortune of having been a pre-Obama Democratic governor in a purple state, with a not-so-liberal record to show for it.

The sparkling falsetto, the biting thwack of drums, the purple splashes of reverb-soaked electric guitar, the flashing shots of synth, the flagrant theatrics.

Bush was in a strange place when she met the purple One.

The purple sound arrives like a tsunami, seemingly too vivid to suppress.

A purple skinned wayfarer who liked to stay back and use his crossbow.

Yellow is closer to us, purple is farther away, and red represents an intermediate distance.

Their colors are yellow, purple, blue, brown, red, green, and white.

Both Waitress and The Color purple frame their heroine’s journey as a series of small choices on the road to ultimate empowerment.

The Color purple‘s rosy ending still reads largely as wish fulfillment.

There are floss flowers with purple bursts, and dianthus with serrated petals in different hues.

The entire Dungeon Family performed at this venue in 1998, and Future just anointed the space again on his purple Reign tour.

With the sun baking the sky, a single hiker overlooks the blue mountaintops below, purple clouds filling the stratosphere.

He was awarded the Bronze Star and purple Heart.

The show ended with “purple Rain” … and an ominous recording of Prince’s voice saying, “I love you.”

the guy who engineered Prince’s best albums throughout his 80s dominance, including purple Rain.

Gillum rejected the strategy Democrats have used for years in red or purple states.

Bruno Mars followed up dressed in ruffles and purple like Prince, performing “Let’s Go Crazy” from purple Rain.

Patches of deep purple, red, blue, and green are arrayed around what could be a burning bush of orange, yellow, gold, and pink.

I was more into Cream, Deep purple, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

But realistically, the future of the House lies with a larger group of Democrats who eked out narrow wins in newly purple districts.

FYI, Game is from Los Angeles — and he’s a die-hard fan of the purple & Gold (and green too).

Stevie, bullhorn in hand, led a tribute to Prince with a rousing rendition of “purple Rain.”

The company’s office building is a big, imposing, glass structure that is rather nondescript save for the blazing purple company sign.

Additionally, some churches change the colors of the cloths and linens used in the sanctuary during Sunday services — often to purple.

Is this purple shotgun better than this green rifle?

The colorway is described as purple Grape, but it is more a of burgundy or wine colorway.

this mix feels various shades of purple and dark shades of blue I would have to say.

I tried to make everything look yellow & still catch purple.

Doug, my hairy, red-faced guide, dressed in a natty brown three-piece suit and bright purple tie, pauses for a breather.

It was purple; it always was purple.

When the cops find a purple baggy filled with coke in Hardy’s wallet (which was in his car), his explanation is bizarre.

This… is a purple nurple machine.

This craze is also closely linked to the consumption of lean (also called purple drank or syzzurp): codeine syrup mixed with soft drinks.

Since we’ve already seen Teemu Selanne doing the splits in purple dress socks, you might think his week can’t get any better.

We were loitering,” she laughs, flipping back her long purple hair.

The video contains many of the distinctive visual elements of Prince-ism: the purple motif, the jacket, the uniformed band.

It was the song that propelled his big breakthrough album, purple Rain, to the big time.

Around the World in a Day, Prince’s follow-up to purple Rain, had a very unusual promotion strategy.

Around this time, writer, critic and curator Glen Helfand decided he wanted to organize his own tribute for the purple One.

Well, unlike most villains into that ruling the universe shit, we’ve got a purple Hulk impersonator looking to save it.

In another piece, artist Didi Dunphy crafts a cushioned purple skateboard that would have been fit for Prince’s plush persona and lifestyle.

Many wore purple, some carried pink crosses, and others wore clothes with simulated blood stains.

A lot of children’s stuff was also reset, like Harold and the purple Crayon, which I loved.

Red, blue, purple — everyone has great difficulty turning down federal money for an important priority.

I took all the purple and red, too.

Use that same shadow to coat your eyelids, and draw triangles above and under each eye with a purple eyeliner pencil.

Elba Rosado, a 53-year-old social worker, danced in a silver-studded purple jacket, reminiscent of Prince’s iconic look in purple Rain.

“I sacrificed my purple jacket for him,” she said, pointing to her 23-year-old-son, Jordan Galan, a chef.

Just then, the opening chords of “purple Rain” came on.

I’m a nine-legged alien, shooting pink and purple cats into a psychedelic sky.

I think of the little lowbrow angel pin attached to the purple bra: what is the affiliation being marked here?

At the moment, that’s carrots, cabbage, and purple sprouting broccoli,” a spokesperson explains.

Graffiti scribbled in pink and purple on another wall nearby was more direct: “Blow Jobs are Real Jobs!”

They’re moderates in purple (and diversifying) districts.

After a well-rehearsed beat for sputtered giggles, he instructs us to grab a branded plastic glass containing a set of purple polka dot stickers.

Over the weekend, Jenkins repeatedly shared the edited soundtrack, purple Moonlight, on Twitter, expressing his excitement for the adaptation.

He lay on a white cloth inside a purple coffin.

The remaining moderate Republicans in the House are moderates because they run in purple districts.

Shattered Dreams is out now on New York label purple Tape Pedigree.

For US, purchase direct from purple Tape Pedigree.

Under the vest he wore a purple shirt.

There is a lot of purple.

With 1984’s purple Rain, he could simultaneously boast the No 1 album, single and film in the US.

On this year’s purple Reign, Future turned Lake Minnetonka into a pool of promethazine.

He leans forward in his bright purple retro chair, stroking at his freshly shaven chin for a few seconds.

Jeff Weiss will be purple forever.

I’m very biased, very involved there now, and full disclosure, I’m on the board of trustees and I bleed purple.

Glowing bright green and purple, the chandeliers represent four of the 31 nuclear nations of the world: the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

For his music, Prince won seven Grammys and received numerous nominations, including an Album of the Year nomination for purple Rain.

He won an Oscar for the song score for 1984’s purple Rain.

“Reverb, chorus,” he conjured on his line check, his shoeless feet in imperial purple socks.

The purple label on the record really resonated with me.

The military awards each family an official flag bearing a gold star or a lapel pin with a gold star on a purple background.

purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain documents people’s personal experiences of being bisexual and discusses intersectional topics like race and disability.

The title purple Prose came to me because purple is the bi color.

Which are the most pervasive?One of the chapters in purple Prose is called “Greedy, confused, and invisible”.

Fan love Tokyo squad goals purple rain When you see a ramen joint across the street Godzilla!

Just kidding, purple people — your green smoothies are safe for now!)

Though Virginia used to be considered a purple state, it’s been leaning blue recently.

We had multiple copies of that trippy, purple book floating around the house.

“The food they eat is better.” The slab of wild tuna between us is lightly seared and deep purple inside.

The purple frog’s discovery is remarkable for a number of reasons.

Here are the others: They are all meant to carry wind energy from where it’s generated (purple) to where it’s needed (green).

He instead toured the country in a double-decker bus painted in UKIP’s color, purple.

“Every discovery in my life is fascinating, but the purple frog made my life,” Biju told me.

These purple squares correspond to things in the real world you can visit and experience for yourself.

She was purple and could not be revived.

Freedia’s long purple hair hung loosely over a dark velvet jacket as she greeted the press, saying, “I love my fans.

Matt purple is a fellow at Defense Priorities and editor of Rare Politics.

The gym looked terrible—a purple monstrosity full of beat up ellipticals and piss-covered floors—but the price was right.

Recently I tattooed it purple.

Romans wore purple only if they were aristocrats, and need I mention the yellow Jewish stars?

She matched her purple dyed hair with a purple suit and strutted some very large purple feathers on the runway.

Unfortunately, combining these flavors results in absolute trash (which happens to be a strange purple color).

So, like, some guitar riffs might be electric purple, or the song “Word Up” by Chromeo might sound really silvery.

The title and contrast between the purple, black, and white in “Draw the Line” (2015) emphasize the clusters of movement on the canvas.

“Tree (purple Beech, Cushing, 8-22-13, 10PM)” (2013) seems to fit the dialogue created by the other paintings in the show.

On Finance, they’ll need the support of purple staters like Dean Heller (R-NV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA).

Stevie Wonder played piano, and later joined Madonna at the front of the stage for “purple Rain.”

“I should probably collect because I’m 21 days away from nine months without weed,” David said, choosing a tiny rock painted with purple.

They’re purple humanoids with octopus heads.

“I saw a nurse with a syringe full of purple liquid,” she recalls.

It reminded her of when she worked, years before, in a veterinary clinic that used purple injections to euthanize sick animals.

The purple of the sign will likely be familiar to anyone who has spent time with Satterwhite’s videos.

She pointed out that Bill Clinton was notorious for his “purple rage,” but it was just seen as demanding: a sign he means business.

It certainly feels new, with a moniker that fits its distortion, purple Panther.

Bake also got in on the action … bidding $9,250 to win a purple guitar autographed by PRINCE!!

On purple Panther, ChopStars amplifies standouts from the soundtrack.

Listen to purple Panther on AudioMack.

He thought nothing of it until it turned yellow to purple to black.

Painted trees, abstract masses of pink and purple dots, and geometric forms represent each party at the dinner.

I wasn’t even wearing real pants: They were purple stretch bottoms with elastic around the ankles.

But it doesn’t actually sound like purple Rain.

DJ NJ Drone (AKA Bobby DeBois) will drop his first physical release this week on March 25 via Geng’s purple Tape Pedigree imprint.

Here’s purple Rain.

“But it hurts AJ, and it’s turning colors: purple, green, yellow, and a kinda’ve pretty color of blue.

Fitty rocked a Cyborg costume, Daphne donned a purple dress as Starfire and his grandma and aunt were Robin and Raven, respectively.

Following our conversation, Bedingfield told me that he had given his purple Heart to CCP, who now displays it in their office.

A salmon-colored sky and purple ground peers through the large openings in the multipart form.

There was a Red Wedding and a purple Wedding.

One of them is made with purple rice and filled with cranberries and chickpeas.

The concert followed a free, public outdoor preshow party where hundreds gathered in purple to honor the late singer.

I came home from my biopsy to a pink and purple spread of flowers from a close friend.

The purple African lilies represent his Kenyan heritage.

But nothing compares 2 the conclusion, where Norris invokes the memory of The purple One to drive his point home.

You see the crowd congratulate the couple after he puts what appears to be a purple Ring Pop on her digit.

“My best friends were all dressed in purple as my quince court and I was handed a beautiful quince cake.

They’re often just as colorful too, as evidenced by this brilliant purple octocoral.

Her orange turned purple, and the Canberra, Australia woman was beyond confused.

In 2015, Angela Postle was also shocked to see her orange slices had turned purple overnight.

The Oscar-winning film adaptation of The Color purple mainly focuses on the physical and emotional abuse of Celie, the film’s protagonist.

Remember when purple was a thing, and everyone thought Joker was the next Mozart?

Archer, working with his design studio, UNA, imagines surreal scenarios that explode onto the page in a flurry of neon purple, green, and fuchsia.

Is purple his real color?

Like many others in attendance, he wore a purple T-shirt, a color that has symbolic meaning to the gay community.

He wears khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt covered in purple and pink trees.

(“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender,” Alice Walker wrote in 1983.)

The stage turned violet as she sang “purple Rain.”

purple Rain” by Prince

This is the song that launched Prince’s hugely successful career, so of course it’s a must-hear.

Essentially, to have a seance and honor their clown gods.Electra: I like Taco Bell’s purple and turquoise.

purple‘s not the only popular color, though …

purple makes me hungry.

A woman with rainbow hair and a purple fur coat is yelling about fascism.

I also saw this man drinking wine wearing purple gloves.

purple is the common color of the urban attention-seeker art goer.

purple ponchos and shawls, purple berets.

Some people associate purple with lesbianism.

I wonder if the Joker wearing a purple suit is why Tim Burton’s Batman movie made the Joker into an artist.

After the bag was been filled, my arm felt weak and looked slightly purple.

The message is presented over warm stripes of yellow, purple, and orange.

Give me a purple question Carol, and let’s see what I might win.

We had multiple copies of that trippy, purple book floating around the house.

HR: Not purple.

And the purple ones are Kim Il Sungia.

He did better than losing GOP Senate nominees in purple states like Ohio.

purple petals frame his face and his eyes are closed.

Palm trees soar over the grave, and Liz wears a black, purple, red, and yellow polka-dot dress.

I sat down on the toilet, took off my sock and looked at it, and saw a purple growth under the skin.

The long-explored connection between the poetic and the political is developed and expanded in Born in the purple.

Born in the purple continues at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien (Mariannenplatz 2, 10997, Berlin ) through August 27.

The book will tell Prince’s life story, and it will include original photos and lyric sheets for songs like “purple Rain.”

Walker could still be in trouble in this historically purple state.

Anne Vieux (2014) by Transitory Flatspace features lenticular covers and sumptuous interior spreads full of shiny pink and purple patterning.

There’s a lot of sad purple rain falling from our eyes today.

She told Davey: “She came out purple and not breathing.

We hope purple in a sentence examples were helpful.