Pumps in a sentence | Use of the word pumps examples

And right now, air pumps are generally too big for a person to comfortably wear.

The researchers restored brain function through a device, called BrainEx, that pumps a synthetic, blood-like substance through the pigs’ brains at body temperature.

If I’m out on my bike and I need the energy, it really pumps me up.

Virginia Overton’s “Untitled (Waterfall)” (2016) pumps white noise through the gallery, emitting from a decaled trunk resting on the floor.

Putting labels on gasoline pumps isn’t going to fix climate change by itself, any more than cigarette labels fixed smoking.

The U.N. says more work will be needed to get water flowing to the subsidiary pumps and into the network of canals.

When Islamic State left his family’s farm, they stole or destroyed irrigation equipment, including the motors needed to power the pumps.

Back then club kids were valley girls in body glitter and neon pumps, they wore beaming smiles and dreamt of Mykonos sunsets.

Markle completed the tailored look with Sarah Flint pumps with a tortoiseshell heel.

Update 1/8: This story has been updated with information about the secondhand market for Snoos and insurance coverage of breast pumps.

“Let’s hope that this race pumps some energy back into the party and brings particularly more white Democrats back to the party.”

A Brit might also call a pair of sneakers a pair of “pumps.”

But any money he pumps into the bill to hold on to moderates could drive away conservatives.

Those numbers, however, have not translated into profitability as the company pumps cash into marketing and R&D.

Audi Sport pumps a select few models with extra everything, transforming them into muscular land rockets.

The nervous system pumps two hormones—adrenaline and noradrenaline—into the bloodstream.

Medtronic has identified 4,000 patients who are potentially using insulin pumps that are vulnerable to this issue, the agency said.

More costly preparations include installing sump pumps with backup batteries and a water alarm to alert you when the system is getting overloaded.

The expert community is divided on the possibility, or advisability, of moving all HVAC to electricity (like heat pumps).

Strutting between boutiques, she’s the Pontius Pilate of platforms and pumps: “These shoes rule,” she proclaims.

Gas pumps

As I — and others— found out firsthand, swiping your card at the gas pump is a huge no-no.

But in the 1990s, relatively affordable electric pumps for home use became available, and breast pumping rates began to climb.

The market for pumps has been growing steadily ever since, and reached $891.5 million in sales worldwide in 2016.

As of 2015, Americans made up about 40 percent of the global demand for pumps.

Despite their growing popularity, breast pumps have been relatively slow to change.

What if we got rid of all our natural gas boilers and replaced them with electric heat pumps?

According to Popsugar, this means spending more on jeans that fit perfectly, a good quality bag, sunglasses, a pair of pumps — all the basics.

The PBOC pumps it into Chinese banks.

It pumps a perfusate — a synthetic blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients — throughout the brain via the pig’s own arteries.

Generally, the more greenhouse gases humanity pumps into the atmosphere, the warmer it will get.

pumps are needed in many parts of the country of 30 million people to bring water to the surface.

Who needs a lavish European-style maternity leave when we’ve got breast pumps?

In the next few years, the world market in breast pumps is expected to reach $2.6 billion.

She wants to cover ya too with breast storage bottles and even breast pumps.

To achieve this depressurization, Bodner’s device pumps the water through 8 meters (24 feet) of narrow tubing.

“We’re refitting chemical injection points, recouping pumps and storage tanks,” the worker told Reuters.

This support could take the form of government assistance (WIC) to purchase breast pumps, for example.

Households would also need to be weaned off natural gas heating and switch to low-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen or heat pumps.

Current electricity rate structures encourage water and wastewater utilities to use small pumps that operate continuously, at a low level, throughout the day.

Mechanical breast milk pumps awkwardly babysit the diagrams, bills, and to-do lists.

Nhu Lan Bakery: It’s not hard to love this Vietnamese bakery, or the fresh banh mi it pumps out everyday.

“Oh my God, sump pumps are in!” Because people think the world is ending.

Alaska rep Don Young pumps his fist in the air and yells “yes.”

But even without those issues, the pumps would likely be no match for a Harvey-like event featuring more than 50 inches of rain.

It listed six existing “candidate technologies” plants can use to do so, including duct leakage control and boiler feed pumps.

“Shutting these water pumps down in permafrost conditions would cause casing to burst, permanently damaging the well,” Fak said.

They buy the biodiesel to run the pumps from Zaynagro at 80 shillings a liter.

She went with the $750 Rendez Vous pumps that added a metallic edge to the black-and-white outfit.

Water and nutrients are fed in from the top of the tower and dispersed by gravity (rather than pumps, which saves money).

On one hand, the state wants to encourage residents and businesses to convert from natural gas heat to electric heat pumps.

In the event of a power failure, fission would continue but the reactor would still need power to run the water pumps.

Some air pressure openers use pumps instead of automated buttons.

– June 25: The Thai navy sent a team of its elite SEAL unit while pumps were brought in to drain the cave.

When the Fed pumps more money into the economy, people spend more and create more jobs.

Todd (Los Angeles) is an ogre of a man who pumps everyone up with talk about Harleys.

A new survey reveals the 10 richest graduates of Harvard, the university that pumps out billionaires like no other.

Flavored Latte/Latte A grande cascara latte costs $5.25, with two shots, four pumps of cascara syrup, and regular cascara topping.

Caramel Macchiato A grande caramel macchiato is $4.95 with three pumps of vanilla syrup and caramel drizzle.

Toasted Coconut Cold Brew The new grande Toasted Coconut Cold brew is $3.95, with four pumps of toasted coconut syrup and coconut milk.

Tea Latte A venti royal English breakfast tea latte is $4.95, with six pumps of syrup, milk, and two tea bags.

So, by tweaking the surrounding chemistry, the Australian group was able to create “moving objects, switches, and pumps” on-demand.

Inspired, I next opt for The Candy Girl—Mountain Dew, four pumps of coconut syrup, strawberries, and a handful of limes.

So people with Type 1 rely on shots or infusions of insulin through needles or pumps.

Carter, wearing her usual pumps and a pastel floral print, sat almost motionless throughout both arguments as her family looked on.

That would take it past top producer Russia, which pumps just below that mark C-RU-OUT.

The metallic pumps peeking out underneath are right on trend.

pumps are needed in many parts of the country of 30 million people to bring water to the surface.

They buy the biodiesel to run the pumps from Zaynagro at 80 shillings a liter.

Pam’s friends hope she pumps the brakes again … and keep her foot firm on the pedal.

But they’re not always practical, so a nearby gravel mine pumps out stone to layer the roads.

Almost two decades into the 21st century, there were no electronic beeps, chimes, or alarms; no heart monitors, IV pumps, nor ventilators.

I couldn’t say for sure, but I was pretty positive that damn good coffee didn’t include a couple of pumps of vanilla.

MCH danced and rapped his hit, “pumps and a Bump” with the same tireless effort as he had back in ’94.

You got it: heat pumps.

They key feature for our purposes is that heat pumps run on electricity.

In the already boring category of appliances, electric heat pumps may be the most boring.

So as not to just have a laugh about heat pumps, let me extract a couple of lessons here.

Several major water pumps, used to remove floodwater, remain in disrepair.

Dawes said that upon closer inspection, the sound was similar to a sound sometimes made by ventilation pumps.

In boom times, it pumps up share prices elsewhere in its restless quest for a good return.

A white eyelet peter pan collar and tan suede pumps perfectly accented the vibrant garment.

October 2003 – SPDC pumps more than 1 million barrels of oil per day.

This pumps up prices.

These simplified thought experiments are meant to serve as what philosopher Daniel Dennett calls “intuition pumps,” isolating your basic moral instincts.

At his farm, Rodriguez drives past a large motor that pumps water from the river into a canal.

When the proton pumps in your stomach start to produce acid again, you will experience what’s called an acid rebound.

My heart still pumps blood, looks like.

One is an active system which essentially pumps water to the desired locations within a grow area.

The Greens also allow for more choices for female soldiers, as they can choose between pants or a skirt and pumps or flats.

The Greens also allow for more choices for female soldiers, as they can choose between pants or a skirt and pumps or flats.

A DJ pumps out the sound of a restaurant.

It was a Gulf Oil station, where gas attendants refueled cars from pumps around a pagoda-style building.

When it starts to sag in the second act, Mascots pumps back up the energy with the actual mascot competition.

His company makes 100 channel crossings a week and fills up over 1,000 trucks a day at its gas pumps.

But, get those last pumps in quick, we’re told the D.A.

After two solid pumps — Allen playfully stuck out his tongue at the fans and continued into the locker room.

The pumps, filtration systems, and other equipment used to treat sewage and provide clean drinking water also can’t function without power.

Take the PlayPump, a charity fad from the mid-2000s in which merry-go-rounds were attached to water pumps in African villages.

Take, for example, cardiac devices such as pacemakers and mechanical pumps that can be placed in the heart.

Right now, roughly 37 percent of US homes are electrified, mostly in the South, mostly using inefficient baseboard heating rather than efficient heat pumps.

(Only about 1 percent of American homes currently have heat pumps.)

In other words, heat pumps are beating natural gas in all the edge cases.

Right now, electrifying the residential sector by replacing fossil fuel furnaces with heat pumps is basically … nowhere.

Time to make heat pumps cool again.

He doesn’t have defense so much as back-foot offense—when the opponent starts punching, he pumps his hands and tries to steal the momentum.

Brad Miller slumps his shoulders and drifts away while Manu, hair and all, pumps his fist and heads to the line.

Medtronic has identified 4,000 patients who are potentially using insulin pumps that are vulnerable to this issue, the agency said.

It listed six existing “candidate technologies” plants can use to do so, including duct leakage control and boiler feed pumps.

Electrical equipment that was warming the tunnel has been removed and new pumps are being added.

Landrieu added that most pumps were working, and the city is continuing with efforts to improve the pumping system.

Cover: President Donald Trump pumps his fist to the crowd after speaking to a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pa. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Women who work outside the home and breastfeed largely use pumps to supply milk for their babies.

You have to hold dickheads to account, especially if their blood pumps with your own.)

He come home late at night, goes down to the basement and pumps iron and nearly hurts himself.

There are no pumps or valves, no moving parts.

Farrag pumps up enough water to fill his system, and keeps it in constant circulation.

“I don’t have full confidence in those pumps,” said Humberto Suazo, chief financial officer of Link Restaurant Group in uptown New Orleans.

“Contractors are beginning work 24/7 to fix pumps,” said Landrieu, a Democrat first elected in 2010.

She said 26 backup power generators were added, she said, adding that 108 out of 120 pumps are currently operational.

He only pumps more to replace the small amount lost in the process.

Weekend two pumps up the volume with Mad Decent, Madeon, and Dillon Francis.

Blood pumps out, renewed.

Gearboxes for aircraft and vacuum pumps from Shimadzu Corp (7701.T).

Those who hit the road found empty pumps and gas shortages across the state.

It deserves a climate where it is acknowledged and celebrated for the lifeblood it pumps into British music.

No electricity meant that water pumps and sewage systems couldn’t function.

Although New Orleans necessarily relies on water pumps, fourteen water pumps are currently broken throughout the city.

Mobile water pumping stations put water pumps and corresponding electrical systems into a mobile trailer.

The Army Corps of Engineers temporarily loaned portable pumps to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to supplement its failing stationary pumps.

So transporting these water pumps the day after an extreme weather event was relatively easy.

Crane, which makes pumps and valves, made a hostile takeover bid for Circor in May after an earlier offer was rejected by Circor.

In April Anthem, which is the nation’s second-largeest health insurer, reduced its reimbursement for breast pumps from $169 to $95.

It’s smaller than a water bottle and requires only a few pumps of a thumb to operate.

It would look at large acquisitions in the pumps and applicators business and smaller deals in chemicals and maintenance services.

With us, these 14 people, we have some proof that the liver pumps!

Sling-backs, mules, kitten heels, platforms, wedges, peep-toes, mary janes, ballet slippers, gladiators, pumps.

The recommended dosage of BOND is between four and eight pumps.

They operate just like gas pumps, only they provide kilowatts of electricity instead of gallons of fuel.

Without power, critical medical equipment went idle, refrigerators for essential medicines like insulin went silent, and the pumps that provided clean water shut off.

“Hey Anna, checking in about those black S Weitzman pumps, size 7.5!”

The artist labors over this breathing magma, over its ‘life.’ He pumps his own energy, his own ‘eros,’ into it.

You are the foundation — the heart that pumps life into this family.

The irrigation company will charge the Gerkes another A$11,000 a year towards maintaining the network’s pipes and pumps.

She paired the look with silver sparkly pumps.

We had to double check the instruments, the pumps, the recorders… there was no room for emotion; that came later.”

Its economy would be medieval: tailors without electric sewing machines; metalworkers without power lathes; farmers without water pumps.

Nude pumps, nude tights, and nude Band-Aids are all intended to give the allure of bare skin.

And this week, he has expanded his Nudes collection from stilettos and pumps to include comfortable flats: A spectrum of nudes.

Nearly one in five of the films Hollywood pumps out nowadays is a sequel, up from one in 12 a couple of decades ago.

It added pumps to several of its products, out of concern for parents who are worried about dropping slippery, wiggly babies.

“But it matches Chris’ shirt.” It also complimented Kardashian West’s dress, a micro-mini metallic silver number which she paired with clear plastic pumps.

A motorboat, a community centre, solar panels and water pumps were promised in exchange for being allowed to operate there.

That means you don’t have to wear a suit, pumps, and stockings every day.

pumps are appropriate, but they’re not your only option.

Mr Krugman defends the use of models as “intuition pumps”, distilling elements of the real world to clarify important things going on.

The problems arise when you start believing in the fairytale, and leave the pumps to blow bubbles of their own.

Circor, which makes products including centrifugal pumps and automatic recirculating valves, had a long-term debt of about $733.6 million as of March 31.

Schalke 04’s shirts boast Gazprom’s logo; Volkswagen pumps money into VfL Wolfsburg.

Using Shodan you can find unprotected webcams, baby monitors, printers, medical devices, gas pumps, and even wind turbines.

With 30m wells and pumps at work, it is hardly surprising that groundwater levels have been dropping.

There’s pumps, there’s all shoes of all types.

Truckloads of Nigerian petrol are smuggled abroad and sold at market prices, leaving Nigerian pumps dry.

Medtronic has identified 4,000 patients who are potentially using insulin pumps that are vulnerable to this issue, the agency said.

Shortly after the showstopping festival appearance, she headed to an afterparty with George in a tiered, brightly-colored one-shoulder minidress and metallic pumps.

(Make heat pumps sexy again!)

Hellisheidi already pumps up heated water from under the ground, so it had an ample supply.

She teamed the curious look with a large blue duffel bag (full of more velvet blazers, we assume) and spiky tan Christian Louboutin pumps.

While the box holding the pumps and microcomputer is clear, the installation is not accompanied by diagrams or detailed documentation.

Others are simply pushing their pumps harder, which uses more energy but may be worth it at $50 a barrel.

U.S. plans to reintroduce sanctions against Iran, which pumps about 4 percent of the world’s oil, have buoyed crude prices.

Alba said, “When you’re going out with your husband or a girl’s night, bring the pumps out.

The “Lucas Gusher” is historically significant, because at the time, it expelled more oil than all the other oil pumps in America combined.

She paired the ensemble with matching black mesh pumps.

Some of the technologies he tweeted about included drills, water pumps, and battery packs.

Perhaps most critically, water pumps shut off.

No electricity means pumps do not work, leading to shortages of clean water.

Iranian drilling companies and other energy firms have been assisting rescue efforts in flooded areas, using pumps to remove water.

And it has some tricks all of its own, notably the use of battery-powered pumps to push fuel and oxidiser into the engines.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine reveal what music pumps them up before going out on stage.

After Hurricane Katrina, the city made $14.6 billion worth of investments in its flood-protection systems, including huge pumps designed to flush water out.

Before receiving irrigation pumps from Siyazisiza, the women in Vuna carried buckets of water to fields up to 15 times a day.

Alternatives range from farmland irrigation to heat pumps to ride-sharing.

To make their micro pumps, the researchers dissolved the polymer in dichloromethane, a solvent, and filled glass capillary tubes with the solution.

Crane, which makes pumps and valves, said it continues to prefer a negotiated transaction with Circor’s board of directors.

And if you’re wanting to purchase the same Madame Menule embellished bow pointy toe pumps as J.

Since the river-flow is unreliable, they have turned increasingly to pumps.

After all, no other investor wanted to buy the controversial pipeline that pumps oil products from Alberta oil sands to the BC coast.

Its Department of Relief paves roads, repairs electricity lines, pumps water and rebuilds damaged infrastructure.

But money-based help at least takes procurement decisions away from well-meaning but misguided aid workers and pumps money directly into the local community.

On Tuesday, Franklin was dressed in a red suit and crimson pumps.

“That’s why you have pumps,” he told Sky News.

$2,290), Gucci pumps, $925 (orig.

In a few years they will probably also be watching television, powering their irrigation pumps and cooling their homes with fans.

During the interview, Jones wore her hair in short, natural locs and was dressed in a business suit and pumps.

Many pay nothing to raid underground aquifers—India pumps two-thirds of its irrigation-water this way.

During the interview, Jones wore her hair in short, natural locs and was dressed in a business suit and pumps.

She teamed the look with a pair of black pointy-toe Aquazzura pumps and of course a pair of sheer nude stockings.

Crane, which makes pumps and valves, made a hostile takeover bid for Circor in May after an earlier offer was rejected by Circor.

Nigeria is highly dependent on imports, with everything from the petrol in pumps to the rice in supermarkets coming from abroad.

U.S. output is creeping closer to that of top producer Russia, which pumps about 11 million bpd.

Nearby stands a tall pole with a large Gulf sign, several rusty gas pumps, and a phone booth.

They reminded me of white pumps I’d wear in the ’90s, with everything.

Unlike the cooling system itself, these pumps would need power to operate.

This unusual weight loss device that pumps out some of the food you just ate just got approved

At any time around a third of the water infrastructure in rural sub-Saharan Africa, from hand pumps to solar-powered systems, is broken.

Most important, though, is to fix broken pumps quickly.

Using a system of dykes and pumps, this will be less dependent on sand.

The arrival of the “Internet of Things” will see computers baked into everything from road signs and MRI scanners to prosthetics and insulin pumps.

It had deployed emergency response teams and 20 water pumps to irrigate fields in the hardest-hit areas, it said.

Before receiving irrigation pumps from Siyazisiza, the women in Vuna carried buckets of water to fields up to 15 times a day.

Nicole Murphy pumps her own gas, and when she does … she makes it a premium experience.

External pumps used to circulate blood impose potentially fatal stresses on tiny hearts.

Her hair back, she accessorized the sleek look with a pair of stunning green-beaded earrings and simple pumps.

During an outing in Sydney, the Duchess swapped her Stuart Weitzman pumps for her beloved Rothy’s flats, which are miraculously still available.

Products being indiscriminately pushed at men include pills, topical ointments, pumps, even tutorials on an ancient Arabic enlargement technique called jelqing.

Filtering water may be done through porous membranes, but that requires pressure, and thus needs costly pumps.

Inside, the pounding of Japanese taiko drums pumps through the sound system on repeat.

Joel rises, rips the mask off, pumps his fist and soaks up the adoration of the crowd.

The loudest sound in the featureless expanse is a mechanical one, made by untended pumps.

Total is adding generators and pumps at its 225,500 bpd refinery, also in Port Arthur, said spokeswoman Marie Maitre.

As for sweet midday ice coffees, decrease kcals by asking for half the pumps of simple syrup.

Tabitha Simmons Rise Slingback pumps, $193.50 (orig.

For example, he was particularly concerned about turbine-powered pumps near the swamps where caribou breed.

Moore completed the look with a matching pale pink veil, crystal-embellished pumps and small drop earrings.

In these cases, other treatments—penis pumps, localized medicine—can be extremely effective.

Now they’re in a VIP booth at a club, swaying and swigging from bottles of Moët & Chandon while the music pumps.

The systems in place at the Ardehuizen include heat pumps, electric boilers, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, wood stoves and grid connections.

New Orleans is still protected by a system of screw pumps invented by Albert Baldwin Wood just before the first world war.

These pumps allowed the city’s swamplands, most of which had previously been too wet to build upon, to be settled during the 1920s.

Though ancient, the pumps should prevent thunderstorms, if not hurricanes, from turning into existential threats.

The heavy rains in New Orleans often dwarf the amount of rain the pumps were built to handle.

Many pumps in the hardest-hit areas were undergoing repairs at the time of the storm.

In one pumping station, a staff shortage meant that the pumps were not even turned on for several hours after the rains began.

Mechanical improvements such as pumps and suction devices mean dredging ships can now break through harder material.

They had even made a banner with the phrase #JoslinPumped4Jonas, referencing the insulin pumps worn by many type 1 diabetics.

Analysts call it a car-parts maker: it is the world’s largest, making everything from fuel-injection pumps to windscreen wipers.

At a QMart filling station west of Houston on Saturday, cars were clogging the pumps soon after a tanker arrived to replenish its pumps.

In Albaida, UNDP has established tree nurseries and planting programmes, and installed solar water pumps to feed vegetable gardens run by women.

Tabitha Simmons Rise Slingback pumps, $193.50 (orig.

She added some contrast with her go-to Stuart Weitzman suede nude pumps and carried the Carolina Herrera Mariola Grey Shopper Tote.

It pumps those lyrics with a fresh sense of urgency and desperation, thud-thud-thudding over a classic house piano line.

She swapped her nude pumps for Tamara Mellon black velvet ‘Kindred’ calf hair boots and carried her Stella McCartney “Falabella” black tote.

A new department pumps out road-safety warnings in Arabic.

She added LK Bennett “Sledge” pumps and her go-to “Natalie” clutch from the British label.

The new mom, who will be presenting at the ceremony, accessorized in lavender pumps and carried a simple red clutch.

New Orleans’s pumps remained broken for weeks, right in the middle of hurricane season.

And my heart began beating every time it rained, even after the pumps came back online just days before Harvey hit Texas.

In essence, the Firebox takes all of the classiness of boxed wine and pumps it with 120 ounces of fire breathing testosterone.

It’s more likely to inspire zany body movements than rabid dancefloor fist pumps.

Bashneft pumps about 20 million tonnes of oil per year, or a 10th of Rosneft’s output.

Christian Louboutin pumps!

They therefore designed a version in which the rotor is electrically powered and pumps hydraulic fluid rapidly into and out of the shock absorber.

What matters is having lots of water pumps and lots of toilets.

This village of 270 households has 33 water pumps.

The water pumps are unnervingly close to the outhouses.

Whereas groundwater is pretty clean, the water that comes out of pumps is not.

During Wednesday’s rain, all but two pumps out 120 were working, Rainey said.

Miranda Duchesne, a law student at Loyola University, moved to New Orleans on the day the pumps failed in August 2017.

“The pumps don’t work.

Accumulations of these can clog up pumps.

pumps were already working at capacity after heavy rains flooded streets on Wednesday, she said.

Those with refrigerators at home can use breast pumps to express milk before they go on shift, and leave it behind to chill.

But Mayor LaToya Cantrell said 48 hours of heavy downpours could overwhelm pumps designed to purge streets and storm drains of excess water.

During Wednesday’s rain, all but two pumps out 120 were working, Rainey said.

Miranda Duchesne, a law student at Loyola University, moved to New Orleans on the day the pumps failed in August 2017.

“The pumps don’t work.

It pumps money into favoured domestic firms to turn them into global champions.

“Do we see oil pumps in Yellowstone next?” Last winter, Bench said, he took Donald Trump Jr. fishing on the Provo River.

Ballet pumps were a thing, as was smoking inside pubs and venues up until July.

It pumps 3.8m barrels a day of oil, and it is good at smuggling.

That series of fist pumps so sincere, so full of emotion, that every single one of them deserves an Oscar?

In evolutionary terms, if a lion comes towards you, your body pumps itself up and gets ready to fight or run away.

Restaurants pour grease down their drains, where it forms sewer-blocking fatbergs and clogs up pumps.

Many of the system’s pumps have stopped working, and sections of the main sewer have collapsed.

Parents tend to speak coyly of “flowers” and “pumps”—if they talk to their children at all about the birds and the bees.

Motorists are being “gouged at the pumps”, he claimed.

Aramco pumps around 10 million bpd of crude oil.

Amir pumps out chest press reps with a steel bar held back on either side by the Keiser.

She paired it with sky-high Rupert Sanderson black pumps with a gold buckle.

The body pumps out adrenaline in either case.

According to PlayFutbol, a verbal altercation between fans and players after the match descended into a scuffle by the petrol pumps.

Top your Halloween costume off with a pair of white pointed toe pumps and some silver dangle earrings.

That idling pumps “harmful chemicals like nitrogen dioxide and black carbon into the air,” a spokesperson for the Westminster city council told the Guardian.

The trucks carry the lifeblood of American cities—pipes, precast concrete, massive spools of wire, steel, electrical transformers, pumps, and computers.

She also wore Manolo Blahnik pumps in an ivory satin with bespoke pearl detailing.

She paired the look with suede Stuart Weitzman pumps she’s worn once before.

Under Obamacare, birth control is considered preventive health care, just like vaccinations, routine checkups and breast pumps for new mothers.

The firm, a maker of heat pumps, stoves and elements, also said it was cautiously positive about 2019.

Ecuador, which pumps 530,000 bpd, is currently the smallest OPEC producer.

She paired the look with a pair of her go-to heels — her black Deneuve pumps by Aquazzura, and carried a Givenchy clutch.

One-shouldered mini dresses were paired with oversized belts and pink Barbie-esque pumps.

Miami has already allocated $500 million for installing pumps and raising the roadways.

The pumps help thrust sitting water from the streets into Biscayne Bay.

She kept things simple, accessorizing with just beige pumps, hoop earrings and a clutch.

She turns on her air ionizer ($24), which pumps extra oxygen and makes her feel pleasantly giddy.

The star also wore silver pumps and accessorized the look with a small white purse.

“You cannot rule out the possibility of pumps and dumps, and violent fluctuation,” he said.

The first would be to invest in sprinklers, cisterns and pumps.

The US government pumps about $20 billion into the fossil fuel industry each year in the form of subsidies.

From insulin pumps to pacemakers, these instruments help keep patients alive.

She paired the look with a black Marchesa blazer and black peep toe pumps.

They can use cups with mechanical devices, such as hand or electrical pumps, to create suction.

Far-side missions might reveal where the pumps are.

“We need you to understand this.” pumps already were working at capacity after heavy rains that flooded streets on Wednesday, she said.

And if the oil pumps are still off, the centrifuges may come back on.

The pumps can handle the removal of about a half inch of rain an hour.

They have also kept diesel cheaper than petrol, a vote-getting sop to farmers who run diesel tractors and pumps.

The pumps can handle the removal of about a half inch of rain an hour.

A vast network of dams, canals and pumps shifts water from north to south.

Black cars with tinted windows line an industrial West LA street, leading to a neon green door pulsating with hydraulic pumps of EDM beats.

The federal government stepped in and built (and still manages) many of the dams and pumps.

Oil pumps nod in almost every field nearby.

Aware of the no-hitter in the ninth, Vander Meer told himself, “I’ve got 30 good pumps left in me.

The European Heat Pump Association says the stock of pumps in Europe doubled between 2011 and 2017, to 10.6m.

The company blamed a change to inventory policy by a leading customer of the business that makes components for insulin pumps for diabetes.

Insulin pumps are medical devices that patients attach to their bodies that injects insulin through catheters.

Radcliffe said he found vulnerabilities in the Animas OneTouch Ping, but not the Animas Vibe line of insulin pumps.

The agency last year issued multiple warnings about cyber bugs in infusion pumps from Hospira, which has since been acquired by Pfizer Inc. (reut.rs/2duNuZK)

The company pumps millions of gift cards into the market every year for the holidays.

But supply is often cut, so many still rely on the old hand pumps.

Again wooing the farm vote, governments have subsidised diesel, on which most tractors and pumps run.

Such pumps can regulate pressure, temperature and other variables in oilfield equipment.

From left to right: Bag, $32.99; Mules, $32.99; Floral pumps, $37.99 Buy It!

Nigeria pumps around 1.9 million barrels a day, the Oil Ministry said in a tweet on Monday.

The more cash Mr Son pumps into Arm, the higher the stakes.

Hadid played coy about the new relationship at the event, where she donned a skin-baring Julien Macdonald bodysuit and Kurt Geiger London pumps.

And with fuel prices near an all-time high, the extra expenses of diesel-guzzling water pumps and generators added to the hardship.

Long queues formed at petrol pumps in many states and in Mexico City.

Two of them were at the pumps, filling their vehicles.

Then a missile had landed right on the small roof covering the pumps.

Back in the van I waited with the women while the men sucked on cigarettes near the pumps.

There’s no where to run from slithering snakes in gas pumps and bears breaking into your homes.

Wearing a Dior dress and Tamara Mellon pumps, Gomez looked happy and healthy as she posed for cameras at the event.

But some people have specific over-the-top requests when it comes to their Starbucks drinks, like 20 pumps of syrup.

Let’s not even get started on the syrup flavor pumps.

It’s also synonymous with lots of bouclé suit jackets and low-heeled pumps.

A robot arm then grinds the beans, pumps shots of espresso and carries out the rest of the work.

The tennis star accessorized her look with a collection of gold necklaces, a coordinating bracelet and watch, and tan pumps.

The downside of this technique is that, because vacuum pumps aren’t exactly lightweight or portable, the robot must remain tethered to one.

“Pneumatic pumps have not been optimized for portability, since they are usually used in fixed settings,” Paik explained.

They rushed to the pumps before rules were in place.

So that’s carbon fiber composites, and avionics and the hydraulics and fuel pumps and all the stuff of an airplane.

Meanwhile, Yolanda, 54, dazzled in a long sleeved gold sequin dress paired with metallic gold pumps to celebrate her eldest daughter’s birthday.

SHALE HAS transformed America into an energy superpower, which pumps more crude than Saudi Arabia.

Heat pumps, hydrogen and carbon-capture—existing technologies that need investment and trials in order to be scaled up—have received little attention.

The trouble is that unlike Mr Samad, most farmers buying pumps are not growing onions.

Drinking wells are increasingly contaminated with nitrates from cheap fertilisers, which have spread alongside pumps.

These wearable breast pumps are a totally hands-free alternative to the traditional electric pump.

They’re muscular pumps just like the heart is,” Parker, who works at Harvard University, told me over the phone.

The FDA-approved pumps are meant to be slipped into the wearer’s bra, meaning users can go about other activities.

She sported a sleeveless floral dress, white pumps and a cropped leather jacket.

Emma pumps, $242 (orig.

She also paired the look with a pair of black shades, and Yeezy Season 5 Pvc pumps.

He pumps, soaking it in a little bit.

She paired the look with a shimmering  pink bag and black pumps.

Linux now runs most of the websites you visit and runs on everything from gas pumps to smartwatches.

Blondeau and Ustinova both wore their hair in loose textured waves and selected nearly identical nude pointed-toe pumps.

But Mayor LaToya Cantrell said 48 hours of heavy downpours could overwhelm pumps designed to purge streets and storm drains of excess water.

Voters worried about the costs to drivers, and the costs to homeowners of replacing their gas boilers with expensive new heat pumps.

But Mayor LaToya Cantrell said 48 hours of heavy downpours could overwhelm pumps designed to purge streets and storm drains of excess water.

Then we switched to ships that run on oil, creating a global maritime fleet that pumps greenhouse gases into the sky.

Village barbers also can earn a living shaving people using solar-powered shavers, and farmers can irrigate their crops with solar pumps, he said.

A rectangular wood-grained frame, referencing the Stonewall Inn’s facade, holds abstracted forms that evoke teal pumps, cherry-red lips, and brown hands.

Reebok continued promoting the pumps for a few years and signed other star athletes such as Shaquille O’Neal.

An essential oil diffuser pumps out mist with the smell of whatever essential oil concoction is in its reservoir.

An essential oil diffuser pumps out mist with the smell of whatever essential oil concoction is in its reservoir.

shopbop.comLeah Cap Toe pumps, $84 (orig.

Atlas Copco has heavy exposure to the chipmaking sector through its vacuum pumps business.

Ellison pumps, $105 (orig.

Tristan pumps, $84 (orig.

“We need you to understand this.” pumps already were working at capacity after heavy rains that flooded streets on Wednesday, she said.

Why are mammograms, flu shots, colonoscopies, birth control and breast pumps free?

The Colorodo-based freelance illustrator identifies as a Hufflepuff and regularly pumps out her own interpretation of Harry Potter characters to over 260k Instagram followers.

She dances to “River” and pumps her fist to “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

I take multiple pumps while he’s in the room, our deviancy well-lit.

With their loud noises and hard plastic flanges, breast pumps are the bane of many a new mother’s existence.

Kate wore an above-the-knee-length quilted black coat with black pumps and a matching velvet clutch.

Meanwhile, her new sister-in-law returned to her go-to color navy with a double-breasted dress and black hat along with Aquazzura pumps.

Key features: The animal’s heart pumps the blood through the system rather than a machine, which can strain an underdeveloped heart.

Even with all the innovation in baby gear, breast pumps have mostly sucked (pun intended) for new moms for the past half a century.

and new sky-high Rupert Sanderson black pumps with a gold buckle.

Compared to pneumatic pumps, this version is significantly smaller, more efficient and more durable.

The actress recycled her wear-everywhere Christian Lacroix ankle-strap pumps that she’s owned since 2007.

Miami is already spending hundreds of millions of dollars to raise roads and install water pumps to fight off increasing sea levels.

The rest was consumed by ethanol production as sales of hydrous ethanol, the type that competes with gasoline at pumps.

Low-Heeled pumps, $39.99 (orig.

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She paired the colorful ensemble with nude pumps.

Indonesia pumps about 800,000 barrels of crude per day.

It pumps its greatest hits through Facebook, where both sides game the algorithm to play to their team’s emotional response.

Flockhart, 54, matched his colors with a black and white dress and black pumps.

Both fuels compete for the driver’s preference at the pumps, since most cars in Brazil can run with either fuel.

Earlier this year, heavy rains in the city led to damaging flooding flooding when the city’s system of pumps broke down.

Iranian drilling companies and other energy firms have been assisting rescue efforts in flooded areas, using pumps to remove water.

Christina Aguilera followed Simpson’s style in a skin-tight bodysuit version and amped up the sexiness with her pumps and bright red lip.

And that the more gratuitous violence it pumps into your News Feed the better?

He pumps iron, obviously.

The 32-year-old sultry-voiced actress looked chic in a pair of sleek black pants and matching pumps.

She accessorized her look with a satin cream hat and matching clutch and pumps.

The Love Bean Frappuccino, meanwhile, is all pink, featuring a vanilla bean Frappuccino with raspberry pumps and raspberry-infused whipped cream to top it off.

For the event she wore a soft pink Prada dress featuring a buttoned bodice and belt as well as black Aquazzura pumps.

Agulus will pull data from irrigation valves and pumps for its agriculture tech business.

Scroll down to shop every item on their list, from car seats and changing tables to breast pumps and bath toys.

Some rushed to gas stations (popularly known as petrol pumps in India).

it defintitely pumps me up and gets me going.”

The Texas Diaper Bank has also been collecting breast pumps and other products needed by parents.

She often wore belted pencil skirt styles with classic pumps.

She accessorized the whole with a black belt, black Givenchy clutch and black pumps by American designer Sarah Flint.

Iran pumps about 4 percent of the world’s oil, and the latest development has sent oil prices to near multi-year highs.

Prim heeled ballet flats and throwback pumps have become the footwear of choice for the coolest girls I see on the subway.

There are a few pieces every woman needs to invest in — painless pumps, a great LBD and a carry-everywhere, fit-everything tote bag.

“Sir,” though, fit even less comfortably than the pumps.

One customer pumps in 10X more data from when they started five years ago.

A white lace thong and demi-cup bra from Agent Provocateur underneath a see-through, nude-and-white embroidered cocktail dress — and gold glitter pumps.

She paired it with peach Casablanca pumps from her go-to shoemaker Aquazzura.

She accessorized her look with a small black clutch, sheer black tights and her black pumps.

“For an everyday woman, one or two pumps is more than enough,” Ortega said.

President-elect Donald Trump pumps his fist after giving his acceptance speech, with his wife Melania Trump and their son Barron Trump next to him.

She also slipped on her Gianvito Rossi suede pumps, which retail for $675.

Last month, Abercrombie announced it will no longer make its employees spray their spaces’ clothes with ten pumps of Fierce every single hour.

Conoco pumps about 170,000 bpd in the state, about 28 percent of its total production.

“Chanel has always been this big thing for me — there are baby pictures of me wearing my mom’s Chanel pumps,” she shared.

This weekend, give that bodycon dress and those platform pumps a (permanent) rest, and exchange them for any of the fashion-approved party picks ahead.

Mikhail Kornienko pumps his fist as he and fellow cosmonaut Sergey Volkov (foreground) disembark a plane in Star City, Russia.

$30.21Total: $723.85 Day Seven10:00 a.m. — I buy shampoo and conditioner in liters with pumps from Amazon.

First, the star pumps a body lotion on her legs and seductively massages it into her skin.

You can wear two of the pumps underneath your bra, so it’s discreet and allows you to multitask.

Towels, bathing suits, and… breast pumps?

Wear them with nude pumps just like Meghan or try pairing them with a cute pair of espadrilles (another beloved shoe style of hers!

Franklin’s body was dressed in a red suit and crimson pumps in a gold-plated casket.

The wax figure’s outfit was picked out by the real Kardashian, too, from her lacy bodysuit to her Christian Louboutin pumps.

He airs them out, stacks them, and packages them as quickly as the machine pumps them out.

Enter GasBuddy, an app that helps drivers in the U.S., Canada and Australia locate the most inexpensive pumps in their area.

Bennett Sledge pumps.

She accessorized her look with dark navy suede pumps by Manolo Blahnik.

Our HQ on the East Coast has hospital-grade pumps (way more efficient), sinks, recliners, and refrigerators, which would be amazing to have.

), red velvet Jimmy Choo pumps and a Charlotte Elizabeth purse, which supports the Prince’s Trust.

Apply one or two pumps (three or four if your hair is extra-long or thick) and run through wet hair, root to tip.

Sarah Hyland quickly followed suit in the blush version, giving it a similar treatment with a midi skirt and pumps.

Sharapova won her first match back 7-5, 6-3 over Roberta Vinci, notching 11 aces, 39 winners, and endless fist pumps.

Because it was 2003, she paired it with a cobalt-blue leather purse the size of a small toddler and red slingback pumps.

The 25-year-old actress kept it simple and put the dress on display with black pumps.

), a matching saucer-style fascinator and blush “Siren” pumps by Tamara Mellon.

We’ve added Peter Pan collars and ballet pumps to our wardrobes because of her.

Saudi Arabia, whose state-owned oil company pumps out far more oil than any other company, is seeking to diversify its oil-dependent economy.

She wore a red suit and matching Christian Louboutin pumps in a gold-plated casket.

You see this on social media, especially Facebook, where the algorithm pumps endless partisan, emotional garbage into our faces all day, every day.

; Tabitha Simmons Margot Suede-trimmed Canvas pumps, $645, available at MyTheresa.

And she’s right: Her mom brings Rachel directly to a psych ward and pumps her full of meds.

I was wearing a pencil skirt and pumps, and a button-up pink angora sweater.

Adrenaline pumps into my body as war-zone butterflies flutter in my stomach.

But we expect Olivia Colman will do a brilliant job of stepping into her sensible, low-heeled pumps in Season 3.

She paired the look white pumps, and kept her brown locks down.

The U.S. pumps well over 11 million barrels of crude per day and climbing.

Free clips that can lure new subscribers on social media, on college campus TVs or at gas station pumps.

The women were gunned down in the parking lot between the store and its gas pumps.

And for girls who hadn’t yet aged into work pumps, we had The Baby-Sitters Club.

Attico Embellished Velvet Slingback pumps, $433.99 (orig.

Will you wear colorful pumps this season?

While the organ itself is medically sound — blood pumps through my body, uninterrupted — occasionally my entire body gets weak with frustration and fatigue.

Wear a pair of fishnets and a pair of pumps for full effect.

She paired the look with black suede sky-high pumps.

You can scoop up some pretty spring pieces, new workwear, party pumps, or some classic handbags for an additional 30 percent off.

)Gucci Lesley Zebra Leather & Fur pumps, $1,290, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Greg and I work in the research department and he always pumps me up for my next elevator ride.

But Lindsay lifts spirits, puts smiles on people’s faces and pumps love into their hearts.” • Need a little inspiration?

This tiny receiver hooks up to any traditionally wired speaker and wirelessly pumps music via Bluetooth.

cribs and changing tables), baby-friendly skincare products, strollers, car seats, blankets and even accessories for the breastfeeding mom like pumps and milk-storage options.

These party-perfect embellished sandals for $80, these sexy lavender metallic mules for only $47, and these wildly stylish zebra print pumps for just $56.

The government said it provided a pump and additional pumps and generators were on the way.

Think: metallic mules and blush pumps instead of plain ol’ black; playful thigh-high boots; and texture, texture, texture.

The higher the exercise intensity, the more of these hormones your body pumps out, and the more of that metabolically active fat you lose.

For the button-down look, I would simply throw on a pair of sky-high pointed pumps, ditch the hat, and add a clutch.”

Aquazzura “Dancer” leather pumps, originally $795, now $397.50; net-a-porter.com What are you most psyched to buy from the sale?

Kendall + Kylie KKBritney22 pumps, $188.79; amazon.com     Buy It!

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The pipeline to Turkey’s port of Ceyhan usually pumps between 500,000-600,000 barrels per day.

And to bring that water from the river to Tucson requires drawing it 330 miles uphill with coal fired pumps.

The star, 42, donned a black lacy dress from Marchesa’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection that she accessorized with color-coordinated peep toe ankle strap pumps.

But years of mismanagement and corruption in the oil industry, worsened by American sanctions, have dried up gasoline pumps at a crucial moment.

This week, however, she confirmed our suspicions — with a single pair of pumps.

Try them with chunky mules or sandals in the summer and pumps or booties in the fall.

Burgundy Mary Jane pumps from CFDA Award-winning designer Paul Andrew.

More precipitation is now falling in heavier bursts in parts of the world, testing infrastructure such as the 24 pumps in New Orleans.

Bennett nude pumps and her Mappin & Webb Empress earrings and pendant set.

Just pat a couple of pumps onto clean, wet skin, and let your face air-dry.Intrigued?

The entire look was made in-house at Oscar de la Renta’s NYC atelier ❤ @burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk.

[nL2N1C91Z5] But in the company’s upstream division, which pumps oil and natural gas, earnings jumped more than sevenfold to $454 million.

We move bodies on this big steel gurney thing that has hydraulic pumps.

She accessorized the look with a sparkling necklage, drop diamond earrings and a pair of beige Christian Louboutin pumps.

She paired the elegant dress with her go-to nude pumps and a woven clutch bag.

Was Chris Hemsworth’s first job cleaning out breast pumps?

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP; RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images King paired the new do with a sexy graphic, long-sleeve Brandon Sun minidress and pointy-toe pumps.

“They also minimize use of metal in their pumps and packaging.” Innisfree takes its eco-friendliness further.

Kylie, on the other hand, opted to ignore the temperature completely, donning a white long-sleeve turtleneck, white jeans, and nude point-toe pumps.

And Tony Toe Tap — yes that’s a nickname he would like to cultivate — snuck in a rapid fire three pumps without getting flagged.

The pipe is connected to another copper vat, and the extracted steam becomes the rakija, which pumps into the plastic tubs.

“Faster” she screams and pumps the pedals.

She chose a custom black sheer lace Jason Wu A-line dress paired with pointy-toe black pumps for Tuesday’s address.

And it was in those pauses that we discovered shelves and shelves of top-handle handbags and stiletto pumps.

We hope pumps in a sentence examples were helpful.