Proving in a sentence | Use of the word proving examples

Yet with his first big policy document — the 2018 budget proposal — Trump is proving that he’ll do little to nothing about the crisis.

The prosecutor Republicans hired to question Christine Blasey Ford is trying to discredit her by proving she’s been on a plane before.

The prosecutor Republicans hired to question Christine Blasey Ford is trying to discredit her by proving she’s been on a plane before.

Brazil’s states have made efforts to build modern, “gang-free” jails, but they, too, are proving vulnerable.

The first time, last year, was a monumental breakthrough in science, proving a 100-year-old Einstein prediction and ushering in a new age of astronomy.

The DFS said it had not paid Energomontazhventiliatsia because it had not provided the DFS with documents proving that the work had been completed.

“The verdict was extremely strict about proving psychological incapacity to resist,” said Tomoko Murata, a lawyer who handles sexual assault cases.

A new picture of Jahi McMath on Facebook is captioned: “Jahi as healthy and beautiful as ever, proving the naysayers wrong.”

It’s stranger still when they don’t seem to hear it, proving the ocean and the narrator right.

That said, if the effect she’s identifying is real and broadly applicable, you could imagine it proving rather useful, especially in issue campaigns.

Ohio took a strong red turn in 2016, but Cordray, the progressive Democrat running for governor, is proving competitive against his Republican opponent.

proving the authenticity of this British intelligence agent might be a more difficult task.

“It’s not about Niklas or anyone else, it’s just about me proving that I’m better than Mike Wilkinson.

But this year, the standard tools are proving inadequate.

But absent that, and despite these headwinds, the ACA markets are proving quite stable.

ZD also won, however, proving that they are a player in the digital media industry to be reckoned with going forward.

Sofman describes his company as a “proving ground” for artificial intelligence and robotics in the home.

Their blue pleated skirts looked nearly the same, proving that Charlotte truly is Middleton’s mini-me.

It is true that Sanders has ducked and avoided what are conventionally considered even the bare minimum requirements for proving competence on foreign policy.

Sanders thus has no real reason to put himself through a Scott Walker–style foreign policy proving ritual.

Last year, he spent his time in the D-League dominating, proving too savvy and advanced for that level.

“Besides proving that he was gullible and he got snookered, it’s still not a smoking gun,” said one former campaign adviser.

And the iOS App Store remains the dominant proving ground for a new economy of startups that have upended countless industries.

Here’s LeBron James proving he’s not only king of the NBA (Steph Curry?)

If anything, they’re proving more resilient than a lot of observers expected.

But, the ITO claims that the communications from Makuch and VICE are crucial to proving the charges against Shirdon.

But the boxing machines are already proving helpful to Amazon.

Meanwhile, bans in other countries are proving ineffective, Begum said.

Check out the gallery to see the reality star flaunting her figure proving she’s one hot mama.

But one new tool in particular is rapidly proving its usefulness alongside the more traditional tractors, trailers, and fertilizing machines: the drone.

He brags to a slender-faced detective about his newfound work at glossy magazines, seemingly hell-bent on proving himself.

proving that would be tricky, however, thanks to what Cohen called Trump’s speaking in “code.” “Mr.

Joseph Baena is proving to be a chip off the old block — at least when it comes to playing The Terminator.

For Man One, the river has been a proving ground for graffiti and mural artists for decades.

And, they say, we can come pretty close to proving it.

It’s one of the reasons why the Brexit division is proving to be a very deep division indeed.

That’s one of the reasons this is proving so intractable.

We’ve been in the process of proving it.

Some Democrats I spoke to for this story thought Northam’s polling numbers might wind up proving just another example of liberal bedwetting.

The Trump campaign, in a statement on Tuesday, said Lewandowski looks forward to proving his innocence.

Yet on Tuesday, the special election to fill Tiberi’s seat is proving to be surprisingly competitive.

Whitehead has spent this season proving Willard right, and correcting critics who had written him off as another overhyped New York prodigy.

“—was proving difficult to get to the bottom of.

There’s no scientific evidence proving it doesn’t exist, and tons and tons of women are reporting that it does.”

As a testament to the cafe’s marriage of art and football, the gallery is an active space and proving ground for creatives.

Under communism, the Roma were forced to become sedentary: They were seen as a project proving communism was better than capitalism.

Through sheer force of will, Pearl Jam has endured, proving that, in the long run, there are some advantages to being in second place.

We’re getting an incredible amount of help from the Democratic Party.” But the formidable GOP war chest is still proving difficult to overcome.

This is proving harder this year than usual.

The post-Mueller comedown is proving difficult for some Democrats to reckon with.

The post-Mueller comedown is proving difficult for some Democrats to reckon with.

He craves proving them wrong, showing them that he is better than the men who did the job before him, especially Barack Obama.

Square also continues to attract larger merchants to its platform, proving that its services are valuable to more than just micro-merchants.

DeRozan displayed his new, refined self for 78 regular season games, and his reward is proving that it wasn’t a mirage.

It’s not just a question of proving Trump violated the Constitution.

We’ve had enough of those and we’re proving them all wrong.”

By proving a different way of life could exist, the state of things on Earth has been shaken.

Kovalev was proving the more successful man at range with his heavy jab.

For tech companies like Airbnb, Facebook and Uber, those states appear to be proving just as tough — and critical — to make a dent politically.

Between those three tracks, Rico’s pulled over seven million views, proving that she’s solidified a reliable base of fans.

After being kicked out of Metallica, Dave Mustaine started Megadeth as a way of proving how indispensable he was to his former band.

Since 1996, people around the world have been bewitched by her voice and talent, proving you can seek success from pure talent.

Nuclear is proving a little more flexible in some places, but not so much in the US yet.

In essence, Cheer bucks back against Darwinist theories, proving that sometimes even idiots can make something of value.

But the alternative, accepting the bipartisan deal House and Senate lawmakers hashed out Monday night, is proving too hard to swallow.

The superhero with the bulletproof skin finally gets his own series after proving a sneaky scene stealer in 2015’s Jessica Jones.

Plus, districts might have a difficult time proving that guns can provide a safer and healthier learning environment — as required for the grant money.

Plus, districts might have a difficult time proving that guns can provide a safer and healthier learning environment — as required for the grant money.

These questions are, in a certain sense, unanswerable: proving a Russian connection would be very, very hard.

This is still fashionably terrifying in the West, but is proving an unwieldy approach of questionable effectiveness in Donbas.

Besides, it was just a couple of weeks ago that All In sold out, proving the indies are more than fine.

Women are assumed to be the have-nots because a massive lobby devotes itself to proving Venus is worse off than Mars.

He’s been showing and proving for 15 years—it’s now time for Ghetts to receive his crown.

“This case is not about proving a point.

That approach wouldn’t entail forcing someone to speak, Gorsuch said, but rather place the burden of proving fraud on the government.

But clarifying her current-day stance on the topic is proving to be trickier.

Grillo plays the role of “Big Daddy,” a ruthless mercenary who seems hell-bent on killing Chinese citizens and proving that Americans are superior.

The US Department of Defense has issued a call for biodegradable ammunition to address the metal pollution in its proving grounds.

(For example, studies have provided data proving that employers are less likely to call back applicants with “black-sounding” names, all other things being equal.)

Among other changes, the rules narrow the definition of sexual harassment, and allow schools to raise the bar for proving harassment and assault claims.

A victory for the CHP could bolster calls for reforms to revive the economy, while proving potentially damaging for Erdogan’s authority.

This year is proving to be just as wild, bringing out one of the largest festival crowds in America to Great Stage Park.

Yet the US also doesn’t require people to show a yellow fever card proving they’ve been vaccinated against the virus.

Now, Young Thug is proving it all over again.

Surprisingly not accounted for in Trojan’s survey is another motivating factor: proving some weird point.

More difficult than proving gross negligence, he said, would be establishing a link between the contaminated water and a specific death.

Instead, he’s published a handful of books through the early-mid aughts, proving that he never lost a handle on the line.

He’s driven by proving you wrong.

That’s because their primary concern isn’t proving that election fraud is happening, but securing Republican victories in the Senate.

By understanding and proving these linkages, the company is able to help raise awareness and consciously combat these subconscious biases.

We’re proving our mile.

The problem, the justices concluded, was that plaintiffs focused on proving the entire state map was gerrymandered against Democrats.

Instead, they should have focused on proving whether their particular districts were gerrymandered.

That is proving to be too much for some conservatives to swallow.

So I liked proving that you don’t need to spend that much money to make stuff.

Today Jeff Glover is proving the value of the back as bait.

“Rather, it bears the burden of proving to the U.S. District Court that the transaction violates the law.

But sometimes they dipped, proving that WiFi still isn’t a totally solved science.

With no money or insurance, some must also tackle issues of proving land ownership.

Instead, they accidentally end up proving that their names have always held great importance.

Rosenfeld says the woman also ran an Avon business in the past — further proving she’s a competent person.

and Forever Sounds, proving that Yo La Tengo isn’t the only great band addressing politics too painful to ignore by getting weirder.

That’s why companies behind self-driving vehicles, primarily Google, are so concerned with proving the safety point.

If they turn out to be garbage, at least the fan community is proving that it can keep Sonic alive regardless.

But as president of the United States, Trump is proving to be one of the weakest, most disinterested executives in memory.

Given that, a congressional witness might have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to proving that someone lied intentionally.

They have an interest in proving that they take care of the people that are in their custody.

He has spent the last few days proving his point.

However, for 1 in 3 (32%) of US adults, one money issue alone is proving to be a major problem: everyday expenses.

Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false.

“James Conner’s proving to be a worthy back and it’s a team sport,” Bill says.

In fitting fashion, Rihanna opened the show with an all-pink mini medley of her hits, proving that she deserves this award.

Police took the money, claiming — without proving it in criminal court — that it was related to a drug sale.

The transition is proving tricky though, and profit margins are low.

I was so glad that all of her years of sacrifice were proving fruitful.

He said there that it was proving difficult to find talent for the firm.

Tree-sits are proving to be an effective and direct means of halting pipeline construction.

With these looks, Kim Chi told an entire story of longing and hope, proving just how powerful drag can be.

If nothing else, Bernie is proving the point that not negotiating with yourself pays off in politics.

There are wireless charging technologies on the market, more coming in the next year or two, and more still proving their viability in laboratories.

In the 2010s, grime kids are choosing to be roadmen, perhaps proving how little has changed in the popularisation of marginalised cultures.

Castration, while ostensibly a happy medium, is proving too difficult for even the most seasoned of wildlife managers.

Propaganda aside, Xi is proving far more assertive than his most recent predecessors in employing China’s new military power.

But House members say that these official positions may wind up proving less critical battlegrounds than informal contests for Democratic leadership.

After three weeks, Louisville looks like the most impressive team in college football, proving itself with a 63 – 20 throttling of No.

I argued that censorship is always arbitrary; they changed it to “censorship is sometimes arbitrary” — thus proving my point.

That night was about proving that we could beat Colorado on the scoreboard,” he writes.

is proving to be true.

We spent about 24 months, actually, before raising external capital, proving early product market fit.

But this eclipse showed up on schedule, exactly as advertised, proving scientists so very right.

We obviously think their lawsuit has no substance and look forward to proving that in court.

Lee apparently beat Gunn’s fantasy baseball team, proving that Lee is not here to make friends, he’s here to win.

Trump won the Republican nomination by proving that even adults can be bullied with schoolyard taunts.

Cite 3 examples proving there is enthusiasm for your candidate without mentioning polls.

But it’s clear that that the service is already proving central to multiple real-world acts of resistance.

Residents who already own assault weapons have until the end of the year to obtain a certificate proving prior ownership.

They frequently team up to carry out these murders, proving that they’re well-versed in the procedures of a grassroots uprising.

Leicester closed out the match at 6-5, proving that they just don’t care for losing right now.

But the NFL star dodged a bullet (proving he completed the classes right before the Vegas arrest) … and the charges were dropped.

It wasn’t proving so much as celebrating.

All of Trump’s promises to fight for regular Americans are already proving to be hideous lies.

Last year, smartwatches reached $9 billion in sales, proving they’re ripe stomping ground for consumer electronics.

Pakistani officials warn economic damage would weaken the country, proving counterproductive in Washington’s battle against Islamist militant groups in South Asia.

What’s the bar for proving conspiracy or coordination?

Traditionally, the biggest obstacle to privately funding space stuff is proving you’re not a scam artist or lunatic yammering about, say, space lasers.

They even included Fini-designed perfume bottles and an armoire, proving that being a revolutionary doesn’t mean you have to fly coach.

They still relied mainly on case-control studies — a very weak type of observational study design when it comes to proving causality.

Vetting requires the sponsor to submit extensive documentation proving their own identity, their relationship with the child, and their own address.

2018’s wildfires are already proving to be more destructive than last year’s.

We’re not proving our love, we’re not starting a new generation together of families coming together. “

That is proving difficult in Spain’s increasingly fragmented political landscape.

Not only is it proving that the technology works, but each contract is helping Musk fund his ambitious and expensive mission to colonize Mars.

And he frightened the world around him, by saying and proving, yes, he really was a monster.

The Freedom Caucus is perhaps best at proving this point.

It is proving to be a tough job.

(Lincoln joined Nintendo in 1983, proving instrumental in the company’s success outside Japan, and stayed until 1999.)

Here’s Shaquille O’Neal proving he’s still a THREAT near the rim — throwing down a monster dunk … at 46 years old!!!

There’s a strong contingent out there who argue that Kessel is just proving that all of his critics were wrong all along.

While both sides say they are committed to keeping the border open, finding a practical solution is still proving elusive.

Typically, proving intent is difficult for prosecutors, because establishing what a person was thinking at a particular moment is inherently challenging.

The only way he will redeem his narrative, then, is by finding a home and proving he can stay there.

If they pass it, they will have to tackle Trump’s tax plan next, which is also proving to be unpopular.

proving false light does not require a showing she’s lost income.

And, they say, we can come pretty close to proving it.

The US, proving itself unreliable and unpredictable, will struggle to rally that kind of coalition in the future.

The studio’s cinematic universe is struggling for the moment — proving just how hard it is to nail Marvel’s winning formula.

The duo previously dressed up as matching pink butterflies on Tuesday, proving that they have the ultimate mother-daughter Halloween style.

He suggested the next stage of the legal battle over PrivatBank would show whether this campaign was proving effective.

He suggested the next stage of the legal battle over PrivatBank would show whether this campaign was proving effective.

Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false.

Meeting China’s tough quotas for so-called new energy vehicles (NEVs) is proving a headache for automakers in China.

The decision not to take a proper holiday was proving a mistake.

Outselling Tony Hawk’s proving Ground two to one, Skate helped EA snatch the kickflip crown from Activision.

Don’t know that real love comes from proving book are real for all who kiss, that’s inside and outside of books, goofball.”

Well, that’s sort of what KSHMR is proving in this video, right?

But the same issues that dogged his earlier offer were proving to be hurdles for his $5 billion proposal.

But Pacquiao’s claim that he has nothing against gay people is harder to believe as he makes headlines proving himself wrong.

Visitors are literally immersed in the narration, following a modality of screening that is proving to be highly successful.

He also says he has voicemails and texts proving she was trying to squeeze money out of him.

“In a broad sense, he was proving that the size of the cranium has no correlation to intelligence,” Orr explained.

Stimulus is again flowing through the economy, but this time it’s proving to be distinctly metals-lite.

Despite its rise in prominence — and, at least in small sums, price — onlookers say it’s not really proving its use case.

By late July and August, however, MoviePass’s “too good to be true” business model was proving that it was, indeed, just that.

The game ended with a great message from Shaq to the kids … proving once again why he’s the man.

Implicitly, commentators talk as if proving obstruction of justice would cause … something … to happen.

Identification is proving slow, complicated by the violence of the explosions and because many of the victims were foreigners, police told RTBF television.

“He’s used to proving murders.”

Related: Donald Trump Is proving He Doesn’t Need A ‘Lane’ of Support in South Carolina This poll is also a definite outlier.

Related: Donald Trump Is proving He Doesn’t Need A ‘Lane’ of Support in South Carolina This poll is also a definite outlier.

The KISS frontman rode the Tomorrowland classic with one of his young daughters, proving he rocks onstage and also as a dad.

The court heard evidence proving otherwise, and CRT got to toast its good fortune, hopefully with real tequila.

Justin Bieber and Stephen Baldwin are showing nothing but love for each other in the Wolverine State … proving in-laws CAN get along.

proving that, however, won’t be so easy, media law experts told VICE News.

proving that, however, won’t be so easy, media law experts told VICE News.

For now, for Aubameyang and the Gabon team, football is proving spirt-sapping.

And the courts are proving to be a considerable obstacle to the Trump agenda.

But proving someone took those actions to benefit a foreign government often requires complex counterintelligence investigations, which experts say could take years.

In other areas, the bureaucracy is proving adept at tacking with the political winds.

Such actions, however, could become very relevant toward proving intent to obstruct by interfering with Mueller’s investigation.

The expected valuation of up to $90 billion in its initial public offering on Friday is proving to be the latest flashpoint.

Spain’s politics are proving to be as volatile as ever after this election.

But if they’re proving tricky, call a mate over who’s handy with the quick reactions.

And it’s proving extremely difficult, and expensive, to resettle them.

It was the height of the family separation crisis, but the rallying cry to “abolish ICE” was proving divisive in the Democratic Party.

But the idea of a new tax is already proving to be difficult for Republicans to swallow.

The world’s single greatest sporting event, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is already proving to be dramatic and unpredictable.

But I like proving myself.

Like, we were the paywall kings of Hotline at that point, but this was about proving that there was a market outside of Washington.

Buying the Washington Post, thinking about moving my headquarters to another city, proving that I’m a good corporate citizen …

Moreover, it’s about proving to yourself that no one who shares your views could possibly do something wrong.

Because proving “outrageousness” is essential for collecting damages when it comes to intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Let’s imagine for a minute, then, that Yachty really isn’t interested in proving anything to anyone anymore.

Given that many game fans are cynical, the best way to combat that cynicism is by outright proving them wrong.

(In a newly published study, red light is also proving to be effective to treat rosacea in combination with a topical treatment.)

A victory for the CHP could bolster calls for reforms to revive the economy, while proving potentially damaging for Erdogan’s authority.

Thereby — thanks a lot, very clueless dude — proving the point.

The Montana special election is proving to be a much closer race than expected in such a deeply red state.

“This was the proving ground — this is what got them the expertise and the fame,” Bolt said.

Sort of a proving ground for what you might institute in the main app or the paid-for app.

This is one of the pieces about a hate crime: proving a hate crime is tricky.

Without those two pieces — and obviously proving the hatred is the trickier one — a hate crime doesn’t stand.

AG: Again, proving a hate crime is difficult.

He is more passionate about proving his dominance and humiliating his perceived foes than about following his strategy.

They can oppose any gun legislation by arguing that there isn’t evidence proving the legislation will work,” Novella wrote.

Gigi went braless in the getup … proving blazers don’t always have to be all business.

“Hannibal” fans are proving their thirst is real for anything connected to the show.

As Sanders begins to crisscross the country for his 2020 presidential bid, proving he can consolidate the Democratic base will be his biggest test.

For that same reason, retrieving John’s remains is proving difficult for authorities.

“We have heard no arguments proving the veracity of this information …

SoftBank’s partnerships with major automakers are also proving to be a boon to transportation startups.

They don’t know that DACA requires applicants to pass background checks and show documentation proving they’ve been here since 2007.

The circumstantial evidence Chait amasses for this theory is chilling in its quantity, even if it remains far from proving the theory.

Here’s to continuing in that direction, and proving that the romance genre is not something to be shameful of loving.

However, the Swedes are in confident mood themselves after beating Germany 2-1 with their counter-attacking and direct style proving effective.

That’s not to say they aren’t already proving useful.

The Galaxy Note has been proving skeptics wrong since the phablet debuted back in 2011.

proving you’re making good choices—that’s next to impossible to prove to people on paper,” she said.

Redmayne often keeps his outfits simple and polished, proving that sometimes less is more.

Fassbender often sticks to classic looks like this one, proving that some pieces are just always in style.

Skeptics say that language models cannot do reasoning, but GPT-2 is proving far more powerful than even the best artificial intelligence models can.

[Simone Stolzoff / Quartz] proving that you’re not a robot is getting harder and harder.

So far, they have been coming in at a steady pace, proving, perhaps, that where Standards Manual goes, devoted design nerds will enthusiastically follow.

But more than that, this was about using Iraq as a proving ground for the neoconservatives’ larger and more ideological mission.

Stimulus is again flowing through the economy, but this time it’s proving to be distinctly metals-lite.

The avocado sandwich shows up regardless, proving that it was not a foreign concept to put avocado on bread in 1937.

proving this point, one website apparently lays out every single possible combination of characters that could make up a dark web site URL.

There’s still no public smoking gun evidence proving Stone was involved in the leak of the hacked Democratic material.

Some even began as class projects, proving that classrooms do have practical use.

Depending on your metric, the import strategy is proving successful in Doha.

Dolores is quickly proving herself to be most powerful being on the island that hosts Westworld and at least five other parks.

But it is still proving its mettle as a political party, and its continued rise is far from guaranteed.

“One of the key and hardest parts of proving an obstruction of justice case is a corrupt purpose,” Mcquade said.

His jab was proving more than a nuisance to Edgar each time the latter stepped in.

The overall style is not so much focused on proving Wayne’s dominance as it is self-assuredly basking in that dominance.

Glass is an extremely versatile medium, as the participating artists have made careers of proving.

This year is proving to be different.

On Wednesday, a team of scientists reported that they have made major progress toward proving the latter is possible.

They have four children together — Brooklyn, 17; Romeo, 14; Cruz, 11; and Harper, 5 — who are proving to also be multitalented.

And some of these inmates faced these conditions for years or decades, sometimes for flimsy accusations like tattoos supposedly proving membership in a gang.

Trump drove the indignity home over and over, and Bush appeared flummoxed by it — thus proving the charge.

Really, though, it was their top-five defense that abandoned them, proving wholly incapable of even presenting a speed bump to James and the Cavaliers.

Reparations could go a long ways to proving that.

“I can’t tell you how difficult it is to go through the trafficking proving procedure,” she says.

Zedd’s proving to the world once again — big time DJs make big time bucks … and they know how to spend it.

It’s a major step for proving the worthiness of the highly regulated and much-hyped technology.

That would radically hasten both electrification and decarbonization, proving a weapon against climate change at least as potent as renewable energy itself.

In North America, at least a couple of major school-bus manufacturers—Blue Bird and Lion—are working on proving the benefits of electrification and vehicle-to-grid technology.

The end game — proving they talked, conspired and colluded to keep Colin off the field.

Sophia Amoruso is proving she really is a #GIRLBOSS — even in divorce.

Such measures are rare because of the high bar proving lasting harm.

Worse, the fallout of the release could lead to more leaks proving that Nunes’s account is wrong.

The Kilo battery Marines strapped the HIMARS down in the belly of an Air Force MC-130 on its way to Dugway proving Grounds, Utah.

But I’ll always have one eye on proving that Karen McLeod is the lead writer of this dual existence.

But my mild pan of the episode ended up proving more controversial with the show’s fans than my pans usually did.

Despite an expansive theme prescribed to 23 artists from eight countries, SITElines challenged all expectations, proving biennials can be high stakes when innovatively curated.

In his ruling, Block added that a smaller amount might have been appropriate, considering the difficulty of proving actual damages.

According to the docs … Nicki has an email chain proving Jridi knew about the overpayment and agreed to return it, but never did.

The U.N. report said sanctions were proving ineffective.

That would be suicide for us.” But convincing China of Japan’s harmless intentions is proving to be a bit harder.

This may be good for some kinds of problems, but it’s proving insufficient when the disputes are moral, cultural, contested, and fluid.

With McGee’s latest mural and retrospective, the artist continues to buck expectations, proving that growing old doesn’t mean slowing down.

Wright told the BBC that he plans to release more information proving that he is in fact the true creator.

(Since then, he’s seemingly reversed that stance, proving that you can never take Donald Trump at face value.)

The big one is that interrogating police officers can impose their suggestions on suspects: “We have evidence proving you were there!”

So the post doesn’t just fall short of proving that Wright is Nakamoto.

However, Claure said Samsung customers are proving loyal to both Android and the brand despite the major misstep.

It’s built-in virality.” By press time for that piece, 500,000 couples had used the service, proving her math.

Roberts clapped back gracefully but fiercely, proving that she has already mastered Instagram, despite only having joined a few months ago.

But for quite a while there, Game of Thrones, with its carefully etched narratives, felt like it was proving me wrong.

Head talked about one time when he had a drone go off on its own, proving uncontrollable.

Life in the provinces was proving pleasant enough.

Life in the provinces was proving pleasant enough.

Verdict: Between this and Independence Day: Resurgence, summer 2016 is proving to be a summer of alien comebacks.

Instead, Obamacare is proving to be something much more familiar, and much more limited.

Getting every Republican on board is proving arduous.

Sanders is proving them right.

With Watson proving superior, Eubank fell behind on all three scorecards.

Quietly but emphatically proving Eliot wrong, Oakley went on to become one of the most celebrated muralists in America.

When she went to the pharmacy, she learned it was not covered by her insurance without prior authorization proving she had failed another method.

He is also once again proving himself to be a master of the art of trolling.

Rose estimates that 20,000 people will attend this year’s festivities, proving the model and actress to be an extremely effective feminist organizer.

With the cresting wave of hype surrounding Mykki, label interest followed: meetings were had with XL and Capitol, both proving ultimately fruitless.

The escort who claims to have tapes proving Russian interference in the US election, explained Trans refugees fled to Greece for a better life.

Outselling Tony Hawk’s proving Ground two to one, Skate helped EA snatch the kickflip crown from Activision.

NOlimpia’s drive is already proving the viability of Momentum’s larger platform.

Since 2005 the chain has grown to nine locations throughout New York City, and is proving to be incredibly popular.

It’s also proving to be one of the most challenging to control.

And carrying out even the most basic Ebola response measures is proving difficult in Eastern Congo.

To be sure, Rejlander’s underlying motive involved proving the artistry of his newfound profession.

The obsession with proving the authenticity—as well as the reputation—of homegrown cheese is something of an Italian obsession.

In 2016, proving she was conscious might not have been enough.

Sun gold cherry tomatoes were the best, proving that size isn’t everything.

For Manigault, the task may mean proving to black voters any authenticity Trump can tout.

proving the abc conjecture may prove to be worth the effort.

Two games into his career, he’s already proving a worthwhile investment.

That is proving to be false.

“I’m in favor of debating him: showing how wrong he is, proving what a buffoon he is,” Khan said.

Escaping the far-reaching shadows of Pollock and Hofmann and proving her own autonomy and originality was a particularly strenuous task for Krasner.

With the rest of the world proving disappointing and U.S. growth already decelerating, I think you will see the Fed respond,” he said.

But stitching those threads into a coherent storyline was still proving elusive, and her staff knew it from the beginning.

However, proving that Zika is causing microcephaly isn’t easy.

The Toronto Argonauts would go on to win the game, proving that, yes, Toronto is still the center of the universe.

In contrast, ventures like Sci-Hub are proving tricky to defeat.

In fact, they’re proving so popular that getting hold of one via eBay’d set you back at least a grand.

proving that someone obstructed justice, particularly in a very unusual fact pattern like this, is a challenge,” Mariotti says.

“We look forward to proving our clients’ cases at trial,” Bloom said in a statement.

Then they will have to tackle Trump’s tax plan, which is also proving to be unpopular.

Just proving that an ad created an impression at all is valuable, given all the noise.

It was a very loud, pointed attempt at proving my mettle.

Here’s Odell Beckham Jr. proving he’s stronger than you … pulling a 5,600-pound SUV up an incline with a rope!

For years, Moscow has relied on the difficulty in proving what has widely been assumed about its shadow operations.

The best of Jonze’s generation have followed in the footsteps of directors like the aforementioned Ridley Scott, proving that advertising can be art.

Instead, Obamacare is proving to be something much more familiar, and much more limited.

Landing them is impressive enough, but proving they can be reused is another leap forward entirely.

The biggest problem this beleaguered family faced was proving it.

I’d want vindication by proving this company had screwed up.

My source proving to be unhelpful, I tried a different method.

Yet the defence is proving costly.

along with the original Worms, the game’s bizarre sense of humour proving hugely popular with the young children.

As for Irma, Lin said the FV3 is proving to be remarkably accurate at forecasting the hurricane’s path.

Nevertheless, plenty of other assholes lost last night, proving that there is justice in the world, inconsistent though it may be.

Cohen is proving to be a key asset to prosecutors, who are following the money.

proving the popularity of these unique, alternative keyboards are the numbers for Pugmoji.

By the end of the session, participants clammed up when they saw red and green, proving the existence of a fear response.

Although loan market participants favor a Libor-like forward-looking term rate, developing an acceptable term rate methodology free from speculative elements is proving difficult.

Then they saw one, completely missed the context, and freaked out, right on cue, thus proving my point in real time.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Amazon’s aircraft fleet expansion is proving a boon for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

And now they’re proving it.

But for quite a while there, Game of Thrones, with its carefully etched narratives, felt like it was proving me wrong.

The result wound up proving that even Team USA is vulnerable when their second-tier stars play in third gear.

Stimulus is again flowing through the economy, but this time it’s proving to be distinctly metals-lite.

Recreational weed is proving to be very popular in Canada—so popular that we’re already experiencing massive product shortages.

“How does the government intend on proving that Boy A impregnated Girl B?

Marshall was instrumental in opening that first door, in proving that women directors could be household names at all.

“We were surprised that the standards for proving that you deserve the tax credit did not involve looking at emissions in the field.

The elections are proving grounds for the country’s newly emboldened Islamic fundamentalist front to test their strength.

Twelve, is proving a hit with consumers.

Almost half of it is shipped to India, China and Pakistan, proving to be a risk to public health and the environment.

And as far as they were concerned, Trump’s opponents had been proving for months that they were really the violent, intolerant ones.

I’d reached out to her when I’d first become interested in proving that women could legally drive.

But for some, proving the mainstream wrong becomes an all-consuming mission.

Customers waited 30 to 45 minutes in line, proving their determination regardless of political affiliation.

Instead, boys are socialized to be dominant at all costs, and to manage “failure” by “proving” their masculinity — resulting in aggressive, identity-threat behaviors.

To date, every song on Game Over is in Spotify’s Top 100, proving there is a thirst for this menage a trois.

Early events were built around everyone entering on equal footing and one man proving himself the best in a wild and unpredictable format.

Following are some reasons why proving an obstruction case against Trump was so difficult and what may lay ahead.

Rappers are supposed to be the cool guys, always proving they’re the best (N.B.

Covering such subjects is not easy in a country where the transition from decades of junta rule is proving painful.

As with many of the very best game demos, Resident Evil 2’s “one-shot demo” is proving to be an oddly irrepressible experience.

Scientists like to point out that finding a link isn’t the same as proving a cause.

“I think the proving part was a confidence thing.”

“I loved figuring things out and then proving them back to myself,” Patton remembers.

Insanity defenses rarely succeed in New York, where proving mental illness is not enough to find a defendant not responsible for a crime.

But how one would go about proving that is unclear.

Because I was new to the game and focusing on proving myself, I agreed to a profit share system WITHOUT A CONTRACT.

The health industry is proving to be a completely useless ally.

But now we’ve got Cities: Skylines and Prison Architect proving that there is a market for these games.

It’s been proving reasonably straightforward to defend Obamacare’s coverage gains for Democrats, which is why the Republican bill is so unpopular.

And in this first-round series, they’re proving it.

According to the college’s website, he resigned after “proving too liberal for the trustees.”

The ultimate act of proving you’re better than someone else.

And “Deadpool 2” is also proving that hard-R movies can make bank.

Crowe, who has been arrested three times now since turning 90, proving we still have a lot to learn from our elders.

“Last year we were proving that it was possible to fly—it was more of an exploration as it had never been done before.

But also the bend and snap scene of Legally Blonde— proving Grande and director Hannah Lux Davis missed no small details.

He is proving a consistent part of the Detroit rotation.

The enthusiasm for the primaries is proving to be some encouragement.

But there’s no guarantee that it’ll get done, given how complex and massive this transaction is proving to be.

“Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false … Tester should resign,” Trump tweeted on Saturday.

Now Kim says her husband is telling the truth — and there’s video proving it.

He had entered the consulate that day to obtain documents proving an earlier marriage had ended.

Meanwhile, these editors forgot to edit out a flat horizon in the “live” video, therefore proving Earth is flat.

Finding a child prodigy willing to talk to me was proving difficult until I reached out to Curtis’ mom, Hayley.

He said the site is “proving to be a very important asset” for the company.

For a short time, Antarctica was a proving ground for the potential of scientific diplomacy.

Broad City did away with the naive airhead trope, proving that female-led, goofball comedy can also be intellectual.

The survey notes that 49% of employers have roles that are proving hard to fill.

Further proving his theory?

“It doesn’t look like he’s proving any abilities in the wilderness.”

And the states that have legalized did it through ballot initiatives, proving that this is something these states’ voters want.

For the Thevars, to survive a Jallikattu bout means proving that you are a warrior, but it can come at a cost.

Other than for fighting pride and proving the critical Japanese press wrong, there wasn’t a prize on offer for Kameda.

That’s in part because science moves slowly, and proving efficacy and safety in human trials can take years, if not decades.

Stormi can’t even walk and already she’s proving the lap of luxury suits her well.

But proving that a driver is high turns out to be tricky terrain, too.

It’s places like Azzam that pave the way for other restaurants by proving how good hummus can be.

His fifth inning was clean, 1-2-3, proving that the scoreless fourth was not just some fluke.

UniCredit wants a cash transaction and this is proving a major hurdle,” the source said.

The Phlox will likely see trials soon in Russia’s new proving grounds of the Crimea and Syria.

But figures proving a link between prostitution and sports tourism are not readily available.

Avenatti added he looks forward to proving his innocence.

But the studies proving these things lack the sensational quality that tends to accompany revelations about the bigoted views of high-profile Americans.

“It makes the burden of proving that racism exists much higher.

There seems to be some anecdotal evidence that it’s not proving to be much of a success so far.

But data proving its durability extends to only about five years.

After proving the social side, they raised funding.

Though purposeful attacks on health facilities and medical workers are clear war crimes under international law, proving such intent is difficult.

But Gallup believes the sustained demand is a sign the documents are still proving their usefulness.

The power of these methods is that they are increasingly proving useful for tasks that have been challenging for conventional software development approaches.

With the rest of the world proving disappointing and U.S. growth already decelerating, I think you will see the Fed respond,” he said.

U.S. shale drillers are also proving more resilient than expected to cheap crude, OPEC said.

Trapped by tightening legal restrictions, government antitrust lawyers are often incapable of proving even the most obvious of harms.

And yet here was Mery proving it all wrong.

Kettering University unveiled this week an automotive proving grounds in a bid to lure companies and students to the Flint, MI area.

After an onstage injury led to a leg amputation in 1915, Bernhardt made a point of proving that it would not slow her down.

This facility adds to Michigan’s growing options of next-gen vehicle proving grounds, including the University of Michigan’s Mcity Test Facility.

The expected valuation of up to $90 billion in its initial public offering on Friday is proving to be the latest flashpoint.

But, we’re still far from proving all this.

Uber’s claims that it operates legally in Colombia are proving to be somewhat of a grey area.

“We have to kill it in the Senate.” Still, the battle is proving difficult.

I think there’s value in proving it to yourself.

proving yet again that he’s more qualified than Trump.

Trump’s ultimate impact will be merely proving that he’s not only a loser, but a sore loser.

Still, getting tested was proving to be difficult.

She’s proving that she’s not just a pageant queen.

CBD) is proving to be one of the breakout stars of the flourishing international cannabis industry.

In 1915, Noether uncovered one of science’s most extraordinary ideas, proving that every symmetry found in nature has a corresponding law of conservation.

That’s already proving difficult for the standalone IGTV app.

Two months in, Instagram Stories was proving itself an existential threat to Snapchat — which it’s in fact become.

And it’s proving that it’s serious about Stories for the long-run.

However, Perry decided to take the higher plane to existence; proving simply that using coded language and subtweets are the path to enlightenment.

Again proving … a visit to the dentist can be painful.

Our final pieces looked totally different, proving how subjective it is.

OnePlus has really outdone itself here, once again proving that a truly premium device doesn’t require a four-digit investment.

Relatedly, German Lopez has reported on the data proving that America is nothing close to the crime-ridden hellscape Trump repeatedly insists it is.

This question is proving difficult to answer.

Meanwhile, proving what Angy referred to as a “certain level of harm” is a multi-step process.

Of course, this early in research, there’s no evidence proving this yet.

It’s a busy time for this relative newcomer, but her calm confidence and self-awareness are proving to be beneficial travel companions.

Here, concerts became proving grounds for warring gangs who hailed from different corners of the city.

Trump tweets bombastic messages, proving that he speaks his un-PC mind.

“I said so last week, and he keeps on proving it.

Adele’s bank account screams caviar and champagne, but she keeps proving she’s strictly a peanut butter and jelly kinda chick.

Bakker’s latter-day grind, absent all the excess of the PTL era, is proving to be the unserved remainder of his prison sentence.

But more importantly, Ciscero is proving he can hang with the best of them.

AJ Bell analysts questioned whether the acquisition spree was proving a distraction.

Apple may have established its vision for television in 2015, proving that the Apple TV is no longer a “hobby.”

But then, years later, proving true love knows no bounds, Bean and his ex-wife reconciled, with none other than Andrew Jackson serving as matchmaker.

You are proving yourself to the device that you are holding with you.

You’re not actually proving who you are to some remote service.

AJ Bell analysts questioned whether the acquisition spree was proving a distraction.

It is in the chasm between these two techniques that we run into the larger issues that are proving to be confounding.

He then became a dad and ceased to understand, proving himself right.

But even so, this task is easy compared to proving that coffee does NOT cause cancer.

Sadly for judges with such inclinations, proving lack of risk is not just hard; it’s impossible.

The exhibition reflects this, proving that Spain has become a prominent international space for architectural innovation featuring installations constructed from local Spanish materials.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Amazon’s aircraft fleet expansion is proving a boon for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Well, PUSH is proving wedding rings aren’t a bad thing, as he says on his infamous response, “The Story of Adidon.”

Expedited vaccine development is proving to be a key tool in preventing the virus from spreading out of control again.

So police not only can seize people’s property without proving involvement in a crime, but they have a financial incentive to do so.

The clear product of ambitious mental exercise, an obvious attempt at proving his own merits as a composer.

Going back to the very height of his business career, he’s always been obsessed with demonstrably proving his popularity, especially through television ratings.

VICE Sports AUNZ caught up with Matt to discuss comparison, college life and the pressure of proving yourself.

A victory for the CHP could bolster calls for reforms to revive the economy, while proving potentially damaging for Erdogan’s authority.

MC: It’s definitely the conventional wisdom that VC isn’t scaleable, but I think we’re proving that wrong.

And the promotion was already proving to be a resounding success: Some Burger King restaurants were each selling 1,000 kids’ meals a day.

It was about proving he could adjust his long levers to big-league velocities and approaches.

“I’m proving them wrong for another African girl, who’s going to have an easier time because I broke that barrier.”

The same demon her mother was facing after all, proving none of it was schizophrenia—was lurking around the whole time, apparently.

And yet, that’s proving to be something of a double-edged sword.

Why this matters: Although Trump said he would immediately get a replacement plan out, it is proving difficult to maintain those promises.

The company disappointed investors last week with its earnings, proving that even Trump and politics aren’t enough to energize the company’s growth.

Corporate bond trading is proving to be a horror show for Wall Street banks.

*** Scoring fentanyl is proving easier and easier as demand grows across the continent.

“Our model thrives on proving you can make high-quality care accessible and affordable in the markets that we exist in.

In many ways, it is proving the easiest lift in climate policy.

Her hand is a cutaway that reveals her bones — a relic proving her incorruptibility, according to the Catholic tradition.

But he gave up three solo homers, with Moreland’s one-out shot in the ninth proving to be the difference.

Since you can’t win, the real fun is in proving that you suck less than your friends on the game’s leaderboards.

Disconcertingly, a police dossier relayed by the Islington Gazette suggests that the authority’s response is proving less than measured.

Musk eventually hopes for humans to reach Mars, and this could be a key step to proving his company will get us there.

Healthcare, however, is proving far more difficult to get done than the GOP expected, judging by the postponement of Thursday’s planned House vote.

Musk eventually hopes for humans to reach Mars, and this could be a key step to proving his company will get us there.

The State Attorney is looking into it, but proving wrongdoing could be hard, the Post said, because state law doesn’t clearly define residency

The company says that the new measures are proving effective in France, where an election is currently underway.

proving that there are more than a couple of reasons why Flutie is on Wheaties boxes, and not Cousins.

Both covers were great ways to augment the band’s set, proving exactly why people have been excited for their reunion.

An indisputable classic, “Hurt” remains a showstopper, its heartrending contents proving eternal relatable to those whose lives his NIN’s music has touched.

Overall, Doyle has found that Zipf’s law “is a necessary, but not sufficient, system for proving complexity” in a communication system, he says.

But proving perjury is a lot more difficult than proving that someone said something untrue while under oath.

We hope proving in a sentence examples were helpful.