Proved in a sentence | Use of the word proved examples

He proved remarkably prescient, suggesting that by 1975 a single chip could contain a then-unimaginable 75,000 transistors.

In light of this unsettling trend, the arrangement of the pieces in this exhibition proved perhaps unintentionally poignant.

Its mature content proved too much for many critics, but it lived a profitable second life as a video rental.

This situation, too, proved to be especially challenging for a late-20th-century president.

That proved to be his undoing against Harder, a political neophyte.

That whole exercise proved a bit exaggerated.

As for the rest of the world, heat this summer has already proved deadly in countries including Japan, Pakistan, and Canada.

These are just a few examples of American foreign policy and interventionism which proved to be counter-productive.

Long before he defected, Gurriel proved to big league scouts that a Cuban hitter could anchor a big league lineup.

They proved that delivering on Obamacare repeal would not be nearly as easy as politicians had expected.

The Medicaid program has quietly proved to be a political success in a way that the Affordable Care Act has not.

Their sweet kiss proved that not all first kisses are awkward (even if one of you is a temporarily reanimated ghost).

The show, about a group of friends living together in an LA loft, proved it could be funny and sexy with this scene.

Plus, her special appearance in the series finale proved why Sam and Diane were so compelling in the first place.

It was hilarious, gross, and proved that the two actors don’t take themselves too seriously.

Michael B. Jordan has proved time and time again that he’s an incredible actor.

When disaster struck, the trip could have proved fatal, but luckily someone spotted land.

When disaster struck, the trip could have proved fatal, but luckily someone spotted land.

With MacArthur’s announcement, it seems their demands proved fruitful.

Neil Blumenthal and David Gilboa’s vision to sell designer eyewear online for just $95 proved lucrative practically from day one.

A current matching program the federal government offers presidential candidates has seen low adoption rates in recent elections because these limitations proved too restrictive.

“Paul proved it in baseball.

Nearly a ten-year veteran with the promotion, the Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt has proved quite a hit since moving down to featherweight.

Supporters argued the steep decrease after Iron Dome’s arrival proved its ” ironclad success.”

But the internet has proved that judgment to be wrong.

Again, none of was a smoking gun that proved collusion.

It’s also true that they then proved unable to clean up the mess.

They were the headliners, after all … and this performance proved it.

In Michigan, for example, a state that proved pivotal in electing President Donald Trump in 2016, only 23 percent of state lawmakers are women.

“Erdogan proved himself to be a very pragmatic leader.

The market proved much more promising than expected, attracting students, Korean-Americans and a soaring global fan-base of K-pop bands and singers.

It was very hard work, especially on my arms and hands, and ultimately proved to be too much.

And since the chief justice position in Alabama is an elected one, that proved very useful to him.

Maleficent and Cinderella proved that no remake touches the original.

Despite the genre’s formulaic nature, these variables contain massive potential for innovation––one reason why they’ve proved to be so enduring.

Take an orchestra and a choir and shove it in front of that sort of an audience.” And luckily my instincts proved right.

(The combination of weed and cocaine or weed, cocaine, and alcohol proved even deadlier.)

If he succeeds, the ‘soccer’ haters will be proved wrong, and Britain will be a more accepting place for it.

“Once everything is proved … then we can start to have some test and consider it in future for women.”

#HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #BernieSanders #Guccifer2 The DNC leaks proved to be just the beginning.

They recently proved their own point.

The group’s research has proved invaluable, and scientists in the last few decades have built upon what they saw and recorded.

Standing Rock proved that activists — many of whom are not known by name — could make a collective impact.

New DNA evidence proved that he was innocent.

Ultimately, 9-4R proved a damp squib, with neither side suffering major losses.

This proto-Pride proved a bit too much for the neighbors, who arrested Morton, chopped down the pole, and scattered the residents.

Messaging around the abstract, complicated details of tax reform has proved challenging.

Thanedar has also proved to be a wild card.

The judge threw out his case against Taylor, Friday, saying he never proved during the trial she directly made him lose his job.

Those predictions proved true, with the percent of US households still shelling out for cable dropping every year since 2012.

He also proved that fans would jump aboard the show’s regeneration plot twist that allowed the Doctor to be played by multiple actors.

But in the ensuing decade the Andrew Broder­-lead project has proved as elusive as its moniker would indicate.

Customers proved willing to pay a bit extra for a much wider selection of products.

Rickman proved that more than just about anyone, with every meticulous twist of his velveteen voice.

But when the votes were cast, the polls proved wrong.

But I’ve now realized our reaction basically proved her point: the ugly-Christmas-sweater renaissance is a somewhat obnoxious strain of elitism.

As Theodorou’s last contest against Thiago Santos proved, he has a tremendous chin and boasts high-level cardio to compliment his grinding, wrestling style.

As Theodorou’s last contest against Thiago Santos proved, he has a tremendous chin and boasts high-level cardio to compliment his grinding, wrestling style.

The search proved fruitless and the plane took off again afterwards, it said.

However, what followed proved otherwise.

Scalia, ultimately, proved to be right.

Louie proved to be a surprisingly influential show after it debuted in 2010.

Trump has proved that these institutional differences were suppressing only the symptoms, not the disease.

However, it is medicines targeting PD-1 blockade that have proved a bigger commercial hit, led by Merck & Co’s (MRK.N) Keytruda in 2014.

Miguel knows better than to diss El Chapo, and proved it when we put him on the spot with a hypothetical pregunta.

Getting to Romania to put in the necessary groundwork proved a harder sell to my bosses than I’d anticipated.

“What’s the upside for them to be candid?” Kafka asked, saying former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was the exception that proved the rule.

“If last night proved anything, it’s that every single contribution matters and every volunteer shift can swing an election,” the Sanders campaign wrote.

But when Glover started reading Kanye’s tweets about supporting Donald Trump, it proved way too much for silence.

He proved you can go against the NRA as a Republican and still win reelection, as a Republican.

Widely read Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times said the Kim-Xi meeting proved naysayers wrong about Beijing-Pyongyang relations.

But there proved to be a host of practical and legal difficulties that have only worsened in recent days.

This proved to be immensely useful for creating antibodies, proteins that identify threats for the body’s immune system.

Some of the projects have proved controversial.

This proved almost impossible, but I couldn’t be too mad about it.

In 2014, the Department for Education published a study that proved one in five children cannot “read well” by the age of 11.

Clinton proved black voters were important, but that our value in his eyes was never secure.

And the long lines of fans proved it.

That has proved to be an expensive and inefficient way to meet targets, which reduces potential profit margins on each vehicle.

Indeed, the eighteenth century proved nearly devastating to these paintings.

But his timeline proved too ambitious, and sparked public criticism that the government was too rushed to adequately screen refugees for security concerns.

Which, of course, is one of the reasons it has proved so successful on the British food landscape.

To nobody’s surprise, this restaurant model proved to be unsustainable and we went out of business.

His book Decoded proved that as well; his lyrics are so deeply intricate that they required an entire book of deciphering.

After a while, his parents asked Radivan what was going on—and proved surprisingly accepting.

You write that Trump proved that Islamophobia was an effective campaign tactic.

Rooney’s goal on Wednesday proved to be the winner and kept DC United in third place in the Eastern Conference standings.

And just walking into brightly-colored, high-energy Ganso proved restorative, despite the glassed-off kitchen that made us pity the cooks in their fishbowl-like existence.

But at the end of the day, Netflix proved that the network-branded model is on the decline.

That strategy proved a double-edged sword, though.

Reis proved he was the favorite for a reason.

But even that proved too difficult on health reform because of defections from both hard-line conservatives and pragmatists.

His game is imperfect and a bit outdated, and his defense has always proved a problem come playoff time.

In early debates, Fiorina proved to be the only candidate who could throw a punch at Trump and make it hurt.

Holland can be effortlessly likable; he proved as much in Civil War.

It also proved that Clinton, the “unpopular” candidate, was able to turn out voters — just not where it mattered.

That wager proved at least half-wrong.

Over dinner in February, she explained how the desire for one of her “bags” proved the absurdity of so many luxuries.

Rising average temperatures have proved to be a serious threat during Trump’s time in office.

He promised to drain the swamp, among other things—sentiments that proved hugely successful with meme production because they were short, quickfire slogans.

Eller then scored what proved to be the championship-deciding goal.

My anxiety about death on the Exorcist Steps proved entirely rational.

Yes, the 2019 Best Picture race still contains nominees that have proved to be niche players at the box office.

This, he argued, proved that Snowden was not working in a senior capacity at the NSA.

It also proved to Owlboy fans that, yes, that game might actually get finished.

But moving onto the next tracks proved tricky for Hval, whose chameleonic output has been defined only by her rigorous conceptual intention.

In reality, all TBS unwittingly proved is exactly why not every show should be watched all at once.

Trump’s convention speech Thursday proved Rubio so very right.

A decade into their project, they’ve proved that even within America’s imperfect health system, death in childbirth is not an inevitability.

Rihanna is a shooting star in the fashion world, and her NYFW shindig proved she is the straw that stirs the drink.

On issue after issue, Tillerson proved to be out of touch with the president’s foreign policy positions.

Several companies that have switched work to Ultra say its employees have proved far more adept than other firms at finding bugs.

Thank you, you know, today, today you proved once again There’s no place like home.

But that set-up proved to be too costly for the small agency, says Paige Fink, CEO of The Family Place.

That could happen even if no underlying conspiracy between the campaign and Russia is ever proved.

And his criticisms of the press have proved particularly alarming to some.

Medicaid may have joined them after Republicans proved unable to overhaul it during the Obamacare repeal debate.

And in making these observations, astronomers once again proved that Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity is correct.

But the election was more of a trial than most predicted, and Sen. Bernie Sanders proved to be a serious contender.

on Saturday from the $4.6 million it made on Friday proved to give the Perry comedy the edge.

The Republican Party has proved fantastic at compartmentalizing with respect to Trump.

“I could walk into any Footlocker and find the kicks, but finding the clothes proved impossible.

Trying to puff up Ello into a Facebook rival “seemed like a horrible idea and proved to be one,” Berger now says.

The Democrats, some said, had now been proved wrong even for supporting the special counsel’s independent investigation into the matter.

The debt quickly proved too much for her.

The debt quickly proved too much for her.

But while her abrasive conservatism won O’Donnell the GOP primary, it proved to be a loser with the broader Delaware electorate.

According to Truaxe, there was no trip to Mongolia, which he proved by showing images of his passport.

But it proved difficult to actually fulfill the promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare.

I think the Women’s Marches proved extraordinarily consequential.

The post-WWII division proved to be unstable, as both the communist North and capitalist South claimed to be the legitimate government of all Korea.

Norton was another charge of Eddie Futch and Futch again proved to be one of the best trainers in the game.

“He’s proved himself to be one hell of a manager.

Feldman’s test proved to be very reliable.

But that proved not to be the case after the company said it was looking at external candidates.

And Trump proved them all wrong.

That’s probably what you’d expect but he’s done a lot of things in his life that have proved people wrong.”

The primaries — especially the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucuses — have proved me and a lot of others wrong.

This proved the most difficult part of Obamacare, even more so than the bruising legislative battle.

A rocket scientist-turned-CEO proved her boss wrong early in her career by booking a ticket to Latin America — and got herself a promotion

Their last one, 2015’s Kablammo!, proved just how formidable their music still is.

The Marquis de Condorcet, a French philosopher and mathematician in the 18th century, proved that under certain circumstances, there is no majority will.

The terror group’s resiliency has proved an obstacle for the country’s new president and worsened its numerous humanitarian issues.

The terror group’s resiliency has proved an obstacle for the country’s new president and worsened its numerous humanitarian issues.

And last night, on national television, in front of a live audience of some of the biggest names in music, he proved it.

These acquisitions proved to be hugely significant.

Reiniger’s technique has proved to be timeless.

“It’s possible [the transplant] only works with this CCR5-dominant strain, but we have not proved it yet,” Hütter added.

President Hassan Rouhani on Monday said Iran could hold talks with the United States only if Washington proved its trustworthiness.

Clarke’s essay proved incredibly influential on the satellite industry.

About 90% of people potentially exposed to the virus have agreed to be vaccinated, which has proved efficient, he said.

“There are trigger events, and this deposition has proved to be a trigger event for Ms. Germanotta,” her lawyer said.

And as the authors of this paper put it: “Unfortunately, neither of these perspectives can be proved incorrect.”

Thinking their lead was safe, the Clinton campaign shifted attention away from the Midwest battleground states that proved so decisive.

Now we know the Clinton campaign made strategic decisions based on data that proved to be wrong.

Trump proved it is possible to win the White House without a big advertising budget or an extensive ground game.

Let’s see: The good: Auston Matthews, William Nylander and Mitch Marner proved the postseason stage was not too big for them.

That proved key to’s rise, culminating in its listing in the United States in 2014.

The good: Nazem Kadri proved he can be an agitating two-way center, even if he only had a goal and an assist.

He’s proved remarkably resilient to corruption claims that have plagued his administration for years.

It proved to be decisive in calming the crisis, although it has not been used so far.

Or will they point to the tax bill, declare mission accomplished, and move on from an issue that has proved quite unpopular?

To win three is nigh on impossible during the first week of a major and so it proved.

The president proved to be an unreliable negotiator, but Democrats still wanted some kind of concession in order to agree to reopen the government.

Some tongue twisters proved to be challenging, especially when they had little reference to the real world.

And yet from the first minute until the last, Rafael dos Anjos proved to have Robbie Lawler’s number.

These suspicions proved accurate.

Conant brushed off Cruz’s victories, saying it only proved that he could win in rural caucus states.

If Netflix’s success this summer has proved anything, it’s that the time of the romantic comedy has returned.

Both claims were proved false.

Elon Musk proved it was.

“My subsequent investigation and the uncovering of a taxi log proved the police had quite simply ‘shifted time’ to fit their narrative.”

And he proved that the billionaire is indeed mortal.

And that evening, the handling proved itself again when I joined a motorway from a filter light.

We were the first internet company to go public and our belief — which proved correct — was that we would make this a social medium.

And there were no more rumors of staff shakeups even as Sanders proved frustratingly difficult to put away.

It has also proved to be a pivotal point for setting the brand’s trajectory for the year to come.

Magnetic resonance has proved itself in lab conditions and prototypes.

Sadly, in the end, it proved to be a self-destructive exercise as much as it was bizarre and futile.

But over the course of our conversation, he proved himself to be a few things for certain: smart, creative, commanding, and fearless.

Nothing proved Leonard’s value quite like watching a team full of established veterans, with an all-time great coach, flail aimlessly without him.

Nyong’o and Wright have already proved they have freestyling chops, so just imagine their playlists.

These crops have proved an economic boon to many farmers, although they haven’t led to a huge surge in yields.

I would be pleased to be proved wrong.”

The visual half of Lemonade proved to be a game-changer in a different way.

With an unapologetic voice, Pac embraced those contradictions that proved we ain’t just a character out of someone else’s story book.

The math solutions in the Senate have proved politically difficult.

But as always with The Sopranos, it proved to be an exception that underscored how most other shows on TV played by the rules.

In his latest showcase video that’s sure to get the attention of scouts, he proved he can ball.

Morrisons recently sold off its “M Local” convenience stores after they proved to be a costly and unprofitable experiment.

That was against Charlotte and Syracuse, and FSU proved to be no tougher.

“We proved you didn’t need huge investment to break national stories.

The synagogue, built in the Late Roman or Byzantine period, has proved to be a trove of ancient mosaicked art.

And he eventually proved that Russia had supplied the weapon, the missile, that shot down Flight MH17.

Adrien did speak his peace, though … telling Vargas that he clearly beat his ass … and that his 6ix9ine-looking face proved it.

Those police efforts proved successful.

While cholera, spread through contaminated food or water, is easily treated if basic healthcare is in place, in war-ravaged Yemen it has proved devastating.

Following the midterm campaign that proved health care is a winning issue for Democrats, they want to keep up the pressure on the GOP.

It proved so popular that soon Hellman was selling the condiment in bulk to other New York stores.

It’s not as though Dixville Notch has proved particularly adept at predicting the eventual victors in New Hampshire.

With her latest investigation into the president’s wedding, the crusading journalist has proved she remains a thorn in the president’s side.

They never showed, and it proved to be a major setback.

Similar campaigns in the past have proved ineffectual.

Betting the entire Broaden trial on favourable six-month results proved far riskier than anticipated.

[But] frankly, the problem space proved harder than we expected.

Trump has proved you can abuse the general public and have them send you money!

Last year, North Korea proved it had an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting all of the United States.

A decade into their project, they’ve proved that even within America’s imperfect health system, death in childbirth is not an inevitability.

As of now, Magid’s efforts to unlock the Barragán archives have proved fruitless, but wider exposure of the story may yet change that.

So it has proved for Trump, whose administration’s early months have been characterized by conflict between warring camps of advisers.

He did and the canoodling in St. Barts back in February proved they were back on track.

In a summer filled with overhyped sequels and new installments of elaborate film franchises, Netflix’s Stranger Things has proved a surprising hit.

This proved to be the case when co-founder of Cash Money Records Birdman showed up to the program, and immediately got tense.

“She has the courage to come forward; she has nothing to gain.” Ford’s decision to speak up, it turns out, proved contagious.

The large shelf proved itself ideal to organize colors and materials as well as experiments with fibers.

In 1996, the Trump Organization briefly explored a potential deal, but it proved fruitless.

But for weeks the amount of drinking water available proved insufficient to supply refugees even at emergency levels.

Trump has proved to be one of the most unfavorable presidents-elect in recent history.

News has proved to be a tricky area for Facebook, as hoaxes and false news stories have sometimes spread easily on the network.

Generating those vivid colors with a loom, however, proved more challenging than typing in a set of hex color codes.

This pledge proved politically damaging when it could not be fully kept for several million people.

London has proved him wrong.”

Not only is it performing surprisingly well in the ratings, building from week to week, but it’s proved a critical success as well.

The inordinate national media attention focused on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign during 2016 election cycle has perhaps proved Sanders’ point.

Donald Trump has proved, yet again, that he’s not your average (presumptive) Republican nominee.

Donald Trump has proved, yet again, that he’s not your average (presumptive) Republican nominee.

That proved the tipping point, as Republican after Republican in Congress abandoned the president.

The film’s level of energetic brilliance proved unsustainable for Léger.

Fortunately, InControl proved to be perfectly reliable this time around.

That 2013 trade, which proved to be a disaster for the Nets, is only getting sweeter for Boston.

Folks in the upscale neighborhood tell us they’re relieved after the rapper proved to be a pain in the ass.

Emails later released by Don Jr., however, proved that characterization false.

Riyadh didn’t like the vote’s outcome, mostly because it believes the Muslim Brotherhood proved an existential threat to Riyadh’s monarchical, authoritarian rule.

Research has proved that these inconsistencies in opportunity exist in almost every aspect of American life.

“She has proved time after time she is after the money,” another says.

That might be why it’s proved so surprisingly divisive.

America’s biggest bank just proved the economy has plenty of fuel.

He was clean, but he lacked the structure that playing for a team had long provided him, which proved to be a challenge.

One friend told me that all I needed to know about them is that they proved Archimedes’ principle of fluid displacement.

After commuting to work in another shop proved too frustrating, she started helping her parents out with their small street food business.

As an undrafted free agent, Henderson had proved himself capable of belonging in the NFL once before.

The Jets invited him in soon after that; head coach Todd Bowles recently said Henderson had proved to them that he was in shape.

That process has so far proved to be expensive and slow-moving.

The Euribor investigation has proved difficult for the SFO.

Jackson proved incapable of resisting Steinbrenner’s charm offensive and the allure of the Big Apple.

Welcoming contributors into his fold proved a double-edged sword for Guasti.

Finding 50 people to potentially go through this process proved challenging.

Years later, the project proved to be a fiasco, leaving a trail of death that includes locals, policemen, and criminals in its wake.

But caps proved a powerful balm for politicians and other stakeholders who were on the fence and worried about the bill’s costs.

He proved unable to withstand the pressure, and announced he’d resign.

The ability to raise a lot of money proved as much a key factor in political success then as it does today.

As proved with the UFC’s like-for-like deal with the USA, this is a massive leap in the progression of wrestling in Blighty.

But Tucson proved to be a difficult test location due to a number of logistical issues.

This proved deadly to Democratic Party Senate candidates, who, nonetheless, consistently outpolled Obama in their own home states.

He earned a reputation of bipartisan accomplishment, particularly in 2017 and 2018 when the state government proved highly productive despite being strongly polarized.

The news proved irresistible on the internet and social media.

Aunt Willie’s flat recounting proved there was no getting away from it, even after blacks were free in the segregated South.

The critical and commercial success proved that audiences wanted to be challenged.

It was also a mindset that opened the door for trouble, as Cambridge Analytica proved once again last month.

(Really, that show has proved a huge casting boon for Hollywood.)

As a marketing tool, it proved effective, there’s no doubt of that.

Losing in Iowa has also proved fatal to several Democrats, including Clinton, who never really recovered from her third-place finish here last time around.

With two young children, more space (the residence is one of Neutra’s largest), and Gia’s family nearby, the Everist house proved irresistible.

The damage had been done — Obama lost a few points to Romney that week — although it proved temporary.

Before the United States produced the Hudson River School or paintings of the American Frontier, the new country proved its artistic might on banknotes.

For instance, “fancy heads” representing allegorical women that were popular as engravings proved difficult to copy.

And a priority going into it was that we had something that our YouTube views and the feedback proved that it was funny.

But getting traction on moving an Obamacare fix, at a moment when the focus is on Obamacare repeal, has proved difficult.

The profile has proved immediately controversial.

Babying my collection proved to be an ample distraction from the cold, cruel world of budding adulthood and flailing independence.

We use pop culture as a way of thinking about the world around us, and in 2016, America proved that it has changed significantly.

It was everything that Hillary was going to be and she’s not, but she proved it was possible.

But the results of that search proved inconclusive, so Colls turned to radar imaging.

And for us that’s important, because as Netflix proved, if you expand, you can have content drive your enterprise value.

“In 2016, what Paul Ryan did with the Better Way agenda was extremely important and proved to be crucial for candidates,” Costello said.

Still, Usher said … “So happy to see that last night’s concert in Manchester proved that love always prevails.”

But other drugs have grown in popularity, and smugglers have proved adept at shifting their methods and locations in response to interdiction efforts.

She was a 19-year-old thrown into the twin chaoses of deep space and Hollywood, and she proved a shining star in both.

As unique as the score was in 1977, it was introducing the synthesizer into their repertoire that proved to be the real game-changer.

Labour, in particular, presented an unforeseen problem that proved delicate and complex.

The kind of “death panel” rhetoric that proved so successful in America in 2009 during the Obamacare debate has become particularly potent.

He’d informed them that he was carrying, and it proved to be a death sentence.

Just a year prior, Celtic Frost released their watershed Into the Pandemonium, which proved to be the band’s most ambitious production to date.

The visas proved so popular that the government had to suspend them, officials say.

That choice proved to be characteristic of her personality.

But the profitable combination of economic blockade and inflated prices has proved a boon to illegal trade.

If Black Smoke Matters succeeds, it wouldn’t be the first time naysayers were proved wrong.

But Gavankar’s Diana Thomas has proved herself the show’s real star.

“You can untie me now,” I told Ms. Katayama, but this proved to be our biggest language barrier of the session.

UK media proved their “quality” – no more trust in them.

And on Wednesday, one woman proved that you don’t need $18,000 worth of equipment, or even a good signing voice to reign supreme.

In Portland, Maine, long before Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) proved a crucial health care “no” vote, about 1,000 people watched Sanders decry the bill.

Right now, some of the best lithium-ion batteries have a specific energy of 250 watt-hours per kilogram, which has already proved viable in cars.

Activists say that proved a crucial step in showing Democratic lawmakers that the public would join them in fighting for the ACA.

Nonetheless, David Duke did previously say Trump’s candidacy proved that “Jewish supremacy” in the Republican Party was on its way out.

Assad’s surprising durability and brutality against his own people has proved a lasting boon to al Qaeda.

But the post-TD celebration proved to be very touchy-feely, as Packers fans—stakeholders, mind you—refused to let go of him after launching into their arms.

The Musketeers have proved that over their 25-3 season, and they just knocked off No.

Arkansas-Little Rock: Hardly anyone will play UALR, but the Trojans are 25-3 and have proved themselves with dominating wins.

The test devices proved successful, but only under ideal wave, temperature, and geographic conditions.

Targeting and firing the gun proved both remarkably crude and ruggedly simple.

But the marketing of Halloween-themed candy proved much more popular.

What Echo proved is that people engage with internet services at home without a screen.

Once Amazon proved that, yes, people are okay with that, Google moved in.

But da Penha’s victory proved bittersweet.

The original promise, that if the Dust proved harmful it could be stopped and reversed, was no longer true.

About 90% of people potentially exposed to the virus have agreed to be vaccinated, which has proved efficient, he said.

“Constantly, the public is persuaded that climate change is a new issue, some new theory that is just being tested, just being proved.”

Even Netflix’s push into anime with Neo Yokio proved less than appealing.

Sure enough, this immediately proved to be a problem.

He underwent surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy, but the cancer proved too strong.

A Waymo One taxi tested by Reuters last week proved slow and jerky at times.

But, alas, The BFG proved the biggest bomb of the summer.

The next month proved much of the same.

Obamacare has permanently shifted America’s health care debate, and Donald Trump’s address to Congress proved it.

But China had proved the naysayers wrong, Xi added.

But the standout is the stairwell fight in episode three: In season one, Silvera proved he has a knack for choreography and clever camerawork.

“When you came at him on that stuff, he was horrible.” This proved true in 2018.

But I kind of proved … That you could do it.

But the Russian President’s decision proved premature, and he soon reversed course as fighting intensified.

Barty’s greater variety proved too much for 2018 semi-finalist Keys whose power game broke down at the vital moments.

I usually dismiss tradition and tend to be a critic of moneyed apolitical gays; it totally proved me wrong.

Black Panther isn’t just a terrific movie — it’s also proved to be a record-crushing machine.

As La La Land continues to garner accolades, including Oscar prospects, those Hollywood types are being proved increasingly wrong.

Everything about her foray into public life has proved exhausting and demoralizing, but there’s nothing she can do to stop it.

He was the first to bring a northern to the neighborhood, and he proved “elegantly athletic” in demonstrating it.

Trump’s decision to play nice further proved that his current mood is the compass that dictates the behavior of everyone else around him.

The process proved painstaking and did not go as planned.

In combat, Hari the bad boy (who used to be called “the Golden Boy,”) proved that he’s as sharp as ever.

Egina, heavy sweet crude from a new offshore field, has proved consistently popular among refiners in northwest Europe.

But when Clinton’s numbers soured and when Obama’s birth certificate proved to be an opportunity to make headlines, Trump changed his tune.

That decision, made during a dinner with Pentagon heads and senior White House advisers less than a week into Trump’s presidency, proved disastrous.

After initially releasing a statement asking for Lewandowski to apologize if the allegations proved true, the website took an even stronger stand on Thursday.

It was easy enough to cheat in Counter-Strike, and the prospect of spooking his buddies proved too tempting.

Lansberg proved savvy enough to get back to her feet, but she was straight back against the fence eating body shots from the Brazilian.

Cyborg proved that she is a big enough star to build a division around with the win.

The amount of visitors also proved its success with 75,000 at the Hammer to 150,000 at the Pinacoteca.

Sort of like the previous slogan, “A Better Deal” — another meaningless cliché that apparently proved inadequate to the task.

But at least for now, it’s proved itself more than capable of capturing a curious audience.

From billion-dollar webs of offshore agreements to shady investments, the Panama Papers have proved the pervasiveness of financial loopholes.

And for the triads, which have been reinventing themselves for hundreds of years, adapting to the 21st century has proved little of a challenge.

That early promise proved to be inflated.

Kyanka’s dark, esoteric humor proved popular among a certain set—typically young, typically male, often though not always left-leaning.

Results proved that participants liked the conversation and their conversational partner better if they talked about experiential, not material, goods.

The food truck proved to be more popular than they could have hoped for, and they quickly developed a regular clientele.

An initial autopsy on Kim Jong Nam proved inconclusive, so authorities carried out a second one, incensing Pyongyang.

The scaremongering proved ineffective; the “Just Say No!” mantra didn’t provide any explanation to kids as to why drugs were dangerous.

An undercover investigation hours later proved her wrong.

Much is not clear about the latest violence in Juba, where mobile communication is unreliable and officials have proved difficult to contact.

An undercover investigation hours later proved her wrong.

Parks was a rare exception that proved the rule, as he was painfully aware.

Republicans haven’t proved any better at governing while in power.

His work, first as lead of the Jackson 5 and then in his unparalleled solo career, proved this to be true.

But the election was more of a trial than most predicted, and Sen. Bernie Sanders proved to be a serious contender.

But I’d love to be proved wrong!

Meanwhile, an entire league is preparing for a skill set that has so far proved nearly unstoppable.

In return Josh agreed not to file documents which proved Danica lied about the incident.

The vision has proved profitable.

We were skeptical, too, but Adam Kenworthy proved us wrong.

In other words, the Earth’s polar regions may have proved a little too chilly for these otherwise worldly animals.

The developers had been aiming for late 2016, but figured Steam’s holiday sale would have proved too distracting.

Some of Sanders’s backers argued that the emails proved the election had been rigged against him.

That hypothesis has proved to be correct, with the image from Rosetta now clearly showing how good Philae really was at hide and seek.

After results from the first autopsy on Kim Jong Nam proved inconclusive, a second round of testing revealed the presence of the highly-toxic chemical.

After results from the first autopsy on Kim Jong Nam proved inconclusive, a second round of testing revealed the presence of the highly-toxic chemical.

Wisconsin, with its 86 pledged delegates at stake, proved to be friendly ground for Sanders.

Wisconsin, with its 86 pledged delegates at stake, proved to be friendly ground for Sanders.

It might not be for everyone, but it has proved one thing.

And they proved to be a failure — ineffective at preventing teen pregnancies and potentially even contributing to higher pregnancy rates in some states.

We live in a state of awareness, science has proved it,” He says.

That proved to be a winning combination.

The disks were incredibly expensive for their time, but proved hugely influential.

He also insisted that the shutdown proved it was time to shut down the US government for good.

Sunday’s demonstration proved to be no different.

Facebook proved to be the ultimate weapon and the best election campaigner, as Nix explained, and as comments by several core Trump campaigners demonstrate.

On the other hand, Snapchat proved this year that some redesigns can have serious consequences for your business if you don’t get them right.

That strategy proved a double-edged sword, though.

UFC 196, however, proved otherwise.

Bicycle Unit proved to be invaluable during #RNCinCLE.

Venice, with its constant influx of tourists and this year’s Biennale, proved to be fertile ground for their protest for peace.

The Alabama native was ringside, and told Fightland that the Ukrainian legend proved that “age is nothing but a number.”

At one point, they wanted Elvis, but his manager’s demands proved too much.

In one of the tactic’s earliest high-profile outings, Quinton Jackson proved the perfect mark for it.

The finale’s original final song was Phil Collins’s “Take Me Home,” but it proved too expensive to license.

The 2016 edition of the increasingly popular pop-up proved to be no exception.

The place has proved so successful that the owners went on to open a smaller branch in Kreuzberg.

Donald Trump called him Lyin’ Ted, and he proved himself right.

Jeremy Piven’s still got game … as he proved with the new woman in his life.

A serendipitous and lighthearted exchange, the cat’s arrival proved just how eager the aristocat was to sample some high culture.

Those figures proved the difference eventually as Wawrinka, at full stretch to even reach, let alone return most of them, was eventually worn down.

These content blockers proved immensely popular at launch, and topped the App Store charts shortly after the release of iOS 9.

Democrats were able to win in an uphill battle — but if 2018 proved anything, it’s that the Republican firewall is strong.

On Friday, Ginsburg, who is 85, underwent surgery to remove the nodules, both of which proved cancerous upon post-operative testing.

If anything, it just proved that Stan is wildly behind, and needs to get his shit together, fast.

Europe’s footballing power, in the shape of the appalling English president Sir Stanley Rous, proved unable to respond to the post-colonial era.

“The court sentences the defendant to death,” said the judge, Ahmad Zaini, adding that Abdurrahman had been proved guilty of “carrying out terrorism”.

His head injury proved fatal, and his wife, pregnant with Darrel, unsuccessfully sought the officers’ convictions.

Overnight proved Pain Blanc: after.

The latter proved to better describe what we saw in the data.

Extensive media coverage of Williams’ death “might have proved the necessary stimulus for high-risk segments of the U.S. population (e.g.

Villante, who was ranked 13th in the UFC light heavyweight reckoning at the time, proved no match for Latifi.

Latifi opted for a wrestling-heavy attack to stifle his opponent’s competent striking game and it proved pivotal in earning himself the decision victory.

Another thing in it was the protections for patients with preexisting conditions that proved to be the centerpiece of many winning Democratic Party campaigns.

It’s impossible to say, of course, how decisive they proved in the end.

Even for a company with Google’s riches, that proved too much to gamble.

This “landmark study” may not have finally proved that the red stuff is a UTI preventer.

The experiment proved to us that app bloat is a problem with potentially grave consequences.

w lifting metal tariffs @realdonaldtrump just proved he can deliver on negotiations.

Watching the series as this story was driving the news cycle proved downright surreal.

My internal motion sensors told me I was spinning and drifting, though my lack of contact with the tub walls proved I was not.

“If there is an overarching principle to this album, it’s that the tools on which we were relying proved inadequate.

If any studio needed reassurance that Hart could carry a movie, his specials proved it.

But it’s proved a modest success for GKIDS, and Beckman takes delight in American audiences finding the film.

Despite the drop in volumes, Australia and Hong Kong proved fertile ground for leveraged financings.

Peeps proved mortal to such a substance — well, almost.

As he built the most successful practice army Battle School had ever seen, Ender proved the value of teamwork, trust, and mundane interpersonal work.

Models Selena Weber and Lauren Ashley are true soakers, as they proved by sauntering on the beach in Miami.

Tariffs also proved politically toxic, and Republicans were crushed in the 1890 midterms.

Ryan Phillippe proved he’s not just an actor … he’s an actor who can also rap!

There were people who proved suspicious and closed up, of course.

Those relatively small gestures at the final hour proved to be just enough for just enough moderates.

We know how to stop outbreaks of Ebola, and we just proved it again in the DRC.

However, the depraved-heart murder charge rested on whether prosecutors proved Goodson’s intent.

As C. Vann Woodward most famously proved, Jim Crow segregation was not secured until the late 1890s and early 1900s.

The Second Reconstruction also proved broader than the first.

During the New Deal and the civil rights movement, too, federal courts and the federal government proved essential allies for labor and civil rights.

Like Newman’s 1968 debut, the album received praise from fellow songwriters, musicians, and critics, but proved less than popular among the public.

Griffin once again proved he’s got jokes — the crowd ate it up.

Iran said the video proved nothing and that it was being made into a scapegoat.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proved unable to answer rudimentary questions about education policy at her confirmation hearings.

But the 2016 presidential election proved that foreign malefactors can circumvent U.S. law, no matter what it says.

“Huawei proved a springboard for (Huang) to succeed where he otherwise could not have,” the spokesman said.

Designs like drills, even a clam-shell scoop proved to be no match for the asteroid’s reduced gravity.

The question now is whether prices can recover from what has in the past proved to be a producer pain point.

However, finding a practical solution for any customs checks needed post-Brexit has proved elusive so far.

“By treating Parliament with contempt, the government has proved it has lost its majority and the respect of the House.

But the gulf between the two sides quickly proved unbridgeable.

There’s no denying that some targeted programs have proved to be open to attack.

National Republicans, however, proved equally dedicated to keeping the seat.

But the 2013 attack in Kenya proved to be a turning point.

I didn’t have to go spend all my money on drugs.” This proved a massive change for Pinkney.

But we’ve learned few of the lessons, as the recent James Gunn fiasco proved.

Right, which you had proved already at Penguin.

The episode proved … disorienting.

While not the first BBS in Yugoslavia, the chatline-style conversation approach proved popular with users, and quickly, the service gained numerous fans.

Each of the shows, heavily padded with work that proved a point, made us wonder what, exactly, the point was.

The American system has thus far proved strong enough to check the worst characters, such as Richard Nixon.

Polls had him leading Heitkamp by roughly 11 points going into the election — a gap that proved too big to overcome.

Previous attempts at modifying these layouts have proved unsuccessful.

And since the chief justice position in Alabama is an elected one, that proved very useful to him.

When Wargo’s insurance changed her brand of insulin, it proved to be “quite the transition,” causing her blood sugar numbers to fluctuate.

Yet this is not an “on the one hand, on the other” story: My own analysis suggests that Borjas has not proved his case.

The surge proved successful, though at a tremendous cost for hundreds of thousands of civilians.

She also proved that she’s got the music industry wrapped around her finger — including one guy in particular.

In theory, Kaine did his job — albeit a bit too nervously, and in a manner that proved grating on onlookers.

That miss proved costly for Halep as Anisimova wrapped up the greatest win of her young career with her 25th winner.

The coordinated national push for carbon cap-and-trade legislation, which had united virtually every major environmental group in the country, proved fruitless.

But other drugs have grown in popularity, and smugglers have proved adept at shifting their methods and locations in response to interdiction efforts.

I think I’ve proved myself.

Chao, on the other hand, has proved to be one of Trump’s less controversial picks.

“History has proved that cooperation is the best choice for both sides,” Xi said.

He said the expansion proved difficult to sustain and led him to make “some poor decisions.”

The surgery and its effects proved to be a true mental and physical ordeal.

It proved to be an intoxicating blend of a whole bunch of tones.

According to a 1939 issue of Popular Science, Jennings’s “first efforts proved unsuccessful, the photographic plates available were not sensitive enough.

Track was the only sport I proved to ever be good at.

Alex Rodriguez proved humanity can transcend sports rivals … when he proudly wore a #BostonStrong bracelet during Saturday’s Yankee game.

Fuller played in 43 games for the Tigers — and proved to be a talented and capable back on the field.

Disillusionment crept in in the years that followed, as the systemic corruption of Indonesian governance proved to be intractable.

It has proved to be successful beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

But The Americans is nothing if not patient; bit by bit, it has proved me wrong.

Trump’s style proved to be successful — he beat out a highly competitive field of lifelong Republicans and a seasoned politician in Hillary Clinton.

Oprah proved in 2008 that she has plenty of political power; her Golden Globes speech has sparked debate about how she should use it.

Manchin said he didn’t think Republicans proved they’re indifferent about improving the American health care system, as some on the left are arguing.

And this year’s contenders have proved no less controversial.

But this proved to be his own undoing.

“No one thought he could win the presidency, but he’s proved everyone wrong before.”

The Electoral College proved the doubters wrong.

This proved false, as emails showed that Donald Trump Jr. agreed to meet on the pretext of receiving the damaging information.

“Stop Trump” efforts proved of limited utility.

This proved false, as emails showed that Donald Trump Jr. agreed to meet on the pretext of receiving the damaging information.

It also gives us more time to get to know them — which, even for an established Runaways fan like me, proved important.

Because wounds heal less effectively in space, this proved useful for astronauts on long missions.

Social tagging proved a critical stepping stone for museums striving for Parry’s postdigital state.

Satisfied that the man’s answer proved he was Mexican, the agent waved him through.

But Medicaid has proved to be a shockingly resilient program throughout the Obamacare repeal and replace process.

Satisfied that the man’s answer proved he was Mexican, the agent waved him through.

and followed up with a blood test; when those results proved that he wasn’t drunk, he was free to go.

Upon learning about Allbirds, I actually thought wool sneakers were a bad idea, but the Wool Runners definitely proved me wrong.

“That view proved to be very wide of the mark.”

Basically, three unexpected things happened: 1) US oil production proved more resilient than anyone expected.

The BLO also proved adept at corrupting public officials, according to Insight Crime.

On a night when Trump tried to claim that he had a presidential temperament, the O’Donnell feud once again proved otherwise.

For the majority who request aid in dying, the simple knowledge of autonomy at the end of life has proved to relieve suffering.

But getting customers to volunteer to ship empty used packaging back for proper disposal has proved nearly impossible.

“I kind of proved that today.

It wasn’t psycho-dramatic.” The process of making the record, though, proved to be a guiding light during a fraught period.

That, in retrospect, proved a blip.

The court’s 5-4 ruling, which saw conservative Chief Justice John Roberts join the court’s four liberals in the majority, ultimately proved decisive.

This proved true!

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