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We would rather error on the side of protecting victims and removing this type of content when we become aware of it.

The crowd cheered and clapped — not exactly a sure thing with a Republican audience when it comes to protecting LGBTQ people’s rights.

But to this administration, their amazing daughter was just one more American life that wasn’t worth protecting.

And the countries that we protecting at a massive cost to us will be asked to pay their fair share.

“This bill is a step toward protecting children in Alabama,” Ivey said, according to CNN.

“This bill is a step toward protecting children in Alabama,” Ivey said, according to CNN.

Nicole, on the other hand, was protecting her fair complexion at all costs.

They have skin in the game and an understandable interest in protecting it.

Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over.

“They are deliberately not protecting his health ..

When I showed up to deal with all that, the locals demanded payment for “protecting my car” all night.

Instead it thanked Avaaz “for sharing their research for us to investigate,” and said it remained dedicated to protecting the EU elections.

Those people will be protecting Americans for decades to come.

The Democratic National Committee criticized Wednesday’s memo in a statement, and urged Congress to pass a law explicitly protecting LGBT workers from discrimination.

With Goff now in the fold, protecting the quarterback will be at least as important as opening holes for Pro Bowl tailback Todd Gurley.

One of them is protecting the general public.

1) Care (blue bars): The care foundation measures the psychological tendency to believe that morality requires caring for and protecting the vulnerable.

Perhaps protecting sacred land is the maintenance work that we as citizens must do for our culture at large.

It’s now a key piece of infrastructure that fire crews are intent on protecting.

A company-wide system for protecting personal data needs to be established and understood by every staff member.

But Republicans in Congress have multiple legislative vehicles for protecting Mueller’s investigation, should they choose to use them.

Matthew Broderick’s longtime wife fielded questions from our photog about protecting yourself before you tie the knot.

As local head of WCS, McNab was tasked with protecting the 250 or so scarlet macaws remaining in Guatemala.

“This,” he said, “is what we’re protecting.

The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and is seen as vital in protecting against climate change.

RGS companies remain committed to providing law enforcement with the help it needs while protecting the security of their customers and their customers’ information.

BREAKING: PA wins nationwide injunction blocking @POTUS’ contraception order and protecting women’s guaranteed access to health coverage.

“We are protecting our citizens, it was our responsibility to intervene.”

This piece, originally published on Grist, is the third in a series on how to tackle poverty while protecting the environment.

That was the plan for improving life and protecting the landscape around the Mexican village of Tres Reyes.

Senator from Oregon, talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher about regulating the internet and protecting America’s elections from both hackers and disinformation peddlers.

“Under your leadership, the Bureau has abandoned the very consumers it is tasked by Congress with protecting,” Frotman wrote.

While IUCN rulings have no direct legal implications, they can put pressure on policymaking aimed at protecting at-risk species.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company is committed to protecting people’s information and is engaged with the Philippines’ privacy watchdog.

Despite laws protecting gun rights and ownership, black gun owners say they aren’t as free to exercise these rights.

What do we have to do, what do we have to say to prove that our lives are worth protecting?”

“So why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries (many years) for zero compensation,” Trump said on Twitter.

It has also said the rule requires compliance with roughly 25 federal laws protecting conscience and religious rights, some of which date back decades.

Far from protecting anyone from ‘government discrimination’ as the bill claims, it is an attack on the citizens of our state.”

The challenge of protecting the world’s coastlines will only get harder as climate change continues, Geuze said.

At the age of six, she lost her father during an altercation in which he was protecting his brother.

It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of your commitment to protecting the environment if your school is in a stunning natural setting.

The USOC has outlined reforms aimed at protecting its athletes from abuse.

“Increasingly, I fear, EU policy is moving in the direction of protecting competitors at the expense of consumers,” he said.

Maine: Refused to comply due to state law protecting data.

“We remain strongly committed to protecting people’s information,” Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman said in a statement on Monday.

President Trump used his State of the Union to describe protecting patients with preexisting conditions as a top priority.

As we first reported … NYPD is already looking at assembling a special unit dedicated to protecting the building.

Florence was a big test for two different strategies for protecting the coast.

Yet rather than protecting these natural sponges, we’re destroying them.

“For years, leaders from both parties have been talking about protecting Dreamers.

protecting consumers’ privacy and the security of our devices is a top priority at Samsung,” read the statement sent via email.

Perhaps her country life aided her sense of humor in protecting her esteem.

The potential for cross-partisan alliances on protecting democratic norms and civil liberties, and preventing corruption, is much broader than on programs.

Trump has a Secret Service detail protecting him at all times.

Dark Content asks us to begin exploring the darknet and see for ourselves if anonymity, free speech, and even dangerous speech are worth protecting.

“I’m not an activist… I’m protecting the earth from climate change, destruction, and a way of life being lost from corporate profit.”

One run by the non-profit Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) focuses on protecting the Kathita River, the longest in Meru County.

Whenever the association launches an initiative to conserve a local spring, it gives the Njuri Ncheke responsibility for protecting the water source.

I have spent the second half of my career focusing on national security issues and protecting this country from terrorism.

This tells people that we’re not protecting this group, and that it’s OK to be violent to LGBT people.

Today it announced it has applied the same ideas to protecting mobile apps.

protecting a 7-5 lead, the Yankees’ Adam Ottavino struck out Jose Altuve with two on to end a scoreless eighth.

They claim to be protecting women, and the values of Europe, from assault at the hands of immigrants.

For Lost Causers, protecting representations of Lee — and depicting attacks on him as an assault on sacred American heritage — is a pivotal culture war.

And the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset.

protecting our data with encryption and other methods preserves our privacy and it keeps people safe.

“Period.” “Our courthouses serve as a vital forum for ensuring access to justice and protecting public safety,” Cantil-Sakauye wrote.

This has nothing to do with protecting fetuses from pain, as the writers of the bill like to say.

So how do we have any hope of protecting our privacy now?

This piece was found in a Pergamon gymnasium, the shelter protecting the marble from decay.

These cuts would in fact save Medicaid patients in the long term, Johnson said, by protecting the long-term solvency of the Medicaid program.

“The US, and all F-35 partners, remain fully committed to protecting all F-35 capabilities and technology,” Summers added.

The USOC outlined reforms aimed at protecting its athletes from abuse.

“We now have a CFPB which has political advisers who essentially are not interested in protecting American consumers,” she said.

protecting our workers also means reforming our system of legal immigration,” he argued.

I currently work at the National Audubon Society, the largest grassroots conservation organization dedicated to protecting birds and the places they need to survive.

That includes bolting bookshelves to walls, securing wall-mounted televisions and protecting valuable glassware or other breakables.

That includes bolting bookshelves to walls, securing wall-mounted televisions and protecting valuable glassware or other breakables.

protecting margins is always a priority, but in this case they risk losing hard-earned market share if drinkers pick cheaper brands.

Except it’s actually not a gaffe at all, just a smart manager protecting his players.

One that uses murky justifications and obscure rules to operate in the shadows in the name of protecting national security.

In fact, Hong Kong police have been accused in the past of threatening or entrapping sex workers instead of protecting them from danger.

Premier Li Keqiang pledged that the government would follow through and do what the legislation promised in protecting foreign firms.

He supported the passage of the American with Disabilities Act, a major civil rights law protecting disabled people from discrimination.

And as budgets dwindle and populations clump, the first responders tasked with protecting these communities are getting stretched to the point of breaking.

He could have said Fields startled him and he was protecting his candidate.

In a dictatorship, everything in government revolves around protecting the person at the center, but not under our democracy.”

Watch the VICE News documentary: Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam: I stopped believing mountains were “stakes” or “pegs,” protecting the Earth from earthquakes.

The first step in protecting Title IX is knowing your own rights under the law.

First the judges, now apparently the congressional budget office needs protecting.

The first hinged on Obama-era guidance that interpreted Title IX as explicitly protecting trans students.

[It’s about] protecting life and ensuring that the line of consciousness is not extinguished, which I think is incredibly important.”

“If our representatives are serious about protecting American lives, they will provide adequate funding to address this crisis.

The first hinged on Obama-era guidance that interpreted Title IX as explicitly protecting trans students.

It’s like they’re protecting each other but they’re really doing very bad damage.

However, due to lax enforcement of laws protecting the right to organize and discuss workplace complaints, many workers are fired for these activities.

Above all, they’re the front line protecting the US from violating non-refoulement.

No one is representing them or protecting them in the country of Iran, and they are killed if they try to have a voice.

In a democratic civilized society, government must play an enormously important role in protecting all of us and our planet.

“The goals [Schaaf] articulated—retaining the Raiders, and protecting the public interest—are both tremendous goals, and they’re not mutually inconsistent,” said Trask.

(If the lawsuits over those programs are still ongoing in 2021, protecting DACA and TPS recipients would be as simple as dropping the lawsuits.)

The Affordable Care Act included language protecting transgender people from discrimination based on sex stereotyping and gender identity in health care.

The attorney general has spent much of his career protecting presidents.

The attorney general has spent much of his career protecting presidents.

“It’s about protecting our economic and security interests around the world.

And McKinley, prior to being president, he was very strong on protecting our assets, protecting our country.

Owning a gun doesn’t necessarily count for much when it comes to protecting oneself or others during an active shooter incident.

As Sarah notes, 14 percent of voters say protecting people with preexisting conditions is their top priority.

She continued: It is about protecting the most personal decisions we all make from government intrusion.

“The least they should be doing is protecting those inside the camps,” he added, referring to the UN peacekeepers.

2 official voicing concern about its release in relation to protecting U.S. intelligence sources and methods.

Advocates hailed the move as a huge step forward for protecting the rights of all students and ensuring better safety on campus.

A number of alumni groups are writing letters to their college administrators asking for them to explicitly commit to protecting survivors.

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer on Tuesday criticized Trump for “overpromising” as a candidate about protecting against plant closures if he was elected.

“It’s protecting the rapists and the people who are assaulting survivors.”

This results in a foreign policy focused — to a degree most people don’t appreciate — on protecting this system from threats.

“It’s protecting the rapists and the people who are assaulting survivors.”

Because Team Obama sees the world’s basic institutions through this very positive lens, they’re focused on protecting them.

And we believe in protecting the earth from the scourge of climate change.

That means, first and foremost, protecting the current system from things that threaten it.

Cybersecurity is no longer a matter of protecting against mere nuisance.

Fortunately, there are a number of domestic and international organizations committed to fighting climate change, and protecting our earth for future generations.

When Trump vents about undoing decades of legal progress toward protecting rights to citizenship, we shouldn’t dismiss it because it’s on Twitter.

The complaint describes Cantwell and his allies as “The Monumentals” who were simply protecting public property and exercising their First Amendment rights.

Steph definitely came prepared for the burn … with ski goggles protecting his eyes.

When push comes to shove, protecting your constituents from coverage loss tends to trump ideological purity.

She talks about giving workers a voice and protecting American jobs.

She heads a non-profit organization committed to preserving and protecting the environment.

One of her primary initiatives is protecting women’s rights by ensuring that women are treated fairly across the globe.”

We can also use that understanding to improve our laws protecting teenagers from sexual abuse.

Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over.

In response, the Obama administration imposed a regulations aimed at protecting students, like gainful employment and defense to repayment.

It’s also unclear exactly whose oil tankers this new coalition will be tasked with protecting.

One’s inner life thus needs protecting only when it is externalised, such as through speech.

“The HPV vaccine has enjoyed 10 years of success in protecting girls from acquiring cervical cancer as women,” he said in an emailed comment.

I am committed to protecting both your privacy and the internet as we know it.

Vermont has a proud tradition of protecting the rights of LGBT individuals.

Past Spider-Man films have failed to give us a Peter Parker worth rooting for, worth protecting, worth looking up to.

Measures like protecting the DREAMers, promoting ACA market stabilization, and funding CHIP and community health centers have not yet moved forward.

When I say protecting, I don’t mean as in shielding.

Other species of parrotfish and surgeonfish appear to be invaluable for protecting reefs around the world.

This new study suggests that protecting these fish would help aid reefs that provide billions in benefits for tourism and shoreline protection.

Furthermore, it’s not clear what conservatives (including the president) would demand in exchange for protecting DACA recipients in a bill.

protecting fish that in turn protect reefs.

Still, they collectively represent a post-World War II moment of experimentation with form and new materials, something that is worth protecting.

Soon afterward, Trump met with Schumer and Pelosi privately to discuss a deal on protecting the DREAMers — though no deal has been finalized.

It’s insiders seeking and then protecting special privileges that give them a leg up.

In a statement Thursday, Castro said the administration is already failing at protecting children in detention.

“He is the only person, the one buffer, protecting Mueller.”

Instead, it’s designed to give legal cover to the various different state BDS laws, protecting it from a particular kind of constitutional challenge.

He talks about protecting the Veterans Administration from privatization and wants to legalize medical cannabis.

“The allies are the businesses he’s protecting in exchange for money.

Most states and the federal government don’t have laws explicitly protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination in these types of settings.

Most people, if they have a sense of what Coretta Scott King did — it’s about protecting her husband’s legacy.

In the interest of their safety, police formed a line protecting the rally members and tried to load them into police vans.

Then, he began emotionally asking the riot police why they’re protecting rally attendees rather than them.

What aspects of this work are the museum staff and wall-text protecting me, or my kids, against?

And that you come from a very white noble cause and that your culture is worth protecting.

“So why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries (many years) for zero compensation,” Trump said on Twitter.

“All of these countries should be protecting their own ships on what has always been a dangerous journey.” (Reporting by Makini Brice)

There’s little room for error when it comes to protecting the 2.6 million airline passengers that zip across the sky each day.

As your President, I am dedicated to protecting the lives of every American, including the unborn.

As President, I am committed to protecting the right to life and supporting women’s health services.

As President, I am committed to protecting religious liberty for all Americans.

“He is standing in a fig leaf position protecting his pelvis.

The measure, which Trump says is aimed at protecting the country from terrorist attacks, has drawn protests and legal challenges.

To put it bluntly, they tend to care more about protecting the Court as an institution than about enforcing the Constitution itself.

In addition to the Left’s affinity for those it sees as weak, humans are generally biased towards protecting females.

It’s not out there protecting people from public health or environmental externalities.

Once again, an important civic institution worth protecting has been eroded by the president’s insistence that he be the center of attention.

Some police forces performed worse than others when it came to protecting women from domestic abusers and stalkers.

Environmental Protection Agency The EPA, a government agency tasked with protecting the environment through regulations, will be threatened under the Trump administration.

But to this Administration, their amazing daughter was just one more American life that wasn’t worth protecting.

“The Europeans have failed to fulfil their promises of protecting Iran’s interests under the deal.” (Writing by Parisa Hafezi Editing by Mark Heinrich)

Disney is famously litigious when it comes to protecting its brand, as Flynn is learning firsthand.

That team is composed of X-Men, who are supposed to be protecting the people shunned by society.

That has always been interpreted as a call for the United States to remove its “nuclear umbrella” protecting South Korea and Japan.

Guardians are members of the community, protecting from within.

This is not what you would expect of a secret intelligence service supposedly protecting the national interest.”

I can listen to your progressive chatter at the water cooler, but are you protecting Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose?

RSA vendors were given Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets set in “kiosk” mode, with a password protecting the scanning app.

We are protecting our subjects.

The people we owe the most to are our participants, and protecting them is always job one.

He believed it great, and thus worth protecting.

protecting such populations has often been given as a reason for using solitary.

protecting a smokeless future Reynolds, too, has its own “grassroots” advocacy campaign, called Transform Tobacco.

One is about security of protecting … security of the devices and the code that is inside.

Health advocates say the company has insidiously used this campaign in its efforts to win legislation protecting e-cigarettes from harsher regulation.

It decided that it did: that protecting an international norm against the use of chemical weapons, among other things, was an important national interest.

protecting low-income ratepayers, raising funds for energy-efficiency programs, or paying for sunk network assets that everybody benefits from — these are all important goals.

But while it is an interesting adaptation for humans to share with sharks, it is also one of the biggest obstacles to protecting them.

So if we care about protecting victims, there’s already a lot of incentive to get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

This denial of access to video footage after officer-involved fatalities is often described as essential to protecting the investigation and maintaining public calm.

If some see video technology as protecting the public from police, the formula can also be flipped.

And shockingly, only a small handful of states have gender-therapy bans protecting people from physical harm.

According to him, the company’s just protecting its bottom line.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has repeatedly said he would not be coerced into withdrawing Kenyan forces from Somalia, saying the troops are protecting Kenya.

Marc Cherna, for one, believes that used correctly, predictive analytics can change the game when it comes to protecting young kids in America.

But the virus is still worth protecting against.

The idea is that female-only vaccination confers a “herd immunity,” protecting boys and men who don’t get vaccinated.

“He has a very liberal view of gun rights, since he apparently wanted to undo a key court victory protecting them,” she writes.

The Verizon DBIR does show that, despite huge investments in these areas, these strategies are not effective at protecting data.

“It’s disturbing how much pressure it took to get this common-sense step from the guy in charge of protecting the air we breathe.”

“The Europeans have failed to fulfill their promises of protecting Iran’s interests under the deal.” Writing by Parisa Hafezi; Editing by Mark Heinrich

The HPV vaccine that’s already available to us has been shown to be effective in protecting against oral cancers, too.

Trump’s engagement reflects the high political stakes of protecting jobs in a key electoral state.

They’re betting that the best strategy for protecting the environment is to stretch our society’s understanding of what counts as a person.

“We are better off frankly if South Korea is going to start protecting itself,” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper back in March.

“We are both keeping them safe, and protecting their rights and freedoms.”

protecting full and equal citizenship for all Americans remains a moral and legal imperative.

He accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of being beholden to Moscow due to energy imports, while letting Americans pay for protecting Germany from Russia.

We should strive to live up to that standard when protecting the most important right in any democracy.

Graham largely stands alone in the GOP in the forcefulness of his rhetoric on the Russia investigation and his commitment to protecting Mueller.

The key, therefore, is whether the Republican political firewall now protecting Trump breaks.

For these whites, it’s about protecting their in-group and showing some sense of favoritism, completely independent of racial prejudice.

By rejecting the possibility of failure or the unknown, I was protecting myself.

It is about protecting children.”

It’s also not about protecting states from being “forced” to fund Planned Parenthood, as some reporting has suggested.

protecting shareholder assets and intellectual property is the job of every CEO, it is not central to BlackBerry’s strategy however.

They would check each other naturally, as a byproduct of exerting and protecting their authority.

And so the institution meant to check the president now finds itself protecting him.

But when elected officials are less interested in protecting their institution than in toeing the party line, it all falls apart.

The company was protecting “brilliant jerks,” as Uber board member Arianna Huffington referred to them, and Susan Fowler called them on it.

But if it does help save the monarch from extinction, it could be an innovative model for protecting other endangered species in the future.

The synthetic drug market in China continues to boom, partly because there is little oversight and regulation protecting the country’s enormous chemical industry.

As we discuss keeping our community safe, it is important to emphasize that part of keeping people safe is protecting individual security and liberty.

“That our government, our representatives are uninterested in protecting that, there’s going to be damage from that.

Yet the work continues on protecting the eagle, and seeing to its survival into the future.

“Over 80 years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped create a government that made transformative progress in protecting the needs of working families.

Over eighty years ago Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped create a government that made transformative progress in protecting the needs of working families.

First, protecting our election infrastructure: voter registration systems, voting machines, tally servers, election night reporting, etc.

How are you, strangely enough, protecting Trump Baby?

“…providing Wikipedia over Tor would promote awareness of Tor itself as a technology for protecting user privacy,” Consonni wrote in his proposal.

“They took it all away, all on the theory of protecting people from trans people,” Suffredini said.

Streisand and Ross aren’t outside of the norm in protecting a man they perceive as more important than his accusers.

While the American Constitution prohibits unequal treatment under law, many states do not have laws protecting citizens against racial profiling.

But American heavyweights such as Apple, GM and even Michael Jordan have faced fights in China over protecting their intellectual property.

And Finance Minister Taro Aso expressed empathy with Washington over protecting intellectual property.

Much of the effort has also focused on protecting scattered homes and small communities in the sparsely populated fire zone.

They say they came to power in a popular revolt against corruption and are protecting the country from foreign invasion.

Our brains were protecting our bodies and what happened wasn’t our fault.

3 See, e.g., protecting and Promoting the Open Internet, WC Docket No.

“I am not protecting Trump anymore,” he said.

Because every time it happened, her first thought was about protecting him.”

protecting our kids from gun violence.

Priority number one is protecting the American people and going after terrorist networks.

Masia now faces similar challenges in protecting her contacts—something she didn’t have to do as an MC in Toronto.

Trump has sought to ban transgender people from serving in the military, rescinded a memo protecting trans workers, and stripped protections for trans prisoners.

protecting the privacy of the people who use Facebook is at the heart of everything we do.

But what sources describe as the true inner circle, the so-called “A-team,” is made up mostly of men, whom Kalanick is keen on protecting.

The Gomes news came shortly after the Indians announced that pitcher Tommy Hunter fractured a vertebrae protecting a child during a fall.

He said the move was aimed at protecting U.S. jobs.

protecting our national security is one of the most important tasks a president has, and Trump is failing at it.”

In other words, the federal government intends to allow religion to dictate policy by protecting fetuses by any means necessary.

This is about protecting the private tax returns of every American.”

It’s a principle that’s long been used to litigate environmental issues from protecting drinking water to controlling air pollution.

By protecting himself, Epstein may have been able to protect his famous friends as well.

People are really unhappy with Facebook and revelations that the company hasn’t been protecting user data the way it should.

To prevent any potential transmissions, I was protecting myself from exposure to radiation on a daily basis,” Morishita adds.

(Not to mention the logical gymnastics necessary to argue you are protecting this universal government program from…

“There is not a contradiction between protecting Second Amendment rights” and reducing crime, Clinton replied.

There are few laws protecting employees in my home state, and I like fighting for the underdog.

There are laws protecting you if you are retaliated for attempting to discuss poor work conditions or bullying with your boss.

Jonasia Maupin said that last month, when the KKK rallied, she felt like the police were protecting them, and not her.

Of the 50 states, 21 including Colorado and Oregon have anti-discrimination laws protecting gay people.

It’s always about security, it’s always about protecting the privacy.

protecting and expanding their range is far more scalable and far less expensive than engineering the climate to slow the pace of warming.

He’s going to start protecting … Pedophiles.

Instead, the statement focuses on protecting current Americans.

Instead, the statement focuses on protecting current Americans.

Russian authorities say the law, introduced in 2014, is aimed at protecting Russians’ personal data.

“But to this administration, their amazing daughter was just one more American life that wasn’t worth protecting.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan hailed the move as a necessary step for protecting the health of the city’s inhabitants.

We’re protecting people.

It’s deeply frustrating to watch people who are supposed to be protecting women like Wehner fumble at their jobs.

And I know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better for you.

I think that part of it’s a base-riling-up strategy, but part of it is protecting against what they see is …

They have skin in the game and an understandable interest in protecting it.

He’s focused on protecting preexisting conditions, the economy, and Social Security — not the newer policy ideas animating the left.

The source says this is all about protecting their children.

They’re protecting her and helping her be brave.

The group also signed agreements on protecting migrant labor and fighting terrorism and cybercrime.

The four liberals want the courts to take a more active role at protecting racial minorities’ representation in the redistricting process.

The suppression of the Stormy Daniels and Access Hollywood stories is clearly about protecting Trump.

If it isn’t clear enough already, this is about protecting Trump.

They stand protecting a stone-walled institution that in the polar tones of the image is glaring in its whiteness.

“The prosecutors’ idea that Amara is protecting Eni’s management is proven wrong by the facts,” Mondello said.

The US has an interest in fighting terrorist groups and protecting allies, like Kenya, from harm.

The main goal of Trump’s East Asia policy, according to Trump, is to limit the costs to America of protecting its allies.

No, because no one understood how important seat belts were to protecting children.

That includes protecting EU citizens living in Northern Ireland (as many have dual Irish-UK citizenship) and free movement on the island of Ireland.

In politics, the only rule is protecting your own.

“It’s like they’re protecting each other,” Trump said in an interview with ITV Britain on Wednesday.

“The boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and I get it.

Opposition politicians accuse the government of undue haste without protecting foreign workers’ rights.

protecting our customers’ privacy is the highest priority.”

In 1974, Congress passed sweeping regulations aimed at protecting human subjects, requiring IRBs in government-funded research.

“This bill is not about protecting women.

LL: It is very useful and it is largely effective but the big question is why and for whom are we protecting heritage?

The other reason is that the superdelegates are the Democratic Party’s stalwarts, those most devoted to protecting its image.

BD: For developing countries the debate naturally is, to what extent do you put in resources for protecting heritage versus attending to basic needs.

For the past six years, these reforms have provided key protections to consumers and stability to the banking system by protecting consumers.

No one has been appointed to run the Transportation Security Administration, which is primarily charged with protecting the United States’ air travel system.

protecting the environment on a global scale is a matter of trust.

It’s also notable because most states do not have laws protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination.

After all, it is my community that it will be protecting, so someone from the community must represent.

They have long advocated for protecting same-sex marriage and for protecting religious dissenters.

I think progressives are less interested in promoting and exporting democracy and more interested in protecting it.

They reject U.S. claims that protecting metals output is needed for “defense requirements and critical infrastructure”.

“By giving Lula a cabinet position, Rousseff is protecting her own reputation and legacy, as much as she is Lula’s.

The only real explanation here is that Trump felt he was protecting a trusted ally.

I think the US is moving away from actually protecting human rights around the world.

The very idea that the government, charged with protecting its citizens, is hoarding cyberweapons that undermine citizens’ digital security makes some observers bristle.

The very idea that the government, charged with protecting its citizens, is hoarding cyberweapons that undermine citizens’ digital security makes some observers bristle.

But it also has formidable, profit-driven wildlife business interests that risk undermining progress on protecting the endangered big cats, conservationists say.

In a statement, he said, “By enacting this legislation, we take an important step in protecting the unborn…

It’s also the first time voters have chosen to uphold a law protecting transgender people’s bathroom use.

It’s also the first time voters have chosen to uphold a law protecting transgender people’s bathroom use.

And seeing it rescinded is a huge signal that the government is no longer concerned with protecting survivors’ access to education.”

And a President and an administration that continues this policy isn’t protecting our border and our people.

It is important to preserve Jerusalem’s status for the sake of protecting peace in the region,” Bozdag said.

And a President and an administration that continues this policy isn’t protecting our border and our people.


Plans include raising coastal infrastructure, protecting vulnerable supply chains, and increasing disaster training.

With the electoral process now over, we all face the challenge of protecting human rights for everyone in Brazil.”

One run by the non-profit Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) focuses on protecting the Kathita River, the longest in Meru County.

Whenever the association launches an initiative to conserve a local spring, it gives the Njuri Ncheke responsibility for protecting the water source.

They ran ads about protecting people with preexisting conditions and working on behalf of the middle class.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced a number of steps it was taking to try to increase transparency with users while also protecting data.

On many fronts, the state of California has been struggling with protecting inmates in jail.

We want to contribute to protecting the world, water, and air.

The Robert Mueller investigation grew out of the firing of FBI Director Comey, a way of protecting the Trump-Russia investigation from presidential interference.

So YouTube is protecting independent creators who have built their livelihood on its platform with intelligent content.

Internet users are rabid about protecting their online freedoms, and many will cast their votes based on that.”

But it is a little hard because I can’t be a fan with someone, because I’m protecting my headcanon.

But the bragging does seem to run counter to the service’s principles of protecting its data at all costs.

“The president is committed to ensuring the Secret Service and all of those protecting our country have all the resources they need,” it said.

The Little Sisters have no way of protecting themselves should their Big Daddy fall.

“From the perspective of protecting rare species, I think it is a benefit that social media sites strip information from pictures,” Steen said.

It was clear that Breitbart prioritized its relationship with Trump ahead of protecting one of its own.

In abiding by the oath I took on January 20th, I will remain steadfast in protecting American lives and American interests.

3) protecting energy R&D programs.

The U.S. Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain, is tasked with protecting the commercial ships in the area.

It’s about protecting our democracy,” Klingbeil added.

President Donald Trump wants voters to believe that Republicans are the party protecting Americans with preexisting conditions.

You had no intention of protecting Dr. Ford.

It’s compassion, determination, inspiration, and love rolled into one moment: Diana is taking fire and protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and is seen as vital in protecting against climate change.

I thought I was protecting everyone.

I was protecting my dad’s career.

I was protecting Kevin, who my dad surely would have tried to punch.

I was protecting myself, because I thought one day I’d want to work with this man.

protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits,” he said.

The Republican senator has waffled on the issue of protecting Mueller, and of late he’s been a loyal attack dog for the president.

If the election is already illegitimate, you’re not delegitimizing it by using force — you’re protecting the cause.

Jeremy and Jennifer watched, the latter splitting time being a fan with protecting her husband from the threat of a stray ball.

At the same time, she was protecting an industry, not the consumer.

“We hope that any grief inspired in the public will encourage them to engage in protecting biodiversity,” Vu and Oliver told me.

He constantly talks about the importance of protecting Americans with preexisting conditions while also voicing support for a bill that doesn’t do that.

Environmentalists say protecting existing forests and restoring damaged ones prevents flooding, stores carbon, limits climate change and protects biodiversity.

So how on earth can he release a 30-second video saying he supports protecting preexisting conditions?

Hawley is right, of course, that Congress could pass a new law protecting preexisting conditions.

Barros has been accused of protecting his former mentor, the Rev.

“Our goal is to revive Mount Olivella, bringing balance and protecting the environment by planting at least 5,000 new trees,” Escif told Hyperallergic.

“At the time, it seemed like intellectual property worth protecting,” Boyer says.

protecting America’s national security can never be an after thought.

On one hand, there was an active shooter who had just murdered five police officers protecting a peaceful protest.

Other states have taken the opposite approach, steeling themselves for a future without a federal law protecting abortion rights, which now seems worryingly near.

And protecting the ones that are left is vitally important.

This compressed production cycle also assisted in protecting the show’s secrets.

They’re reacting strongly to the idea of protecting the country.

Law enforcement is tasked with serving and protecting communities equally.

Representatives told the Sargasso team they didn’t see the rationale for protecting a region that doesn’t have much fishing.

“It has to be done with an eye toward protecting sovereignty,” he said.

After last year’s Equifax hack, Wired put together a guide to protecting yourself and your information.

Fisher praised the Honduran government for devoting “significant resources” to “understanding and protecting this momentous discovery” before cutting the conversation short.

A lot comes down to self-protection, but also protecting my own community.

He was traveling to Kenya for a UNESCO conference on protecting underwater cultural heritage in East Africa, according to Italian media reports.

It’s protecting Facebook’s users, right?

Congress has several options available for protecting Mueller’s investigation, as Vox’s Jeff Stein previously reported.

In addition to protecting homes with flame retardants, these AIG employees respond to fires and map homes in real time as wildfires approach.

For example, government weather forecasting and GPS satellites, crucial for protecting and enabling America’s critical infrastructure, currently fall outside the definition.

protecting competition speaks to the basic principles of economic opportunity and fairness,” she said.

On Friday, he called on police officers to shove suspects into cars without protecting the suspects’ heads from the impact.

He finally ended with one question: Why does Facebook put the burden of flagging inappropriate content on users instead of protecting them itself?

The agency asked the company whether it believed Musk’s tweet followed SEC rules about protecting investors, The Journal reported.

Booker also asked if Zuckerberg was committed to protecting civil rights activists so they are not targeted on Facebook.

Now the tables have turned: As Republicans have increasingly splintered over how to dismantle Obamacare, the Democratic Party has largely unified around protecting it.

“We’re a country of law and order, and we’re enforcing the law and protecting our borders,” Sanders said.

Comedy club owners allowing him to work their venues demonstrate a lack of interest in protecting their employees — especially women.

back is a sign that they believe there are some things more important than protecting the people who work for them from potential harm.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a car hit a firefighter who was protecting homes from the flames.

And although some universities have policies protecting LGBTQ people from bullying, it’s not legally required for them to do so.

Look around you: What are your options for protecting yourself and your loved ones?

But it is critical not to mistake broad dissatisfaction with the president’s budget priorities for a commitment to protecting public assistance programs—particularly SNAP.

And it changes the meaning of the sentence, which effectively alters Americans’ interpretation of government’s role in protecting their individual rights.

protecting this right is important to me.

Skin grows over the eggs, protecting them until they hatch.

We also have an administration deeply devoted to protecting the fossil fuel industry, particularly the ailing coal sector.

“I am for, to the maximum extent possible, protecting life,” said Smith, who is not a member of the RSC.

Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over?

And so sites that just a week ago were tentatively committed to protecting Jones’s “free speech” couldn’t about-face fast enough.

But they have to support preexisting conditions because the broader public is overwhelmingly in favor of protecting them.

Yet at the same time, GOP candidates in some of 2018’s most important elections are telling voters they support protecting preexisting conditions.

Add all these facts together, and Republicans’ claim that they support protecting preexisting conditions just as fiercely as Democrats borders on ridiculous.

Simply put, protecting preexisting conditions is really popular.

The Republican governor said she agreed with “the importance of protecting religious liberty.”

Today’s ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our Nation’s homeland.

President Trump has been all over the place on what he wants in return for protecting Dreamers from deportation.

He seemed apologetic once he realized the situation — but ya can’t blame him for protecting himself.

Republicans meanwhile were unanimous in their declaration that Democrats were shutting down the government over protecting undocumented immigrants.

It also remains unclear whether the North Koreans have perfected a re-entry vehicle capable of protecting a nuclear warhead during its descent.

But Nzinga said the movement was now focused on protecting black Americans’ rights.

Trump said he would be fair and flexible on the issue while protecting American workers.

Sansa’s been through a lot of trauma, and this subtle strapping was a way of protecting herself.

protecting the disparate impact standard strengthens our communities and our nation.

“The problem is, these promises need to translate into meaningful policies in protecting journalists and combating impunity.

“The problem is, these promises need to translate into meaningful policies in protecting journalists and combating impunity.

By choosing to fire Damore, Google was essentially protecting itself from more criticism and potential future lawsuits.

And, increasingly, they’re supposed to pay attention to conservation and environmental issues, maintaining ecosystems or protecting endangered species.

Doesn’t this go against everything we were ever taught about protecting your online privacy?

The first rule of protecting your online privacy is being careful about what you post on Facebook.

“The Great Bear Rainforest is a global treasure, and all British Columbians have a stake in protecting it,” Clark said.

Anglin claimed he contacted the ACLU for help protecting his right to free speech.

protecting our workers also means reforming our system of legal immigration.

It’s no longer a political organization dedicated to shrinking government and protecting the free market.

The Israeli government says it is protecting its borders and that its troops are following rules of engagement.

You have documents .… And Hobby Lobby gives us a roadmap for protecting business persons.

But leaders have sometimes accepted the cost of protecting refugee lives.

Customs and Border Protection is entrusted with the critical responsibility of protecting our nation’s borders.

We’re not the ones the cops are out there protecting.

While zoo officials clearly believed the child was in danger, other onlookers believed Harambe was just as clearly protecting the child.

Some 800 companies signed a letter to Congressional leaders after Trump’s decision, calling for legislation protecting Dreamers.

We are committed to protecting the intellectual property and proprietary data that defines our business.

Patrick’s endgame … protecting him from harm as he tools down the highway.

He then moved on to the “electric files,” password protecting his computer and breaking the keyboard.

Prosecutors argued he put the school and their own interests ahead of protecting the child.

The talks would “focus on Sweden’s consular responsibilities as a protecting power for the United States, Canada, and Australia” according to the statement.

The talks would “focus on Sweden’s consular responsibilities as a protecting power for the United States, Canada, and Australia” according to the statement.

In its capacity as a “protecting power,” Sweden provides consular services for Americans who encounter problems when visiting the isolated dictatorship.

When it comes to protecting bees in the US, Minnesota is way ahead of all the other states.

Instead, he promised a “new future of automotive leadership” that focused on relaxing environmental regulations and protecting American autoworkers from foreign competitors.

Perhaps as a way of protecting myself, I’ve split the figure of my father into two completely different people.

That’s what makes this country so unique and so special, and so we want to make sure that we’re protecting that.

Capito also told me last week that one of her top priorities is protecting people on Medicaid.

Among Cassidy’s most grievous sins, according to Kimmel, were promising to cover more people and protecting people with high medical costs.

Bern wanted clarifications on protecting Swiss wages, regulating state aid, and spelling out citizens’ rights.

And when it comes to the underlying question here — protecting American democracy — I’m an instrumentalist.

So, if you were president, would you try protecting Eastern Europe from Russian aggression?

We have an agency called the Environmental Protection Agency, which is not only supposed to be protecting the environment, but our health as well.

Like, protecting us?

What if you got shot while protecting us?

As several investigations have found, these accountability efforts are often sidelined by a broad culture of police protecting each other no matter what.

“We have been busy protecting everyone’s free speech during the demonstrations,” the Union wrote, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Here’s how you can support the Sierra Club conservation efforts by protecting the environment in your local community.

Trump could argue that any or all of the Trump trademarks are just a matter of protecting Trump’s brand internationally from counterfeiters.

“Facebook is already too big and too powerful, and it has used that power to exploit users’ data without protecting their privacy.

“I think we are still far, far away from having a law specifically recognizing and protecting LGBT people from discrimination,” Korman said.

Proponents of these laws have claimed they are protecting children with Down syndrome, but that’s just not true.

“Wealthy, wealthy countries that we’re protecting are all under notice,” the president said at the Pentagon in January.

protecting free speech on campus by expelling students for their political activism: just what the First Amendment’s drafters intended.

America will never apologize for protecting its citizens.

And he failed on another front: protecting the Senate itself.

Instead of protecting women, the law has placed a burden on women across the state of Texas, Rikelman said.

You know, we’re protecting south Korea.

Then scuttles, hands behind her head, protecting her neck, low as she can, to the door.

These icons symbolized the ridiculous expectation that, like caped vigilantes protecting a whole city, individual teachers should single-handedly fix society’s most pressing problems.

Yet Harris said the company was simultaneously committed to “protecting civil rights and liberties,” without providing specifics.

White moderates and liberals must not abandon the project of protecting minority rights.

But only 13 states and the District of Columbia have anti-discrimination laws on the books protecting transgender students.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a way to do hotline prevention work that provides a safe space for every caller while protecting volunteers.

Empowering workers, protecting public health, and preserving landscapes were part of a single effort.

The original 12-member deal was thrown into limbo early last year when President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement to prioritize protecting U.S. jobs.

That means that as of today, the rights of states to govern themselves won’t apply to protecting net neutrality.

protecting DREAMers is popular, border security is popular, and bipartisan deals are popular — so why not?

“As the industry leader in solar technology, we take protecting our intellectual property very seriously,” SunPower said in a statement.

“Fallout shelters do not need to be specifically constructed for protecting against fallout,” it said.

He’s been given the opportunity to fight for something infinitely more significant than protecting Joffrey.

Several 2020 contenders have proposed protecting access to abortion in federal law.

Beyond that, Brown drops some pearls of wisdom for the new NBA rookies — especially when it comes to protecting that wallet!

States can pass legislation protecting workers from political pressure on the job.

Besides protecting Dreamers from deportation, the McCain-Coons plan would boost security on the Mexican border.

The social priority, until that point, was clear: protecting a rich and powerful man over the women who accuse him of such acts.

The VA’s role administering medical care means it easily fits into the category of protecting human life.

Kate also believes people at Guess were complicit in protecting and enabling Marciano.

“Instead of loving, protecting and providing for you and our daughters, I have provided a terrible example, and exposed you to rage and violence.”

So, thank you Roslyn Layton, for convincing Canadians that we’ve made the right call when it comes to protecting the internet.

The group has been protecting a host of websites since 2014, thanks in part to nearly $500,000 in funding from the Canadian government.

They campaigned on removing restrictions around welfare, protecting the Affordable Care Act, and creating jobs.

Racial animus, anti-intellectual populism, and the violent project of protecting whiteness have long been part of American party politics.

Schools are able to find these loopholes for public records laws for protecting trade secrets.

Washington, D.C., and 23 states have laws explicitly protecting state employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trump has promised to rescind DACA, Obama’s executive order protecting more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who arrived as children.

Multiple federal agencies, including the Justice Department, Homeland Security Department and intelligence community, play a role in protecting U.S. elections from foreign interference.

Pat McCrory argued that the anti-LGBTQ law was necessary after Charlotte passed an ordinance protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination.

“We still need to protect you, do you understand?” “You are not protecting me,” the demonstrator retorted.

On immigration policy, America first means protecting the jobs, wages and security of American workers.

The rights group said the proposals run counter to IBM’s stated goals of protecting so-called “Dreamer” immigrants from deportation.

Rosenstein cautioned that the department’s ability to disclose foreign operations could be hampered by concerns about protecting intelligence sources and methods.

We hope protecting in a sentence examples were helpful.