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Meanwhile, in Madame Satan’s boudoir, a female figure serves the proprietress and a suitor tea.

And they must have enjoyed the feeling of being a guest in Sonia’s house, that strange, intimate submission to the proprietress that pervades both Italian homes and restaurants.

I asked the proprietress if I could ask her a few questions, and she quickly deferred to her teenage daughter, who spoke Italian.

The proprietress came over and asked me where I was from, and if I’d ever eaten Vietnamese food before.

A scion of the Purdue Pharma fortune by marriage to David Sackler (one of eight family members mentioned in the lawsuit above) the proprietress of a private wine club called LBV recently launched an athleisure wear brand for her business called LBV Care for Joss Sackler.

Sitting at her desk, Postmasters’s indomitable proprietress Magda Sawon sighed audibly when asked how things were.

Keum Jeong-ja is a feisty proprietress of a nameless chicken hof in a rundown neighborhood in eastern Seoul.

The proprietress used to be an AV star and a pinup model, and she’s buddies with many high-level ramen masters.

Robert asks me: “Don’t you think that the proprietress comes from southern Germany?

Chat with the proprietress, learn as much as you can, and fill that velvet pouch to the brim.

The film and theater actress, recording artist, legal salesperson, and lifestyle influencer can now add nightclub proprietress to her resume.

Mamta Bamhi, the proprietress of Faqir Chand and Sons, a popular bookstore, said that her family is one of only four of the original owners left since most of the others have cashed in on sky-high real estate prices.

A few days after the far-right rally in Charlottesville, last month, Netty Davit’ashvili, Cheeseboat’s twenty-nine-year-old Georgian-American proprietress, put out a sign advertising her soup of the day: “The Tears of Neo-Nazis.” When diners asked for the special, they were served bowls of kharcho —a hearty Georgian stew made with rice and cherry-plum purée.

It was a modest hotel, so it didn’t have air-conditioning, although it was clean; they had stayed there before, and at home in England they referred jocularly to Signora Petricci, the proprietress, as if she were an old friend.

He brought with him an expert proprietress of Korean royal cuisine, a legion of chefs, and the finest ingredients harvested from each of the South’s eight provinces for an elaborate playacting of the sumptuous court banquets featured in the popular TV series, “Dae Jang Geum,” (“Jewel in the Palace”), of which Kim the Second purportedly was a big fan.

A diamond Cartier feather is, au fond, a fake feather, but I doubt that any severely pro-authenticity proprietress of one of those earnest, soulless spaces would throw one in the trash.

Naomi flees, runs for miles, and finds sanctuary of a kind in a Georgia brothel, where Cynthia, the proprietress and madam, delights in her good luck at having found a source of free labor.

In ‘Joe Turner,’ the clash between the American and the African shakes white and black theatergoers as violently as it has shaken the history we’ve all shared.” — Frank Rich [Read the review] TONY AWARDS Six nominations, with L. Scott Caldwell winning best featured actress for her performance as the boardinghouse’s proprietress.

Calcutta Chinese Food’s proprietress, who would only identify herself as Mrs. Liu, said that dishes like Hakka lo mein noodles, curry chicken and a Chinese take on vegetable pakoras (a common Indian fried vegetable fritter) are similar to what Chinese people from Kolkata eat in their homes.

I received my first confirmation of this one morning in 1996, when I dropped by to secure a lunch reservation and found the proprietress, Piera Bortoluzzi Librai, hunched over a bowl filled with the tiny local shrimp known as schie, which she peeled with her own fingers.

The proprietress shows us into a closed dining room for privacy and leaves us with iced coffees.

When he boldly asks to rent a space for his first shop above Hattie Carnegie’s store, a saleswoman sends him to go see the proprietress — and gives him the address of the Bellevue mental hospital.

“I want to purchase a lot of stuff,” he said to the store’s proprietress.

You know, Arles is Communist, a very poor town,” said Julia de Bierre, the proprietress of a très fabuleux bed-and-breakfast and contemporary art gallery, Galerie Huit Arles.

Now you don’t have Ms. Streep as Donna, the American proprietress of a Greek villa, and so because of scheduling, money, perhaps Ms. Streep’s dignity, you’ve killed Donna off.

Anthology provides a showcase for westerns that challenge the conservative depiction of women as homemakers or damsels in distress, a mode that goes well beyond Joan Crawford’s rugged saloon proprietress in “Johnny Guitar” (on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday) and Barbara Stanwyck’s “high-ridin’ woman with a whip” in “Forty Guns” (on Sunday, Thursday and Sept. 8).

So what if its proprietress is a little severe?

The proprietress’s grandiose ideas about what she will do for her guests take up significant space, too.

And it brings out the most extreme behavior in everyone present, especially Masha, the proprietress, who was none too stable to begin with.

Mrs. Sackler, 34, is the proprietress of LBV, a private social club, from where this collection, LBV Care of Joss Sackler, grew.

“We know exactly what his thoughts were, his preoccupations were, his obsessions were.” The curator is particularly excited with the Van Gogh Museum’s loans of “The Old Church Tower at Nuenen,” the artist’s second great early masterpiece after “The Potato Eaters” (which doesn’t travel), and a key portrait of van Gogh’s lover Agostina Segatori, a proprietress of a cafe in Montmartre in Paris.

Miss Gabriele was also well known in New York as the co-owner, with her husband, Vito Pisa, of Chez Vito, a Manhattan supper club where roaming Hungarian violinists and singers, the proprietress included, serenaded diners seated on plush red velvet banquettes at candlelit tables.

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