Production in a sentence | Use of the word production examples

The first electric car from the plant is slated to roll off the production line in 2022.

Hit by a downturn in sales, Hyundai said in April it was suspending production at one of its five plants in China.

Kia is also looking at suspending production at a China plant, a source familiar with the matter has said.

Its European Supply Centre near Budapest, launched in 2009, is Huawei’s biggest production base outside China, the group says.

Ken Adam (1921–2016), production designer.

Farmers will need to present production evidence to collect payments and payments are capped at $125,000 per person.

A source close to Kanye tells us … Kanye loved the production and was taking notes on his phone.

He adds that the production and consumption of alcohol has historically helped to foster community throughout the world.

Lorne Lanning: We actually started Oddworld Inhabitants through wanting to bring more Hollywood-style production values to games.

We are going to lift the restrictions on the production of American energy.

Of an $18.5 million production budget, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” grossed only $10.6 million.

With a massive production budget of $85 million, it only made $47.7 million in theaters.

The film was unbelievably expensive to make with a production budget of $176 million.

Once again, the film boasted a record-breaking budget — some $15.9 million — which funded a mammoth production effort.

Bayer will also seek a buyer for its 60-percent stake in German chemical production site services provider Currenta.

He uses his calming, deep hum of a voice to give ballad-like qualities to dance-forward production.

It said it had to cut oil intake from a Rosneft subsidiary by 0.5% of its yearly production, RIA reported.

79948 (November 14, 2016); and (iv) The final rule entitled “Waste Prevention, production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation,” 81 Fed.

This year production is set at 500 tonnes, according to industry officials.

His family lost two other farms to land seizures in 2000 and cut the area under coffee production by 46%.

(GRAPHIC-Global Lithium production link:

MarQuis claims the film he directed and edited is coming out in the summer, and that Rap-A-Lot Records is down with the production.

Uninamise often collaborates with these artists, helping boost their production quality so their individual styles can shine.

production started in July 2017.

Tesla plans to invest $2 billion to $2.5 billion in capital expenditures before Model 3 production begins in July.

Meanwhile, Tesla missed yet another production goal in 2016.

The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal protects Canadian and Mexican production in the event of such tariffs through a quota system.

The two-year, trimester structure emphasizes the intersection of studio production, individual research, critical analysis and curatorial experimentation.

“If you look at our production, it is hovering around 10 million bpd so we do have additional spare capacity,” he said.

Throughout her campaign, Clinton has emphasized boosting renewable energy production, rather than waging a full-frontal assault on fossil fuels.

Coal India’s output rose 7% to 606.89 million tonnes in 2018-19, and is targeting a production of 660 million tonnes in 2019-20.

His production had fallen every season since that electric debut in 2013.

Tesla’s Model 3 production troubles give rival auto makers a chance to snatch customers.

While Tesla is struggling with production of the Model 3, GM sold 23,297 Bolts in 2017, with monthly sales mostly rising.

Manufacturers who want to engage in this process already have a lot of legacy hardware, embedded software and firmly established production lines.

Though I have done production design for short film and music videos, which I enjoyed.

TMZ broke the story … production sources told us the singer was going to reference her epic legal battle during her live BMAs performance.

This is where our good friend Saucelord Rich of Atlanta production team FKi comes in.

But Trump’s tariff war has caused Harley to announce it is shifting production overseas, and despite Trump’s protests, it’s not budging.

The song’s fairly delicate production is the perfect foundation for the rapper’s lullaby-like hook.

SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

production sources tell us Lisa made some demands, but none had to do with money.

In barely three years, the American shale producer has halved their cost of production through operational efficiency gains and large savings in service costs.

Though possible, anticipated backwardation in the crude curve will limit the upside required to hedge future production.

OPEC production cuts, announced November 30th 2016, will likely be enforced with about 65-70% compliance.

This curve structure also allows OPEC to increase production when immediate demand arises.

“The condition means no other country has the right to compensate for another country’s oil production decrease.

Without further ado: + After suspending production on Clerks 3, Kevin Smith announced plans to make another Jay and Silent Bob film.

It’s unclear who, if anyone, was calling the shots from the production booth.

“The result is not a production of new work but the presentation of a familiar reality.”

SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

Such seizures are the primary indicator used to predict drug production and its profits.

When he was finally cutting the film, he started laying in this music that he’d been amassing during post and even during production.

Is there a tech part of this that’s important, or is it mostly on the creative and production side?

You can’t really automate successful production, I don’t think.

Visuals of brutality are now repurposed like samples in music production and used to provide the backdrop for the spectacular and newly relevant.

A jury awarded the production company $116,500, and Albert ended her writing career.

Trump is expected to loosen the rules governing fossil fuel production, offshore drilling, and exploration on federal lands and the Arctic.

This is the result of the film’s production.

But climate change won’t just cause new problems for food production.

But climate change won’t just cause new problems for food production.

(He’d later go on to tour the world and today is focused on production.)

In 1952, during the Korean War, a labor strike stalled steel production, cutting the availability of war materials for American troops.

I have my own TV production company, so we decided to work on it together.

OPEC’s and Russia’s biggest problem with cutting output has been that it has led to higher U.S. production and market share.

U.S. oil production C-OUT-T-EIA hit a record 9.68 million bpd last week, according to government data.

Though the production of The Selected Letters of John Cage is quite grand, the letters themselves are not particularly distinguished.

At the moment, it appears that all Viktor wants from Lamar’s production team is a public apology.

Touch-based mobile devices allowed interactive, gesture-based music production to hit the masses.

I think it’s a great opportunity.” The Reuters editorial and news staff had no role in the production of this content.

To make this film, you diverged from traditional film production.

Tesla has struggled to ramp up production of its new Model 3 sedan, which has been plagued by delays.

Alongside the GDP release, the NBS will also release industrial production, retail sales and urban fixed asset investment figures for December.

After expanding by 6.2% in the year to November, growth in industrial production is forecast to slow to 6.0%.

It states, quite simply, that only water, hops, barley, and yeast are permitted in the production of beer.

Obviously, the advent of mass production and agrochemicals have lead to the occasional contaminant finding its way into German beers.

With the clothing bringing in funds, Martyn ramped up the production value for his Mayo vids.

At the beginning of the year, OPEC and allies agreed to cut production by 1.2 million bpd.

Tesla missed a crucial production goal, but its first-quarter financials beat Wall Street expectations.

Some of the licenses would allow U.S. defense contractors like Raytheon Co and Boeing Co to run production lines in Saudi Arabia.

In the years since, they’ve spread across the country like wildfire, with ever-increasing puzzle difficulty and production value.

560 septillion of them is “around a million years of total human energy production at current rates,” the authors note in the Conversation.

I think as soon as we start vinyl production here, then it will come to a new level.

production cuts slice into revenue but also could help automakers avoid deeper price cuts on vehicles they can sell.

The program cost $72 million in production and marketing and attracted 1.15 million new subscribers worldwide based on Amazon’s accounting, the documents showed.

There are so many things I genuinely loved about it: its colorful, wacky world, full of aliens and wild cityscapes and bananas production design.

FCA has pledged to increase production of sport utility vehicles and invest in electric and hybrid cars to double operating profit by 2022.

(You know what else was a Warner Brothers production?

China currently accounts for two-thirds of the world’s reported fish production, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

It means a small piece of human skin, or the hair of a rat, fell into food during production.

It may signal that the company could clean up its production processes even more, but again, it’s not that big of a deal.

A second production line is in Florida, in a partnership between Embraer and privately held Sierra Nevada Corp of Sparks, Nevada.

And the production design and costumes are appropriately sumptuous.

We don’t yet know when the cars will be available for Uber riders — that all depends on Daimler’s production schedule.

They’re just doing a huge amount of original production.

Not to mention our film business, right, which is a huge production commitment every year, as well.

At FX, for example, which is our biggest volume of kind of scripted production, we’ve done that.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Iran has increased its missile production three-fold, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said Wednesday, according to the Fars news service.

The commander did not explain during what time period the production increase had taken place.

“Our production has increased three-fold compared to the past,” he said, referring to missiles.

Netflix has announced that the sixth season of House of Cards, currently in production, will be the show’s final season.

What’s the mandate for the production on a song like “The Look You Gave”?

W. Chump and Sons, Clarkson’s production company, secured planning permission for “The Grand Tour” filming earlier this month, according to the Oxford Mail.

The production team expects to host 350 guests on filming days.

Enforcement was overseen by the production Code Administration, which was led by devout Catholic Joseph Breen.

Options complicate production, which can lead to spiraling costs.

Boeing’s move to cut production of its troubled 737 MAX aircraft is also hurting manufacturing.

Oaxaca native Francisco Toledo opened CaSa in 2006 as a space for education, exhibition, and production.

At the same time, CaSa is a fully evolved 21st-century arts center, with a diverse offering of performance, exhibition, production, and education spaces.

Unfortunately, CaSa is also derivative of a larger institutional instability that threatens entire communities and artistic production in favor of tourism and development profit.

F-35 production volume as well as payments for maintenance increased in the quarter.

It’s a big test for Tesla, which has struggled to meet delivery and production deadlines in the past.

ABARES also cut its estimate for 2019/20 wool production by nearly 9% to 352,000 tonnes, down from its March outlook of 385,000 tonnes.

In 2016, Forbes estimated the Sacklers combined wealth at $13 billion (most of which was accrued through drug production).

On September 9, the Financial Times revealed that the Sackler family owns a second drug production company: Rhodes Pharma.

Rhodes Pharma is responsible for the production of other highly-addictive opioids including oxycodone, morphine, and hydrocodone.

Over 350 musicians contributed to the production, including the opera star Deborah Voigt, Kronos Quartet, the San Francisco Girls Chorus, Partch, and many more.

“Many people saw the video and think it’s done post production because it’s so accurate,” Lacroix said.

He joined BMW as a trainee in 1991 and oversaw big increases in BMW’s production capacity, particularly in China and the United States.

“Despite our best efforts and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock.”

An earlier version of this article described Awesomeness productions as Will Smith’s production company.

That was incorrect: Will Smith’s production company is Overbrook Entertainment, which co-produced To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before with Awesomeness.

The factory is set to begin operations within months and will supposedly have the capacity to nearly quadruple Brazil’s production of vinyl records.

The logic works like this: From 2011 to 2013, US oil production surged almost 50 percent, thanks to fracking of shale oil.

Typically in that situation, OPEC countries would dial back their production, to keep prices high.

BNEF’s forecast does mean that by 2030, production of lithium and cobalt, in particular, will increase substantially.

As demand for heroin has soared in the United States over the past five years, poppy production has increased in this area.

The warning letter would likely require Akorn to carry out inspections, but should not impact production at the facility, Stanicky said in a note.

That study said half of all the land suitable for coffee production may disappear by 2050.

Johnson’s a bit of an X-factor here, having never helmed a production of this size or cultural stature.

I don’t know who is doing production to the level that this guy is doing.

“First and foremost, I want people to understand there’s a heightened production sound from what we’re doing,” he says.

Those two points — funding and visibility — are both major hurdles in garnering more interest and being able to push more production out.

As we reported … Hillary got a major round of applause earlier this month at another stage production.

But they have stabilized over the last three weeks, trading within fairly narrow ranges as oil producers promised to cut production.

Milk production, feed intake, and digestion remained normal among the 48 milk-producing cows that were given the supplement over 12 weeks.

According to the Swedish artist, “The film Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska was a great inspiration for this production.

The conglomerate has a lot of moving parts outside of whisky production, from orchid farming to molecular biology research to cleaning supply manufacturing.

The series is yet to be cast and will go into production in Canada in September.

The production with Ian Catt and our songwriting methods were pretty much the same.

Tesla unveiled its semi last month and expects the truck to be in production by 2019.

Droughts around the world have decreased chickpea production by 40%.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup production requires freezing temperatures at night and warmth during the days.

Climate change is making temperatures globally unpredictable, and droughts are also contributing to the decline in syrup production.

In interviews, a dozen farmers and grain traders said government wheat production forecasts for 2018 were hopelessly optimistic.


As the bee population is continuing to decline, so is the production of honey.

What are the production changes you’re going to introduce with Views?You know, just a new swing of things.

Just thinking outside the box with my production.

Despite the celebrity appearances, there was only a minimal glimpse of the new shows either completed or in production.

Organic cholorides are used in oil production but can damage refinery equipment if not removed.

Sources close to the production tell us 29-year-old Dr. Brandon Rogers died over the weekend in a car accident.

production sources tell us no decision has been made on whether or not to run the episode.

The number of likes a post receives inevitably influences future production, while conversations in the comments section can spark new artistic avenues.

China has been trying to shift away from an economy of production and manufacturing toward a consumer-based economy.

Plastic China (2016) looks at the environmental and social impact of mass production via a plastic waste facility in a small town.

(In essence, short wavelength light from our gadgets mimics daylight and suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep.)

The measures proposed would cut imports from around the globe in an effort to boost domestic production.

The reports set specific goals for US steel and aluminum production levels and lay out three ways to get there.

Thailand consumes about 2.5 million tonnes of its sugar production domestically and exports the remainder.

And I think that’s the right of someone who owns a media production.

production of ‘Shenmue III’ was officially confirmed at E3 2015, during Sony’s presentation.

Iris Eichenberg uses polymer clay for its dual association with both industrial production and craft-making.

Even before the production officially debuted, Julius Caesar was drawn into the perpetual outrage machine that powers modern American political media.

The WB shot six episodes, but stopped production before any of them came close to airing.

Because in short, a lot of people have completely missed the point of both the production and the play.

How can tickets to such a big production be kept free to the public?

Which brings us to the Public’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, and the remarkably ahistorical reaction to it.

And a 2012 Royal Shakespeare Company production set the play in a modern African state.

(The Acting Company revived this production just last year, during the 2016-’17 season, with the support of the National Endowment of the Arts.)

He added that production remains at 440,000 barrels per day (bpd).

Curry’s game-by-game production from beyond the arc has been spotty.

“Imagine, if not for Brazil’s production, how much more hunger would there be,” farmer Pansera said.

They feel maybe like you’re on a set of a cheap theater production.

According to a new study, the Porc-Epic Cave served as a site for the continuous production of ochre powder for at least 4,500 years.

Part of it has to do with production value.

production sources tell TMZ, the honchos have had it with Gibson and his antics.

Oil producers will discuss whether to extend a deal on cutting 1.2 million barrels per day of production that runs out this month.

Last month, PDVSA began tests to reshuffle crude production to favor exports of grades favored by Asian refiners.

3x3x6 explores the relationship between political punishment and sexual enjoyment, between modes of seeing and processes of subject production.

To totally buck convention.” He clarifies: It’s about where your allegiances truly lie in the production of the culture.

I don’t see culture as the production of beautiful paintings and works of art, you know, although culture includes that.

Oil is trading near its highest level since early 2015, fueling demand for service firms to bring new shale wells to production.

Discovery Channel is in production on a new TV series, “Blue Collar Backers,” Business Insider has learned exclusively.

Leftfield Pictures, the production company behind “Pawn Stars,” is producing the show for Discovery Channel.

“Increasing livestock production goes hand in hand with raising farm animals safe from various diseases,” said Kim according to the newspaper.

Two production companies are now looking to put together movies about the Thai soccer team rescue.

“The 33” brought in $24.9 million at theaters worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo, just slightly more than its production budget.

The new remix, which dropped on Thursday, is a propulsive, dance-floor ready edit of the original which is spacious and eerie in its production.

One of Tesla’s biggest challenges is ramping up production of its latest vehicle, the Model 3, which is critical to its profitability goals.

According to SGtMarkIV, two of the new guns were planned for the original game but dropped by the developers during production.

“We are currently in the process of assessing the outage and expect that production should resume within the coming days.

There will be a negative impact to Nyrstar’s lead metal production due to the outage,” he added.

Nyrstar has been having some teething problems as it ramps up production at the plant.

production had approached The Star-Ledger just to mock up the newspapers to be at the end of Tony’s driveway.

This clumsy production also damages other important strips in the book, namely “The Business of Thrift” (Gfrörer) and “It’s the Money, Honey” (Lindner).

During the 1990s Europeans, Brazilians and South Korean’s tuned in to the Japanese K1 kickboxing production, in which Muay Thai dominated.

But looking beyond the slapdash production to the actual content of the message doesn’t make things look much better.

When America engaged in World War I, production in developing manufacturing hubs increased.

Citi, one of Goldman’s main rivals, said it expected major producers to end production cuts sooner rather than later.

The project is not subject to the global output-cutting deal but the development would signal an obstacle to Russia’s efforts on production curtailment.

Amanda Knox must really be into sci-fi … ’cause her proposal had a definite theme, and a ton of production from her BF-turned-fiancé.

If you’re into this sorta thing, ya might wanna watch the FULL production.

Nutrien owns about 30 percent of SQM, which also has significant fertilizer production.

Hollub’s background in the technical aspects of oil production contrasts with her predecessor, a banker and known dealmaker.

Our production is just beginning, but they’re helping a great deal.

Donate via Kickstarter to help fund the production costs.

Much of those exports came from coal production, according to Agora.

Salehi said Iran could resume production of 20 percent enriched uranium in four days, but did not want the Iran deal to fall apart.

But you don’t have to know about jazz or West Coast production to get into it.

Condensate is an extremely light form of oil which mostly occurs as a byproduct of natural gas production.

More recently, U.S. condensate output has risen sharply due to the shale oil and gas production boom.

There were also mandated cuts in steel production by up to 50 percent in some of the areas surrounding the city.

When I visit Griffin, it’s amazing how much the town has both embraced the production and incorporated it into day-to-day life.

President Gamal Abdel Nasser established the Ministry of Military production in 1954 to help Egypt achieve self sufficiency in arms production.

Egypt’s majority state-owned National Cement Co. shut production in Nov. 2017 after suffering heavy losses in the second half.

ABARES also cut its estimate for 2019/20 wool production by nearly 9% to 352,000 tonnes, down from its March outlook of 385,000 tonnes.

Tesla is wrestling with production problems at its sole factory, in Fremont, California.

“But if in fact the production of things that we need are not provided, then we have a host of tools,” he continued.

For those aware of Live on the Sunset Strip’s complicated production history, it’s particularly entertaining and enlightening.

“We are currently in the process of assessing the outage and expect that production should resume within the coming days.

There will be a negative impact to Nyrstar’s lead metal production due to the outage,” he added.

LS: Swisher production presents The Birds.

Mercuria has also developed a metals and minerals team and has invested in oil production.

This led to strict institutional control over the production of culture and the particular isolation of the Cuban artistic scene from worldwide trends.

Trump attacked a factory in Indiana that made the decision to move its production line out of the state to Texas and Mexico.

It’s not clear what evidence Trump has linking the FBI to the production of the dossier.

“We want more production of everything in the United States.

Oil prices advanced in volatile trade as market participants lowered their expectations for how much OPEC might increase production.

“Clearly investors have already priced in some easing on the production limits that OPEC has had in place now for some time,” said Kenny.

On balance, the impact on domestic production for domestic consumption is neutral.

But foreign production for domestic consumption is hurt, and domestic production for foreign consumption is helped.

In a major war, it would take time to ramp up production of fighters, bombers, attack planes, transports, and other planes.

KCPK got in touch with Iconoclast, the production company I am represented by, and showed me the track.

Some people from our russian production company had connections with ex-mafia members, so we hired some as actors for the scenes in the mansion.

Alberto’s projected storm track has shifted eastward since Friday, lessening its threat to the active oil production areas in the Gulf of Mexico.

As of August, just more than 100 vehicles had been delivered as Tesla ramped up production.

The company has a production capacity of 2.4 million tons of steel at its mills in Iowa and Alabama.

production sources say producers are into Ferrari’s brashness … specifically that he is unashamed and will go toe-to-toe with anybody.

“The problem is that production will shift to other countries that you’re not imposing tariffs on.” There’s precedent for this.

Domestic tire production went up at first, but so did imports from other trading partners that strived to replace China.

The Peterson Institute estimates that more jobs in retail were lost than were gained through production.

While total alumina production and shipments were down, the results were helped by gains in areas like aerospace.

Venezuela’s reserves are the largest in the world but production has plunged under Maduro.

(Besides, MBS wants all arms deals to include some production in the kingdom.)

It was kind of exciting, but when I was there, I met a woman named Lindsay Doran, who was a vice president of production.

Critics of irradiation say that it can produce certain changes in the food—like the production of compounds known as free radicals.

If you go to the shows, it goes crazy, especially because of the production.

is an Executive Producer on the show but in name only … he has no real involvement in day-to-day production.

The submission said that tariffs on cars and car parts could undermine U.S. auto production by imposing higher costs on U.S. manufacturers.

But in 2018, as a new production of the seven-and-a-half-hour, two-part play burns up Broadway, the trauma at its center is evolving.

Higher oil prices also generally act as a drag on growth, accelerating production costs and reducing demand as consumers are less wealthy.

It is expected to start production in 2020 with an output of 20,000 barrels per day, according to BP’s website.

He said his aim is not only to produce more, but to “democratize production.”

Looks like she was in the middle of some sort of production when she decided to break it down for the crew.

Bring the Model 3 into production and possibly a Model Y by 2017.

Tesla plans to begin production of the Model 3 in late 2017, with deliveries beginning in 2018.

To understand why this is the case, we must first understand what conditions need to be present for fertile meme production.

He promised to drain the swamp, among other things—sentiments that proved hugely successful with meme production because they were short, quickfire slogans.

Minervini explained he has access to film these people because his relationships with them don’t end when production stops.

But with Britain leaving the EU, and many far-right voters pacified, meme production slowed.

King Nigel I of UKIP, one of the most popular pro-Farage meme Facebook pages, is still in meme production, however.

I’m a foreigner but less of a foreigner than another American [who might leave after production].

The United States is now planning to move that production elsewhere, ending Turkey’s manufacturing role by early next year.

It’s a wonderful production, and I saw it early which was fantastic.

As a society, curbing antibiotic use in healthy animals used in human food production is another important step, he said.

Fortunately, legal marijuana north of the border has been driving down profits, along with weed production and smuggling in Mexico.

But as long as desperate, rural farmers are a cheap source of weed, “there will always be some production,” Mumme said.

Last week, hackers took over the cellphone number and email account of Cody Brown, the founder of a virtual reality production studio called IRL.

And sci-fi drama Westworld has been in production for well over a year, with frequent rumors of difficulty surrounding its filming.

On the cover of one of her records there is a note saying that it is a ‘dependent production‘.

Maintaining consistent and regular production, and developing a particular look — the hallmarks of capitalism — hold no interest for Nozkowski.

He may paint every day, but that doesn’t mean the work rolls off the production line.

The exports are surprising given the Alberta government this year required producers to curb production.

Dack also emailed to explain the production process, and the conceptual grounding behind the clip.

You’re throwing all these ideas in, the production‘s happening, it’s getting mixed, lyrics are coming.

It just ties into the themes of the record, the lyrics, the production sounds, the whole thing.

The project will include 90 wells, a central production facility and export infrastructure connected to a pipeline and refineries, the company said.

But the specter of shady reality TV production tactics hangs over the otherwise affirming scene.

Shortly after embedding within the city’s alternative music scene, Walker started a production entity and online journal called New City Movement.

And please remember that Mesut Ozil is in no way affiliated with this production.

When asked about wheat imports this year, he said “until now we cannot say – it depends on our production”.

“We hope that our production is going up and this will affect what we do for the future,” he added.

Multiple people — cast, crew and production people — tell TMZ Nia was disrespectful and unprofessional throughout her run on the show.

production sources say it was not in her contract.

The battle was beautiful, bloody, and chaotic — a spectacular production success that felt like watching an action movie.

Similarly, web series offer a kind of indie TV that boasts lower budgets, smaller viewership, and more modest production scales than more mainstream TV.

In 1962, members of the military staged a successful coup, which affected all cultural production.

Is this a first step toward Trump governing as a true champion of production workers?

The slowed production risks affecting China’s manufacturing competitiveness internationally — but Chinese officials seem willing to prioritize the environment over profits.

Spawned from a sci-fi worthy premise, the exhibition-meets-theatrical production springs out of the group’s reaction to their stridently academic venue.

It had a distinct style in the production values and amount of wrestling, which set it apart from WWE.

At GMC, students can major in Sustainable Agriculture & Food production and minor in Adventure Recreation.

Apple largely relies on a Foxconn plant located in China for its iPhone production.

Investors are searching for firms that can find the optimal balance between the conflicting goals of controlling costs, paying dividends and increasing production.

Failure to comply will leave the entity responsible for a fine of five percent of the production budget, he said.

Hernández-Mora was working on a story about farmers who grow coca for cocaine production in an area known for trafficking drugs into Venezuela.

The company expects 40% of its total production to come from renewable sources by 2030.

Hernández-Mora was working on a story about farmers who grow coca for cocaine production in an area known for trafficking drugs into Venezuela.

The production cut also weighed on shares of Boeing’s suppliers across the globe.

Once at that production rate, Tesla could begin to generate sustained positive operating income “at some point in 2018,” Musk said.

Tesla’s reiteration of its production target for the quarter was good news, he said.

Morgan Stanley expects global auto production to fall 1 percent in 2019, the first drop in nine years.

* Thailand is a regional vehicle production and export base for the world’s top automobile manufacturers.

Agriculture: In many parts of the world, the mix of increased heat and drought is expected to make food production more difficult.

Others use drones to gather footage of Tesla production facilities, scour Tesla’s financial filings and pore over Musk’s statements for inconsistencies.

Analysts at Switzerland’s UBS hired engineers to pull apart a Tesla Model 3 to understand its production costs.

Maybe it is [synthetic] fuels production, maybe it’s seasonal storage, I don’t know.

Arctic LNG 2 will become the third liquefied natural gas (LNG) project for Novatek, which hopes to match Qatar in the super-cooled gas production.

North Carolina is second only to Iowa in hog production (Duplin County in North Carolina has 45 times as many hogs as humans).

Crude oil production in Wyoming has been on the rise in the last two years as oil prices have recovered somewhat after their slump.

Our production sources tell us Dina Manzo and the twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano all got the ax.

CPC has started making plans for its production and sales after the incident, including examining the company’s inventory, he said.

Dorsey is in far better shape, comparatively, but the production of NFL banners has slowed to a crawl.

(Executive producer John Legend likely had a hand in this aspect of the production.)

Tkay Maidza, “Ghost” (production by What So Not, Baauer and George Marple)14.

During production, obviously, there are a million creative decisions that are being made that overlap with the logistical ones.

The country’s oil production has fallen to 400,000 barrels in May, compared to 2.5 million in April last year.

MSC’s refined tin production last year was 27,085 tonnes, according to its annual report.

After a brief hiatus, it continued production from 1947 until 1987.

The end result was greater efficiency and higher production — and eventually, the supply of corn overtook the demand.

And there are multiple enormous production numbers that show off showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino’s theatrical roots, with elaborate lighting, costuming, and choreography.

If usually a supermarket is organized by three main sections (fresh, super fresh, and dry foods), Coop’s instead follows the natural production chains.

As I walk in, I find the fresh fruit and vegetable section organized in the first production chain.

Semi autonomy, the dual human-computer nature of bots, provides fodder for all sorts of revolutionary production and reception.

About 53.2 percent of Gulf natural gas production remains offline, BSEE said.

OMV and Verbund also said on Monday that they would evaluate options to build an electrolytic hydrogen production facility.

The green hydrogen produced by this process can be used for chemical production processes.

It was not immediately clear how the walkout was affecting production.

The movie’s currently in production … though Lifetime’s yet to set a release date.

Another startup is called Kiswe, that basically took the production viewpoint, so if you go to a truck … Kiswe?

Matt Lunsford: One of my most vivid memories of that time was there being no sense of production design or anything.

Dre Skull did the production with me, along with Jim-E Stack and Classixx.

Trier: We have a production company that co-produces our films called Don’t Look Now, after the Nicholas Roeg film.

We had the Model 3 production ramp, which was excruciatingly difficult.

The fundamental purpose, the fundamental good that Tesla provides is accelerating the advent of sustainable transport and energy production.

Under those arrangements, Northern Ireland would be aligned more closely with the EU’s customs rules and production standards.

For this past year, it’s been because of the Model 3 production ramp.

We’re certainly over the hump on Model 3 production.

Now Snapchat wants to bring serialized dramas into the mix, and is working with outside production companies to create them.

Snap will split ad revenue with media partners that pay for the show’s production costs.

In cases where Snap is paying for production, the company will keep all the ad revenue.

His encyclopedic Animism exhibition explored modern boundary practices—the mutual production of culture and nature, life and non-life, human and non-human.

When they heard the machine was a rare prototype unlike any of the production models, the Dellimores decided they had to have it.

The Allam Cycle can theoretically clean up any fossil fuel power production if it proves as cost-effective as Net Power expects.

production has been halted and the company has put its replacement program is on hold.

$25.8 million went to WIS Media Partners, an event production firm started by a now-former adviser to Melania Trump.

What the production lacks is a real embrace of Dalí’s weirdness, instead favoring whimsy over surrealism.

Industrial production rose less than expected.

According to the Federal Reserve, industrial production rose 0.6% in June, above expectations of a 0.3% rebound.

Even though production has slowed down, officials were not anticipating any power outages as a result of the industrial action.

Oil lately has trended in tandem with equities and remains under pressure from nagging concerns over rising U.S. production.

This view supported prices for awhile but could not overcome lingering fears about rising U.S. production.

What challenges and barriers did you face throughout the production and exhibition of the film?

She reportedly held up production for the next season before coming to terms with Warner Bros. Television on a new deal.

According to AFP, ten nuclear power stations reported lowered production Thursday.

Even though production has slowed down, officials were not anticipating any power outages as a result of the industrial action.

China will release May industrial production along with retail sales and investment numbers at 0700 GMT.

According to AFP, ten nuclear power stations reported lowered production Thursday.

Much of the negotiation has focused on revising rules of origin for autos to try to bring more production to the region.

The Gary Works facility has four blast furnaces with an annual raw steel production capability of 7.5 million tons.

And all of them must still employ production staffs, even if they’re just filming animal rescue crews.

iiiDrops is out May 27 and features production from Knox Fortune, Thelonious Martin, and Donnie Trumpet.

Tesla, headed by Elon Musk, has been struggling to overcome production bottlenecks and reported its biggest-ever quarterly loss in the July-September quarter.

“We believe that Tesla may have finally set a beatable production target,” Nomura Instinet analyst Romit Shah said in a note.

It is not clear whether production of the planes would continue if a deal with Mitsubishi were completed.

The drop in imports mirrors ongoing declines in manufacturing sentiment and production.

production of the troubled plane has been cut.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a 0.4 percent rise in industrial production.

production rose 0.4 percent for long-lasting goods, although machinery output slipped 0.4 percent.

Is our global food production system prepared for these changes?

Von Hagens owns the Plastinarium—a plastination production facility in Guben, a German town near the Polish border.

In other words, robotics may help us bring diversity to large-scale food production, borrowing from the lessons of agroecology.

This is what you mean when you call for “third way” agriculture — this kind of past-future approach to food production?

We need a “third way” that borrows from the wisdom of traditional food production and from our most advanced technologies.

It was there that the filming and music production process took place.

Somewhere during the production process, the book was converted into a generic, non-Batman title.

The road to its actual premiere was littered with casting announcements and production changes.

In May, U.S. motor vehicles and parts production rose 2.4 percent.

Primary metal production fell 1.9% last month, while output of fabricated metal products dipped 0.1%.

Overall industrial output, which includes utilities and mining production, rose 0.4% in May.

Utilities output rose 2.1% and mining production crept up 0.1%.

She’s suing the network’s production company and the AD.

Cadillac’s ELR has bowed out of production a little more than two years after reaching showrooms.

“This is about going to production,” Meyhofer said in an interview at an Uber conference in Washington on Tuesday.

End-users are not willing to invest in mines that are years away from production and more costly than in China, he said.

When one area is at peak VRE production, it can ship power to other areas rather than curtail it.

Wyoming is deeply invested in coal production.

The agreement was to reduce supply by 1.2 million barrels per day (bpd) for six months using October production as a baseline.

The other big one is figuring out ways to shift demand so that it coincides better with periods of peak VRE production.

This program combines scholarly and creative investigation of the production, circulation, and impact of visual and emergent forms.

The Future Is Female also clearly illustrates a new understanding of feminism and its relationship to women’s artistic production.

The album was a mixture of jazz-inclined production with introspective lyricism and today, we’re premiering his new short film of the same name.

The current, controversial Shakespeare in the Park show owes a more than superficial debt to Welles’s landmark production.

Last week, Delta Air Lines withdrew funding from the theater, followed by longtime partner Bank of America pulling its sponsorship of the current production.

Adapted, directed by, and starring a 21-year-old Welles as Brutus, the production was boldly staged and costumed to suggest Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

The effects of Welles’s production are still felt today.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has the power to set production quotas for some opioids produced for sales, like hydrocodone and oxycodone.

Instead, the DEA let the production quota explode — only recently taking action as the opioid crisis has drawn more national attention.

In 2017, China accounted for 81% of the world’s rare earth production, data from the U.S. Geological Survey showed.

The long lead times and production work that go into book publishing are meant to allow for added value and perspective.

Between 2000 and 2015, natural gas production rose 42 percent in Texas.

Oil production rose 280 percent.

Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music production.

Famine has been a constant threat, while oil production has dropped by more than 33 percent since fighting erupted.

Part of the emphasis of regionalism is on creativity moving beyond centers of production, and embracing faraway places as viable stages for contemporary art.

They have their own landscape and it’s far away from centers of production: New York, even San Francisco, let alone Southern California.

Lynas this month said it was stockpiling production of neodymium praseodymium, used in industrial magnets, for strategic customers, but did not name them.

The U.S. Defense Department is also seeking federal funds to increase domestic rare earth production.

That said, there is still plenty of deforestation happening for palm oil production.

SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

Meanwhile, renewable forms of energy—namely hydro, wind, and solar—only make up a combined 15 percent of electricity production.

But you do expand your production style on the record.

The Nifty auto index was down 1.22% at the closing bell, as the sector battles production cuts and lean demand for passenger vehicles.

Several OPEC sources said the most likely scenario now was keeping the production cut steady in the second half of 2019.

(The company bought its first major production — The Morning Show, starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston — back in November 2017.)

So far, however, the government has authorized production of seeds and marijuana only for scientific research, not for commercial production of medical cannabis.

That means DERs can increasingly help smooth out the variations in demand and renewable energy production locally, without calling on distant power plants.

“The RCMP executed a production Order on Kik, and obtained time-stamps of when particular user names interacted with other users.

The Canadian courts have recognized that journalists may be protected from production orders or search warrants, but only on a case-by-case basis.

“The terms [of the production order] were respectful of their special position in society,” the prosecution states in its factum.

As such, we took a look at the nitty-gritty, and put together some fascinating facts about China’s consumption, production, and demographics.

Sri Lanka exports over $1.5 billion worth of tea annually, and Haputale, a small town in the hills, is the epicenter of tea production.

Salcedo’s method of art production parallels that of mourning — both are infinitely expandable, decaying but lasting, time-intensive but abruptly triggered.

production thought it was too hot for TV.

So this was actually their first official in-house production.

SS: Yeah, it was an independent production.

This is why deflation frightens economists so much: It’s a huge drag on production.

Jack Dalrymple called on the industry and government officials to build more pipelines to keep pace with the state’s oil production.

Tullow has said this would translate to 60,000 to 100,000 barrels per day of gross production.

It expects first full-scale oil production in 2022.

Manufacturing production, exports and home sales dropped in April, while consumer spending cooled.

It does this mainly by investing in and heavily subsidizing the production of high-tech goods like robotics and energy-saving cars.

The increase in U.S. oil and gas production was the largest-ever annual increase by any country, BP said.

He put 18 shots on net so his lack of production could have been better if he had some more shooting luck.

At its peak, the state produced coal worth $4 billion a year, or about a tenth of India’s total production.

My main production laptop is over three years old.

If anything, the blockade has spurred Qatar to get more aggressive about its production levels.

In early July, Qatar announced plans to ramp up natural gas production by 30 percent over the next few years.

production in the largest producing state, Texas, was up 11,000 bpd at 4.97 million bpd in the month.

production in North Dakota and New Mexico declined slightly in the month.

production offshore in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico rose 77,000 bpd to 1.98 million bpd in April.

The agency also increased its estimate for March crude production by 11,000 bpd to 11.92 million bpd.

Tesla earlier this month closed a $2.7 billion offering of stock and convertible notes, giving it much needed cash as it ramps up production.

The US imports most of its solar panels from China, which leads the world in solar power production.

In 2009, the Obama administration put 25 to 35 percent tariffs on Chinese car and light-truck tires to boost American production of them.

Promises in efficiencies and production is touted to outweigh any potential problems.

It’s unclear if this statement will affect production … in other words, whether he’s going to rehab.

Tesla held its handover party for the Model 3 on Friday night, kicking off the start of production for its first mass-market vehicle.

Canada’s combined concessions could mean reductions to Canadian dairy farmers’ quotas, since production is matched to domestic consumption, less imports.

Two years ago, we decided to leave our desk jobs and start our own small business: a video production company.

“Because a shit-ton of fans demanded it,” explains Jerome Mazandarani, COO of anime production giants Manga UK.

These serious ideas merge seamlessly with the lighthearted atmosphere of the album and the upbeat production.

Crude production has soared as well this year.

If OPEC decides to cut production at its meeting next month, oil prices could recover, analysts say.

“We expect that OPEC will manage the market in 2019 and assess the probability of an agreement to reduce production at around 2-in-3.

If OPEC does not trim production, prices could head much lower, potentially depreciating toward $50 a barrel, argues Lukman Otunuga, Research Analyst at FXTM.

The production wasn’t perfect (that’s what the studio recording of the soundtrack is for), but it was never supposed to be.

Whatever doomy worldview one might extract from its constant, bloody violence certainly isn’t present in its high standards of production.

California-based Calysta operates a production facility in Teesside in eastern England.

The Met’s new production of Così fan tutte stages the comic opera at a Coney Island-style amusement park circa the 1950s.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Così fan tutte takes a marvelous turn toward experiment and innovation.

The Met hired real circus performers for the production, including sword swallowers, a fire-breather, and a contortionist.

At every turn, the production has a homespun, “let’s put on a show” quality that’s perfect for its fairground setting.

(Again, food production has to increase 70% worldwide and by 100% in developing countries to keep up with population growth.)

Finally, there’s too much content, and we can move forward into a new paradigm of content production.

Much work behind the scenes must have gone into this charming, accessible production, which will make a valuable addition to the Met’s repertory.

In conjunction with the production is a show of paintings by Brian Calvin at the Arnold and Marie Schwarz Gallery Met.

The gallery show, unlike the opera production, misses an opportunity to feature artists with ties to Coney Island and its carney traditions.

production: Phelim McDermott.

production is growing every week, and that’s very, very important during a ramp period,” he said.

And even down to the camera crew and production crew, they are very serious with me, as well, and they take me very seriously.

Other data on Tuesday showed a solid increase in industrial production last month as cold weather boosted utilities output and production at mines surged.

[ Laughs] The film production was only three months, I think you can basically do anything in three months.

In a separate report on Tuesday, the Federal Reserve said industrial production rose 0.5 percent in March after jumping 1.0 percent in February.

It was boosted by a 3.0 percent surge in utilities production and a 1.0 percent increase in output at mines.

Manufacturing production, however, rose only 0.1 percent after soaring 1.5 percent in February.

production will be concentrated in low-cost regions of the world, most notably the Middle East,” Sandalow’s report predicts.

All three of the company’s previous vehicles faced production delays before they were finally delivered to customers.

Many things and story details appeared already in the process of production and improved the film.”

Tarantino is reportedly finishing up a script for the still-untitled project, which will probably go into production next summer.

However, there’s nothing in its production history that would specifically suggest a proclivity for “whitewashing” this rescue story.

To gain access to those, a production company would need to find ways to make deals with individuals and entities involved in the story.

SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

And there’s no way for one production to block another from happening, unless one screenplay blatantly rips off another.

It did not demand reduction of plastic production.

But one of the biggest issues with bioplastics is that their production is not very environmentally friendly.

The first is by adjusting investment and production.

And here is the key part of his lecture (emphasis ours): More pertinently for the price of oil, there is an impact on production.

Indian steelmakers import the bulk of their coking coal needs due to scarce domestic production.

What about that kind of production appeals to you?

SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

Such a move would mean cutting production by more than 1 million bpd.

“We think OPEC will try to come up with a fuzzy production cut …

* Procter & Gamble: 50 million euro investment in a new detergent production line at its Amiens plant.

The weak business spending is weighing on production at factories.

A slowing global economy and Boeing’s move to cut production of its troubled 737 MAX aircraft is also hurting manufacturing.

It has cut back production and suspended deliveries of the aircraft.

The company is crowdfunding through Wefunder to raise $200,000 for production and distribution of the plant on a commercial scale.

Steel production remains strong, hitting a record 85.03 million tonnes in April.

It plans to use the proceeds to upgrade its technology, expand production and supplement working capital.

We hope production in a sentence examples were helpful.