Producing in a sentence | Use of the word producing examples

Other company-operated and producing facilities in the Gulf of were unaffected by the storm, Anadarko said in a statement on its website.

Because millions of birds live on factory farms producing eggs, and the conditions they’re kept in are pretty terrible.

Did you have that same kind of moment where you decided to make the move into producing?

Yet where Warhol attempted to empty the sign of meaning, producing pure surface, Kippenberger attempts the opposite.

Eventually, they started producing the tunes from scratch, but those sounds remain a hallmark of the style.

Still, he decided to keep it low-key for a while, dancing simply as “Will” but producing under his new alias, Uninamise.

And for streaming services and cable networks, the economic incentive is to just keep producing and producing shows.

In other words, we’re working more but producing goods and services at a lower rate.

Like other opioids, fentanyl binds itself to the body’s opiate receptors, producing feelings of euphoria and relaxation that make it prone to abuse.

Only three square centimeters of each was sampled, and 36 percent of the cargo was genotyped, producing 3,315 samples to be analyzed.

A virtual reality filmmaker thinks you are … because he’s producing “Anne” to put viewers right there in the attic with her.

In the incredibly silly “Pen”(1980), Wurtz manages to have a laugh at Warhol’s expense while simultaneously producing a memorable work.

The other guys at that time were producing acid at 150 BPM.

My first contact with producing was the Techno Boy group we formed with Reinhart Voigt and my old DJ partner, Tobias Thomas.

The foil scrunches and reflects light, producing a surface with patterns within patterns.

We’re not producing it—it’s the market that’s decided they want it.

Fewer people are working in the manufacturing sector, yet we’re producing more manufactured goods than ever.

So we’re producing more and more stuff, even as we use fewer and fewer people to do it.

In a normal, competitive market, the price of a product should rise and fall along with the cost of producing that product.

He’s spent much of his career producing cabaret shows and will soon join the Eagle’s staff as the new “happy hour” manager.

He helped raise funds for Sex Garage-related legal defence by producing a series of events.

That elasticity is a result of it producing this gloopy sugar [polysacharide], high-molecular-weight hyaluronan (HMW-HA).”

[43:25 in the podcast] But the example he then gives is malnourishment producing differences in height.

Though he was gaining fans, Martyn worried about his ability to keep producing content that would sustain the page’s growth.

Levandowski appealed that decision but a judge again quashed his attempt to prevent Uber and Stroz Friedberg from producing the document.

It will be environmentally friendly and we’re going to start producing jobs like you’ve never seen before.

Countless homes in the neighborhood take part, putting up dazzling and awe-inspiring feats of festivity, and likely producing similarly awe-inspiring electric bills.

Unclear if Calvin’s producing or otherwise involved.

Why are you producing a show about this topic?

“Mind you, at this time, he’s not necessarily producing like that, either,” he says.

By the 1950s, he had begun producing abstract paintings in oil on fiberboard using his fingers and makeshift tools.

The but is you have to think about producing at that scale, something really unique, one-time-only-can-be-seen-here kind of thing.

And then there are the kind of dining peaks capable of producing a natural high.

Adventure Enterprises is gunning for an injunction prohibiting LeBron and his company from producing any more episodes.

In the early 1950s, Kodak stopped producing nitrate, and instead acetate, or “safety” film, became the dominant film stock.

As you can guess, they didn’t have any.We started producing our own content around 1998.

I’m not interested in producing art as luxury items for global capitalism.

The incubator helped launch a small business focused on producing industrial casings.

Alan and I have both done enough books to know that the time table for producing these sorts of things is a few years.

Those old, partially or completely amortized plants are producing extremely cheap power.

But it all comes down to producing product customers want to buy.

But the companies have also been turning to producing their own original content — and neither acquired any films there in 2018.

Another 6 percent work in industries like construction, mining, and agriculture that are involved in producing physical goods.

campaign and chat about what it was like to plant the White House garden—one that’s still producing fresh vegetables, despite its current President.

Iran has warned for months that it is ready to begin producing weapons-grade uranium unless Europe helps it avoid crippling U.S. sanctions.

For about four elections, the parties were thoroughly scrambled, producing a time of low polarization and high legislative productivity.

“You have to move from producing small and cheap cars to luxury ones,” he said.

According to a report from multinational dairy company FrieslandCampina, its factory at Marum is the largest plant producing Edam in Western Europe.

producing all those episodes of television is expensive, which means reasonably deep pockets are required just to enter the game.

Nevertheless, the spectacle that Villa Design Group ended up producing feels just as ambitious.

At the plea hearing, that cooperation was said to encompass briefing prosecutors, producing documents, and testifying in other proceedings.

Tesla is looking to raise up to $1.15 billion in funding ahead of producing its first mass market vehicle, the Model 3.

It sharpens his producing, video editing, audio effects, and social media skills, which he hopes will broaden his career prospects in the future.

Whatever the reason for that, it’s not going to stop the artist, who’ll be producing caustic brain-melters until his dying day.

There are several such projects that are all producing dazzling results.

The issues prohibiting it from producing sufficiently good players for its men’s national team to properly compete at World Cups remain many.

Leftfield Pictures, the production company behind “Pawn Stars,” is producing the show for Discovery Channel.

In 2011, it rejected Phone Story, which examines the ugly side of producing and consuming smartphones.

Asdal’s team recently tested the seeds from the 30 year mark, and is in the process of producing a report on them.

The liquefaction plant has also been producing at around 20 percent above its rated capacity of 6.9 million tonnes a year.

“If you are treating your body poorly, the last thing it cares about is producing high-quality cum!”

But it hasn’t been accessible to the public since 2005 — the designers had been producing it themselves, but the process soon grew unsustainable.

The DEA credits the SIU with producing some of its biggest busts, but the successes have been overshadowed by a series of deadly disasters.

The DEA credits the SIU with producing some of its biggest busts, but the successes have been overshadowed by a series of deadly disasters.

The page has around 20,000 fans, and is producing memes regularly, but it’s an exception to the rule.

Brucutu is producing just 10 million tonnes a year, or a third of its capacity.

As a result, trucks regularly hit the bridge, producing some dramatic — though thankfully nonfatal — crashes.

Another part of the proposed plan, it seems, is for Pyongyang to stop producing nuclear fuel without dismantling the rest of its program.

In the Weediquette episode, you advise small growers to focus on producing the highest quality cannabis possible.

He’s producing his own media effectively through tweets and whatever he spouts off in front of a camera.

For each Appliance, Simon, Jr. created a narrative to be played out in software he wrote, producing compositions that continually evolved on their own.

“So presumably the decommissioning is producing a lot of waste that needs processing,” Allinson said.

That’s because producing the online currency requires intense computational processing power, which in turn demands a huge amount of electricity.

Since their release of Incredibad in 2009, the trio has been producing music at a pretty even pace.

Jackson says the challenge in producing videos and documentaries is the logistics, i.e.

Think of receptors like switches—with different switches responsible for producing different effects.

GABA-A receptors are responsible for producing sedative effects.

Production in the largest producing state, Texas, was up 11,000 bpd at 4.97 million bpd in the month.

In Texas, the biggest gas producing state, output increased 1.8% to a record high 26.83 bcfd from 26.35 bcfd in March.

He’s always doing something, producing songs and pieces, whether for Nine Inch Nails or for films.

Venezuela, like most oil producing countries, has for decades subsidized fuel as a benefit to consumers.

producing high quality food for our customers is our highest priority.

Also, producing cars at mass-market scale requires a ton of capital.

The last technical barrier to producing Fragrant Moss was the removal of an herbicide-resistant gene, which the team achieved in late May.

It’s a year-long position for a video producer, who will be embedded in Vox’s team, producing work fueled by ProPublica’s reporting.

This cut will have ripple effects producing a reduction by other countries as well.

had promoted prior to executive producing her Amazon show One Mississippi — acknowledged the rumors and unequivocally called on C.K.

I’m doing this because I’ve recently (re)started hosting and producing our podcast, Radio Motherboard.

C.F., collaborated as Paper Radio, producing zines, comics, and web graphics.

Math embraces this opposition, producing content that celebrates all genders, body and beauty types, kinks, sexualities, and perversions.

The blocks are not expected to begin producing oil and gas until 2026 at the earliest, said CNH Commissioner Sergio Pimentel.

Pharmaceutical companies counter that drug prices reflect the high costs of research and development that go into producing groundbreaking medicines.

The season ended up producing 9 episodes, so she took home an extra $46k, more or less.

Describing the tender as ambitious, Feriani said he expected the winners to start producing solar energy within 12 to 18 months of the announcement.

He finally backed off and told her that his assistant would give her tickets to “Finding Neverland,” a Broadway musical that he was producing.

“They need oil and may also be producing something that Venezuela needs,” he said.

Straight Up has been producing them since 2007, mostly in Santa Monica and the surrounding LA area, but as far away as Oklahoma, too.

“They just keep producing these singles and trying to place them one after another on the charts,” Harding says.

Last year, Abdul-Jabbar interviewed Holder for a documentary he is producing on race.

Roberto’s been producing cannoli and other sweets at his shop since opening it with his father in 1989.

Activities include producing a trilingual (Chinese, English, and Spanish) newspaper, map-making, collecting oral histories, and the preservation of memorable documents and photos.

“More parents can work more hours if they choose to, producing stronger economic growth.

However, his projections are that the rest of the world will only be producing 50,000 tonnes independent of China by that time.

Trump’s team could solve this, theoretically, by producing its own modeling showing massive growth effects from the plan.

The reactor is due to start producing electricity in January next year after a decade-long delay.

“Their circadian system doesn’t start producing sleepiness until later or alertness until later.”

In 1992, it succeeded in producing a Democratic nominee on precisely that basis.

Historians have found these pipes started producing problems almost from the start.

— and launched his own foray into producing films meant to explain the war and propagandize for its necessity to his countrymen.

The idea is to leverage its perceived politics for box office gain in hopes of producing another American Sniper–size success story.

Like so many others, Mackinney-Valentin points out that the ultimate sustainability initiative would be for the entire fashion industry to just stop producing clothes.

Despite Google Deep Dream’s masterpieces, computational creativity hasn’t come close to producing its Sistine Chapel.

In September, it said it will cease producing its iconic Beetle as it readies for a future of mass-market electric cars.

According to Automotive News, GM began producing the Cruze in Mexico last year, making 52,631 cars there.

Under the 2015 deal, Iran stopped producing 20 percent enriched uranium and gave up the majority of its stockpile.

Beginning in earnest with the launch of House of Cards in February 2013, Netflix soon began producing its own original programming.

I mean, if you’re producing a Snap.

Elon Musk said Tesla aims to start producing cars in China in 2020.

Instead he moved on to producing explosives to be placed in the potential suicide bomber’s “love handles.”

During the postseason, he was producing 34.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game entering Monday.

For income above that threshold, the legislation phases in limits, producing an effective marginal tax rate of no more than 29.6 percent.

CLEAN ENERGY: Preserves tax credits for producing electricity from wind, biomass, geothermal, solar, municipal waste and hydropower.

Neenyo has just finished work on PartyNextDoor’s third album, producing three tracks.

So well, in fact, that other companies, like Tesla adversary General Motors, started producing mass-market electric vehicles.

Hollywood studios made superheroes the cornerstone of their strategy of producing fewer films and relying on big profits from blockbusters.

He loves strong leaders, but if that was producing something great for America, he could make a case.

Pierce is producing a documentary about forestry in B.C.

Royalty and licensing fees that accrue to a country is another way to measure whether a country is producing technologies people want to use.

For swimmer Michael Phelps, the advantages of having a wide wingspan, long torso, and producing low amounts of lactic acid are celebrated.

Production in the largest producing state, Texas, was up 11,000 bpd at 4.97 million bpd in the month.

In Texas, the biggest gas producing state, output increased 1.8% to a record high 26.83 bcfd from 26.35 bcfd in March.

Delestrogen-maker Par Pharmaceuticals said it could no longer obtain an important ingredient after the supplying company stopped producing it.

If it goes ahead Goldboro will be Canada’s first east coast LNG project, producing 10 million tonnes per year.

The company fell 250 short of that adjusted goal as of April, only producing 2,250 Model 3s a week.

It’s still unclear if he’ll be hosting, producing … or both.

“We created this method — we’re not even a store, the wine you’re buying is sold by the producing winery.

This graph nicely shows how the dividing line in American politics has shifted in clockwise fashion, producing different political alignments and different majorities.

So that’s all about producing hydrogen.

Both Iran and North Korea have developed surreptitious enrichment networks for producing nuclear material.

Gross domestic product is growing and will receive an extra boost when a large offshore gas field starts producing early next decade.

Skrillex is amazing at producing music that, from an emotional point of view, quite literally tugs at my heartstrings.

By the 1940s, he was so uninterested in the thrust of avant-garde contemporary art that he started producing tacky nudes.

To me it seems more likely that he was cynically producing work to finance his car obsession.

It’s also about producing the kinds of stories that people want in the medium.

First, every enfranchised citizen in a democracy can identify — or should be able to identify — the role she played in producing the outcome.

We definitely have to like the product before we start producing it on a larger scale.”

(She stopped producing art sometime in the 1990s, after five decades of work.)

Global oil supplies plunged nearly 1.5 million bpd in January 2017, with both OPEC and non-OPEC countries producing less, the IEA noted.

Jamie’s last comedy special was released back in 2003, right around the time he started acting and producing music.

What’s your process when producing a song?Tilly Murphy: I learnt from YouTube!

That’s why we here at Vox are going to start producing a regular roundup of the most important developments.

Like Lauren Flax, she’s really coming into this acidy sound right now, after years and years and years of producing.

NBC launched a twice-daily news show back in July and said it would dedicate a full 30-person staff to producing the episodes.

Describing the tender as ambitious, Feriani said he expected the winners to start producing solar energy within 12 to 18 months of the announcement.

But he was skeptical that the anyone could change the situation given the economics of producing, recycling, and collecting plastic.

Jaguar obviously has something of a track record for producing fine-driving cars that offer something just a little bit different from other luxury brands.

The bottleneck has caused problems for PDVSA to continue producing and refining oil without imported diluents and components.

By using heart rate information, for example, they were able to quantify the difficulty a given programmer had in producing a piece of software.

The excuse is that sex education is about producing babies.”

or his powerful manager Dave Becky were producing — which, unsurprisingly, eliminated a whole lot of opportunities right from the start.

They can understand companies going bankrupt, but they cannot fathom that mines still producing coal might be worthless.

Now, if that machine were to undergo an intelligence explosion, it would likely work to optimize its single function — producing paperclips.

With the emergence of this new endeavor, he saw it primarily as a means to continue producing records.

“The largest system we’ve installed, that’s manually operated, is out there producing five tons a day,” said Chittock.

The energy-nerd term for power plants being cut back or shut down, even when they are capable of producing energy, is “curtailment.”

The United States is now producing about 12 million bpd.

Individual brain cells were up and running, performing their basic duties of taking up oxygen and producing carbon dioxide.

Interrelated objects, producing occasions and prompting responses, can assemble into riddles.

The music may be luscious, and its intentions may be innocuous, while the effects are insidious, producing the mollifying effect of an all-encompassing ideology.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette confirmed they were notified of one alleged incident — an actress on a show they were producing claimed C.K.

But they ran out of mummies and started producing ersatz mummies to mimic the condition of the Egyptian mummies.

There are more banners than available wall space, a byproduct of Dorsey producing more NFL players than all but two high schools in America.

Jodorowsky admitted to sexually violating an actress while producing his 1970 film El Topo.

There are music scenes across the globe producing amazing, innovative new things all the time.

3) The real fun starts when those effect pellets start to burn in the air, producing various colors and effects.

And Cosby’s got his own Griselda project … a movie he’s producing called, “Hustle.”

It’s like somebody whispering in your ear, producing a very warm feeling.

He’s actually the reason why I started producing.

He kinda put me onto producing.

As of now, Jordan is just producing the project as part of his new first-look deal with Warner Bros.

He quickly realized that a number of these channels were producing very similar content that was being uploaded in large numbers.

Some patients, however, wind up producing broadly-neutralizing antibodies, which are able to hit a large number of strains.

Yeah, but actually editing and producing content.

Cheniere Energy Inc said on Thursday the second liquefaction train at its Corpus Christi LNG export terminal in Texas had started producing LNG.

“We are, however, producing a lot of natural gas, which serves as a bridge to more renewable fuels.

London art school Central Saint Martins (CSM) has a history of producing some of the world’s best in artistic talent.

He’s a multi-tasker for sure, starring in the movie, making his directorial debut and also producing.

But Hasui carried on producing prints despite that tragic setback, much to the benefit of the Japanese printmaking tradition.

These are solely production subsidies — taxpayer money that goes directly to producing more fossil fuels.

Brenntag said MPI was producing the pain killer under license for “a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer”, without naming the company.

In its own recent profit report, hailed by Wall Street, Netflix noted that it’s producing more content in-house these days.

And that research in turn can help worse-performing schools adapt best practices and starting producing more social mobility themselves.

Kanye is working on his next album — they will be producing music and shooting some videos while they are there.

Mitochondria are the components of the cell responsible for producing energy.

We were shipping it to China because there was demand from its manufacturing sector because it wasn’t producing enough virgin plastic.

A range of visible colors is reflected simultaneously, producing that metallic golden hue.

Joe Roth, one of the most prolific producers in Hollywood who’s producing the upcoming “Maleficent,” has filed for divorce … TMZ has learned.

However, his projections are that the rest of the world will only be producing 50,000 tonnes independent of China by that time.

Let’s hope America keeps producing nicer white people.

Dozens of artists and volunteers are silkscreening and producing work.

The Tour Operator business of Thomas Cook had 11 million customers in 2018, producing 7.4 billion pounds in revenue.

Now the best and brightest engineers have gone to companies like Facebook, producing intricate schemes for short-term profits.

SRL immediately began designing and producing machines that look like repurposed vehicles from Mad Max or liberated Mars Rovers.

Is that growth translating?” producing such statistics would require some legwork.

In the postseason, he is producing 34.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game.

That’s because Facebook isn’t mass producing or selling the camera to the public.

Because Facebook has no interest in mass producing another piece of hardware.

It’s sort of our job to keep bringing you in and producing scoops or whatever it is.

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) – Donald Trump threw another ceasefire into the trade-war reality show he is producing.

By appropriating cutting-edge technology, China is able to take a shortcut to producing innovative services and products.

Khuzestan is also Iran’s oil producing core, with the first oil rigs drilled by the British in 1909.

Those who pay extra for the Premium trim may get the car earlier, as Tesla will begin producing the high-end models this summer.

Lust says that producing a VR film would cost her around €20,000, but for fairly established studios, VR technology isn’t the biggest expense.

Wanda was a consulting producer on the hugely successful reboot, which is returning for a second season — but, clearly, with some producing changes.

In what he called a “revelation,” he heard a voice ordering him to “Vanish matter!” — to stop producing art objects once and for all.

producing TV-friendly fights “Great fights means great TV ratings,” Coker says simply.

They are a form of harmful waste; those producing the waste should pay for the harms.

For each hour of the day, there’d be a different venue that would be producing and receiving and displaying.

Doug Falconer — CEO of Falconer Productions, which is producing ‘Superstition’ — confirms with TMZ … there have been no talks to recast Logan.

If the water in the reef gets too warm, the zooxanthellae’s metabolism goes into overdrive and starts producing toxins.

GE said in April it will begin producing electricity later this year.

The oral histories in Iconic Magazine Covers bring the work of producing images that stand the test of time down to earth.

OMV traditionally earns its money from producing, distributing and refining oil and gas in Europe.

Despite these lofty terms, the oral histories bring the work of producing images that stand the test of time down to earth.

This might make them think twice about producing single-use packaging.” (Reporting by Patpicha Tanakasempipat)

It was for producing and co-hosting Black Journal, the pioneering public-access show created primarily for and by African Americans, that won Greaves an Emmy.

But there’s another phenomenon: while people read less, authors are still producing books.

Lear is known for producing the ’70s sitcoms All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and Maude — groundbreaking television for their time.

We have not been as effective as you and we want to be at producing public safety.

Do you think these other countries are producing better overall health outcomes for their citizens?

“You really are producing an outdoor event at the mercy of the elements,” Mitchell says.

AvD: Around the time that I moved to the neighborhood, I was producing drawings that were partly inspired by Surrealism.

They’ve earned a reputation for producing extremely dope music videos—and famously had massive single “Busy Earnin'” included on the FIFA 15 soundtrack.

As a result, many more times the amount of nitrogen is involved in producing meat than plant-based food.

In art, plastic is related to producing three-dimensional effects in painting, as well as modeling and molding in 3D.

Marvin Gaye III tells TMZ … no one in his family is backing “Sexual Healing” — the film music mogul Vassal Benford is producing.

If the water in the reef gets too warm, the zooxanthellae’s metabolism goes into overdrive and starts producing toxins.

Papua New Guinea LNG has been producing at around 20 percent above its rated capacity of 6.9 million tonnes a year.

But Zuckerberg questioned whether such apps and the data they sent back to Facebook were producing sufficient increases in usage and revenue.

Gorenstein, who is based in New York, has been focused on producing content for Yahoo’s finance, technology and health channels.

“Weed works magic,” they write, “producing dopamine, which ignites our pleasure centers… and induces ‘general euphoria.'”

Under the hood, our test car packed a 3.0-liter, V6 augmented by a twin-scroll turbocharger producing 354 horsepower.

Game’s been lagging on producing a ton of documents in the sexual assault lawsuit he lost nearly 2 years ago.

The two artists stopped producing new Babiru works in 2014 and have since focused on solo careers.

Tesla delivered a total of 14,402 new vehicles in the quarter ending in June, and exited the quarter after producing 18,345 cars.

The facility is capable of producing nearly a gigawatt of solar cells and modules a year, or enough energy to power about 700,000 homes.

He said Jinko will begin producing panels at a U.S. facility in Florida in the fourth quarter of this year.

The top schools producing doctorates before 9/11 were the University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, and Georgetown University.

So while this agreement may be aimed at ultimately producing a negotiated agreement, it actually doesn’t address the basic dynamic of conflict.

The sedan will be built by Detroit-based VLF Automotive, an auto company Fisker joined in January that is producing his supercar, the Force 1.

The world is already producing more than 1 million bpd than it consumes, with oil stockpiles at record levels.

Musk last month said the company was producing 2,000 Model 3 cars a week.

Wiley and Booker belong to different generations, but they’re both producing art now.

They see opportunities in producing household chemicals and materials for electronic goods, piping, packaging and textiles.

And you’re producing one podcast, multiple podcasts?

Admiring the sector for producing American business success stories, Kennedy still said: “Your power sometimes scares me.” 2.

It helps to have these farmers at home producing food rather than facing migration.

I was able to dissolve the boundaries between my working and living space, allowing for constant reflection on the art I was producing.

They’re producing music for the clubs while you’re dancing.

You’re producing live and I absolutely love it, no matter what kind of music it is.

Breen is a television veteran whose previous writing and producing credits include Charmed, Fringe, and Midnight, Texas.

And maybe such a platform strategy will allow sufficient economies of scale to reduce the average cost of producing each automobile.

While Ralph Waldo Emerson and other white writers were fretting about what a new American literature might look like, Douglass was busy producing it.

But the real winners might have been the ones producing optical discs during this time.

If you’re a low-income economy, you only have so much demand there for the stuff that you’re really good at producing.

That was a world where a pretty small fraction of the world’s population was actually involved in producing for global markets.

producing my own stuff gives me the maximum creative output which is what I’m missing on the degree.

Has producing dance music left you tired of it prematurely maybe?It makes a difference if you start very young.

producing heroin requires paying hundreds of farmers to tend crops that can produce only a limited amount of poppy gum per harvest.

So all of this is producing political results, and I’m thankful for that.

Busts have shown that individual villages are capable of producing enormous quantities of the drug.

Get Out’s Jordan Peele is the first black filmmaker ever nominated for directing, writing, and producing in the same year.

NextVR is producing each game in what sounds like a TV-style format.

Snapchat’s main selling point is producing stories that disappear from its users’ phones.

The United States is now producing about 12 million bpd.

But somehow everything went backwards, and I started producing more than before.

Nelson now has a tan that, honestly, I didn’t know a human body was capable of even producing, it’s so rich and beautiful.

After producing digital prints, Chaumont moved on to video and animated GIFs, which he’s displayed as holographic projections.

The chemicals in weed activate cannabinoid receptors throughout the body including the brain, producing feelings of euphoria, calm, or hunger.

Previously, it has been suggested that the impact completely vaporized Yucatán’s sulfur-rich rock, producing sulfuric acid aerosols that accumulated in the atmosphere.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the bipartisan bill, known as the No Oil producing and Exporting Cartels Act, or NOPEC, on a voice vote.

Even to this day, we’re still producing new types of watermelon — like the black Densuke watermelon grown in Japan.

So, computers may be getting closer to autonomously producing their own art that people deem creative.

Since 2010, San Francisco and Silicon Valley were powerful job-creation machines, producing enormous employment gains.

In a nuclear war, cities and industrial areas would be targeted, thereby producing tons of smoke as they burn.

You built the beat for your song based on the sounds she was producing?

In normal years, a healthy tree can fight off bark beetles trying to squirm into its bark by producing pitch that drives them out.

The electric vehicle automaker was unable to meet its goal of producing 2,500 cars a week by the end of March.

As of April, Tesla was producing 2,250 Model 3s a week, 250 short of that goal.

Or it could unfairly give leeway to an established name who has started producing shoddy work.

As you were producing this, the 2016 election was entering its death throes.

There’s simply no evidence for the Brooks view that left-wing politics is producing closed-minded people.

She’s now running the show, fully embracing the dark side of producing captivating reality television.

Decorating cakes, Phillips said, was a form of art and producing a design for the couple went against his sincere religious beliefs.

Bernhard, an engaging man with short graying hair and a mustache, is one of a small handful of American distillers producing absinthe.

The curbs on photoresists only apply to those used in producing chips based on an advanced technique known as extreme ultraviolet or EUV lithography.

Queen Latifah’s jumping into stand-up comedy by producing a new competition TV show … TMZ has learned.

Technically speaking, the New York-based GKIDS — which stands for Guerrilla Kids International Distribution Syndicate — isn’t producing animation.

This is more than double the area of cultivation in Bolivia, the third highest producing country.

“We were producing 35 gallons in our apartment—it took up our entire living room at one point,” Taras says.

The presence of water offers a potentially valuable resource not only for drinking but for producing more rocket fuel and oxygen to breathe.

In recent years, he and Downey have shifted their focus to producing faith-based films and TV shows, aimed at the Christian audience.

But most can’t answer, and often don’t even know, because of the many factors involved in producing a storyline.

It is worth considering that he does not come from a family known for producing poor minds.

He encouraged this immortalization, producing, for instance, furry Fendi dolls in his likeness.

I’m truly honored to contribute my knowledge of producing sound and writing music alongside Ryan and Marvel’s vision.”

“Fam” — CBS, one season

The show was created by Corinne Kingsbury, whose producing credits include HBO’s “The Newsroom.”

Sources close to 6ix9ine tell TMZ … Tekashi’s spending most of his time behind bars writing and producing songs for his next album.

National weather forecasters also cautioned that high winds were producing critical fire conditions in the Southern Plains.

The US military stormed the city twice in 2004 to try to root out insurgents, producing some of the war’s most vicious fighting.

Hardwick is keeping busy with his podcasts, TV shows, and movie-producing producing projects — but he still misses “@midnight.”

PDVSA’s plan faces significant logistical challenges, most notably producing enough domestic light oil to blend – given that U.S. sanctions have sharply limited imports.

The latest calculation, we’re going to have to double the amount of meat that we’re producing by 2050.

Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement was news to some of the top dogs at AEG Live … the company that is producing Coachella.

On Tuesday, Samsung announced that it would begin mass producing its first-ever “Bio-Processor.”

He owns a production company where he’s directing, writing and producing … plus he’s still acting in several projects.

Additionally, there’s a limited number of companies capable of producing memorable drone shows.

The latest models use tens of thousands, producing images that look almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

In practical terms, this means “the consumer is buying chocolate at prices that do not reflect the true cost of producing chocolate.”

The group focused on gritty graphic art, producing mostly hand-printed woodblocks, but some members also performed in music ensembles and street theater.

Antibodies made in response to these infections can cross-react, producing false positive results.

That facility ended up in Nevada, and is expected to start producing batteries by the end of this year.

Curtis specified his producing partner Carol Fenelon should handle those decisions.

This might make them think twice about producing single-use packaging.” Reporting by Patpicha Tanakasempipat

Voting machines are vulnerable when they store votes in internal memory without producing a physical backup record.

Voting machines are vulnerable when they store votes in internal memory without producing a physical backup record.

(She has an additional two for producing Veep, but those are not primetime performance Emmys.

After spending the 1980s producing off-Broadway theater shows and television programs, and consulting for Republican politicians including Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

He’s been producing them so long that Arcangel says they’re now considered Art with a capital “A.”

Sure, he’s not a striker, per se, but his attacking midfield role demands a bit more than what he’s been producing lately.

“There is a debate obviously within the country about the exact volume that Russia should be producing in the second half,” he said.

US steel and aluminum industries will now face less international competition, which means they’ll be hiring and producing more.

It’s also interesting for those producing podcasts (including Recode).

The NHL’s final quarter is producing about a seven percent change in the playoff teams since 2005-06.

And if producing funny art means subverting expectations, then maybe more art that makes us laugh is a good thing.

The classic example is an electric lighter, in which a spring-loaded hammer smacks a crystal, producing a spark.

Canopy, the world’s largest publicly traded pot company, began producing medical marijuana, but has been expanding ahead of the planned legalization.

The team is also relatively strong upfront, with Marcin Gortat still producing well into his 30s and Markieff Morris being quietly effective.

Though not named in the complaint, the latter is likely the highly anticipated Selena series that Netflix announced it was producing in December.

Thedy is a fifth-generation brewer, producing Menabrea on the same spot as his great-great-great grandfather, making it Italy’s oldest continuously producing brewery.

If the recounts end up producing Republican victories, they might even be minimal.

During the postseason, he is producing 34.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game.

The Latin pop explosion also made artists like Thomas think about the music they were producing.

“We were really exploring, do we need sponsors to supplement the revenue here so that we can continue producing shows?” Morgan said.

AER is a program that uses real-time grid data and machine learning to determine exactly when the grid is producing the cleanest electricity.

Yet the show does much to show how the idea of producing animal-shaped vessels was widespread in antiquity.

By producing this data, Uber drivers may be creating the conditions for their own demise.

The first started producing LNG in mid-May.

Violent video games were becoming big sellers, and though Nintendo had little interest in producing one, other companies were more than willing.

“They must also accept their responsibility to control themselves and simply stop producing the worst of this junk.”

“Fissures near Puna Geothermal Venture are active and producing lava slowly flowing onto the property,” Civil Defense said in a statement.

H: Do you primarily want to focus on political content, or is it more about producing entertainment through this more equitable model?

For instance, Google is talking with developers producing Android apps for Cardboard about enabling in-app purchases within the VR headset, according to multiple sources.

The artist teamed up with poet Tony Towle to describe her process in producing the lithographs of Fifth Stone (1963) and Sixth Stone (1964).

Underground producer Gobby has been making twisty beats for a while now, including producing Mykki Blanco’s 2014 single “Funami.”

“If we come with a more modern legislation to facilitate access to medicines, we may start producing those medicines,” he said.

That, or the museum shows I’ve attended haven’t been attentive enough to what these women were and are producing.

I then got into producing, and am now aiming to win either a BAFTA or an Oscar.

Nico’s first solo album came out in 1967, and she passed away with plans of producing a few more.

Gloaguen, unlike his star-struck contemporaries, dismantles Warhol’s invulnerability, producing photographs not of a celebrity, but of a friend.

Today, federal law has changed; it only prohibits housing aid to registered sex offenders and those convicted of producing methamphetamine in public housing.

Over two decades, Tim Evans has developed a name for producing malevolent and enigmatic music.

Shanxi will also cut its annual coke producing capacity by 10 million tonnes in 2019, Xinhua said.

Dillon sat in a corner of a large gallery, producing percussive beats that provided a steady, rhythmic backdrop.

His conception of his body as political and producing meaning is fundamental to the development of his corporeal artistic practice.

But you are producing a publication that I read for free.

“We started producing and using it to power our cotton ginning factory in 2011.

So it does seem to be more about these demographics and the deeper concerns they’re producing.

All four producing units will be deployed in the northwestern part of the Libra block.

Barnes, who has been producing such products for decades, notes that he takes inspiration from what’s on the shelves at actual stores.

Vertical farming involves producing food indoors, with crops grown on a series of stacked levels in a controlled environment.

Ginzel seems committed in her practice to producing as little waste as possible.

In Red, Red is accepted as blue because he behaves in the “right” way, producing beautiful drawings.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Since the early 1970s, Harry Leigh has been producing distinctive, elegant, deceptively simple wall-based sculptures, mainly of wood.

However, in 2018, in contrast, not only are stocks producing lower returns with more volatility, hedges have become less reliable.

But when you’re producing 37 Christmas movies in a single year, some of them are going to miss the mark a bit.

Soon his art-making assumed a central, urgent place in his life, and, before long, he committed his energy full-time to producing drawings and paintings.

Was it seen as Native?” Like the whimsies, or the jingle bell, producing a new aesthetic is a symbolic act of resistance for Gibson.

Fournier said Hexoskin is partnering with companies that have prior experience producing such adhesives, while Hexoskin focuses on hardware and software.

The atoms cooled down and condensed on the surface of a collecting device, producing a thin layer of sand.

Vertical farming involves producing food indoors, with crops grown on a series of stacked levels in a controlled environment.

Especially when I’m producing a lot.

It’s being typically manic: producing a lot, staying up, not sleeping.

Musk has set a goal of producing 500,000 cars in 2018, which would represent a more than fivefold increase over this year’s output.

He himself understood that his articles, books, and producing were interconnected.

She began DJing and producing electronic music while attending the London College of Fashion.

“Ghost Adventures” host Zak Bagans tells TMZ … he’s executive producing the doc, and his crew began filming shortly before Manson died.

The problem for the computers is that Brexit is producing too many headlines for them to process.

Since then, Iran ramped up supplies, producing 3.81 million bpd in March 2018, almost 4 percent of global output.

Here’s the next possible frontier: people producing pictures that never existed but are hard to disprove.

We’re told mega-producer Mona Scott-Young of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ fame is producing the movie.

Brucutu is producing just 10 million tonnes a year, or a third of its capacity.

What is the importance of producing a spectacle?

He wants to know if there’s a “too-much scenario, as in the body stops producing on its own when supplements take over.

It should pass Gunsmoke in the spring of 2018 (it’s already producing episodes for the 2017-18 season) — and who knows?

Iran stopped producing 20 percent enriched uranium and gave up the majority of its stockpile as part of the agreement.

Get Out’s Jordan Peele is the first black filmmaker ever nominated for directing, writing, and producing in the same year.

Grimes is really supportive of women doing their own music, producing their own tracks, and writing their own lyrics.

The US isn’t the only country spewing carbon dioxide, and none of the plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against producing even more fossil fuels.

Indonesia has been producing more chicken than it consumes, putting pressure on prices.

Music Memos recognizes that tool’s usefulness and builds on it, adding another layer of functionality designed specifically for producing.

About a year ago, news sites learned that pro-Bernie content generated a lot of traffic, and many started producing more of it.

There are several such projects that are all producing dazzling results.

Brenntag said MPI was producing the pain killer under license for “a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer”, without naming the company.

But it burned hot and clean, producing little smoke.

How does that lead to us producing non-scripted shows, and maybe eventually scripted shows?

Licensing content is a cost-effective strategy at a time when producing original content has become costly.

Earlier this month, Hildene Capital Management pulled funds from Purdue Pharma, the brand known for producing Oxycontin, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ricketson has been visiting Cambodia for more than 20 years, producing documentaries about the country and its people.

And now, I start asking this question about myself, producing a new urgency.

Do such tactile attentions of another imply individuation, or are interactions producing sensations of touch to be understood as two moving as one?

The more collaborative process, and the more permanent-feeling changes it is producing, have mostly muted opposition.

He was there for four decades, grooming and producing champion fighters and top-level contenders both foreign and domestic.

How do you share it with those who couldn’t be there while still producing a mystical resonating effect?

When it comes to music, when it comes to producing, I did not go to school.

I was like: What is it about this city that was and is producing that?

“I am not producing enough breast milk to feed my baby because I am not eating enough,” she said in her statement.

But the complexity of course of producing 6,000 hours versus 171 is enormous.

“If we stopped producing fossil fuels today we would all die.

But producing charcoal often means destroying the very ecosystems that species like the mountain gorilla call home.

But producing charcoal often means destroying the very ecosystems that species like the mountain gorilla call home.

The result is a process that is efficient and targeted, producing few unwanted changes.

In addition to producing entertainment products, this larger company would also participate in the investigation of UFOs and other fringe science projects.

To maintain a greater degree of creative control, she began producing pictures under Lois Weber Productions in 1917.

Brazil is gaining by producing cheaper supplies that help offset higher freight costs to some destinations such as Mexico.

If I ever talk to him again I’ll ask, “Did Superchunk ever pay you for producing On The Mouth”?

It’s relatively simple for the world to phase out HFCs, because companies are already producing ready substitutes like HFOs.

He loved producing so that he could fund another magazine, book, or film.

All industrial society is built on producing product and buying the product.

A moderate amount of drought can actually intensify colors, producing more red pigments, as National Geographic explains.

But Cohen will likely not be producing an entirely #Resistance-friendly show.

Even Han/Lando shippers have had their moments, producing fanfiction, fan art, fan vids, and general celebrations of their rivalry, friendship, and love.

It’s also pushing out more video across its sites as well as producing for Facebook Live.

“It seems that the Minoans were producing art of the sort that no one ever imagined they were capable of producing.

Combined with custom-designed batteries, its newest model is producing jaw-dropping results.

They see opportunities in producing household chemicals and materials for electronic goods, piping, packaging and textiles.

Berger says that the work she is producing now—paintings made with acrylic and acrylic gouache on wood panels—explores themes of “inclusion, interconnectedness and empowerment.”

It’s not even about producing hot takes, it’s about inferences and implications and projections.

Alternatively, sometimes stress signals the hair follicles to stop producing color, which can make hair duller and finer.

It noted that the ingredient can “significantly” interfere with some lab tests, producing both false negative and false positive results.

This money has funded programs for clean water and for producing organic fertilizer from local livestock manure, which can also be sold.

We are, however, producing a lot of natural gas, which serves as a bridge to more renewable fuels.

The IRIB news agency quoted spokesman Behrouz Kamalvindi as saying that after the deadline Iran would speed up its rate of producing the material.

Forty-one wells were drilled on Poundmaker land, with 10 of those wells potentially producing oil.

Meanwhile on land next to Poundmaker, 242 wells were drilled, with 86 of those producing oil.

In a courtroom scene, one lawyer accuses former adman Magritte of selling out, producing formulaic work in exchange for consistent money and fame.

Overhead light splays dramatic shadows across the gallery floor producing ghostly doubles.

The French multinational hopes to begin producing oil in Uganda in 2022.

Fox is producing a live World Cup show for Twitter and is also partnering with Snapchat for official “Our Stories” productions around the games.

Alongside producing and moving cocaine, the organization also runs extortion rackets, and is involved in human trafficking.

producing aluminum requires huge amounts of energy, meaning it is also cheaper to use hydropower.

Airing on Netflix gives you more breathing room and flexibility, but it should in no way stop you from producing compelling, tightly edited work.

Daniel DeMeulle took first prize in the hybrid category for “Whitaker Blues,” a strain known for producing a calm and lazy high.

There are so many instances of various artists producing something anonymously and calling it “untitled” or “unknown artist.”

Veteran Los Angeles-based DJ, Jesse Rose, announced today that he will retire from producing and DJing next year.

Cityarts hired artist Alan Okada, who designed covers for Bridge magazine, to oversee producing the murals.

Now, it is producing more products than it needs and has looked to export markets for additional opportunity.

Russia is one of the few European countries still producing the dangerous substance in mass quantities.

Unfortunately, the industry producing large-scale products for VR is Hollywood, along with AAA gaming companies.

“With 10 people, we were producing the best food in Turkey,” she says.

The Cameroon project, producing 2.4 million tonnes a year, cost about $1.2 billion.

How are you thinking about it sort of minute to minute, day to day as you’re producing the show?

The Cameroon project, producing 2.4 million tonnes a year, cost about $1.2 billion.

Climate denial has had, and will continue to have, dire results, producing real suffering for real people.

There’s still plenty of time before Uber starts producing self-driving cars (or failing that, simply purchasing them).

The real issue is whether [Kim] will stop producing ICBMs and disarm those already deployed,” Zhang added.

Research guides our strategy, and the due diligence we undertake prior to producing a PSA has really been the secret to their effectiveness.

TV networks also dedicated resources to producing video content for Snapchat.

Neither Trump nor Kardashian West are producing traditional content.

In modern life, those responses are far less helpful, but that stress response persists and in many cases, seems overactive, producing inordinate stress.

“These people are producing this musical like it’s any other musical,” an outraged friend said to me at one point during the evening.

It makes sense that Anderson is enamored with the French photographer’s style — both have a knack for producing work with action-oriented, childlike energy.

But this extra step of separately producing their own content at the same time begs the questions: Why now and why in this way?

while producing the project?

But those in the business of producing autonomous cars will be glad there are finally goalposts and support.

“You could clean up your house, but if your neighbor has a junkyard producing Aedes aegypti, those mosquitoes are coming to you,” Tabachnick says.

The main producing fields are Mangara and Badila.

from a loudspeaker and it would still be a better use of it than producing an episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

It was unclear who is producing the report.

Feeding the bacteria in the gut and producing some gas is not a bad thing.

Currently, 6 percent of the world’s oil use is devoted to producing plastics—the same amount used by the global aviation sector.

Giving off the appearance of the St. Elmo’s Fire natural phenomenon, the lights were illuminated at separate intervals, producing an eerie flicker effect.

The team used CRISPR to successfully stop a gene from producing a key protein called OCT4, causing embryos to collapse.

However, some South Korean firms producing materials used in semiconductor manufacturing process closed firmer.

In a country capable of producing infinite numbers of soap and cereal boxes, why can’t the political market have more choice?

That means ragweed and other plants start producing pollen earlier in the season, which will lead to more misery for allergy sufferers.

Who or what is producing it?

If it goes ahead Goldboro will be Canada’s first east coast LNG project, producing 10 million tonnes per year.

But I think that one of the hairiest things about this controversy is that the Fine Brothers aren’t really producing something mind-blowingly original.

There are surely some people who feel that way about whatever the Fine Brothers are producing (me included).

Directing, producing and acting are just a few of the many hats they wear.

You were up all night and producing, and you were slaving at the computer, and thus blogging or typing quickly was a bad idea.

I think we should be producing really good newspapers.

The only way to do that without producing an exploding budget deficit is to assume a big increase in economic growth.

Imitators sprang into action, producing knockoffs for the West African market.

In the act of producing meta-art?

The Insider Pick: Spiralizers produce long, unbroken vegetable noodles with little waste and feature multiple blades for producing different noodle types.

I started producing people, and kind of retired from Redd Kross indefinitely.

Laos is not known for producing world-class athletes, let alone Olympian cyclists.

By the way, James will be producing the show along with Magical Elves — the production company behind the mega-hit “Top Chef.”

We hope producing in a sentence examples were helpful.