Prevent in a sentence | Use of the word prevent examples

At the Gezi protests in 2013, people initially gathered together to peacefully prevent the trees there from being cut down.

The law was initially designed to prevent adults from transporting minors across state lines for sex.

Iran, naturally, would very much like to prevent that from happening.

The challengers then returned to the Supreme Court to try to prevent the policy from applying specifically to them.

After all, the US has spent hundreds of billions on anti-drug law enforcement for decades — and it didn’t prevent the opioid epidemic.

Yet our laws prevent you from speaking your mind from your own pulpits.

Graham went a step further and will reportedly introduce legislation that would prevent anyone from firing Mueller without a court’s review.

But that is fire-fighting—necessary to prevent total ruin of our house, but not enough to rebuild it.

Still, the social currency his new music provided couldn’t prevent him from making the move back to Nigeria.

His advisers have urged him to wait to ensure the militants are defeated and to prevent Assad’s ally Iran from gaining a foothold.

It has said that it has taken steps to prevent past mistakes from happening again.

There’s a lot of education that needs to happen here to prevent genetic risk prediction from becoming genetic astrology.

And only government — through regulatory agencies and smartly designed laws — is in a position to prevent another crisis.

Instead, the group wants to prevent Central American asylum-seekers from entering Mexico in the first place.

He was involved in implementing the Dodd-Frank reforms created after the 2008 financial crisis to prevent a repeat.

Some experts noted that North Korea over the course of its six nuclear tests probably learned how to prevent radiation leaks.

“You can’t get it out, but you can prevent further deposits and trap what’s already in there with mattress and pillow protectors.”

Since we started this project, multiple senators have introduced bills to prevent surprise emergency room bills — including one directly inspired by our project.

And, much like the bills with high prices, these bills are really hard to prevent.

While the two bills aim to do the same thing (prevent surprise bills in the emergency room), they take different policy approaches.

Paddock often wore brown cloth gardening gloves to prevent rashes from contact with cleaning chemical residues, the brother wrote.

Republicans hold a 52-48 majority in the 100-member Senate, leaving Democrats with an uphill battle to prevent Gorsuch’s confirmation.

The thinking is that clearly labeling all political ads, and showing who paid for them, will help prevent bad actors from manipulating Facebook users.

Rub oil on the top of each dough and lay a sheet of plastic wrap on top to prevent any skin from forming.

“I think there should be a law of Nature to prevent a star from behaving in this absurd way!” he added.

These wars prevent democracy and human rights in countries which have themselves been victims of aggression.

Some lawmakers want regulations in place to prevent consumers who don’t use credit or debit cards from being left behind.

Signal-blockers prevent cellphone use.

If emissions approach the cap, prices for carbon allowances simply rise and rise, as high as necessary to prevent the cap from being exceeded.

Just in time for Thursday, he’s gone ahead and made us a mix designed to prevent these potential family pitfalls.

When President Obama announced the US intervention in Libya in 2011, the stated aim was to prevent a slaughter.

For mumps, researchers believe the threshold should hover around 92 percent to prevent outbreaks.

The FDA in September threatened to ban Juul and four other leading e-cigarette products unless their makers took steps to prevent use by minors.

(Together they could prevent 120 gigatons of GHGs by 2050 — more than on- and offshore wind combined.)

Another way to approach the problem would be, rather than prevent the birth of extremely wealthy people, prevent the creation of extremely wealthy people.

In other words, prevent the accumulation of massive wealth.

In California’s Orange County, for example, local officials shut down the district’s only needle exchange and have tried to prevent its reopening.

Still, it’s necessary to prevent sun damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Many men don’t know the proper way to prevent sweat in the underarms: it’s all in when you apply the antiperspirant.

The goal is to prevent Democrats from overturning Republican policy initiatives and electoral rules that help Republicans win statewide elections.

The judge suggested the FBI take corrective steps to prevent a similar failure in the future.

And for policymakers and law enforcement, not knowing the motive may make it harder to implement steps to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Even the strictest gun laws can’t prevent every shooting.

Catalyst actually did the survey about this, and they asked executive men what might prevent you from reaching out to women.

Harvard-educated Liu, 66, was the most prominent envoy to visit Washington recently to prevent the outbreak of a trade war.

I think we should ban them” “We need to change gun laws to prevent future shootings,” said Beth Smith, 18, from Springfield, Virginia.

Given the Republican majority in the Senate, Pai’s reconfirmation appears likely, but the naysayers are nevertheless working furiously to prevent that from happening.

Refurbishing returned devices helps prevent waste and helps boost Apple’s bottom line when it doesn’t have to eat the cost of returns.

Facebook rolled out the “Paid for by” tool in May “to help prevent abuse, especially during elections.” Leathern underscored its importance.

“These changes will not prevent abuse entirely.

But we believe that they will help prevent future interference in elections on Facebook.

“And if we can use food as a medicine to help us prevent illness, that would be terrific.

He said they weren’t convicted because they gave Ezekiel natural remedies—they were convicted because they didn’t act appropriately to prevent his death.

The CDC’s guidance is trying to prevent that.

It’s impossible to prepare for or prevent every kind of catastrophe, and the number of such events in 2016 has everyone on edge.

Texas’s RFRA includes a carve-out for civil rights protections to prevent people from citing their religious beliefs as a license to discriminate.

I feel like I’ve done what I can to prevent this; the blood will be on the government’s hands.”

Inspector Charles Young of the OPP’s Professional Standards Bureau knows the limits well and said they prevent the force from simply firing officers.

“It interacts with a metabolic pathway, which helps prevent cells from coming together to make tumors.”

Even their extreme xenophobia helps prevent them being wiped out by infectious diseases.”

“She uses a system of very subtle cues, like shoving and trampling, to prevent them from developing sexually,” says Faulkes.

Kate Brown also said this week that she’d like to tighten immunization rules to prevent future outbreaks.

“And yet Congress still hasn’t done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families.”

“And yet Congress still hasn’t done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families.”

Flour the cutters well and often to prevent sticking.

“A more important question now might be to ask how to prevent them from trusting these robots too much.”

The WHO said a tax would be most beneficial to helping prevent obesity among low-income families.

The government said any attempt to prevent it from meeting its legal obligation to deliver an orderly EU exit would be extremely concerning.

In hot conditions, they release heat-shock proteins, which prevent other proteins from warping.

Facts are stubborn things — and diseases occur, and our ability to prevent them or mitigate their impact depends on science.

How does CDC prevent conflicts of interest on vaccines?

The point of walls is to prevent people from crossing into the US undetected.

But, officers say she was still so belligerent, they had to put a hobble on her to prevent her from kicking them.

But the need to take that extra step will help prevent you from making an impulsive purchase that you might regret later.

The change would grant federal protections to prevent eviction, discrimination, and violence against transgender and non-gender binary Canadians.

The change would grant federal protections to prevent eviction, discrimination, and violence against transgender and non-gender binary Canadians.

Levandowski appealed that decision but a judge again quashed his attempt to prevent Uber and Stroz Friedberg from producing the document.

Some Republicans have pointed to ID rules and dropping infrequent voters from the rolls as necessary to prevent fraud.

Democratic institutions often prevent us from seeing this chaos, but they don’t prevent it from existing.

However, Senate Democrats reportedly plan to use procedural moves to prevent the chamber from officially recessing, which would block that from happening.

“But she could take antioxidants, such as a lot of vitamin C, which would help prevent oxidation of her mutant hemoglobin.

A big part of her work this term will be spearheading legislation to prevent discrimination against LGBTQ Americans.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that “thoughts and prayers” will not prevent another mass shooting.

The Trump administration has implemented new rules, like fingerprinting sponsors, ostensibly intended to prevent that from happening.

focuses on education and outreach to prevent the abuse of children.

Talks to prevent the duties from kicking in at 5% on June 10 continue.

Avoiding sexual triggers and increasing support and education are the time-tested methods to prevent contact-offending.

However, those who support the identification restrictions — typically Republicans — say they’re really just trying to prevent voter fraud.

Party loyalists are increasingly seeing a vote for Ted Cruz as the only way to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

The impact of these sites is so profound they are also transforming the way health officials track and prevent outbreaks.

Trump vowed to prevent that happening and threatened North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

Indeed, while Democrats managed to pass sweeping financial regulatory reforms, banks were not fundamentally fixed so as to prevent another recession.

Earlier this month, we shared an update on the steps we’re taking to prevent the spread of hate and misinformation on Facebook.

In an age of terrorism, threats are increasingly hard to detect and prevent.

About 540 men have received it in India, where it continues to prevent pregnancies in their partners 13 years after treatment, he said.

What can be done to prevent future mass shootings?

I’m wondering what you think the states can do and also what the federal government can do to prevent future mass shootings.

What do you think states can do to try to prevent future mass shootings?

The only way to stop this from happening is to be vigilant and prevent creeping use and abuse of power wherever we can.

In order to prevent abuse of the internal transfer process, Uber should take several actions.

This process will help to both regularly monitor cultural issues and prevent discriminatory conduct from affecting workplace decisions.

Continuous feedback will also eliminate surprise during performance evaluations and help prevent employees from needlessly missing benchmarks.

Also, the government has to do what it can to prevent us from being hacked and any poisoning from any other country.

Earlier this year, the California State Athletic Commission passed measures that prevent dehydrated fighters from competing.

He echoed that stance in his late Saturday post, though he said the company would do more to prevent fake news.

So what can you do to prevent gas?

But regardless of the accord — which didn’t even prevent America from using more coal — the demand for coal is drying up.

Local leaders are now trying to figure out how to prevent what could be decades of economic instability after the plants are shuttered.

But regardless of the accord — which didn’t even prevent America from using more coal — the demand for coal is drying up.

Local leaders are now trying to figure out how to prevent what could be decades of economic instability after the plants are shuttered.

I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack.

They are also much harder to prevent, because they usually involve only a small number of people (or even just one person).

They are also easier to prevent, especially with the intelligence and security measures put in place after 9/11.

At least two bipartisan bills have already been introduced in Congress that would prevent the president from dismissing Mueller without additional oversight.

To prevent these types of attacks from proliferating in the wild, the researchers suggested that mobile devices could be designed to prevent them.

Regulatory and logistical obstacles prevent them from doing that quickly enough to meet surging demand for bitcoins in South Korea.

After the safeguard procedure was announced, Fonciere Euris tried to prevent Societe Generale from calling in the collateral and this was provisionally granted.

For one thing, they have to prevent Trump from accumulating support in later primaries simply for being the frontrunner, which is usually what happens.

Some U.S. lawmakers have suggested passing resolutions voicing support for intelligence agencies, or spending more to enhance election security and prevent cyber attacks.

Hot, humid environments are even worse: They prevent your sweat from evaporating to cool you off enough to let your body drop.

The new law calls for rigorous testing to prevent illegal cannabis from entering the medical market.

But it doesn’t have any legal force, so it can’t actually prevent a no-deal Brexit.

But unless facts emerge suggesting otherwise, there was nothing in the existing statutes to prevent Santiago from getting his gun back.

Cofece responded that the burden should fall on both companies to prevent leaks, not just one.

The arbitrary line drawn between 17 and 18 should not prevent Kavanaugh’s character from being impugned.

It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.

What You Should Do: Just like abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy, avoiding mosquitos is the best way to prevent a bite.

“When you’re taking the substance, you have enough GABA being released to prevent you from experiencing anxiety,” says Montgomery.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces are trying to prevent protesters from potentially breaching the border.

The lawyer said he has already filed six injunctions seeking to prevent Guzmán’s possible extradition prior to his recapture.

Three windows offer light and prevent the room from resembling a fancy cell, and a HVAC unit provides comfortable temperatures.

Capitalizing on the mobilization for World War II, they pushed Fair Employment Practices legislation — to prevent racial discrimination in employment — onto the political agenda.

To prevent this, Mabrey tried to do the smart thing and mauled William.

And one thing it can do to prevent that is offer coupons that offset their co-payments.

All other countries in the region have closed their borders in a bid to prevent migrants from traveling further north.

France is spearheading a group of EU countries in demanding guarantees to prevent any such outcome, the sources said.

“Rather, it alleges that they lied about what occurred to prevent independent criminal investigators from learning the truth.”

Netanyahu has pledged to forcefully prevent its arch-nemesis from establishing a permanent military presence in the country.

Together we have implemented additional advanced measures of security to prevent this from happening again.”

It will most likely mean that Trump and congressional Republicans will be bereft of resources to prevent wholesale losses of coverage.

He credits the Bush administration, led by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, with helping to prevent a second Great Depression.

He’s not convinced, however, that the financial community’s takeaway from its brush with financial Armageddon will prevent future disaster.

Unions have helped prevent and helped stopped the imbalance of power that we are seeing in the country.

“Our ability to prevent STDs is only as strong as the public health infrastructure to support it,” Merrin says.

These high debt levels prevent millennials from purchasing homes, even if they really want to.

“We know we have more to do to prevent against future attacks.

Any activity of this kind is intolerable, and we all must do more to prevent it.

Instead, Hamas uses violence and other provocations to keep the pot bubbling but tries to prevent it from boiling over.

That could include better vaccines or improved methods to sterilize environments and prevent pathogens from spreading.

Klemetti said the intense heat of an active lava flow—about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit—would be enough to prevent anyone from getting too close.

The irony here is that the government used to more actively regulate large media companies to prevent them from abusing their power.

After all, if he doesn’t believe discrimination exists, how can he be expected to prevent and stop it?

The pact was designed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Take, for instance insecticide-treated bednets, which prevent malaria not just among people who use them but also people who just live nearby.

Others, however, are adamant that enhanced screening protocols won’t help prevent sudden cardiac deaths and could, in fact, do more harm than good.

That’s one of the things all this secrecy is designed to prevent.

The answer is that no one knows for sure — but many think Congress could use its powers to prevent a total withdrawal from NAFTA.

But many of the scholars I spoke to think that the answer, on balance, is that Congress could likely prevent Trump from destroying NAFTA.

The legal protections that prevent that are what the Trump administration is calling “catch and release” now.

To prevent Trump’s election, they’d all have to affirmatively back Clinton.

Companies should follow international standards and conduct human rights due diligence to prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts,” he said in emailed comments.

One way the INCB tried to prevent addiction was by writing so-called “model laws” that it encouraged countries to enact.

We just got rid of that, because the last thing we want to do is prevent these carriers from building out.

That said, the system does not prevent driving on local roads.

And, considering we’re on the cusp of society changing technologies with similar effects, can we prevent that from happening again?

We have people talking about safe spaces, issues at festivals, and people are asking, how do we prevent this?

What would prevent them from abandoning it?

It’s the government’s job to prevent too much concentration of economic powers, and to protect the open internet via net neutrality.

Anti-ischemic drugs prevent the deprivation of oxygen to the heart, brain, or other organs.

“Our door is — and has always been — open to Virgin to take the necessary steps to prevent any disruption for Christmas travelers.”

In essence, Camazotz represents a possible dystopian future version for Earth, and it is this future that the characters end up fighting to prevent.

Italy is negotiating a budget revision with Brussels to try to prevent an EU disciplinary procedure.

What can you do to prevent it?

Nor should they be able to prevent workers from supporting the candidate of their choice.

This new analysis reinforces that we must consistently prioritize safety at work, at home and on the road to prevent these dire outcomes.”

This new analysis reinforces that we must consistently prioritize safety at work, at home and on the road to prevent these dire outcomes.”

Because marijuana doesn’t cause deadly overdoses and is less addictive than opioids, replacing some use of opioids with pot could prevent some overdose deaths.

But Hurran said the WWF has ignored its own pledges to prevent abuses and to consult indigenous groups before launching a conservation project.

Police later dispersed them and closed off the road to prevent more demonstrations.

The University of British Columbia researchers realized a cocktail of three drugs could suppress the virus and prevent it from reproducing.

We need to provide an infrastructure to prevent people from falling into addiction in the first place,” Obama said in Atlanta.

The new rules are intended to curb painkiller abuse and prevent users from forging paper prescriptions.

Physicians then mapped and monitored how the virus clustered to manage the outbreak and prevent future cases.

Tesla has come under fire for its confidentiality agreement, which some workers claim prevent them from organizing and discussing their work conditions.

The U.S. government cannot forbid anyone from using dollars, but it can prevent U.S. banks from doing business with a sanctioned entity.

After the safeguard procedure was announced, Fonciere Euris tried to prevent Societe Generale from calling in the collateral and this was provisionally granted.

That doesn’t prevent others from running in the primary if they secure enough signatures and meet the filing deadline.

Despite being aware of these test results for a year, the patient continually missed appointments for treatment intended to prevent cancer.

But many true crime enthusiasts are now developing ways to prevent predators from swaying the narratives in their favor, via podcasts and other content.

This nearly perfected of spread offense causes even elite defenses to struggle to prevent open shots.

It may prevent some of them from going to a pizza place and firing their rifle.

Recognizing this commonsense idea could help us better understand suicide—and ways we might be able to prevent it.

Does the threat prevent him from having a discussion with the public?

The findings, the researchers say, may help humans figure out how to prevent dreaded bedbug infestations.

Well, in hospitals, we can prevent sick people, elderly people, from falling down, we can call alarms for them.

You want the human caregiver, but maybe with super strong arms that can prevent the fall.

“It was the bare minimum OPEC could agree on in order to prevent a major meltdown in prices.

It’s important to prevent people from getting addicted, too, in part by stemming the proliferation of painkillers.

Mexico and the United States brokered an immigration agreement last week to prevent Washington from imposing tariffs starting at 5% on Mexican goods.

In New Zealand, the new Labour government on Thursday proposed legislation to prevent multinationals from shifting profits out of the country.

But many others see it as infringement of #2A that won’t prevent shootings.

Having him off the bench will also prevent incremental steps against it from going forward.

“If they put it on the Senate floor, how do they prevent amendments to it or prevent people from pursuing agendas?”

The Conservatives argued such tough-on-crime measures were necessary to prevent these offences and keep the streets safe.

The Conservatives argued such tough-on-crime measures were necessary to prevent these offences and keep the streets safe.

Comics prevent that issue because they’re both written and visual, and I was attracted to the union between those two forms of storytelling.

3) The camps didn’t just break prisoners’ will in order to prevent rebellion.

On the contrary, the SS exerted the greatest diligence to prevent any man who had been part of it from surviving and telling.

“We are determined to completely crush ISIS and create the conditions that will prevent its return.

That’s given by the fact that most of us would pay potentially any sum of money to prevent our impending death.

That’s what movie theater owners and studios are hoping to prevent.

Weekly infusions of the enzyme can ease some symptoms, but can’t prevent brain damage.

Getting a seasonal flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the flu.

But doctors say they’ve accounted for that worry, and included safeguards that prevent the treatment from working outside the liver.

“Did the government use its power to prevent this man from entering Canada?”

To prevent your cutting board from sliding, anchor it by placing a textured dish towel or a wet, wrung out paper towel underneath.

The thin layer of oil will prevent things from sticking, Davison says.

Many church-run shelters have separate areas for single men, single women, and families to help prevent assault, Forrester said.

“I don’t think they would prevent Iraqis coming to America.” Reporting by Jonathan Allen; Editing by Dina Kyriakidou and Mary Milliken

Chinese law mandates the use of force to prevent the island from seceding.

But because Sessions rebuked Trump on just one issue — by refusing to prevent and reel in the Russia investigation — Trump threw it all way.

In his view, the Roswell aliens had crashed while on an important mission: to prevent the humans from destroying themselves and their home.

But Supreme Court rulings regarding the Commerce Clause prevent states from discriminating against out-of-state businesses.

The court in 2005 ruled that states could not let in-state wineries ship wine to consumers but prevent out-of-state wineries from doing so.

Climate change could eventually even cause some World Heritage sites to lose their status.” The report calls for increased efforts to prevent such damage.

Further votes on supplementary measures were expected later on Tuesday, although none will explicitly prevent the suspension of parliament.

Perhaps there will be a “shocking” death or two to prevent a full-on happy ending.

Nobody walks around thinking, “I’m so thankful to NATO for helping prevent World War III.”

Republican Ohio state Senator Matt Huffman, who co-sponsored the constitutional amendment measure, said it creates rules to prevent partisan abuse in the map-making process.

It is unclear if this monitoring will be continuous, or what parameters are currently in place to prevent misuse or prejudicial bias.

The Coodle is an arched pillow designed to prevent your arm from falling asleep.

Since shortly after President Trump took office, it has adopted a policy to attempt to prevent those minors from getting abortions.

That would prevent the trauma and outrage that separating families has caused.

The other is that these protests have reinforced communities’ distrust in law enforcement, making it harder to solve and prevent crimes.

To prevent this from happening, true American patriots must be ever vigilant for any sign that the takeover is beginning.

President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law in 1906 to prevent looting of Native American artifacts from archeological sites.

Both lawsuits accused Trump of violating the U.S. Constitution’s “emoluments” provisions designed to prevent corruption and foreign influence.

This is what China’s government is determined to prevent.

“We’ve reinforced the carbon shells and arms to prevent injuries,” Cowper-Smith explained.

This new case once again highlights the limits of Google’s filters that are intended to prevent malware from slipping onto the Play Store.

As I see it, my work in the classified environment was to prevent terrorist attacks from those already radicalized.

The Republican plan would prevent any coverage expansion in 2020 or after.

There are other legitimate legal reasons that might prevent Barr from disclosing information.

There are high levels of security and alarm systems, both to prevent people breaking in and to monitor temperatures changes.

We are waging a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from happening.

“And one of the purposes of the Monroe Doctrine was to prevent foreign interference and even recolonization,” Bolton said.

It’s unappetizing details like these that prevent the film from becoming too precious.

To prevent the debate lineup from being too enormous, then, the DNC decided to cap the number of participants at 20.

Real lightning cables prevent your iPhone from fying.

Read “These scientists are racing to prevent the next Ebola” Read “Politics and money are holding up America’s plan to fight opioid addiction”

JL: You’re never going to be able to use sanctions to physically prevent a country from building nuclear weapons.

And that means that putting small barriers between them and suicide methods can meaningfully prevent suicides.

They will also try to prevent smuggling after harvesting starts this summer, Barodo said without elaborating.

“A worldwide ban on the use of highly hazardous pesticides is likely to prevent tens of thousands of deaths every year,” the authors conclude.

The government also has a privilege to prevent the disclosure of military, national security, or diplomatic secrets — basically classified information.

Low-dose estrogen pills require a steady schedule to prevent pregnancy: one pill every 24 hours.

But Thursday’s report argues that these reforms aren’t strong enough to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), said United failed to prevent and correct the pilot’s behavior, even after the flight attendant made numerous complaints.

Look, I know that the agencies are working on trying to prevent the Russians from interfering in midterms or the next Presidential election.

All of us should want to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to prevent them from doing it again.

Second, it would prevent the state from punishing private individuals and businesses for refusing wedding services to same-sex couples.

“Because they caught it so early they were able to discourage and prevent those secondary attacks.” Reporting by Jack Stubbs; Editing by William Maclean

Specifically, the amendment would prevent the state from punishing people who cite their sincere religious beliefs to justify discrimination.

Health and safety considerations certainly justify rules that prevent just anybody from setting up shop, examining patients, and prescribing insulin and antibiotics.

British police mounted a round-the-clock guard to prevent his escape, saying he would be arrested should he leave.

The Trump administration claims the order is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks, but, as with the last travel ban, that assertion is questionable.

To prevent potential downloaders from downloading an essentially useless app, he pulled it from the App Store.

(Investigators claimed that the reason for the early-morning arrest was to prevent Stone from potentially destroying documents.)

Hundreds of riot police blocked their path to prevent them advancing along the district’s main pedestrian avenue.

Turkish police regularly prevent the staging of protests in central Istanbul and elsewhere.

It by no means justifies the riots, but knowing why it happened can help prevent more such events in the future.

“You don’t need a medical degree to prevent an STD,” Fraser said.

The findings were used by Google to prevent Smart Compose, the tool that auto-generates text in Gmail, from being exploited.

Of course, the DOJ can seek to prevent the merger from going forward pending appeal though the judge discouraged them from doing so.

Democrats have called for additional protections, including laws to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation.

May has agreed to an insurance policy designed to prevent a hard border between EU-member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland.

In the ruling, the judge noted that the Trump administration can’t legally prevent unaccompanied minors from getting abortions.

In the ruling, the judge noted that the Trump administration can’t legally prevent unaccompanied minors from getting abortions.

Both Lee and Shah also stress the importance of having a strong support system in place to prevent burnout.

Still, there are significant omissions in the dossier that prevent these files from becoming definitive proof of Soviet spying.

When technical glitches occur, exchanges typically quickly switch over to back-up systems to prevent interruptions in trading.

They are the first two state officials to be arrested for allegedly failing to prevent the attacks, claimed by the militant group Islamic State.

It is often used for cosmetic purposes to prevent wrinkles by paralysing certain facial muscles.

Before 1967, at-large districts existed in southern states as a way to prevent African Americans from getting elected to Congress.

BoE Chief Economist Andy Haldane said this month that the time was nearing for a rate rise to prevent inflation pressure building.

Around 100 artists attempted to prevent the demolition of the home and studio of artists Shen Jingdong and Cao Zhiwen.

In fact they developed CRISPR-Cas systems—which humans have now co-opted for editing genes—to rid themselves of phages or to prevent phage infections altogether.

SoftBank has also pushed an anti-collusion provision that has sought to prevent sellers from formulating their minimum price for selling.

Apple has added two features to the iPhone to help prevent this kind of hack.

Apple would like to prevent this by building an iPhone whose security features are so powerful that even Apple can’t help break them.

Police have complained that laws do not give them enough powers to detain suspects to prevent attacks.

The league is always trying to figure out how to prevent injuries and maybe that’s what they will try to do.”

Its mistakes are deliberate choices, by the actors and the filmmakers, and they prevent Two For The Money from being boring.

It is “not likely at all that we could actually prevent someone from rescuing someone in distress from the sea,” he insisted to me.

The CDC recommends consulting your doctor before traveling and following steps to prevent mosquito bites during the trip.

Hatch and colleagues analyzed data from a randomized controlled trial that was primarily designed to study ways to prevent infants from becoming overweight.

Hjbardenhagen believes this will prevent your history from showing up in “Discover Weekly.”

There’s a dizzying array of different rebel factions, and it’s hard to prevent them from sharing weapons and training.

Texas’s RFRA includes a carve-out for civil rights protections to prevent people from citing their religious beliefs as a license to discriminate.

Pete tried to call a mobile crisis response team, an emergency health unit in Fairfax, to try to prevent yet another encounter with police.

No one country can prevent catastrophic warming on its own: Every country that’s a major greenhouse gas emitter is part of the problem.

A batter’s enhanced ability to hit a baseball farther detracts from a non-enhanced pitcher’s ability to prevent home runs.

“We did our utmost to prevent this outcome.

“I struggled as hard as I could yet was unable to prevent the robbery.”

But would more effective means of monitoring social media help prevent future violence?

It would prevent plans from dropping out of the exchange market while continuing to offer coverage in the higher-yield off-exchange market.

She also attends public protests in an effort to change the laws that prevent her from returning to North Korea.

It’s really this way to prevent a defense lawyer from discovering those inconsistencies and do a meaningful cross-examination.”

Roughly 20 states are considering voter ID laws this year that supporters say prevent fraud and boost public confidence in elections.

It wants to use the detailed data to improve workplace safety training programs, and in turn, prevent more job-related deaths and disabilities.

“We should advocate for their stories and for the similar experiences of other Syrian women to prevent the sexual violence and mitigate the stigma.

“We’re aiming to prevent injuries and pain rather than treat them.”

“We cannot prevent an Iranian bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement,” the president said in justifying his decision.

In the spring of 2018, the new Virginia legislature passed a FOIA reform to prevent colleges from turning over their directories again.

It’s unclear if self-regulation will be enough to prevent abuse, or if government regulation would either.

But McConnell pulled off quite the gambit to prevent that.

This openness, however, potentially runs counter to Open AI’s purpose: To prevent Skynet from becoming self-aware.

“Strengthen supervision and preventive measures, prevent such a major accident from happening again,” it cited Li as saying in a statement on its website.

Theresa May has a week to prevent her government from falling apart Nabra Hassanen’s murder may not be a hate crime.

Specifically, we’re told the money is going to help fix walls and prevent weather damage to judo equipment.

However, game creators initially limited the number of people on the game — to prevent crashes — and Veronica got the short end.

“We must prevent external shocks, market fluctuations and market contagion,” it said, vowing to “resolutely” fend off systemic financial risks.

The PBOC also said it would prevent and resolve risks in its key institutions, without elaborating.

A year’s supply of Healing Saint luminosity skin serum along with a hair follicle stimulant that claims to prevent further hair loss.

And yes, it’s legal because it’s a step they take to prevent renting cars to auto thieves.

Cranberries contain compounds that are thought to prevent bacteria from sticking to the cells that line the bladder.

Naturally, Ocean Spray trumpeted the research as “landmark,” suggesting it conclusively settled the debate about whether the red stuff can truly prevent infections.

That would mean you prevent 10 women getting 10 events — and that the cranberry juice is a very effective treatment.

“That’s a lot of sugar to take for over three years to prevent one episode — which probably isn’t a UTI anyway,” Craig said.

An insurance scheme would make depositors across the euro zone feel safe and prevent bank runs in the event of a crisis.

Which is useful, since her “Code of Honor” can straight up prevent her from pulling the trigger if she isn’t yet discovered.

She thinks Weinstein was off base to beg his powerful friends to go to bat for him to prevent his firing.

That ultimately didn’t prevent Democrats from passing a major piece of health insurance legislation.

These coups were really designed by the military to prevent the democratic process from becoming too chaotic or too violent.

To that end, 20,000 trees have been planted, and bamboo and other vegetation introduced to cover the ground and prevent soil washing away.

MM: Erdogan threw a few generals in prison to prevent a coup once, didn’t he?

However, red-state Democrats in the Senate are under more pressure to prevent a government shutdown.

How do we prevent it?

But the only way to prevent that would be to topple Assad, which Trump doesn’t seem to want to do.

She adds that the use of sunscreen starting even at the age of 50 can prevent the formation of non-melanoma skin cancers.

The more people supporting it the harder it is for the Cuban government to prevent its opening; it is a collective message.

Health officials rushed to intensify efforts to test, prevent, and treat new HIV infections.

Their legislation will include “measures to prevent the recharacterization of personal income into business income.”

Doesn’t that mean these “measures” would prevent Trump’s theoretical high-income independent trucker from benefiting from the cap in the way he described?

But the farmers will need to plant an eligible cover crop, a practice typically intended to prevent soil erosion, Perdue added.

Even the strictest gun laws can’t prevent every shooting.

Chicken wire has been strung up over the Palestinian market to prevent Israeli settlers from throwing down garbage.

The procedure was designed to prevent dubious searches, increase officer accountability, and help repair the relationship between cops and minority communities.

“We actually have researched how to prevent forgery.

Boris*, a gay student in New York, went to his university health center in 2017 seeking a pill to prevent HIV.

He also deployed decoy planes and packed his own food to try to prevent poisoning.

The San Diego fence didn’t necessarily cause smugglers to build tunnels instead, but it certainly wasn’t enough to prevent their construction.

That might prevent some of the fallout from a wall — the environmental danger, the money spent in court cases.

For years they have been discussing a pact to prevent an escalation of disputes.

Let it be known, I will do all in my power to prevent this from happening in our State.

This bill, if approved by parliament, would create a law designed to add safeguards to prevent Britain from leaving the EU without a deal.

The packaging process also makes it more difficult to find the cause of contamination and prevent more people from getting sick.

Abel Trujilo’s granby rolls worked numerous times against Nurmagomedov while nothing else was able to prevent the Dagestani from imposing his will.

Noncompete agreements have traditionally been used against highly skilled workers to prevent them from taking company secrets to competitors.

But the eradication effort didn’t occur fast enough to prevent the extinction of the flightless Lyall’s wren.

“We want to deter, avoid, and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military dominance,” Trump said in September, lamenting recent cuts to defense spending.

“If you promote vigilante killings, who is going to prevent encouraging citizens from killing criminals?”

It totally snuck up on me, and I could do nothing to prevent it.

Experts say these catches undermine fishing limits that nations put in place to prevent fish stocks from getting depleted too rapidly and collapsing.

Jack Johnson made an entire career of using his palms and wrists over the opponent’s biceps to prevent them from swinging at him.

But one can still find cases when antiwar sentiment helped prevent a calamitous military action.

Public aversion to war helped prevent the Oregon boundary dispute (“Fifty-four forty or fight!”)

Besides checkpoints and minefields, the regime and its allies employ brutal blockades that prevent food or water from reaching the isolated towns.

Once inserted, IUDs will prevent pregnancy for at least three years.

At that convention the Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.”

Tribal leaders from Raqqa said they sought to prevent bloodshed among civilians still trapped in the city.

The Republican plan would significantly reduce the access low-income women have to healthcare, prevent insurance plans from covering abortions, and defund Planned Parenthood.

The Republican plan would significantly reduce the access low-income women have to healthcare, prevent insurance plans from covering abortions, and defund Planned Parenthood.

The GOP proposal doesn’t prevent people from buying an additional plan that includes abortion coverage, called a rider, on top of an existing plan.

The AFT is now leading the charge against DeVos as education secretary — and it didn’t prevent Lieberman’s endorsement of DeVos.

Team Lebanon says the bus was reserved for them and they had the right to prevent another team from getting on.

Somewhere in the middle is a new law proposed by a Republican congressman from Maine that would prevent convicted terrorists from receiving food stamps.

Reversing an overdose just a few seconds or minutes earlier can prevent brain damage or death.

For presidential elections, Congress has the power to prevent invalid electoral votes.

Condoms can help prevent transmission.

Condoms can help prevent transmission.

I would try to prevent him from destroying the United States,” Clinton replies.

The company is expected to outline changes to software that controls a system designed to automatically prevent a mid-flight stall.

The MCAS was designed to use an automated system to anticipate a stall and act to prevent it without the pilot’s intervention.

We are waging a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from happening.

However, returning the migrants would violate international laws which prevent asylum seekers being returned to countries where they would be in danger of persecution.

However, returning the migrants would violate international laws which prevent asylum seekers being returned to countries where they would be in danger of persecution.

“A universal pension scheme will effectively prevent the wealth gap from further widening.”

“It clearly moves the needle toward prevent planting at this point.

Lawmakers wanted to prevent election day from falling on the first of November for two reasons.

As was reported earlier this week, Apple is introducing a secondary First Amendment argument to prevent the government from accessing encrypted user data.

Trump tweeted, “It won’t happen!” — though he didn’t explain exactly how the administration would prevent it.

But the basic point is that we know restricting access to guns — and, better yet, confiscating guns — could help prevent thousands of gun deaths.

Prosecutors allege Avenatti would “lull the client to prevent the client from discovering” his activities.

A group of states including New York and immigrant rights organizations sued to prevent the question.

It centered on whether courts can prevent arbitrators from deciding if an issue can be arbitrated at all.

Kim’s parents had sent a friend to try and prevent the marriage, but he ignored them.

It says Apple erected the technological obstacles that prevent investigators from searching the device for evidence related to the shooting.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he would like to see the Senate unanimously pass legislation to prevent family separations.

Efforts to shame and blame victims are often what prevent people from coming forward to report violence and/or seek help in the first place.”

The goal was simple: Boost public health funding, much of it for CDC, to support activities that prevent people from getting sick.

When we have mosquito control programs that prevent Zika from spreading, it’s a non-story.

By helping prevent hold-outs from blocking a deal, the reform is designed to speed up the resolution of debt crises.

To prevent the yuan from depreciating in synch with those outflows, the People’s Bank of China has two options.

But there are some precautions that different levels of government, along with internet services, can and do take to help prevent it.

So how does one revive American socialism in the 21st century — and prevent a rerun of the failures of the 20th?

‘We can now confidently tell our patients with psychosis that giving up cannabis will probably reduce positive symptoms and will help prevent relapse.’

Major climate change action has to happen in the near future to prevent irreversible, devastating warming.

YouTube, for example, is under fire for failing to adequately combat conspiracies and prevent child exploitation from being circulated.

In order to prevent a situation where only sick people enroll, it requires doing something unpopular: penalizing healthy people when they don’t sign up.

And that government regulation in some capacity is crucial to prevent things like monopolies.” When he shops, though, Chandler is not thinking politics.

A playwright’s copyright should certainly prevent directors from making unauthorized cuts or changes to the text or stage directions.

When the protests first erupted on Thursday, police used tear gas and rubber bullets to prevent crowds of protesters from storming Georgia’s parliament.

Technically speaking, the EU ruling on the Apple matter doesn’t prevent Ireland from continuing to make tax competition the basis of its economic strategy.

In internal reports, Eing denied abusing the Taser, saying he aimed to prevent injury to staff and inmates.

So what’s the central organizing principle to prevent cataclysm for this era?

Most Conservative lawmakers reject a customs union because it would prevent Britain having an independent trade policy — one of their main demands.

“We’ve see time and again that Washington voters want action to prevent gun violence in our state,” Ellingboe said.

In 2015, New York passed one of the strongest laws in the country to prevent surprise medical bills.

Israel says its occasional strikes in Syria aim to prevent such an outcome.

Passing a bill to prevent surprise medical bills is a bit like playing whack-a-mole.

Motherboard reported in 2015 that one Canadian Forces training base was re-building its firing range in order to prevent the littering of ammunition.

Last month, however, Trump accused China of allowing oil into North Korea, which he said would prevent “a friendly solution” to the nuclear crisis.

He also worries his reputation will prevent people from renting to him and his collected band of other weirdos.

I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack.

Still, there could be budgetary restrictions that would prevent a moon mission.

In that moment, every second counts, and a minute saved can prevent irreparable brain damage.

Re-zoning restrictions will likely prevent the developer from just building a luxury condo.

We are KIDS working to prevent this from happening again.

Perhaps it really was just a ham-handed attempt by Trump to prevent a narrative he genuinely believes to be fake news from advancing further.

These gases essentially prevent heat from escaping too quickly back into space, trapping that radiation at the surface and keeping the planet warm.

The black man was arrested, and black World War I veterans raced to the courthouse to defend him and prevent a lynching.

Kisses are powerful and one thing can lead to another, so we wanted to prevent this.

We need to secure the southern border to prevent terrorist infiltration.

Back in 1974, the Environmental Protection Agency suggested keeping noise levels around 70 decibels to optimally prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

The office developed programs to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and educate people about the health effects of noise.

Completed words save lives in Hangman, deplete tiles in Anagrams, prevent elimination in spelling bees, and accumulate cash in Wheel of Fortune.

Many Republican governors, meanwhile, have gone to court to try to prevent Syrian refugees from being resettled in their states.

Back in the 1980s, the ophthalmologist Alfred Sommer was in Indonesia, trying to prevent a form of blindness that results from nutrient deficiencies.

And the purpose of the mucus in our lungs is to tangle up invading germs and prevent infections.

These policies are meant to maintain employee safety as well as to prevent racial profiling of customers.

It is also used to make chemicals and coat other metals to prevent corrosion.

Now it may give the country the ability to prevent a huge mistake.

How does a company expressly block access to websites on rival devices or prevent dissidents’ content from appearing on its platform?

One, former Brexit minister Dominic Raab, has even raised the possibility of suspending parliament until after Oct. 31 to prevent it happening.

City and federal governments will have to decide what kinds of damages they’re willing to tolerate and what they can afford to prevent.

The best case for raising the tipped minimum wage is to prevent wage theft.

Adults and children alike may have had their shoelaces removed while in detention — to prevent self-harm — so they’ll need replacements.

But by creating a space for LDS members to share their experiences of the church, McKnight hopes to prevent further institutional abuses.

“The government is trying to prevent us because they are seeing our excitement here today.”

That’s why we built a global coalition, with sanctions and principled diplomacy, to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

Our hope was to provide the education and support youth needed to prevent marijuana use among all youth in Washington State.

The agency threatened in September to ban Juul and four other leading e-cigarette products unless their makers took steps to prevent use by minors.

Farmers have typically used the drugs in three ways: to treat sick animals, to prevent infections, and to fatten up animals.

Because junior staffers are also routinely overworked and underpaid the same exclusive dynamics that may prevent those without means from taking these jobs.

Trump’s budget imposes a $40,000 limit on crop insurance premium subsidies, which could prevent some farmers from insuring their entire acreage.

He said that would prevent future tragedies.

We will do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening again.”

Motherboard’s findings are particularly troubling given the FCC crafted specific rules to prevent exactly this scenario from occurring.

That can make it pretty hard to prevent food poisoning, even with the triple washing most bagged lettuces go through.

This is one reason the Republican Party has failed to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee.

They’re contracts designed to prevent disputes about all marital assets, according to Nolo.

“The FBI in conjunction with our state and local partners must act flawlessly to prevent all attacks.

But it’s not at all clear what would be done, instead, to prevent more deaths.

“The FBI in conjunction with our state and local partners must act flawlessly to prevent all attacks.

“I think, for the Turkish government, there are three factors that prevent it from acknowledging and apologizing,” Gregorian says.

“I used to understand birth control as a way to prevent abortion,” Delaware Gov.

This did not, however, prevent Asian immigrants from serving in the US military and fighting for citizenship in return for their service.

Scientists say that the morning-after pill, a subject of controversy in recent years, does not prevent implantation of fertilized eggs.

Part two of your book is about your ideas for how colleges could handle sexual assault better and even prevent it.

John Kasich and Chris Christie both have some interesting qualities, but nothing that makes it obvious why they would prevent coordination around Marco Rubio.

“The global community needs to carefully reexamine existing yellow fever travel vaccination policies and practices to prevent urban epidemics.” Here’s why.

It also features a generously long 9-foot cord with 360-degree rotation to prevent tangling.

It’s important to remember to start with a lower temperature first, and only increase heat as needed to prevent hair damage.

Negotiations are ongoing to prevent the duties from kicking in at 5% on June 10.

This post has been updated to include information on how to prevent some of these attacks.

More likely is that Republicans file objections against faithless electors to prevent their protest votes from being counted.

The museum wants to prevent the David from leaving Canada — but it may face a bidding war with other Canadian museums.

To help prevent damage, you should start with lower heat first, and then only increase as needed.

“This deal does not prevent — in fact, it virtually guarantees that Iran would have nuclear weapons.

They could also be an effort to prevent a repeat of a major purge in 2013, 38 North’s Madden said.

And the question remains whether there’s something Google might do to prevent triggers such as the one in this commercial.

These calculations help forecasters warn communities at risk, but they’re often not enough to prevent damage on the ground.

These products, used to prevent malaria, are a very cost-effective way to save lives.

“Tax evasion is illegal, and we have established controls, policies and procedures in place to detect it and prevent it occurring through RBC.

A wide array of advocates have been particularly concerned with how prevent has been implemented in the classroom setting.

In another, a 17-year-old teenager was reported to prevent for wearing a “Free Palestine” badge and wristband to school.

First, what types of procedures are in place to prevent this?

Now, Bergin is suing the Rams … saying the organization failed to provide enough security at the stadium to prevent these kinds of incidents.

This is not because we don’t know how to prevent gun deaths.

The United Nations recently said that there are only 11 years left to prevent “irreversible damage” from a warming Earth.

Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun, a military spokesman, said the armed forces needed to take legal action to prevent “misunderstandings”.

The US and China have also worked together to prevent other countries from developing nuclear weapons.

They are the first two state officials to be arrested for allegedly failing to prevent the attacks, claimed by the militant group Islamic State.

President Vladimir Putin said last week that Russia would not prevent its athletes from competing, damping down calls from some for a boycott.

The proposed measures would require universal background checks and prevent people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns altogether.

The proposed measures would require universal background checks and prevent people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns altogether.

Politicians’ efforts on autism have historically focused on researching the condition’s causes and ways to prevent it.

Perhaps simply being aware of the existential crisis looming ahead can prevent you from taking a risk that could potentially ruin your relationship.

It can also boost your mood and prevent diseases like stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and depression.

We hope prevent in a sentence examples were helpful.