Presupposed in a sentence | Use of the word presupposed examples

Currently it is presupposed that because painting is dead it has no rules.

If there is concern that GSP will need to be withdrawn, these concerns are unfounded and presupposed in error,” he said.

The two photographers, perhaps more adequately described as image-makers or image-users, create works that defy any presupposed limitation placed on the medium.

Every president since Nixon has presupposed that American engagement would transform China before it could upend the global order.

That specific cycle presupposed the thought.

Since 1973, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons has created clothing intentionally that subverts our presupposed notions of beauty, sexuality, and attractiveness – or does away with these notions altogether.

It’s the presupposed definitions of these roles that somehow persist, the labels and expectations we project onto one another.

“It’s [a] striking example of stretching the data to fit a presupposed opinion,” Yoni Freedhoff, MD, medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute at the University of Ottawa told Health News Review.

The result was a Facebook-aping news feed which presupposed that (a) people in your network are achieving significant career milestones every day, and (b) you want to hear about them.

It’s a lazy way to bunt on actual appraisal of the title in question, playing off presupposed notions of what the reader wants to hear.

The presupposed age of those making the decisions around the bulk of what comes out of our entertainment meccas no doubt counts the band among their youthful influences, be that as direct contemporaries or through the medium of classic rock radio.

Tennis settled its Battle of the Sexes back when Billie Jean King took out Bobby Riggs, a preposterous setup that presupposed a man past his prime could beat a woman in hers.

“In other countries, success has been achieved with embryo transfer in a different rhino species, thus that, as a technique, can be presupposed to be the most promising,” Paul said.

They were adamantly for law enforcement and veterans’ rights, in a manner that presupposed that the rest of us were adamantly against these things.

“There was nothing in the young man’s life which presupposed that he might be in—be in—” “Of course not.

The US now has a $40 billion missile interception system; total annihilation is not presupposed.

His multipronged defense of white supremacists this month raised thorny moral and political questions, but they were the kinds of questions that treated Trump’s racism in isolation, and presupposed his presidency might be salvageable.

Then, under whatever you are afraid of, write three subcategories: “Define,” where you describe the 10 to 20 worst possible outcomes; “Prevent,” where you figure out what you could do to prevent each worst possible outcome from happening; and “Repair,” where you decide what is within your power to do to solve the problems that you have presupposed will happen.

The old rule in Communist Party circles was that China should “bide its time and hide its capabilities.” This rule, laid down by Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s, presupposed that China’s success lay in stealth.

However, I never presupposed to know Cuba’s realities.

The problem is that Sweden’s welfare state presupposed a homogenous workforce with high education and language skills.

“They presupposed in some branch of government there might be abuses.

“The process of transitioning and reintegrating back to civilian life is often stressful and can generate lasting psychological difficulties,” she said, yet “almost no resources are available to address the cognitive, emotional, behavioral or psychological impacts of the soldier-to-civilian transition.” As she explained, the answer is not simply job or educational opportunities: “There must be an acknowledgment that, just as service members are transformed physically and psychologically from civilian to soldier, they must undergo a similar process on the back end.” Mobbs was impressed by the Bush Institute’s program: “In their adoption of ‘Stand-To,’ it presupposed there will eventually be a ‘stand-down,’ a recognition that the threat has been met and diminished, the danger has passed, and all is well.

“And he will do the same if he’s contacted in or — and connected with any other inquiry.” When asked point blank whether the White House disputed the back channel reports, Spicer said that the question, posed by The Washington Post’s Phil Rucker, “presupposed facts that have not been confirmed.” On Tuesday, Trump retweeted a Fox News story that downplayed Kushner’s relationship with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and reported that a permanent back channel was never discussed.

“The idea that J.B. started out as a presupposed candidate is just wrong,” Caprara said.

Queerness invokes otherness — a life lived outside the presupposed narrative of a “normal,” heterosexual love life, a nonconforming presentation of gender, a recognition that biology need not necessarily determine one’s destiny.

Phone contact, they told her, was safer because it presupposed physical distance.

Today, you (along with your friends and family) have decided that, legalities aside, you aren’t morally obliged to fulfill the contract, because the money was not — as the contract presupposed — a loan but rather an “investment” in your relationship.

His book was nothing if not defensive; the title itself presupposed that the center was generally seen as not so vital at all, a place you landed for lack of better options.

Speaking for myself, I can say that the systemic corruption and mismanagement of public resources, historically presupposed in theory and exposed in practice by Gov.

The English idea of the nonchalant gentleman-amateur—Harold Macmillan calmly reading Jane Austen, and so on—had always presupposed such hinterlands.

The postwar social contract had presupposed conditions that, in 1979, no longer existed: industrial dominance, a strong dollar, capital controls and, above all, cheap energy.

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