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That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “the Prestige.” Many of the works on display within The Transported Man refer directly to the elements of a magic show Priest has defined: pairs of floating hands by Urs Fisher (“Hands​” 2002); a rare 1904 film, Match de prestidigitation (A Wager between Two Magicians), by Georges Méliès; and “Loxodonta,” (2017) Daniel Firman’s astonishing work which features a very convincing, life-sized elephant cast from flexible polyurethane resin, seemingly hanging in midair within the Broad’s vaulted main gallery.

Researchers at the Czech national film archives discovered Match de prestidigitation (“Conjuring Contest”) (1904), a long-lost film by Georges Méliès.

I remember with the surety and firmness that all childhood memories are built on, raising the slice aloft and declaring: “What prestidigitation is this?

Under Gregor’s direction, Anahata’s infrastructure engineers harnessed all their skills — IP prestidigitation, networked hot-air balloons, Wi-Fi-enabled squirrels — to work around the government’s block and make the internet accessible again in Poodlekek.

The effect of watching a film take on the internet is more a case of gizmo versus gizmo; like Black Mirror, its choreography employs all manner of state-of-the-art prestidigitation to make texting feel suspenseful, dramatize mundane clicking, or simulate the giddy nakedness of impulse-posting.

On that note is the third reason this FUD will be risible: If we are going to address the problem of dark money influencing politics, using bitcoin for hacking activities doesn’t even amount to a rounding error and it is cynical prestidigitation that makes it appear more than such.

After officially announcing the availability of the product for pre-orders last month,  the company is pulling back the curtains on all of the prestidigitation it’s been cooking for the past several years.

But attempting to ignore that you host the data platforms that thrive on it is a tasty bit of prestidigitation.

Beyond the feats of prestidigitation and portability that Redrocks biometric scanning technology allows, the company also differentiates itself by showing intent rather than presence, according to Konsevich.

After Business Insider published an interview with Sophia that played into the fantasy of Sophia as a semi-sentient entity, LeCun called the whole thing “complete bullsh*t” on Twitter, saying: “This is to AI as prestidigitation is to real magic.” (For a more detailed breakdown of what makes Sophia tick, you can check out this article from Quartz.)

This is to AI as prestidigitation is to real magic.

“This is to AI as prestidigitation is to real magic,” LeCun tweeted last week.

And so we had a Princess Bride-themed celebration for Kevin (Parker Bates), a Madonna party for Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak), and a prestidigitation spectacle for Randall (Lonnie Chavis).

Crucially, monetary policy oriented around individuals should be easier to understand than the customary prestidigitation.

“The prestidigitation Approximation” 144.

This is a real act of mental prestidigitation.

So federal agencies should spare us the prestidigitation of glossy puff pieces, and instead give the sage grouse what it always needed: real, mandatory protections that prevent the further destruction of grouse habitat and foster a long-term upsurge in sage grouse numbers.

Dunninger served as a bridge that led away from live performance — dating to old-school vaudevillian stagecraft — and toward the small stage of television, where magic was more patter than prestidigitation, more pizazz than performance.

This is prestidigitation, a kind of large-theater magic-show.

He also worked as a consultant on Christopher Nolan’s magic-focused film, “The Prestige,” and, for one stage show, as an assistant to the masterful Ricky Jay, who turned his own prodigious gifts for banter and prestidigitation — not to mention an encyclopedic knowledge of magic history — into a run of hit shows and beloved books.

Derek DelGaudio, a magician somewhat more droll than most of the presto-chango set, had a hit a few years ago with the two-man magic act “Nothing to Hide.” He returns to New York with a new show, directed by Frank Oz, involving prestidigitation, mentalism and autobiographical vignettes.800-745-3000, ‘OSLO’ at the Vivian Beaumont Theater (in previews; opens on April 13).

Wordplay SUNDAY PUZZLE — Anyone who has ever tried to construct a crossword learns almost immediately that it requires quite a bit of prestidigitation.

As in Mr. Tiffany’s “Harry Potter” production, such effects are achieved through purely theatrical means of prestidigitation, with an often bare stage mottled into multidimensionality by Paule Constable’s lighting.

Its founder, the far-too-famous Elizabeth Holmes, controlled the voting stock, the board of directors and the corporate messaging to execute one of the most outrageous acts of corporate prestidigitation since Enron convinced us that it had reinvented energy.

But in his memoirs Mencken manages the prestidigitation of absorbing readers under his magic cloak of self-absorption.

El mago Dalton quit the prestidigitation business.

If cooking involves a mastery of prestidigitation — for which Mauro has the hands, “a worker’s hands and an artist’s hands” — it also requires the adoption of a new vocabulary, “a foreign tongue.” Indeed, “The Cook” is as much about language as it is about mackerel with fresh raspberries, its pages overflowing with catalogs of fruits and fish, of butters (“cultured, clarified, clotted”) and instruments (“whisk, carver, peeler, scraper, zester”) that recall Rabelais joyously inventing modern French.

What kind of puzzling prestidigitation is that?

This is not some trick of rhetorical prestidigitation or a leap of logic.

It was an all but undetectable bit of architectural prestidigitation; no one ever really asked why the Pirates of the Caribbean boats slid down a couple of drops or the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion carried you down only so the doom buggies—the vehicles you ride in, “omnimovers,” tilting and pivoting to direct attention—would carry you back upward again.

He will not induce Mitch McConnell to pass Medicare for All or make college free, or perform the prestidigitation on the country’s regulatory system that Warren promises.

He will not induce Mitch McConnell to pass Medicare for All or make college free, or perform the prestidigitation on the country’s regulatory system that Warren promises.

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