Predicting in a sentence | Use of the word predicting examples

But the fact that eMarketer is predicting declines across the board is a bad sign for Facebook regardless.

Lewis doesn’t like predicting when the next test will occur.

As for the studies correlating height and earning potential, subsequent studies have found cognitive ability to be the mediating factor predicting success.

People have been predicting that Elon Musk would fail for a long time, but he keeps exceeding people’s expectations.

Fully predicting the effects of any rule change is a fool’s errand—like Father Time and billable hours, unintended consequences remain undefeated.

He’s also played good cop to his own bad cop, predicting Republicans would win 10 Senate seats if they cleared the legislation.

YouGov is credited widely for accurately predicting the outcome of the Scottish national referendum.

Analysts expected Democrats to win the presidential election, with models based on state polls predicting an 85 percent chance of victory.

The FDA announced in August that its app’s algorithm was so good at predicting fertility windows, it could officially market itself as contraception.

predicting the future is a mug’s game.

We’re not predicting earthquakes in the short term,” said Beroza.

Senator Marco Rubio is not into predicting Donald Trump’s demise … because he’s actually fighting to make America function.

As for Hollywood predicting Trump won’t last 4 years … it’s clear Rubio thinks it’s an unproductive exercise.

But it doesn’t do much for predicting short-term moves.

This time, though, experts aren’t seeing that kind of sustained violence and chaos, and they aren’t — yet — predicting it to emerge.

There can be a kind of thrill in following that race, in watching for developments and predicting winners, all culminating on the big night.

Scotiabank analysts saw sterling capped “in the upper $1.27s” against the dollar, predicting it to lag a broader dollar decline.

Tons of boxing experts are also predicting a K.O.

First off, you might wonder why the Pentagon care about predicting social science study results.

When it comes to predicting the 2017 Oscar nominees, most of the categories follow the same pattern.

predicting Best Picture is always difficult, because the number of nominees can range anywhere from five to 10.

I’m predicting eight this year, but would not be surprised in the slightest if a ninth sneaked in to join them.

In another trial, published in 2015, researchers looked at AMH levels as a marker for predicting fertility, and they also didn’t find any association.

That has traders hoping for bigger bonuses and bank analysts predicting that the macro business will grow.

predicting any one particular individual following his call to use violence against Clinton or her judges is statistically impossible.

predicting the long-term effects of something like Trump’s rhetoric is extremely difficult.

ANZ has one of the more bullish forecasts of those published, predicting no change in employment over the month.

Miles above the action, looking down, predicting what kind will come to be.

It’s not like predicting flood.

Analysts and experts are now mostly predicting that oil prices will remain below US$60 this year.

Now experts are predicting a series of follow-up tremors — and they have the potential to be even larger.

10 have the cash rate remaining at 2% while 3 are predicting that there will be rate increases, not cuts.

I don’t know why but I’m predicting me crying.

and predicting his own defeat at the hands of a “rigged” electoral system.

It’s not as though Dixville Notch has proved particularly adept at predicting the eventual victors in New Hampshire.

But sources say a Snapchat IPO is still likely a ways off, with numerous sources predicting a mid- to late-2017 target date.

So predicting where it will land involves predicting when it’ll fall out of orbit with great precision.

Cayce was most famous for attempting to theorize on issues like reincarnation and enjoyed predicting the future while in a trance (i.e.

But Wallace-Wells is not predicting it will happen.

This week Citi Research lowered its earnings and sales estimates for Apple’s September quarter, predicting lower-than-expected demand for the iPhone 8.

Accurately predicting the consequences is thus essentially impossible.

predicting the future is a mug’s game, particularly in technology.

If the dream of E3 is still alive after years of people predicting its death, then it’s in the eyes of these first-timers.

“Fans were predicting that about her and we were like, ‘….huh!’

predicting that more attacks will follow will undoubtedly give him the opportunity to once again claim credit.

So if your cat isn’t great at predicting its prey’s location based on sound, don’t feel too bad either.

“No, it isn’t a prediction, because predicting the future isn’t really possible: There are too many variables and unforeseen possibilities,” she wrote.

This was the result most pollsters were predicting before the vote.

Psychologist Philip Tetlock has found that the more specific predictions we make, the better we get at predicting.

Economists polled by Reuters are predicting U.S. non-farm payrolls to have increased by 160,000 in June from 75,000 in May.

Imagine predicting a year ago that Charles Koch would be publicly weighing support for Hillary Clinton.

For nearly two decades, predicting the Dallas Mavericks to make the NBA playoffs has been more procedural than bold.

That there is uncertainty in climate models, particularly when it comes to predicting specific regional impacts in specific future years, is undeniable.

But Goldman Sachs is predicting that the “cheap” iPhone will still set you back $849, having previously estimated a cost of $699.

Even so, his main challenger Henri Falcon, a former state governor who broke the opposition boycott, is predicting an upset.

And there are all sorts of methodologies for predicting this thing that is ultimately completely unpredictable.

Were you predicting anything?

“I’m not going to make myself a hostage to fortune by predicting the future,” he told reporters.

Jafari has been spot on with her bitcoin call, earlier predicting a big drop was coming.

predicting monsoons helps farmers determine when and how to work their land.

With this obsession of predicting the future, what will our current world look like in 2025?

“The good news for the Canadian economy keeps rolling in,” said Royce Mendes of CIBC Economics, predicting second-quarter growth would be greater than expected.

Another problem is predicting who will repay a loan.

Watch: Margaret Atwood on Abortion, Twitter, and predicting Everything We’re Doing Wrong “South Dakota has a really long waiting period, 72 hours.

However, 68.9% of traders on Monday were predicting a cut at the July meeting, versus 66.3% on Friday.

A 2014 review of the literature on animal models acknowledged their limits in predicting the conversion of pre-clinical cancer therapies to clinical trials.

More specifically, the IEA is predicting: 1) Oil supplies will rise by about 4.1 million barrels per day between 2015 and 2021.

What about in predicting election outcomes?

And I can compare and contrast how powerful [the psychological data is for predicting] how people are going to vote.

Because he did even better than his campaign was predicting, he managed to “win” Iowa’s expectations game, even without winning the actual caucuses.

Since 2005-06, the standings on March 9 have been 95.1 percent accurate (137 of 144) at predicting the playoffs during 82-game seasons.

The cryptocurrency fell to $9,627 before rallying to $10,200, with analysts predicting a steady fall until it hits the $8,000 mark.

The cryptocurrency fell to $9,627 before rallying to $10,200, with analysts predicting a steady fall until it hits the $8,000 mark.

The ADP report, however, has a poor record predicting the private payrolls component of the government’s employment report because of methodology differences.

“But neither side is ready to end the war,” Kelly said, predicting trade tensions would linger until the U.S. presidential election in November 2020.

“Cooking can also alter compounds, so we need to do some work predicting how that can change a flavor profile,” Ahnert specified.

“Credit agencies are predicting that this fiscally irresponsible Medicaid expansion will be ruinous to Maine’s budget,” LePage said in a statement.

Scotiabank analysts saw sterling capped “in the upper $1.27s” against the dollar, predicting it to lag a broader dollar decline.

Broadcasters ITV and Channel 4 were among the media companies predicting that Brexit would cause uncertainty in the ad market.

Calculating constantly, consulting with each other, predicting, anticipating your needs.

For Meadows — who’s now predicting the shutdown will be the longest in the nation’s history — that’s a part of negotiating.

“It is arguably the single most important element in predicting national behavior.

There’s an Amazon story that’s predicting the death of Amazon.

That said, there have been people who have been predicting the end of this boom for what, six years, seven years?

Which is all to say that Nintendo’s predicting a significantly less profitable outcome for the 12-month period.

The action was visionary because it was predicting the future, to an extent, predicting this revolution.

So predicting the Oscars this year means predicting Trump, to a real degree.

The Republican president’s campaign team responded by predicting the two debates would prove to be a boost for the White House incumbent.

But predicting a Cubs win is a storied pastime that pop culture has been engaging in for decades.

The BOE slightly increased its inflation forecast, predicting inflation will peak at 2.8% in the first half of 2018.

The BOE still believes growth will slow as Brexit negotiations begin, predicting GDP growth of 1.6% in 2018 and 1.7% in 2019.

The chart above shows advances in predicting the path a hurricane will take.

And then there’s a [more pessimistic] story that is better at predicting day-to-day events, at least right now.

Instead of predicting some creepy dystopian future, this evoked a return to some ancient, primordial roots.

A conservative radio host and conspiracy theorist, Mitchell became famous for predicting that Trump would win the 2016 election.

Before the election, a lot of experts were predicting a Trump win would mean the markets would be crazy, and they haven’t been.

“Superforecasting” by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner

One of the giants of behavioral science reveals how to improve at predicting the future.

Authorities were predicting that when Hurricane Matthew hit Daytona Beach, sustained winds could be 140 miles per hour, with 7- to 9-foot beach surge.

Or, as behavioral geneticist Eric Turkheimer has explained, even predicting marital status from GWAS is not out of bounds of the science.

Instead of Amazon buying Whole Foods, now we have a bloodless coup that he is predicting.

So we should be cautiously optimistic that polygenic scores may be useful for predicting an individual’s heart attack risk.

That should support the U.S. currency, with Cole predicting a low for the euro of $1.10 this year.

Analysts had not expected so much spending, predicting hundreds of millions of dollars less in so-called cash burn, according to Thomson Reuters data.

Goldstone and his fellow researchers developed a hugely influential model for predicting political instability.

That was something they were predicting.

predicting the future price of oil is a fool’s errand.

It’s a pretty simple measure, and it does a remarkable job at predicting success in life.

“But neither side is ready to end the war,” Kelly said, predicting trade tensions would linger until the U.S. presidential election in November 2020.

predicting how the next Solicitor General will view sports betting is about as difficult as nailing a perfect parlay card.

predicting how policies will change the economy is difficult, and requires making tricky and contestable assumptions about the way the economy current works.

It can be the difference between predicting that a plan is better than the baseline — or worse.

Ignoring that advice, Trump issued a series of tweets on Thursday predicting failure and sounding alarms.

If it were only RBS making these warnings we could probably ignore them but there seem to be a lot of analysts predicting this.

“Economists and statisticians are good at predicting the weather, but longer term forecasting is more difficult.”

Economists polled by Reuters are predicting U.S. non-farm payrolls to have increased by 160,000 in June from 75,000 in May.

His behavior, though unusual, is quite predictable — a fact the Clinton campaign proved by predicting it.

Overall, the ads were remarkably accurate in predicting the cutting-edge technologies of the coming decades.

For the third category in a row, I’m predicting a repeat winner.

For almost a decade, people have been predicting that rates would rise soon — even as they kept falling and falling.

Naysayers — and there were many — were predicting Spotify shares would spike and nosedive out of the gate.

Most rely on polling data rather than economic data for predicting midterms races.

In both cases, the cloud model was much more precise in predicting the range of the woodcreeper and the king protea.

Look, people have been predicting Lyft’s death from the very beginning.

But, they conclude, “this nomination battle is no longer purely about predicting the likely outcome of Judge Kavanaugh’s vote on the court.

Gottman was able to develop a model predicting the likelihood of whether a couple would get divorced with more than 94 percent accuracy.

I still ’til this day have problems on Wasteland predicting the walls and the floor, since it’s not straight.

Shawn Stockman is already predicting Lil Nas X will AT LEAST tie Boyz II Men’s record for having the longest-leading No.

Politics is all about perceptions, and perceptions are so much more important than reality in terms of predicting voting behavior.

So, apparently I’m bad at predicting how long I’ll be places.

They find that profilers do only slightly better than random people at predicting traits of offenders.

“I think it caught on quickly there, but there was no predicting where it would head.

He has won a prestigious forecasting competition — predicting jobs reports, inflation rates, and growth trends — for six consecutive years.

I’m already on record predicting that Trump will implode and lose the election.

Tomorrow, we’ll cover the remaining two divisions, and finish by predicting the final standings and making a Cup pick.

Yet bookies were giving odds of 4-7 that the UK would stay, predicting Brexit had just a 36 percent chance of happening.

This year, experts are predicting that WWE will surpass 1 billion social media followers.

They’ve been predicting the death of TV for 20 years.

But predicting when and where a new outbreak might occur has been tricky.

“If North were the only one predicting economic calamity, it would be easy to dismiss him.

Close political observers were predicting a Rubio surge before the results came in Monday night.

And if you’re interested in predicting who’ll win, we’ve got you covered with our rundown of this year’s major nominees.

I gave up predicting Congress a long time ago.

But predicting the future remains as intractable as ever, for four key reasons: 1) Demand is just plain tough to forecast.

And consumers are even less skilled at predicting.

Furthermore, people are notoriously awful at predicting their future actions.

Trump has proven to be erratic and many lawmakers have given up predicting whether he would sign or veto legislation.

Conor McGregor says Nate Diaz will NOT make it to the 3rd round of their rematch … predicting a 2ND ROUND K.O.

The term “snowball effect” is an unfortunate way to describe climate change, but a new study is predicting just that.

Scotiabank analysts saw sterling capped “in the upper $1.27s” against the dollar, predicting it to lag a broader dollar decline.

Demographers had been predicting such a tipping point for years, and they foresaw more to come.

I’m predicting him to be on the podium here.

From the minute the ACA passed, the right has been calling it an unmitigated disaster and predicting its demise.

It was a time when he was predicting things that were not actually there yet.

Jakarta is sinking — and it’s sinking fast, with current estimates predicting half the city will be underwater by 2030.

Jakarta is sinking — and it’s sinking fast, with current estimates predicting half the city will be underwater by 2030.

By Monday, we’ll know which of the models predicting Irma’s path is correct.

This wry, under-the-radar commentary feels prescient now, as if Craig was predicting the decade of controversy over Elba that would follow.

News organizations have released shortlists predicting replacement possibilities, though Obama still has not confirmed any names.

Malbin cautions that this data alone isn’t the crystal ball predicting the Democrats can flip the House in 2018.

(And high school grades are better at predicting college grades than SAT scores are.)

Before a trip, you spend days, possibly weeks, predicting every detail, so it’s no wonder this mindset extends to your flight.

“The good news for the Canadian economy keeps rolling in,” said Royce Mendes of CIBC Economics, predicting second-quarter growth would be greater than expected.

“55 percent is a bit narrower than the polls were predicting.

Four nines on positive predictive value, which means that we’re 99 percent accurate at predicting that.

As Business Insider points out, “people have been predicting that Chick-fil-A could snag the No.

Economists polled by Reuters are predicting U.S. non-farm payrolls to have increased by 160,000 in June from 75,000 in May.

“I’m not going to make myself a hostage to fortune by predicting the future,” he told reporters.

The media has been predicting a Rubio “surge” for months.

Advertisers have an easier time predicting how a product will sell if they know how often someone saw an ad for that product.

Hidden Figures won the big SAG prize, but that one is also less reliable for predicting Best Picture.

He was, however, predicting it — as a catastrophic conclusion to a deeply broken culture.

That there is uncertainty in climate models, particularly when it comes to predicting specific regional impacts in specific future years, is undeniable.

Even for the world’s best scientists, predicting which diseases should be prioritized is hard.

IBM is going to start predicting the weather — with your cellphone.

Jamison’s takin’ note … and is predicting not only a big season for himself — but others in the receiving corps too!!!

We’re not even that good at predicting the weather, let alone the complexities of human behavior.

That means Siri does a better job understanding and even predicting what you want, then delivering the right responses to requests.

Considering the mathematical hurdles of predicting killers, maybe stricter gun control is actually the easier option to reduce gun violence.

I’m predicting top-10.

At the moment, oil watchers are predicting some fireworks.

That should support the dollar, with Cole predicting a euro low of $1.10 this year.

Read more NFL coverage: 2019 NFL MOCK DRAFT: What the experts are predicting for the first round’Game of Thrones’ author George R.R.

At least one came away predicting there would be a compromise.

Doctors also have no way of accurately predicting whether a baby might arrive too early — a leading cause of infant death globally.

So some boasting here, I’ve been predicting this for several years and finally, it’s happening.

“There is going to be a real issue,” he wrote, predicting prices above $150 per barrel within two years.

Or do I need to shift (troops elsewhere on the border),” Buchanan said, without predicting when changes might occur.

I’m predicting that this too will be undermined, not by better technology but by better taste.

Making predictions Hurricane forecasts have traditionally focused on predicting a storm’s track and intensity.

As I write this, having played little music and streamed no video today, the phone is predicting that I’ll get 12 hours.

I’m always predicting horrible things are going to happen, with or without data.

With percentages so small, it’s questionable just how useful the IAT really is for predicting biased behavior — even in the aggregate.

Knowing whether that’s going to happen is about predicting the actions of Trump.

It’s not as if we’re predicting anything.

Analysts were predicting a slight jump of roughly three million new users in the quarter.

But culture writing isn’t about predicting the future — it’s about predicting the present.

I am on record predicting that solar photovoltaic (PV) cells are eventually going to take over the world.

Generally, though, Brennan’s reports have done a good job predicting national trends in the past few years.

Not only is he predicting L.A. to make it, but he also says they have a serious shot at winning it all.

Oh, and to the people predicting Clayton Kershaw will choke in the post-season — KARROS SAYS YOU’RE WRONG!!

The Republican president’s campaign team responded by predicting the two debates would prove to be a boost for the White House incumbent.

Instead, Le Pen lost by 65.5 to 34.5 — a whopping 31-point margin, well worse than what polls were predicting.

I had called him to talk about the science of predicting eclipses (more on that in a future post).

Still Genet’s comments from 1970 go further than predicting the current American trembling.

As recently as last December it was predicting GDP growth of 1.0% this year.

We no longer need to be good at predicting the future; we now have to succeed when the future is unpredictable.”

predicting the success of the new Adele song?

Outbreaks will probably be small and local, but officials are predicting that more outbreaks will happen, particularly in Gulf Coast states.

But generally, forecasters are better at predicting a hurricane’s path than its intensity.

But the predictions are getting more dire, with one Chinese economist predicting that China’s real growth rate is zero.

predicting the effectiveness of protests is difficult.

I love predicting what I think people will be interested in.

So this shows you how clueless I am at predicting what drawings people will like.”

Science fiction is often credited with being eerily accurate when predicting future societies.

We’re still really bad at predicting when sinkholes might occur, as there are few warning signs.

When does predicting what might happen on a TV show cross the line into spoiling it for other fans?

Fat Joe says Tekashi69 was in a frantic state of mind just weeks ago … correctly predicting the feds were gunning for him.

In the future, as some farsighted experts are predicting, wars will be fought online.

predicting or assuming veterans are being harmed might create issues with standing.

There are more than a dozen scientific models for predicting hurricane intensity but they are of limited use, scientists say.

Carmakers have to be great at predicting tech trends many years down the road — that’s something even VCs can’t do all that well.

Carmakers have to be great at predicting tech trends many years down the road — that’s something even VCs can’t do all that well.

They are predicting that either Amazon or Microsoft could buy the CRM giant.

The explosion in iPhone-replacement demand many Wall Street analysts are predicting for the iPhone 8 won’t happen, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank.

Adjusted losses were 11 cents per share, when analysts were predicting a loss of 13 cents.

In Japan, the seafood company Nissui reported hatching octopus eggs in captivity in 2017 and is predicting a fully farmed market-ready octopus by 2020.

There’s no predicting what she’ll do to her hair next, but we bet it’ll be totally original.

No matter what happens, watching their love unfold is hands down worth the pain many out there are predicting.

Party elites aren’t necessarily that good at predicting who is electable and they appear to be meddling.

I wanted to come to the place without having spent my time predicting how I would respond to the rows and rows of murdered.

The characters on Game of Thrones are experts in predicting when winter is coming.

“I’m predicting that Donald Trump will win the election,” he said.

The issue with predicting demand, though, is the existence of speculators creating artificial demand.

predicting cryptocurrency prices is a fool’s game, yet this fool is about to try.

That I’m predicting the nominees will mostly focus on films about men (as they did last year) should tell you a lot.

Hawks kept predicting inflation, and it kept not happening.

(Black Mirror has a bad habit of predicting the ills that society will produce.

We’re predicting Jon and Theon’s reunion is more likely to end in jabs to the face than teary hugs.

However, he’s not predicting breakthroughs any time soon.

Pantone sure does have a knack at predicting the colors we’ll be obsessed with in a few months time.

For those who follow major international film festivals in hopes of predicting the Oscars race, Sundance has always been a tricky event to read.

“Even predicting it and making that movement data available to the software layer.

The Weather Channel is predicting up to 40 inches of total rainfall, and catastrophic flooding for the record books.

Most folks I trust are predicting The Revenant, but struggle to believe it could win solely for the bear attack.

The Weather Channel is predicting that this will be one of the worst flooding disasters in U.S. history.

When it comes to predicting the future of your favorite character on Game of Thrones, you have a few options.

With the bolstering of the launch of Invoice Finance, Satago CEO and founder Steven Renwick is predicting strong growth in the year ahead.

Authorities are predicting huge traffic jams, strained cellphone networks, and insufficient bathrooms for the masses driving to the center of the show.

I don’t think anyone has ever been successful [in predicting teens’ tastes] in the history of time.”

That said, the three big voice assistants seem to have a different approach on predicting who will win the Super Bowl today.

“What I talked about today was the difficulty of predicting what chip will really do well in the market.

In fact, as Business Insider’s Josh Barro has tirelessly pointed out, the polls were pretty spot-on in predicting the outcomes of the primaries.

Hostile sexism was nearly as good at predicting support for Trump as party identification was.

It did succeed in predicting Trump’s victory, after its polls of users found many democrats planned to vote against their party.

And predicting them, sadly, is a bit of a cinch.

Now some are predicting recession.

Indeed, it’s possibly the most important factor to consider when predicting who will take home a trophy on Sunday.

Already executives are predicting that bits will be sold off in a move that could once again become a model for the wider industry.

Developing the flu vaccine is a bit like predicting the weather.

We’re predicting cringe-worthy Trump jokes, and, according to Colbert, there will be nudity.

That is what makes predicting the winners all the more difficult.

We’re predicting La La Land’s two nominations here will cancel each other out, leading to a win for Moana.

So we’re predicting Hacksaw Ridge.

And without the “predicting the Oscars” element, the Globes have started to feel increasingly adrift.

NASA has a dedicated team of hurricane specialists devoted to tracking hurricanes and tropical storms, predicting their progress, and analyzing trends over long-term periods.

He built up a network of small-dollar donors––a crucial metric for predicting electoral success––and managed to raise nearly $400,000.

Volatility and difficulty of predicting changing preferences is a common reason why investors do not back in early-stage consumer products.

This is the first of two articles predicting this year’s Oscar nominees.

Look for an article predicting the acting nominees later today.

predicting Best Picture is always difficult, because the number of nominees can range anywhere from five to 10.

They are: I’m predicting nine nominees, but I won’t be surprised in the slightest if there are ultimately only five.

But I’m expecting at least two more to get in — though maybe not the four I’m officially predicting.

Analysts polled by Reuters were on average predicting operating profit of 852 million euros on sales of 32.529 billion euros.

This is done through what’s called a SWOT analysis: predicting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your idea.

In the same fashion, many political analysts at that time were predicting an end of representative democracy caused by deliberative democracy through the internet.

There really isn’t a great reproducible methodology for predicting teacher performance or culture fit.

This body language could be critical to predicting what a person does next.

Keeping an eye on pedestrians and predicting what they’re going to do is a major part of any autonomous vehicle’s vision system.

Cowen and Co. is predicting that within 10 years, legal pot sales will hit $50 billion in the U.S., up from $6 billion today.

#CrookedHillary.” Stone says he was referring to Podesta’s business dealings, not predicting the release of Podesta’s hacked emails.

Although many economists are predicting a downturn, a big bank executive doing so can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An easy way to avoid endorsing any particular outlook is to defer to what in-house bank economists are predicting, he added.

It doesn’t help that many in and around the venture capital industry are predicting an imminent turn in the market.

But given its higher price point, it seems the firm isn’t predicting huge adoption at this time.)

In addition, the firm is predicting that after the 2018 holidays, nearly half (48%) of U.S. consumers will own a smart speaker.

Dopamine is a feedback signal the brain uses for predicting rewards.

Contact: DeepSense: DeepSense – Maximizing industrial production uptime by crowdsourcing machines and predicting future failures.

If we’re a Fortune 500 retailer, do we care exclusively about predicting sales, or are we equally concerned with why that number?

As one the year’s breakout comedic forces, we’re predicting that she will bring a lot of spark to SNL.

“Decoding” is the opposite: looking at areas of brain activity and predicting what the participants are looking at.

Of course, every new idea has a band of detractors predicting the worst-case scenario.

The journal NeuroImage just devoted a whole issue to papers on predicting individual brain differences and diagnoses from neuroimaging data alone.

How good is it at predicting seizures based on EEG scans in the lead-up to one?

I gathered some order numbers from friends and compared their order times, and I am pretty confident about predicting first-week sales.

The Washington Post also has a handy map predicting what regions of the country will be free of cloud cover.

Leary is predicting they will build on last year’s AI announcements and introduce more conversational interfaces like Alexa from Amazon this time around.

This is a smart way to drive home that they are not “predicting” one certain outcome here.

But some were predicting that lawmakers would bump right up against the cutoff.

GRAPHIC: Global Trade volume (CPB) – Purchasing Managers’ Indexes (PMI) have been reliable in predicting manufacturing and services trends.

George Soros, a currency trader who made billions predicting the path of the British pound, said Brexit would cause a financial crisis.

It’s part of the company’s broader push to sell more clothes by more accurately predicting how garments will fit different body shapes.

Where if you’re focusing on what people click on and predicting what people click on, then you select for click bait.

Chabchoub is collaborating with Themistoklis P. Sapsis of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to get better at predicting them.

A raft of banks from ANZ to ING, JPMorgan and Citi are among the 17 predicting a cut on Tuesday.

And we’re predicting that Kim will probably be seen back to blond before the end of the year.

These machines may be getting better at predicting the future, but even to them their fates are still being coded.

He was not alone in predicting connected computing but was one of the most prominent.

Black Mirror has an eerie accuracy for being right in line with, or even predicting the near future in society and technology.

Kardashian-backed anything consistently sells like crazy, but Nelson says that predicting a shopper’s habits isn’t as easy as one might think.

Ahead of Prime Day, analysts have been predicting that this year’s event could be Amazon’s largest ever.

Analysts surveyed by Yahoo Finance had been predicting $191.5 million.

But that’s far from the only thing that matters when predicting whether this year’s temperatures will be higher than last year’s.

Zeekit could help reduce headaches by more accurately predicting which size dress or slacks look best on your body.

These rising stars are hand-picked by TechCrunch editors — a highly discerning bunch with an uncanny knack for predicting greatness.

Few are predicting a crash, but worries over China’s long-term prospects are growing.

“We are really using sophisticated models — algorithms from machine learning — for predicting how the birds are distributed.”

The club has an experienced group of coaches capable of predicting and anticipating a player’s future potential.

The next big trend she’s predicting, though, is a major throwback — with a modern Katy Perry twist.

“This information is crucial for […] predicting the carbon cycle’s response to a warming climate,” Elderling’s team said.

Sundance is usually a good barometer in predicting the cultural tone for the next year.

When he’s not busy pleading with the American public, Jimmy Kimmel is actually very good at predicting The Bachelor, which premiered Monday night.

So predicting who will show up is extremely difficult, and has led many pollsters astray in the past.

Overall, Gartner his predicting a jump in shipments in excess of 25 percent in 2019, up to 225 million, from 179 million.

Since the SAG Awards’ founding in 1994, it has only “missed” predicting the Academy Award for Best Actress six times.

Vice President Mike Pence once again made clear the priorities of the Trump administration by predicting that legal abortion would end in “our time.”

Here are the Fox pundits predicting the score ahead of time.

Kurzweil, leading the pack with his 2029 prediction, is well known for predicting extremely fast technological progress.

People’s faith in polling, one of our most trusted tools for understanding voters and predicting behavior, has quite legitimately been shaken.

As many as three are predicting the cash rate at 0.50% while only 15 see the central bank holding at 1.00%.

Other research has shown personality traits are only somewhat useful in predicting voting preferences.

Gold Derby, the site dedicated to predicting winners for Hollywood award shows, has Get Out as a third place contender for Best Picture.

The case against Vice winning Best Picture: This is the one movie I feel confident predicting won’t win.

Our detention capacity is just breaking at the seams,” said Padilla, predicting border-wide family apprehensions would rise again in October.

To his credit, the actor always brings his A-game, and we’re already predicting big things to come for him in Hollywood.

These include predicting gift wrapping eligibility, optimizing delivery routes, or predicting entertainment award nominations using data from IMDb (an Amazon subsidiary).

I chug my coffee and head to the car, correctly predicting that my commute will be worse than usual.

Asteroid and comet chasers like Yeomans are in the business of predicting the future.

We’re predicting record lingerie sales, naturally.

On the one hand, algorithms are making our lives easier by predicting what we want and giving it to us.

Basically, most of the modern platforms are just virtually based on recording digital footprints and predicting future behavior.

But pollsters are still predicting a big win for the former secretary of state.

But pollsters are still predicting a big win for the former secretary of state.

Fans of the show are already predicting the show’s new tagline, riffing off season 1’s “Welcome to your tape” opening monologue.

But nobody really cares about predicting the Green vote precisely.

That is, election models are good at predicting elections that are like past elections.

They are bad at predicting elections that are not like past elections.

It’s still predicting revenue somewhere between $50 billion and $53 billion, but last year recorded $58 billion in revenue.

There’s Abramowitz’s model, predicting a Trump win.

Studies have shown that non-expert “crowds” can be astonishingly effective at predicting outcomes.

And, as with any business that relies on predicting the future, they often get it wrong.

Adjusted EBITDA came in at $265 million — Twitter is predicting it will decline to $215-$235 million in the next quarter.

There’s no predicting what might happen to the calibre and cadence of these alien signals in the future though.

(1,000 words, but should be one) The Rodney Brooks Rules for predicting a Technology’s Commercial Success.

Mouse movement ultimately is useless in terms of predicting whether a user has seen an ad.

In the best of times, predicting the next outbreak is a fool’s game: No one could have seen H1N1, a.k.a.

Before we get into predicting the future, let’s take inventory on how RankBrain has already changed SEO.

Sensor Tower wasn’t the only App Store intelligence firm predicting a boost in mobile shopping for this year’s Black Friday.

Now they’re predicting just $283 million in sales, a dramatic decrease.

In January of this year, she penned a trend forecast for the Craft Industry Alliance, predicting the comeback of the accessory.

We’re predicting some very competitive family game nights ahead.

Though the ADP report has a spotty record predicting the private payrolls component of the government’s employment report, job growth could be slowing.

Of course, predicting when something as fickle as a city bus on city roads filled with human-driven cars will arrive is no easy task.

Musk struck a bullish tone for the Model Y, predicting sales volume for the vehicle will be higher than its new Model 3.

Eventually, AI systems will be leading experts on their own behavior, predicting their own future better than any human ever could.

Frankie & Benny’s owner Restaurant Group was the top faller, down as much as 3 percent after predicting lower full-year like-for-like sales.

And although I wouldn’t feel comfortable predicting Hailey’s bridal look, I will say she’s going to want to feel like herself.

Nay-sayers are predicting the end, while proponents of crypto dismiss the actions.

It also steeply raised U.S. oil output growth estimates to 2023, predicting OPEC would lose further market share.

Critics aren’t in the business of predicting what will appeal to an audience.

“Mysticism doesn’t have to be a dark, scary thing,” she says, adding that tarot has a reputation for predicting exclusively gloom and doom.

I think predicting … or predictions are worthless, but predicting is a lot of fun.

Hopper, an app that tracks airline ticket prices, is predicting the lowest summer airfares since 2009.

We’re not even that good at predicting the weather, let alone the complexities of human behavior.

(And we’re predicting K-beauty is going be a billion-dollar industry by 2019.)

Considering the mathematical hurdles of predicting killers, maybe stricter gun control is actually the easier option to reduce gun violence.

predicting the future is difficult.

It’s stopped raining, but the forecast is predicting another storm, so I grab my raincoat.

Generally, however, Brennan’s reports have done a good job predicting overall national trends in the past few years.

Additionally, women with other issues affecting their reproductive systems may have unique challenges when predicting ovulation and fertility.

The way Pantone sees it, predicting the color that will come to define a year is an opportunity for reflection.

He cites a Russian energy ministry report predicting that by 2035, Russian oil output would be cut in half.

In particular, some industry insiders are predicting a pick-up in big M&A deals in 2018.

However, predicting sea level rise as the climate changes is much more difficult because there are so many local and global factors at play.

Cruz’s win is a surprise for pollsters, most of whom had been predicting a Trump victory.

Growth fell 0.1 percent in the third quarter, with some economists predicting another contraction in the fourth as consumption and investment weaken.

It turns out Oliver was correct in predicting that coal baron Robert Murray would sue him over this segment.

I have such a terrible time predicting this administration.

Beck predicting her own murder?

@tquad64 Planners in 1996 had no way of predicting the tech boom – track redundancy, new tunnels & transbay tubes are decades-long projects.

More than in any other year, predicting the film that will win Best Picture at the 2018 Oscars feels like a rigged game.

Regardless of all the speculation, DeGeneres does have a credible track record of accurately predicting some of the best celebrity make-ups and break-ups.

So, there’s two theories of sports rights when people are predicting the future.

At least 95 women have been elected to the House, with some experts predicting the number could top 100.

In terms of predicting the Oscars (and the Emmys, much later), the Golden Globes are like an off-kilter weather app.

Fraunhofer ISE goes farther, predicting solar as cheap as 2 euro cents per kwh in the sunniest parts of Europe by 2050.

Sometimes, they’re right on track, predicting the winners of the future.

No, there’s not much to see in the teaser — what, you thought they’d make predicting the finale easy?

To be sure this can help the utility with load balancing, predicting demand and so on.

Analysts have been predicting the new watch would sport a 15% larger display, offer extended battery life, and include upgraded health monitoring features.

Strategy Analytics predicts more good things for the platform, predicting that Nintendo will surpass Sony in console sales next year.

He noted the difficulty of predicting U.S. trade negotiations, which could make markets choppy.

This year’s event is particularly special because astronomers are predicting an outburst of shooting stars at twice the normal rate.

The company had already introduced similar features for predicting the size of the crowd at restaurants and other retail locations.

Experts are predicting a dire shortage of workers in the coming decades.

Next to them is a letter indicating the level of confidence scientists feel in predicting the risk — M for medium, H for high.

President Donald Trump will travel to Texas on Tuesday, despite forecasts predicting continued heavy rainfall.

Based on the product’s selling power, ASOS is predicting this trend will be here well into the new year.

predicting the near future is difficult.

predicting the distant future is impossible.

Some analysts are now predicting Sterling will hit parity with the euro and drop to just $1.10 by the end of 2017.

But there was one factor in particular that did make a big difference in terms of predicting someone’s view of government, right?

Lucy Boynton might not be a household name just yet, but we’re predicting she will be before the year is up.

As we did with the Super Bowl, we’re predicting the weirdest, wildest, funniest, and most eye roll-inducing moments.

The pros are predicting that the jaw-length bob will be the biggest haircut of 2019, with celebrities like Lucy Boynton building buzz around it.

“I’m not predicting that Russia is going to go to war tomorrow because of this,” Daalder says.

Here’s how Minecraft is predicting the future of collaborative work.

Friendly or adversary, “the analytical process for describing networks and predicting their behavior is largely the same.”

She starts with the more enthusiastic Christian, squeezing the soft balloon on his back and predicting it’s probably a benign lipoma.

predicting results can be hard because Berkshire’s tentacles spread far.

It’s not just Ryan and Bridget who are bad at predicting incompatibility across political ideologies.

Even further down the road, Volvo is predicting an autonomous vehicle future where having productivity software available in the car makes even more sense.

In fact, I’m a devout advocate of not predicting much, because it’s hard.

That’s what you get for predicting, you’re going to be wrong.

But eMarketer is now predicting the gap between Snapchat and Instagram will widen.

First, is the doctor predicting good health 2 years or 6 years into the future?

In this respect, the adtech sector is due for a correction; I’m hardly alone in predicting it.

BTW, Rick Fox kinda called this … predicting a double number retirement way back in 2015.

“After looking at the information I have high confidence of an announcement,” Bran said, predicting it would come soon.

Forrester is even more optimistic on overall market size, predicting a public cloud market of $236 billion by 2020.

We’re told doctors are not even predicting when she might get out of the hospital, so there’s still time to discuss.

The company is predicting it will cross the $1 billion run rate by some time in 2020.

Back in January, the conservative journalist Matt Lewis had a column predicting this mess.

When it comes to nail art, there’s no predicting what’s going to take off as a trend.

As Burns expresses at one point, he’s not predicting these shows as a “fun fest”… but that’s sort of the point.

“We were predicting that cognitive load from lying would dilate pupils,” says Kircher.

We might be in an equal place if we couldn’t be predicting who is gonna do what.

Every year, the global search platform releases a report predicting the biggest swimwear trends of the summer.

On Tuesday, Lyst released its latest trend report, Festival Fashion 2019, predicting the biggest trends we’ll see our favorite influencers sporting on Instagram.

My feelings meant nothing to him, and there was no predicting what would set him off.

If they are predicting that the Supreme Court, however constituted, would quash a subpoena of President Trump, they’re being foolhardily optimistic.

predicting the future direction of the market has become much more difficult, partly because far fewer houses are changing hands.

On the generic ballot, a method of predicting midterm races, Democrats lead Republicans by double digits.

( Until June, most forecasters were predicting a mild or moderate El Nino between December 2017 and February 2018.

Lawyers are the single most useful factor in predicting the success of a petition—without one, the chance of failure is 89 percent.

The GDP growth outlook has also deteriorated, with the survey predicting 1.5 percent expansion this year, below the 1.7 percent seen three months ago.

He added that another challenge was predicting what the market would want years later.

Considering the sunny color pairing and the clever design concept, we’re predicting it will continue to gain traction well into summer.

Today, exit polls are run haphazardly, and are more about predicting winners and outcomes than systematically checking the results.

While some are already predicting Oscars wins for Zellweger and Judy, the real Liza Minnelli doesn’t seem as impressed.

Of course, with a theme like Camp: Notes On Fashion, predicting tonight’s red carpet isn’t exactly simple.

Futures markets are predicting two rate increases this year as opposed to just one as recently as last week.

And we’re predicting that she’ll take home one of the biggest honors of the night: The Top Artist of the Year Award.

Can predicting the future change it?

Before founding Primer, Gourley worked on algorithms predicting insurgent activity in Iraq and is now applying these wartime insights to business.

predicting the future is worth it.

1)   “Digital Me” Sitting on the Device “Smartphones will be an extension of the user, capable of recognising them and predicting their next move.

One possibility for the bullish sentiment could be that investors are predicting a big holiday quarter for e-commerce and this business in particular.

Adjusted earnings per share were negative six cents, better than the negative eight cents that Yahoo Finance analysts were predicting.

Of course, not all of those things are of equal importance when it comes to predicting the air temperature.

From her album releases to her fashion line drops and even to her hair color, there’s simply no predicting Beyoncé’s next move.

The technology behind Feedr handles logistics planning, in terms of predicting and helping to manage demand for each meal on offer from specific suppliers.

Looks like we’re bad at predicting stuff.

Building platforms requires a vision, but does not require predicting the future.

Anti-austerity Podemos, the third biggest party in parliament, also condemned the cabinet, predicting it would push through more public spending cuts.

The International Energy Agency is predicting an even larger increase.

“I’m a firm believer in the lack of utility of this kind of antibody test in predicting or identifying food intolerance.

The company brought in $295.9 million, 24 percent above last year and better than the $291.24 million Wall Street was predicting.

AI is becoming more and more powerful at predicting results and outcomes”.

But predicting a big quake in the first place remains out of reach.

No work can proceed on the mine in the meantime, he said, predicting that the court would rule in the case by November.

For Poshmark, we are not predicting an IPO for this year, but possibly someday.

No work can proceed on the mine in the meantime, he said, predicting that the court would rule in the case by November.

The Bank of Canada is not predicting a recovery until the second half of 2019.

I held my tongue in shame: Doctors, I knew, have an abysmal track record of predicting which of our patients are going to die.

Although analysts aren’t predicting Ramaphosa will be removed from office soon, the report provides ammunition to his enemies with which to attack him.

Euro zone stocks have outperformed the broader STOXX index year-to-date despite analysts and investors predicting the stronger euro may dent company earnings.

“The rally was driven by technical and speculative buying,” said Commerzbank analyst Daniel Briesemann, predicting that prices would give back most of the gains.

But most analysts do not expect an agreement any time soon, with some predicting a strong risk of further tariff escalation.

The FIFA Ranking held up surprisingly well predicting results between teams with a clear gulf in quality.

Yet predicting likely human behavior based on algorithms is a fact of modern life, and not just in the criminal justice system.

No prizes then for predicting that new governor Murat Uysal will deliver a rate cut on Thursday, the only question being by how much.

No prizes then for predicting that new governor Murat Uysal will deliver a rate cut on Thursday, the only question being by how much.

But he is confident of victory by the end of this year, predicting the group will collapse.

“People are actually pretty bad at predicting their behavior, especially when it comes to addictive behavior.”

ANZ analysts are also predicting a second cut in the first quarter of 2020.

The Fed itself is predicting three, and more in 2020.

Likewise, investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald last year issued a report predicting VR would account for 10 percent of Facebook revenue in four years’ time.

Video-on-demand advertising, however, is growing rapidly, with eMarketer predicting a 12.4 percent rise in ad spend.

“Only instead of predicting the future, we reconstructed the past.

Traders are predicting the Fed will hike rates in September and December.

The defense will appeal the verdict, Yarkadas added, predicting a higher court would “fix this mistake”.

“We didn’t really have in mind that this model could predict the things that we ended up predicting,” Yeakel told me.

Intelligence agencies had been predicting the destabilising effects of AIDS since the 1980s, yet the world didn’t present a cohesive response until 2000.

Graphic: “Platinum looks incredibly cheap,” said Mitsubishi analyst Jonathan Butler, predicting a rebound towards $900 an ounce.

The lawsuit represents the next phase of VW’s emission scandal, with some experts predicting that criminal charges could soon follow.

As the name implies, Einstein had a hand in predicting this weird state of matter.

Indeed, the whole idea of predicting someone’s behaviour two years from the present may be wrongheaded, Fahid said.

I’m predicting lots of blood and exasperated eye rolls in that show’s future.

I scribbled on my bedroom wall predicting my results as if to make them fact.

One of the biggest producers, Duprat, is predicting there will be a production shortage of 30 to 50 percent depending on the area.

We hope predicting in a sentence examples were helpful.