Pouring in a sentence | Use of the word pouring examples

Money is also pouring into companies that speculators think might become acquisition targets for backdoor listings, dubbed “shell companies”.

Never mind that Tobey Maguire said he couldn’t breathe because he had water pouring up his nose — it’s still swoon-worthy.

It’s not about pouring myself a drink or smoking a cigarette or socializing.

We have to stop drugs from pouring in.

We have to stop people from just pouring into our country.

They were your psychologist, your directory, an everyman or woman who could help with most anything while pouring drinks.

I caught them with their shaker pouring out cocktails.

Similar large sums are pouring into initial coin offerings.

“I will stop drugs from pouring into our communities.”

People were pouring out of the laneway, there was a sea of black-hatted Prince fanatics, musicians and students,” explains Brous.

This man walked around the avenue pouring gas on to the hoods and underneath parked cars, then lit the fuckers up.

“In fact, I can tell you, the money is pouring in.”

That is if you’re one of those weirdos who like pouring warm water up their noses.

We have companies pouring into our country, Foxconn and car companies and so many others.

Besides cash donations, volunteer signups and phone calls have also come pouring in.

Besides cash donations, volunteer signups and phone calls have also come pouring in.

At one point, Dave Willner claimed donations were pouring in at rate of almost $4,000 a minute.

That workers like hammering nails more than they like cutting wood or pouring concrete?

The design, pouring, and casting of large motors are quite difficult, perhaps even reaching official “dark art” status.

“My antiques started selling and the money came pouring in,” said Kageyama.

During one famous scene, family members were pouring out their hearts to Rocky and he belted out a cry that went viral.

Nipsey Hussle’s murder has Hollywood in utter shock … and tributes are pouring in from all over the hip-hop world and beyond.

This is great because innovations to party will come pouring in.

Instead, Feilding founded the Beckley Foundation in 1998, pouring all her energy into the organization.

You’re going to have people pouring across the border,” Trump said.

Opening his front door he’s pouring with sweat: Liverpool are minutes away from kicking off against Stoke.

That didactic approach — hard-edged, opaque shapes coexisting with instances of pouring — was part of my work for a long time.

You start to evaluate what might happen by using a certain amount of water, by pouring at a certain height or angle.

pouring is time-based, being aware of when the surface is going to dry or close down.

Texts continued pouring in from unknown numbers.

pouring the liquor is an older, bearded man whose presence at this teen hang is unsettling, to say the least.

He’s pouring himself into the role, even if I wish he would bring even an ounce of humor to it.

Wall Street is pouring the most money into oil and gas companies in the U.S. since at least 2000, according to Bloomberg.

Nevertheless, the ratings agency sees more money pouring into E&Ps, pipeline companies, oilfield service companies and refining. “

All these young women are just pouring into the grocery store because the Metro was overflowing there.

“Blood was pouring from my leg.”

“Blood was pouring from my leg.”

They would be pouring through and the country would not be the country anymore.

Past Houzz investors GGV Capital and Sequoia Capital are some of the firms pouring more money into Houzz in this round, this person said.

The industry as a whole is pouring capital into the technology, but has no idea what to do with it.

In “Memory City I” (2015) waves of fabric flutter from the rooftops, pouring down from domes to plunge into an inky sea.

“They tortured me by pouring boiling water on my skin and beating me, especially on the head.

On Saturday night against Memphis, Thomas repeatedly worked off the ball, utilizing his improved midrange jumper and pouring in 35 points.

During the dot-com boom of the 1990s, the company posted larger and larger losses, financed by investor funds that came pouring in.

Shortly after that conversation, he launched the brand S.Cafe, pouring in four years of research and $1.7 million of investment money.

I consider myself to be relatively crafty, but pouring concrete is not part of my limited skill set.

“[Trump] made outrageous statements during the campaign about the border being out of control and about criminals pouring over.

There has been a particular emphasis on Amazon Fashion offerings since the company began pouring resources into selling clothes two years ago.

We have companies pouring into our country, Foxconn and car companies and so many others.

We have companies pouring into our country, Foxconn and car companies and so many others.

A charismatic former lieutenant colonel, Chavez transformed the country during his 14-year rule, pouring oil revenue into wildly popular welfare programs.

By the middle of 2016, another group of patients began pouring into the hospital.

The ad sees Youngsta pouring the champagne all over anything he thinks needs an upgrade.

Even as their economy contracts, Russia is pouring resources to prop up Ukraine and Syria — states they see slipping away from their orbit.

“I feel like we’ve been the leader in this and we’re now pouring even more gas on it,” he added.

Was this just you pouring yourself into this thing?

“Here are the facts: there is no massive wave of migrants pouring into California,” Brown wrote.

As lovely as the sun pouring into your windows on a Saturday morning, I’d say.

With all the money pouring into college sports, the athletes know how valuable they are, and what a raw deal they’re getting.

All we know is that the system we have now is grossly dysfunctional, so I don’t think we should keep pouring money into it.

Speaking over the noise of pouring water, Member of Parliament Justin Madders, said: “I hope I can complete my speech before rain stops play.

The Times Square Alliance fired back in response to Andy’s rant, pouring water all over his claims.

— Gregor Robertson (@MayorGregor)January 9, 2016 Community support is also pouring into the MAC centre in Vancouver where the attack occurred.

People pouring in.

That hope has been crushed, dragged through shards of broken vodka bottles, and drowned with dirty water as the reviews have come pouring in.

Advertising dollars came pouring in.

Advertising dollars came pouring in.

Scientists analyzing Cassini’s data from Enceladus announce that hydrogen gas is pouring into the moon’s now-confirmed ocean.

“I could see the next phase of my life being completely different, and just pouring myself into working with refugees,” Bee said.

I could see the next phase of my life being completely different, and just pouring myself into …

Mahathir had capitalized on popular disquiet about Chinese investment pouring into Malaysia during his election campaign.

When the toy was tipped over, a pretty substantial amount of aluminum powder and polystyrene beads came pouring out, as expected.

Throw a bottle of bubbly in the middle and wait for the compliments to start pouring in—no pun intended—from your guests.

Men dubbed stringers walked backwards pouring the candy into cornstarch trays imprinted with the kernel shape.

I would start out by just dunking socks in glue and water and throwing them onto the canvas and pouring paint onto it.

People pouring in.

Mexico must do much more on stopping drugs from pouring into the U.S.

India responded by pouring troops into the region.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Illegal shipments of the powerful and addictive opioid fentanyl are pouring into the United States by mail from China and the U.S.

And investors and tech companies are pouring a tremendous amount of money into autonomous drone technology, especially for transporting goods.

(Please recall she had her brother killed by pouring a scalding molten gold “crown” on him.)

I mean, it’s pouring out at you all the time.

See that anxiousness, the wavering red energy pouring out of his eyes?

Tributes are pouring at the news of his passing.

He threw his lot in with Assad’s opponents when he joined anti-government protesters pouring out of the Khaled bin al-Walid mosque in Homs.

“I think even more professionally about my craftsmanship.” He’s been pouring blood and sweat into his ramen for years.

The water that started pouring from Flint’s faucets in April 2014 was “discolored, laden with sediment, and foul-smelling,” the lawsuit reads.

From ride-hailing to self-driving cars to electric cars, billions of dollars are pouring into companies that move people around.

I don’t have a television, but I’m online a lot, and the alerts started pouring in.

I could see the next phase of my life being completely different, and just pouring myself into …

Many of the affected printers were connected to restaurant POS systems, leaving confused employees to find ASCII robots pouring out of their receipt printers.

Roger continued pouring out his emotions from the friend’s couch, and ripped into Jenni for not being able to see their 2 kids.

He added that someone in the crowd responded by pouring a drink on the Grand Lake player’s head, followed by the ensuing chaos.

But in an era when more and more money is pouring into politics every year, an increase is the norm.

And PepsiCo executives were pouring celebratory rum into their sodas.

Waterboarding is the practice of pouring water over someone’s face to mimic drowning as an interrogation tactic.

Reports of students throwing out their new, healthier lunches began pouring in.

The statement continued: “Likewise, tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border.

GE was an early Pivotal investor, pouring $105 million into the company in 2013.

leaving my apartment in Los Feliz, the Easton gym, running on the elliptical machine, sweat pouring down my temples.

As you continue pouring and mixing ingredients, it’s important to keep the batter consistent.

With the late morning light pouring in the skylight above one of the pedestals, “Untitled” became an abstract landscape-cum-structure interacting with its surroundings.

Blood was pouring from his ear.

The situation only escalated from there—that guest started pouring champagne over her food and throwing sushi around the restaurant.

In other words, pouring money into “development” without changing the government-imposed structures that oppress the Rohingya will not solve the problem.

She said more Hungarians were pouring onto the streets because the slave law “affects a bigger crowd”.

Mullican seemed to have started applying paint with a printer’s ink knife around the time Jackson Pollock began pouring paint.

Pollock’s pouring was not a culmination for everyone working in paint.

He fled the scene on foot, blending in with the rush of students pouring from the building.

There’s her voice: odd, otherworldly and full-bodied, like slowly pouring warm syrup into a cold jug.

The mostly black, mostly artist crowd went wild, feet stamping, arms embracing, song pouring out — Los Angeles burned.

In a bid for pathetic irony, the sun has vanished—it is grey and cold, pouring rain.

You could practically smell the fumes pouring off him from last night’s bender.

Fire stations were turned into water pickup sites, but they relied on the donations that were pouring in from around the country.

The globalization, the world kind of pouring into India in a very fast period of time.

“It is outrageous that Poisonous Synthetic Heroin Fentanyl comes pouring into the U.S.

Reports are also pouring in of students and workers who now find themselves in limbo abroad because of their suspended visas.

• Nobody in your mock draft is swearing at you and pouring beer down your gullet.

Babchenko’s friends and acquaintances had already begun pouring out heartfelt tributes to his work.

According to him, pouring the blood here couldn’t be more on brand … and, ultimately, it was a harmless political statement.

Babchenko’s friends and acquaintances had already begun pouring out heartfelt tributes to his work.

“Netflix is pouring more and more money into making content, and it is directly translating into more subscribers,” BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield said.

Or, all tables west piled vertically to stop the water when it came pouring in.

Trump is pouring gasoline atop the foundation of America’s democracy and playing with a match.

Federal investigators have been pouring over the details of that key period for at least two years.

The Coravin device pierces any natural cork with its needle that works like a thin straw for pouring.

It’s pouring today [Monday].

He’s pouring for what seems like forever, and he even throws in some slurping noises for good measure.

Now, weeks later, money is still pouring in.

Now, weeks later, money is still pouring in.

Although the cup is held firmly in place, some liquid still spills during the pouring process.

There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out.

Remove from the heat and wait for a minute before pouring the water-caramel over the chocolate.

But as time went on, bad news started pouring in.

Cool liquid to 60°C before pouring over top of washed green almonds.

The number of evacuees pouring out of Baghouz has surpassed initial estimates of how many were inside.

Within three seconds of each other both men were pouring blood.

Otherwise you have millions and millions of people pouring into our country.

And those subsequent monthly checks for double that amount, the ones that used to keep pouring in when he worked every day?

He said he was handcuffed and kept standing in pouring rain for four to five hours, along with the others.

Then we bombed Russia’s ally, Serbia, pouring accelerant on growing mistrust and hostility between the two nuclear powers.

Close your eyes and picture all your gratitude and loving support pouring from your hands in the form of warm light.

But that’s not really how tariffs work: The US may be generating some revenue from tariffs, but billions of dollars aren’t pouring in.

Forget the fact that the vocals sound like the result of pouring several pints of Bathams Bitter into an auto-tune device.

She recalled, “I started pouring to get a certain light and humidity.

They stood in ankle-deep mud and pouring rain as eight men lifted his coffin out and took it into the family home.

Nor is the boozer itself, its boss-man pouring the drinks, the other patrons or the mirror in the bathroom, for that matter.

India responded by pouring troops into the region.

He warned of the gangs, violence, and drugs “pouring into our communities.”

Drugs are pouring in through the border.

Women have been pouring into town halls to hold elected officials accountable.

The US may be generating some revenue from tariffs, but billions of dollars aren’t pouring in.

The dry pour, however is an extremely skilled ritual—seriously, try pouring with a Chinese tea set without getting water everywhere on the table.

Tea pouring was a private affair between good friends.

At Guo’s tea studio, there are no frills in her pouring methods.

Already, the choice between pouring funds into modeling your product or assembling a kickass team presents the player with a deeply personal dilemma.

People are pouring into our country and coming in from the Middle East and other places.

With his phone turned off, he’ll be disconnected from fan messages pouring into his Instagram comments, anxiously awaiting his return to the ring.

Now, they’re pouring resources into helping their community recover from Harvey.

Companies are pouring back into this country, pouring back.

We talked about Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Panic at the Disco,” she says, pouring another glass of champagne.

But in a way, Sanders making a point out of the position change was just pouring salt in the wound.

When throngs of immigrants began pouring into the city, they were followed by the mainstream media.

Mexico must do much more on stopping drugs from pouring into the U.S.

Meanwhile, money for the Chuitna proposal keeps pouring in.

On day two, we were just outside Lloydminster, Alberta, standing in the pouring rain.

So I just needed to make an album where I’m pouring out my heart and soul, but I’m also eating properly.

Volunteers from around the country are pouring in to assist with disaster relief, and more than 34,000 homes are without power.

Volunteers from around the country are pouring in to assist with disaster relief, and more than 34,000 homes are without power.

If by pouring, Ilchi is giving away certain decisions, then by cutting and layering the poured-upon mylar sheets, she is reclaiming them.

Investors across the globe are seeing a steady economic recovery in the United States and pouring their money into the country.

Meanwhile, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is pouring up to $50 million into state legislative and other down-ballot state races this cycle.

Unfortunately, all the hours Jim spent pouring out his soul to Arthur stick in the robot’s advanced artificial intelligence.

It’s still possible, though, that an extended economic fight with the US could deter investors from pouring money into China.

Public health advocates like Bloomberg have been quietly pouring money into pro–soda tax ads to help Philadelphia lead the way.

In my experience, the habit of making, pouring, grabbing, and sipping on a cuppa is just as addictive as the caffeine itself.

Sweat was pouring off me.

Baldwin is the most prominent progressive left in the state, and Republican dollars are already pouring in to defeat her.

He’s back home working his old job pouring concrete and fixing cars.

Meanwhile, the GOP donor dollars are pouring in against Baldwin.

I drank water and imagined it was paint I was pouring into me.

At the same time, national Democrats are pouring in their own money to try to bring down Morrisey and Jenkins.

Let’s stop the drugs and the crime from pouring into our country.

That is if you’re one of those weirdos who like pouring warm water up their noses.

Meanwhile, the US continues pouring tens of billions into its supply-focused drug war.

But the fighting quickly made the city uninhabitable for civilians, and people began pouring out.

Or perhaps she was just pouring over each word and every phrasing with her team before sharing it.

But soon after, the questions began pouring in.

The comments are now pouring in … and so far he’s getting a lot of support for his position, although it’s mixed.

The film opens with a montage of documentary-style footage: sludge pouring from factory pipes, oil-smothered animals, dolphins being herded up for slaughter.

“They just began pouring bullets.

There’s Skinner’s “pathetic” (+2), krumping Marge (+1), and Lisa looking down at her food (+1) or pouring coffee (+1).

Mexico must do much more on stopping drugs from pouring into the U.S.

During sexual climax it feels like there’s a bright light pouring out of me‚ like I’m going to explode.

We have many companies, I would say, pouring back into the country.

But, in the end, the movie makes clear, this freedom is nothing more than a bag of renminbi washed away by the pouring rain.

“I’m pouring molten metal into some mould and seeing how it fits and hammering it down.

But yeah, we appreciate it and we’re so overwhelmed by the support that is pouring out across the nation and across the world.

Cersei appeared to become broken down with the steady loss of her children, but she’s pouring everything into her remaining Tommen.

Jobs are pouring out of the country.

At the same time, investors have been pouring money into ultra-short obligation funds, in a sign of increased allure of investments with shorter maturities.

After starting out as a figurative artist, Frank Bowling began pouring paint in 1973; he has always been the figure who doesn’t fit.

Donations started pouring in.

Bowling has brought together geometry and pouring, the machine-made and the body’s actions — the divergent sides of Abstract Expressionism and of Modernism.

The collision of pouring and geometry evokes the meeting of order and eruption, with the latter overwhelming the former.

We’re losing our jobs, people are pouring into our country.

The drugs pouring into the country have gotten — and I tell you what, we’ve made a big impact.

A volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Bali Saturday, sending ash into the sky over surrounding villages and lava pouring down its sides.

He likens it to slightly rearranging his “neural furniture so that glimmers of full-on psychedelic states are constantly pouring into my awareness.”

And among the global elite and diplomatic class, statements commemorating Peres have been pouring in from all quarters, including from President Obama.

And among the global elite and diplomatic class, statements commemorating Peres have been pouring in from all quarters, including from President Obama.

So we took all that down, the sunlight is pouring in.

Elevli said he was heartened by the donations pouring in through the fundraiser that was set up by local religious leaders.

Outside money is pouring in to Missouri.

Refugees came pouring in crowds.

Outside money is pouring in to Missouri.

Chinese, Saudi, and Indian money is pouring in.

President Trump: We have money that is pouring into our treasury right now, and on January 1 it’ll become much more so.

As the love and the accolades and the hyperbole keep pouring in, these are ideal gateways.

Throughout the album, you can envision the dark room, people dancing, sweat pouring, emotions on the brink.

President Trump: We have money that is pouring into our treasury right now, and on January 1 it’ll become much more so.

Many Californians, who look out their windows and see rain pouring down, are wondering why the conservation measures are still in effect.

To this day, you can walk by the shop at any time and hear music pouring out of it.

However, she partially blamed “Hollywood money” pouring in for King’s opponent in the last several days of the election.

Apple Inc is pouring money into original programming, signing up A-list names including Oprah Winfrey.

And Google has recently increased its own investments, directly off its balance sheet, pouring money into companies that compete with GV investments.

Does Facebook keep pouring money into this because they believe is some dorky ass vision of the Metaverse?

White sugar Next time you’re at a café pouring sugar into your soy cappuccino, think twice.

It’s pouring into my nose through a device mounted on the headset.

Shortly after the invective-laden voicemails began pouring into his office, Green conferred with his staff in Washington.

“What the peninsula needs is immediately stamping out the fire, not adding kindling or, even worse, pouring oil on the flames,” Xinhua said.

“One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s pouring down rain and thundering,” Ariel says.

He’s talked about people “pouring through” the southern border and has mobilized the National Guard to combat nonexistent waves of migrants.

“There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out.

“There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out.

Appropriations bills are pouring money into the military and domestic security forces.

I wasn’t pouring out buckets of sweat as I had been moments before.

Tons of tributes were pouring in Sunday, with many people describing Adams as a “gentle giant” off the field.

The Senate Leadership Fund is pouring more than $1 million into both Tennessee and Missouri.

Drink Wine Day … a day dedicated to pouring it up and drinking it down.

It never rains in Southern California, but now it’s pouring NFL squads.

They discussed the brothers placing a rope around Jussie’s neck and pouring a liquid on him.

A sane country — a sane world — would be pouring billions of dollars into accelerating their research and commercial deployment.

It’s pouring in NY … so, Sam’s gotta deal with that mess in the rain on a Friday.

What’s that thing about raining and pouring?

Drugs are pouring in through the border.

Dream scenario for a bunch of kids pouring cups of lemonade … Simon Cowell rolling up in his Bronco with a bunch of dough!

The quality and output of recent vintages has suffered considerably as a result, and enough for the people pouring it to take note.

Karrueche Tran’s pouring her heart, soul and ass into making some COLD hard cash.

The light pouring in through the blinds was from, you guessed it, the moon.

As we reported … tons of celebrities are pouring enormous amounts of cash into her campaign to make it happen.

Donations of old electronics came pouring in; approximately 90% of Japanese municipalities participated in the drive.

They contended with pouring rain as they demonstrated outside Trump Tower.

Fans appeared to be pouring out in an orderly fashion … no stampede at all.

They contended with pouring rain as they demonstrated outside Trump Tower.

According to the indictment, X had cash pouring in during the early 2000s from a slew of hits.

Similarly, Donna Cleary’s “Hybrid 1 Holobiont” (2019,) presents an intricately knotted organ blooming out of mannequin legs and pouring sideways on the floor.

We’ll stop it, we’ll stop the drugs from pouring into our nation and poisoning our youth.

Taylor Swift’s taking the bad rap she’s been getting, and pouring it into her “Reputation” … the title of her new album.

And though Byrne still runs the retail site, he’s pouring his time — and profits — into financing blockchain-based start-ups, including an alternative stock exchange.

Watch the clip … Reza’s anger came pouring out because he says he had passionately defended Jussie.

It was pouring rain in Times Square and Andy was outraged, calling the order “Grade A BS.”

He takes me for hikes, makes me get up every morning & is always pouring out love.

“Protesters in New York have decided to boycott french wine by buying some and pouring it out in the sewer.

When he turtled up, he might as well have had steam pouring out of him.

So what would happen if US and South Korean troops started pouring into North Korea while American planes launched wave after wave of airstrikes?

“So according to NSW POLICE FORCE our blackboard with what we are pouring by the glass is promoting unsavoury behaviour.

One experiment went awry, though, when he tried pouring the fluid directly onto the magnet.

When it came time to write songs for the new album, she said the words came pouring out in a couple of days.

Deglaze pan by pouring ½ cup lamb stock into the pan and scraping up browned bit using wooden spoon.

His blood was washed away with the water pouring on to the crowd from two dozen hosepipes lining the stage.

And remnants of the storm are still pouring down rain in some areas, adding to the flood risk.

The camp is quiet: weeds pouring from crumbling walls, the soothing swish of trees swaying overhead.

With rising tides of climate change, it remains vulnerable to flooding, even now pouring raw sewage into the streets in heavy rains.

The casinos are open 24/7 with money pouring out of visitors like IV drips.

Being 16 is pouring vodka into a plastic Coke bottle while dancing to “Apple Bottom Jeans” by T-Pain.

“Reince is a good man,” Trump told reporters waiting on the tarmac in pouring rain.

leaving my apartment in Los Feliz, theEaston gym, running on the elliptical machine, sweat pouring down my temples.

It was pouring rain.

This year, Latin America saw a huge spike in the number of refugees pouring out of Venezuela.

I’d be trying out the V12, twin turbo, 600 brake horsepower icon in mostly pouring rain.

Almost immediately after the fighting first broke out last Thursday evening, mainstream media analysis began attributing blame and pouring national disgrace on English hooligans.

Grady officials say the students are buying $9 bottles of the stuff and pouring it into Starbucks coffee, then going to class.

Mickelson has been pouring on the trash talk this week, always a good sign.

Guaranteeing one-day shipping for Prime customers isn’t going to be cheap — CNET reports that Amazon is pouring more than $800 million into the endeavor.

“She was dreamy only about the beauty of slanting light pouring through shaded windows or thin curtains.

pouring hours on hours into dissecting and optimizing a game changes a router’s perspective irrevocably.

We’ve seen calls pouring into Senate offices.

Compassionate messages have been pouring in as well.

He refused to give patrons what they asked for, only pouring tequila shots.

It’s fitting that, when I arrive in Dublin to meet Fontaines D.C., it’s absolutely pouring.

People pouring noise out front back of this old house….

It has been a mostly miserable season, but suddenly the wins are pouring in.

What separates Overwatch League from some of its predecessors is the amount of money Blizzard and its investors are apparently pouring into the foundation.

People pouring in.

They proceed carefully but purposefully down a row of bell molds, pouring the liquid metal in wordless coordination.

Requests for dates soon started pouring in.

On shows like Carson and Ed Sullivan, she danced her way through parted curtains before pouring herself into her guitar.

It was crazy the amount of money they were pouring into me at such a young age.

The 55-year-old complies by taking a small flask from his jacket and pouring a bit of holy water on top of the masa.

She wound up pouring thousands of dollars from her family savings into what she says was an elaborate scam.

He made it by pouring seafood broth over Rice Krispies.

Greenhouse gas emissions are pouring out at unprecedented levels, and the numbers are still rising.

We’ve spent a lot of time this past year pouring out too much hate.

As for the boozing, earlier in the night Manziel Snapchatted a clip of someone pouring him a glass of champagne.

Then I painted some spooky blood pouring out of Kent’s eyes.

Similar large sums are pouring into initial coin offerings.

Like Sabet, she pointed to money pouring into the race from the weed industry.

The past is blood soaking through Philando Castile’s shirt, pouring out of Alton Sterling’s heart.

Bronson’s arms join Garcia’s repertoire of celebrity replicas that also includes Future counting cash and pouring lean out of a Sprite bottle.

But Netflix has been pouring money into its awards campaign for the movie, and it’s a genuinely excellent film.

We are one day away from the start of the 2016 NFL Draft and the anonymous scout reports are pouring in on prospective draftees.

he yells as he grabs a giant knife and slices bottles open one by one, freeing the sediment and pouring glasses to taste.

Crozet said the SNCF had made a risky investment by pouring money into Hyperloop.

We didn’t expect dozens of hate messages pouring in.

In my favorite chapter, you’re inside a house and can hear the rain pouring down outside.

A load of ill-looking men pouring beer on one another’s foreheads?

When his father got locked up for selling drugs, he took a job pouring concrete and doing flooring to support himself and his family.

Start pouring money into it.

So they’re pouring their grief into their music.

He dragged her outside the cabin into the pouring rain and thunder; I could hear them fighting with each other.

Villagers saw fleets of cars racing to pick up a single sick person and vast amounts of money pouring in.

Hearing her pour her heart out on “Lovin’ You For Life” and here you’re pouring your heart out.

They’re pouring in, and we don’t know what we’re doing.

The opening titles also show the cast in slow-motion, scantily clad and pouring drinks in what is meant to be a sexy way.

The VC firm was until recently the company’s only outside investor, pouring in a combined $142 million through last March.

And the donations are still pouring in.

And the donations are still pouring in.

I wonder if she’s been pouring her rum and cokes away, and envy her sober composure in the smoking area.

Adidas, which has been pouring cash into its U.S. business and pulling ahead of rivals, on Thursday reported another quarter of bumper sales growth.

Various bartenders gather around the butt, bottles in hand, and on Radev’s count, there’s a melee of bottle opening, tipping, and pouring.

They’d been forced to wait in front of the stadium in the pouring rain, as admission took forever due to heightened security precautions.

For the first time in something stupid like forty years, the Super Bowl would take place in pouring rain.

And so we don’t have this urgent problem where people are pouring into the country to do us harm.

They began pouring in, slowing down the trains and clogging the sidewalks.

It happens at the 0:12 mark when we see the Red Wings pouring off the bench to celebrate.

Details are still emerging about the full circumstances of his death, but tributes have been pouring in from across the hip-hop world.

Investors and companies are pouring millions of dollars into projects aimed at lowering those costs and overcoming regulatory hurdles.

In an attempt to clean up the waterways, the government ended up pouring 10 billion euros into the cause.

The short clip that went viral on social media depicts the gallerist pouring water on the homeless woman’s belongings but not her person.

He wants to be the guy getting his hands dirty while pouring heavy concrete with a shovel.

These works are comprised almost exclusively of vibrant, high-gloss color fields, achieved by pouring deeply hued resin in sharply defined and overlapping fields.

Meanwhile, investors are pouring money into corporate and emerging-market debt.

It’s like somebody shushing and spit pouring out.

Just avoid heavy, oaked reds—imagine pouring vanilla frosting on fresh herbs.

If you’ve been bottling up grief, expect it to come pouring out of you, Leo.

It’s pouring rain, and we can barely make out the edges of the building that he bought in 2005.

I’ll be peckin’ and a-pokin’, pouring water on his smokin’.

Israelis are used to pouring carefully over U.S. signals toward their country for even the slightest deviation from established policies.

Producers and labels seem to be pouring out of its streets, including parvenu tape label 1080p.

American companies including Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia, a division of Morgan Stanley, are pouring in millions of dollars as well.

Individuals have organized their own search, and rescue missions and donations are pouring in from New Orleans and beyond.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Foreigners are once again pouring money into Singapore’s high-end property market despite hefty levies introduced last year.

On January 28, the USGS researchers described what looked like a “firehose” of lava pouring from a crack on the volcanoes ocean-facing side.

Within another 24 hours, donations were pouring in from around the world.

As she is pouring my chilate, she explains to me that to make it, you have to toast rice, cacao, and cinnamon.

This resulted in a backlog of labor disputes, and when the war ended in 1946 the strikes came pouring in.

Molineaux and Cribb fought on a particularly dreary day, with freezing cold rain pouring over them as they battled for forty rounds.

But recently, she’s been pouring more time into a new site, Chairman Mom.

Drugs and illegal immigrants are also pouring across our border.

David Raposa: pouring one out for Oscar Azocar and, uh, former Arizona governor Fife Symington III.

It’s a common solution for parents, pouring their children’s excess energy into the structured environment of sports.

Chinese and some foreign investors are pouring money into start-up firms that specialize in AI given Beijing’s emphasis on the technology.

Meyers inquired, pouring a glass.

Remember him skipping away after yet another dagger, arms outstretched and exultant, steely-eyed or gushing with bravado, champagne or sweat pouring off his head.

Oh boy, do the letters come pouring in after an execution date has been set!

READ: Shady political ads are pouring into Facebook.

That’s because you usually won’t have to face national money pouring into the contest—instead you’re just tilting against local powers.

Amy Winehouse could still be found pouring herself pints at The Hawley Arms pub in Camden.

Water bottles on the floor, towels slung over support bars, sweat pouring from my forehead.

We must aspire only to the calluses of war, and the quaintly conservative morals of women pouring whole milk for men loosening their ties.

I think all of that emotion came pouring out when I handed him off.”

She had a message she wanted to deliver, and it came pouring out … in a pretty emotional plea to all parties.

“I must have spent a good three-quarters of an hour just weeping, free flow, tears pouring.

There’s a lot of money pouring into startups around Silicon Valley, LA, Chicago and New York.

But now I was pouring these $15 AUD [$11.32 USD] smoothies down the drain without a second thought.

And among the global elite and diplomatic class, statements commemorating Peres have been pouring in from all quarters, including from President Obama.

Time was confusing on the ranch: There were no clocks, no watches, and hours or minutes seemed arbitrary, whole days pouring into nothing.

And among the global elite and diplomatic class, statements commemorating Peres have been pouring in from all quarters, including from President Obama.

Set to ambient music by Dusk Horizon, Ernő & Rubï move from bus stop to coffee shop, rain pouring or sun shining.

As Jason scrolls through his phone he becomes somewhat incredulous at the emails that keeping pouring in, “happy release day?!

In any case, we’ll sip whatever she’s pouring.

“This is how I feel,” I explained in song, pouring myself a glass of milk.

“This is the most typical wine of the region,” Manolev said proudly, pouring a glass of the 2015 harvest directly from the cask.

Festivals that aren’t the result of a vodka company pouring money into a random line up generator.

They accused officers of pouring hydrogen peroxide on several flipped mattresses in the home and damaging several of T.J.’s birthday presents.

Between the photogenic food, bright blue tabletops, and LA sunshine pouring in through the giant windows from Sunset Avenue, it’s an Instagram jackpot.

Once the technological issues were resolved, bookings from eager New Yorkers started pouring in.

Because the people of this country don’t want criminals and people who have lots of problems — and drugs — pouring into our country.

Patrick is off at a wedding and Austin was ill, so we decided to do a special all-bucket episode, pouring into your deepest inquiries.

This is nothing, nobody is naked pouring tequila on themselves.”)

Ever since he first strode into the Kremlin, at the end of 1999, Vladimir Putin has been pouring money into his military.

“Climate change is real, and the fossil fuel industry is pouring tons and tons of money into campaign contributions.

The Terriers showed that, with Fletcher Magee pouring in 27 points to help Wofford defeat a ranked team for the first time.

Jia, though, is just one of many Chinese tycoons pouring record sums into clubs, players, broadcast rights and sponsorship deals.

Many more celebrity tributes have been pouring in, with Albert Brooks posting on social media — “R.I.P.

Thousands of emails started pouring in from customers, media outlets, celebrities, con artists, and Trump supporters.

Orders and emails continued pouring in.

There’s also going to be a lot of foot traffic pouring out onto the streets.

Money just pouring into commercials.

My nose started pouring blood, so I ran to the bathroom.

After pouring over the unsealed court filings and submitting numerous FOIA requests, I started to ask a different question: where?

People pouring in.

That will only discourage them further from pouring any money into the country’s ailing economy.

Even as their economy contracts, Russia is pouring resources to prop up Ukraine and Syria—states they see slipping away from their orbit.

People pouring in.

I highly recommend pouring out money like a severed artery on the hot sands of Miami Beach.

Messages of sympathy and offers for help have been pouring in, but the horses are still missing.

He’s spent hours pouring over old design books to track down sources for type (sometimes finding they were custom to the films).

I have some one-off stuff that [Julian] Casablancas kind of dug, but I’m just, you know, pouring my shit out.

Western countries have been pouring resources into Ukraine to help the country protect its elections and gain critical insight.

For context, the soda industry has been pouring millions of dollars into battling these tax measures in cities across the US.

Look at me.” Peter felt sweat pouring down his torso, his entire body tensing up.

When the younger Edelson set about remodeling Jewel’s, it was like LA club history came pouring from the rafters.

The federal government, as well as private institutions, has been pouring money into cannabis research since legalization was announced in 2015.

As outside temperatures rise, you’re probably not thinking about pouring hot cancer juice down your throat.

Now people are pouring that same trust into the internet.

It has rained, and we can see individually delineated local showers pouring down way off in the distance.

Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.

My girlfriend was pouring drinks, when Trump handed her his card.

(Kids pouring shit on their faces.

Instead I was pouring myself a gin and tonic nightly to cope with the stress,” she explained to me over the phone.

Feel those job offers pouring in?

He’s still a businessman and he’s pouring a lot of his own money into the company.

Luckily, Demario Wallace, head bartender at pouring Ribbons, came over to help.

Then there’s the hydro mod, which involves pouring oil into the watch electronics.

Then, in spring last year, he went through a gruelling break-up, and the songs started pouring out.

Suddenly, music was pouring through him in such an unprecedented way.

One shard pierces through my neck and slices into my jugular, and blood is squirting through my fingers and pouring onto the floor.

pouring hours on hours into dissecting and optimizing a game changes a router’s perspective irrevocably.

“It’s impossible for me to sit across from somebody pouring their heart out and just nod my head,” she said.

Sailors wore black armbands for the poor lost spirit; some held a funeral for their tots, pouring them into the sea in ceremonial burial.

I like it best in the pouring rain.

We are pouring the experience, creativity, and talent of people over 65 down the toilet.

I thought of these O-rings during the test in Promontory, while the booster continued pouring fire into the landscape.

Let the gin mixture settle for a minute before straining and pouring it into the soda water.

“Try the Klosterneuburg Austinger Konvent,” he advises, pouring me an Austrian white wine sourced from the Stift Klosterneuburg winery.

The support from local and state politicians keeps pouring in.

That shit must be hella hot, sweat pouring down his arms and into all kinds of distracting places.

All night long I was here: serving burgers, taking drink orders, pouring beers, entertaining at the tables.

The dealer looked at him pityingly and told him, “Your nose is pouring blood, Steve.

“It’d be like if I landed in Tokyo, dressed as Godzilla dancing around pouring soy sauce on my head,” the person said.

But there are people here today who will genuinely think that there’s a poetry involved in standing about in the pouring rain.

Companies including Amazon, AT&T and Uber had lined up to block the ballot measure, pouring millions of dollars into an opposition organization.

“The US Air Force sealed off the underground launch control centers by pouring concrete down the access shaft.

A woman chewing gum; a store at a mall; making tea; pouring water; exercising; posing for a photo.

After the database was out in the world, suggested additions started pouring in via all of the organizers’ online channels.

People were getting agitated, so the models started running around, pouring tequila down our throats to distract us.

The tributes are pouring in from celebrities and everyday fans, but Mother Nature gave Nancy the ultimate prop.

Google that and you’ll get just 2,440,000 results—seemingly none of which actually endorse pouring shots into your hot breakfast cereal.

He responded by pouring all of his loose change into the bill basket.

pouring vodka, Val comforts McKinnon’s candidate Clinton over the national nonstop discourse surrounding Republican party frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Building a great Border Wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our Country, is all about National Defense.

We’re losing our jobs, people are pouring into our country.

The counterattacks began, with German tanks rolling up outside and hordes of stormtroopers pouring into the lower floors.

It was pouring the whole morning and the evening before.

There is a strange, lovely ease to Ramírez-Figueroa’s dance of pastel vessels pouring from milagro-like hands.

The Czech Republic has accepted just 12 refugees since 2015, in violation of an EU-wide plan to relocate migrants pouring into Italy and Greece.

Clutching warm paper cups of lager and soggy, limp roll-ups in the pouring rain to the distant whine of an indie band?

Thankfully, the heat eventually started to fade, and about 5 PM, in the middle Kovács’ set, it started pouring rain.

Investors are pouring hundreds of millions into the scooter companies with the hope that the best-capitalized scooter company will win.

Tributes from family, friends, and fans have been pouring in for the three.

There’s a lot of outside capital pouring in, so you have more money than you … money’s literally burning holes in their pockets.

And pouring shots.

Donors from both parties have taken notice and are pouring money into upcoming attorneys general campaigns.

When pouring, always leave a 1cm gap from the top of the mold as the liquid expands as it freezes.

The bartender took his side, rolling her eyes before pouring me another Narragansett.

“Brave Iranians are pouring into the streets.

We stop the drugs from coming in, because the drugs are pouring in … We’re going to build the wall.

Before we move onto mains, I ask Anderson what he’ll be pouring.

He claims they tied a noose around his neck before pouring a substance he thought was bleach on him and bolting from the scene.

I call it stopping drugs from pouring across our border.

I’m more concerned with living a purposeful life––where I’m pouring into others and lifting as I climb––than a “balanced” one.

At one point, the lures all deactivated on my app, while Gabby’s kept pouring petals.

But the measures are unlikely to stem the flow of illegal migrants pouring across the 1,379-mile (2,219 km) frontier.

When critique for the trailer came pouring in last week, she tweeted, “We are not shaming Patty.

How can we compete?” Butt, like other athletes, says the future will remain bleak until Pakistan’s government starts pouring money into sport.

He lifts a red jerry can and starts pouring a liquid—kerosene—on himself.

Kendrick Lamar has a reputation for pouring his heart into televised performances.

There’s a good reason why Washington is pouring that kind of money into space.

“Money is pouring into our cherished DOLLAR like rarely before,” Trump wrote on Twitter, citing the strength of the U.S. economy.

“The money is pouring in,” he said.

“The rain was pouring and everything was like,” she moves her hands wildly, “Tree and everything!

Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.

Whether pouring out lean or liquor, Brooklyn or North Atlanta, the assault hits equally hard.

Again, this doesn’t start with the election; it starts with Russian oligarch money pouring into Trump’s real estate and casino businesses.

We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

You can see the wine pouring down on a forklift that is quickly starting to look more like a submarine.

Maybe you’re not up all night Googling “efficient ketchup pouring techniques.”

“You can’t unfeel, in a sense, the blood of someone else pouring on you.

They take the money that could be pouring back into those player’s lives.

As soon as the show started, it started pouring rain outside.

China’s currency has been facing downward pressure because as Chinese economic growth decelerates, money is pouring out of the country.

China’s currency has been facing downward pressure because as Chinese economic growth decelerates, money is pouring out of the country.

He says there is also anecdotal evidence of people pouring dried ice on eggs in nests so young never hatch.

For the past week, it’s basically all we’ve been pouring our free time into.

That’s why China is pouring funds into business training and the education of this precious “people’s” commodity.

He says the federal government was pouring money into developing a Canadian film industry, and that meant getting equipment and training personnel.

Villagers saw fleets of cars racing to pick up a single sick person and vast amounts of money pouring in.

A cop tortures a suspect by pouring water down his throat.

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