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However the official said the activity did not change their assessment of Pyongyang’s military posture.

Overall, he indicated that “there is no change to our military posture.”

When people pray, we assume a posture of listening.

Even their stride and posture look like variations on a rugged theme.

Along with the newly aggressive domestic policy has come a newly aggressive posture toward European Union climate policy.

posture magazine aims to take back the gaze of the outside world and celebrate queer counterculture for all of its manifold beauty.

Founded by Winter Mendelson in 2013, posture is a digital and print platform exploring identity, gender, and sexuality through fashion and art.

Collaboration and solidarity change the world.” To learn more about posture, click here.

Dermisache’s drawings posture as communication yet undercut it through illegibility.

Her drawings posture at communication, only to undercut it through illegibility and withdrawal.

This woman, who is older, has a more distressed posture than the peaceful woman in 315-307 BC, though this woman’s face is hidden.

An overturned chair near the mural mirrors the woman’s anxious posture.

Their nakedness is undermined by their posture.

“Everything Trump says is a negotiating posture … You’d want statements that are more data and fact driven from the president.

“Much different police posture this afternoon,” Madden reported on Twitter.

Since poor posture may lead to headaches or muscle fatigue, a supportive chair is a worthwhile investment.

“We haven’t adjusted our force posture in response to any of those statements.

So far, Trump hasn’t taken advantage of Pelosi’s negotiating posture to bargain his way out of a shutdown he helped create.

Europe has been more aggressive in its posture.

This included consistent and strident support for Israel and extended into a more aggressive military posture in all areas.

Anything aggressive that Trump does on trade now is likely to shape how negotiators anticipate what his posture will be like in the future.

Her eyelids are half lowered in focused thought and her posture is perfectly straight, conveying moral rectitude.

The other two flex their muscles and shut their eyelids, a masturbatory posture ignorant of anything beyond the self.

The high speed and the jet’s forward-leaning posture made it nearly impossible to use the controls to pull the nose up.

“Hope always high,” said the burly Vallejos, his posture ramrod straight and eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

Senior U.S. military officials say they have no intentions to change that posture.

“pearls and melting brie,” “blonde with affected posture,” “redhead smokes marijuana from wooden pipe”).

His conclusion is that this Neanderthal is going to walk with a kind of hunched posture.

But that clarification seemed aimed at tamping down the political backlash over his Putin summit rather than a sincere change in posture toward Russia.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, rising in public opinion polls, slammed President Donald Trump’s posture toward Iran at a raucous town hall on Tuesday.

When Hashi speaks of his trajectory to frigid Minnesota in 1995, his cool posture and freewheeling chef’s demeanor grow halting.

That’s largely because Zuckerberg’s defensive posture rings hollow, and charactertizing Facebook as a service of the people — the Russian people, maybe!

There’s even a kinship between the “birth” scene in When Nature Calls and Trump’s posture below.

The story of the double collar tie as a defensive measure is one of posture.

The cans mimic the posture of Muslims engaging in prayer.

Speaking on Fox News Monday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump’s posture towards Iran was a strategy of “peace through strength.”

It really comforted me writing it, like “I am strong.” Almost like someone just straightened my posture for me.

Cruz calls tonight’s violence in Chicago a “predictable consequence” of Trump’s rhetoric and posture toward protestors.

It’s also the rigid form: pointed toes, straight legs, good posture.

Not just for the government but in general how should we posture ourselves.

Their posture and mien seem to combat the terror of violence and abasement in the contemporary human zoo, providing hope to the onlookers.

The Donald likes to posture as a fearless outsider — he even wrote a book called Time to Get Tough (chapter one: “Get Tough”).

Most important: the soccer girl posture.

The upshot is that you’ll gain better posture, a stronger core, and a healthier back.

The magic of being in touch with yourself and your body and your posture.

They usually feature a man in feather-bedecked warrior garb holding a woman wearing a white dress and in a fainting posture.

“House Democrats’ posture toward the White House will become much more adversarial overnight,” said Jens David Ohlin, vice dean of Cornell Law School.

In the seventies that spirit changed from competition to an adversary posture and from respect to distrust.”

But Trump’s tough posture may not last long: The Kremlin is now saying the two will meet at some point during the summit.

But Trump’s tough posture may not last long: The Kremlin is now saying the two will meet at some point during the summit.

Its attempt to posture as worldly works in the same way as its attempt to posture as culturally savvy.

While sneaking around office blocks and bunkers, peep around corners using BJ’s not-at-all-patented slant-yourself posture.

And so they posture, they do their double game.

The only appropriate posture is thus one of constant and maximal belligerence.

In both Giotto and Carlson’s versions, this complex posture can readily be sensed beneath Joachim’s blankets.

The results in Nevada are only going to reinforce that posture.

In these settings, state officials learn and relearn the importance of good cybersecurity posture, such as asset management, access control, and two-factor authentication.

All that time spent on your midsection can alleviate back pain, increase mobility, and improve your posture.

They don’t let you posture like you’re tough and hardheaded.

The right political posture now, hands down, is to be increasingly not subtle, but increasingly and explicitly overtly progressive.

Secondly, to push that person into a combative posture with other people in the media and push out a lot of radicalizing content.

Saudi Arabia, by contrast, prefers a confrontational posture toward Iran.

Both are effectively signaled in speaking — by prosody along with gesture, posture, and gaze — and therefore largely factored out by listeners.

The design of a chair dictates our posture; so, too, does the format of electronic communication shape our voice.

As a revolutionary American activist I’d been on guard against domestic intelligence agencies, not foreign governments, and Russia exploited that posture.

When I suggest a comparison, it’s just an image I saw that has a posture or color that I think is interesting.

The tougher U.S. posture on Iran has fueled speculation that Trump is seeking to promote enough unrest to potentially unseat Iran’s rulers.

It’s a posture that unkinks the lower digestive tract and is more likely to result in getting everything out in one fell swoop.

But I found posture to be a bit more complicated than that.

Every time you’re back to your desk, you have to recalibrate your preferred posture.

(Hint: When you stand, your posture is much better, at least according to the number of vibrations I got.)

If you’re trying to correct my posture while I’m sitting at my desk, why are you counting my steps?

I have to say that, despite my love-hate relationship with the Lift, it did make me more aware of my posture.

The DK-04X is a fully adjustable motorized standing desk, so you can improve your posture while slaughtering demons in Doom.

The knight stands in front of the U.S. flag in a defensive posture as to protect at all cost.”

Fatima assumed the distinct posture of a bored teenager, softly replying “OK” each time the interpreter finished explaining.

As a poet, cultural historian, editor, and critic, O’Brien has adopted the posture of the para.

Fear of Trump’s new tough on immigration posture was plausibly the reason, and Trump did not hesitate to claim credit.

Body language is a deeply instinctual: children as young as one or two years old can understand social cues from facial expressions and posture.

To clarify we need to zoom out, to read his entire posture, his hands, the full picture of a human.

The pillars of body language are facial expressions, gestures, posture, and gaze.

Republicans who dislike the idea of a federal agency telling schools what to do would welcome a less aggressive posture on issues like these.

One man in the audience asked if the goal was to “feminize” their posture?

The Democratic alliance with finance, for instance, arguably played a role in the Clinton administration’s deregulatory posture toward banks in the late 1990s.

And it could be potently destabilizing in a world where nations’ nuclear doctrines are shaped more by posture than by policy.

A back support belt

BetterBack, $49.99, available at Amazon Insider Picks editor Sally Kaplan can’t recommend this posture corrector enough.

But that makes him a journalist in a way, having a perfect journalistic posture, in a way.

In the eyes of the resistance, the not-quite-Trumpers posture and tweet and make sad sounds to reporters, but they don’t actually do anything.

A week and half before the lawsuit, we asked Smith about the risks BuzzFeed was taking with its aggressive posture.

Trump is taking a more aggressive, protectionist posture on trade than his recent predecessors, sparking retaliatory measures from other countries.

His posture spoke of shame, isolation, and defeat.

Their second project, AiraWear, is a mass-market jacket that can analyze posture and give massages.

The most powerful posture for a modern media figure is to play the martyr.

How’s your posture?

Trump may shy away from publicly criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin, but on the military front he’s adopted an aggressive posture.

If someone uses germs on us, we’ll nuke ’em.” When the Cold War ended, that posture didn’t change.

Facebook, for example, has trained neural networks that can recognize people based on characteristics like hair, body shape, and posture.

“It signals to the world about where we want to go toward a deterrent-based posture.

“The Asia-Pacific Stability Initiative … would … make U.S. regional posture more forward-learning, flexible, resilient, and formidable,” he said.

An ex-girlfriend saw him hunched over a computer from across the room, noticed his poor posture, then walked over and shifted his shoulders.

Lawyers send over incredibly detailed notes on the exact posture and facial expression and order of movements.

And while the academics lecturing on the manuscript posture over their own objectivity, they continue to casually dehumanize and objectify Offred.

Australia and the United States signed a “force posture agreement” in 2014 to provide for joint exercises and for U.S. naval and air-force deployments.

Her eyes directly meet those of the wrestler, who stands evenly on the ground, with a slightly tilted posture.

Electrification, autonomy, and mobility services like ride-hailing and car-sharing provided legacy car companies an opportunity to posture like tech startups.

“Wal-Mart’s posture has been that it will fight this to the end,” he said.

Within this schema, when a back is curved, the figure’s posture becomes extraordinary in its ordinariness.

This is largely due to “posture,” a new resource that you need to manage during every fight in the game.

“It all goes back to focusing on the changing US and Russian nuclear posture,” Lewis says.

But with each swing they need to block, you drive your enemy’s posture bar up further and further.

posture replaces stamina from past games—which means that neither you nor your foes need to hold back on attacks or dodges.

These carnivorous — frequently, cannibalistic — insects are well known for their pious posture, and the female’s habit of devouring her mate after sex.

But the company has taken a defensive posture over the Cambridge Analytica stories, saying that the issue was resolved years ago.

But the high speed and the jet’s forward-leaning posture made it nearly impossible to use the controls to pull the nose up.

Tea Partiers did not just run urban demonstrations, posture for media outlets, or make appeals to Washington DC.

Shorter than she would have liked, with a desk clerk’s posture.

There’s a new robot on Kickstarter that’s supposed to help you obtain good posture at your standing desk.

When you have bad posture, its single eye turns into an X mark, as if it can’t bear the sight.

Because usually what you have on YouTube is this very combative posture right?

Destroying your enemy.” It is, she says, a “toxically masculine posture: the idea that a conversation or an argument is about destroying another person.

I also noticed a dedicated area for Amazon LaunchPad that includes products from startups, like a gadget meant to help improve your posture.

Over at Tonic, writer Alex Tisdale has a piece on the perils of bad posture while gaming.

“The knight stands in front of the US flag in a defensive posture as to protect at all cost,” the post says.

And that healthy posture is a little more complicated for Lean Cuisine.

A brother-in-law nominated post-root-canal toothache—unlike muscular or back pain, he said, it couldn’t be alleviated by shifting your posture.

“Our military is monitoring the situation in case of additional launches and maintaining a readiness posture,” the South Korean military said in a statement.

VICE NEWS: Rosselló maintains his posture of not resigning, after all of this.

Due to the bee’s bent-over posture, the brainwashing chip isn’t implanted correctly.

Shane looks so cool, leaning on the countertop with a relaxed posture and disheveled hair.

Some lawmakers have adopted the administration’s posture on Canada, pressuring them to get in line or else.

That flick, the posture, the balance, the arc of the ball.

“China, on the other hand, may be exerting negative pressure on a deal because of our posture on Chinese Trade-Hope Not!” he added.

Or our diplomatic posture toward North Korea?

Rousey often uses a long stick to help maintain posture and improve balance during stretches.

The only thing we have to work on is his posture and arm placement.

Harriet Tubman appears in the central image, and her dress and posture echo in others.

Your posture

“When you’re in the interview, your default should be sitting straight and keeping a pleasant smile on your face,” Taylor says.

“Every stroke you do fixes your posture because you’re always retracting,” says Norris.

“Even if you feel the discussion is going south, maintain your poise, posture and inflection.

Your body language

Experts say that when people like each other they mirror each other’s body posture and movements.

Well, the US — our US counterparts are aware of our posture.

“When you’re doing it you don’t want to round your posture,” notes Mitchell.

“You want to have that great posture, strong back, strong shoulders.”

PUTIN: President Trump — well, the posture of President Trump on Crimea is well known and he stands firmly by it.

“Over the long term, the administration’s posture and policies are going to have a negative effect on the broad economy,” Thompson told me.

Some agencies said they had improved their cyber security posture since that report.

Her coquettish posture is disarming; protected by her shawl, she meets the viewer on equal terms.

The North Korean leader called for “full combat posture” following the U.S. seizure of the North Korean cargo ship.

The change in the U.S. posture toward Cuba under Trump marks the latest policy about-face by the president.

I’ve been working countless hours on Ryan’s posture.

But their cultural posture of racism as rebellion — that endured.

Stop slouching and focus on improving your posture.

“Pull your shoulder blades towards your back pants pockets and sit up,” says Joubert, who explains that having correct posture “engages your abdominal wall.

When there’s so much at stake, and when scientific research depends so heavily on political support, this is a risky posture, no?

Without giving details or evidence, Shanahan said that while the Iranian posture had changed recently, the threat remained.

Walking becomes less automatic and requires more concentration as people age, the researchers note in Gait & posture.

SOURCE: Gait & posture, online January 4, 2019.

The Russian posture was not without its ironies.

In the portrait, the president looks as if he’s about to get up, in spite of his weary eyes and posture.

I heard this and thought about it, and I’ve adopted the same posture of not voting in, particularly, presidential elections or primaries.

“For the posture, we do variations of rowing exercises to use the muscles on the backside of your body,” Landers continues.

On the flip side, Lohan had to study Curtis’ posture in order to accurately portray the mother’s role.

TIPS: Maintain good posture throughout the entire exercise.

Your posture is excellent.

TIPS: Have good posture and don’t slouch when slamming the ball to the ground.

Dogs use their eyes, mouth, tail, paws, body posture, vocalizations, and more to express themselves.

“Its nuclear posture incorporates the ‘use them or lose them’ principle.” In short?

“Russia’s rhetoric, posture, and exercises of its nuclear forces are aimed at intimidating its neighbors, undermining trust and stability in Europe,” said Stoltenberg.

Mindy Kaling is perfecting her pregnancy posture!

The absence of arms and hands — for that matter, of expression through posture or stance — elicits a sense of muteness and vulnerability.

Today’s false alarm in Hawaii a reminder of the big risks we continue to run by relying on nuclear deterrence/prompt launch nuclear posture.

More, this rhetorical posture of hanging back away from the dispute feels mistaken because its deployment is so wobbly.

Why, this view asks, should the West posture as a victim, when it too has been a perpetrator of covert persuasion.

But it does something to your posture, which I really like.

Keep an open posture.

To start, there’s Travolta’s almost unrecognizable appearance: the hair, the painfully awkward posture, the plaid shorts, and the dorky short sleeve button-ups.

The US negotiating posture, by contrast, heavily emphasizes a couple of demands that appear to be symbolic, meaningless, or unworkable.

Dickson bought countless foam rollers, pillows, suction cups, and posture correctors, but nothing worked.

From a submerged posture, the subs could lob 850-pound shells over the better part of a mile.

“Our posture will not change until we see credible steps taken toward the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” he said.

My posture found its way into a slouch.

My posture is awful, my scar is bigger & my core muscles feel like they’ve lost their placement,” she says.

There’s a sacred innocence to the performance, from Jazz’s beatific posture to the adoring faces of the crowds at his feet.

Just look at that posture, the full-bodiedness of the shot, that smug ass grin.

I’m watching their hands, asking them to hold them in different ways that impact their posture.

Removing some of those guard posts, then, means that both sides have downgraded their war-like posture toward each other.

“You know, lots of countries posture before they come to the table,” Pompeo told Fox News.

Don’t picture here a Terminator-like android with a bipedal posture marching through the world with machine guns.

I was shocked to see that my waist was 33 inches, and that my posture was terrible.

U.S. officials called the sanctions a blanket punishment for Russia’s aggressive international posture, including interfering in the U.S. 2016 election.

U.S. officials called the sanctions a blanket punishment for Russia’s aggressive international posture, including interfering in the U.S. 2016 election.

“You know, lots of countries posture before they come to the table,” he told Fox News.

“These defendants are in a different posture,” explained Brett E. Cohen, defense attorney for one of the acquitted defendants from the first trial.

Its official posture is now going to be hostile to climate action.

“You know, lots of countries posture before they come to the table,” he told Fox News.

When asked to respond to USW’s charges, he replied, “If the union needs to posture for the workers, that’s up to them.

What most concerns you about Trump’s foreign policy so far: his pro-Russia posture or his cavalier approach to China?

He says he experiences physical pain on most days, but he tries to change his posture when he can.

“You know, lots of countries posture before they come to the table,” Pompeo told Fox News.

“We try our best to maintain a proper posture and proper hair cutting techniques so we don’t encounter carpal tunnel.

The worse they get, though, the more likely it is that these states may lash out and posture further.

The sports world is going to hell, one dementia-fueled tweet about proper posture at stadiums during a country’s theme song at a time.

And White House officials say he is planning to strike a confrontational posture at the summit.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says Washington’s new posture has shifted Asia’s political and economic balance.

The tougher U.S. posture on Iran has fueled speculation that Trump is seeking to promote enough unrest to potentially unseat Iran’s rulers.

“They do not provide height, encourage good posture, or even accentuate the leg.

Both are effectively signaled in speaking — by prosody along with gesture, posture, and gaze — and therefore largely factored out by listeners.

rescue cat with the smokey gray coat and totally boss posture was given up to Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois, back in April.

To pull it off, Nick has to have beautiful posture and be able to hold his frame up.

Clearly the change shows a softer posture from Microsoft.

Such pressures explain why last year’s gung-ho posture has been dropped.

Stuart also suspects her posture and garments were references to Xiaozhuang’s excellent horsemanship skills.

“We’re seeing a more inward-looking, introverted posture,” says the commentator.

When you feel strong, it changes everything — your posture, the way you walk.

I’m using muscles I’ve never used before, dancing in heels for hours and perfecting my posture.

Through the shop, Vautier incorporated impertinent anti-art acts and language into his all-enveloping artistic posture.

“I think what is important is to maintain a firm defense posture,” he told reporters.

The 32-year-old talk show host‘s posture and footwork are on-point for most of the sequence before Maks corrects her final move.

And the default posture of many prominent conservative figures — including Trump and Kavanaugh, apparently — is that of a constantly aggrieved piety.

Males born of mothers given unadulterated drinking water all quickly assumed a submissive posture when confronted with such a stranger.

The wire is embedded with five nano-accelerometer sensors that measure the angles of your posture on the connecting app via Bluetooth.

“Nothing has changed in our posture,” he clarified.

This thing definitely makes you more aware of your posture, as you can see it live on the app.

It measures your posture, every time you slipped up and how active you are too.

They both control your posture, squeezing you in the areas you need help with.

It’s a mind trick—the fabric is just squeezing you to keep your posture straight.

One setback: This vest is not designed for plus-size people, which is problematic since people who need posture help are often carrying extra weight.

The videos proved, McGinn told the jury, that Boyd held a defensive posture when the officers made their decisions to shoot.

Adam Mount is a senior fellow and director of the Defense posture Project at the Federation of American Scientists.

With the formal posture of a funeral, we were all here to pay our respects.

Italy has long assumed an ostrich-like posture on the non-performing assets clogging up its banks, estimated at €349bn (gross) by the Bank of Italy.

The first chapter, about posture, begins with an extended discussion of lobsters.

Bernthal (The Walking Dead) has a handsome pugilist profile, coal-smoked eyes and the correct posture of go-to-hell swagger and war fatigue.

Maintaining that blithe posture now will imply—or confirm—that they have entirely ditched principle for short-term self-interest.

But Putin’s boast was perhaps partially in response to the new Nuclear posture Review the Pentagon released in February.

Every aspect of their demeanour, from posture to speech, had to be modulated to convey unstinting subservience to the upper castes.

Well, it’s kind of the defensive posture when you’re being picked on, you go there.

And there is one modeling posture the duo is pioneering — the hand bra.

Both are effectively signaled in speaking — by prosody along with gesture, posture, and gaze — and therefore largely factored out by listeners.

Surprisingly enough, I’m completely cool with our instructor touching us in order to correct our posture.

They went out of their way to find the very worst picture of me, in the worst shirt and the worst posture.

Trying to strike a more conciliatory posture, Russia has this autumn started dispatching representatives to trans-Atlantic gatherings it long considered hostile.

The Trump administration is expected to publish its Nuclear posture Review early next year, which will guide its nuclear weapons policy.

Why posture in this way and risk dramatic escalation?

“The United States is reviewing options in our diplomacy and defense posture to do just that.

Cultivating a positive work culture was one way Whole Foods justified its anti-union posture.

During that war, the British Empire (which by now was diplomatically aligned with France) adopted a broadly pro-Confederate posture.

Since the Hindu nationalist party of the prime minister, Narendra Modi, took power in 2014 it has also adopted a more muscular posture.

The Nuclear posture Review is guardedly non-committal about it.

They went out of their way to find the very worst picture of me, in the worst shirt and the worst posture.

This will correct your posture and remind you to keep your back straight.

“It does change [your posture] because your back gets stronger, especially Judo.

Some adopt a more submissive posture, avoiding contact with others.

Shifts in their value affect the banks’ capital-adequacy ratios, pushing them to adjust their risk posture.

Its new home in Department of Homeland Security dictated an institutional posture that all immigration to the United States posed a threat.

Whatever the reality, the Trump administration’s posture toward China is having consequences.

Though Russia’s posture has hardly changed since, the times have.

The executioner, straddling the body, bends forward in a posture similar to Lucy’s gravedigger.

But America feels strangely nervous about maintaining that role, and this year it has adopted a more aggressive sales posture.

She says some of them are “pretty conspicuous”, giving themselves away by not knowing the correct posture for meditating.

“These submissions have helped us improve our external security posture and identify systemic security improvements across our ecosystem.”

Lanman and Cuellar suggest simple lifestyle changes to relieve the stress from the “text neck” posture.

The anti-government posture fits into a broader trend of Mexican stars succeeding in Hollywood and making waves with negative comments about issues back home.

“It is difficult to recommend a proper posture for smartphone users.

That has more to do with posture and feet and not the swing itself, but it’s where it all starts.

America’s new adversarial posture towards China is overdue, popular and probably irreversible.

Both elements require a great deal of balance and posture which I feel “Cunty” and “The ?

The Islamic Republic has maintained that posture despite decades of economic pain.

But the forced whimsy is a pose, a defensive posture, a way to excuse all the clockwork plot mechanics and halfhearted characterizations.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said she had seen media reports about the comments, but was not aware of any change in U.S. posture.

“I marvel at his figure and his posture, but I don’t know.”

In Syria, Trump’s increasingly aggressive posture risks blundering into a war he’s clearly not interested in fighting.

So the White House walked this back further, telling Beatty that “nothing has changed in our posture.”

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also felt compelled to adopt a more muscular posture abroad as American influence in their backyard has waned.

Finding terrible posture and specifically attempting to look like a sleazeball was liberating.

As Southern Baptist we cannot assume a posture of patting ourselves on the back, but continue the conversation.

“My “posture” transformation!” she captioned the video.

“Good posture makes all the difference!

America has had bouts of protectionism before, as the historian Douglas Irwin notes, only to return to an open posture.

Asked if the U.S. military was changing its posture, Mattis said: “We are not changing anything right now, it is steady as she goes.

Some modern aircraft have systems designed to correct the posture of the aircraft automatically to keep flying safely.

Her arched posture signifies not just revealing, but also hiding and withholding.

With their chubby feet, soft dewy skin, and curled up posture, every inch of her bizarre creations resemble tiny human beings.

This shapes their posture and reveals something of their wider state of mind.

“The straight posture is beautiful, especially for a gift,” he said.

“The straight posture is beautiful, especially for a gift,” he said.

The refitting of the Izumo is one sign of Japan’s shifting defence posture.

This is a very aggressive defensive posture [for the US to take].

Paradoxically, Donald Trump’s “America First” posture may turn out to be the midwife of such a new equilibrium.

When she returned to the bench her posture and voice were perkier.

Or, it’s at least not ideal for those looking to maintain some form of decent posture during their professional adult years.

This seven-day challenge was my editor’s idea and I, of course, gladly accepted the task in pursuit of better posture … and abs?

I was surprised at their performance, especially Ace Frehley’s posture, wearing his platform shoes and bending his knees.

That official posture is meant to shield them from liability for harvesting children’s data without parental consent, which is prohibited under existing law.

That was totally reflected in their eyes, and in their posture.

They’re heavy, my posture’s terrible, I’m getting older.&apos”

“Obama can go and relay a ‘legacy damage control’ posture in exchange for holding his tongue,” he told me.

“It taught me posture,” she says.

Look at the difference my posture created.

We posture about our coolness a lot, but Toronto really isn’t shit when it comes to weather.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, it comes with a velour head pillow and lumbar support cushion to promote good posture.

Oskar the cat is quite fancy when it comes to his posture and mannerisms.

“We adjusted our posture during the east Mosul fight and we embedded advisers a bit further down into the formation,” he said.

I read in his posture and face a message that he would not be able to help me.

“Nothing has changed in our posture,” he said by email.

Luminous and dapper, Strole (biologically 70 years old; “ageless” in spirit), has the puffed-chest posture of a circus ringmaster.

Fitch believes this improvement will continue as the business grows and IPG further scales its cost structure while maintaining its conservative financial posture.

“What Ambassador Hutchison was talking about was improving overall defense and deterrence posture,” Nauert told a news conference.

Trump this year continued his hostile posture toward the press.

However, a change in the company’s posture regarding adequate bondholder protection over the near and long term could negatively affect the rating.

This posture risks endangering the region more,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told France Inter radio.

The Pentagon released its Nuclear posture Review in February, and it outlined three key things that surely caught Moscow’s attention.

Israel has increasingly ramped up its posture against Iran in Syria as well.

And it does not require the vile score-settling posture that Bush administration veterans have chosen to take.

The device can even distinguish between different people, and can track motion and posture.

The inventors claims it even encourages better posture and eases lower back pain.

The only appropriate posture is thus one of constant and maximal belligerence.

“The key with the technique is to square your shoulders straight ahead while maintaining perfect posture.

Rather than adopt the posture of furious focus, Rosalind boldly goes for the build-a-pillow-fort-and-crash plan of total comfort.

Break their posture and you earn yourself an opening to deliver a quick showstopper of a killing blow.

Naming oil and gas entrepreneur Harold Hamm represents a continuation of that posture.

Ainsley’s delightful outfit — and impeccable posture — hit Twitter earlier this month when her dance teacher, Grayson, expressed her admiration.

He termed the Fed’s new posture one of “wait and see,” not necessarily a hard stop on rate increases.

Maybe his posture sucks Certain postures can minimize or accentuate a person’s butt.

The Edge Desk fixes your desk posture and you get a seat, all for $350.

That’s when our facial expressions, voice tone, and posture tend to be off.

Lithgow seamlessly falls into Churchill’s candor, posture and intimidating presence.

Trump’s posture and slight lean forward portray the president as an aggressive figure, says Tamzin Smith, a professional photographer who specializes in portraiture.

In each instance, how do you think your posture would look?

“Regarding our defense posture, we are constantly conducting various examinations.

Trump pledged Tuesday to build up the U.S. nuclear stockpile in a deterrence posture against Russia and China.

Trump pledged Tuesday to build up the U.S. nuclear stockpile in a deterrence posture against Russia and China.

Carter said the plan aimed to move NATO to a “full deterrence posture” to thwart any kind of aggression.

I don’t want a backdoor, covert feminism that turns me into an acceptable kind of powerful woman through polite conversation and good posture.

The case, as I’ve reported, has a weird posture.

But stronger glutes do mean better power, posture, and performance, and I felt strong, confident, and capable.

They concluded that a flamingo standing on two legs uses more muscular energy to maintain a steady posture.

So why is a one-legged posture more efficient, and why does it use no active muscular movement?

This simple stretching routine can be performed anywhere to lengthen tight muscles, activate underused ones, and regain your healthy posture.

In stark visual terms, a half century of living has left his posture slightly crumpled, his progress hesitant.

But securities regulators might also take a more aggressive posture.

Nick has naturally bad posture.

But Russia certainly worries about America’s nuclear weapons, especially after the US released a new Nuclear posture Review (NPR) in February.

Gelband took a hands-on approach to making sure everyone’s posture was perfectly tilted forward to stay balanced.

“Everything I do I build from the foundation up,” he explained, referring to his attention to form and posture.

His company combines five 2D cameras with AI technology for “in-vehicle scene understanding,” including car occupants’ height, weight, gender and posture.

“The key with the technique is to square your shoulders straight ahead while maintaining perfect posture.

“Her posture and facial expression remind us that historical figures are far more complex than we realize.

It also does wonders for your posture walking around, snapping your shoulders back into place.

Just getting in a solving mode is a kind of posture that favors power.

“At that point, we will update the press corps on our posture,” the spokesperson said.

“Their parents might bring them in because they are concerned about their shoulders being uneven, or their posture being off,” he explains.

That’s why countless products like posture braces are dedicated to correcting this problem.

Korean startup NAMU doesn’t just want to correct our posture, though.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign Tuesday for ALEX, a posture wearable that checks your posture and logs your progress.

Their faces, wide-eyed, like frightened rabbits ready to bolt, and their posture — bent from years of trying to hide — tell the whole story.

You can also view your weekly, daily and hourly progress with graphs that chart the percentage of time you had good posture.

His posture curls just a little, his smile grows less calculated.

His posture is more visible and the food looks more appetizing.  Not a whole of image noise here too.

The exercise is known for strengthening posture and increasing flexibility.

After all, a lot of our days take us out of this neutral, “good” posture.

“The key with the technique is to square your shoulders straight ahead while maintaining perfect posture.

He stresses that every posture or position loads and works the body differently, and it’s the context of those positions that matters most.

By opening her thighs to give her midsection more space, Stanley seriously improved her posture, she said.

“It’s about how much time or external load is accompanied by said posture,” he says.

While you’re up and moving, take a few minutes to stretch any muscles that, in your default posture, are shortened.

Even spending 10 to 15 minutes per day stretching can make a noticeable improvement in your posture, she says.

), the body falls right back to its default posture.

When it comes to strengthening the muscles that promote healthy posture, the core muscles are arguably the most important, he says.

He hovers, and balance and posture and inborn intuition do not betray him.

Some of the most advanced program can even use hairstyle and posture to identify people.

(Also, Luna has great posture.)

Have posture check-ins.

“People tend to lean on cardio-machine handles, and their posture begins to suffer,” says Kirsch.

This happens in all sorts of situations, she’s been very frank in her alarm of our posture towards North Korea, for instance.

When you look at men’s fashion magazines the boys always have that “I cannot be bothered” posture.

But Booker’s posture toward Silicon Valley in those early years looks almost naive in the rearview mirror.

Taylor-Joy tells volumes about Lily through her eyes, burying it with upper-class posture and a quivering lip.

posture is the No.

With her long silky locks, excellent posture and vacant stares, ‘Tea’ has everything it takes to become an international pup supermodel.

The handcuffs felt heavy as they locked onto my wrists, correcting my posture and pulling my hands back toward my heels.

The snake plant is also a succulent, but unlike the aloe vera plant, it has large, slick-looking leaves and extremely good posture.

“Frankly, the prime minister has been more assertive and forthright in trying to make those changes to Japan’s global posture,” he said.

In addition to improving flexibility and posture, stretching can lead to faster recovery post-workout and help prevent injuries.

One of the big underlying ideological questions here is how you see America’s posture towards the world.

“The combined defense posture is firm regardless of the political situation in Korea,” the statement quoted Dunford as saying.

“This posture risks endangering the region more,” he told France Inter radio.

He began to turn United’s defensive posture into attack with efficient short passing that allowed United back into the game.

They tease and engage in gregarious banter, like Previn correcting his posture.

This is a logical posture in any negotiation.

It has allowed them to threaten knee strikes and to control her posture and shoulder rotation.

This posture, allies and opponents said, is about McConnell protecting himself, vulnerable Republicans and their control of the Senate ahead of the 2020 elections.

Be mindful of your posture and how your body language is being presented when you’re approaching people to network with.

A politics of eternity is an equally antihistorical posture.

“When he walks, he walks exactly like me.” Jokes the Supernatural star with a laugh, “His posture is mine — it’s a horrible posture.

Yet the uproar over facial recognition is making that posture harder to sustain.

The beard, the haircut, the posture — his resemblance to Messi is uncanny!

A week and half before the lawsuit, we asked Smith about the risks BuzzFeed was taking with its aggressive posture.

With this one posture, Neery made visual her lifelong impulse of destroying patriarchal views of femininity and masculinity, of suffering and victory.

Because you won’t be sitting flat, your core will tighten and your posture will un-slump in order to balance and sit comfortably.

However, it notes that “the collection posture of GCHQ has changed considerably” since that data was collected.

“It makes the posture of the governments in China much more receptive.”

That is a terrible posture they are in.

Some cats need to work on building their core strength and correcting their posture.

The second mode elevates your laptop 3 inches, which is ideal for optimizing your sitting posture.

Via an app, you can choose from various massages, and it even has a posture correction feature.

She says so much in the way she subtly sharpens her expression, furrows her brow, shifts her posture.

Israeli leaders said Caracas’ posture was prompting a flight of Venezuelan Jews.

Adam Serwer wrote about the “guardrails falling” in reference to Kavanaugh’s likely judicial posture toward executive power.

“You have to have a certain posture when you’re doing ballet.

Does anybody reasonable believe that such a posture does not serve to embolden the criminal element?

You want to have good posture and be comfortable during your gaming sessions, especially if you’re participating in an online tournament.

“The right political posture for a company-as-a-person was to be kinda subtly conservative.

Atop a lawnmower, in a field of rubble, practicing his great dog posture.

He looked like a drunken pirate with bad posture trying to ward away the DTs with more sloppy grog.

By the time we reached campus, I was exhausted from maintaining the tense posture.

Used in a sentence: Fawn over these photos to see which sexy stars have perfected the posture of Summer Seventeen.

When Johnson went to this it tended to produce an overreaction in Gaethje, who bent well forward of his usual hunched over posture.

Some magical combination of posture, costume, and camera angle has star Brie Larson looking several inches taller than she actually is.

Of course there is, Fields says, but first you need to learn what good posture looks like.

When you feel strong, it changes everything — your posture, the way you walk.

Was it Abdul’s abject posture?

The wraps extended up their arms, allowing them to use their forearms as part of their defensive posture.

This posture risks endangering the region more,” Le Drian told France Inter radio.

The sculptures vary in terms of size and posture, but all have recognizably human tissues and bone structures that make them look alive.

Except it was two short elbows to the side of the jaw as Rountree rigidly held his posture that did the American in.

Your mother was right — posture matters, and matters a lot.

Sitting with correct posture can help protect your organs and spine, and make you look attractive too.

Simply trying to touch your toes or stretch your knee 10 ten minutes a day can strengthen your muscles and posture.

posture is very important, both to health and to workplace performance,” says Dr. Graham.

Invest in (or ask your boss to provide you with) an ergonomic desk chair that supports correct posture.

Many of these actions are symbolic, but taken together they represent a major shift in the United States’ posture toward the world.

By assuming this posture, I’m not saying I have moral high ground.

Something to do with how when strong men get old there’s a frailty to it, but enough posture to cover it up.

What’s the posture that’s really best over the long haul, if you really care, and it’s not just about your ego?

Forces in Korea to improve its missile defense posture,” he added.

“We had to basically reinvent their security posture,” said Robert Masse, who leads Deloitte’s incident response team.

“Sen. Sanders has changed his posture, questioning Hillary Clinton’s integrity, intentions and motives,” said a Clinton aide.

… And is continuing its aggressive posture toward Ukraine.

Rubio diverges sharply from the Republican base given his accommodating posture on immigration, one of the most explosive issues in the Republican field.

But “the stool posture wasn’t very close to a natural squat.

“So much so that Intel is already taking a defensive posture by putting together advertising campaigns that emphasize that Intel invented the chip.”

Last year, North Korea’s vice premier for education was executed for not keeping his posture upright at a public event, South Korea said.

Cruz added that the violence was a “predictable consequence” of Trump’s posture toward protesters at his events.

That’s why the sport is so great for your posture, joints, and injury prevention.

The military said it was closely tracking and monitoring the situation and maintaining a readiness posture for any North Korean provocation.

Another beat and she broke her trained posture, picking the implement up and angling her thumb over the eraser.

With slumped posture and slow movements, he seems very drunk.

The Department of Homeland Security tweeted, “DHS will not hesitate to adjust our security posture, as appropriate, to protect the American people.

Look at that posture, that symphony conductor-like form.

Every part of my working posture is actively injuring my soon-to-be-aged-beyond-my-years body but I would gladly maintain proper wrist alignment with this doughy doodad.

In the first study, researchers filmed 144 speed-dating sessions, looking for nonverbal cues through facial expressions, gestures and posture.

“In close coordination with the Department of Defense, we will continue to evaluate our security posture in Turkey and worldwide.”

Good posture can lead to good things — like increasing your chances of finding a match in online dating.

I tried to stare blankly into the distance when I typed, to maintain a good posture.

We also have “dry eye, binocularity, visual focus, and posture” to consider.

Honestly if I could give a posture, it would be this: Sit down up against the wall and close your eyes.

They stay “behind a formal posture of silence and obedience.

But within minutes I’m up bouncing along to another track, checking my posture in the mirror and feeling nothing short of euphoric.

I adjusted my posture and my clothes to keep it from coming up.

He was taken by their red crests, unusual posture and loping flights.

How we breathe not only affects our movement and posture, it is crucial to our ability to manage stress.

The uppercut worked particularly well against Cotto’s usual head forward posture when attempting to step to the inside.

Julia entered the lab, posture still slightly too straight and smile too broad and blank.

I have been most appreciated for my strong stances and posture in my fighting.

“The gentle, inquisitive, profiled stance and posture of all the creatures are a staple in my works.

Even in how I dressed, in my posture.

“If he was smart Xi would go on a charm offensive and moderate China’s posture,” said Schell.

Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, led a two-part study on how posture affects romantic interest online and in person.

“Expansive posture” was particularly effective for men in the study—87 percent of men who scored second dates were “spreaders.”

“They have ballerina feet, only stepping on the tips of their toes, and the boot is just to correct that, their posture,” she says.

“We keep looking for that more presidential posture, then inevitably we see a reversion.”

These are part of a much bigger shift in our posture, in response to the challenges we face,” Stoltenberg said.

If you were to momentarily check yourself, you’d probably realize it’s terrible for the posture, straining on the eyes, and objectively uncomfortable.

Secretary of State John Kerry himself has advocated a more muscular U.S. military posture in Syria to force Assad to negotiate a political settlement.

Among many fighters there is the belief that the opponent’s posture must broken in order to knee him in the head.

Jelly Roll lounges on top of a freezer, while Peyton sits up on a couch, showing perfect posture.

Good posture doesn’t radically reconfigure alignment of the spine so much as it makes minor but important adjustments, Fischer adds.

Good posture is enabled by a strong core of abdominal muscles, back muscles, and shoulder muscles.

However, the upgraded security posture does also provide enhanced security conditions at Incirlik.

“If that posture isn’t comfortable for you, then don’t do it,” Harris-Adamson says.

After all, the whole point of improving posture is to feel more comfortable in the long run.

Constantly reassessing and readjusting your posture may seem like a nuisance, but eventually you’ll default to good alignment subconsciously.

Stewart produces a huge, sharp knife from the Shack, and I watch as Gray’s posture changes ever so subtly.

“What Ambassador Hutchison was talking about was improving overall defense and deterrence posture,” Nauert told a news conference.

Viola told the US ambassador that he was concerned such coverage would convince the US government to take “a capricious posture” toward his government.

Her posture regains its cheerleader confidence as she points behind her to a nearby construction site.

Yeah, I mean I conscientiously try not to imitate her cadences or laugh or anything like that or posture, anything.

She has good posture, a straight back and level shoulders.

Bruce sat up in their backless chair and corrected their posture.

“That probably doesn’t allow them to maintain a wait-and-see posture for any extended period.

Chase said its sculpted “neck” and reared-up posture are two characteristics that betray the animal’s true identity.

The pursed lips, the terrified eyes, the strange, strained posture.

I’ve made my own game around them, issuing new definitions for my favorites.. “FLERM, noun, the poise and posture of a dancer.”

She doesn’t smile much but her posture adjustments are thoughtful and intentional.

“One of the first things I will do as president is to call for a new nuclear posture review.

Were this to happen, the US security posture in East Asia would be dangerously weakened.

“It’s very physically demanding even to simply exist while in a MOPP [mission oriented protective posture] suit,” Tankersley said.

The Clinton camp on Friday sought to turn the latest conclusion into a broader attack on Trump’s friendly posture toward the country.

I took what I thought was a posture of submission and somehow nothing happened.

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