Positions in a sentence | Use of the word positions examples

In other words, there are positions.

Having walked in Republican and marijuana circles, Baucum knows more than most how rarely the two positions go together.

They weren’t sure their own positions would exist, either.

Since then, fund managers have covered some of their short positions, which has helped lift oil prices from their mid-June lows.

During the clashes, Kurdish security forces seized control of a number of key government controlled positions in Qamishli, including its main prison.

During the clashes, Kurdish security forces seized control of a number of key government controlled positions in Qamishli, including its main prison.

But police had already taken up positions on the school grounds by the time the march arrived.

But police had already taken up positions on the school grounds by the time the march arrived.

With support from three visionary foundations, Hyperallergic will be growing its editorial team in 2019 with several new positions.

Hyperallergic is now accepting applications for the following opportunities: All positions above include benefits.

Around the world we have witnessed the rise of demagogues who once in power use their positions to loot the state of its resources.

Still, many of the government’s other, most prominent technology policy positions remain unfilled.

The 29-year-old is strong enough to float between both frontcourt positions and has more ball skills than his energetic reputation suggests.

The question is when do you take positions and what is your time horizon?

Several comments later we had a great, civil discussion about Hillary’s positions.

The games put the players in the uncomfortable positions of people with marginalized identities.

Nader, of course, frequently argued back that if Gore had taken on more progressive positions, Democrats would have stolen Nader’s voters back.

Certainly, it’s easy to overstate voters’ abstract desires for ideological positions, absent real parties.

He continued: Russia concentrated a significant portion of its air campaign against opposition forward positions and supply lines in Aleppo Province.

It means recognizing when we occupy relatively privileged positions that it is incumbent on us to advance others and not only ourselves.

Those organizations, like the U.S. Digital Service, remain in place, even though Trump has yet to fill other, key government science and technology positions.

He has flexibility to name candidates for the positions he chooses.

He can decide, for example, to shed key positions in science, medicine and energy under OSTP’s umbrella, as his priorities evolve.

Hungary’s state broadcaster was brought under the control of a new media board, and its editorial outlook began to mirror Fidesz’s positions.

He has held several senior cabinet positions and is currently environment minister.

Meanwhile, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has positions and issues that don’t really address wealth inequality.

“The campaign determines the strength of people’s bargaining positions,” a senior official in the European Parliament said.

He appointed a significant number of people of color to cabinet positions, including “badass” defense minister Harjit Sajjan.

These women are quirky and strong, proto-feminists who recognize that their positions in the world are untenable.

On Twitter, the three sisters further hashed out their own positions.

The jobs included positions for truck drivers and window installers, according to the New York Times.

John Surplice, pan-European fund manager at Invesco Perpetual in London, said he also had not changed portfolio positions even if policy clarity is lacking.

Her research indicated that women in positions of power helped compel other women to vie for political office in the future.

“Putin puts the West into positions where it has to either take risks or back down.

Far more important is whom Trump appoints to key Cabinet positions, and what his actual policies are.

Zuma’s tenure was dominated by a myriad of personal and broader government scandals that have included politicians who are still in high-powered positions.

Down-ballot races are typically state and local positions that are listed on voting ballots below national posts.

Both were appointed to their current positions by President George W. Bush.

In reality, the coal industry has a total of 51, 000 jobs, and Trump is only responsible for creating 400 of those positions.

NATO’s Resolute Support mission said on Tuesday the air campaign had been expanded in the north with B-52 bombers striking Taliban positions.

There have also been strikes against rebel positions in south (near Daraa), as well as some targeting ISIS.

He continues: Russia concentrated a significant portion of its air campaign against opposition forward positions and supply lines in Aleppo Province.

There was no investment and tens of thousands of employees had abandoned their positions in recent years, they said.

Moussallem’s controversial intention is to disturb the global narrative of secularized white feminism, which positions itself as being ideologically incompatible with fundamentalist Islam.

So it’s easy for Republicans seeking the presidency to employ pro-Uber rhetoric without committing to any specific policy positions.

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Small businesses said they were also struggling to fill positions that did not require skilled labor.

Hedge fund managers have been liquidating bullish oil positions at the fastest rate since late 2018 amid growing economic fears.

Gardner has largely voted in line with President Donald Trump’s positions and appears to be hindered by the president’s low popularity nationwide.

Its populist platform combines right-wing positions on immigration and social issues with leftist economic policies, most notably the “Family 500+” initiative.

Congress, former U.S. officials and foreign policy experts have criticized the administration’s failure to fill this and other positions.

All in all, that’s a pretty conventional GOP slate that holds pretty conventional GOP positions.

The positions, show the bodies in conflict, step by step.

Obama was only rebuking Trump insofar as simply reiterating his own longstanding policy positions rebukes politicians who disagree with him.

But under the Trump administration, some of the positions were filled — and the hiring spree continued.

After having sex a few times, they switched positions and Jones began to feel pleasantly light-headed.

For Sanders, all of this talk about how the primaries affects the party’s positions is beside the point.

Some research also indicates that companies that offer generous parental leave policies also tend to promote women into executive positions more slowly.

What’s more worrisome for him is the sheer number of unfilled positions at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Vacancies Reform Act, which lays out general rules for temporarily filling vacant executive branch positions.

She has frozen hiring on seven positions at her clinics.

While hedge funds have pared back some of their long positions on the dollar in recent weeks, overall net positions remain near 2019 highs.

T. Rowe Price Group, BlackRock, and the hedge fund Coatue Management have all recently increased their positions in Snap, Reuters reported.

His policy positions, like his support for getting rid of Obamacare, may also be a problem for many women.

Some Republicans are worried, however, that Kobach’s extreme of positions on issues like immigration could push voters toward Democrats in the fall.

Here’s what we know so far about the attacks: – Authorities say at least one gunman — possibly several — fired “sniper style” from “elevated positions.”

Here’s what we know so far about the attacks: – Authorities say at least one gunman — possibly several — fired “sniper style” from “elevated positions.”

But he remained in power — even if in name only — because Algeria’s military, business, and political elites wanted to keep their privileged positions.

Markets were especially active in the year-earlier quarter as investors changed positions around the U.S. election.

Everything in my background should orient me to sympathy for Trump’s positions.

Analysts in a Reuters poll had predicted a gain of 8,000 positions from April and a jobless rate of 5.7%.

The goods-producing sector added a more modest 4,900 positions, thanks to strength in manufacturing.

Top proxy advisers have recommended a number of votes contrary to the board’s positions.

The research happened in West Bengal, India, which mandated a certain number of positions of “pradhan” (essentially city council chief) be given to women.

The results were stunning — and suggest that when women took leadership positions, the community started to view other women in fundamentally different ways.

We will continuously make aware that we will not accept the alarming positions that are being promised to be put in place.

“Public executions are to remind people of particular policy positions that the state has,” said TJWG research director Sarah A.

They are personal votes for the different positions in the (local) assemblies,” he said.

This classification includes lawyers and non-elected government positions such as an aide, local party leader, or appointed judge.

There’s something reassuring, perhaps, for liberals in this boring pick, even if they disagree with Kavanaugh’s positions.

His positions pose an immediate threat to voting rights and democratic regulation of the economy.

Turkish jets hit positions of U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in Afrin on Saturday, a senior Turkish official said earlier.

He was doing so much damage to the president and also, he wasn’t staffing positions.

@POTUS continues his practice of elevating and empowering women to top positions.

Adjunct positions typically don’t offer health insurance, but that seemed fine.

It would require unanimous support among the 27 other member states, whose positions are so far unclear.

The works are intended to show a diverse range of media forums and positions on the question of archiving.

Lieberman announced his opposition to the idea very late in the game, reversing positions he had long held.

At Apple, women hold 29 percent of leadership positions and 23 percent of tech positions, and almost all of those women are white.

Telstra is about to axe 1400 positions as a cost-cutting measure.

Since its nationalization, they said, Cantv had filled thousands of vacated positions with unqualified staff.

We all receive women in unusual historical positions in ways that reflect the unprecedented nature of their perch.

Five positions, including a flat position ideal for tanning (or napping!

His departure comes after three other members, who held the board’s leadership positions, stepped down on Monday.

The operation will also count on support from US-led coalition air strikes as well as from ground-based firing positions across the border in Turkey.

And even once they gained those legal rights, society and culture also had to change to accept women in leadership positions.

Around 2,000 of those are fixed salaried positions, which are included among the 7,000 salaried positions Ford is reducing globally, the carmaker said.

Gorsuch’s speech doesn’t stake out clear positions on hot-button topics.

They’ve ranged from executive positions to service jobs, and have dotted the entire economic spectrum, from ultra-rich to the poverty line.

One of the biggest differentiators among the candidates was their positions on healthcare.

Staff positions are low-paid and have high turnover — and moving jobs often requires having a good reputation.

“If you have women in positions of power behaving like men do,” Crispin says, “that is not a defeat of the patriarchy.

DJ: We have individuals who are in public policy positions that don’t represent the majority of this nation, black or white.

He also said the agency may consider industry scientific experts for some board positions, as long as their appointments wouldn’t pose conflicts of interest.

“As upsetting as it is, there is a limited pool when it comes to women in these positions.

That meant that players often had to play multiple positions, and weren’t able to specialize.

“It has been so troublesome to me because in 2014, for all of those positions, the Dems nominated all men,” she says.

With picks yet to be named for six positions, the 17 named nominees’ wealth totals well over $9.5 billion.

For that, we need to take our eyes off the field and look at who is in positions of power in Major League Baseball.

BYD was looking to fill 74 positions that weekend – welders, painters, mechanics – and another 225 that year.

Last we checked, there were several women in big-time positions at the NFL Network … running one of the biggest football shows on the air.

He hasn’t released his tax returns, hasn’t divested from his businesses, hasn’t appointed most positions in his government.

Le Pen has a long history of supporting Russian positions on international matters.

“Bill McGlashan has been terminated for cause from his positions with TPG and Rise, effective immediately,” a TPG spokesperson said.

This statement isn’t as brazen a contradiction of Trump’s positions as anything Mattis said.

Trump has selected all 21 members of his Cabinet, along with six other key positions requiring Senate confirmation.

Trump and his transition team are in the process of filling cabinet and other high level positions for the new administration.

The force advanced to within less than 5 km (3 miles) of the SDF and American positions, he said.

Soon they were put in positions that they had no business being in.

Most of the new jobs created in April were positions in business services, construction, health care, and social assistance.

The drop isn’t alarming; it just suggests that the current labor shortage is making it hard for employers to fill all the open positions.

“For the first time, we achieved perfect gender balance in the top positions.

“What’s needed are secure public positions — jobs, not benefits,” said Dario, a local trade union activist.

“What’s needed are secure public positions — jobs, not benefits,” said Dario, a local trade union activist.

While these positions have typically been held by men, Trump’s picks are extraordinarily, overwhelmingly male.

Still, Thursday’s moves were modest as traders held off from taking big positions before Friday’s retail sales report.

There are fewer than 100 black women in corporate level positions in advertising agencies in the US.

Also, if companies do have quotas they want to fill, they aren’t necessarily hiring people from diverse backgrounds into high level positions.

I am saddened that these people would abuse their positions of trust and, as the government has alleged, victimize USC in the process.

He blasted, among other things, the GOP frontrunner’s temperament, business record, policy positions, and use of foul language.

The court’s ruling was spurred by a complaint filed by two Italian candidates for the positions, according to the Telegraph.

Beyond the razor wire and dirt-filled hesco barriers, heavy machinery could be seen reinforcing the American positions.

Even if screening were 100 percent effective, people’s intentions and positions can change.

“Men in specific positions try to take advantage of the people around them.

Both players are able to swing through multiple positions, whether during a game or even during any given possession.

Also some people, myself included, have certain positions in which it’s easier to keep it together, or that induce climax.

Knowing your body and what your strong positions are is crucial.

If you’re getting too close, then change up your positions, angle, and tempo.

As deputy prime minister, League leader Matteo Salvini has taken to undermining common European positions on migration.

But Trump routinely adopts positions only to abandon them, sometimes extremely quickly.

That hasn’t stopped Republicans from accusing all Democrats, no matter their positions, of backing single-payer healthcare in their campaign ads.

One of the perennial debates in politics is over the role of radicals — activists with positions and demands outside the current mainstream.

Traders said that industrial consumers and speculators buying to reverse bearish positions spurred the recovery.

Now, if Sanders didn’t speak for a large contingent on the American left, his positions wouldn’t matter.

Employers added only 20,000 new jobs this past month — far below economists’ predictions of about 190,000 new positions.

“Delaying the vote on leadership positions is the necessary first step to have that conversation,” he said.

President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team are in the process of filling cabinet and other high level positions for the new administration.

Trump also told Lane that he didn’t see a need to appoint the hundreds of State Department positions that are currently unfilled.

Historically, women are more likely to take over executive positions in countries that have recently experienced or are currently undergoing fundamental crises.

(The Trump administration cut even more positions last year.)

Also in that decade, there was Philip Zimbardo’s “prison experiment,” which showed how easily people in positions of power can abuse others.

Manufacturing employment increased by 24,000 jobs in April after a gain of 22,000 positions in March.

Trump is “transparent” and “straight talking,” except when he lies constantly, changes his positions, and won’t release his tax returns.

“Adverse news around high-margin H20 affiliate could prompt outflows and possible forced sales of illiquid positions,” he wrote in a note to clients.

Since the murder, Trump has taken varying positions on how to react, including possible sanctions.

The lack of diversity manifests itself in a lot of ways, including the policies and positions the left pursues.

That amount “would allow the vast majority of U.S. coal workers to switch to solar-related positions.”

Solar, on the other hand, has similar engineering jobs but a relatively huge need for positions like installer (which need only modest training).

They scored some big wins in the suburbs of New York City, too, picking up county leadership positions in Westchester and Nassau County.

If someone has social anxiety, for example, it could be helpful to not put them in positions where they’re overwhelmed.

Critics of Harris and lenient immigration policies allege that her positions amount to amnesty and protections for those who have, by definition, committed crimes.

“The facility’s workforce is divided along racial lines, with management, supervisory, and mid-level positions filled predominantly by White men,” DOL’s attorneys note.

These workers also have less opportunity to advance: OFCCP found a “near-total exclusion” of Hispanics from higher-level clerical, managerial, and supervisory positions.

The researchers created this effect with molecular assembly, a technique that positions molecules precisely to control chemical reactions.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday visited army positions in Syria’s eastern Ghouta, the president’s Telegram account said.

Her next chapter is likely to be as a freshman member of Congress, one of the least powerful positions in Washington.

“I got the balls I wanted, and I was able to put the balls in difficult positions for Maddie.

He has called Trump a “bully” and a “con artist” and criticized his administration’s positions on immigration, climate change and social welfare.

None of these people or groups are electorally viable in their current positions.

A baby is swaddled and secured with snaps into the bed, which prevents the baby from rolling into unsafe positions.

“Women everywhere are used to being dismissed, ignored, or attacked when raising complaints about men in authority positions.

Occupying one of the most high-pressure positions in the sport, Osuna has continued to overcome, continued to improve—just as he always has.

On issue after issue, Tillerson proved to be out of touch with the president’s foreign policy positions.

“If you are going to see an unwind, slippage is likely to come from the large positions first,” Cochinos and Ren said.

They said: “The largest positions still remain long 10-year US Treasurys and short GBP.

His priority is to collaborate closely with regulators, fill senior positions and partner with traditional taxi companies, he said.

Hughes and Baldwin — two brilliant writers — have taken very different positions regarding the relationship between race and art.

But he expressed concern over the number of unfilled high-level civilian leadership positions in the current Pentagon tasked with overseeing such decisions.

The festival positions the work as a melding of genres because it’s a theater director exploring the works of a painter.

Positioning data point to a scaling back of investors’ dollar long positions, although only to levels seen in March.

Investors increased bets that rising U.S. interest rates would continue to boost the dollar, while traders unwound their bearish positions on the greenback.

Instead, they can let individual candidates take on positions that fit their districts.

Now they have these influential positions.

That was one of my positions when I went to testify.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes targeted positions belonging to rebel groups in the northern Hama and southern Idlib provinces.

Most of the new positions created in May were in health care and professional services, which have been fueling job growth for years.

According to a Reuters survey of economists, nonfarm payrolls likely increased by 195,000 jobs last month, adding to the 223,000 positions created in May.

It’s less clear whether Trump will be willing to abandon policy positions he’s run on, or which ones.

positions of otherness become the site of real resistance, of collective strength, and of success.

Yet in the Trump administration, those positions remain vacant.

Manufacturing payrolls increased by 3,000 last month, after gaining 5,000 positions in April.

It seems like those positions didn’t sway the public because of the fundraising she was doing.

As demonstrated during his on-the-record interview with the New York Times, the platform Trump campaigned on has become a malleable mashup of positions.

But so far he is surrounding himself with officials eager to enact only the most extreme positions.

This is not what we need on Capitol Hill.” She positions these two things—white supremacy, and an apparent Bigfoot kink—as equally disgusting.

I’m hiring the adult you are now, but no degree is necessary for the positions I hire for, so that’s my bias.

Simply put: We need more digital natives in positions of influence and power.

Budget documents show that the Trump administration has cut about 17 percent of the Civil Rights Division’s staff positions, including 14 attorneys.

Likewise, if possible, Uber should utilize blind review of the exercises required for candidates in technical and engineering positions.

“We have a lot of common positions and values, such as the defense of citizens, social rights, direct democracy and environment,” the statement said.

It requires NFL franchisees to interview at least one minority candidate for all head coach and general manager positions.

The Democratic Party already has a solid set of positions on things like minority rights, women’s rights, and abortion.

Video: YouTube/frogindiadotorg So why do these frogs opt for these loose straddles as opposed to the firmer, more traditional amplexus positions?

And in some studios, including yours, [MGM’s] Louis B. Mayer, there are almost no Jews at all working in craftsman positions.

The rebels however said a fightback was underway to take back lost positions and re-secure the road.

The rebels however said a fightback was underway to take back lost positions and re-secure the road.

That way the snacks and beverages will be floating alongside your guests so that they can feed themselves without leaving their laid-back-in-a-pool-float positions.

Broad ideologies, like liberalism and conservatism, comprise a lot of policy positions on different issues.

A broad swathe of those voters are drawn to positions that make the party unable to form a broader national coalition.

Of course, the competing positions on affirmative action deserved an airing.

And the party system is more sorted now; party identification is a reliable predictor of issue positions.

Though women make up more than half the population, that’s never stopped industries from shutting us out of most leadership positions before.

Ten other top positions are either vacant or filled on a temporary basis.

There are 549 key positions in President Donald Trump’s administration that require Senate confirmation.

There are upward of 4,000 positions that can be filled by presidential appointment, and no administration has handled this perfectly.

What are the risks of having unfilled positions?

They are largely career people who are acting in the positions — some holdovers from the Obama era, but not many.

Going down the list, Freedom Caucus members have found issue with almost all of Trump’s gun control positions.

“There’s no truth to the assertion that positions have been reassigned.

In 2012, we were helpful in getting legislation passed that reduced the number of Senate confirmation positions by about 169 spots.

When it comes to Harris, Castro, Gillibrand, and beyond, the positions get a bit murkier.

Getting fresh players on the pitch and finding the right combinations and positions (was key).

They unapologetically demand equality and empowerment for groups that have been long been discriminated against and excluded from positions of leadership in the US.

Into the upper bodice of the woman’s dress, he quietly positions symbols of planets, the sun, and the African continent.

A southpaw, Till’s left straight is his money punch and he can land it from all sorts of positions.

It is certainly possible that, in a few years, Cigna and Anthem may revisit their positions and change course.

“There were more dollar short positions than expected, and these are being covered.

“Apple only offers Genius positions as a full-time job.

Gillespie had adopted some of Trump’s hardline positions but had avoided campaigning with the unpopular president.

On Wednesday, a bipartisan group of legislators with no real leadership positions crossed the aisle to discuss what their leaders wouldn’t.

“I believe our leader Aung San Suu Kyi chose the right people for these positions.

It does not cover nominees for the Supreme Court, circuit courts, or Cabinet positions.

Have his conflicts potentially affected the policy positions of his new Administration?

Goldman Sachs said its gap reflected the fact that there were more men than women in senior positions at the firm.

And the federal government is littered with vacancies in positions that require a presidential appointment.

But in those particular positions I just don’t want a poor person.

But in those particular positions I just don’t want a poor person.

We asked Nestlé about its current positions on water scarcity and meat consumption.

Some Democrats within the House are clamoring for a shake-up that results in younger, more diverse members getting into leadership positions.

While the number of naturalized citizens who have served in other top political positions is not large, it is not trivial.

With so few women in positions of power, problematic behavior can go unchecked.

Research shows that party identification is brought in line with issue positions over time, resulting in more sorted or homogeneous parties.

Hundreds of key positions are still unfilled.

The firm does not hold positions in Yahoo Japan or SoftBank.

Senior leaders in several countries — including Britain, Mexico, France, and Canada — have already made public comments criticizing Trump’s positions.

2) Amendments Floor amendments can help cement a coalition by making the bill acceptable to moderates or allowing conservatives to clarify their positions.

As I near the commotion, a startled security guard positions himself to kick the absolute shit out of me.

She also has global experience, having served in executive positions that oversee the U.S. as well as emerging markets.

Mitchell believes, however, that many of those positions will likely be filled by specially trained professionals arriving from other places.

The Echo and Alexa groups are currently looking to fill 400 positions, according to Amazon’s Alexa job page.

The open positions run the gamut from data engineers to product managers to machine learning scientists.

H-1B visas allow employers to temporarily hire non-U.S. born workers to take highly skilled positions at U.S. companies.

As Gay, the curator at Wanuskewin, put it, “True reconciliation can only happen when you hire indigenous people in positions of power.

Understanding the physics of movement and how the body enables certain positions is behind all Olympic divers.

But Fortuyn’s outspoken positions won him enemies as well.

Of all of Mortensen’s positions, his association with the Center for Immigration Studies is most troubling to his critics.

These are far from being traditional, right-wing extremist positions.

In Vilnius, by contrast, non-Jewish ethnic Poles held most leadership positions.

But their ability to gain actual political positions has, thus far, been limited.

That didn’t mean Europe’s far-right parties can’t move their positions into the mainstream — and see them win at the ballot box.

I have been offered positions on boards or asked to help start new companies.

Fortunately, several court positions have affirmed that this ban is based on nothing but animus and is, indeed, unconstitutional.

Few positions, however, were as controversial as Barr’s role in the biggest American political scandal of the 1980s: Iran-Contra.

He served in increasingly important executive positions until he was named president of RCA in 1930.

He’s been in high-profile positions for decades, culminating in a 12-year stint as FBI director.

That’s one rep. Do three sets of four reps, switching leg positions halfway through each set.

“I have no tolerance for such positions and those who espouse these views are not supporters of American ideals and freedoms.

Second, the board positions are unpaid.

Women’s presence becomes sparser in leadership positions.

Showalter’s research suggests that electing women to higher-profile positions appears to encourage other women to run for office — and win.

Do terrorist attacks shift voters in general to less tolerant positions?

It’s way, way too easy for us to come to think of our political positions as extensions of ourselves.

In February, the billionaire announced his resignation from executive positions at En+ and Rusal.

All four former executives were penalized for “abusing their positions and power to appropriate assets” at the company, the agency said.

It would put older and pregnant Americans in particularly vulnerable positions.

Civilians have been making their way out towards army positions on foot, hauling their belongings with them.

Women have historically been exempt from the draft because they were barred from serving in combat positions.

So it’s worth underscoring that Moore’s stated positions on the issues would have ruinous consequences for most people’s lives.

Whatever his fellow students’ political positions, they’re all affected by the issue.

The critical conversation surrounding Cupcakke oscillates between two positions.

“It’s easy to take the safe route in how you do your job and the positions you choose,” Taylor says.

OPIC’s board includes the Secretaries of Labor and Commerce, along with several other Cabinet-level positions.

“We used the volatility last week to top up existing positions,” she said.

Farrah Abraham proves you can make money in all sorts of positions, because she just bought herself a new home.

During the campaign, it was often difficult to discern policy positions from applause lines.

His strident anti-Chinese positions raise the prospect of increasingly frosty relations between the world’s top two economies.

During the campaign, it was often difficult to discern policy positions from applause lines.

His strident anti-Chinese positions raise the prospect of increasingly frosty relations between the world’s top two economies.

FREE KESHA Disgusted by anyone in power positions abusing their authority.

He’s appointed people who have espoused anti-Muslim views to key Cabinet positions.

For now, we wait for the vote (or for statements announcing their positions.)

The condition ended his military career, disqualifying him from all graded positions and Truehl had to leave the Air Force.

“Situations of anxiety” — such as those created by major terror incidents — tend to overhaul traditional thinking and rigid positions.

Beyond the Canvas positions these painters not only in response to, but alongside and in dialogue with the modernisms of our time.

He seems to recognize this, since he routinely misrepresents his positions.

There are nearly two million open security positions today.

But he also has almost no concrete policy proposals, with the exception of his ideologically extreme positions on immigration and refugees.

Viewed in that light, the odd foreign policy positions taken by Sanders, Cruz, and Rubio make a lot more sense.

These dramatic moves imply significant realignment of short-dated short positions.

LME broker Marex Spectron estimates speculative players were running collective short positions equivalent to 27% of open interest at the end of May.

The resulting positions clash is still playing out.

Others offered caution, and pointed to Mattis and Pompeo as possible counterpoints to Bolton’s extreme positions.

On the politically divisive issues of abortion, homosexuality, and the death penalty, Kaine says he distinguishes between his personal morality and his policy positions.

Tonight, however, the respective candidates will likely have to attack and defend Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s positions rather than their own.

U.S. lawmakers took positions on the issue that appeared to reflect their wider perspective on engagement with Havana.

There was also Philip Zimbardo’s “prison experiment,” which showed how easily people in positions of power can abuse others.

That people of her background don’t fill 100% of positions at museums, but only 72–84%?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average NFL career length across all positions is 2.66 years.

The Trump administration has cut federal prison staff ranks by 14 percent — around 6,000 positions nationally — over the past year.

The Trump administration has cut federal prison staff ranks by 14 percent — around 6,000 positions nationally — over the past year.

Less than a dozen more have either been suspended or have described feeling pressured to leave their positions.

Drake told us, “These are positions that are designed to protect the institution from bad news, even internally.

The point here is that despite occasional comments during the 2000s where Trump criticized the war, his actual policy positions were consistently hawkish.

And all drew criticism for those expansions and for their policy positions.

Post positions were drawn on Wednesday, with the morning line odds being set shortly after.

Yet such people have attained positions of power through our very own institutions.

Or consider an influential 2012 study in the journal Science, which looked at what happened when India randomly assigned some political positions to women.

An ordinary politician, who listens to traditional political advice, would respond to such a problem by changing his positions or his tone.

The retail sector shed 4,400 jobs after adding 47,300 positions in February.

This kind of stuff, of course, has the least to do with public policy or the positions of the campaign.

“We will strengthen our positions at the front.” “The Ukrainian armed forces are currently prepared for a change in the situation,” Poltorak told journalists.

There are many positions where one might accept a pliable crony.

But does that put the cable companies and distributors in powerful positions, or not?

And Facebook is looking to further bolster its D.C. presence with openings for 11 more policy-related positions.

There’s a theoretically exciting race between the two frontrunners, and a couple of exciting performances in runner-up positions.

Inside Kirkuk, hundreds of armed residents have taken up positions to defend themselves, with fighting reaching the edge of the city.

Inside Kirkuk, hundreds of armed residents have taken up positions to defend themselves, with fighting reaching the edge of the city.

Don’t they base opinions on individual candidates’ track records and positions?

So they sat at positions that were equal.

They have also traditionally used kidnapping for ransom to help fill their war chests, as well as strengthen their negotiating positions.

Alternatively, the escalating tensions and negotiating positions could give way to a breakthrough, as FCA-Renault’s industrial logic and savings prove hard to ignore.

(Both Webster and Back have since been removed from their positions as ADAs.)

Since the Pentagon changed the rules about women in combat positions in December, the consensus has gradually shifted.

So how do you get the people into positions of power?

“There were more dollar short positions than expected, and these are being covered.

In the next part of the video reel, Trump took seemingly opposing positions on accepting refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria.

Sterling positions – CFTC: reut.rs/2vwsyYG Over the past decade, Japan and China have jockeyed back and forth as the No.

Making their way through busy metro stations and down crowded boulevards, the teenagers have everything timed perfectly, using burner phones to coordinate their positions.

Much of the interaction through which public opinion is formed is through the clash of these group views and positions.

—Baruch Spinoza Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.

Earlier this year, however, Sen. Lee announced that he wouldn’t vote to confirm Feldblum due to her positions on marriage and LGBTQ rights.

But it also positions them as the best ,versus network TV brands who are stuck in the “show a week” model.

This will have a major impact in incumbents today, and could put companies like Netflix in dominant positions in the future of entertainment.

Artists Cauleen Smith and Martine Syms were appointed to teaching positions at the California Institute of Arts.

He can really pass, really score, and has the body to defend multiple positions.

Maybe that’s because they’re still working through their positions.

The health and education sector added 82,000 positions.

This new infantry officer joins the small list of female officers in the military’s most elite positions.

It created, within a year, 250,000 job positions for low-income parents and youth.

Analysts said investors were still shorting Tesla shares, or taking positions that amounted to bets the stock would keep declining.

We wanted to look at the role authoritarians are playing in the election: Were they driving certain policy positions, for example?

Obviously we have Ben and Joel who are so dominant at their positions, one of the best in the league.

Separate research has shown that having more women in elected positions encourages other women to enter politics at lower-level positions.

And men outnumber women roughly four to one in key elected positions at the local, state, and national levels.

In March, there were only 811,000 unemployed workers with bachelor’s degrees looking for work, and 1.4 million open positions for professionals like them.

There were more than 2.1 million open positions for low-skilled workers in March, but only 1.2 million people without college degrees looking for work.

Today, legislators’ party identities, as opposed to their sex, shape their policy agendas and positions.

The places where people go as entry-level positions.

But he also holds a host of other policy positions that put him far afield from the Republican caucus.

The stakes are big this November with 435 House seats, 33 Senate seats, 36 governor seats, and innumerable local political positions up for grabs.

Women are judged more harshly than men are for their leadership failures, and even for seeking leadership positions in the first place.

These positions often require long, stressful hours that may not be worth it if you want a balanced and fulfilling life.

As upsetting as it is, there’s a limited pool when it comes to women in these positions.

This was supposed to be the year libertarians jettisoned their most extreme positions in exchange for greater standing within the Republican Party.

By creating an illusion of demand, spoofers can influence prices to benefit their market positions.

Their positions will take years to fill, if USDA staff recruits new hires at all.

Their positions will take years to fill, if USDA staff recruits new hires at all.

The secrecy Clinton praised to the NMHC is valuable precisely because in politics publicly taken positions override private ones.

It would also not apply to cabinet-level executive positions and some independent boards and commissions, McConnell noted.

Hip-hop has had its share of martial arts fans over the years, but this background uniquely positions Lupe to host the show.

State news agency SANA said the army absorbed the new attack and reinforced its frontline positions after fierce clashes with militants overnight.

They denied reports that government forces had recovered the positions and said army units were suffering heavy losses as fighting raged on Friday.

In interviews, McSally has denied changing her positions.

And I think that positions LA to build a brand new city.

Under its deals with Russia, Ankara has deployed forces in Idlib at a dozen positions.

Why attack Democrats’ actual positions when you can invent a more extreme, hysterical version of those positions and then decry the imaginary socialists?

According to a Reuters survey of economists, nonfarm payrolls likely increased by 190,000 in July after advancing by 213,000 positions in June.

There are upward of 70 state judicial positions that could be competitive.

June saw the creation of 24,100 full-time jobs but this was canceled out by a loss of 26,200 part-time positions.

Multiple mobile industry sources said current Quixey staffers have been out interviewing for new positions.

Yet when it finally ends, the camera switches positions, tracking his slow, dread-filled walk to Issa’s front door.

The decline of organized labor’s influence could open opportunities for Democrats to develop new positions, she added.

“Both of these men used their fame and positions as BBC celebrities to abuse the vulnerable,” Smith said, remaining “undetected for decades.”

If you put people with lower IQs into the positions of journalists, political commentators, etc., I suspect they’d simply make even more mistakes.

He has a very aggressive guard, but he has got to get into those positions first.

With three wings of roughly similar size in DeRozan, Carroll, and Tucker, there’s freedom to switch across multiple positions.

He strongly repressed dissent from both citizens and members of the party, forcing people he viewed as insufficiently loyal out of high-level positions.

He does not even need to articulate any policy positions.

The positions of the British side seems absolutely irresponsible to us,” Peskov said.

Over the course of both debates, there were examples of the moderators pushing candidates in positions of privilege to address these issues.

For both companies, black people were (slightly) better represented in non-tech jobs, compared with tech and executive positions.

He’s held multiple Senate-confirmed positions and served as FBI director for a decade.

That kind of openness to different aesthetic positions does not happen anymore.

Witnesses said on Monday afternoon the LNA had lost control of the old airport and withdrawn from positions on the airport road.

Some of the positions hint at physical products for consumers: three product design engineers and an ergonomics engineer face layoffs.

Hosley is a decent slot corner who gets thrust into bad positions every time Amukamara gets injured.

This year, captains only managed to fill a quarter of the low level positions normally held by Mexicans and Nicaraguans during the summer.

Now, with the party establishment slowly falling in line, they’ll be dusting off their pet policy positions — including repealing Obamacare.

The glass cliff is a twist on that: Women are elevated to positions of power when things are going poorly.

Those three that are thus far coming in will be placed in staff positions only, Koscheski said.

Instead of rescinding their endorsements or resigning from their positions on Trump’s advisory board, many leaders doubled down on their support.

Those two positions are fundamentally incompatible.

So if society did more to encourage women into these kinds of positions, and remove existing barriers, the gender gap could potentially close.

The company said it will commit to having a ”diverse slate of candidates on the interview short list” for new or vacated positions.

Nurmagomedov excels in the upper body clinch and positions where he is able to hold and hit.

When she disagrees with her father, it is often reported as a failed attempt to moderate his harshest positions.

What are you thinking about?Most of my scenes are pretty much a formula for me: oral sex, three positions, and cum shot.

The underrepresentation of Hispanic, black, and Native American employees is a problem across the tech industry, especially in leadership positions.

The Vermont lawmaker warned that Mulvaney’s positions on Social Security and Medicare contradict Trump’s campaign statements to leave the programs untouched.

The Trump properties that use the H-2B program rarely hire US workers for these temporary positions.

But beyond his positions on issues, Green said he embraces Sanders’s willingness to disrupt the Washington status quo and his directness.

That’s when the cops arrived, and took up their positions eight or nine meters away from Loku.

The 69-year-old Mélenchon is a former socialist who left the party in 2008 after having served some 30 years in various ministerial positions.

The right-wing judicial confirmation activist Carrie Severino has already attacked Garland for these positions in National Review.

And then if you follow the news and you’re at all observant, you will realize that they don’t have any principled positions.

They don’t have any policy positions.

“Coach is putting me in positions to be successful,” he said.

Or it could drag on for months as entrenched ideological positions bicker endlessly.

“I just don’t trust that those in positions of power have the ability to see that and take an honest swipe at correcting.

If you like, we can both go back to our initial positions.”

“We do have certain positions we will want to freshen up in.

Attacks targeting Muslims do nothing for Trump’s political agenda, and don’t fit into his worldview (which positions Islam principally a source of violence).

Despite gains in recent years, it said “widespread gender bias” in the region meant women were still viewed as less suitable for senior positions.

All government offices, except for military, are forbidden from creating new positions, including ones for outside contractors.

Telstra revealed in its annual results on Thursday that it cut staff numbers by 1,366 full-time equivalent positions for the 2017 financial year.

Trump had broken a taboo, much as Rand Paul had done a few years earlier, before turning away from his non-interventionist positions.

Israeli warplanes fired missiles targeting Syrian military positions in Homs and the outskirts of Damascus on July 1.

Now, a single worker is expected to possess a wide range of skills for positions that decades prior would have been more specialized.

In Iraq, Tehran backs several Shi’ite Muslim militias which have positions close to U.S. military installations.

“They will be free if I am fortunate enough to be confirmed.” Trump has three other major antitrust positions to fill.

Lawmakers will depart Washington with Trump and Senate Democrats seemingly as entrenched in their positions as ever.

Senior U.N. officials based in Myanmar told Reuters they feared that security personnel in key positions may not cooperate over the return of Rohingya.

Janet Mock positions Pose breakout star Indya Moore as the next in line to carry the torch for transgender rights.

“Lately we have seen so many people leaving their positions and closing their galleries for a better future elsewhere.

This adds a layer of strangeness to the figures’ positions.

Fashion brands — and Nike is not alone in this — are taking much more public political positions.

Microsoft positions Cortana as “your new clever personal assistant.”

Women are put in terrible positions, or women are victimized.

Candidates, we look forward to hearing you articulate your policies and your positions as well as your visions and your values.

But they’re determined to lead the industry differently when they’re eventually in positions of power.

Very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions.

The Alaska Federation of Natives, the state’s largest indigenous organization, issued a statement condemning Kavanaugh’s positions on indigenous rights.

David Malpass served in several midlevel government positions during the Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

By contrast, though he’s taken contradictory positions, Trump began his campaign by running on increasing the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

Bishop is an Indiana native who retired from the agency in 2011 following a 30-year career in which he rose to senior positions.

Employees at Microsoft, Amazon and Google have taken similarly vocal positions in the past year.

The cash-strapped Park Service is already short 200 law enforcement rangers and has left many other positions unfilled, Francis said.

We will move forward by calm, patient discussion of each other’s positions.

While not all of Hassan’s positions fit RAD’s agenda, opposing Ayotte definitely does.

First, parties provide core principles that constrain the positions candidates can take.

Here’s a timeline of the White House’s evolving and at times contradictory positions on DACA and immigration reform.

“We’ve all been in these compromising positions before, right?

Critics, however, note that these positions aren’t entirely consistent with ones Harris held previously.

Across the industry, women hold fewer than 2% of investment management positions, according to some estimates.

Yes, she wants women in positions of power, but, well, this 104-year-old feminist has her limitations, and Hillary Clinton apparently is one of them.

In many of these cities, blacks seeking opportunities in the South beyond sharecropping found themselves in low-wage positions reserved for black employees.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” spliced together footage Tuesday morning to show how the Republican presidential nominee’s foreign-policy positions had changed over time.

Trump also changed positions over time on the troop drawdown in Iraq.

“There is not a glimmer of hope the administration will change its politics and positions.”

Chan School of Public Health, and Sam Baker at Axios staked out the positions well.

The rule, which affects American non-governmental organizations working abroad, is one that incoming presidents have used to signal their positions on abortion rights.

So what are the “concrete policy positions” that Democratic lawmakers are being advised to withhold their support from?

Both positions have the same effect of discouraging a victim from speaking out.

But much of it also comes from opposition to his positions on government, trade, and foreign investment.

Sanders, like Trump, takes positions on specific issues that put him at odds with market liberalism.

Of course, Trump also adopted right-wing — at times far-right — positions on culture war and racial issues.

Net positioning is calculated by the sum of long futures and option positions less short positions in a particular asset class.

ANZ uses non-commercial positions reported by the CFTC, as opposed to commercial positions in which traders use futures contracts to hedge their business risks.

In other words, they are positions established to profit from an expected movement, in this case the US dollar.

This chart shows the steady decline in US dollar positions since May, with a commensurate fall in the value of the USD index.

“Leveraged funds increased their net short JPY positions for the fourth consecutive week by USD1.7bn to USD9.7bn, the highest net shorts since August 2015.

The two analysts said that net long positions in the major commodity currencies increased for the eighth straight week.

Net long AUD positions rose by $US1.3 billion during the week to $US4.2 billion.

According to a Reuters survey of economists, nonfarm payrolls probably increased by 185,000 jobs in April after rising by 196,000 positions in March.

Many tech companies blame the “tech pipeline,” or the lack of women or minorities getting the education required to fill one of these positions.

These mistakes are almost never because we hold ideological positions at odds with the community, but instead are operational scaling issues.

It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week.

It would also lay the groundwork for potential tripwires on future Trump nominees to undersecretary positions.

Some fans are sleeping out on the street until the wedding, seeking to secure the best positions to see the couple.

Overall, the U.S. still dominated the top 10 positions on the list, with four.

Before that, held two cabinet positions under the Nixon administrations.

Manufacturing employment increased by 32,000 jobs in October after adding 18,000 positions in September.

The party will also assign people to top leadership positions in the tiers below him, most notably the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee.

Trump has also appointed climate change skeptics to key positions.

Sometimes, this means they’ll end up swapping positions; occasionally they’ll wobble drunkenly as they land; more frequently, they’ll fall over.

“And once people are worried and stressed out, then they’re much more vulnerable, and cults recruit people in vulnerable positions.”

Making America a place where men face consequences for sexual assault will depend on people in positions of power being willing to punish them.

The “white hot” still appears to show troops or police taking up positions outside a building.

Job cuts were needed to readjust to the changing market, with 2,700 positions to go worldwide, including 1,400 in Germany, it said.

Speculate anatomical positions.

Again and again, senators pressed Mattis on Trump’s positions, and Mattis simply asserted his own, oft-contrary opinion.

Provoking tech platforms into such awkward public positions could be lucrative in its own right.

In 2003, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft, in an ostensible streamlining effort, eliminated several positions on the Board of Immigration Appeals.

He interviewed for a few managerial positions.

Or consider an influential 2012 study in the journal Science, which looked at what happened when India randomly assigned some political positions to women.

Factoring in positions at Chrysler, its dealerships and suppliers, he saved more than 500,000 jobs.

The bloc’s five top executive positions are up for grabs later this year after a continent-wide election nearly a month ago.

What is it going to take to change the calculus at these positions?

Neither Holder nor Chu was trying to undercut the president or his positions.

Finding sure-fire upgrades at positions of need in free agency?

We hope positions in a sentence examples were helpful.