Portal in a sentence | Use of the word portal examples

Eventually, Jake’s visions lead him to a portal to another dimension, and there he meets The Gunslinger.

They treat canvas as a portal or interface rather than a surface, and the results are often easily read as vulvic.

So much has changed — we are now Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, AR/VR, portal — with global data centers and amazing technology and engineering.

The card earns an incredible 5x points/dollar spent on airfare, whenever you purchase directly from the airline or through the AmEx Travel booking portal.

3) The home screen has acted as the de facto portal on mobile devices since the arrival of the iPhone and even before.

For now, the app is essentially an information portal, but will be updated in June with more functionality.

The second and third times the portal opened, I got a little closer.

Oh and they might know about the portal that opens every day at 3 AM.

So yeah, maybe it’s a portal into the past.

So maybe it’s not a portal.

Because the portal opens.

“Come on,” something inside the portal says.

I lean forward without moving my feet, mindful of the razor edge of this thing and yell back into the portal.

Not from the portal, but from the whisperer at the window.

Archives of Sound is an alternative portal into these collections, seamlessly embedded in the library environment.

About 250,000 children were registered as missing on the government’s Track Child portal between January 2012 and March 2017.

Throw a rock into the portal and you’ll get someone else’s back.

The collection launched last month as a shareable portal into the National Archives Catalog.

It’s part portal 2, part Roman Polanski thriller, and part Gone Home, with an emphasis on story and atmosphere.

Racine also announced the creation of a portal for victims to report abuse directly to the attorney general’s office.

Over the past week, Chinese media has run unfavorable articles about his wife, Grace, with online news portal Sina calling her “a wanton squanderer”.

As in many developing countries, Facebook is the dominant online portal in Myanmar, playing an outsize role in how citizens access and share information.

And yet, despite its poor track record, the social media debuted its first gadget, the portal smart speaker, in October.

Richard was my portal, my Studio 54.

At the end, the portal 2 group outperformed the Lumosity group on cognitive tests.

Especially because Twitter is this portal to that world.

The site recently launched Luxe, a new portal that’ll take higher-end merchandise.

Last month, he also set up a web portal for employees to share their experiences, prompting Amazon, in an unusual move, to respond.

One must then push through a flower portal reminiscent of a botanical birth canal, emerging from darkness into the garden of light.

Manifesting as if in a time portal is a member of the Antinori family, folding his hands in reverence.

And you also had a shopping portal, if you remember.

Like the Victorian garbage heaps of England, it’s a portal into the consumption of recent history.

While the construction of some puzzles here is the traditional cube-and-button affair we remember from portal, the game has a very different feel.

Also unlike portal, the entire game is one contiguous level.

The glasses are the portal to the future.

Kit Webster’s hypnotic, projection-mapped sculpture, Plateaux, is like a portal into an alien world.

One year ago, 4.7 million people had accounts on the bitcoin exchange portal Coinbase.

While Bethesda ultimately reneged on its unpopular practices, further issues temporarily exposed the personal information of players entered into the company’s customer-service portal.

Each one acts as a portal between the earthly realm and the transcendent realm.

Facebook announced portal last week, its take on the in-home, voice-activated speaker to rival competitors from Amazon, Google and Apple.

That isn’t what was conveyed when we spoke to Facebook executives at portal’s launch.

He and his friends also hop out of a waterfall-like portal on dirt bikes before riding through the island terrain.

portal follows in the footsteps of its digital brother by taking place in a series of test chambers.

The reason portal works is because it doesn’t focus on portals, but on planning.

If you’re big on the portal universe, you can do a lot worse than picking the game up.

More recently, the security researcher The Grugq launched a project to make a secure Tor plug-and-play portal.

His hope is to eventually make his creation into an “open source, Wikipedia-style portal” where internet users can co-create music.

The portal received 63,000 suggestions in the first 17 hours, Russian outlet RBC reported.

And inside that building is a portal to an alternate dimension.

The site looked like a portal made only for employees, but was completely exposed to anyone on the internet.

The Detroit Police Department officially launched an open-data portal in March 2018, Williams said, but officer-involved shootings are not yet uploaded to it.

“We haven’t thought about releasing this as part of our open data portal.

You’re releasing the past and stepping through a transformative portal.

This is common on storefronts like Amazon and Steam, and recently, Valve’s portal was subject to two high-profile incidents.

that they are a portal for aliens).

That endeavor results in him activating the gate and its portal to other worlds.

According to MGM, Stargate: Origins “will explore a brand new chapter in Catherine Langford’s early history surrounding the extraordinary portal.

In the first episode, she hits Naoto with a guitar and opens a portal in his head to pull out giant robots.

“Sonically, The Night Machines is a time travel portal,” they told Noisey.

Among the startups it has funded are the Brazilian real estate portal VivaReal and the automated investing platform Wealthfront.

It’s possible to browse for hours within the main museum before noticing this portal to the Pitt Rivers.

It’s a customizable portal to the outside world.

portal is not Facebook’s Echo Show.

With portal, however, the system takes two distinct form factors.

Earlier this year, security consultants flagged a “Client Web portal” page for Dominion Voting that lacked SSL encryption.

portal’s creation dates back to the foundation of the hardware team two years ago.

portal is not going to be the next centerpiece of your next smart home, for example.

By default (using the assorted array of algorithms), portal will serve off up half a dozen people as your inner circle of communications.

portal identifies and tracks people, shifting the camera’s framing accordingly.

The Plus has a 1080p screen, while the standard portal is 720.

There is some native voice control, including the “Hey portal” wake word, though interaction with the product is split between that and the touchscreen.

Is there gonna be a singular portal that everyone is gonna gravitate toward?

Rather than risk your neck, pop open a portal, see where they’re hiding, and start plotting your next move.

The SaaS provides employees across an organisation access to an “always up-to-date” brand portal, media library, pattern library and style guides.

T-Mobile launched “T-Mobile TV,” a subscription service content portal.

In one of them, a man screams at him through a portal and tells him Lois Lane is the key.

And could the adult industry birth a new media portal like Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix?

The projection screen is stretched across a doorway, creating a faux portal to the outside world.

Scanning through the portal while entering.

So I messed with that, looking through the fog of the portal until I had things lined up.

And I ran through the first portal.

Verizon has agreed to buy online portal Yahoo Inc. for roughly $5 billion, according to multiple media reports, each citing a single unnamed source.

It’s been six years since portal 2 was released.

The two were known for refining Valve’s canny ability to mix humor and drama across Half-Life, portal, and Left 4 Dead.

You’ve got a seemingly infinite revenue stream to do weird games shit, yet it’s been six years since portal 2.

Before Priceline, Gavet was the CEO of Ozon, an Amazon-like e-commerce portal in Moscow.

The agency is “constantly making improvements to the portal,” he said, but did not provide further details.

“We definitely observed that issues with the portal were an impediment to finalizing release and referrals,” said Austin.

Currently, Pennsylvania-based Applied Intellect has the contract for operating the portal.

Case workers often collected information in their files which did not fit readily into the portal’s data fields, she said.

portal 2017 feels essentially like a big group show, with the attendant mix in quality.

portal 2017 continues at 435 Broome Street (Soho, Manhattan) through May 8.

As best we can tell, the Youth portal is supposed to be an all-encompassing destination for young people on Facebook.

The result was that Facebook essentially became Myanmar’s predominant online portal.

To that end, the portal also includes some noteworthy information on data usage; namely, that Facebook doesn’t “sell your content or data.

Is it a portal or paint-as-paint or both?

Apple is even soliciting those stories from the developer community through a new portal at appstore.com/promote.

If one strips the UI chips from their android OS, the screen becomes a clear portal.

Facebook just unveiled portal, a device that specializes in video calls in addition to its smart speaker responsibilities.

Indeed, Google Showtimes is not the first vertical portal that Google has shut down.

The bartender called police, who recognized Edwards’ face from photos in their Criminal Justice portal and went and picked him up.

Ryan’s mug shot was in the portal for prior offenses … including drug possession and a probation violation.

I mean, I wasn’t thinking, This’ll be a great portal for future citizens.

First review portal, basically, in Germany.

The League of Lonely Geologists is a game of finding rocks, sharing them with strangers, and hurling them into a mysterious space portal.

Here’s how Singtel Innov8 said the process works: Startups with relevant solutions are welcomed to submit their applications through the portal.

Cheng started Cherubic back in 2010 after spending time with Chinese social portal Tian Ge Interactive and C Squared Venture Capital.

Toss a plant into the portal, and get a phonograph cylinder back, which may play some jaunty tune, or just an eerie hum.

Our portal lets people sign up who want to be part of the Gogoro network, whether or not they own a Gogoro,” says Luke.

We saw demand and definite market need and created an online portal to meet it.” That demand is actually global.

And a company spokesperson told Recode that Facebook will promote the portal to users, though it’s unclear how.

It used to be the Yahoo portal, you went there, you went to Yahoo News, you went to stuff.

I honestly couldn’t figure out where it was coming from which according to science means it’s some sort of portal,” he wrote.

The titular Dark Tower is gradually revealed to be an interdimensional portal that serves as the nexus of all Stephen King universes.

In some ways, portal feels familiar.

What Facebook is pitching as portal’s differentiator, though, is its video calling capabilities.

People can sync their Facebook account to portal and make video calls through the company’s Messenger service.

There should be no surprises on it, period,” said Dave Kaufman, the marketing lead for portal.

Facebook will tell you that portal aligns with the company’s mission to connect people with their friends and family.

portal sales could provide a new revenue stream for Facebook and give the company yet another place to display advertising down the line.

Video calls through portal are encrypted and never recorded or seen by Facebook, Camargo said.

portal will not include any ads at launch, either.

When switched off, the microphone won’t pick up any Alexa or portal requests.

portal also has a built-in cover for the camera — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg uses one for his laptop.

But Camargo says that after testing it — portal is in about 1,000 homes so far — he feels the product could have broader appeal.

In other words, portal is for everybody!

The Alexa integration helps, and yes, portal can serve as a speaker.

Facebook is launching portal with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built in.

There is also Wuzzuf, the Egyptian recruiting portal that received the same amount in 2015 from a group of international investors.

The Digital Penn Museum is a new portal to thousands of objects, videos, lectures, and other archives of the institution for archaeology and anthropology.

As an institution focused on archaeology and anthropology, the portal offers improved accessibility to its resources on global history and culture.

The company was founded a year ago by Prashant Pitti, who earlier served as a director at India’s 5th largest travel portal EaseMyTrip.com.

He ended up leaving a message in the FBI’s online portal.

WeChat is the de facto portal through which people access mobile services, like Yahoo or AOL was once for the web.

In a series of posts, we’re exploring art history that offers a portal to a darker side of culture.

Through comprehensive, aggregated data, The Water Quality portal provides a county by county breakdown of water quality in the US.

Tech Talk: Amazon is coming for YouTube with its new, easy-to-monetize portal, Video Direct.

There’s a climactic battle, often with some portal opening up in the sky.

The scheme was approved by the Saudi cabinet last month, but on Sunday the online portal to apply was opened to the public.

Call it convergent evolution if you will — as a matter of fact, something similar occurred with Lenovo Smart Clock and standard Facebook portal.

We wanted to find out what was on the “other side” of the portal, beyond the event horizon.

Of course, we immediately started sending all manner of dead animals through the portal.

The first 16 subjects were rejected by the portal.

This was very exciting to us, because it roughly corresponded to the appearance of the flesh interface which contained the portal.

Therefore, we surmised, he was describing the interface on the other side of the portal.

What did we expect to be on the other side of the portal?

So we went back to our experiments, selecting a new round of subjects to send through the portal.

It seems like a portal to a spiritual world where everything is connected.”

The two step out of their little wifi portal onto a platform overlooking a vast city, darting with traffic.

It’s at once Times Square reimagined in a digital space and a portal to a wider world.

Facebook is launching an updated Government and Politics portal in July that any candidate or campaign around the world can use.

The portal to Puget Sound’s ship canal, Ballard is where much of Alaska’s commercial fishing fleet is moored during the offseason.

It said the training and portal would be available globally.

portal founder Jonathan Swerdlin is just the latest media pundit to point to advertising as the root cause of the industry’s problems.

Naturally, that’s what Swerdlin is trying to offer in portal.

Swerdlin said removing advertising changes the incentives for portal too, because the startup doesn’t benefit from promoting content just because it’ll get clicks.

I can monitor the portal that releases the monsters.

“We really want to differentiate ourself from portal or job app,” CEO and co-founder Matthew Ward told TechCrunch in an interview.

However, visiting another specific URL reveals a login portal for the service.

10:31 AM: Zuckerberg announces portal, its camera for the home, is rolling out internationally.

And Facebook is adding WhatsApp to portal, so all video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

“So if you’re having conversations with friends and family on portal, everything stays between you,” Zuckerberg says.

11:17 AM: John McCarthy from Facebook’s AR/VR team comes out to talk about portal, Facebook’s video-chat device.

portal is coming to Canada in June, and Europe this fall.

11:21 AM: portal is getting an update this year to give you smart-home controls, the Amazon Prime video app, and more.

You’ll also be able to use Facebook Live on portal, too.

And portal is also getting a mobile app so you can pull multimedia off the device.

So I’ve always talked about the room as kind of a portal, particularly from the analog age into the digital age.

The Coordinated App Launch API could make Oculus the portal to playing with friends in VR, giving it immense power over developer experience discovery.

Facebook said it could offer assistance to more candidates globally by focusing on offering support through an online portal instead of in person.

Qantas, the largest airline in Australia, has started selling Ettitude in its online portal to frequent fliers.

The details: The company is announcing two new devices: portal ($199 USD) and portal+ ($349 USD).

Facebook says the portal gives users tools to control privacy settings.

Facebook says it doesn’t “listen to, view, or keep the contents of your portal video calls.”

It is a medium activated through user movement and interaction, offering a portal to an alternative reality, or future.

(It did make a point of touting portal‘s built-in privacy features.)

Context: Facebook had been reportedly set to introduce portal in May, but pushed it back amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal and attendant concerns.

As reported by the Intercept, Ring gives local police departments the ability to obtain a neighborhood portal for cops which displays a neighborhood map.

Motherboard verified the email addresses in the cache by attempting to create accounts on Cellebrite’s customer login portal.

The developer portal goes live today.

Details: The API integrates apps with the Post Office’s “Informed Visibility” portal, which helps bulk mail senders track and analyze mail.

The mysterious black half-oval on the wall breaks up this pattern — is it simply a shape on the wall, or is it a portal?

Although the vantage point of space may seem infinite, vision is limited through the portal.

“The news portal grew organically from a normal website to a forum, and eventually to a portal in 2005,” they said.

Zuckerberg said he was pleasantly surprised by Facebook portal sales but didn’t give specifics.

The resulting photograph gave him the answer he wanted: The gleaming white screen looked like a portal to another dimension.

The portal to hell yawned.

Except The Christmas Chronicles pretty much shrugs 20 minutes in and says, “Hey, it’s just portal magic, buddy!” and that’s that.

It is projected vertically on the gallery’s far wall, becoming a massive portal spanning from floor to ceiling.

Now, the collection is a portal back to a pre-globalized world, a historical relic that sparks reflections on change.

The plan is to roll up more homes, build better landlord portal software, and hammer out partnerships or in-house divisions for cleaning and furnishing.

The portal includes end-to-end encrypted messaging and a tracking system so researchers can monitor the status of their exploit submissions.

“Through scanning and digital imaging, three-dimensional depth maps were created and opened a portal.

portal: an Interactive Novel was exactly what the title suggests.

She comes across a small portal to the normal world and, using her telekinetic powers, breaks through to the better-lit and plant-free reality.

“It seemed like an interesting medium for storytelling back then—the screen as a kind of portal into a fictional world.

Point and click and text adventure games were very much linear forms of storytelling as well, but portal was different from anything else really.

PolicyBazaar was founded in 2008 initially as an information portal for learning about insurance and insurance programs.

Where portal really excels, however, is in the meticulous world building Swigart has done.

No one had any idea how to take portal when it first hit home computers.

Following you at home and around town: Facebook’s new portal video chat system is basically a camera that lives in your home.

A huge part of the magic of portal as an interactive experience was something a printed book could never manage—Homer.

There have been two failed Kickstarter attempts to revitalize portal in the modern era, though not by Swigart.

The staff room door: a portal to another dimension of coffee, profoundly bad breath, and conversations about absolutely nothing but the curriculum.

From there, I took a portal to a changing room full of free to use meme-based avatars.

Related: Substance-Free Psychedelics Mescaline-Inspired Paintings Are A Trip Open a portal into Consciousness with Psychedelic Sculptures

In a series of posts, we’re exploring art history that offers a portal to a darker side of culture.

Prior administrators only received “portal to portal” protection.

It can serve as a portal to life in another city, or, if you’re from that area, affirm your identity and life experiences.

The woman turns away but the child watches us, her eye a guarded portal.

And it would be hard on my own,” Titiev said, according to the RBC media portal.

In a series of posts, we’re exploring art history that offers a portal to a darker side of culture.

The digital portal is hosted by the University of Oregon, whose Jordan Schnitzer Museum will open an exhibition on the tapestries this September 23.

Her chest recalls an open portal into vegetal life.

The phone in the installation “Stall” reminds me that both toilets and phones are two types of portal spaces.

Earlier this week, Chinese tech news portal 36Kr reported that Didi lost $1.6 billion in 2018 and spent $1.67 billion on subsidies for drivers.

ER: Yes, they are portal spaces!

In “The Third portal” (2016), he has filled the area around the solid black circle’s uneven surface with tiny, glittering, mosaic-like pieces.

If film was the medium of the 20th century, then the film poster was the middleman: the portal through the magic doors of cinema.

They command the crowd to “open the portal” and their friends erupt on the dance floor.

[Excite] was actually a portal more at that stage, too, which is why they bought Classifieds 2000 to be their classifieds vertical.

In a series of posts, we’re exploring art history that offers a portal to a darker side of culture.

The bartender called the cops and recognized his face from photos in the Criminal Justice portal.

The door lady lunges into action, swinging the portal open, ushering us in.

In the portal, I met an Iraqi teenager named Mustafa who showed me dance moves a Brooklyn hip-hop group taught him the week before.

We talked through the portal about the logistics of making a VR film.

In other words, it really is like a “portal” to another site, not a view of it.

And while the destination site loads, the portal can display an animation to offer a more pleasant transition experience for the end user.

Every state now has a digital portal for authorizing donation, but some do more to integrate it into other processes residents will encounter.

An ancient portal lights up, the lights are joined by a sound that demands attention.

The architect Fernando portal recently learned about a group of young designers who developed ideas for day-to-day objects to be distributed by state programs.

In Calgary, Canada, arcade Level1VR has two stations for virtual reality games ranging from zombie shooters to a portal spin-off.

The other thing is that Democrats have ActBlue, which really is a … It’s like a portal.

Tado currently offers its diagnostics portal to partner installers and services companies as a way to build long term value into those relationships.

A portal is opening, and new opportunities are here.

For now, LinkedIn already presents related jobs through the portal, but it could enhance this to a full-out job search in the future.

Did the pork enter an interdimensional Black Lodge-like portal?

That way, Sci-Hub won’t have to go through a portal the next time someone needs a paper.

Sci-Hub offers a singular, simple-to-use portal.

(The company says that when “using Neighbors portal, law enforcement see the same interface that all users see.”)

Today, the collective functions as a media agency, curatorial portal, and production company, enabling the work of diverse artists around the globe.

The project culminated in 2017, with a dedicated online UFO portal from the National Archives with thousands of digitized files.

That’s a pretty big price drop considering that the portal, introduced less than six months ago, debuted at $199.

As we found in our review, Facebook’s portal is actually a pretty competent device with some thoughtful design touches.

Facebook advertised the portal discount for Mother’s Day and the sale ends on May 12.

Other DREAM Act portal forum channels are used to share breaking news, personal stories and questions, and advice.

A line was drawn across the fighter’s face using white powder (ompeyu), which Dr. Desch-Obi explains, symbolizes the portal to the ancestor realm.

I forbid [the group],” he told local news portal Detik in January.

Last week, at Code Conference, Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth promised the company has new portal hardware coming this fall.

Facebook did say, without giving details, that it would have new hardware later this year for its portal in-home video station.

The erotic portal, MyDirtyHobby looked at this more closely in 2015, analyzing the search queries made by German users.

But those who possess the skill of critical analysis know that he sees globes as the link between two worlds—a portal, if you will.

So players can potentially run into each other in the real world while they’re competing for a portal in the game.

The portal to the underworld is open, and we should all be acting—and eating—accordingly.

At the Code Conference, Facebook hinted that new models of the portal are coming, too, possibly with broader functionality than the original device.

A much more PLL-worthy comeback would involve another body double or long-lost sibling, mirrors…and maybe a portal to a different dimension?

Applications are accepted through our online portal here.

Zillow, the publicly traded real estate portal and lead generation service, has acquired Mortgage Lenders of America.

In July 2015, the retailer debuted a dedicated portal that offered both marketing and sales for hardware and physical goods from younger tech companies.

Lovecraft’s The Horror of Red Hook, a tale where “an abandoned building acts as a portal to hell,” Conrad tells The Creators Project.

In addition, the engine is now directly linked to the Creative Commons homepage, where it replaces the old search portal.

La Pineda is a portal where Barcelona may go to escape.

Correction: a previous version of this article stated that Battlefield is Blizzard’s online gaming portal.

The eyes are attracting attention as a portal to what’s happening in the brain.

Relationships, the open portal to creativity—and you know, that happens.

The work is identifiable by his signature portal murals on targeted urban surfaces.

The company manages buyback programs for the biggest global brands and sells directly to consumers through its web portal, Freire says.

In a series of posts, we’re exploring art history that offers a portal to a darker side of culture.

That collision is a portal or rupture that reveals something incredibly complex about diverse ways of being and knowing in the world.

More than 30 percent of 941 office workers surveyed in December by Saramin, a South Korea-based job portal, said they traded cryptocurrencies.

Aiken: The portal thing doesn’t let me go.

“So, in the movie, the orcs are coming through the portal, and we’re going to close the portal.

Vox, in an attempt to get me to quit, bought me a Facebook portal the other day.

We’ve got portal.

I’ve got portal working.

portal told me about it.

Twitter for me is an information portal and that’s it.

That’s what it’s- Hallie Jackson: Just cue the portal, Kara.

Well, you’re going to have a portal.

I agree, I hate the portal.

The solution was Super Meat World, an online portal where people could use a level editor to make their own punishing creations.

To offset the creepiness of having Facebook’s camera and microphone in your house, its new portal video chat gadget needs best-in-class software.

Facebook is increasingly relying on its smart display competitors to boost portal’s capabilities.

And now, Google’s YouTube is part of the portal app platform.

“Yes, YouTube.com is available through an optional install in the ‘portal Apps’ catalog” a Facebook spokesperson tells me.

The addition gives portal much greater flexibility when it comes to video.

But we’re still waiting for the most exciting thing Facebook has planned for portal: Google Assistant.

A month ago Facebook’s VP of portal Rafa Camargo told me “We definitely have been talking to Google as well.

It is a portal into the dark unknown.

“So in a way, this art is a portal to something very very old.

The Youth portal goes live today in 60 languages.

The doorway lies within the wound from Vulnicura, which now appears transformed into a prismatic portal channeled between the chests of two lovers.

Hackers were able to gain access to people’s Microsoft emails accounts by abusing a weakness in the help portal.

It’s not as if the portal was a bad product.

The heart of the question is more about what portal brings to the table that the Echo Show or Google Home Hub don’t.

portal delivers some neat tricks, including impressive camera tracking and AR stories, but it mostly feels like a tone-deaf PR nightmare.

They’ve recently launched a streaming portal where PEOPLE’s growing family of artists can upload their collaborations, free from label constraints.

Everyone loves YOB, and everyone except me is still obsessed with portal.

To see more of Bob Dylan’s portal works, keep an eye on MGM National Harbor‘s website, here.

At the time, stepping into the gallery felt like stepping through a portal into New York or London.

There’s no clinging to the past—a new portal is opening, and you have to have faith in yourself as you walk through it.

They spit on the ground behind them and symbolically enter through a portal, careful to not look back.

Now reopened, it acts as a portal to the massive trove of volumes in the library.

On Wednesday, the White House launched a portal for people to submit testimony about being “silenced” or “censored” online.

The FOI request revealed more than £41,000 ($59,000) was spent promoting it, as an online portal for the government’s counter-terrorism strategy Prevent.

The FOI request revealed more than £41,000 ($59,000) was spent promoting it, as an online portal for the government’s counter-terrorism strategy Prevent.

“During finals week, financial aid called me down and asked me to sign into my student portal.

Ingress players have already scouted out and tagged all the “portal” locations for Ingress.

We’re just acting as a small portal into our world.

When the boy opens the refrigerator for a glass of milk, he discovers a portal into an alternate universe.

So players can potentially run into each other in the real world while they’re competing for a portal in the game.

Police detained more than a thousand people in over 80 towns and cities, according to Russian news portal OVD-Info.

They allegedly have the power to open a portal to another dimension.

But hey, maybe you’ll open a portal or two.

Dropbox is evolving from a file-storage system to an enterprise software portal, where you can coordinate work with your team.

Curated and produced by Marvin Heiferman, it’s a portal for the diverse roles and influences of the scientific image.

The CEOs of America need their own enterprise video portal to engage their employees — employees who are increasingly expecting consumer-grade experiences at work.

People use to call it a voice portal back when portals were a thing.

Voice portal was too early.

Voice portal was way too early.

soccer portal that is being Kickstarted right now.

An AR/VR dragon or portal is impressive the first time you see it, but gets old pretty quickly.

Her pain is more than a human could feel.” “Silipur slips quietly out of her pod and down to the newly opened Earth portal.

GAN Integrity’s anticorruption portal notes that “The Penal Code criminalises active and passive bribery and bribery of national and foreign officials.”

portal Entryways: portal automatically opens doors for wheelchair users and keeps them open until they’ve gone through.

portal is focusing on public places with many doors at first, like universities and malls.

We wrote about portal Entryways on TechCrunch here.

“By sheer force of will, John was opening a portal between us,” Reed says of their hours-long conversations.

And that portal leads to John’s world, a small town in Alabama that’s something straight out of Faulkner.

Then he opens up a portal to pull The Flash into all of this craziness, since the speedster exists in an alternate universe.

“There was a lot of conversation around us launching portal.

Twitch is also opening up the extension platform broadly to third-party developers, via its Developer portal, dev.twtich.tv.

No, it was actually called portal Vision.

Hearing her distressed, raw emotion and empathy for his family was a portal into how she worried about me in 1998.

What did portal Vision do?

The reception to Facebook portal has been, at best, a mixed bag.

Still, both the portal and portal Plus are floating around the four-star mark over on Amazon.

She previously led the product team for GOV.UK, the online portal for the British government’s services, according to WorldRemit’s website.

It was the first product that portal Finance brought to market when it launched in 2016.

And now we know there’s a pressure issue with the portal vein.

Today, OneLogin customers have to log into a web portal to gain access to applications under the OneLogin single-sign-on umbrella.

“Ghost Adventurers” star Zak Bagans has closed a possible portal to Hell by demolishing his haunted house.

The site serves as a portal for people to check out and support teachers, as well as find classes, videos, and communities to join.

“We want to become the leading online real-estate portal in all of our markets,” Hermann told TechCrunch in an interview.

Built into both packs, the portal lets kids remix and hack creations, offering a breaking down of the technologies involved.

On Monday, Facebook announced its new speaker, called portal, in a bid to compete with Amazon and Google in the quickly growing market.

The portal (which seems more like a smart tablet than a smart speaker) comes with a rectangular high-definition screen.

portal links up with Facebook accounts, allowing video calls to friends via Facebook Messenger.

In 2002, it launched a travel portal for businesses.

Facebook’s new portal will put a video camera in your home.

Facebook’s portal+ is the same price as Apple’s HomePod, and its standard portal is nearly half the price.

portal also won’t be able to replace other connected devices, at least at first.

Facebook boasts more than 2 billion users, so the portal will largely rely on that communication network.

Software firm Intellect Design Arena and e-commerce store Koovs listed in 2014, then travel portal Yatra and e-commerce firm Infibeam followed two years later.

As one Facebook commenter said of Zuckerberg’s portal announcement, “Hey, Mark.

It’s your portal to access other services that require payment, like buying movie tickets, buying train tickets, buying Gold fund for investments.

Now, Apple is expanding this feature with the launch of a new “Customer Support” role available now in the iTunes Connect portal.

The lodge is an all-purpose hangout for its members, but also seemingly a weirdo portal to some other, more purpose-driven life.

Science gateways are collections of tools, services, and apps that one can access through, for example, a web portal.

This would be alongside another portal to access all of my networks and ways to reach them, and additional megaportals for retail and content.

It’s becoming the portal to music.

And it would be hard on my own,” Titiev said, according to the RBC media portal.

The White House petition portal established by the Obama administration is on pause, at the moment.

TechCrunch: Hey portal portal: Do you mean Mark Zuckerberg?

TC: Yes portal: Dialling Mark… TC: Hi Mark!

She is also coughing] Priscilla to Mark: I already told you — there’s a camera cover built into into portal.

There’s definitely something more than a little Echo Show-y about portal MZ: Sure, I mean.

He prefers Vigía’s portal.

portal autozooming means you don’t even have to think about watching the person you’re talking to!

Actually, let’s not go there MZ: portal will even suggest people for you to call!

portal is going to be amazing for kids TC: You have this storybook thing going on, right?

Absent grandparents using portal to read kids bedtime stories and what not… MZ: Right!

TC: Will you be putting a portal in Max’s room?

Your portal conversations stay between you and the people you’re calling.

In addition, video calls on portal are encrypted, so your calls are always secure.

For added security, Smart Camera and Smart Sound use AI technology that runs locally on portal, not on Facebook servers.

portal’s camera doesn’t use facial recognition and doesn’t identify who you are.

But portal might also ‘accidentally’ record stuff adults and kids say in the home — i.e.

if its ‘Hey portal’ local listening function gets triggered when it shouldn’t.

Then, as more services get added to portal, more personal behavioral data will be generated and can be processed by Facebook for selling ads.

MZ: Uh, well we are obviously TC: We’d like you to tap on the portal screen now, Mark.

portal: Thanks for calling Mark, TechCrunch!

It’s like a portal or doorway … or a bartender.

The portal is a head scratcher.

The smaller portal looks quite a bit like Lenovo’s Google Assistant-powered Smart Display, albeit with the different speaker placement.

Lenovo’s device is probably the best-looking smart screen around, and the portal is an identical cousin with a slightly different haircut.

The portal’s interface is an extremely bare-bones experience.

One of the nice bits here is that the people you speak with don’t actually need a portal to talk.

From here you can click into Facebook videos or pick from your portal apps — Food Network, iHeartRadio, Newsy, Pandora and Spotify by default.

Click into the apps icon and you’ll find that that’s really all there is for portal apps at the moment.

Still, portal does bring some interesting innovation to video chat.

To trigger the function, say “Hey portal” and then “call [enter name here].” Simple enough.

Though the actual “Hey portal” features are essentially limited to things like making calls and putting the unit to sleep.

Anything beyond that and poor portal gets confused.

Even something like “Hey portal, turn off camera” is met with an “I can’t do that yet” in portal’s uneven speech pattern.

For everything else, portal defaults to Alexa — functionality you can add during the setup process.

portal’s greatest trick is its automatic zooming and panning.

So you can, say, cook dinner while chatting and portal will be with you the whole way.

Above all, portal is a bit of a one-hit wonder.

Last October, Google launched a portal for podcasters in the U.S. who wanted to bring their shows to Google Play Music .

Podcasters who want to be included in Google’s program can still head to the Google Play Music podcast portal and add their shows.

And he wants the CFPB to make its consumer complaints portal private.

Enter portal, a gigabit Wi-Fi router that aims to solve the problem of congested Wi-Fi networks.

Even Facebook has a portal now, which, any opinions on that?

In crowded settings, portal says it performs up to 300 times faster than a standard consumer router and delivers three times lower latency.

What’s notable about portal is that it works on all six.

By design, portal knows when to switch between the different 5Ghz channels if one particular channel starts getting too crowded.

I’ve been testing out portal in my 3-bedroom apartment in San Francisco.

I can now access the internet from my bedroom and all other areas of my apartment with just the one portal.

portal is also super, super simple to set up.

portal, which retails for $199, isn’t the first Silicon Valley startup to tackle Wi-Fi.

To be clear, portal does let you connect multiple devices to create a “mesh network” — that’s just not what it prides itself on.

portal, created by a team of former Qualcomm engineers, previously raised $797,862 via Kickstarter.

So people are going to buy Facebook’s portal even though Facebook recently …

Beyond’s toolset is an online portal new players can hop into with a Twitch account.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards’ winners are selected democratically through a portal on MTV’s website.

There is also a separate business portal for online companies to integrate as sellers to accept Tez payments.

Interested parties can create a web portal for a space.

“Are they just blowing the portal, the entrance, or are they blowing the entire tunnel itself?” asked Joe Bermudez, an analyst at 38 North.

But just now, web portal, search and internet advertising company Yahoo might be a tell for the tech stock boom.

It’s probably a portal of some sort.

She previously led the product team for GOV.UK, the online portal for the British government’s services, according to WorldRemit’s website.

He said, “It’s like you’ve been through a portal.

We were specifically instructed via this portal to replace devices exhibiting symptoms of Touch Disease.”

(It led a $90 million investment into Bangalore-based medical portal Practo last year.)

Another stone I found was somewhat less impressive, so I brought it up to the little portal instead.

You can also set the frequency of these messages within the app’s portal.

Randstad Holdings, the Diemen-based human resources and recruitment company, announced it will acquire job hunting portal Monster Worldwide, for $429 million in cash.

“There was a lot of conversation around us launching portal.

The move to open a parent portal comes at an interesting time for the company.

Planning to get in early on the portal phenomenon?

With all that in mind, Facebook is also marking the launch with a blog post further spelling out portal’s privacy policy.

In the post, Facebook also promises to treat conversations on portal the way it does all Messenger experiences.

“When you make a portal video call, we process the same device usage information as other Messenger-enabled devices,” Facebook writes.

It’s Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo Show and Facebook’s new portal.

The scheme was approved by the Saudi cabinet last month, but on Sunday the online portal to apply was opened to the public.

Myntra, the fashion portal which itself was acquired by Flipkart, has stepped up and bought its rival in a $70 million deal announced today.

Where status updates and selfies once dominated, Facebook today has become a portal for the news.

Hipmunk has carved a place out for itself as a Kayak-style travel search portal with a catchy interface.

But that isolation began to change as he found himself drawn to non-gendered characters, such as the robots in portal 2.

At the first GaymerX, a Southern California–based game conference with an LGBTQ focus, he organized a large cosplay group with other portal fans.

It also provides a portal into the metaphor of the sea, the exhibition’s subtly stated but complexly interrogated theme.

Instead of using social media as a portal, consumers can read and receive information, ask technical questions and even make purchases from one chatbot.

Essentially all other distribution services offering games through a portal have eventually fizzled, aside from some distant cousins like Steam.

This recipe for La Vaquita Negra del portal‘s signature torta is easy to make and worthy of a president… well, a former president.

Twenty years later, the web comes along and it’s much more a cultural portal.

Russia’s Life.ru news portal published a video showing rubble and tattered tents at the site.

The company originally launched as a search engine and payment portal for fitness classes, called Classtivity.

The recently launched online portal features profiles of 50 women born before 1940 who made significant contributions to architecture in the US.

But the new portal for Subscribe with Amazon aggregates and organizes all the different types of subscriptions under one roof.

It felt a little like stepping into a time portal to December 2015.

“Amazon customers will directly manage their subscriptions on the Amazon.com portal,” says Hooch CEO Lin Dai.

For consumers, the Subscribe with Amazon portal functions something like an app store for subscriptions.

However, the portal won’t be the only way these subscriptions are discovered on Amazon.com.

Security concerns: Kobach is asking states to submit all the information via email or through an online portal.

Follow us through this portal — and binge-watch over at adultswim.com — and you’ll get it, too.

Now Facebook wants to harness that attention to build a portal to commerce, content, and more.

portal is coordinated by the nonprofit 4heads in collaboration with the National Parks Service.

The Gamelatron by Aaron Taylor Kuffner playing some eerie beats in the portal Art Fair at Federal Hall.

The portal Art Fair continues at the Federal Hall National Memorial (26 Wall Street, Financial District, Manhattan) through May 10.

portal adjusts to keep its subject in frame as they move around to enable casual at-home video chat.

portal is voice activated, listening for a cue-phrase (in this case “Hey portal”) and leverages Amazon’s Alexa voice commands, as well.

Facebook reportedly planned to unveil portal at F8 this year but held the product back due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, among other scandals.

Facebook’s portal is another way for Facebook to blaze a path that its users walk daily to connect to one another.

Your portal conversations stay between you and the people you’re calling.

Facebook is audaciously launching a video gadget for your home, called portal.

That bloody sex debacle in a room that seemingly contains a portal to another dimension?

My role seems to be trying to open a portal for them to show up.

The big pieces here are Lotus Notes, Domino and portal.

And last week, Walmart announced that upscale department store Lord & Taylor, which is struggling, would soon launch a fashion portal on Walmart.com.

In a series of posts, we’re exploring art history that offers a portal into a darker side of culture.

“You may experience delays while using the website,” Canada’s citizenship and immigration portal warned as the US primary results continued to roll in.

“You may experience delays while using the website,” Canada’s citizenship and immigration portal warned as the US primary results continued to roll in.

“We have an online portal for authors and reviewers where we crowd source teachers to create questions.

Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google participated in the rally, directing their customers and users to the FCC’s portal for public submissions.

It’s clear there’s a portal of sorts hovering over Naido.

Not sure what this world calls a whooshing tornado that transports people, but portal seems about right.

Andy looks into the portal and — no, Andy, no!

(Facebook, instead, offers a portal for users who need help.)

It’s a portal of sorts, or a vessel between worlds.

This includes streaming the movies on the TV through Xfinity on Demand, and on devices through the Xfinity Stream app and the web portal.

Customers can also use the Movies Anywhere app or web portal across platforms to access their movie collection.

We think RESERVE-N-READY™ featuring our breakthrough Pizza portal has the potential to do it again.”

The parenting portal reached an average of 175 million monthly active users between July and September, according to its IPO prospectus.

The dark spot is a shadow, a sink, an exit portal from our observable universe.

And will provide affected customers with “1 year of free service for the LockState Connect portal for these locks”.

The best place to try chorizo in Toluca is La Vaquita Negra del portal, a much loved family-run deli founded 74 years ago.

A Dalian government news portal said this week Schellenberg had smuggled “an enormous amount of drugs” into China.

Some of that already existed, such as a map, but the new UI creates a more tangible portal with options and in-ride utilities.

You know how the orcs went through the portal?

It’s sparked over a million patient-physician visits, phone calls, and text conversations through its telemedicine portal for getting diagnoses and prescriptions.

You don’t want her to come to any harm, do you?’”, she said in the post on blog portal Medium.

This will also see Doxter’s patient portal continue but rebranded as Doctena.de.

A news media whose existence relies on a centralized portal is subject to the whims of that portal.

And a society that relies on a centralized portal to get its news may very well be doomed.

VPN if you’re connecting as soon as you do it — there’s no portal, you’re going directly — the VPN, that’s good.

The new Azure Cloud Shell brings a full Bash shell to the portal, with support for Microsoft’s own PowerShell coming later.

This also means that you can now use VI right from the Azure portal for example.

To access the feature, a passenger will have to log into Delta’s in-flight wifi portal powered by Gogo.

He uses the coordinates and what seems to be a “portal” to zip on over to Twin Peaks, Washington.

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