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As a result, the GOP’s plans were poorly constructed and often didn’t go nearly as far as Republicans wanted.

Although it’s now a staple in many holiday movie collections, “It’s a Wonderful Life” did poorly at the box office in 1946.

Although many audiences have since fallen in love with the film, most critics still rate the film fairly poorly on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Dark Star” was marketed poorly as a generic action film.

The film was lampooned by critics who thought it was gory and poorly plotted.

AR: It’s not just that we’re going to die younger or age more poorly.

There are a lot of things that are going to contribute to how well or how poorly you live.

Believe me, if I ran with this program in a campaign and did very poorly, it would be a disservice to those ideas.”

In my view, this is market unfriendly and one of the reasons the markets continue to act so poorly.

Costello thought he could acquit himself well in his testimony, but it came out very poorly.

They may also prey upon your empathy, offering excuses as to why they’ve acted poorly without truly making any effort to change.

If he says a book is poorly written, it probably is.

The apartments are lined up in neat rows, blocks extending skywards with narrow, poorly lit alleys cracking them open.

“It was poorly organized cause they didn’t know who to protest against,” he told Hyperallergic when reached by phone.

“It is a poorly designed policy,” he said.

And according to one report, she performed poorly in her one-on-one interview with Trump.

We don’t think poorly of a lion for killing a gazelle.

But he also scores poorly among independents (23 percent of whom approve of his work) and Republicans (46 percent approve).

Under the old system, 75 percent of taxpayers were getting refunds — meaning that the withholding system was poorly targeted on average.

The foundation chose the topic because the US continues to rank poorly in both maternal and infant health when compared with other countries.

This fact could bode poorly for their future success.

There’s a long-established link between unemployment and drug and alcohol use, although the nature of the link is poorly understood.

The big reason the Pentagon spends too much money on overpriced, poorly designed military hardware is that Congress often forces it to do so.

If wielded poorly, it can even make it worse.

“I instead see a poorly designed distributed system.” Over time, workplace distractions can metastasize.

Instead of doing one thing well, you’re actually just switching between activities and doing them all poorly.

When done poorly, these movies are at best unmemorable and at worst, a disaster.

So Irma’s move away from Miami, which itself is poorly prepared to handle flooding, hasn’t proven to be much of a blessing.

In “The Underworld Petitioners” (2017-2018), three poorly dressed individuals are seated on the ground, imploring an unseen authority.

Their exchanges fit together as poorly as pieces from two entirely different puzzles, revealing just how atomized these procedural personalities really are.

His policy achievements thus far have been sharply polarizing, needlessly disruptive, and poorly vetted.

Obamacare is so poorly constructed it is literally an anti-selection machine.

But she also wrote how concerned she was with how many poorly designed, visually distracting children’s apps are on the market.

But that merely goes to show how poorly the GOP has played its hand here.

The tweet also blames the state of California for poorly managing its forests.

You don’t need to construct poorly evidenced conspiracy theories to explain this.

Worsening outrage, Brazil’s economy is doing poorly at the moment.

Barack Obama did quite poorly overall among white voters with no college degree.

Seconds later, a poorly placed movement order would send one of my soldiers jumping through a glass window, alarming every nearby alien patrol.

Students reacted poorly to the violation of their classmate’s privacy, organizing a petition condemning D’Souza.

Nothing was accidental or poorly thought-out.

Experts told Motherboard the operation may have ensnared innocent victims as the spyware appears to have been faulty and poorly targeted.

Because really: no one likes a poorly made shoe.

In these poorly reported stories, the parties tend to be corroborated by law enforcement personnel or emergency responders.

The ACA’s exchanges were designed poorly, and premiums did become unaffordable for millions.

“If you are treating your body poorly, the last thing it cares about is producing high-quality cum!”

Being an intern is not an excuse for others to disrespect or treat you poorly in any way.

Until fairly recently, DERs were too widely dispersed, poorly tracked, and small in scale to play a role in wholesale energy markets.

pic.twitter.com/UQ0J8e580Y The problem isn’t necessarily that these studies are poorly designed (although some of them may be).

I’m not excited about Jarvis Landry’s week-to-week ceiling, but even with Tannehill playing poorly, Landry’s floor feels safe.

It’s a stunning example of how poorly the American health care system stacks up against its developed peers.

He is shameless, relentlessly dishonest, poorly informed about policy, disrespectful of the norms and principles of constitutional government, and fundamentally dangerous.

They did very poorly.

And oftentimes, I think we’re the ones serving them poorly.

And the implementation was poorly regulated.

“It went very poorly,” Manley, Reid’s spokesperson, said.

Providing no evidence, he dismissed reporting that reflects poorly upon his administration as the result of reporters fabricating sources.

Jincheng has done particularly poorly, according to the central government.

I just think it’s the way it’s being handled that’s done poorly.

This class was beyond difficult — it was poorly taught, it was confusing, and it was frustrating.

These collective histories, and the power of these friendships, exist, but remain poorly documented or researched.

Ruby getting eliminated was a big deal but was poorly placed within the season.

But the impact of our flawed criminal justice system on non-citizens remains largely unacknowledged by Democrats and poorly understood by the American public.

“He warmed up really poorly,” Valentine says.

Eventual nominees from the past 60 years have never finished this poorly in New Hampshire.

His investigations into organized crime and corruption reflected poorly on Democratic governors and mayors.

If you’re poorly endowed in that area, intelligence, honesty, or unpredictability can work well too.

Like Trump voters, these nationalist-populist Europeans are most likely to be poorly educated and rural.

“We knew this website was poorly managed,” they write.

Reading poorly from the telepromter!

The clips are alarmist, poorly acted, and kind of amazing—so much so that I decided to see these mock scenarios performed live.

He’s poorly cast as a pure power runner.

And indeed, ideologically extreme presidential candidates (George McGovern and Barry Goldwater are good examples) have done very poorly at the polls.

That’s because, while the plane itself may be poorly designed, how the plane is built was perfectly designed.

That’s what happens when you’ve got poorly trained officers.” Cover image: Screenshot via body-camera footage

I attempt some Spanish, poorly.

This time period is poorly understood, because there is no rock record dating from that time.

Investors on Wall Street worry the healthcare bill’s defeat bodes poorly for tax reform.

“They have done very poorly in all the economic powerhouses of country.

“A poorly thought-through initiative like Amendment 69 does violence to the future of single-payer in Colorado,” Ian Silverii, ProgressNow Colorado’s executive director, says.

While Mamout spoke English poorly, he did speak and read Arabic, and he was remembered as a devout Muslim.

It went poorly,” according to the Financial Post.

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented,” he said.

The Times on Friday reported on the pair’s lopsided relationship, describing how Trump has treated Cohen poorly for years.

Limited power if things start going poorly at the other fund.

Cruz and Kasich’s rapid dismissal of their own idea reflects how poorly the strategy has played publicly.

A poorly timed recession would do her in, and her administration could be crippled by some unforeseen scandal or event abroad.

What’s interesting about that behavior is it’s most common in the situation where choosing a particular thing would be done poorly.

In a letter to Bristol-Myers shareholders on Thursday, Starboard said it plans to vote against what it called a “poorly conceived and ill-advised” deal.

The glass cliff is a twist on that: Women are elevated to positions of power when things are going poorly.

“When firms are doing poorly, the really qualified white male candidates say, ‘I don’t want to step into this,’” she said.

Even people who weren’t legal experts could tell that Tuesday went poorly for the first witness in Jian Ghomeshi’s sex assault trial.

“They treated us poorly.

They’re handled very poorly.

You don’t see ’em very often, and when you do, they’re usually either poorly designed, poorly manufactured, or both.

If you do poorly, you want to do it again to do a better job.

They have a poorly regulated system.

It started with LePage pushing a poorly designed pilot program to bar the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, a.k.a.

The 310-mile border with the Republic of Ireland is poorly marked and often crosses existing farms and properties.

From bakers to chefs to brewers, the mentors of the ancient and modern guilds continue to berate their poorly paid apprentices to excellence.

I think if you did poorly, you probably wouldn’t be here right now.

Usually, the president’s party does very poorly in midterm elections.

If you already thought poorly of Ocasio-Cortez, the video could reinforce your beliefs.

Why should any of this reflect poorly on her campaign?

But this strategy does have a side effect of implicitly conceding that Trump behaved poorly.

Why should there be any belief that anything involving Lee or a fractured locker room or just a poorly managed team will be remedied?

Government employment in the communist island pays notoriously poorly.

Government employment in the communist island pays notoriously poorly.

That could have ended very poorly, and I don’t know that I have the fire in my belly at this stage to do it.

Another said it’s a “shameful display of meanness poorly masked as empathy.”

It works fairly poorly specifically for things like news and politics in a way that gets pretty predictable.

Once, we had an intern working with us who thought he was being treated poorly by our supervisor.

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore).

Is there some evidence that the money is wasted or poorly spent?

He consistently performed poorly in national polling of the candidates over the last year.

“They were embarrassing and unacceptable and reflected poorly on you and the Indiana University.

It took a good 15 minutes of loitering around the front, chain-smoking poorly rolled cigarettes, to mask our apprehension.

But if these systems are implemented poorly, they can also introduce bias across racial, gender, and class lines to exacerbate societal inequalities.

Years of economic, security, and political crises have shown Brazilians that democracy is functioning poorly in their country.

It’s not always that the human behind the bot intends for things to go poorly.

At the same time, they also concede that convention disruptions reflect poorly on Clinton and marginally reduce her chances of winning.

Like Schwarber himself, it’s great fun, yet fleeting (because, again, the NL is a poorly conceived baseball league).

The Wii U wasn’t crap, not that it’s gone yet, just poorly communicated.

considering how poorly Jon and Dany planned their defense.

The discourse went down on Twitter (obviously), though Jenkins didn’t stand by his poorly conjugated statements and later deleted them.

US troops in Syria are poorly defended and have little support, making them easy targets, experts say.

Both sides of this message are incredibly important and poorly understood by the general public.

The party as a whole generally did well when Obama was popular (including down-ballot gains in 2016) and did poorly when he was unpopular.

I don’t mean to imply that Café Society’s story is bad or poorly executed — it’s fine.

The controversy over Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding, explained Video game addiction is real, rare, and poorly understood

Becker bought Clear at a bankruptcy sale in 2010 because she felt it was still a good idea, just poorly executed.

The risks are heightened because these once-separate systems are increasingly converging to produce an even more complex and poorly understood system-of-systems.

And he’s done very poorly in the debates.

That bodes poorly for the special counsel — especially after he further angered the administration over the weekend.

Just on substantive terms, the debate was among the most poorly moderated of this primary season.

Every assignment in English class is just poorly written fanfic?

I can see I put this poorly.

When done poorly, at least it’s exercise.

“The VR adult films I’ve seen have all been very, very mainstream and poorly made.

Infrastructure investments have often been discussed as a possible short-term economic stimulus, but they’re actually somewhat poorly suited to that.

But he said hacking attempts are common and efforts to thwart them can be inconsistent and poorly overseen.

It’s looking for signs that something’s doing surprisingly poorly — and only after someone’s actually read it.

With only an aging David Harris at middle linebacker, I could see that area going poorly too.

Maybe I was delusional and did very poorly.

Sites are poorly marked — when they’re marked at all — and the printed site map doesn’t help.

The shot is metaphorical more than literal — the street Hays is standing on isn’t that poorly lit.

But cheap alcohol is often poorly distilled and it’s made of cheap ingredients.

This gender gap is also a topic of conversation on the Republican side, with Donald Trump polling poorly with women.

The finding came out in standardized tests: Of the kids who did poorly, only 57% were expected to attend college by their parents.

Amazon’s business model has displaced brick-and-mortar stores and the company has been criticized for poorly paying its warehouse workers.

When the crew confronts Greaves about his poorly written script, he evades making changes and avoids directing the actors.

poorly run state mental hospitals were shut down and set to be replaced with less isolating, community-based programs.

The public health system in large parts of Africa is poorly organised and equipped, and political crisis and social disorganisation impede improvements.

Everybody in the Seven Kingdoms is poorly informed because their mail is delivered by birds.

Even when it’s poorly allocated, they spend money hoping to see incremental improvement.

He said to each of them in his own way that police have treated them poorly and went into some detail about that.

The landscape is littered with the bones of poorly financed and poorly planned festivals.

In the same time period, ticket sales sank, with poorly reviewed films, ticket costs, and myriad at-home viewing options all contributing to the downturn.

But I was left with this nagging question: was I simply getting tired of roguelikes or were these games just doing it poorly?

They’re doing poorly, so I’m struggling to make ends meet,” she said.

But if they do poorly, the trend will only accelerate.

Rogulikes aren’t overdone, but you can do them wrong (or poorly).

The individual Obamacare repeal bills tend to poll poorly; a minority of Republicans supported the Graham-Cassidy plan.

If a supervisor is poorly trained or malicious, it could lead to a horrific trip that could actually worsen someone’s mental state.

It’s also possible that a poorly designed user interface confused less technologically sophisticated users.

And yet, he is restrained in his approach, in the softening of facial features and obscuring them further in shadows and poorly lit rooms.

On our list, 52 percent of poorly rated blockbusters are sequels (or, in the case of Alvin and the Chipmunks, “Squeakquels”).

Rate-sensitive sectors, such as utilities and real estate, rose on Friday, but they could perform poorly if rates increase sharply.

Bush performed poorly, and his performance cost him the nomination.

The IRGC was a ragtag militia manned by poorly trained, under-armed recruits when Saddam Hussein invaded Iran in September 1980.

But Donald Trump himself has been known to take criticism poorly.

It can be done well or poorly.

She argues that many of them are outdated, poorly made and too long.

Small IPOs trade poorly and are poorly received by the market,” Abovsky added.

Still, it’s rare to see the most successful director in history make a film that does as poorly as The BFG.

And there are consequences to your actions when you bully someone and when you treat them poorly, when you betray them.

You’re brave enough to be patient

When things go poorly, giving up or making a change is often the easiest way out.

When things go wrong, which they so often do in online games, the torrent of poorly spelled homophobia gushes forth.

The touch target for the brightness slider in the new control panel is too small and works poorly.

Inside was a single-fold brochure — poorly printed.

To put it another way: I love the game of interpretation, but I hate it when it’s poorly designed.

But according to the recent bioethics report, Turner found that these pay-to-participate studies are poorly designed and unscientific.

He attributed the manufacturing industry’s collapse to poorly negotiated trade deals like NAFTA.

“I am not ​a poorly disguised mass of crabs wearing the skin of bloated human,” reads one debunked fact.

The party of an unpopular president is generally going to fare poorly in off-year elections.

The often poorly trained handlers working with elephants rely on hooks, knives and nails to control the animals.

SPAIN — Spain scored pretty poorly across the board, with an overall score of just 0.1.

YouTube’s policies don’t allow under-13-year-olds to watch videos but the groups said this was poorly policed.

Donald Trump loves “the poorly educated.”

If the hearing had gone poorly for the government, the DOJ would have lost face on a national stage.

We won with poorly educated — I love the poorly educated.

Their symptoms aren’t always visible, and the disease is poorly understood.

A feverish amalgam of historic and contemporary artwork, the exhibition is undermined by an ambitious but poorly executed curatorial strategy.

poorly lit and crowded, these works compete for breath.

Maliki’s bloc has so far fared poorly.

If implemented poorly, congestion pricing could dramatically add to the burden that drivers already bear.

We’re poorly educated and we blame the product.

[0930 EDT] – Sen. Corker is the incompetent head of the Foreign Relations Committee, & look how poorly the U.S. has done.

While this is probably good for their own academic achievement, it could bode quite poorly for the annual spectacle of the National Spelling Bee.

“It kind of boiled down to treating people well or treating people poorly.”

Venison is incredibly lean and thus hard to tenderize; in fact, poorly prepared venison can taste almost sour.

What sticks out to you about poorly Formed?

That’s not to say poorly cooked or underseasoned chicken doesn’t exist.

That record came out pretty quickly after poorly Formed.

It’s the platform of choice for shots of fancy meals, poorly lit bar scenes and cute animals.

This poorly produced clip really could be for any company.

2 Senate Republican, said Ginsburg’s statements reflected poorly on her objectivity.

This level of dysfunction literally should not be possible; it is incomprehensible to many of their readers that government could function this poorly.

And in the 20 years since, SNL’s hulking, emasculating impression of her has aged pretty poorly.

Jonathan Brooks, Beholder’s founding chef, took the news reasonably, and then he took it poorly.

This hilariously poorly argued Financial Times letter to the editor suggests yes.

(Children who do poorly in school, and have trouble getting organized are now sometimes diagnosed with “poor executive functioning.”)

The Wii U wasn’t crap, not that it’s gone yet, just poorly communicated.

Small IPOs trade poorly and are poorly received by the market,” Abovsky added.

The transmission network was outdated and poorly maintained, and PREPA had a hard time retaining skilled workers who understood Puerto Rico’s grid.

It’s obvious that needle fixation is still poorly understood within the addiction community.

The Great Gatsby was a poorly received turd.

They’ve made their bed—and poorly at that.

Even his interest in showmanship degrades when he has to cede the floor to others — his convention was a poorly planned, poorly managed mess.

On top of that, their GOE scores reflected how poorly they executed the attempted triple jump, and their score suffered even more.

You called it a great idea poorly executed.

In both the books and the movies, Divergent borrows heavily, and poorly, from other YA franchises, and this is its Achilles’ heel.

Your astrological forecast for the month is adamant that you not give up hope if your first attempt at something goes poorly.

But this isn’t simply a matter of a poorly chosen example.

I think most of his vote goes to “undecided” because the other candidates are so poorly known.

Not only is the GOP bill poorly understood, but there’s also reportedly one provision in the newest version that isn’t even really written.

The data includes email addresses, usernames, and poorly hashed passwords.

Unless they make a trade, the Rangers are banking on the roster that played so poorly over the final 50 games last season.

Unfortunately, this particular anti-cheat measure seems poorly designed, to say the least.

Unfortunately, the thing about scripted comedy is that it’s hard to do well and incredibly unpleasant to watch when done poorly.

There was one negative review from a verified purchaser who received an Express with bolt holes that were poorly drilled.

This masked decorum and performative niceness poorly hides that implicit bias running through your veins.

That news, which the Clintons clearly hoped would be greeted as welcome by the press, instead played very poorly.

Equipment is often poorly assembled or operating with incorrect parts, he said.

“If somebody puts their child into private school over a poorly funded school system, that’s a form of cognitive enhancement.

Not only did that reflect poorly on the fans who’d supported them, but it could taint future business opportunities for NIS America.

The Army also granted more waivers for past marijuana use—usually a disqualifying offense—and accepted more recruits who scored poorly on aptitude tests.

Not all spirits performed poorly.

The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it.

“Therefore, it is an absolute no-no to pick up a poorly rated UberPool passenger!”

The game started poorly for the Padres.

The president blamed “the local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly)” and “know a windfall when they see it” for the high price tag.

Democrats constantly polled poorly in Texas’s 23rd District and California’s 21st District, even though both routinely supported Democratic presidential candidates.

This could curtail the already limited, and poorly measured level of broadband access for rural Americans, deepening the digital divide in the US.

A former Apprentice stylist swore that every hair was real, albeit poorly dyed, drugged, and hair-sprayed into submission.

All of which contribute to not necessarily economic decline on the macro level but to the difficulty that relatively poorly educated workers are having.

So there we were, Andrew Sullivan and I, sitting at a wobbly table on my poorly manicured patio.

Until those attacks, most buildings had been built with defenses against total collapse, but progressive collapse was poorly understood, and rarely seen.

But obviously, customers of the service were not happy with the poorly timed outage.

Tyron Woodley is keeping it real about why he fought so poorly against Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 — and it’s really interesting.

Much of the new flooring was cheap and poorly installed, however, according to Balfour Beatty work order records.

It could even lead to a black market for enhancement, which could put people at increased risk for side effects and poorly performed procedures.

He has run for office three times previously—state Senate, state Assembly, and Racine Unified School District—and fared poorly in each attempt.

But the real indignity is how poorly made Suicide Squad is.

“Like, nobody gives a shit about the media being treated poorly … We don’t need a hug.

poorly Watched Girls is Suzanne Bocanegra’s largest exhibition to date and the culmination of her collaboration with the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

The exhibition title, poorly Watched Girls, comes from the ballet La Fi/le ma/ gardee (The poorly Watched Girl), first performed in France in 1789.

Suzanne Bocanegra: poorly Watched Girls continues at the Fabric Workshop and Museum (1214 Arch St, Philadelphia) through February 17.

Most Twitter posts described the portraits as stunning, although a few criticized them as poorly executed.

The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.

When you have people meant to provide security being paid so poorly, it leads to really low morale.

Exacerbating the issue, confused or poorly trained poll workers have been known to demand even more identification than the laws in their states require.

Perry has been building up buzz for months, enduring Carpool Karaoke and poorly thought-out viral marketing schemes involving disco balls.

Running a GPU that hard and that long heats up the machine and when it gets hot, it can perform poorly or even break.

“It reflects poorly on the entire magazine.”

Children run around cramped, poorly maintained refugee camps, newcomers pile out of overcrowded boats on the Mediterranean with little food or drinkable water.

Last but by no means least, Trump was never willing to admit that the initial response went poorly and try to improve.

Husbands behave poorly; people look to wives for explanations of why.

Sellers have no need to advertise anonymously on dark web marketplaces because the legal system is so poorly enforced.

The stock price did very poorly, he was overseeing Viacom when it basically invested in no digital.

But I also felt that at a certain point I would be doing the job poorly.

“Our state is doing very, very poorly.

Factory managers building products with razor-thin margins have often treated workers poorly.

“I also think public transit is dirty, poorly organized and, overall, a service which you cannot trust.”

This had a huge downside: The poorly designed devices had a tendency to catch on fire.

Traditionally though, it does poorly when confronted with smaller amounts of data.

While selling sex is legal, brothel-keeping is not, thanks to the archaic and poorly designed laws that govern the industry.

Shepard Smith’s show aired this quote from President Trump: You know, we got very poorly treated on the health care plan.

Maybe the reason Jancis Robinson correlates relatively poorly with International Wine Cellar is because she has her own distinctive palate.

Reading poorly from the telepromter!

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore).

The first Japanese fighter to take up Morris’ challenge fared poorly in a first-round knockout.

How can Republicans win Senate and House races in states where Trump is likely to do poorly in the general election?

Things go poorly.)

It is so often a home to unfiltered impulse; unfiltered impulse is often dumb and spelled poorly.

As in previous years, there was a counter-march in Bucharest in support of traditional family values, but the event was poorly attended.

Barboza ultimately panicked under fire and went for a poorly timed shot which turned into a scramble and ultimately into a Ferguson D’arce.

When Obama came into office in 2009, for-profit colleges were riding high — and the students who attended them were often faring poorly.

That means basic communications could disappear from poorly served communities.

The album is sloppy, uneven, and poorly thought-out.

The tax plan polls poorly.

One is poorly reasoned (at best), the other tightly argued.

But the model that has been perfected at Apple is risky and imitated poorly by many American corporations.

The poorly isolated space is freezing in winter and scorching in summer.

Even worse are the ones that are hard to read thanks to a poorly chosen font.

Without China, plastics are ending up dumped into the ocean, illegally incinerated (which produces highly toxic fumes), or stuffed into poorly maintained landfills.

Or no longer, or not yet, even know their own and know poorly the major language that they are forced to serve?

“I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore),” Trump wrote in the first of two tweets.

But the technology boom is only a problem because the region’s housing markets are functioning so poorly.

But when you look at the track record of many poorly planned, failed philanthropy projects, it gets clearer.

Amazon fared poorly for its original TV shows at last month’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

For all of Mario Maker’s flaws, most of which involve how poorly Nintendo treats its online community, this is a devilish rule.

Too many are poorly thought out, or are exploitative of younger architects and designers.

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore).

I even watched motivational movie monologues, poorly dubbed over nu-metal soundtracks.

Here’s what he said: “I heard poorly rated Morning Joe [referring to Joe Scarborough] speaks badly of me.

May, the explosives expert who has investigated serial bombings for decades, thinks that the bombs were poorly made and thus unable to detonate.

That’s fantastic for Trump, since a large share of those remaining delegates come from the Northeast, where Cruz has done poorly so far.

“The administrations that handle it poorly, the reasons for that don’t tend to be political.

It hasn’t helped that Equifax has handled the situation incredibly poorly.

Was the party about to blow it again, but this time in a clearly blue-leaning state where Donald Trump fared poorly in 2016?

The complex, steam-cooled H design takes hours to start, suffered technical problems and sold poorly, experts said.

The Miss America Organization has been poorly marketed.

Administrations have done so poorly in negotiating.

The question remains: why disguise the technology—and so poorly?

For somebody who is so poorly informed, Trump is by all accounts a voracious news consumer.

It reflected just really poorly on the board because even when you put out a memo … Yeah, exactly.

With the jobs being poorly paid, often whole families would have to work side by side to support themselves.

It’s also possible he stumbles in the spotlight, performing poorly at a debate or facing withering attacks from other candidates.

The 2010 midterm elections went very poorly for Democrats, pushing the blue-to-purple states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio into total Republican control.

Meanwhile, some have reported getting sick from “CBD products” that were manufactured poorly with a cocktail of other chemicals.

On my quest to find a fix for my depression, I was shuffled from practitioner to practitioner like a poorly behaved foster kid.

Some argue (convincingly) that Brexit worries and the longer iPhone upgrade cycles bode poorly for Apple’s future.

He was singled out because he was posting dangerously false information from sources unknownl and it began to reflect poorly on ESPN.

It’s that the way the Colorado Civil Rights Commission concluded that Phillips had illegally discriminated was very poorly handled.

Believe me, if I ran with this program in a campaign and did very poorly, it would be a disservice to those ideas.”

The fight isn’t my cup of tea — it’s a bit too repetitive and poorly staged.

We have a system that is truly distinctive in advanced democracies and distinctively poorly performing.

For example, Trump has polled poorly among women, so having a woman on his ticket might help.

I think part of the reason is that women are more likely than men to have conditions that are poorly understood by mainstream medicine.

And he’s set himself quite poorly for another run in 2020 — why him and not Ted Cruz, who actually won states?

If we do it poorly, we will replicate all the mistakes we’re currently making.

The final confrontation, by far Deadpool’s worst element, is set in a playground of poorly implemented computer effects.

We just have a bump in the road.” But just how poorly paved is this street?

“This decision seems to be playing poorly,” Grimes told me.

Guterres resigned from office in 2002, after the Socialist Party did poorly in local elections.

Instead, some drugs may fail, Sena argues, because some animal studies are just so poorly designed.

Let’s just say he speaks for me as he goes off on how poorly the US played throughout the Hex.

It was the right idea, poorly executed.

He does, it just was poorly executed.

I bet you were not poorly paid.

By what I was giving them, I was poorly paid.

This coalition of the “poorly educated,” as Trump memorably dubbed them in one victory speech, would be the base of this new populist party.

Building and designing things out of mushrooms is still in its infancy largely because the material remains poorly understood.

Miller has Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD), a poorly understood condition that you can only get if you’ve taken hallucinogenic drugs.

“We all know the morale of the Afghan forces has hit an all-time low, they are under-equipped, poorly paid and they lack coordination.

He had been consumed, for years, by the panic of epidemics and the struggles of poorly developed countries.

That means a “personal matter” rarely, if ever, doesn’t reflect poorly on the firm.

While writing for the majority on Wednesday, however, Alito overturned the Abood decision, which he called “poorly reasoned.”

Instead, due to production mishaps that could have been avoided and were then poorly handled, it barely got to make a sound.

I mean, this is one of the consequences of having the left having its outrage meter so poorly calibrated, right?

While there’s a host of reasons for TV’s struggle to diversify, advertising is one that’s often poorly understood.

Yet Allen said one of his biggest fears is that grow-op workers will eventually be treated as poorly as imported H-2A laborers.

Jeff Schuster, head of forecasting at consultancy LMC Automotive, told Reuters that already-struggling auto companies would fare poorly with increased steel and aluminum prices.

(To make things really confusing, some “20-week bans” are written so poorly that they’re actually 22-week bans.

“The names are poorly written, almost erased, because we are already forgetting these violent deaths,” Salcedo said in a release.

White is a poorly thought-out mess of a book written by someone who does not take seriously the topics he’s writing about.

The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it.

They don’t feel wanton so much as half-baked and poorly conceived; they aren’t doing any storytelling work.

But transit options are poorly suited for California’s vast expanses of suburban-style neighborhoods.

If you need to win it all, then it’s hard to stick around after doing poorly in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Clinton campaign, however, is trying to convince Democratic voters that Sanders’s plans are unrealistic, poorly constructed, or both.

The room was small, foggy with dust, ripe with the smell of chemical reagents (there had been construction recently in the alley), poorly painted.

Like so many rich people’s cars, it was poorly maintained.

(The first lines of which this author poorly borrows above.)

They also pressured workers into unsafe sex, and paid poorly.

A Study in Scarlet Women has a killer premise, some interesting character work, and a regrettably poorly structured plot.

It is one of the most important — yet poorly understood — concepts in economics.

Most are done poorly.

The tweets serve as an often poorly punctuated commentary on the year of news.

Right, they handled that pretty poorly.

Crazy Mika” I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore).

As this 2002 New Republic article recounts in detail, his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee went … poorly.

Chip treats her poorly, as he does most people (he tends to lash out when he feels slighted, which is more often than not).

To the extent that party loyalty or out-of-district donors sway legislators to subvert their own constituents’ interests, legislators represent poorly.

It’s a beautiful, heartbreaking scene, and lord, does it ever end poorly.

The Taliban resurgence was underway even before the US handed security to the poorly equipped and often badly behaved Afghan National Security Forces.

Fundamental policy change would surely become a much easier sell if more wealthy people realized how poorly current arrangements serve their interests.

Infinite, though… was not my favorite experience, thanks to much of its “both sides” rhetoric that has aged poorly, especially given recent events.

But Peterson’s findings echo something you hear from economists across the political spectrum — Trump’s policies for trade are poorly thought-out and dangerous.

On release, some critics complained that the cast, all of whom were shaved bald, was poorly defined.

The trip has already garnered a reputation in the Israeli press for being poorly planned and potentially offensive.

And everything he bought is poorly shaped and poorly constructed.

It’s really poorly understood how much it could benefit everybody, and I think that’s where …

Many American Jews find Christian Zionism to be an alarming apocalyptic cult that accords poorly with the actual substance of Jewish Zionism.

Recently, he has been making poorly painted, cliché critiques of people at art fairs in an attempt to be taken seriously again.

This pivoting off line was the heart of this fight and the reason that Edgar’s first three rounds turned out so poorly.

But it’s also true that this year’s open enrollment period is shorter and poorly funded compared to 2016.

For starters, “The Lost Sister” is pretty poorly timed within the larger season, as the seventh of nine episodes.

Policy should not be made based on faddish or poorly supported science.

Rumors swirled this week that he’d drop out if he performed poorly in South Carolina.

Since art is easily transportable, expensive, and poorly regulated, authorities fear that it is often used for money laundering.

They are also one of the most poorly crafted clothing items in most people’s wardrobe.

But as Emily Crockett wrote for Vox, these laws aren’t standard across the country, and they are often poorly enforced.

Unfortunately, TIFs have worked out pretty poorly in real life, for several reasons.

But negotiations are hard and, if handled poorly, could end up backfiring.

Is Encyclopedia Dramatica too dramatically trollish for you, 4chan too poorly curated?

That seems relevant to whether he performed well or poorly in that section.

Yet Trump’s bungling here has bigger implications, because it reflects poorly on his overall preparation to be president.

Trump’s handling of this reflects poorly on his supposed ability to hire the “best people,” his attention to detail, and his overall competence.

They accuse Picerne’s company of renting them poorly maintained homes riddled with health hazards that can trigger illness or childhood developmental delays.

After that game, Gurley said he was not hurt and was simply playing poorly.

A really poorly managed loan program could, of course, still make money.

We report on single, often poorly designed studies — even if they don’t deserve an ounce of attention.

The witness said she ordered her words poorly in the email with the cops, but she didn’t deliberately lie.

They’re about navigating civilization — whether poorly or well.

“Those projects will be stalled, or they could be cleaned up poorly,” Perera said.

Still, some companies that had been expected to boom under Trump have fared poorly.

A few other observations: • Biden performed fine at first, and poorly as the night wore on.

Despite a lack of electoral pressure, they rightly fear that their constituents could be greatly harmed by a poorly designed Obamacare repeal-and-replace effort.

His greatest appeal, and one of his greatest liabilities, is that he deals poorly with talking points.

The US scores particularly poorly on “the functioning of government” (7.14) and “political participation” (7.22).

“This ‘Trump gets no credit’ approach says a lot about how poorly progressive Democrats understand what drives economic growth.

It’s possible it was poorly publicized, but many think it’s damage done from Ye’s recent rants.

There are real people who stand to be hurt by an administration that has actively decided to make a public benefits program function poorly.

Whatever your tone or approach — objective reporter, storyteller, wry commentator, nerdy explainer, table-pounding polemicist — it is possible to do it well or poorly.

If we do it poorly, we will replicate all the mistakes we’re currently making.

It’s no wonder Trump declared after winning Nevada’s primary in February, “I love the poorly educated.”

It’s not deflection to say that this is much, much scarier than Omar’s poorly phrased comments about the pro-Israel lobby.

Amazon denies that it treats its employees poorly, and says it is a “fair and responsible” employer.

[0744 EDT] – The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it.

Polls show the SPD is set to perform poorly.

The problem is that none of this will matter if Sanders performs as poorly as many of the recent state polls have suggested.

Amazon denies that it treats its employees poorly and says it is a “fair and responsible” employer.

Experts on coups note the event appeared poorly planned and executed.

Not only is Cook expected to play poorly, no one would really hold it against him if he did.

— it’s not difficult to conjure scenarios in which things go poorly.

Republicans have said the 2016 election was a mandate to repeal Obamacare, yet the AHCA is polling quite poorly.

There was online documentation for the various fan-made tools, but they were usually hard to follow and poorly written.

These students do not have behavioral challenges but perform poorly on tests.

“Some mail servers are set up really poorly [and] because they are complicated, there are lots of issues,” Cappos said.

Never mind that serious foreign policy observers considered Putin’s intervention to be poorly planned and self-defeating, a sign of his weakness and insecurity.

WhatsApp is the exception that proves that some dumb criticism about Facebook and algorithms is poorly built, because WhatsApp has no algorithmic ranking.

Sandoval then showed up to spring training overweight this year, played poorly, and got benched for a little-known second-year player.

The party is expected to fare poorly in the July vote.

That Republicans manage to be doing so poorly with the economy humming along nicely is a godsend to Democratic Party operatives and political pros.

This method was designed to ensure there was no “kids’ table” debate with only the poorly polling candidates.

However, given that Dylan is accusing Allen of assaulting her as a child, the analogy is poorly considered.

This aligns well with partisan politics but accords poorly with the chronology.

That said, the rest of ABC’s dramas are either poorly scheduled or pretty bizarre.

Women-dominated professions are paid poorly because women are deemed by society to be less valuable, says Mackintosh.

Sanders tends to perform poorly in states that have above-average black or Latino populations.

At Walmart, skinny maternity jeans are less than $20; however, online customer reviews showed these jeans fit poorly, among other complaints.

While I don’t condone Razek’s churlish, poorly spoken comments, there’s something blisteringly honest about his thinking.

All of this bodes poorly for the internet as a whole.

No way: Harris polls poorly at this point.

His rap-rock album was received poorly at best and also poorly at worst.

“I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore),” he began.

But this is a really, really poorly organized convention and Thiel might say anything.

As we reported earlier this year, the FTC is poorly placed to protect net neutrality.

He also said the Research Now SSI records showed that the firm’s latest fire drill was poorly attended.

Refugees crossing the Mediterranean often travel in poorly constructed dinghies that make even the short trip from Turkey to Greece dangerous.

Last year’s X-Men: Apocalypse was poorly received, as was 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

That Republicans performed this poorly amid this strong an economy and this much geographic advantage should be a wake-up call to the party.

The studies that reported homeopathy had some health benefit were so flawed and poorly designed that they were unreliable.

Delicate, soft-spoken Julio spends a year shunted between poorly paid menial jobs, sleeping in miserly tenements while he searches for his love.

Not all spirits performed poorly.

And sometimes, as we saw in the previous section, the study is simply poorly designed or outright wrong.

Kurdish opposition parties did poorly when Iraq held federal elections in May.

If the car performs poorly at those lower-level automation tasks, users will never trust them to do more.

Mansions sit on either side of poorly paved roads surrounded by high barbed wire–laced walls and security cameras.

Do you think there’s something particular about these kind of workspaces that lead them to treating women poorly?

For all of Mario Maker’s flaws, most of which involve how poorly Nintendo treats its online community, this is a devilish rule.

“These are potential death traps… To have your precious baby one poorly sealed seam away from going under at the pool is frightening.”

When Ali was diagnosed, the disease was very poorly understood.

“Some mail servers are set up really poorly [and] because they are complicated, there are lots of issues,” Cappos said.

A carbon tax — any tax — will, ceteris paribus, poll poorly, especially in the face of well-tested, oft-deployed conservative arguments.

On the 2014 National Surveys on Energy and Environment, a carbon tax with no specified revenue use polled poorly.

“The update from the company has been quite poorly received,” said Steven Daghlian, a market analyst at Commonwealth Securities, which holds Star shares.

What money they did spend was often ineffective or poorly directed, with less than 1 percent bolstering local organizations.

The composition of the space feels poorly considered.

It’s no surprise that people spend so much time there, since supermarkets feel like poorly designed corn mazes with shelves.

To do so, they generally wear a variety of pretty, boring gowns and dull, poorly hemmed tuxedos.

All of it suggests that Trump is treating news of the probe into his campaign’s ties with Russia very poorly.

(Sources have told me the first season sold poorly, but I don’t have exact sales figures.)

What I’m worried about is that the money would be poorly targeted, not going to the areas that actually need it.

What it doesn’t do well, it does very poorly.

Fatphobic — among many other kinds of -phobic — unfunny, poorly crafted, and unentertaining: Insatiable premieres August 10 on Netflix.

“If he does poorly, it’s probably back off the table.” The impact would resonate far outside Japan’s borders.

That left him, personally, poorly situated to weather even a mild downturn.

What they did unearth were a few poorly designed studies, and even those had mixed results.

A poorly supervised financial system can pile on egregious hidden risks for fun and profit and suffer no obvious bad consequences for years.

When people with poorly managed mental health states are put in these conditions, the result can be rapid decline.

The incident resonated with Indian doctors, many of whom are poorly paid and overworked compared with their foreign counterparts.

Later he fared poorly in the “Super Tuesday” nominating races and eventually conceded to Bush after a bitter campaign.

“There have been a few instances of pharmacists treating women really poorly.

Some riders worry, however, that not tipping will cause drivers to rate them poorly.

They said the database was poorly protected, with access possible via little more than a password.

The question of what makes a movie “popular” was so poorly defined that it might have led to something interesting.

(Barrett also reportedly performed poorly in her one-on-one interview with Trump over the summer, which might be harder to get over.)

Hemp’s legalization will likely spur this growth and could help shed light on the poorly regulated industry.

She slept poorly and was nervous and obsessed over past events not relevant to her current life.

How can someone so smart at evening the playing field for women be so dumb about other poorly represented people?

We executed it poorly and used poor language.

“I was a first-time director … and I was terrified of disappointing them or misrepresenting them or rendering the film poorly,” he said.

Or, if things go poorly, the second-act of Predator.

We have communities that start treating them and their families very poorly.”

“High (academic) intelligence is only poorly correlated with social, emotional, and practical intelligence,” he continued.

The political nuances here are poorly handled and distinctly lacking in shades of gray.

“Compared to inflation, Afshordi and Magueijo’s model is at the present very complicated and poorly understood,” Marsh said.

We hope poorly in a sentence examples were helpful.