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It turns out that [shoves glasses up on nose] it’s an idea from Plato, who thought that when water was totally pure, it was an icosahedron, which is a 20-sided polyhedron.

Cyril de Commarque, Rendering for Fluxland, 2016, courtesy of the artist A mirrored polyhedron boat will take to the river Thames in London in September.

Cyril de Commarque, Fluxland in production, 2016, courtesy of the artist The shape of the sculpture itself, a polyhedron, was chosen for its artistic and philosophical heritage.

“The polyhedron has been subject to many interpretations and symbols,” notes de Commarque.

A geodesic dome has an incredibly strong structure through its triangular shapes, all based on a geodesic polyhedron.

The movie takes its name from Plato’s idea that in its purest form, water takes the shape of an icosahedron, a 20-sided polyhedron, evoking the idea that beauty, and humanity, has many faces.

If there is anything that you ever wanted to render as paper — your cat Luna, your first car, just some weird polyhedron — here is your chance.

“What was known before was either ‘cheating’ — winding the polyhedron with a thin strip — or not guaranteed to succeed.”

“What was known before was either ‘cheating’ — winding the polyhedron with a thin strip — or not guaranteed to succeed,” said math professor Joseph O’Rourke.

“Their new algorithm is guaranteed to produce a folding, and it is the opposite of cheating in that every facet of the polyhedron is covered by a ‘seamless’ facet of the paper, and the boundary of the paper maps to the boundary of the polyhedral manifold — their ‘watertight’ property.

The polyhedron is called the Zei and costs €69 (just under $79) for the first 1,000 early birds, and then €79 ($89) thereafter.

Inspired by origami and papercraft, Teoh and his colleagues applied their design knowledge to creating not just a fold-up polyhedron (you can cut one out of any sheet of paper) but a mechanism that would perform that folding process in one smooth movement.

The result is the network of hinged arms around the polyhedron tuned to push lightly and evenly and seal it up.

It could be a polyhedron, something more round, like a torus, or less symmetrical, like a teardrop.

You can write different tasks on each side of the polyhedron, and then when you flip ZEI° to a new side, it tells your computer or phone to start a timer for that side’s task.

Now there’s a polyhedron for that.

Their 120-sided polyhedron has 12 vertices where 10 triangles meet.

In addition, the polyhedron has 20 vertices where 6 triangles meet.

Finally, the polyhedron has 30 vertices where 4 triangles meet.

Arkani-Hamed speculates that the polyhedron is related to, or might even encompass, the “amplituhedron,” a geometric object that he and a collaborator discovered in 2013 that encodes the probabilities of different particle collision outcomes—specific examples of correlation functions.

And it was, in part, the lattice structure of the geodesic dome, a convex polyhedron assembled from hexagons and pentagons, themselves divided into triangles, that would inspire Caspar and Klug’s theory.

This says that if you have a planar graph (a network of vertices and edges in the plane) that stays connected if you remove one or two vertices, then there is a convex polyhedron that has exactly the same connectivity pattern.

Any of the Steinitz-type proofs will tell you not only that there is a polyhedron but also that there’s a polyhedron with integers for the coordinates of the vertices.

And the circle packing proof tells you that there’s a polyhedron that has all its edges tangent to a sphere.

Who needs a ruffle when they can have a polyhedron?

Wildcard Weekend: Geometric Candles Casting (Saturday) Light up your life with a polyhedron.

These will be installed, recreating Morris’s exhibition of painted plywood polyhedron forms at New York’s Green Gallery in 1964.

It is also a testament to the persuasive power of friendship, unfolding over several months in the context of prime numbers and polyhedron sculptures.

You turned it over, as today’s acrostic quote reveals, and waited for a plastic polyhedron to float up and land one of its faces containing prewritten messages against the clear “eye.” If the answer wasn’t satisfactory, you could shake it and try again until the answer confirmed for sure that the boy in your algebra class “like liked” you.

One day when Dr. Phillips was studying at a microengineering lab at Harvard, a graduate student named Zhi Teoh presented a tiny paper model of a polyhedron he had hand folded, like origami, from a single panel with tweezers under a microscope.

Clearly, said Alfred H. Barr, Jr., the first director of the Museum of Modern Art, “Each generation must paint its own black square.” Or its own superblack polyhedron.

These ones are a nice finished wood, with a subtle polyhedron (20-sided die) design engraved on them.

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