Plug in a sentence | Use of the word plug examples

Put some Arizona in your eggnog (actually, maybe don’t), plug in your Playstation 1, and listen to Frost God below.

Back in my day… The internet came through a wire that you had to plug into your Ethernet port.

We’re told Dr. Luke had signed off, but pulled the plug once he got wind of what Kesha was planning.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have pulled the plug on their relationship … TMZ has confirmed.

Is this where I plug my podcast?

Oh, yeah, plug.

Beyonce just pulled the plug on the Nashville stop of her tour, one week before she was set to play there.

But is continuing to plug and play dollar-bin wings actually the right approach?

The project was designed in stereo, so plug in your headphones for the best listening experience.

It is time to plug yourselves into existing movements and organizations that have been fighting fascism since before Trump.

Let’s give you one more plug.

It was a spark plug issue.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers pulled the plug on a concert performance because lead singer Anthony Kiedis had to be rushed to a hospital.

plug in a location and BreezoMeter will show you the air quality down to street-level detail.

No plug has admitted to being involved in the shooting … but claims it was all in self-defense.

When I eventually snapped and pulled the plug, she was annoyed with me for not doing it sooner.

You just plug in the algorithm and money comes out.

It effectively pulls the plug on the team’s impressive 18-4 start.

Those users had to plug in and recharge their phones in order to get them back online.

For this exhibition, we’ll just have to plug in the cords.

But then, the carrier pulled the plug.

EssayBot gave me a rock-solid opening paragraph, after which I was presented with a suite of additional paragraphs I could plug into the copy.

These are small devices a Gmail user can plug into their computer via USB to make their account much harder to hack.

A network realizes that a show’s ratings aren’t where they should be, and it pulls the plug.

Chief Executive Lam and other government officials are standing fast by their proposals, calling them vital to plug long-standing loopholes.

After years of missed deadlines, however, the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy pulled the plug on the project in 2016.

After years of missed deadlines, however, the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy pulled the plug on the project in 2016.

“Nobody wants to pull the plug by 13th April,” said the official.

What’s more, by freezing a moment of the raw footage, Taylor is able to plug the incident into a larger system of violence.

Every day, flights are taking off with what amounts to an anti-Samsung commercial, warning people not to use or plug in their device.

While his advisers are split over whether to end DACA, reports indicate that the president is leaning toward pulling the plug.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch just gave FedEx an unwanted plug … if you pop meth in an envelope you’re guaranteed next day delivery.

You plug your iPhone (which has to be running iOS 7.1) into the car’s USB port and presto!

Maccarone said on Wednesday the banks were considering whether to plug Carige’s entire capital shortfall themselves, without Apollo’s intervention.

I wanna plug something.

“Because not communicating at all, you can just plug the radio out and throw it out of the car.

Deutsche Bahn kicked off a strategic review of the business earlier this year amid growing pressure to plug a funding gap.

Let’s plug your podcast frequently.

That’s a plug for Steven’s book.

If you plug in a cord that doesn’t have an E75, you’ll see a “Accessory not supported” message on your phone.

More and more sites offer public APIs that allow us to plug directly into our desired data sources without scraping at all.

The promoters are suing Marc for damages suffered by pulling the plug on all those concerts.

You just plug in your phone, and the car’s screen reflects its user interface.

Where I plug into that is I grew up without a lot of money.

Inside, local ringleader Patricia is introducing a friend to Chad Moore, her Austin plug.

“It’s more or less plug and play.

MTV is pulling the plug on its revived version of “Total Request Live” … TMZ has learned.

Not a plug for Hotmix.

Traditional and contemporary houses and other diverse programs plug in the structure to create a rich vertical urban fabric.”

The Sanford Center in Bemidji, MN tells TMZ it’s pulling the plug on Ralphie’s concert that was set for Saturday.

Just plug the speakers into the auxiliary input on the receiver, sync the receiver with your phone or tablet, and hit play.

The general idea is, you get home, you plug in your car, and your intelligent car is sending signals.

It could have gleaned them greater successes had they not pulled the plug earlier.

Everyone’s favorite penguin game (unless you were the sole purchaser of  Happy Feet for the Wii),  Club Penguin has had its plug pulled.

They store them for you securely and then you can just plug those in as you need them.

Then plug in a single power cable and you’re off to the races.

“We take account and game security very seriously and are constantly working to improve and plug any exploits we find,” Braun continued.

Thank you for that plug.

Once you plug in headphones and clip into the pedals, the experience feels uncannily like the real thing, except without the commute.

Now that the site’s plug has been pulled, Donovan says that every single link to Stormfront on the web is broken.

“Do you pull the plug?

Justin Bieber pulled the plug on his Purpose tour because he “rededicated his life to Christ” … sources connected to Hillsong Church tell TMZ.

No official word from Drake yet, but ya know he’s gotta be loving the huge plug from O herself.

Of course, if you plug an address into Google Maps, a computer can do all of this for you.

Haley also said Iran was still supporting terrorism, conducting arms-smuggling, and violating travel bans — all reasons for Trump to pull the plug.

But what if you could just plug in a box to your home router and get all that?

“You simply plug it in and it simply works,” Christian Bennefeld, co-creator of eBlocker, told me.

Ron-Ron *World Premiere* Master Kato x Ralfy The plug x Ketchy The Great – “Zombie” prod.

No one expects you to plug your ears.

Oh and by the way, before we go, I have to plug my podcast.

Turkey also faces a widening current account deficit making it reliant on weak foreign investment to plug the gap.

The team’s latest attempt to plug all these holes is Jose Reyes, the last rake lying in front of Sideshow Bob.

TMZ broke the story … Kourtney pulled the plug on her relationship with the 25-year-old model last month …shortly after their trip to Italy.

From a market standpoint, it might seem like the time is near for pulling the plug on subsidies to renewables.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll never have to plug in your next laptop or EV.

his friend stuck a butt plug in him like six inches from away my face.

A starter kit, which comes with an Oomi cube, touch, dock, a plug, and two bulbs, and a plug retails for $599.

Will we keep humans on hand to plug them in?

While other companies, such as Automatic, focus on devices that plug into a car’s diagnostic port, ZenDrive runs its app on smartphones.

Yesterday, Evidence Action announced that it was pulling the plug altogether.

The result feels slightly like Hollywood Mad Libs — take this element of this successful drama and plug it into this one.

Citizens plug cords into their forearms, lie back, and await the word of the day.

Sit down with a legal pad, figure it out, plug it into the site, move on.

This piece is part of a series of stories produced in partnership with The plug.

He says Stedman accused him of being drunk, and pulled the plug after that.

Last week we announced that we created the first ever health and wellness accelerator, in partnership with [tech investor] plug and Play.

Instead, there’s an inscrutable 160-page manual that didn’t help me find out where to plug in anything.

Headphones that plug directly into the lightning port.

Also, the value of having a plug who can get you into shows.

Use a dongle Apple will likely include a dongle with the new iPhone to plug existing headphones into the lightning port.

You plug your standard headphones into the iTrip Clip, which receives the audio signal wirelessly over Bluetooth.

She enjoyed it, even found it helpful, but ultimately the cost ($59 month) led her to pull the plug.

Max B also used the extra attention to plug a Free Max B petition.

Are you worried about that innovation given everything is so plug and play?

The stories bleed together into an amalgam of identical narrative arcs, which typically end with a request to plug their product.

Then it ran into an ice plug, where water had bonded with the methane.

(Here’s a calculator you can use to plug in your own numbers.)

Rose McGowan is pulling the plug on her marriage … filing for divorce.

We’re told Scheana fears he’s off the wagon, and she’s considering pulling the plug on their marriage.

“In the end no one wants to be seen as the one who pulls the plug,” the source told The Times.

Connect your ailing iPhone to a Lightning cable and plug it into a computer.

Maybe one of them eventually pulls the plug; I don’t see Toby giving up his apps.

Here’s why it’s so hard, as a social network user, to pull the plug once and for all.

After 17 minutes of broadcasting to the world, Facebook finally pulled the plug.

After 17 minutes of broadcasting to the world, Facebook finally pulled the plug.

You can plug it into an external monitor and do even more.

People upload their information, advertisers plug in their information, lots of stuff sort of happens mechanically, and then oops.

Translation: They love the plug.

Patches of concrete and wood were used to plug the damage and the ship was sent to Washington State for a full repair.

But it was the devices that plug into smartphones that were of more interest on the Barcelona showroom floor.

So is that an API of some kind that people plug into, or what?

Heplandista Ica is an electric plug and wire; Amphilima Distinctae, a smashed coat hanger.

The company tried to plug the well with fluids the day after the rupture was discovered, but the attempt failed because of ice blockage.

So you can even plug your smartphone in, too and just charge everything you have.

If the cuts are to be made permanent, that leaves spending cuts to plug the gap.

plug a splitter into it and share.

Facebook pulled the plug on the project two years ago.

Viewership data from analytics company Jumpshot, provided to Business Insider, could explain why Netflix pulled the plug.

Singer Jhene Aiko is the pulling the plug on her marriage to her producer/hubby Dot da Genius … and the timing is interesting.

So, time to pull the plug?

We’re told those messages, released Monday, put Cardi over the edge … and she pulled the plug.

KR: Got the plug out of the way.

TMZ broke the story … the estate also pulled the plug on a fundraiser for Mixed Blood Theatre, which says it lost nearly $350k.

This demo would be recorded simply by having both B. and Steve plug microphones into a DAT machine, press record, and perform their songs.

Kate Beckinsale and her husband, Len Wiseman, pulled the plug on their marriage … TMZ has learned.

When the radio hosts tried to ask some follow-up questions, Brady tried to politely pull the plug.

Woodstock 50’s investor pulled the plug on the festival cause the company was fearful of financial disaster.

We’re told Amplifi Live needed a minimum of 100,000 attendees to make a go of it, so the company pulled the plug.

Maybe you could plug mine.” I think that’s been effective, too.

We’re told a doctor on site recommended that she pull the plug on the performance because it could permanently damage her vocal cords.

He and Chloe have been inseparable ever since … and clearly it’s going well enough he’s ready to pull the plug permanently.

plug the device into a dock it’s a console.

And, let me plug Jeff for one other thing.

The NYPD eventually decided to pull the plug with such a large crowd “for the safety for all those involved.”

network pulled the plug, claiming production was impossible.

Through that relationship, Daimler will simply plug its own driverless cars into Uber’s network when it’s ready.

When they see a plug in a socket, they start pulling.

Nike felt Colin made a valid point and pulled the plug on the shoes.

Ariana was set to headline at the Cosmopolitan hotel Saturday night, but moments ago we learned the plug has been pulled.

Another purchase you may want to add to your Amazon cart is a quality butt plug.

He also gave himself a shout-out … with a very Pump-esque plug for his upcoming album.

Using a plug will get the receptive partner used to the feeling of having something in their ass.

Mariah Carey’s pulling the plug on her birthday concert in Brussels in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

The company settled with regulators, agreeing to replace the water supplies for those homes and plug and abandon a number of nearby wells.

It charges in four hours from a normal plug for roughly 1.50 euros.

How’s that plug, Marques?

Payne wants Manilow to pull the plug on his Judy duet and fork over any profits he’s raked in from it.

We’re told it never got physical, but Kenya was fed up with the verbal abuse … and pulled the plug on the relationship.

You’ll recall Farrah pulled the plug claiming promoters screwed her by not providing her with hotel rooms, plane tickets and fight tix.

Aisha Tyler’s husband Jeff Tietjens is pulling the plug on their 23 year marriage.

He said the disaster highlights the need to find and plug those leaks, big or small.

They wanted users to be able to basically plug and play.

There was a plug in the hole of innovation.

DMX is pulling the plug on several tour dates, and his people say it’s because of an unspecified medical issue.

Think QVC meets Facebook where anyone — even celebs — can go live to plug their merch.

Passwords, be careful what you plug in, using all the awesome Privacy Badger and Https Everywhere and these things that EFF have created.

Alicia Silverstone has officially pulled the plug on her marriage to Chris Jarecki … she’s filed for divorce.

TP-Link Kasa Smart plug Mini (works with Google), Amazon Smart plug$25 each Smart plugs are the way to make your dumb devices smart.

We’re guessing the underwear company was fine with the plug and probably behind it.

They’re also super easy to install: plug in light, tell assistant to find light, voila.

Hopefully, we can make this deal before her album comes out next week — shameless plug.”

Could you use the gene-editing technology CRISPR to plug the good flavor genes back into modern tomatoes?

We made calls to every venue on the list … none have pulled the plug, at least not yet.

plug the link right there [laughs].

He says the mystery condition is forcing him to pull the plug on his one-man play version of ‘Twain.’

A little plug for my former nonprofit. The Prez turned to the cameras and pointed at Hope, possibly giving her a plug for future employment.

You just plug it in, and it lights and waters your plants for you.

Maccarone said on Wednesday the banks were considering whether to plug Carige’s entire capital shortfall themselves, without Apollo’s intervention.

After testing the idea in six countries for several months, Facebook has pulled the plug on the experiment.

In competitive House races across the country, Republicans are beginning to pull the plug on their own candidates.

Things got out of hand quickly … cops were called in, and security pulled the plug on the show.

This one may not actually even have even been finished before FOX pulled the plug.

The Rolling Stones have pulled the plug on their summer No Filter North American tour because Mick Jagger has health issues.

TMZ broke the story … Logic pulled the plug on his marriage last month from Jessica Andrea, and divorce is looming.

You’re going to plug a box into it.

Greenies joins a mountain of companies who have pulled the plug on their relationship with “Teen Mom.”

I don’t know anyone that has a big TV that doesn’t plug something into it.

But liberal outrage wasn’t what got CPAC to pull the plug or Yiannopoulos to resign from Breitbart.

Bruce Springsteen just joined the fight against North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law by pulling the plug on an upcoming concert.

Jennifer Holliday pulled the plug on her inauguration performance because people threatened to kill her and her family … TMZ has learned.

at that same show didn’t help either — so he pulled the plug on negotiations.

As TMZ first reported … they’re pissed because they never got a heads-up Bieber was pulling the plug and leaving them high and dry.

5:25 PM PT — Twitter’s now copping to one of its staffers pulling the plug on President Trump.

37 ranked news app, just above Bloomberg’s; it’s possible Apple will pull the plug there, too.

You can plug a monitor and a keyboard into.

When you plug the phone into it, it sets up a desktop-like experience on the big monitor.

You plug it in.

LG: We, shameless plug, did an entire podcast with Joanna Stern on this exact topic a few weeks ago.

As we reported, Tisha pulled the plug on her marriage with Duane Martin almost exactly a year ago.

That altercation was the last straw that caused Halle to pull the plug on her marriage.

When Bey pulled the plug Thursday, the cheapest resale GA pass was going for $540 on StubHub.

One of the plug ins is a clapping drum machine—think of flamenco handclaps—and a lot of hip-hop producers like to use that.

High Priest from Antipop [Consortium] was I think the first person to use Sufi plug Ins on a vinyl record.

The quick change could no doubt be a plug for a hair growth product, but there’s a more likely explanation.

That in mind, we asked friends and co-workers about why they pulled the plug on a close friendship.

Gavin pulled the plug on his house party in the San Fernando Valley after LAPD showed up for a noise complaint.

Haley also said Iran was still supporting terrorism, conducting arms-smuggling, and violating travel bans — all reasons for Trump to pull the plug.

Netflix pulled the plug on the show several months ago … before the Kevin Spacey revelations came to light.

I’m not gonna plug someone else’s podcast- We’ve had him on the show.

Pull out the RJ45 plug and everything stops.

The podcaster, comedian, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan had issued a last-minute plug on Twitter and Instagram.

You guys are really, you just plug away.

And it was like pulling a plug in the bathtub.

The guy says the chair once fetched as much as $5,000 from another auction site, but pulled the plug.

Marty O’Donnell The plug was pulled on everything.

We put the last piece into Reach, pulled the plug, closed the door and went over to Bellevue.

It seemed like as good a time as any to finally pull the plug and permanently delete my Facebook profile.

This was part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to develop its mining sector and plug the “midstream”, it added.

Or has its plug been pulled, and it will soon dwindle away to nothing, like a fading image on a TV screen?

She kicks the sand and does a little star jump like she’s just touched a plug with wet hands.

Sheriff Graver says he was told the country duo even threatened to pull the plug on the concert if they saw any cops.

Simply plug it into your HDTV to enjoy thousands of channels, app like Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Because Mikell’s doesn’t have a cabaret license, and four performers are found on stage, the city pulls the plug on the venue.

Conversely, putting a plug in the jug can decrease those risks.

And, again halfway through, I almost pulled the plug.”

Take “Slime Flu was the original Slime Season” and plug that in your thinkpiece generator!

Their anger made sense in the case of Daredevil, because it was Netflix that decided to pull the plug on the show.

I also keep running into a problem when I try to plug my laptop into the Roku TV with an HDMI cable.

It comes with the bulb, too, so simply plug in and watch it (and his face) light up.

During defecation, feces moves like a solid plug.

When they see a plug in a socket, they start pulling.

Merkel is also facing calls to make Germany more attractive to foreign workers to plug critical labor shortages.

There are plenty of holes to plug in Fortnite, but you will never convince me that this is one of them.

If the CBS Board of Directors reviews the report and believes Moonves violated his employment agreement … it can pull the plug on that payment.

You don’t plug and play.

To plug the gaps, some of them are trying to poach workers from poorer, non-EU neighbors.

Following a poor holiday shopping season, though, its owners decided to pull the plug for good.

“We’re not going to immediately plug him into a situation where he has to get the biggest out,” Reds manager Bryan Price said.

The beacons plug directly into your wall outlet, like a WiFi range extender, and look more like a Glade plug in.

It needs to plug a gap in its record 7.3 trillion naira 2017 budget aimed at stimulating the economy.

“Now when you plug in your phone, this is what you see,” Federighi shouted, pointed at a blank desktop.

Dallas wasn’t Philadelphia, pulling the plug on a mediocre team and embarking on a half-decade of watchable basketball to embrace The Process.

San Diego tied the game at 1 in the second, thanks to the return of their spark plug.

You’re watching on Netflix, you’re less likely to plug out and plug in, you’re just going to keep watching.

Trump’s appointment of Mattis, then, could plug the loophole.

So it’s a beautiful thing man, and that was our mind frame because we had the plug in Houston.

She loves those daytime talk shows, so mom’s already likely heard Whoopi Goldberg plug her THC-laced bath salts—of the non-face-eating variety—during The View.

I’ve actually tried to plug in my address here in Bushwick, but they haven’t quite expanded this far yet.

This is the one you’ll want to plug into the outlet that connects to your light switch (if you have one).

“In my worst moments, I wanted to pull the plug.

Pulling the plug on USA Hockey is the humane thing to do.

plug into the networks that support immigrants and refugees.

To listen, you plug a pair of ⅛” headphones into the jack and flick the on-switch to the right.

You can plug Ovechkin’s name into the previous sentence at any point between now and the end of his career, too.

Is it a home console you plug into your TV like the Nintendo 64, Wii, and Wii U?

Even Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince, who personally decided to pull the plug, thinks the answer should be “no” in the future.

And all a hacker has to do is plug it in and wait.

Baby or not, we’re told Chyna had enough and pulled the plug.

You have to remember to plug them in periodically, or replace the batteries, or you’re screwed.

The problem was that we constantly had to plug holes, for example with the money Jörn and I made from “Rocker.”

He is untroubled by the fact that all his life, he’s been able to hear the plug murmuring “James Henry Hayward.

Insert shameless Jem and the Holograms plug here.

Republican Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said her plug was “unacceptable.”

Should I be ordering some type of butt plug off the menu?

As a DJ for 102.1 CFNY-FM, Bookie also had the airwaves to plug showcases during shows like Live In Toronto and The Indie Hour.

Last week, Barack Obama used it to plug health care reform.

The authors—the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy and Prosecutors Against Gun Violence—offer a prescription for how to plug up those gaps.

Worley Parsons would operate the platform and maintain the equipment and Lloyd’s Register would plug the wells.

“That means they’re oil-based and they’re going to plug the hair follicles”—a.k.a.

Then we can take some new observations, plug them into the optimized, weighted equation, and make a solid prediction of how cold it is.

Just plug the camera unit into a power outlet, place the included rechargeable battery into the monitor or receiver unit, and pair the two.

It’s very easy to plug in a pair of CDJs and you’re off.

Since we don’t have to hook it up to Wi-Fi, we just plug it in and it’s ready to go.

If they plug you in, and you watch a news report and then a satirical news report, your mind is working harder.

We romanticize depth and role-players, and convince ourselves that the fourth-line plug is just as important as the superstar in his own gritty way.

He has his foot up on a guy—like he just conquered him— who’s wearing a ball gag and a butt plug.

No longer able to insure their customers, the major tour companies immediately pulled the plug on their Tunisian operations.

You can host small meetings and discuss important issues, organize or plug in to local/national calls to action.

Can the body plug into the computer?

After some dinosaur talk, he squarely addresses Anna and says she killed as a presenter and then gives a plug for her show.

Just yesterday, it announced it would pull the plug on Yahoo Labs, its in-house research lab.

plug in your city and zip code and you can select from a list of local clubs.

He used to be my old plug before I started to supply him.

It’s a big pink butt plug wearing a bandana with a banner dead and center reading, “plug Life.”

So you plug it into subscription-based models where you are going to put that content and put it there.

Yasmine: Because the way we plug in our equipment is through a completely different mode than he has probably ever used.

Honestly we just had to plug the coordinates into Google Maps.

They can plug their headphones into the iPhone’s last remaining port: the Lightning connector that’s also used for charging and data transfer.

The idea is that anyone can grab the AUX cord and plug his or her phone in to play what he or she wants.

Many analysts and business leaders expect that another IMF bailout, the second in five years, will be needed to plug an external financing gap.

it sounds a bit like the noise you sometimes hear when you plug a charger into an outlet.

A Sabrent USB audio plug controls two servo motors for the mouth, aligning Alexa’s words with the robotic lips.

I could be [Wolfgang] Amadeus Mozart with my white wig and my butt plug.

And calorie-counting apps, where users plug in what they’ve eaten, are unreliable.

Immigration helps to plug that hole, but when it starts to fall, the demographic shift becomes even more pronounced.

The only real adjustment required by consumers is to plug the thing in rather than stopping at a gas station twice a week.

You can plug it straight into the motherboard, and it’s totally a normal computer, so you can install Windows or Linux or whatever.

“Some folks’ fetish involves molding it into butt plug shape; it’s important to have some form of handle to retrieve it.”

It became usual to blame everything on hackers while IT companies just pretend they are working hard to patch bugs and to plug holes.

In a panic, they try to pull the plug.”

After leaving that space, I had the opportunity to join plug Projects, which is an artist-run space in the West Bottoms.

plug has been a leader in Kansas City in its dynamic programming for art writing and experimental film.

Last month, FCA pulled the plug on its proposed merger with Renault, saying negotiations had become “unreasonable” due to political resistance in Paris.

These days, some people are wondering, is it time to pull the plug on PC Music?

Although, you can get, shameless plug, you can get all of our Code conference content for free at Recode Replay on iTunes.

Nearby partygoers on the dock threw Lehr corks from their vodka bottles and he jumped back onto the boat to plug the hole.

Nissan has pulled the plug on an app for its leaf electric car after researchers revealed the app could be abused by hackers.

Sorry, they won’t be comparable to the Vive and Rift, and that you won’t have to plug them into things.

Don’t trust the fact that it has a USB plug or a standard electrical plug.

It looks cool: it’s a pocket-sized battery with a solar panel, and has a USB plug to charge your phone.

A 100-watt inverter may advertise that it can run a laptop, and with a standard outlet plug, looks like it can.

But if the inverter doesn’t provide enough juice, it doesn’t matter what shape the plug is.

They have networks they can plug into in Belgium and France where they have access to heavy weaponry.

This butt plug was nice.

I have this absolute optimist’s perspective on things and it’s really hard for me to pull the plug.

If the place is really top-notch, they’ll get a vocal feed to plug headphones into.

“It’s easily replaced with another one, like plug ‘n play.

The marriage lasted only 28 days before Brittney pulled the plug … while Johnson was pregnant with twins!

He captioned it … “As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast.”

plug in your Google Home device in the room in your home where you want to use it.

This piece is part of a series of stories produced in partnership with The plug.

Follow Mike on Twitter, where he will only occasionally plug his books, promise.

The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek and supermodel Paulina Porizkova are pulling the plug on their marriage … after 28 years!

“Latin people here in the United States are the spark plug of the country’s economy.

My friends—a group of Somali girls who went to my mosque—helped me plug in a Sony snapshot camera and upload a selfie to Myspace.

Khloe posted the pic and is clearly calling BS on stories that James pulled the plug on their relationship.

If you could just plug the right combination of words into a box, maybe a computer could give you what you needed.

Jason: Kali is easy for a producer to put on a bootable disk and plug in as needed.

Bermudez eventually located a pear-shaped limestone rock; this, he says in the film, was the well’s plug.

Once he found my spouse’s steel butt plug, and couldn’t wait to show it off to our vanilla guest.

Ruest made sure to include the tweets in formats that any data nerd can plug into a spreadsheet or analytical software.

It can be hard to say goodbye—but lately, you’re feeling ready to just pull the plug.

Shuman bowed sheepishly and proceeded to plug the key into the main server.

check out my new laptop stand… @thechainsmokers where do I plug in the aux cord so I can make sick beets like you.”

Technically, it’s quite feasible to plug methane leaks, which often occur in faulty drilling operations or pipelines.

Their line is that companies already have incentive to find and plug leaks, so why get the EPA involved?

Like, what if one day EA pulls the plug on the franchise, or it becomes significantly less popular, what happens to your career?

Steele’s comments suggest the latest debate is not putting a plug on that exodus.

At the last minute, it pulled the plug on a sale to chewing gum maker Wm.

It’s basically like pulling the plug without any ethical repercussions.

You’ve got to have hours of footage, so you can just kind of plug yourself in and then actively play the game.

But now we never have to be alone; we can always plug in and distract ourselves from what’s right in front of us.

If they want a bit of spice, they can just buy a butt plug.

Tencent, TransLink Capital, XG Ventures, plug & Play Ventures and Wargaming also participated in the round.

Now they can sort of just plug it in and go.

To plug the well permanently, the company must fill it with cement.

To plug the well permanently, the company must fill it with cement.

Ultimately, the online retail and cloud computing giant pulled the plug on the tool.

There was more, on how the band are apparently taking back control of their social media accounts now and a plug for their tour.

Dan began dropping pills at 15 and now takes them “whenever my plug has [them] in.

After months of criticism, Colt abruptly pulled the plug on the project in attempt to recover the company’s reputation.

The idea is that anyone can grab the AUX cord and plug his or her phone in to play what he or she wants.

Yeah you can buy some nice gear and plug it in, but this is all bespoke, all researched, all developed.

HBO has been trying to plug up leak after leak surrounding Game of Thrones this season, but the latest leak is the most dramatic.

Before that, Mexican-American artist Fernando Sosa turned the would-be Republican presidential candidate into a butt plug.

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Ahead of the album’s release, Mykki dropped “The plug Won’t,” a slow-burning rap track about being straight edge and staying savage.

“The plug Won’t”7.

Haley also said Iran was still supporting terrorism, conducting arms-smuggling, and violating travel bans — all reasons for Trump to pull the plug.

Shameless plug: for more on Iceland, read my profile of Iceland’s two—yes, two—head coaches.

You just see the plug you’re putting in the wall.

Just plug in your family income, the schools you’re interested in, and the major that the prospective student intends to study.

All of our listeners have missed out on their sock opportunity, but good plug for for next year’s TwitchCon.

We Are Handsome tells us Ronda’s plug made website sales for the suit surge 300% … so good luck getting it.

But over the past few months, the Trump administration has tweaked the order to plug those holes, and sharpened its legal defense.

In the study, the researchers concluded that “the anecdote that users will pick up and plug in flash drives they find is true.”

I have to plug The Verge here.

The city worked until 1:17 AM to get the sirens under control, which they did by pulling the plug on the entire system.

But after such a failure of a season, you can’t blame Notre Dame too much if it pulls the plug.

Rich also tells us it was all “for the fans” — but we know a plug when we see it.

Twenge is not advocating for pulling the plug on connected teens altogether.

“I watched a bartender plug in a DVD player and get electrocuted,” recalls Giovanazzi.

If someone wants to put on a song or plug in their iPod, it’s definitely a free-for-all.

plug in “community mental health clinic” or “low-cost counseling” and the name of your town or a nearby city.

As such, we asked friends and co-workers to sum up what made them pull the plug on a relationship in six words.

We’re told it was actually Bella who pulled the plug 2 months ago, because the bi-coastal relationship was just too difficult.

Without a lead singer, what’s the point, so they pulled the plug.

“The (company’s) cash was not big enough to sustain even one bank pulling the plug,” he said.

When you log into Materia Magica and make a new character, you’re presented with the option to plug into the visual impairment code.

We can plug in someone else’s name and run this back every other week.

We’re told she has no plan to pull the plug on her marriage.

If it doesn’t, it won’t have the funds to plug a huge hole in its finances and could be delisted.

Even if certain systems weren’t infected with malware, some hospitals still pulled the plug as a precaution, seriously affecting productivity.

Noisey: I saw you plug on a viral tweet you did.

I was lucky enough to go viral and I was high-key embarrassed to plug at first.

But the band continued to plug away, and, despite a rotating cast of members and a short hiatus, they’re still making music.

Someone pulled the plug on the jukebox and angled a lampshade like a spotlight.

So, you have to plug it in a socket.

“I realized I’d left a plug adapter with my computer in the shop,” he says.

The Oakland-based company is also pulling the plug on its operations in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012, the UK city of Birmingham pulled the plug on ShotSpotter after only two out of 1,618 alerts were confirmed as gunshots.

If you’re returned to matchmaking after another player pulls the plug, you won’t be penalized,” he said.

Reformers can plug some holes, but money will find a way to influence the policy process regardless.

Google told Vox on Thursday that it’s pulling the plug on the ethics board.

Or did you discover Mustard plug and know you had to put it out?I think it was both.

Mustard plug was definitely part of the punk scene.

This was not that far away from the Mustard plug record—they were within a year of each other, I believe.

It’s very similar to the Mustard plug story but with metal instead of ska.

Utility crews racing to quench the wells with cold water and plug them with mud had managed to mostly secure the site.

So after a few sessions, Sub Pop pulled the plug.

Last night, President Obama visited “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” for a show-tune number that included a plug for the TPP.

The question stands: Why didn’t they plug this gaping data hole?

They could plug that leak in seconds.

Sorry, that wasn’t a plug.

It was a small plug.

I have a Google Home, but it’s unplugged, and I plug it in when I want to get something.

Last month, FCA pulled the plug on its proposed merger with Renault, saying negotiations had become “unreasonable” due to political resistance in Paris.

Mike, plug your newsletter one more time.

Let’s give Mike a final plug.

I don’t mind having to plug in a phone.

Add in the spices, garlic, salt, and a good plug of hot sauce, then refrigerate.

Sources close to the former couple say they parted ways earlier this month — no word on who pulled the plug.

It won’t plug into any big story.

When a tea bag is removed from a mug, it’s turns out to be a drain plug.

In 2014, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin pulled the plug on a single-payer bill, saying his state couldn’t pay for it.

Is it too soon to suggest we try a butt plug… on him?

Thomsen belittles tax increases proposed by Greece to plug the fiscal gap as “Mickey Mouse stuff”.

“Lately, they seem to have pulled the plug on that propaganda.

You might even decide to pull the plug on a partnership—but, again, it’s probably best to wait out the retrograde.

I would love to plug the show on another show.

KS: Please plug that show.

It also has multiple USB ports so you can charge up and plug in a bunch of things at once.

Apple pulled the plug on Lisa three years after launch, with only about 10,000 units sold.

Caiden’s father is Drakeo the Ruler, and his uncle is Ralfy the plug.

Last night, Club Penguin shut down for good, after Disney pulled the plug in favor of a new mobile game.

Chrissy Teigen even jumped in on the chatter to plug her new knife collection, available at Target.

It’s another 3.5mm jack that allows someone else to plug their headphones into yours and listen to the same music.

Then we get a live plug for Ainsley’s children’s book and ANOTHER Pence/NFL story.

Ainsley tosses to a plug of her upcoming interview with Ivana Trump, Donald’s first wife.

Once they try it, they’re transformed.” This piece is part of a series of stories produced in partnership with The plug .

Can I plug something?

And that’s my plug.

I’ve begun to appreciate that my to-do list doesn’t plug into my schedule neatly.

I’d plug it in in a second,” he told me.

“He was the spark plug, the man with the plan,” Henley said.

I just thought I’d post one shameless plug!

LOOP World Adapter plug, $19.95

Read the original article on INSIDER.

You’d pull the plug on that?

The Maltese obsession with EU red tape on its plug spanner industry.

Why pull the plug?

Parents prank their kids by pulling the plug on Fortnite.

The Boss pulled the plug on an April 10 show to show solidarity with North Carolina’s LGBTQ residents. also gives some really direct links you can use to plug into the work of this particular movement in Charlotte.

You could log off by pulling a plug.

Everyone’s favorite penguin game (unless you were the sole purchaser of Happy Feet for the Wii), Club Penguin has had its plug pulled.

Berlin could yet pull the plug if it believes a deal would be politically unpalatable.

(Contrast this with stopping to plug in periodically or fiddling with those overhead catenary wires.)

Who’s going to plug them in?

And while you’re at it, plug both of your phones (old Android, new iPhone) into a power source.

In February last year Green paid 363 million pounds to plug a hole in BHS’s pension schemes.

The slow way is to plug it in overnight, providing power for the electrolyzer to fill the tank.

There’s a second reason why some stars appear to have been headed to D.C. but then pulled the plug.

Love isn’t a total horror show on defense, but he also can’t protect the rim or plug up a pick-and-roll.

You still do plug into the cable box that you get from Comcast, correct?

You plug our first unit in, that starts your Eero network.

Then for other Eero’s around the home, you can plug them into ethernet if you have ethernet jacks.

If you don’t, you just plug it into power and things get up and running.

KS: You can’t just have them plug into an Eero and go?

You need a modem to then plug into the ethernet port on Eero.

Anyway, then you plug it right there, the Eero there with it.

In the spaces left gaping in this sparse track’s production, you get to plug in (and yell) your narrative too.

You put that box in and then you can plug in an Eero or whatever other router you want.

His new venture, TIXFAN, is a consultancy firm that will work directly with teams and artists to plug the holes he exploited.

I plug it in the wall.

If you can’t manage that, head on over to Indivisible’s site to plug in your zip code to find events.

We live in a tech obsessed world, so chances are, you’ll have a ton of things to plug in.

You plug it in, connect the HDMI cable, and turn it on — after a basic initial setup of language and time, you’re in.

Or how about the ability to plug in third-party services like Giphy, so you can add in-line gifs to your conversations?

“On weekends and evenings I plug my work phone in away from me,” she says.

And she even managed to insert a plug into the interview for her new tequila brand, called Honor.

And she even managed to insert a plug into the interview for her new tequila brand, called Honor.

Just wirelessly connect it to an Echo device and plug it into a set of nice speakers.

Once both Ha Thuc and the Arts Council found out what was going on, they quickly pulled the plug.

Restaurants can plug in to our system and integrate it into their delivery backend.”

Opposed: Wait, is this all just some stupid plug?

Lil Wayne was so furious about his “Nightline” interview we’re told his camp repeatedly demanded ABC News pull the plug.

plug and Play [of Redwood City, Ca.]

Just plug in your website’s URL and you’re good to go.

Buried among all of this morning’s MacBook news was word that Apple will be pulling the plug on its Photo Print Products services.

Environmentalists say such extreme depths bring greater risks, making it harder to plug and contain any spill.

But if you ever plug your laptop into a desk workstation, the MateBook 13 isn’t for you.

If you don’t plug your laptop into a desk workstation, then the MateBook 13 might be a great laptop for you.

Conveniently, Palace is waiting with its Reebok Classics and branded windbreakers to plug the gap.

plug and Play Tech Center).

I think they got so far behind that Psygnosis pulled the plug on it.

plug in your numbers and watch how frighteningly easy it is to lose your money.

A special plug is coming soon for legacy AC units that may not have a remote.

This prompted their idea for Scale, which now offers developers an API they can plug into an app to automate the human-powered functions.

The most convenient way to charge is to plug in overnight at home, and for most people, this is all that is needed.

Charging at work is simple and convenient, just plug in and your car is charged by the time you’re done for the day.

When her family got word on that, they pulled the plug entirely.

Few people use it now — except when you plug your phone into your computer and it loads automatically.

This works with Amazon’s new Echo devices, the Amazon Smart plug and AmazonBasics Microwave.

Just a month ago, Amazon introduced the Smart plug.

The Smart plug is interesting because it basically self-discovers.

plug a location into NASA’s interactive map and see when the ISS, the third-brightest object in the sky, is passing overhead.

We’re told she pissed off producers back in September, during the reunion show taping, which is why they pulled the plug.

Though, given how much smaller the Thunderbolt are than full-size USB, it is a bit more difficult to plug a cord in without looking.

But many key players declined the invite, and then Trump pulled the plug altogether when he learned barely anyone was gonna show up.

Why can I plug in a TV without an extra adapter, but my router needs a wall wart?

Amazon today opened up pre-orders for the Echo, Dot, Plus, Spot and Smart plug.

Simply put, you can’t plug in a TV and three AC adapters on a single power strip.

“Step one, plug in a module,” Camargo told the crowd.

If we can make AC adapters easy to plug into a couple hundred devices, we might just save people some money on adapters.

As you know … Farrah said she pulled the plug on fighting Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander claiming she was bullied by event organizers.

(Reuters) – The Kansas House on Thursday approved a bill raising taxes to plug state budget holes over the objection of Republican Governor Sam Brownback.

On the infrastructure side, it’s developing commercial services for startups to plug into.

Second, unlike the old Echo, this new one sports an auxiliary jack to plug in your own speakers.

The trickiest part to assemble is the camera and attached gimbal, which plug into the belly of the BYRD.

We hope plug in a sentence examples were helpful.