Plan in a sentence | Use of the word plan examples

She also talked about her student debt plan, which would cancel debt for millions of Americans and invest in debt-free college.

It described the plan as a move to solidify the United States as its global manufacturing hub for Jeep products.

An admirable business plan, for sure.

It has not said how the appeal court’s ruling may now affect that plan.

The show was curated by faculty members Jim Rugg and Mark Sable, who helped plan the original curriculum.

You never plan on being down 5-1.

“I plan to bring an M16 , 3 mags, suicide pills and an axe.”

The user goes on to detail his plan of attack, and clarifies in all caps that “THIS IS NOT A JOKE.”

No additional gifts are planned, and the Guggenheim does not plan to accept any gifts.

That was more than roughly 3 million plan cancellations, and most of the plans were cut because of how sparse their coverage was.

Ryan’s appearance came in the midst of mounting skepticism about the plan among rank-and-file Republicans.

Ryan’s appearance came in the midst of mounting skepticism about the plan among rank-and-file Republicans.

The new action plan, the country’s third, will run from 2019-2021 at a cost of 76 billion CFA Francs ($132 million).

Well, what’s the plan?

It’s a fakakta plan.

He doesn’t have a plan for how to get his ransom.

According to sources, at the Friday meeting, Mayer laid out a plan for turnaround, appealing for more time from the board to fix Yahoo.

Under the agreement, called plan Colombia, the US pledged nearly $10 billion in assistance.

“But he’s off to an awful start.” It’s not just the budget plan.

Senate Republicans are now preparing to take up their own plan later this week, so long as they keep defections to a minimum.

But the tax plan has yet to encounter any hurdle it can’t clear or any concerns Republicans can’t dismiss.

This is all in spite of the plan itself.

But neither of them has committed to voting against the tax plan over the issue either.

Which is how we got to Rubio’s shortsighted plan.

There are few details about Rubio’s paid leave plan.

Through the plan, up to 70 percent of their wages would be covered for two months of leave.

Even worse, the plan doesn’t take into account the fact that the future of Social Security is in jeopardy.

The downside is that the plan still lets businesses off the hook from shouldering any of the cost.

And the plan is flexible so that it benefits all employees, not just parents.

On Thursday, Di Maio agreed to back the League’s tax-cutting plan as a priority.

The most important difference between our plan and that of our opponents, is that our plan will put America first.

First, my plan will begin with safety at home which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism.

My plan is the exact opposite of the radical and dangerous immigration policy of Hillary Clinton.

My just-released 10 point plan has received tremendous better support.

plan 9 from Outer Space” had a very limited release.

In “plan 9 from Outer Space,” aliens conspire to raise the dead on Earth to save humans from themselves.

plan 9″ was relatively unknown until it gained notoriety as one of the worst movies ever made in the 1980s.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates 22 million fewer Americans would have insurance under that plan.

Hope is not really a plan,” she said at her office next to Stroger Hospital.

Grijalva of Arizona said he expects lawmakers will ratify the plan when they write the fine-print of the legislation at a hearing on Wednesday.

The researchers plan to continue giving bees more complicated math quizzes to further explore the range of their computational skills.

Think of the Brexiteer politician who told Sky News that no, actually, there was nothing behind the curtain—that “there is no plan.”

And in the face of all this: there is no plan.

Any plan relying on a general election will have to overcome the new Fixed-term Parliaments Act and then actually win the contest.

Friedhoff perceives the broad strokes of Trump’s North Korea plan as nothing new.

And she asked her to pick out when in her lesson plan she might use those techniques.

agenda, noun: A plan of things to be done or problems to be addressed.

The problem with Republicans’ agenda in Washington is that there is no plan.

4. Review of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power plan” and Related Rules and Agency Actions.

His family would get a $7 billion windfall from his estate tax plan.

Bloomberg cited internal emails from a Google exec voicing concern over the unit’s lack of a short-term revenue plan.

WeWork has since expanded it by opening a school in Brooklyn that offers students no tuition upfront, but instead a repayment plan.

The plan did not include details of how the point system would work.

Like many great strategies, EA Sports’ plan to take sports games into the future was born of necessity.

“It’s pretty clear,” Lewis said, “that they plan to do a lot of nuclear tests.” Ravi Somaiya and Amel Guettatfi contributed reporting.

And a phone survey of constituents found the Republican plan was as unpopular as Obamacare itself.

It all starts with Mike Bourke — and Shawne says he’s already putting together his fight plan.

The president eventually proposed a CBO-approved plan to balance the budget, and the government reopened.

Nuclear experts say the shutdown plan is at least an encouraging political gesture ahead of talks with the United States in June.

He doesn’t plan to hold on to the presidency indefinitely, he says.

Employers could make contributions to employees’ health insurance without actually having to administer a group health plan.

Employees could gain more choice and potentially get a plan that better suited their preferences.

A person familiar with the Trump administration’s thinking said the White House would not support such a plan.

After you’ve created a plan, the final step is to fund your account.

And, we’re told, since no one on the show had advance warning, there is absolutely no plan on replacing Michael.

The violence brings into sharp focus the high stakes of the country’s plan for bringing electricity to those who lack it.

The violence brings into sharp focus the high stakes of the country’s plan for bringing electricity to those who lack it.

In a Rose Garden speech yesterday, Trump proposed a plan that sounded like it would be good for tech.

Shortly after Churchill was right here in Westminster College, the United States developed an extremely radical foreign policy initiative called the Marshall plan.

It also invited people to study its strategic plan.

Senate GOP leaders plan to put the bill up for a vote later this week, needing 50 of their 52 members to support it.

But Corker, Senate leaders, and the White House are working on a plan that would address those concerns.

But hours away from a first vote, the tax plan looks on track.

A nurse showed me across the open floor plan to the empty bed in the corner, ticking off boxes as I responded to questions.

His big plan for the day was to hold me and to refill my ice cream.

Lieberman said he was glad to see Trump temper his initial plan for the ban.

The plan builds upon Booker’s longstanding focus on criminal justice reform.

Under Booker’s plan, more than 11,000 people serving time for marijuana offenses would be eligible for clemency.

Hogan said Microsoft will organize sessions to hear more about their concerns and to develop a plan to address them.

I know you’re working on your own plan.

They couldn’t repeal Obamacare, because their plan was horrifyingly unpopular and actually would have, literally, led to more deaths.

[Kara Swisher] There are problems with Snapchat’s plan to jump-start growth.

Any plan to allow the importation of prescription medications should also include consumer protections that ensure foreign drugs meet American safety standards.

My parents were able to save for some of my college costs through a plan that provides tax relief for those savings.

On Sept. 20, a federal judge in Pennsylvania ordered prison officials to come up with a plan to release from solitary confinement.

I am enrolled in an income-based repayment plan currently as I pay them back and have also signed up for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

A tax plan that was specifically designed to reduce taxation of new investments might do that.

Despite the way the group has evolved beyond its original purpose, the plan to dress like the candidate is still on, Chamberlain says.

Pick a solid, cheap 401(k) plan.

Gupta emphasized the importance of picking a low-cost 401(k) plan for your employees — especially since business owners are the fiduciaries of those plans.

Donald Trump had a plan to control the message from this debate, no matter how his performance was rated.

By contrast, the Obama administration held four hearings around the country during the comment process for passing the Clean Power plan in 2015.

Instead of my original plan of becoming a military linguist, I worked in gas stations on third shift.

Visualization wouldn’t be enough, so I picked a training plan and started believing.

Critics of the bill plan to protest in Hong Kong on Sunday, with rally organizers calling for 300,000 people to take to the streets.

They promised to pass a plan addressing these problems.

The Republicans offered a plan that would leave millions without coverage and increase the deductibles on the marketplace.

Trump said that deductibles will go down under the Republican plan.

Though the House didn’t include this in their plan, it is expected that this will end up in the final legislation.

Get an elite team around you, and be prepared to be agile with your game plan, and it will be game, set, match.

“Hamas’s diabolical plan to infiltrate into Israeli communities must be stopped.”

Using this method, CARB determined that the program would produce enough cumulative reductions to match what it called for in the scoping plan.

The plan would proceed in two steps.

The plan was to use this power to quickly pass an Obamacare repeal bill along party lines, hopefully by spring.

This is still the plan, nearly a month after Donald Trump took office.

Here is what you need to know about the Republican tax plan released Wednesday: It’s not a tax reform plan at all.

The corporate tax reform plan would also ban companies from deducting the cost of interest they pay out on money they’ve borrowed.

The problem for this plan is that the votes just aren’t there yet for Price’s repeal bill.

Price offered a detailed repeal-and-replace plan in 2015 that included watered-down tax credits, likely alienating conservatives such as Paul.

And that’s before taking into account President Trump’s promises to ensure universal coverage, which would rule out just about every above plan.

They had said for two months that they wouldn’t support a plan that resulted in millions fewer Americans having health coverage.

Every plan Republicans put forward was projected to result in millions fewer people having insurance and out-of-pocket costs rising.

Though Vance isn’t sure Musk’s Mars colonization plan will succeed, he certainly believes Musk is committed to the goal.

The striking coverage losses led other Republican senators to oppose every plan but skinny repeal.

Both companies started out with a plan to contract most of the components out to third parties and just do a few things themselves.

The JOC told Reuters it believed the Japanese investigation was independent and neutral, and that it did not plan to reopen its investigation.

Even Republicans are concerned about undoing the ACA without having an alternative plan in place.

If you intend to engage in civil disobedience, having a plan in case of arrest is especially vital.

Her plan would break up some mergers, such as those of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as well as Amazon and Whole Foods.

Her plan would break up some mergers, such as those of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as well as Amazon and Whole Foods.

And in the process, they have hurt small businesses and stifled innovation,” Warren, 69, said in a blog post announcing the plan.

Warren’s plan is another indication that Democrats are increasingly distancing themselves from their once-cozy relationship to Silicon Valley.

Related: Obama Outlines Criminal Justice Reform plan After Year of Police Killings and Protests

May must submit a new plan for Britain’s next steps by the end of Jan. 21.

It is not clear that this plan is technically possible, or whether it has enough support to succeed.

One problem with this plan: the record labels have seen this movie before and they know how it ends.

This is why the labels blocked Apple Music from launching a sub-$10 streaming plan.

One problem with this plan: the record labels have seen this movie before and they know how it ends.

This is why the labels blocked Apple Music from launching a sub-$10 streaming plan.

The plan ultimately failed, but nearly 1,000 members of the Venezuelan armed forces did defect, crossing the border and turning themselves in.

Colombian authorities shut down the plan.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has a plan for that.

They plan to churn out 100 celebrity emoji apps this year, including putting 10-second song clips in emojis.

They also plan on putting movie trailers in emojis, as well.

She’s got a plan for that, too.

The plan behind her plans.

And then what’s the plan to get Congress on board for that?

For example, I have got a plan to just attack this opioid crisis head-on.

I got a plan for that.

You have a pretty interesting housing plan.

You say that in order to come in for the grants in that plan, states and localities will have to change their land-use laws.

So one of the features in the plan is to say that the federal government can be a good partner.

But come up with a plan, and here’s the way to measure the plan.

Use my housing plan and attack redlining straight on.

Creeper watched their plan unfold, months of script writing and deception finally paying off.

“Having an action plan is a step that so many well-meaning ‘stands on sexist’ are missing.

The most dedicated preppers don’t just store food; they make evacuation plans, pore over survival tactics, and plan for a post-apocalyptic future.

“But that’s the really long-term plan.

We’ve got to come up with a tax plan.

Asked who would back a plan that eliminated private insurance, only Sanders and Harris raised their hands.

Trump also has a hardline immigration plan that emphasized deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

If not this bipartisan plan, then whose?

It’s not surprising that workers who voted for Trump plan to vote for Brown, said Justin Barasky, the senator’s campaign manager.

So it’s not surprising that so many union workers who support Trump plan to cast their ballots for Cordray instead.

The order will direct the Commerce Department, working with other government agencies, to draw up a plan for enforcement, the sources said.

The plan will cost the state more than $600 million a year, and lawmakers don’t yet have a plan to pay for it all.

But suddenly, and to the surprise of reporters and other observers, Republican senators have coalesced around a new plan championed by Sens.

So if your biggest goal is reducing the deficit, this plan would check that box.

The bill is the most disruptive repeal plan to date.

This bill is, in my view, the most radical Republican health plan to date.

The FCC will vote on the plan on March 31.

And he has every right to go through with that plan.

So you should only buy if you plan to stay in the same house for five years or longer.

But today, he gets to combine spontaneity with a solid game plan.

Inside, a handful of bureaucrats were working on a shock plan.

In retrospect, the move marked the death knell of “Kuroda-nomics,” as the governor’s plan for reflating the Japanese economy became known.

They sought twice to prepare a plan to raise rates in 2018, but abandoned the effort due to unexpectedly weak inflation and volatile markets.

He doesn’t plan to embark on it himself because he wants to return to Syria someday.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said Trump was only reaffirming NASA’s space plan.

The Army really put in a strategy and put in a plan on how to lessen racial strife.

During the campaign, Donald Trump told us that: “The rich will not be gaining at all” under his tax reform plan.

The Tax Policy Center has found that the Better Way plan is extremely regressive.

By 2025, fully 99.6 percent of the benefits from the plan would go to the top 1 percent.

This is the plan the Trump tax framework seems to be modeled after.

Past versions of Trump’s tax plan have been estimated to cost trillions over 10 years, about $3.5 trillion in one recent estimate.

We don’t know if the same is true of the current plan.

What does seem clear is that the plan is unlikely to be as progressive as the current code, despite the Trump administration’s promises.

In Rwanda, we buy a family plan for the vehicles because that’s how we get the best rates.

We always joke when it comes to this family plan because — I’m serious.

We literally bought a family plan.

The EU has said her plan is a good starting point, but pro-Brexit campaigners fear it keeps Britain too closely tied to the bloc.

And the dinners are only part of her attempts to win her party over to the plan.

On March 1, some plan to wear T-shirts printed with the images as a show of solidarity with the series’ message of diversity.

Trump will lay out his vision for an immigration fix on Tuesday, in an attempt to garner some support for the plan among lawmakers.

“This plan flies in the face of what most Americans believe,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted on Friday.

Gillibrand’s plan is part of a larger movement among Democrats, who are increasingly seeking to curb the influence of big money in politics.

Or as ArsTechnica helpfully translated: Don’t plan on using your autonomous Tesla to earn money with Uber or Lyft.

Despite these challenges, Gillibrand’s plan is one that’s already gained traction in a local setting.

Sanders has a 13-point plan that directly addresses it.

Hillary Clinton has an eight-point plan to increase wages for the middle class.

It is essentially the outline for a series of bills Ocasio-Cortez and her congressional allies plan to write.

The survey, commissioned by Data for Progress, found that 38% of Americans disapproved of the plan.

“Where’s the plan?” Reporting by Susan Cornwell; Writing by Susan Heavey; Editing by Jonathan Oatis

“Our plan was based on a 3 percent GDP growth.

Again, this will cost a lot of money, as partially repealing SALT was a major way Republicans paid for their tax plan.

And if they had had such a plan, it wouldn’t have been difficult to pass it.

For one, the UK Parliament voted last week to give itself a meaningful say on a Brexit “plan B” if May’s deal failed.

However, Fernandez previously told Recode that it didn’t plan to expand outside of Brazil just yet.

The notoriety wasn’t what she had in mind when she first shared with her mother her plan to begin a solo climate strike.

“I think the president has come up with a plan with his generals that makes sense to me,” Graham said.

Clearly that’s been recognized as we see from Comcast saying they plan on making an offer in the future.

We’re told when he appeared before the judge, his legal team pitched a payment plan option … but it didn’t fly.

But a lot of conservatives also hate the details of the plan that have leaked because it involves too much government spending.

Reportedly, the economic impacts of the plan won’t even be scored by the Congressional Budget Office before the committee votes on it.

But sooner or later, the plan will have to be made public and Ryan will have to defend it publicly.

I think that’s a winning plan.

Don’t plan what you say, just say it.

As Matt Yglesias wrote at the time: Having dropped the DBCFT idea, Republicans didn’t rethink the rest of their plan.

“We’ve been working hard for the last two or three days on this re-entry plan (for residents),” he told reporters on the ground.

Adds $400 million for PEPFAR, the U.S. President’s Emergency plan for AIDS Relief, keeping funding stable.

DACA recipients are trying to plan for the worst, while hoping they’ll never have to speak those plans to their children aloud.

As for the eagles, uhhhh, I don’t really have a plan but has anyone ever been eaten by a eagle?

The plan had been to travel around France and explore Brittany, which is the setting for the action in my book.

Elizabeth Warren has a universal child care plan.

She has a plan to crack down on corruption in defense procurement.

And a big plan for free college and student debt cancellation.

If you’re gonna do it, have a plan and exit strategy.

Originally designed for just two people, the open, flowing plan made for a highly intimate space for a family to permanently reside in.

Was the ceremony part of the plan from the beginning?

It’s part of his plan to cut off funds to ISIS, but it also would break international law, Muir pointed out.

(Think how much trouble Republicans are having getting an Obamacare replacement plan through.)

They think you’re working in it means something somewhere didn’t go according to plan for you.

That gives the left hope that they can replicate the playbook they used to take down the Republican health plan.

The campaign “Not One Penny” has been at the forefront of finding pithy, clear ways to illustrate the Republican tax plan.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who also attended, said they would not endorse a plan that fails to meet Palestinian core demands.

A rep for Pepsi said, “This lawsuit is without merit and we plan to vigorously defend ourselves.”

And despite its rigorous system of planning, she said Singapore was “not afraid to change the plan.

So here’s the two-step process by which they actually work: Republicans want to pass a tax plan without Democratic votes.

In a plan that relies too heavily on Xander’s military memories — remember that time he turned into GI Joe on Halloween?

The zoning plan provides plenty of opportunities for protesters and counter-protesters to run into each other and start trouble.

Well, his opponent knew what he was going to do with it—the thing is though, it was not that great of a plan.

Fagon and Blouin scratch that plan and call in a doctor from Marseille, a Dr.

“We’re a very divided city,” said Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed, who introduced the plan.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) introduced the Global HER Act the same week Ivanka’s plan was announced.

“We’re a very divided city,” said Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed, who introduced the plan.

Still, Pruitt doesn’t plan to back down.

Reuters reviewed a copy of a “Tezos Business plan” from early 2015, which listed Breitman as chief executive.

The plan projected that if the company survived 15 years, it would be worth between $2 billion and $20 billion.

The business plan reviewed by Reuters called for raising $5 million to $10 million over two to three years.

Democrats say the Trump tax plan is a giveaway to corporations and the rich.

I will appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office.

The plan is part of a broader push by President Donald Trump’s administration to boost small businesses and promote job growth.

Over a decade ago, Elon Musk laid out Tesla’s master plan to help save the environment.

Today marks a significant moment in Musk’s plan.

The plan also backs shifting the U.S. to a territorial tax system, meaning that only U.S.-based companies’ domestic earnings could be taxed.

So DeVos’s potential guns-in-schools plan would likely make school violence worse.

This could change before the Republicans bring their plan to a vote on Thursday.

“My plan,” he says, “was to have a few of the cans for myself and sell the rest of them for a fiver each.

That’s real life, and I plan to live it while I can.”

Ben Carson, for his part, mischaracterized his own tax plan.

“The plan’s backfired.” And with the backfiring of her plan, Gadsby said, she’s decided to change the end goal.

[Vox / Liz Scheltens] Obamacare repeal is class warfare Russia has a plan for winding down Syria’s war.

McKenzie and Morgan plan to fight the filing in court.

The plan died in the state legislature.

But the plan to sell 5 percent of the company for a targeted $100 billion was pulled.

After eight days with empty supermarkets, the company agreed to scrap its plan.

It’s also a good idea to plan for a show after lunch.

plan a show or meal for that time.

CNN reports that some national security officials and even some Republicans are starting to come up with a backup plan if Haspel isn’t confirmed.

plan some time to enjoy the entertainment and activities at your resort or any others, explore Disney Springs, play mini golf, etc.

The Senate voted on Wednesday evening, 52 to 48, to start debate on the Republican tax plan.

Make sure you plan ahead

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“I should have had my surgery last year.” So what about the new replacement plan?

The current Republican replacement plan, like its previous incarnations, might particularly punish Trump supporters enrolled in Obamacare.

In theory, it paves the way for Elliott’s plan.

The Best Self Co. Journal that helps make their 10-year plan tangible.

Some directors, however, wanted to see the shake-up proposed by Elliott, calling Genish’s plan “obsolete”, one source said.

British Airways said it was working with WDL to work out how the wrong flight plan was filed.

Instead, it praised a “very compact” accommodation plan.

But House Republicans still plan to tackle the matter through a bipartisan report later in the year.

But Republicans are now in full control of the government and their own health care plan has failed.

Politico reported that a group of 40 House Republicans and Democrats were coalescing behind an alternative health care plan to stabilize Obamacare.

CSR payments would be funded as part of that plan.

This is a lovely time to plan your getaway; however, Neptune wants you to reflect on your relationship with money.

We spoke to Professor Hanke, whose experience lies in currency reform from Ecuador to Indonesia, to find out more about this plan.

“We implemented the cleanup plan that was identified by the agencies,” said John McAuliffe, who oversaw Honeywell’s cleanup plan.

Asked what Rome will do if Brussels rejects its budget plan, Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister, said: “Press ahead”.

Asa Hutchinson (pictured above) said in a Friday press conference that all of the executions went according to plan.

It’s safe to say Gary Neville’s time as Valencia coach has not gone to plan.

A healthy and sustainable weight loss plan is encouraged no matter what method is used.

We’re told the calls are only for a few minutes, but convos almost solely revolve around the plan to appeal his conviction.

The Medicare privatization plan that relaunched his policy relevance is also dead.

The new plan would also, the Trump EPA found, cause 48,000 new cases of asthma each year.

“I want to learn because I plan on living outside of Brazil and giving a lot of seminars.”

They fear the Trump plan will fall short of their core statehood demand.

But you can’t cross that finish line without having a strong dessert plan.

Most concerning to the families being separated is what appears to be a lack of a plan to reunite the children with their parents.

Trump’s plan for how to get those allies to pay up is to threaten to withdraw from the alliance or security guarantee altogether.

Consider Trump’s plan to “take” Iraq’s oil by force to recompense the United States for the 2003 Iraq War.

Talent agency WME also plan to offer it as an option to all their clients.

You have lots of places in the country where the Blue plan is the only carrier.

I moved to the U.S. for school, and there was kind of no plan.

They will also be required to adopt a “diversity and inclusion plan” and show how they are improving their hiring practices one year later.

“There are no quotas here, it’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all plan,” he said.

“For now, that’s the plan,” an EU source said.

The group held a launch for their plan on Tuesday, July 18.

You at least have a plan.

And we’re told the plan includes a face tatt.

Action: The stadium developers have outlined a community benefits plan (which is part of the requirements mandated in a State Senate bill (pg.

Still, the plan was deemed non-negotiable recently, and has since drawn ire from local community members.

As per the same bill, a “stadium community oversight committee must be created to carry out the community benefits plan.”

Renault and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) are looking for ways to resuscitate a failed merger plan and secure Nissan’s approval, Reuters reported this month.

Trump’s economic plan, like most of his stated policies, is light when it comes to specifics.

So one thing they’ll likely be thinking about is whether some other insurer is going to offer a bare-bones plan.

Advocacy groups and Silicon Valley giants plan to go to war against Pai and the FCC in the courts.

The new plan follows the UK government’s stated intentions to get the immigration numbers down to a “sustainable” level.

Mark Borde, co-president of Freestyle Releasing, the company distributing the picture, called Old Fashioned’s marketing strategy a “counter-programming plan” to Fifty Shades.

Each of these candidates has proposed a huge tax cut plan.

Richard Burr (R-NC) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the latter of whom chairs the Senate Finance Committee, have offered a plan very similar to this.

Paul Ryan’s latest plan would preserve a refundable health care tax credit, albeit one that does not increase in size for poorer Americans.

But Roy asserts that his plan would increase health coverage by 9 million relative to Obamacare.

If the Roy plan, or the Hatch/Burr plan, becomes law, Obama’s health care legacy will survive in at least some form.

The PBOC did not elaborate on the bill auction plan.

Boeing, which had sold 80 jets to IranAir under the 2015 nuclear deal, does not plan any deliveries.

The Republican plan rolls back the expansion, taking 4 million to 6 million people off the rolls, according to Standard & Poor’s.

The Republican plan would prevent any coverage expansion in 2020 or after.

This helps explain why disability rights activists are appalled by the per capita cap plan.

Here are some of the major winners and losers from this GOP tax plan.

But the Republican plan would halt that and put the whole burden on states.

A massive corporate tax cut has been the centerpiece of the Republican tax plan from the beginning.

No one knows what will happen if Britain crashes out of the EU in 24 days; as of today, there is no plan.

The Republican tax plan lowers the individual tax rates and increases the standard deduction.

The plan calls for providing legal counsel to all immigrants and making it easier for them to post bond in immigration court proceedings.

The votes were intended to reveal what type of Brexit plan could secure a majority in Parliament.

Parliament defeated this plan last week by a margin of eight votes, and on Monday, it lost by just three.

Under our plan, we focus on the immediate family by limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children.

From there, they formulate a plan for what the person should and shouldn’t do.

This plan lost 184-293 last week.

The UK has to come up with an alternative plan before April 12, or risk leaving the EU without any deal at all.

According to Blayney, this makes coming up with a plan difficult.

U.S. President Donald Trump has voiced support for such a plan, also advocated by the NRA.

For now they are behaving as if they are a free publication, but that’s not the plan.

Trump’s team, meanwhile, spent months plugging away on the “spend $200 billion but get $1 trillion” plan.

The Democratic plan — backed by Democratic Sens.

There is no infrastructure plan and there never will be.

Kushner’s plan includes 179 infrastructure and business projects.

The catch, though, is that Trump doesn’t really have a plan to do all this.

Trump and Trudeau “instructed officials to develop a joint action plan on critical minerals collaboration,” the White House statement said.

So that’s where Trump’s plan comes in.

Twitter waited until 2010 to announce its advertising plan.

But he sees a few problems with Trump’s plan.

However, David Levinson, a transportation analyst and professor at the University of Minnesota, brings up a number of other concerns about this plan.

— Here is the Trump campaign’s full explanation of their infrastructure plan.

On the other hand, they can be more frequent because they don’t take very long to plan.

“Anxiety as a human phenomenon is really about thinking ahead, and trying to prepare, plan, and optimize your success.

Saudi Arabia has assured Arab allies it would not endorse any U.S. plan that fails to meet key Palestinian concerns.

So get your plan out there and don’t waste time.

In that case, yeah, that’s the plan.

To understand why Murphy is casting his proposal as a more feasible way to single-payer, you need to understand Sanders’s plan.

Murphy’s plan tries to chart a third course.

But one huge problem about Murphy’s plan is whether it would truly achieve universal coverage.

Yet so far, no presidential candidate but Warren has put forward a concrete plan to confront the opioid epidemic.

Warren and Cummings plan to reintroduce the CARE Act, with some slight tweaks, in the next couple of months.

Murphy has met with Sanders to discuss his alternative plan, according to a source with knowledge of that conversation.

You know, we don’t provide, I think, a good plan around treatment.

She denies those charges, and says her screening plan is aimed at ensuring each immigrant is a good fit for Canada.

Aside from the butterfly garden and swimming pool that already exists, another feature they plan to add is a waterfall and indoor forest.

All the proposals failed, and the Grassley proposal failed particularly badly, gaining only 39 votes, compared to 54 for the Common Sense plan.

They could’ve conceded that they were out of step with the Senate and endorsed the Rounds-King-Collins plan.

Wolcott took a stricter view of Iran’s compliance with the deal, known officially as the Joint Comprehensive plan of Action.

May returned the following week, on January 21, to offer her “plan B,” which was essentially her plan A.

As part of this plan B process, Parliament was allowed to put forward amendments.

The original plan was defeated by 230 votes — the worst loss for a government in modern British history.

So the UK is pretty much back where it started before the votes: No plan, and less than 60 days until Brexit.

Two weeks ago, a journalist got wind of a plan to decriminalize some corruption offences like official misconduct and abuse of power.

I think now the fight is more towards McGregor because now he actually has time to plan for Diaz.

McGregor needs more of that opportunity to plan for his opponent.

I plan for it.

Everything went according to plan.

The Palestinians say the still unpublished U.S. peace plan falls short of their goal of statehood.

Similarly, the Heritage plan cuts Medicare by 41 percent, Social Security by 8 percent, and Medicaid and other mandatory programs by 47 percent.

They also hope to plan to provide counseling services not just for kids, but for their entire families.

President Xi Jinping’s plan of turning China into the world’s largest economy is hitting a few unwanted speed bumps.

Although Trump appeared to propose the plan from the stage, the idea is by no means novel.

Well, here it is in full: Bernie’s plan would create a federally administered single-payer health care program.

Sanders’s “plan” doesn’t cover any of this ground.

And that’s pretty much the plan right now, is hope billionaires show up and save your newspaper, which they did in Minneapolis.

Build a real model of the higher education plan.

– TUESDAY If the law is formally approved on Monday, it will require May to present her plan for a Brexit delay to parliament.

Come up with some notion of what kind of health insurance the Berniecare single-payer plan is going to provide.

The plan would likely trigger an influx of residents from nearby towns (and maybe even some from farther away).

We know that’s not Weinstein’s intention — he and Glaser plan to fight the firing tooth and nail.

Trump had long promised to unwind DACA — and in September, he set in motion a plan to end it by 2018.

But it all starts on a computer, which is one of our most important tools for initially establishing a design and plan.

We’re always trying not to repeat our mistakes and to plan for as many unforeseen challenges as possible.

For the most part, we go in to each project with a clear plan and then either execute or adapt on-site.

The toughest projects are the ones that were rushed and last minute, and didn’t have enough time to properly plan out.

It’s unclear if this is a concrete idea or whether such a plan, if it exists, would even be legal.

But to get there, at some point someone needs to start putting pen to paper on a plan that could feasibly pass Congress.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has laid out a plan for Democrats to thwart President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

But that plan has been replaced by electric ambitions.

Bicycles were also identified as a key industry in China’s current five-year plan and its Made in China 2025 initiative.

“But that is not a plan,” Oliver said in response.

And the Mundaneum’s grand plan was to show this to the world.”

None of it was part of the plan.

That was the plan.

Do you plan to move back to Australia?No.

The two have very different plots, but they draw on many of the same elements for a similarly dastardly plan.

“Instead they could get a waiver if they show their plan wouldn’t cost the federal government any more,” Bagley explained.

“That was plan A.”

Hamilton: “He said ‘plan B’ and I was like ‘What the hell is plan B?

But advocates were disappointed by the House plan which would only increase the child tax credit to $1,600.

Under Rubio and Lee’s urging, the Senate plan raises it to $2,000.

The same as the plan above — but without the plus, which means no customs arrangement.

This plan was actually the most popular — it got 264 yes votes, and only 272 no votes — so it only lost by eight votes.

The White House designed the weeklong initiative to rally support around Trump’s $1 trillion rebuilding plan, which isn’t even finalized.

This is similar to a plan that the EU has already rejected, which would basically involve the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

The technique involves charging a symbol, which will then act as a proxy for a clandestine plan.

He said the plan continued to be refined with an eye toward eventually proposing it.

He added that Spain and Germany are among the countries that have backed the Central America development plan.

That plan is set to take effect on August 15.

I plan to break the barriers that people try to trap female rappers in.

They plan to “fix” that.

They need to do what conservative parties in most developed democracies do, which is come up with their own plan to tackle climate change.

That’s what I ask when someone wants the perfect diet or exercise plan.

The plan is to try a bunch of different stuff, aggressively kill off everything that isn’t working.

Progressive Democratic activist groups have been strategizing their plan of attack on a Republican tax bill for months.

The latest Senate plan would relax those requirements.

Salganicoff said it’s paramount that women read the fine print and understand the trade-offs before they purchase a cheap insurance plan.

The Senate plan would take those restrictions further.

He’s calling his detailed 24-page plan MichCare, which he plans to pay for with payroll and business taxes.

Consumers and small businesses would be banned from using government subsidies to buy a plan that covers abortion (again, except in extreme cases).

Every three months, Boka will send you replenishments of brush heads, toothpaste, and floss, depending on which plan you choose.

Observers said the turnout dwarved an earlier protest against the plan last month.

50 has just responded, claiming the plan violates the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which bans slavery and involuntary servitude.

He says the plan would create “a near-indefinite period of involuntary indentured servitude” where he has to work solely for the creditors’ benefit.

Last week, senior White House officials outlined a plan that would offer a path to citizenship to about 2 million young illegal immigrants.

Harley expects the plan will expand its operating margins and add up to $250 million in operating profit in 2022.

I’m now wondering if my grand plan has backfired.

Early Monday evening, House Republicans introduced the American Health Care Act, a plan to replace Obamacare.

That resolution goes a step further than others by asking for a plan to decarbonize its operations.

And behind the scenes, Trump’s administration reportedly continues to mull a plan to launch a limited “bloody nose” strike against North Korea.

And behind the scenes, Trump’s administration reportedly continues to mull a plan to launch a limited “bloody nose” strike against North Korea.

Gox and resurrect it, but the plan fell through.

That involves getting a majority of the creditors – more than 12,000 – to support the plan, according to Japanese bankruptcy law.

The entrepreneur and former tech executive is focusing his campaign on an ambitious universal income plan.

The Senate GOP’s health plan changes that structure in a few ways.

First, it resets the benchmark plan to one that only covers 58 percent of expected health costs.

This basic idea is also present in the plan’s changes to Medicaid.

The Senate’s plan begins to phase out the Medicaid expansion in 2021, and fully repeals it in 2024.

The Canadian government has released its proposed plan for regulating the sale of cannabis edibles.

We are alone.” Trump, who was scheduled to visit next week, addressed the situation before a speech in Washington about his new tax plan.

We had a six-month plan when we thought CryptoKitties would be really big, but we never thought it would take a week.

The plan is to funnel that kind of money back into the country.

In her speech on Tuesday, Clinton criticized Trump’s business record and challenged his plan for the US economy.

They bet big on Netanyahu, head of the right-wing Likud Party, to participate in their plan.

That likely leaves little room for Trump’s plan.

Having a concrete plan that Netanyahu would have to respond to could make things messy for him,” Sasley added.

“I don’t know anybody who’s interested in this plan” Israel’s turmoil also introduces a timing challenge for Trump.

“I don’t know anybody who’s interested in this plan,” said Kenneth Abramowitz, chairman of American Friends of Likud and a GOP donor.

“We’re seeing the Trump plan right now,” said Diana Buttu, a Palestinian political analyst and former adviser to Palestinian negotiators.

He reportedly sought to soften the impact on the U.S.’s closest allies with a more flexible plan than originally envisioned.

But Republicans struggled to make their tax plan satisfy the byzantine rules governing the chamber’s “budget reconciliation” process.

Velasquez stressed the importance of universal health care and Dillashaw stood up for a pension plan.

It does include exemptions for those who cannot find an affordable plan.

Insurance plans fled the state, and by 1999, it was impossible to buy an individual plan in Washington — no company was selling.

It also had the support of President Trump, who repeatedly called on Congress to repeal it in their tax plan.

But it was still enough for Collins to back the tax plan.

Though the plan was to only show up for a single day, due to his condition, Gabe managed to surprise everyone.

Pence arguably helped prolong the outbreak by waiting two months to authorize a clean needle distribution plan.

When Jaime visited the family last October, he overheard the plan to ask Nintendo for early access to the game.

Maduro said the plan involved Guaido as well as political leaders from Chile, Colombia and the United States.

The government will keep pursuing its plan to change the exit agreement and put a deal to parliament as soon as possible.

City council speaker Corey Johnson told local radio he is looking at subsidies for Amazon and that the plan is not yet final.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio support Amazon’s plan.

The first plan, which would have granted legal status to DACA recipients without any funding for Trump’s border wall, failed 52 to 47.

First up was a plan by Sens.

The plan had gained the endorsement of Democratic leadership and is technically being sponsored by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The “Common Sense” plan would: It failed 54 to 45.

Democrats almost unanimously backed the plan, along with eight Republicans.

Under its contingency plan, some parks may be accessible, with others closed completely.

What it means: Trump’s own preferred immigration plan appears to be unviable in the Senate.

The Graham-Durbin plan would offer: But that proposal has been criticized by the White House and conservative hardliners for being too liberal.

The Flake plan would: Flake has also floated a so-called punt on the DACA issue.

The Gardner-Bennet plan would: Got it?

Those provisions have been incorporated into the Grassley plan, even though most of its sponsors don’t actually support cutting legal immigration.

These programs are “unnecessary,” and “duplicative,” according to the White House budget plan.

Work on any satellite mission that has not yet launched will be suspended until the agency receives funding, according to its contingency plan.

While it’s no doubt an ambitious plan, Musk is pretty confident Tesla can achieve such aggressive growth.

The Trump budget plan says eliminating the program will save $125 million.

He lost the appeal, however, and Alabama proceeded with the plan to execute him using midazolam.

And I think if things go according to plan, we should be able to launch people probably in 2024 with arrival in 2025.”

They’d had a plan for when I couldn’t do it anymore.

Fifty of the 52 Senate Republicans must support any repeal plan for it to pass the Senate, and the legislation appears to be short.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has consistently said he opposes the plan, arguing that it keeps too much of Obamacare for his support.

“Make sure to coordinate your plan with your child’s school, your work, and your community’s emergency plans.”

President Donald Trump called the Republicans’ health care plan “mean.” Disability advocates have another word for it: deadly.

The Republican plan would allow the federal government to set a cap on the amount of money spent on each person through Medicaid.

Trump said his tax plan was aimed at helping working people, creating jobs and making the tax code simpler and fairer.

At an event in Indianapolis, Trump called the plan the largest tax cut in U.S. history.

Last summer, for example, he torpedoed a Republican plan to repeal Obamacare.

Trump’s plan falls short of the sweeping, bipartisan package crafted by Reagan and congressional Democrats, analysts said.

The plan would lower the top individual tax rate, paid by the nation’s top earners, to 35 percent from 39.6 percent.

Trump has appealed to Democrats to back the plan, although they were not consulted in drafting it.

That’s why I proposed a comprehensive $30 billion plan to help revitalize and diversify the region’s economy.

There was just too much moderate Republican opposition, and this time around only two Republicans have to defect to kill a plan.

Her plan is foiled because her exit route is blocked by a security guard.

Oh, and again, lest it be forgotten, she had that $30 billion aid plan.

On his plan to reform the tax code, Trump insists, “People that are poor are going to pay nothing.

They’re struggling, it’s tough, and under my plan…you’re going to see it’s nothing.

We hope plan in a sentence examples were helpful.