Pioneering in a sentence | Use of the word pioneering examples

First seen in 1972, it is now regarded as a pioneering, long-form music video, consisting of segments illustrating each of the album’s songs.

The Guardian reported in 2004 that Prince had sought refuge in the church, “like many pioneering black artists before him,” such as Michael Jackson.

A group of pioneering women from the Nevada state legislature have introduced an important, feminist measure to the 2018 ballot.

Beyond navigating changing regulations, expensive seed is one of many challenges that pioneering hemp farmers will face.

Goldstein described her as a pioneering founding member of the congregation and said he was heartbroken by her death.

One of his most important contribution—along with Noah ‘40’ Shebib—is pioneering the sound that people associate with Toronto.

But on Monday, one pioneering New Yorker managed to turn the most uncomfortable part of the city into his own private sanctuary.

Hours later, Hollywood got its first look at the new film about her pioneering work.

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Sakamoto first came to prominence as a co-founder of pioneering electronic music trio Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO).

Appropriating the economics of celebrity culture, these artists are pioneering a completely new way of making art and of selling it.

His reintegration into the game has been so smooth, in fact, that nearly everybody seemed to have forgotten about his pioneering.

Yet despite being a little oppressive, Björk​ Digital has its eerily pioneering moments.

Both were the autodidact’s own innovations, later coopted by filmmakers who never explicitly credited him for his pioneering effects.

Chuck Berry, the pioneering rock ‘n’ roll musician, has died at the age of 90.

Hammond has had a pioneering impact on art, in particular through her insistence on feminist and queer content in abstract work.

Perhaps his best-known accomplishment is pioneering an investment strategy known as “smart beta.”

I find much to admire in Sen. Feinstein’s pioneering career.

In the 1990s, Germany’s “teen tycoon” Windhorst was lauded as a symbol of a new pioneering spirit by Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

A documentary on “The 21st Century Odyssey” offers an in-depth look at this pioneering work of technologically aided human connection.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is pioneering direct, one-to-one customer communications with its fresh and innovative approach to messaging.

Pistoletto played a special part in pioneering the disruptive Italian art movement, Arte Povera.

(It was most notable for pioneering the personality-based games coverage that’s become the standard nowadays.)

He’s being joined by the perfect musical guest: A Tribe Called Quest, the pioneering hip-hop group whose Phife Dawg died earlier this year.

Whatever the case, the sale marks a definitive end to one of the internet’s most iconic and pioneering companies as an independent entity.

Aesthetically, the works reference Eadweard Muybridge’s nineteenth-century motion photographs and Marcel Duchamp’s pioneering “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.

She built a reputation asa pioneering furniture designer, creating stark, geometric pieces including chairs, lamps, lacquered screens, and rugs.

“Before the city became known for pioneering éclairage — first gas and then electric — it was linked metaphorically to lumière,” Clayson writes.

So he tried a different approach — and ended up pioneering a fresh approach to fighting depression.

Aside from pioneering the partnership with ASC, Carlotti is actively involved with the running of the program.

“It was historic, it was pioneering and it is revolutionizing how we see comets.

“It was historic, it was pioneering and it is revolutionizing how we see comets.

It’s even unveiled plans for a pioneering carbon-neutral stadium made entirely of wood.

It was for producing and co-hosting Black Journal, the pioneering public-access show created primarily for and by African Americans, that won Greaves an Emmy.

As we learn from the wall text in Ewald’s part of the exhibition, her pioneering process emphasizes collaboration, participation, and self-representation.

Trisha Brown (1936–2017), pioneering dancer and choreographer.

Sarah Kerruish and Matt Maude, the directors of a new documentary about the pioneering tech startup, explain on the latest Recode Decode.

“New Yorkers can be proud that their correctional facilities are pioneering these smarter, more humane approaches.”

Other members of the group, including Natalie Barney, have been recognized for their pioneering contributions to LGBT history.

The French rustbelt in the north of the country became the pioneering industrial region in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

They first teamed up in 1992 at Palm, which is one of the pioneering smartphone companies, where Donna was the CEO.

You’ve created several companies, and while Palm and the Handspring didn’t survive the change, they were at the pioneering edge of these things.

Leckey restaged the pioneering event in his studio, together with lights, a camera, and a flickering daisy wheel.

We will also speak to Lee Bernard, the Metropolitan Police detective inspector who is pioneering a groundbreaking new agency that aims to rehabilitate stalkers.

From video installations to pioneering net art, Cheang never stopped pushing boundaries.

So, too, has “outsider art,” although it does evoke a more substantive history of pioneering research and aesthetic delectation.

For hydrogen-based fueling stations, the onus to build out or encourage the development of a network is on the pioneering automakers.

She is a scientist, and she’s doing some pioneering research.

Her career would later skyrocket after taking on a role as a pioneering woman in the space industry.

Named after the city’s pioneering African-American mayor, the Carl B. Stokes Social Services Mall has the familiar look of a government housing project.

Allen Ruppersberg: Intellectual Property 1968–2018 at the Hammer Museum is the pioneering conceptual artist’s first comprehensive US retrospective in three decades.

Leon Lederman won a Nobel Prize in 1988 for his pioneering physics research.

His pioneering use of color photography was at first dismissed as too commercial and anti-artistic.

“), and Jay Z’s pioneering role in rap, with the questionable claim that “y’all have Blueprint 1 but act like Tidal wack.”

I was recently in Guinea, where scientists at the University of Conakry are pioneering bionic kneecap replacement surgery for octogenarians.

Since those pioneering procedures, the practice of genital cosmetic surgery has progressed exponentially, both in effectiveness and precision.

that’s credited with pioneering the sound of Southern hip-hop.

In the 1964 anthology, Grapefruit, Yoko Ono published her “instructions” from the 1950s, which were considered pioneering in the development of language-based conceptual art.

It was pioneering.

Technology is only as good as its user, though, and the 50-watt amp needed pioneering musicians to put it on the map.

Ross: I really do believe that it was a pioneering type of show.

But we’re always pioneering things here, unfortunately.

In addition to his pioneering work with Can, Liebezeit recorded and released music with the likes of Michael Rother, Brian Eno, and the Eurythmics.

The task, while inexact, has made stars out of people like pioneering sabermetrician Bill James and FiveThirtyEightfounder Nate Silver.

A pioneering anti-feminist and anti-LGBTQ activist, she relished using rhetoric designed to thrill her allies and enrage her opponents.

General Idea wasn’t just pioneering in terms of art confronting the AIDS crisis.

Academically, he is pioneering a field called human-robot interaction — part engineering, part AI, part social psychology and cognitive science.

“It was historic, it was pioneering and it is revolutionizing how we see comets.

The Yankees may be pioneering a new approach to winning—building a great bullpen, and then selling it off.

“It was historic, it was pioneering and it is revolutionizing how we see comets.

It will be a pioneering work for carpentry-based gaming, which just became a thing now.

pioneering U.S. pollster Gallup last year abandoned head-to-head polls for the presidential race, saying it wanted to focus its resources on polls about issues.

The pioneering art space plans to build a new home on the now-empty lot at 156 Rivington Street.

One of my favs and a true pioneering artist.

A co-founder of the pioneering app-based dating site Tinder, Herd sued the company in 2014, alleging that her co-founder, Justin Mateen, sexually harrassed her.

“It is not fatal for the project.” It said set-backs were to be expected since this was a pioneering project for Russia.

“The draft wasn’t consistent with our ambition for celebrating 50 years of pioneering progress,” the Airbus spokesman said.

This exhibition reflects the power of Thiebaud’s pioneering aesthetic and champions the career of an artist still active well into his nineties.

Plus, don’t miss the celebration of a pioneering performance series and the first retrospective for maintenance artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles.

The six-section band was led by Cui Jian, a pioneering singer, songwriter, guitarist, and trumpeter known as the “Godfather of Chinese Rock.”

My models were [the pioneering English conceptual art group] Art and Language.

None of those effects, with one pioneering exception (more on that below), were digital.

There,  pioneering feminist artist Martha Wilson, one of Ettun’s biggest influences, will perform as Donald Trump.

This fall, MoMA PS1 reaches across the pond to bring pioneering British artist Mark Leckey to the States for his first major U.S. exhibition.

It started strong, with her campaign-launch video touting her as a pioneering female pilot going viral and drawing national attention.

That said, others note that pioneering a new industry brings its own, often unanticipated sources of stress.

We learn of Britain’s pioneering bombing campaigns in the Horn of Africa in the 1920s.

Broadly spoke with this pioneering faith leader about their accomplishments, common misconceptions about religion, and how we can all be more accepting in 2018.

Anita Borg was a pioneering computer scientist, and the institute promotes women’s involvement in the technology industry.

Like pioneering Aquarius, Naomi truly marches to the beat of her own drum.

Even India now in some ways is pioneering stuff which America isn’t doing.

Maybe Skepta or Kano would finally get their dues after years of y’know, pioneering an entire genre.

And one pioneering tech startup,, found a unique way to take advantage of these discounts for those unafraid of the supernatural.

Here she met Hugh Herr, a pioneering figure in prosthetics.

“Our pioneering technology has gone further to enhance safety with every trip tracked and recorded by GPS.

pioneering grime musician Wiley has been awarded an MBE for services to music in the Queen’s New Year Honors list.

VR is spatial and temporal storytelling, it’s about changing your perception, challenging stuff, we are pioneering consciousness.”

pioneering indie pop alchemist Lana Del Rey dropped a single called “Love” back in February that served as a teaser for an upcoming album.

In the early days, most of the pioneering fusion research was done behind the closed doors of top secret government labs.

The film tells the inspiring story of pioneering NASA scientists and mathematicians Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson.

Buchla’s first synthesizer, the Buchla Series 100, hit shelves in 1963, only two years after Robert Moog’s pioneering modular synth.

June LeBell (1944–2017), soprano and pioneering radio announcer.

The moon is in pioneering fire sign Aries today, inspiring you to push forward with your goals, Cancer.

But also visible is the brief text “Girgis, photographer,” perhaps referring to the pioneering Beirut-based photographer Georges Sabounji.

Warby Parker, Casper, and Joybird are just three examples of young brands that are pioneering site-unseen experiences for eye glasses, mattresses, and furniture respectively.

Launched in 1996, Idealab is a pioneering startup studio that gave birth to dozens of successful companies.

In Gazi Bay, Southern Kenya, Mikoko Pamoja (Mangroves Together), was recognised by the UN Equator Prize for its pioneering approach to mangroves restoration.

Her music is pioneering, too.

Last year, producer Josh Young announced his departure from the pioneering trap outfit he co-founded, Flosstradamus, in an Instagram video.

Learn more about pioneering social change through art with the SMFA at Tufts interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts program at

All that pioneering heavy electronic music of the 80s and 90s—all that tied heavily into Giorgio.

“Black Parade” is emo’s crowning moment, but “Runaway” made emo consumable for hypebeasts, which is the real pioneering moment here.

Just a few weeks ago, three founding members of LIGO won the Nobel Prize in physics for their pioneering efforts.

Both are gorgeous, enveloping, sensitive, and pioneering in how they use technology to evoke simple narratives that will tug anyone’s heartstrings.

That’s the idea behind Republic Wireless, a small, pioneering phone carrier based in Raleigh, N.C., that I’ve been following since 2011.

Also absent is the work of pioneering filmmaker (and influence on Warhol), Jack Smith.

I really enjoyed this different version of “Fun Home.” Well, I just have to say, Lee Marrs is a pioneering women’s cartoonist.

Rodriguez’s research is pioneering in the scientific world but ketamine clinics across the US are already offering infusions as a treatment for OCD.

pioneering artist Sister Rosetta Tharpe will receive the Award for Early Influence.

Furthermore, it’s hard to detach the music Bad Gyal makes and claims to be pioneering from its history and context.

But once you scrub away all the venom, what you’re left with is a string of undeniably pioneering albums.

Companies and employees alike can benefit from the rapid, data-driven advances in educational techniques that edtech companies are pioneering.

Companies and employees alike can benefit from the rapid, data-driven advances in educational techniques that edtech companies are pioneering.

Mubi’s January lineup features a selection of the pioneering documentary director’s films from the 1950s through 1970.

“The draft wasn’t consistent with our ambition for celebrating 50 years of pioneering progress,” the Airbus spokesman said.

Harvey Milk, the pioneering gay San Francisco city supervisor, was killed in 1978.

The music community has lost a true pioneering star.”

Professor Jay Whitacre is spearheading pioneering work on energy storage, making it easier to use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

A Trump wall would block “pioneering” jaguars from migrating into the United States and repopulating the area.

Florida responds by pioneering innovations in methrock.

We’ve come a long way from the days of the early exploration of Everest, when it was more a pioneering, romantic pursuit.

A major section of the show focuses on Orientalism, though nothing suggests that Delacroix was unique or pioneering in this regard.

It’s the latest example of Amazon pioneering a new product category and then going on to dominate it.

Next up on the pioneering outfit’s list is a multi-track single release from collective-artist, Chilean producer Paul Marmota.

Her pioneering integration of video and performance creates expansive environments with new models of image making and storytelling.

It’s a required purchase for record collectors and a vital archive of the pioneering Shane, the original trans soul rebel.

“Alan Turing’s pioneering work in the late 1940s on transforming the computer into a musical instrument has been largely overlooked,” they said.

And what about the organizers of the many other festivals that haven’t followed The Loop’s pioneering testing?

Fresh Energy is pioneering the use of disaggregated data to offer new services to customers.

Bill McKibben, a pioneering fossil fuel divestment campaigner, founder of, and a Harvard alum, said that there’s a two-pronged argument here.

It took over a century for her pioneering work to be recognized.

Blue Prints: The pioneering Photographs of Anna Atkins is luminous with organic shapes against seas of Prussian blue.

Lately I’ve read Exupery’s books on pioneering early pilots finding routes over the Andes and such.

Because she is a pioneering woman, she is a model for many contemporary female artists.

The six-section band was led by Cui Jian, a pioneering singer, songwriter, guitarist, and trumpeter known as the “Godfather of Chinese Rock.”

Both Trump and Farage have shocked the world by pioneering a new wave of skepticism of free trade in the Anglo-American world.

“SenseTime is doing pioneering work in artificial intelligence.

But in truth it is only building on its historical role in pioneering satellite technology.

Whoopi Goldberg, another pioneering black comedian and one of the co-hosts of The View, initially defended Cosby outright.

Towards the end of the 90s, Dr Graciela Sorrentino turned the hospital into a pioneering institution for this kind of practice.

Almost four years after her death, My Mother Laughs, the last book by the pioneering director, has been translated into English.

Leonardo Campagna, an evolutionary biologist at Cornell University, says the research is “pioneering” but further study is needed.

Both these films from pioneering director Madeline Anderson are featured in the series.

If Ronda could do that, surely Tarverdyan was onto something, and maybe Browne was wise and pioneering to go find out what it was.

After this they moved on to pioneering roles as coaches and games officials.

And now, pioneering research into Google searches is offering us insights into the human psyche and what we all have in common.

For such a historically pioneering region, venture investors in the West are fairly cloistered when it comes to making deals.

And who could forget the pioneering anomaly that is Lauryn Hill?

This is pioneering work that could help us identify and treat the significant number of patients who suffer acute kidney injury within our hospitals.

Maybe the government is secretly pioneering the next generation of the next generation of telecom technology.

A retrospective devoted to pioneering Fluxus artist Ben Vautier tracks his evolution from a radical thinker and early conceptual artist to salable brand name.

Now we are looking for partnerships with companies pioneering technology in gaming, IoT, VR and distributed machine learning,” he said.

You can read about the pioneering surgery on the NCSU site.

Creating its own shows is hardly pioneering television sets, but if Apple succeeds it could branch out to other TV-related products.

She told how behind each macabre and surreal photo is a complex process of research, consent, intimacy, pain, and psychological pioneering.

That Horton ended up becoming such a pioneering force in retro gaming and digital preservation is hardly surprising.

Another is PK Clean, a pioneering Utah-based company that alchemizes plastic waste back into low-sulfur fuel.

In Guerrero, Bishop Salvador Rangel since 2016 has been pioneering an approach that proponents of amnesty say has a better chance of succeeding.

Verizon-owned AOL announced Friday it is discontinuing AIM, the pioneering chat program, effective Dec. 15.

Manzano received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award on Monday for her pioneering work as a writer and performer for diverse children’s programming.

So imagine my delight in finding that ETH Zürich is pioneering the art of robot-assisted woodworking!

Therefore, some version of the pioneering weapon will likely be found within the tomb.

The pioneering artists of the previous decade seemed to have sweated out and solved the big problems.

In the early 1980s, he started manipulating CDs and CD players, pioneering many of the techniques adopted by glitch music artists in the ’90s.

Just last week, I visited the Eutaw Place home of a local pioneering black model, Carolyn Wainwright, for an interview.

This is especially true when pioneering technology didn’t take off, like the 1964 Picturephone for videophone calls that appears in 2001.

Michael Heizer, a pioneering environmental artist, had the giant rock transported from a quarry 60 miles away while wrapped in deluxe Egyptian cotton sheets.

But British filmmaker and naturalist F. Percy Smith was pioneering this type of work back in the 1920s.

Friedman stayed at the pioneering political-risk firm until May 2015, when he left to found a new company called Geopolitical Futures.

Our technology team continues to push the boundaries of engineering, pioneering in areas like artificial intelligence and serverless computing.

The show proves that when used methodically and with judicious intent, such pioneering technology is far from a mere gimmick.

digital.—from Bay near Hewitt-Packard,” a reference to pioneering California technology company Hewlett-Packard.

Like David Bowie and Prince before him, Kanye West is one of the most exciting and pioneering artists to ever live.

Based in Kenya, Sanivation is a pioneering social enterprise that provides household toilets and energy services to the urban poor.

But his lasting legacy may be pioneering an essentially unprecedented funding model that let him stay in the race.

Meerkat, the pioneering live stream social app whose popularity was quickly eclipsed by Twitter’s Periscope, is officially no longer with us.

Combining traditional globe-making techniques with their own pioneering designs, their globes are true works of art.

They also harken back to John McLaughlin, the pioneering artist on whose philosophies most early Light and Space work is based.

And those pioneering hepatitis C drugs also debuted with an $84,000 price tag.

Ruff re-enacts those pioneering experiments with photography using a completely digital process, replacing the camera obscura with a custom-made software.

More accurately, the program had trained itself to win using the advanced AI techniques that DeepMind is known for pioneering.

( * The Nobel Prize for Economics has been won by a British-American and a Finn for their pioneering work on contract theory.

But in recent years her pioneering work has been “rediscovered” in an art world that historically dismissed much figurative, realist painting.

that’s credited with pioneering the sound of Southern hip hop.

And Jordan Peele, a pioneering filmmaker of black stories in his own right, added: “John was a brave artist and a true inspiration.

As if that’s not exciting enough, we’re looking for 30 pioneering startups to exhibit their stuff in Startup Alley — for free.

“Hoodline is bringing pioneering technology to the world of hyper-local news and content, while layering in editorial expertise and perspective.

In conjunction with their London Calling exhibition, the Getty is recreating the influential 1956 screening that kicked off this pioneering movement.

It doesn’t have much structure, but is a smart step into pioneering a story arc in the world of Snapchat.

But one new program is pioneering an adorable approach to making animals’ transitions easier.

Take Estonia, which is pioneering the idea of a country without borders with their recent launch of the world’s first “e-residency” program.

In addition to a textbook launch and payload deployments, SpaceX scored yet another success in its pioneering technology for recycling its own rockets.

It takes Snapchat’s pioneering Stories product and buries it amongst all the professional content inside Discover.

This kind of pioneering vote isn’t new for Denver or Colorado as a whole.

We are in the midst of another such gap now, according to David Autor, a pioneering labor economist at MIT.

“The Lanciani collection is a stunningly rare personal collection by one of the premier, pioneering archeologists of Rome,” Dartmouth professor Nicola Camerlenghi told Hyperallergic.

There’s the pioneering scientific discoveries, the world-record-breaking athletic moments, not to mention groundbreaking contributions to all different industries.

pioneering NYC cellist and electronic musician, Arthur Russell, is the subject of a new exhibition opening today at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Travelers will stay at upscale properties like Ananda in the Himalayas and the pioneering The BodyHoliday all-inclusive on the northwestern tip of St. Lucia.

The company might be pioneering the period policy in this British city, but it’s actually not something entirely unheard of.

In her pioneering work at Bryn Mawr College, Stevens — whose birthday is today, July 2 — discovered the sex chromosomes that make the difference.

Meanwhile, pioneering direct action campaigners Sisters Uncut vow that they won’t “stand by” and watch as Britain’s domestic refuge network is eviscerated.

The pioneering band walked the line between brusque sentimentality and uplifting hooks, making them emo’s first pop emissaries.

Beyond navigating changing regulations, expensive seed is one of many challenges that pioneering hemp farmers will face.

It’s a concept we’re more than familiar with now, but Schwartz’s worlds were truly pioneering for their time.

Thanks @6Gems for your pioneering work to empower the next generation of innovators.

The exhibition “Experiments in Art and Digital Technologies” will feature the work of six pioneering artists with distinct individual styles.

Dusted with her diva magic, we strolled into the spring evening, feeling even more in awe of Streisand’s fierce, pioneering artistry.

Operational efficiencies are one of the key accomplishments of the analytics efforts in other pioneering cities.

His early geometric sculptures using industrial materials cemented his role as a pioneering member of the Light and Space movement.

pioneering singer-songwriter and producer David Bowie has died following an 18-month battle with cancer.

She obtained a PhD at 42, and would study under pioneering sex therapist Helen Singer Kaplan for her postdoctoral research.

For more information on his pioneering philosophy and his restaurants, visit his website.

(A later plaque recognizes her pioneering career.)

She also collaborated with VICE on a reported feature about the alleged-sexual-abuse scandal surrounding pioneering hip-hop DJ and Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa.

Next, they looked around the world to find and learn from pioneering programs working to prevent violence.

pioneering space startup Planetary Resources was acquired by, of all things, a blockchain firm this week.

TBA21-Academy is a pioneering organization focusing on a confluence of ocean studies, art, science, and environmentalism.

This kind of pioneering vote isn’t new for Denver or Colorado as a whole.

Now you can think of Reiniger and her pioneering influence the next time you turn on a Disney or Pixar classic.

This weekend Alan Vega, frontman and one half of the pioneering proto-punk duo Suicide, died peacefully in his sleep at 78.

Although he sympathizes with the pioneering taqueros in the US before him and the impetus to sell tacos on the cheap—a.k.a.

, an 81 minute documentary focused on pioneering EDM DJ, Steve Aoki, feels like it’s arrived slightly too late to capture the zeitgeist.

A permanent, fixed, open-road bus route has yet to launch in the U.S., but the town of Neuhausen, Switzerland, is pioneering one.

She looks back on a pioneering sports career.

The researchers consider the project a pioneering example of how modern technology can enhance public access to ancient art and artifacts.

I think we were pioneering in that respect.”

Return backers include Ballie Gifford, Investment Corp. of Dubai, the Alaska Permanent Fund and Flagship pioneering.

The film focuses on Visva Bharati, a pioneering art school in West Bengal India founded by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Tech companies are also pioneering new training programs to develop emerging skills.

Jointech Labs: pioneering access to high-quality fat grafts, fat-derived stem cells and cell therapies.

It’s good to see what these two masters did in their pioneering early years.

At the time, Amaze felt pioneering, but ultimately on trend.

Perhaps Papademetropoulos gets her inspiration from her environment, which was built from the innovation and creativity of pioneering women.

This recent launch, which was supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, represents only the first installment of pioneering Woman of American Architecture.

Nothing worked, until they discovered a pioneering residential therapy center in Mason, Ohio, about 22 miles (35 km) north of Cincinnati.

But Georges Méliès’s seminal film was a pioneering work of its own.

Caroline, 30, is among a generation of young female ski mountaineers pioneering their way into a growing, and fairly masculine, sport.

The research follows up on pioneering research by William Ruddiman, an emeritus professor at the University of Virginia.

Sean O’Sullivan is managing director of SOSV, the pioneering venture capital firm that is a world leader in running vertical startup accelerator programs.

I want to be pioneering a new way to live life in the city.

What’s happening: In a paper released last week, David Autor, a pioneering labor economist at MIT, said the geography of jobs has changed.

Lorna Doom, the bassist for the pioneering Californian punk band Germs, has died.

Companies like Bold Health are using data to personalize treatments and improve outcomes, and pioneering the use of hypnotherapy to treat IBS.

Our collaborators at Bodylabs are pioneering the technology that allows you to virtually try-on clothes while online shopping.

“It’s pioneering.

Yet, despite this illustrious background and fascinating personal history, not a single biography has been published of this pioneering woman.

The idea that computer platforms would also be for advertising really began with AOL and its pioneering of advertising.

Facebook, Apple, Google and others are pioneering players driving growth in corporate renewable power procurement and making sustainability commitments.

SpaceX is pioneering the future of space exploration, but, as NASA has learned over the years, not every launch goes as planned.

In 2014, Google bought up DeepMind, the pioneering research outfit behind the computers that beat humans at Go.

Some of them, like pioneering African American director Kathleen Collins, are in the midst of a major reevaluation and new appreciation.

The town’s biomethane plant is part of pioneering project that takes aim at St-Hyacinthe unique location within the province’s agricultural community.

With Latin Implosion!, the gallery continues its legacy as a pioneering space for the exposure and appreciation of the lucid dreamers of Latin America.

Collins was laying the groundwork for San Jose’s pioneering investment in Chinese professional hockey, the China Sharks.

Snapchat is pioneering what I call “Sponsored Creation Tools,” which look like the next big thing in advertising.

The erosion of the boundaries between architecture, art, and music, which was back then a pioneering idea, is today accepted as the cultural norm.

Before the 1600s, street trees were rare, with the Dutch pioneering the practice to help stabilize their canals.

He’s even pioneering new tech that’ll make articles about exit velocity tolerable to read.

Finding these mutations is a reminder that pioneering researchers will need to be diligent when it comes to keeping their patients safe.

The Middle East Galleries will highlight the Museum’s pioneering research, with updates as we make new discoveries each year.

Judging by some of her letters, Partridge had also developed a keen wit about navigating her pioneering role in an industry dominated by men.

Previously, Rougeux developed a digital reproduction of the 1814 Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, a pioneering color system.

Lucinda considered herself a feminist—or at least a pioneering woman, as I don’t think she loved that word.

Previously he co-founded, one of the pioneering start-ups in the context and location based services area.

Our pioneering technology has gone further to enhance safety with every trip tracked and recorded by GPS.

The Needle Drop is hugely popular, with over 1.1 million subscribers, and is widely credited with pioneering the online video music review.

Because Pitchfork is so obsessed with discovery and pioneering.

For instance on the West Coast there was a techno station called Mars FM, which was quite a pioneering station.

Silva didn’t simply dive head-first into a pioneering MMA career.

Dominic West plays Sir Ernest Shackleton, the pioneering polar explorer who wore Burberry gabardine for three Antarctic expeditions.

That same month, DJ Rashad, a genius and a pioneering force behind footwork, overdosed and died.

Cumulus Funding is pioneering the use of Income Share Agreements, so consumer payments go down when a big shock happens.

These communities are dying and largely being forgotten just as the medium they were pioneering is making its mark on pop culture history.

When this pioneering work was backed by one of the largest National Science Foundation grants in history—around $1.1 billion—LIGO was born.

Opening this Wednesday at the California African American Museum, We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85 focuses on pioneering black female artists.

Cyan designers are also known for pioneering the use of the editing software Adobe Photoshop in poster design.

Close inspection of the figure shows the face to be strongly reminiscent of pioneering drag artist Divine.

Created between 1890 and 1933, they are pioneering examples of scientific communication, still appearing in textbooks today.

A new generation of companies pioneering plant-based meats promises a future of cleaner, kinder, and more environmentally friendly food.

With us, we’re ice distilling—which is a relatively new technique that we’re pioneering.

Most people mistakenly believe these pioneering establishments occur in overwhelmingly in metropolitan areas, such as in the now-mythic start-up culture of Silicon Valley.

But I wrote a story because he was pioneering legislation around the elimination of them, because they were so harmful to the atmosphere.

Discovering your heritage is just a spit-tube away these days, thanks to the pioneering efforts 23andMe, the OG of at-home DNA tests.

Clinton, like a lot of pioneering women in male-dominated fields, is a super-preparer.

That said, Chinese owners are pioneering in the sheer amount they are willing to spend.

Meet the Arts Collective pioneering Hyper-Local, High-Tech Activism Drinking Out of Cups?

I know Daniel Askill, who did all the Sia videos recently, he’s also pioneering new stuff in his own work.

And it does seem that even though some apps like Push Doctor and Dr. Now are pioneering face-to-face consultation via virtual consultation.

The house’s classic 2.55 bag silhouette is steeped in fascinating references to the pioneering designer’s life.

The pioneering series about single, sexually active women broke ground in depicting exactly this kind of experience with a wink and a smile.

Whoopi Goldberg, another pioneering black comedian and one of the co-hosts of The View, initially defended Cosby outright.

After 2008 the practice became more renowned, more refined, but not necessarily more experimental or pioneering.

Susan Sontag once said that “homosexual aestheticism” was one of the “pioneering forces of modern sensibility.”, pioneering web publication and the brainchild of Nick Denton, will be shut down as of next week, according to Gawker itself.

On view at the Neuberger Museum of Art – pioneering art that addresses machine intelligence and the social role of the human body.

That’s right: Zayn is pioneering a new, (quite possibly) never-before-seen type of undercut-meets-grunge look, and making it cool.

pioneering the push into mobile-native vertical video, and vertical video advertising?

Taylor Swift, as the most recent and popular country/pop crossover act, can thank Shania for pioneering this.

Click through to see eight illustrations as well as the bios of women whose pioneering work changed the way we think about health.

The city is gearing up to spotlight the entertainment industry’s pioneering LGBTQ voices at the NewFest at The Center Presents monthly screening series.

Sean O’Sullivan is managing director of SOSV, the pioneering venture capital firm that is a world leader in running vertical startup accelerator programs.

They were pioneering zero-waste living, but it didn’t have the same … let’s call it branding.

Like always, the pioneering companies find their path and we then derive the playbooks out of them.

So to be pioneering in that era was intriguing to me.

We thank her for her decades of pioneering work on behalf of victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Her musical legacy, both trailblazing & pioneering, will keep her spirit alive forever.

Our guy asks him if he feels bad for pioneering the now defunct video service because it featured so much bad acting.

But Snapchat’s new option to let users erase real-world objects from their photos shows it’s still pioneering the visual communication format.

What an exciting time to support each other, because we’re pioneering in so many areas.

Last year, M83 and pioneering French synthesist Jean-Michel Jarre partnered up for a cinematic music video exploring the complexities of spectatorship and competition.

“CME Ventures is excited to back Privitar’s pioneering technology and world-class team, as they tackle this important issue.”

How do you feel about that, as someone who had such a big hand in pioneering the sound?I think it’s great.

Its pioneering waveguide tech solves the challenges of performance, wearability and scalability, bringing AR to the masses.

Foxx remembers every detail of his encounter with the pioneering actor.

Recipients of the Champions of the Earth award have ranged from pioneering scientists to heads of state, from community activists to captains of industry.

But if your preferred form of creative expression is working on pioneering the next out-there brow trend, then by all means, go for it.

Intense Competition: Periscope launched on the heels of Meerkat, which had already established itself as the pioneering mobile live-streaming app.

What exactly is Google pioneering here?

Wayne’s use of Auto-Tune as a way to convey romantic feeling is pioneering.

Underage labor is never tolerated in our supply chain and we are proud to have led the industry in pioneering new safeguards.

Ninety-odd years later, their pioneering work has finally reached its full potential with a Golden Retriever named Flynn.

Rentomojo, a startup pioneering an interesting alternative for furnishing homes in India, has landed $5 million in fresh financing to further scale its business.

The moon enters Aries, a pioneering fire sign, and illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation.

We think we’re on to not just a great business, but pioneering a whole new model.

Though he palled around with Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline, pioneering Abstract Expressionist Roy Newell is largely unknown.

It’s rumored the next iPhone will feature a pioneering dual-lens powered zoom.

BP is already shipping almost 3 million barrels of U.S. crude to customers across Asia, pioneering an ultra long-haul operation.

Snapchat’s pioneering approach to visual communication and its curated set of AR selfie filters gave it a big lead over Facebook.

The New Museum has been successfully pioneering VR programs since 2003 when Rhizome—a leading platform in digital art—became their affiliate in residence.

The really pioneering thing about it, though, is its ambitious invite system.

Club membership by invitation is far from a pioneering concept.

If you decide to hit the road, these songs will prime your pioneering mood.

Aerial photography has changed the way we perceive space, from the time pioneering balloonists first captured Paris from above in the 1850s.

It’s an interesting greenfield opportunity and we’re excited to back someone pioneering this effort.

“My intention was to say they were pioneering on behalf of students that didn’t have another choice.

The pioneering drive behind NYC’s influence was fueled by years of underground art-making.

Of course, being first to technology isn’t an instant recipe for success — just ask Pebble and a million other pioneering hardware makers.

We have yet to encounter a company that is truly pioneering high quality visual learning.

He’s known for pioneering text-based installations that have uniformly challenged traditional assumptions about the nature of the art object.

Born with one hand, Ashwell is a pioneering user of a new bionic prosthetic.

One of my favs and a true pioneering artist.

The law I passed on energy transition made France a pioneering country in renewable energy policy.

According to Driessen, Organa’s pioneering use of supercritical carbon dioxide is crucial to the purity of their products.

The community applauded Pinterest for leading by public example and continuing to support the pioneering work of Tracy Chou.

We believe that together we will be able to carry out a pioneering operation of implementing blockchain technology into the Polish banking sector.”

Other AIDS activists, including pioneering doctor Gabriel Torres, turned to meth too.

She received her PhD a decade earlier at Cornell, under the guidance of pioneering theoretical computer scientist John Hopcroft.

Nearly 40 years ago, the singer was known to terrorize audiences as one-half of the pioneering electro-punk duo Suicide.

Twitter itself credited them with pioneering “product features we all know and love,” like the mute option, pull-to-refresh and more.

Earlier today, China’s pioneering quantum satellite Micius facilitated the first-ever intercontinental video conference using a quantum communications network.

The company, which emerges from stealth today, is pioneering a new era of personalized cardiovascular healthcare, he said.

Chan meanwhile runs The Primary School, a holistic K-12 school and healthcare program pioneering new approaches to child development.

This includes pioneering the use of IoT and other data, customer permitting, to make insurance coverage proactive rather than reactive.

This year’s winner is Suzanne Ciani, the pioneering synth innovator and composer.

Back in 2014, THUMP and Goldie looked back on his pioneering career.

Frontman Tommy Vetterli’s pioneering guitar chromaticism can be seen in the work of later Swiss bands such as Knut, Nostromo and Erkonauts.

PARIS (Reuters) – Paris has awarded the operation of its pioneering Velib bicycle hire scheme to French-Spanish consortium Smoovengo, officials said on Wednesday.

The Moon enters Aries at 5:16 AM, creating an invigorating, pioneering vibe.

Haven’t heard of the pioneering Norwegian explorer?

Leo Kanner’s pioneering 1943 research on autism was based on a study of three girls and seven boys.

Whereas stateside companies like Beyond and Impossible largely work to approximate beef, the Malaysian startup has been pioneering a plant-based pork substitute.

Gregg Allman, the pioneering blues rock musician and songwriter who co-founded The Allman Brothers Band, has died at the age of 69.

This pioneering blockchain software system is designed to allow literally anyone to set up, and manage, an asset management fund.

He was a music producer to Run-D.M.C., the pioneering hip-hop group that included his brother Joseph (Reverend Run) Simmons in the ‘80s.

pioneering scientific advancements, poised to render animal exploitation an obsolete leviathan of the past, are already going into effect.

But just because it’s pioneering, doesn’t mean it’s wise.

pioneering slow-mo disco from the alias of Klaus Schulze, one time member of electronic krautrockers Tangerine Dream.

pioneering mermen act as an inspiration to a generation of young boys who might previously have thought that tails were only for girls.

Maurice White, vocalist and co-founder of pioneering ensemble Earth, Wind & Fire, has died at 74.

He went on to create pioneering films including Strike, Battleship Potemkin, and Ivan the Terrible.

Today, Google is making that connection with a Doodle that honors pioneering neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield.

Existing investors Baillie Gifford, the Alaska Permanent Fund, the Investment Corporation of Dubai and Flagship pioneering participated in the round.

Bierce was a pioneering writer in many respects, writing important works of satire, science fiction, horror, and journalism.

The breadth of pioneering women was staggering, spanning the late 60s through early 90s.

The technology localizer Alaa Agamawi is one of the pioneering founders of Egypt’s IT sector.

How did you first discover the pioneering of mental health treatment in Egypt and how did it make you feel?

Eloquii, a progressive e-commerce site that solely focuses on plus-size women, has been pioneering fashion-forward designs for women in sizes 14-28 since 2014.

Who played there: Turnmills was famously home to the highly successful, pioneering and influential gay clubnight​ ‘Trade’, until the lease ran out.

Companies like Facebook and Google that make enough money to fund pioneering research will reap huge benefits their poorer competitors can’t touch.

“Kay Cannon especially was very aware of the delicacy of the subject matter, and how she was really pioneering this thing.

This week’s episode, which aired last night, features Atlanta pioneering rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

pioneering director Alice Guy-Blache and her husband, also a director, founded the Solax Company, the largest pre-Hollywood film studio, in 1908.

In 2002, she was given the Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights for her pioneering work in the field.

The pioneering chat app that taught us to text is pulling the plug.

We’re pioneering space, honest science, and a political climate that’s committed to equality, and inclusivity.

He was a crucial part of the rehabilitation programme at Stoke Mandeville, and had done pioneering research on spinal injuries for over a decade.

In the early 90s, a team of pioneering researchers set out to understand how many people in the US experienced psychological disorders.

DJI, which employs around 14,000 people, became one of China’s most successful homegrown technology companies by pioneering the global market for consumer drones.

John Hickenlooper came to politics in a nonpartisan election as Denver’s mayor after starting a pioneering brewpub.

“The movie is not perfect, but at the time, it was pioneering for Disney to release a movie with an Asian heroine.

We are backing genuinely pioneering entrepreneurs with the talent and ambition to radically disrupt their industries.

“We’ve been pioneering this computing approach called GPU computing for over the last decade,” Jensen said.

The Philippine government is on a crusade to silence Rappler, a pioneering news website that has challenged the government’s policies and claims.

Space travel would not be where it is today without the pioneering work of Mary G. Ross, the first American Indian female engineer.

— Karl Lagerfeld, pioneering fashion designer, died at age 85.

But more interesting is the pioneering work Facebook is doing around bringing narrative to the 360 video experience.

Together, the four played a new release of Doom — a massively updated version of the pioneering 1990s game that debuted in mid-May.

He compared this period of frenzied activity and pioneering spirit to the early days of powered flight.

In addition to pioneering memes and internet cultural trends like Rickrolling, 4chan has generated hoaxes, cyberbullying incidents, and pranks.

Today, her fight for autonomy is considered a pioneering step for contract players beholden to the projects produced by their studios.

— Keith Flint, the singer in the pioneering UK electronic group behind hits including “Firestarter” and “Breathe,” has died at age 49.

Pley: Pley is a leading toy subscription company that is pioneering the next generation in e-commerce for toys.

Celestial Buddies, the company that makes the cute little fellow, wasn’t aware that he would be included in such a pioneering launch.

Yet pioneering technology comes with its own challenges.

“Domo is pioneering the biggest opportunity to date in enterprise software,” said investor and board member Mark Gorenberg from Zetta Venture Partners.

In 2013, Uruguay moved to fully legalize marijuana, a pioneering step that has been watched closely across the globe.

He also was known for his work with producer Phil Spector, whose pioneering “Wall of Sound” production style became widely influential.

Bullock’s pioneering order demands that companies don’t block or narrow web content or create so-called “fast lanes.”

Piccioli specifically mentioned legacy Black publishers Ebony and Jet as pioneering magazines that made a great effort to give Black beauty the deserved dignity.

With ASK, you can leverage Amazon’s knowledge and pioneering work in the field of voice design.

Alarik’s pioneering work helps guide the way for other veterans and offers them a foot in the door to civilian life and business.

Launched in 1998, Anastasia Beverly Hills first shot to prominence pioneering eyebrow makeup products.

Back in 1993 they worked at pioneering database company Informix together before it flamed out.

While some worry this gives China the edge in pioneering CRISPR medical techniques, others urge caution and patience with such a new technology.

Our case is a pioneering effort to use our justice system to take on the leadership of the white nationalist movement.

The pioneering aspect of “Boyz n the Hood” extended beyond the nuanced view of African-American life that it portrayed.

BoJack first debuted in 2014, then a pioneering effort for Netflix’s original programming, and its first major adult-focused animated series effort.

We’re building the next generation of great global pioneering companies right here on British soil.

Despite the incredible difficulties they face, women in Africa are already transcending poverty, creating jobs, and pioneering a brighter future.

He has also developed pioneering technologies through which computer causality can be learned.

The identity of these pioneering mobile organisms remains mysterious.

Kork-Ease got its start in the 1950s by pioneering the cork wedge sandal.

Rinehart, who has close ties with ruling conservative lawmakers, said Kidman “is an important part of Australia’s pioneering and entrepreneurial history”.

The nano was also the first device to work with the pioneering Nike+iPod fitness tracking system.

But while banks trading physical commodities may be a thing of the past, Wyman sees their role as “pioneering blockchain technologies” for commodity financing.

(CNN)Colorado, the pioneering state for pot peddling, has now made more than $1 billion in revenue since it legalized marijuana sales in 2014.

“We are very impressed with the pioneering approach, traction, and commercial scale achieved by Livspace, in a short period of time.

Its success is due not just to the pioneering technology but to efforts behind the scenes to make it work, Anyonge said.

However, given the current 3D-printing climate, something like this priced at well below competing printers is a good choice as a pioneering solution.

pioneering psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Angela Duckworth thinks it can.

pioneering on-demand companies have already conquered these challenges, and that’s emboldening up-and-coming startups.

We spent a tremendous amount of time pioneering our Sips tea container to be 90% compostable and completely recyclable.

It was renamed for Christopher C. Kraft Jr. in 2018 to honor the man responsible for pioneering human spaceflight control concepts.

‘Love us when we’re under attack’ Late pioneering transgender icons Johnson and Rivera were honored as grand marshals of the parade.

That pioneering court maneuver kept the cases open, buying Willover time to keep trying to nail down who committed the assaults, she said.

In 2013, Uruguay moved to fully legalize marijuana, a pioneering step that has been watched closely across the globe.

The new season starring Candice Bergen as a pioneering newswoman is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 27.

pioneering tennis icon Billie Jean King tweeted, “Your journey is far from over, @CocoGauff.

In the 1990s Germany “teen tycoon” Windhorst was lauded as a symbol of a new pioneering spirit by Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

In the 1990s Germany “teen tycoon” Windhorst was lauded as a symbol of a new pioneering spirit by Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

The pioneering scientist also played a pivotal role in developing computers, and early thinking about artificial intelligence.

pioneering a new surgery is a high-wire act for ethical and financial reasons as well.

DeChambeau, who likened his pioneering traits to those of George Washington and Albert Einstein, seems content to deepen his golfing education.

And some are already pioneering the next step – where voice commands are unnecessary.

“Along with our business partners, SIE will develop pioneering services and products that will continue to inspire consumers’ imaginations and lead the market.

But while banks trading physical commodities may be a thing of the past, Wyman sees their role as “pioneering blockchain technologies” for commodity financing.

It also launched its own e-sports division, which included acquiring pioneering e-sports group MLG.

Shandling’s influence was profound, from his stand-up career to pioneering The Larry Sanders Show on HBO.

As a Googleperson put it in the video (below): “Finally you can combine 360 immersive viewing with the pioneering, West Coast, G-Funk hip hop.”

Lionhead was founded in 1996 by acclaimed game developer Peter Molyneux, known for pioneering the “god game” genre.

“A number of pioneering players will start providing unlimited data at lower speed,” Hastings said, without elaborating.

The conductor, known for pioneering early music, said music was the best way of understanding the past because of the emotions it evokes.

That’s the idea behind Republic Wireless, a small, pioneering phone carrier based in Raleigh, North Carolina, that I’ve been following since 2011.

X Japan, the most successful rock band in Japanese history, stunned the fans with their pioneering spectacle-driven style of visual rock.

Instapaper, a pioneering app for saving articles to read later, has been acquired — again.

For five years, XOXO co-creator (and pioneering link-blogger) Andy Baio recruited some of the web’s most fascinating creators to the Portland…

Some took the opportunity to send their condolences to Amelia Earhart, posting a simple “Rest in Peace” for the pioneering aviator.

Born William George Fargo, he was named after the pioneering businessman who co-founded the bank and eventually adopted the first name Wells.

Historic and pioneering, and it revolutionized how we understand comets and the Solar System.

The shelf life of this version of the Gear 360 is the same shelf life of other pioneering digital cameras: short.

Audi, one of the pioneering driverless tech brands, has been developing semi- and fully autonomous systems for over 11 years.

Halliburton was the first company to hydraulically fracture, or frack, a well, pioneering the process in 1949.

Still, it exists as a pioneering piece of cinema and a highly influential progenitor for onscreen special effects and ambitious sci-fi narratives.

In recent years, there have been a handful of pioneering institutions.

WWT has been breeding flamingos and pioneering research for over 50 years.

But despite restrictions, some of their innovations were pioneering such as light-up mirrors, glove compartments, and child proof doors.

Gogoro looked like a pioneering force in the electric section of the scooter market way back at the beginning of 2015.

If this is really the future of smartphone design, the S8 will be remembered as one of those pioneering devices.

While he holds a PhD in atmospheric science, he is not known for any pioneering tornado research, but rather for his adrenaline-fueled twister videos.

A pioneering accomplishment in the field of genetic research could help scientists gain new insights into the very definition of life.

Poison, the savage chemist pioneering an explosive new form of mustard gas that may win World War I for the German forces.

Sutton is a particularly notable figure in the AI community, known for his pioneering work in the field of reinforcement learning.

But thanks to the pioneering work of computational scientists, neuroscientists, and AI theorists, a clearer picture is starting to emerge.

It’s one of the reasons why scientists are pioneering research into tongue input technology.

The ancestors of indigenous Australians and Papuans split from this pioneering group around 58,000 years ago as they continued to make their eastward journey.

Husqvarna is pioneering, that means innovative, what can we do?

Husqvarna has always been pioneering, and even at the time they were doing those things, it was like crazy innovative what they did.

Physicist Stephen Hawking, known for his pioneering brilliance, died today at the age of 76.

And some are already pioneering the next step – where voice commands are unnecessary.

They’re both great experiences — and through pioneering a new technique for games, they’re even better.

“FDA Panel Backs Novartis’ pioneering New Cancer Gene Therapy,” said Reuters.

Blizzard had plenty of history in the e-sports realm, with StarCraft and its sequel among the pioneering titles in the space.

A few months later the publisher acquired pioneering e-sports group Major League Gaming, further signalling its competitive gaming ambitions to the world.

This afternoon, NASA officially bid farewell to the Kepler Space Telescope, a pioneering spacecraft that helped discover thousands of planets beyond our Solar System.

With its Amazon Go convenience store, Amazon is pioneering locations with no checkout lines.

But we do think those costs can go down as we get into these pioneering markets and get more volume.

Once the Tommies returned, many pioneering female scientists and medical professionals were pushed out of their labs—and back into the kitchen.

The tragedy has brought out the strong will and unity of a city famous for its pioneering culture.

This is a trend HP is pioneering and one that other desktop makers should embrace too.

The full implications of union recognition for Ryanair’s pioneering ultra low-cost business model will take months to become clear.

We hope pioneering in a sentence examples were helpful.