Pictures in a sentence | Use of the word pictures examples

Likely it was days filled with Sony pictures head Tom Rothman standing over the editor screaming, “IS IT DONE YET?

Then people around the world can download that data and process it into stunning color pictures.

Most of these women post pictures of themselves posing with flowers, often standing next to real trees or before studio backdrops.

NRPY: pictures on the walls of Xiong Portraits show iconic images of poppies and Hmong regalia.

These are pictures that we carry, that I still have of my parents, of us.

So with Frogtown I’m seeing for the first time these pictures of my people, literally my family.

You think about weddings and wedding photographers: what do those pictures have to do with the wedding?

Computers are being taught to recognize, for instance, pictures of cats by being shown millions of pictures that have already been labeled “cat.”

at the IFC Center in Manhattan] seems like it could feature a number of other pictures that have similar efficacy.

Ukiyo-e, or pictures of the floating world, emerged around 1660 in the form of monochrome prints, and tended to have erotic themes.

The acting NPS director, Michael Reynolds, called an NPS communications official to say that Trump wanted different pictures from the inauguration.

Today, the term primarily refers to messages that include pictures.

There’s nothing wrong if two or more consenting adults want to share nude pictures with one another.

After most of your ideas had been savaged, the pictures team would present the latest paparazzi shots and celeb Instagram posts.

I also eliminated pictures of their children.

I also eliminated pictures of their children.

René Descartes was correct to insist that pictures can fully represent objects or actions when they fail to resemble them.

He insists that I mention David Bikard, and he wants his colleagues to appear in the pictures with him.

So, you actually drove around and took pictures?

“Some of them have violent pasts, have pictures of guns on their Facebook profiles.

He said his only knowledge of Britain comes from “pictures and videos and all those things.”

Some of the pictures are blurry, others generic enough to be stock photos.

Often they’re mildly pornographic—seedy cartoons and pictures of celebrities with camel toe.

Some pictures make demands in the captions.

What do these weird pictures gain for those who post them?

Often spam accounts don’t even have pictures; only an instruction to “GET 100 FOLLOWERS OR MORE.”

The red circle pictures also play on how Instagram has legitimized spam as a kind of human behavior, especially among teenage users.

It’s also funny how spam became an aesthetic, however unintentionally, over the years, one borne out by many of these pictures.

pictures of these exemplars were thought to have a quasi-magical effect on viewers, who would emulate their virtue.

They wrote of wielding bricks and forwarded pictures of wronged women beheading their persecutors or throwing them down wells.

But once he started snapping pictures, government officials immediately sent him away.

Representatives of Warner Bros. and Paramount pictures didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

(It’s hard to say how many unique pictures and recordings there are, however.

Some pictures appear to have been uploaded multiple times.)

pictures and audio recordings are still being uploaded to it nearly every day.

Lots of people share their location with Snapchat when they take pictures or videos.

‘Does he want to take my pictures?’

They were showing pictures that were very unflattering, as unflattering — from certain angles — that were taken early and lots of other things.

Meanwhile, Europe has been nothing like the pictures and films he had seen before he began his journey, he said.

But his best gimmick came along in the 1960s, when he single-handedly helped popularize the in-flight movie through his company, Inflight Motion pictures.

Airbnb will not be getting rid of profile pictures, citing the need for security.

On this server, Schulte shared pirated material, coding projects, and personal pictures and videos, as Motherboard reported.

Last March, the Internet was flooded with pictures of missing teens—all black or Latinx girls—from the Washington, D.C., metro- area.

Framebridge is one of our favorite photo services because they make framing your memories and pictures easier and more affordable than ever.

They dug into Demori’s distant past to find pictures of him in his early twenties.

They’ll send a stack of pictures, and the inmates will sell them for three to four stamps a piece.

Some inmates, they get tired of the same pictures, so they just rotate and trade them for a new chick.

Portlock cruised the streets, taking thousands of pictures of still-vacant properties, and modeling them in 3D-animation software.

Comcast, which owns the NBC network and Universal pictures, swiftly received the backing of Sky’s independent directors.

And NASA promises more pictures as Juno completes this orbit around the planet.

One thing I was really good at was making pictures.

~ Twice in my life I’ve found myself in cities where I wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

Setting up to take this shot in the hotel, I kept thinking about all the pictures I would not be able to take.

Shore Club will be required to send pictures as proof.

Mueller has submitted more than 500 pieces of evidence, including tax filings and mortgage statements, and pictures of Manafort’s expensive watches and homes.

But even these blurry pictures contain some useful information.

They run images of works from the portfolio, and these pictures catch the eye of Julie Deeds Phillips.

He said as a gay man, he spent … A lot of the use of the internet was sending pictures of yourself to others.

Yet, he felt liberated in this new way where you could trade pictures, where you could meet people in different ways.

It was illegal otherwise, because in many states up to the year 2000, it was illegal to have, trade in pictures like this.

And possibly a bigger fan of posting pictures of himself driving them.

Watch the video below and look through pictures of the event: Sharine Taylor is an intern at Noisey Canada.

The dismissive glances, body-shaming comments, and headless torso pictures on Grindr all coalesce to keep gay men trapped in their bodies without respite.

When I first started making photographs I made pictures of my friends, mostly women.

There are pictures that prove it.

Malick Sidibé’s pictures have rhythm.

The pictures and videos show a decrepit snack bar, a ruined animal hospital, and an eerily quiet loading dock.

pictures show him sporting bruises and injuries on his face and arms.

pictures show him sporting bruises and injuries on his face and arms.

“We Googled a bunch of pictures and cobbled together an idea,” she recalled.

“I cannot even show you how it looked before, because all of our pictures were washed away as well.”

Look, I tried to take pictures.

Uploading photos still took time, though, especially since we were now sending multi-megabyte pictures instead of the compacted 25KB photos from the first trip.

pictures surfaced on social media this week of tarps and scaffolding covering the area of the wall the mural was painted.

They were all pictures of my cats, my dogs and my work and everything.

There are also autographed pictures of the president’s cadre of female gudgeons: Ivanka, Ivana, and Kellyanne Conway all make appearances.

Lewis got a lifetime achievement award in 2009 by the Academy of of Motion pictures Arts and Sciences.

They still tended to look longer at photographs of their friends than pictures of other random monkeys.

Instead, Twitter is using a new human silhouette to encourage people to upload pictures of themselves.

I’ve seen people post pictures of themselves with it, and I was taken aback by how interesting and pretty their skin looked.

I’ve seen people post pictures of themselves with it, and I was taken aback by how interesting and pretty their skin looked.

So far, the only pictures of the event were published through Russian state media.

Those pictures, however, seemed largely like a relic from the past—the slayings, the wars, the body counts of a different time and place.

She was last seen on the Avery property, where she was taking pictures for AutoTrade magazine.

Shareef underwent heart surgery to correct an irregularity back in December … and his post-op pictures showed just how serious the procedure really was.

(Recode and Vox use Slack for story planning and news sharing as well as for posting pictures of our children and pets.)

Other pictures show Putin at the summit of a mountain, taking a boat ride, and talking to the head of the Sayano-Shushenski Nature Reserve.

Caroline, who is a goth, has always dressed differently just so she can confidently recognise who she is in pictures and reflections.

She likens it to matching up pictures on a fruit machine.

The pictures released Friday show detainees, whose faces are partially redacted, with bruises and abrasions on their backs, feet, arms, and head.

The pictures released Friday show detainees, whose faces are partially redacted, with bruises and abrasions on their backs, feet, arms, and head.

“The still-secret pictures are the best evidence of the serious abuses that took place in military detention centers.

The ACLU said it will continue to fight for the release of the remaining pictures.

And now, pictures of Instagram influencers posing at the site of the 1986 disaster have gone viral.

And now, pictures of Instagram influencers posing at the site of the 1986 disaster have gone viral.

“He was so nice, taking pictures and praising everyone’s work.

Protesters are taking pictures around the fallen statue.

The solution: the GIF, a simple, flexible file format for lower-resolution pictures.

Asked if we could stop and take pictures, he shook his head. “

Marian Goodman [added 1/19/17] Metro pictures [added 1/19/17] Minus Space: “Business as usual must stop on January 20.

Ivanhoe pictures, which has offices in the United States and in Asia, focuses on Asia and North America.

Government fighters waved rifles and held aloft pictures of Assad as they celebrated.

A sense of desertion underlies these pictures, the eternal afternoon aspect of homes awaiting owners who might never return.

“I told him I had some pretty compromising pictures and asked him to lend me his phone so that I could log on Facebook.

“Journalists had saved the pictures.

[Monopol] Deborah Horowitz has left her position overseeing the curatorial team of the Academy Museum of Motion pictures.

I was assigned to cover almost all of them, and I try hard to make more than the usual campaign pictures, if I can.

Lots of pictures of the candidate showing how friendly they are get circulated on social media.

It has become much harder for us pros to get good pictures.

And they’re most putting up pictures or videos or whatever.

Various other companies — including Apple, Dell, Time Warner, Comcast, Sony pictures, Lionsgate, and Starz — urged the governor to veto the bill.

Celebrities and filmmakers pose for pictures on the red carpet.

I’m a very live in the moment person, I don’t like taking pictures of stuff like … No, you don’t.

North Korea hacked the film studio, Sony pictures, and demanded the movie be pulled from theaters.

North Korea hacked the film studio, Sony pictures, and demanded the movie be pulled from theaters.

The most compelling backdrops for taking pictures within the labyrinthine exhibition space were the larger-than-life and endearingly goofy.

Members can peruse the profiles of local friends, check out their pictures, and read their bios.

But he was willing to hand over some pictures of his brother Liam in the shower, as an olive branch of sorts.

VICE partnered with Magnolia pictures to promote this movie in 2015 because it was so good.

I’ve found your use of social media fascinating, like just iconic pictures, just not much information.

All I hear is it’s about teenagers sending naked pictures of themselves to their friends.

Like the time I embarrassed myself in front of Paul McCartney and my friend happened to take a zillion pictures of it.

I was lucky there were really funny pictures of how terrible I look doing it.

“There are all sorts of pictures of me out on the internet, which, er, pop up from time to time,” Johnson said.

The only evidence she went on entire trips with her family are the pictures they have.

The final products, on view for the first time in New York City at Galerie Richard, are chromogenic prints — large-format pictures of computer screens.

She says she makes him take pictures of her black eye and she emails the pictures to herself.

People were on their feet for several minutes, cheering and taking pictures of the Model 3.

People began tweeting back pictures of others just like it.

Sadly, there don’t appear to be pictures of Allison Williams and Recode Media guest Ricky Van Veen.

Shown pictures of some of the people who apparently voted twice, including at Ust-Djeguta’s polling station no.

There are no pictures on the internet of a pregnant Amal Clooney, and there likely never will be.

It makes calls, takes pictures of dogs, and is encased in a glass shell so fragile users are almost guaranteed to break it.

State television only showed pictures of helicopters, with no mention of ships or other military equipment such as tanks or amphibious assault vehicles.

Our smartphones have every kind of data transfer you’d like, from voice to video to pictures to text.

I knew we shouldn’t have taken them.” But she holds on to the pictures.

In our hyper-documented age, most images are exchanged digitally and aren’t given the emotional weight of printed pictures.

“I think when I look back at the pictures I really connect with the way I was feeling at that time.

“For example,” Hewitt adds, “I took a lot of pictures of her teeth in a glass.

I couldn’t figure out why I was taking those pictures for a long time.

Now the moving pictures were in your house!

They posed for pictures but asked their features not be revealed.

pictures paint a whole lot of words, right?

He posts pictures of paintings by Frank Stella and sculptures by John Chamberlain alongside images of not-so-famous art, bringing minimalism to a wider audience.

Some posted pictures of their passports on social media; one man raised almost $2,000 in a “Back to Africa” GoFundMe campaign.

To put it another way, that’s like Sony pictures inviting the North Koreans to run vulnerability tests on its computer networks.

Two statements, arriving four minutes apart, painted different pictures.

Even borrowed my camera to take a few pictures for us.

2005 Huygens lands on Titan, taking its first pictures from the moon’s surface.

Meanwhile on Earth, Creative Time commissions Trevor Paglen’s “The Last pictures” project.

He also demonstrated that he was in a combatant role and posted his pictures with weapons.”

I recently discovered the subreddit ” r/dustypcs,” which includes hundreds of pictures and several YouTube videos of incredibly dusty, filthy computers.

It’s a wonder why people like to look at pictures of filthy computers.

It kind of does, how people pick pictures.

LG also announced a new 360 camera called 360 Cam that takes a full 360-degree pictures and video.

Be sure to check back Labor Day Weekend to see all the hot pictures!

[Shakedown owner] Ronnie said, “Yes, sure, you can take pictures,” which was a big deal because what was happening was very intimate.

But Facebook isn’t just a technology platform where news happens to be published, along with baby pictures, vacation bragging and amateur sports commentary.

Now, Narrative works with some top clients such as Samsung, Under Armour, Showtime, and Universal pictures.

“Trying to contact loved ones is one thing, but to morbidly video and take pictures to post publicly is completely disgusting.

I showed the hate apple my exes’ profile pictures and read it some more Facebook comments.

The pictures showed food kept in buckets on the floor and garbage bags.

The pictures showed food kept in buckets on the floor and garbage bags.

However, in the case of Paul Walker, the pictures many people are seeking are a hoax.

Helen Miranda Wilson: I made pictures almost before I could talk.

Some official pictures have been published online, mostly mined from patent applications, but we’ve practically never seen them in the wild until now.

“My social media feeds are like 100 percent snow pictures right now.”

Leftfield pictures, the production company behind “Pawn Stars,” is producing the show for Discovery Channel.

Rob Kardashian spent this morning posting naked pictures of his former fiancée.

Chyna denied it, and a few days later they were once again posting happy family pictures on social media.

2018: pictures appear on social media of Ubolratana, Thaksin and his sister, former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, at the World Cup in Russia.

It was supposedly created by “Destiny pictures,” which Reuters says is an LA-based company.

Pausing to admire city hall’s façade, some snapped pictures while others gathered around a group of break-dancers before shuffling off.

Users of the original Snapchat used the app to send each other pictures — often selfies — that would disappear after a few seconds.

All their pictures and videos.

The last piece of hers I saw was Triangle of Need (2007) at Metro pictures, and that was more than 10 years ago.

ML: Gimlet pictures is growing fastest off the smallest space.

The Startled Faction (a sensitivity training) continues at Metro pictures (519 West 24th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) through October 20.

And tell us how it went; tweet pictures to @voxdotcom.

I thought “but I have video proof”, and when I went to view the pictures, nothing was visible, just a black screen.

These are old pictures from the 18th and 19th centuries, found in houses that are considered heritage buildings.

Inez Storer’s dreamy pictures are another highlight.

Later in August, a “We are the 99 percent” Tumblr appeared, in which hundreds of people would post pictures and stories explaining their struggles.

According to Scudder, Shrub is “essentially making pictures on the go” by directly rooting an individual into their surroundings.

Weegee’s marketing was as impressive as his pictures, and Serial Photographer‘s emphasis on that aspect of his career is well-founded.

“Nobody takes pictures like I do.” And nobody worked harder to sell that news than Weegee did.

The pictures alone are fantastic, but don’t stop there.

She posted pictures of herself and other Western ambassadors who participated in the event.

Like Solomon’s ring, these pictures are emblems of constant change.

Jim Green, NASA’s head of planetary science, wrote the forward to the collection of pictures.

Television pictures showed the burnt wreckage of the vehicles.

“Most of the ‘cumshot’ pictures you see… aren’t cum,” says Sins.

The question is then, where do we get our pictures?

His superb organization and efficiency helped to express the ideas of the Reformation in pictures.

If the media can provide accurate pictures of the world, citizens ought to have the information they need to perform their democratic duties.

And, on December 31, he lured two young girls, one six, the other ten, into his car, showed them “indecent pictures,” and exposed himself.

There’s pictures of me in the hat though you’ll never see those.

I’m open to anyone who wants my pictures, and I’ve always done anything I can to make it possible.

“These are not sexy pictures,” she specified to the News-Leader.

Tom Cruise: $1,324 — from Paramount pictures, Charles Schwab and others.

As AI technology grows more sophisticated, neural networks can generate pictures people are comfortable looking at.

Such pictures are designed to look like everything else.

These programs are trained on millions of existing images, and then can generate new pictures pixel by pixel.

But videos aren’t tweets or pictures of your kids: Someone has to create them, and that takes time.

The soon-to-open Academy Museum of Motion pictures commits to telling the full and diverse stories of film.

“Just look at the pictures.

And I even don’t take pictures of my kids a lot of the times when they’re doing things.

“Just look at the pictures.

Just look at the pictures.

The hospital photo ops may not have been her choice — the pictures have been a tradition for some time, according to Vanity Fair.

Her kitchen—with its framed pictures of cozy benches and watercolors of berries and roses—soon fills with the sweet scent of her grandson’s recipe.

Plus, “without pictures you can have a distorted memory of how good you looked.”

As the Pacific Citizen first reported, pictures of the license plates first circulated last year.

His Instagram is littered with horse pictures and videos.

Buying out an art gallery and replacing all the art work with pictures of burning notes and exams.

The series is an extension from his larger one, Autobiographies, in which the artist pictures himself in juxtaposition to commercial objects.

Some have posted fan art, while others have posted pictures of their toenails painted black in homage to the “Pure Morning” video.

Television pictures showed two coaches dangling over a muddy canal while three other coaches had toppled sideways next to the track.

I know how to take pictures and how to use Microsoft Word.

Mom’s face was so ubiquitous that her pictures still pop up today.

Maybe this partly explains the mania for pictures: Everyone wants to stop time.

He shared a bunch of pictures about spending his birthday with astronauts.

Torturous proof-of-life pictures of those in captivity—provided by ISIS soldiers to family members—keep her going.

Sohier says that it was her “ambition to make pictures that challenged and moved.”

Some of the military’s Facebook posts from last year included detailed accounts of clashes with Rohingya militants, often accompanied by pictures.

“If they use any pictures of ours, [they] tag us,” he says.

After the visit, D’Souza tweeted pictures of himself with Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump’s national security aide, in Bannon’s office.

There are lots of pictures of Young Beto, who has a ponytail.

When people ask them about Forever Pizza, they just show pictures of it to people.

Community members choose their subjects and take pictures of things that are important to them.

You can take pictures and send them easily with little use of data and that’s pretty …

He published pictures on Twitter of a scorched living room, saying police found materials soaked in fuel.

In Schapiro’s pictures, we see what happens when such practices are taken to near-fanatical extremes.

3 would be used as profile pictures for years to come.

That was Chris’ house and he had a dozen pictures of it, but I don’t remember, like, picking the photo or anything.

Like, when we drove by the house before Pygmalion Festival [in 2014], there were people outside taking pictures of the house.

And even our pictures now promoting the band is the same stuff from 1998.

Relatively little is lost in photographs of these smooth, even pictures; if anything, their fastidious seamlessness gains intensity with the aid of the camera.

They’ve also hung out with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and posed for pictures with California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes.

She didn’t much like being dressed in costumes, but the pictures were cute, and got all those likes on Facebook and Instagram.

It is understood that they will take pictures with the items they’re being gifted and/or with the founders of the brands.

Microwaves, sofas, pictures.

The senators were running out of their offices to meet me, they wanted pictures with me, they were inviting me in.

He’s chatting people up, taking pictures with whoever asks.

News pictures showing children fleeing tear gas prompted sharp criticism from some lawmakers and charities.

He was also linked by U.S. intelligence to a devastating cyber attack on Sony pictures in 2014.

When are we ever going to see the baby?” she added referring to previous discreet pictures posted by the royal couple.

Look at the pictures and save yourself some trouble.

The court lifted an order last week suppressing the publication of pictures of Tarrant.

You’d go to a gas station and they’d be selling t-shirts and 8 by 11 pictures of the team.

North Korea’s growing cyber army attacked Sony pictures Entertainment in 2014 over a movie it produced called The Interview.

It broadcast pictures of the massive trenches and other fortifications the rebels were leaving behind.

The loss of his delight in taking pictures is symptomatic of this greater loss: “I just can’t see beauty anymore.

You can project feelings onto art, and emotion onto these pictures.

Microsoft Pix, a free app from Microsoft Research, focuses first and foremost on delivering better pictures of people.

Players may miss out on the proceeds, even if their pictures and stats are used.

Although she is performing for her millions of followers online, she said she takes pictures for her own enjoyment over the enjoyment of others.

The phones were very carefully set up, so that there was, you know, a couple pictures lying around and some music and some audio.

The INSIDER Summary:• Seth Casteel takes pictures of animals in wacky poses.

And then there’s this whole separate issue of pictures.

Likewise, in the brightest spots nothing is washed out and in pictures like these, a good camera makes all the difference.

I mean people were still seeing each other naked, whether there were pictures to prove it or not.

Lee’s pictures are earnest.

Van Zoetendaal found many images that looked like passport or ID pictures for official documents.

The negatives revealed the pictures as they would have appeared without any retouching or cropping.

But when Sang saw the pictures, Van Zoetendaal recalls him being surprised.

On Instagram you post pictures of the drawings you do on a lot of your vinyl.

That men should be taking pictures of naked women isn’t surprising.

Would women be taking pictures of naked men at a celebration of men’s performance art?

You know, Jennifer Lawrence had her pictures put on Reddit.

I mean they’re mostly pictures of food essentially.

I was looking through them, I was thinking, “I don’t have any really good pictures; I should take some.”

So, you know, I would never, ever discourage anyone, a man or a lady, from taking sexy pictures of themselves — go for it.

“Mom, you can anonymize your pictures.

The former students’ recollections are touching; the pictures featuring Allman’s then-wife Cher are fantastic.

Originally, Gyssling comes over in June 1933 and immediately goes to both Columbia pictures and to Warner Bros.thers and demands changes.

Every closet door in the house slammed shut, rattling Presley family pictures in their frames.

When she was younger, she took pictures around her backyard but didn’t realize that it could be an actual artistic outlet.

The US also blamed North Korea for a 2014 hack on Sony pictures Entertainment.

Mathpix, the “first app that can solve math by simply taking pictures of your handwriting” may present that long-needed tool.

Most of them drew pictures of frowning children in cages.

Now, Joachim is apologizing … telling the media, “I saw the pictures as well and obviously sometimes you do things subconsciously.

He was short, but pictures from his youth show a handsome, confident man.

Users can send private messages to each other, upload pictures and more.

But that doesn’t mean the press should stop taking pictures or stop writing stories.

Some tweets compared the call to the ubiquitous “bad pets” pictures — in which dogs and cats pose innocently with a mess they’ve created.

We decided that those pictures should not go up on our public beach path where people of all ages visit.

Thinking pictures continues at the Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University (71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey) through December 31.

She’s got reds, pinks, blacks and metallics, but one of her favorite pairs is covered with pictures of money.

Next she opened my Photobooth application to take pictures of me.

Sky Studios will produce content for Comcast subsidiaries NBC and Universal pictures as well as other distributors hungry for programming.

pictures and footage on SANA showed medical workers carrying patients on stretchers and helping them with oxygen masks.

They also destroyed pictures and glass frames.

There are trees on the lawn, music playing, and rooms full of plush sofas and framed pictures of Jesus.

The stereoscope pictures are incredibly sharp, the 3D granting the post-apocalyptic landscapes a frightening immediacy.

(Her pictures of national monuments with black bars across them are less compelling.)

There are trees on the lawn, music playing, and rooms full of plush sofas and framed pictures of Jesus.

San Diego Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram just dropped $22,000 on a RIDICULOUS custom grill … complete with 700 DIAMONDS … and TMZ Sports has the pictures.

I enjoyed being here taking pictures with all the people who were dressed up in costume.

I love the fact that people are coming up to me, taking pictures, and appreciating my costume.

After the speech, we went into a separate room to take pictures with President Obama.

Now anyone with an internet connection can view and download these pictures.

pictures also showed a Touch ID fingerprint sensor for Apple Pay authentication.

How do you understand the relationship between the prose and pictures?

LT: I’m using words to think about pictures.

NM: Although pictures are problematic as a source of meaning, we seem to be stuck with them.

Despite being less technical, peanut oil has been a pretty good material for these liquid refraction pictures.

In 1953, Playboy made its mark by being one of the first mainstream magazines to feature pictures of nude women.

You saw Adam Schefter run afoul of this because he tweeted pictures of John Paul Pierre’s hand after an explosion.

And Flanders started to wonder whether distributing pictures of naked women was becoming a business liability.

She’s Instagrammed pictures of the giant tubes that exist solely for that purpose at the brand’s New York City showroom.

We’ve got to take some pictures with you.

NASA creates these images by taking pictures of Jupiter with red, green, and blue filters and then processing them together for a full-color image.

I’ve taken pictures at Books Are Magic and the Last Bookstore.

Her wide-eyed lyricism and lullaby-like cadence paint pictures of fields and mountains urbanites only see in computer desktops.

Upload pictures and a description of the bag, and Rebagg will deliver a quote within one to two business days.

I was exposed to a lot of pictures through books as well.

So making pictures and visual art turned out to be what I did.

The couple posted adorable pictures from the Eurotrip, but no ring … until now.

On his way out, the director wandered across the street to take pictures with fans, many of who were Latinos.

Describe your working process.I take a lot of pictures, drop them off to get developed, and forget what I shot.

What are you doing when you’re not making pictures?Reading, baking, throwing on the wheel… you know, living.

I get to make pictures in the darkroom with Nolan every day.

The scene was made all the more TED-y by the fact that there were pictures of eyes pasted on the outside of each headset.

I will pay you whatever money for pictures of the soles of your feet.”

As we took off, most of the passengers whipped out their cellphones to take pictures.

It’s a message that carries links and pictures and GIFs.

Maybe your sister-in-law just won’t stop posting pictures of her dog or your cousin is cluttering up your feed with political screeds.

Later pictures showed a less dramatic scene with flames largely extinguished.

It’s a leviathan of luxury that pictures can’t properly convey.

“All I do is take pictures after fights,” he says.

“I can’t go to the hotel because too many people want pictures.”

In the following weeks, I received assault threats, pictures of genitalia, and countless degrading messages, all responding to Craigslist sex ads I never posted.

He proudly shows off how a search for mackerel pulls up a bunch of pictures of the fish.

Cousins updates his Instagram regularly, and sometimes even posts pictures of his adorable son Amir.

I was taking pictures of my wife, occasionally people needed headshots, any chance that I had to kind of practice photography I took.

She posts updates and pictures of her son Titus on her Instagram.

In Toebbe’s pictures, a house is a locus of orderly refuge, while in McEneaney’s home is gregarious and unrestrained.

All pictures by Julio Ificada.

But she did agree to give us the back-story on one of the pictures she submitted for this year’s photo issue.

Toby Emmerich is killing it at Warner Bros. pictures.

Shin pictures both identities as large communities with shared experiences.

“For me, bedroom pictures give me a wider perspective on my subjects: how they live, what they do, their moods, etcetera,” Fajar told me.

“I don’t know if there’s a pattern or not in the pictures I take.

So my pictures are like a cabinet of curiosities—a collection of things that interest me, but perhaps mundane to my friends.

Photographers snapped pictures of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence looking at motorcycles on the White House lawn.

Surprised guests enjoying the relative cool of the tropical evening took pictures of a waving Kim with their cameraphones.

Sales of everything from flags and biscuits to tea towels emblazoned with the couple’s pictures were brisk.

Sony pictures As America’s response to terrorism has shifted and mutated, superhero films have shifted and mutated along with it.

In the image I made of the woman crying, that’s from her trial, but other source pictures come from mugshots.

He said as she exited the vehicle, she was moving in to get a closer look and take pictures when the creature struck.

When started thinking about these forms I was making out of pictures of executed women, I couldn’t help but see the link there.

In a separate incident, a man was killed as he tried to drive elephants into the open to take pictures.

They just appeared all of a sudden and they’re snapping pictures of her.

Infrared pictures revealed underdrawings suggestive of Brueghel’s hand, such as little hooks he sketched to show movement and the folds in clothing.

Because it’s pictures and visual, and the assumption is the audience is not there for news.

I was publishing and posting pictures of horrible things in San Francisco, it disturbed everybody.

These pictures are considered some of the most iconic images of New York’s queer community from the late 80s and early 90s.

Sometimes, they proceed to like “about 20” of your pictures to draw further attention to them.

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato’s new documentary Mapplethorpe: Look at the pictures offers intimate insights into the controversial photographer’s life and persona.

Look at the pictures provides a unique experience in displaying Mapplethorpe’s typically small-scale photographs on the large canvas of the cinema screen.

Mapplethorpe: Look at the pictures screened as part of DOC NYC on November 10 and 12.

pictures of an expedition from Louisville, Kentucky, to New York, looking for the shift from red to blue.

The darkness that fills the frames of Faustine pictures illicit that both the remembered and forgotten forefathers of America “passed down incredible legacies.”

Group portraiture, political reportage, wedding pictures, combat photography, etc., are genres we know very well.

pictures of Bush ducking were painted onto walls and printed onto T-shirts across the Middle East.

Callot’s original illustrations were etched on metal plates, and when the pictures were printed, explanatory text and critique was inserted below the images.

She’s posted tons of pictures of her trusted steed over the years.

“I’d say they have to vet pictures being uploaded, which they already do to ensure no one is uploading anything explicit,” Keskin advised.

“Having 50 pictures of the same brunch item definitely isn’t helpful,” he said.

The show, Mary Heilmann: Painting pictures, immediately feels jarring.

All the works in Painting pictures exhibit a strange kind of rigor.

As you can see below, pictures of Clark and Grégoire-Trudeau adorned the poster.

In this way, Painting pictures perfectly encapsulates Heilmann’s practice.

Mary Heilmann: Painting pictures continues at the Dan Flavin Art Institute (23 Corwith Ave, Bridgehampton, NY) through May 27.

The “happy families” Facebook pictures and new-build homes that I used to scoff at now spark twinges of jealousy.

Doctors rated the majority of the pictures as “good” and helpful during diagnosis.

“There’s these pictures of him eating all kinds of ice cream,” Simons told the Cornell Sun.

Please, Cornell, take plenty of pictures and post them everywhere.

More than half of Sony pictures’ staff had their Social Security numbers dumped online.

Both the Sony pictures hack and the recent Democratic hacks worked by exploiting a key feature of democratic countries: a free and open press.

I got pictures of him smiling, pictures of him singing, pictures of him looking like hippie Jesus.

He was linked by U.S intelligence to a cyber attack on Sony pictures in 2014.

The British students are in front of us in the line for pictures.

Today, a bombing in a Brussels metro station is drummed into our heads in real time through constant stories and vivid pictures.

Some drift back towards the H mural for pictures.

Social media showed pictures of smoke rising from the airport departure hall where windows had been shattered by the blasts.

Women paint bleak pictures of entrapment in a patriarchal system.

The Gowanus Waters book follows a 2014 exhibition of the pictures at Lilac Gallery.

Amy Pascal’s Pascal pictures bought the rights to ”Ayesha At Last,” a romantic dramedy novel about a young Muslim girl.

However, anyone on Tinder knows pictures can be deceptive, so there’s no guarantee a user will receive a 100-percent accurate answer.

And as we saw with the Sony pictures hack of 2014, nation-states are even directing attacks against specific companies.

Obama once told Jimmy Fallon that his smartphone couldn’t text, take pictures, or even play music.

Aref shows us pictures on his cellphone of Syrian plants and explains how each one contributes to the unique colours and flavors in honey.

I proceeded to make pictures not unlike those of Eugene Atget and Walker Evans, my favorite photographers at the time.

He then erased himself from the pictures, becoming invisible yet impossible to ignore.

When Lasha arrived, she said, a photographer took some pictures of her.

Ziff started taking pictures in New York during his last semester at Pratt Institute, where he studied graphic design.

Some of his best-known pictures are of his friends during that time, notably his portraits of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

Now, researchers have published one of the most detailed pictures yet of how much heat is going into the oceans.

The debutantes made sure to get plenty of pictures before heading out.

Now, researchers have published one of the most detailed pictures yet of how much heat is going into the oceans.

Southeast DC’s Shy Glizzy unflinchingly paints pictures of the neighborhood, and his infectious anthem “Awwsome” cemented his breakout.

It’s like those little pictures of the cartoon where the devil and the angel are on two sides.

They train it on millions and millions of pictures.

VICE News has since learned that the pictures may not have been taken in Madaya, and has removed them.

VICE News has since learned that the pictures may not have been taken in Madaya, and has removed them.

“Nowhere 18” (2019) pictures a child seated on an immeasurable, dusty chalkboard, sketching apartment complexes, heavy machinery, street lights, and planes overhead.

NYC native, living in DC,” and her Instagram revolves around pictures of her children and lanky husband.

Like Traylor did, I draw and paint pictures mostly of people.

Much is made of her choice of pictures being entirely portraits.

Lidar is the laser imaging technology used increasingly in self-driving cars to generate precise pictures of the environment around the vehicles.

The Kremlin has never provided official pictures of his daughters as adults.

The Kremlin has never provided official pictures of his daughters as adults.

People call me Lady Gaga and want to take pictures with me.

State television showed live pictures of rallies in several cities, including central Shahr-e Kord where hundreds, many clutching umbrellas, had gathered despite heavy snowfall.

Right, because we’re all consumed with “What’s Tom doing on Facebook?” But really it’s still cat pictures, cat pictures.

Or it’s pictures of your friends and so it’s a tiny percentage of the stuff that actually kind of drives the business.

Various other companies — including Apple, Dell, Time Warner, Comcast, Sony pictures, Lions Gate, and Starz — urged the governor to veto the bill.

Liquid pictures at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery puts time (less so narrative) on display.

Liquid pictures continues at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery (54 Ludlow, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through February 21.

I am watching them age through the pictures they send me.

After I found out, I stopped hitting it, I took a few pictures, I think I Snapchatted it.”

pictures also showed shopkeepers were on strike in other cities including Arak, Shiraz, Tabriz and Kermanshah.

Accompanying pictures showed migrants sitting shoulder to shoulder in overcrowded spaces.

pictures on his phone showed him posing with weapons and cradling his infant son.

She’s posted pictures on her Instagram account that appear to show the two of them together on a yacht.

pictures don’t do Aether justice, so check out a video of the installation here.

They knew to take pictures with their phones.

It was where the self-described fat femme posted pictures of herself to document her progress, often in swimsuits or her underwear.

So you might not be posting pictures of yourself doing handstands?

There are pictures further back of me showing my progress of it.

Photographers snapped several pictures of the scene, which were brutal:

The pictures were fantastic.

That said, looking at the pictures of all the lights out was kind of hilarious.

Police did not immediately confirm whether the pictures were from the site of the massacre.

Hughes flew over the reef, tweeting out pictures of the bone-white reefs alongside calls to action.

We’ve seen pictures of dead bodies in the desert.

They use it to share pictures of their lives.

But Cortez’s home is no ordinary one—here he begins flipping through pictures on his iPhone, as if giving a Ted talk with slides.

pictures of the deployment were posted online.

This is what we do Meadow has a board up in his office where he pins pictures that inspire his classic-meets-slightly-gritty, New York-in-the-late-1970s sensibility.

pictures of the deployment were posted online.

We had to start taking pictures individually and as a store to be approved.

Sometimes managers were told whom to fire based on those pictures.

Be assured, most other people simply won’t be able to conduct this depth of judgment when seeing pictures of you.

“I spent four years sneaking inside and making pictures,” he told Hyperallergic over email.

Complaints against him include inappropriate comments, touching, taking pictures of students at work, and in one case, assaulting a student in a public shower.

Reply with your best pictures of the border – let the rest of the country see what’s at stake.

I’m suddenly incredibly anxious about the handful of very graphic pictures I’ve sent her of myself.

At the till, the owner pulls out her phone and, swiping through it, shows Khan pictures of her new hairdo (she’s a regular).

Teachers swarmed him for pictures and signatures during the strike.

There are very moving pictures of these students being surrounded by neo-Nazis, and deeply unsettling video of them being physically attacked.

The front-facing camera can take eight-megapixel resolution photos, and the back camera takes 13-megapixel pictures and 4K video.

Another former employee tweeted out pictures he alleges show damaged batteries at a Tesla facility.

@Room_Smells shares hyper specific pictures of rooms, captioned with a vivid description of what they definitely, 100 percent smell like.

Some of the listings have pictures of grim, beat-up rooms.

He had drones hanging over his house taking pictures of his kids and his family and his wife and mother, I think.

And we were like … it flew over and then came back … Yeah, they’re taking pictures of you.

“The new rules apply to words, pictures, maps, games, animation, and sound of an ‘informational and thoughtful nature,'” the Financial Times reported.

KS: The pictures are pretty.

The pictures are pretty for sure.

More peculiar are the semi-abstract pictures and sculptures of the 58-year-old Briton Stephen Goddard, from the London-based gallery Sardac, a newcomer to the fair.

Cavin-Morris will also show the tempera-on-paper pictures of the Italian Tarcisio Merati, who died in 1995.

It was about the process more than the pictures, Meiselas says — getting out on the street and interacting with people.

SM: It’s very complex what pictures mean to people.

“I wanted to see the pictures and I wanted to imagine how they’d look with a mobile lens,” he told me.

But many of the pictures are puzzling, simply because it isn’t obvious what is going on.

Louie: I liked that I could talk to people and I didn’t have to use so much data texting like texting pictures and stuff.

Incredible pictures, I think, from a series of photographs taken in the 1980s at video game arcades.

She also started saying “rah” and doing gun fingers in pictures.

Because our pictures are so anonymous, we often will get matched with people that we know or who live in our area.

In recent weeks, pictures of children being held outside — having to sleep on the ground — have raised alarms, as temperatures climb into summer.

Incredible New pictures Of Lakes On Saturn’s Moon Titan

Then I remember when I was looking for pictures for my Knitting in Black History board on Pinterest.

Police officers take pictures of the Zouave statue on Pont de l’Alma bridge.

“Painter by the Wall,” like many of the pictures in Knausgaard’s show, is ostensibly a simple observation of the quotidian.

We reported all the technical details to Interpol, the pictures, the Facebook accounts, real names.

Everything is encrypted on my laptop except for the pictures.

When people complain about their friends posting pictures of their food I sincerely can’t relate.

I don’t encrypt pictures.

“I have a ton of images of myself, and it does stretch across photography, graphic design, and just like Instagram pictures,” says Santana.

Find out more about Moving pictures Gallery on their website.

“Most of the time what I had seen about those people was the protesting pictures of survivors,” he said.

Washington Business Journal has more pictures, if you’re so inclined.

Stoney’s prints treat the original photos as artifacts, prioritizing their object-hood — to which every stain and mark is essential — over the pictures’ integrity.

pictures leaked to the press purporting to show the carnage suggest they were all felled by precision shots to the head.

In his essay, “The Romantics Were Prompted,” Rothko writes: “I think of my pictures as dramas; the shapes in the pictures are the performers.

Scroll on for the best pictures from the launch party.

“My sister, classmates and I were taking pictures at the peace garden when the car bomb hit the gate of the park.

“My sister, classmates and I were taking pictures at the peace garden when the car bomb hit the gate of the park.

To introduce further spontaneity into the project, Aëgerter also created 100 blocks printed with pictures from the photobooks.

Online, Amaan’s friends were updating their social media profile pictures to photos of him.

Pirotte has balanced these with Alptekin’s graphic captures of wet cupping therapy, pictures that steadily scrutinize a practice some might find unsettling.

The precision with which he places the two pictures together is truly spellbinding.

Abernathy is suing Epps, along with Paramount pictures, for negligence and assault and battery.

That’s a bit like flying over Bern at 15,000 kilometers per hour and simultaneously getting sharp pictures of cars in Zurich.”

I use it to answer work emails, check if I’m being subtweeted, and reply to my cute pictures of my niece.

The first lady tweeted out a handful of pictures of the event; she can be seen in two of them.

pictures showed expanses of splintered wood, washed-up cars and trees mashed together, with rooftops and roads split asunder.

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