Picture in a sentence | Use of the word picture examples

She posted a picture collage with Monty calling him an “incredible man with such a huge heart.”

Proud Boys supporters have used a picture of the couple to shoot down accusations of racism.

The picture clearly shows a baby pacifier, a Solo Jazz cup, a plastic spoon, and some sort of tablet-like electronic device destroyed beyond recognition.

Peru was an eye-opening experience because it really completes the picture.

So completing this picture of the 300 years of history that Peru and Mexico share will allow us to have a dialogue regionally.

The movie was nominated for the Oscar for Best picture on January 22, and its star Malek was nominated for Best Actor.

A real picture.

You know that compilation of all the times Rihanna was tricked into thinking a video was a picture?

Among rank-and-file party members, the picture is slightly more nuanced.

With the Senate mostly out of contention in 2020, the picture only gets worse for Democrats.

From “Rocky Horror picture Show” to “Labyrinth,” here are 50 films that initially bombed but later developed a cult following.

“The Rocky Horror picture Show” has a long legacy of theater revivals and shadow casts.

“The Rocky Horror picture Show” had a limited release to just eight cities when it premiered in 1975.

But Mockingbird gently complicates that picture.

(The 1925 version was advertised as “The picture Every Christian Should See!”)

Juno can’t get a picture of the entire planet at once.

picture this scenario: You go to the club after dropping a pill of Molly—but nothing happens after you take it.

“This exact picture of a woman bisected at the waist, carefully posed … it’s of course identical to the crime scene photography.”

The Academy of Motion picture Arts & Sciences said half of the new invitees were women and 29% were people of color.

Late last month, NBA player Draymond Green accidentally posted a picture of his Draymond on Snapchat.

Do you really want to look at Jake Locker’s picture and lie to yourself summer after summer?

She says Stormy said, “picture this, Donald Trump chasing me around the bedroom in his tighty-whities.”

Coxe gave us a picture that shows where Robinson’s car was when the tow truck showed up.

And researchers are trying to paint a more complete picture of how the virus is afflicting Indigenous populations around the world.

And researchers are trying to paint a more complete picture of how the virus is afflicting Indigenous populations around the world.

While this sounds problematic, it’s not the entire picture.

Like M. C. Escher and Mondrian, Winkfield is interested in the division of the picture plane.

I think most of them can sense there is a bigger picture, and [that] Mormon theology is missing pieces.

But a little closer reveals a less rosy picture.

It’s not real, or at least it’s not the whole picture of our complicated lives.

A picture of a brown speckled egg is officially more popular than every other picture ever posted to Instagram.

That said, the picture isn’t without its controversies.

I’m not sure about the kiss,” the woman in the picture said during her interview with the Veterans History Project.

Snodgrass’s “Matisse: ‘The Red Studio,’” Adrienne Rich’s  “Mourning picture,” and some of William Carpenter’s poems inspired by Edward Hopper images.

Nice.” “Memes condense down a common or shared experience into a few words and a picture,” Lillian tells Broadly.

It’s time for Hillary to start painting the picture of how she plans to win it.

The picture that emerges is of a central bank under pressure and at a moment of reckoning.

The George Eastman Museum launched the Technicolor Online Research Archive, a resource of over 40,000 documents from the Technicolor Motion picture Corporation (1914–1955).

Zooming out to the big picture, Americans have clearly been living longer over time.

After all, that is the big picture of the film — if smart people procreate, we have a better gene pool and a better future.

This picture has been altered to make it explicitly about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh.

It’s happened: Netflix’s Roma is officially a Best picture nominee for the 2019 Oscars.

Which means that for the first time, Netflix has a chance to win the Oscar for Best picture.

It’s in Spanish, and no foreign-language film has ever won the Oscar for Best picture.

This, in addition to his very particular arrangement of objects in the picture plane, draws attention to Winkfield’s paintings as created things.

“White House is leaking,” CNN journalist Betsy Klein tweeted with the picture.

One email, for example, contained an attached image with a picture of a $150,000 check.

A picture of sociology student Mohammad Shehzad (Photo by Mohammad Zubair Khan/VICE News) Mohammed Shezad, a a sociology student, was another of the victims.

RealRapScore: WhoFuckingCares/10 There’s more, but you get the picture.

And the film landed in the Best picture category as well — certainly a strong showing.

And with an empty 10th slot in the Best picture category, The Florida Project’s exclusions feels like a shame.

So its nominations for Best picture and Best Actress (Streep) feel a little paltry, at the end of the day.

A new picture of Jahi McMath on Facebook is captioned: “Jahi as healthy and beautiful as ever, proving the naysayers wrong.”

IPCC reports pool together research that’s already been published to paint a picture of how the world will change as it heats up.

I’ll show you a picture later if you’d like of a massive crowd.

“What word can I use to send you a picture about what I want to say?”

And one thing that’s definitely true about the eight Best picture nominees from 2018 is that they exhibit a lot of variety.

In the runup to the Oscars on February 24, Vox’s staff is looking at each of the eight Best picture nominees in turn.

It’s certainly one of the more controversial Best picture nominees, not least because of various statements from its director, screenwriter, and stars.

I personally won’t be surprised if Green Book wins Best picture.

I’ve seen the human toll of this ban, and the picture is ugly.

All frontal or back planes remain parallel to the picture plane.

It now appears that Barr misled Congress — or at least didn’t provide the full picture.

Step #1: Focus on the big picture.

The more we get hung up on whether or not key people were lobbyists, the more we miss the bigger picture.

A religious freedom measure doesn’t even have to come into the picture for this to be allowed under most states’ laws.

This high-resolution picture pinpoints where tweaks are needed to optimise the overall flow.

Confrontations will pop up in your relationships, but an understanding of the bigger picture will come later on today.

The amendment would add voting qualifications to the state’s constitution, and require voters to show picture ID before voting.

Players won’t grasp the full picture immediately, and neither can we.

We’ve got this ‘big picture‘ vision, but we also keep focus on the current reality.”

That was the standard model until wind and solar came along, scrambling the whole picture.

Each film has 10 total nominations, and both are up for Best picture.

The Best picture category has eight nominees in 2019.

(All together, the 2019 Best picture nominees boast one of the biggest combined box office tallies in cinematic history.)

He kissed her picture and said a silent prayer before banishing the memory once more for the task at hand.

I spoke to several members of alt-furry and the brony right in Twitter DMs to get a clearer picture of the movement.

All that said, targeting-rule naysayers seem to be missing the bigger picture.

But these are mostly nitpicks that can obscure the bigger picture.

Helmand policeman Baz Gul said the air strikes had “changed the picture completely” and morale was high.

It was nominated in 12 categories, including Best picture.

But reality paints a very different picture.

It’s a picture of restrained beauty, tinged with a violence that makes it strangely alluring.

(@chrisbrownofficial) on Jul 14, 2016 at 11:57am PDT I like this picture, so I’m posting it.

Elabi told QMI he chose not to post a picture of himself because he had been disfigured by a Russian-made rocket launcher.

“I want HIS name and picture shared not that of a cold calculated killer!

There was a nice picture.

The picture is a reverie before the sublime but also a massing of female power.

That means doctors and researchers trying to get a full picture of a drug’s effects are out of luck.

But his demand isn’t the spectacled sportcoat you picture when you hear the word “collector.”

The increased amount of visual information makes for a smoother, more realistic-looking picture — but that has its pitfalls.

“They all want my picture — doesn’t mean they’re going to vote for me,” he said during his speech.

When blockbusters are good, like Black Panther, they should be nominated for Best picture, not some category created in a panic.

After all, the Academy has made clear that movies nominated for the popular film award can also be nominated for Best picture.

Before it was first awarded in 2002, just one animated film had been nominated for Best picture, Beauty and the Beast, nominated in 1992.

And no documentary has ever been nominated for Best picture.

Would Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King have won Best picture if the popular film category had existed?

In the majority of years, several Best picture nominees are already among the year’s most popular films.

In 2017 and 2016, three of the Best picture nominees were among the year’s top grossers.

“You have to come here in person,” she said before applying lipstick and asking a stranger to take her picture on her cellphone.

And in 2013 and 2011, a five-nominee popular film category could be completely filled with Best picture nominees.

But we know the big picture, for the most part.

Melissa got slimed at the hotel but has since deleted a picture she shared on her social media.

Because he posted a picture of him doing it on Instagram.

His subjects’ raucous joy beams out, beyond the picture plane and past the glass.

Sidibé’s images picture another side of the Francophone Afrodiaspora in Bamako, Mali.

But now IFC, the movie’s distributor, is facing sanctions for violating the ratings rules of the Motion picture Association of America (MPAA).

Spend any amount of time around the 101 Boys and one thing becomes clear: these guys are always thinking big picture.

Although many Salon artists at the time were depicting female nudes, Clark argued, only this picture was shocking because it explicitly showed prostitution.

That account, Murrell rightly observes, although correct as far as it goes, fails entirely to consider one of the two figures in the picture.

But if somebody takes your picture from Flickr, you still have it.

A Pokémon Go logo is the first picture in this listing for a Nashville-area condo.

Needless to say, Comey does not paint a flattering picture of Trump.

Let’s give it some context to give us a better picture.

You take a picture of somebody, it says one thing.

You draw a picture of that person in the same circumstances, and it says something completely different.

This may in fact be true, but it is only part of a much more complex and worrisome picture.

picture yourself in the dark house but make it light.

The growth numbers in Egypt alone paint an interesting picture.

And if all that wasn’t enough activity, the Kardashians then entered the picture.

Here’s another picture of the USS Arizona.

As tightly pressed together as they are, they are not all on the same picture plane.

His next two movies, 1974’s Lenny and 1979’s All That Jazz, will both receive Best picture nominations.

His decision essentially erased Leonardo from the picture for the next two decades.

1974’s Lenny is the least watched of Fosse’s three Best picture nominees nowadays.

“That picture is so horrendous—Jock Semple is so outrageous and threatening-looking that the photo went around the world,” Burfoot said.

Rawls said she hopes the recent discord among the group does not cause people to lose sight of the big picture.

So, it’s really hard to picture any life thriving there, at least today.

The Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences named Glenn Frankel and Keri Walsh as their 2018 Academy Film Scholars.

That explains why it’s hard to buy a cigarette in many other countries without seeing a revolting picture of advanced mouth cancer.

So anyway, I found a picture of a turtle somewhere on the internet and edited it a bit.

The moon enters fellow air sign Aquarius this evening, Gemini, encouraging you to think about the big picture.

Save, maybe an insane double overtime victory by a rival team to keep you in the playoff picture.

Earlier this year, an innocuous picture of a Rick and Morty mural painted on a Brighton student house spanned across our screens.

I sent them a picture of part of the Rick and Morty house.

“Lidar” refers to a key sensor technology that allows a self-driving car to form a 3D picture of its surroundings.

Does that mean that picture ID won’t be required?

We actually included a library card, and that does not have picture ID.

picture the exact midpoint between carny culture and the military and you’re pretty close.

This is where your genes enter the picture.

Overall, Hippie Modernism paints a picture of radical and rhizomatic action, taking place on a global scale and largely independent of controlling interests.

Take a look back at that Instagram account and scroll down to the first picture he posted.

That’s not to demean Anderson, who retweeted the picture and has guts lobbying for the fight without any nudging from the UFC.

It’s as fair to say Wrightson was a technical master as it is to say he was a “big picture” or “storytelling” king.

You can place the screen portion (where the console’s technical guts live) into a docking station to display the picture on a TV.

The macro picture was not uniformly gloomy—profits and wage growth improved a bit on-quarter, and pricing steadied.

[Alex Ward] You can now import a spreadsheet to Excel by taking a picture of it with your iPhone.

Look at here.” picture it this way.

“There’s this picture that has never left my mind of the blood,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

He took a picture.

Removing men from the picture, Kaur says, creates something more aesthetically pleasing and sometimes even gender-bending.

This was before Studio 54 came into the picture, before excessive evenings spent with the likes of Cher and Bianca Jagger.

A framed grade school picture of Johnathan hangs on the wall.

A Pew Research Center report released Wednesday paints a stark picture of why.

The big picture is that Mueller’s firing would have seismic implications.

In 2017, Weinstein was expelled from the Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences.

Only six days earlier, Whitworth had tweeted a smiling picture of himself apple-picking in the sun-dappled Kent countryside.

Not a pretty picture.

What’s wrong with that picture?

I wrote “The Fire That Partially Damaged City Hall” while looking at this picture, which should explain the idea.

Together, they paint a picture of a vital workforce in professional and personal crisis — with no clear end in sight.

pic.twitter.com/uujdC3JYbA Another Redditor callled GhostXavier posted an in-game picture of the DMZ between North and South Korea.

Is George Costanza somewhere in that picture?

Kimberly Steward, who produced “Manchester by the Sea,” is now the second black female producer ever to be nominated for Best picture.

Since its start in 2015, the Nitrate picture Show has inspired other institutions to create similar programs celebrating nitrate film.

There are a lot of moving parts in the health bill Senate Republicans just released, but the bigger picture is straightforward.

Kimberly Steward, who produced “Manchester by the Sea,” is now the second black female producer ever to be nominated for Best picture.

That makes it much harder to get a full picture of gun violence.

“Hope” (picture courtesy of Hope’s family)”Ariana Grande is an actress and a singer,” ten-year-old Hope says excitedly.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Before the dawn of film, motion picture entertainment was often literally a moving picture.

“I got emotional just taking a picture with him.”

Cuba also said he stands by the Motion picture Academy.

At the end of the 24 hours, she sends a picture of you from the day.

When it recently Instagrammed a seemingly innocuous picture of cole slaw, even that was met with criticism.

The big picture is: there is really only one issue holding up the immigration talks.

Tuesday’s nominations showed popular films had broken into the best picture race.

“Take a little picture for me later and send it to me here, so I can see it,” the owner instructed.

GRAPHIC: International ticket sales for best picture nominees – tmsnrt.rs/2RUnnhF Reporting by Lisa Richwine; editing by Jonathan Oatis

Without Brian in the picture, Dom has become the franchise’s solo figurehead, and Fate functions almost like a redo of his origin story.

He changed his profile picture, too:

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a well-placed cover really ups your social media game.

A picture can bolster a fragile memory, but it can also begin to replace it as the material overwhelms the immaterial.

But as her picture continued to make international headlines, the young woman became in demand.

“We know that the account had a misleading profile picture.

He also learned how to work within the system, which would be important working within the studio system and the motion picture industry.

There’s certainly a resonance there, but I can’t say “That picture made him portray Peter Sellers in that way.”

A picture posing beside the candidate taken by a friend or spouse is a close second.

And getting a picture of the candidate holding your baby now seems to be the holy grail of campaign event attendance.

He much prefers having his picture taken than to be so close to an audience member.

But this changing physiological picture, and our constantly varying levels of cortisol, has led to many inconsistent findings.

This is why longer studies are beneficial; researchers get a much clearer picture of what is happening.

The benefit of the ISS is that scientists can get a bigger picture of how muscle size and function deteriorates over time.

In 2015, Brooklyn premiered at Sundance and was eventually nominated for Best picture in 2016.

“Presidential Bodyguards Kill Youth,” read the front-page headline, above a picture of Gil’s weeping mother, Carmen Romelia Marquez de Gomez.

When Sisi took power the picture changed again.

In any case, something is totally off with the picture: poor young boy—rich old artist.

On many levels, the picture of him is as wrong as the strange hard shadow his body casts on the shoreline.

“I’m not the first person to do this, just the first person whose picture went viral.”

For me each exhibition has its own narrative and mood, as does every individual picture.

The picture was mixed, however, as the far-right National Front came in first in France, according to exit polls.

In August 2012, Dunham posted a picture of herself on Instagram and Twitter wearing a shawl wrapped around her head.

The photograph earned Carter a Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and The American Magazine awarded it the picture of the year.

The subsequent news stories gave me a fuller picture of this operation.

Did La La Land deserve to win Best picture?

Alex Abad-Santos: I would have been happy with La La Land winning Best picture.

You get the picture.

Black Panther is now the first superhero movie ever to be nominated for Best picture at the Oscars.

Being nominated for Best picture recognizes that Black Panther wasn’t just a popular movie but also a well-made one.

OK, back to the big picture.

If you want them to think about Italy, show them a picture of Italy.

I think they’re missing most of the picture right now.”

Past Worn Searching is a picture postcard from a turning point for emo.

But the affirmative action debate often paints an inaccurate picture of what affirmative action actually is.

In particular, the global picture has brightened as growth and inflation have broadly moved up for the first time in several years.

This picture’s grid is not what decides its form — it is what reveals its location in a temporal dimension.

While we saw majorities gather against Trump at the state and local level, we should remember that the national picture is still very murky.

Helen Rosner, the New Yorker’s food correspondent, tweeted a picture of herself pointing her Dyson dryer at a raw chicken.

A Reuters analysis of a trio of political forecasting groups showed the picture in the House brightening for Democrats.

A day before, this kid came up to me, he told me he loved my music and asked for a picture.

We don’t have a picture of ourselves up on bulletin boards somewhere, right?

It seems Chyna’s none too happy his family is back in the picture.

Honest question … what’s the first thing you looked at when you saw this picture?

But, in a bigger picture sense, things are different this time around.

That’s where Tom’s of Maine comes into the picture — the brand’s Long-Lasting Natural Deodorant is less than $5.

And the jobs picture — after a horrible turn during the recession — has been pretty good.

The winner would get $5,000 and their picture in the magazine.

Swetnick’s affidavit paints a disturbing picture of the young Kavanaugh.

(Time comes back into the picture.)

Instead, it very deliberately paints a picture of brutal mundanity.

In the color darkroom, it’s pitch black, and the picture is largely made through feel.

In the lower right of the picture, a crowd of African American listeners recedes into the distance.

A broad line of protesters dominates the picture, beginning in the left foreground and receding diagonally across.

She says Prince was the picture of happiness, smiling as he cruised around the neighborhood.

Claudio shows me a picture of their wedding day.

On one occasion Penha was left with a broken nose and bloody face: her profile picture on Facebook.

“So, when he says to send nudes, he gets a picture of my bare feet!”

Then she reveals that the textbook entry about her was accompanied by a huge picture of Princess Leia.

And while Trump painted a dystopian picture of life in North Korea, he refrained from any threats of pre-emptive action against the North.

Letters from Rodin to the Met complete the picture of the sculptor as cultural icon.

One picture depicts a snowman; another, a detailed exterior of the house itself.

We get the picture of a very vibrant, funny woman.

Feeling immediately inspired, Saar appropriated objects and images, and like Cornell, set up her own scenes in window and picture frames.

You can add a profile picture.

But other SchoolDude records and the district’s purchase history of lead filters and filter cartridges help fill in the picture.

Pushed on whether it was “quite an old picture,” he replied that “I am not going to comment.”

Do you think he got an accurate picture of the country?

“To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it.”

The bigger picture here is that Russia under Putin has something of a habit of using information as a weapon in foreign countries.

But Shaq, who works as an on-air analyst for Turner, another NBA partner, painted a picture for us.

West declined to answer questions and said he just wanted to take the picture.

I’ve written about the big picture here and more fine-grained, near-term solutions here.

But the bigger picture remains: Grid expansion has to happen eventually.

In this way I was able to present a far fuller picture of his extraordinary life then was previously possible.

But anyway, so they have a picture, an old picture, having breakfast with Lee Harvey Oswald.

But option two offers a different picture.

In response, activist April Reign started the #OscarsSoWhite Twitter hashtag to address the Academy of Motion picture Arts And Sciences’ racial exclusion.

Everybody wants big picture.

Aline Brosh McKenna What you have to picture is two women just talking about it incessantly.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I didn’t expect a picture of me in handcuffs to wind up all over the internet.

The picture’s not fully developed yet.

“Everybody knew what they done.” She could still picture that white man, coming around to their place every blue moon.

“Look at that picture over there!

Altogether, this paints a very different picture of Trump than we saw on the campaign trail.

One could easily picture Ace Ventura or the Mask making any of these ridiculous exaggerated O-faces.

The album cover is a picture of a dead Somali baby beneath a cartoon of Egyptian pharaohs and African lions.

He didn’t mention her during the set … but this picture‘s worth a thousand words.

“You have to picture not knowing anything else,” he says of life in the Soviet-occupied German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The BBC paints a doomsday picture of what life in the Premier League will be like should ticket prices continue to go up.

“We know that diversity isn’t about creating a pretty picture, it’s about getting good policy.

But if you take a picture of circles and squares getting along, the audience doesn’t care to watch that, so nothing changes.”

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Every time they take a picture of my eyes I think about that.

Then it pops up my picture from 2005 or maybe earlier, it looks earlier.

“Cover picture is me in Hialeah 86–87.”

KS: You should because they do, they go chk-chk like they’re shooting the picture.

But that picture went away, and so did the president’s attention.

January 9 Axl Rose posts a picture of a fan’s baby on the Guns N’ Roses Facebook page.

February 12 Axl Rose posts a picture of a fan’s charcoal drawing of him on the Guns N’ Roses Facebook page.

March 9 Axl Rose posts a picture of a fan’s baby on the Guns N’ Roses Facebook page.

The big picture is that CBS is still very much in the advertising business, and will be for a very long time.

We never get an entire picture, but rather bits and pieces of fragments of who they might be.

“So a lot of what we think as ‘European’ Impressionism has strong roots in Japanese picture making.

According to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, the most requested corpse picture in America for 2017 was that of the Las Vegas shooter.

La La Land was the Best picture for about two minutes, until it wasn’t.

The only other picture of an Harpoon was published in 2013 by Ars Technica.

picture taken September 3, 2015.

The picture was part of a cache of documents purportedly from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and leaked to Motherboard.

Morell issued a particularly bleak picture of the danger posed by ISIS.

“It shouldn’t take a leak,” he said, “to just see a picture of this device in action.”

It seemed like you took a picture of her.

“That signals in and of itself that they’re not literally looking at the full picture,” Beletsky said.

Or is it just the picture that is boring?

Once violence enters the picture, all other relationships reduce to dominance and control.

This new study paints a picture of a problem that’s been recorded in individual ecosystems.

Mark Borde, co-president of Freestyle Releasing, the company distributing the picture, called Old Fashioned’s marketing strategy a “counter-programming plan” to Fifty Shades.

The Sound and picture group that traces atrocities in areas held by IS also reported the same casualty estimates.

Following the appropriation artist’s unauthorized use in 2014 of a picture of a Rastafarian smoking, its photographer, Donald Graham, is now suing Prince.

She decided to pose for a picture with him.

“But the picture that this article paints is upsettingly inaccurate.

There’s clearly something very significant missing from the picture we have been offered.

So when she wanted to announce her pregnancy, she took herself out of the picture entirely.

Which is when Obama entered the picture.

with a picture of one of his rallies.

After an aggressive cage-cutting performance against Junior dos Santos, Miocic turned around and put together a picture perfect outfighting showing against Mark Hunt.

[Shows a picture.]

If that fails, just post a picture of yourself kissing your rival’s ex-girlfriend to Instagram.

There are also courting scenes, as well as a child’s picture referencing the late-19th-century movement known as the Ghost Dance.

Cover image: A picture of spy Mata Hari can be seen as part of an installation in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, 27 January 2018.

The picture that arises describes Europe today.

The picture that arises describes Europe today.

While she continues to hold on to Seth’s photos despite their molding and leaking, she does delete the unsettling picture of her uncle.

And this gloomy picture, coupled with reportedly sluggish sales, sparked a downturn in Apple’s share price.

And this gloomy picture, coupled with reportedly sluggish sales, sparked a downturn in Apple’s share price.

The bigger picture … there’s a much larger issue way beyond Hunt.

In the picture she stands in a field wearing jeans, an embroidered wrap, and a shirt that says “Puerto Rico” across the chest.

It did not mention the photograph incorrectly captioned as showing Rohingya entering Myanmar when the picture was of them leaving.

Another picture, also printed in black-and-white, shows men aboard a rickety boat.

I don’t want to paint a rosy picture, though.

In the segment, Luna stands in “Native dress” in San Francisco’s Union Square, inviting people to take a picture with him.

One picture shows Emily and her older sister dressed in Halloween costumes sewn by their mother.

There are new and fresh ways to picture dreamworlds for the 21st century in the spotlight at Volta this year.

But it matched my face to a picture captured earlier (it was never quite clear how often my photo was taken that day).

And from there, the picture for Trump just gets grimmer.

Debra’s fuming after Hilary posted an insensitive picture on Instagram, saying, “What kind of trash is she?

The picture they released showed a man with facial stubble and a chiseled jaw, who was wearing a hoodie.

Some don’t seem to have any qualms about giving their full name, or even a picture.

The findings, which have remained secret until now, paint a dire picture of deteriorating mental health among personnel who served there.

Here we’re looking Auriea, who is one of the two people sent a picture of herself.

You can mouse over it and it animates the picture and you can see her partner underneath.

But horror stories shared on social media paint a different picture.

“It is always a good thing when tariffs are taken out of the picture.

They seem to only get results when they’re one part of a big picture.

picture taken Janaury 19, 2017.

picture taken July 17, 2016.

They present us with an ordered picture of the world, to which our tastes and stereotypes and values are anchored.

Little by little, a clearer picture started to form.

But Fluent’s survey also offers a more nuanced picture of Apple’s first wearable device, which launched on April 24, 2015.

The picture shows a woman with short black hair wearing a white top with the letters “LOL” printed across the front.

The picture shows a woman with short black hair wearing a white top with the letters “LOL” printed across the front.

picture this: an autonomous health care clinic,” said the Arizona Congress member, visibly excited.

That gives you a picture of everything that was bought in America.

You know why this picture is so vividly painted?

You get the picture.

They said, “Man, we see this picture in the history book and they don’t have any story about it.

But here’s an overview of the full picture.

“I got a great picture of Mahershala Ali hugging a ‘La La Land’ producer.

You look at it as just toilets, but this is about the bigger picture.

So when we’re presented a picture of real couples (or real friends), we create narratives around them based on these tropes.

But when I looked at the different severity of pain reported, I saw it’s a somewhat more complicated picture.

Trump’s White House is the picture of dysfunction.

We’ll have a better picture of the future of science funding when the Trump administration releases a full budget request in May.

“Thank you for the picture!

Black Panther, the first superhero movie ever nominated for Best picture, is in third with seven.

You might notice that neither of those nominations is in the Directing category, nor have any of his films been nominated for Best picture.

Needless to say, Trump’s comments don’t paint an accurate picture of refugees.

And it earned the all-important Best picture nomination as well.

Yes, it still received eight nominations, including Best picture, but the movie’s ceiling was 12 or 13.

Yes, the 2019 Best picture race still contains nominees that have proved to be niche players at the box office.

That the ceremony ended with Chazelle winning Best Director and Moonlight winning Best picture — and with an infamous snafu — seemed very appropriate.

Yet a knee-jerk reaction may distract us from looking at the big picture.

Last month, drug journalist Ioan Grillo’s New York Times op-ed about free trade in the cannabis industry painted a dire picture.

And the outcome of that contest matters more, in the big picture, than the specifics of US carbon emissions over the next four years.

The two were taking a picture and a bullet went through Murfitt’s neck, MacKinnon told the paper.

AP picture of police brutality that is shocking Kenya.

Here are a few sources of reading to help you get a clearer picture.

UKIP was roundly condemned for its “Breaking Point” billboard, which shows a large queue of brown-skinned migrants stretching beyond the picture frame.

They went out of their way to paint a picture of the world’s worst houseguest — or a man going seriously stir crazy.

They went out of their way to paint a picture of the world’s worst houseguest — or a man going seriously stir crazy.

“Have you ever seen the Donald Trump picture of him as Uncle Sam?

Because once women enter the professional world, the rosy picture of progress begins to dull.

As a matter of policy, it’s a much more complicated picture.

The jury found him guilty on only one charge on Tuesday: unlawfully posing for a picture with a human casualty.

“You could look at an NSYNC or Backstreet Boys picture and they’re trying to be 112.

“—TIME Cheryl Boone Isaacs Reelected Academy PresidentCheryl Boone Isaacs has been reelected president of the Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences.

The screensaver on the phone—which is almost always glued to her hand—is a picture of her mother, dressed for a Yazidi festival celebration.

If you’re wondering about Lontel, Emily’s boyfriend in Season 2 … we’re told he’s out of the picture for good.

In 1980, Martin Scorsese released the brilliant motion picture Raging Bull, based on Jake LaMotta’s 1970 memoir of the same name.

But doctors don’t yet have a clear picture of what type of social impairments may follow other types of traumatic injuries.

“Her nephew—she showed me a picture of him—he is eight years old,” Nawaf says.

Download rates don’t give you a full picture of an app publisher’s business, of course.

I was trying to make a picture language.

The picture is very personal.

It’s the one picture that I wouldn’t be happy about selling.

When we think about climate change, we’re almost never looking at the whole picture.

So, really, okay, where was that place where you could just snap a quick picture?

I just took a picture of my Google Home Hub and I posted it on my Instagram Story.

So don’t think about it, don’t worry about the negative comments, post that picture of Google Home Hub.

Well I saw a picture of you and your mother, you know what I mean?

and their mission to archive and preserve motion picture materials and legacy media?

But they don’t let it interfere with the big picture.

Chazz also feels Carmine should be reinstated by the Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences.

“Perhaps Carmine’s biggest regret was his involvement in a scandal that left him expelled from The Motion picture Academy.

Marty, who is 37 years old, answers with this picture.

Another Markit survey also paints a grim picture of the undoing of Britain’s economic progress.

Getting a picture, though slightly trickier, doesn’t have to require hugely professional kit.

I think, over time, political reporting started to rest on a picture of the political system that most journalists carried around in their heads.

“Whether you like it or not, I love him,” said a raised hand featuring Bashar al-Assad’s picture.

But the picture was just, everything.

Mike Kinsella: My manager Chase sent me a picture today outside it!

We just thought it was a cool picture.

This occasional lack of context might be inevitable in a 4,000-word book with a breezy, whimsical tone—essentially a picture book for adults.

First, he invited one of them to make a picture.

That it won Best picture — even setting aside the bizarre manner in which it ultimately won — is practically a miracle.

Shortly after Drudge broke the news, a more complicated picture emerged.

(picture by Daniel Ojeda/VICE News).

And while its $22 million gross is terrific for such a low budget, it’s still the lowest-grossing of the Best picture nominees.

It’s a masterpiece — and its Best picture win is the very best sort of shock.

Sources connected to Alex and Cassie insisted they weren’t together until Diddy was out of the picture.

Nine movies were nominated for Best picture at the Oscars this year (out of a possible 10 that the Academy voters can nominate).

Here’s what to expect from each of the Best picture nominees, and how you can watch them.

He tweeted a picture of himself blindfolded and holding a board that read in Creole: Where is the PetroCaribe money?

picture them as robotic armour for construction workers tasked with doing the same thing over and over, like tiling or heavy-duty drilling.

She’s probably been let down by the national picture.”

I can picture the victims’ parents calling on Saturday night, asking their daughters to let them know when they’d reached their destination.

Painting and Violence Murray attacked the picture like any graffiti artist would.

He got a car, a hilarious picture of himself towering over Gary Bettman, and a key to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude trophy.

It’s a hard thing to imagine, until you can picture yourself being there.

A24, whose Moonlight won Best picture last year, has a total of seven nominations across the 24 categories, so too does Netflix.

Here it is … the first picture of Nick Young’s bouncing baby girl!

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is one of those rare horror films that get a Best picture nomination.

“The driver’s license, as all do, had her picture on it,” the police department said in a statement.

Why is framing a picture so expensive?

He saw a picture of his wife with another man and believed she was having an affair,” Mehmood said.

So the big picture is if you think about when new competing platforms have emerged, the software platform has always changed.

I also love complex images; it’s a challenge to see how much I can pack into a picture and still make it work.

You can’t be too polite, though; you really have to go for the picture you want.

Push for that one extra element that will give the picture the possibility of being extraordinary.

What else does the picture need?”

Steve shared his perspective on the Oscars Best picture screwup … which, of course, reminded everyone of Steve’s historic Miss Universe screwup.

Harbaugh took a picture with her.

China is a vast country and so the picture varies regionally.

Regardless, the messy picture here is probably an appropriate one.

Take this picture of him playing the 76ers a week or so ago.

What was the Michigan coach supposed to do when the lineman asked the coach to pose for a picture with his mother?

An incomplete picture to focus on EPA’s regulatory rollback alone.

Just block some time out in your calendar — the entire picture took 15 hours to create.

Get your red-hot excuses for the Red Sox falling behind in the AL playoff picture!

“Not Star Wars—more like The Rocky Horror picture Show.”

As Lubow wrote in the Times, “To [Wall], it is not a picture about Israeli politics.

picture an inverted pick-and-roll, with Leonard dribbling the ball as Lowry races up to blindside his man with a screen.

It’s about the grind of life, the wins and the losses and the ultimate picture that only makes sense in retrospect.

He had a framed picture of them with red-cheeked smiles, holding snowboards, on his dresser.

Today, we have new data that paints a bleak picture of what’s happening to the animal kingdom right now.

Regardless, the picture isn’t pretty.

And years before that, the first film he produced, 2010’s The Kids Are All Right, was nominated for four Oscars, including Best picture.

Consider Black Panther, which has the rare distinction of being both 2018’s top-grossing film and a Best picture nominee.

First, there’s the picture Brittany posted on Twitter just after 1:51 AM on April 30.

Here’s the statement you’re making by lifting this particular picture up,’” Horowitz said.

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence in a variety of ways to provide a better picture.

The presence of fighters from Turkey’s separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) further complicates the picture.

So the overall picture of the 2016 summer box office is one of feast creating famine.

If La La Land loses Best picture, it will be the biggest Oscars upset ever.

The picture grows even bleaker if you only look at the US and Canadian box office (usually referred to as “domestic” box office).

picture the typical office: more than 70 percent of the time, it’s now a big room filled with shared tables.

So here are our predictions for 2017’s Best picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Adapted Screenplay categories.

Heading into awards season, it looked like Best picture would be a three-way race between La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight.

La La Land will be Best picture.

When you direct a Best picture frontrunner as big as La La Land, you win Best Director.

So precedent is on the side of the Best picture victor also winning something else.)

Harry and William’s maternal aunts, Sarah McCorquodale and Jane Fellowes, also posed for the picture.

I took a picture if you want to see it.

But, it was when Embiid stood up to take a picture that the size became an issue.

But even this warm winter “isn’t really giving us the full picture,” she said.

Jonathan Bachman of Reuters has nailed the situation in this picture from the Baton Rouge protest.

On Instagram, after Walker visited the museum in July, she posted a picture of her daughter smiling in front of the two works.

Small numbers of studies can’t paint a picture of universal truths, because that’s not how science works.

“You have to picture back in 1956,” Donna tells me during a long phone call from her home in Connecticut.

Is this a misleading picture?

This picture was taken just north of Baton Rouge.

This picture was taken just north of Baton Rouge.

Northam denied being in that picture but admitted to dressing in blackface for a social event that same year.

It was just some flyers somebody threw up on a wall, snapped a picture for their Instagram and scurried away.

picture taken September 21, 2016.

And one thing that’s definitely true about the nine Best picture nominees from 2017 is that they exhibit a lot of variety.

What’s making this movie a Best picture contender?

One of the slowest tracks on Nevermind, it paints a gloomy, depressing picture of homelessness.

There’s a stereotypical picture and it doesn’t deviate much from that.

“This is probably my favorite picture from the entire exhibition.

I find this picture poetic because some basketball players dominate the air with as much ease as these pigeons do.”

We tend to think that the key to power is economic and technological strength, but that’s not the whole picture.

That bleak picture clashes with the Trump administration’s pro-fossil-fuels agenda.

We spoke with a few experts to get the real picture.

Despite all the money consultants spend on sophisticated analysis, their attempt to paint a picture of the public remains stubbornly incomplete.

What’s your favorite emoji?The picture of a star with a black man running towards it.

This picture makes me mad that we didn’t do a shampoo commercial back in the day.

Just a reminder that: You get the picture, or rather, someone else did.

However, even wastewater testing doesn’t give a complete picture.

Oh, nah, we definitely taking a picture,” school security guard Mikeshae Settles said.

He created the picture with his trademark CGI-free technique thanks to a model of a hot air balloon from Germany.

It’s just not the whole picture.” I asked Gentzkow what he thinks might be part of the fuller picture.

One message by LGBTQ rights activist Pu Chunmei featuring a picture of her and her gay son was liked more than 55,000 times.

Looking at this picture is like waking from a dream as emotional as it is indecipherable.

Large picture windows have exploded from their frames.

I somehow missed this amazing picture last week.

The 1994 movie, which turned 25 on July 6, 2019, was a massive box office hit and won the Oscar for Best picture.

Though Souza had withheld explicit criticism thus far, on February 6 he was more direct in this caption: “This is a full-frame picture.

This is a full-frame picture.

Now, some of those women are making large-scale efforts to challenge the homogeneous picture painted by music festivals.

The goal of these activists and organizations: make that picture a lot more diverse.

What’s the role of negative emissions in the big picture?

We hope picture in a sentence examples were helpful.