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These institutional changes follow widespread protests from drug policy advocates including photographer Nan Goldin, best known for her series The Ballad of Sexual Dependency.

On the night of the opening last month I was chatting with Her as photographer Wing Young Huie arrived.

And actually, can I just say, Wing, your work was essentially the reason why I became a photographer.

Not only have you inspired me to become a photographer, I truly believe that you’ve influenced a whole generation of Hmong artists.

Chris was in the DJ booth when he allegedly attacked a photographer.

This issue, of later life diagnosis, was brought to light recently after nature photographer and TV presenter, Chris Packham, went public with his experiences.

photographer, filmmaker, and artist Hobbes Ginsberg is best known for her probing, confessional, and deeply communicative self-portraiture.

Parker Day is a California-based photographer who takes saturated, made-up, and costumed, heavily art-directed portraits of beautiful weirdos.

The creation of an image by a photographer leads to debates about ownership of place and ideas.

Chinese photographer Ren Hang has died, a representative of Klein Sun Gallery confirmed to Creators earlier this morning.

“Ren is a poet and photographer,” Klein Sun described the artist in a release for his May, 2016 solo show at their Chelsea location.

photographer Bryan Allen Lamb was there to capture the whole thing from the pit.

Claudio Abate (1943–2017),  photographer.

Arlene Gottfried (1950–2017), photographer.

Hashem El Madani (1928–2017), photographer.

New Zealand photographer Danial Eriksen traveled 8,000 kilometers [5,000 miles] to photograph Smokey Mountain—a Filipino landfill that houses thousands of people.

photographer Fábio Teixeira spent seven months in and around Vila Mimosa, trying to capture the neighborhood’s spirit for VICE Brazil.

Stockbridge, a longtime Philadelphia resident originally from Maryland, has been a portrait and documentary photographer in the area for a decade.

In the former, Krista looks pained and disoriented on the street, her ghostly face turned away from the photographer.

One of the most interesting aspects of the work is the photographer’s own moral arc.

But Spencer Tunick, a photographer best known for his large-scale nude shoots, is accustomed to willing himself into slumber before a big shoot.

In his view, all photographs are filtered through the photographer’s subjectivity.

A fresh look at women and their rides emerges in Milwaukee-based photographer and motorcyclist Sarah Vaun’s Women and Wheels Project.

photographer Annie Leibovitz Captures Badass ‘WOMEN’ in a New Series Meet the Middle East’s First All-Female Photo Collective

“I did not realize it was remembered to that degree,” admits the photographer, who had left Montreal for Toronto 11 years prior.

But even the most brilliantly embroidered floral skirts didn’t fool someone who shared a polio-effected childhood: the discerning documentary photographer, Dorothea Lange.

A photographer released an old photo of former President Barack Obama posing with Louis Farrakhan, the fiery leader of the Nation of Islam.

Nearly 70 years later, Anton Iwanoski’s grandson, photographer Michal Iwanowski, retraced this journey using makeshift maps his uncle Wiktor had drawn.

When painter Thomas Moran was sketching the mountains of Pennsylvania, his brother, photographer John Moran, was working with a camera right alongside him.

The legendary photographer continues to leave an impact, long after his untimely death in 1989 from AIDS-related complications at the age of 42.

The founders took very separate paths, with Samiof going into hotel trade and Nissen becoming a professional photographer and art director.

The 41 blocked users include a film producer, screenwriter, photographer and author who had criticized President Trump or his policies.

We sent photographer Jimmy Tagliaferri backstage on Tuesday, June 11, as Geller was prepping models for the line’s debut presentation.

(His father, the architect and architectural photographer Robert Damora, passed away in 2009.)

I am an artist and photographer.

Malick Sidibé, I would argue, is art history’s ultimate event photographer.

Lawless, the photographer who snuck on the island, is disappointed that the Disney company has not done anything with the island.

Jason Bergman is a photographer based in New York.

Christie Brinkley was an aspiring artist living in Paris when she was discovered by a photographer.

Her daughter with husband and photographer Paul Van Ravenstein, Anna Cleveland, has also taken the fashion world by storm.

Gary couldn’t join me because of work commitments, so I brought in another photographer, David Hillegas, to make the journey.

But now, instead of bringing a photographer with me, I would just take photos with my iPhone.

Follow him on Twitter.Matt Seger is a photographer based in New York City.

New York–based photographer Rebekah Campbell’s work combines elements of fashion and documentary photography.

Jabin Botsford, a staff photographer for the Washington Post, managed to take a photo that reveals one paragraph of Trump’s “very good” agreement.

(photographer: Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

While Avery was going through the civil case with the county, photographer Teresa Halbach went missing.

Rebecca Norris Webb: I’d describe Alex as a street photographer whose color work is so resonant and atmospheric and, at times, astonishing.

The LA-born illustrator, writer, photographer, and designer co-founded the iconic lifestyle brand The Hundreds in 2003.

Mensch is backed up by a handful of allies, including former NSA spook John Schindler (226,000 followers) and DC-area photographer Claude Taylor (159,000 followers).

photographer: Caitlin Ochs/Bloomberg via Getty Images

So photographer Stacy Kranitz and I headed to Logan, two hours west of Beckley.

And then, of course, you probably know he invited Weegee to be the set photographer for Dr. Strangelove years later.

Brooklyn-based photographer Keisha Scarville avoids this move.

You were a photographer, correct?

Yeah, I’m not sure I was a good photographer.

I’m not sure I’m a good photographer now either, by the way.

My employees are always like, “Your photos are okay.” But listen, running a company and being a good photographer are two different skill sets.

I would say that I was an okay photographer in high school.

Vernieuwe works with his husband, photographer Kris De Smedt, both professionally and when they play with their food.

A fashion photographer in their hometown of Antwerp, De Smedt turns Vernieuwe’s pun-filled creations into sleek, Instagram-worthy images.

But how does the photographer responsible for unleashing the world’s most gag-inducing sub-genre of wedding photography feel about this new trend?

The photographer has faced a stream of allegations regarding sexual misconduct and exploitation since the early 2000s.

He’ll be taking on 2-0 prospect Mickey Gall, who choked out ill-prepared MMA photographer Mike Jackson to earn the honor.

When it comes to cool cats and downright downtown characters, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better subject than photographer Mick Rock.

photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia writing about the art market and auctions:  Brutalist websites are awesome.

Trump reportedly believed the photographer was Lavrov’s personal documentarian and did not know the photos would be made public.

Inye is both acutely incisive and consistent—rare qualities in any photographer.

Wendy Snyder MacNeil (1943–2016), photographer.

Buster was unable to find work as a photographer and took a job as a bicycle tour guide.

Demetrios Ioannou is a Greek photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Athens.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In 1862, the British photographer William Saunders established one of the first photography studios in Shanghai.

The new admissions policy coincides with the opening of Laurie Simmons: Big Camera/Little Camera, a traveling retrospective of the renowned feminist photographer’s work.

Cole is a novelist, art historian, and photographer, and his essays run the gamut of his obsessions.

Instead I asked, “Do you need a photographer?”

In a large room, black-and-white photographs by the celebrated Munich-based photographer Herlinde Koebl reveal her aesthetic interest in the erotic male body.

Following the appropriation artist’s unauthorized use in 2014 of a picture of a Rastafarian smoking, its photographer, Donald Graham, is now suing Prince.

Alec Baldwin exploded in anger Tuesday, getting in a photographer‘s face and berating him for shooting Baldwin’s wife.

But they were very suspicious of the photographer.

He blackens the space under his photographer’s hat, save for an exaggerated nose and receding chin.

Serial photographer depicts a man as obsessed with capturing the perfect image as with promoting his own.

Weegee’s marketing was as impressive as his pictures, and Serial photographer‘s emphasis on that aspect of his career is well-founded.

“I’m the best photographer in this damn town,” Weegee says into the receiver.

Weegee: Serial photographer is available now from Conundrum Press.

Andrew H. Walker, the Shutterstock photographer who took those backstage photos, talked to Business Insider on Thursday about what he saw.

They were so gracious — it was a really nice moment that showed we’re all in this together,” the photographer said.

As he pushes past an Associated Press photographer, a policeman in green camouflage uniform and maroon body armor chases him, his club outstretched.

photographer Izumi Miyazaki first came to prominence when she was only 15 years old.

The poll substituted the baker for another creative profession: a wedding photographer.

Even respondents who said they were pro-gay marriage or pro-interracial marriage believed the photographer had the right to deny service.

61 percent of respondents endorsed the right of refusal by a self-employed photographer, while just 31 percent endorsed refusal by a corporation.

Respondents didn’t even distinguish between a photographer who would refuse service for religious or nonreligious reasons .

Editor: Eliza Barclay photographer: Julia BelluzPhoto editor: Kainaz AmariaCopy editor: Bridgett HenwoodProject manager: Susannah LockeGraphics: Javier Zarracina and Sarah Frostenson

Ahron, the photographer, gestured with his head.

photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Cheree Franco is a writer and photographer, mostly working in Arkansas, Mississippi, New York, and Pakistan.

Polk, the official photographer for the historically black college Tuskegee University.

This project was a way of satisfying my own curiosity and answers to these questions,” the photographer tells Creators.

More works by the photographer are also available on his Instagram.

photographer Celine Guiout went to Standing Rock to photograph the women protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“Five years ago, I moved to London to pursue my intention of becoming a full-time photographer,” Bannino tells Creators.

“After a few random gigs, I ended up working as a product photographer for a research company, shooting mainly food.”

photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

[Laughs] Chris Strong lived there and he was the unofficial band photographer.

Primarily a film-based photographer, Metz explores the simple magic she witnesses in her small, rural hometown of Davie.

She is the 2017 recipient of the Emerging photographer Scholarship with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

[Laughs] Chris Strong (photographer): I lived in that house my senior year of college, 1998 to 1999.

Chris is an amazing photographer.

Do you make a living as a photographer?

I didn’t want to dilute my attention from my personal work by making a living as a photographer.

Also, thanks to social media, getting famous will become a large chunk of every photographer‘s agenda.

photographer Mateo Rueda said.

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I’m a couple hours into a hike through the Camino Alta preserve with DJ Shadow, born Josh Davis, and a photographer.

the photographer who has accompanied us on our hike exclaims.

“Binky & Tony Forever,” as the photograph is titled, was staged in 2009 by the photographer Deana Lawson in her own bedroom.

Deana Lawson shows how the photographer works across a variety of photographic traditions to capture black aesthetics around the world.

Cam Kirk is a photographer based in Atlanta.

Follow photographer Jason Bergman on Instagram.

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Nitin Vadukul (1965–2018), photographer.

photographer Jason Henry was on hand to capture your beautiful faces and all the action.

Matt Seger is a photographer and shooter at VICE.

Jason Henry is a San Francisco-based photographer.

The video is inspired by the life of August Sander, the German photographer.

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato’s new documentary Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures offers intimate insights into the controversial photographer’s life and persona.

In using the photographer’s preferred palette, the directors unify their aesthetic with their subject’s.

Swiss photographer Roger Eberhard traveled to 32 cities in five continents to document the uncanny uniformity of the Hilton’s standard hotel room.

Enter the National Geographic Travel photographer of the Year Contest here.

Fulvio Roiter (1926–2016), photographer.

Before long, big-name outlets published interviews with some of the more curious players on the album, like SebastiAn and art photographer Wolfgang Tillmans.

She said that while she was working as a photographer‘s assistant during a Ray Charles concert at the Mar-a-Lago hotel, Trump assaulted her.

At the communal wood pile, Joe Ayala, a photographer from Oregon, said the same thing.

The Notre Dame photographer obliged.

As a student, she modeled nude for Australian photographer Polly Borland in a series entitled “Bunny.”

photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Instagram Viz Project Lets You Catch the Sunrise All Over the World 8 Techniques to Make You a Better Smartphone photographer

For each chapter, I chose a different photographer, painting, or film style from which to draw my inspiration.

In 2006, through the museum, he published an impressive monograph on the jazz photographer Hugh Bell.

“The Valentine Museum show is adding significantly to the cultural conversation,” says photographer Hazel Hankin, one of the artists featured in Coney Island.

The photographer‘s choice to black out the backgrounds behind her subjects with a strong flash speaks to her awareness of this universality.

photographer Éric Lafforgue was banned from North Korea for a series of photos, including this: PetaPixel has the full story.

When Lasha arrived, she said, a photographer took some pictures of her.

The Paris-based photographer Floriane de Lasée now asks what breathtaking limits bridges can meet if they’re completely turned—at least, photographically—upside down.

The photographer likens his results to freeways or roller coaster tracks.

photographer: Philip Brian Tabuas/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“I am so grateful for this small mercy.” _________ Kathleen Prior is a reporter and photographer.

Our photographer comes over to our table take her picture.

With just a green frame box, measuring one-by-one-by-one foot, Smithsonian scientist and photographer David Liittschwager traveled the world to document microcosms of biodiversity.

7.12pm”I can’t believe how many mechanisms are at play here,” I say to a photographer near me.

Documentary photographer Alice Aedy, working for humanitarian organization Help Refugees, saw it for herself.

David Krut Projects, a gallery with spaces in South Africa and New York, has a spectacular suite of images by Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh.

Wandering through the exhibit, Peter Hujar: Speed of Life, in the Morgan’s first-floor gallery, Tillman spots the photographer’s range of references.

Grounds also often collaborates with photographer Benjamin Oscar, transforming his portraits of contemporary indigenous people into large-scale paintings.

photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Thankfully he brought his photographer along so we could see this image of him driving a tractor for the first time.

The latest issue of Aperture focuses on Africa and features strong, colorful images by the Kenyan photographer Mimi Cherono Ng’ok.

Among these there was one photographer whose work kept tugging me into its undertow of memory-meets-observation-meets-dream life: Mimi Cherono Ng’ok.

In Kim’s early years as a photographer, her projects included Korean dramas and album covers.

Propane tanks under several houses exploded from the heat, sounding like bombs, according to a Reuters photographer at the scene.

With photographer Sue Schaffner, she co-founded the public art project Dyke Action Machine!, active in New York City between 1991–2008.

Dyke Action Machine!, the public art collaboration I started with photographer Sue Schaffner in 1991, was an offshoot of Queer Nation.

photographer Sam Jones captured the now-iconic shot on the cover of Wilco’s fourth album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

I’m sure the photographer right beside us could tell how into each other we were.

A yellow dog enters the frame and starts to hump the photographer’s leg.

The photographer doesn’t move.

He is aware of the photographer, regarding him calmly.

He should know: since the 70s, Baars has been active as a street photographer, traveling from here to Tokyo to shoot street advertising.

—Hrag Vartanian September 16, 2017–February 10, 2018 Laura Aguilar’s 1990 self-portrait “Three Eagles Flying” succinctly and candidly captures the photographer’s multi-faceted identity.

Marti Friedlander (1928–2016), photographer.

Rodney Smith (1943–2016), photographer.

Shah Marai (unknown–2018), photographer and journalist.

John Reardon (1951–2018), photographer.

Reuters photographer Ueslei Marcelino was on the bridge.

Reuters photographer Ueslei Marcelino was on the bridge and captured the picture of the man with the child.

Art Shay (1922–2018), photographer.

Shawn Carrié is a writer and photographer based in Istanbul.

Chinese photographer Feiyi Wen’s work focuses on the quiet moments of everyday life.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads When photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge began documenting life in the Philadelphia, the city contained over 60,000 abandoned properties.

photographer Chris Carr has worked on the project titled Puddle Reflections for several years.

The photographer got his big break when Prince took him on his 2002 European tour, specifically to snap photos.

Jill Freedman, a widely respected New York-based documentary photographer, likes the ambiguity in presenting her images without context.

Monica Perry is a photographer, and she said she was pleased to see the energy in the room.

In the photos taken by photographer Miller Mobley, the former first lady can be seen wearing a curly hairstyle.

Both VICE photographer Alexia Tsagari, and the E.TV journalists are in good health.

Other posts emerged over the last week from a photographer who documented an IQOS-sponsored VIP lounge at an April music festival in Colombia.

From 2010 to 2014, photographer S.B.

As opposed to the WRA members, he was a professional photographer who happened to be interned.

photographer Aneta Bartos also navigates an intimate social space: that of her family in rural Poland.

And finally … A photographer captured these dismal photos of life in North Korea on his phone.

We sent photographer Angela Dennis down to take in the sights, and here’s what she made of the day.

Brian Vu is a New York-based photographer, you can check out more of his work on his website.

A male model alleging photographer Bruce Weber solicited him for sex is a total hypocrite … according to new legal docs filed by the photog.

photographer Jojo Schulmeister went to the last cow fight of the 2016 season, held on October 4 in the amphitheater in Martigny.

To document this endangered tradition, Australian-born, Hong Kong-based photographer Palani Mohan traveled to the Altais for five consecutive winters.

Another counterprotester stood in front of the wall of riot police, who knocked over a female photographer shortly after as they charged forward.

After police had knocked several people over, including a photographer and a man with a walking cane, Christopher Lee, 23, reapproached the line.

From 1951 to 1961 she was the official photographer for the Théâtre National Populaire.

It consisted of streetscapes of the city by the unsung Lebanese photographer, Ahmed Helou.” If Ahmed Helou existed, he was indeed obscure.

The photographer in this narrative is a stand-in for endless acts of feigned ignorance or feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy.

The New-York Historical Society acquired the personal effects of late New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham.

This time, all the artists have an internet footprint except Farid Sarroukh, who seems to be as unsung as the Lebanese photographer Ahmed Helou.

From 2012 to 2015 the LA-based photographer traveled the world, shooting women in Iceland, Cuba, Israel, Morocco and more.

Edward Barber (1949–2017), documentary and portrait photographer.

I learned to be a very fast photographer.

Eileen Ramsay (1915–2017), photographer.

The Library of Congress acquired the archive of photographer Bob Adelman.

Don Hunstein (1928–2017), photographer.

Peter Johns (1930–2017), photographer.

Polixeni Papapetrou (1960–2018), photographer.

After the sun set and the amusement park closed, photographer Stefano Cerio documented the surreal scenes of its vacant rides.

Filming with Ballen was a dream come true for Bruckner, who’d long been a fan of the world renowned photographer.

So we paired a suede dress by Christian Lacroix with these ugly platform shoes, and [photographer] Steven Miesel’s assistant walked by.

For instance, VAST photographer Aaron Priest has been combining ultra-high resolution with ultra-shallow depth-of-field (the distance between nearest and farthest objects).

A Manhattan judge rejected Richard Prince, Larry Gagosian, and the Gagosian Gallery’s request to dismiss photographer Donald Graham‘s copyright infringement lawsuit.

Jason Bergman is a photographer based in Brooklyn.

Kate Killet is a documentary photographer and writer.

It was also a costly endeavor, especially if a photographer wished to create multiple copies of a book.

One thing that really makes French photographer Guy Le Querrec’s photos stand out is his always fresh perspective.

“You’re French people on holiday, and I’m a photographer.

For Magnum’s fiftieth anniversary, each photographer was given financial support by the agency for a creative project.

During the recording session, Joachim Johnson, her photographer, dispelled her conviction.

He was hired as Vogue’s first official fashion photographer in 1914, dying in 1946 in Los Angeles.

By bartering, I’ve provided for my friend and my photographer, who are properly drunk.

This one came from the widow of photographer Jean-François Bauret whose work prompted the American fabricato’s sculpture “Naked” (1988).

In 1992, photographer Jill Freedman felt something uncivil in the New York air.

Weary after bouncing back from breast cancer, the photographer decided to move to Miami Beach.

The photographer adapted by returning to New York, drawn to the parts of its creative pulse that still remained.

photographer Steven DeTray was on hand to capture it all.

Stephen DeTray is a photographer based in LA.

Frank Mojica is a writer and photographer based in LA.

As our photographer looks on in disgust, I down the whiskey and brine shots McGraw offers me.

A Times photographer was swooping around the bar and bench, snapping hundreds of photos.

photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Naomi Harris, a photographer from Toronto, studied at the International Center of Photography in New York.

The photographer says, “One has a speech impediment, another has Down Syndrome.

In the more than four decades that Meiselas has been a photographer, that has been her own approach, too.

The Secret Service had been looking into the matter since Kathy and famed photographer Tyler Shields teamed up for the shot back in May.

The beautifully designed Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Stages for Being helps us on our journey to understanding this great photographer’s enigmatic work.

I first encountered Sophie Calle on the bookshelves of my friend Alan, a photographer who knew her during this period.

All of Varda’s roles — filmmakers, photographer, and artist — come into play in the show.

Mixing identities as filmmaker, photographer, and artist, Varda’s output shows that work begets work, creativity fuels creativity.

photographer Jessica Lehrman was there to capture the scene.

Jessica Lehrman is a photographer based in Brooklyn.

Text messages also speak to the couple’s hell-bent intention to harm the photographer’s business.

photographer Daniel Seiffert spent the first decade of his life in East Berlin, within walking distance from the Berlin Wall.

As a child, photographer Julie Borgstrøm visited Denmark’s aquarium with her father.

Lübbenau, the photographer explains, is what’s known as a “shrinking region.”

In the young people of Lübbenau, all born after 1989, the photographer witnessed an acute sense of restlessness.

The photographer has kept tabs as best he can; a few have pursued more education, and one is now a dental assistant.

The photographer admits, “Those without hope and energy tend to stay.”

Swedish photographer and illusionist Erik Johansson walks us through that process in a slick, hyperlapsed how-to for the photo above, entitled, Impact.

Masatoshi Naito is an acclaimed Japanese photographer whose work has been exhibited internationally since the 60s at places like the MoMA and the Barbican.

In the essay “Teenage Lust,” centered on Clark, she asks if the photographer — an adult photographing male teenage lust — can claim any insider status.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Usually, a golden rule for a news photographer covering a scene of angry confrontation is to get close, but not involved.

For better or for worse, the ubiquity of the camera makes everyone a photographer.

The Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada acquired 635 photographs by photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand.

photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg via Getty Images.

Don McCullin, a veteran war photographer who has captured human suffering for decades, argues that photography today has been hijacked by the art world.

For our annual photo issue we reached out to 16 up-and-coming photographers and asked them which photographer inspired them to pursue the medium.

From the age of 12, and perhaps even before, the photographer Whitney Hubbs’s work has been rooted in disruption.

Ngo is a writer and photographer who contributes to journalistic outlets.

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Barnea, who has traveled to combat zones on assignment as a photographer, has seen destruction and despair up close.

The photographer portrays her subjects with a tenderness that makes them seem like friends, and with the attention of someone who really sees them.

VICE talked to Van Mil about his days in the cult and how he ultimately wound up as a photographer.

VICE: From Bhagwan-swami to party photographer.

Jake Kivanc is a writer and photographer based in Toronto.

photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The1point8 is a photographer based in Los Angeles.

Perhaps even stranger, though, was the presence of a photographer from Russia’s state news agency.

Photograph by Paul Tsui, National Geographic travel photographer of the year.’ The future is now.

On May 23, the J. Paul Getty Museum’s Getty Center in Los Angeles will open the first, titled Thomas Annan: photographer of Glasgow.

Don’t miss this special, free President’s Lecture Series at Pratt Institute featuring renowned Brazilian artist and photographer Vik Muniz.

“I am waiting to die or be captured by the Assad regime…Pray for me and always remember us,” photographer Ameen al-Halabi wrote on Facebook.

Also, since I’m a portrait photographer I think it just kind of set a light bulb off.

The royalties came from a series of more than 180 posed photographs, which were shot by Belgian photographer Regine Mahaux between 2010 and 2016.

–Efrem Zelony-Mindell Ken Lavey is an artist and photographer based in New York.

Efrem Zelony-Mindell is a writer and photographer based in NYC.

The photographer, Mahaux, also took Melania Trump’s official White House portrait.

Pete Turner (1934–2017), photographer.

MP: You’re not just an art collector, you’re also a photographer.

And you know, I’m never intrusive of spaces that aren’t mine but people really detest the photographer nowadays.

I feel like the photographer has a bad stigma right now.

photographer Pamela Littky spent the summer of 2015 driving thousands of miles through 15 states to capture the American fair.

A newspaper photographer who visited her parent’s home asked her to put on a dress.

photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Video footage of the Radford rally also shows a Secret Service agent taking down a Time photographer after a verbal confrontation.

Clemens Kalischer (1921–2018), photographer.

You had a photographer that took giant pictures and you put them outside of like Mitch McConnell’s office, you put them … Yeah, yeah.

Aquino is a headpiece designer and photographer, and Kawasaki is a textile and jewelry designer from Tokyo who moved to New York in 2016.

Leaf and her husband, the photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank, divide their time between New York and Mabou, Nova Scotia.

My gallery was surprised, the photographer was surprised, and the curatorial team in Venice was surprised.

Jake Osmun, who is Vic Mensa’s photographer, directed the video.

photographer: Charles Mostoller/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Howard Bingham (1939–2016), photographer.

The photographer’s Cookbook is out from Aperture.

“There are women making decisions about their own health versus providing for their own family,” says Brasington, a 31-year-old photographer living in Harlem.

She was killed on June 2 while leaving a restaurant in Oaxaca; her father and a photographer were also killed.

For nearly a decade, American photographer Jill Holslin has been documenting fencing and other security infrastructure along the U.S.-Mexico border.

If you were a photographer or filmmaker or author, up until recently you needed to be in a major metropolitan area.

Later, VICE News followed Holsin, the photographer, to a small hilltop in Tijuana, Mexico, to look at the site free of restrictions.

For nearly a decade, American photographer Jill Holslin has been documenting fencing and other security infrastructure along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Later, VICE News followed Holsin, the photographer, to a small hilltop in Tijuana, Mexico, to look at the site free of restrictions.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Luigi Tomellini worked as a forensic photographer in Genoa.

Amoretti, Sezzi, and photographer Mino Tristovskij put together an exhibition of these historic pictures, called Clue: Cold.

After the discovery of the portfolio, it was unclear for a long time who the photographer was.

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That public art portrait honoring the painter and photographer associated with the West Coast Pop Art movement had taken nearly a decade to complete.

As opposed to Robert Frank, an earlier photographer who traipsed the United States, this is not an indictment of a crass country.

David Newell-Smith (1937–2017), photographer.

Gary couldn’t come so I hired another photographer.

David Hillegas, the photographer, had regular good cameras.

For the technology this time around, I did not bring a photographer.

photographer Pierre Depont, who has made several trips to North Korea, returned for 10 days in mid-April.

photographer Pierre Depont, who has made several trips to North Korea, returned for 10 days in mid-April.

He is a pigeon racer and I am a photographer so naturally, I asked if I could shoot him and his birds.

(photographer: Yuri Gripas/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Carlos Jaramillo is a photographer based in NYC.

A Boston Red Sox photographer took a baseball square in the balls on the ceremonial first pitch Wednesday night … and it looked BAD.

An out-of-focus white photographer, his camera just visible over his shoulder, dominates the center of the frame.

I put it in my first email—that I was happy to be photographed naked or otherwise—so that the photographer knew that was an option.

Fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino explains in his interview in the book that “working-class people didn’t go to museums.” But they did buy records.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Five women have come forward accusing Thomas Roma, a photographer and professor, of sexual misconduct.

Roma is a successful documentary photographer who has taught extensively at Columbia, SVA, Yale University, the Cooper Union, Fordham University, and elsewhere.

But the photographer and I found the factory.

The series is the brainchild of Michael Leviton, a Brooklyn-based musician, photographer, and author.

These trucks’ extravagant designs caught the eye of photographer Robert Benson, who lived in Japan for eight years in the ’90s.

The photographer and crew were all set to get the perfect shot, but mother nature had other ideas.

During World War II, the painting was given to Hitler’s personal photographer and friend Heinrich Hoffmann.

In late 2015, photographer Lili Kobielski began visiting inmates in Cook County Jail and documenting the plight of prisoners living with mental illness.

After that, they would bring me into a division with 50 to 100 people and say, “Here’s the photographer.

photographer: Scott Heins/Bloomberg via Getty Images

On Sunday, the photographer and performance artist Ventiko attempted to bring her peacock on a flight to Los Angeles.

Earlier that morning I’d boarded a train with Ludo, a four-year old white tabby, his owner Lisa, and Bekky, our photographer.

What happens to its remaining archives and equipment, including a massive camera originally used by Bourne, a prolific travel photographer, is now uncertain.

It began in the northern India city of Shimla, where Bourne founded a studio in 1863 with another photographer, William Howard.

Acting as a photographer, you’re to capture newsworthy moments in the game’s world.

Founded by Samuel Bourne (photographer) and Charles Shepherd (printer) who were also pioneers of Indian Photography.

“Later, the photographer said we would be good in adult movies, being twins, and that led to escorting.”

Portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman found her medium in 1980: the larger-than-life Polaroid Land 20×24 camera.

Friedman began as a self-taught photographer, before attending the Ohio State University Honors Program to earn a BFA degree with Distinction in Photography.

(New York Times) 14) Mindy McGillivray When she was 23, McGillivray helped a photographer friend with an event at Mar-a-Lago.

Edward Curtis, famously, was one photographer who felt the need to take on such a responsibility.

Steve McCurry: Well, I am not a war photographer.

But even in other countries I’ve worked in I have never done that, and I would never characterize myself as a war photographer.

“We have two at the moment; they live opposite each other in the kitchen,” says green-thumbed photographer India Hobson.

He worked as an editorial photographer for Interview from 1977 to the 1980s, shooting some of the magazine’s most famous cover stories.

He called me his favorite photographer in The Andy Warhol Diaries.

Eva Fuka (1927–2015), photographer.

Trump Tower provided an eerie canvas for a photographer who snapped this pic as an area of the building burned.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In 1911, photographer Burton Welles published Fifth Avenue, New York, from Start to Finish.

The photographer was able to form connections within hours of her arrival.

What stood out was “how human it was,” said Patricio Chavez, a photographer and college instructor.

Itabaianinha is sweltering in March, when the photographer visited.

The photographer met dwarfs who felt secure and home at their current height.

Looking back on the day she spent at Maria’s plantation, the photographer writes, “It’s a simple family with a beautiful story.

In her latest project, Destroyer, photographer and performance artist Mar Cuervo vents her rage by crushing beloved confectionary into piles of crumbs and jelly.

As photographer and critic Gu Zheng writes in an introductory text, the development of the photobook reflects the history of modern China.

Feminist themes are present in Cuervo’s work as a photographer, but lately she’s expanded her performance practice.

Jaishri Abichandani staged a performance in front of the Met Breuer to speak out about an incident with the well-known photographer.

“When I met him, I was a 25-year-old photographer.

He was the most well-known photographer in the world.

Our photographer pulled out at the last minute.

As Obama’s chief White House photographer, Souza went wherever the president went.

But you’d already worked as a photographer in the Reagan administration.

What advice would you give a young documentary photographer trying to shoot context?That’s so hard to articulate.

For me, that’s what’s special about being a White House photographer.

I think, as a White House photographer, you have to respect the person who’s president.

That’s the one characteristic that I think a White House photographer has to have.

Really is about mourning Calvin (Tavish Miller), a photographer, who was the son of “Mother” (Elaine Davis) and the mate of “Girlfriend” (Kaneza Schaal).

Michael Schmelling, a photographer and graphic designer, created the set, evoking a photographer’s studio.

Numerous sexual misconduct allegations have been made against the photographer since the early 2000s.

On Tuesday, the newspaper reported that the photographer is being investigated by the NYPD’s Special Victims Squad as a result.

Jessica Lerhman is a photographer based in Brooklyn.

On a recent afternoon, a photographer was taking pictures of a necklace that the maker had filled with her mother’s ashes.

In 2010, photographer Chuck Hemard began documenting what remains of the longleaf pinelands in the Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States.

In 2010, photographer Chuck Hemard began documenting what remains of the longleaf pinelands in the Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States.

Thierry Bornier is a French landscape photographer living in Yunnan, China.

An amateur photographer, Bornier set out to travel across China on a personal quest to make images for a travel memoir.

Yogananthan has an impressive background for someone who only began as a freelance photographer in 2014.

The photographer certainly believes it was — saying the two left a restaurant in Malibu together after dining together.

Daniel Josefsohn (1961–2016), photographer.

Particularly because Tyler Mitchell is the first black photographer to shoot the cover of the 126-year-old American Vogue.

The question of whether Beyoncé chose her own cover photographer draws attention to the underlying power dynamics of a Vogue cover.

Pete Souza became an Instagram celebrity by documenting the White House as the former chief photographer for President Barack Obama.

photographer Çağdaş Erdoğan was arrested in Istanbul after allegedly photographing the MİT building, the headquarters of Turkey’s National Intelligence Centre.

What would this couple’s reaction have been if the photographer had been black?

Would the couple have perceived a black photographer as invading their space?

Certainly, in 1956, a black photographer would have been rightfully reluctant to do what Frank did if the couple had been white.

Recently, I visited the photographer Beuford Smith for the first time.

To mark the UN’s World Water Day, I caught up with the photographer before the opening of his new exhibition in London.

For our annual photo issue we reached out to 16 up-and-coming photographers and asked them which photographer inspired them to pursue the medium.

The photographer told the AFP that he had “done nothing improper” and vowed to sue his accusers shortly before his death.

William Christenberry (1936–2016), photographer.

He’s a self-taught photographer fueled by passion for his subject matter.

“I first visited Picher in 2008, shortly after the tornado,” photographer Todd Stewart told Hyperallergic.

Was it your intention to be a photographer?

The nude photographs her husband, photographer Herbert Matter, took of her in 1940 on the beach in Provincetown are elegant, tactile and over-the-top sexy.

Her mother was Mercedes de Cordoba, a musician, actress, and model who posed for photographer Edward Steichen.

The premise: Aspiring photographer Abby is unlucky in both her professional life and her love life.

And through Léger, she was introduced to the man who would become her husband: Herbert Matter, the influential Swiss graphic designer and photographer.

The young photographer Flora Borsi manipulates surreal images focused on emotions and dreams.

Carnivals may seem like a memory of America-past to some, but photographer Roger Vail seems determined to preserve their cultural legacy.

I had been shooting at night with a view camera mostly in urban settings and time exposure was necessary,” the photographer tells Creators.

Those days, however, would likely be lost if it weren’t for the work of photographer Alvin Baltrop.

To learn more about the photographer click here.

“One asked him why had stolen a white photographer‘s portfolio and attempted to pass off someone else’s work as his own.

(photographer: Brendon O’Hagan/Bloomberg via Getty Images.)

“These kids wanted what every kid wants,” the photographer says.

One confided in the photographer about an abusive father.

But even in a state of limbo, with no safe place to call their own, the children showed kindness to the photographer.

Elias, the teenager who yearned for a soccer ball, took care of Kefalos and brought him medicine when the photographer was sick.

But while they were in Athens, the youngsters had a friend in the photographer, who would often bring them gifts of toys and chocolates.

The photographer kept Mek for five months before passing the grown chicken along to a family friend with more space.

These must be the slippered feet of the photographer himself, as he stood over the marble head and aimed his camera at the floor.

For our annual photo issue we reached out to 16 up-and-coming photographers and asked them which photographer inspired them to pursue the medium.

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

Martha Swope (1933–2017), photographer specializing in dance and theater.

Hot pink lipstick, designer sweaters, and breathtaking models are just the medium of Colombian fashion photographer Bita Cuartas’s photos—not the message.

We sent photographer Leah James to the event to document all the fun.

The Irving Penn Foundation has donated eight photographs by photographer Irving Penn to the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

From 2012 to 2014, the photographer traveled to festivals around the US and Europe with his son, Theophilus Donaghue, himself a Bliss Ninny.

According to Huffington Post, she also told the photographer that she was “charmed” to learn of what people thought about her resemblance to Trump.

“Hey,” I emailed a British photographer friend also based in the capital.

It makes sense that Anderson is enamored with the French photographer’s style — both have a knack for producing work with action-oriented, childlike energy.

Fifty images by photographer Brett Weston will go to Northwestern University’s Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle and photographer Tommy Incredible were also in the house.

Robin Thicke found the right angles playing amateur photographer with GF April Love Geary.

Iraqi photographer Latif Al Ani’s images from the 1950s through the 1970s record an era and place that has since seen troubled times.

The November 1965 removal of DeFeo’s epic painting “The Rose” (taken by an unidentified photographer) marked the end of Painterland.

For more than 30 years, French photographer Kevin Couliau has roamed the globe looking for the greatest basketball courts.

I guess, in a way, my mother is the first game photographer I knew.

Today, he works as a photographer and videographer on behalf of major brands, media, and the NBA.

Photographs hint to us what mattered to a photographer and about their relationship to the world around them.

Often, a photograph is the photographer’s direct point of view.

But they also abstract that moment from its context both from time and space, and the psyche of the photographer.

In the documentary Near Equal, Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama discusses his wish to move beyond the Single Lens Reflex camera.

“This is a tragic accident of a magnitude that cannot be measured,” said Zippy Lomax, a photographer who knew the Harts.

Putting me in conjunction with the games I loved and played, the homes we lived in, and of course, with her—my mother, the photographer.

More striking yet is the almost invisible reflection of the photographer in the window.

photographer Ken Hermann and art director Gemma Fletcher documented a group of riders at the Solapur fair.

The MacArthur Genius Grant-winning photographer has spent the past 30 years in documentary, tableaux, self portrait and oral history, focusing on African-American life.

A newly reissued biography chronicles the career of photographer and revolutionary Tina Modotti, whose art is often eclipsed by her relationships with male artists.

Doug DuBois is a serious and excellent photographer.

In particular, her association as mistress, muse, and apprentice for photographer Edward Weston tends to be emphasized in discussions of her own photography.

First published in 1993, Tina Modotti: photographer & Revolutionary was recently reissued by La Fábrica.

Tina Modotti: photographer & Revolutionary is out now from La Fábrica.

Aguilar, the photographer who captured people’s bodies with genuine empathy, died yesterday at the age of 59.

In 2016, a Berlin photographer won a lawsuit against Facebook for automatically stripping EXIF data, arguing that it violated German copyright law.

He added that the identity of the photographer behind all these microphotographs remains unknown.

The image in question was created as part of photographer and graphic designer Dany Peschl’s “Disturbation” photo series.

“I am from both cultures, and I relate to both cultures equally,” said Lebanese American photographer Raina Matar in an email interview.

“Some police were out of control,” said Leung Pang-wai, 28, a photographer for HK01 newspaper who wore a gas mask during the press conference.

Born and raised in Lebanon, the Boston-based photographer makes work that focuses on the daily lives of girls and young women around the world.

Many archival photographs will have a date or notes from the photographer on the back.

photographer Misty Keasler visited 13 haunted houses across the United States, exploring their architecture of horror while they were empty.

Ray Rathborne (1943–2017), photographer.

It’s an agreement that, to my knowledge, no professional photographer would ever commit to.

That wording provides additional rights to NGP, to the detriment of the photographer.

“Find another photographer, don’t sue them in court,” Kasich said.

In “The Beauty of the Banal” (2018), photographer Götz Diergarten traces the architecture of miners’ settlements in Duisburg.

Spanish photographer Bego Antón traveled across Iceland, visiting the people who see and live with the country’s magical creatures.

Sadly, one intent the architect didn’t appear to have as a photographer was to record himself in the landscape.

Normally, a photographer in search of a subject finds something interesting—a place, a person, a subculture—and trains their lens on them.

Christian Rodriguez (@christian_foto), a documentary photographer from Uruguay, received a grant for his project Teen Mom, which chronicles teen pregnancy in Latin America.

And the way we found out was while we were doing the photos for the article, the photographer said, “You’re looking very smiley.

The writer, photographer, and collage artist wrote these words in 1930, at the age of 36, in her Parisian anti-memoir, Aveux non avenues.

2) photographer Gordon Parks noted years later, in the September 1966 issue of Life, that Ali’s act wasn’t just for the public.

I know because I did his engagement photos with his new fiancée about four years after his first wedding,” the photographer wrote.

Her name is Sylvia Plachy and she is a photographer and she’s been studied by many photographers.

photographer here: to me the biggest sign is the cake cutting.

For another wedding photographer, how a couple handles stress is telling of how successful their marriage will be.

(photographer: Nadia Sussman/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Yet for photographer and digital artist Matt Bierner, it was an opportunity to turn evidence of the most dangerous weapons ever made into art.

Chicago-raised photographer John Simmons, who almost lost his entire archive in a fire, seamlessly connects decades, cities, and diasporas.

Maddie McGarvey is a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio.

Anxiously anticipating his public debut as an art photographer, Simmons says he didn’t know how his work would be received.

In Singapore in 2009, photographer Richard Jones says Grace flew into a rage when he tried to take her picture.

Draper’s photographs won him early acclaim, yet his achievements as a photographer, arts activist, and teacher merit more recognition than they received.

He never fully escaped the marginalization that the label “black photographer” often implied.

In the early 1960s, Draper faced the twin challenges of developing as an artist and making a living as a photographer.

Once again, the photographer Michael Marcelle shot some of the magical fandom with expertise.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads A work by the street artist and photographer JR will sail across the Atlantic Ocean this fall.

Errol Morris’s film about the photographer Elsa Dorfman touches on big questions about cycles of life and obsolescence, but remains doggedly cheerful.

In the hands of a cis photographer, the lens is used to heighten the gender comparison between transgender and cisgender.

I’m tired of always being a trans woman before I’m a photographer.

photographer Christopher McKenney’s Surreal photo series is nothing short of terrifying.

The photographer, Baloji, says that the regaining of sight is also the regaining of dignity.

According to Robin Moore, a leading amphibian advocate and photographer, frog watchers may be even more hardcore than bird watchers.

[UPDATE: At the time of writing, Creators believed the photographer was Awol Erizku based on Erizku’s previous photos announcing Beyoncé’s pregnancy.

The New York Times, however, identified the photographer as Mason Poole.

photographer Kito Fujio has spent the last three years traveling his country to capture its playful, surreal, and organic playground equipment.

Tonje Thilesen is a photographer based in New York.

photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In writing Carol, though, screenwriter Phyllis Nagy made a small change: Therese shifts from set designer to photographer.

As a photographer, Therese is an intense observer of surfaces, but her relationship with Carol forces her into seeing past those surfaces.

You’re my photographer.

He’s a photographer‘s photographer, with an extensive archive few have seen.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Last fall, renowned septuagenarian photographer William Eggleston put out his very first record.

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