Peer in a sentence | Use of the word peer examples

peer Sturm Ruger & Co (RGR.N) shares jumped 7.3 percent.

Wild Noise/Ruido Salvaje was without peer in its reach.

Anecdotally, this matches up with what I’ve heard from my friends and peer group throughout our collectively ignominious sexual histories.

When you drive down the roads in the area, if you do see anyone at all, they’ll stop and peer into your car.

It could be asserted, that she has engaged with her peer Willem de Kooning’s painting Woman.

Smaller energy peer Carnarvon Petroleum, which owns the rest of the stake, surged as much as 15.7% to a more than nine-month high.

It’s different because Stoudemire was different, and even for a little while a player seemingly without precedent or peer.

As we slink through blocks with Afrikaans names like Geduld (patience), residents peer at us from up high.

Most of our peer academic blogs were also largely self-published, self-edited efforts.

The 34.5 percent efficiency record has been confirmed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the researchers are awaiting peer review.

One is peer to peer.

And it’s peer to peer … You can do peer to peer right now, but we’re going to make it real easy.

By making Monica a child instead of Carol’s peer in Captain Marvel, Marvel eliminated this fight over the title.

I plan to eat sensibly, but with the locals lining up, piling their plates high, I guess I succumb to peer pressure.

And it seems very unlikely it would pass this peer review process.

We touch and smell malted barley, peer into charred casks, gaze at the massive stills imported from Scotland.

“We look at Keane as the closest peer to Liberty.

In his 20s, Kageyama travelled around Japan letting people peer up at the night sky using his telescope.

Government watchdog group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (peer) provided photos of the cards, shown below, to VICE News.

Government watchdog group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (peer) provided photos of the cards, shown below, to VICE News.

Employees, however, told peer that they were “ordered” to wear the cards on their lapels.

It started with the peer group in mind.

PR: So it’s like a peer to peer.

He’s used them to tackle peer pressure, and honed the aesthetic in 2014 with a series called Forms.

Earlier compositions of circular shapes often peer through the surface, muffled and muted but not completely covered over.

VICE News talked to some would-be frat boys about peer pressure at Penn State — turns out, it still exists.

With this paper, the journal said the problem was the peer “experts” didn’t know enough about the subject at hand.

Shares of larger peer Auto Trader shed 2.4% on the FTSE 100.

There were all sorts of reasons for him to want to study his peer group.

But as we peer into the body with more powerful tools, these markers of death might not really indicate a final end.

To peer back in Earth’s history so that humanity may chart its future.

And, thanks to peer pressure, almost nothing leaks to the press.

Teens make decisions differently in “hot” situations that involve peer pressure, new experiences, and no time for reflection.

In order to definitively diagnose the condition, doctors need to peer inside the pelvis through a laparoscopy.

But then tracks like “peer Evaluation” from their 2012 demo will do that.

The place is trashed, and all the doors are open, letting me peer into the dreadful existence of life in a 1950s insane asylum.

“The idea that parents could feel peer pressure to genome edit their kids some day is not out of the question,” Lander said.

Parents could be put under powerful peer and marketing pressure to enhance their children.

We are invited to peer in, look through, and examine.

(It’s worth emphasizing that this research hasn’t yet been peer reviewed.)

The idea is to create a culture of accountability (and maybe some peer pressure) to get countries to step up their climate game.

BMC has been facing increasing competition from so-called software-as-a-service technology rivals, and last year explored a merger with peer CA Inc CA.O.

peer into socialist circles, libertarian circles, tech circles, media circles, the construction trades — you will find men who have sexually abused women.

“It’s a snapshot in time, you’re away from your regular peer groups—it’s like vacation from reality.

The traditional system of peer review seems unable to address these problems.

It’s more than being beholden to peer pressure – it’s about recognizing how you are the only one holding yourself back.

They said that submitted papers “undergo rigorous peer review,” and are always assumed to be “provided in good faith.”

Correction: An earlier version of the story incorrectly quoted journalist Leonid Schneider saying Pubpeer users are “trolling peer review to promote its ethics.”

8:00 AM PT — Sources connected with the exes — who were there last night — tell us “the kiss” was peer pressure fueled.

Every peer reviewed climate study goes through that red-team/blue-team treatment.

Every peer reviewed climate study goes through that red-team/blue-team treatment.

The plan is significantly more generous than the single-payer plans run by America’s peer countries.

MSF counsellors and peer educators make door-to-door visits and stop by 200 hotspots along the corridor.

And then there are the peer educators.

Luisa has a chance, if she wants it, to progress through the organization; several peer educators have become counsellors.

Luisa receives remuneration for her peer educator role.

She became an MSF peer educator two years ago.

The report was completed last fall, and slated to move on to the National Academies of Science for external peer review.

By its own benchmark, the city has determined that its light rail service is unreliable compared to peer cities like Boston and Los Angeles.

Antonio works as a peer educator for men who have sex with men (MSM).

TechnipFMC was created by a large-scale merger in 2016 between French company Technip and U.S. peer FMC Technologies.

To his GOP peer, Sen. John Kennedy, his concerns came in the form of questions about Americans’ privacy rights.

They provide a little bit of positive peer pressure for the rowdier students who take advantage of the relaxed classroom atmosphere.

Instead, Finland does what pretty much all our peer countries do: They regulate the country’s health care prices.

Unveiling secrets of the fifth-generation stealth fighter could potentially be a windfall for the US military’s peer adversaries.

The plan is significantly more generous than the single-payer plans run by America’s peer countries.

If poststructural theory was rooted in rigorous academic research, then its scholars should be able to ferret out fake papers during peer review.

“We know from long experience that expert peer review offers close to no protection against outright data fraud,” he writes.

But the internet has enabled you to share that in such a way that you can create groups within any peer group you want.

peer review is critical to the scientific process.

But peer review also often fails.

There’s a big reason why: peer reviewers are human.

This mimics the two main ways peer review is conducted.

And know that double-blind peer review is gaining acceptance at major scientific publications, like Nature.

The bottom line: The JAMA paper is even more evidence that scientific peer review needs to become, well, more scientific.

However, Qualcomm Inc said on Monday it was not looking to revive its abandoned $44 billion acquisition of Dutch peer NXP Semiconductors NV.

Instead, the Paris accord relies on the power of transparency and peer pressure.

Today, denationalization is almost unheard of in America and its peer democracies.

The war of words continued, however, as Broadcom called its U.S. semiconductor peer’s proposal to negotiate a higher price “engagement theater”.

Warheit said each submission to the journal is evaluated by four or five peer reviewers as opposed to the typical two or three.

Among other customers, it will sell fuel to Indonesia, shining a spotlight on the contrast between Petronas and its Indonesian peer Pertamina.

Who cares?” And I was like, “Okay, fine.” I basically succumbed to peer pressure, and I still think back sometimes.

You don’t see those kinds of prices in any other country because our peer nations choose to regulate their health care prices.

It’s not well-suited for a peer threat, such as Russia or China, but it is designed to deter North Korea in particular.

peer Chanel reported higher annual sales and profits on Monday.

But, you’re fighting in the UFC, you’re a peer of mine … get your sh*t together, bro.”

Compared to its peer countries, the United States has a surprisingly high maternal death rate.

To date, the organization says it’s impacted 30,000 people worldwide through letter exchanges, peer education and policy-based advocacy.

These numbers are broadly mirrored by estimates put forward by several other peer reviewed studies and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

peer to peer, it’s fine, you think it’s fine.

By circling the spider, visitors can peer into its hollow glass belly, which holds a Victorian tea set on a silver tray.

—Daniel Lakens, psychology professor, Eindhoven University of Technology “I think peer review is, like democracy, bad, but better than anything else.”

—Amanda Caskenette, aquatic science biologist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada “Make the peer review system truly double blind.

TechnipFMC was created by a large-scale merger in 2016 between French company Technip and U.S. peer FMC Technologies.

The entire yard abuts a rocky bluff, and deer would occasionally emerge from the surrounding woods to peer down at us.

It seems like the more astronomers peer into the solar system, the greater the threat becomes of a rock from space walloping Earth.

And while Boohoo is expanding rapidly peer Philip Green’s Topshop-to-Dorothy Perkins Arcadia fashion group is fighting for its survival.

“It should be about data, and peer reviewed science.

The veracity of He’s claims, which have not been peer reviewed, are under investigation.

Instead, the agreement hinges on peer pressure, which in turn requires countries to be open and transparent about their progress in fighting climate change.

No one has a peer in the volume of usage and users they have in a single country, other than Tencent and Alibaba.

Definitively diagnosing the disorder requires invasive surgery; doctors need to peer inside the pelvis through a laparoscopy.

She founded the website peer Instruction for Computer Science to support educators in flipping their computer science classrooms using peer instruction.

Replication is often absent or woefully inadequate; theories are often driven by hype and media attention; peer review is often weak.

YouTube has hired Oona King, the British Labour peer and former London mayoral candidate, as its director of diversity and multicultural marketing.

Total’s European peer Eni’s HPC4 supercomputer is ranked number 17 in the global top 500 list.

All these companies are going to have to deal with peer review, and they’re going to have to deal with the FDA.

So peer reviewer and journal editors: consider yourself warned.

Shares of industry peer Take-Two Interactive Software Inc also dropped sharply, 13.8 percent, after the company’s similarly underwhelming forecast.

Who says high school peer pressure doesn’t work?

“One needs to recognize the influence that peer pressure and the attitude of having to fit in can have on someone.

In truth, many of our peer countries have made much more nuanced decisions in this space.

The change would ease a possible merger with German peer ProSiebenSat.1, Il Messaggero said.

I think the fundamental question/problem for people in that peer group is, who’s our buyer?

There are hundreds of academic and scientific journals out there, many of them with good reputations and a process for peer review.

Everyone was doing it, so I guess it was peer pressure.

And Airtel’s price implies a 14% discount to African peer Vodacom Group, Bernstein analysts calculate, using 2020 forecasts.

It has a glass ceiling so you can peer above, and there’s a pool in center of it all.

You feel as if it is your duty to peer into some, like a curious mouse.

He went on to say that Congress needed to work with telecom companies to allow law enforcement some way to peer in.

And once you start to peer behind the curtain on Morrissey, couldn’t we ask the same of, say, John Lennon or Joe Meek?

Global miner BHP Group firmed 2.7% and peer Rio Tinto added 1.9%.

That’s a peer group.

His peer coworkers are fresh out of college.

Talks last year to merge with private equity-owned peer BMC Software fell through.

“We think we are a company with no obvious peer,” he said on a conference call.

Thanks to some newer visualization tools, Soares was able to peer into the network’s layers to see which sprites “activate” individual neurons.

Several public health experts said it was irresponsible to publish such an inflammatory finding before the paper had been through peer review.

The idea is to create a culture of accountability (and maybe some peer pressure) to get countries to step up their climate game.

Outside one of the parlors, an elderly Chinese couple peer at the closure notice, baffled.

So I would say, really pay attention to your peer group.

You peer through spyholes to the past, and fall into it through unlocked windows before falling further still through vibrant imagination.

This speaks to the difficulty of the problems at hand and also to the importance of peer review in mathematics.

peer inside some very chill gemstones.

Two peer reviewers caught onto the spoof and still asked him to revise and resubmit.

But the point stands: As Neuroskeptic explains, “scientific publishers are companies selling a product, and the product is peer review.”

If the promised peer review is not catching obvious spoofs co-authored by Darth Vader, what are authors really paying for?

But Paglen’s latest work goes further: it attempts to peer into the world of machine vision.

It took until 2013 for her to peer back out of the closet.

Facebook’s fact-checking unit is outsourced to the Weekly Standard’s Fact-Checker and his four nonpartisan peer outlets.

CBS’s lawsuit comes after its merger negotiations with smaller peer Viacom, which National Amusements also controls, failed to produce a deal.

… Finally, academics (as well as editors and journalists) may well be carrying pre-publication materials — drafts for peer review or comment, etc.

The small class size and dedicated faculty ensure individualized attention, and positive peer interactions help to develop bonds that support each student’s goals.

Edvard Grieg was also pretty metal, considering he set Ibsen’s play peer Gynt to music—and that was about trolls.

peer into the giant fish tanks that stand in the middle of the store.

A peer could give you advice or help to mediate a tricky situation.

I was discussing this with a female peer, who said that this is why us women should stick together.

Lots and lots of studies conclude that our administrative costs are significantly higher than those of our peer countries.

The most powerful tool that our peer countries use to tamp down on health care spending is price regulation.

But the closer you peer, the more chaotic things become.

Imagine being able to peer deep inside of a creature, without needing to dissect it first.

If there’s any part of the research enterprise that can elicit rage amongst scientists, it’s peer review.

In an effort to better understand peer review, researchers have been trying to study the process itself.

And one such new study may help explain why peer review fails, and why it may not ensure quality in science.

Its main finding is that a small minority of researchers are shouldering most of the burden of peer review.

For the first time, they came up with a range of what the “global burden” of peer review looks like.

In 2015, they found the supply of peer reviewers exceeded demand by as much as 250 percent.

And so the fact that researchers aren’t fairly and equally sharing the burden of peer review may help explain why.

As Trinquart put it simply: “A minority of peer reviewers are overworked.”

The researchers on the new study also quantified all the time that’s spent peer reviewing.

peer review works on a quid pro quo basis, so one could say that doing fewer reviews than papers is too little,” Trinquart said.

The system needs to be improved, and future evaluations of alternative peer review systems should address the peer review effort.”

peer review typically begins after a researcher submits an article for publication at a journal.

Because of the paucity of science on peer review itself, researchers have been calling for a better understanding of the process.

Trinquart agreed, and he wants to pressure the scientific publishing industry to start sharing their data on peer review.

And he argues peer review data should be considered a public good.

In the Boyertown case, attorneys say that their client avoids using the restroom for long periods so as to avoid encountering a transgender peer.

“There’s a lot of peer pressure,” said Madelon Willemsen, head of office for TRAFFIC Vietnam, which monitors the wildlife trade.

peer into the video and maybe you’ll see her face.

Which is exactly the kind of baller move you’d expect from a man who knew he was without peer.

He hasn’t followed the standard procedure of publishing his results in an academic journal where it can be peer reviewed by other genetics experts.

The work is challenging, particularly in the younger age bracket where peer pressure is strong.

They have not thought a lot about climate science, certainly not about systemic weaknesses in the peer review process.

We could do peer to peer.

I shoved a peer reviewed medical paper back into his, and eventually got a referral.

2) “peer comparison”: Doctors received monthly emails comparing their faulty prescription rates with those of their peers.

peer comparison” was a bit stronger, reducing rates to 3.7 percent.

As a moderately used car for the suburbs, the Prius has no peer.

The place is locked up, though there are still signs of aging bread and decaying cheese if you peer through the window.

Beyond the practicalities, there is a social cost to diverging so sharply from your family and peer groups.

Taplitz plays an artsy, effete junior high schooler whose family moves to Brooklyn, where he befriends an outgoing, athletic peer (played by Barbieri).

It’s likely that Heidi was comparing her family’s economic situation to that of her peer group instead of the average American.

John Legend is the latest peer of Kanye West to call him out for having a meeting with Donald Trump on Tuesday morning.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that the Kno.e.sis team’s paper was not peer reviewed, when in fact it was.

To see them, we have to peer a bit down the road.

Halfway through, a peer walked up, saw what I was doing, and showed me how to achieve my goal with one step.

“Texas really has no peer when it comes to archaic and obstructionist voter registration laws,” Bird said.

However, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih convinced his Iranian peer Bijan Zanganeh to support the increase just hours before Friday’s OPEC meeting.

NPR is forming a group of peer counselors who are trained to help others navigate the reporting process, Lara said.

The “post-publication” peer review website Pubpeer has other interesting, albeit limited, data on this question.

The two studies are currently available on the pre-print server bioRxiv, and it’s important to note that neither have undergone peer review yet.

This has led Wall Street to peer into the crystal ball in an attempt to position investors for the brave new world.

“It’s the fall of an emperor,” David Jones, the former CEO of WPP peer Havas, told Reuters.

At age, I was 31, he was almost 60, as a peer.

Her teammates shout instructions to each other as the male trainers peer over their shoulders.

Ryan now supports background checks on secondary, peer to peer firearm sales, as well as raising the minimum age for purchasing guns.

There’s no doubt that Cruz’s gun-law résumé is without peer in this year’s field.

and then this little face would peer up at you.

“The literature is growing faster and faster, peer review is overstrained, and we need technology to help us out,” Hartgerink says.

Want to teach your children about peer pressure, social media, and conformity?

Black-and-white photos of faces peer out from the folds of the furoshiki, which, unlike their traditional counterparts, are empty and cannot be opened.

The challenge was that it was hard for anyone to believe Kalanick would ever really allow another executive to be his peer.

Santos and Howard’s work is still in preprint form, which means it has not yet been through peer review.

Their drinking might’ve been motivated by the allure of forbidden fruit, peer pressure, or pure hedonism.

However, the adults resisted peer pressure from the robots.

Vollmer and her colleagues spotlight some problems that robot peer pressure could cause as social robots become more integrated into child-rearing and early education.

You can digitally plunge yourself into a city you’ve never visited and peer into each storefront.

She was a budding peer of Meryl Streep.

peer review and animal studies are there to protect patients and to double-check reported outcomes and safety.

The familiar string section gets louder and louder as everyone walks out midway through Kathryn’s fabricated eulogy about peer pressure at (spoiler alert!)

The argument against deploying the word is that it seems to peer into a person’s heart.

The urge to buy loot boxes and try to get epic gear was driven by limited events and peer pressure.

By comparison, its Swedish peer posted a net loss of $520 million over the first nine months of the year.

One needs to recognize the influence that peer pressure and the attitude of having to fit in can have on someone.

This last part about “peer pressure” is especially startling.

Does he mean he felt peer pressure to drink?

But what about peer pressure to commit sexual assault?

Or at least, the peer pressure to minimize sexual assault?

Questions such as these, attempting to peer beyond the existential veil of life, are at the core of the popular cable television series Westworld.

I peer down at my dirty sneakers, my overwashed yoga pants, my 31-year-old T-shirt.

She founded to support educators in flipping their computer science classrooms using peer instruction.

When you look out at our peer countries, you essentially see them using private health coverage in three distinctive ways.

Here’s the thing: None of our peer countries have built a health care system like this.

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Strasburger, who is part of the Joint Committee looking into the draft Bill, on Friday tweeted, “Warning!

peer through Herzog’s collection of character studies, monumental Marlboro packs, typography experiments, and riffs on the Belcher clan in the Instagrams below.

Three Fatebes peer up from different places on the staircase.

Between 1972 to 2011, the United States had lower declines in traffic deaths than 25 peer countries.

Trump, according to Politico, sees Bannon “as a peer rather than as an employee” who shares his disdain for the Washington establishment.

We are far, far outpacing our peer nations.

For starters, climate researchers, like all scientists, already face an adversarial process known as peer review.

It’s not the law that’s got us shutting up, but peer pressure.

peer review is meant to weed out junk science before it reaches publication.

Normally, peer review works like this: A researcher submits an article for publication in a journal.

But numerous studies and systematic reviews have shown that peer review doesn’t reliably prevent poor-quality science from being published.

That’s not to mention the problem of peer review bullying.

They want to not only overhaul the peer review process but also change how it’s conceptualized.

Why is our maternal mortality rate going up when it’s going down in peer countries?

For example, eLife, a new open access journal that is rapidly rising in impact factor, runs a collaborative peer review process.

Editors and peer reviewers work together on each submission to create a consolidated list of comments about a paper.

Other respondents argued that we might need to radically rethink the entire process of peer review from the ground up.

“The current peer review process embraces a concept that a paper is final,” says Nosek.

“The paper peer review takes forever, and this hurts the scientists who are trying to put their results quickly into the public domain.”

And even after an article is published, researchers think the peer review process shouldn’t stop.

When we asked researchers what they’d fix about science, many talked about the scientific process itself, about study design or peer review.

Richard Hambleton was a peer of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring who, despite extensive media coverage at the time, has been largely forgotten.

It’s directed by Sophia peer, who also took on the “Appointments” video.

“These studies endured much tougher scrutiny from me than they did from peer reviewers in order to make it into academic journals,” Roodman wrote.

6 places the Society at the center of a Venn diagram with three circles: “peer To peer Community,” “Social Gaming,” and “Cultural Events.”

But the accompanying objects are installed in a sunken niche that one needs to peer into.

He also ensured to pay honour and homage to the work of his late peer via the Wondagurl-produced single “Redway’s Song.”

Instead of mentors and collaborators, I had a peer group held together by stories about breaking furniture and vomiting.

If there’s a big problem with her work, she might find that out faster from blog commenters than from waiting for peer review.

One can peer into the room but not enter.

Since the ’80s, neuroscientists’ ability to peer into the brain has improved dramatically.

Shares in peer Cronos Group Inc were down 0.75%.

One study evaluated this by asking peer reviewers to review high-quality NIH grant applications as if they were making a grant decision.

Similarly, it is not easy for a Vietnamese practitioner to learn about the experiences of her/his peer in Thailand without the mediation of English.

Two eyes peer out from a sliver in a rock, fixed not on the scene but the viewer.

The research, published in the journal Health Affairs on Monday, shows that the United States lags far behind peer countries on child health outcomes.

In addition, the US has an infant death rate from extreme prematurity three times that of its peer countries.

Thakrar and his co-authors found that the United States is especially far off from its peer countries when it comes to infants and teenagers.

Zhang and Yasseri’s paper is available on the arXiv preprint server, and is currently going through the peer review process.

It wasn’t an easy task, and they were often met with opposition even within their own peer groups.

“Furthermore, we believe the peer review process exists to ensure published research is authoritative and empirically sound.

In the openings between them we peer into deep space convincingly portrayed by curling lines of black spray paint.

Also, journals seem reluctant to publish those studies, judging from my peer review experience.

Middle children may be more susceptible to peer pressure, but they also tend to be more open-minded.

“We’re overlooked,” Darrell Hodge, a peer recovery specialist and former patient at the REACH treatment clinic in Baltimore, told me.

Salmon also said that her research suggests that middleborns are more susceptible to peer pressure than first or lastborns.

There’s a  level of peer support that can be helpful and encouraging, not only for recovery, but as a business networking tool.

It’s sort of a back-of-the-hand peer review.

The new below-ground store will have a cutaway ceiling, letting visitors peer down from the lobby and the street.

peer into homes, stores, and a schoolhouse with everything left in exactly the same place as it was when Bodie was a working town.

I think that it will always be at its core, and peer plays will always have a place.

I peer across the front row of A-List names—the editor of Vogue, model Arizona Muse—before discreetly placing Georgio cards on each of their seats.

We peer through the base of a coffee table in “Chicken Ranch Parlor” (1986/1990).

And our salad consumption can be increased by all sort of factors — peer pressure, public service messages, changes in the food production system.

In their self-imposed drawing regimen, it’s as though Blake has chosen to peer into a new creative void each day.

All right, “Should Venmo, Square Cash fear a default peer to peer app?

I should mention: Pennycook’s work has only been published in preprint form, which means it has not yet been through peer review.

Diversified miner BHP Group ended 0.4% lower, while peer Rio Tinto closed down 1.4%.

That means it has not yet gone through the formal peer review process.

They’re taking up a lot of space in the parking area: a few older folks peer over disapprovingly from their minivan.

The essential services that Chicago Survivors offers include immediate crisis response, counseling for families dealing with loss, peer support groups, and legal advocacy.

That’s his peer.

As the name of the invention might suggest, Elsevier has created a way to peer review academic publications by using a computer.

The peer review process is slow, uses imperfect human volunteers and doesn’t always get it exactly right the first time.

“My surprise quickly turned into disgust,” said Steffen, who also peer reviewed the chapter before its omission.

I pull my head up and peer out over the top of the door through the window.

Her engineers hoped she would develop over time by conversing with her target peer group — people between the ages of 18 and 24.

Her engineers hoped she would develop over time by conversing with her target peer group — people between the ages of 18 and 24.

And it’s true that publishers add value, namely in facilitating peer review to ensure the published research meets rigorous standards.

I was just me, and no amount of peer pressure was going to sway me to be something else.

A new journal called the Winnower abolished pre-publication peer review.

Sites like Pubpeer have popped up to facilitate commenting on already published articles (or “post-publication” peer review).

All of these alternative sources consolidate their own peer review and charge no subscription fee.

And with more people’s data available, researchers can peer deeper into the genetic code.

And that kind of peer review nature of medicine I think is actually quite effective.

Maybe Love should have looked to its Netflix peer Master of None for an example of how to balance extra room with smart editing.

They were, peer group pressure,” whatever.

(I should mention: Pennycook’s work has only been published in preprint form, which means it has yet been through peer review.

It’s well-known that peer pressure can influence our health, through bad habits like smoking.

Grab’s ongoing massive financing round started soon after it bought the Southeast Asian operations of U.S. peer Uber in March last year.

“The deterrent effect of these statutes gets limited,” said Jeff Ruch, the executive director of peer.

We set up scientific institutions, governed by certain guild rules and norms regarding objectivity, reproducibility of results, peer review, etc.

peer reviewers, the overseers tasked with making sure the science published in the journals is up to standard, typically aren’t paid either.

Again, these are only two studies, yet to go through peer review.

The paper, titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation,” is under peer review for publication in an unnamed major scientific journal.

After peer review and revision, that preprint paper could be given a stamp of approval and added to a digital journal.

The paper, titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation,” is under peer review for publication in an unnamed major scientific journal.

In many cases, it’s our only chance to peer into the past, since we can’t preserve vegetables for hundreds of years.

Ride-hailing peer Lyft Inc (LYFT.O) was also down, dropping 5.8%.

“Putin gets to look like the urbane grown-up, and presents Russia as peer power to USA,” Galeotti wrote on Twitter.

Total’s European peer Eni’s HPC4 supercomputer is ranked number 17 in the global top 500 list.

After they wrote up the results, they passed them through peer review and the original author was invited to weigh in again.

And while Boohoo is expanding rapidly peer Philip Green’s Topshop-to-Dorothy Perkins Arcadia fashion group is fighting for its survival.

Next, a peer mentor—someone who has experienced problems with drugs—arrives to talk from the heart about how things can go wrong.

peer a little closer, though, and the changes are clear to see.

In one, we peer into the fictional Peter Guzinya Gallery where three savage men devour and worship a carcass.

Not everyone can simply peer in and enjoy its offerings, like they can with Cassidy’s miniature rendition of it.

At 14, I was an HIV/AIDS peer educator with the Red Cross.

Whether or not a guest finishes all of his or her drinks may come down to peer pressure.

As far as the radicalization, there were a group of people we interviewed during pre-production that were his age and in his peer group.

3:25 pm: Giants still down 50 percent vs. their industry peer headed into back half of fiscal inning eight.

Some say it is indeed from the late Jurassic period, making it a peer of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Health care workers can reach a peer responder at any hour of any day.

The phone line is staffed with 30 volunteer peer responders who are also health care providers.

Only half of those 55 are considered ready to go toe-to-toe with a peer opponent like Russia or China.

Only half of those 55 are considered ready to go toe-to-toe with a peer opponent like Russia or China.

Synkers Synkers is mobile platform that connects students with highly qualified peer tutors on the spot.

“The acquisition makes the majors’ peer group much more polarized.

Right now the public only has a small sliver of Akili’s data; the picture may change after a peer review.

A team of 91 scientists from around the world reviewed over 6,000 studies and 42,000 peer review comments to produce this report.

It’s also possible that a more careful peer review of her survey could identify errors.

peer Bank of China (BoC), the fourth-largest lender, sold 40 billion yuan worth of perps in January.

To do anything but would imply that a tax-exempt organization tacitly endorses what amounts to peer torture.

His plastic face was stuck in laughter, and opaque sunglasses covered his eyes, which seemed to peer through the screen.

We don’t use anecdotal data, or “we think,” or “we’re seeing.” Everything is peer reviewed.

And on the economic side, which is more difficult and gnarly, there’s no such thing as peer reviewed data in most cases.

The details: The contents of the new report, which consists of 29 chapters that were extensively peer reviewed, are bleak.

Finally, scientists thought they could peer into the brain and find the cause of autism.

Also know that fMRI isn’t the only tool researchers have to peer into the brain.

The report underwent extensive peer review and incorporated feedback from the public, in the form of about 10,000 comments.

A large and diverse body of fellow student artists forms a dynamic and engaged peer group.

The details: The contents of the new report, which consists of 29 chapters that were extensively peer reviewed, are bleak.

The paper is currently being peer reviewed.

The report underwent extensive peer review and incorporated feedback from the public, in the form of about 10,000 comments.

Jerrett said it went through two rounds of peer review with more than 50 pages of questions and another 40 pages of responses.

The report, written by scientists at 13 federal agencies and extensively peer reviewed, concludes that the impact of global warming is outpacing previous projections.

Similarly, this central form acts as pair of binoculars, ones that peer beyond the world of given appearances.

These sections suggest a sky we cannot peer into, a flattening of space.

Freud appears to peer through a hole ripped in a wall.

Companies are also using language understanding in the laborious peer review process that precedes publication, reports Douglas Heaven for Nature.

It’s a form of communication with your peer group that isn’t recorded for posterity.

The idea was to express the ephemeral status of graffiti: the traces of interactions that are created with peer writers and even wall-cleaning teams.

The plan is also significantly more generous than the single-payer plans run by America’s peer countries.

The reason our peer countries went this way is clear: It’s cheaper to run a health plan with fewer benefits.

“In the spirit of Carnival I pay tribute to my illustrious peer Pabllo Vittar,” Silva said.

It may be within your family, your peer group, or even your broader community.

None of this means we should do away with peer review.

The data was obtained by the nonprofit Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (peer).

“This should have been absolutely predictable to anyone who was able to peer outside of Apple’s bubble.”

The study isn’t peer reviewed, and so on.

At CIW, Wolfe helped set up a peer educators program to teach inmates how to safely report sexual assault.

The behavior, he explains, is self-reinforcing and motivated by peer pressure.

Like bacteria multiplying in a warm petri dish, bachelor parties provide the optimal conditions for toxic male peer pressure to thrive.

Lending Club, a peer to peer lending platform, has been the poster-child of the risk inherent in lending startups.

The same content has been shared on Twitter, but the company has so far refused to bend to peer pressure and remove his account.

peer effect is very significant,” says Borowiecki.

Martha became a crossbench peer in the UK House of Lords in March 2013.

Congressional hard passes are a decent way to establish a peer group of Washington reporters.

peer Chanel reported higher annual sales and profits on Monday.

And the Social Science Research Council, which raised money for the project, will oversee a peer review process outside Facebook’s control.

As more people reach the farm, they peer into the pens, the water pulsing with salmon.

Golec de Zavala has data (under peer review) that shows collective narcissism predicted voting for “Leave” option in the Brexit referendum.

Find a peer group of people who get timing and practice it as a craft.

ProductHunt joked that it’s going public simply as a result of peer pressure.

She talked about who gained weight and who lost it among her peer group.

You can find a telescope with which you can peer at a boat or a small town on the far-away shore.

“But you’re in a tattoo parlor, and” — he shrugs — “peer pressure.”Oh.

The most basic utility apps — calculator, flashlight, Email, peer to peer payments etc.

But that’s not all that separates Harker from its peer schools on the rankings list.

Even virtual peer pressure, it turns out, can have an effect.

Between the lines: The paper has yet to go through formal peer review and likely revision, but at this stage raises two methodological concerns.

At MarketAxess Holdings, Tradeweb’s closest listed peer, trading volumes have more than doubled since 2014.”

It’s truly devastating to hear this about another peer.

But he was not well known in the broader public like Robert Mapplethorpe, his peer, for example.

Channing Tatum poured her about 5 shots worth into a pint and, after intense peer pressure from the crowd … she slammed it!

A games publisher in China is following the path of its larger peer Tencent to back a wide spectrum of startups for financial gains.

of Corrections’ 500 trained peer support specialists, who serve as guides during the tough acclimation to prison life.

Early on, there’s tons of bonding and peer support at YC, but afterward, everyone tends to go in different directions.

Lola Balcon, a peer organizer with Survivors Against SESTA, says she isn’t seeing things stabilize.

peer praise compounded the euphoric adrenaline rush that accompanied the risk, entrenching us deeper every day.

For Greenwood, the drive to create really kicked in when he was 22 years old, and a fellow peer passed away.

Instead, the viewers can look for themselves in 38 different mirrors, if they peer hard enough through all the color.

That means that it has not yet gone through a vetting process called peer review.

It is a rare thing to find someone so willing and able to peer into her life so unflinchingly and with such grace.

That observation continued evolving as she looked around and realized that the experience of her peer group was much the same.

I hope this doesn’t sound ageist, but I’m looking for a peer now.

Still, as is always the case, we’re not advising that you give into peer pressure.

Environment for countless members of my peer group.

In an unusual move, Apple offered its differential privacy implementation documents to Professor Aaron Roth at the University of Pennsylvania for peer review.

One key point to note: Sight Diagnostics has still yet to publish peer reviewed results of its clinical trials for OLO.

With his swashbuckling style, prodigious length off the tee, bold putting and affection for the galleries, Palmer had no peer as a fan favorite.

peer groups also play a role.

For two weeks, even Babe Ruth wasn’t a peer.

Wendy was also part of the team who set-up in 2004, the first European peer to peer lending website.

In my case, I work as a peer, not behind a man.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tanna peer into the hole he’d made.

Neighbors functions as a fear and peer pressure-driven advertisement for a fancy, Amazon-owned camera system.

A deal to merge T-Mobile US with its peer Sprint (S.N) was blocked by regulators more than two years ago.

It allows intelligence agencies to peer into the communications of any American who has communicated with a foreign target.

It’s time for The Bachelor franchise to give in to reality peer pressure and become more inclusive.

Starboard’s so-called tear sheet uses the HFR Event-Driven Index as its peer comparison.

“[My] skin felt like baby skin — firm, plump, and refreshed.” Whitefield-Madrano put hers through the ultimate test: peer review.

There wasn’t really a peer that was quite the same.

To call him a friend, and a musical peer now, he’s somebody that I’ve looked up to since I was a teenager.

Praxair generates lower core earnings but with a higher sales margin than its German peer.

(notified Dec. 21/deadline Feb. 5/simplified) — Packaging manufacturer S.A. Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa (SAICA) to acquire peer Emin Leydier.

(notified Nov. 22/deadline Feb. 6/simplified) — German engineering group Hochtief to take sole control of Spanish peer Abertis.

The peer pressure gets to him, and he blows off his next lunch date with Kris and her friends.

Bankia, which last week agreed to acquire Spanish regional lender Banco Mare Nostrum, stacks up well against its peer group in this respect.

peer pressure, social media pressure, fake news pressure.

The rouble-based MICEX share index and its dollar-denominated peer RTS also extended gains and hit 1,905.5 and 837.5 points, respectively.

Under its influence, medicine was subjected to the rigors of peer review and the scientific method.

For further discussion of the Canadian Banks sector, please refer to the special report titled ‘Canadian Bank peer Review’ to be published shortly.

More binding than the CET1 ratios noted above, however, is the ESLR for STT and its peer large processing bank.

China’s offshore oil and gas activities have long been dominated by Sinopec’s smaller domestic peer CNOOC Ltd .

But we’re consistently reminded of their age difference — at times, Paula sees Rebecca as a daughter figure, rather than as a peer.

Freedome largely blocks torrenting and peer to peer connections.

“The pressure is coming from all sides,” argues Sharon Lushiku, a peer educator for young girls.

I peer in and see two live fish wiggling inside.

In part, girls can reinforce the behavior amongst their peer groups.

The report, Greek Covered Bonds peer Review is available at or by clicking on the link above.

This includes lack of access to peer support, group therapy and specialized mental health care for things like PTSD.

“These [variables] are genetic coding, peer choices, family values, risk-taking personality, timing, and desire.

peer issues aside, what Ariana does with the song is undeniably hers.

Silvia Petretti has been an AIDS activist for 15 years, providing peer support for women living with HIV through the group Positively UK.

The State Department had sent me there to do peer education about HIV/AIDS.

She’s collaborated with Charlie, too, completing the transition from fan to peer.

peer Sturm Ruger & Co (RGR.N) shares jumped 7.3 percent.

Her youthful face made me feel I was talking to a peer, not a stodgy Freudian gazing sternly across spectacles.

“Hearing from a peer could help a pilot recognize that they may not be fit to fly.

This echoed comments from peer Temasek which is looking to temper the pace of its investments as trade tensions ratchet up.

** Belgian tanker operator Euronav said it had agreed to buy U.S. peer Gener8 Maritime in an all-stock deal worth about $490 million.

People even showed up to peer into the windows, which made the place look even creepier.

Energy-related credits made up around 6% of total loans at 2Q16, one of the highest levels in the large regional peer group.

ZION had the second highest CET1 ratio at 2Q16 within the peer group.

At 2Q16, its loan-to-deposit ratio stood at 85%, well below the peer median.

The gap with its U.S peer widened to around 212 bps on the day, its highest since April 2017.

She lifts the lid and I peer inside.

Fitch assumes potential growth is slightly above 2%, low relative to the peer group, in part reflecting a weaker policy environment.

Journal of Consciousness isn’t peer reviewed, and The Journal of Scientific Exploration is considered pretty fringe by most scientists.

The peer review system is facing its own scrutiny.

Being a teen is hard enough, and things like peer pressure — of any kind — don’t make it any easier.

She recognizes in the late, great Minneapolitan a peer, someone who’s on her level, who’s reached her peaks.

Scientists used a CT scan to peer through the tissues.

A quick recap of the peergrade platform, which is designed to facilitate peer feedback and peer grading within university courses.

It dragged down peer UPM-Kymmene (UPM.HE), which lost 5.3 percent, while paper packaging maker Huhtamaki (HUH1V.HE) fell 5.5 percent after its results.

Fidelity’s peer and rival, T. Rowe Price, isn’t doing too shabbily on the same front.

They introduce us to new language started in their hoods and peer groups.

The so-called predatory publisher journals ask academics for fees despite the fact that they don’t undertake editorial or peer reviews.—Motherboard

Later, she ran their media library and did peer counseling.

But it didn’t matter that I’m a fellow chef and peer.

peer EnBW (EBKG.DE) has a 6 percent, which it will relinquish as part of the 26 percent stake sale.

During editing, my editor asked, “Well what about peer review?

These studies are peer-reviewed.” I had to explain to her that peer review is just glorified editing.

peer reviewers and editors need to pay much more attention to who pays for studies.

I routinely do peer reviews for nutrition, medical, science, and public health journals.

I wish more peer reviewers would do that.

He was at Lloyds when the bank bought struggling peer HBOS during the financial crisis in 2008.

The fellowships are awarded yearly in nine creative disciplines through an extensive peer nomination review.

Standard Life was the top gainer in the index, up 2.6 percent, with peer Prudential also gaining 2.1 percent.

“The peer educators do great work in schools and connect with students on a deep level,” Shannon told DNAinfo.

That’s why it’s important to bring in the peer educators.

He didn’t his mince words: “There is no firm, peer reviewed data that verifies that IgG antibody is diagnostically useful,” he tells me.

The 2010 study Lee wrote was sponsored by Abbott Laboratories, and is not published in a peer reviewed journal.

Always err on the side of caution and investigate—don’t be sidetracked by ambiguity, conformity, or peer pressure.

Jaden takes a moment to peer into the distance.

I’m really inspired by the body of work of this collective peer group that I’m entering in to.

(Allo, despite offering end-to-end encryption, also allows a chatbot called Google Assistant to peer into your conversations unless disabled through “incognito mode.”)

Australia’s largest listed firm BHP Group Ltd and its peer Rio Tinto Ltd dipped 0.3% each.

My peer viewed these attributes as liabilities.

Now, they’ve opened a new Miami hub and focusing on building out a peer coaching program.

In that living room last Friday night, I found yet another peer, another ally in battle.

The camera briefly pans over to Ivanka, and Jared gives his fictional peer a handshake.

* Shares of Aurora Cannabis rose 4 percent, while peer cannabis producer Canopy Growth gained 3.5 percent.

It also looks to be a good way to peer pressure friends into buying a matching Bluetooth speaker.

Windstream has less exposure to the more pressured residential market compared to its rural local exchange carrier (RLEC) peer, Frontier Communications Corp. (‘B+’/Stable).

Gold miner Newcrest Mining Ltd closed 2 percent lower hitting a near one-month closing low, while peer Northern Star Resources fell 1.5 percent.

Shares in BAT’s peer Imperial Brands also dropped nearly 4 percent, its worst day since November 2016.

Energetic Mars is in Gemini, which can get us swept up in groupthink and make us prone to peer pressure.

peer into more of Max Colson’s work here.

“We know that children in this age range are very sensitive to peer approval and peer disapproval.

peer into the Standing Room, a three-square-foot box in which prisoners could do nothing but stand.

As of November, LinkedIn had 13 million monthly installs, while its local peer Maimai had 95 monthly installs, data from iResearch shows.

However, if you’d like to peer into one of rock’n’roll seedier corners, we got you.

Mauna Kea’s summit is an unparalleled vantage point for astronomers eager to peer deep into the universe.

Participation in peer review, with all its limitations, is the best way we have to uphold this standard.

Coming from a peer, this was a slap.

We hope peer in a sentence examples were helpful.