Pedestrian in a sentence | Use of the word pedestrian examples

Much of the new story material written for the film works, and it’s enjoyable, if pedestrian, family fare.

The theatrics, the focus, the precision, and the reaction of the audience help make this seemingly pedestrian feat extraordinary.

pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the White House were blocked off by police, which is routine in such incidents.

All vehicle and pedestrian traffic had been blocked by police, said New York Police Detective Hubert Reyes.

The group has also started documenting instances of motorized scooters violating or obstructing pedestrian walkways on its Facebook page.

What value is there in such a straightforward and pedestrian telling of one of our most common and harmful cultural myths?

The San Francisco Fire Department said on Twitter that one pedestrian sustained life-threatening injuries and another was seriously injured.

England fans on the pedestrian streets of central Moscow were few and far between after their country’s major win.

The van attack in Cambrils left one pedestrian dead before police neutralized the attackers.

That’s why even elite defenses can look pedestrian when they have a vulnerability.

Hundreds of riot police blocked their path to prevent them advancing along the district’s main pedestrian avenue.

Saleh Muhammed al-Sunna, a 55-year-old pedestrian on his way to Azzan’s vegetable market, was just 15 meters (50 feet) from the targeted vehicle.

That’s why it’s too bad that such a successful Christmas dinner scene is stuck in a movie that’s otherwise pretty pedestrian.

Mesa Police say they responded to an emergency call for a pedestrian hit by a vehicle around 3:45 PM.

The mysteriously delicate, potato-y puffs seem like they must be the result of some sort of sleight of hand—not a pedestrian, step-by-step recipe.

After she sat for him on a Jerusalem pedestrian thoroughfare, she assessed the pencil-sketch result and said: “He’s amazing.

“The Statue and the Welcome Center act as two book-ends that are connected by a long pedestrian bridge,” Wisniewski said.

The first 90 seconds of this sketch are pedestrian.

In spite of this uptick in traffic and pedestrian stops, crime did not go down.

On the advice of their lawyers, the boys had come at night to avoid pedestrian traffic, and, they hoped, Mexican officials.

On the advice of their lawyers, the boys had come at night to avoid pedestrian traffic, and, they hoped, Mexican officials.

Some will follow pedestrian signals, some will obey traffic lights, and some will do none of the above.

Black subjects shot by police were more likely to be shot during incidents that began with routine traffic or pedestrian stops.

One-fifth of the shootings of black people began as relatively innocuous pedestrian or traffic stops, compared to 16 percent for white people.

After she sat for him on a Jerusalem pedestrian thoroughfare, she assessed the pencil-sketch result and said: “He’s amazing.

Overall, this makes the musical’s narrative elements feel a little pedestrian.

First and foremost, we are painfully pedestrian when it comes to diagnosing the problems with our national team.

Left unmanaged, bikes can stack up and create more congested pedestrian walkways.

The van attack in Cambrils left one pedestrian dead before police neutralized the attackers.

The van attack in Cambrils left one pedestrian dead before police neutralized the attackers.

In the US, a pedestrian gets killed by a car about every 90 minutes, which means we humans aren’t such safe drivers.

Visibly nervous parents crossed the pedestrian bridge, some with children and carrying luggage, a Reuters witness said.

In another scene, the artist pastes the brightest petals onto pedestrian roads with water, knowing that rain water will inevitably sweep it all away.

It all went down Wednesday night and Jeremy says he never saw the pedestrian, who was dressed in all black.

This may be the first pedestrian to ever be killed in a self-driving vehicle accident.

While this may be the first pedestrian to be killed in an autonomous crash, it’s not the first casualty.

Ten years ago, nobody knew about bus bulbs or slowing areas, or (pedestrian) plazas.

Max Neuhaus: Times Square is on permanent view at the pedestrian island on Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets in Midtown Manhattan.

Within its gates, Maidilang had an almost collegiate feel, its bulky buildings connected with garden-lined pedestrian walkways.

The drone “descended into a parking lot and struck a pedestrian just before it fell to the ground.”

Barcelona residents can see the superblocks now; they can witness a patchwork of pedestrian areas forming.

In their latest investigation, ProPublica reporter Topher Sanders and Florida Times-Union reporter Ben Conarck analyzed five years of pedestrian citation data from Duval County.

If you’re living in the city’s three poorest zip codes, you’re nearly six times more likely to receive a pedestrian citation.

And if you’re black, you’re nearly three times more likely to receive a pedestrian violation than white people.

For example, the driver took control 27 times as a precautionary measure when there was heavy pedestrian traffic.

The Lincoln Yards arts and entertainment district would feature wide pedestrian walkways, sidewalk cafes, and a water park to cool off in the summer.

In the dark morning hours, I walked the length of the pedestrian bridge.

Jacksonville, Florida’s enforcement of pedestrian violations raises concerns about another example of racial profiling.

“In the event of contact with a pedestrian, the soft body serves a safety function in absorbing the impact,” the company said.

When offered a pouch of Swedish chewing tobacco—a pedestrian habit of Swedish sportsmen and beer drinkers alike—Daniel and his friends instantly refuse.

And if the traffic jams, pedestrian barriers, and bar tabs are anything to go by, it’s a big deal.

And if the traffic jams, pedestrian barriers, and bar tabs are anything to go by, it’s a big deal.

Once again, the works’ production value compensates for a conceit that is at best pedestrian and at worst pernicious.

It fronted on a pedestrian mall between the city’s Convention Center and the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.

pedestrian East and West are open at the San Ysidro port of entry for both northbound and southbound crossings.

After one of its cars fatally crashed into a pedestrian, Uber is shuttering its self-driving testing operations in Arizona.

Sydney, Australia’s biggest city, has also installed concrete barricades in main pedestrian thoroughfares.

And in March 2018, one of Uber’s self-driving cars killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

Thousands of people cross four pedestrian bridges that connect the city with Venezuela on daily entry passes to shop for food.

That’s the dream that came true for one lucky pedestrian on Hollywood Boulevard when Freeman stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night.

When Boeheim swerved to avoid the car … he hit a pedestrian named Jorge Jimenez in the road — killing him.

19 years ago I mangled a pedestrian on the hood of my car, 80mph of red impact.

No one who isn’t from New York knows how to be a pedestrian.

The city’s transportation department is considering widening the pedestrian walkway to accommodate more traffic.

All of a sudden we have more room for things like pedestrian walkways and parks.

“The pedestrian was outside of the crosswalk.

The challenges the technology faces were highlighted when a pedestrian was killed in March 2018 by a self-driving car being tested by Uber.

Photo gallery: pedestrian bridge collapses in front of FIU.

Astrology would be as pedestrian as my esoteric and occult interests go.

Miami Bridge Collapses, Killing at Least SIxAt least nine other people were injured when the new pedestrian walkway collapsed onto an eight-lane road Thursday.

Sure, you can make a boring, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill sangria.

I just wanted to capitalise on the opportunity.” The English bowling attack wasn’t exactly pedestrian.

The existing upper tier of the BQE will be replaced with a pedestrian path.

This brings me back to Jaylen Brown, whose stats at Cal were remarkably pedestrian … except for his turnovers.

Every pedestrian that walks downtown!

According to ABC 6, one pedestrian was injured when he dove out of the way of the erratic vehicle.

“So, we can hit him with reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian and creating a public disturbance, and whatever he said,” Sgt.

The troopers ended up charging Picard with reckless use of the highway by a pedestrian and for creating a public disturbance.

Informal vendors crowd the roadway packed with pedestrian traffic through a neighborhood rife with cross-border gang violence.

Speck has found a strong correlation between street size and pedestrian activity.

For would-be iPhone SE buyers, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you’re cool with the relatively pedestrian screen of the 5S.

Early morning commuters in sharp suits shot annoyed glares at Senrak, oblivious to the pedestrian traffic jam his selfie-ing was creating.

It’s also … dull and pedestrian, which makes you understand why Snap hasn’t done this up until now.

In Tempe, Arizona, an Uber in self-driving mode fatally struck a pedestrian on March 19.

But in a wider context, what Dixon has come to mean within club culture is comfortable, safe, pedestrian, and plodding.

Standing at the islands’ pedestrian thresholds, the installation exists so that visitors can see themselves seeing it.

A young resident of Brussels walks through the pedestrian area of the capital.

A soldier patrols the Piétonnier, a pedestrian area in central Brussels.

Five young women wrote messages of peace in chalk in the city’s pedestrian area.

But overall, stripping is pretty pedestrian.

But then the movie will slip out of these terrific sequences and back into something much more pedestrian.

It’s pedestrian, whereas cinema is magic, it’s huge, it envelops you, and there’s something completely sensory when it works.

As reported by pedestrian, an anonymous Pirate Bay user uploaded this extremely condensed version of The Last Jedi onto the torrenting platform on Sunday.

Fried rice is an easy go-to for a weekday night, but it can be every bit as pedestrian and boring as that sounds.

But many San Francisco residents argue they’re a nuisance and threat to pedestrian safety.

The motorcyclist, however, dropped one satchel of loot after hitting a pedestrian in a melee fleeing the scene.

Cryptopsy released two albums with DiSalvo, but they had quickly become more of a pedestrian death metal band.

Video of a self-driving Uber hitting and killing a pedestrian was released this week — and the footage is shocking.

Some designs featured more open spaces, some designs poured light into entire floors, and others were more conducive to pedestrian traffic.

The Brewers have averaged 4.32 runs per game, with a team slash line of .247/.315/.408—not a terrible offensive performance, but a rather pedestrian one.

What was most shocking about the Guns N’ Roses set was how pedestrian it seemed.

The smell turns awful, unbearable, then not, bodies reform beneath the pedestrian bridges and on the rocks at the end of the falls.

What’s more, driving a car and being a pedestrian are particularly dangerous undertakings in America, relative to other high-income countries.

The joggers had the pedestrian light and could have crossed, but they knew what they were looking at.

Despite Hutchison’s initial efforts, it is, like pedestrian Verse and 2008’s The Midnight Organ Fight before it, and album about a breakup.

The subcommittee called it “pedestrian fencing,” but in practice, it would be identical to the barrier the Trump administration is now calling a wall.

pedestrian Verse had distilled the band’s sound and perfected something they’d been working on for years.

pedestrian Verse combined these elements masterfully.

pedestrian Verse contained some of the band’s best-rounded tracks to that point, melodic when it felt right, but still unquestionably theirs.

The challenges the technology faces were highlighted when a pedestrian was killed in March 2018 by a self-driving car being tested by Uber.

Inside the belly of the beast, pedestrian jazz plays over the sound of forks scraping.

Some companies also use collision-avoidance systems on forklifts and other construction equipment to prevent pedestrian accidents on job sites.

“A subway shutdown is really a pedestrian problem,” said Yin.

And Frank Ocean also, like the rest of us, faces more pedestrian expectations.

Street and pedestrian traffic now blocked off,” he wrote, hashtagging it #ChicagoScanner.

Oxenfree takes on certain The Twilight Zone traditions, turning normal pedestrian objects into conduits for supernatural dread.

The film follows a group of kids who, one summer, accidentally run over a pedestrian with their car and decide to hide the body.

The crash, which took place in Tempe, is believed to be the first known death of a pedestrian thanks to an autonomous car.

Yuhua Hamasaki was praised for her rather pedestrian ensemble constructed from yellow caution tape.

Artisanal jam-obsessed, kale-munching urbanites scoff at these convenience items as pedestrian; microwaves have somehow become akin to Razor Scooters in terms of their shamefulness.

Over-Sized Sock Monkey

Breakdown: Surely this pedestrian sock monkey must have more going for it than “was once owned by Burt Reynolds,” right?

There already are more than 600 miles of vehicular and pedestrian barriers along the 2,000-mile (3,200 km) border.

“In this moment, the most important for most planners is to make pedestrian areas,” Rueda says.

Tensions were palpable at the pedestrian crossing where the Central Americans had gathered.

Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley had a pedestrian effort, completing 11 of 23 passes for 108 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

On top of that, the fatality rate that NHTSA puts out every year includes driver deaths, pedestrian deaths, motorcycle deaths and bicycle deaths.

NHTSA estimates the odds of a hybrid vehicle being involved in a pedestrian crash are 19 percent higher compared with a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

Tesla’s just includes known driver and pedestrian fatalities.

Without the cursing, though, this is a pretty pedestrian garbage-take.

The female figure climbs into the rope’s loop, perching in a pedestrian yet statuesque pose.

At first I thought the truck didn’t realize the road had been made pedestrian for the celebration.

The Americans completed their miracle, downing Finland 4-2 in a gold-medal game that was, by comparison, pedestrian.

Despite being constructed out of pedestrian objects—a mattress, a pair of melons, two oranges, a cucumber, and a bucket—this piece packs a punch.

Some, but not all, self-driving-car companies are pausing their tests after an Uber car killed a pedestrian.

It could be a pedestrian.

A pedestrian on the ground was killed.

The wreckage also killed a pedestrian waiting for a bus a block away.

Its focus should not be on the driver, the cyclist, or the pedestrian.

Even the acceptance speeches for Coco, which won for Best Animated Feature, and In the Fade, for Best Foreign Language Film, were fairly pedestrian.

BPD searched African Americans more frequently during pedestrian and vehicle stops, even though searches of African Americans were less likely to discover contraband.

The main event was a pedestrian bout between Patricky Freire and Kevin Souza.

Mostly, though, at least to my eye, the police’s function seems much more pedestrian.

In March 2018, after the 2018 Reuters/Ipsos poll, an Uber vehicle operating in self-driving mode struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

What were his defining feaures and posessions when he was going through the movements of a pedestrian?

Uber has determined that its self-driving software detected the pedestrian who was killed in a recent Arizona crash, but did not react in time.

Through supporting characters, radio commercials, pedestrian dialogue, and myriad other background objects, you’re informed that in your world venality, stupidity, and hypocrisy reign.

But while the ideas currently on the table are sound (adding an exit to a metro station, a pedestrian bridge to another, etc.

The same could be said for steel mesh pedestrian barriers and other types of fencing.

A 200-room hotel, park, and pedestrian and bike bridge will help blend the campus into its surroundings.

Reactions have been mixed around the proposed pedestrian and bike bridge.

A third pedestrian was upgraded to stable from critical, while the fourth suffered a fractured skull and had regained consciousness.

An accompanying app for 500 pedestrian testers will be a part of the project, too, but was not on display today.

In 2018, the agency said pedestrian deaths were projected please to rise 4 percent and bicyclist deaths by 10 percent.

pedestrian deaths accounted for 16% of all U.S traffic deaths in 2017, up from 12% in 2009.

Even my pedestrian tongue could tell the difference between mass-produced, careless boils and ones stirred with intention.

The problem, however, that many of these bike-sharing systems have come across is its bikes stacking up and congesting sidewalks and pedestrian roadways.

It was very different from the more pedestrian area that it’s become.

Until this rare breed makes a full-blown comeback, I’ll have to make do with its more pedestrian pink cousin.

In Bad Blood, a pedestrian tale of heuristics and lies

His team is not good, nor has it been since he got there, going a pedestrian 14-12 in two years.

That had to do with sensors and the pedestrian.

After a week of driving this R8, I find it closer to pedestrian than exotic and I’m okay with that.

Speck has found a strong correlation between street size and pedestrian activity.

“We start seeing the first pedestrian automobile crashes.

That machine spit out pedestrian stuff, like cola and seltzer.

Hundreds of riot police blocked the marchers’ path to prevent them advancing along the district’s main pedestrian avenue.

Somehow he finished sixth behind Frederik Andersen, who somehow finished fourth with a first-place vote despite a pedestrian .918 save percentage.

New York is a pedestrian city—people could come in and play.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Nancy Nowacek has a dream: she wants to build a pedestrian bridge between Brooklyn and Governors Island.

Rookie Jacoby Brissett closed out Sunday’s game with a pedestrian line of 6/9 for 92 yards.

During the day, the average Williamsburg pedestrian will witness a ceaseless torrent of Pokémon trainers.

Last month, Musk announced that the company would be adjusting its plans to prioritize pedestrian traffic over vehicles.

About 30,000 people cross the pedestrian bridge that connects the city with Venezuela on daily entry passes to shop for food.

These may be pedestrian proceedings, but they are riven with deep debates over the meaning of ownership.

The funds are designed to help pay for solutions that ease traffic congestion and also improve driver and pedestrian safety.

Even the most pedestrian people make up incredible lies about women.

And yet, what I found in the book was not all that thrilling or shocking, but rather astonishingly pedestrian.

The Arkamys/MHE system works with the vehicle’s pedestrian sensors, if it has them, to emit sound from the speaker closest to the pedestrian.

To walk across the main pedestrian bridge—known as either Paso Del Norte or the Santa Fe Street bridge—will cost you 50 cents.

Øya is over and I have moved to a bright pedestrian development called Vulkan.

my fiancé and I have planned to get married today on the pedestrian bridge.

What about when it’s between killing a pedestrian or killing the driver?

The auto safety agency said pedestrian deaths were projected to rise 4 percent and bicyclist deaths by 10 percent.

pedestrian deaths accounted for 16% of all U.S traffic deaths in 2017, up from 12% in 2009.

Sharpshooters will take up positions on rooftops, and officers with long guns will stand guard at pedestrian checkpoints.

In the late 1920s, cultural critic Walter Benjamin had the arcades of Paris — glass-roofed pedestrian passageways lined with shops, which sliced through city blocks.

The new Apple Maps will also have “better pedestrian data” and “more precise addresses.”

Another would be to expand bike (or shall I say, personal mobility device) lanes or even sidewalks to encourage safe pedestrian traffic.

Be it a pedestrian, another driver, or a passenger in Kylie’s car.

If a pedestrian is hit at that speed, the likelihood of them being killed is close to 40%.

The “dewatering,” which could occur within the next three years, would allow workers to replace two pedestrian bridges at the site.

Her poetry collections include Huangma Mountains, Collected Poems of Zeng Xiaoqiong, pedestrian Bridge, and Poems Falling on Machines.

pedestrian injuries at London’s Kensington High Street fell by nearly 60 percent.

Experts say the self-driving Uber vehicle that struck and killed a pedestrian on Monday morning may be at fault, the AP reports.

In Arizona: An Uber self-driving car fatally struck a pedestrian in Arizona, where the company is testing its autonomous vehicles.

A self-driving car has hit and killed a pedestrian, a scenario everyone in and out of the industry knew would eventually happen.

First, planners could focus on removing vehicles altogether from high-traffic pedestrian zones.

A pedestrian was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona, early Monday morning, according to ABC15.

Why it matters: The New York Times notes that this could be the first pedestrian ever killed by a self-driving vehicle.

Her works try to make those pedestrian moments into abstractions.

This made no sense, but afterwards I reflected that maybe she wouldn’t have asked me in my skinny jeans — too conformist, too pedestrian.

It resulted in a pedestrian being hit but not seriously injured, reported Denverite.

This is the first time a pedestrian has been killed by an autonomous car on public roads.

“You have to inform people in pedestrian language what you have to do with your data,” said Rep. Anne Eshoo (D-CA).

[pedestrian crosses the street and trips] Wow, shorty’s out here drunk off the xans.

Mozilla’s Internet Health Report provides some good starting points in “pedestrian language.”

[pedestrian crosses the street as we make a turn] Oh shit baby girl I’m sorry.

At 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour, the chance of a pedestrian or cyclist dying jumps to 85 percent.

When cars were introduced, there was a huge increase in the rate of deaths from car accidents and pedestrian fatalities.

How about better pedestrian infrastructure instead?

pedestrian safety is clearly a growing problem across the country.”

pedestrian safety is clearly a growing problem across the country.”

EU regulations require that vehicles’ hoods and fenders absorb more of the impact of a collision with a pedestrian than US law.

“We can get to zero pedestrian deaths in New York City if we just stop prioritizing traffic flow,” Massengale told VICE News.

The driver is going too fast and the pedestrian doesn’t get their attention before it’s too late.”

“No one even thinks they are a pedestrian,” Day told VICE News.

The DOJ will often refer to layering efforts as such even when they’re quite pedestrian, according to Sklar.

The popularity of the cinematic supercut produces its fair share of pedestrian content.

On the border bridge linking the two cities, so many students cross every day that authorities have assigned them their own pedestrian lane.

Sidewalk and pedestrian areas were also recently banned following Spain’s first death from an e-scooter accident in August.

A pedestrian who is hit by a car would, in effect, stick to the front of the vehicle.

One of those question marks is dealing with car accidents, specifically car and pedestrian accidents.

Only 10% said they would feel extremely or very safe as a passenger or pedestrian.

It lead off with her single “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party” and it went into “pedestrian At Best.”

Beat for beat, the structure of The Mothers is a little pedestrian.

He’d made history simply by walking onto the other side of El Chaparral, a pedestrian border crossing connecting San Diego with Tijuana.

The pedestrian’s gaze is encouraged upward, bypassing store fronts to observe the 1860 roof lines near which the kittens play.

In an earlier case, a self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian in Arizona in March.

Plus, you won’t run the risk of walking down the street only to pass another pedestrian wearing the exact same pair.

The bottom line is: we are in the unfortunate state where the exposure of 143 million records is pedestrian.

Earlier this year, the company also suspended its autonomous vehicle testing after a car struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

In 2018, the agency said pedestrian deaths were projected please to rise 4 percent and bicyclist deaths by 10 percent.

pedestrian deaths accounted for 16% of all U.S traffic deaths in 2017, up from 12% in 2009.

It is important to note that we’re not looking at huge increases in pedestrian deaths in the states where weed is legal.

So you know all those pedestrian avenues and open plazas you love so much in old, built-pre-automobile cities?

Even the second-floor exhibition, which is devoted to the work of South Asian modernist Nasreen Mohamedi, is largely pedestrian.

AP calls closing the border “a nearly unthinkable move that would disrupt hundreds of thousands of legal freight, vehicle and pedestrian crossings each day.”

Depending on the city that you’re in, there are different pedestrian patterns.

A robot car needs to not only be able to communicate its intentions to pedestrians but also understand a pedestrian’s intentions.

An ambitious tunnel project transformed the square around the Juárez Cathedral into a pedestrian mall.

The pedestrian turns out to be a Russian philosopher and professor of the European University at St. Petersburg, Oxana Timofeeva.

Each of her illustrations highlight the beauty pedestrian fashion.

Alex Trebek’s dog runs after a pedestrian who falls into the street.

They also largely overlook pedestrian safety, despite the fact that accidents involving pedestrians reached a 25-year high in 2017.

Background: Last March, a pedestrian was struck and killed by an Uber-operated self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona.

It’s not the first time his government has tried to control traffic on the pedestrian bridges, and it likely won’t be the last.

A van driver deliberately zigzagged through a crowded pedestrian street in Barcelona yesterday, killing at least 13 people and leaving 80 injured.

Again, I hear from officers that they’re reluctant to get out of cars and engage a pedestrian that they see in a corner.

In 2018, a pedestrian in Arizona was killed by an automated Uber.

(Via streetreporter on Youtube) View from Rosemont pedestrian Bridge @ 9 am.

Their defense was pedestrian, ranking 12th in the league in opponent points per 100 possessions.

I caught myself, stood at a pedestrian crossing, tapping out a 4/4 on my thigh.

For 36 miles, there is a second tier of pedestrian fencing.

For 36 miles, there is a second tier of pedestrian fencing.

While a majority of the protests appeared to be peaceful and only blocked pedestrian traffic or checkpoints, some escalated.

She gets sucked into a fiery sinkhole, to which a distraught pedestrian wails, “Rihanna!!”

Umbrellium in the UK has developed Starling Crossing, a pedestrian crossing that uses lights and signals to direct traffic.

So we put it to him that he’s probably not all that bothered about more pedestrian sports – golf, for example.

In both incidents a motorist opened fire on a pedestrian, said Parish of East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore.

Also, can it avoid pedestrian collisions in order to make it a safer alternative to driving?

Notably, as the car drives around, it only comes across the occasional pedestrian though it does navigate around other manually driven vehicles.

Here’s proof: On Jimmy Kimmel Live, he narrated the actions of random Hollywood Boulevard pedestrian, and it was riveting.

To design safer systems, it might be important to clearly see a pedestrian‘s face to know whether they are paying attention to traffic.

Sounds appear like collected items, feral dog’s bark and passing pedestrian voices call out then fade like a dream.

pedestrian detection acts similarly when someone walks into the car’s path.

The researchers said they could predict a pedestrian‘s location within 10 centimeters after one second and less than 80 centimeters after 6 seconds.

Consider Uber’s missteps in Phoenix that led to a pedestrian‘s death.

Herzberg’s death marked the first known pedestrian fatality by autonomous car.

Another pedestrian sauntered by to stop and ask whether I had told Holland that what he was doing was very dangerous.

The 1 person who was killed was apparently a pedestrian who was struck by the crane.

The pedestrian freeze has been lifted & traffic on W 58th St. will be opened shortly.”

In March 2018, one of them struck and killed a pedestrian.

We saw something similar when a driverless car killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.

Laila Ali was involved in a serious accident in Calabasas that left a pedestrian seriously injured … TMZ has learned.

Cops say the driver was cited for failing to stop of a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

She gets in the car and leaves, only to hit a pedestrian with her vehicle because she was trying to answer her cell phone.

The pedestrian is none other than Kathy Bates, dressed in some sort of Puritan attire.

The trick, explains Søberg, was to take something familiar but not turn it into something pedestrian.

Montana-based Barnard Construction Co. Inc. was awarded a $187 million contract for the “design-bid-build construction project for primary pedestrian wall replacement” in Yuma, Arizona.

“Some drag performers have this really pronounced split, and see themselves as pedestrian people offstage and ‘themselves’ onstage.

Driver assistance: Standard ADAS features on the QX50 include rear- and surround-view cameras, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and forward emergency braking.

The league does what it can to encourage this, what with clunky attempts to make every seemingly pedestrian administrative task into an event.

For 36 miles, there is a second tier of pedestrian fencing.

These include VW’s Front Assist system combining forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian monitoring, plus lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control.

And from 2012 to 2016, 22% of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween night involved a drunken driver.

The real culprit in those fires was the most pedestrian thing: embers.

The first fatal autonomous vehicle accident, which involved an Uber self-driving vehicle striking a pedestrian, occurred in March in Arizona.

Sometimes the horses themselves suffered injury; other times it was property damage and pedestrian injury as the terrified steeds trampled everything in their paths.

According to the cyclist, he heard screams for help coming from the pedestrian side of the tunnel as he rode through.

On Tuesday, the President reacted with his customary incendiary rhetoric to the murderous rampage on a bike and pedestrian pathway bordering the Hudson River.

A pedestrian in New Zealand came just inches from being struck by a train because she didn’t look both ways before crossing.

The Center for Policing Equity has been collecting data from police agencies on pedestrian and traffic stops, as well as uses of force.

The campaign came after a rainbow pedestrian crossing on Sydney’s Oxford Street was controversially removed by officials.

The self-driving system first classified the pedestrian as an unknown object, then as a vehicle and then as a bicycle.

(CNN)Imagine a responsive pedestrian crosswalk that thinks for itself.

One pedestrian struck by the car was pronounced dead at the scene.

It includes pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist and radar cruise control.

Surveillance video shows passengers scurrying away as smoke fills the pedestrian tunnel after the blast.

During a show in Plymouth early last year, I was called “pedestrian” by a woman who was double-fisting beers while breastfeeding.

Besides a few choice details and carbon fiber trim, the inside of the RS 5 is unremarkable and rather pedestrian.

“Improving pedestrian bridges, walkways and public transport are equally important,” she added.

pedestrian Outer will be released on September on 17 Steps/Astralwerks in the US.

pedestrian deaths haven’t gone down at all.

In fact, pedestrian deaths rose from 104 to 107 from 2017 to 2018.

Flinders Street is one of Melbourne’s busiest pedestrian roads, running between a major train station and the bustling city center.

Flinders Street is one of Melbourne’s busiest pedestrian roads, running between a major train station and the bustling city center.

“Safety bollards saves lives and help in our efforts to strengthen safety measures along sidewalks, popular tourist destinations, and high pedestrian traffic areas.”

Bollards already dot pedestrian plazas around Times Square thanks to a $50 million capital project completed in late 2016.

But Tandy was a pedestrian now.

Between 2010 and 2015, the current 654 mile pedestrian wall was breached 9,287 times.

That’s the same high level of pedestrian fatalities as was recorded in 2016, up from about 5,400 in 2015.

Four years earlier, they had been driving and almost hit a pedestrian.

The pedestrian ended up shooting Craig, and the friend seemed confident it was 17-year-old Kia Stewart.

The Grey Lady conjured up a headline that managed to look both schoolmarmish and clickbait-ish: “When pedestrian deaths are up, is marijuana to blame?”

When pedestrian deaths are up, should more states allow recreational marijuana?

The idea is a re-imagining of transport that will limit vehicle traffic, increase pedestrian space and, the city council claims, promote social cohesion.

When pedestrian deaths are up, should more states allow recreational marijuana?

Or, y’know, more street lamps, since 75 percent of all pedestrian deaths take place at night.

McCollum was pedestrian at best.

Archie’s story feels to be a part of an entirely different, far more pedestrian teen drama.

[H/T: pedestrian TV] Have something to add to this story?

The integration also supports more pedestrian use cases, though, including the ability to make lots of documents in Drive more easily discoverable.

A normal, pedestrian human such as I would simply assume that another human, albeit a strange one, is trying to reach out.

The Secret Service said Saturday that pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the White House was affected by the incident.

— DEVELOPING: A pedestrian bridge has collapsed in Miami.

(CNN)On paper, the 40-foot wide pedestrian bridge on Florida International University’s campus was an engineering feat, boasting several superlatives.

Uber self-driving car strikes and kills pedestrian while in autonomous mode Uber safety driver of fatal self-driving crash was watching Hulu, not the road

It’s called Self-Propelled Modular Transportation and this was the largest pedestrian bridge in US history to be moved using this method.

(CNN)At least four people died Thursday when a pedestrian bridge collapsed near Florida International University, Miami-Dade County Fire Chief Dave Downey said.

A self-driving vehicle made by Uber has struck and killed a pedestrian.

Another company involved, FIGG Bridge Engineers, which designed the pedestrian bridge, said in a statement that it was “stunned” by the collapse.

If a driverless car is hacked and hits a pedestrian, who is responsible?

A pedestrian was killed during the crossfire between deputies and the shooter.

Since the launch of the BMW i3, customers have been able to choose acoustic pedestrian protection as optional equipment.

ADAS systems, like active cruise control and pedestrian detection, are optional, though navigation and heated seats are standard on all 6-series models.

(CNN)Isabella Carrasco had just driven beneath a recently installed pedestrian bridge when she heard a thunderous crash.

I’ll keep working on T. rex to make him more test-worthy for animal and pedestrian sensors.

Rescuers have worked day and night to extract the victims and mangled cars after the pedestrian bridge crumbled Thursday west of downtown Miami.

“Last week, the lives of six Floridians were tragically lost when the FIU pedestrian bridge suddenly collapsed onto SW 8th Street in Miami.

(CNN)Police have identified the six people who died when a pedestrian bridge crumbled Thursday west of downtown Miami, Florida.

— Newly released video shows the moments before a self-driving Uber car struck and killed a pedestrian.

The Discovery has ADAS features similar to many other luxury vehicles, including park assist, pedestrian detection and automatic cruise control.

It’s the first known pedestrian fatality involving an autonomous vehicle.

From there they can broadcast a packet of information linked to the motion address of the pedestrian.

Kenney said the number of pedestrian stops by police has dropped 50% from 2015 to 2017.

We believe that self-driving cars will have no preference during life or death decisions between the driver and a random pedestrian.

Two years ago, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock blamed legal marijuana for drawing people to a pedestrian mall downtown where violent incidents were happening.

Further down, DeMatos said a man was trying to help another wounded pedestrian.

For instance, if a self-driving vehicle decides to run down a pedestrian, who will be held accountable?

Not only would I be alone, but I’d be alone in plain view of every pedestrian who walked down that sidewalk.

Uber halted testing of its self-driving cars following a fatal accident in Tempe, Arizona this March that left a pedestrian dead.

The vehicle struck a pedestrian who was near the main gate, and then sped from the scene.”

The pedestrian, Douglas Parkhurst of Sanford, died on his way to the hospital, police said.

Samponaro most recently worked at Transportation Alternatives, a bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group.

That honor goes instead to the total indifference expressed by every pedestrian in New York’s Central Park.

Plus, downtown Chicago has a group of pedestrian tunnels called the Pedway, so you might not even have to go outside.

A pedestrian walks on a zebra crossing featuring a 3D painting of a zebra in Xuhui District, Shanghai, China, 8 May 2016.

Aimed to prevent jaywalking, the 3D artwork of a zebra crossing the road was painted on top of an actual pedestrian crossing on Sunday.

pedestrian lights are the latest frontier for equality in one city.

There was a lovely pedestrian mall, adorable shops.

Melbourne hurtles Australia into the 21st century by putting 19th century women at pedestrian crossings.

“I’m thrilled to see pedestrian crossing lights use a woman’s figure.

The self-driving system first classified the pedestrian as an unknown object, then as a vehicle and then as a bicycle.

The NTSB also found that the vehicle didn’t alert the driver about the pedestrian, even after sensors detected Herzberg six seconds before impact.

The car didn’t automatically brake or slow down after detecting the pedestrian.

In the Uber crash, the car was in autonomous mode for 19 minutes before hitting the pedestrian.

And we’ve all nearly been bowled over by a pedestrian with their eyes on a screen instead of the sidewalk ahead.

“Folks have to come up on a pedestrian level,” said Art Bond, principal of Bond Architects.

Some schools might have a pedestrian bridge out front to funnel visitors to that main entrance.

It’s this contentious legacy that’s prompting Stanford University to strip Serra’s name from two campus buildings and a pedestrian mall.

Last summer a 90-year-old pedestrian was killed in a suburb of Barcelona after she was hit by two men riding an electric scooter.

Next year an iconic part of Oxford Street could be transformed into a pedestrian boulevard.

The SUV is not outrageous or radical, but rather pedestrian and effortless.

But like so many who have claimed that royal lineage, the result turns out to be pretty pedestrian.

The department also said it was gathering and collecting information about the test vehicle’s technology, the pedestrian and the safety driver.

Test drivers for self-driving cars came into the spotlight this March when a self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

One of Uber’s self-driving cars was recently involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian, which may slow public adoption of the technology.

Most of the pedestrian deaths occurred among those between ages 12 and 15, followed by ages 5 to 8.

Killer buzz So who is responsible for most of those pedestrian deaths?

NHTSA statistics show that during a four-year period, 14% of all pedestrian deaths on Halloween involved drunken drivers.

Sadly, young adult drivers aged 15 to 25 were responsible for the majority of pedestrian deaths of children, according to the State Farm analysis.

The incidents — in Indiana, Mississippi, Florida and Pennsylvania — draw attention to pedestrian safety and distracted driving across the country.

In New York City, shops can retrieve pedestrian foot-traffic data right from their government.

An Uber vehicle in self-driving mode hit and killed 49-year-old pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in March while she was crossing a road at night.

pedestrian deaths increased by 27% from 2007 to 2016, while all other traffic deaths dropped by 14%, the group reported.

In March, one of Uber’s self-driving cars struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.

After walking over the Triborough Bridge, around Ward’s Island, and over the pedestrian bridge into Manhattan, we make it!

A walk through the old town’s 300-meter-long (330-yard-long) pedestrian zone can take 40 minutes in peak season.

The melee closed one of the world’s busiest international crossings, San Ysidro Port of Entry, to vehicle and pedestrian traffic for several hours.

I live in the pedestrian historic center and the Christmas lights are already out.

The melee closed one of the world’s busiest international crossings, San Ysidro Port of Entry, to vehicle and pedestrian traffic for several hours.

Public comfort with autonomous vehicles dipped after a self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona last year.

Earlier in the week, pedestrian reported that a 46-minute cut of The Last Jedi had been shared anonymously on Pirate Bay.

The region’s HQ2 bid also proposed the construction of a pedestrian bridge that would connect Crystal City and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Shouldn’t there be a pedestrian underpass or something?

These include frontal and side impact protection, electronic stability control and pedestrian front protection.

The report said he entered “through an open and unstaffed pedestrian gate that had been opened” for afternoon dismissal.

“Fields rapidly accelerated, through a stop sign and across a raised pedestrian mall, and drove directly into the crowd.

Walk on by Ever hit that pedestrian button at a crosswalk, but it seemed liked nothing happened?

For Tesla, there is one fatality, including known pedestrian fatalities, every 320 million miles in vehicles equipped with Autopilot hardware.

This work, while still preliminary, can be applied to a huge array of pedestrian environments.

In transfer terminals, pedestrian behavior is more likely to include people walking in different directions, as they change trains or buses.

High density pedestrian congestion isn’t a new problem, but as the world’s population increases, it’s a growing problem.

On Sunday night, one of Uber’s autonomous test vehicles was involved in an accident, fatally colliding with a pedestrian in Tempe Arizona.

She also described any effort to require a pedestrian to carry a smartphone to guarantee safety as a dangerous paradigm shift.

The system is sensitive enough to differentiate between another vehicle and a pedestrian, a key step toward fully autonomous driving.

Traditionally, a driver would rely on their headlights to see the pedestrian.

That includes the investigations of last year’s New York limo crash that killed 20 people, and the pedestrian bridge collapse in South Florida.

Compared to that, Nalgene and once-trendy Bobble seem downright pedestrian.

I then head to the main pedestrian square of Hongdae to meet my Tinderella.

What’s known as pedestrian fencing covers some 374 miles.

Just this past weekend, the city of Austin reported a pedestrian riding a Lime scooter died after being struck by an Uber driver.

There are several pedestrian fence designs in place at different points along the border.

Currently about 37 miles of the border have secondary pedestrian barriers, according to CBP.

These consist of both pedestrian walls and vehicle barriers.

What’s known as pedestrian fencing covers some 374 miles.

“The man died after a roadway crash involving a village plow truck and a pedestrian,” police said.

pedestrian crossings and vehicle traffic later resumed, officials said.

And in Illinois, a man was killed Monday “after a roadway crash involving a village plow truck and a pedestrian,” Libertyville police said.

But because this is Trump, the surreal has become almost pedestrian.

That could help the sensor spot things like a pedestrian darting out between two cars, Haag said.

It makes the back of the aluminum 7 models look positively pedestrian by comparison.

We want to be viewed as a pedestrian and treated as a pedestrian,” he said.

Just as autonomous cars will completely change the streets of our cities, autonomous pedestrian robots (humanoid or not) will change the sidewalks.

Never mind that getting a tattoo has become downright pedestrian, with everyone from Disney stars to corporate suits joining in.

I’m staying in Lapad, which is an area filled with hotels and restaurants down a pedestrian walkway.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the day that the pedestrian was struck and killed.

pedestrian advocates are concerned about motorized vehicles, such as robots or e-scooters, crowding sidewalks and potentially creating safety issues.

We walk down to the pedestrian crossover on 86th and get as close to the runner exit as possible, but it’s packed.

New York, Vancouver, Paris, Buenos Aires, Boston and Miami (to name a few) are designed for pedestrian exploration.

In SF, city officials have cited concerns over safety, pedestrian and transportation impacts of kiosk free bike sharing.

Figuring out the basics of operations — including the rather pedestrian and obvious ones — will mean the difference between making or losing money.

“We have a range of proven infrastructure, engineering, and behavioral strategies that we know can reduce pedestrian deaths.”

It was, as criticisms of Trump go, relatively pedestrian.

pedestrian deaths 2018 might have been the deadliest year for pedestrians in almost three decades.

Having one long-winded plot is pedestrian, though, so Aquaman gives us another, which accounts for the film’s inexcusably long run-time.

“We’re totally paranoid,” said Forrest Preece, a retired advertising executive who lives in a downtown condo and leads a largely pedestrian life.

No, that would be amateur, pedestrian.

The pedestrian was walking a bicycle across a road at night.

Uber’s self-driving software system initially classified the pedestrian as an unknown object, then as a vehicle, then as a bicycle, but never braked.

A US Customs and Border Protection spokesperson said 53 Central Americans had arrived at the pedestrian port of entry Saturday morning.

This underground people mover will involve the construction of twin tunnels for vehicles and one pedestrian tunnel, according to contract documents.

The dots signal danger, while the bars provide directional cues that indicate a pedestrian is on a safe path.

Over the course of the last few years, though, as others entered the market, too, SimpliSafe’s rather pedestrian design started to look stale.

The dots signal danger, while the bars provide directional cues that indicate a pedestrian is on a safe path.

SoftBank’s investment in parking might seem rather, well, pedestrian.

This is not Chanel – Perhaps better suited for TacoBell uniforms — CityKittyPress (@farago) October 3, 2017 So… pedestrian.

“Fields rapidly accelerated, through a stop sign and across a raised pedestrian mall, and drove directly into the crowd.

The area didn’t have marked pedestrian crossing or traffic lights to illuminate the road at the time.

It’s about a 30-minute walk from my hostel along the South Bank area and over a pedestrian bridge.

In March 2018, a newly installed pedestrian bridge fell onto a busy street at Miami International University, killing six people.

Tesla says for every 320 million miles cars equipped with Autopilot drive, there is one fatality, including known pedestrian fatalities.

“Your biggest threat as a pedestrian or bicyclist isn’t a scooter.

There will be wait time increases in our pedestrian and passenger vehicle lanes … but this is required to help us manage this operational crisis.”

Navigation, especially pedestrian guidance, also gets a big boost.

Or that time Slovak lawmakers had to override the public’s vote to rename a pedestrian bridge after the actor Chuck Norris?

These cities also reported a higher pedestrian death rate that was more than twice as high as cities in the top 10 list.

Their foray into self-driving abruptly stopped after a tragic accident that killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

As key infrastructure projects improve road and pedestrian access, as well as retail offerings, occupancy of the Index Tower should increase rapidly.

A self-driven Uber SUV struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, in March 2018.

Volvo’s robotaxi project with Uber (UBER.N) was stalled for months after a pedestrian death despite having a safety driver.

Volvo’s robotaxi project with Uber (UBER.N) was stalled for months after a pedestrian death despite having a safety driver.

U.S. ports of entry recorded 193 million pedestrian and vehicle-passenger crossings last year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Then get yourself to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the US will soon be open.

Around 50 “green man” pedestrian crossings will be replaced with people holding hands to create a heart and gender-related symbols.

While Dallas is yielding an NHL-worst 3.40 goals per game, its high-octane offense is mustering a pedestrian 2.5 per contest.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nicholas Kauffroath rode off without helping the pedestrian.

In another crash, a pedestrian was struck to the ground, face first, when a Lime scooter (riding illegally on the sidewalk) hit them.

A scooter on the sidewalk hit a pedestrian walking.

The motorcyclist, however, dropped one satchel of loot after hitting a pedestrian in a melee fleeing the scene.

Some cities have responded by designating on-street parking areas for scooters and capping their speeds in popular pedestrian areas.

The 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V8 has been juiced from a pedestrian 445 horsepower up to 600.

It’s their first LP since 2013’s pedestrian Verse.

She built over 400 miles of bike lanes and transformed some of the most congested pockets of the city into pedestrian plazas.

She built over 400 miles of bike lanes and transformed some of the most congested pockets of the city into pedestrian plazas.

Can you talk a little about pedestrian plazas and public plazas?

Uber is telling riders to take a car to the border, cross by foot using the pedestrian bridge, and then hail another vehicle.

But despite the setbacks to self-driving industry, I can’t help but be optimistic that pedestrian, driver, and passenger deaths will keep going down.

The few advantages it offers over the less expensive pedestrian model aren’t worth its cost.

Visually, it’s indistinguishable from lesser, non-toughened glass, as it has the same transparent properties as pedestrian glass, just in a more durable package.

“The OSHA FIU pedestrian Bridge report is factually inaccurate and incomplete, and includes errors and flawed analyses.

“I’m going to put this on Facebook,” a pedestrian told CNN news affiliate News 12.

He was rather pedestrian on the road, however, with a 2-5 record and a 4.23 ERA in 12 such starts.

Like AT&T, Microsoft’s once-lofty valuation shrank to more pedestrian levels during the time of the lawsuit.

The shift is making a complex and thoughtful story into something of a boring, pedestrian gorefest.

Spread across dozens of genres and forms, films can be funny or sad, artsy or pedestrian, unabashedly childish or confidently mature.

This would break instantaneously in the event of a crash, says the patent, “revealing the adhesive layer below, and bonding to the pedestrian.”

The patent notes that other manufacturers have tried different mechanisms to prevent pedestrian injuries during a collision.

Neither of these, say the patent, address the potential injuries when a pedestrian is thrown from the car.

Last year, Stanford University stripped Serra’s name from two campus buildings and a pedestrian mall.

“Fields rapidly accelerated, through a stop sign and across a raised pedestrian mall, and drove directly into the crowd.

Facebook says it’s the first platform to include “a female police officer, runner, pedestrian, surfer, and swimmer,” among others to come.

The Socialist mayor has also moved to create more pedestrian zones at major traffic circles and along the Seine river.

Around 3 a.m. on July 4, Anderson was going to assist another officer after reports of a pedestrian in a traffic lane, police said.

It looks absolutely dope, making the admittedly attractive standard black S7 Edge look pedestrian by comparison.

[h/t pedestrian]  UPDATE: Jan. 30, 2017, 4:47 p.m. AEDT Ray has found a fishing partner, according to 9 News.

Uber’s efforts were set back when a self-driven Uber SUV struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, in March 2018.

As a result the Force is thicker than the Z, at a more pedestrian 7mm.

ET about a incident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian, Virginia Beach police said in a news release.

The pedestrian, who died at the scene, was later identified as Whitaker.

We hope pedestrian in a sentence examples were helpful.