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paul Benjamin Osterlund is a writer based in Istanbul; follow him on Twitter.

Writing by Richard Valdmanis, editing by paul Thomasch and Ross Colvin

Susanne Gänsicke was appointed senior conservator of antiquities at the J. paul Getty Museum.

Gabriel described von der Leyen’s nomination as an “unprecedented act of political trickery.” Writing by paul Carrel, editing by Thomas Escritt

Herders (2014), by Félix Lajeunesse and paul Raphael, is a VR documentary that unobtrusively observes the daily lives of several Mongolian nomads.

Huffstutter in Chicago; Editing by Matthew Lewis and paul Simao

paul Ryan, in one of his last acts, perfect last act for him, goes along with it.

Twizzling paul Ryan, goes along with this … the word is fakakta.

Every single thing paul Ryan claimed to care about.

Every single thing that paul Ryan claims to have cared about and been a leader on was damaged by his time.

The show contains works by 40 artists including Andy Warhol, David Hammons, paul McCarthy, Isa Genzken, Kehinde Wiley, and Jordan Wolfson.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani Editing by paul Simao; 1 202 898 8315; Reuters Messaging:

paul Aiken (1959–2016), former executive director of the Authors Guild.

The biopic also starred Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, and paul Giamatti.

paul Pierce, humiliated in public over and over, now living courtside to LeBron’s myriad accomplishments in his role as a terrible broadcaster.

Next up: paul Felder.

It’s troubles like these that bring us closer to God’.” Editing by Robert Birsel and paul Tait

Because Sulkowicz sent friendly texts to the student, paul Nungesser, after the incident, doubt was cast on her story.

paul D’Agostino paul D’Agostino: It seems you too were flooded with thoughts after watching Depraved.

When House Speaker paul Ryan announced his retirement in April, McCarthy was largely seen as his natural successor.

Reporting by Hyonhee Shin; Editing by paul Tait

paul Byrne is one of the big dogs of the British Balearic scene.

Finally, paul, we’re nearly at that time of the year…what’s the best Balearic Christmas record?

She represents something paul hasn’t experienced in a long time: passion and drive, and a sense of responsibility.

Along with paul, we slowly take in the various consequences and repercussions of the downsizing effort.

It will likely be paul Manafort (campaign boss) my brother in law and me, 725 Fifth Ave 25th floor.

House Speaker paul Ryan, a Republican, said Obamacare was collapsing and action was urgent.

John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad has confessed that he had paul Newman in mind while drafting the script.

Reporting by Hyonhee Shin and Jane Chung; Editing by paul Tait

“Mueller’s team put a lot of resources into going after paul Manafort.

On Capitol Hill, there had been early rumblings of bipartisan talks on DACA, including a meeting between Pelosi and Republican House Speaker paul Ryan.

Key Trump advisers like Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and paul Manafort have either broken with the president or been indicted already or both.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by paul Simao

He’s staying with a Clippers team that lost Chris paul to Houston this week.

Reporting by Joseph Nasr; Editing by paul Carrel

paul was not at the dinner.

I will continue to defend him against mainstream-media attacks,” paul said.

paul has long supported a full repeal of the ACA and advocates repealing the law before negotiating legislation to replace it.

paul emphasized during his Wednesday interview that he and the president agreed that Republicans should abandon Obamacare.

This isn’t the first time paul has drawn Trump’s ire for his position on healthcare.

paul said at the time that he felt “emboldened” by the president’s pressure and criticism.

paul and Trump began their relationship on rocky footing during the 2016 presidential primaries.

After the first Republican debate in August 2015, Trump called paul “truly weird” and criticized his performance.

“Truly weird Senator Rand paul of Kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain,” Trump tweeted.

paul struck back at Trump, calling him a “fake conservative.”

Watch paul‘s interview:

For the 2nd time in less than 24 hours, Republicans’ healthcare plans have gone down in flames

Writing by paul Carrel; Editing by Toby Chopra

Chaffin’s memo was also supported by paul Wozney, a director of the police union, in the union members’ magazine.

Christie writes that former Trump campaign chair paul Manafort told him Kushner tried to push him out of the transition as well.

Reporting by paul Sandle and Eric Auchard in London; Editing by Gareth Jones

Reporting by Katanga Johnson, Susan Heavey and Tim Ahmann; Editing by paul Simao

paul Allen’s cause of death was the septic shock brought on by his battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma … TMZ has learned.

Repealing social safety net programs is incredibly difficult, as the work of political scientist paul Pierson has documented.

paul LePage has in Maine.

Reporting by Sarah Dadouch; Editing by Katie paul and Clelia Oziel

paul Oakenfold was a co-founder?

Reporting by Lisa Baertlein in Los Angeles and Richa Naidu in Chicago; Editing by Vanessa O’Connell and paul Thomasch

“I think people should settle their differences personally,” Republican House Speaker paul Ryan told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

Reporting by Christian Shepherd; Writing by Michael Martina; Editing by paul Tait

He decided to bring along his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and the campaign chairman paul Manafort.

Sen. Rand paul (R-KY) recently announced his opposition.

paul’s been pretty vocal about saying he’s a no.

paul Fletcher, president of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) described the saga “truly outrageous.”

This basically means that paul Manafort, who was brought in as campaign chairman months ago, has been demoted.

COVER: paul FAITH/AFP/Getty Images

paul, 33 “Put dead rat in friend’s pocket.”

Reporting by Soyoung Kim in SEOUL; Editing by paul Tait

Rand paul, on the other hand, emerged as the crowd favorite of the night.

paul‘s biggest moment came when a YouTube user asked him about his stance on police officers wearing body cameras.

paul responded by bringing up racial profiling, discriminatory policing, and the war on drugs — topics that have rarely been challenged in previous Republican debates.

Scott Lang (played by paul Rudd), dealing with the fallout over his actions in Captain America: Civil War.

paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, was the latest top Trump official to flip.

paul Yee was most recently the global chief financial officer at People Against Dirty, the parent company of the household product brand Method.

“We’re just not seeing it yet in our net charge-offs,” Chief Financial Officer paul Donofrio told the analysts.

And his campaign manager, paul Manafort, once advised Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Putin former leader of Ukraine.

Writing by paul Carrel; Editing by Madeline Chambers

Sir paul McCartney donated 63 photographs by his late wife Linda McCartney to the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Lisa Lapin was appointed vice president of communications at the J. paul Getty Trust.

Art paul (1925–2018), graphic artist.

Additional reporting by David Brunnstrom; Editing by paul Tait and Mary Milliken

Additional reporting by paul day, Writing by John Stonestreet and Andrei Khalip, Editing by Catherine Evans

But he’s being challenged by paul Spencer, a farmer and teacher running on Medicare-for-fall.

Reporting by Ana Mano; Editing by Dan Grebler and paul Simao

Reporting by paul Carsten; Writing by Alexis Akwagyiram; Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg

But it didn’t sway Trump: MUIR: House Speaker paul Ryan has said, “I have seen no evidence.

A new exhibition tells us what we’ve been missing in the work of Marina Adams, paul Feeley, Joanna Pousette-Dart, and Leon Polk Smith.

It brings together four diverse artists from different generations who share similar tendencies: Leon Polk Smith (1906-1996); paul Feeley (1910-1966); Joanna Pousette-Dart; Marina Adams.

Reporting by Phil Stewart; Editing by paul Tait and David Stamp

A: She makes phone calls to (Congressional Republican leaders paul) Ryan and (Mitch) McConnell.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker paul Ryan The Republican heads of the two chambers of Congress, however, didn’t mince words.

paul doesn’t seem to care though … looks like he’s having more fun here.

Name: GerriFrom: Madison, WisconsinScott Walker or paul Ryan?

Reporting by Claire Bloomfield; Writing by William Schomberg; Editing by paul Sandle

Name: BobFrom: Eau Claire, WisconsinScott Walker or paul Ryan?

Name: KatieFrom: Eau Claire, WisconsinScott Walker or paul Ryan?

Name: KeltonFrom: Ontario, CanadaScott Walker or paul Ryan?

paul Ryan, but I don’t know why.PBR or Miller High Life?

Name: StevenFrom: Rice Lake, WisconsinScott Walker or paul Ryan?

Name: JennaFrom: Madison, WisconsinScott Walker or paul Ryan?

Name: paulFrom: Eau Claire, WisconsinScott Walker or paul Ryan?

I’m going to have to say paul Ryan.

Name: AdamFrom: Minneapolis, MinnesotaScott Walker or paul Ryan?

paul Ryan, because his smile is infectious.PBR or Miller High Life?

At the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. paul, Minnesota, protests led to property damage.

Surprisingly, paul says no.

Reporting by Belen Carreno; Writing by paul Day; Editing by Andrei Khalip

They viciously attack Republicans they believe are betraying true conservatism, blasting paul Ryan (for example) as a supporter of “radical amnesty-and-open-borders.”

House Speaker paul Ryan was outraged.

paul Ryan did not call the remarks racist.

It’s not an original observation to note that paul Ryan has degraded himself in service of Donald Trump.

When paul Ryan saw evidence of this in June 2016, he was alarmed.

There’s nothing the site celebrates more gleefully than Trump’s humbling of its enemies, like the “amnesty” sympathizer paul Ryan.

Purge the paul Ryans and make the alt-right mainstream.

Reporting by Howard Schneider and Jonathan Spicer; Editing by paul Simao

The idea is backed by the likes of House Speaker paul Ryan, R-Wisc., but so far, Trump hasn’t pursued it.

Reporting by Mayela Armas and Vivian Sequera; Writing by Brian Ellsworth; Editing by Cynthia Osterman and paul Tait

He has a willing partner in House of Representatives Speaker paul Ryan, who has long had an interest in the issue.

paul proved it in baseball.

Reporting by Joyce Lee; Editing by paul Tait

“That’s the spirit of paul, as opposed to he’s found the secret sauce.

But remember what happened when House Speaker paul Ryan declared Obamacare “the law of the land,” moments after their first repeal efforts failed?

Sanders is the most liberal, Rand paul is the most conservative.

paul Dobraszczyk’s Future Cities surveys the multitudinous ways creatives have imagined how humans might build their living spaces in the future.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads paul Dobraszczyk’s Future Cities isn’t the usual sort of book on architecture.

Future Cities by paul Dobraszczyk is now available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Levitin said the inspiration for the study came from a conversation with paul Simon.

(Yeah, he said he “talks regularly” to that paul Simon.)

“I really appreciate you coming on the call from time to time,” Barclays Capital analyst paul Cheng said to Wirth.

paul Shapiro, the vice president of farm animal protection at the Humane Society, has been working on this issue for his entire career.

The Ecuadorian artist paul Rosero Contreras, who has a background in biology, created his “Arriba!”

Remember, passing something through the House was supposed to be the easy part because paul Ryan could afford to lose around 20 GOP votes.

As Lund University obesity researcher paul Franks noted, the average age of cardiovascular death — less than 50 years in the study — is young.

You may not recognize paul Marcarelli’s name, but you know his face.

He says he went under the knife in November, when paul performed a rhinoplasty — a nose job.

One of the most important legacies of Congressman Ron paul‘s presidential campaigns was turning criticism of the Federal Reserve into mainstream Republican orthodoxy.

Graphic – World FX rates in 2019, click Reporting by Kate Duguid; Additional reporting by Saikat Chatterjee; Editing by paul Simao and Leslie Adler

Just the day before, House Speaker paul Ryan had said he wasn’t ready to support Donald Trump as the GOP’s presidential nominee.

“I think paul‘s just being honest with how he feels,” Priebus says.

House Speaker paul Ryan even said at the time that Trump’s position on this matter was the “textbook definition” of racism.

House Speaker paul Ryan said the allegations warranted further review.

paul runs the show offensively with a healthy assist from Griffin, while Jordan spaces the floor vertically and Redick spaces it horizontally.

He’s also occasionally struggled to find an offensive rhythm alongside paul.

Trump’s former campaign chairman paul Manafort was convicted on eight charges and pleaded guilty to two others, receiving a 7-1/2-year prison sentence.

“Makan Delrahim seems personally invested in this case, so we suspect DOJ would appeal,” paul Gallant, an analyst at Cowen & Co. wrote.

Graduate student paul Robinette, who led the study, expected altogether different results.

He couldn’t stop himself from declaring war on paul Ryan in response to Republican defections against his campaign.

The verdict is in, and paul Manafort — President Donald Trump’s former campaign chair — has been found guilty on eight counts.

But some are not, including paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives.

The video is the work of U.K. videographer and editor paul Barnard, who spent about three days meticulously crafting this gem of cut-up mayhem.

We’re actually on schedule,” House Speaker paul Ryan insisted on Morning Joe Wednesday morning.

Price offered a detailed repeal-and-replace plan in 2015 that included watered-down tax credits, likely alienating conservatives such as paul.

Change-makers in the industry such as Tessa Thompson, Kerry Washington, paul Feig, and Jordan Peele have already committed to the challenge.

Jimmy paul, a.k.a.

and Jimmy paul about how they each grew up and out of New York’s 1980s drag scene.

Jimmy paul: I moved to New York the day after my 19th birthday, August 28, 1982.

Jimmy paul: A friend of mine from the Pittsburgh scene was working at the Pyramid Club doing lights.

Reporting by paul Sandle, additional reporting by Maiya Keidan; Editing by Keith Weir

Jimmy paul: I never really thought about the previous drag performers who did traditional female impersonation.

Jimmy paul: I didn’t realize it at the time, but drag was edgy then.

paul Davies: The Roaring Daze  continues at Olsen Gruin until June 16, 2019

For long-time Juggalo community organizer and organizer of Saturday’s march Rachel paul, the support from groups like DSA is welcome.

Rand paul (R-KY) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) in this drive, claims this proposal should be an easy sell for his Republican colleagues.

Aides including paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and Michael Flynn likewise maintained contact with Russian officials for Trump’s political or financial gain.

paul Lisicky was her best friend of 20 years.

Cover: paul Manafort, former campaign manager for Donald Trump, arrives at federal court in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, June 15, 2018.

(Clearly, the repetitive geometric patterns typical of North African aesthetics appealed to modern artist paul Klee during his career-changing stay in Tunisia.)

He pulled away from Kenyan racer paul Tanui with a final 100 meter time of 13.3 seconds.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by paul Simao and Andrea Ricci

Reporting By Jane Wardell; Editing by paul Tait

Reporting by Phil Stewart; Editing by Leslie Adler and paul Tait

It’s the paul Ryan agenda, which doesn’t.

President Donald Trump, House Speaker paul Ryan, and their allies attempted to resuscitate their healthcare bill Thursday in heated negotiations with Republican lawmakers.

$1 = 1.4380 Australian dollars
Reporting by Sonali paul; Editing by Stephen Coates

Plus, the J. paul Getty Museum acquires a major Giovanni Segantini painting.

The J. paul Getty Museum has acquired Giovanni Segantini’s painting “Spring in the Alps” (1897).

paul McNamara, investment director at GAM, said he was still long OFZs “with gritted teeth”.

He signaled pretty clearly that he would sign into law paul Ryan’s preferred package of tax cuts and rollbacks to the welfare state.

Reporting by James Davey and paul Sandle; Editing by Daniel Wallis

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and former presidential candidates like Jeb Bush and Rand paul have all touted Uber on the campaign trail.

Reporting by Yimou Lee; Additional reporting by Michael Martina in Beijing; Editing by paul Tait, Robert Birsel

Gates was a longtime business associate and protégé of former Trump campaign manager paul Manafort, who is also being targeted in Mueller’s investigation.

(Reporting by paul Sandle Editing by Keith Weir)

Ask paul Anka … sometimes Michael Jackson music can make you a lot, a lot, a lot of money!

Reporting by Roberta Rampton; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and paul Simao

There, the work of Pablo Picasso, paul Cézanne, and Wassily Kandinsky astounded the American public.

Even the late, great Sen. paul Wellstone would not fit this definition because he voted for DOMA.

Director paul Sng, of white English and Singaporean descent, says he feels a responsibility in bringing Poly’s story to life.

Additional reporting by Joyce Lee and Christine Kim; Editing by paul Tait

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by Jonathan Oatis and paul Simao

So if you’re investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, you’ll naturally investigate paul Manafort.

Reporting by Herbert Lash; Editing by paul Simao

In 1987, Justices John paul Stevens, William Brennan, and Harry Blackmun held a mock trial on the authorship question.

Activists staged “die-ins,” took over Trump Tower, stormed Mitch McConnell’s office in wheelchairs, and even vowed to send their ashes to paul Ryan.

We do know that he is not a vegetarian—at least not full-time—despite paul McCartney’s protestations.

NBA legend paul Pierce says he’s ready to hang ’em up … after ONE MORE run at an NBA title.

Writing by paul Carrel, editing by Thomas Escritt

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by paul Simao

Reporting by Steve Holland and Doina Chiacu; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and paul Simao

A contribution does not have to be monetary in nature, according to paul S. Ryan, an attorney with watchdog group Common Cause.

Bernie Sanders, Rand paul and Ted Cruz.

Writing by Lucia Mutikani; Additional reporting by Jason Lange; Editing by paul Simao

Republican Rand paul has already said he opposes Haspel, so GOP leadership will definitely need at least one Democrat to vote for her.

Somewhat recently I was the guest on a podcast when the host casually compared Jake paul to the heroes of the Jackass crew.

But it’s not every day that Bernie Sanders votes with Rand paul (and a dozen-plus other Republicans) and against Elizabeth Warren.

Ted Cruz and Rand paul voted for a Senate amendment banning immigration from dozens of Muslim countries.

“There is of course a timeline for the projection,” paul Lacroix, one of the project’s technical directors, tells Creators.

Read more about the technical details on paul Lacroix’s blog.

paul McCartney was knighted in 1997.

This is something to keep an eye on as House Speaker paul Ryan looks to keep welfare reform alive.

The answer is remove the tariffs,” Sen. Rand paul (R-KY) tweeted earlier this month.

paul Chan and Zachary Small grapple with criticism and what makes work political (but agree that art fairs are awful).

With paul George moving West, only 1 of the top 14 players in last year’s #NBARank will be in the Eastern Conference.

Where does politics stop for you, paul?

We agree on one thing, paul.

Reporting by Andreas Rinke; Writing by Madeline Chambers; Editing by paul Carrel

After a nearly two-decade stint as a county judge, paul Czajka had been re-elected District Attorney of Columbia County in 2011.

Harden finished the preseason averaging 10.7 assists per game—2.9 more than runner-up Chris paul.

Remember when House Speaker paul Ryan tweeted about that school worker who was getting an extra $1.50 in her check?

House Speaker paul Ryan derided the agency’s Obamacare numbers as “bogus,” speaking to reporters at an event in Massachusetts Thursday.

paul Goldschmidt hit a leadoff single, and Ozuna worked an eight-pitch walk.

“Your conduct as administrator has demonstrated a lack of respect for American taxpayers,” said Rep. paul Tonko (D-NY).

Her daughter with husband and photographer paul Van Ravenstein, Anna Cleveland, has also taken the fashion world by storm.

paul Manafort was Donald Trump’s campaign chair, before resigning in August 2016.

Reporting by Stephen Addison and paul Sandle; Editing by Chris Reese and Alexander Smith

If any theory can explain what happened here, it’s that of paul Pierson, a political scientist at UC Berkeley.

Those voters gravitate to Rand paul.

Trump and paul fall in between on this dimension.

Reporting by Susan Cornwell; Writing by Makini Brice; Editing by paul Simao

Reporting by Katanga Johnson, Susan Heavey and Tim Ahmann; Editing by paul Simao

Reporting by Sonali paul in MELBOURNE and Colin Packham in SYDNEY; Writing by Jonathan Barrett; Editing by paul Tait and Darren Schuettler

On Friday, he is expected to drop court filings about Michael Cohen and paul Manafort, which could reveal more clues.

And the Republican Speaker of the House, paul Ryan, has already announced his retirement, decreasing his leverage over members to take hard votes.

Additional reporting by Hyonhee Shin; Editing by paul Tait

Former Trump campaign chair paul Manafort officially received his sentence on Thursday and it’s quite a bit lighter than many were expecting.

(Corrects headline to make clear some petroleum exports banned) Reporting by Andrew Galbraith; Editing by paul Tait

Jones joined the Times a year ago to help run its books coverage, reporting to NYT Book Review Editor Pamela paul.

Look no further than Macke’s “Geraniums before Blue Mountain” (1910), an apparent homage to paul Cézanne’s many impressions of Mont Sainte-Victoire.

His company donated to the super PAC supporting Sen. Rand paul‘s presidential campaign.

We don’t know yet how much Trump, paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell will actually be able to do.

paul Ryan’s latest plan would preserve a refundable health care tax credit, albeit one that does not increase in size for poorer Americans.

paul Francis Floyd, is being charged with 3 misdemeanor charges, including cruelty to child by endangering health, and one felony count for vandalism.

Consequently, without paul Ryan around to drive a legislative agenda that he can rubber-stamp, he’s flailing.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani Editing by paul Simao; 1 202 898 8315; Reuters Messaging:

“I’m just disgusted.” paul Fryman, the founder of JAFB Wooster Brewery, called the post “100 percent” offensive.

paul Bowers was appointed director of exhibitions and collections at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Trump campaign chair paul Manafort was convicted of financial crimes, flipped, and then un-flipped.

“She’s been very inconsistent with illegal immigration,” says Rep. paul Gosar, a member of the House Freedom Caucus who has endorsed Ward.

That’s likely because he was running against then Pinal County sheriff paul Babeu, who was hobbled by a number of scandals.

Reporting by Yoshifumi Takemoto and Kaori Kaneko; writing by Kaori Kaneko and Linda Sieg; editing by paul Tait and Richard Pullin

Editing by paul Sandle


Last night’s Clippers-Rockets game in Los Angeles started with a video tribute to former point guard Chris paul.

It ended with paul leading a clandestine attack into the Los Angeles locker room.

According to reports, paul led the way.

paul had a few words for his former teammate as well.

(Photo by paul RATJE/AFP/Getty Images)

Fun fact about paul … he’s VP of the Hudson Valley SPCA.

paul originally put the Montgomery, NY home on the market in Oct.

We’re told paul‘s animal rescue operation — with mini-horses, donkeys and alpacas — will be prominently featured.

Reporting by paul Carrel and Georg Merziger, editing by Douglas Busvine, Larry King

Reporting by paul Sandle; Additional reporting by Peter Henderson; Editing by Stephen Addison, Keith Weir and Peter Cooney

Reporting by Jonathan Stempel, Marianna Parraga and Gary McWilliams; Editing by Tom Brown and paul Simao

Additional reporting by Tim Ahmann and David Lawder in Washington and paul Lienert in Detroit; Editing by Frances Kerry and James Dalgleish

Reporting by Sabela Ojea; Writing by paul Day; Editing by Ingrid Melander

Editing by Jason Szep and paul Thomasch

House Speaker paul Ryan told his conference it was his top priority to avoid a shutdown before everyone came back from recess.

Reporting by Nick Carey and paul Lienert in Detroit; Editing by Nick Zieminski and Matthew Lewis

McConnell and House Speaker paul Ryan, who called Russia’s government “menacing,” said their chambers could consider additional sanctions on Russia.

Reporting by Michelle Martin; Editing by paul Carrel

[nL8N1RO22K] Reporting by Michael Nienaber; Editing by paul Carrel

And with the current debate, Speaker paul Ryan has found himself in Boehner’s shoes.

Rand paul (R-KY) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), described a harrowing scene on the baseball pitch Wednesday morning, hearing more than 50 gunshots.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Piper in London; Writing by paul Sandle and Guy Faulconbridge; Editing by Kate Holton/Mark Potter/Jane Merriman

Additional reporting by Mark Weinraub in Chicago and David Morgan in Washington; Editing by Simon Webb, paul Simao and Nick Zieminski

The Pennsylvania special election should be a wakeup call for Republicans, but all House Speaker paul Ryan has is some excuses.

Recently, paul Flynn and Tonia Antoniazzi joined Norman Baker as official trustees of the UPA.

In the last year alone, paul Flynn—who has never inhaled—stood up 116 times for cannabis.

Mind you, one of them was paul Flynn’s, so maybe the campaigners stand a chance.

John paul Brammer is a writer and journalist based in Washington, DC.

The Trump delegation included Don Jr., paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner.

What was he getting from Rick Gates, who was paul Manafort’s right-hand man both before and during the campaign?

On Monday, Digital Music News writer paul Resnikoff found 37 bands on Spotify with affiliations to neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate groups.

And paul Ryan was ready to go.

During the campaign, paul Ryan had undermined you.

$1 = 0.8785 euros
Reporting by Arno Schuetze
Editing by paul Carrel

And best of all, paul Ryan is now a failure.

The only draft available for discussion this time around was one leaked to Politico reporter paul Demko.

paul Nash, who’s currently featured in a retrospective at Tate Britain, died of heart failure in 1946 at the age of 57.

“The fact that the deal is on the table is huge,” said paul Nolte, portfolio manager at Kingsview Asset Management in Chicago.

Reporting By Emily Flitter, editing by paul Thomasch and Ross Colvin

Braedon Wilkerson was a junior in high school when he came across an eight-minute YouTube video of Ron paul titled “A New Hope.”

Wilkerson began volunteering for paul’s 2012 presidential campaign when he got to college.

At 20, he served as a delegate for paul to the Republican National Convention.

Ron paul’s appeal came in part from being critical of the Republican establishment.

(paul was criticized by some for moving to the party’s mainstream on issues like immigration.)

What if paul failed simply because the great majority of Republican voters just aren’t interested in libertarian ideas?

“The libertarian moment [paul] symbolized is over.

“This election was supposed to be about Rand paul’s rise and the rise of libertarian ideas,” said Will Nardi, 18.

paul has been clear he wants a tax cut for businesses and working families but doesn’t think the math is there to do both.

For this reason, Trump’s ability to unify the party arguably represents a greater test of the libertarians’ strength than Rand paul‘s candidacy.

paul’s failure can be attributed to any number of factors: bad management, poor messaging, compromised values.

Here are some details about her organization: Britain First was founded in 2011 by leader paul Golding with a membership of three individuals.

Not paul Horner, purveyor of fake Trump news.

Five new names just popped up in the upcoming trial against President Trump’s former campaign chief paul Manafort — including his former accountants.

Five new names just popped up in the upcoming trial against President Trump’s former campaign chief paul Manafort — including his former accountants.

Cover image: Former Trump campaign manager paul Manafort departs from U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, U.S., February 28, 2018.

He pointed to Sen. Rand paul, R-Ky., as holding up the treaties, adding paul was “a little quirky” on the issues.

paul has said he opposes the agreements for privacy reasons, saying they would let governments collect and share citizens’ financial information.

According to the Washington Post’s paul Kane, Clyburn is expected to endorse Clinton as well.

And, already, four Senate Republicans have already criticized Speaker paul Ryan’s first proposal, saying it doesn’t do enough to protect Medicaid beneficiaries.

paul is a true professional and I wish him the greatest success.”

paul is a true professional and I wish him the greatest success.”

paul Manafort is heading to jail.

Reporting by Howard Schneider, Jason Lange and Ann Saphir
Editing by paul Simao

Wednesday night, police in a suburb of St. paul, Minnesota, shot and killed Philando Castile, a 32-year-old black man, during a traffic stop.

Jared Kushner and paul Manafort were also present at the meeting.

Participating artists include Josh Callaghan, Andrea Marie Breiling, paul Pescador, Adrian paules, Sarah Rara, and others.

Reporting by Lesley Wroughton and David Chance; Editing by paul Simao

The quake is the largest in Southern California since the 1994 magnitude 6.6 Northridge earthquake, USGS geophysicist paul Caruso said.

Reporting by Beijing Monitoring Desk; Editing by paul Tait

Reporting by paul Sandle; editing by Kate Holton

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has elected paul Nuttall as its new leader.

paul Ryan is a traitor for refusing to investigate Trump’s Russia ties.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by paul Simao and James Dalgleish

(Reporting By Jesús Aguado; editing by paul Day)

($1 = 0.8968 euros) (Writing by paul Taylor) This article was funded in part by SAP.

John McCain, Rand paul, and John Kasich.

But desperate lobbying by the White House and Republican House Speaker paul Ryan was unable to round up the 216 votes needed for passage.

He definitely doesn’t identify with “men’s rights activists” like paul Elam, who tend not to share his hedonistic nihilism about sexual conquests.

Scott paul, of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, says these Commerce Department programs are far from unnecessary — “they are essential,” he says.

paul said he’s hopeful that Congress would never agree to make the cuts proposed in the White House budget.

“If you look at what has happened in the past, there is reason to believe there will be pushback,” paul said.

Sen. Rand paul (R-KY) has consistently said he opposes the plan, arguing that it keeps too much of Obamacare for his support.

The photos, also featuring work from living legends paul Nicklen, Joel Sartore, Jennifer Hayes, David Guttenfelder, Cristina Mittermeier, Aaron Huey, David Doubilet, and more.

Reporting by paul Sandle; editing by Kate Holton

Reporting by Sabine Siebold; Writing by paul Carrel; Editing by Michelle Martin

Additional reporting by paul Day; Writing by Sonya Dowsett; Editing by Julien Toyer and Gareth Jones

Recently, the team got into the paul Millsap sweepstakes before the Horford decision.

(Reporting by Chijioke Ohuocha; writing by paul Carsten; editing by John Stonestreet)

Reporting by paul Carsten; Editing by Alexis Akwagyiram

Watch the videos below:

Seth Meyers fires back at an email from paul Ryan complaining about his show

In April 2018, with the midterms well underway, former House Speaker paul Ryan even openly slammed the idea of identity politics.

In early January, Logan paul posted a video in which he found the body of an apparent suicide victim while in a Japanese forest.

In early January, Logan paul posted a video in which he found the body of an apparent suicide victim while in a Japanese forest.

Logan paul did not immediately respond to a request for comment from VICE News.

Cover: Logan paul speaks onstage during the Teen Choice Awards 2017 at Galen Center on August 13, 2017, in Los Angeles.

paul Manafort’s lawyers have reached a tentative plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, ABC News reported Thursday evening.

“A failure of this magnitude must have consequences,” said paul Rosenzweig, a former Department of Homeland Security official who advises companies on cyber security.

Your list reads: paul McCartney.” The magazine is right.

“We know this isn’t an isolated case,” said paul Quinones, a DACA recipient and leader with Washington Dream Act Coalition.

As of now, only Marco Rubio and Rand paul have expressed that they won’t be in attendance.

paul Ryan isn’t an amateur.

paul Ryan says this is your only chance to repeal and replace Obamacare, and Obamacare is terrible.

That includes not only the NeverTrump establishment figures but also, and perhaps especially, paul Ryan, who has been his main Republican foil.

He sees paul Ryan especially as somebody to take down.

Dostal, observing our conversation, clarifies that it was noted collage artist paul Butler.

Vice President Joe Biden was sworn in by liberal Justice John paul Stevens in 2009 and liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor in 2013.

Andrew paul is on Twitter.

An avalanche of prominent Republicans, including House Speaker paul Ryan and party chairman Reince Priebus, have condemned Trump’s comments.

The St. paul, Minnesota-based 8th U.S.

Reporting by Shihar Aneez; Writing by Sanjeev Miglani; Editing by paul Tait

Major directors like Damien Chazelle (La La Land), paul Thomas Anderson (Phantom Thread), Darren Aronofsky (Mother!

She had purchased it in 1925 from art dealer paul Durand-Ruel, who bought it straight from the Impressionist in 1881, for 1,500 francs.

“We have been successful in at least getting agriculture as part of the presidential platform while in Cuba,” said paul Johnson, coalition co-chair.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker paul Ryan have shown little interest in tackling sexual harassment.

paul Vale  Read VICE News Guide to the World: September.

It’s a three-way race in Tuesday’s GOP primary: state Sen. Scott Wagner versus attorney Laura Ellsworth versus former paratrooper paul Mango.

Only one of them had paul Rudd, though.

(Writing by Michelle Martin Editing by paul Carrel)

paul McGann (The Eighth Doctor, 1996)

paul McGann was considered highly unremarkable in the 1996 TV movie “Doctor Who.”

If part of fin-de-siècle anxiety yields from uncertainty about the future (paul Gaugin’s painting “Where Do We Come From?

Additional reporting by Sabine Siebold; Writing by paul Carrel; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky and Jane Merriman

But during debates in April week over an appropriations measure to avoid a government shutdown, Speaker of the House paul Ryan ruled that out.

There was also a bizarre comparison of paul Manafort to Al Capone.

In February, paul Gauguin’s When Will You Marry?

It goes on to acknowledge Eastman reps paul McCartney personally … but that’s it.

The split wasn’t made public until April 10, 1970, though … when paul announced he was out.

“The first issue is, how big is the problem,” said paul Thompson, the chief of cardiology at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by paul Simao

New York Times columnist paul Krugman wrote on Twitter that “Comey needs to provide full info immediately.”

paul LePage refuses to implement the program.

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani Editing by paul Simao; 1 202 898 8315; Reuters Messaging:

“Stocks tend to fall in front of a storm because of uncertainty,” said Sandler O’Neill analyst paul Newsome.

The Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada acquired 635 photographs by photographer and filmmaker paul Strand.

With paul Rabil.

Integrity — a man like paul Santmire.

Trump also had the endorsement of Maine Governor paul LePage, who said the businessman would be “one of the greatest presidents.”

Trump also had the endorsement of Maine Governor paul LePage, who said the businessman would be “one of the greatest presidents.”

The 1D star scored the sweet rental from celeb hypnotist paul McKenna because he wants to actively co-parent with baby mama Briana Jungwirth.

(Reporting by James Davey, Editing by paul Sandle)

I could never have watched paul Schrader’s First Reformed dispassionately.

I mean it,” she says to paul after an especially tortuous week.

Reporting by Jess Macy Yu in Taipei and Karl Plume in Wisconsin; Editing by Jonathan Weber and paul Thomasch

After all, home-buying sentiment is subdued and banks are no longer loosening lending standards.” Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by paul Simao

10 or so starts getting into laws and rules that Donald Trump and paul Ryan are less likely to uproot.

They saw House Speaker paul Ryan and others pulling their support, and they said, “It’s over,” and said Trump had to drop out.

After a few extensions, the changes were made permanent in 2015 as part of a bipartisan tax deal signed off on by paul Ryan.

You’d poll Washington, I’d be shocked if one percent had heard of Logan paul.

Additional reporting by Manjul paul; Polling by Nagamani Lingappa and Richa Rebello; Editing by Ross Finley and Andrea Ricci

That empowers Republican Senate mavericks such as Rand paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas.

paul, a libertarian lone wolf, says he will block Senate confirmations if Trump nominates either former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani or former U.N.

paul was asked last week on MSNBC if he would put a hold on Giuliani or Bolton.

“I don’t quit because of negative criticism,” he told the Wall Street Journal’s paul Kiernan.

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Veteran DJ, paul Oakenfold, has signed on as executive producer, along with TV4 Entertainment’s (Motorland, Soccer TV) paul Duddridge and Jon Cody.

Reporting by David Lawder and Pete Schroeder; Editing by paul Simao and Andrea Ricci

paul can’t control the main product the way he wants to.

She allegedly had a romantic relationship with paul Erickson, a South Dakota-based, Republican political adviser and former campaign manager to Pat Buchanan.

She allegedly had a romantic relationship with paul Erickson, a South Dakota-based, Republican political adviser and former campaign manager to Pat Buchanan.

That problem was highlighted this month after YouTube star Logan paul ran a video featuring what appeared to be a suicide victim.

Last night, YouTube responded by, among other things, kicking paul out of Google Preferred.

“NXT gave paul his baby because Vince can’t oversee everything.”

(Having civil rights movement veteran Rep. John Lewis lead the sit-in, essentially daring Speaker paul Ryan to forcibly remove him, is a nice touch.)

paul Levesque told me that this is just the nature of the business.

(paul RATJE/AFP/Getty Images)

Their SOTY contender, Mannequin Challenge theme song, and paul McCartney-approved single just hit the number-one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Reporting by Kylie MacLellan, writing by paul Sandle, editing by Elizabeth Piper

“And paul freaked out.”

“And there’s tremendous tension between Kevin, and paul and Stephanie.

“We are not daunted by the enormity of the task ahead.” Reporting by paul Carsten; Editing by Catherine Evans and Andrew Cawthorne

“Vince, paul, and Stephanie will blame everyone else for their own missteps.

Congressman paul Gosar and Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders were scheduled to speak at its rally.

Reporting by Hyonhee Shin; Editing by paul Tait and Clarence Fernandez

paul Klee, for example, began as a gifted violin player at the behest of his music-teacher father and singer mother.

The paul Loyd JNR is currently heading west toward Peterhead and away from the Vorlich field, according to Greenpeace and ship tracking website.

paul, it added.

Lesnar is largely an absentee and even the omnipresent paul Heyman’s promos have begun to sound more tired than anything.

paul, it added.

[Politico] + The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra returned a $500,000 nazi-looted painting by neo-impressionist paul Signac.

The way paul described it to us … it could have been THE moment of the night.

paul explained why he won’t be in D.C. next week.

Sounds like paul has at least one now.

“Good fodder for comedy, as well,” added paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and late-night programming.

Jackson has also presided over other cases related to Mueller’s probe, specifically matters involving Trump’s former campaign chair paul Manafort.

That’s why the peak of the immigration exchange was actually from a fourth candidate: Rand paul.

But they — and Rand paul, and Fox News — were still willing to use that to bloody Cruz.

paul had said in January that repeal and replace must happen on the same day.

But there’s no evidence the shooter had any affection toward paul.

The meeting was attended by Trump’s son, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and then-campaign chairman paul Manafort.

Reporting by Adam Jourdan; Editing by paul Tait

This point was perhaps most forcefully made by… [extreme paul Joseph Watson voice]… THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL.

“We’re going to use him like paul George.”

(Photo: David paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

LeBron James, Chris paul, and Dwyane Wade wanted to make it clear — they’re in ship shape.

Additional reporting by Howard Schneider; Editing by Caren Bohan and paul Simao

paul Ryan makes a big announcement; dozens die in Indonesia from bootleg alcohol.

Reporting by Jason Lange; Editing by paul Simao

But he’s being challenged by paul Spencer, a farmer and teacher running on Medicare-for-all.

Like the time I embarrassed myself in front of paul McCartney and my friend happened to take a zillion pictures of it.

Such dissent, he says, would not have been imaginable under a more traditional pope like John paul II or Benedict XVI.

[paul Sawers / VentureBeat] Recode presents …

The real reason to be outraged about the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake incident is that this paul McCartney snoozefest was forced upon us.

$1 = 1.4413 Australian dollars
Reporting by Nikhil Kurian Nainan in BENGALURU; Editing by
paul Tait and Stephen Coates

paul Thompson is a writer based in Los Angeles.

paul Gagner: My process varies a bit.

“So – no problem at all.” Reporting by paul Sandle; editing by David Evans

paul McCartney and Roger Ebert

The talented musician and the legendary film critic were both born on June 18, 1942.

7 compared to Toronto’s with a sharpshooting paul George and a decent perimeter, made for a much stronger matchup.

Additional reporting by Patpicha Tanakasempipat and Chayut Setboonsarng; Editing by paul Tait and Clarence Fernandez

A specter is haunting Speaker paul Ryan — the specter of Bernie Sanders controlling the Senate budget committee.

When contacted by Vox, paul’s office declined to comment.

On May 23, the J. paul Getty Museum’s Getty Center in Los Angeles will open the first, titled Thomas Annan: Photographer of Glasgow.

Reporting by Michelle Martin; Editing by paul Carrel

Reporting by Lucia Mutikani Editing by paul Simao

West was an army veteran whose acting career took off when he appeared in the 1959 movie The Young Philadelphians with paul Newman.

Popular YouTubers like Jake paul and Bryan “RiceGum” Le promoted a shady gambling website to their millions of subscribers, many of whom are children.

YouTube, meanwhile, is mostly concerned with creators clearly labeling their content as sponsored — which both Jake paul and RiceGum did.

House Speaker paul Ryan and several other GOP Congressional leaders are caught in a train wreck — and that’s not a metaphor.

paul Manafort traded in his $15,000 ostrich jacket for a prison jumpsuit and his “$6 million” Manhattan condo for a Western Pennsylvania prison cell.

paul Manafort traded in his $15,000 ostrich jacket for a prison jumpsuit and his “$6 million” Manhattan condo for a Western Pennsylvania prison cell.

Reporting by Sonali paul; Editing by Tom Hogue

In a statement from Facebook’s Deputy General Counsel paul Grewal, Facebook dismissed BlackBerry’s claims and promised to fight.

Reporting by paul Sandle.

Last Saturday morning, 51-year-old paul Kenny was surfing at Samurai Nudist Beach north of Newcastle when he accidentally swam right into the hungry shark.

And House Speaker paul Ryan was not happy about it.

paul Watford, a judge on the San Francisco-based 9th U.S.

Reporting by Alexis Akwagyiram and paul Carsten; Editing by Catherine Evans

Earlier this week, the new members of Congress were sworn in by their dungeon master, paul Ryan.

Additional reporting by Hyonhee Shin; Editing by paul Tait

Cover image: Leaders of Britain First, Jayda Fransen and paul Golding lead March Against Terrorism on April 01, 2017 in London, England.

“For paul Ryan, ‘crap’ is pretty blue language.” None of this has stopped lawmakers from taking action.

Rand paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee at House Freedom Caucus meeting tonight.

Reporting by Christopher Bing, Editing by Franklin paul

Reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee; Editing by paul Tait

It has Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Rockwell, and paul Rudd attached to it, and is set in the same fictional universe as Moon was.

Deanna paul is a prosecutor in New York City, where she handles felony sex crimes and violent crimes against children.

paul Ryan looks a lot like a man who is running for president.

The institute’s executive director, paul Barker, said the resurfaced streets and new boulevard had little public benefit.

The Cards took a 3-1 lead in the sixth after paul Goldschmidt doubled and took third on Ozuna’s infield single.

Someone like paul Ryan … the man who managed to get himself elected speaker while maintaining that he didn’t want the job.

John Kasich, former Texas Rep. Ron paul, and Native American activist Faith Spotted Eagle.

Starring paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn, it offers wise, funny, and often surprising commentary about pain, love, and makeshift families.

Reporting by Steve Gorman in LOS ANGELES; Editing by paul Tait

paul D. Hunt: Well, I am a typeface designer and font developer by trade.

Reporting by Libby George and Alexis Akwagyiram; Writing by paul Carsten; Editing by Toby Chopra and Edmund Blair

One of the two Americans referenced by prosecutors was conservative political activist paul Erickson, Butina’s then-boyfriend.

In a statement distributed to the press Wednesday, Erickson’s lawyer, William Hurd, said: “paul Erickson is a good American.

paul Manafort has finally flipped.

And paul Steiger agreed and hired me.

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