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House Bill 2 was signed into law by North Carolina Governor pat McCrory in early April.

Trump finished about half a percentage point behind Sen. pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and almost 3 points behind Ron Johnson in Wisconsin.

Rinse the tuna to remove the chamomile and salt and pat dry with paper towels.

“I don’t need them to give me a pat on the back … Cable news won’t allow anyone who supports Bernie Sanders on TV.

They are Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Rob Portman of Ohio, and pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

SubSuperior: pat Phillips continues at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery (250 Broome Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through March 31.

Most investors are standing pat, though, despite the noise.

pat Nolan, the director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation hopes that Congress will reverse the cut.

At the time, she remembers being weirdly attracted to the movie, “It’s pat,” starring SNL’s Julia Sweeney as the androgynous titular character.

Georgia also earned 3 Emmy nominations for her work on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” guest starring as pat MacDougall in 13 episodes.

pat Cleveland and daughter Anna Cleveland share the same charisma on the catwalk.

pat Cleveland grew up in New York, and was scouted by a Vogue editor at 14 years old, according to The New York Times.

Why do we always have to make it pat?” Because you feel better.

I watched training camp in New Orleans and they talked about your “pat Riley practices”, but I don’t bring it up.

It’s a learning process for sure, but she has to have everything down pat by May 26 … when she and Harry get hitched.

), in the copy for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and, oddly enough, for the children’s film Postman pat.

The second vote, on an amendment from Sen. pat Toomey (R-PA), didn’t actually address DACA or border security.

Republican Sen. pat Toomey of Pennsylvania was also not kept in the loop.

U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings made the request in a letter seen by Reuters to White House Counsel pat Cipollone.

pat McCrory in the gubernatorial race in North Carolina.

“Half of a DJ’s life is the way they brand themselves … and he has that down pat.”

At the end of our Thanksgivings, my great-uncle would pat me on the back and give me a bag full of bones and gizzards.

She allegedly had a romantic relationship with Paul Erickson, a South Dakota-based, Republican political adviser and former campaign manager to pat Buchanan.

She allegedly had a romantic relationship with Paul Erickson, a South Dakota-based, Republican political adviser and former campaign manager to pat Buchanan.

Well, New York sculptor pat Lasch had that exact experience at the Museum of Modern Art.

“Mara said, ‘pat, I don’t know how to tell you this,” Ms. Lasch recalled in a recent interview.

Trump then often gives the person’s hand a gentle pat.

Erickson, a conservative from South Dakota who managed the 1992 presidential campaign of pat Buchanan, has reportedly visited Butina in prison.

It’s no substitute for the real thing, and nobody should pat themselves on the back for doing it, but it might just help.

pat McCrory signed a controversial measure that prevents law enforcement agencies from releasing video footage without a court order.

Once that was over, I met Carl Lindahl and pat Jasper, who were recruiting for the Surviving Katrina and Rita in Houston Project.

pat de Groot gave me my first Kuba cloth, which helped jump-start my Kuba Cuneiform Quilt series.

Flood and pat Cipollone, who holds the post of White House counsel, represent the presidency as an institution, not Trump as an individual.

Now the latest development: pat, Nancy and James will headline at Panorama, the new NYC festival run by Coachella producers AEG.

That’s a nice pat on the back.”

A rubber bullet was shot through Unicorn Riot producer pat Boyle’s press pass*.

Gary’s close friend, pat Horgan, tells us the singer died in hospice care in Connecticut.

pat McCrory to repeal the law.

On January 17, Sessions submitted a response to a written questionnaire presented by Sen. pat Leahy.

“It has these lovely calming wipes, so that when your skin’s all red you can pat this on,” Wood says.

The Good Place doesn’t necessarily deserve a pat on the back for doing the bare minimum.

It can also stall, stunt, or end careers, starting with something as seemingly small as a pat on the butt.

There’s so many opportunities, pat Mahomes, losing to the Steelers last year in the playoffs.

Nativists like pat Buchanan found some electoral success but never came close to winning national elections.

Kansas Republican Sen. pat Roberts, father of three and grandfather of six, said he thinks Duckworth should just vote from the cloakroom.

Drain, then pat the cabbage dry.

In 1992, for example, pat Buchanan challenged George H.W.

As Williams technical chief pat Symonds said of the new FIA position: “The honeymoon period is over.”

This led her to marry a 32-year-old Hollywood agent, pat DiCicco, when she was only 17.

Neil patrick Harris and husband David Burtka have chillin’ in the heat down pat.

The joke of the Writers meme now is that life under the Trump administration is too pat; it follows recognizable storytelling tropes too easily.

pat McCrory, for one, released a video defending the anti-LGBTQ law on Tuesday, suggesting the backlash is getting his attention.

With my friend pat Hearn and her new French husband, we were performing in a sort of no-wave band called Wild and Wonderful.

Follow pat Shahabian on Twitter.

Republican Senator pat Toomey downplayed some of Trump’s comments, saying he thought the meeting showed Trump wants to get legislation done.

Minnesota was able to reduce the number of hits on Sam Bradford through quicker play design by new offensive coordinator pat Shurmur.

GOP senators said to be considering a “no” vote on Devos include battleground state Republicans like Pennsylvania Sen. pat Toomey and Ohio Sen.

GOP senators said to be considering a “no” vote on Devos include battleground state Republicans like Pennsylvania Sen. pat Toomey and Ohio Sen.

USC athletic director pat Haden was taken away from USC by ambulance moments ago after a medical emergency outside of the athletic facility.

We spoke with USC’s sports information director who tells us … “pat didn’t collapse.

pat Barr (1934–2018), writer and social historian.

Bane is no exception: He once drafted West Virginia signee pat White and Washington signee Jake Locker in the span of three years.

pat has arranged a dozen or so similar meetings with other friends and so everyone present, except the newcomer, understands how these deals proceed.

Correction: This article previously identified the wrong pat Smith who would be speaking at the convention.

pat Smith’s son Sean was killed in the Benghazi attacks.

It’s pretty obvious she’s been watching some of his old music videos, ’cause she’s got it down pat.

Farage is an extreme example — something like the pat Buchanan of the United Kingdom.

“I don’t think it’s necessary,” Sen. pat Roberts (R-KS) said of the proposal, although he also noted that he wouldn’t oppose it.

Trump personal attorney Jay Sekulow said in a statement: “pat Cipollone is a brilliant attorney.

Democratic state Senator pat Spearman, who supports Clinton, told the Associated Press she saw an elderly woman hit with a bottle amid the chaos.

pat Milam has all the befuddled anger of a parent who has buried his child.

In late 2011, pat discovered explosives and a propane tank in his son Matthew’s room.

When Matthew threatened his father, pat called the police.

According to pat, Matthew, who suffered from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, had already attempted suicide twice that year.

pat submitted documents — the photos and affidavits he mentioned to me over the phone — trying to prove to Ochsner that Matthew needed long-term care.

After that, according to pat, Ochsner released Matthew, despite warnings from his friends and family that he was still a danger to himself.

She turns 18 in just four days … but it’s clear she’s already got the whole “adult thing” down pat.

pat Oleszko closed out #artrising with a #savethenea chant, just in time for one Trump supporter to show up and start booing.

Worst Who Actually Made It: SS pat Rockett (tenth overall; -5.5).

Great baseball name or dirty complete sentence, pat Rockett posted .400 OBPs through A-ball, but after that it was all hitting like a shortstop.

North Carolina Governor pat McCrory.

Gordon was the last to file off, staying behind for a moment to pat the “16” painted in the dirt.

“Cloud computing has long existed but has exploded in past three years,” pat Lynch, senior managing director for CBRE’s Data Center Solutions, said.

pat Brassington was awarded the inaugural Don Macfarlane Prize.

Follow pat Kane on Instagram.

SUP might not be her thing, but she’s got spilling out of a bikini top down pat.

If the several dozen I read are any indication, they are mostly one-note: “Stop the fees please,” wrote pat McCullough, from Ohio.

pat later returned, insisting that he’d only thrown the egg because, unlike Hughes, he didn’t believe in compulsory military service.

As we were talking, Christie’s wife Mary pat approached the table to greet the DeFelice family.

Renowned butcher pat LaFrieda once dared me to eat an eyeball that he himself popped out of the skull of a roasted pig.

Mary pat said as she hugged Jennifer and told her about a recent campaign stop near Jennifer’s hometown.

Sources close to the pat and the supermodel tell us EdeLima is still very much a thing.

I’ll pat myself on the back here: That’s impressive weekend behavior, plus I carted myself from Queens to Brooklyn to sweat.

At the very least, it seems excessive to draw a pat “fear never works” conclusion from these sorts of data.

Lon Chaney TalksBy pat Dorian This is a fun little cartoony biographical comic about Lon Chaney, the man of a thousand faces.

I think everybody needs a pat on the back and some encouragement and this is going to be a long journey to recover…

Legendary women’s basketball coach pat Summitt died.

In Pennsylvania, Republican Senator pat Toomey has been met with consistent protests that have brought the community together.

Japan’s experience also suggests that a favored gun rights slogan — “if you ban guns, only the criminals will have guns” — is too pat.

“She is an affirmative action pick,” declaredcommentator pat Buchanan.

pat McCrory and the federal government are suing each other in a growing battle over the state’s anti-LGBTQ law.

He was endorsed by pat Tiberi, whose retirement opened up this seat.

pat Ryan is running on a gun control message.

Clean your fish well, then pat it dry.

In the decades since, politicians have mostly shied away from the phrase, with a few exceptions on the fringe like pat Buchanan.

Like pat Trahan.

The second vote, on an amendment from Sen. pat Toomey (R-PA), did not actually address DACA or border security.

Rep. pat Tiberi announced last year that he would step down early from this district, which covers the areas north and east of Columbus.

These are former Reps. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Rep. pat Tiberi (R-OH), and perhaps also Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX).

pat Albeck (1930–2017), designer.

White House counsel pat Cipollone denied repeated requests for documents and witnesses from Cummings and his staff, including a final one on Tuesday.

MTA Chief Executive pat Foye and Janno Lieber, an official overseeing the agency’s ad policy, are also defendants.

Rob Portman (Ohio) Sen. pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) Sen. Richard Burr (North Carolina) Rep. Dave Brat (Virginia) Rep.

It’s a typical morning segment on pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, late in 2016.

pat McCrory to repeal the law.

As far-right commentator (and former White House senior adviser) pat Buchanan wrote, “Endless mass migration here means the demographic death of the GOP.

Cooper dubbed the store Brick Town Records, a name his friend and New Jersey-based DJ pat Longo suggested.

MTA Chief Executive pat Foye and Janno Lieber, an official overseeing the agency’s ad policy, are also defendants.

Farage is an extreme example — something like the pat Buchanan of the United Kingdom.

pat Hines used a very unusual tool to illustrate his book, Camp Redblood: Microsoft Paint.

In an interview, @BretBaier asks Acting Defense Secretary pat Shanahan whether he’s shown bias toward his old employer.

“I wish he would,” said Representative pat Meehan, who otherwise argued against the Democratic resolution.

Through a network of camps, pat Jasan forces drug users through a faith-based rehabilitation program.

Despite the seemingly bright community-based effort to help drug users, pat Jasan’s methods have been criticized as harsh.

Other faculty members during this time included pat Adams, Anthony Caro, Paul Feeley, Vincent Longo, Jules Olitski, and Tony Smith.

Høiberg gives him an affectionate pat, then begins talking about how his world got so weird.

The People’s Bank of China stood pat in June, but raised rates slightly in March shortly after Fed’s move.

pat Harrington Jr. — best known for playing Schneider on “One Day at a Time” — died Wednesday.

Either way, this probably wasn’t Haskell’s time to pat himself on the back.

“The quotation at the beginning of my new novel,” the Booker Prize winning author pat Barker tells me, “is by Philip Roth.

Now fast-forward, in 1999, congressman Charlie Rangel and other Democrats urged Hillary to run for the seat of retiring senator pat Moynihan.

pat McCrory in March.

Eschenbach will remain as a strategic advisor to CEO pat Gelsinger.

But what I especially love is how the movie refuses to offer up any pat or easy answers.

Trump, in an interview with the Associated Press published Tuesday, confirmed reports that he’d selected Washington attorney pat Cipollone to fill the post.

So that would cause you, and that does cause [Impossible Foods CEO] pat Brown to say, plant-based is absolutely going to win.

Social conservatives like pat Buchanan and Bill Bennett saw multiculturalism as a thinly veiled attack on the West (read: white European culture).

pat McCrory said on Saturday.

pat McCrory: Show me the evidence your anti-LGBTQ law was really necessary.

I went to Georgetown, you know, during pat Ewing’s days.

As we previously reported, pat Bowlen — who owned the team for decades — died last week after his battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Excellent works by Brakhage, Conor, and pat O’Neill round out the mix.

Robles hit a solo homer off pat Neshek in the eighth.

Cook the shrimp: Wash the shrimp, pat them dry, and set them aside.

“[Democratic party leaders want] to pat themselves on the back for being inclusive,” Plowright told VICE.

After about a half hour of going over paperwork and some general guidelines, pat bid us farewell.

pat your face dry with a towel after showering—do not rub.

It was the result of a deal struck between Sen. pat Toomey (PA) and deficit hawk Sen. Bob Corker (TN).

Ex-Rep. pat Tiberi, who endorsed Balderson as his successor, won with about two-thirds of the vote in his last reelection race.

We started thinking about our childhoods, and recalled that our favorite book was pat the Bunny because it was so interactive.

Get some good food, and the brain delivers a dopamine pat on the back.

“If you do it, you should give yourself a big pat on the back.”

They have very pat answers to those.

As for Musk, he and Tesla are urging investors and Tesla buyers to stand pat.

Released on Tall pat records, the album continues on the band’s peppy forays into summery pop.

The Milton Resnick and pat Passlof Foundation has opened with a must-see exhibition of 50 years of Resnick’s work.

A major exhibition of pat Passlof’s work is slated for 2019.

“Are You Aware” 7″ will be released physically and online Aug 26 via Tall pat Records.

There is every reason to believe that the Milton Resnick and pat Passlof Foundation will become a fixture on the Manhattan gallery-goer’s circuit.

Rick Santorum or pat Toomey?

Not only do I have the opportunity to be close and learn from pat Riley, but Coach Spoelstra’ … people just don’t know.

President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to name DOJ veteran pat Cipollone to replace Don McGahn as White House counsel.

To get fast-track Senate ratification, “the administration must also reach an agreement with Canada,” said Republican Senator pat Toomey in a statement.

pat filed the docs in Maine on Thursday citing “adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, and irreconcilable differences.”

pat said she thought she was going to die during the incident.

pat McCrory said it was important to uphold “community norms.

We’re bringing the cup back home 49 years in the making,” Blues winger pat Maroon told reporters.

pat Bowlen had a competitive spirit with a great sense of humor.

“More important than being an incredible owner, pat Bowlen was an incredible human being.” Bowlen bought the Broncos in 1984.

pat Gelsinger has served as CEO of VMware since September 2012, nearly doubling the company’s revenues during his tenure.

Is Janey-E being Diane’s sister significant, or merely pat?

pat Ryan is running on a gun control message.

I tried to pat her back, but I ended up only poking her with one finger.

“They pat themselves on the back, like they did something really big.”

pat McCrory and the Republican-majority Senate in 2013.

And there’s nobody for this,” Sen. pat Roberts (R-KS), the Agriculture Committee chair, told Politico.

Bob Corker (TN) and pat Toomey (PA) are also considering adding an amendment to an upcoming farm bill that could do the same thing.

President Trump retweeted this Twitter account, @10_gop, which Sen. pat Leahy says was a fake account run by Russians.

Did Kareem Hunt and pat Mahomes just become best friends??

Republicans like Sen. pat Toomey (R-PA) are already promising that would never happen.

pat McCrory to repeal the law.

And that was pushed forward for many years by pat Schroeder, who was a Democrat.

pat McCrory, who enacted and championed the anti-LGBTQ law.

Still, something about these songs feels pat, even unempathetic sometimes.

pat DiNizio (1955–2017), singer and songwriter for the Smithereens.

pat Caddell, the pollster for Jimmy Carter who was emblematic of the consultant class Blumenthal described, in 2011.

In response, North Carolina governor pat McCrory attacked the “sports and entertainment elite” for “bypassing the democratic and legal process.

Besides Shelby, Republican Senators Mike Crapo, Tom Cotton, Dean Heller, Mark Kirk, Ben Sasse, Tim Scott and pat Toomey opposed Szubin’s nomination.

“This is the result of customers telling us what they needed,” VMware CEO pat Gelsinger said at the event.

One of the big protests in the film was a real demonstration I had Kathryn, Becky, and pat [Murphy] go to.

One of the few Republicans to support tougher gun laws in the past, Senator pat Toomey, said he was still interested.

Last week, she picked up a slew of endorsements from African American lawmakers in South Carolina including state Reps. pat Henegan and J.A.

VMware CEO pat Gelsinger has some ideas about how the industry can affect global health crises, climate change, extremism and poverty.

We didn’t have much time to sit around, pat our backs and go, “Aren’t we fuckin’ great?”

pat Toomey, Mike Lee, and Dean Heller were profoundly ambiguous down to the end.

I certainly didn’t want a pat on the back for it.

“Better to pat yourself dry and moisturize with body lotion as soon as you step out of the shower,” he says.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. pat Garofalo, is one of a growing number of “pre-emption bills” being pushed by conservatives in the state Legislatures.

pat Buchanan, who had turned to punditry after advising Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.

Williams technical chief pat Symonds added: “I am not sure.

With a quick pat on the back, he frees up Obama’s hand and brings Nieto in for the closer.

Thune and Kansas Republican Sen. pat Roberts said they were worried about the agricultural industry, which could be targeted in a trade war.

More than 5,000 Denver Broncos fans attended owner pat Bowlen’s memorial service on Tuesday, according to the team.

Writer Dianca Potts delves deep into the life and poetry of pat Parker in this piece for Women’s History Month.

The cheesesteak, by the way, was from pat‘s King of Steaks.

In his response, White House counsel pat Cipollone said a president’s communications with foreign leaders were confidential and protected by executive privilege.

The winner will go on to face incumbent Republican Sen. pat Toomey in the fall.

New York Giants head coach pat Shurmur set the stage for a summertime quarterback competition between Eli Manning and rookie Daniel Jones on Tuesday.

They courted prominent activists leaders like Grover Norquist and pat Robertson, and governors and members of Congress in their own party.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Republican Sen. pat Toomey of Pennsylvania also reported being the recipients of spearphishing attempts this year.

I saw her turn to him and pat him on the shoulder.

All Mariah Carey needs is a Santa outfit, ’cause she’s got the GIANT sack o’ toys down pat … even in April.

pat McCrory and Iowa Rep. Steve King, have similarly warned about the dangers of voter fraud.

“We’ve been conditioned to stand pat and not panic.

Against pat Curran, whose defense has always been impeccable, Alvarez used this unorthodox strike to take the victory.

He sold it to pat McGovern.

Same goes for Sen. pat Toomey (R-PA), and Sen.

You were instrumental in the development of pat Robertson’s The 700 Club as a groundbreaking piece of conservative television.

A year later, I got a call from pat to help him while he was running for president.

People from pat’s campaign wanted me [to get involved with the political side of his campaign] all the time.

We were always trying to create segments that were vehicles for pat’s teaching.

So we developed a new segment: The conceit was a character who always did things “wrong” so pat could come out and teach him.

“The alternative is single-payer, and we’re not going down that road,” Sen. pat Roberts (R-KS) told me last week.

pat is a politician who happens to be a minister.

First of all, regarding pat and his relationship with Donald Trump — I think that’s very, very scary.

As smart as pat Robertson is, and as good as he is at marketing, he is also highly susceptible to his own hype.

He builds him up like a salesman would, and pat is susceptible to that, I think.

But he wouldn’t be susceptible if Trump didn’t speak the language that pat wants.

I remember one show that we were taping in which pat prayed that God would kill the Supreme Court justices.

Trump really sings pat’s tune when it comes to the Supreme Court, also on the issue of religious liberty.

When Trump starts talking about how Christianity is going to be “great again,” people like pat sit up at listen.

Using a spatula, grab a dollop of frosting and pat it on the center of the cupcake, spreading out the frosting.

Buckley successively marginalized the John Birch Society in the 1950s, and then pat Buchanan and his followers in the 1990s.

Make no mistake: Trump isn’t going to stand pat on economic policy.

The neoreactionaries drew inspiration from earlier paleoconservatives like pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran but with a tech-y twist.

His father, pat, still owns the Broncos — but stepped down from an active role with the team after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Meanwhile, pat Buchanan, the paleocons’ great political hope, has more or less always been this openly bigoted.

Jerry Brown to sign a bill prohibiting male correctional officers from conducting pat down searches on female prisoners.

Plus, Woodley dishes out his weekly punch in the face and pat on the back.

Of course, DJ Khaled snapchatted the entire thing — as he hobnobbed with the rich, famous and powerful … including pat Riley and Jimmy Goldstein.

pat Bowlen — the longtime owner of the Denver Broncos who helped the team win THREE Super Bowls — has died at 75.

pat‘s Broncos also averaged more than 10 wins per season in his 35-year tenure as Broncos’ owner.

Maybe it was one of those distance hugs, a little pat, a pat-hug maybe.

5:40 PM PT — pat and Marina were both released from jail and were issued temporary restraining orders to stay away from each other.

5:20 PM PT — Kelly’s attorney Alex Spiro tells us, “pat denies all wrongdoing and will answer the charges in court.”

Former New York Yankee pat Kelly and his girlfriend were busted in NYC over the weekend for assault … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us pat was arrested Sunday at the London Hotel in midtown along with his girlfriend, Marina Cernova.

She called cops around 2:40 AM to report pat had beaten her.

Rauner, a political neophyte, beat the Democratic incumbent pat Quinn by 5 points in 2014.

The “Live by Night” star couldn’t escape the handsy TSA folks Tuesday afternoon at LAX as Ben gets the complete pat down.

Both pat and Marina were jailed for misdemeanor assault … ’cause police say Marina also punched pat in the face.

pat‘s attorney tells us pat “denies all wrongdoing and will answer the charges in court.”

On the other hand, there can be something a bit pat and convenient about this.

pat Benatar’s daughter is coming to a beach near you and turning it into a runway … or so it seems.

64-year-old pat Summitt, who coached the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team to 8 national titles, is dead.

pat had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in August 2011 and her conditioned worsened in the last few days.

pat Summitt was the water and the sunlight that helped them grow.

You gotta check out the vid … the girls are in incredible shape and seem to have the modeling thing down pat.

As a result, BarclayCard will now donate $15,000 to the pat Tillman Foundation — how cool is that!

Faced with this stalemate, Kansas Sen. pat Roberts (R) charged ahead with the current bill.

pat them dry with paper towels.

Still, Swann says he’s fired up to get started when he takes over for pat Haden in July.

was playing around at Pro Bowl practices last week — when he went after pat patriot and tackled the poor guy to the ground.

Antonio Brown will honor Veteran’s Day with a special pair of cleats … featuring an image of NFL star-turned-Army Ranger pat Tillman.

We never recovered, but I thought that if we had stayed pat, it would have been a game to the end.

“As a football player and soldier, pat inspired countless Americans to unify,” Tillman wrote in a statement to CNN.

pat’s service, along with that of every man and woman’s service, should never be politicized in a way that divides us.”

Their roster at the moment includes Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, former PBS chief pat Mitchell and media entrepreneur Geraldine Laybourne.

If you guessed it has something to do with Ye’s hometown … give yourself a pat on the back.

The famous songwriter was arrested for domestic violence after pat called 911.

pat says Don squeezed her temples so hard her head still aches, and she says he’s done it before.

Don must now stay clear of pat.

When the whiskey has reduced in volume by half, you can swirl in pat of butter if you want.

I let em down,” Richie told pat McAfee on his podcast.

The whole world knows Kodi has that one down pat.

He also ripped into North Carolina governor pat McCrory — who’s been defending the bill for months.

In Pennsylvania, the aide said, Senator pat Toomey has to “fight off dead weight at the top of the ticket,” referring to Trump.

Heidi Klum and Seal have the co-parenting thing down pat — just take your kids on a luxurious ski vacation … works every time.

“It’s like a runaway freight train,” says pat Anson, a journalist who covers these issues for a specialist publication, the Pain News Network.

Looks like he’s got it down pat already.

They both go in firm, but Trump is the first one to pat Kim on the arm.

pat Priest took over for Beverley and starred as Marilyn for the remainder of the series.

Kylie Jenner’s got the mom-to-be look down pat … baggy pants, baggy shirt and food in hand, since she’s now eating for 2.

pat straight shoved Lonzo at halfcourt, took the ball from Lonzo’s hand, turned around and called him an untoward name.

pat‘s shit goes beyond self promotion, his is a desire to see his enemies fail at any cost.

—New York Giants coach pat Shurmur set the stage for a summertime quarterback competition between Eli Manning and rookie Daniel Jones.

pat Riley has never been one to settle for being part of a middle-of-the-road organization for an extended period of time.

We’re told X went voluntarily, but his manager, pat Gallo, and ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, had encouraged the move.

Kim Zolciak unveiled a new way to avoid pat downs at TSA — just leave very little to the imagination.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Sarah McFarlane and pat Minczeski laid out on Tuesday, there are a number of factors at play.

Charlie Blackmon homered, pat Valaika had two hits, and the Colorado Rockies beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3 in Denver on Saturday night.

HB 2 was signed into law during a special session called by governor pat McCrory in March.

I’ve talked to pat Buchanan: He said the difference between me and Trump is that he’s succeeding where I failed.

I mean, it’s not like pat Buchanan hasn’t existed.

Drain the cilantro again, pat dry, and thinly slice.

pat Robertson, then a recent born-again Christian, began broadcasting religious programming in late 1961.

Donations also poured in from the likes of retired Indianapolis Colts punter pat McAfee, as well as franchise owner Jim Isray.

It’s a pat on my back.

pat didn’t grow up in Tampa, but in a neighboring town called Plant City, which is located by a water tank.

They would try and pat me on the back and say we’re the better part of society.

Dave Vassalotti and pat Brady.

pat has cottage pie.

pat chimes in: “We’re left with a situation now where we can either have the oligarchy or a fascist.”

“I love him to death,” says pat.

“Nationalism is mobilized in a strange way,” says pat.

The Republicans handily struck down the amendment on a point of order, led by Ohio Rep. pat Tiberi.

So, did the Celtics make the right move by standing pat, or did they miss out on a big opportunity?

It was during this pat of the process that I soon realized I wasn’t ready.

Winner’s passes out in the grease trap from neglect leaving the refs with no choice but to pat Sonic on the ass.

By now it feels as though I’ve been to every pat of Kampala—maybe not every bar, but every part of town.

“Glad pat is there,” a friend wrote, “and not in Dallas right now…

Anyway, it’s over, we made it, give yourself a pat on the back and maybe get a milkshake later to celebrate!

Stop to pat yourself on the back?

“Worth remembering that Republicans were never going to let pat Kennedy (i.e.

In the past, their pursuit of surface has led them to settle for a pat cutesiness.

The early spread-offense counter-adaptors like TCU’s Gary patterson and Pitt’s pat Narduzzi aren’t getting interviewed by teams.

Trump spoke down the road from where pat Merkes raises 80 dairy cows.

In Pennsylvania, Sen. pat Toomey beat back a challenge from Katie McGinty, helped by Donald Trump’s triumph in his state.

But you do have a lot to be proud of, so pat yourself on the back.

Even pat Buchanan’s much less successful challenge to George H.W.

“You have to smother your eyelid with eyelash glue and then pat eyeshadow on top to create a really defined line,” she explains.

In the beginning we built a studio in pat‘s apartment and I was there every day working on that first Ejecta record.

At the same time, the character (played by Canadian actor pat Thorton and named “Tom Hogg” in the movie) is likable, just like Ford.

Follow pat on Twitter.

At one point in the book you talk about how Memphis rappers really influenced you in your younger years, specifically Project pat.

pat the dough into a large rectangle about 2-inches high.

When I was hustling and I was trapping, Project pat was super hot at the time.

I remember being in the car, playing pat.

I liked Killer Mike but I was a huge—if Project pat is my favorite artist then UGK got to be my favorite group.

It came from pat Smith, a woman whose son, Sean Smith, was one of the four Americans killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Once you’ve got your dough together, pat it gently to form it into a loaf-y looking shape, then pop it in the oven.

While Heat owner Micky Arison and Bosh appeared to be on the same page, not so for Bosh and president pat Riley.

First, his opponent, incumbent governor, pat Quinn, was one of the most unpopular governors in the country.

He’s also played guitar for Supertramp, the Rollins Band, Asia, pat Travers, Ricky Warwick, and Phil Lynott’s solo albums.

Ending an episode in a more ambiguous place is a much more unusual and brave move than wrapping things up pat.

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Someone like pat Buchanan, for example, falls under this category.

Thanks to his consistently unique production work, Canadian producer pat Lok is establishing himself as a deep house fixture.

pat Lok is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud Jarreau Vandal is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud

Fat pat, Lil Keke, Big Hawk, Big Moe, Lil O, Botany Boyz.

Put one half in a pie pan, pat down, and trim off the surplus.

Guests so far have included Hunee, pat Jordache, Project Pablo, and more.

pat McCrory argued that the anti-LGBTQ law was necessary after Charlotte passed an ordinance protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination.

pat Tarantino, 27, freelance writer specializing in healthcare: Are you into a particular genre of games?

It doesn’t have to be wands and pat downs.

Scenario #1: Curry misses 20 games with a sprained ankle and is replaced by Shaun Livingston, Ian Clark, and pat McCaw.

“We’re talking about Medicare, and that’s a pretty big bite in the middle of an election year,” Sen. pat Roberts (R-KS) said.

Scenario 1: Durant misses 20 games with a foot injury and is replaced by Andre Iguodala, James-Michael McAdoo, and pat McCaw.

Scenario #1: Thompson misses 60 games on a wizarding sabbatical and is replaced by Ian Clark and pat McCaw.

The agents pat him down and then enter the house with a crowbar, a mini battering ram, and other tools.

In the meantime, with spot physical prices around 650 yuan ($94) per tonne, the government is content to stand pat.

(By contrast, in 2016, Republican Sen. pat Toomey was supported by only 17 percent of Philadelphia voters.)

Five of 6 members on the rate setting monetary policy committee voted to stand pat, while one voted for a hike.

After just five minutes, I was out of his office with a pat on the back.

pat Hutchins (1942–2017), artist and illustrator.

Every neighborhood had successful stars: Fat pat, DJ Screw, Lil Keke.

But it offers no pat answers or comfortable generalizations.

Dozens of Num Saum cakes are stacked in a pile, guarded by squatting clergy who pat the mound affectionately.

pat McCrory, who signed the bill into law, have failed to understand is that their law will just do that.

Mirotic shared team-high rebounding honors with pat Connaughton with 11 apiece.

She was then succeeded by Republican pat McCrory, giving Republicans complete control over North Carolina’s government.

Seems unlikely these pick-me-up date nights will need to happen often — remember, pat‘s got G.O.A.T.

Big pat has not been charged with a crime and Mayweather’s camp is not commenting.

Whataburger delivers on both of these ideals,” says pat Sharpe, food editor at Texas Monthly.

“If we do nothing, it has a tremendous impact on the 2018 elections,” said Sen. pat Roberts (R-KS).

Unfortunately, “Just a Lil Thick (She Juicy)” is full of pat, corny stereotypes about women who love food being better cooks and sex partners.

On Thursday night, Barber joined a protest at the offices of Sen. pat Toomey (R-PA) in Philadelphia over the health bill.

pat McCrory to repeal the law.

Spread half of the pizza dough into each sheet tray and, using your fingertips, pat it into an even layer.

He unseated former Republican Governor pat McCrory last year in large part because of the law’s political and economic fallout, political analysts say.

pat: Come December 15th, weed will be legal in Massachusetts where you live.

They are both co-sponsored by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), a potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender, with Sen, pat Leahy (D-VT) also attached to one.

Republican senator pat Toomey cried “fake news,” releasing a statement that asserted, “The Congressional Budget Office’s coverage estimates are based on dubious assumptions.”

It could be Ted Glen’s van from Postman pat for all I know.

In March 2016, the state legislature rushed HB2 to former governor pat McCrory’s desk in less than 12 hours.

And then: Postman pat‘s big black hand reaching down to me.

It has stood pat on policy since then.

Has Postman pat always been a black cockney with a gold tooth?

Postman pat‘s van makes up the trio.

Notice how pat Connaughton treats Courtney Lee after he catches a threatening pass in transition.

There’s lots worth discussing about which indicators are most meaningful and whether we’re too quick to pat ourselves on the back.

During a pat down, Aleman pulled out a knife, and Hilling responded by firing one shot.

Many of them are shallow, providing pat answers to serious problems.

After that, I went ahead and decided that I was going to pat him down for officer safety.

pat McCrory out of there real soon — this next election.

“He’d go to the pub and get very drunk and then he’d become violent,” pat says.

Though pat says it was an act of self-defence.

She didn’t mean to kill him, she was just trying to defend herself,” pat explains.

“Her skill on horseback enabled her to take cattle through those mountains where even the men wouldn’t dare to travel,” says pat.

Senator pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican who heads the Senate Agriculture Committee.

“She’d be dressed in men’s trousers,” says pat.

“She called them her young bucks,” pat says.

Although Jessie’s late granddaughter came forward some years ago, pat says there is still little to mark Jessie’s final resting spot.

“It’s in the pauper’s part,” says pat.

Twenty years after she started researching Jessie, pat is now 90 and blind, unable to make the journey to Jessie’s grave.

When the transition from trend to true inclusion really happens, there’ll be no need to pat ourselves on the back.

So like, I recently broke the story that Trump had settled on pat Cipollone for his White House Counsel.

And when I wrote that story, I think I published it on a Saturday afternoon, I knew that pat Cipollone …

The fact I had was that pat Cipollone had started filling out his paperwork.

Bozak recorded his fifth goal seven minutes later when he put back a rebound off pat Maroon’s shot for a power-play marker.

It’s clear from the samples—Diamond and Princess from Crime Mob, a poem from pat Parker, and speeches from Alexyss K. Tylor.

pat McFadden and pat Glass pat Glass has replaced McFadden as shadow Europe minister.

While the oil is heating up, drain the apples, pat them dry in a towel, and toss them with ¼ cup flour.

You go through a metal detector; they pat you down.” PAX West in Seattle, she said, has no bag checks and no metal detectors.

The Museum of Modern Art discarded a sculpture by pat Lasch without informing the artist, according to a report by the New York Times.

Noisey: MAKE’s involvement started with the pat McCrory Human Garbage t-shirts, which you made before HB 2, right?Scott Endres: Right.

There’s no reason to pat yourself on the back and stop.

Give me a strong builder’s cup of tea and a gentle pat on the arm any day.

I mean, we’ve booked Three 6 Mafia, we’ve booked Juicy J before, we’ve booked Project pat.

A state trooper fatally shot a man during a high-water rescue; North Carolina governor pat McCrory said the incident was under investigation.

“We are both very vulnerable women, pat,” Lorde wrote to Parker in the winter of 1988.

pat Fitzgerald (@coachfitz51)July 25, 2016 Interaction with someone famous can change how we think of them.

The next day, remove the chicken from the brine, pat dry and refrigerate, uncovered, for 2 to 3 hours to dry the skin.

Produced by Bowie’s long-term collaborator Tony Visconti and pat Donne, her songs are drama-pop with a gothic tinge.

pat the dough into a 3/4-inch thick rectangle and fold the dough over onto itself a total of 5 or 6 times.

pat Neshek, currently a reliever on the Colorado Rockies, is also a big-time autograph collector.

Drain the radish and cabbage and pat dry, then add to the bowl with the dressing.

pat Gillick, the Phillies’ general manager, forecast how that pair of unprecedented deals could adjust the market.

pat Ryan, a spokesman for the state Senate’s top Republican, Phil Berger, said comparing the two maps is misleading.

We can’t give Trump a pat on the back just yet.

pat, 31, Phoenix, AZ Weight lost: 340 pounds I was a bodyguard, so being big was acceptable.

pat McCrory has insisted throughout the debate over his anti-LGBTQ law that his intent is not discrimination.

Dust a little flour over a clean work surface and pat down the dough so it’s flat.

It’s a brightly arranged and meticulously pieced-together 10 song effort that boasts silky pedal steel from new Everyone Else member pat Lyons.

pat McCrory, took issue with a provision that allowed trans people to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

The pat on the back was worth as much as the money.

pat dry and place on a sheet tray.

pat Vance” in the initial White House guest list. )

I think it’s a little bit like pat and Geno’s in Philly.

Central bank chief Ilan Goldfajn has repeatedly stated plans to cut the benchmark Selic rate next month and then stand pat.

It was more of a pat on the back than a firm shove, but it felt good.

pat Summitt, the winningest coach in Division I basketball, passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 64.

pat McCrory, a Republican and Cooper’s predecessor, signed HB2 into law, and it’s widely credited for his electoral defeat last November.)

Not through their interviews, necessarily, which tend to be pretty pat, but through their clothes.

Richard Burr (NC), Rob Portman (OH), and pat Toomey (PA) are also vulnerable.

pat Docker lived quietly, as did most people she knew.

On Thursday, February 22, 1968, 25-year-old pat decided she was going to “the dancing,” at the Majestic Ballroom in town.

At some point on her journey to the Majestic, pat changed her mind and headed there for reasons lost to the past.

As for pat, people would sometimes ask about Sandy’s father, but she was bored of discussing their “arrangement.”

We now know what the detectives then couldn’t: pat was the first victim of the serial killer later known as Bible John.

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and pat Roberts have also advocated for investigations into the administration’s ties to Russia.

The 60-year-old Tobin had been working at the church as a handyman under an assumed name, pat McLaughlin.

A youth worker who knew “pat” gave a photo to the police, who duly provided it to the television station.

So far this year, the dollar has actually gained ground against the yen as the Fed tightened and Bank of Japan stood pat.

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Notable speakers include the artist pat Steir who works in paint, printmaking and installation art.

Senator Ben Sasse described the protectionist move as “weak, not strong,” while Senator pat Toomey called it “a big mistake.”

The strongest Euroskeptics in Britain have a lot in common with conservative populists in America such as Donald Trump and pat Buchanan.

pat Shahabian is a writer, musician, and video producer based in Brooklyn.

pat on the back.

pat O’ Brien was the coach and Ronald Reagan was the halfback who died in the end.”

pat McCrory and Iowa Rep. Steve King, have similarly warned about the dangers of voter fraud.

Rinse the bird and pat it dry with paper towels.

pat Neshek got the final two outs for his first save.

pat O’Briens,” she said.

pat is out of San Francisco,” Farnsworth said.

Why are we not talking about pat Toomey, the senator from Pennsylvania?

pat, Dan’s mother, worked multiple jobs to support the family after his father left when he was three.

My grandad, pat Daly, was one of these addicted doctors.

She had Black artists pat McGrath leading makeup and Kim Kimble leading hair, with 59 black models, ages 18 to 70, walking the show.

Models who walked in Zendaya’s show included Veronica Webb, Beverly Johnson, pat Cleveland, Winnie Harlow, Leomie Anderson, and Grace Jones.

“The BOJ is likely to stand pat for the foreseeable future.

pat the dough into a 3/4-inch thick rectangle and fold the dough over onto itself a total of 5 or 6 times.

All of which is to say that this franchise—and its president, pat Riley—is desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Rinse off salt and pat dry.

Rivers didn’t come to Los Angeles to rebuild, but if the Clippers stand pat things will likely get worse before they get better.

pat McCrory’s defeat on Election Day.

Both Senate Agriculture Chairman pat Roberts and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow signaled they intend to support the nominations of all three.

The first man is asked to “consent” to a pat down.

She asks me how I identify so that she may pat me down accordingly.

Chance the Rapper and his manager pat the Manager

Høiberg gives him an affectionate pat, then begins talking about how his world got so weird.

“I think this tax bill is going to reduce the size of our deficits going forward,” Sen. pat Toomey (R-PA) told reporters last year.

In the immortal words of DJ Khaled: “You played yourself, pat McCrory.”

pat the beef dry and season with the salt and pepper.

In this, Lee is joined by both Trump skeptics like pat Toomey and Ben Sasse and Trump endorsers like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

pat and fold the dough over and onto itself a total of exactly five times, and no more than five times!”

I felt his hand pat my leg.

Okay.” pat Ford’s voice didn’t settle with me at first.

I got it down pretty pat.

For the grisly death of pat, the song “Witch” begins almost a minute too soon.

pat Dorian won an award after I reviewed his comic.

pat dry the steak with paper towels.

pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Marco Rubio of Florida, and Richard Shelby of Alabama.

Nowadays, we have to settle for mildly competitive play and the ever looming promise of pat Riley’s genius.

Local police and the feds are investigating what North Carolina governor pat McCrory has called “an attack on our democracy,” the Charlotte Observer reports.

Writer Dianca Potts delves deep into the life and poetry of pat Parker in this piece for Women’s History Month.

Love really has the goofy, toothless smile down pat.

This week’s obscure player is journeyman winger pat Hickey.

Still, after standing pat at the trade deadline and enduring a little in-house consternation, Boston remains the envy of most of the league.

He wants a deal on July 1st, so the Lakers might be able to swipe him while pat Riley chases Durant.

pat McCrory signed it into law — all within 24 hours.

Ever pat yourself on the back for taking an Uber instead of driving drunk?

Miami Heat: Nassir Little, SF, North Carolina pat Riley likes proven players from proven programs.

“Technique-wise, it’ll take less than three weeks, and I could have it down pat,” Swann said after being drafted. “

I just did a record for Project pat.

Republican Senator pat Roberts joked that it was an “anger management session.”

I’m hoping that we don’t go down this road,” Sen. pat Toomey (R-Pa.) told VICE News at the Capitol.

I talk to Project pat all the time.

I been talking to Project pat since I was like 16.

We hope pat in a sentence examples were helpful.