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The Trump administration has, quite brazenly, moved into Obamacare sabotage mode — hurting the most vulnerable participants as it puts the law itself at risk.

The study participants had undergone a slew of medical tests, including quantifying the lead levels in their blood.

The top 8 percent of the participants had a three times greater risk of heart disease.

To add to that, IAPA registered fighters get full medicals and blood work done to safeguard amateur participants in the sport.

It turns out that participants didn’t care that much about what is technically legal when deciding to punish an officer.

The workshop participants collectively estimate that, at most, physicians spend ten to twenty minutes maximum talking to their patients.

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder.

All 250 participants went home with a bronze medal.

In 1896, the American participants were a thrown-together group.

The directory includes all the participants, along with samples of their art and an interactive map.

And when Hibbing hooks participants up to eye-tracking machines, he finds conservatives monitor more closely the things that make them squirm.

Jay Van Bavel is a New York University psychologist who has conducted dozens of experiments pitting lab participants against one another.

Many of his experiments start by arbitrarily assigning participants to a “red” team or a “blue” team.

What kind of redemption, or rebirth, is this, in which the participants appear joyless if not coerced?

With approximately 150,000 participants and 3 million spectators, this year’s New York City Pride March was the biggest in U.S. history.

“It doesn’t take anything away from participants in traditional fencing.

Led by Dr. Will Lawn, the researchers asked 17 participants who occasionally used cannabis to complete trials of a task for money while stoned.

The participants could choose either a high- or low-effort tasks for varying rewards.

Study participants provided detailed information about their health, lifestyle, eating and exercise habits every four years.

Activists are holding monthly demonstrations in which participants grasp flowers as a symbol of protest.

They have to make up 60 percent to 80 percent of participants before they can speak equal time with men.

If you’re invited to a panel or group exhibition, ask for the racial makeup of the participants.

The widespread rejection of the Islamic State by survey participants reflects a regional consensus about the group’s deviant interperation of Islam.

The widespread rejection of the Islamic State by survey participants reflects a regional consensus about the group’s deviant interperation of Islam.

The survey also asked participants to speak about the factors that might attract recruits to the Islamic State.

(A large number of the participants, 76.1 percent, happened to be women.)

Additionally, 88 percent of the participants also drank alcohol, which could also play a role.

Under the terms of the Tezos coin offering, there’s no guarantee participants will ever receive a single Tez.

Some participants in the Tezos fundraiser told Reuters they viewed the coins at least partly as an investment.

Some cops removed their badges, and beat party participants. Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between childhood vaccinations and autism.

participants have recalled the audacity it took to simply gather in public under the banner of liberation.

The sample size of the study was small, with only 30 participants, but the results surprised the researchers.

Several participants cited this as a reason for their trust in an exit survey.

Twelve participants, including 11 girls, were medically disqualified from soccer for the rest of the season.

Over a third of conservative participants said their own party makes them frustrated, compared to only 13 percent of Democrats.

An informal poll of 1,267 Braincels users found that about 90 percent of forum participants were under the age of 30.

First, Kuhl and Lee loaded participants ( a total of 23) into an MRI.

Once the machine was on, the participants began to see images of hundreds of faces.

One is the patterns of brain activity from the participants.

The participants, who are still in the MRI, are shown photos of brand new faces.

In another trial, Kuhl and Lee showed participants two faces.

While the participants were holding onto their thoughts, the MRI scanned their brains.

It’s not a total breakthrough, but it’s an intriguing start that needs more work and more participants.

Critics have complained TPS has allowed participants to repeatedly extend their stays in 6-month to 18-month increments.

participants will prepare dishes made from ground maize, while Carrión pushes them to think about the diversity, homogenization, and appropriation of Latin American cultures.

Each artist will occupy their own space, but the series invites participants to consider overlap, resonance, and difference between their practices.

The resulting image was selected from over 15,000 entries from participants in over 30 countries.

The Times spoke to more than a dozen participants at the Geneva meeting.

In reality, 75 percent of the study participants wanted to continue using the shot.

The Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine released a study with 1,639 participants.

Plaintiffs allege federal securities law violations and that the fundraiser defrauded participants, who were told they were making non-refundable donations to the Swiss foundation.

The company’s account posted a video of Glassman and Barragan addressing CrossFit participants in the 44th district on Barragan’s behalf.

And although those breweries and would-be participants are united, it wasn’t because of beer, but because of an intense loathing for Lunar Cow.

** Caution remained as market participants kept an eye on the progress of Sino-U.S. trade talks.

By partnering with our local senior center we were able to keep costs low for everyone while providing a nutritious meal for our participants.

Also, just inhaling alcohol caused the participants to mess up more and press the wrong button at the wrong time.

The show also led to the fateful meeting between two of its lesser-known participants, Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock.

Overall, they found participants had fewer wake-ups if they had worked out that day compared to days they didn’t get after it.

participants are sharing their experiences and planning next steps.

The project has been immensely popular, with more than 2 million participants from more than 200 countries.

It also found that participants in some countries care more about age, status, and whether pedestrians were crossing against the light.

Around a quarter of the participants said “slowly,” and around half said “quickly.” What made the difference?

If participants were reminded of the events before, the theory goes, those prompts should have made them feel like time passed more slowly.

participants compete in the ancient Sikh martial art known as Gatka.

One catch, though: the conversation participants, who range from Walt Disney to Jacques Cousteau, Buckminster Fuller, and Neil Armstrong, are all dead.

Through community outreach, he teaches student participants that creating art is an excellent means for reenvisioning historical narratives.

Cultish workouts like spinning and boxing start off as flings, bloom into obsessions, and then become relegated to private conversations between participants.

After throwing the drinks back, the participants were asked to spend 30 minutes completing tasks on a computer.

And while black bloc participants weren’t on planning conference calls, the messages got through.

Mountain Time uses such tours as a means to deliver educational content and build community amongst its participants.

“No proposals involving human or animal research will be considered,” but participants are “encouraged to utilize open source code,” the application says.

“No proposals involving human or animal research will be considered,” but participants are “encouraged to utilize open source code,” the application says.

“Our botnet defence system bans several botnets, the largest of which comprises just over 500 unique participants,” the report notes.

Now it’s clear that the offer of damaging information from a Russian government source was made in advance and forwarded to all participants.

participants will be selected through a competitive application process.

Market participants are awaiting a planned meeting between Trump and the Chinese president at the Group of 20 summit in Japan on Friday.

ILPVAM is limited to 25 participants.

Congratulations!” The evening concluded with all participants throwing money in the air.

Oil prices advanced in volatile trade as market participants lowered their expectations for how much OPEC might increase production.

The night before the first day of fall classes, participants cheered when the statue fell, shouting, “Whose campus?

The 71 study participants were people waiting in the ER of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital after getting into car accidents.

For the following week, all participants recorded any flashbacks they had.

Then they watched which parts of the participants’ brains lit up.

For the sake of the experiment, he says, it doesn’t matter if the participants knew some were lies.

Basically, the results suggest the participants are engaging the same regions of the brain where we contemplate our identities and feel threats.

Kaplan found participants were more likely to be influenced by the politically charged arguments than the nonpolitical ones.

The topics and the degree to which participants changed their minds are shown in the chart below.

With 40 participants, this study is small.

On the sidelines, future participants wait their turn: a jack-o-lantern, a washed-up stingray, a tile incised with an off-kilter grid.

participants can replace this with baby carrots, photos, or even Cheetos.

participants in the Grand Challenge will have to complete a series of tasks, like latching onto things.

Maybe it’s an egregious example of how reality TV wrings conflict out of participants at their expense.

Some industry participants expected China to drop the tariffs soon after the Trump-Xi meeting.

“The desire to put profits over privacy is nothing new,” Cook told a packed audience of privacy regulators, corporate executives and other participants.

“A sharper-tongued critic would ask fundamental questions about Dr. Burt’s ability to conduct research involving human research participants.”

Unlisted Huawei discloses very little about its employee shareholder scheme beyond the number of participants and the 1.14 percent holding of founder Ren.

participants in currency markets shared that sentiment.

He also gave different participants the two different explanations for why Clinton’s policies were necessary.

When the participants heard Clinton’s message about “rewriting the rules of the economy,” Trump’s advantage on the economy disappeared.

Researchers might ask participants to use real-time diaries or put information into smartphone apps during their everyday lives instead of doing retrospective interviews later.

Because this method can work with subjects fully clothed, one major benefit is that it might seem more inviting to more participants.

Their transpartisan authority exists solely because participants in the game agree it does.

But what happens when political participants step out of bounds and violate shared norms?

Stephen Ross at NYU School of Medicine randomized twenty-nine participants with cancer in a double-blind fashion to receive either psilocybin or niacin.

Punishing levels are fondly remembered when gamers chat about their shared experiences–the more participants in these conversations, the stronger the common narrative.

Market participants still expect the Fed to cut interest rates at its July 30-31 policy meeting, despite the latest developments in trade talks.

Throughout the seven-episode series, participants reflect on the culture of an Iraq that no longer exists, due to war and political unrest.

Organizers gave participants “clones” of state election websites with vulnerabilities inserted by the organizers.

These were systems intentionally made more vulnerable in an attempt to help participants crack the competition.

They cut holes in the tops of 1.5-liter plastic water bottles and inserted spare Camelbak hoses to emulate the gear of the European participants.

Market participants believe the central bank hopes to dampen volatility and counteract depreciation expectations.

Police in riot gear and angry protestors have become commonplace when controversial speakers visit college campuses, but keeping the participants safe isn’t cheap.

Police in riot gear and angry protestors have become commonplace when controversial speakers visit college campuses, but keeping the participants safe isn’t cheap.

In these studies, participants are assigned to eating breakfast or skipping, then compared to each other.

The program ended with a chef offering participants a tasting menu of locally sourced food.

“With five years of financial support, participants would have some measure of job security, or time to develop their own businesses,” he said.

The participants in those calls were arrested anyway.

Most people aren’t simple victims of it, but participants in an information culture with known risks.

participants include members of Congress, various activists and, clearly, people who have become victims of the system.

I like to engage the audience to be active participants, and the crowd is usually eager to oblige.

“The impact on them is also huge.” Accordingly, “The Art of Hope” program also engages its participants in some crafting exercises.

After viewing a brightly-colored abstract landscape by Hans Hoffman, facilitators led participants in a meditative breathing exercise; later they created clay coil pots.

Many participants in “The Art of Hope” program fall into this category.

For that matter, participants might be right to ignore the program or drop out, as research suggests that the programs don’t reliably increase income.

Since it launched in 1977, the program has trained more than 15 million participants, 10 million of those since 2005.

Some of these participants learned that Trump was in support of liberal policies; others saw that Trump was in support of conservative policies.

In the first, participants were provided with context for the various written remarks, so that the intention behind them was totally opaque.

Journalists weren’t allowed to attend the event because Hassan and other members of the community were afraid that participants would be outed.

In one part of the study, participants were given ten kernels of popcorn.

Protesters, unaffiliated with the UIC movement, lashed out, pushing back, fighting in skirmishes with willing Trump participants, baiting the violence.

Market participants were somewhat irked in 2017 when condition scores seemingly did not match the eventual corn yield.

Because it’s clear that all participants — supporters, protesters, and law enforcement — are increasingly uninterested in backing down from a confrontation.

And then, yes, the participants on the show have to do the thing the stoned judge just said before banging his gavel.

Overall, 7.8% of the study participants developed a mental health problem over the course of the study.

From that, Dirlam constructed job satisfaction trajectories for a portion of the participants that starts at age 25 and end at age 39.

(Each year of the survey, participants were asked, “Overall how do you feel about your job?”

Among all the study participants, 1.8% reported activity limitations.

Youth with chronic physical health problems were more than 3 times more likely to have limitations than other participants.

In addition to their political affiliation, participants were asked to share their age, race, gender, state of residence, and level of education.

It might take more than 2 years for mental health disorders to become apparent, particularly with the youngest study participants.

Some nights the place was flooded with newcomers, hosting up to 50 participants.

From Reuters, we have a poll conducted between August 18 and 21 involving 2,149 online participants.

participants complaint about the law for which vaccination is compulsory to enrollment children at school.

Some of the meeting participants indicated support.

In terms of the Art Basel paintings, participants thought that humans had made them just 48% of the time.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet claims participants can “sleep off the pounds” with a strict regimen of tranquilizers.

In more than one instance, Wansink misidentified the ages of participants in published studies, mixing up children ages 8 to 11 with toddlers.

The mood was somber, with many participants wearing all-black in mourning for Heyer, while others held signs lamenting the death of democracy.

participants were interviewed by phone and received $10 or $20 for their time.

Police took 61 protesters into custody that evening and have reportedly vowed to continue making arrests of other suspected participants.

Police took 61 protesters into custody that evening and have reportedly vowed to continue making arrests of other suspected participants.

It wasn’t clear who was in charge of the proceedings; McCain, who had requested the meeting, offered few of his own ideas, participants recalled.

Open to all, the SCPS Study Abroad Program offers participants in select tours opportunities for project-based intensive courses and exhibitions at the SCPS Gallery.

A senior EU official said the participants had stressed on Friday that the package would not be immediate.

Post-trip, study tour participants are invited to exhibit a selection of photographs they make in Cuba in a group show at the SCPS Gallery.

Not only do the participants provide regular updates to the researchers, they’re all doctors and nurses.

Woz and Jobs were participants in a hobbyist group that were taking business computers to scale down to personal computers.

Although the problems weren’t that difficult, the participants were sometimes shown unfamiliar equations and symbols to highlight the encoding part of the process.

Francis, opening the conference of nearly 200 participants in a Vatican auditorium, added that victims deserve “concrete and efficient measures” and not mere condemnations.

To test that, they assign 50 participants to eat one bar of chocolate a day.

Most concretely, it mean labs will need to increase the number of participants in their studies by 70 percent.

Let’s break down just how sus ya’ll are: According to the survey results, 23 percent of participants reported sharing photos with others.

Also, some obligatory hypocrisy—73 percent of participants reported being uncomfortable with their own sexts being shared.

Crude prices were pushed higher by a rally in the U.S. equities market on Friday, markets participants said.

A total of 42 participants were lab-tested for the virus and 40 percent were positive.

A total of 42 participants were lab-tested for the virus and 40 percent were positive.

“Session wrestling is a cross between wrestling, sex, and BDSM with the balance of that combination being whatever the participants decide,” she says.

Not surprisingly, the 2012 loan had fewer participants.

On the first day, participants could only focus for an average of 20 seconds.

It asks participants only to state what they are willing to do and to account for what they’ve done.

participants include artist Dread Scott and poet Natalie Diaz.

Functioning as a smart home, the “at home” participants may call “someone” to request a task be completed.

participants in the survey were allowed to choose for themselves the group that they disliked the most (a common tactic in so-called “least-liked” studies).

Groups singled out by participants often included Arab Israeli political parties, leftist Jewish groups, or pro-Palestinian organizations.

participants are encouraged to wear orange, the color of the anti-gun violence movement.

Only 12 percent of participants said they would have gotten the same amount of exercise another way.

It can be exploded and collapsed, and participants are free to walk in and around it.

Once a day, at random, all participants receive an alert to take a photo simultaneously, regardless of time zone.

“The app is a tool to help participants document their own in-between moments of life,” says Adolfsson.

Akinmowo invites participants to visit the project space and trade a book.

A Q&A will offer an opportunity for participants to discuss their specific situations.

“I have given dozens of drugs to research participants who have been in bed in our lab.

In sport and exercise research, the authors found that 39 percent of participants in studies from 2011 to 2013 were women.

A Reuters survey saw nearly 70% of participants expecting the RBA to cut the cash rate at its monthly meeting on Tuesday.

Does the heritage of contemporary participants make for greater historical legibility?

The contest sometimes drew several hundred participants, whose submissions ranged from a Peep van Gogh to a Peepified scene from the movie Up.

Local residents were active participants in every part of the process: identifying the area for fundraising; pledging their own dollars; and collaborating.

“Because participants’ flags have a higher action rate than the average user, we prioritize them for review,” according to a YouTube transparency report.

A few first-time participants include Ortuzar Projects, Arcadia Missa, Kai Matsumiya, Take Ninagawa, Parker Gallery, and more.

In fact, dogs and horses were the two most popular animals, with 97 percent of participants having a preference for one of the two.

participants had to identify the pen that smelled in each set.

If the fossil fuel empire were to collapse, participants wondered, what would follow?

He said: “We are hopeful it will lead to a considerable reduction in alcohol use for some participants.

The tools of phantasmagoria often lent authority to séances, because they helped participants believe they were communicating with the deceased.

The researchers only looked at unblinded studies of PrEP, meaning that the study participants knew they were taking the medication.

The unique approach: the participants would physically stay there, living on the National Mall in an encampment dubbed Resurrection City, until they saw results.

There have been studies in which participants drank a cold drink and had their temperature taken (rectally), and a cooling effect registered.

For example, the discussion was done in a circle, began with a Native Hawaiian prayer, and participants expressed their lineage when speaking.

participants were free to move in and out of the inner circle as they chose, self-determining their form of engagement.

SurveyMonkey poses these questions to more than 9,000 of its online participants each month, adjusting the sample to mimic a nationally representative population.

All participants were played music over headphones featuring varying levels of consonance and dissonance and then asked to rate the pleasantness of each piece.

The American participants mostly reacted positively to the consonant music, with musicians reacting more positively than non-musicians.

“When you’re running an exchange, it’s very hard to make all of your market participants happy,” Harkins said.

Mophradat announced the participants of its 2018 Consortium Commissions program.

Under the model Bats is proposing, participants route MOC orders to BMC, where they are matched with other MOC orders at 3:35 p.m.

Some market participants took the remarks as a good sign.

A law enforcement official told NBC News that, at its peak, the protest drew approximately 25,000 participants.

A law enforcement official told NBC News that, at its peak, the protest drew approximately 25,000 participants.

For another thing, these results are only a disappointment if one thought that microcredit would get most participants out of poverty.

The deciding factor is how the participants feel about what is happening.

Researchers followed participants for an average of 8.4 years.

On December 1, police issued warrants for the five main participants in the Tate-LaBianca killings: Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten.

If any fight deserved the multi-million dollar payouts both participants banked, it was this.

Instead, she portrays them as participants in a far-reaching conspiracy.

Each ledger can only be changed when there is a consensus among participants, who agree and validate transactions.

What does it mean when we, as artists who work with people, fall in love with our participants?

The report also claims congressional investigators uncovered detailed evidence that participants coordinated after the meeting to control what the media said about it.

The report also claims congressional investigators uncovered detailed evidence that participants coordinated after the meeting to control what the media said about it.

I wonder whether just having volunteers reiterate what’s been said before limits the agency of the participants.

To prevent the debate lineup from being too enormous, then, the DNC decided to cap the number of participants at 20.

But the results have been mixed; younger participants typically fare better than older workers, who generally suffer more financially from outsourced jobs.

The participants were randomly assigned to a three-month program of aerobic exercise, weight training or no change in activity (the control group).

participants performed three to five sets of 10 exercises and the sessions were supervised.

participants in the Letters from Home workshop included both artists and activists.

Several rally participants were publicly identified, including Peter Tefft.

Market participants still expect the Fed to cut interest rates at its July 30-31 policy meeting, despite the latest developments in trade talks.

Were participants receptive to the ideas and inputs of others?

And while the First Amendment-focused event was not meant to celebrate racism or bigotry, some participants — primarily rally speaker Kyle Chapman — promote those views.

After all, the permit the Free Speechers only allowed for up to 100 participants.

(Around 500 police guarded the rally and its participants from start to finish.)

Police escorted the participants out of Boston Common and into official vehicles.

He has frequently worked with scientists and encouraged participants to seek new fields for collaboration.

Flags flew from the Akademik Sergey Vavilov to symbolize the international spirit of the Biennale, whose participants hailed from 20 countries.

Liu related the story to participants and shared reference material provided by the Museum of Chinese in America.

The end goal is to gather participants’ disparate opinions and share them in one place.

They then ran two trials with more than 1,300 online participants in total.

Anti-GMO activists have dismissed previous (golden rice) studies of carotene conversion because participants eat more fat than poor people.

The first phase of the study is already underway and includes 12 male and 12 female participants.

The study pays participants 16,500 euros, or roughly $18,500 USD.

Study participants will have to remain in bed in a lab in Germany for 60 days.

When mostly white participants read that Muslims actually admired Americans, they didn’t dehumanize them as much on the Ascent scale.

In the current study, participants will undergo testing that simulates a kind of artificial gravity chamber.

According to a release, two-thirds of participants will be placed in a special centrifuge and rotated daily to force blood back into their extremities.

Then the results will be compared with the participants who did not undergo this treatment.

This was uncovered in a set of experiments involving 80 participants in the UK, who were given tasks rewarding varying degrees of lying.

“When we looked at the data, what we discovered is that the amount by which participants lied got larger and larger.

Twenty-five of the original 80 participants were evaluated in a second phase of the study using fMRI brain scans.

As participants told lies of increasing magnitude (overestimating the contents of the jar more and more), the less the amygdala lit up.

Though obvious, it may be taken as a small reassurance that these findings appear on average among a diverse pool of participants.

And just under two-thirds of participants said they’d share health data for reduced waiting times, compared to 55% looking for cost savings.

Say, white nationalists looking to discredit antiracists by deliberately misidentifying march participants.

A second group of participants were shown the same film but without reading the article first.

In the immediate aftermath of the march, the focus of many of these stories has been the misidentification of participants.

Other stories have focused on the impact these actions have had on participants, for example firings and other immediate social consequences.

There are only a handful of studies, each with a few hundred participants.)

The researchers presented information that contradicted with the worldview of the study participants — hoping to see what it’d take to persuade them.

It also included New York Daily News and CNN reports with two other former pageant participants supporting Trump.

The poll was conducted online between July 27 and August 28, and included 3,758 participants.

In all cases, the profile of participants was mainly male (at least 80%) and aged in the early- to mid-20s.

(That’s less than half of the study participants, obviously, but it’s also up 19 percent from 2014.)

Fifty-one percent of participants said that their teen’s diet had caused conflict at holidays and family gatherings.

Neither China nor Huawei were invited to the event, although participants said no country or company was being singled out.

And it’s a reminder that students need access to menstrual products and clean clothes in order to be equal participants at school.

Life Center in Flint, a community organization dedicated to providing education and workplace training to allow participants to be self-sufficient.

If anything, the past year under a rankly incompetent and manifestly corrupt government administration seems to have fired the resolve of the participants.

Flowers has a commanding presence and a ready laugh, both of which made it easy to see why study participants felt comfortable around her.

participants were forced to provide potential blackmail material, or “collateral,” such as explicit videos or damaging information.

Mejia agreed, and said that’s why the Baylor team plans to include hundreds of participants in the new study that’s underway.

“I think they would have reacted differently if the participants were white,” she said, sitting on a picnic table outside McMeans’ home.

They are also very generous with the public, and often allow participants to change the rules to suit their needs.

New York Tech Zine Fair takes one more step toward holding us each accountable as active participants and culture-makers.

The participants make up an eclectic coalition.

The Million Image Database operates similarly, distributing cameras to participants in areas around the world to document still-standing archaeological sites and objects.

So sometimes there are participants in the market driven by technical factors, responding to things like the 50-day average, the 200-day average.

The study tested participants in two ways: first, it presented statements to the participants that were devoid of politics.

Still, leaving this issue aside, Mueller said, he didn’t end up bringing charges against the meeting’s participants for two separate reasons.

“We found that [the participants] almost always saw the other side as a revelation, and not an insult to their intelligence.”

The first problem was establishing willfulness — namely, did Don Jr. and the other meeting participants know they were breaking the law?

The Tribeca Film Festival named its 2018 Artists Award Program participants.

All of the political statements, Kaplan says, were crafted to emotionally incite liberal-minded participants.

Just one of the many participants, sculptor Elana Mann has teamed up with Las Fotos, a nonprofit that mentors teenage girls in photography.

There were 13 deaths among the control group participants (most died of drug overdoses — it’s unclear if they were intentional or not).

The NYU study made participants look at various images, all of which generated emotional reactions.

Six hours after that, researchers made participants take a memory test involving the images they’d viewed hours earlier.

In Boston, event planners for a sister Women’s March were expecting around 25,000 participants.

This year, uncertainty was even more pronounced than in the past, despite the inclusion of more response options for participants.

Caucuses are more time-consuming than ordinary primaries, but also require participants to be available during a very specific window.

participants in this round included SoftBank and Mubadala.

The field needs to go to big science; we need to go to really large [number of study participants].

How will you protect the privacy of your participants?

The people we owe the most to are our participants, and protecting them is always job one.

Simon’s study found that surveyed participants were 7 percent more likely to report having a personal doctor.

Just under half of the participants reported having little experience making art.

participants were given free reign to make whatever they wanted with markers and paper, modeling clay and collage materials.

Using saliva samples, researchers measured the participants’ cortisol levels before and after the art-making period.

75 percent of the participants’ cortisol levels decreased during the 45 minutes spent drawing, coloring, collaging, and sculpting.

participants wrote reflections on their experiences during the exercise.

Researchers say higher cortisol levels could indicate participants were stimulated or energized by the exercise, not stressed.

participants make a selection of eight countries but ultimately cannot choose.

We videotaped white participants interacting with a racially ambiguous research assistant.

Happening on June 3, Norte Maar’s Brooklyn Performance Combine will bring together an array of artists and participants for a two-hour collaborative marathon.

In 2015, for example, police drove off participants in Istanbul’s annual gay pride parade with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Sometimes immersive shows make their participants the main characters, other times bit players.

Some notable participants highlighted by Arts Gowanus include artists Jules De Balincourt, Trudy Benson, and Lydia Johnson.

The big issue with the studies done so far is they tend to have fairly small sample sizes, with generally fewer than 60 participants.

But it had a mere 15 participants, 14 of whom were white.

Around 3 PM I headed to Washington Square Park, where strike participants and dissenters of all kinds were partaking in a rally.

(The idea is that knowing could influence the results if participants act differently or researchers treat participants differently based on the drug they get.)

Market participants still expect the Fed to cut interest rates despite the developments in trade talks.

Unlike Sanofi, Takeda researchers took blood samples from all 20,000 trial participants before they received the vaccine.

Takeda delayed the release of its trial results for several weeks to characterize the immune responses of all participants.

And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants.

By turning them, literally, into wallpaper, Ai strips the participants in his costly — and maybe a little bit cynical?

Since his participants were tested about two hours after they were dosed, that could explain why their time perception was different.

The contest sometimes drew several hundred participants, whose submissions ranged from a Peep van Gogh to a Peepified scene from the movie Up.

They recruited groups to eat one type or the other—about 25 percent of their participants‘ caloric intake was from either bread.

Sometimes a simple greeting like a hug can be harassment if one of the participants is obviously using it for their own weird gratification.

The intention was to spark joy and creativity in the participants and leave them with a physical image to recall the experience,” Ditchley explained.

The committee is investigating the support offered to participants in reality TV shows, both during and after filming.

In the most recent experiment, we also gave participants a personality test.

In each experiment, we told our participants to pretend that they had posted an ad for a housemate and gotten 12 email responses.

participants in our study also noted improvements in eczema and allergic symptoms.

After reading each email, the participants rated the writer as a potential housemate, and on other factors like intelligence, friendliness, laziness, etc.

Perhaps the most interesting finding is from the experiment in which we gave participants the personality test.

“League officials interviewed several of the participants in the game – including Rielly and Meier – and reviewed audio of the alleged incident.

Some participants were motivated by a humanitarian streak.

Revelation Wellness pairs high-intensity exercise and strength training with Scripture; as participants do reps, Bible verses are read aloud.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

One study from 1998 asked a sample of 185 participants to record their dreams for two consecutive weeks.

The initial program evaluation showed big effects on future drunk driving by program participants (down 50 percent over the following two years).

With hopes for a trade deal rekindled, the timing of Wednesday’s move left some market participants perplexed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger just schooled an Internet troll for mocking the Special Olympics, calling the participants the r-word.

But participants in these debates shared an assumption that, for instance, women’s right to choose and marriage equality were secure.

The participants are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Researchers recruited 144 participants and surveyed them about their internet use.

Eighty-four percent of participants said they spent time online doing research.

(The participants were college students.)

Within two minutes of the internet session ending, the participants‘ heart rate and blood pressure were measured.

The mass rally, which police said drew 338,000 participants at its peak, forced Lam to apologize for planning to push the bill through.

These participants handed over access to their private Instagram accounts, comprising a pool of more than 43,000 photos.

As Hawwa left the stage, the participants began readying themselves and their motorcycles.

Blue bars indicate disproportionate use of an Instagram filter by depressed compared to healthy participants, orange bars indicate the reverse.

participants were asked to report their CDS volumes on 21 emerging market countries and nine emerging market corporate issuers.

The roster of participants is all over the place.

Russia Today has said that it never pays participants or interview subjects for a report.

Or would they choose to become knowing participants in what would then unmistakably be a presidential cover-up of historic proportions?

“Social engagement is happening in our city on numerous levels, and with many participants,” she said.

participants were asked questions about how much they trusted their FWB partner and how happy they were with their sex life.

The last names of certain participants in this story have been omitted to protect their identities and safety.

They found that the rules did increase employment among participants, but only by very little because most beneficiaries were already working.

“Market participants will likely need to adjust their expectations going forward.” Employers, scrambling to find qualified workers, are boosting wages.

But the participants’ insistence that it was meaningless — Trump Jr. has repeatedly called it “such a nothing” — isn’t totally implausible.

And all participants who have spoken out have denied that any of it took place.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

However, skepticism remained among market participants on how much progress the United States and China have made toward resolving their differences.

Or would they choose to become knowing participants in what would then unmistakably be a presidential cover-up of historic proportions?

“I did not expect that we would be able to achieve what we achieved,” says artist Cristina Schiavi, one of nP’s participants.

“I think that the museum staff want the participants to do whatever they want when the artist is not present,” Delacerda said.

Of 303 participants, 39 percent chose buprenorphine, 59 percent chose methadone, and under one percent chose extended-release naltrexone (Vivitrol).

In the experiment, Slovic and his colleagues asked participants about their willingness to donate to children in need.

Highlighting people’s individuality led participants to see more humanity in them.

The same instinct has pushed many former bee participants through Ivy League universities and top medical schools, and into successful professional careers.

I hope it resurfaces in some form, particularly for older participants in the state marketplaces.

Minneapolis-based Heartland Democracy uses “discussions, readings, values, activities, and stories to engage participants in meaningful ways,” according to its website.

Minneapolis-based Heartland Democracy uses “discussions, readings, values, activities, and stories to engage participants in meaningful ways,” according to its website.

“During my watch, the CFTC has been resolute in holding market participants to the highest standards of behavior.

Last year’s Charlottesville rally only had several hundred participants; this year’s DC sequel isn’t expected to be orders of magnitude larger.

Market participants still expect the Fed to cut interest rates at its July 30-31 policy meeting, despite the latest developments in trade talks.

Monday’s statement follows queries from market participants over whether federal laws apply to the custody of digital asset securities, such as crypto currencies.

The participants to the dispute would each appoint a member and the third member would be independent.

The participants in the dispute would each appoint a member and the third member would be independent.

In a 2012 study, participants were given a sweet drink along with a pill that contained an immune suppressant drug for a few days.

In the experiment, 260 participants were split into three groups.

participants will be followed until 2020 and hopefully will provide some much- needed epidemiological information.

MCS participants, compared with controls, reported greater perceived odour intensities, more unpleasantness from the exposure, and increasing symptoms over time.

In the group that did daily weight-checking, overweight and obese participants lost weight.

By the end of the study, 480 people, or 5.6% of the participants, had a heart attack or developed angina.

During the study, researchers assessed participants’ cognitive function in eight waves over up to 12 years.

To test verbal memory, they asked participants to recall 10 unrelated words.

They also asked participants to name as many different animals as possible in one minute, to test semantic fluency.

participants who experienced a heart attack or angina showed faster rates of cognitive decline in all 3 tests.

participants in the ‘Essex express’ cartel which ran from 2009 to 2012 were traders from Barclays, MUFG Bank, RBS and UBS.

One limitation of the study is that it relied on participants to report any diagnosis of angina or heart attack.

Large-scale studies involving thousands of participants in several countries have failed to establish a link between the MMR vaccine and the mental developmental disorder.

The race was called off after several participants were taken sick due to the heat, organizers said.

“The participants intend to share information, best practices and experiences,” said the joint agreement.

Between these gatherings, participants can connect through the project’s private Facebook group and attend monthly support meetings in Colorado.

The unique approach: The participants would physically stay there, living on the National Mall in an encampment dubbed Resurrection City, until they saw results.

(One of the largest repositories of genetics data is the UK Biobank, which has nearly half a million participants of white European ancestry.)

It’s not that individual GWAS studies need to include diverse participants.

In 2009, 96 percent of participants in GWAS studies were of European descent.

In 2016, that number had dropped to 80 percent of participants.

This year’s theme “What if Utopia” challenges participants to consider the myriad possibilities of what an ideal world might look like.

“There’s not many topics all participants can agree on,” another Japanese government official said.

This makes it unclear whether or how participants — some of whom seem to be retired — could be disciplined by the government.

Masterson and DHS officials tell Vox that 1,300 local jurisdictions and all 50 state governments are participants in its continuous threat-sharing program with EI-ISAC.

“The amount that our study participants assumed based only on a name was remarkable.

There, participants found critical software vulnerabilities in voting machines.

What’s more, this relationship held true when the researchers controlled for the participants‘ time and money.

Wholesale markets would become much more complex, involving many more diverse participants.

Traditional gambling participators like bettors, regulators, casinos, lottery companies, racetracks, tribes, and also participants like leagues (think exclusive data deals, “Integrity Fees,” sponsorships, etc.

Wholesale markets could go from having dozens of participants to having hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands.

Like good old-fashioned faith healers, Atkinson and Chief of Amputations Drew Feuer cast out participants’ demons — often in a spray of fake blood.

The American Psychological Association makes it very clear: participants in studies have the right to informed consent.

They say they were offended that participants were made to speak under a huge projection of Renty’s face.

Before being healed, participants had to fill out “informed consent” forms, complete with a safe word to end things if they got too intense.

participants heard the sounds via their radio receivers, filling the voluminous space with chatter.

Instead, rather than roughly 400 participants, more than 1,500 people joined, according to Pueblos Sin Fronteras, with the majority hailing from Honduras.

In London-based company Silent Opera’s 2013 staging of Orfeo, for example, participants were given wireless headphones.

Only 771 — about one third — of those participants took vacation or paid time off in the past 12 months.

BC and NS are “partners,” but not participants.]

He also kicked off the program to welcome participants to Goldman Sachs and has tried a hand at coding himself.

The phone survey by Respons Analyse polled 1,000 participants aged 18 and over.

Another issue: The study followed 9,423 women and men, but only a quarter of the participants followed the diets for more than a year.

We’re going to do a bunch of other things.” I think you guys were participants in that event, right?

GOM has repatriated several hundred participants to Central America and is offering refugee status to others who qualify.

participants ranged from hunters, trappers, stevedores, drifters, unskilled laborers, and farmers, but all were part of an un-educated, rural population.

“Most participants are elderly and many suffer from hypertension, diabetes and have underlying medical conditions,” said physician Han Sang-jo.

Among the participants was Jennifer McGowan, 32.

He found willing participants among Inn Din’s Buddhist “security group,” members of the organization and villagers said.

In recent years, many credentials, like MOOC badges, have emerged to offer participants something to put on their resume.

What “Simon” found is that on the meetup forums affiliated with the Daily Stormer, participants appeared to reveal the locations of their real-world gatherings.

participants seem to follow the rules in New York as well.

What “Simon” found is that on the meetup forums affiliated with the Daily Stormer, participants appeared to reveal the locations of their real-world gatherings.

The project was conceived without an end date or physical structure and thus far has existed privately among its participants.

We are either complicit in the continued erosion of faith or participants in the rebuilding of it — there is no opting out.

participants are betting that the money could help them tap into more than 1 billion Apple users worldwide and diversify their companies’ revenue streams.

After showing the videos, the researchers gave participants a survey testing their propensity for collective blame.

The “negative control” video did the opposite: It made participants even more likely to collectively blame Muslims.

So they designed a questionnaire that led participants through a series of questions.

participants will select models to construct at near or full scale.

Overall, these participants didn’t pick the winning video.

In all, the studies included 3,500 adult participants.

One 2015 study in Psychological Science found that 15 minutes of mindfulness instruction made study participants (college undergrads) more susceptible to forming false memories.

Or will they choose to become knowing participants in what would then unmistakably be a presidential cover-up?

The six participants are all white.

The experiment measured “inattentiveness” and “hyperactivity” by asking participants how often they experienced one or more of 18 symptoms linked to ADHD in adults.

Nevertheless I liked talking to the participants on the walk because getting to know other people is fundamentally interesting.

The canvassing study took a few dozen participants in south Florida to change the collective attitudes of 500 voters.

Approximately 46 percent were embarrassed about their disease, and 41 percent of participants confessed to hiding their migraines from others.

A black therapist is “much more likely to empathize appropriately” during research sessions with black participants, Williams says.

The survey participants were asked to rate each emoji’s emotional meaning on a scale of -5 (strongly negative) to 5 (strongly positive).

The news of a forthcoming “open forum” was encouraging to the participants in the performance I spoke to.

Because transactions on the blockchain are publicly verified, market participants can keep track of transactions without central record keeping.

“Now we need the work and the movement,” Linda Sarsour, a lead organizer of the Women’s March, told participants.

That challenge was not lost on participants looking to acquire skills and know-how, like advocacy techniques.

(A 2012 meta-analysis with more than 32,648 participants found compelling evidence that these links are solid.)

You can learn more about the People First Project, ongoing with Hygienic Dress League and other participants, through April of 2017.

In a classic (and increasingly challenged) self-control study, psychologist Roy Baumeister had participants resist the smell of just-baked cookies.

In it, participants are given words of colors, but the font of those words is a totally different color.

participants have to indicate which color they see and ignore what the word actually says.

participants see a row of arrows and have to indicate which direction the central arrow points.

It left open the question of whether it would punish any participants by excluding them from the remaining two sanctioned ones.

Two of the study participants reported severe side effects such as jaundice and hepatitis, which required medical attention.

Each semester begins with a two-week Drawing or Sculpture Marathon to immerse participants in experimentation, perception, and productivity.

participants and members of the public filled in the blanks with “#blacklivesmatter,” “equal pay,” and “body shaming and domestic violence stops,” among other messages.

participants’ messages were posted on Twitter (#longestwalkRNC) and Facebook throughout the week.

participants debated four theoretical strands: Who is speaking?

There also seemed to be a disconnect between Tunick’s intention for the piece and the clear political agendas and intentions of the participants.

But the participants’ actions were powerful because their silent walking allowed them “to speak in body,” as Young put it.

Mathieu Briand’s interactive DJ sculpture Mathieu Briand’s sculpture allowed any willing participants to try their hand at DJing.

In the first, 380 participants read a positive, negative, or neutral message about dessert.

participants were encouraged to post photos or video of themselves with the hashtag #BelieveSurvivors, according to the Cut.

Some boycott participants have also destroyed Nike merchandise they have already purchased and posted videos and photos of the act on social media.

Researchers also collected demographic data on the participants.

They split the participants into two groups: 119 owners of healthy pets, and 119 whose pets had chronic or terminal conditions.

I identify with the organizers and participants.

The paradox is that they’re also familiar to all of us art world participants on the inside.

But more than a few participants waved their fingers, scolded, and even attacked the protestors verbally.

The conference will be attended by about 1,600 participants who will reflect the various components of Syrian society,” he added.

Al-Aridi, however, said Sochi was aimed at giving the appearance of reconciliation among Syrians and many of those participants had been chosen by Damascus.

The most important thing is that trust needs to be built between participants, and that takes time.

My neighbor Ahmed, like the rest of the participants in the march, knew that he might get wounded or killed every time he marched.

Market participants also wait for clues from the 2019-20 budget which Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present on July 5.

“The Inventor’s Goggles playing card from the game ‘Magic: The Gathering’ is for participants in brainstorming sessions,” Mohajer said.

That’s why the average nonviolent resistance campaign has so many more active participants than the average armed rebel movement, for instance.

They are, in effect, participants in the conflict.”

Researchers sent 573 participants an online survey asking them to rate themselves on a 13-point narcissistic personality scale.

participants were surveyed on how often they went to the gym and their personal wealth.

All 14 participants in the poll were bearish on both currencies.

The National LGBTQ Task Force offers an online program designed to help participants become better organizers.

But the agreement does not impose any legal penalty on participants that fail to meet their targets.

Like all other participants, China offered its own NDC and can revise it at any time.

participants have nearly priced in a 25 basis-points rate cut in the next 12 months.

From Iran to Mexico, Canada to Norway, Australia to Israel and Argentina to the US, hundreds of participants made their opinions clear.

(Before the election, too, more participants were more willing to openly donate if they were told Trump’s victory was assured in their state.)

China on Thursday urged the United States to “calm down,” but market participants remained unnerved.

The Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) announces the theme and participants for the 3rd CCA Biennial, 2018, Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival.

Its participants were given plain, white paper and gouache but were not told what to paint.

Parade participants protested against legislation enacted last month that denies gay male couples equal rights for support in surrogacy.

A common psychological work-around for studying participants who can’t verbally communicate—namely, animals and babies—is observing how they respond to new versus familiar stimuli.

Only 16 percent see themselves as active participants in the environmental movement.

The president allegedly dismissed the meeting participants and his other advisers, requesting that only Comey stay.

What kinds of things did your study participants get out of these groups?

How does that sense of ritual, and the kind of structure it provides, dovetail with some of your study participants’ experiences in these spaces?

Even though none of the participants were aware of what had happened, the business-related objects may have elicited competitiveness.

participants will help keep the beloved image format fresh and relevant well into its thirtysomethings.

Most participants in the “chameleon effect” study weren’t even aware that they were being copied.

Results showed that participants in the “voter” condition were more likely to cast their ballots the next day.

We hope participants in a sentence examples were helpful.