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par Pharmaceutical Companies Sandoz Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Zydus Pharmacuticuals

Delestrogen, the brand name-version of the drug, is manufactured by par Pharmaceuticals, while Estradiol Valerate, a generic, is made by Perrigo.

The tough weather conditions played havoc on scorecards with only 16 of the 154 players in the field going under par for the day.

And then there’s the stuff with the Initiative itself, which is pretty much par for the boring military course.

Now it’s par for the course.

In the suit, Byrd says that’s par for the course.

Their offense performed on par with the regular-season Golden State Warriors and their defense was more stout than the regular-season San Antonio Spurs.

It’s classic, of repeating a lie so many times that it becomes … it gets on par with the truth.

And soon I found it was on a par with official debut Section.80.

All par for the course.

With that he dropped from two over par for the tournament to six over, effectively ensuring he would miss the cut.

It’s about on par.

“The next evolution in short-form video is super-premium video, on par with cable networks like HBO,” he said.

“The word I would use is turbulence,” he said helpfully—adding that “fiscal uncertainty” will be par golf over the next five years.

Gun control is on a par with the economy as a top issue that will motivate U.S. voters in November, the poll found.

But that’s about par for the course with the Globes, which are known for their unpredictability.

You only start to notice the little things if the stuff you’re there for isn’t up to par.

It was a move that would help cement New York City as a tech hub on par with Silicon Valley.

Co-leader Kuchar said he had made some key par saves to complement his healthy quota of birdies.

Websites and mobile apps are par for the course — you wouldn’t start a business today without at least one or the other.

“In 2017, when we saw inflows, 66% of the market was trading at par or higher above par.

– this duo mostly trundles along, under the radar and under par.

“I’ve played this course for so many years and I know how to shoot under par on it,” he said.

You stay around par at the U.S. Open, you’ll be okay.

That’s right on par with a lot of the electric cars that are on sale today.

Which potentially makes you one of the “pernicious interests” that par is aiming for.

Delestrogen-maker par Pharmaceuticals said it could no longer obtain an important ingredient after the supplying company stopped producing it.

“Deadliest Catch” captain Sean Dwyer was in hot water after officials discovered his crab fishing gear wasn’t up to par … TMZ has learned.

“When you have no governing philosophy, pivots are par for the course.

Answering work emails after work hours, or during weekends, or on vacation, has become par for the course here, and across the US.

“This version is not up to par and it’s not really based completely on the evidence,” she said.

2 policières blessées par machette devant hôtel de police par auteur criant Allah Ouhakbar.

2 policières blessées par machette devant hôtel de police par auteur criant Allah Ouhakbar.

Confusion is par for the course.

Leaving Susch felt like an LSD epiphany, both literally and figuratively — an ego-busting, canon-melting experience par excellence.

The company has revealed that its diversity numbers are on par with much of the rest of the tech industry.

Her eatery’s popularity is all the more remarkable given the fact that her prices are on par with far fancier tables in town.

The city is currently on a par with Beijing, experts said.

Behavior like this has been par for the course for Truaxe, who has given fans reasons to worry about his emotional state before.

But eventually, the math gave way to relativity, and Gordon was edged out on a (relatively) sub par dunk.

Kesha’s team says that’s not only unrealistic and potentially damaging to her career, but also on par with slavery.

That’s par for the course for Alabama, which has five straight No.

Yeah, it’s all par for the course this year.

The rates are on par with human influencers, using engagement and followers as metrics.

He says this shouldn’t come as a shock either … claiming it’s just par for the course for American cops.

“I was three-under par, had a rough patch, had to scramble, work hard, keep my round together.

“Right away we’ve got a tough par four right from the get-go.

Trump’s warm feelings toward Najib are par for the course.

I’m delighted when I see companies who offer both paternity and maternity leave on par.

“We don’t really have hard evidence of this right now.” That doesn’t mean what happened is par for the course.

By causing health care expenditures to skyrocket, it could prompt economic damage on a par with the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

But as any SVU viewer can attest to, it’s par for the course.

Even if it sounds a lot like technospeak, it’s par for the course for the mysterious digital artist.

“An order to remove content based on a political decision is just par for the course,” the voice continues.

That might be par for the course on Twitter, but notsomuch at the Emmys — at least not until now.

“Globally, Egypt feels like a classic nascent entrepreneurial ecosystem on par with its neighbors in North Africa and the Middle East.

“I knew if I shot under par I would win.

Lying to defend the indefensible is pretty much par for the course in his administration, at least judging by its first 11 days.

Tiger didn’t hit great at the tourney — yet still managed to finish his first round just 1 over par.

But that kind of behavior is par for the course with Trump, several other advisers told Politico.

Or have we merely assembled here as gullible, unwitting accomplices to the engineering and celebration of self-censorship par excellence?

Sounds about par for the course.

“I helped at least a dozen women request raises so that they would be paid on par with their male peers,” she said.

It’s half a lobster, we par cook it a little, then it goes on the grill for a minute.

I think Google is trying to offer a high-end experience — on par with anything Apple is doing — as well as its own smarts.

This 4K release is on par with the outstanding upgrades done for Ridley Scott’s other movies “Alien,” “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator.”

The costs are also on par with

Defending champion So Yeon Ryu of South Korea was at even par through six holes when play was halted.

He thought it was ironic that people who supported laws like the Luxembourgian bill would cite animal rights as on par with environmentalism.

Workers at the facilities would be paid on a par with public school teachers.

But instead of blasting away at par 5’s with a trusty driver, he rarely approached the tee with anything heavier than a three-wood.

In 2017, naming a song “I Feel Like Dying” is par for the course.

But Koepka watched his nine-foot putt slip by the cup, settling for a par to give Woodland some breathing room.

Most people don’t think of Atlanta as a sprawling, car-choked commuter nightmare on par with Los Angeles, but it is.

This is the same company that did Cecil the Lion and Caitlyn Jenner costumes … so this is just par for the course.

The company’s longer-dated convertible debt would earn an additional premium above par if Tesla were taken private.

His experiments led to city blocks being brought up to par on housing codes.

On Tuesday, Barr maintained he was confident that hate crimes enforcement under Trump is on par with previous administrations.

The EIU said “the cost of living in Seoul is now on a par with that of Copenhagen and Los Angeles.”

B&G Foods’ US$650m term loan B has fallen to around par from a 101 trading range in February.

That’s just par for the course for Suicide Squad and, increasingly, for the entire DC Cinematic Universe it’s part of.

Stupid, unpresidential, par for the course — but not tampering by itself.

Also features George referring to snow as “sugar from Jesus” which is a festive lyric par excellence, in my opinion.

Then came the best part … SHE BURIED THE PUTT FOR par!!!!

While Kemp insists he’s been on par with past secretaries of states in Georgia, the numbers show an increase in names removed.

The error occurred on the par 5 No.

It could have been worse for Johnson, though, as he was three over par after nine holes.

It’s not up to par from my perspective.

I predicted the momos would be on par with the dozens I had consumed in the previous days.

For one, Sanders identifies fighting climate change and global inequality as key security threats on par with Russia and China.

He sank a four-foot par putt at the last to earn special temporary membership on tour, along with a British Open berth.

With a total of 14-under 126, Strick broke Senior Open records for total strokes and score in relation to par through two rounds.

My colleague Ben Zhang thought they weren’t quite up to par for the segment, and he has a point.

And as an artistic choice, the Louvre is par for Beyoncé’s course.

But for Trump, that’s just par for the course.

This is par for the course for the Raptors, a franchise that until recently had little familiarity with success or upward momentum.

Kerr said she was disappointed at the penalty decision but conceded her side were well below par in the first half.

When the curators are male and recognized as possessing a creative vision on par with or exceeding that of the makers, it perpetuates.

Expansion and change are par for the course for any business, especially in a space that has become a lot more crowded.

Namath looks pretty silly now, but that is pretty much par for the course with Jets figureheads.

“We should only be allowed to handle the cases that we can actually handle,” par said.

The 16th hole is a real gem, with its short par four and sloping green.

(In the US, the likelihood of dying by gun violence is on par with dying in a car accident.)

That ethos is, more or less, par for the course when it comes to Marlowe.

That’s four bucks more than the version with ads and on a par with similar services from Hulu and Netflix.

Ci-dessus, des illustrations pédagogiques concoctées par des chrétiens évangélistes américains dans le but de détourner les jeunes têtes de la théorie darwinienne de l’évolution.

“We have only minimal staff at the refinery,” said par Hawaii spokesman Lance Tanaka.

Belon a en quelque sorte fait le buzz, et son dragon a été repris par les encyclopédistes de la Renaissance.

Il lui a été offert par Louis XIII.

par ailleurs, on peut se demander si le travail de Senter et de ses co-auteurs, pris isolément, a vraiment une utilité pédagogique.

Ces articles ont certes été acclamés sur les réseaux sociaux par les scientifiques, les journalistes et autres médiateurs scientifiques, etc.

The national team will be continuing their legal fight to be paid on par with their male counterparts.

(This movie resurrects him in slightly inexplicable but highly thrilling fashion, which is par for the course with all of its story choices.)

For him, firing Comey and pinning it on Sessions and Rosenstein seems par for the course.

Ahmed’s case is par for the course.

This sort of fear mongering is par for the course for Trump.

It would also seem par for the course for a candidate who has been so willing to violate basic norms of decency.

(Some studies suggest this is on par with the rates of child sex abuse committed by the general population).

The VirZoom has an apartment-friendly size, but still clocks in at $399.95, on par with other home fitness equipment.

As for eyeballs, Goldman Sachs projects viewership to reach 300 million by 2022, putting it on par with the NFL.

This year, Philadelphia has the 26th best offense in the league with Simmons on the court (on par with the tanktastic New York Knicks).

Now, her accomplishments are on par with Phelps’.

That kind of divisiveness has become par for the course with Swift.

Steph Curry scored a quiet 23 points last night, which is a lot for many, but sub par for him.

As far as stress-inducing outfits go, this summer-puffer situation isn’t exactly on par with RiRi’s close-call stilettos — but it certainly comes close.

Urmson argued that regulators should treat Google’s homemade cars, built without a steering wheel and brakes, on par with human drivers.

Some of this is par for the course when it comes to the Republican party.

Successful inspections are par for the course—Trump-approved golf reference!—at Mar-a-Lago, which has passed muster every year since records became available.

61% of bankers expect the average size of U.S. IPOs will be between $200 million–$299 million, on par with 2018 averages.

“That number is alarmingly high—on par or greater than the number of overdoses at Insite during the same time period.”

Given the amount of conspiratorial garbage that’s come out of the parkland shooting, however, this is par for the course.

Instead of swinging your way to make par, you shoot.

Grubby Elmo impersonators and scantily clad cowboys are par for the course in Times Square.

“Consider the poodle: the fluffy stalwart of the Upper East Side, the pooch par excellence of fancy white-glove co-ops.

It makes metal objects that are on par with injection-molded.

Collider promises the ability to handle multiple materials with one machine, structural integrity on par with injection molding processes, and a smooth aesthetic.

I mean, on par with the Star Trek holodeck or whatever.

A desirable effect, then, and one on par with the loosening of limbs via the medium of colored, sugary-looking alcohol.

In terms of functionality, the mobile app is also getting a few new features that put it on par with the web version.

But it’s also kind of par for the course for me, so I don’t think anyone will mind.”

The pivotal moment came at the eighth hole, where he holed a clutch 10-foot putt to save par and stem the bleeding.

— Water resistance on par with Apple Watch.

So now you have the demos up to par, you pulled together a press kit, and then you started shopping him around?

“Sadly it’s par for the course for having a baby soon,” Levine said, apologizing for the band’s recent tour schedule reshuffling.

Otherwise, we are looking at “a post-antibiotic era,” a threat on par with terrorism.

I recall an interaction on a wide-open par five fairway between the a randy member of a foursome and a concessions cart driver.

But she noted that Republicans also haven’t faced another new case on par with the allegations against Roy Moore.

The work is opulence par excellence drenched in shades of vermillion, yellow, and purple.

The university art museum places our campus on par with research institutions.

As an emblem of drug-company greed and callousness, Mylan isn’t quite on par with “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, but it’s close.

She even told that she’s not very discreet with her PDA so this might be par for the course for these two.

But staying mum on how it will be spent is par for the course.

Prince refused to let Ebony record or transcribe the interview as they went, which was par for the course with him.

That figure represents 53.2 percent of China’s population, meaning that it is almost on par with the population of Europe: 743 million people.

He hit the next shot for par — but the damage had already been done.

These margins are on par with some pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and well above the margins for insurers and drug distributors.

The camera’s daytime performance is very good, though maybe not quite up to par with some other flagship phones.

This year, Philadelphia has the 26th best offense in the league with Simmons on the court (on par with the tanktastic New York Knicks).

Do you level up your archers or melee fighters first, or keep them on par with one another?

Not exactly a Tate Modern, but certainly on par.

Tonight, 100 million people wee expected to watch the debate, an aggregate audience on par with the Super Bowl, albeit across many networks.

The freshman Democrat also said she likes Joe Biden’s plan, but said his goals and timeline were not up to par.

But hospitals are more on par with pharmaceutical giants and insurance companies than soup kitchens.

He eventually went on to make par on this par 5.

Volunteering became a civic duty on par with taxes, and everyone had their reasons.

On the one hand, this is par for the course with such a long-running, beloved franchise.

Cabanding uses acrylic paint, and often mixes his own colors to make sure his replica is on par with the original.

But while this seems on par with what many medical schools offer, it’s not nearly enough.

I did experience very occasional dropouts, but that’s par for the course with even teh best among these devices.

This is par for the course for Trump, who often only makes himself available to questioning from interviewers who range from friendly to fawning.

He also doesn’t do anything on par with his last AHS character, Freak Show’s supremely sick Dandy Mott.

And perhaps that’s par for the course when you’re a celebrity.

It’s just not especially revolutionary, despite his rhetoric—which is par for the course.

Fassbender’s succinctness is a little on par with Jack “I’m sorry.

HIV is now a manageable condition, requiring maintenance on par with, say, diabetes (as oft remarked), but otherwise allowing a pretty normal life.

For the most par, everyone’s too busy searching for people who know that Metallica isn’t a fashion brand.

The September 28 Easter egg is par for the Swiftian course.

That latter figure would put him on par with Democrats’ desired spending.

Studies have shown that women with children are less likely to be hired, promoted, and paid on par with their childless peers.

Already, Highsmith believes that Walden has a mind for offensive strategy is on par with Mumme.

Which isn’t to say all the above jobs were failures on a par with that one.

I’ve been wearing them, and the quality is fine — pretty much on par with the competition.

That’s a solid number, and on par with the trend of the last year.

Hotel rooms suspended above the ocean are par for the course here.

This feature will bring Google’s Shared Albums a bit more on par with Facebook Moments, the social network’s private photo-sharing app.

But it is Uber, so it’s also par for the course.

It’s a 137-yard par 3 and most are happy to just to get on the green.

Other categories can remain on par with traditional pricing, or compete on price if they are willing to cut into the margin.

Some of Cruz’s strength and flexibility just wasn’t up to par with what the rest of his body was used to.

Last week, a member of the Scottish parliament introduced legislation that would make spanking a crime on par with assault.

“Don’t tell Mama” what Mama already knows is par for the course in Wind Gap, I’d imagine.

The victory landed Medina on a popularity level nearly on par with Brazilian soccer star Neymar.

She’s ultra-fallible, relatable par excellence.

“So every time I see something come out on him doing something off the field that’s positive … it’s par for the course.”

For front-woman Aluna Francis — who performs to sold-out crowds on the reg with English electronic duo AlunaGeorge — that’s simply par for the course.

We’re told that’s on par with actor Bryshere Y.

Sure, the nighttime-only dimensions of her clutch were par for the course for the glitzy gala circuit.

Basically it’s about on par with an iPhone 7 Plus in terms of what you can do with having two lenses there.

Man, I’d have to look at the exact dimensions but we’re talking about in the same par as the big iPhone.

Though, to be fair, when you have had skin in the game as long as DN Capital, failure is par for the course.

USA Today’s David Colton deems it “worthy of concern” on par with Donald Trump’s total lack of financial disclosure.

Price-wise, SPiN is on par with, if not slightly cheaper than, Mission Bowling Club, the original hipster activity-based bar and lounge in San Francisco.

I thought I was getting older and it was par for course.

Others deemed it par for the course.

Last month, Google announced that its mobile ads have driven two billion app downloads, a figure on par with Facebook.

All of which sound pretty on par with the real ingredients that might go into a homemade apple pie.

That’s roughly on par with Russia, which is currently suffering under punishing international sanctions.

Weed is still a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law — on par with heroin, LSD, and other dangerous drugs.

Two panels will appeal to the athletes: Dude, Where’s My par?

Ryan sought to downplay the significance of the opposition so far, calling it par for the course.

Ryan sought to downplay the significance of the opposition so far, calling it par for the course.

Tonight, 100 million people wee expected to watch the debate, an aggregate audience on par with the Super Bowl, albeit across many networks.

(This refiled version of the story removes reference to margin of victories in par 16).

The scale of Game of Thrones is on par with works like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, or J.R.R.

I see a guy with a “Free Hugs” sign, which seems par for the course at convention protests.

This is almost on par with Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil, in Brazil, during the World Cup.

The study showed that the pollution from glider trucks is on par with that from completely new trucks.

This is par for the course.”

This is par for the course.”

Getting tangled up in everyday objects (scarves, seatbelts, sunglass arms…) has always been par for the course.

That’s on par with some of the fastest pay-rate increases we saw back in the mid-2000s.

“We want to show that Latin American art is on par with what you see in Europe and Asia,” says O’Brien.

Bringing up “gay experiences,” as if they’re on par with a history of cheating or massive debt, is vilifying to bisexual people.

Hate from men online just because you’re a woman with an opinion is par for the course these days.

For people like Dodie, who’ve opted into the YouTuber lifestyle, rescinding boundaries is more par for the course.

He rounded things out with this par putt on 18: Not bad at all.

And so Pierce began a quest on par with Kevin Shields’ epic stab at refining My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, to achieve perfection.

UPDATE: Stenson officially won the British open, besting Mickelson by two strokes at a whopping eight under par.

They copied technologies from First World economies until they were on par and even overtook the First World countries.

So what it would take to bring US transit up to par?

And, of course, dealing with government officials is par for the course when it comes to real estate.

Using a highly unusual political appearance as an excuse to announce that his hotel is open for business is par for the course.

Some conservative groups consider this to be on par with abortion, and, therefore, classify copper IUDs as abortifacients.

She also chopped off an inch or three, which is par for the course when you’re lightening up so dramatically.

The government has vowed radical change to put its sector on a par with Botswana and South Africa.

This is par the course for Morabito, who often sets legible figures within illegible picture planes.

My excitement about this pregnancy is on par with the release of a new single.

Unfortunate as it is, Jones has noted that harassment is par for the course.

Sony’s audio prowess has created a pair of cans on par with what you’ll get from Bose.

It’s just par for the course.

“I made the putts from five-to-seven feet when I needed to for par to keep the momentum on my side.

I must have met 18 people at Bloomberg along the way, which is sort of par for the course on a Bloomberg hiring process.

It’s true: HR and leadership issues are almost always par for the course with startups, especially ones that grow fast.

Revenue is forecast at around 50 trillion KRW ($44.1 billion), roughly on par with 49.78 trillion KRW one year previous.

In terms of hiring, the show is on par with the rest of the comedy scene.

Basically, this is par for Trout’s course.

Of course, these tweets are all in good fun and becoming par for course for these brothers.

These are events that are so on par with their subjects that you assume the breaking news is old news.

They categorize all sex between men as inherently risky, on par with intravenous drug use.

While it may come naturally to some, it can require years of practice and training to get your get your glutes up to par.

With 195 bond measures totaling $41.7 billion, California issuers accounted for nearly 60 percent of the total par amount of debt on ballots nationwide.

Of course, while Rebecca has her flaws, she’s definitely not on par with Mother Gothel.

Meal kit services have been in the public light lately thanks to Blue Apron’s sub par performance on the public market.

He would go on to par the hole.

Firstly, as is par the course with the Olympics, I had to stretch off.

Pour avoir dénoncé les horreurs de #Daech par tweets, la « justice » me soumet à une expertise psychiatrique !

It is on par.

Els had a 2-foot putt for par on the opening hole of the Masters.

Its IVF services are on par with other options in the market, costing $10,000 to $12,000 — not including medications — for one cycle of IVF.

“For most people of color and Hispanics … this is par for the course.

Chappell was eliminated with a par on the first extra hole.

In these filmmakers’ minds, encountering a trans woman is just another slapstick gag, on par with a well-placed banana peel.

The beauty market is fairly fruitful when it comes to weed-imbued products, but the fashion offerings still aren’t nearly up to par.

This is a summer jam par excellence and you can check it out exclusively here on THUMP.

So we were absolutely on par when it came to actually getting votes.

This means that posting sponsored content is not only par for the course, it’s necessary for bringing home a paycheck.

If you’re Taylor Swift, having a squad is par for the course.

It depends, but they seem about on par with traditional mattresses right now.

Unpredictability is par for the course in Turkey says, Cem Sertoğlu, a partner with the venture capital firm Earlybird.

For me, on a par with Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, is [James] Joyce’s Dublin.

“The stock had really run up beyond the expectations of most people who look at fundamentals,” she said, referencing Snap’s sub par financials.

Its most popular evening shows have rarely drawn audiences on par with their competitors on Fox.

The wait has been for the startup to get the app ready and up to par with what the team has built on iOS.

That’s pretty par for the course there, in my experience.

Think of it like a Rubik’s Cube, where every move has a ripple effect, and solving multi-faceted problems is par for the course.

As is par for the course this season, Dev heads home alone once again.

The formal variety is on par with what you would get from any major anthology in the US (excepting spoken-word poetry).

“It was huge,” Karain said of the par.

That puts the product roughly on par with the Apple Watch.

Likewise, no credible expert thinks the Iran deal is a disaster on par with appeasing Hitler.

And that’s keeping in mind that butt shots, suplexes, and lighting themselves on fire are all par for the course at this point.

In fact, the paper is a tour-de-force on par with the best of the white papers I’ve seen.

Golden popcorn, intense lip-locks, and on-stage hilarity are all par for the course at the MTV Movie Awards.

And there are the saps like me, for whom watching Love Actually is a yearly ritual on par with birthday cake and spring cleaning.

Apple’s diversity numbers in the non-tech and retail sectors are basically on par with those areas elsewhere.

Shannon is a little more reserved in her writing but sees erotic scenes as par for the course in fan fiction. Inc tumbled 7.1 percent after it not just missed quarterly sales estimates, but also gave a below par holiday-season sales forecast.

“The level of threat activity we’ve seen is really on par with past conventions.

And, as has become par for the course, the episode includes more disturbing revelations about the guards.

But it’s par for the course for Big TV to flex on smaller distributors, he told me.

For many working adults, salivating at the thought of sleeping in on our days off is par for the course.

As soon as the show wrapped, ending on par with the book, fans were eager for more.

In 2016, though, both women released beautiful albums that are only on par with each other.

This lack of diversity would be on par for this installment of the show, though.

The whole scenario is right on par with the long-fabled feud between the two men.

I wanted to be taken seriously and be on par with other fitness professionals.”

The disappointing CES was really par for the course following a fairly lackluster — and in some cases toxic — 2016.

par for the course.

It is precisely this idea that gives her own paintings a sense of being about pure abstraction par excellence.

The keyboards were sub par, the screens were bad and processing just crawled.

The deal positions Bayer to stay on par with or ahead of its biggest industrial rivals.

The 2038 par bond closed up 0.5 percent at 65.69, yielding 7.06 percent.

However the shipping options and quality are on par with similar solutions like Warby parker and Bonobos.

(Refiles to fix truncated attribution in par 24.)

I ordered a pair of the slim jeans to try and they came quickly and were on par with similar department store brands.

PayPal would also make adding cards from Visa or MasterCard a clearer option on par with adding a bank account.

Apparently, this is just par for the course now.

The P20 Pro is on par with other flagship Android devices.

The app also lets hosts share photos through messaging, which brings it more on par with a true messaging experience.

Or do you figure that’s par for the course with any change at Twitter?

The system has lead to a resource that the journal Nature puts on a par with the Encyclopaedia Britannica for scientific accuracy.

Nothing else is up to par,” said Zamora.

With a sub par public transportation system, the ridesharing app makes it significantly easier to find my way around San Francisco.

Forgetting your dog’s age is, you know, kind of par for the course for owners.

Perhaps most of all, they posit bodies as transgressive— partitioned and fluid, interchangeable desiring-machines — non-normative par excellence.

Gauguin was an art collector, artist, artisan, and mesmeric erotic myth-maker par excellence, but no alchemist.

La Collection vue par Alain Platel continues at MADmusée (Belgia, Rue Fabry 19, 4000 Liège, Belgium) through May 3.

In the not-so-distant days when every apartment and home had a landline, scam calls seemed par for the course.

So, getting a gash on the head in a tale of survival at all costs is just par for the Shailene Woodley course.

But when first-generation students received the interdependent letter, their performance was on par with continuing-generation students, who have at least one parent attend college.

But Zaire 74 was a singular moment, on par with Woodstock in a more justly written history of international popular music.

After adding more networks in March, the price of the service has risen to $40/month — on par with some other streaming service prices.

“Could have been easily a few over par, and I just fought with what I had.

That’s on par with the average pace for 2017, which is 46 deals per month.

Their struggle has been masked somewhat by the success of new rewards schemes that have given them par with the previously untouchable AmEx.

That’s roughly on par with the pace of dealmaking in the year-ago period, which had 222 M&A exits using similar parameters.

Personally, I think it’s all par for the course.

For Samsung, however, it’s really just par for the course.

Garcia finished with a 75 and at even par overall, remaining within four shots heading into the weekend.

AI will become self-aware and experience an “intelligence explosion” that comparatively puts humans on a par with other primates, if not ants.

He played an amazing 2,148 tournament holes at Augusta over 43 years and finished with a par on the 18th.

Ensuite, Orange Cash génère des cartes virtuels Visa qui pourront être utilisées par Apple Pay.

But they are on par again, and choosing a browser is often a very personal choice.

This means that you can expect traffic jams on par with the usual packed state of L.A. roads — or worse.

You might see a supplement promising gains that are on par with steroids.

So this is just par for the course.

The messaging in the lookbook imagery isn’t exactly on par with being inclusive, either.

So, this new, not entirely GF gluten-free, crust from Papa John’s seems to be par for the course for pizza chains.

In its decision statement, the bank highlighted growing uncertainties in the global economy as the main reason for staying on par.

The static fire has since been scrubbed two additional times, but delays are par the course for the Falcon Heavy.

The seven-year covenant-lite term loan B was issued in Europe’s secondary loan market at par, the tight end of revised 99.5-par guidance.

It’s about on par with Tesla Autopilot,” Hotz said.

par for the course with Trump, this argument bears little relation to the facts.

When we finished, the algorithm spit out a regimen that was on par with what a hairstylist would probably tell you.

Both of these things are par for the course on all these versions of The Bachelor.

In short, it was all par for the course.

To the latter point, this is certainly par for the course.

He’s a visionary on par with Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

Even if the players are slightly not up to par with the rest of the team they just get torn apart by fans.

SilverCloud Health delivers patient recovery and engagement rates on par with traditional face-to-face therapy.

Todd Haynes’s Wonderstruck is filmmaking par excellence and a great film for children to boot.

But negative messaging and powerful imagery are par for the course for PSA commercials like this one.

He told TooFab that his plan is to make Pretty Little Liars on par with everyone’s favorite premium cable series.

It should be considered par for the course by now that there’s no one way to be a model.

The body roll was on par with other SUVs; it wasn’t offensive, but noticeable.

The exhibition’s large entry gallery is bisected by Kerouac’s original manuscript-scroll of the Beat novel par excellence, On the Road.

The report notes the year as effectively on a par with 2015’s record level of European* startup investment.

So that has something to do with it, and we just haven’t pitched up to par there.” The Rockies are 5-1 at Chase Field.

Fed Ex points leader Matt Kuchar (74) missed by two, while Jason Day (74) and Phil Mickelson (79) were five-over par.

Pot is still officially a dangerous drug, on par with heroin, under the Controlled Substances Act.

Specifically, the system has a “word error rate” of 5.9 percent, on par with professional human transcribers.

Its price/earnings ratio is around 10 — on par with stodgy companies like Ford and Verizon.

We’d even say it’s on par with bite-size chocolate bars — maybe.

Like an ageing heavyweight, the 37-year-old Williams clearly still packs a punch but looked well below par and desperately short of sharpness.

Love them or hate them, “gender” reveals have become par for the course for expecting parents.

They eventually learned that their son’s mental development was “completely on par for his age,” Faris explained.

Eastern Iceland is beautiful, and alien, and altogether breathtaking, on par with hiking through the Painted Desert or peeking down into the Grand Canyon.

It’s still not quite on par with the highest-end flagships, but does a solid job mimicking the bokeh effect and highlighting its subjects.

But it’s par for the course, and you need to be able to handle it.

But for this genre, that’s about par for the course.

That said, Spieth held fast to the fact that he’s still at the top of the scoreboard, even after consecutive rounds over par.

Starting on the front nine, he jarred a series of clutch putts to keep the lead, including consecutive seven-footers for par at Nos.

Five players broke par.

That’s about on par with a projected $9 billion in Q2 and $9.1 billion in Q3 of 2015.

On a day when players struggled to break par, Langer had six birdies and was his typically unflappable self.

He did make par on the 12th and finished with a 76.

Michaelina Wautier’s artistic talent was on par with that of her famous male contemporaries, like Rubens and Van Dyck.

The exchangeable notes have both a par and call option on Dec. 1, 2017.

That will certainly save some money, but that type of assistance is on par with other X-prize competitors.

As I recall, the email essentially questions a document that Snowden interpreted as claiming that Executive Orders were on a par with statutes.

As I recall, the email essentially questions a document that Snowden interpreted as claiming that Executive Orders were on a par with statutes.

Erratic and untrue and just plain nasty statements are par for the course at this point, even if some land harder than others.

“The Holy Land is for us Christians the land par excellence of dialogue between God and mankind,” he said.

This is done using an antibody-based test that the founders say produce results on par with what’s done in labs.

But technology applying pressure points to human communications is just par for the course.

That’s now par for the course.

Ab toh kisi ke bhi muh par fekk kar mar do judgement (I can throw that judgment in anyone’s face).

It manages to offend homeless people, as well, by treating toplessness as a social ill on par with destitution.

Although the sweetness seemed on par with a standard Snickers, the salty aspect was salty AF.

Even with the automation, the Astor Place location will have 60 employees, which is on par with other locations.

Historically, this is par for the country’s course.

As is par for the course on this CW show, the season 2 premiere of Riverdale ended with a shocking twist.

Namely, this unbelievable second shot on the 18th hole—a par 5.

Despite the physical and social skills required, direct care workers are some of the lowest-paid workers in the nation, on par with fast-food workers.

This is kind of par for the course, at this point.

Even so, the unexpected nature of Trump’s announcements has become par for the course for many Republicans.

It’s a spirited portrayal, nearly on par with her performance in Reba where she, uh, also basically played herself.

This brings them up to par with Google.

This is par for the course for this institution,” Curbelo added.

The buyback offer for Heta bonds for 75 percent of their par value runs until March 11.

Travel accommodations would be on par with the men, ditto insurance.

For decades, marijuana has been listed as a “Schedule I” drug, placing it on par with heroin.

“God’s Plan” was a smash hit, but that’s par for the course when it comes to Drake’s discography.

All the while, the camera (operated by the cinematographer par Ekberg) presents pop art image after pop art image.

In this day and age, a perfectly curated Instagram is par for the course in the beauty world.

Pretty interesting stuff … but it’s just par for the course with this band.

A golf sesh before one of the biggest days of your life sounds par for the course.

A shirtless @DrewNezbitt made par from the water.

⛳️ The shot ended up pretty good … and Drew was able to save par.

PGA officials tell us … Tiger’s team finished 2 under par — while Phil’s team finished 7 under.

He had a chance for birdie, but had to settle for par after he missed the hole by mere centimeters.

Farrah Abraham on all four is par for the course … except not in front of hundreds of peeps at a fashion show.

The first generation of devices delivered great battery life, but performance wasn’t quite up to par.

Lisa VanAllen was on “TMZ Live” Wednesday, and she told us the descriptions of the new tapes are basically par for the course.

That winning the party paper’s honor list is on par with an affinity with the government is little more than speculative.

And his suggestion is on par with RDJ’s salary for at least the last few ‘Iron Man’ flicks.

What is the best ever grime par in your opinion?

She’s happy, but her parents “have explicitly told me he’s not up to par,” she says.

While seeing Franco nude was certainly a bizarre experience for Brie, it was par for the course when it came to working with him.

It’s a great debate, on par with the arguments that spawned the UFC 20 years ago: Whose style will win out?

Is this Sketch repenting for his sins, or accidentally admitting that some of the work is “sub par“?

Games will stream at 4K resolution with HDR and 60 frames-per-second, on par with high-end gaming PCs.

But come on — a Bachelor Nation veteran should know that swapping spit is par for the course.

When you’re on a budget, it’s easy to settle for winter staples that aren’t quite up to par.

I don’t think the connection with other art forms here is on par with that,” he observes.

If history helps, Spieth has posted eight straight rounds at par or better to open his Masters career – a first for any player.

That two wealthy, white, Russian oligarchs would believe that anything — including the n-word — is available for their pleasure is, sadly, par for the course.

Relatively higher demand pushed premiums to 50 cents, compared with last week when prices were on par with the benchmark.

To be clear, they’re not the best sounding headphones available, but the sound is on par for the price.

That puts our religiosity on par with countries like Turkey and Venezuela and separates us from every other wealthy Western country in the world.

Granted, it was par for the course during that time for web editors to not work as advertised.

And the fact that getting rid of dandruff is now an experience on par with an Herbal Essences commercial?

That’s par for the course for this program: Since a 2013 loss to Notre Dame, UConn’s women are 119-1.

That’s on par for fighter reaction time.

After nearly 40 years in the business, a fashion show for designer Miuccia Prada is par for the course.

system up to par in this area, it requires a ton of training data.

True advanced intelligence will be spirit-like—maybe even on par with some people’s ideas of ghosts.

Now we’re seeing deals that are on a par with or even shorter than U.S. timeframes.

Morris said Lending Club repurchased the loans in question at par in early April and resold them at par to another investor.

Trump is a man of many contradictions; saying one thing and doing another is par for the course, pun intended.

That was actually par for the course for L.A. Law; the series was known for breaking taboos.

It’s also worth noting that Hicks’ salary was on par with other high-earning West Wing staff including Kellyanne Conway.

All par for the course, right?

Oct 11 (Reuters) – Skistar * Says proposes par Nuder as new chairman Further company coverage: (Reporting by Stockholm Newsroom)

In Gilead, working for a newspaper was on par with being a “gender traitor” — but perhaps even worse.

but this is par for the course.

Over the course of the journey, Ezra, Richard, and Jules unlock a nimbleness on par with Maddie’s.

Professionally done makeup is par for the course, as are soft, expensive-looking weaves.

For season three, though, someone did reach out to Wood to let her know specifically that she’d be on par with her co-stars.

While we wish it was just a little bit smoother, it’s definitely on par with other less than $10 bottles.

And then on (the par-five) 17th, I was right in the middle of the fairway there and made par.

On Marie Carmel: Tibi dress, Ellery shoes, Biko x Andrew Coimbra earrings, par ICI by Alynne Lavigne rings.

Ce n’est probablement pas fait par vos clients, donc merci de respecter les infrastructures dédiées aux vélos.

Both the hardware and the software perform up to par.

The three taken together provide a range of content management functionality that puts it on par with its more mature competition.

He’ll big himself up, and par you in the same bar.

In May, I was already seeing numbers on par with what I made last year at high season.”

Try to learn how your background parallels theirs before you assume you should be on par with them.

I was regularly coming in four or five strokes under par, meaning the courses had ceased being a challenge.

It’s all par for the course when you inhabit a title that is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

Not exactly a steal — but these days, pretty par for the fast-casual course.

In January, the first U.S. import of Malaysian crude oil in a year arrived at par Pacific Holdings Inc’s Honolulu refinery in Hawaii.

News declined to comment on whether Rancic’s salary was on par with Kennedy’s when reached by Refinery29.

These factors have made aggressive and scammy marketing par for the course in the cryptocurrency world, and there have even been some outright scams.

“South Carolinians like to say their barbecue is better, just as they like to pretend their state university is on par with ours.

Sometimes I’ll have to break off a little knowledge if it doesn’t look up to par.

The volcano on the island, once dormant, has suddenly become active, and is threatening a species eradication on par with, well, the last one.

Hurme adds that she hopes local and state prosecutors working on these issues can be funded on par with those investigating major white-collar crime.

It’s par for the course: She’s just doing her damn job.

Bower’s incident is par for the course in the life of the modern-day influencer.

Woman Walks Ahead takes this one step forward by choosing to elevate Native American voices on par with the white lead.

That puts this city of 80,000 ahead of Miami (population 440,000) and about on par with Philadelphia (population 1.5 million) over the same period.

Langasque’s final round 66 was enough to claim the runners-up spot on 272, 12-under par for the tournament.

This is par for the course when these kinds of contaminations happen and helps to prevent them from recurring.

That puts the city ahead of Phoenix (population 1.5 million) and about on par with Houston (population 2.3 million).

Time engaged in Kano communities, the company says, averages at 13.5 hours in 30 days, on par with Snapchat.

The bonds traded up on the break by 1.75 points from their par reoffer level.

They were issued at par in mid-February.

Leading the House Republicans seemed on par with becoming mayor of a city while it was burning to the ground.

Anypay, Kyash and other startups could continue to innovate and provide seamless financial services on par with what is available in the United States.

Knowing that RankBrain and similar technologies are almost on par with a human, the rule of law is clear: There are no more loopholes.

It’s all par for this beauty lover’s course, this we know, but where the inspiration came from might surprise you.

Their departure will no doubt usher in a new look for Vogue, which seems par the course for legacy magazines as of late.

Mendelson said, “It’s par for the course.

Since they were issued, the notes have mostly traded below par in the aftermarket.

Funding for VR and AR startups in 2017 is roughly on par with 2016 levels, a Crunchbase News analysis finds.

As a kid, even in college, that was par for the course.

In fact, lifting weights just twice a week led to a remission rate that was on par with antidepressants.

“The faster the company is diluting shareholders, the harder the company has to work just to get up to par,” Roe said.

It was an ultimate high, better than acid, certainly, and on a par with the birth of my kids.

In each image, you’ll see an extravagance on par with the books’ and movie’s.

Every time I opened Instagram, it seemed like another blogger was sporting one of Réalisation par‘s many cherry-print dresses and blouses.

In hindsight, all of those get ups they wore definitely seemed strange, but they were par for the course in the 70s.

The fight lit up the internet — which is par for the course for a family that delights in breaking the internet.

You hustle like that long enough, and it just becomes par for the course.”

Calculated posts and polished Instagrams are par for the course for DJs and musicians on social media.

Sharing dancing videos is just par for the course with this couple.

It’s wish fulfillment on par with the show’s nonsensically opulent apartments.

In these filmmakers’ minds, encountering a trans woman is just another slapstick gag, on par with a well-placed banana peel.

It would also put it on par with others including Dish’s SlingTV and Sony’s PlayStation Vue.

We hope par in a sentence examples were helpful.