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Pedro pablo Kuczynski.

Though he shares few of his political commitments, in many ways, Trudeau campaigned in the style of Podemos’s pablo Iglesias.

Featured works include those by Jean Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, pablo Picasso, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, and many more.

There, the work of pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne, and Wassily Kandinsky astounded the American public.

Juan pablo — arguably a more controversial/hated ‘Bachelor’ than Chad Johnson — found love for real … on Instagram.

The sale’s top lot, pablo Picasso’s “Vase Aztèque aux Quatre Visages” (1957), sold for £93,750 (~$123,000).

The sale’s top lot, pablo Picasso’s “Plat à la tête de faune” (1948), sold for £93,750 (~$123,000).

Pineda said he and writing partner pablo Ferrer never saw sexual diversity represented on television when they were young.

“He must be tried for this case by Mexican judges in Mexican courts,” Juan pablo Badillo Soto told reporters outside the jail on Saturday.

(The real Barry Seal was murdered in 1986 by contract killers hired by pablo Escobar.)

She’s helped him design sets for MASSIVE tours including Touch The Sky, Glow in the Dark, Watch the Throne, YEEZUS and Saint pablo.

Devlin designed Kanye’s floating stage for Saint pablo in 2016.

pablo Ross, the reproductive biologist leading the research, insists there is a “very low potential for a human brain to grow.”

Chance kicked off the year with co-writing credits on several songs for West’s The Life of pablo, released in February.

Attorney Juan pablo Badillo called it “physical and mental torture.

Noorzai, a man sometimes called the pablo Escobar of Afghanistan, is serving his sentence in a high-security prison in California.

Victor Cruz has something in common with everyone who partied in the ’80s … he’s addicted to pablo Escobar’s product.

Shirts, hoodies, and jackets emblazoned with the “I feel like pablo” line from “No More Parties in LA” hung on sparsely situated clothing racks.

The merchandise mirrored pablo’s punk-inspired visual aesthetic, much of it purposefully simplistic and employing short messages written in a typeface resembling gang tattoos.

By dinnertime Sole Street’s Instagram had a wide spread of I Feel Like pablo merch.

Regardless of party, that provides hope,” said pablo Syper, head of trading at Mirae Asset Global Investments.

pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, or Piet Mondrian?

The sale’s top lot, pablo Picasso’s “Femme nue couchée” (1965), sold for $1,239,000.

Christie’s sold pablo Picasso’s “Colombe volant (à l’Arc-en-Ciel)” for £10,625 (~$13,595) during its Modern Edition online sale.

Just like you.” Memento Mori Tattoo by pablo Garcia is funding on Kickstarter through April 5.

Kevin Spacey: Brother Makes Wild Claims pablo Escobar: $50 Mil Plan To Impeach Trump Omarion: Lil Fizz Can Hook Up W/ My Ex!

Natalie Portman stars as Jackie Kennedy in Chilean director pablo Larraín’s abstract take on the days immediately following John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

While The Life of pablo’s album art evoked MS Paint, ye evokes an Instagram Story.

Kanye West just left his mark on Fairfax Ave … attracting hundreds to a surprise store for his “The Life of pablo” collection.

In the 1980s, drug lord pablo Escobar smuggled four hippos into Colombia for his personal zoo.

The outcome provides a more mixed picture than the April 28 general election, said political sciences professor pablo Simon.

We’ve been negotiating for years,” said DREAMer and Washington activist Juan pablo.

Kanye hasn’t been on stage since cancelling his Saint pablo Tour last November.

The British Museum acquired 16 lithographs prints and 3 aquatint prints by pablo Picasso.

Thanks to an old buddy (pablo Schreiber), Will has nabbed the contract to inspect the building.

“We will not kneel to anyone,” said Juan pablo Guanipa, who won the oil-rich western Zulia state.

(We still managed to review The Life of pablo 41 times, though).

I wrote Saint pablo after admitting to my greatest shame my personal debt.

We’re only one night into the Saint pablo Tour and it’s already, very literally, way, way up.

All of these techniques have culminated in West’s latest album, The Life of pablo.

(Though it all could be sly promotion for his new album The Life of pablo.)

Back in February, a track from Kanye’s The Life Of pablo caused more controversy than the rest of the record.

4 seed pablo Carreno Busta of Spain or Italian Lorenzo Sonego, who saw their semifinal match suspended by rain with Sonego leading 6-3, 5-5.

pablo Vasquez, 38, is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection at 6pm.

pablo Vasquez, 38, is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection at 6pm.

pablo Picasso once took in an injured owl, bandaged its claw, and gave it a home in his kitchen.

It has informed the way we view the messy roll-out for his latest album, The Life of pablo.

Since its unveiling, however, the discourse surrounding The Life of pablo has expanded far beyond the weird excellence of that early release party.

Advanced genius or not, The Life of pablo is that album for Kanye West.

No shirts were taken off, twisted around hands and spun like helicopters at NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte … and Petey pablo is pissed.

He calls Donald Trump “mi amigo” and says he met pablo Escobar once, adding that the legendary Colombian drug lord had a “big house.”

pablo Escobar’s brother just put Netflix on alert — cut us in on “Narcos” … or else.

Roberto claims undying loyalty to pablo, saying, “I was pablo‘s closest ally, managing his accounting and he is my brother for life.”

During a press conference on March 12, Peruvian President Pedro pablo Kuczynski expressed his full support for the minister.

During a press conference on March 12, Peruvian President Pedro pablo Kuczynski expressed his full support for the minister.

But Dominic Thiem was already in the room, speaking with reporters following his win against pablo Cuevas.

Austrian authorities arrested six suspects in connection with a criminal group attempting to sell fake paintings by pablo Picasso.

Longoria and pablo Sandoval also had RBI singles in the inning.

After releasing “30 Hours,” West tweeted that his new album, The Life of pablo, is being mastered and will be released imminently.

One of the brothers was a pilot for pablo Escobar, and a sister married into the Fabio Ochoa family, which co-founded the Medellín cartel.

20 pablo Carreno Busta of Spain retired from their match early in the second set because of an injured abdominal muscle.

When drug kingpin pablo Escobar was killed by the Colombian National Police in 1993, he left a vast and bloody legacy in his wake.

The video, directed by Bradley and pablo, drips sexuality in black and white.

Watch: How pablo Escobar’s Legacy of Violence Drives Today’s Cartel Wars

That story involves pablo Escobar, Ronald Reagan, the assassination a top official in the Catholic church, and a brazen prison break.

Leading up the release of The Life of pablo, West had been acting more outrageous and more vocal than usual.

The third season of Netflix’s crime series Narcos may not have pablo Escobar, but the drug trade didn’t die with him.

We knew it would drop, we felt it would be this weekend, and now finally, Kanye West’s The Life of pablo is streaming.

The Life of pablo contains a stacked list of guest spots from both rappers and producers.

The Life of pablo: 01 Ultralight Beam [ft.

This week’s special discount code is pablo.

The majority of The Life of pablo didn’t quite grant that, though there were flashes of him opening up those parts of himself.

The work hangs close to other half-complete portraits by pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Lucian Freud, and Elizabeth Peyton.

Pedro pablo Kuczynski became Peru’s new president this Thursday amid much talk about his international business career, and technocratic background.

“From the first moment I arranged all immediate support for the rescue of the victims in this emergency,” President Pedro pablo Kuczynski tweeted.

Pedro pablo Kuczynski became Peru’s new president this Thursday amid much talk about his international business career, and technocratic background.

Islamic terrorist groups are far from being a band of bearded pablo Escobars with international reach.

Finally, a representative for Kanye confirmed the morning of November 21 that the year’s remaining Saint pablo dates have been canceled.

As one of the most celebrated moments on The Life of pablo, the track, arguably, belongs to Chance.

That’s why pablo Sandoval’s weight continues to be such a source of fascination (he’s skinny this year).

Registrars at the Museum of Modern Art rediscovered the disassembled pieces of the original stretcher for pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” (1942).

“The time of Sanchez’s government has ended,” Popular Party leader pablo Casado told reporters before the protest.

One of the biggest players of the past, who supplied Colombian kingpin pablo Escobar, was Demetrio Chávez, alias “Vaticano.”

When Kanye West released The Life of pablo in early 2016, he was praised for pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

Let’s think about how many books there are about [pablo] Picasso or [Edgar] Degas.

The Kray Twins had their three-piece suits and pablo Escobar always wore … erm, nautical sweaters?

A year later, West offered a more direct commentary on politics during a post-election stop on his Saint pablo Tour.

The following year, she co-starred in Mike Mills’s 20th Century Women and pablo Larrain’s Jackie.

The great grandson of pablo Picasso is stoked Kanye West named his new album primary after the famous painter.

“Control+Select All+ Delete” by Juan pablo Fuentes.

I liked his last album—it’s called The Life of pablo, I think?—it’s so good.

He sang two songs from The Life of pablo, and the performances went relatively smoothly.

Outside Webster Hall right now #pablo and eventually so did West himself.

Former San Juan resident pablo Prieto says, “It’s always been a thing.

There’s also plenty of Montreal names, with Frankie Teardrop, Project pablo, and Misstress Barbara holding it down for their home city.

You even see a little bit of, like, pablo Picasso going on here.

Norwegian producer, Lido, has remixed Kanye West’s recent LP The Life of pablo and uploaded it for free download on

In search of his artistic identity, the 18-year-old pablo Ruiz Picasso arrived in France from Spain in 1900.

We broke the story … lawyers for “Narcos” called BS on pablo for filing paperwork claiming ownership of “Narcos” in connection with a website.

Miami’s pablo Lopez allowed four hits, one walk and one run, striking out seven in six innings.

4 seed pablo Carreno Busta of Spain.

Longoria took third on the Padres’ throw to the plate, then scored on a sacrifice fly by pablo Sandoval.

Graffiti of pablo Escobar, the notorious drug lord, outside a bar in El Bronx.

“I think we are also going to achieve this (a government deal) at the national level,” pablo Iglesias told La Sexta TV.

Aqil was inspired by his “all-time favorite artist,” pablo Picasso, to create a three-part series called ” Mimic.”

Not unlike girl in red, Boy pablo are all about distilling the general lovesickness and joy and embarrassment of being young.

The sale’s top lot, pablo Picasso’s ceramic vase, “Gros Oiseau Picasso A.R.

Juan pablo Badillo, a lawyer representing Guzmán, said on Saturday that his client could not be extradited.

Cast your mind back, if you will, to February and the run-up to Kanye West’s seventh solo album The Life of pablo.

The Collection now includes 83 works by Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Fernand Léger, and pablo Picasso.

UPDATE (February 2, 2016, 8:02 PM): Kanye West has officially named his album The Life of pablo.

Amidst the odd leaked snippet and rumor, the album vanished (The Life of pablo would become his seventh album, released one year later)​.

pablo is the bedrock of our family, and our children and I would be lost without him.

Unlike the majority of lyrics on The Life of pablo, “Closest Thing to Einstein” sees Kanye on a more introspective tip.

For the time being, you can only stream “The Life of pablo” on Tidal, where it debuted in February.

Lucasfilm story group member pablo Hidalgo hinted Hamill voiced the alien who thought BB-8 was a slot machine.

The collection includes works by Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, and pablo Picasso.

Pineda said he and writing partner pablo Ferrer never saw sexual diversity represented on television when they were young.

“Why pretend otherwise?” (This story corrects name to Pedro Chavez, not pablo Chavez in 26th paragraph.)

GEO spokesperson pablo Paez said recent audits found all of the company’s facilities to be “in compliance” with government standards.

pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel built a model.

pablo dominated the cocaine market, but now it’s spread right across the continent and is growing.

We are reliving pablo Escobar [on TV] while this stuff is still happening out in the world.

UPDATE: Tidal has no information about the release of The Life Of pablo.

San pablo Avenue runs from downtown Oakland, past Berkeley and a bunch of the towns north in the Bay Area.

“I wanted to be the female [pablo] Escobar,” she says.

The intimate drawings of Michelangelo Buonarroti and the largest painting pablo Picasso ever made.

The mural-size painting (more than 30 by 50 feet) is by the 20th-century Spanish master, pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973).

pablo Sandoval was a folk hero during his tenure in San Francisco, affectionately nicknamed “Kung Fu Panda” by at least one former teammate.

We do it on a case-by-case basis, and we did not do it for pablo.”

The risks of another Brandon Webb or pablo Sandoval have not yet outweighed the costs of instituting a league-wide plan.

It’s been nearly three years since artist, musician, and curator pablo de Pinho launched his online art gallery ArtSFBlog.

The sale’s top lot, pablo Picasso’s “Le hibou gris” (1953), sold for $2,412,500.

The well-groomed blonde woman hadn’t heard “Highlights,” or any other song on The Life of pablo.

Which is huge … ’cause the competition (Tinashe, Alexis Ren, Juan pablo Di Pace) is STIFF.

I am thinking of pablo Picasso’s “Woman in a Straw Hat” (1936).

Kanye West’s Saint pablo tour is, we said after its first night​, The Best Concert of All Time™.

Before that, when Juan pablo Montoya arrived after six F1 seasons, his goals were different.

See more of pablo Rochat and Fabio Benedetto’s work on their websites.

On The Life of pablo, the answers, where they can be easily gleaned, are faith and love.

pablo finds him more famous perhaps than ever before but not more powerful.

pablo can feel like a smartly curated playlist in its radical shifts in tone, a quality it shares with 2007’s Graduation.

Like a good playlist, pablo also feels mercurial and subject to sudden change.

The Life of pablo shows us a man reaching for fulfillment in faith and family.

pablo Barbera looked at the political leanings and networks of Twitter users from 2013 to 2014.

“Those people are going to get some kind of award,” said pablo Navarro, 74, a listener inspired by the coverage.

He goes on to conjecture that young pablo’s African masks were modeled on duck carcasses.

These artists repeat across the array of 93 exhibitors: Cy Twombly, Alberto Burri, pablo Picasso (of course), Donald Judd.

pablo Sandoval’s time with the Boston Red Sox hasn’t gotten off to the best start.

“It’s unfortunate that misleading political activism has been allowed to impact a decade-long banking relationship,” said Geo Group spokesman pablo Paez.

Guests so far have included Hunee, Pat Jordache, Project pablo, and more.

Rather than re-use the floating stage design from the Saint pablo tour, Kanye and Cudi were suspended in a large perspex box.

Six of the etchings by pablo Picasso that accompany this tragic literary classic about art and seeing, which hang directly above the book.

Kanye West has been reportedly checked into a hospitalized following the cancellation of his Saint pablo tour.

Meanwhile, Olga and pablo were rapidly climbing the societal ranks in Paris as Picasso’s fame grew.

Of all the unusual releases 2016 has produced, The Life of pablo keeps rising further and further to the top.

The Life of pablo, which was never supposed to be streamed anywhere except for Tidal, is now on all major platforms.

Releasing “The Life of pablo” on Tidal gave it an additional 2 million subscribers, the lawsuit states.

Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol are all represented by little pictogram portraits.

A 10-inch vase in the shape of an owl by pablo Picasso was stolen from ACA Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district.

Michelle Hartney posted the guerilla wall labels next to the artwork of Paul Gaugin and pablo Picasso, calling out their abusive or misogynistic histories.

He served up Dickerson’s grand slam after hitting pablo Sandoval with a pitch and walking two batters.

Eliot, Louis MacNeice, and pablo Neruda, their words cut out in felt and stitched onto garments that match the mood of each text.

pablo Escobar was the one thing about Narcos’ first season that kept me watching.

Make no mistake: Narcos thinks it’s a good thing that the DEA and Colombian law enforcement brought down pablo Escobar.

The exhibition will include works by pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne, and Claude Monet.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse were the 20th century’s greatest artistic frenemies.

“In their meetings, the active side was pablo; the passive, Matisse,” said Françoise Gilot, one of Picasso’s partners.

What do you think, pablo Torre?’ That’s not happening!

His recently launched Saint pablo tour has him literally on high above the masses atop a glowing platform.

Much like The Life of pablo itself, the Saint pablo tour will change “a little bit” as it goes on.

The Jacqueline and pablo Picasso Museum will feature a collection of more than 2,000 works inherited by the artist’s stepdaughter.

Translated by pablo Elizalde, News Editor Find more MotoGP news and analysis on

We talked to ESPN columnist pablo Torre who told us simply that weed is still scary to middle America.

Antonio is here wearing a toupée as he portrays pablo Picasso for the second season of “Genius” on National Geographic.

Podemos leader pablo Iglesias said on Wednesday he was confident that Sanchez would eventually agree to the coalition government Podemos wants.

Her vibrant, patterned gouaches and ceramics drew the attention of André Breton, Henri Matisse, and pablo Picasso.

This one, called pablo, was born at 33 weeks and weighed 3 pounds, 8 ounces—even less than his brothers.

pablo gained weight much faster than Julian.”

Other packets featured Colombian cocaine kingpin pablo Escobar and Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Other packets featured Colombian cocaine kingpin pablo Escobar and Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Other confirmed producers on The Life Of pablo include Boi-1da, Cashmere Cat, Sinjin Hawke, and Metro Boomin.

[The Guardian] + The release of The Life of pablo prompts a comparison between the lives of pablo Picasso and Kanye West.

Kanye, too, used Tidal to exclusively stream pablo while Frank partnered with Apple, who some say even underwrote the cost of his zine.

(Click on to see a related photo essay) Reporting by Nacho Doce and pablo Garcia; Writing by Jake Spring; Editing by Leslie Adler

The only options were an orange longsleeve of The Life of pablo cover and the airbrushed Donda West and Robert Kardashian tees.

The acting that both Mike [Mills] and pablo [Larraín] are interested in is deeply nuanced.

It sits on an island in the Seine, overlooking the Left Bank hangouts of Ernest Hemingway and pablo Picasso.

pablo, focused on a Mexican-American stand-up comic and his family; it was canceled after six episodes.)

Centrist Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra took office in March after his predecessor, Pedro pablo Kuczynski, a vocal critic of Maduro, resigned in a scandal.

It’s been a long, strange road for The Life of pablo.

And make sure you read our 41 reviews of The Life of pablo.

Stand aside Frank Stella, move over pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, László Moholy-Nagy, and Vincent van Gogh — all you white guys who still hold court.

I mean, just look at pablo.

When I arrived, Moicano was already there talking with Caio Marques, Gabriel Barcelar (Moleza), pablo (Navega) and Marcelinho.

It is a crap deal,” said pablo Dilo, a 34-year-old teacher.

Talking about their working relationship, she tells me it sprung from text conversations they were having about ANTI and The Life of pablo.

pablo: I feel running El Kartel in Chinatown is only a positive thing, I don’t identify myself/business as a gentrifier.

Supreme Court judge pablo Llarena also sent five separatist leaders to pre-trial jail, sparking protests across Catalonia.

Kanye West’s always going to have his Hennessy waiting on ice backstage during his Saint pablo Tour … TMZ has learned.

In her wildly popular recent Neflix special Nanette, comedian Hannah Gadsby spends a portion of her performance excoriating pablo Picasso over his misogyny.

10:20 AM PT — Live Nation just told TMZ, “Kanye West’s SAINT pablo TOUR never had a confirmed European leg.

But whoever made these illustrations is no pablo.

Petey pablo’s 2001 hit “Raise It Up” was exclusively about his home state North Carolina’s cities and prisons.

“Kanye just released the dates for his highly anticipated Saint pablo tour.

pablo Lopez (5-5) earned the win, allowing seven hits, one walk and three runs in seven innings, striking out four.

Sanchez met on Tuesday with Podemos leader pablo Iglesias.

The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona appointed Tanya Barson as chief curator and pablo Martínez as head of programming.

pablo Gonzalez Franco, 63, of Marathon, said he’s been sleeping outside for six days.

Some people claim that pablo Escobar was a rocker.

In Medellín, pablo Escobar began to murder and bomb his opponents relentlessly, employing teenage sicarios and professional killers to do his bidding.

On “Feedback”, a track on Life of pablo, West repeats, “I been out of my mind a long time.”

David Rivera, guitarist of Tenebrarum, puts this into perspective: “I have to say this… pablo Escobar was a disgrace for us as a society.

“It’s the inexorable path ahead” because of the erosion in Bunge’s earnings, said pablo Adreani, head of Argentine farm industry consultancy Agripac.

Boston Red Sox Quick Comment: The best $95 million the Red Sox ever spent was on pablo Sandoval not playing for them.

We can’t talk about the development of metal with pablo Escobar at the center of it.”

But I’m still looking forward to the release of their Life of pablo.

Unable to display paintings, she commissioned pablo Picasso to create three ceramic-topped tables for the dining area.

This had been the case with twelve-year-old pablo‘s two older brothers and two older sisters.

So the milk delivery job was a mild boon to pablo and his family.

pablo would be afforded the uncommon luxury of secondary education, which was paid for out of pocket.

pablo would stay behind with his elderly grandfather in the family’s thatch shack.

If the parents were as successful as pablo‘s siblings had been, they would send for him.

pablo finished secondary.

pablo‘s parents had yet to send for him and he didn’t know if they would.

One day, pablo bumped the front wheel of the milkman’s bike into and out of the sluice that lined the family plot.

pablo seemed to have caught his grandfather oversleeping.

Inside the shack, however, pablo discovered that the old man had no breath.

Within days, pablo settled his grandfather’s estate, returned the milkman’s bicycle, and walked out of the pueblo on the thin, rutted road.

pablo purchased this set of wheels shortly after his new career began.

Others in pablo‘s industry have said that he was lucky—in ways that could be named and ways that couldn’t.

pablo became suspicious of this man.

Later, pablo was picked up by a smooth-talking female recruiter.

But pablo wasn’t about to let the authorities get ahold of him.

This is where he met the region’s most famous coyote, a pollero viejo, but by that time, pablo no longer wanted to cross.

pablo became a recruiter of migrants—an enganchador.

Word seemed to have gotten around the bus station and other smuggler haunts, that pablo had made headway with a top coyote.

An enganchador named Juan was pablo‘s age and had also come from the south.

Juan approached pablo in the same casual manner he might a possible client from that region.

“Hola,” he said, leaning against the white wall, next to pablo.

“Buenas,” pablo said.

“Maybe,” said pablo; compliments weren’t often handed around in the village.

pablo,” Juan repeated the common name, biblical name.

Or maybe pablo didn’t take offense simply because it wasn’t a name from the village.

“I’m Juan, like the song,” pablo‘s new friend said, making a little shimmy.

pablo offered no response, letting the gesture fall to the tile underfoot.

Nearby, “La Belle Mexicaine (Maria)” recalls the paintings of Francis Bacon and pablo Picasso, minus the anguish.

It provided stimulus and succor to pablo Picasso for his “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” (1907), for one.

“The Infiltrator”

What it’s about: A US Customs official (Bryan Cranston) discovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord pablo Escobar.

West’s last album, 2016’s “The Life of pablo,” was over an hour long.

Best known for his portraits of pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and Salvador Dalí.

Plus, Giorgio Morandi and pablo Picasso sell at auction.

Peru’s new president, Pedro pablo Kuczynski, has also voiced worries about a Trump presidency.

The sale’s top lot, pablo Picasso’s “Gross Oiseau Picasso” (1953), sold for £118,750 (~$155,000).

Realmuto, Justin Bour, Martin Prado, Christian Yelich, pablo Ozuna, Derek Dietrich, and Ichiro Suzuki posting one-season personal improvements in their adjusted OPS.

Did you know Carson Palmer lived like pablo freakin’ Escobar during his time as QB of the Cardinals?!?!

pablo Carlos Budassi: First of all, I put in the center a background of stars.

riddle — he challenged fans to guess what the initials stood for — and it’s “The Life Of pablo.”

Final track list for The Life Of pablo

And now he has a new album, The Life of pablo.

We, too, feel like pablo (probably Neruda, the one who wrote a lot, because we wrote a lot).

More sketches and paint splotches than portraits, The Life of pablo is a collection of ideas rather than songs.

The show is about pablo Escobar, and more than a few people seemed to confuse one infamous drug lord with another.

On the whole, Life of pablo is not a retrenchment after the shock of Yeezus but will probably seem lightweight in the short term.

Its called like Hey Here Comes pablo, He’s Your Friend.

Kanye West is a shvantz, and with The Life Of pablo, his mercurial, conceited attitude has noticeably outshined his work.

When Kanye West tweeted that The Life of pablo was actually a gospel album, I thought it was cool.

But that would be missing the planets for the galaxy: The Life of pablo is a cosmic paradox.

For Kanye there is no God or Man, only a fathomless intergalactic collision of the two: pablo.

And the world of The Life of pablo is one that I don’t really know.

I mention Newman because I am listening to “Feedback,” a very good song on Kanye West’s new album The Life of pablo.

Kanye probably forgot about this because he was rushing to finish The Life of pablo.

The Life of pablo was forecasted as a gospel album from the words of Kanye West.

Ramirez was sentenced to death in December 2008 for the murder of pablo Castro in Corpus Christi four years earlier, when he was 20.

An initial listen of The Life of pablo doesn’t disappoint.

The Life Of pablo, wow.

I initially thought that Yeezus would have been his most punk rock record, but The Life Of pablo definitely takes the cake.

I didn’t hear a lick of The Life of pablo that afternoon.

Kanye West is three pablos on The Life of pablo.

The sort of thing that happened in the 20th century, with Marcel Duchamp, Igor Stravinsky, pablo Picasso, and — why not?

How did he mesh with the larger than life pablo Escobar?

We got pablo out in NYC, and there are no apparent lingering aftereffects of his recent breakdown.

Now, pablo Osinaga, @P_Osinaga: “What would be the impact for other countries?

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the producers say pablo‘s older bro is making some outlandish claims in his applications.

Fourth-seeded Spaniard pablo Carreno Busta saved four set points in the first-set tiebreak during a 7-6 (6), 6-4 victory against German qualifier Kevin Krawietz.

LIVERPOOL, England — Gilles, Seyed, Hajo, pablo and Joshua figure the politicians aren’t making any progress on Brexit, so it’s up to them.

Free Arts NYC’s current artist partners include Richard Phillips, Sara Foldenauer, Amy Park, pablo Medina, and Paul Villinski.

An ex-agent, pablo Zampolli, has told the Associated Press that he personally secured an H-1B for her.

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include agent pablo Zampolli’s claim that he got Melania Trump an H-1B visa.

The tweet above loosely translates to “Wiz Khalifa is completely insane for visiting pablo Escobar’s tomb and house in Medellin,” FYI.

Fun Fact: pablo Escobar famously owned a sick beach estate in Tulum … but he won’t look nearly as good in a bikini!

Her subjects included Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, pablo Picasso, Alice Neel, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Agnes Martin.

This artist-run nonprofit started in 2009, and is currently co-directed by Sofía Gallisá, pablo Guardiola, and Michael Linares.

The Life of pablo is easily the messiest project he’s ever put his name on; it’s long, sprawling, full of hair-trigger swerves.

The Life of pablo is no exception.

13) “Wolves” Of all the dark, brooding, emotional songs in The Life of pablo’s slow third quarter, this one is my favorite.

Conflicted and melancholy though it may be, The Life of pablo brings good cheer.

What do you remember most about pablo Escobar?When I went down to see him, I didn’t know who he was.

pablo Picasso, too, and his architectonic forms and bold exaggerations.

“For pablo it was anything but.

The prank was started yesterday by pablo Rochat, a San Francisco-based artist whose work includes tap-and-hold games for Instagram.

This city is best known for producing pablo Escobar and his reign, especially since Narcos-fever hit last year.

Kanye says he started taking more pills during the pablo tour.

This is the second time during Kanye West’s Saint pablo Tour that the rapper has interrupted a concert for his wife.

I asked Miro what he personally liked about the pablo Escobar story.

pablo Escobar was a bad man—what purpose does it serve to humanize him?

Luckily, my friend now has The Life of pablo in his possession.

Kanye West’s “Life of pablo” almost certainly alludes to him, though the artist says it was named after Saint Paul, from the bible.

Whether it’s appearing on Yeezy’s The Life of pablo or this Fall 2016 Calvin Klein ad, it’s fine.

Husband, Kanye West, has also postponed the remaining shows in his The Life Of pablo Tour.

Ioan Gruffudd’s character, Paolo San pablo, starred alongside Rachel in “Funny Girl.”

“After  The Life of pablo and  ANTI came out, we started WhatsApping about those albums.

Petey pablo‘s going back to what he seems to know best … bankruptcy.

pablo Escobar was the mastermind behind drug trafficking and narco-terrorism in Colombia during the 1980s.

A single from Kanye West’s “The Life of pablo” is finally available on Apple Music and Spotify.

It sounds like an isolated, complete version of Kirk Franklin’s prayer from the end of his The Life of pablo cut, “Ultralight Beam.”

The Life of pablo is finally on Apple Music, sorta.

Juan pablo Badillo, one of Guzman’s attorneys, told Reuters on Friday that he will be filing multiple legal challenges against Friday’s announcement.

You can’t do it when pablo Escobar et al are controlling the market.

Maybe they’ll switch it up and wear some Life of pablo Tour gear on their next after-dark walk.

In doing so, Twombly achieves a luscious vulgarity that is comparable to certain works of pablo Picasso, but owe nothing to him.

Just hours after cancelling the remainder of his Life of pablo tour, Kanye West has been hospitalized, according to an NBC News report.

You scored a BBC documentary about pablo Escobar, and you’ve recently done live-scoring for films like No Country for Old Men.

CM: We did one big scripted anthology series called “Genius” where we profiled Albert Einstein and then most recently pablo Picasso.

After a week of bizarre antics, Kanye West has officially canceled the rest of his Saint pablo Tour, as People reports.

“To anyone who wants to propose protectionism I suggest that you read the history books about the 1930s,” Peruvian President Pedro pablo Kuczynski said.

He and Kim even regularly brought North and Saint along on the earlier dates of his Saint pablo Tour.

He canceled the remaining 22 dates of his Saint pablo Tour on Monday.

Guys like him and pablo Escobar actually believed they were good guys.”

1″ which is off his 2016 album, “The Life of pablo.”

Dora Maar looked to pablo Picasso as a muse, for instance, just as much as he looked to her.

Spain’s pablo Carreno Busta, Briton Kyle Edmund and Canadian young gun Denis Shapovalov also advanced to the second round.

And given the social relevance of The Life of pablo, it definitely warranted an Album of The Year nom, too.

(pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

pablo Honey is endearing because we now know the band that made it would become something extraordinary not even five years later.

These composition tricks, much like the rest of pablo Honey, are applied as more of an “oh yeah?

It’s most interesting that the only song on pablo Honey that matches “You”’s sophistication closes out the album.

In 2010, Daniel Undurraga and Juan pablo Cuevas, both Chilean entrepreneurs, along with Swedish entrepreneur Oskar Hjertonsson, launched a company called Needish in Chile.

Watch Juan pablo in action here.

Can’t wait for this guy to start feeling like pablo himself again.

What’s been the most memorable?pablo C. Ursusson: We played once in a mausoleum in Oslo, Norway—that was very amazing.

West was hospitalized for exhaustion after abruptly canceling his Saint pablo tour, ultimately spending nine days at the UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital.

During a performance in Seattle on the “Saint pablo” tour, West felt Carter wasn’t supportive after Kardashian’s robbery back in October 2016.

Good flour really makes you feel like pablo.

These came to the attention of Guillaume Apollinaire, who in turn introduced them to many artists, such as pablo Picasso.

There’s something about the correlation between age and experience that seems to be working in pablo Cuevas’s favor right here.

The descent is accompanied by pablo Valbuena’s mesmeric sonic-kinetic-luminous installation “Kinematope (Pommery)” (2016) that techno-electrifies the steep 116-step staircase.

Then, for the next five minutes, the best shot they can get is a contested pablo Prigioni 20-footer with the shot clock running down.

Pictured here, West performs on his Saint pablo tour in a pair of Adidas trackpants that read ‘Calabasas’ down the side.

That was the news Monday, when Goldman Sachs announced that securities division coheads, pablo Salame and Isabelle Ealet, are leaving the bank in June.

But surrounded by the greats—Dora Maar and pablo Picasso; Lee Miller and Man Ray; Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera—anaïs seems to be spiralling.

Have that same energy you had on Life of pablo or any other project your attach your name to.

Check Tidal’s email to The Life of pablo buyers below.

Craig feels like pablo when he owns an album no one can buy.

The hand-painted jacket featured lyrics from The Life of pablo‘s “Famous,” surrounded by two-tone pink roses.

The Saint pablo Tour was controversial, sure.

It’s fitting that pablo Neruda’s book of poems, Canto General (1950), has been a major influence on Gisholt’s work.

)” … Red Sox 3B pablo Sandoval will see Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion regarding Sandoval’s injured left shoulder.

Pre-order Beaubien Dream here and catch Project pablo June 5 at Montreal’s MUTEK.

The comments were made during a show on his Life of pablo tour last fall, not long before West was hospitalized.

So much for Kanye West’s plans to make his new album, “The Life of pablo,” a Tidal exclusive.

That led to thousands of complaints from customers who said they paid “pablo,” but didn’t receive the download.

According to one report, “The Life of pablo” was illegally downloaded by some 500,000 people the day after its release.

Juan pablo Santillan was collecting firewood on July 7, 2012 with his brother when he was killed in Nogales.

“The Life of pablo” is now streaming on the major music services.

Juan pablo Santillan was collecting firewood on July 7, 2012 with his brother when he was killed in Nogales.

The Saint pablo Tour was set to run through Dec. 31, but all remaining shows are cancelled and ticketholders will get full refunds.

Speaking of shopping, Khloé goes on a Saint pablo Tour merchandise spending spree.

pablo Picasso once vented, “That bastard.

Kim is a Saint pablo Tour superfan, which should make for some interesting moments in the episodes to follow.

Flash to New York and the episode switches to footage from the documentary team following Kanye on his Saint pablo tour.

Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Day Sale on June 20 sold £16,563,750 (~$21,040,931) with pablo Picasso’s “Le peintre.

The creator [of Taco Chronicles]—his name is pablo Cruz—it turns out is just a big fan of food and tacos.

Electoral council president Juan pablo Pozo said there would be a new bulletin on Monday morning, but did not state the time.

“If pablo Picasso had been able to see the moon up-close, what kind of paintings would he have drawn?” Maezawa writes.

And Andi Dorfman’s tagline was a wink at her relationship with former Bachelor Juan pablo: “She’s looking for the right Juan one.

If VH1 wanted a member closely associated to the cartels, look no further than Michael Corleone Blanco, whose mom was pablo Escobar’s inspiration.

pablo Isla, Inditex’s CEO and chairman, told local press that Spain represented Zara’s largest market.

The Saint pablo tour rolls into the LA Forum, and Kim shows up to support Kanye.

In the car from the airport, Kim confirms to her publicist that Kanye has canceled the remaining 21 shows of the Saint pablo tour.

There’s also a riff on Kanye West’s “I Feel Like pablo” merch: “I Feel Like Napping.”

The show starts Thursday afternoon at Madison Square Garden where Kanye will release songs from “The Life of pablo” and his new fashion collection.

A Kanye source says after the Saint pablo tour, Ye wants to give groundbreaking performances.

As you know, the Saint pablo stage moved over the crowd, and Kanye loved it.

Maison Raksha, the jeweler behind Toronto Grillz, started making 14k gold “I Feel Like pablo” necklaces right after Kanye dropped his album.

He says he was surprised when Kanye’s stylist responded, and said ‘Ye would love it, but wanted the necklace to simply read “pablo.”

Like, did you know that the Hunger Games star is a budding pablo Picasso/Frida Kahlo/George W. Bush?

That’s “Loving pablo, Hating Escobar” … for the gringos.

For instance, she says the scene of her getting an excessive amount of flowers from pablo is a direct rip from her book.

Though Ansari has another perspective on the Life of pablo rapper.

Jo Ann Thrailkill and Jeff Castelaz lost their son, pablo, to a rare form of cancer when he was six years old.

[Art Forum] + No one knows who is the rightful owner of pablo Picasso’s Bust of a Woman.

And if you doubt that legalizing this way bankrupts cartels, ask yourself: Where’s the pablo Escobar of gin?

Are you ready for the return of Pornstache (pablo Schreiber) to Orange Is The New Black?

Scroll through the gallery for a reminder, along with all the details on what the man who plays Pornstache, pablo Schreiber, is up to.

My husband, pablo, and I have been working to provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to talk to teenagers about pornography.

(Post-wedding, the two appeared on Juan pablo Galavis’s Women Tell All special and discussed the “fireworks” of their wedding night.)

Chilean reality show Happy Together recently featured same-sex couple Julio and Juan pablo, and LGBTQ media portrayals are improving in China, for example.

Comptroller pablo Celi said Correa and former Finance Ministry officials had been notified about investigation.

Other astute comparisons include: Brooklyn hipster, a goth pablo Escobar, a Hot Topic employee, and Bam Margera, the professional skateboarder.

There’s a moment in Kanye West’s Saint pablo tour that forces you to confront this possibility up close.

It is inarguable that plenty of people will wear what is heretofore the coolest outfit of their life to a Saint pablo show.

“This country’s problem is short-term employment,” said pablo Iglesias of far-left Podemos Unidas.

For pablo Simon, professor of political science at Carlos III University in Madrid, Casado and Rivera and failed to land telling blows on Sanchez.

Fan favorites Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy, and Wagner Moura, who played pablo Escobar will be greatly missed. Time will tell if West will go back on his word and release ‘The Life Of pablo’ more widely.

Kanye West has released his long-awaited eighth studio album Ye, the follow up to 2016’s The Life of pablo.

In November 2016, West shuttered his Saint pablo tour following weeks of erratic behavior.

Now, finally, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz will finally star as pablo Escobar and Virginia Vallejo in an upcoming film called Loving pablo.

During the height of Colombia’s pablo Escobar lead narco-violence in the early 90s, Caballero was in college studying business administration.

Petey pablo – 500 Degreez, 2002 On my Tar Heel soul, bless this song for existing.

[The New York Times] + Several of pablo Picasso’s famous bull lithographs were stolen from a German Bank.

Particularly whether he and West were still friends after West’s infamous diatribe during a stop on his Saint pablo Tour last November.

Kanye West: The Life of pablo (Def Jam/G.O.O.D.

And musically, The Life of pablo is a backslid Christian’s anti-Yeezus.

Former Bachelor star Juan pablo Galavis is married.

The Life of pablo is turkey—West’s latest course correction, wittingly casual and easy on the ears.

New Project pablo is good news, so this week had already started well when “Evening Call” dropped a few days ago.

In Season 2, the Cali Cartel had played a crucial role in taking care of the pablo Escobar problem.

The Cali Cartel is the smooth, suave, under-the-radar polar opposite of pablo Escobar’s boastful, arrogant, charming “man of the people” persona.

As Peña says, it was easier to pretend that Cali wasn’t as evil as pablo, because they were stealthier.

pablo Escobar buried his cash, but the Cali Cartel have more sophisticated methods of burying their money, naturally.

He didn’t strongarm people like pablo Escobar.

“Mexico understood how tough the competition for capital was in a very difficult oil price environment,” consultant pablo Medina told Reuters.

Episode 7 — “Sin Salida” We’ve seen pablo Escobar get caught.

As pablo Picasso once said (or was it Igor Stravinsky, or perhaps William Faulkner?

In the case of Narcos, the true story of pablo Escobar continues to unfold in fascinating and terrifying ways.

Following the shooting, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the brother of pablo Escobar, who is now 71.

pablo Sandoval smacked a two-run homer for San Francisco, which lost for the fourth time in the past five games.

Roberto de Jesus Escobar Gaviria was pablo‘s longtime accountant and also managed the Medellín Cartel’s cadre of hitmen.

pablo, Keith, Sebastian, and Earl are the choices; we liked Earl the best.

Fellow co-founder pablo Garcia also worked at Google on the AdWords API team building out data pipelines.

Some pablo Escobatter shit (deeply sorry about that pun, I was just on a real high).

It reads as follows: Hello, Our records indicate you purchased Kanye West’s ‘THE LIFE OF pablo’, and did not receive the album.

Upon the new release, we will send you a download of ‘THE LIFE OF pablo’ to this email address.

All of which is to say that pablo Sandoval can relax.

She lives with her fiancé and her two dogs pablo and Dali.

Because who’s to say that pablo Picasso-worthy artwork is restricted solely to the MoMA?

When pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck was growing up he always loved the work he saw going on around his family’s farm.

The Life of pablo is a very nice person to be with.

Remember the chaos surrounding Kanye West’s release of his new album, “The Life of pablo” last month?

He’s made one of the new songs from “The Life of pablo” available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music.

Plus world premieres from Tyla Yahweh, and Hoodrich pablo Juan & Rizzoo Rizzoo.

And even the homeless “mayor” of her block, pablo (Elvis Nolasco), did not mention ever needing medical attention.

You might recognize the name from the “Life Of pablo” album — which was precisely the inspiration behind KKW’s highlighter and lip gloss kits.

In mid-December of last year, the Life of pablo artist met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York City.

Project pablo – “Dustman”5.

pablo is a local fixture in the neighborhood who annoys Bianca, but bonds with Nola over their love of art.

When her landlady doesn’t answer she finds herself walking the streets with pablo to her parents’ place.

Petey pablo is still a legend for that, forever.

After buying one of the paintings pablo made from trash, Nola goes off on her own to figure out another plan.

She accuses pablo, the “mayor” of the block who bothers no one, of vandalism and intentionally scaring newer residents.

Things come to a head between Bianca and pablo.

When the police arrive, Nola insists that it was her and not pablo who graffitied Bianca’s stoop.

She is trying to protect pablo but both of them are arrested anyway.

In 2006, pablo Ramirez took out a private loan to attend Westwood College, a now-shuttered for-profit diploma mill in Fort Worth, Texas.

That means pablo Ramirez and other borrowers who stopped paying their loans are getting off scot-free.

Without that requirement, I could walk into a court and announce that pablo Ramirez—or, for that matter, Donald Trump—owes me money.

Hilling, 30, spotted Javier pablo Aleman, 46, walking on the side of the highway and stopped to ask him for ID.

Radiohead apparently confessed to the too-faithful homage, so Hazlewood and Hammond are listed as songwriters in pablo Honey’s liner notes.

The Life of pablo has hastened the death of the first golden era of music streaming.

The Life of pablo‘s stream of new content isn’t even close to being over.

That is what Kanye West did with Life of pablo that made gothic-font-on-long-sleeved-tees one of the year’s biggest trends.

Most revealing of all is Chance’s discussion of Kanye West and the inspiration for The Life of pablo.

“Introducing pablo Escoburger,” The World Bar wrote on Facebook.

(That whoosh you hear is Bad Chad and Juan pablo‘s giant sigh of relief.)

On the pablo’s Escoburgers Facebook page, the responses are unsurprisingly mixed.

“We do not condone, idolise or promote pablo Emilio Escobar or his actions in anyway [sic].

The company reported that “pablo” surpassed 250 million streams on its service in its first 10 days of release.

West’s remaining Saint pablo Tour dates have been canceled.

The 36-year-old/new Juan pablo then told Kufrin that, LOL JK, he actually wanted to be with the girl he dumped weeks earlier.

pablo Sandoval hasn’t been great for a minute.

People have done awful things on The Bachelor in the past, like when Juan pablo dumped Clare Crawley on The Bachelor.

And he can prove pablo Escobar is the ultimate lesson in marketing.

Juan pablo Galavis told Entertainment Tonight this week that he’s thankful for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s finale switcheroo.

Photos by pablo Vasquez 4/20 in LA.

Fuller House, the Netflix original based on Full House that introduced fans to the adult Tanner sisters, got Fernando (Juan pablo Di).

“We will not kneel to anyone,” said Juan pablo Guanipa, who won the oil-rich western Zulia state.

West shared on Twitter: “my favorite moment of walking into MSG to play Saint pablo.

pablo Picasso had his blue period.

pablo Herrera, a Spanish beach volleyball player, said booing “belongs to the game.

“For me writing is like breathing,” the poet pablo Neruda told the Paris Review in 1971.

For every pablo Neruda, there are dozens of farters like me.

For example, watch a Channel 4 roundup with Szatan and Project pablo below.

pablo Picasso said it best: Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Better still is “Sua Cara,” a samba-influenced cut that features Brazilian singers Anitta and pablo Vittar.

The results are “irreversible,” electoral council president Juan pablo Pozo said, adding there was no indication of fraud.

With this batch, you’ll venture to pablo Escobar’s Colombia, a luxury high-rise in Shanghai, and a small town in New Zealand.

Or even the zany, horrific, sometimes deeply sad, dastardly deeds of Pornstache (pablo Schreiber)?

Giger’s work, as well as pablo Picasso and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Will it be just as all-consuming as pablo Escobar’s final chapters in Netflix’s Narcos?

Cassandra hails from Juan pablo‘s season of The Bachelor, and she appeared briefly on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

After all, Ferguson, who vied for Juan pablo Galavis’ heart during the 2014 Bachelor, hasn’t been on a Bachelor-related series since 2015.

“Even though there is electronic music involved, we define ourselves as a festival of digital creativity,” says festival co-director pablo Del Bosco.

Pagenaud’s teammate, Juan pablo Montoya, also got a favorable review from race control.

You can argue that there’s no Pure Heroine without 808s and Heartbreak and maybe no The Life of pablo without Pure Heroine.

President Pedro pablo Kuczynski’s plan to “formalize” miners who comply with labor and environmental laws has been derailed by political crises.

I bought a Life of pablo T-shirt.

I love The Life of pablo, that made me want to buy the stuff really.

The Life of pablo is probably my favorite album of all time, that I’ve listened to.

We hope pablo in a sentence examples were helpful.