Oxygen in a sentence | Use of the word oxygen examples

It’s a precursor to a heart attack, when a clot cuts off blood flow to the heart, starving it of oxygen.

“They’ll put you on oxygen,” she said.

Nitrous oxide isn’t oxygen, which is something you need in order to, y’know, stay alive.

We were literally knocking on doors and trying to convince everyone from cafes to oxygen tank resellers … Citysearch was essentially yellow pages, right?

As the New York Times reports, oxygen is starting run out in the alcove where they are located.

“The oxygen level in the boys’ cavern is about 15 percent and decreasing,” the Times reports.

The air you and I are comfortably breathing contains around 21 percent oxygen.

When oxygen runs low, he explains, it affects our ability to think clearly and physical exertion becomes much more taxing.

Which means every breath they breathe in, and every breath their rescuers breathe in, strips a tiny about of oxygen from their environment.

If the oxygen in the cave continues to decrease, the prognosis for the boys isn’t good.

The symptoms of being deprived of oxygen can mimic being drunk, Chopra explains.

If the oxygen levels remain at around 15 percent, NYU’s Chopra says, then the boys might be able to adapt.

At these levels, he says, the boys will likely quickly recover when exposed to higher levels of oxygen.

You start to starve the heart and brain of oxygen, which can lead to long-term injury.

Below 10 percent oxygen “nausea, vomiting, lethargic movements, and perhaps unconsciousness” can occur, OSHA reminds.

“And all of that is going to be exacerbated by not having enough oxygen, which can lead to erratic behavior that is potentially dangerous.”

“Compared to the bigger brands, standalone groups lack the needed oxygen.

The first year they were filled with oxygen, then with helium in 1928.

All of our oxygen is biologically produced.

The pores cause oxygen to react much more quickly with the paint, which produces more accurate images of the potentially damages forces.

Mouth-to-mouth is not the optimal technique anymore (“There’s enough oxygen in their bloodstream”)—hands-only CPR is actually easier and more effective.3.

Coral is a symbiotic organism, making space in its own tissue for a species of algae that helps provide it with oxygen and food.

Janney asked the prop man if he had a breathing tube and an oxygen tank.

The higher you get, the lower the temperature of the flame gets, due to the low amount of oxygen in the air.

And once a nitrate film is started, it produces its own oxygen, making it impossible to extinguish.

Think of this way: Most people have 100% oxygen in their blood.

“I was evicted out of the house in a night gown and slippers,” without her oxygen tank or medications, Taylor recalled.

Farting, also known as flatulence, allows your body to extrude the extra nitrogen and oxygen gases produced during digestion.

“It just sounds like oxygen for everyone,” she says.

Edhi ambulances—small Suzuki Bolan minivans equipped with a single stretcher and oxygen canister—are not set up for pre-hospital care.

There are 14 scheduled Slash guitar solos timed with Axl Rose costume changes in his oxygen booth.

“You can starve lower-level manipulators of oxygen,” says Phillips.

“How do you starve the president of oxygen?

That’s why the sites’ staff have naloxone, the opioid overdose antidote, and oxygen tanks on-site.

Nancy, whose new show “Injustice with Nancy Grace” debuts July 13 on oxygen, added this about O.J.

“Oxyfuel” means that Net Power’s plant mixes fuel (in this case, natural gas) with pure oxygen, produced by an air separation unit (ASU).

Using pure oxygen rather than air virtually eliminates NOx, one of natural gas’s worst air pollutants.

Microbiologists say that oxygen helps staph bacteria multiply.

“Every little thing that required dissolved oxygen was dead.”

Suspended roughly in the center is a small titanium plate coated with a bespoke mix of electrocatalysts optimized to pull hydrogen and oxygen apart.

The hydrogen is passed through a membrane that strips it of any remaining oxygen or nitrogen, leaving pure hydrogen for the vehicle to burn.

First, the seagrass that was keeping the river full of oxygen died because toxic algae blooms blocked their sunlight, Brand said.

Meanwhile, Shah could simply put on one of the four oxygen masks, which have hours of supply, available in the cockpit.

In the final minutes for MH370’s passengers, they likely put on the useless oxygen masks and were asphyxiated.

Because proportionally, world news and U.S. news takes up a lot of the oxygen.

There are also other components of air, nitrogen and unused oxygen.

Benedict’s popemobile featured armour-plated side panels and undercarriage and a built-in oxygen supply to the cabin.

… to create oxygen and opportunity for companies like Google.

According to the Times’s reporting, airlines have paid for items like extra oxygen masks for crew members.

Anti-ischemic drugs prevent the deprivation of oxygen to the heart, brain, or other organs.

The cap detects whether the patient is thinking yes or no by measuring changes in the brain’s blood oxygen levels.

Pac’s getting his own ‘Snapped: Notorious’ documentary on oxygen airing September 10.

Anyone planning a trip to Mars will obviously have to prepare for the fact that there aren’t ready supplies of food, water, and oxygen.

And humans could invent machines to break apart the carbon dioxide on Mars and yield oxygen.

And the pros who accompanied them carried the boys’ oxygen tanks.

Finally agreeing to submit to the cure — whatever it may be — Lockhart finds himself in a sensory deprivation tank, connected to an oxygen tube.

Elements like strontium, oxygen, and sulfur leave isotopic signatures in bones and teeth that contain clues about what specimens ate and where they lived.

A Youtube video released by the group shows men being given oxygen masks, in what they say is the aftermath of the attack.

There are millions of people who depend on Medicaid as a source of health insurance for things like oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, and health aides.

A Youtube video released by the group shows men being given oxygen masks, in what they say is the aftermath of the attack.

For digital media publications, page views are kind of like oxygen.

The plant, animal, insect, fish, and other species in nature perform a variety of tasks, like producing oxygen, cleaning water, and pollination.

The nutrients in the fertilizers feed algae that die, decompose and deplete the water of oxygen, the Louisiana scientists said.

Seager added the telescope will be searching for gases produced by life, such as oxygen and methane.

Seager added the telescope will be searching for gases produced by life, such as oxygen and methane.

The pollutants cause slimy green algal blooms that suck up the oxygen in the water and make it impossible for underwater life to survive.

“American oxygen” becomes her lament for a somewhat normal life.

Didn’t seem as if oxygen was getting in.

Like this: Water molecules are polarized — they have a negative side (oxygen) and a positive side (hydrogen).

WADA is increasingly concerned about climbers using EPO, a drug common in cycling thanks to its capacity to boost blood oxygen levels.

But to remain a liquid, methane must be kept below -259 degrees Fahrenheit and oxygen below -297 degrees.

In health policy and nutrition science circles, this single nutrient is taking up a lot of oxygen these days.

oxygen is doping,” he said.

When Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first people to summit Everest in 1953, they used oxygen.

Its guidelines for oxygen use spurred more debate than any other substance mentioned in the report.

Whether or not you consider oxygen as a form of doping, it’s undeniable that mountaineering has a history of drug use.

The algae can then deplete the water of oxygen, making it unsuitable for many forms of life.

Nitrogen can also enter the environment via fertilizer runoff from farms, leaving aquatic “dead zones” depleted of oxygen in its wake.

It’s packed with oxygen and — get this — twice as much hydrogen.

But Damore’s missive is likely to suck up all the oxygen, due to the conflagration it created and the debate it engendered.

That’s what creates the bottlenecks.” With oxygen supplies limited, delays can be deadly.

The religious right sucks up all the oxygen and somehow narrates the role of religion in public life.

Having a part-timer as champion more often than not sucks an incredible amount of oxygen out of the room.

WHO supports 130 hospitals across the country, providing fuel, water, oxygen, drugs, medical supplies and essential equipment, Zagaria said.

His last breath was through an oxygen mask.

Oftentimes women, especially petite women, are used to not taking up all the oxygen in the room.

So it was kind of a relief to take up all the oxygen in the room and turn things on their head.

Around 15 minutes after a mammal’s brain is cut off from oxygen, the organ is supposed to die.

Without life-giving oxygen, the cells of the brain quickly starve.

Then they hooked them up for six hours to a system called BrainEx, which pumped those brains full of oxygen, nutrients, and protective chemicals.

Individual brain cells were up and running, performing their basic duties of taking up oxygen and producing carbon dioxide.

Then imagine having all of the oxygen forced instantaneously from your body.

It pumps a perfusate — a synthetic blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients — throughout the brain via the pig’s own arteries.

They use up all the oxygen in the surrounding air, creating a vacuum – hence “vacuum bomb”.

(Brains quickly decompose in the presence of oxygen.)

Resistance first came from his opposition, Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate who claimed Khan had been “giving platform, oxygen, and cover” to Islamic extremists.

“The internet is oxygen to millennials.

But before the inevitable happened, and the oxygen could no longer reach his lungs, he found a second wind and kept going.

For example, if an object is made of an ether-based polyurethane, it’s more susceptible to oxygen, and should be stored in anoxia.

It’s possible that coronary heart disease might cause cognitive decline due to the lack of oxygen to the brain, the study team write.

Our pores and lungs take in the world, and through the transformation of oxygen to carbon dioxide, leave it changed too.

We had to go at 2 am to give her oxygen.

oxygen hisses into the mask, chills his lungs.

Pre-Chris Paul, he was James Harden’s right-hand man in a situation that inevitably provided little oxygen for anyone but James Harden.

An Ohio coroner said Warmbier died from a lack of oxygen and blood to the brain.

oxygen is a waste product of the process, which is doubly helpful for humans.

Hotter oceans meant that animals needed more oxygen to survive, but the heat also depleted the oxygen in the waters.

The plasma instrument corroborated the unusual measurements, which were probably produced by liquid water becoming ionized into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

This loss of oxygen because of rising temperatures, the scientists said, was the primary cause for the Great Dying.

The first girl throws up off-camera; the second has to be put on oxygen because of an asthma attack.

These studies say oceans are losing oxygen in large part because of human activity.

And now here I was again, learning to breathe air once more, after so much time on someone else’s oxygen.

The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, as well as oxygen and nitrogen.

“There was a lot of debate as to what the oxygen content was 800 million or more years ago,” said Blamey in a statement.

Evanescence are omnipresent, kind of like oxygen or a general sense of dread.

These atmospheric time capsules are then pulled into a highly sensitive instrument called a quadrupole mass spectrometer, where their oxygen levels are determined.

“Our finding answers one big question: Did life come first or atmospheric oxygen?”

The lamb’s umbilical cord is hooked up to an oxygenator circuit which provides vital gas (like oxygen) and scrubs out carbon dioxide.

As this global ice cap melted, oxygen dissolved in the ocean water, providing just the right conditions for early multicellular organisms to emerge.

Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers will allow you to preserve many staple grains — rice, beans, and flour — for 30-plus years.

This one is using a foam pillow, and rescuers are making sure it keeps its nose above water to breathe in plenty of oxygen.

Air Products currently supplies SFEC’s Phase 1 project in Yulin with 12,000 TPD of oxygen.

“I’m going to suck all the oxygen out of the room,” he reportedly said.

Protein also contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, along with other elements that still get digested.

It is a matter of elementary-school science that water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

That’s like losing access to oxygen for you.

For us, compliance is like oxygen.

So we decided to put them on a stretcher, with a full face mask, with pure oxygen on a positive pressure.

Pictures and footage on SANA showed medical workers carrying patients on stretchers and helping them with oxygen masks.

It may prevent oxygen toxicity among deep-water Navy SEAL divers, ease the fuel burden of ultra-endurance athletes, or augment cancer therapies.

Well for me, work is like oxygen.

“We record the volume of oxygen that the subject utilizes during the workout at each known resistance setting.

The ama plunge as deep as 60 feet in freezing water, with no oxygen tanks, using techniques passed from generation to generation.

The ama plunge as deep as 60 feet in freezing water, with no oxygen tanks, using techniques passed from generation to generation.

Women are able to use oxygen to power their muscles more quickly, meaning they’re relying less on anaerobic energy that produces lactic acid.

All of this needs to be done in the presence of oxygen, as fire is an oxidation reaction.

(The oxygen bonds with the carbon in the wood to form carbon dioxide, and releases heat and water along the way.)

oxygen: Free and always available!

Too much wood will smother the flame from oxygen as well.

Update: Cat scan shows Erica suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest.

“If the shape of the fire is extremely flat, shallow, then the fire does not draw [oxygen],” Bejan explains.

The solution involves a tiny oxygen tank and mask, a soundproofed basement, and a coffin-like crib that muffles any noise.

And blood transfusions increase the number of red blood cells that transfer oxygen to muscles.

Having plants in space provides oxygen to the crew, removes the carbon dioxide they exhale, provides food, and purifies water.

For example, if you stressed in an incubator you need more oxygen, and your heart rate will increase.

oxygen and ethylene) that make produce decay.

Edipeel is engineered to keep water from leaving a fruit or vegetable and prevent oxygen from entering.

Breathing slowly, deeply, and with intention reverses the alarm bells that are going haywire and sends vital oxygen to our heart and brain.

In cramped river systems, hippos can actually flood the water with excess nutrients, stimulating noxious algae blooms and starving fish and invertebrates of oxygen.

oxygen is a permanent worry.

There’s no oxygen on Saturn, so there’s no fire.

An Ohio coroner said Warmbier died from a lack of oxygen and blood to his brain.

Less oxygen can lead to “black tides,” which can, in extreme cases, cause mass die-offs of marine life.

“Sufficient dissolved oxygen in sea water is essential for the survival of the majority of marine organisms,” she said.

Trans women and men make up the majority of Strut’s cast, a first for a show on oxygen.

Tony Soprano and Don Draper are standing right there, and they’re taking up a lot of oxygen.

Under supervision, nurses are at the ready with the overdose antidote naloxone and oxygen tanks in case of an emergency.

Trump sucked up all the oxygen in the room, even when voters didn’t actually like him.

Doctor-sanctioned treatments for clusters include Imitrex (an injectable medicine that narrows the brain’s blood vessels) and rapid oxygen inhalation.

Seawater has natural swings in the amount of oxygen it holds.

Seawater has natural swings in the amount of oxygen it holds.

At Lake George, aquatic sensors are automatically dipped into the lake every hour to take measurements, including oxygen levels, pH, and salinity.

Other parts of the ocean, shown in gray, will not have detectable loss of oxygen due to climate change even by 2100.

How big an effect that reduced oxygen levels would have on marine life will depend on several variables, Gedan said.

(They also looked at other secondary endpoints, such as changes in oxygen uptake and the severity of chest pain.)

Cows chew grass and digest it in conditions in the stomach with no oxygen, and that releases methane.

Water and oxygen would initially be the targets, mostly because a human needs about 30kg a day of these to sustain life.

That’s the oxygen.

Technology is the oxygen of the world now.

“It is dark, it is cold, and it is also without oxygen.

She is a child that has grown up out of the spotlight because her brother took up so much of the oxygen.

At the end of the day, his insides were eaten up and had no oxygen.

Sucks up all the oxygen.

I have to tow oxygen with me just to walk to the corner store.

They gave us the air to breathe, the oxygen we need.

These microscopic plants float on the surface of the seas and produce much of the oxygen we breathe.

More red blood cells means more oxygen carried to the muscles, which should translate to increased endurance.

The mask doesn’t actually lower the concentration of oxygen in the air, the way altitude does.

“Stamina and endurance are intimately tied to how well we can process oxygen during an activity.

The best way to improve the availability of oxygen is to be able to breathe more powerfully and efficiently.”

It might also be due to the fact that she doesn’t give oxygen to any Twitter taunts or jabs.

It’s that your blood isn’t getting enough oxygen to your working muscles, so you just feel like you can’t breathe.

While waiting for the drug to take effect, experts recommend performing rescue breathing to ensure the brain is receiving oxygen.

Trying to explain Poppy is like trying to explain the compounds of oxygen to a dog.

Suref seals his visor and checks his tank, making sure he has plenty of oxygen.

But as oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide, with no intake or release, the blood begins to acidify.

Freedivers need to know how to consciously slow their metabolic rate, which in turn slows the body’s conversion of oxygen.

It galloped when a walk would do, and it consumed wild plot twists like fire gobbling up oxygen.

And that takes a toll on your oxygen, and the way you breathe, and the way you dictate your lyrics and your musicality.

Mushrooms basically exhale carbon dioxide as they grow; you’re probably experiencing a little oxygen deprivation.”

Suck the oxygen from him.

“They understand the oxygen, and today they use this Total Station, which is a state-of-the-art instrument for constructing tunnels.”

I’m told that the whole enterprise is completely self-sustaining, providing its own hospital-grade oxygen, water purification system, and generators to power equipment.

“We had another lady who was on her last tank of oxygen.

I know Elon sucks up all the oxygen.

Water, which is made of hydrogen and oxygen, has a “bent” structure, creating a permanent dipole moment in its ground state.

It’s the same story for oxygen gas.

Like Jovcic, he was given large amounts of oxygen in the incubator, which made him completely blind.

More than anything, oxygen Not Included is a systems engineering sim.

In the early days, you’ll make a farm, create a generator, build a water pump, and mine algae in order to create oxygen.

Much like beefalos can be shaved in their sleep, oxygen Not Included lets you harvest wool from furry little dreckos.

Most of the reduction came from pulling out human life support needs, such as food and water, and reducing oxygen requirements.

oxygen Not Included is not content to stop there; it also requires players to manually wire, pipe, and vent every machine on the map.

oxygen Not Included takes into account even more detail than this, too.

But again, messing up in oxygen Not Included is a lot of fun.

The plane had started losing oxygen and had to make an emergency landing.

But the substance ignites upon contact with oxygen and burns extremely hot, meaning it can start fires and burn through flesh.

Like I said, she’d just had surgery, and the altitude on the plane made her oxygen levels drop.

But superhero franchises are different because they take up so much oxygen.

If the atmospheres contain telltale gases like ozone, oxygen, or methane, life could exist there.

If the atmospheres contain telltale gases like ozone, oxygen, or methane, life could exist there.

Smoking is also known to restrict the blood flow that carries vital oxygen and nutrients between mom and baby.

The project will increase oxygen levels in the Black Sea, impacting the wildlife population, it said.

And you need to dig, mine, and build facilities that make life possible (and tolerable) for your little buddies, oxygen included.

The flight eventually deployed oxygen masks and made an emergency landing.

Findings from animal studies suggest these effects are due to the reduced oxygen levels at such altitudes.

Among effects, extra warmth can reduce oxygen in the oceans and damages coral reefs that are nurseries for fish, the scientists said.

Climbers typically bring just enough supplies and oxygen to climb to the top and back, and inexperience and overcrowding can cause problems for everyone.

Climbers typically bring just enough supplies and oxygen to climb to the top and back, and inexperience and overcrowding can cause problems for everyone.

Even with supplemental oxygen, the body is under extreme stress when it’s that high up.

When you’re low on oxygen, thinking clearly becomes difficult, and any moment you pause or oxygen you share adds to your own risk.

“We are all on oxygen.

It only smells that way once omega-3 fatty acids begin reacting with oxygen.

Harrison used an oxygen tank when he met investors last month and also at a regulatory hearing in October.

Once the person has died, their heart is kept pumping to continue to provide oxygen to the brain.

He also thought that pain was created by reduced oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and nerves of the body.

I would say, should we manage to solve the crisis of the oceans, therefore securing ourselves a supply of oxygen, other problems are solvable.

Using power from the sun, they release the oxygen and bind the carbon, building trunks, barks, and leaves.

“Some children have to watch their mothers in pain and lying in a hospital bed with oxygen cord around their nose,” says Kammer.

It’s not consuming oxygen and spewing noxious fumes, this was a big improvement.

He recalled the sight of a child twitching on the floor, being sprayed with water and being given oxygen.

When I’m out there running, I don’t know if it’s the oxygen or the endorphins, but I do my best thinking.

It’s the oxygen.

It is the oxygen.

Inhaling high-flow oxygen through a special mask also offers a near-instant break.

Heart rate monitors use heart rate to estimate the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise.”

And though oxygen has been shown to be effective in interrupting attacks, Medicare, Medicaid, and most other insurance companies don’t cover it, McGeeney says.

Just looking millimeter by millimeter where oxygen was used and where oxygen wasn’t used.

(The air you and I are breathing contains around 21 percent oxygen.)

And while the boys are receiving food and medical care (and now finally fresh oxygen through the pipe), they are weakened from the ordeal.

“Aaron Hernandez Uncovered” airs in 2 parts on oxygen, Saturday March 17 and Sunday the 18th.

She can be heard telling everyone in the elevator that the talking will deplete them of oxygen … while looking totally smoking hot!

The effective oxygen level here is only about half what it is at sea level.

That’s according to Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of Zuckerberg Media and one of four investors on the new oxygen docuseries ” Quit Your Day Job.”

We’re all made from oxygen, bones, muscle tissue—and everything in this world should be open to any human who possesses these elements.

None of our human connections flourish in isolation; like us, they must be fed with the oxygen of recognition and acceptance.

Primary path is basically a tiny, kid-size submarine using the liquid oxygen transfer tube of Falcon rocket as hull.

“All the organic matter, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen will go to the air,” Dominguez-Bello said.

I do think that there are a lot of policy proposals that need more oxygen from all sides of the political spectrum.

After the coating dries, it locks in moisture and acts as a shield against natural gases (e.g., oxygen and ethylene) that make avocados ripen.

Then she and Oprah started oxygen.

This condition prevents oxygen from fully circulating through the body, leaving Josue weak and short of breath.

There are fast sprints that will make you gulp oxygen and feel like your lungs are leaking.

For example, from the song “History of the Universe”: “oxygen, free in the air.

(Photo by John Beck) oxygen masks hang from the ceiling of one of the aircraft.

It can also check oxygen levels, room temperature, monitor the tunnel structure, and communication bandwidth.

“I would black out from a lack of oxygen to the brain — that happened all of last year,” Chavez said.

And the complicating thing was he was also on oxygen.

So, the brain’s breathing “pacemaker” slows, and, if it slows enough, the body will find itself starved of oxygen.

“And I was like, ‘wait a second, don’t we need oxygen?'”

The submarine, if submerged, has enough oxygen to last just seven days, and it’s already been six.

The submarine, if submerged, has enough oxygen to last just seven days, and it’s already been six.

They can also be turned into mulch or biofuel or otherwise recycled, and they produce oxygen and preserve green space, including habitats for animals.

Also, the placenta was more likely to detach from the uterine wall, potentially depriving the baby of oxygen, when mothers used cannabis.

“More doctors and nurses and equipment started coming in, and they determined he wasn’t getting enough oxygen into his blood,” Kimmel explained.

Not getting enough oxygen sounds scary, but your brain won’t let you suffocate.

But to unlock those calories, the body needs oxygen.

Brain cells metabolized oxygen and glucose much like living cells.

“But we were able to restore some cellular and molecular function” after four hours of oxygen loss, he said.

You know how much oxygen, 0.1 percent.

Cruz is giving some oxygen to this theory.

Some of these pastors are themselves the focus of buzz and reality TV, such as Wilkerson’s short-lived oxygen series Rich in Faith.

When the brain region is activated, it calls out for more oxygen.

The attention they get in that job is like oxygen for you or me.

If there is water, that means there is oxygen.

If oxygen, that means we can breathe.

We can’t live without oxygen.

How do they ensure that water and oxygen supplies last?

For many Michiganders, however, this election comes down to two elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

You may have to sleep with an oxygen tank at night, so you can sleep through the night.

“Oxyfuel” means that Net Power’s plant mixes fuel (in this case, natural gas) with pure oxygen, produced by an air separation unit (ASU).

Using pure oxygen rather than air virtually eliminates NOx, one of natural gas’s worst air pollutants.

And if he did live, would he regain full brain capacity or would he suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen?

“American oxygen,” which never quite took off, was an anthem with an overt message.

But the dropping oxygen levels in the complex have ruled out that possibility.

But the dropping oxygen levels in the complex have ruled out that possibility.

But it’s essential to put on your own financial oxygen mask first.

Lips and nailbeds may have a bluish color due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

At about 500 m the water also becomes depleted of oxygen.

With insurance and a coupon card from Gilead, the pharmaceutical company that makes PrEP, the drug is as free as oxygen.

Cause he sucks up a lot of oxygen?

By changing the levels of oxygen, light, and temperature, Antoine Bridier-Nahmias grows beautiful arrays of micro-organisms due to random contamination.

That actually just gave it more oxygen.

For starters, it ensures that all but the very biggest policy stories are deprived of oxygen.

Do I even wanna give him the oxygen?Go on…Brian Molko from Placebo.

If you have big a brain, you have a big-brained fetus, and that big brain is greedy for nutrients and oxygen,” Rowe says.

Water is naturally corrosive — its oxygen molecule will break down lead piping.

Trees, shrubs, and grasses drink in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen as they stretch their branches and spread their leaves.

Has Michael Jordan been using his oxygen masks as a humidor?

And, the majority of industrial treatment plants use an aerobic process, pumping oxygen through the fecal sludge to support the bacteria that eat it.

Thermobaric weapons differ from conventional bombs in that they combine with atmospheric oxygen to greatly extend the blast radius.

As few as five minutes of oxygen deprivation can cause permanent brain damage or death.

“Primary path is basically a tiny, kid-size submarine using the liquid oxygen transfer tube of Falcon rocket as hull,” Musk tweeted.

oxygen levels in the cave had dropped to levels that could become dangerous.

Except instead of oxygen, seeing a phone reminds our brain that it craves… what exactly?

As oxygen levels dropped and the risk of more rainfall increased, the Royal Thai Navy realized that it needed to act quickly.

Hydrogen power works when hydrogen is burned with oxygen to produce huge amounts of energy, with the only by-product being water.

Cascading media coverage of scandals ensured that Trump sucked up all the oxygen — even as coverage turned overwhelmingly negative.

But because the political press abhors a vacuum, Sanders got plenty of oxygen to build his fire.

Paramedics put the famed Aerosmith guitarist on a stretcher, gave him oxygen and rushed him to a hospital.

And blood transfusions increase the number of red blood cells that transfer oxygen to muscles.

What that means is that the excessive consumption of alcohol had led to fluid filling his lungs and starving his brain of oxygen.

That’s what creates the bottlenecks.” With oxygen supplies limited, delays can be deadly.

They rushed her off to the intensive care unit for further inspection, where her oxygen levels dropped suddenly.

“Because of the lack of oxygen, you see stress hormones go up quite a bit, which sort of suppresses the immunological response.”

Video from reporter Davey Segal shows Hamlin receiving oxygen and water.

A lot of oxygen flowing to those muscles tends to drain you.”

After the verbal tirade, Antonio claims Bisping grabbed him by the throat and began to squeeze — cutting off oxygen.

He tells us he has been on oxygen and IV’s since being admitted.

Elizabeth Ann Holloway says in the lawsuit, oxygen set out to do a 6-part docuseries on Natalee’s 2005 disappearance.

Elizabeth says oxygen lied to her … no such remains were ever found.

She reportedly suffered extensive brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

She had an oxygen mask on her face.

Maddie is still receiving oxygen, but the rep told People it appears she did not suffer any neurological damage.

Though they are reportedly healthy, oxygen levels in the cave are decreasing, and it remains uncertain when they can be rescued.

She also had a very low level of oxygen in her blood when she died on November 29.

One rescuer died early Friday on an oxygen supply mission along the route to the trapped boys.

And if the cork dries out, oxygen will slowly start seeping into the bottle, eventually spoiling the wine inside.

Over the next ten minutes, the plane made a dramatic 20,000-foot drop while oxygen masks deployed down to the plane’s 153 passengers.

Without enough oxygen in the cabin, the passengers and crew could’ve wound up vomiting or passing out.

Red tide blooms are caused by the rapid proliferation of the microorganism Karenia brevis, which produce toxins and depletes marine ecosystems of oxygen.

Crawford gave him oxygen, IV diuretics, and ACE inhibitors to relax his blood vessels.

Many of those realizations were still taking root during the recording process, as was the story behind “oxygen & The Mellow Stuff.”

Davidson took a break from housesitting to play a show in Tucson with friends Anna oxygen, Janet Pants, and Ryen Sugarbush.

Shortly after, her husband Ryan read one of the studies coming out of the university, and pushed for her to start getting more oxygen.

I think it’s worth buying an oxygen machine for you.”

Their working theory is that the lack of oxygen in the air disrupts the production of serotonin in the brain.

oxygen is required in a process that converts an amino acid called tryptophan to serotonin.

And suddenly, there is a real possibility that that oxygen mask might pop out of the panel.

Giving people an oxygen machine or new antidepressant doesn’t build support the way that providing adequate mental health resources does, he said.

EPO is often used by athletes to increase oxygen transport and aerobic power, according to USADA.

I believe it’s true.” Ryan, Hart’s husband, said that since she’s been using the oxygen, she’s better than ever before.

But she’s going to keep using the oxygen machine.

Risks include further monsoon rains inundating the cave network and oxygen running out.

For starters, silicon is used in transistors and, along with aluminum, potassium, and oxygen, also comprises the reinforced glass covering an iPhone’s screen.

If the oxygen level falls low enough, the heart will stop beating altogether.

While waiting for the drug to take effect, experts recommend performing rescue breathing to ensure the brain is getting enough oxygen.

These are the death certificates that do not mention whether a hospital had no power, or water, or oxygen.

I use my breath as a lifeline and follow the oxygen bubbles back to the surface of my life.

Bleaching, which sees corals losing algae that provides oxygen, has been linked to climate change.

Last year, the oxygen cable network even premiered a reality television series called Strut, about the lives of a group of transgender models.

All at once, I seem able to inhale more oxygen than usual.

In other words, astronomers hope to detect “biomarkers” such as oxygen, ozone, methane, or other substances that might have been produced by extraterrestrial life.

“It slows down your breathing rate to the point where you don’t get enough oxygen to the brain…

There’s not enough oxygen getting into the blood and not enough oxygen getting into the important body systems,” he said.

“The stimulant will cause the heart muscle not to get enough oxygen and then you get a heart attack,” said Gutman.

A lack of oxygen a mile below the water’s surface has preserved the mast, rudders, and rowing benches all these millennia ago.

I feel my fingers cramping up—a sensation I was expecting, as the oxygen in my body is only interested in getting to my brain.

Plants, you see, absorb light, water, and carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and plant fuel.

1) Splitting water to extract hydrogen Water, you will recall, is made of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (thus H2O).

The energy from sunlight can be used to split them apart; the oxygen can be released and the hydrogen captured.

Then the daughter ended up choking on the vomit, and lost oxygen to the brain.

and oxygen to the Lifestyle package.

“My God,” says Huder of the endless negotiations likely to ensue in this contentious process, “it will suck out the oxygen of everything.”

He relied on an oxygen tank and had frequent stays in the hospital where friends would sneak him Twinkies or boxes of Oreos.

These chemicals in the dye are simultaneously reduced — in other words, they lose some oxygen atoms.

It’s not really that genuine, since he seems to need the media like oxygen.

“It’s really hard,” says Rodrigez, struggling to untangle both her babies from their oxygen tubes.

“Electricity, gas and oxygen, these things you don’t stock, if suppliers decide to stop they (British Steel) close.

Tunja is nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, one of the highest cities in Colombia, so a lot of these babies need extra oxygen.

The first is put your oxygen mask on first because you can’t save anyone else unless you’re okay.

She’s been stretching her legs, doing arm and abdominal exercises, going for long walks, practicing deep breathing so she can exchange oxygen properly.

The oesophagus closes, with oxygen starved and the opiates clinging tight to the opiate receptors in the brain.”

Specifically, they looked at how much glucose (or sugar), oxygen and blood flow the brain was using in its different parts.

The Australian government has resorted to pumping oxygen into the river with aerators to build safe breathing havens for fish.

Believe who ya want … but either way, it doesn’t sound like Future and Ciara are gonna be sharing any oxygen anytime soon.

It’s an anti-ischemic drug, which means it prevents the deprivation of oxygen to the heart, brain, or other organs.

Can victory seep into the very oxygen we breathe?

nickel, higenamine, hyperbaric oxygen, nicomorphine, tramadol).”

“While seizing, the person isn’t breathing, but cocaine can increase the need for oxygen to the heart or elsewhere.

So you are increasing demand for oxygen while breathing has slowed or stopped.

When it comes to dogs, few sights are sadder than a tired bulldog, gasping for precious oxygen.

If someone does overdose, for instance, they can be quickly revived with oxygen or naloxone, greatly mitigating the risks.

Queues mean that climbers with limited supplies of oxygen are risking their lives waiting in the “death zone.”

Along with the debris, the upper freshwater layer contains more oxygen than the saltwater below, and it supports a completely different set of life-forms.”

In terms of endurance, we think of things like VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen a body can use during intense exercise.

“Cardiovascular exercise works on aerobic muscle fibers, which will increase oxygen extraction, but not necessarily change muscle mass.

It governs how quickly you can deliver oxygen to your muscles.

It’s from my breath that my oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production can be confirmed.

A gradual depletion of oxygen at the bottom hurts species like mollusks.

The wax helps keep oxygen out and moisture in, which in the cheese world, means fruity sweetness.

That is, creating a system to supply the tissue with nutrients and oxygen and remove waste.”

There was the guy who insisted on wearing an oxygen mask during his entire training session.

The researchers, who were indeed working with NASA, looked at the differences between oxygen uptake and body acceleration when running vs. jumping.

More importantly, if your goal is gaining strength, it usually doesn’t matter what kind of exercise increases oxygen consumption or burns more fat.

But the NBA needs teams like this, in the same elemental way that fire needs oxygen.

To learn more about how Čolak overrode his instincts to master the art of oxygen deprivation, watch above.

Your first and last priority is ensuring that your colony has sufficient power, oxygen, and water to run its buildings and support life.

The Argentine navy said San Juan was carrying emergency supplies of food, water and oxygen.

Meanwhile, treatments like oxygen therapy, which are believed to abort the headaches essentially by inducing hyperventilation through an oxygen mask, are only short-term remedies.

“Getting mushrooms is actually easier than getting oxygen, believe it or not,” he said.

Studies have reported that a low temperature (about 3℃) and a lack of oxygen appear to be important for its longevity.

Other photos show passengers franticly trying to put oxygen masks on over their faces.

The rapper is due to release his Holy oxygen 2 EP on Affine Records in February.

Conservative lawmaker David Jones described it as an attempt “to give oxygen” to EU supporters in the lower house.

The presence of water offers a potentially valuable resource not only for drinking but for producing more rocket fuel and oxygen to breathe.

The company statement said accident investigators concluded that a canister of helium inside the rocket’s upper-stage oxygen tank had exploded.

SpaceX said accumulation of oxygen in a void or buckle in the liner most likely led to the explosion.

(Tragically, one Thai Navy SEAL died delivering oxygen tanks into the cave during the rescue.)

Orphan studies anaerobic microbes—organisms that don’t require oxygen for respiration—in methane seeps on deep ocean floors.

The higher the climb, the harder it is to breathe, thanks to lower levels of oxygen in the air.

After a few days or weeks, you produce more red blood cells, which transport precious oxygen.

No one was hurt when the window cracked from the outside, and oxygen masks weren’t even deployed on the plane.

“In a hospital, I’m relaxed because the monitor tells me the patient’s heart rate, breathing, blood oxygen.

“They’ll put you on oxygen,” she said.

Nitrous oxide isn’t oxygen, which is something you need in order to, y’know, stay alive.

It sounds like torture, but for Butler the entire process is more vital than oxygen.

Other biohackers are developing devices that can monitor blood oxygen and glucose levels.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of oxygen for what liberals would call self-care.

I was wrapped in blankets, given an oxygen mask; an IV was stuck in my arm.

Rescuers began to frantically pump water out of the cave, while oxygen levels in the cave began to drop on Friday.

For instance, repeated stellar flares could build up oxygen in an atmosphere without the presence of life.

The nutrients in the fertilizers feed algae that die, decompose and deplete the water of oxygen, the Louisiana scientists said.

You find a canister of oxygen.

When the shrimp succumb to a bout of illness, the workers add extra water to the pond to bring more oxygen in.

“I’m going to suck all the oxygen out of the room,” he reportedly told a political consultant before his campaign began.

One of the rocket’s three helium tanks, called ‘composite overwrapped pressure vessels’ (COPVs), situated in the second stage liquid oxygen tank, failed.

The investigation team concluded that buckles in one of the liners led to super chilled liquid oxygen pooling underneath the overwrap.

Subsequently, this liquid oxygen became trapped when pressurized, in turn breaking fibers or creating friction that ignited the oxygen.

But “oxygen” does go off, and we’ll obviously play the single, but I think “Smoking Dreams” will be cool.

They couldn’t refrigerate their diabetes medication or hook up their oxygen tanks.

Then they feed those cells with oxygen, sugar, and minerals.

It’s like oxygen.

Meanwhile, Leonov decided to deflate the suit by releasing the oxygen valve.

This preserved oxygen flow to the organs, creating a window of time for matching them to a recipient.

It’s bad for you.” He gives the example of oxygen, which is present in our atmosphere.

oxygen is highly toxic, and if you breathed it pure, it would definitely kill you.

“Just like oxygen can be harmful, but breathing’s still a good idea.

Also, since liquids tend to ball up in microgravity, this also prevents effective oxygen flow to the plant.

According to Fritsche, NASA is working on a couple of solutions to this problem of oxygen and water systems for plants in microgravity.

I’m going to suck all the oxygen out of the room.

An oxygen tube is attached to his nose.

Another said she watched inexperienced climbers collapse after their oxygen tanks began to run low.

We are all on oxygen.

We’re told Beth was not reacting well when she arrived at the ER … she was in a lot of pain and required oxygen.

It would scan exoplanets over a wide range of optical and near-infrared wavelengths for signs of oxygen and water vapour.

A colleague wondered if lower oxygen levels could be a factor.

Airlines are required to keep the cabin pressurized to regulate oxygen levels–roughly equivalent to what we’d experience at 8,000 feet above sea level.

Some psychologists have found links between altitude and emotion, observing adverse mood states when people have lower levels of oxygen in their bloodstream.

But why do we give so much oxygen to things that have no chance of ever coming to life?

In order for a planet to support life, it has to be able to retain crucial elements, such as oxygen, in its atmosphere.

After strikes hit the hospital’s oxygen and power generators, patients were transferred to another hospital in the area.

After strikes hit the hospital’s oxygen and power generators, patients were transferred to another hospital in the area.

In August 2016 they also purchased the Detective extraction device from oxygen Forensics.

oxygen is much less common than Cellebrite, from what we have found.

From oxygen‘s website though, it looks to be just as potent, if not more so.

His bike is connected to an oxygen mask, which feeds him varied amounts of oxygen during a 15-minute workout.

It’s an illusion, purely physical in nature: If there’s no oxygen, there’s no flame.

I put the torch in my mouth, and as it goes in, the fire goes out because it loses oxygen.

One was that in many tissues they saw an increase in a gene that makes a protein that carries oxygen.

After death, you might expect to see less of this since, after all, there’s less oxygen in the body.

Imagine free diving underwater without the burden of an oxygen tank, then subsequently exploring alien ruins and temples.

Governments and companies worldwide are experimenting with producing hydrogen via electrolysis, which runs electric power through water to separate hydrogen from oxygen.

Both medications are on the World Health Organization’s list of “essential medicines,” right up there with oxygen and ibuprofen.

Starved of oxygen, they’d die shortly of suffocation.

Ideally, for humans to thrive, the air they breathe should have elements of both oxygen and nitrogen.

An Ohio coroner said the cause of his death was lack of oxygen and blood to the brain.

“Fish gills absorb oxygen from the water, but there is only a limited amount of surface on gills.”

A computerized voice names the redemptive properties of various plants, highlighting their “amazing” attributes such as providing us with oxygen.

Galvan climbed Everest in 2012 but an attempt to climb K2 alone and without oxygen ended at 7,300 meters (23,950 feet).

Mitochondria are microscopic power plants that use oxygen to produce energy.

The Moon may be liberally sprinkled with oxygen created by life on Earth, according to new research published Monday in Nature Astronomy.

We’re told the oxygen show set its sights on filming inside L.A.’s Ace of Diamonds.

“To decipher the accumulated oxygen, we need to distinguish which one is recent, and which one is ancient, even in the single grains.”

Acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, Botox injections, neuromuscular massage—anything I could to restore my muscles to their normal strength.

Or shoot an oxygen tank and move through a small space.

It’s a great pleasure to discover, for example, that you can use well-placed oxygen tanks to blow away obstacles.

oxygen levels in the cave were dropping, making it risky to wait until monsoon season ends in October and water levels fall.

This is the breath of oxygen punctuating the outstretched magical blanket that makes up the rest of the record.

The escape route is fraught: A former Thai Navy SEAL, 38-year-old Saman Gunan, died on Friday while trying to reach the group with oxygen.

“Having your body go without oxygen can result in damage to all parts of the body,” Wakeman says.

“Bacteria are incredibly sensitive — to light, heat, oxygen … even trace amounts of moisture can be degrading,” co-founder Ara Katz told me by email.

He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy caused by a lack of oxygen reaching his brain during the birthing process.

“Even though I was four, I had to understand how to put the oxygen in and make sure Matt was okay.

“After about a year, he started developing really well, and got off the oxygen,” Michael explains.

The difference is that most people would never consider possibilities in which there is literally no oxygen in the atmosphere.

An overdose of opioids like morphine or heroin slows breathing, reducing the supply of oxygen to the body.

The puncture has since been sealed, halting the oxygen leak.

My oxygen levels are slowly depleting.

They also need to have their oxygen levels continuously checked.

According to Boeri’s website, the project will provide 25 tons of CO2 absorption each year and produce 60 kilograms of oxygen a day.

The doctor denied the paramedic’s request to give Munson oxygen.

He was struggling to get enough oxygen.

Andrea Thau, president of the American Optometric Association explains, “The cornea receives its oxygen supply by way of the tears and limbal blood vessels.

If you wear one-day contacts as if they are extended wear, you may be depriving your eyes of oxygen.

During that time, Dodson had to monitor oxygen levels inside the bag, and ensure they didn’t get much higher than 0.1%.

The Suffocation Cell: custom made so occupants slowly use up the oxygen.

The candles were not to illuminate but to suck up oxygen, speed asphyxiation.

“No staff to help… no announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask.

I now know this is because the oxygen situation on planes makes you drunker faster—at least, that’s what I’m blaming it on.

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