Owning in a sentence | Use of the word owning examples

Try owning one of Prince’s personal copies on vinyl!!

“Families are not good at owning cars.

It was no minor feat to elevate the act of totally owning into a refined art form.

… Many have expressed interest in owning and displaying the firearm including The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Her mane becomes a sort of cape as she faces away, as though owning her look without longing for rescue.

Where Making a Murderer did succeed, though, is in owning the conversation on social media.

Not owning a gun isn’t a particularly powerful identity.

Few things are more stressful than owning a house you can barely afford.

“All these new products and services that are emerging can be done without owning a fibre optic network.

You can think about owning IT.

They went from that into the pill mill scams into owning treatment facilities.

We want to make the minimum age level for owning a rifle the same as a pistol, which is 21.

I think there’s some attempt to do legislation that would ban people convicted of domestic abuse and domestic violence from owning a gun.

Yeah, I think we can do things like ban people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.

Which would leave him owning a single company: HBO.

I’ve had the luxury of owning a fake ID since my junior year in high school.

You’ve got Marc Benioff, you’ve got Jeff Bezos from Amazon owning the Washington Post, you’ve got Marc buying Time.

There have always been rich families owning media.

It’s because the people around you are turd burglars whose biggest accomplishment, apparently, is owning a shorter belt.

People are just less excited about owning a giant conglomeration of YouTube networks.

Of course, the tradeoff for owning all this rare shit was flying across the country—or around the world—to get those one-of-a-kind things.

I’m not quick to call out 1984 Orwellian dystopian references, but owning the language of baseball?

In the 20th century, power came from owning the means of distributing content — like a printing press or a broadcasting tower.

It feels like gold, like owning gold, that kind of thing.

But some people are really audiophiles, and they’re really into their music, and they still like owning music.

I do think that owning the files is something for the past, and that streaming music is the way to go.

Today, owning an exotic animal is almost a rite of passage for the rich and the famous.

However, some advocacy groups believe that owning exotic animals is not only ethical, but beneficial to wildlife.

But I suspect the true allure of owning an exotic animal, such as a lion or bear, is entirely inherent to their untamability.

Kris Jenner’s taking another stab at officially owning “Momager” … 3 years later, but who’s counting?

It’s just like owning a nice piece of real estate or something else.

In rural areas, not owning land means not being able to eat, let alone earn any money.

Cleveland has an excellent half court defense, despite owning the league’s No.

How badly is Trump owning Bush?

Good news about Facebook makes owning a slice of Facebook more appealing, so the price goes up.

Conclusion: owning a business is like going to battle every day without having any way to retreat.

When faced with today’s never-ending array of products, they are also enticed by the freedom of not having to commit to owning.

The descent starts with him owning a comic-book art gallery, which later escalates to him scolding those not deserving enough to value his passion.

For when it comes to owning the sok glap, and its graceful variants, I’ve got a lot of time to make up for.

Where Uber and Airbnb have avoided owning the cars and houses, Tesla spent billions of dollars on a battery factory.

Anyone still living life on the content farm will be left behind, owning an unfarmable piece of property that can’t be sold.

There are other options outside of streaming, most of which involve owning the series rather than renting it.

Similarly, owning the leading web browser, Chrome, helps Google steer users toward its search engine.

owning a dog rules.

owning a dog is also miserable.

The cost of buying and owning a car can be steep, especially for those who choose to finance the purchase.

Consistently admitting and owning a laundry list of shortcomings, wrongdoings and indiscretions this traveler hath traveled — however, every man has a breaking point.”

“Despite my provider owning this place.”

State law also prohibits anyone who suffers from a mental disorder and has a history of violent behavior from buying or owning a gun.

Maryland’s law doesn’t go into effect until Oct. 1, but the regulation wouldn’t have barred the Jacksonville shooter from owning a gun anyway.

Predominantly black neighborhoods were “redlined”—meaning barred from receiving insured mortgages, and many African Americans were therefore effectively prevented from owning homes.

In other words, he could go from owning 18 percent of Facebook to owning 6 percent, while maintaining total control of the company.

Right now, embrace the volatility but there will be more of shakeout in some equity ETFs which some people have no business of owning.

Bessemer, whose investments were led by Byron Deeter, is Twilio’s largest shareholder, owning 28.5 percent of its shares.

I’m ready to just have this partnership around owning and living in this building.

Around two-thirds of Bristol-Myers’ top 100 shareholders – owning nearly half of the company’s shares – also have stakes in Celgene, according to Refinitiv data.

owning one, like owning a video game system, has benefits and drawbacks, and I’m convinced there’s no clear advantage to being phoneless.

“I just want to say,” Lisa pipes up, mid-brainstorm, “owning a dragon—I want an article about that in the magazine.”

“About owning a dragon?”

By that, I mean they took great pride in owning 80 percent of Scotland and dressing exclusively in tweed.

Despite owning a Wii U, I feared that system’s version of Zelda would be compromised.

“Sounds to me he is owning up, acknowledging, and trying to figure it out,” she said.

You could also argue that since AT&T doesn’t get a distinct advantage by owning Time Warner, the merger actually doesn’t make sense.

That’s the other great thing about owning a sports team.

That said, LA still has more people renting than owning with 48% of the population renting.

Aarthi Ramamurthy, the founder of another gadget rental service called Lumoid, emphasized the minimalist ideology that comes with renting electronics vs. owning.

owning a dive bar is not for everybody.

In the volume, she’s positioned as a woman who answers to no one, at ease and owning her own creation.

(Technically speaking, Axel bought control, not ownership, of Business Insider at 96.5 percent, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos personally owning the rest.

I’m just as afraid of Trump owning nuclear weapons as Kim Jong Un owning one.

First of all I wanna say: congrats to FJM for owning it and having a laugh.

It’s honestly less of a private home and more like owning your own resort.

At times, he’s even considered owning up to that fact.

Play to your Aries audience by showing up owning an in-your-face look.

It’s a console worth owning, but you should probably wait a few months to buy one.

There are indeed 70 pages of footnotes in the book, but there are problems with it — I’m owning that.

But I’m owning it and I’m disappointed in myself for these mistakes.

This is the glory of owning a soldering iron and having a lot of fun.

Some of them include having no children, neither party owning any real estate, and neither party having unpaid debts of $8,000 and up.

As long as they’re taller and owning what they got.

In an ideal world, Apple sees everyone owning their own Apple devices.

What is curious about this fight is that despite Cody Garbrandt owning the world bantamweight title, we still know very little about him.

At one point, they were among the most powerful groups in Westerosi politics, owning all of the Iron Islands and the Riverlands.

Simply by owning it, I could make the entire adult world worry that my mind was being warped.

Throughout the interview, Barr also seemed to blame Jarrett for being sensitive to her remarks, instead of owning up to them.

In addition to owning the UFC, WME represents the NFL and the NHL.

Those skills gained from years of amateur combat competition have smoothly transitioned into Magomedov’s MMA career, with “Highlander” owning a 19-1 MMA record.

My dad, who comes from several generations of gun owners, has always enjoyed collecting and owning firearms.

Anti-gay censorship laws meant he and his collectors could be imprisoned for owning same-sex erotica.

Amazon already paid big for streaming rights to Thursday night games, so Bezos clearly sees the benefit to owning sports, but viewership was lackluster.

I feel like I’m complaining, but that moment where I feel like I’m complaining is me just now owning it.

Registration is mandatory for all pilots owning drones weighing more than half a pound, and costs $5.

“Generally speaking, owning an offshore company is not illegal in itself.

“Generally speaking, owning an offshore company is not illegal in itself.

Grown ass women can dream of owning one — meanwhile, North West’s already taking her Louis Vuitton for a spin around the playground.

And so I think athletes have a lot more leverage in terms of owning their social media channels and programming them well.

“And he should be suspended and banned from ever owning animals again.”

I personally have a dream of someday owning a French Bulldog named Wario.

That is the closest I came to ever owning an Apple product.

They don’t have the distributing … … a Comcast or an AT&T or a Verizon owning one of those companies or that content.

It’s about empowerment and women owning their sexuality.

She says anyone interesting in owning a miniature horse should have a lot of space.

It’s time to ban elected officials and senior agency officials from owning or trading any company stocks while in office.

Part of that is because it continuously brings riders back to the app by owning that consumer interaction and relationship.

Why more Americans can’t afford to buy homes Why more Americans can’t afford to buy homes Hoping to move from renting to owning?

It’s a little step to owning you and being proud of your own.”

Hoping to move from renting to owning?

Fox stockholders will receive 0.2745 Disney shares for each share held and will end up owning about a quarter of Disney.

Buying and owning office buildings is, of course, a perfectly viable business to be in, though there’s nothing particularly innovative about it.

owning a gun doesn’t necessarily count for much when it comes to protecting oneself or others during an active shooter incident.

Foxbase Alpha and Screamadelica were products of its creators owning vast and diverse, and in these cases, similar record collections.

TV reporters will often talk about a network “owning” a show, and this is what they mean.

While Twitter’s foray into mobile video distribution is compelling, sources note that Apple can benefit from that without owning or managing it.

Grab it by the balls, fondle it for a little while, and get used to owning it.

It’s the top internet retailer in the United States, now owning 33 percent of the market, according to market research company Euromonitor International.

Lebanon tightly restricts their right to work and bans them from owning property.

owning an NFL team is essentially a license to print money, so naturally a lot of people are interested, including rap mogul Diddy.

According to the report, Nestlé has a 57 percent hold on the industry, owning brands such as Purina, Fancy Feast, Felix, and Friskies.

HSH.com emphasizes that this is only the base cost of owning a home, without taking into account maintenance and other incidentals.

Marc Benioff … Look, I would rather have Marc Benioff owning it than a lot of people.

Sterling, unlike Castile, probably didn’t own his gun legally (he was a convicted felon, and Louisiana law bars most convicted felons from owning guns).

If you’re set on owning a home, make sure your credit score is in top shape before getting preapproved for a mortgage.

“It’s not really politically great to be seen flying privately at the moment, particularly owning your own aircraft,” he told Reuters.

owning the libs is the main ideology binding together the vicious forces preying on vulnerable people throughout the world.

But as the cars proliferate, more and more people will become comfortable with the idea of owning one.

I think I’m very suggestible, or something about the idea of owning a whole bottle of absinthe appealed to me.

How did the federal government end up owning so much land in the west?

owning my work.

New policies can mandate enforcement, as with laws developed in a handful of states requiring that people prohibited from owning firearms surrender them.

owning a gun or having one readily accessible makes all three more likely.

“The issue isn’t necessarily in you creating and owning it.

Or even owning cars.

KS: I am of the feeling that owning a car is going to be like owning a horse in 30 years.

So, running, but also owning.

Smucker, Supermarket Brand and Mars; Nestlé has a 57 percent hold on the industry, owning brands such as Purina, Fancy Feast, Felix and Friskies.

So as a result of us not ever owning media, we can partner with Google, which we have.

For Peretz, one major virtue of owning TNR was that it afforded him an opportunity to grind his favored ideological axes.

Worse, it probably undermined anyone else’s interest in taking on the burdens of owning TNR.

The customer had demanded compensation for owning a vehicle which contained software that masked illegal levels of pollution.

TV reporters will often talk about a network “owning” a show, and this is what they mean.

Inhabiting public spaces isn’t the same as owning them, and these buildings will always be a bold reminder of Italian rule.

Forget ever owning an apartment.”

Forget ever owning an apartment.”

If you regularly work out at a gym or practice and play a sport, then owning a great gym bag is a good idea.

It’s another example of how strong negative partisanship — or, in conservative parlance, “owning the libs” — has become.

Instead he tweeted that his children will make “no new deals” while they’re “managing” (not owning) the company.

You’re like, “Hey, didn’t you see this happening?” But is that a negative for you to think about owning something?

But Republicans pushing back on Trump’s rigged talk aren’t owning up to their role in laying the groundwork for this.

Disney would just have to settle for owning Fox’s U.S. assets: Its movie studios and its 30 percent stake in Hulu.

A little known fact is he made most of his money by owning a fire fighting service.

(Imagine the horror you’d feel if a friend justified owning slaves by donating to abolitionist advocacy groups.)

“It’ll be like owning a horse in three years.

Did your cousin ever end up owning any CVSes?No.

Trading in talent is often more profitable than owning soccer clubs, say academics who study the sport.

John Brunner, one of the candidates in the primary, accused a contributor to one of his rivals, Eric Greitens, of owning a sex slave.

That’s about owning your shit.

Viacom’s value has come from owning its audience and the ad inventory that plays to that audience.

It was a really interesting moment for me that they really were super interested in owning every piece of information on the planet.

But you do have to pay for the privilege of owning it.

owning a property is a goal that’s out of reach.

The key is owning the software.

Are you owning your content in this deal?

They send the nice flowers after the Emmys, and they end up not owning.

owning the license was generally extremely lucrative, even though driving a cab was not.

Throw in additional factors like the impossibility of owning an idea and the phenomenon of cultural appropriation, and things get messy fast.

Is it possible that they’re interested in owning their own publications as well?

Uber’s market share is still down from last year, owning 74 percent of the U.S. ride-hailing market compared with 84 percent last year.

Reimann married one of Benckiser’s daughters, and ended up owning the company after his death.

Nodding to the surging crime rates and violence, he vowed to reverse laws that prohibit most Brazilians from owning guns.

Rather than owning cars or employing drivers, Uber provides a neutral platform that connects drivers with passengers.

But owning a social savvy audience has its perks, including luring celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian, to them.

If you’re like me, chances are you take owning a wine opener or corkscrew for granted.

There’s nothing wrong with owning a gun.

Rowland was prohibited from owning a gun on parole and it was unclear how he obtained one.

But I wrote a column about how she’s really owning extremely online.

We’re lousy at owning up to our weak spots too.

Jonze said owning a TV network gives creative talent the ability to focus on continual experimentation, rather than worrying about making one-off hits.

owning a banned weapon is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

These men were owning their blackness in a whitewashed world.

Basic is believing nude platforms are working because bodycon is still a thing, or owning ballet flats.

But these are real, authentic women of color dressing and talking like themselves, owning what they represent, and peeling back the curtain.

The gunman was a violent felon who obtained a state permit to buy a firearm despite being legally barred from owning one, officials said.

While patients are allowed to buy their marijuana in the shops, owning and operating a dispensary is legally the same as trafficking marijuana.

In the late 20th century, owning a newspaper like the Hartford Courant or the Baltimore Sun was highly profitable.

owning the copyright doesn’t mean they own the ideas in the tweet, but it does mean they own how those ideas are expressed.”

But these days, the marginal price of owning a phone that’s also a camera as opposed to just a phone is essentially $0.

Still, homeownership is the norm in the US, with approximately two-thirds of American households owning rather than renting.

Hulu used to answer to three different bosses — Disney, Fox and Comcast — each owning an equal stake in the streaming service.

But there’s a big risk to owning Hulu outright — it loses lots of money.

As well as owning other properties in Switzerland, he also keeps a penthouse in Dubai, where he spends much of the year training.

Which is different than owning a pet and having it at home.

Guns — owning them, then carrying them — became a symbolic means of countering decline.

The privatisation agency holds a 30% stake in the airport, with the government owning another 25%.

The conviction should have prevented him from owning or purchasing a firearm.

The conviction should have prevented him from owning or purchasing a firearm.

It must also report dishonorable discharges, which also prevent people from owning firearms.

The thought of average people owning firearms makes them uncomfortable,” Cox said in one of NRA TV’s segment posted to Twitter.

In the case of Burrow, the company is peddling relaxation, which is meant to mimic the actual experience of owning a couch.

Now the 31-year-old founder of biotech startup Theranos has been banned from owning or operating a medical laboratory for at least two years.

“There is no law against private persons owning lunar material.

It was primarily a victim — one among many — of customers choosing online shopping over brick-and-mortar, and of Amazon owning Zappos.

Only in the last couple of years has it finally started owning the movies and TV shows it produces outright.

Little known in Europe, Philadelphia-based Comcast is the biggest U.S. cable operator, owning broadcasters NBC, CNBC and MSNBC.

“If that was your thesis for owning Comcast that’s going to be on hold for now.

Throughout the South, both during slavery and afterward, black Americans were forbidden from owning guns (and in some regions, even from owning bullets).

“I do support the march, and I support black people owning guns.

As the virtual world becomes more dominant, owning books becomes an act of rebellion.

But day by day, I was owning who I was more.

And you’re trying to invest in a tech fund without owning those stocks.

Perhaps argued as to whether they should be owning guns at all, things like that.

So Google is owning this air freshener thing, by they way.

Another source said Murdoch had “zero interest” in owning CNN.

There is no law against a company owning two cable networks, but there is a Federal Communications Commission prohibition on owning two broadcast networks.

So basically, you can accomplish what you want to do without owning the operating system, is what it sounds like.

Witches were owning houses with palm reading money.

His new hardware division also includes a suite of products called the “living room,” demonstrating Google’s priority on owning that space.

As time went on, I had to face that head-on because owning and shooting guns is big in my family.

Justin Bieber is owning the obvious … he’s hooked up with Hailey Baldwin.

Hoping to move from renting to owning?

Facebook may have missed its chance on owning the camera company, but it hasn’t given up on being the camera.

That number may sound staggering — but in the United States, owning that many firearms isn’t so uncommon.

That number may sound staggering — but in the United States, owning that many firearms isn’t so uncommon.

While it may require a little elbow grease to keep Comcast in line, owning your own hardware is still worth it.

It’ll be like owning a horse.

Riss became the major stakeholder, now owning two-thirds of Charlie Hebdo.

I wind up owning 5 to 15 percent of companies.

U should be owning this conversation because u r everything they hate!!!

Second, the company appears to be hedging its bets on its partnerships by owning more of the self-driving value chain.

But the research suggests that owning a gun actually increases the risk of death.

Imagine owning only one shirt.

owning businesses, homes and other factors could also lead to taxes being more complicated than what filers could describe on a postcard.

One of the best parts of having money has to be owning your own private jet.

The average US house-hold owns 2.2 cars with around 20% of all US households owning 3 or more cars.

That reflects the airline’s owning up to the “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack” on its website.

Purported photographs show them holding large weapons, posing in front of flashy cars, and owning a pet lion.

Suddenly, buying Tribune seems less about owning the stations and more about potentially reshaping the way people use the internet.

The automaker no longer wants to just sell cars, it also wants to sell new ways for you to get around without owning one.

For $50, you get what you pay for — along with all the other benefits of owning an Alexa device.

Even if you don’t like anybody owning guns, the idea of restricting access beyond the norm for a particular religious minority is ugly.

In the last week Kendrick Lamar has been owning the news.

Disney may not end up owning Fox’s 22 RSNs after all.

There’s nothing wrong, of course, with owning a single-family home if you have the means and desire to do so.

owning flashy clothes is not against the law, and focusing on that evidence risks stoking class envy that could bias the jury, Ellis said.

But he was set on the idea of simplifying the reality of owning “stuff.” One year in, the company is plugging along.

owning a gun is one of the most powerful predictors of suicide risk overall.

Its about owning and embracing your inner queen/king and despite any form of resistance it’s about flaunting it and being unapologetic.

He later called owning the team “a nightmare.”

(Lots of people who might enjoy owning expensive stainless steel appliances nonetheless get by okay with regular ones.)

owning a gun didn’t seem that fun in civilization, where I couldn’t shoot out of a window without killing someone.

owning one was considered socially unacceptable by the majority of my friends and family.

“It’s one step toward owning everything you are.

Since neither Arkansas nor Virginia regulates owning a long gun, the background check would be my only encounter with gun laws during the handover.

At this moment, my aim is that the paintings’ figures seem to be owning the situation of their own fetishistically stylized representation.

“[AirPods] are an important tool to show users who are embedded in the ecosystem the power of owning multiple devices,” she wrote.

But it was comfy, and owning a couch felt like an accomplishment.

It’s like owning an atomic bomb: powerful if used as a threat, but once it’s detonated there is nothing left.

(This story corrects paragraph 9 to remove wrong reference to La Salle owning ‘W’ Los Angeles in May 21 story.)

People will stop owning cars.

While buying and owning a home can be fun and rewarding, it’s not all HGTV makes it out be.

Here’s what no one tells you when it comes to buying and owning a home.

Fergie’s fully owning the single life down in Brazil … in a micro-mini outfit and no Josh Duhamel wedding ring.

Some 85 percent of Berliners rent their homes rather than owning them.

Then I’m hearing about Black people owning land.

In this model, customers would likely summon cars on demand instead of owning a dedicated vehicle in a typical year.

Jeter has expressed interest in owning an MLB team for years — and has even gotten the blessing of the Steinbrenner family.

It’s about owning yourself.

Representatives for the other six candidates owning Goldman products did not respond to requests for comment.

If her critics are to be believed, owning professional clothing and growing up in a suburb mean that someone can’t possibly be struggling.

It wasn’t the Americans with their US Constitution proclaiming freedom, whose freedom was based on owning other human beings.

The New York museum receives fewer than  25,000 visitors a year, despite owning works by Diego Velázquez, Francisco de Goya, and El Greco.

Now, I’m looking at ways I can meet my next goals which are starting a family and owning a home.

Companies like Disney spend $4 billion on entertainment complexes, usually with the benefit of already owning billion-dollar movie franchises.

Disney would presumably be interested in owning the company so it could build out its own direct-to-consumer streaming services.

In a broader sense, he claimed to feel “terrible” about the laws preventing Ethiopians from owning land outright.

It targeted socially conscious millennials who are concerned about harming the environment by owning a car.

And 22% of Londoners who own a car would consider not owning one in the future if Uber service became easier, YouGov found.

They could end up owning their own islands instead, after a North Carolina judge granted them $5 million in damages stemming from the event.

They could end up owning their own islands instead, after a North Carolina judge granted them $5 million in damages stemming from the event.

Swanson, the Duke University researcher, is not a fan of broadly forbidding all mentally ill people from owning guns.

In a Constitution awash with words about ownership, it is conspicuous that the Second Amendment talks about “keep and bear,” not owning.

Allowing the states to have members of the National Guard keep and bear arms is a lot different than personally owning a weapon.

So let’s focus on owning Trump.

Other than pure chaos and owning The Donald?

There are only a few radical ways they can see Feminist Apparel authentically reflecting its message — and none of them involve him owning it.

You never thought about him owning it.

And owning all of it means defending some fairly unsavory losses.

The regulator also indicated it would not object to Disney owning Sky eventually.

Little known in Europe, Philadelphia-based Comcast is the biggest U.S. cable operator, owning broadcasters NBC, CNBC and MSNBC.

First, they could say they had replaced Obamacare without actually owning the hard — perhaps even impossible — choices necessary to replace Obamacare.

Colangelo has denied trashing players on Twitter — but ‘fessed up to owning one of the Twitter accounts in question.

He’s currently facing charges for illegal drug possession, being an addict in possession of a gun, and owning two unregistered gun silencers.

He’s currently facing charges for illegal drug possession, being an addict in possession of a gun, and owning two unregistered gun silencers.

Again, increasing the after-tax return on owning shares in American companies should make more people want to move money into the American stock market.

In this alternate Simpsons, maybe Apu would be a convenience store mogul now, owning several of his own chains.

They found heroin and cocaine, and Artie copped to owning the vehicle.

But I’m worried I won’t make it to that point, much less ever get close to owning the place outright.

I think it’s fair to point out AT&T probably hasn’t been great at pay TV, but owning Time-Warner doesn’t change that.

However, Ed says he’s got no issues upstairs, and is more than capable of safely owning weapons.

Again, owning that doesn’t make your pay TV better or worse.

owning Time-Warner doesn’t help you or make it in either case.

They’re probably thinking that owning the content adds more motivation, make sure that they have stuff in their back pocket.

Again, I don’t think, to be frank, I don’t think AT&T gets a boost necessarily by owning Time-Warner.

Besides owning the Miami Dolphins, Marlins and Florida Panthers, he also founded Blockbuster Video and Waste Management.

The study showed the percentage of Americans owning guns as essentially flat.

Smith — the 27th overall pick in the 2011 Draft — addressed the suspension, apologizing and owning up to his actions.

It’s not about owning a person; it’s about finding the right person for you—and you just go, “Ah, this makes sense.”

The billionaire had a fully lit weekend in Miami, owning the dance floor at LIV Nightclub.

There’s more … Maloof has moved on to owning another pro sports team — the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the new NHL expansion team.

CFDs give an investor exposure to price movements in securities without owning the underlying asset.

The only downside for Steve — not owning a jet.

We are owning and celebrating our own beauty ideals.

We are owning and celebrating ourselves.

Convicted felons, fugitives and people with a record of drug addiction also are banned from owning guns.

Clearly, he’s hoping owning up to the crime will buy him some leniency from the judge.

A bit like owning a puppy, getting your emoji card printed comes with its own responsibilities.

Justices commonly step aside in cases that pose financial conflicts, for example owning stock in a company involved in the litigation.

I kinda feel I’m kidding myself by owning this record.

His inability to put away the nomination until late April was a portent: The era of owning the Libs was upon them.

The fact that Kim was fully owning her public image—including the criticism that she was vapid, talentless, and self-obsessed—was seen as bold and revolutionary.

How Taylor owning Yet Another Ex Is Like Pokemon GoShade Patrol?

Plus Bill at Kappacasian, who pretty much pioneered urban cheesemaking by breaking down the relationship between owning the cows and making the cheese.”

If you like, reblog or save a photo online, it’s not the same as owning a physical copy.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the 1996 Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, which prohibits convicted domestic abusers from owning guns.

It’s important for our community to start owning this genre, now more than ever.

Until 2016, California prohibited utilities from owning EV chargers.

I want more men to start owning up to what they’re attracted to.

She was also barred from ever owning a firearm or getting paid for telling the story of the shooting.

One of the many problems “owning the libs” is that you get so wrapped up in tribalism that you end up owning yourself.

What’s more important is that owning the rights to a master recording means owning the right to make, sell, or distribute copies.

Correction: This article has been updated to clarify the difference between owning a physical master and owning the right to copy a master.

He is moving in a direction I can get with that can honor because he’s owning his stuff.’

owning my pleasure through kink is really helping me embrace my body.

Only 5% of respondents said car-sharing services like Uber and Lyft serve as a replacement for owning a car.

But I made a career by owning who I am.

I began loudly and boldly owning my accomplishments in the workplace.

“It’s the conundrum of owning the home but not the land — that’s why the bad actors are really awful,” said Ryan.

Multiple studies have shown that owning a pet has a positive effect on the pet owner’s mental and physical health.

Slavery has been such a profound force in American culture that it has affected many things beyond the historical practice of whites owning blacks.

Rio is already a partner of Dominion, owning 60 percent of the Diavik mine.

It’s not noted but he was really an advocate for artists owning their masters and not being pimped and punked by labels.

“There are no studies that show that owning a cat increases your risk of getting toxoplasmosis.

So how did you end up owning it?I set up a company… [and] financed it.

The more important thing is that there are very well documented health and wellness benefits to owning any pet, and that includes cats.

That better opportunity didn’t seem to be a promotion, a different career, or owning a business.

This, despite the Reds owning just a .491 winning percentage in that span.

owning crystals and knowing what to do with them, however, are not the same thing.

And that’s why now I rent my house instead of owning.

Fully accepting and owning up to all the violence he’s done, he fully passes judgment into the player’s hands.

But even more than that, owning movies yourself helps build an emotional connection that’s hard to replicate with streaming.

That’s not always a bad thing, but it’s very different from owning a disc yourself.

He didn’t want them owning his shit.

But the research suggests that owning a gun actually increases the risk of death.

That ability to work around limitations on owning multiple networks in a given city or region has helped fuel Sinclair’s incredible growth.

So, for now, the Munro’s advice to anyone owning a Siime Eye is throw the device away “and never use it again.”

Hand in glove with the many antitrust issues, there is the mass of publicity that comes with owning Twitter.

I’m psyched to see what Rawls can do down the stretch, but owning him guarantees nothing.

The massacre reignited a now long-standing debate over whether civilians have any business owning “military-style” guns such as Mateen’s SIG Sauer MCX rifle.

This would lead to Bard shareholders owning about 15 percent of the combined company.

As the world has become more digital, the value of owning a permanent, physical item seems to matter less and less.

One week ago, I had virtually zero interest in owning a pair of Snap Spectacles, the company’s new video-recording sunglasses.

The Ochs-Sulzberger family always elects two-thirds of the board seats, despite owning just 11 percent of the equity.

“When there’s no other dude in the car, the cost of taking an Uber anywhere becomes cheaper than owning a vehicle.

But that also means owning your own operations and infrastructure.

(A sample: “Too many poor Americans have never known the pride and security that comes with owning a firearm.

Shouldn’t Hogan and Thiel end up owning Gawker Media?

owning a home is a “big dream” for undocumented immigrants when they come to this country, Madiedo said.

Yeah, especially Google owning all the AI.

They are an important tool to show users who are embedded in the ecosystem the power of owning multiple devices.

After all, don’t we utter those words when we want to hurl an insult without owning up to it?

Her grandmother, who’d boarded a ship to Wales from Jamaica in the 50s, had been a vegetable farmer, owning plots across London.

Some exceptions are made for minors 12 to 17 owning a non-restricted firearm — but only if a licensed adult is responsible for the gun.

“They’re owning a lot,” Guarnieri says, noting that the hackers’ techniques aren’t exactly sophisticated, but they are effective.

Local police chiefs are expected to verify that an applicant’s reasons for owning a gun are legitimate.

Drake is owning the transparency lane that Kanye West built with chart-topping singles.

“We will pay less money by owning an MRI.

People are stepping away from owning cars, he said, driven by a move toward dense urban cores.

With, they’re outscoring opponents by 4.1 points per 100 possessions, owning a top-10 offense and defense that checks in comfortably above average.

The customer had demanded compensation for owning a vehicle which contained software that masked illegal levels of pollution.

Lyft owning a bikeshare company isn’t terrible.

The second big argument against owning a house has to do with diversification, a fundamental principle of good investment.

How did you get from being a cheese intern to owning your own cheese shop?

VICE: How did you end up owning 16 snakes?Jim: Well the first one I got was for my 16th birthday.

Unlike mutual funds or bonds, investors actually can get a return on their investment while owning something tangible and delicious.

Some people love to use the vintage stuff, they definitely give off an aura, but technology has made owning one not really necessary.”

In 2010, former leftist former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva effectively banned foreigners from owning large farms.

As for Fergie … she’s down in Brazil fully owning the single life, with 4 new rings to replace the one Josh gave her.

There is not jealousy the way we have it, because of the feeling of owning someone.

What I find abnormal is someone owning someone, or controlling someone.

The rite of passage of the ultra rich is owning a private jet.

It’s pure fantasy, although Andrew was known to lie about his Filipino father knowing Imelda Marcos, owning pineapple plantations and having a boyfriend.

These options include owning your business as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a company, or a trust.

The privatisation agency holds a 30% stake in the airport, with the government owning another 25%.

“Force India was born out of Vijay owning the team,” chief operating officer Otmar Szafnauer told motorsport.com on Wednesday.

Gong Gong, as we called my grandfather, wore hip, thick-rimmed glasses that he prided himself on owning since the 1960s.

For some it might be hard to understand the fervor around owning a Tesla, much less any other consumer product.

Mark Cuban owning Trump on Twitter and Melissa McCarthy mocking Sean Spicer on SNL make headlines.

is a song about embracing your individuality and really celebrating it and owning it,” Swift told Roberts.

And just owning everything more and not second-guessing myself.

By the end of my freshman year, not owning an iPhone was a social sin.

But soon after, the iPhone came out, and owning even a Razr—which was always just out of my reach as a teenager—became passé.

Is that because the iPhone is more expensive and within the reach of the wealthy, or because owning anything but an iPhone looks gauche?

Not owning an iPhone, however, was a personal affront to their sensibilities.

owning one (or, in my case, not owning one) became a point of identity.

owning the only large speaker in town made her something of a focal point of Khonburi.

It’s not exactly like owning versus renting a house, but I think some of that feeling is still there.

FC: Hassan Whiteside Having Hassan Whiteside anchor your defense is a lot like owning the best Blu-ray player in 2016.

Americans might own more guns than ever before, but the number of households that report owning a gun is actually shrinking.

But by 2014, less than one in three households reported owning a gun.

All this without even once owning a slave.”

It’s one thing not owning a physical version of an album, but generation-stream won’t even own the MP3.

It’s just about owning it and redefining it.

Standard Chartered and Indonesian conglomerate PT Astra International (ASII.JK) jointly control the Indonesia bank, each owning 44.56 percent.

Only the most well-connected “comrade” could ever dream of owning a Volga.

There’s no doubt that owning this little piece of space history would be extremely cool.

Broker Liberum cut its price target on the stock and said the risks were still too great to consider owning the stock.

About six months into owning [The Overpass], all these people were coming and calling it Marlena’s.

About that effort, Buffett said he’s not interested in owning Yahoo, but is willing to help Gilbert finance a bid.

Instead, she told NPR, it’s another way of owning her inborn in-betweenness.

And then people on Instagram owning him real good.

“No one will own any deal without the White House owning it.

“To see their smiling, proud faces, to see them really owning this character and this moment—it brought tears to my eyes,” Han wrote.

As far as problems go, owning multiple voice-controlled speakers seems like a pretty okay one to have.

Lebanon tightly restricts their right to work and bans them from owning property.

The rates of child poverty are heartbreaking, and Auckland’s housing market has locked out all but the comfortably middle class from owning homes.

“Taker” shows that K.I.D are clearly owning their lane, and they just might be branching out into a few other ones, as well.

But bump stocks are banned nationally, and several states enacted bans on owning weapons for people with mental health problems or domestic violence histories.

Half of the participants said mentally ill individuals and people with criminal records should be prohibited from owning firearms.

So owning a content machine like Sony Pictures Entertainment — and its movies and TV shows — could help a tech company set itself apart.

But owning a content producer like Sony potentially makes that easier.

That only underscores the priority behind owning content studios.

Comcast owning NBCUniversal (an investor in Vox Media, which owns Recode), hasn’t really boosted their respective value.

So it wouldn’t benefit from owning the content either.

By switching around the narrative provided by a disapproving society—by writing about them first and owning up to them—something shifted in me.

However, writes Yablon: … seven other states prohibit anyone with even a misdemeanor assault conviction from owning a gun, much less carrying one concealed.

In a way it’s about owning it and making that a flag that you fly for good.

It has many of the benefits people dream about with owning their own business.

There’s no single ethnic culture or heritage that can lay claim to owning or defining America.

Disney would presumably be interested in owning the company so it could build out its own direct-to-consumer streaming services.

Now, I’ve accepted the fact that owning a house—or, for that matter, a car—here is not an option.

If you can make a little money off owning property then, yeah, real estate is a good way to go.

HSH.com emphasizes that this is only the base cost of owning a home — maintenance and other incidentals aren’t included in its calculations.

The state currently has no restrictions on owning the species.

But more curious is Zimmerman’s assertion that the Smithsonian Museum expressed interest “in owning and displaying the firearm.”

Lyft and Pinterest are the latest in a trend of IPOs that mean owning stock isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

But that’s the reality of owning a terrifyingly life-like Leatherface mannequin, as one Alpharetta, Georgia restaurant recently learned.

“People are owning these issues and taking action,” said Anders.

By 1874, England had more or less come to grips with the national failure of owning the Arctic.

Per WTSP: Police are reporting that Donaldson has not confessed to the killings, but he admitted to owning the gun.

Now everyone’s like, Yeah we’re owning it, and you suck.

In May, Indiana’s Republican-led State Legislature passed a bill that will make owning solar panels less affordable.

Not owning a car is financially freeing — and it saves the environment, too.

So for me, owning time is …

owning my own time and making sure my employees own their own time is very important.

It’s owning the market.

“There are laws that prohibit certain people from owning guns, and that is where the boyfriend loophole comes in,” she tells Broadly.

Well, I’m not saying they are as bad as Stalin, but it all started from the idea of the party owning thought.

Rappler now operates pending a review after its license was revoked for violating rules against foreigners owning stakes in media.

So what are you learning from owning a restaurant that you didn’t from pop-ups?

Instead of owning up to his high school drinking habits, he told what appear to be lies.

After Powell, you helped start Word Industries, owning a third of it.

Or does Verizon think, “There’s something about us owning media that will make that media more valuable because we also own pipes”?

MacKenzie was quoted recently by The Guardian as saying: “We like owning [F1]; we don’t want to sell it.

It felt a bit like a job; owning a club is a pain in the ass!

It’s totally feasible to make a fabulous living by owning a used bookstore.

owning the world’s only Louis Vuitton Fender Telecaster and talking about how much Bruno Mars wanted it instead—that takes some commitment.

Under the Trump administration and chair Kevin Hassett, it has embraced a new goal: owning the socialists.

The way Keith sees it … until mentally ill people are forbidden from owning guns, preachers and congregations need to help God help them.

It was awkward at first but I love owning it and being able to connect more.

By virtue of owning a place of work, private property, an employer has something any would-be employee needs.

I’m always learning new sounds and skills and that’s the fun part of both owning and producing your own music.

You’re not interested in owning a semiautomatic weapon that will spray, you know, 30 bullets and a magazine.

Geico’s rationale: owning and operating data centers and servers is both expensive and outside its core area of expertise.

Ola isn’t the only company with its sights set on owning more aspects of the multi-model transportation market.

Are you owning your fabulousness?

Either Carson thinks “entrepreneurship” means “owning slaves,” or he has a very loose definition of “entrepreneurial risk.”

So what is the advantage you get from owning it as opposed to just having an arms-length relationship like everybody else?

So again, I’m still confused about why owning one asset and then not owning the other … what advantage you’re gonna get.

It felt bigger than me; owning it would be like owning “Starry Night.”

owning a gay bar in San Francisco has taught me how to have patience.

The casino analogy is apt, I think, since owning them is one of Donald Trump’s signature accomplishments.

Astro AD Cayman was previously listed as owning 5 percent of Amanat, according to Thomson Reuters data.

My business is like owning a junkyard.

But he was a monster in the opening round, scoring key goals, drawing penalties, and owning the puck against a very good possession team.

But the point is that this isn’t about monkeys owning copyrights, it’s about monkeys being treated as people under the law.

Actually, Google is very interested in owning the living room.” They think if they own a big content company, it’s worth over-paying for.

We just went through a cycle where Roseanne Barr and Sam Bee showed the downside of owning content: Being responsible for talented people.

From a Los Angeles restaurant owner: owning restaurants will give you insight into having a criminal mind.

Even when bidders are real people, they aren’t necessarily bidding because they love or are interested in owning a piece of art.

After almost ten years of owning restaurants, I have broken bad.

John Hickenlooper has a shot at owning a moderate lane all to himself and sneaking in.

Jay Inslee has a shot at owning climate change as a distinctive issue and sneaking in.

owning a Pineapple is legal, but taking money out of someone’s bank account by stealing their unencrypted password is not.

There are certain truths I’ve learned about human nature from owning and running restaurants.

It’s important to note that buying tokens in an ICO is not the same thing as owning stock in the company.

We just need to figure out if the effort is worth owning our own data.

Teams that now own these valuable short-term deals may just want to enjoy owning a valuable short-term deal.

The other big reason for not owning a home, according to the report, is a lack of financial or employment stability.

Much more exciting than running an infrastructure monopoly is owning a big content company.

Soon we’ll reach a point where owning an electric car is actually cheaper than a comparable gasoline-powered car.

When you talk to 20-year-olds today, they don’t see owning a car as a good thing the way people 45 and older do.

We hope owning in a sentence examples were helpful.