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Gun sales normally spike when Democrats are in power, as gun owners’ fears of gun-control measures rise.

The ban requires owners to turn in or destroy the attachments.

In the United States, the credit bureaus don’t downgrade consumers for spending on things they deem silly or for being neglectful pet owners.

owners of The End claim the idea of a brightly colored, multi-flavored drink was theirs, AND they came up with it months before Starbucks.

Gupta emphasized the importance of picking a low-cost 401(k) plan for your employees — especially since business owners are the fiduciaries of those plans.

Players and team owners still have to ratify the agreement, though Wojnarowski referred to the ratification as a “formality.”

The proposal describes this as some sort of discounted rate for small business owners, but that is simply dishonest.

Ship owners must cut sulphur emissions to 0.5% from 3.5%.

The caveat, according to Ford, owners CANNOT resell the car during the initial 24 months of ownership.

The pad that was once featured on ‘RHNJ’ has been demolished, just as the new owners promised it would be.

“And so our owners briefly looked at the Los Angeles Times.

The bigger issue, according to Min, was just how uncomfortable owners were with the Los Angeles Times newsroom.

Here, we talk to longstanding bartenders, chefs, market stall holders, and restaurant owners to find out what the future may hold.

Trump said if owners fired a player for protesting the anthem, they would become “the most popular person in the country.

He’s in the midst of a year-long tour across America feeding cows and visiting national parks and drinking milkshakes with small business owners.

The company said it was also warning owners in other markets not to use cruise control until recalls are completed.

Ohio is an “open carry” state, meaning licensed gun owners can carry their weapons.

Rather than posed like accessories, Vaun’s photos cast them as owners and experts instead of models, and highlight motor vehicles as personal vehicles.

In Indiana, a pizzeria gained national publicity after the owners said they would not cater a same-sex wedding.

Critics, gallery owners, and museum directors were able to frame and circulate a specific approach to paintings on an international stage.

“That kind of program will have a hard time scaling because individual car owners won’t want to rent their cars to strangers.

Or his support for a large tax cut for the owners of businesses.

owners manage to keep their beloved trucks on the road for decades.

The owners then make copies and resell them in black-and-white for $20 a pop.

Like Bon, he estimates he’s spent “at least $20,000” on the hobby, even with many other room owners comping him games.

According to th 2018 National Pet owners Survey, millennials are the largest group of pet owners; around 35 percent own pets.

In 2012, 56 percent of gun owners voted for Mitt Romney, compared to 26 percent of non-gun owners.

“Gun owners are more likely to vote than non-gun owners, both for presidential candidates and down the ballot races,” Joslyn says.

Only Facebook and individual page owners know how many people have seen a post, or how many have clicked on a link.

The National Association of Truck Stop owners, or NATSO, came out against the trade restrictions, arguing they are solutions in search of a problem.

So far, she’s embarked on a listening tour, talking to local business owners and homeowners associations.

Assault rifle sales have been especially brisk, gun store owners and managers said.

Some of the NFL’s most powerful owners gave depositions in the case.

Instead, Tesla vehicle owners will have to contend with whatever “Tesla Network” ridesharing option that the automaker rolls out.

Today, fleet operators, or owners of a number of vehicles, can register their cars on Uber and rent those cars to willing drivers.

For instance, optimism among small-business owners — a cornerstone constituency for the GOP — has surged as well.

Even within Bisttram’s more figural “Koshares” (1933) the limbs of individual K’osha Clowns seem to multiply, becoming almost autonomous from their owners.

The system is rigged for investors, owners of capital, inheritors, people like our next, least prepared president.

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was largely focused on reducing taxes for rich business owners.

Pass-through companies have their income “passed through” to their owners to be taxed under the individual income tax rate instead of the corporate rate.

In Texas, the vast majority of the land on the border is held by private owners, states, or Native American tribes.

The Bush administration bullied property owners, threatening to sue them if they did not “voluntarily” hand over the rights to their land.

Together, the two men managed 260 cabs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, some for other owners.

And small business owners are left in limbo.

The Economic Times said Paytm and Mobikwik have each deployed thousands of employees to enroll rural (and semi-rural) owners of mom-and-pop stores.

In a virtuous spiral, higher consumption rates and generating revenue from previously buried content will attract more content owners and distributors.

Currently, owners of pass-through companies, like LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and S corporations — the Trump Organization, for example — are taxed as personal income.

Laws vary from state to state, but gun owners are allowed to check their firearms, by following TSA procedures.

“He would be giving tax breaks to private owners who would be investing in that infrastructure anyway,” O’Toole notes.

It also has hundreds of thousands of informally constructed homes with many owners lacking title to their property.

“The behavior in this photo is inconsistent with the high standards Subway Franchise owners follow,” Kip Klopfenstein, a Subway business development agent, said.

It will also pay $280 million to settle a lawsuit by owners, the sources said.

owners of those vehicles are expected to get an average of $2,800 each for completing the software updates, the sources said.

VW has agreed to pay more than $25 billion in the United States for claims from owners, environmental regulators, states and dealers.

So you could argue the pop was bad for the early owners of Snap.

Just like Uber matches car owners with passengers and Airbnb matches homeowners with short-term renters, new technology companies match homeowners with long-term renters.

But attempts to stem the rapid growth of believers has struggled in Wenzhou where churches, often funded by devout local business owners, are ubiquitous.

Let’s give it back to its rightful owners or at least pay them their respects.

Other researchers pointed to related questions like: What percentage of gun owners even commit gun crimes?

The distinction between online “free speech”—often posited as a defence by website owners and admins—and offline harassment and abuse is becoming increasingly discredited.

However five of the six owners of the buildings told Reuters how much money they were paying for the work.

A sense of desertion underlies these pictures, the eternal afternoon aspect of homes awaiting owners who might never return.

Some owners submit maximums above $60,000 a month, ProPublica found.

They also have the right to call 311, the city’s hotline for reporting building code complaints, without fear of retaliation from owners.

Tesla owners already have it pretty good when it comes to juicing up their vehicles.

Most electric-car owners need to set aside at least an hour, making an overnight charge in the garage the best option.

Given this intense opposition to independent repairs, not all shop owners are convinced that right to repair can bring about tangible progress.

The Australian government confiscated 650,000 of these guns through a mandatory gun buyback program, in which it purchased the firearms from gun owners.

And Apple plans to give original content for free to Apple device owners as part of its new digital TV strategy.

The business owners who can’t get loans.

That includes college students financing their education with loans, small business owners, unemployed people, the disabled, and, critically, retired people.

Not all of that money gets distributed to music owners, since Content ID works for any kind of video.

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle Association.

Both men are descendants of the original owners.

1:35 PM PT — The store owners tell us Chris sent them a check on Monday for the full amount he owed them.

As we’ve reported … Hansen was arrested and booked for larceny after allegedly bouncing 2 checks to the store owners.

They have a point: There have been several high-profile cases of black gun owners finding themselves in danger when interacting with police.

The shootings have fueled concerns among black gun owners.

Despite laws protecting gun rights and ownership, black gun owners say they aren’t as free to exercise these rights.

Any other reasons owners or the NFL might peddle are total bullshit.

And the Bills are still in Buffalo because their new owners seem refreshingly unmotivated to demand anything, much to the league’s general chagrin.

Offset reached out to Pristine Jewelers’ owners Avi and Ofir 2 months ago to plan something special for Cardi’s 26th birthday.

That’s what movie theater owners and studios are hoping to prevent.

These gun owners make up a minority of the population: anywhere from 34 to 43 percent of households, depending on which survey one uses.

Pryor and Begich were both up for reelection in 2014, and they hoped to maintain support of gun owners in their gun-heavy, Republican-leaning states.

If there were a sizable number of gun owners in your state or district, why pick a fight you were sure to lose?

And 97 percent of Americans (and 97 percent of gun owners) support universal background checks — a unicorn-rare level of national consensus.

Still, even majorities of gun owners now support stricter gun laws.

The state law imposed a two-year in-state residency requirement for business owners applying for a license and 10-year residency requirements for license renewals.

The Australian government confiscated 650,000 of these guns through a gun buyback program, in which it purchased firearms from gun owners.

It was also a launching pad of opportunity for the owners of these spaces, the entrepreneurs.

Demand could also have been boosted by owners looking for replacement homes after selling their apartments to property companies for redevelopment.

owners want stadiums.

These are the same owners who are barreling headlong toward an 18-game regular season.

The forest owners then paid more taxes, enriching the municipality.

“For each of those companies, they are currently in the state where owners are still alive and performing well,” he said.

He invested in Foursquare and launched a payments startup called Square that lets small-business owners accept credit card payments through a smartphone attachment.

owners felt that it delivered on recognizing what they were saying, and on performing the task they asked of it.

Only 13 percent of Echo owners stated that they noted declining usage since they had acquired it.

The brand also went through its fair share of owners.

Skoda Auto said it had rejected the claims and continued to maintain that owners of affected vehicles did not suffer any damage.

Safe Diesel said it has been collecting demands from more owners of the affected cars.

The owners met in Houston on Tuesday to decided which teams if any would be moving.

Gun owners are 80 percent more likely than non-gun owners to have contacted a public official about gun policy in the past year.

Take this second chart: Again, the situation is skewed in favor of gun owners.

Gun owners feel like the government is going to take their guns and rights.

They connected nearly 32,000 Microsoft Band owners’ steps with their Bing search queries, isolating players from non-players based on the words they searched for.

Yet another problem is that it’s hard to reach business owners who’d benefit from training.

Some studies suggest that the business owners who’d benefit from training are the ones that won’t seek it out.

Switch owners can now transfer save data between systems, sort the icons on their dashboard, and—most importantly, for gamers with visual impairments—zoom in.

The contest appears to be open only to Pixel and Pixel XL owners.

They’re usually the content owners, the Warners, the NBCUs, the Disneys.

“We’re focused on engaging with our new neighbors – small business owners, educators, and community leaders,” it said.

Its owners, multiple times, were talking about killing it off or selling it off, fumbling through.

Trump infamously said on Sept. 22, in reference to how he felt NFL owners should handle players who protest during the national anthem.

However, there are no black majority owners in the MLB, NBA or NFL.

By contrast, states with higher percentages of business owners tend to have less generous support for unemployment and lower corporate tax rates.

Baseball’s owners and operators had failed to confront it with anything like consistency because to do so seemed to cut against their self-interest.

Among the blocks, puzzles, kites, knickknacks, games, gadgets, and slime, toy store owners were bee-lining to one very specific toy: L.O.L.

All vehicles owners will be issued a replacement at no cost.

This is the man, after all, who painted taxi owners as the transportation equivalent of Darth Vader.

From the moment we start at Google we’re told that we aren’t just employees; we’re owners.

Every person who walked out today is an owner, and the owners say: Time’s up,” the organizers wrote in New York magazine.

Weather Advisory to builders and property owners: NYC may experience wind gusts of up to 60mph this afternoon – secure property & equipment.

Every year, some proportion of Detroit’s property owners fail to pay their property tax bills on time.

The county treasurer then tries to collect the back taxes from property owners and sells their properties at auction if they fail to pay.

So that’s why the deal largely rests on a half-dozen of the company’s biggest owners and earliest backers.

The legislation is aimed at making it easier to prosecute owners and operators of websites that facilitate sex trafficking.

So it’s in the interest of owners of the arenas … To have something fit in.

So why, then, are 71 percent of smartwatch owners male?

Common says he respects the NFL players — his beef is squarely with the owners.

Instead, “it speaks more to whether [gun owners] should be more afraid of other people’s guns,” Yamane told me.

There are gun owners for whom a gun doesn’t signal comfort.

These “indirect” problems for gun owners can be deadly—though they may not involve stupidity per se.

Yamane writes about gun owners like me: extreme examples of what he calls “gun culture 2.0.”

“Other major asset managers and asset owners have also started to advocate on behalf of having women in the boardroom,” Heinel said.

Called ringback tones, this digital music fad allowed cell phone owners to subject callers to their own musical preference.

I talk to gun owners about my personal experience and say I grew up a hunter and I know about firearms.

That money goes mostly, though not exclusively, to business owners and inheritors of large fortunes.

That’s because many independent repair shop owners regularly deal with importing iPhone parts and accessories from China’s grey market.

“Apparently the asset became toxic, and they (the owners) wanted to get rid of it,” Elizaveta Osetinskaya, the former editor-in-chief, told Reuters on Friday.

Like many coastal communities, its residents and business owners depend on the beach economy.

As traffic and membership to these sites grew, sex workers quickly became sources of revenue for website owners.

If MySpace were a physical artifact, there would be laws preserving it, which would mean its owners could be punished for treating it irresponsibly.

The decision immediately drew the ire of the gun lobby and generated confusion among gun store owners.

The decision immediately drew the ire of the gun lobby and generated confusion among gun store owners.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration says that more than 770,000 drone owners have registered to fly in U.S. airspace.

It also means that 100,000 drone owners have newly registered with the agency in less than three months.

Only weeks after the registration system started operating, the FAA announced that more than 181,000 drone owners had registered in its database.

The City of Cologne announced that it will return a drawing by Adolph von Menzel to the heirs of its original owners.

Stories of club owners telling everyone to be quiet, or playing slower music to calm crowds, were told.

I started meeting other pet owners, and realized there’s this new and growing pet influencer world.

A lot of it is acting on behalf of owners.

Brands used to DM pet owners, who have full-time jobs and couldn’t coordinate details.

It’s for pet lovers and pet owners.

As part of an effort to appease old-car owners, the city has unlocked funds to help residents use alternative modes of transport.

That being said, proud owners of turntables also tend to keep growing their vinyl collections.

It’s trickier for small-business owners, and trickier still for any entrepreneur who dreams of disrupting one of the big kids someday.

Often, organizers have to get property owners’ approval along the routes one by one.

Historically, gun owners and gun rights activists have simply been much more activated by gun-related issues than supporters of stricter firearm laws.

It means that owners and managers minimize their liabilities while pushing risk onto tipped workers like me.

Adobe is warning some owners of its Creative Cloud software applications that they’re no longer allowed to use older versions of the software.

GRAPHIC: http://reut.rs/2ptFPhy Gun owners are more politically active than others, the poll found.

Fifty percent of gun owners said they are certain to vote compared to 41 percent of people who do not own a gun.

One in four adults say they own a gun and a majority of gun owners say they own more than one gun.

The parental leave policy had broad support, the New York Times reports, with the exception of one group of small-business owners.

Because people like Trump, Pence, and NFL owners really needed a “win” right now.

Taking a stance on immigration is not something they were thinking about when winery owners met with hospital representatives nearly three decades ago.

on the whole idea that you’re even looking out for gun owners.

I, and more than 95 percent of my fellow gun owners support background checks.

“I view it more as a responsibility we have as owners of these businesses to take care of our workers.

We need you to listen to what 97 percent of this country, including gun owners, want, and for you to do your job.

The results have been mixed and following an owners’ meeting the league recently announced that it was strengthening coaching and executive hire rules.

The argument is that RFRAs (section 6 of the Georgia bill) create a legal workaround to nondiscrimination laws for employers, landlords, and business owners.

UEFA’s investigators concluded that key sponsors were related to the club owners, the documents show.

Canada’s Pemberton Music Festival has been canceled after the music festival’s land owners filed for bankruptcy, according to a report from Billboard.

We’ll need to do better putting populist energy against the bosses and owners.

We need a story of owners and investment to go with it.

Still, NHTSA spokesperson Bryan Thomas said that owners of vehicles with ADAS should be trained how to use the semi-autonomous system upon purchase.

“Most gun owners believe that.”

According to a May 2012 survey, 82 percent of gun owners and 74 percent of current and former NRA members support universal background checks.

Another nationwide poll of gun owners and NRA members from November 2015 found similar levels of support for universal background checks.

The fire department also warned pet owners to keep dogs on a leash.

Monied and influential sports owners with billions to lose figure to fight like hell against it.

In a way, they serve as metaphorical flotation devices, keeping alive memories for their owners to hold onto while confronting an uncertain future.

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle Association.

If states are going to tax EV buyers for not buying gas, why not tax owners of fuel-efficient ICE vehicles for burning less gas?

But cats are also, according to some reports, more likely to attack their owners in fits of feline rage.

They may not be as great at lowering stress inherently, but they do a better job of motivating their owners to exercise.

“Many @harleydavidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas.

But she also said that “most cafe owners consider those costs when setting their beverage prices anyway.”

A nice spring day could really help out owners.

Many gun owners explicitly see their firearms as checks on potential government tyranny.

NFL franchise owners, in particular, are incredibly monochromatic for a league where over two-thirds of players, and a large percentage of fans, are black.

At least, that’s what I gather from the explosion of concern about their use, more often than not from owners themselves.

Other plaintiffs in that case include the Gun owners Foundation, the Virginia Citizens Defense League and three individual gun owners.

Davidson says that those who stand to be most affected are small business owners whose month-to-month earnings are dependent on the influx of riders.

It could also mean a cut in the tax rate paid by owners of pass-through business entities like LLCs.

Two small-business owners in Maine are suing the state over rules that require long-term opioid users to lower their dosages.

And many of these 670,000 are not small-business owners.

My parents have been small business owners my whole life.

She was unaware of his more recent scheme to work over Miami Beach hotel owners.

Security-conscious cryptocurrency owners often use a hot wallet for purchases and put the majority of their funds in cold storage.

As owners of the copyright to the photo, Visual China Group could easily launch a massive censorship campaign across the internet.

The Senate version has no special pass-through rate but allows business owners to deduct about 17.4 percent of business income from individual taxes.

But news reports and statements from a few team owners show that not everybody supported the new policy.

A full third of iPhone owners still use aging, fifth-generation, four-inch screens — the same size as the iPhone SE’s.

Two or three weeks later, McIntire claims, the Thomas Kinkade Company’s then-CEO, John Hasting, ordered a conference call with franchise owners.

Wonder if NFL owners qualify …

The first red flag went up in February 2013 at the annual franchise owners‘ conference at corporate headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.

Las Vegas club owners are reportedly looking to curb the saturation of EDM DJs in their establishments.

You’re really well known in Washington and you and Mark Cuban are the famous sports owners.

Jerry Brown ultimately vetoed the bill after pushback from gun rights advocates, who said the regulation denied gun owners due process.

Gun owners were compensated for the dollar value of the weapons seized by the state.

The NFA was passed quickly, though some Australian gun owners strongly opposed it.

Most American pets don’t have health insurance, which means that their owners foot the entire bill.

owners at the football league will apparently discuss the change at a meeting next week, according to a report from Dow Jones.

Everyone cleared out, and the owners decided to close.

But it’s not the fault of these people who are business owners; there just needs to be more clinical research.

The Australian government confiscated 650,000 of these guns through a mandatory buyback program, in which it purchased firearms from gun owners.

Chicago, for example, requires a Firearm owners Identification card, a background check, a three-day waiting period, and documentation for all firearm sales.

That heaps the pressure on club hierarchies from top to bottom, with owners, directors, managers and negotiators blamed for failing to secure illusory signings.

These fears also extend to and affect small-business owners.

I don’t think the club owners are to blame and the hospitals did all they could do in the circumstances.

Worse, many small-business owners like Joey have no visibility into where their money is at any given time during the transfer process.

The idea that policy change may create even more stringent restrictions on sending money internationally casts a shadow over small business owners’ heads.

In China, for example, factory owners have already used robots and automation as a tool to do away with rabble-rousing workers.

The group is incredibly organized, it represents a highly concentrated interest (i.e., gun owners and manufacturers), and it can mobilize political activists.

“In Mexico we go after kingpins but not the business owners or investors who support them,” he said.

So the way the tour got canceled was, people started calling these theaters, and I really don’t blame the theater owners.

Proponents pitch that as a big boost for middle-class owners of small businesses.

Tesla, too, has garnered a cult-like following among owners and admirers.

Just a refresher: Pass-throughs don’t pay corporate taxes but instead disperse money to their owners, who only have to pay individual taxes.

Tegu owners describe their pets as big, calm and occasionally affectionate lizards that like sunning themselves and are not picky about what they eat.

Fish and Wildlife Service, which pits the scope of the Endangered Species Act against the rights of private land owners.

And when private owners take control of that land, archaeological investigation becomes limited.

Conceptually, they come from gun holsters, the apparatus gun owners hang around their waists to be able to reach their weapons with ease.

Clinton was specifically referring to the gun storage requirements, which required that lawful gun owners essentially keep their guns disabled at their homes.

Traditional owners and activists fear fracking could contaminate ground and surface water supplies and the unique natural environment.

Pastoralists and traditional land owners protest fracking in Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria region.

These companies also relieved the original owners of huge liabilities: for taxes, surface use agreements, royalties, idle well bonds.

Tesla has always been quite good about recalls, however, usually proactively issuing them and them moving quickly to inform its owners.

The movement has won praise from many gun-control advocates who see it as a rare concession from gun owners.

Aligned with his pledge, DeBlasio just announced new rules for building owners to help cut the pollution.

For some building owners, this means making improvements to boilers, water heaters, roofs and windows by 2030.

It starts with convincing iPhone owners to share their bodily habits with their device (how many steps did I take today?)

News Corp co-chair Murdoch and WIN Corporation owner Gordon, both significant shareholders in Ten, had been expected to end up as full owners.

These gun owners make up a minority of the population: anywhere from 34 to 43 percent of households, depending on which survey one uses.

They said that they were now the owners of the house and that I needed to start paying them rent immediately.

Similar to holdout buildings, like the nail houses of China whose owners refused to make way for development, spite houses are acts of protest.

Where are the public service announcements on television and radio to exhort gun owners to be sure and lock up your gun?

A GoFundMe campaign was set up Saturday to support the yoga studio’s owners and the victims.

Others are non-starters — especially among gun owners.

And before corporate responsibility became a buzzword, she modeled the idea that business owners should give away much of their wealth.

With Trump, an NRA-backed Republican, as president, the knee-jerk opposition among gun owners to any gun control may not be as strong or urgent.

But the track record of foreign owners in the Premier League remains shady.

“To the owners and the players, yes.

The two co-hosted an event in 2013 in Cleveland for small business owners who graduated from Goldman’s 10,000 Small Business program.

The restaurant owners settled the case for $1 million.

They also want McDonald’s to create a national committee to address sexual harassment, made up of workers, corporate representatives, and franchise owners.

That’s because the company was rescued from insolvency just five years ago by new owners.

Ardern encouraged gun owners who were thinking of surrendering their weapons to do so.

Only firearm owners are licensed, not weapons, so there is no monitoring of how many weapons a person may possess.

Since the owners see their slaves as less than human, they tend to discuss valuable information around them — without ever thinking twice about it.

Overall, it’s an intriguing project for the right owners.

It’s changed owners a few times since then, and is now being sold through Moments in Time for a cool $75,000.

Communities provided sandbags to home and business owners and set up dozens of shelters to house displaced residents.

“If you’re watching the NFL … if you’re supporting your team … that’s how [the owners] get paid.

As such, (it) will not be hosting the Woodstock 50 Festival,” the site owners said in a statement.

Other San Francisco queer bar owners say they are unsure their businesses will continue to be viable without legislative protection from the city.

The challengers in the Washington case include individual gun owners and gun rights groups such as the Firearms Policy Foundation and Florida Carry Inc.

The challengers include individuals and the gun rights group Gun owners of America.

Detractors say it gives Texas property owners little recourse to get their money back if insurance companies don’t pay up.

But the law could impact home and business owners in two big ways.

Insurance companies complained that spike in court cases were being driven by sue-happy lawyers, rather than property owners.

Apple is also adding the ability for iPhone owners to rate and review apps without having to leaving the program they are in.

It said last month the IPO would involve a sale of shares by its main owners, Kuwaiti and Italian private equity groups.

In the words of one of its owners, Carmen Blanco, WAPA turned into the unofficial “voice of the government” about the hurricane.

It isn’t that we’ve been so successful for so long under the current owners.

Other brand owners in the alliance include Adidas, Danone, Diageo, Mondelez International, Nestle and Procter & Gamble.

As such, (it) will not be hosting the Woodstock 50 Festival,” the site owners said in a statement.

This change has already polarized some in the Prius community: A lot of loyal owners don’t want the car to get more interesting-looking.

It doesn’t return power to the hybrid drive, as some owners — including me, at one point!

Only about a quarter to a third of U.S. smart speaker owners have ever purchased something using voice.

An Information article this summer said just 2 percent of Alexa owners had made a purchase via Alexa in 2018.

If Soulja really does love it, we’re told the owners are motivated to sell … he’s just gotta cough up the cash.

Meal and bathroom breaks were at the mercy of local restaurant and service station owners.

This isn’t the first time hotel and property owners have tried to distance themselves from the U.S. president’s brand.

The rule also could allow power plant owners to sidestep costly permits for those improvements.

Although they were described as “raids” in the media, agents were mainly serving papers informing store owners that they were being audited.

UFC sources told us entertainment and sports talent agency WME/IMG will be the new owners.

Although they were described as “raids” in the media, agents were mainly serving papers informing store owners that they were being audited.

However, this redistribution was short-lived, with President Andrew Johnson rescinding the order and returning the land to white owners later that year.

A master bedroom will make the owners feel spoiled with two oversized baths, walk-in closets, and a separate study.

And nearly every story has ended the same way — with the owners of the platforms apologizing and pledging to do better.

Apparently, leaving your riches to your pets—for their well-being, and maybe also to spite your family—is widely practiced among well-off pet owners.

One of the club’s owners has since called the women to apologize to them.

All of those who died were residents, children and shop owners,” witness Moussa Abdullah, who was being treated in hospital for wounds, told Reuters.

According to the Ottawa Sun, there are roughly 300,000 We-Vibe owners out there, about a third of whom use the app.

Thousands of iPhone 6 Plus owners have joined the suit.

Earlier this summer Benson attended a gathering of over 300 Dekotora Truck owners, who were there to show off their prized vehicles.

owners often spend up to $100,000 dollars decking out their ride.

“[The owners] take pride in their work,” said Benson.

But upon some reflection, he said, the owners felt that wouldn’t work for them.

But gun owners and manufactures say it encroaches on Americans’ constitutional rights and they are fighting back.

Only firearm owners are licensed, not weapons, so there is no monitoring of how many weapons a person may possess.

Bitcoin was initially seen as opaque, as the identity of the owners of digital wallets used to send and receive bitcoin is not public.

The museum has repeatedly refuted the authenticity of the drawings since 2008, each time at the request of various owners of the album.

During a concert at SO36, “one of the owners of Berghain saw us,” Shamov explains.

Before his performance, he approached the owners to see if there might be a permanent position for him.

I hope that enough people boycott this place so that the owners learn a lesson,” wrote another.

However, the location choices have been criticized by the province’s association for independent businesses as a “missed opportunity” for small business owners.

“Basically, one of our owners wanted to know more about what’s being put in the processed foods you buy today.

About half of the 55 million American gun owners say they have just one or two firearms, the survey found.

About half of the 55 million American gun owners say they have just one or two firearms, the survey found.

Team owners benefit from government financing via lower interest rate bonds backed by team lease payments, stadium-generated revenue and even tax dollars.

Steve Berman, a lawyer for the car owners, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Anyway, so… LG: They’re not our owners, are they?

KS: Yes, they are one of our owners.

Again, we’re owners, you put your name and your reputation out there.

But there should be something.The first lawsuit was just filed against the venue owners who hosted the gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

Business owners say they are doing what they can to operate in a more environmentally-friendly manner but that it is too costly.

The organization will prioritize businesses with nonwhite, women, or LGBTQ owners.

In fact, the NFL’s 10 richest owners are worth a combined $61 billion.

In a league that is roughly 70 percent black, all but two NFL owners are white.

Now, with the NFL regular season just days away, the NFL owners and players are still battling over the protests.

Many NFL players want to find a way to settle the issue — as do NFL owners and the league itself.

“Why do we demonize the people that get lured here by business owners that have jobs waiting for them?” Mayers asked.

Most states, in fact, require gun owners to get a permit only if they want to conceal their weapons when they carry them.

We are the historical owners of this country,” he said.

Its owners may have found it “uninhabitable,” but labeling it a failure is a gross oversimplification.

In the face of public outcry, the Blair owners eased off slightly, opting to spread the rent increase over two years.

Many property owners offer leases that end in April, so they can raise rent for the summer.

The Australian government confiscated 650,000 of these guns through a mandatory buyback program, in which it purchased firearms from gun owners.

When asked if there is drama between owners, breeders, handlers, and judges, Waltzer chuckles and retorts, “Is it life?”

“We sincerely apologize to the readers and the owners of the photographs for the mistake,” it said.

“That has a lot more to do with [mass shootings] than gun owners laws,” Inhofe told me.

Well, I’m just saying you’re not going to resolve it by passing laws in terms of restricting gun owners’ rights.

Last month, owners’ equivalent rent of primary residence climbed 0.3 percent, quickening after September’s 0.2 percent increase.

Tesla owners could also summon the car in more complex environments, like a crowded parking lot.

Model 3 owners get access to Tesla’s massive Supercharger network.

Its pitch was that phone owners could conserve space by keeping photos and apps in the cloud.

For the millions of cat owners scattered about the globe, life is a continuous sequence of small mysteries.

After a long and difficult recovery, she went on to pursue a Master’s degree in law to help prosecute slave owners and traffickers.

I also hope to put out a version of the music for cats intended for streaming while owners are away from home.

Currently, owners of “pass-through” companies, like LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and S corporations — the Trump Organization, for example — are taxed as personal income.

“The overwhelmingly rich owners of these companies will still come out way ahead,” he writes.

The magazine’s owners, he said, had “missed a unique opportunity to recreate a participatory newspaper, driven by team spirit and open to all.”

A petition to get the building historical landmark status recently failed, allowing the new owners to move forward with the demolition.

“The NFL owners respected me for it because I took a dead league and made it hot,” Trump said.

Under federal law, fully automatic weapons are technically legal only if made before 1986, when Congress passed the Firearm owners’ Protection Act.

The good news for HomePod owners is that you can activate Siri Shortcuts on your HomePod, too.

As we said yesterday, there will be a discussion of these issues at the owners meeting next week.

Players from around the league will be in New York next week to meet with owners to continue our work together.”

He said at a September rally that NFL owners should “fire” any “son of a b—-” that kneels during the anthem.

They have no names of their own, but are instead named after their owners.

In other words, the demographics of this pool of future Model 3 owners are different from the company’s existing customer base.

Well, I think I’d take my CEO and I’d go all around the country having chats with small-town business owners that cough.

There are a lot of very powerful groups that are full of diverse business owners.

Now the NRA’s insistence that it fights for the civil rights of legal gun owners rings hollow.

It started out as a movie clip company, then morphed into a business that helped rights owners claim their stuff on YouTube.

bitcoin owners must have keys, or codes, to transfer money to and from bitcoin addresses, which are like accounts.

Those addresses are encrypted so nobody knows their owners‘ identity.

Additionally, bitcoin owners can receive more bitcoins by “mining,” or helping to update the blockchain’s public ledger, with their computers.

The owners of the apartment complex have also filed a lawsuit against Brown claiming he caused significant damage to his apartment.

In the parking lot, proud owners tuned and tested their rides, and veterans explained the anatomy of fast cars.

Aspiring owners have to fill out an application detailing their plans for the property, which allows you to select up to three desired sites.

Like the figures in “Les Femmes d’Algers,” the owners of Bechtle’s parked automobiles are always on call.

He alleges that business owners are sabotaging the economy in an effort to force him out.

Most owners have full-time jobs, and they don’t necessarily have the time to check emails and follow up.

We do all the contracts and invoicing so all the owners have to do is create the content, which is the fun part.

The competitors, franchise owners, corporate executives, regular employees: they all rely on, and frequently refer to, the process.

Alongside the wacky tweets and personal feuds, Trump is pursuing a policy agenda whose implications are overwhelmingly favorable to rich people and business owners.

They split the participants into two groups: 119 owners of healthy pets, and 119 whose pets had chronic or terminal conditions.

owners of sick pets had particular difficulties with depression, especially if they sought out pet disease groups on social media.

That’s a similar problem to one that some Apple Watch Series 2 owners faced.

But most importantly, Sharpton says — the two men could break NFL owners out of “last century mentality and culture.”

Alleviating that guilt can fall to veterinarians, who carry their own burdens in communicating with owners of sick pets.

If owners are stressed out, that might make vets’ jobs more stressful, too.

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If you want a more thorough understanding, though, you should probably go talk to some restaurant owners in Chinatown.

American business owners could avoid this problem by not outsourcing their production to China.

They didn’t get a chance to test it extensively, but Dorie said he’s open to sharing plans with other pet owners eventually.

The head of the NFL Players Association says NFL owners only care about one thing — money.

The owners don’t care about anything but money.”

The PCP not only applies to players — but ALL league personnel including coaches, owners and officials.

The research overwhelmingly supports this idea: When there are more guns and gun owners, there are far more gun deaths.

Lady and the Tramp (1955) A cocker spaniel has a lavish life until her owners decide to have a baby.

Will the benefits of having greater production outweigh the ramifications of having fewer owners and benefactors of production?

The museum opened in 1998, but the collection began years prior when owners Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski started their courtship.

My dad, who comes from several generations of gun owners, has always enjoyed collecting and owning firearms.

Chubb Ltd: The insurer said that it will stop underwriting a NRA-branded insurance policy for gun owners.

With the IPO, Uber’s corporate owners are set to make billions, all while drivers are left in poverty and go bankrupt.

We have devoted more resources to our global notice-and-takedown program to increase the speed with which we take action on reports from rights owners.

These owners don’t pay their taxes either.

Doria won’t do anything about closing these parties; he’s just going to make the owners of these buildings charge us more.

“Some gallery owners doubted that Baltrop had shot his own photographs,” his close friend and assistant Randal Wilcox wrote in Revista Atlántica in 2012.

But that’s the way my owners want to go yachting—like they’re “backpacking” in the most luxury setting.

Based in Medford, Massachusetts, Agero serves about 115 million car owners every year in partnerships with auto manufacturers, insurance carriers and others.

The club’s future has been uncertain since the owners were accused by investors of fraud and mismanagement earlier this year.

I’m not sure I’m close enough yet to my local bodega owners to make requests.

Your own private paradise,” say the owners of this stunning overwater bungalow.

The first steps in that direction were taken back in 2012, when business owners started having the option to request a 24-hour permit.

The ruling on Monday pertained to the settlement covering the owners and former owners of 475,000 polluting 2.0-liter vehicles.

An open letter accuses the owners of failing to pay artists according to their contracts, writing bad checks, and selling work without notification.

Specifically, they accuse the owners of failing to pay artists according to their contracts, writing bad checks, and selling work without notifying the artists.

“Clyde Beswick and Jason Chang owners of CB1Gallery should be in jail!

Yet, in the city’s evaluation report, it’s exactly this element that draws ire from other business owners.

Independent contractors are small-business owners.

Because independent contractors are considered business owners, not workers, they aren’t protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act or the National Labor Relations Act.

With increased pet ownership, cemetery organizations are receiving more frequent requests from lot owners to have their pets interred alongside them.

The street was lined with small shops whose Palestinian owners often lived upstairs.

Things that you’d be surprised to know that they were big, big massive backers and owners of, and have been for decades, right?

Housing costs continued to increase, as primary rents rose 3.68%, and owners‘ equivalent rent (monthly rent excluding utilities) increased 3.14%.

There are multiple kinds of royalties, and a single piece of music can often be attributed to several owners.

They then held royalties at a price that was fixed by law and essentially, waited until composition owners came to claim them.

And so change can only happen by convincing existing business owners to change their behavior — an inherently slower and more difficult process.

The city is also eliminating $10 million in renewal fees for medallion owners.

Cat owners: hear me out.

It gets general managers extensions and owners the long-term profitability that comes with a multitude of high-attendance seasons.

Sometimes regional mayors suggest where the drones should look, while other warnings come from citizens and business owners.

(bit.ly/2x7IG2w) GM dealers will update the power steering module software, free of charge for owners of the affected vehicles.

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle Association.

The app Facetune became a hit by allowing iPhone owners to improve their selfies with softer skin and more glowing cheeks.

Francois-Henri Pinault of Kering Group, owners of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, offered 100 million euros.

Private property owners and private lessees would face the unappetizing choice of allowing all comers or closing the platform altogether.

Intrigued, Schultz traveled to Seattle to meet the company’s then owners, Gerald Baldwin and Gordon Bowker.

Like many other gym owners, Ekkarin grew up as a fighter.

Musk also envisions a car-sharing program that allows Tesla owners to earn money by lending out their vehicles.

But even circus owners are starting to think this isn’t right.

Violating the brothel-keeping law could land owners in jail and wreck the lives of those working there.

They change owners every year over there, they change cities every two years, and now they want to change leagues.

If the London cafe were to set prices for sex acts, owners and managers could be prosecuted for controlling the sex workers involved.

And it’s not just economic power that corporations and their owners have amassed.

Facebook also committed to having trained one million people and business owners by 2020.

The scale of the liability could bring untold headaches to the new owners.

The state law imposed a two-year in-state residency requirement for business owners applying for a license and 10-year residency requirements for license renewals.

NFL owners leech off of taxpayers to build ridiculous stadiums that increase the value of their franchises.

(Unsurprisingly, many owners are also major Trump supporters.)

Two owners of the plot of land have been arrested, the officer said.

@realDonaldTrump : – Small business owners are the DREAMERS & INNOVATORS who are powering us into the future!

It all depends on what owners do about hours and what customers do about tipping.

It’s just one of many tweaks that business owners have told us about in adapting to a higher minimum wage.

The whole thing took about 2 minutes.” Please, you rascally PNW thief—return Ken to his rightful owners.

They were also placed under US sanctions in 2014 as the owners of at least seven offshore companies.

Inside the restaurant, Barbara, one of the owners of ‘t Ailand, was giving tasks to volunteers.

Kasich was later asked about same-sex marriage, following his criticism of business owners who have refused service to gay couples.

The owners‘ vision of saving the team and the town requires demolishing and replacing the Bradley Center at first opportunity.

“Many of the clients of this nursery were doctors, and company owners who left their children when they have business trips,” Teramachi explains.

Bar and retail store owners around the arena sing the same song—Development.

Hill was reacting to the Dallas Cowboys owners‘ statement that any players who “disrespect the flag” will not play for his team.

TVO’s owners include utility company Pohjolan Voima, its rival and Nordic electricity major Fortum, EPV Energia, Loiste Holding and Kemira.

Almost 800,000 U.S. drone owners have registered to fly in 15 months.That’s a lot of drones in our skies.

Bezeq, its owners and executives deny wrongdoing.

They would also discover that nearby restaurant owners were supportive and friendly.

This is why Persian cat owners must groom their pets daily and bath them monthly, or else their fur will become matted and greasy.

Despite mounting pressure from the league owners and political figures, NFL players have continued to protest racial inequality by taking a knee.

Under the new law, owners of cars with illegal software are allowed to claim damages only until the end of 2018.

Audience capture is undeniably something that shareholders, intellectual property owners, and players alike all enjoy.

But Square continues to invest considerably in Square Cash, a money-transfer app for consumers, not business owners.

“From the moment we start at Google, we’re told that we aren’t just employees; we’re owners.

The WIPO report represents applications for patents, trademarks and designs that their owners feel are valuable enough to protect and promote in overseas markets.

That infuriated the union of French theater owners, since French law calls for a 36-month waiting period between theatrical release and streaming release.

The fund was an unusual move for private-equity owners, who are not required under bankruptcy law to provide such assistance for ex-employees.

‘These shell firms enable their owners to cover up their business dealings, no matter how shady.’

Instead, they pay normal personal income tax rates when their profits are distributed to owners.

The difference, though, is that the NFL’s owners are generally quite conservative.

If the owners tend to be more conservative, so are its fans.

I think the owners, at that point in time, were trying to determine what was the best path for Hulu?

A lot of that content comes from a variety of studios, some of which are owners.

We know this because the owners have basically disclosed it in their public filings for a long time.

And gun owners are backed by a powerful lobby: the National Rifle Association.

We didn’t have a long-term investment, because the previous owners were prioritizing education,” Ridding said.

Many ministers sided with the owners, resulting in the loss of workers in their pews.

Pilsen is a beautiful melting pot of Mexican-American business owners, young students, and aspiring artists.

It resembles a handsome cabinet, complete with Art Deco hinges and latches, which owners could open to reveal a screen where the composition flows.

“They allow the owners to almost have it both ways,” Perkinson added.

“I think business owners have the responsibility to connect with the neighborhood as much as possible,” she said.

And like the kunstkammer owners, they could show off a bit without critiques of egotism.

As all fantasy owners know, a Thursday night game can be a big reason to stay away from an otherwise trendy player.

Current owners Millennium Hotels and Resorts are now undertaking renovations on the hotel, and that glitzy interior is under threat of demolition.

And of course EV owners would be compensated for making their cars available for V2G, though the business models remain to be worked out.

For decades, television owners haven’t been content with simply embracing the options already in front of them.

But for now, bar owners are hopeful that vending machines will help shift customers’ perspective.

The museum opened in 1998, but the collection began years prior when owners Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski started their courtship.

He is building a creative collective in Venice, Calif., to bring together the community of local business owners, artists, technologists and dream seekers.

To dispensary owners and their suppliers, weed is as good as legal, and it’s a great time for everyone in the business.

To dispensary owners and their suppliers, weed is as good as legal, and it’s a great time for everyone in the business.

But the research suggests that’s plainly false: When there are more guns and gun owners, there are far more gun deaths.

And between 2006 to 2017, U.S. gun owners acquired some 122 million guns.

And between 2006 to 2017, U.S. gun owners acquired some 122 million guns.

The final owners of the house were Harry Payne Whitney (son of William C. Whitney) and his wife Gertrude Vanderbilt.

Browser maker Firefox is adding a second browser option for iPhone owners to use when they just want to do a quick, private search.

I think the vast majority of owners use them as laptops.

The rebound from the financial crisis disproportionately benefited the wealthy, the owners of capital, while wages have remained stagnant.

Pew’s survey respondents often diverged based on whether they were gun owners or non-owners, Republicans or Democrats and urban or rural residents.

NFL team owners this week decided that players will no longer be allowed to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem.

Finally, there is a serious free speech problem with the owners’ rule.

She also condemned the National Rifle Association, which opposes laws that it says violate gun owners’ rights.

Culturally, what’s it like to work with owners who are German, owners who are European?

We hope owners in a sentence examples were helpful.