Owner in a sentence | Use of the word owner examples

The owner adds sheriff’s finally came to evict her in September but Shirley bounced minutes before they arrived.

Its owner, Matt Wilson, has since expanded his Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) to a dozen additional locations in the United States and Canada.

So it’s a bit harder to gain the owner‘s trust.

When he’s not wading in a 300-pound plastic pond, he’s cuddling with his owner.

A man identified as the de facto owner of Arena, surnamed Kang, was arrested in late March, a Seoul Central District Court spokesman said.

Clauson was also a former development driver for team owner Chip Ganassi in NASCAR and competed 26 races over the 2007-2008 seasons.

The account’s owner is still anonymous, but whoever it is, they appear to be sitting on a gold mine.

Generally speaking, there’s been an industry-wide “push toward customization,” says Meghan Ely, owner of OFD Consulting, a wedding publicity firm in Richmond, Virginia.

“However the owner is ‘Mexican.’

“I’ve always been low key in my profile; I don’t say ‘I’m the owner of the company.’

Isolating these body parts allows the viewer to disassociate them from their owner and to scrutinize them in an abstract realm.

It’s a jewel.” Ultimately, she withdrew her name, saying the owner’s intention to create a national content network was ultimately unclear.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has openly speculated about running for president in 2020 for quite some time.

For decades, owner Dave Daniels lived on the property and was a fixture there.

Each whip—and how her owner rides, races, wrenches, or demolishes it—is a unique expression of an individual life.

“I think she captured the vibe of each rider well,” Beauty & Brawn curator and owner Lindsey Meyers tells us.

Joe Banner, the former Browns CEO for 16 months under owner Jimmy Haslam until 2014, sees promise in the hire.

A fresh $725 million from majority owner 21st Century Fox helps.

He is the founder and owner of The Peralta Project.

Journalists have also reported a censorship crackdown at one of Brazil’s major television news stations, whose owner is a strong supporter of Bolsonaro.

The biggest taboo is for an owner to promote their own room without divulging their connection to it.

Raiders owner Mark Davis was at his side, checking in on Carr … from what we’re told they have a pretty good relationship.

After all, Trump, despite his earlier ambitions, is not an owner of an NFL team.

He declined to have it moved, saying it should be left for its owner to find when they return.

In Memphis, local chef and food truck owner Sean Gilliam is driving around handing out his signature Tuscan spinach chicken dishes to federal workers.

Dennis Hof, the owner of a half-dozen legal brothels in Nevada, is on his way to becoming a Nevada state legislator.

Dennis Hof, the owner of a half-dozen legal brothels in Nevada, is on his way to becoming a Nevada state legislator.

The home does not have any historic preservation easements, so its future owner won’t face restrictions on updates or renovations.

In April of this year the state of Punjab arrested and convicted the shop’s owner, Parvesh Kumar, for allegedly selling and using vapes.

The owner says he considers himself the Henry Ford of bunker makers because he’s making them “affordable for the everyday man.”

Eventually, it was auctioned off to former Pacha NY owner Eddie Dean, who renamed the club in homage to a German police series: Schimanski.

If there was a camera, the owner might know that I drink on the job, and that I steal a fair amount.

According to The Art Newspaper, David Roberts, the gallery’s owner, plans to open a 20-acre sculpture park in Somerset, West England.

The second time it happened, I had been the owner of this ID for a year and a half.

A Pembroke, Ontario, gun shop owner is “mad as a hatter” over his son’s $8,800 Xbox bill.

That’s one kind of owner I have in this industry.

I’m a local business owner, small business owner actually, a block away from here at 16th and Mission.

Emmett Carter, the owner of the restaurant, is still seeking justice for Toot; she tells MUNCHIES that police currently have suspects in custody.

Did you know … Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once made the guy who killed Osama Bin Laden his special Thanksgiving VIP guest???

I met the owner of my gym.

A clean face helps make Barbie look younger, and thus, more like her owner.

Fact check: Bezos, not Amazon, is the Post’s majority owner.

“Take a little picture for me later and send it to me here, so I can see it,” the owner instructed.

Today, he’s an inspiring small business owner, artist, mentor, and social justice advocate in Baltimore.

Because few East Williamsburg residents can pay that much, the owner last leased it at a preferential rent of $3,850.

Records show Fieldbridge Associates, owner of Ebbets Field, filed more than 1,800 eviction cases against tenants from 2014 through 2016.

The owner smiled as if he’d already heard that story a few times today.

Prince Alwaleed is a nephew of the king and owner of investment firm Kingdom Holding Co 4280.SE.

Boonmee, known simply as Mee, is the owner, founder, and head trainer of the gym.

“We’re staunch supporters of the Second Amendment — I’m a gun owner myself,” Stack said on “Good Morning America.”

Bots, or ‘zombies,’ inside the net are often infected through malware and are used without their owner being any the wiser.

“We can’t get parts directly from Apple,” says owner Eric Tishkoff, explaining that the company refuses to sell to independent shops like his.

Kings owner and chairman @Vivek addresses the crowd following tonight’s game.

One of those people is Jean-Sébastien Michel, a mixologist and the owner of Alambika, a boutique specializing in cocktail gear and Japanese knife-ware.

Jeff Bratton is the owner of Cascine, and an old-school Baltimore rave devotee.

That good cheer is tangible throughout the other Time Inc. properties temporary owner Meredith Corp. is still trying to sell.

She has since launched her own brand called Makeup Geek, so she has the perspective of both a brand owner and an influencer.

“I was really struggling personally as a brand owner.

The owner vows to build a metaphorical wall if they try to return.

The deaths of Bradford and Roberson are two of the latest in recent years where a black gun owner was fatally shot by police.

For example, an office building on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, of which Mr. Trump is part owner, carries a $950 million loan.

As we previously reported, the owner of the room where Russillo passed out called cops.

Ford is also looking into developing a vehicle that would allow the owner to switch between a fully autonomous mode and a manual one.

The discovery led to a dispute over the works’s rightful owner, which a judge ruled was the Castle family.

Consider Erik Finman, a 19-year-old millionaire and owner of around 400 bitcoins.

Zeoli was not particularly surprised that Aghdam was a licensed gun owner.

Sinclair Broadcasting is the largest owner and operator of TV stations in America.

Will the new owner of the country’s largest independent theater chain force a rethink on the theatrical window?

When Sarao owner Michel Perez hits the stage, a huge roar envelops Salon Rosado—it’s time to turn up.

James Nederlander (1922–2016), theater owner.

And I was like, I don’t know how you figured this out, thank goodness they have this owner that can afford it now.

Bailey, the cake business owner in Los Angeles, said her cakes run anywhere from $800 to $18,000.

“In one year, I have lost, like, half of my business,” Karim Mushumba, a secondhand store owner, told VICE News.

Her name is Nicole Curran — and she’s not just some random fan — she’s married to Warriors owner Joe Lacob!!!!!

MUNCHIES contacted both the owner of the Front Row and the former, longtime owner of the Park.

“The owner really didn’t have to do anything except buy the beer.

It’s less a surprise that the owner reworked Backstreet’s name and business model than that he didn’t do it sooner.

It connected being a gun owner to a deeper sense of identity and self-worth.

Last week, after a lengthy legal process and months of hardship, the owner of the dispensary finally got most of his money back.

It’s Total Power Exchange but not completely, which is where you have an “owner” and they dictate how you live your life.

I recommend it to every business owner.”

You see, when you are your own owner, you can come up with any price you want.”

Next to Page is Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post.

[Shakedown owner] Ronnie said, “Yes, sure, you can take pictures,” which was a big deal because what was happening was very intimate.

The museum’s owner Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge) starts to show her around, an uneasy smile on his face.

If there was a Record Digging Hall of Fame, British DJ, radio host, and label owner Gilles Peterson would be an obvious inductee.

Both ladies spent Sunday on “The Groot”, the boat that belongs to nightclub owner David Grutman.

“Politics is not helping us,” said Tilo Krause-Duenow, owner of German tour operator CANUSA, which specializes in trips to North America.

She said, “miraculously,” an Indian iPhone X owner found her phone and returned it to her without asking for money, “just blessings.”

It plans to secure the fire-damaged plant to allow a sale and possible restart under a new owner.

The owner says the goods were delivered, but Chris bailed on his $12,998.05 tab.

The owner says after the first check bounced, he threatened to go to cops.

Chris allegedly offered to make 4 partial payments, but the owner rejected that deal.

That’s a fair summary of Blackstone’s deal to help take Legoland owner Merlin Entertainments private at a 4.8 billion pound equity value.

So we were kinda set until the house got burned down by the owner.

The house’s second owner continued this agreement.

The thieves struck while the works’ owner was away, disabling the house’s alarm system to remain undetected.

Cover image: Derek Stevens, owner of D Casino in Vegas, bet big on his alma mater Michigan to win the NCAA championship.

Asked about the internal league process involved in implementing the balls, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told VICE Sports, “I have no idea.

Steve Aoki just became the owner of an eSports team … and he’s crossing his fingers the investment’s worth it.

“I’m not worried about it,” said Brad O’Neal, owner of The Gun Vault, a firearms store in Columbia.

In 2010, just a year after arriving, Boyd became the owner of a growing retail business in Phuket.

“If one factory owner agrees to produce jeans for $2, then another can’t charge $2.50 or they’ll lose business,” she says.

“If H&M calls a factory owner, they’ll listen.

“The euro has to stay, but we have to make our voice heard,” said Roberto D’Amelia, 68, a bar owner in central Rome.

Alibaba co-founded Cainiao in 2013, with partners including department store owner Intime Group, conglomerate Fosun Group and a handful of logistics companies.

But it’s up to the owner to decide who can come in.

Phillies owner Bob Carpenter’s only comment was, “Ed’s return will make a big difference in our club.

The restaurant owner only has to pay servers $3.33 an hour under the city’s labor laws.

The former geologist and brew pub owner is among the many candidates who have refused to take corporate money.

Imin said his brother Adil is a 36-year-old small-business owner in Xinjiang who loves children.

Former NBC television host Dylan Ratigan, former professor Emily Martz, and small-business owner Katie Wilson are also on the docket.

Inside, owner Sally Butcher—a diminutive figure with pomegranate-red hair—cuts through the store as sharply as pickle juice in a shirazi salad.

Full disclosure: Decker is also on the board of Recode owner Vox Media.)

At the till, the owner pulls out her phone and, swiping through it, shows Khan pictures of her new hairdo (she’s a regular).

Shares in Specialty Fashion, the owner of women’s fashion stores Millers, Katies, Crossroads, Autograph, City Chic and Rivers, fell hard in early trade.

It turns out his boss and the controlling owner of CBS, Shari Redstone, agrees.

The restaurant owner only has to pay servers $3.89 an hour under the city’s labor laws.

The owner of the security company also suggested utilizing security employees within the crowd at a festival so they can quickly react to harm.

In real life, Dooley lost his eye while saving his owner from a violent carjacker.

—Alice Diamond, owner of Diamond Fitness in Niwot, Colorado 10.

“Two tickets to the Detroit Weird Home Tour.” —Tamela Ekstrom Derian, owner and broker at HAVEN Real Estate + Design in Detroit, Michigan 15.

I’ve always wanted to say ‘drinks on me!’” —Reshanda Yates, owner of All’s Clear Window Washing in New Orleans 34.

“I’d spend it on a hot male escort.” —Greg Brainer, owner of Down State Desings in Mildford, Michigan 62.

1 cable provider and owner of NBCUniversal, look “relatively tiny in a landscape dominated by tech giants,” said BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield.

Its owner is a 44-year-old immigrant from Turkey named Murat Kilinc.

“As a business owner, people keep asking me, ‘What’s the goal, what’s the goal, what’s the goal?’” she said.

A fire that had raged on the Front Altair, which carried a cargo of petrochemical feedstock naphtha, had been extinguished, the owner said.

What business owner wants to shutter his operation for nearly a month during a time when customers expect the doors to be open?

Slim-Fast was invented in 1977 by American businessman Sim Daniel Abraham, owner of Thompson Medical.

The restaurant’s owner, Wendy Carr, says she was calling for the impeachment of the president.

Over the weekend, Sports Illustrated revealed why the Carolina Panthers had launched an investigation into owner Jerry Richardson for “workplace misconduct.”

If Diddy successfully bid on the team—a rather large if—he would become the first African American majority owner in the NFL.

Councilman Michael Johnson told the Selma Times-Journal that since then, he’s only seen one horse whose owner put a diaper on it.

And there’s PozMatch, a site that, like HIVNet, has an HIV-positive owner and has been around since the late ’90s.

Just ask Sabrina Pyle, the owner of the Azle Cafe in Azle, Texas.

Teague Moriarty is the chef and owner of Sons & Daughters, a Michelin-rated restaurant in San Francisco.

Rittidet performed well, and was shocked when the owner handed him his fight purse, crisp bills totaling 1,500 baht (US $43).

When she was a little girl, the owner kept the beautiful Victorian immaculate.

When she was a little girl, the owner kept the beautiful Victorian immaculate.

But she was determined to stay in the house and to figure out a way to buy it back from the new owner.

“There is an ongoing discussion about China weaponizing tourism,” said Jeffrey Barabe, owner of Palau Central Hotel and Palau Carolines Resort in Koror.

Her image would replace that of former President Andrew Jackson, the slave owner whose policies led to the Trail of Tears.

Her image would replace that of former President Andrew Jackson, the slave owner whose policies led to the Trail of Tears.

Cover image: An owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles prepares his monthly tax payment in this June 27, 2017, file photo.

Yamane is a gun owner.

The owner also treated them like true VIPs … taking them to the kitchen where they ate one of their courses.

“It wouldn’t happen today,” said Bruce McNall, the then-Argonauts owner.

Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall, the actor Candy, and hockey legend Gretzky bought the Argonauts for $5 million.

She got out and hugged its owner, 63-year-old Alabama native Walter McMeans, and introduced him to the two scientists who’d followed her there.

She got out and hugged its owner, 63-year-old Alabama native Walter McMeans, and introduced him to the two scientists who’d followed her there.

You’re going to have a billionaire owner for a lot of these things, going forward.

Of course it is, but you have Laurene Powell Jobs, a very interesting owner of lots…

The owner of the Norwegian vessel, Thome Ship Management, said the vessel was “struck by an unknown object”.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, a former Razorbacks player, said Arkansas could hold a camp in his stadium.

L.A. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss visited her father Jerry Buss’ grave site this past weekend … and brought along one of his favorite beverages.

The Marlins owner had previously been looking for $1.3 billion, but Jeter’s group has always been the high bidder at $1.2.

He points out “Scissors” has an elderly owner — just like Cedric the Entertainer’s character, Eddie.

It’s a terrible thing to say as a business owner, but we’re not looking to make money hand over fist.

“I feel better after seeing the product,” said Jim Seavitt, owner of Village Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, near the company’s headquarters.

As told to Javier Cabral Jason Alonzo is the owner and general manager of ‘āina in San Francisco.

In place of a primary, under the circumstances, the local party nominated Denver Riggleman, a local distillery owner.

Business owner Fred Hubbell and local labor leader Cathy Glasson are competing in the Democratic primary.

When I stopped in on Sunday, doing some last-minute Mother’s Day shopping, I struck up a conversation with Danny, the owner.

Small-business owner Cindy Axne, former insurance executive Eddie Mauro and former Bernie Sanders campaign aide Pete D’Alessandro.

The president’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders was turned away from a Virginia restaurant last year because the owner disagreed with the administration’s politics.

To find out, I spoke with Insomnia’s founder and owner, Dominique, a major player on Berlin’s club scene since 1996.

“But all of these things are like punishment for the owner.

An “owner” of Resources-Related Policies Should be Identified or Hired.

“The focus will shift to vetting and permits for simple possession, much like the gun owner licensing scheme I outlined in Politico,” Stokes predicted.

Van Doran is the owner of the Modern Love Club, a boutique matchmaking company that aims to break the industry’s patriarchal stereotypes.

Qatar Petroleum is majority owner of the Golden Pass LNG terminal in Texas, with Exxon and ConocoPhillips (COP.N) holding smaller stakes.

“A lot uncomfortable,” Erica Feldmann, the shop’s owner, cuts in.

Michael Rainey (1941–2017), owner of the London boutique Hung on You.

Hillier is the owner.

Facebook Inc has 2.1 billion monthly users, while Snapchat owner Snap Inc, which does not report a monthly figure, has 187 million daily users.

It was the owner, Mark Breslin’s call, I was told.

Ransomware authors like Bitcoin because the network doesn’t have an owner who can reverse ransomware payments or help authorities track down their recipients.

The house was not on the market, and we’re told Katy paid the owner a skosh under $19 mil to seal the deal.

PIF then became the field’s sole owner.

Here’s how it works: Chicago requires a Firearm owner Identification card, background check, three-day waiting period, and documentation for all firearm sales.

Scout’s owner, Jen Gillen, tells TMZ the 12-year-old dog became extremely sick.

In September, a video of Darryl DePiano, the owner of Philadelphia gay bar iCandy, began to circulate on social media.

Trump posed for a selfie with the woman who founded the spa where the New England Patriots’ owner is accused of soliciting sex.

The Mercantile National Bank had a building on Garden Road, and my brother was working for the owner.

French police reportedly found a six-week-old lion cub living in an apartment in Paris’ suburbs and arrested its suspected owner.

Our ATL Sources tell us it’s Lucci’s whip, although his mother is the registered owner.

One restaurant owner I worked for stole my tips.

Angelina Jolie is putting permanent roots down in L.A. … she about to become the proud owner of the historic Cecil B. DeMille Estate.

(That restaurant owner is still operating.)

I was a little heartened to hear how much Jeff Bezos (the current owner of the Washington Post) liked it.

The dog suffocated in an overhead bin after a flight attendant ordered the dog’s owner to stash it up there.

According to his congressional website, the former real estate broker is the owner of Billy Long Auctions in Springfield.

I am a gun owner.

The Dallas Cowboys owner was leaving Gucci in Bev Hills (got money, spend it right?)

Under Financial Fair Play rules, what mattered was whether the QTA was a “related party” to the club owner.

“It’s very hard to predict what will transpire,” said Mark Brown, chief executive of Sazerac Co, owner of Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace distillery.

When you are with your editor, she was part of finding an owner.

You do want to find a good owner.

Bezos has managed rather well to stay out of the news on being a meddling owner, but how do you look at that?

You’re not a meddling owner.

British Airways owner IAG fell 3.2%, after earlier touching a two-and-a-half-year low, and easyJet dropped 2.6%.

He is an owner of the Florida Panthers ice hockey team.

Detroit Pistons’ owner Tom Gores snagged the Holmby Hills estate Thursday.

The paintings were donated by Lore Thorpe, the daughter-in-law of Kathryn V. Thorpe, the former owner of Santa Fe’s Bishop’s Lodge.

Maximum Security’s owner, Gary West, now says his horse will NOT run in the Preakness later this month.

You draw a parallel between her and Katharine Graham, now lauded as the former owner of the Washington Post.

“The mistake interviewees make is asking this question too soon,” says April Klimkiewicz, career coach and owner of bliss evolution.

There’s other ways that you can force the divestiture of an owner of a company once we hit a certain threshold.

It’s true … according to his former Cleveland Cavs teammate and NASCAR team owner Brad Daugherty.

The liner’s owner, Swiss-based Viking Cruises Ltd, has said it is cooperating with Hungarian investigators.

Soon enough, however, I was back to incensed: I asked to speak with the owner to try and rectify the situation.

Guadalupe, a flower shop owner, has just the tip.

The Labour Ministry fined the owner and is suing him for using child labor.

DACA was his chance to become a business owner —a huge step up from waiting tables.

The first person I meet is a bodega owner known as Wiesel.

Mehmet, the owner of another bodega, gives me rolling papers and beers in exchange for the Thai lamp.

“No, I see no reason to trust complete strangers not to trash my car,” one Tesla owner wrote.

“My paper costs, which include cups and straws, increase by about 20 percent,” Jason Scherr, the owner of Think Coffee, told Soller.

When it all boils down, it’s all about how the owner of a restaurant handles this kind of situation.

2014 cover girl hit the ring at the world famous 5th St. gym in Miami with owner Dino Spencer.

The owner was rarely present.

One thing the owner did well was making sure that his staff was very versatile.

Only when it comes to my body and the things that I did to it, but not about what I did to the owner.

owner Seb Glover has surrendered the club’s license.

“Can I talk to the owner, please?

One restaurant owner, Asaad, came over to the car to assess my metallic bounty.

The owner was looking for a machine, and if his electrician gave it the thumb’s up, he would buy.

We want everybody to be an owner of this thing.

American expat and chef Michael Smith, a prolific cookbook author and owner of the Inn at Bay Fortune in Prince Edward Island, agrees.

And Lis McKinley, owner of the organization company Let’s Make Room, shared her view.

One business owner, who goes by the name ‘Auntie Cho’, said she bought “hair from the comb”, which has fallen out naturally.

Sensing Za Za Lin’s sadness at losing her hair, the buyer, Zin Mar, the owner of Thiha Hair Purchasing and Sales, offered sympathy.

Domestic display of art intended to nod at the intellectual and social stature of the owner has been an aspiration since antiquity.

More than 5,000 Denver Broncos fans attended owner Pat Bowlen’s memorial service on Tuesday, according to the team.

The owner of this Loving Hut, Charles Liang, later told me that he’s been a disciple of Ching Hai since 1996.

Petra Wiesenbauer, owner of Hale Moana Hawaii Bed and Breakfast, evacuated on Friday evening with her two teenage children and pets.

In doing so, she took on Ihor Kolomoisky, the oligarch who was the bank’s main owner.

She found an address book in the street, and before mailing it back to its owner, she photocopied its contents.

Rossium’s main owner is Roman Avdeyev, with a 90.1% stake, while Sergei Sudarikov controls 90% of Region.

owner Christina Seid concurs: lychee is indeed the most popular flavor at CICF.

Adam Coker, a small-business owner — a truck driver and cattle rancher — is also running, with endorsements from several state and local elected officials.

The comic tells the tale of a horse named Elephant and his owner, who bears a striking resemblance to the brothers’  grandfather.

And what I mean by this is they say at Mercedes-Benz it takes 20 years to be a Mercedes-Benz owner.

All a hacker needs to mess with a Nissan LEAF owner is the car’s unique identifier, or Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).

The whopping difference: Pivotal’s primary owner EMC converted $400 million worth of Pivotal debt into equity.

Miguel had to be held back from fighting a club owner Wednesday night.

The owner tells us, they had a verbal agreement in which Miguel agreed to sing 1 song.

Tony, the restaurant’s owner, greets me with a laugh.

In this installment, we speak with a restaurant owner whose parents’ business partner got involved with the mob.

3 words you don’t associate with Justin Bieber: responsible pet owner.

The CEO had clashed with owner Robert Allbritton over spending, and both VandeHei and Allen decided it was time to move on.

[Paul Hitlins / Pew Research Center] The U.S. FBI forced an Apple iPhone X owner to unlock the device with his face.

The National Gallery contacted the owner and purchased the work for £3.6 million (~$4.8 million).

Enter The Parent Trap’s “Cruella,” blonde, leggy publicist Meredith Blake, who is determined to marry vineyard owner Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid).

Diamond Club Miami did the labor, and owner Gary Tinhasov tells us Gucci dropped about $500k for his customized chain.

Is she a good pet owner?

Rating The Founder opens with Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) pitching a milkshake-making machine to a burger restaurant owner in St. Louis.

“This is a very busy time for us”, says Pekka Kääriäinen, the owner and brewer at Lammin Sahti.

The replacement for the late brothel owner — who was posthumously elected Tuesday night — must be Republican, and must live within the district.

Sounds a lot like Young Money owner Lil Wayne’s beef with Cash Money, right?

The hackers then alert the owner, asking for a ransom.

But the new owner was unable to turn around Cavalli despite a new CEO and a new designer.

Robert Delpire (1926–2017), editor, curator, and gallery owner.

There is the possibility that CBS could tie up with ESPN, if owner Disney sees its way to spinning off the network.

The Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star met with Stephen Bannon Tuesday afternoon at the King Cole Bar in NYC’s St. Regis.

Every person who walked out today is an owner, and the owners say: Time’s up,” the organizers wrote in New York magazine.

Once you become the owner of a federally registered trademark, you are required to continuously use it.

Rene Byck is the owner of the Paradise Ridge Winery, and runs day-to-day operations there along with his sister Sonya.

Co, the owner of Dickies and Workrite workwear, for about $820 million in cash.

Club owner James Dolce tells us Louis did about 10 to 15 minutes of material … but no one, including Dolce, had any clue C.K.

Ryan Seacrest by all accounts is a very good dog owner … but not necessarily a coordinated dog owner.

He even liked the character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the convenience store owner — at first.

“If I didn’t pay the police, they’d put me in prison,” underground liquor store owner Wali Mani told VICE News correspondent Isobel Yeung.

You’ve said that the character of Apu, the convenience store owner in The Simpsons, nagged on you as a child.

Despite the looming fear of being discovered, liquor store owner Wali Mani continues his business in part because the alternative is equally as bleak.

Xdolls’ owner, Joaquin Lousquy, has told French media that despite the opposition in Paris, he hopes to opens similar businesses elsewhere.

James was also the proud owner of a second-hand military tank—yes, a tank—that he drove around the Welsh countryside.

“That’s a hardscrabble life,” said a Shengzhou restaurant owner whom I befriended.

Representative Bill Huizenga, a Michigan Republican who is also a small-business owner, said Trump was still getting used to governing.

It sounds like Baxley handled the situation as well as any dog owner could.

In April, smartphone repair shop owner Michael Oberdick sold roughly 20,000 fidget spinners.

Berezkin, the new owner, already owns the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid newspaper.

A spokeswoman for ESN group declined to comment on whether the new owner would change RBC’s senior staff or editorial policy.

Williamsburg’s Delaware and Hudson is a prime example of this issue’s effect, chef and owner Patti Jackson told me by phone.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan linked arms with team players in solidarity at the game against the Baltimore Ravens in London’s Wembley Stadium.

And Jackson isn’t the only business owner who feels this way.

Business is so good one shop owner tells us they’ve sold out.

Pyatt went on to highlight allegations levied against former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky, who is also the owner of the energy company Burisma Holdings.

The previous owner, Al Modlin, supposedly died while giving a platza in 1981.

No matter which [illegal factory] we raid, we always find the owner is from China.”

On Monday, the entire Dallas Cowboys team and owner Jerry Jones took a knee with arms linked before standing for the national anthem.

“We were absolutely in a panic when this happened, as far as our inventory,” said gun shop owner Richard Munyon.

“We were absolutely in a panic when this happened, as far as our inventory,” said gun shop owner Richard Munyon.

The Patriots owner has been offered a plea deal in his rub-and-tug case … TMZ Sports has confirmed.

On 20 canvases stacked against the walls, Ruppersberg has rewritten the story of the portrait that ages instead of its owner.

He was taught to hate marijuana growing up, but today he’s the owner of a successful weed business out West.

Gheorghe Cervan, the owner and winemaker, named the operation in honor of his grandfather, whose family has lived in the region since 1136.

V Live’s owner, Damon Cobbs, tells us no one was hurt, and he’s happy his security prevented the incident from escalating.

“The owner wouldn’t let my wife and me go home unless we left her behind.

“I so clearly remember the casual manner in which the power loom owner told us about our daughter’s death.

Aida de Jesus, the owner, is a lovely woman around 100 years old.

The president sold out the country,” said Giancarlo Sacco, 54, owner of a cafe in central Rome.

If an account is found to have been suspended in error, we immediately restore it and notify the owner of our mistake.

“We’ve done the deal for roughly ten years,” owner Joseph Cooke tells me.

For me, the bottom line was if someone breaks their neck in the pit, I’m the club owner.

Terry Brown, owner of Brown’s Tree Farm, welcomed me warmly into his modest farmhouse.

Now, the owner of another nearby restaurant says he’ll personally handle his restaurant’s deliveries to the base himself.

Now, the owner of another nearby restaurant says he’ll personally handle his restaurant’s deliveries to the base himself.

Hicham Aboutaam, the owner of Phoenix Ancient Art, is suing The Wall Street Journal.

Barney Smith, the owner of the Toilet Seat Art Museum, is accepting blind bids for the purchase of his collection.

The set was unannounced, and even the Comedy Cellar’s owner didn’t know he would be appearing.

The bar owner declined to comment.

In a lawsuit, a patent owner can ask a judge to block sales of infringing products.

While such injunctions are rarely granted in the United States, the threat of one can motivate a defendant to settle with the patent owner.

Ellie (Stacey Nelkin) and her shoulder-padded leather jacket are out to discover who killed her dad, the owner of a Halloween store.

Claudia and Jamie become determined to prove that it is, and their quest for proof takes them, eventually, to the statue’s former owner.

That owner turns out to be our narrator, the titular Mrs.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles combined Italy’s national automotive champion with the Detroit-based owner of the most distinctively American vehicle brand, Jeep.

In the same month, the Guardian declared E8 “the unlikely owner of Britain’s coolest postcode.”

As gallery owner Cade Tompkins pointed out, the process of unfolding one’s oral history can be arduous.

As an American owner of a U.S.-based company, Blavatnik can legally donate to U.S. political causes.

Tapie, the former owner of Olympique Marseille soccer club, who is battling cancer, was also cleared of wrongdoing.

To Charney, the owner of the company, what was harassment was very little.

They didn’t take the baked goods, owner C.J.

Earlier this week, VTB said it had bought a controlling stake in Russia’s largest grain rail-wagon owner Rustranscom (RTC).

“The state-owned bank becomes the largest grain infrastructure owner in Russia,” agriculture consultancy SovEcon said about VTB’s latest move.

Those were two direct questions about the city and the owner.

A couple of states have passed laws dramatically restricting police’s ability to confiscate property before the owner is actually convicted of a crime.

The original owner of the collection, Allen Hendershott Eaton, was a champion of folk arts and advocate of Japanese internees during the war.

One guy I remember meeting in particular was a really interesting club owner from Zurich.

owner Rudolf Markl told the DPA News Agency last week that he had been thinking about the idea for a while.

A healthy cat and a minimally sanitary owner can avoid these diseases easily, said Darling.

The exquisitely decorated coffin was discovered near the pharaonic temple of Thutmose III and still contains the remains of its owner.

The store’s owner, Kellie Weeks, said several distributors were out of stock when she called them seeking supplies.

The owner of Slide Fire, Jeremiah Cottle, did not respond to numerous messages seeking comment.

The owner, Andrew, is a complete ice cream whisperer—no seriously, I’ve heard he talks to his ice cream.

Kinnevik is Millicom’s largest owner with a 37% stake.

I’ll never forget the way the owner of one in particular looked at me.”

“Being told I have beautiful Oriental eyes by a LYS owner and then them getting upset when I take it as offense.”

Some crazy guy shows up, a basketball team owner out partying, all that.

Rosie, 22, a customer service operative and musician from Glasgow: I was a day-one owner.

“The owner wouldn’t let my wife and me go home unless we left her behind.

“I so clearly remember the casual manner in which the power loom owner told us about our daughter’s death.

Julie Stampler, 43, a small-business owner in New York, is the mother of three, two of whom are teens.

The owner of a local Metro PCS, Donald Campbell, has been playing go-go music outside of his storefront in Shaw for 24 years.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be worth buying, especially if you’re a brand-new PS4 owner or interested in VR.

When we temporarily suspend multiple accounts for this violation, the account owner can designate one account for reinstatement.”

He’s also a majority owner of several Washington, D.C., sports teams and CEO of Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

Talk a little bit about that as a sports team owner, and the different sports, how they’re different.

So what are you scared about as a sports owner?

The owner of a computer store next to the Rahami family’s restaurant barged across police lines with three miniature poodles.

Snow and his wife were picked up by a volunteer boat owner.

Giovanni Cantarelli, the owner of the agriturismo Funghi e Fate in Emilia-Romagna, must have been born to forage—his family name literally translates to “chanterelles.”

There are no technologies in the Q7 that will disappoint an owner in any way.

But my dad [the owner] bullied me into doing it.

Porter is the owner of Chengdu Food Tours, a boutique food tour agency in Sichuan.

Its owner is extremely rigid about the law.

(Thrasher owner Tony Vitello told me that they’ve expressed interest in distributing a video part but nothing is set in stone.

No one knows the owner, but many speculate it is owned by the royal family of Abu Dhabi.

Then in 1826, a wealthy Virginia plantation owner named John Robinson left the school his estate, which included about 80 slaves.

In the Alsancak district of Izmir where Brunson lived, a pharmacy owner described him and his wife as “quiet people”.

The owner of a boutique two streets from his home said she never met him.

Couldn’t an absentee owner lead to property neglect?

Freeholds are valuable assets, because the owner typically levies an annual fee, called a ground rent, on the homeowner.

Ground rents can now cost the leasehold owner large amounts of money.

The value of the freehold is determined by haggling between solicitors representing both the freehold owner and the leasehold tenants.

At Precycle, a zero-waste store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, owner Katerina Bogatireva echoed many of the same stories and sentiments as other local store owners.

Angela Fifer, a sports psychology consultant and owner of Breakthrough Performance Consulting, validates this phenomenon.

A brothel owner who calls himself “the Trump from Pahrump” even won the Republican nomination to the Nevada State Assembly.

Latasha was in a store, and the store owner accused her of stealing a bottle of juice.

Latasha put the money on the counter, and footage shows her walking away when the store owner shot her in the head.

I bought him out after a while, and now I’m the sole owner.

The patrol on the street got them, and they actually rang my door and said, ‘We want to talk to the owner.’

And he told the paper’s owner that his editor had acted as an advocate of Lenin and Trotsky.

Who needs to be legally considered a person if you can manipulate your owner into overruling his wife and letting you walk outside?

Pat Bowlen — the longtime owner of the Denver Broncos who helped the team win THREE Super Bowls — has died at 75.

Pat’s Broncos also averaged more than 10 wins per season in his 35-year tenure as Broncos’ owner.

The facility’s owner, Matt Beisner, says Lamby would get scared and then aggressive every time someone tried touching his neck or head.

That goal does not have to be at odds with the owner’s, nor urban planners’, hopes for the plaza.

It is unknown if Kushner, the father of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, would be the primary owner or just an investor.

TMZ broke the story … the event is being held at the home of Ed Glazer, the owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jones wouldn’t be the first active team owner to make it to the Hall of Fame.

Its owner, Mac Klein, is a tough 101-year-old Jewish veteran of World War II.

As the owner of “America’s Team,” Jones is a three-time Super Bowl champion, most recently in 1996.

“Jason Garrett is absolutely the real deal,” the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The Fan, “There’s no fraud in Jason Garrett.”

Are we feeling worried about the phone’s owner?

When tracing regular firearms, law enforcement can also rely on the serial number that’s already, in theory, linked to its owner.

The Senate moves closer to passing its tax bill; North Korea launches a missile; Time Inc. has a new owner.

Charles Oakley is NO LONGER persona non grata at Madison Square Garden following a peace summit with Knicks owner, James Dolan, on Monday.

The Mavericks owner also implored POTUS to quit jumping on Twitter with his every thought.

PIF then became the field’s sole owner.

Dean is the owner of the Truffle Hunters Dog School, the only facility in the UK that trains dogs to seek and find truffles.

The owner of the database is ultimately responsible for securing the data, although that data was hosted on a Microsoft cloud server.

Microsoft said it is working with the owner of the database to remove private information until they have a way to secure it.

Lionfish first appeared off Florida’s Atlantic coast in 1985, perhaps released into local waters by an irresponsible exotic fish owner.

News Corp co-chair Murdoch and WIN Corporation owner Gordon, both significant shareholders in Ten, had been expected to end up as full owners.

The owner of a roadside zoo in Oklahoma phoned a local newsroom on Thursday and admitted to the killing of five endangered tigers.

Obviously it’s hard.” The bizarre event is one of many surrounding the local personality and owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

“When you’re given shelter, cared for and provided food, you don’t denounce the owner of the house,” Moreno said on Thursday.

owner Roy Rose says the cabins have 43″ TVs, and a collection of horror flicks to get you in the mood.

Or at D&C Pizza, you could give the owner one of your handguns and get an extra-large pie for free.

Store owner Alissa Anderson declined to be interviewed for this article.

Liquor store owner Nemat Hassan said IS burned his store down in the city.

Legend has it that it was built in protest of the owner’s foster daughter’s baby being taken away by the state.

He is an owner of the Florida Panthers ice hockey team.

The case against the owner of the art gallery is now pending pre-indictment.


5 Beekman Street Famed restaurateur and Francophile Keith McNally – owner of Balthazar, Minetta Tavern, and Pastis – has also jumped on the FiDi bandwagon.

There are challenges when you have a single-plant owner.

Tencent (0700.HK), the 58 percent owner of TME, has fallen 31 percent since Spotify floated.

According to court records, Kelly sat down on a couch next to the home owner … as she held her baby.

The owner, Jason Ostro, was outside spray-painting the sidewalk in preparation for the exhibition that would be opening the following day.

At the end of the bankruptcy process, which is expected to finish sometime this summer, Gawker Media Group will have a new owner.

It also raised the number of rounds of ammunition a gun owner can buy each year from 50 to 50,000.

As the “owner” of the customer within a business, the most important thing for any marketing department was building brand preference.

There’s more … we also asked Dana about UFC minority owner Mark Wahlberg offering to give some of his UFC shares to Conor.

Then in 2012, the magazine was about to be sold again and it was looking for an owner.

Earlier this week, VTB said it had bought a controlling stake in Russia’s largest grain rail-wagon owner Rustranscom (RTC).

I’d always reported to an owner before and so there was going to be a new layer.

“The state-owned bank becomes the largest grain infrastructure owner in Russia,” agriculture consultancy SovEcon said about VTB’s latest move.

Trump says he considers himself a NASCAR fan and says he’s been good friends with team owner Roger Penske for years.

News Corp, owner of the Journal, was not immediately reachable for comment.

But that almost changed this week after real estate site Zillow sent its owner, grad student Kate Wagner, a cease-and-desist order alleging copyright infringement.

Germany’s State Paintings Collection agreed to retain a Renaissance painting from its holdings by purchasing it from the heirs of its Jewish owner.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has demonstrated some rather questionable habits over the years.

WCW closed in 2001, sold for pennies on the dollar to WWE as owner Time Warner looked to shed dead weight.

The snake’s owner took it back home before he was allowed back in the festival.

T-Mobile majority owner Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGn.DE) and the rest of the T-Mobile shareholders will own the remainder.

The owner of the bot deleted it.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Bratz team had alleged Barbie’s owner had sent spies into MGA’s showrooms to steal their ideas.

Jasmin is Jasmin Larian, MGA’s creative stakeholder and the daughter of the company’s billionaire Iranian owner Isaac Larian.

No one, except for maybe their last owner, knew what was on them.

The name of the last owner of the tapes is redacted in the OIG report.

“Anyone with a commercial lease in San Francisco is in danger,” says Lela Thierkfield, the former owner of the Lexington Club.

As the owner of a landscape business, Ohrmundt isn’t really skittish around bees, but this freaked even her out.

Check out the photos, ’cause anyone who’s ever been in this sitch knows this NEVER ends well for the car owner.

An administrative judge in March dropped a hearing into allegations that Sinclair, the largest U.S. broadcast station owner, may have misled regulators.

The owner let Pete go.

Senator Brad Hoylman is calling on the owner of the building to put the street art piece on permanent public display.

In 2006, club owner Manoucehr Bahmanzadeh and promoter Tom Costelloe were charged with “allowing” ecstasy to be sold at the Dance Academy in Plymouth.

Truffle dealer Ian Purkayastha, owner of Regalis Foods, is that person.

Who’s the founder of the magazine as we know it, and he’s still the owner.

We see him almost every day, which is kind of unusual and exciting, to be that close to the founder and owner.

In 1938, it was donated it to its current owner, the parish of Notre-Dame de Québec.

One parrot Facetimed with its owner through an iPhone strapped to its cage.

They dispersed flyers about Brown alum Warren Kanders, owner of defense manufacturing corporation Safariland, throughout the building.

Eventually, they found him, and the pizza owner got the $5,000 reward.

“They need proof that I am the oldest owner of the account,” he said.

Lucha Volánica’s owner Jose Gómez says because of that, putting on events is prohibitively expensive.

“Apparently he was able to convince Steam he was the rightful owner,” said Brian.

It doesn’t require the pet owner to make as many decisions regarding the terms of the trust.

It’s a series of stupefying volleys between an owner and a board, spotlighting one of the most contentious regime changes in corporate history.

I do have a bit of advantage here as the owner of a 2015 Chevy Silverado.

Russell has been a spokesperson for the company since it launched — and according to the lawsuit, he’s also a minority owner.

Joe is the majority owner of the Seattle Sounders major league soccer team along with billionaire Paul Allen.

Now, they’re in need of a new owner.

“The Imbalu festival was a huge success,” Eddy Kirya, owner of the local Mbale Tours travel agency, told VICE.

Ardern said Tarrant was a licensed gun owner who allegedly used five weapons, including two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns, which had been modified.

Francisco Abenante is chef and owner of Casa Bistró and is lucky to have his own vegetable supply, which is sourced from his orchard.

But if business isn’t exactly booming these days, Kirya, the Mbale Tours owner, still has high hopes.

“Our manager Matt is a Liam Neeson superfan,” Big Star owner Alex Johrden told MUNCHIES.

We’re told the restaurant’s owner will not press charges.

It took her a month, but she convinced the owner to mail it to her.

Chang explained, “The owner‘s kind of had to look out for themselves and what was the best thing for their business.

PacifiCorp is a big owner of coal plants — 60 percent of its energy comes from coal.

Fired by a new owner, ex-LA Weekly staffers created a new Los Angeles-focused publication called theLAnd.

“Our owner, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, and chairman, Mehmet Dalman, are all very distressed about the situation,” he added.

The closures have added to a sense of disarray and ramped up stress levels, said gallery owner Amedeo Markoff, 49.

“As the future owner, I have full confidence in Sotheby’s management, and hence do not anticipate any change to the company’s strategy.

Gun City owner David Tipple said the alleged gunman bought four weapons and ammunition between December 2017 and March 2018.

Can’t we ask them which owner they’d least like to play for, or which city has the ugliest fans?

Amazon is a fashion designer, advertising business, television and movie producer, book publisher, and the owner of a sprawling platform for crowdsourced micro-labor tasks.

It was pristine with hand-painted artwork, but I wanted to remove a reference to a street gang added by the original owner.

The company also took in $1.8 billion from major Chinese firm Tencent, buying the WeChat owner a 5 percent stake in Tesla.

Renting space in residential units for less than 30 days without the owner present has been illegal in the state since 2010.

Earlier that morning I’d boarded a train with Ludo, a four-year old white tabby, his owner Lisa, and Bekky, our photographer.

“Being an owner of the club you look at it as freedom of speech.

“I don’t know if they’re religious cats,” says their owner Dennis Hobart.

Right, yeah, and then an apartment in the East Bay gets trashed and the owner

Right, and the owner starts blogging about it.

In fact, AB wrote on Twitter just a couple weeks ago, “He has a owner mentality like he can call out anybody including coaches.”

He has a owner mentality like he can call out anybody including coaches.

Round Hill, apparently reconsidering the acquisition, had sold Necco to a mysterious new owner, which was never publicly named.

Page has sued the owner of Yahoo News and the U.S. government operator of Radio Free Europe.

Anyway, oh they’re our owner, sorry.

That’s what Erica L. Bernhard, an artist in residence at museum-led incubator NEW INC and the owner of the experience lab Covalent, wondered.

Adam Coker, a small-business owner, is also running.

Cohen said the original owner of the unit is not known.

The present owner bought it back in 2000 for $18,000, then the going rate for such machines.

This series will surely be the most significant international event to date for Major League Baseball,” “ said Red Sox owner John Henry.

Last year, Caesars rejected a merger approach by Tilman Fertitta, the billionaire owner of Golden Nugget casinos.

The right to reproduce or transfer the Work via any medium must be secured with the copyright owner.

* Fashion retailer Primark’s sales were dented by unseasonable weather in May, its owner Associated British Foods said.

Attila Paar (45) The main owner and executive of West Hungaria Bau (WHB), an industrial and construction group.

A big salute to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who will BENCH players who disrespect our Flag.

Paar remains a minority owner of that firm.

He participates in Keszthely as a partial owner of the land and buildings of Zala camping, alongside Attila Paar.

Former NBC television host Dylan Ratigan, former professor Emily Martz and small-business owner Katie Wilson are also on the docket.

Caught by the authorities with an illegal firearm and refusing to rat on its owner, Qiao is sent to prison for five years.

Security specialist Martin Elborn and former small-business owner Lamont Taylor are challenging Harris for the Republican slot.

We hope owner in a sentence examples were helpful.